asacfta: did you try to drop courgette?00:09
ftafighting with it00:09
asaccommitted another license checkpoint00:13
Pavlovhey guys, how do you name xulrunner betas and alphas?00:15
Pavlovmultiple ~s00:16
Pavlovyeah, hm.00:17
asacPavlov: NEXTVERSION~b100:17
asace.g. 1.9.2~b100:17
Pavlovfennec debian versioning hell00:17
asacyou want to wrok on feenec?00:18
Pavlovi am00:18
asacor is fennec in debian?00:18
Pavlovfor maemo, actually00:18
asacyou put that in debian?00:18
asaci think fennec needs 1.9.200:18
Pavlovit does00:18
asacthats not in debian (and not yet in ubuntu, but soon)00:18
Pavlovno, sorry, i'm actually working _on_ fennec00:18
asacyou can use our dailies00:18
asacfor mozilla?00:19
asacnice to meat you!00:19
Pavlovtrying to get our debian package versions right00:19
Pavlovyou too00:19
Pavlovlearning all about ~s and such ;/00:19
Pavlovthe hard way!00:19
asacwe have a fennec package ;)00:19
asacnot the latest. but i would suggest to help on that ;)00:19
asacor are you doing a package for your internal stuff?00:20
gavinwe have a repo for maemo00:20
asacwe should share the packaging imo00:20
Pavlovyeah we need to make a source deb at some point00:20
Pavlovright now they're built from our build system00:20
asacif we get the branch up to speed we could easily include it as a daily build in our daily repo00:21
asacfor everything: hardy/intrepid/jaunty/karmic/lucid00:21
Pavlovasac: we're trying to get our versioning stuff "right"00:22
Pavlovthe problem right now is that we've been releasing xulrunner packages like: 1.9.2b6pre-datetime00:23
Pavlovnow we're trying to release 1.9.2-datetime00:23
Pavlovand well, one is earlier than the other00:23
asacthats too late then00:23
asaclook at our xulrunner version00:23
Pavlovso i figure we need to bump the epoch00:23
asacoh ... thats even worse00:23
Pavlovis it?00:23
asachow many consumers do you have?00:23
Pavlovenough that i don't want to tell them to reinstall00:24
asacat best you could wipe everything ;)00:24
asacmoving ahead of us is a mess :)00:24
asacwell. then you need an epoch.00:24
asacso we have a mozilla version to ubuntu version script00:24
Pavlovoh realy?00:24
asacthat is a perfect bi-dirctional mapping00:24
* gavin likes the sound of that00:25
Pavlovthat would be huge huge help00:25
micahgasac: almost perfect...00:25
asacits in mozilla-devscripts ... let me check00:25
asacmicahg: alḿost? afaik its not lossy00:25
asacwell. prism doesn use that script ;)00:25
asacits rather new for our automagic extension dependency stuff00:26
micahgasac: ah, right00:26
micahgso the script is perfect :)00:26
* micahg needs to fix prism..00:26
Pavlovasac: do you have al ink to the right place?00:26
* asac looks it up00:26
asacits a lib00:27
asacbut we could make a command line tool out of it00:27
asacjust say what you want ;)00:27
asacbdrung: ?00:27
asacbdrung: moztodebian version ... thought we had a wrapper for that too ;)00:28
bdrungasac: yes. i added that. please check if it works correctly00:28
asacbdrung: what Pavlov needs is moztodebian00:29
asacwhere is that?00:29
bdrungasac: i can write that easily00:29
Pavlovthat would be awesome00:29
asacthat would be fantastic and you would get hugs from Pavlov ;)00:29
Pavlovmany hugs00:29
bdrungasac: how should i call this moz-version parameter?00:29
Pavlovgavin: wonder if we can just use these in the build system?00:30
asacbdrung: either --to-moz .. --to-deb ... or make two high level wrappers00:30
asacPavlov: once they are done you could copy them in worst case00:30
bdrungasac:  high level wrappers?00:31
asacsoo ... epoch is bad because that would kind of kill the ecosystem ;) ... what we should do is do something ugly for 1.9.2 so you can go back to normal when 1.9.3 arrives00:31
Pavlovany suggestions?00:31
asacbdrung: like moz-to-debian ... debian-to-moz00:31
Pavlovcan we do 1.9.2+foo?00:31
Pavlovor something?00:31
asacwhat was your current version?00:31
asacyeah. so you can do CURRENT_VERSION+REALVERSION00:32
bdrungasac: no, i put it into moz-version00:32
asacso 1.9.2fuckedup+1.9.2~b2~hg2009092000:32
asacfor the snapshot from 20th sep 200900:32
asacpre beta200:32
asacbdrung: if that works00:32
asac--to-moz --to-deb00:33
bdrungasac: the infrastructure is there00:33
asacor whatever you think is better ;)00:33
