ReidHow do u change your name in IRC?00:00
ReidI'm trying to /msg nickserv register ReiBuntu00:00
Reidand it's saying "Reid is already registered."00:00
iamlindoroYou're signed in as reid, and trying to set reid's password to Reibuntu00:05
iamlindoroso sign in as who you want to be (/nick ReiBuntu) and then do the above where ReiBuntu = password00:10
jstIs the site down?01:38
puffI have a mythbuntu box that _was_ connected to a TV via s-video.  However, we replaced that TV with an HD and I need to order new hardware for HD-out... meanwhile, I'd like to just watch shows on this LCD monitor. H owever, after mythtv startup, the LCD goes blank, presumbly because it's switching to s-video-out.02:51
mattjacketsHi all, I upgraded to 0.22 a few weeks ago, and mythmusic isn't reading id3 info from files with id3v1 tags.  thoughts?02:59
puffHow do I stop mythbuntu from kicking over into s-video-out mode on bootup?03:43
puff_Bearing in mind that, sinc eit's in s-video out and I don't have an s-video device, I can't just use the GUI contorl to change it.03:43
cal_anyone use mythbrowser?04:56
puffHm, okay, so I have the video just going to an LCD monitor, but  I'm not getting any audio out of the headphone jacks.05:40
puffNow admittedly, some films I know so well I can hear the soundtrack in my head, but for most of them, I'd like audio :-).05:41
cjtinantNew install Mythbuntu v9.10 64 bit06:08
cjtinantRan 1 day without system crashing, then started again  ---> had to reinstall a day ago as the crashes broke MYSQL.06:10
cjtinantBythbackend.log has a lot of enteries:   [mpeg2video @ 0x7ff14dac5820]Missing picture start code06:10
cjtinantStarting college soon and do not want to mess with it turing spring semester.  Any help???06:11
cjtinantAlso, seeing :   Error parsing: /home/mythbox/.mythtv/config.xml at line: 1  column: 106:13
cjtinantConfiguration::Load - Error Msg: unexpected end of file06:13
Balsaqwhere cani download the free version of mythbuntu?07:06
puffHi, anybody home?  I'm trying to get audio out on the headphone jack of my mythbuntu box.08:45
puffActually there are three headphone jacks;  one on the front panel, one on the motherboard on the back, and one on a separate sound card on the back.08:45
com_hI always have trouble working out audio from ubuntu, I just play something turn up software volumes then try all holes until I find one with something coming out.09:02
puffcom_h: Any suggestions as to what to try, to get sound working?09:13
com_hHave you tried my method of turn up all levels and then frantically plug into every hole?09:18
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ScroobyGot a question regarding a mythtv backend hardware.12:52
ScroobyI plan on using a hauppauge hvr-4000 in an backend only system12:52
ScroobyNow i am still unsure about what processor speed to get. Some sources mention the processor speed to be rather irrelevant for the backend, others advice to use at least 2.4 Ghz ...12:53
ScroobyThe backend should be able to record HD material and stream it to one/multiple frontends12:55
rhpot1991Scrooby: well the backend will do your commflagging and such, so that will go quicker with a better CPU, but if you aren't using it for HD playback then you don't really need top of the line13:20
rhpot1991Scrooby: with VDPAU around now the HD playback issue isn't so much of an issue any longer either13:21
rhpot1991hope that helps13:21
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alecjanyone here an expert on Dibcom 3000 m-b, I lost support for the device since upgrading to 9.10?17:21
mrandalecj: if no-one responds, other places to check out: #mythtv-users , or search on the mythbuntu forums or mythtv mailing list archive (http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/)17:39
mrandalso perhaps possible that the way the device is named/addressed is different.  udev?17:40
mrandBest of luck!17:40
dmfreyhi all. I enabled the weekly auto builds and wanted to install nvidia 190, i see it in the repos, but it doesn't appear in the hardware driver manager19:12
dmfreyis the most appropriate way to install them from apt-get install nvidia-glx-19019:13
dmfreysimulating removes 18519:13
dmfreyi am questioning this as when i previously did this from the nvidia-vdpau ppa, it still seemed to need 185 installed as well19:13
dmfreynevermind, if i installe nvidia-190-modealiases it now registers in the hardware driver manager19:25
rhpot1991dmfrey: didn't I tell you that already :)20:11
dmfreyrhpot1991: sorry, it was late and I have been sick :)20:13
dmfreyrhpot1991: i also upgraded the firmware on my hdpvr in my windows vm in virtualbox20:30
dmfreyrhpot1991: it worked good and seems to have a better picture now in live tv20:30
rhpot1991I need to check mine again, pretty sure there is a newer one out20:31
dmfreyrhpot1991: last one was dated in november 200920:31
rhpot1991ya mine was done before that I think20:32
dmfreyrhpot1991: i still seem to have one outstanding issue with vdpau20:33
