Glowballkinja-sheep: Thought so. If it's still the 32 bit version, I'm going to remove it and install the 64 bit alpha manually. The version I have now isn't stable anyway. Thanks for the information :)00:00
ChazI'm trying to download the source code of x-chat with 'sudo apt-get source xchat' except it says it can't find package xchat. Any ideas?00:00
kinja-sheepGlowball: Sweet! FYI -- More details can be found at !flash64 :)00:01
chriswaterguyAnyone here using a DSL modem? Do you connect via "Auto eth0" or did you need to set up a DSL connection?00:01
xteejxxchat-gnome ??00:01
qt-xis there an equvalent software for AVRstudio or a version of avr studio 4 Gnu/linux ?00:01
AJC_Z0Glowball: Every version of the "alpha" 64 bit plugin has worked well for me on another Linux platform00:01
daftykinstried xchat-gnome Chaz ?00:01
Chazdaftykins: That's the Ubuntu maintained version, I want the community maintained version.00:01
daftykinsok sorry no idea00:01
babymaiJp82191 I found a stage1 in /usr/lib/grub/x86-64-pc and now grub successfully installed to MBR will reboot to test00:02
xteejxChaz: xchat-gnome is the community version it's in the universe repo, its not maintained by Canonical00:02
bmattjp82191 they sent me here :\00:02
GlowballAJC_Z0:  I had that one on Jaunty too. I don't remember why I googled for it back then... Probably it wasn't in ubuntu-restricted-extras yet?00:02
* Dr_Willis likes Weechat 0.3.0 over xchat. :)00:03
p1und3rheyyy buntoids00:03
Chazxteejx: I don't believe so. 'xchat' is community maintained, 'xchat-gnome' is canonical maintaiend00:03
xteejxChaz: forget that, that's xchat, getting source via apt won't be possible00:03
Dr_Willis!info xchat-gnome00:03
ubottuxchat-gnome (source: xchat-gnome): a new frontend to the popular X-Chat IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.26.1-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 312 kB, installed size 888 kB00:03
Chazxteejx: How come I can't get the source via apt-get?00:03
Dr_Williseveryone seems to hate xchat-gnome00:04
ja660ki do00:04
Chazxteejx: Can you only get source for only Ubuntu maintained code?00:04
ChazThrough apt-get?00:04
kinja-sheepDr_Willis: Except the developers!00:04
legend2440Chaz: did you enable the  source repo?00:04
xteejxChaz: I've just succesfully downloaded the source00:04
nikolateslacan anyone tell me where i can find a Gkismet package for hardy heron00:04
Jp82191babymai: any luck?00:04
xteejxChaz: enable sources repos and do apt-get source xchat00:04
Chazcharlie@desktop:~/src$ sudo apt-get source xchat00:04
ChazReading package lists... Done00:04
ChazBuilding dependency tree00:04
ChazReading state information... Done00:04
ChazE: Unable to find a source package for xchat00:04
FloodBot1Chaz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:04
kinja-sheepChaz: Any chance you forget to update "sudo aptitude update"00:05
kinja-sheepChaz: (Ending with a question mark).00:05
ja660kdo i need to restart the computer after i install ubuntu-restricted-extras? because .m4v are still not playing =(00:05
Chazkinja-sheep: no luck00:05
nikolateslai am trying to find a gkismet package00:05
xteejxChaz: Your sources aren't setup, enable the sources repo thru Software Sources or whatever way you want to do it, reload packages and try again it ill work00:06
Chazxteejx: I have "Source code" checked in Software Sources00:06
kinja-sheepChaz: Paste your /etc/apt/sources.list :o00:06
xteejxChaz: have you also enabled sources for partner code?00:06
mkanyicyChaz, pastebin the output of "grep deb-src /etc/apt/sources.list"00:07
xteejxChaz: just enable the source one in the 2nd tab00:07
ChazAh! It seems the "Source code" was not checked but "appeared" to be. I clicked it one and it stayed solid.00:07
ChazProblem solved00:07
xteejxChaz: You're welcome lol :)00:07
_phantommneptok i would like to talk in offtopic but they all seem to be 12 or under00:07
_phantombut thnx tho00:08
xteejx_phantom: they usually are00:08
mkanyicyja660k, open the file with totem and download the codecs with totem00:08
Jp82191whats the offtopic chat?00:08
Jp82191channel thing00:08
kinja-sheepJp82191: #ubuntu-offtopic00:08
_phantomnot worth going there00:08
ja660kmkanyicy:okay ill give it a try00:09
mkanyicyja660k, rebooting will not solve anything00:09
Jp82191how to join?00:09
=== rafase282 is now known as Rafase282
ned-i installed xinit & dwm via packages onto ubuntu-server. now the cursor seems to not work properly. when i highlight certain items in my xterm. anyone have this issue before?00:09
ja660kmkanyicy, sorry i still live in the land of windoze00:09
mkanyicyja660k, alternatively, open synaptic and search for 'gstreamer' and select the good, bad, and ugly plugins plus install w32codecs00:10
mkanyicyja660k, I see, only updates or installs that affect the kernel require rebooting00:10
mkanyicyja660k, let me know if after trying all this does not solve anything00:11
ja660k<mkanyicy> it appears that i have the the good, the bad and the ugly plugins already and win32 codecs00:12
Jp82191ill be back i need to install xubuntu on my laptop00:13
bastid_raZor /w 400:13
mkanyicyja660k, ok, install ffmpeg, mplayer and vlc00:13
danopiaif i set up a SOCKS proxy in ubuntu's preferences, what uses it?00:14
baardAnyone know how to autologin after logout with GDM in Karmic?00:14
chriswaterguyIt looks like the modem (Speedstream 4200) may be incompatible with Ubuntu. Would a static IP help, and how do I do that?00:14
Rafase282hello, i know this is for ubuntu and i use ubuntu, but i installed debian on my phone and i need help to use xfce instead of icewm00:15
EugenMayerAs i have looking for it quite some time, this might be interesting for some ubuntu users (toggle / rotate though workspaces while having compiz activated) http://wiki.impressive-media.de/doc/doing-workspace-toggle-or-rotate-using-a-shortcut-while-having-compiz-activated-gnome00:15
NoCodeIs it possible to use Jaunty with the 2.6.32 kernel?00:15
ja660k<mkanyicy>its not working, and totem wont open00:16
mkanyicydanopia, what is your problem?00:16