micahgasac: is this part of the in package mozclient?00:33
Pavlovasac: our last real thing was xulrunner_1.9.2b6pre-20091231145857_armel.deb00:33
bdrungasac: and how to call the one char parameter?00:33
asacdpkg --compare-versions 1.9.2fuckedup+1.9.2~b2~hg20090920 lt 1.9.3~a1~xxx && echo yes00:34
asacso that works00:34
gavinPavlov: yeah probably - DEB_VERSION = $(shell moztodebian MOZ_APP_VERSION) or whatever00:34
asacPavlov: so you build native packages ;)?00:34
* asac wonders if that would be compared as if it was debian revision00:34
* asac checks00:34
Pavlovthe version is..00:35
asacdpkg --compare-versions 1.9.2b6pre-20091231145857+1.9.2~b6~20091231145857 lt 1.9.3~a1~xxx && echo yes00:35
PavlovVersion: 1.9.2b6pre-2009123114585700:35
bdrungasac: what do you think about "moz-version --to-deb 1.2.3 --epoch 2"?00:35
asacif you want epoch ... but i would like to hide that feature ;)00:36
bdrungasac: i can implement it but do not add a parameter until it is required00:36
Pavlovdpkg --compare-versions 1.9.2b6pre-200912311458571 lt 1.9.2+ && echo yes ? :)00:36
asacoh ;)00:36
asacso good00:37
asacyou can do that00:37
asacbut better00:37
Pavlovthis would be for 1.9.2 itself00:38
Pavlovno beta00:38
Pavlovcan put a date if you think that is good00:38
Pavlov1.9.2+~20100107133804 ?00:39
asaclet me check something00:39
Pavlovwe might have a 1.9.2.x, or some other things, i guess00:39
asacso yeah. until 1.9.2 is final, use that or whatever you want00:40
asacafter that, why dont you pocket copy our xulrunner packages daily?00:40
Pavlov1.9.2 is final00:40
asacis it?00:40
Pavlovor rc200:40
asacits rc200:40
Pavlover, rc100:40
asacso its not yet;)00:40
asacotherwise you could directly use our package versions00:41
asacwe have 1.9.2+nobinonly... ;)00:41
asacbut before final its 1.9.2~rc2...00:41
Pavlovthe way our release process usually works is that we call the rcs the final version00:41
Pavlovat least internally00:42
Pavlovwe can call the debian version rc1 i guess00:42
asacso ... rc1 is a bit special because it gets its own version right?00:42
asacso for stable updates we do:00:42
Pavlovit doesn't00:42
Pavlovso right now we have:00:42
asacand whatever is last gets released00:42
Pavlovand 1.9.2-2010010713380400:43
asacyeah. so you could release as 1.9.2+build1 now00:43
asacif thats ok00:43
asacand if you dont like +nobinonly (which we add for final builds if we spin one)00:43
asacyou can say: +final00:43
micahgasac: what if there are multiple rcs?00:43
asacbut if you are fine to just sticking with +build300:43
asacthen its fine00:43
asacmicahg: build1 is rc1 usually00:43
asacbuild2 is rc200:43
Pavlovgavin: how do you feel about just adding a +rc1 to the version on the rc branch?00:43
asacexcept for the prerelease rampup time00:44
Pavlover, rel branch?00:44
gavinsounds good to me00:44
asacPavlov: be careful00:44
asacrc > final00:44
asacbuild1 < final00:44
* Pavlov grumbles ;p00:44
asacif you stick with rc3 then its fine00:44
asacoh you can ro00:44
Pavlovwe will00:44
Pavlovsomeone should have worked on this versioning stuff a bit more;p00:44
asacin case ;)00:44
asacyeah. but you are lucky it seems00:45
Pavlovwe have to fix our 1.9.3 people00:45
Pavlovbut no one is really on that channel00:45
asacyeah. just wipe that00:45
Pavlovso we can fix it to use the script you guys have00:45
micahghmm Fennec went from FENNEC_1_0_RELEASE to FENNEC_1_0rc2_RELEASE...00:45
asacmicahg: they usually add both tags00:46
ftamicahg, no, _RELEASE is fake, it's a moving tag00:46
asacand then if it needs a respin move the _RELEASE tag00:46
asacbut i would have expected00:46
gavinyeah each RC will have a tag, and the one we ship will also have RELEASE00:46
asacFENNEC_1_0_BUILD1 ;)00:46
asactats what is used everywhere else00:46
gavinyeah, mobile is a bit different00:46
asacbut then: imo the pre-final RCs are different from the RCs for stable updates00:47
gavinI can ask our build guy about that00:47
micahgthen FENNEC_1_0_BUILD2, then FENNEC_1_0rc2_BUILD1, then FENNEC_1_0rc2_BUILD200:47
asaci really think that the pre release rcs are different00:47
Pavlovgavin: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/695534 ? :)00:47
asacyou even have a 3.0rc1 or something in application.ini00:47
asacin RCs as in stable updates you have just moving tags00:47