rhpot1991dmfrey: whats that?20:33
dmfreyrhpot1991: on fast motion, it shows a single line tear horizontally through the middle-upper portion of the screen20:33
rhpot1991dmfrey: try disabling composite20:34
dmfreyrhpot1991: seems to be a vdpau issue as the other profiles don't havve this20:34
dmfreyi think it is already off20:34
rhpot1991fast motion as in regular playback speed and not something silly right?20:34
rhpot1991dmfrey: well its on by default unless you disable it20:34
rhpot1991let me pastebin20:34
dmfreyyes, fast motion from side-to-side in normal playback20:34
dmfreywhat's the TripleBuffer do?20:36
rhpot1991dedicates more memory to 2d IIRC20:38
rhpot1991supposed to help VDPAU20:38
dmfreynice, i will add that as well20:38
dmfreyi thought i did previously, but it must have been before i wiped this frontend box20:38
dmfreyi wonder if the compositing could have also been affecting the live tv in general...choppiness, etc20:40
dmfreyi forget, are you running an 8400 card as well?20:41
dmfreyrhpot1991: that looks much better20:44
rhpot1991I have an ion box and a 9600gt20:45
dmfreyrhpot1991: that's right20:45
dmfreyrhpot1991: i will have to play around with that triplebuffer on this 8400 card20:46
dmfreyrhpot1991: one of my girl's shows is in hd and seems to be a little choppy20:47
dmfreyrhpot1991: i will have to look at some of these other settings on the vdpau wiki page as well20:49
rhpot1991dmfrey: my ion box was pretty clean, but I needed those tweaks for my other one to stop tearing20:49
dmfreyrhpot1991: i am hoping that intel wifi 5300 gets here todayd so i can finish setting up my ion box20:50
quintenhi, i'm wondering if someone can help me think through a hardware problem i'm experiencing20:53
quinteni build a myth box about 1 year ago. it just stopped working20:53
quintensymptoms: sometimes it will display a POST screen, and sometimes it won't20:53
dmfreyquinten: how's your powersupply?20:53
quintenit appears the power supply is working20:54
quintenbut i'm not positive--it's a low wattage supply i guess20:54
quinten270 watts20:54
dmfreyquinten: have you blown out any dust build up inside the case?20:54
quintenat least the cd-rom lights up sometimes even if i have no POST20:54
quinteni did blow out dust from the power supply20:55
quintennot much in there20:55
dmfreyquinten: was working on a server recently and it ended up blowing out the dust out of the heatsink/fan on the processord helped a lot20:55
quintenfirst thing i tried was taking out the pvr-150 card, which did not lead to it consistently booting20:55
quintenbut worked the first time which made me suspect power supply could be an issue20:56
quinteni also tried taking out one of the paired ram modules20:56
quintenbasically it seems like a lot of potential parts could be swapped out...20:56
quintennew power supply will be a pain as it's custom and i'll have to pay almost the price of a new case to replace it20:56
quintendoes this sound at all like it could be motherboard failure related?20:57
dmfreyquinten: can you get it to boot with just a bare minimum of hardware in it (i.e. no capture cards, minimum ram, etc)20:57
quintennot consistently20:57
quintenwell, i take that back--i've tried once with one ram module and it worked, i haent' tried again20:57
dmfreyquinten: are all your fans working?  could it be heat related?20:58
quintenthe other symptom is when i boot it says "no operating system found"20:58
quintenon the times it gets to POST20:58
quintenwhich could be a hard drive failure, but i've tried booting from the dvd drive with no success either20:58
dmfreyquinten: you said the mobo is only about a year old?20:58
quinteneven though i've made sure its set to boot from CD in the bios20:58
quintenyep, just over a year20:59
dmfreyquinten: when that happens, does the post screen look ok?20:59
quintenyes, it looks normal--except the message about no OS found20:59
quinteni'm going to try booting from a USB stick tonight to see if that works20:59
dmfreyrhpot1991: btw...how loud is that 9600gt?21:00
dmfreyrhpot1991:  been thinking about upgrading, but want a silent card (not too many options out there)21:00
quintenso, there are enough points of failure that appear possible it's hard for me to figure out what to replace21:01
quinteni can't think that the hard drive failure along would stop it from POSTing21:01
dmfreyquinten: true21:01
quinteni kind of remember that i couldn't install the OS from CD the firs time i set it up, i think i needed to use USB21:02
dmfreyquinten: can you get into your bios and see what the temp is?21:02
quintenit's cool, 45 degrees21:03
dmfreyquinten: that is odd21:03
dmfreyquinten: ok21:03
quintenthat was my very first guess21:03
quinteni guess if i get it to boot from USB and find out hte hard drive is actually dead, that's one thing that will help21:04
dmfreyquinten: barring the powersupply is not sending enough juice out, i would first guess ram then mobo21:04
quintenhere's what happens: i get it to POST once or twice, then it stops21:05