NoCodeI've downloaded the selected mainline packages to install the 2.6.32 kernel, installed them but while logging in, it's just a blank screen.00:16
pavelzhi, I have installed ubuntu karmic coala on powerbook and desktop, and for some reason with maximum effects desktop doesnt sway windows like powerbook does, though powerbook is alot slower00:16
mkanyicyja660k, open terminal and type "mplayer filename" and copy all the message in terminal and pastebin it00:17
NoCodeIt seems Xorg just freezes, and I have to do a hard shutdown.00:17
AaronMTwait what00:17
ubottuUbuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.00:18
mkanyicyRafase282, the fact that you are using ubuntu is not a password for being legal for going off-topic00:18
ja660k<mkanyicy> http://pastie.org/77094300:18
ja660k<mkanyicy> oops, wait 2 minutes00:19
* NoCode rages00:19
mkanyicyja660k, replace "filename" by a relevant filename00:20
mkanyicyja660k, replace "filename" by a relevant filename like my_file.m4v00:20
ja660k<mkanyicy> yeah as soon as i pased i realized =/ sorry. http://pastie.org/77094300:20
ubottuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava00:21
ubottuUbuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was the fifth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 25th, 2008. See !eol for more details.00:22
mkanyicyja660k, paste HERE the output of "file filename"00:23
albertoI can't make my Line Input to record anything...00:23
ja660k<mkanyicy> its 34 lines of output00:23
mkanyicyja660k, after that replace mplayer by vlc and pastebin the error messages like before00:23
albertoIt does sound, but It doesn't record anything.00:23
albertoIt's very strange.00:23
mkanyicyja660k, I mean do this command exactly like this: file 03\ Chappelle\'s\ Show\ 103.m4v00:24
mkanyicyja660k, that SHOULD NOT give you 34 lines of output00:25
mkanyicyja660k, are you still there?00:25
_phantomis there a reason im being  trolled by niko00:25
ja660k<mkanyicy> no it does not. 03 Chappelle's Show 103.m4v: ISO Media, MPEG v4 system, iTunes AVC-LC00:25
KittyBootsI am trying to learn about and setup ssh, where should I look to get started?00:26
mkanyicyja660k, mplayer was supposed to play this easily, is this file encrypted, did you purchase it from iTunes ?00:27
kinja-sheep!ssh | KittyBoots00:27
ubottuKittyBoots: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)00:27
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mkanyicyKittyBoots, you don't even have to spend much time on that00:27
mkanyicyKittyBoots, man ssh00:27
ja660k<mkanyicy> uh oh. i did buy it off itunes00:27
chriswaterguyRafase282: have you tried #Debian?00:28
mkanyicyja660k, it has DRM00:28
mkanyicyja660k, no player will ever play that on ubuntu00:28
Rafase282yeah, they are replying now00:28
Rafase282just wanted a quick answer but i guess i was expecting too much for a question that is not about ubuntu itself00:29
mkanyicyja660k, it is protected, I guess you cannot even play it by any other non-Apple player even on windows00:29
=== AaronMT is now known as AaronMT-AFK
ja660kmkanyicy, bummer... new hatred for apple right now.00:30
mkanyicyja660k, sorry00:31
ja660kmkanyicy, no no dont be, thankyou for trying. i wouldnt of been able to determine that without your help =)00:32
mkanyicyja660k, jail is like paradise until the time you decide to cross the borders00:32
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
mkanyicyja660k, no prob00:32
VentreSSany one know how to setup a downbar ?00:32
mkanyicyRafase282, ok, what is your quick question?00:33
mkanyicyVentreSS, no one knows that00:33
mkanyicy!anyone | VentreSS00:33
ubottuVentreSS: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:33
prefrontalis dpkg capable of detecting corrupt/missing files00:33
VentreSSrly ?00:33
prefrontalif so, how?00:34
* Claudiu is away: Away00:34
Rafase282It is fine, asking on #debian00:34
mkanyicyReally, VentreSS, why are you suprised?00:34
mkanyicyRafase282, yes feel free00:35
john3Hey guys. is there a way to add a service/app to run at each boot? not when a specific user logs in, but any user? thanks00:35
mmvxjohn3 which service?00:35
Dr_Willisjohn3:  /etc/rc.local runs commands befor anyone logs in.00:36
Dr_Willisjohn3:  vidalia is a gui app issnt it?00:36
`mOOse`it has a gui front end00:36
john3Dr_Willis, yes, but when it starts, tor starts along with it00:36
portuguesecan anyone tell me where i can find the wallpaper in the system files?00:36
Dr_Willistor should be started as a normal service00:36
Dr_WillisNo need for viaials to launch it00:36
ejwaxxjohn3: my tor starts up automatically ever since i installed it from the torproject repoo00:36
john3Dr_Willis, when i had tor as a service started at bootup, vidalia wouldnt work correctly. i need to run vidalia and have vidalia start tor00:37
=== s34n_ is now known as s34n1811
john3basically I want to start vidalia at bootup... and vidalia will take care of running tor00:37
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=== dfqwe is now known as speme1
kinja-sheep!startup | john300:38
ubottujohn3: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot00:38
mmvxjohn3 it's easy enough to start it with a session but until you have a session you won't have a desktop environment..?00:38
john3Kinja-sheep thanks, but thats not what im looking for00:38
=== speme1 is now known as speme
guiscard!noob | guiscard00:38
ubottuguiscard, please see my private message00:38
kinja-sheepjohn3: If it get the job done but that's not what you are looking for, then I don't know what you're looking for.00:39
guiscard!help | guiscard00:39
ubottuguiscard, please see my private message00:39
pavelzwhat does enable rotation of the windows in the Gnome?00:39
kinja-sheepjohn3: You could add it to .xsession (I'll get you a link).00:39
pavelzis there some sort of feature? I have two computers one with nvidia and other one with ati card00:40
kinja-sheepjohn3: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CustomXSession00:40
pavelzone with ati card does not rotate the windows the facny way...00:40
john3kinja-sheep, thanks ill look into it00:40
kinja-sheepjohn3: You want .xinitrc00:40
Harakenhow do i set nfs-kernel-server to use nfsv200:40