gavinPavlov: looks good to me00:48
asachope you do well ;) ... in the end i would still suggest that you sync our daily packages ;)00:49
asacfor 1.9.300:49
Pavlovwe build our own packages00:49
Pavlovfor maemo00:49
bdrungasac: what do you think about this: http://paste2.org/p/59911400:49
Pavlovi would assume you guys aren't building daily maemo5 packages00:49
asacwe are building daily sources00:50
asacyou just sync those and spin them00:50
asacthink about it ;)00:50
asacstill some time ahead00:50
asacthere are risks for dowstreams ... but also a big win ;)00:50
asacbut you dont have a build system for debs i guess?00:51
asacPavlov: how do you build fennec deb? are you spinning whole xulrunner? or are you just copying the build system and use --with-libxul-sdk?00:51
asacbdrung: err. install .xpi file? e.g. without unpacking?00:52
asacoh ;)00:52
bdrungasac: better explanations are welcome00:53
asacbdrung: thats good. somewhat similar to the deprecated thing we talked about ... did that work out btw?00:53
asacPavlov: btw, are you X-compiling for arm? or do you have native builders?00:54
bdrungasac: i removed the depracated variable, the packages still build and should work (e.g. there was thunderbird in the list and install-xpi creates a link for thunderbird)00:54
Pavlovasac: we're using scratchbox00:54
asacbdrung: ok.00:55
bdrungasac: i need this install-dir parameter for gears (it plays with the file after installation)00:56
asacgears? doesnt that ship a proper .xpi?00:56
asacwhy doesnt the auto detection work?00:56
bdrungasac: it wan't some files in /usr/share and some in /usr/lib00:58
bdrungasac: i assumes that the xpi is installed in /usr/share (but 0.18 installs it in /usr/lib -> ftbfs)00:58
gavinasac: we use --with-libxul-sdk and a two-stop build (i.e. MOZ_BUILD_PROJECTS)00:59
asacgavin: what i am wondering about is that we manually pack up the xulrunner build system and ship that as part of xulrunner-dev01:00
asacand now that you probably need something like that maybe we can do something better upstream01:00
gavinbuilds xulrunner, then fennec, then fennec's build scripts package both into debs01:00
bdrungasac: all xul extension build (some after patching)01:00
asacso basically fennec build unpacks the build system for us at the beginning01:00
asacgavin: yeah. so you still have the full source tree ;)01:01
asacthe build system packup as part of xul sdk is quite nice. i would think it just needs to be standardized so all xulapps and extensions could use that01:01
asacprobably would require a single script or something that everyone wuld includ ein top level dir of its xulapp01:02
asacthis also would help stop xulapps from patching xulrunner ;) .. because they just dont have all the source at hand01:02
bdrungasac: build system packup for extension? isn't xpi-pack enough?01:02
asacand adding the full tree would make a slink build heavy wait01:02
asacbdrung: native extensions01:03
gavinwe already have that01:03
gavinfennec just calls into the existing xulrunner packaging stuff01:03
asacgavin: thats packaging at the end01:03
asaci am talking about checking out the fennec tree01:03
asacand then run a script to get the build system from the xulrunner sdk01:03
asacor is that what you posted?01:04
gavinI misunderstood what you meant01:04
asacif you currently read build instructions on how to build fennec or xulapps you always need the full tree01:04
asaci want them to just use the build system01:05
asacbut not as a hard copy, rather on the fly01:05
asacfrom the sdk01:05
asacis that better worded ?01:05
gavinyeah I see what you mean01:05
asacat best it wouldnt need to copy it but just include /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel/...sdk/build-system.mk01:06
gavinwe don't really benefit from doing any of that work, though01:06
gavinand the build system isn't that self-contained01:06
asacit helps the xulrunner eco system ;)01:06
asacgavin: its not that bad anymore ;)01:06
asacbasically you can unpack the build system nowadays and ./configure --application=yourcoolapp01:07
asacthere are some rough edges01:07
gavinwell yeah, that's what we do, it's just done manually :)01:09
asacscp /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel- rookery.canonical.com:public_html/tmp/01:09
