_diabloanyone wanna come test an IRC game in #linuxoutlaws?01:08
kermiti thought this was a game, maybe that's why i never win.02:11
_diablokermit: lol02:13
_diabloyou're only 4 points behind the leader right now02:13
TakyojiSo for my extrodinary birthday I received: a new chair, 4 rechargeable batteries, some jelly beans, and corkboard. :P05:00
_diabloa new chair sounds nice06:57
TakyojiOoo, Linux Journal21:34
TakyojiWould anyone know of a way to setup something for testing dial-up capability, but without using an actual phone line connection?21:39
Takyojibecause I have not yet made a dial-up connection function on Linux yet21:41
Takyojifor other people21:41
TakyojiWhat would be some examples of where using Creative Commons licensing would be beneficial to a business (that made said material)?22:06
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_diablolol @ your old name23:14

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