Harakenit seems to only be using nfsv3 at the moment00:40
pavelzI played with nvidia settings to no avail, distro is karmic coala00:40
pavelzthats the with 'extra' effects on00:41
guiscardhow do I rotate my desktop like a cube?00:41
mercutio22how can I mount my external hd with write permissions on a live cd session?00:41
pavelzso many questions lol00:42
BugsCrashHelp (Ubuntu 9.10) youtube slow. Acer 75100:42
kinja-sheepmercutio22: By chowning /media/<folder>, perhaps.00:42
john3Anyone know how to see a kind of log file of synaptic so i can see the last apps i installed? thanks00:43
kinja-sheepmercutio22: "echo $USER ; ls -l /media/" (w/o) quotes -- What do you see?00:43
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mkanyicyguiscard, install ccsm00:44
Hodappwoohoo, using ndiswrapper instead of ath9k fixed the issue that came up with 9.1000:44
guiscardmkanyicy, this will rotate my desktop between workspaces?00:44
mkanyicyyes, guiscard00:45
ArchanamiyaI'm on 8.04, and only have 2 TTY shells (ctl+alt+f1 and f2). Where are my other 4?00:45
guiscardI thought it was compiz00:45
kinja-sheepjohn3: There are many ways to find out.  An example --> cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep "status installed"00:45
guiscardthank you00:45
mmvxHodapp which issue?00:45
mercutio22kinja-sheep: http://paste.ubuntu.com/35322200:45
kinja-sheepjohn3: I'm correcting myself though --> grep "status installed" /var/log/dpkg.log00:46
mkanyicyguiscard, ccsm stands for compizconfig-settings-manager00:46
gdbthe correct way is this: dpkg -l | grep ^ii00:46
kinja-sheepmercutio22: Debian is external HDD?00:46
ArchanamiyaI'm on 8.04, and only have 2 TTY shells (ctl+alt+f1 and f2). Where are my other 4?00:46
Hodappmmvx: Disconnection at semi-random intervals that are about 3-4 minutes on average. It appears to be a kernel bug.00:46
mercutio22kinja-sheep: no.. internal00:46
mercutio22kinja-sheep: pandora is00:46
Hodappmmvx: The only time it occurred was with 9.10.00:47
kinja-sheepmercutio22: Try this "sudo chown ubuntu:ubuntu /media/Pandora"00:47
mmvxHodapp thanks, just curious, I use ath9k myself on 9.1000:47
john3kinja-sheep, thanks worked like a charm00:47
guiscardMkanyicy nice, has it ever come activated by default on some ubuntu version?00:47
kinja-sheepgdb: Interesting but that does not list recently installed applications. :)00:47
ArchanamiyaI'm on 8.04, and only have 2 TTY shells (ctl+alt+f1 and f2). Where are my other 4?00:47
Hodappmmvx: http://pastebin.ca/1742101 - got messages like that in dmesg00:48
mercutio22kinja-sheep: thanks!!!00:48
kinja-sheepmercutio22: Sure thing. You didn't have permissions.  That's what happened.00:48
mkanyicyguiscard, compiz is activated by default in ubuntu, ccsm is for the bells and whissles00:48
UmeaboyI need some help. I know that Lucid is unstable, but X crashed when I rebooted after upgrade.00:48
UmeaboyShouldn't Lucid have a xorg.conf file in /etc/x11/?00:49
miihackwiihi all im having a problem getting sound when trying to play a movie any ideas on how to fix this00:49
KittyBootsWhat are different ways of setting up a private network across the internet?00:49
mmvxHodapp ah ok, I think I installed the backports modules00:49
kinja-sheep!lucid | Umeaboy00:49
ubottuUmeaboy: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:49
Hodappmmvx: I tried that, it didn't seem to do anything...00:49
ArchanamiyaI'm on 8.04, and only have 2 TTY shells (ctl+alt+f1 and f2). Where are my other 4?00:49
mkanyicymiihackwii, do you have problems with sound when playing audio files?00:50
mmvxHodapp I use ath5k too and I think there's a prob provoked by NetworkManager scanning every couple of minutes00:50
Hodappmmvx: I'm using wicd00:50
mmvxHodapp yes me too00:50
Archanamiyawicd ftw ^_^00:50
mkanyicymiihackwii, what problem?00:50
Archanamiyaalthough I use command line nowadays >:)00:50
ArchanamiyaI'm on 8.04, and only have 2 TTY shells (ctl+alt+f1 and f2). Where are my other 4? Help!00:51
BugsCrashHelp (Ubuntu 9.10) youtube slow. Acer 75100:51
HodappI am surprised that when I changed drivers from ath9k to ndiswrapper, wicd was able to pick right up with the new device00:51
mkanyicymiihackwii, did you install all the required codecs?00:51
HodappWEP and all00:51
mMezquitaleanyone here ever flashed a linksys router?  I'm wondering what software to use, I only plan on using my linksys device as a fancy secure router00:51
melvincvi cant get the login screen in ubuntu with my Idea net setter plugged in :-( Any suggestions?00:51
miihackwiii was getting sound earlia00:51
mmvxHodapp I prefer wicd but networkmanager has good support now for 3G devices and bluetooth modem00:51
mkanyicymiihackwii, and then00:51
Hodappmmvx: well, I have neither of those...00:51
ArchanamiyaI'm on 8.04, and only have 2 TTY shells (ctl+alt+f1 and f2). Where are my other 4? Help!00:51
guiscardmkanyicy, why they don't put ccsm by default? because when I saw an ubuntu catalog  it had pics of the desktop rotating but I couldn't figure it out00:51
FloodBot1Archanamiya: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:51
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: I'll try. --> grep "CONSOLES" /etc/default/console-setup  -- What do you see?00:52
kinja-sheep!repeat | Archanamiya00:52
miihackwiiit stopped00:52
ubottuArchanamiya: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.00:52
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: 1 second00:52
allen369I have a ??00:52
mmvxHodapp you probably saw this yourself but I think Lucid kernel may fix the prob too00:52
Hodappmmvx: hmm00:52
mkanyicyguiscard, have you managed to install ccsm? NO it's not installed by default, compiz is installed, ccsm tweaks compiz00:53
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: ACTIVE CONSOLES="/dev/tty[1-6]"00:53
kinja-sheep!ask | allen36900:53
ubottuallen369: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:53
melvincvi cant get the login screen in ubuntu with my Idea net setter (EDGE USB modem) plugged in?00:53
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: How about this one "ls -l /etc/init/tty*  -- You see 6 files?00:54