asac-> http://people.canonical.com/~asac/tmp/build-system.tar.gz01:09
asacright. i think it just needs some infrastructure and then evangilism so all the xulapps start to ship a full xulrunner copy01:09
asactar tzf build-system.tar.gz  | pastebinit01:10
* gavin made the mistake of extracting that to ~/01:10
asactar tzf | xargs rm ;)01:10
asactake care :)01:11
asacimo would need some magic default .mk that all xulapps could ship on top level01:11
asacand then allow that whole thing to work even if its under build-system/01:12
asac(so it doesnt clutter the whole source tree)01:12
Pavlovhmm, did we sort out the version script thing?01:13
Pavlovtoo many version numbers melt my brain :(01:13
bdrungasac: btw, m-d 0.19 is faster than v0.1801:13
asacPavlov: from what i understood you are going to use 1.9.2+rc1 ;)01:14
Pavlovoh, we are01:15
Pavlovfor today;)01:15
asaci am not yet sure how you do the dailies afterwards then :)01:15
asacso i would still suggest to go for OLDVERSION+NEWVERSION01:15
asacand then just adapt whatever great new versioning scheme we decide on01:15
asacfor NEWVERSION01:15
ftaasac, all fine without courgette now. at last01:15
asacand from 1.9.3 on just use OLDVERSION01:15
Pavlov1.1~a1~datetime seems ok01:16
Pavlovor for xulrunner, 1.9.3~a1~datetime?01:16
asacour script will produce a good version for the thing that is in application.ini01:16
asacPavlov: yes. thats basically it.01:16
Pavlovhow does it deal with releases and other stuff01:16
Pavlovor do you set some env var to add +foo to things?01:16
asaci would suggest this:01:17
asacif you have version 1.9a1pre ... the script would cut of the pre and remember that its a daily01:17
asacthe you run the version through the moz-to-version thing we produce01:17
asacand if its remembered daily, append ~DATETIME01:17
asacwe use01:18
asacoh now we use r01:18
asacrather than time01:18
asacthats good01:18
asaci think you should adopt that ;)01:18
asaci think the problem is that hg doesnt always move ahead01:18
asacthats why we wnet to r rather than t01:18
Pavlovwell, those are local01:19
bdrungasac: do the xulapps check a directory in /usr/share for extensions?01:19
Pavlovnot necessarily global01:19
asacPavlov: its better to use a reproducible version01:19
asacso we use versions that we know we can recreate the source for01:19
Pavlovyeah those are hex01:19
asacif you use build system local time then you cannot do that01:19
asacproblem is that you have xulrunner also checked out01:20
asacso you either build xulrunner independently (like we do)01:20
asacor you declare it a DEP01:20
asacand have a DEP file with the current revision in fennec or something01:20
asacso just reproducing the same fennec tree will allow you to also reproduce xulrunner01:21
asacmakes sense ? ;)01:21
asac(its late)01:21
asacok now you distracted me from what i wanted to do this night initially ;)01:22
asacfta: i think we are close:01:23
asacunless i messed up something completely (not that anyone would spot that in this 1Million line copyright file ;)01:23
asachmm "Public Domain" isnt whitelisted it seems01:24
asacmaybe that should be case insensitive ;)01:25
asacfta: waiting for a fresh stripped tarball ... to see if stripped the same stuff you stripped now01:25
ftai stripped everything you asked except sdch/open-vcdiff01:33
asacyeah. those are still in the probs01:34
fta-rw-r--r-- 1 fta fta 87406668 2010-01-07 04:10 chromium-browser_4.0.292.0~svn20100107r35689.orig.tar.gz01:36
fta-rw-r--r-- 1 fta fta 80988593 2010-01-08 01:25 chromium-browser_4.0.293.0~svn20100108r35757.orig.tar.gz01:36
asaccool ;)01:37
asachope it was not 07 to 08 ;)01:37
asacbut our stripping01:37
ftawhy do you have build-tree/src/base/third_party/purify/* twice with different Copyright?01:41
Pavlovasac: hey, lets say we pulled xulrunner in to our fennec package01:44
Pavlovwhat would be the best way to deprecate the xulrunner one?01:44
asacPavlov: you want to deprecate xulrunner?01:48
asacdo you want all folks that just have your xulrunner to automatically get fennec?01:49
asacif so, you add transitional packages to fennec01:49
asacbut ... are you sure maemo doesnt have xulrunner?01:49
Pavlovit has xulrunner, but not installed like xulrunner01:55