rhpot1991dmfrey: I got a silent version, it takes up 2 slots though21:05
quintenthen it may start working an hour or two later21:05
dmfreyrhpot1991: do you recall make/model?21:05
quintenit worked for a year with that power supply with no problem. still a possibility?21:05
dmfreyrhpot1991: i did see an zotac zone 220 that is silent, however it is only abailable in UK right now21:06
rhpot1991gt 220 that is righ?21:06
rhpot1991right now there is a msi 220 on newegg21:07
rhpot1991lets see21:07
Shadow__Xsuperm1: so i enabled the testing ppa and installed mythtv-status and i can run it but it still doesnt show up in my motd what else do i need ot do21:07
rhpot1991Shadow__X: do you have screen or byobu installed?21:07
Shadow__X6i have screen installed21:08
rhpot1991Shadow__X: launch screen see if it shows up there21:09
rhpot1991dmfrey: http://www.newegg.com/Product/NewProduct.aspx?Item=N82E16814125273&cm_re=silent_9600-_-14-125-273-_-Product21:09
Shadow__Xi am using screen now21:09
rhpot1991thats what I have21:09
rhpot1991asus also makes a model thats similar, but it has a weird heat pipe that didn't fit into my fusion case21:09
rhpot1991dmfrey: this may or may not work as well: http://www.newegg.com/Product/NewProduct.aspx?Item=N82E16814127454&cm_re=msi_210-_-14-127-454-_-Product21:10
rhpot1991VDPAU page says it will be similar to a 950021:10
Shadow__Xisnt 120 alittle high for a 960021:10
dmfreyrhpot1991: nice looking card21:11
rhpot1991dmfrey: http://www.newegg.com/Product/NewProduct.aspx?Item=N82E16814500072&cm_re=zotac_9500-_-14-500-072-_-Product21:11
rhpot1991you have a few choices now21:11
rhpot1991I'm waiting for a silent gt 2xx for my next one21:11
rhpot1991Shadow__X: 1gb of ram and silent, but ya its pricey21:12
Shadow__Xyeah but 1gb ram isnt really helping you as much as it would if it was a better card21:12
dmfreyrhpot1991: i would like to wait for that zotac silent 22021:12
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: it doesnt show up in screen why did you ask21:13
rhpot1991dmfrey: I think they have a 220 and gt 220 coming out21:13
rhpot1991Shadow__X: it does for me when I launch byobu21:13
rhpot1991figured it might be similar21:13
dmfreyrhpot1991: looks like newegg just changed their site around a bit21:13
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: nope21:15
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: even did dkpg reconfigure21:16
dmfreyrhpot1991: http://zotac.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=100025&lang=un21:16
dmfreyrhpot1991: i kinda wish that one had ddr3 memory on it, however21:18
quintenif i upgrade the motherboard, is there a good choice w/ onboard support for vdpau and hdmi audio?21:18
quinteni bought this one because it has an 8200 chip, but i've never been able to get vdpau working with it21:19
dmfreyquinten: i would use a card with dedicated memory on the card21:19
Shadow__Xquinten: according to wiki for vdpau it should work21:21
Shadow__Xjust install the correct drivers21:21
rhpot1991dmfrey: link doesn't work21:26
rhpot1991dmfrey: http://pden.zotac.com/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=55&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=121:26
dmfreyrhpot1991: first one in the list on the link you just posted21:29
rhpot1991dmfrey: ya either of those top 2 should be good21:29
rhpot1991just need to wait for them to sell the stupid things here21:30
dmfreyrhpot1991: i hear ya21:31
dmfreyrhpot1991: the same model with a fan/heatsink was only about $60-70 or so on newegg a few weeks ago21:32
quintenShadow__X: i did install the drivers. i think it may not have enough dedicated memory, but ther'es no place to change allocation of video memory in the bios21:53
quinteni also read after the fact that the 8200 has limited vdpau capabilities, and i was trying to throw 1080i at it21:53
tuv0kWhat should I check if my recordings are not showing up on my xbmc22:22
tuv0kwouldn't that be the upnp server of mythtv?22:23
hackmanI don't have my "permanent" mythbox hardware yet.22:39
hackmanand I had this crazy idea to run mythbuntu from a USB stick, with /var/lib/mythtv mounted on (or symlinked to) an external eSATA drive, for example.22:40
hackmancrazy, right?22:40
rhpot1991hackman: not really, I do similar with a frontend, usb stick and then nfs share for some videos22:43
]OscarI'm having very often segfault with frontend. last line in log are about failed bobdeint. It's "normal"??22:57
]OscarI have just updated to last nigthly build of mythbuntu 9.1022:59
mrand]Oscar: maybe try a different theme, then switch back to the one you are trying to use right now?  If you can reproduce it after that, please follow the directions here: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Debugging#Debugging_with_Ubuntu_packages23:14
]OscarChanged theme, it's the same... I'm going to debug... :(23:18
]Oscaruhm,.. changing again theme solved,...23:34
yfworkjoin #xbmc23:35

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