miihackwiithe error im getting is could not open/initialize audio device > no sound00:54
chasedawg1anyone know anything about lmms?00:54
mmvxHodapp https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=53879200:54
allen369I have Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic) and the ripository went crazy and is not connecting to some of the ripositorys, does any one kno what happend???00:54
Abdulis there anyone that can help me with cc00:54
mkanyicymiihackwii, then go to #alsa or #lad for that00:55
mkanyicyAbdul, what is cc?00:55
mkanyicyAbdul, carbon copy or C compiler?00:55
chasedawg1why do i hear static with lmms?00:55
kinja-sheepClosed Captions?00:55
AbdulCredit Cards00:55
melvincvi cant get the login screen in ubuntu with my Idea net setter (EDGE USB modem) plugged in?00:55
macocommunity council?00:55
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: no such file or directory :S00:55
macoAbdul: your bank may be able to help...00:56
ArchanamiyaAbdul: :O ;)00:56
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: Meh, you're on Hardy. Things are different.00:56
Abdulyou thinks so00:56
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: so you can't help me?00:56
macoAbdul: banks usually issue them00:56
witesharkFF question: why do i sometimes get a notice from FF that the browser has been updated and needs to be restarted after software updates?00:56
AbdulI know that00:57
mkanyicyAbdul, apropos credit | grep -i card00:57
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: locate tty | grep conf -- Whatcha see?00:57
melvincvi cant get the login screen in ubuntu with my Idea net setter (EDGE USB modem) plugged in?00:57
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: I did ls -l /etc/event.d/tty*, and it gave only tty1 and 2 :S00:57
AbdulI am looking for the numbers mk ?00:57
mmvxwiteshark it's because the browser has been updated and needs to be restarted :)00:57
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: Here you go. You're missing 3,4,5,6. :(00:57
macoAbdul: they're usually printed on the front of your card. if you are looking for someone *else*'s credit card numbers, look elsewhere00:57
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: What do I do? :'(00:58
guiscardmkanyicy, why are you angry? I'm sorry my english is not good maybe my question was poorly phrased00:58
witesharkthe repository updates should not have anything to do with FF00:58
mkanyicyguiscard, angry, no no no, my friend,00:58
mmvxwiteshark FF is packaged by ubuntu00:58
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: Copy tty1.conf -- Be sure to edit the file inside to "same number"00:58
mkanyicyguiscard, maybe my english is not polished enough ;)00:58
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: kk thanks so much00:58
witesharkin ubuntuzilla00:59
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: Use tty2 instead of tty1.00:59
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: can't find that file00:59
allen369 I have Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic) and the ripository went crazy and is not connecting to some of the ripositorys, does any one kno what happend???00:59
hackulatorSo I just upgraded to 9.10 and my sound stopped working, any ideas?00:59
chasedawg1can anyone help with LMMS with ubuntu 9.10?00:59
mkanyicyAbdul, don't PM me without permission00:59
ricerockethey guys, i'm having trouble sending files from my phone to my computer thru bluetooth. Any suggestions?01:00
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup01:00
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: It is in /etc/event.d/ like you mentioned.01:00
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: Well, k01:00
mmvxwiteshark firefox is part of the default ubuntu install. All updates come down via the ubuntu repos01:00
Archanamiyaah right01:00
mkanyicyguiscard, I am sorry if I sounded angry, but I was asking if ever you managed to install ccsm01:00
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: thanks ^_^01:00
witesharkok thanks01:00
spacitymedicHey how do I get rid of the 5 or 6 other OS options on my boot screen? I ahve some 14 bit options and safe mode options... I know it has something to do with deleting kernels... but Im lost.01:01
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: No problem. Don't use TTY1 because it have different runlevel than TTY2-6. ;)01:01
mkanyicyguiscard, as far as I remember you were asking about making a 3D rotating cube01:01
kinja-sheeps/use/copy. ;)01:01
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: what do you mean?01:01
albertoHow can I check if my Ubuntu is 32 or 64 bit?01:01
mkanyicyAbdul, I dont have credit card numbers, I am not a bank, please don't PM me01:02
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: "diff /etc/event.d/tty1.conf /etc/event.d/tty2.conf" will list the differences between two files.01:02
Quasar1048spacitymedic /boot/grub/menu.lst01:02
mmvxalberto you can try uname -a and look for x86_6401:02
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: j01:02
Quasar1048Edit that file as you like. :)01:03
allen369 I have Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic) and the ripository went crazy and is not connecting to some of the ripositorys, does any one kno what happend???01:03
albertommvx Do you know why I cannot see alsamixer controls fine, when I initiate it from terminal?01:03
kinja-sheepArchanamiya: I'm going to assume you removed those tty?.conf to reduce a number of processes as to keep things light. :)01:03
Archanamiyakinja-sheep: me? no, i haven't touch 'em01:04
mmvxalberto what is wrong with them?01:04
Abdulis there anyone that can help with some Credit numbers ?01:04
mkanyicyallen369, network problems, or repository servers are down, or something else01:04
ArchanamiyaAbdul1: Wrong channel.01:04
albertommvx I cannot record my guitar01:04
mkanyicy!ot | Abdul01:04
ubottuAbdul: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:04
albertommvx I can hear it when I plug it in, but I cannot record anything.01:05
Abdulis there anyone that can help with Credit Numbers ?01:05