micahg_Tsk_: is there anything we can do about mozilla 53465102:01
ubottuMozilla bug 534651 in Build Config "make install should install the SDK for Thunderbird 3" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53465102:01
asac03:00 < StevenK> asac: gyp looks okay, aside from the OMG-my-eyes-are-bleeding debian/rules.02:02
asacfta: ^^02:02
asacso ... go ahead02:02
asacfinish this stuff02:02
ftathen he will cry in front of chromium ;)02:03
asacfta: already prepared him ;)02:03
asacfeeding him copyright.full and the pastebin02:03
asacfta: can you upload that now or do you want him to upload02:03
ftawhat? gyp to lucid?02:04
asache would do the changelog bump to -0ubuntu102:04
asacwhat version do you have?02:04
asacupload that with the bug closed02:04
asacwhat is in debian/rules?02:07
asache said he didnt like it ;)02:07
asacoh get-orig-source02:07
fta4 lines of python, + get orig02:07
asacok now the usual its past 22pm reminder ;)02:08
* asac off02:08
ftaoff too02:08
asacdid you do everything right or do i need to wait02:08
asacfta: ?02:08
asace.g. ensure that its in the archive?02:08
Pavlovtime for one more dumb question?02:08
asacits 3am ;)02:08
fta"Successfully uploaded packages."02:09
asacfta: well. sometimes it gets rejected because of something bad ... especially at 3am ;)02:09
Pavlovif we did merge fennec and xulrunner, we'd need some kind of version that has both things in them :/02:09
asacbogus checksum etc.02:09
Pavlovoh hm thats not true02:09
Pavlovget some sleep02:09
asacPavlov: yes. i already asked above:02:09
asac02:48 < asac> heh02:09
asac02:48 < asac> ok02:09
asac02:49 < asac> do you want all folks that just have your xulrunner to automatically get fennec?02:09
asac02:49 < asac> if so, you add transitional packages to fennec02:09
asac02:49 < asac> but ... are you sure maemo doesnt have xulrunner?02:10
asacbut lets talk tomorrow ;)02:10
Pavlovthanks again for your help02:10
ftaasac, got the NEW email02:10
asacfta: good night!!02:11
ftaasac, thx, you too02:11
=== _Tsk__ is now known as _Tsk_
_Tsk__micahg:  how do you feel about making a patch ?08:44
micahg_Tsk__: if I knew what to patch, I would be happy to try :)08:44
_Tsk__can you come to irc.mozilla.org in #maildev and ask that specific question to standard808:45
micahg_Tsk__: k, I'll have to do it a little later though, it's too late for me right now to concentrate on that (almost 3AM)08:46
micahgthanks _Tsk__08:46
=== _Tsk__ is now known as _Tsk_
micahg_Tsk_: one last Q, you know what tz Standard8 is in?09:11
micahgugh, so I better ask now I guess, otherwise when I get up, he'll be gone for the weekend09:13
_Tsk_he stays late - but yes that would be wise09:16
=== _Tsk__ is now known as _Tsk_
asacBST ... its 9:45 for BST (if thtas british)09:45
asacah ... guess its late for micahg ;)09:45
micahgasac: yes :)09:46
micahgwanted to catch standard 809:46
asacmaking a patch?09:46
asacwhats that about?09:46
asacfixing tbird?09:46
micahgand try to figure out this devel thing for tb309:46
asacglorious ;)09:46
asacwhat bug?09:46
asacah -devel packages09:46
micahgasac: wanna hop in the mail-dev channel?09:47
asaci am not in there?09:47
asacnow i am ;)09:47
micahgasac: if I tell debuild not to purge, if it completes, can I still see the full dir structure?10:05
asacdebuild -nc is fine10:06
asacyou might need to remove the build-stamp10:06
asacotherwise it skips it and doesnt see that you changed something10:06
asacor the install-stamp if you want to just test make install10:06
asacor nothing if you just want to test the debian packaging install stuff10:06
asacso yes. its highly recommended to develop dewbian packaging by running debuild -nc rather than a full builds10:07
asacsaves you hours ;)10:07
asacor even days10:07
asacjust in the end remember to do a full spin to verify ... and remember to copy stuff to your bzr tree before it gets purged next time by accident10:08
micahgthat's the thing you gave me before that I couldn't remember10:08
micahgok, I'll try this sat night10:09
asacccheney: heya10:09
asacccheney: status update?10:09
micahgI have to get some sleep now and probably won't get to it when I get up tomorrow10:09
micahgshort day10:09
asaccrimsun: hey. old nick ;)?10:30
ftaasac, http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=30810312:06
