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dhillon-v10cjohnston, ping00:53
cjohnstonuh oh.. i just read it in the other channel00:53
cjohnstonis that what you are wanting?00:55
cjohnstonis this admin for editing the website, or like what i got today on LP?00:56
dhillon-v10cjohnston, fixing some typos, and outdated links, don't know that00:56
cjohnstonwhat are they wanting me to tell them? they can trust you?00:59
cjohnstondhillon-v10: how do I subscribe to a subset of wiki pages (like it looks like you are)01:01
dhillon-v10cjohnston, I am subscribed to the entire wiki :) just go to your preferences and do .*01:02
cjohnstonI dont want the entire wiki.. holy crap. how many emails do you get?01:02
dhillon-v10cjohnston, thanks a lot for trying to help , I got the rights :)01:02
dhillon-v10cjohnston, like around 3001:03
cjohnstonok. cool01:03
cjohnston30 emails a day? thats it?01:03
dhillon-v10no wait, that's from Debian, its 116 sorry :P01:03
cjohnstonso if I want everything from our loco do FloridaTeam*   ?01:03
dhillon-v10yup :)01:03
cjohnstonhmm.. it doesnt show me subscribed in the header of the pages..01:10
dhillon-v10cjohnston, its takes a while before the whole thing can take effect :) took a day for me01:11
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ryanakcanewz2000: Has the plug-into-LP-for-edit-rights drupal module been ported to Drupal 6?12:12
newz2000ryanakca: yes, it has14:51
ryanakcanewz2000: How would one go by setting it up?21:30
dhillon-v10ryanakca, hey there :) I fixed that bug from yesterday, and there are only 6 new bugs left21:37
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newz2000ryanakca: is it in the list of modules you can enable?22:34
newz2000if so, you just enable it, then talk to the Launchpad team about getting your trust root setup properly22:34
cjohnstonnewz2000: you still around?22:52
newz2000cjohnston: yep22:53
cjohnstoneasy fix: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/296154  its also on 9.04 and 9.1022:53
ubot3Malone bug 296154 in ubuntu-website "[http://start.ubuntu.com/8.10/] (CSS) text-align: middle; incorrect" [Low,Confirmed]22:53
cjohnston9.04 and 9.10 are both inline.. 8.10 is a seperate .css22:56

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