mmvxalberto are you using 9.10?01:05
hackulatorSo I just upgraded my Ubuntu to 9.10 and my sound stopped working, any ideas??01:05
mkanyicy!ot | Abdul01:05
xguruI'm using karmic and my webcam works fine with cheese, but with skype it doesn't work.....any ideas?  In the preferences in both cheese and skype they are pointed to the same device01:05
ArchanamiyaThank goodness01:05
allen369k thank you. I happend it will straighten its self out???01:05
albertommvx I used to, but I returned to 9.04 because Karmic was too unstable.01:05
mmvxhackulator have you had a look in the new sound preferences gui?01:06
spacitymedicquasar.. what do I do with that?01:06
hackulatormmvx: yeah it all seems to be set on01:06
airliasdesign_Is anyone here?01:07
Quasar1048spacitymedic: easiest thing is to run `sudo gedit /boot/gru/menu.lst` in the terminal, then delete the kernels you don't need.01:07
airliasdesign_Hey guys01:07
airliasdesign_I'm in sort of a dilemma01:07
Quasar1048thats /boot/grub/menu.lst01:07
airliasdesign_I currently have 2 servers01:07
mmvxalberto there have been some changes with sound in 9.10, possible improvements. hackulator may disagree! If you can hear the amplified sound then you should be able to record it01:07
airliasdesign_and I want to cloud them01:07
guiscardmkanyicy, it's alright bro I don't get hurt so ease. now the ccsm I've installed it how do I get the 3D cube?01:07
mmvxalberto which program are you using to record?01:08
albertommvx Sound Recorder01:08
airliasdesign_Does anyone know about Ubuntu Server?01:08
albertoI'm using Jaunty, though01:08
albertommvx Just testing, before I record with Ardour01:08
mkanyicyguiscard, ALT+F2 then type ccsm01:08
mazda01ne1 know why my nfs mounts no longer auto mount in karmic?01:09
ricerocketHey guys, I can't send files from my phone to the computer using bluetooth. any suggestsions?01:09
mmvxalberto does sound recorder let you choose a mic, and do you see any errors?01:09
mmvxricerocket are you using 9.10?01:09
albertommvx No, it doesn't let me choose a Mic01:09
albertommvx Only Capture01:09
ricerocketmmvx: yeah01:09
airliasdesign_Can my front-end of my cloud also act as a node?01:09
airliasdesign_such as01:09
airliasdesign_I'm running on 1 server01:09
airliasdesign_which isn't enough01:10
airliasdesign_so I ordered another01:10
FloodBot1airliasdesign_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:10
albertommvx Not even Capture sometimes, when I change System/Preferences/Sound settings01:10
airliasdesign_But the problem with my server is that I have to keep 1 server01:10
albertommvx I'm annoyed01:10
Hodappgah... 3-second ping time to another box on the LAN is unacceptable01:10
mmvxalberto sound recorder is quite basic, it may be worth trying audacity01:10
airliasdesign_Like, I could take the website down for a day, but that would be extremist, I'm looking for the least downtime01:11
albertommvx Audacity does the same01:11
albertommvx Not to record01:11
mmvxalberto and no errors?01:11
=== Guest63800 is now known as faileas
faileas'm setting up a minimalistic ubuntu based system with openbox as a window manager. Unlike the more full functioned window managers, there's no single click shutdown option. While i can shutdown using cli - this needs me to use sudo, and well, this isn't what i want. Is there any way to make the halt or poweroff commands work for any user, without the need for a password?01:11
albertommvx No01:11
albertommvx No errors01:11
albertommvx I can hear the guitar, but I cannot play it back.01:12
airliasdesign_someone help me please :P01:12
Quasar1048Can someone help me to figure out why g15tools gives me errors? Here's an error it gives me a lot: E: g15daemon: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 E: g15macro: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured. What else does it need besides libusb and libg15? Anyone know?01:12
mmvxricerocket can you add the phone and browse folders ok?01:12
albertommvx Because it doesn't pick the sound up.01:12
ricerocketI can pair the computer and phone if that's what you're asking01:12
MikeJBDoes Ubuntu have any recommended minimum hard disk size below which an installation is impractical?01:12
Quasar1048I would love to have macro keys working, lol.01:13
guiscardmkanyicy, thank you ;)01:13
lstarnesMikeJB: I would say that anything under 4 GB is highly impractical01:13
mkanyicyguiscard, no prob01:13
MrPocketsohhi. does Transmission need any config out-of-box?01:13
hackulatorI just upgraded my Ubuntu to 9.10 and my sound stopped working, checked the Sound preferences and nothing is muted or at zero volume.01:13
mmvxalberto does the sound look like it's playing?01:13
faileasMikeJB: well, smallest ubuntu install with a gui i've seen is ~2gb01:13
lstarnesMikeJB: I think it can work with as little as 2GB though, but that's just with the default packages and nothing extra01:13
mmvxalberto just no noise?01:13
mmvxricerocket can you browse files on the phone?01:14
ricerocketno, I don't know how to do that01:14
albertommvx No, it doesn't record anything01:14
MikeJBIs 5 GB decent?01:14
ricerocketall i can find is bluetooth preferences in preferences01:14
mkanyicyMikeJB, why do you want to know that?01:14
lstarnesMikeJB: you'll probably still want more than that01:14
lstarnesMikeJB: that might be enough if you don't keep any large files01:15
airliasdesign_this is useless01:15
albertommvx It doesn't draw waveform when I play.01:15
faileasMikeJB: for most things, that would do. some specific info about the setup you want will help01:15
mmvxricerocket there is a bluetooth icon in the task bar with a right click menu01:15
* faileas runs a barebones install - openbox, swiftfox, lostirc, and an IM client no one's heard of, and its slightly over a gig01:15
albertommvx Could you please connect to my computer remotely?01:15
MikeJBfaileas: I want to use Ubuntu as a guest OS in virtualization.01:15
faileasMikeJB: need a gui?01:16
mkanyicyMikeJB, nowadays, 15GB is adequate01:16
mmvxalberto I don't think that would help, aside from being a security risk01:16
albertommvx I trust you.01:16