ftaasac, http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=3081012:06
ftaBUGabundo_work, lo12:06
asaccreate symlinks?12:08
asacis that done on first run?12:08
asacthats messy12:08
ftathat's their wrapper, i don't use it12:09
ftai have mine12:09
asacwhy does redhat have the wrapper in their svn?12:11
asacdoes redhat create symlinks in the system lib dir?12:11
asacor is that in profile?12:11
ftano, upstream is doing a deb and a rpm12:12
ftai don't think fedora ships this wrapper either12:12
ftai will ask12:12
asacso what does it do? need root access?12:15
ftaseems like it :P12:21
asacthat should get removed imo12:22
asacsomething like that is not really something ever to be done again ;)12:22
asacsomeone needs to see that and stop it ;)12:23
ftathey don't use sudo or anything so it most likely doesn't work at all12:23
asachmm. i think they ship it like the firefox tar.gz12:23
asacso you can unpack in your home12:23
ftabut not when used through the deb or rpm12:24
ftait's a bad idea but i don't see what else they could do12:35
ftathey have only 1 binary for a bunch of distros12:35
asacship more ;)12:54
ftaasac, i can't find an obvious culprit for the chromium regression. i hope it's not one of our changes from yesterday..13:14
BUGabundo_workhello fta13:22
BUGabundo_workchromium unbroken ?13:22
BUGabundo_workthen i'll pin Ch down !13:23
ftastar it13:23
ftabut don't add a me too13:23
BUGabundo_workfta: i'm not new to BTS :o13:25
BUGabundo_workwell glad i have my old debs locally13:25
BUGabundo_worki'll downgrade to one of those if need be13:26
asacfta: thoought there is a bug upstream14:20
asacare all those using our packages?14:21
asacfta: you can spin chromium with tarball from two days ago to test14:21
asacif its our thing14:21
asace.g. run the cleanup stuff etc. on the old tarball14:21
ftait's all from the daily ppa, but it's the only widely used daily so i'm not sure14:22
ftacould also be the gl build-deps14:23
ftadid you try it? (you don't use the nvidia driver iirc)14:24
ftaasac, ^^14:24
BUGabundo_workbug 50414914:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504149 in xorg "[lucid] after update keyboard and mouse do not work in X" [Critical,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50414914:25
ftaasac, too many changes. i've created two up-to-date tarballs, one with the get-orig-source from 2 days ago, and one with the new rule14:53
ftabut there's also the gl build-deps14:53
ftanot sure which one try 1st14:54
ftai need the gl deps to build14:54
asactry the last yo uknow that worked14:56
asacrun the removal and see if it works14:56
asacif so we can rule out its the stripping14:56
ftaasac, http://code.google.com/p/gyp/issues/detail?id=133  => fixed15:09
ccheneyasac: was working on openoffice yesterday and ran into some sort of build breakage due to what appears to be lucid :-\15:17
asacfta: cool15:18
ftaasac, i didn't check, is it enough?15:21
asacwill check after release meeting15:22
asachave to do the report now :(15:22
asacccheney: pleaes dont upload ooo before a215:22
asacyou will certainly bust our arm images with that15:22
asacccheney: ooo is painful, so consider to continue 30% of day on the backporting  ;)15:23
asacmuch more fun15:23
ccheneyasac: slangasek asked for OOo upload specifically because images are already oversized15:24
ccheneyalternate cd for i386 or amd64 iirc15:24
ftaasac, *sigh* http://paste.ubuntu.com/353513/15:26
asacplease provide context15:26
asacwhat tarball etc.15:26
vishasac: hi.. [mac_v here] reminding Bug #386900 :)  could you target it to a milestone which would ensure it is fixed for Lucid?15:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 386900 in network-manager ""Auto eth0" in notifications is confusing" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38690015:27
ccheneyasac: i just heard how to hopefully fix the OOo issue so i will be rebuilding 3.1.1 instead of 3.2.0 if it works and uploading it so hopefully it won't hurt arm, plus there is another arm patch to include from doko.15:28
asacdoes that fix the oversize issues?15:31
asachopefully is really not enough15:31
asacif you upload that and it breaks it means no image for a2 for arm15:31
asaci ping slangasek. lets see15:31