eltumecan someone link me to a site with instructions on how to use unetbooting to boot an iso without a physical media ???01:16
faileasand what VM software?01:16
mmvxalberto honestly it won't help01:17
ricerockethow do i add that to the panel, i use the awn systray for mine, and i don't see a bluetooth icon mmvx01:17
lstarnesMikeJB: I generally allocate 8GB for virtual disks01:17
MikeJBah, okay.01:17
faileasMikeJB: personally? start with the cli only install, then install just what you need. and unless you absolutely need it, go for something like openbox or icevm to save space01:17
ricerocketmmvx, yeah, there's no icon01:18
mmvxalberto if you can hear the guitar, then selecting the correct channel for mic in sound preferences and sound recorder should work. If not I suspect there is a problem with pulseaudio which may be resolved by upgrading to 9.1001:18
faileasMikeJB: if you were using a vmware or kvm base, jce would be what i'd use. its a virtualsation specific build of ubuntu. donno how it is with qemu tho01:19
mmvxricerocket in System > Preferences there is a bluetooth entry01:19
=== MrPocketz is now known as MrPockets
mazda01ne1 know why my nfs mounts no longer auto mount in karmic?01:19
ricerocketyeah, that's just preferences. how do i actually browse the files on the phone01:19
hackulatorI just upgraded my Ubuntu to 9.10 and my sound stopped working, checked the Sound preferences and nothing is muted or at zero volume.01:19
MikeJBfaileas: well, virtualization support isn't 100% adequate on my laptop because virtualization is something that has started to be hyped relatively recently.01:20
mmvxricerocket in the preferences you can choose to show the icon...01:20
airliasdesign_does anyone here know about Ubuntu Server01:20
mazda01hackulator, you upgraded to lucid or you're now at karmic?01:20
hackulatormazdo01 karmic01:20
mkanyicyairliasdesign_, ask a question01:20
mazda01airliasdesign_, what about it?01:20
jijutmguys any tips on upgrading live 8.04 server to 9.1001:20
MikeJBI do want to learn it at least so I can use virtualization extensively on my newer laptop. If I already virtualize I'll know what exactly my current computer is lacking and what to look for in my next.01:20
ricerocketok i tick the box and it still doesn't come up01:20
mazda01hackulator, is pulseaudio running?  sudo service pulseaudio restart01:20
airliasdesign_@mazda01 I'm trying to determine how to set up my cloud01:20
adamonline45So I have a dedicated /boot partition, but don't know where to find it.  I'm in initramfs, and would like to change a grub option.  Can anyone help me mount my /boot?01:21
mazda01airliasdesign_, you mean ubuntu one/01:21
mmvxricerocket do you have a notification area in a panel somewhere?01:21
faileasMikeJB: er.. you don't need VT for virtualisation01:21
mkanyicyjijutm, go to 8.10 then to 9.04 then to 9.1001:21
ricerocketyes, it's not coming up01:21
=== bastidrazor is now known as bastid_raZor
airliasdesign_@mazda01: I currently have 1 server running, and just ordered another01:21
faileasand you WILL get better performance off vmware server or player, or virtualbox, than qemu01:21
airliasdesign_the other server has a processor that is much better01:21
mkanyicyjijutm, if you wait a few months you could upgrade from 8.04 directly to 10.04!01:22
mmvxricerocket is your bluetooth device showing in System > Preferences > Bluetooth01:22
Hodappfaileas: Really? Even QEMU with KVM?01:22
airliasdesign_but I'm stuck, can I also use my server as a frontend AND a node?01:22
hackulatormazda01: "Pulseaudio configured for per-user sessions", sounds still doesn't work01:22
Hodappfaileas: I've not had any CPUs with which to test this, so I was always curious.01:22
airliasdesign_in other words, I need the websites on the servers to stay up01:22
faileasHodapp: isn't kvm an app on its own?01:22
airliasdesign_so I'll point the DNS at my server01:22
jijutm@mkanyicy thanks.. actually I wanted to use a specific function of the swftools which comes with 9.1001:22
airliasdesign_(front end)01:22
lstarnesfaileas: kvm is a partly-modified QEMU01:22
lstarnesfaileas: the frontend is almost exactly the same01:22
Hodapplstarnes: KVM is not QEMU01:23
lstarnesHodapp: I know that01:23
jijutm@mkanyicy the swftools in 8.04 fails on several pdfs created using Mac Illustrator01:23
faileasI might be talking out of my rear end, but the problem with qemu is, it virtualises the whole system- the kqemu patch allows some passthrough of commands and improves performance01:23
Hodapplstarnes: That means it is not partly-modified QEMU.01:23
jijutm@mkanyicy where as it works fine on the 9.10 version01:23
Hodappfaileas: Have you done any tests though on qemu-kvm?01:23
mazda01airliasdesign_, did you check this out? it depends whether you want public or private cloud. http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud  i don't have experience but i know how to google01:23
lstarnesHodapp: it is based on qemu01:23
mkanyicyjijutm, 9.10 is not LTS though01:23
lstarnesHodapp: when did I say that it IS qemu?01:24
jijutmyea i know..01:24
Hodapplstarnes: It is not based on QEMU.01:24
lstarnesHodapp: it is01:24
Hodapplstarnes: No, it's not.01:24
faileasVMware and virtualbox (with his a qemu fork i believe) do passthrough. in addition, both would let you have resizable disks01:24
mkanyicyjijutm, and besides, it takes longer to upgrade to it since there are no short cuts01:24
jijutm@mkanyicy do i edit the sources.list and do upgarde01:24
lstarnesHodapp: I know for a fact that it is01:24
faileasHodapp: the windows version has a kernel hook - i tried that, and well, vmware server and virtualbox both blew it out of the water01:24
lstarnesHodapp: unless you can prove otherwise01:24
Hodapplstarnes: That's too bad, because you're completely wrong.01:24
faileasHodapp: as for linux, no01:24
mazda01hackulator, what sound card? lspci01:24
mkanyicyjijutm, you might encounter other errors somewhere in the upgrade chain01:24
Hodapplstarnes: KVM is KVM. It's part of the kernel.01:24
lstarnesHodapp: let's continue this in #ubuntu-offtopic.  This is getting outside of support01:25
Hodapplstarnes: There's nothing to discuss; you're just wrong.01:25
mkanyicyjijutm, oh, you have decided do go ahead?01:25
jijutm@mkanyicy will try the gimmick on a vm in our colocated server and see01:25
djtoastIve been reading all day on trying to configure 3 monitors on 2 vid cards. it seemed possible on 8.10 and 9.04 but not on 9.10 anywone doing this 3monitors 2 cards and not in seperate X windows ?01:25
faileasin MikeJB's case, i think if he's worried about space, a dynamically resizable disk might work, and he seems unaware VT isn't a prerequisite for 90% of tasks ;p01:25
Hodappfaileas: I am curious about what its performance is like when KVM is present, but I haven't tried it.01:25
Hodappfaileas: But mostly I use VirtualBox.01:25
lstarnesHodapp: I said move it to -offtopic01:25
faileasHodapp: neither have i.01:26
ricerocketmmvx: send me a private message if you figure something out, i have to go away for 15mins01:26
hackulatormazda01 Creative Labs SB Audigy01:26
Hodapplstarnes: There is nothing further to discuss. You're wrong; get over it.01:26
jijutm@mkanyicy thanks a lot01:26
lstarnesHodapp: I will find a link01:26
mkanyicyjijutm, backup your sources.list and thereafter replace hardy with intrepid on it01:27
mazda01hackulator, have you checked this out?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130245701:27
mkanyicyjijutm, try doing a dist-upgrade01:27
lstarnesHodapp: the usermode components (NOT the kernelmode components) appear to be at least partly based on QEMU01:27
faileaslstarnes: could be simply cause its a well know interface01:27
mkanyicyjijutm, from intrepid to jaunty from jaunty to karmic01:28
matt\I can't upgrade my 8.3 postgres cluster to 8.4 following the Karmic upgrade.  I followed the instructions that APT mentioned during the upgrade, but now I don't see anything in pg_lsclusters.01:28
demetrio81ctqualcuno siciliano01:28
matt\The message said that 8.4 would install a new main cluster, and to upgrade the 8.3 one it was necessary to drop the 8.4 main, which I did.01:29
matt\Now there are no clusters.01:29
hackulatormazda01 no I will check it out thanks, also just discovered all my videos seem to have to color totally out of wack on them :-/01:29
lstarnesHodapp: the front page for the KVM project (http://linux-kvm.org) clearly references the fact that it depends on a modified version of QEMU01:30
Hodapplstarnes: depends on != is01:30
ring0can i set the hold flag for a package with an apt command? i know i can do so via aptitude or synaptic.01:30
spacitymedicOk i typed in sudo gedit /boot/gru/menu.lst and nothing is in the window that popped up...01:31
lstarnesHodapp: I never said that KVM was QEMU (or vice versa)01:31
spacitymedichow do I delete the other unneeded OS options on my boot screen??01:31
lstarnesHodapp: I just said that KVM was partly based on QEMU01:31
mkanyicyspacitymedic, grub2 does not use menu.lst01:31
spacitymedichuh? oh well that was what an user here told me to type in...01:32
jijutm@mkanyicy yea.. got https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:32
jijutmand started with it01:32
spacitymedic then how do I edit the menu?01:32
mkanyicyspacitymedic, furthermore when running gui apps rather use gksudo instead of sudo01:32
spacitymedicOk... so gksudo .. what?01:32
trismspacitymedic: if you want to remove old kernels from the list, uninstall the linux-image packages for them01:33
spacitymedicOk... how do I do that? sorry I've been using linux for about 5 days now... totally new to it all.01:33
helper`hey need to ask! what command i can paste it will list for me the / in a hirerchy way! thx01:33
Hodapplstarnes: Their website directly states that KVM itself consists of a kernel module; this kernel module is not based on QEMU at all.01:33
Hodapphelper`: find /01:33
lstarnesHodapp: I am aware of that01:33
jijutm@mkanyicy the 8.04 to 8.10 downloads just completed.. and it is applying them01:33
lstarnesHodapp: ok, you know what01:33
helper`Hodapp thx01:34
lstarnesHodapp: I apologize01:34
mkanyicyspacitymedic, then you rather don't play with grub01:34
theDomhi can someone help me with a nvidia driver problem?01:34
lstarnesHodapp: I was wrong01:34
Hodapplstarnes: Thanks.01:34
mkanyicyjijutm, that's quick01:34
spacitymedicOk.. so... instead of helping me... youre just telling me to not even bother sinceI dont already know?01:34
spacitymedic Not very helpful now, are you?01:34
jijutm@mkanyicy I am hosting on http://www.pacificrack.com01:34
Hodappbah. this is why I should stay off of IRC.01:34
guiscardhow do I downgrade my ubuntu to 0.1 pre-alpha version?01:35
lstarnesHodapp: what I meant to say is that KVM itself is NOT based on QEMU01:35
jijutm@mkanyicy and bandwidth for upgrades they dont charge, since it goes through the private lan01:35
lstarnesHodapp: but that the userspace client for KVM was based on it or reused components form it01:35
trismspacitymedic: dpkg -l linux-image* will list your kernels, you can uninstall them with sudo apt-get remove package_name; just make sure you don't remove your current kernel, or you won't have anything to boot (uname -a lists your current kernel)01:35
Hodapplstarnes: I see.01:35
soreauspacitymedic: Which unneeded boot options are you referring to?01:36
trismspacitymedic: if you want to remove memtest86+ you can either uninstall it or sudo chmod -x /etc/grub.d/20_memtest86+; sudo update-grub;01:36
lstarnesHodapp: I have now come to the realization that that program itself is not part of KVM and is instead just a userspace interface for the kernel subsystem01:36
spacitymedicOk, i have two linux OS's on here.. how do I know the difference? Can I rename them? cause on the menuy they are both titled Ubuntu 9.1. And I have xubuntu and kubuntu01:36
init2winit77Need help figuring out why my pictures folder keeps freezing up and I have to "force quit"  also some files that have been saved in other folders are not there and don't show up in a search,  can any one help?01:36
spacitymedicthe ones I want to delete are the 14 bit and 14 bit safe mode  and recovery mode ones01:36
soreauspacitymedic: Did you install 9.10 fresh, meaning you would have grub2 installed?01:37