asacbug  * Bug:431963: linux-fsl-imx51: io/fs errors when launching gdm on imx51 with sata15:32
asacbug 43196315:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431963 in linux-fsl-imx51 "io/fs errors when launching gdm on imx51 with sata" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43196315:33
* vish wonders if asac noticed previous message ...15:33
ftaasac, x64 host, 32bit builder, v8 is confused. seems it's a regression15:37
ccheneyasac: yea it fixes the issue due to not needing old icu library anymore from what slangasek told me15:41
ccheneyasac: the old library is currently using 7MB on the disk from what he said15:41
ftaasac, fresh rev without yesterday's stripping, NOK16:22
ftawell, sort of :)16:22
asacif its the same issue we could rule out the stripping, but trying with a good checkpoint would be better to verify16:22
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micahgbdrung: the dailies broke after yesterday's updates16:46
bdrungmicahg: dailies of what?16:47
micahgbdrung: xul192, prism, tb316:47
micahgI think it's based on the new m-dev in lucid16:48
micahgit must be something else16:48
bdrungmicahg: do you updated the m-d in the ppa?16:49
micahgbut prism I know is due to some of the changes16:49
micahgprism is due to its own changes16:49
micahgthe other 2 I'm not sure16:49
bdrungmicahg: do you have a link to the ppa?16:49
micahgsince it was only on lucid16:49
micahgmaybe there isn't an issue afterall16:50
* micahg was tired when I discovered it16:50
micahgprobably just need to wait for tomorrow so there's an updated m-dev16:51
micahgbdrung: don't worry about it16:51
micahgbdrung: can we update the packages to require a certain version of m-dev if that's the case?16:53
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bdrungmicahg: the build failure thunderbird-3.1 can be due to m-d, but the other package have probably other reasons. in m-d i have only changes the extension part (xpi.mk and such tools)16:55
micahgbdrung: I think TB31 is upstream16:55
* micahg already has to fix that16:55
micahgthey updated their configure file and it doesn't like our changing the binary name16:56
micahgwhat about this in prism:  with open("debian/control") as f:             ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax16:57
micahghardy and intrepid use python 2.516:57
asacok ... so i promissed to do something after releas meeting ;) ... what was that?16:58
micahgasac: do we have to make everything in dailies backport properly?16:59
micahgprism is failing on some python code that's valid in 2.6 but not 2.516:59
asacwhat python code is that?17:02
micahgwith open("debian/control") as f:             ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax17:02
asacits probably again itchy developers jumping on latest api crap without rason ;)17:02
micahgit's something in m-dev17:02
asacmicahg: can you check if that is fixable? if you dont figure i can check, but maybe a good excersize for python :-P17:02
asacin our package?17:03
asacthen tell that bdrung17:03
asacbdrung: dont use python 2.6 in m-dev17:03
asacwe need backports17:03
asac18:02 < asac> its probably again itchy developers jumping on latest api crap without rason ;)17:03
asaci am running around evangelising folks to not use latest API stuff to improve the linux ecosystem ... so mozillateam should try to be good example ;)17:04
asacgreat that we spotted that17:05
asacthx fta for pushing devscripts to daily17:05
ftait's supposed to be automatic17:06
ftait didn't work?17:06
ftabranch nick: mozilla-devscripts.daily17:06
ftatimestamp: Fri 2010-01-08 05:25:25 +010017:06
fta  * Merge with mozilla-devscripts #30217:06
asacfta: it worked ;)17:07
asacread a bit back17:07
asaclike last 25 lines17:07
ftaasac, oh, it was not a request, lol. nm then17:07
asacit just revealed a bug in python code17:07
asacfta: it was a kudo17:07
asacif i say thx i _always_ mean it that wy17:08
asacwould never be that impolite/sarcastic17:08
bdrungasac: sorry, i tried to avoid python 2.6 (but that slipped through)17:36
asacno problem ;)17:37
asaci should have thought about that and ask to test it17:37
asacguess its a one minute fix for you ;)17:38
bdrungasac: yes, will fix it17:39
bdrungasac: after finishing moz-version17:39
asaci think next daily run is 4am UTC17:39
asacso getting it fixed by then might allow to verify on sat or sun17:39
asacnot sure if md goes up before prism17:40
bdrungthat's no problem17:40
micahgit looks like it goes up first17:40
asacmicahg: sure it goes up first? or finishes first?17:45
micahggood question17:45
* micahg checks the logs from the bot17:45
asacthe latter is expected but would mean prism doesnt catch it ;)17:45
asacit should be > 1h difference on i386 etc.17:46
micahguploaded first17:48
micahgprism is uploaded last17:48
asacfta: what bug was that ld thing?17:55
asac18:51 < fujimitsu> Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-minimal.c: 138: realloc: Assertion `ptr == alloc_last_block' failed!17:55
asacgot it17:57
asacfta: unping17:57
debfxasac: what are your thoughts on the firefox kde integration? is there a chance it will go into lucid? anything I can do to help?18:02
asacwe need upstream bugs with indidivual patches18:03
asacotherwise we wont get approval ... i am pretty sure18:03
asacso if you have an individual bug list we can review that and then decide on a case by case base18:03
asacto get some credits we need to shepherd the stuff into trunk18:04
asacat least actively working on that.18:04
asacjust pulling in incomplete patches without helping out wont give us approval i am sure18:05
bdrungasac: pushed moz-version. please test it thoroughly (moz-version --compare VS dpkg --compare-version)18:08
asacno test cases? ;)18:11
asacdidnt we do that before?18:12
asaci thought we just add the debtomoz and moztodeb mapping feature18:12
asaci really thought we had a complete test for the --compare at some point18:12
asacwhere did that go?18:12
bdrungasac: i have a local test for --compare. but i want a test for the new parameter.18:14
bdrungasac: take two moz version, compare them, then convert them into deb version and compare them again18:15
bdrungasac: 2. the other way around18:16
asaccant we make a direct test case for tomoz and todeb first18:18
asacthat indirect test case looks reasonable to cover more18:18
asacbut definitly isnt the thing to start ;)18:18
bdrungasac: here my local script http://paste2.org/p/60022918:18
asachow do you interpret *?18:18
asaccan you commit that to mozilla-devscripts ?18:18
asaclike in tests/ and tests/data18:19
asacor something18:19
bdrungasac: you can to moz-version -> deb version -> moz-version and compare both moz versions18:19
asacfeels like the right thing to do18:19
bdrung* = int.max18:19
asaci would think we should error18:19
asacrather than that18:19
asacbut ok18:19
asacmost likely happens becaues of the underlying code18:20
asacyes. for compare there is a reasonable meaning18:20
asacfor todeb there is none18:20
asacat least a warning to stderr ;)18:21
asacor spit out the result, but give error exit code18:21
asacbut thanks so far ;) ... lets commit the current test anad we can check ;)18:22
bdrungasac: how can i import the module from another dir? import ../src/moz_version does not work18:24
bdrungasac: am i allowed to apply this patch? http://paste2.org/p/60026418:51
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ftaasac, http://codereview.chromium.org/524075 \o/19:24
micahgasac: we seem to have a problem with the upstream fennec xul deb builds being pulled in by our FF app on moblin19:30
* micahg guesses he should see what it installs where...19:31
* micahg can't figure out what's causing it to conflict...19:35
micahgmaybe it's a different build19:36
thekornhi moziall team ;)19:55
thekornwhat is the difference between xpt and xpi19:55
thekornesp. when looking into creating packages19:56
thekornmy understanding is: xpi is an extension, and xpt is a component, but my understanding is also that extensions can contain components19:57
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bdrungasac: ^20:10
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bdrungasac: done21:54
bdrungasac: it's now ready for release. objections?21:54
[reed]thekorn: you are correct21:55
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bdrungasac: icedove ignores the extension in /usr/lib/mozilla/extensions/{...}/. why?22:58
mahfouzwill this be in ubuntu too?23:19
mahfouzi guess it's currently just in windows23:19

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