mmvxHodapp I just remembered that I set power management to off in rc.local for ath9k too01:37
trismspacitymedic: it is not straightforward to edit them individually in grub2, it is probably best not to mess with it if you want to do anything more complicated than the previous two things I mentioned01:37
Hodappmmvx: hmm, perhaps that is my issue.01:37
Hodappmmvx: is this glaringly obvious in rc.local?01:37
spacitymedicUhm... yes? I had windows, I installed xubuntu. then I sat up a partition and installed kubuntu.01:37
mmvxI just added  line: "iwconfig wlan0 power off" above exit 001:38
fellowworkerI've got a question about ubuntu01:38
soreauspacitymedic: Well it's not a good idea to remove all the recovery mode entries and there are ways to change the label it displays but I'm not sure with grub2. Consider this:01:38
soreau! grub2 | spacitymedic01:38
ubottuspacitymedic: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:38
Hodappmmvx: and that's it? So I could test this trivially without even  bothering with rc.local?01:39
fellowworkeri bricked my ubuntu01:39
mkanyicyfellowworker, is that a question?01:39
fellowworkerI havent used ircii before01:39
mmvxHodapp absolutely, you can check to see if power management is on just using iwconfig wlan001:39
spacitymedicthanks... but im not sure what Im looking for.01:39
Hodappmmvx: well, right now it's using ndiswrapper so I can't :P01:39
mkanyicyfellowworker, general rule is that go straight to the point01:40
fellowworkerI bricked ubuntu by updating the linux kernel.  Then it wouldnt load properly in grub (i got dropped to grub.sh)01:40
mmvxHodapp ok, good point well made!01:40
fellowworkerso, i followed a guide on ubuntuforums to fix it.. but ended up getting dropped to busybox or another shell with the prompt (initramfs)01:40
fellowworkerim worried i made a typo and destroyed everything01:40
trismspacitymedic: the kernels are automatically probed by grub2, if you want to edit them individually you will either need to know a bit of bash and edit the prober or manually edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg, in which case you will need to manually edit it again every kernel/grub update01:40
theDomcan someone remind me the command in ubuntu for restoring a file to the backed up file?01:41
cyberjorgehi, what should I set in proftpd.conf to make sure all anonymous user can access my /home/myfolder?01:41
guiscardi need to downgrade my ubuntu because i have almost no space with this old ide hdd01:41
arandfellowworker: which guide? did you use an upgraded or fresh-installed karmic?01:41
fellowworkerer, 9.10 karmic01:42
mkanyicyguiscard, just remove unnecessary apps01:42
soreautheDom: That's a subjective question. It depends on where the file is backed up to, what it's called and what file you want to restore01:42
fellowworkeri just did it foolishly through the updates thing on the tray01:42
fellowworkernot a fresh install01:42
mkanyicyguiscard, and do an apt-get clean01:42
helper`how i can copy current line using vi ? thx01:42
trismhelper`: to the vim buffer you can use yy01:42
fellowworkerand the guide i used was at "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1339203" post #1001:42
mkanyicyhelper`, yy01:42
trismhelper`: or Xyy to copy X number of lines01:42
hikenboot_hello I have karmic, I see millions of articles on "fixes for the sound issues" none of them work on my system buzzing cracking skipping sound which works one minute, next minute it doesnt  or works before a reboot but not after...anyone know if the dev's are working on a solution?01:43
theDomwell the computer is telling me that im not using the nvidia driver anymor, for some reaon, and has to run in low graphics01:43
cl0vvnI am receiving a kernel panic error when i boot up; I am running 9.04, with kernel 2.6.28. When I try running with 2.6.28-17, I get Kernel Panic: unable to mount fs on unknown block (0,0) or something along those lines01:43
Hodappmmvx: what caused you to disable power management?01:43
=== prefrontal_ is now known as prefrontal
trismhelper`: and p to paste it back into vim01:43
cl0vvnany suggestions??01:43
guiscardmkanyicy, how do I find the unnecessary ones?01:43
cyberjorgehi, what should I set in proftpd.conf to make sure all anonymous user can access my /home/myfolder?01:43
helper`trism thx alot01:43
mkanyicyyou should know them01:43
mmvxHodapp a sprawling bug in Launchpad about the crap performance of ath9k in karmic01:43
theDomwhen i run the nvidia server it tells me to run nvidia-xconfig, but that tells me that is cant access etc/x1101:44
mkanyicyguiscard, you can delete old kernel images01:44
Hodappmmvx: but any bad performance that you experienced yourself?01:44
spacitymedictrism would you be able to help me edit the prober? could you walk me through it?01:44
mmvxHodapp yes, network dropping, stalling, poor performance generally01:44
mkanyicyguiscard, but to downgrade so as to gain HDD space is ridiculous01:45
Sorhanwhat's the easiest way to share files over a network from a Windows machine?01:45
fellowworkersorhan dropbox works well for me01:45
HodappSorhan: Linux can mount Windows shares via samba or cifs01:45
mmvxHodapp using backports, wicd and setting power management to off seems to have fixed the probs01:45
MrPocketsOpinions: Amarok or banche?01:45
Hodappmmvx: I think I installed backports, but I haven't tried power management yet. I may do that in a minute.01:46
SorhanHodapp ok, cool01:46
Sorhani take it dropbox is something similar01:46
mmvxHodapp although I still have to sudo modprobe -r ath9k && sudo modprobe ath9k to reconnect after suspend etc01:46
init2winit77i have a problem with a couple folders that keep freezing up.  Can any one help this?01:46
cl0vvnI'm having a kernel panic error with 9.04 and kernel 2.6.201:47
fellowworkergoogling my problem seems to indicate i need to into the bios and change some setting regarding FAT32/NTFS or RAID/SATA01:47
fellowworkerbut im not sure01:47
cl0vvnsomewhere on google someone recommended updating to 2.6.31, but I can't find it on synaptic; where do I find this?01:47
guiscardmkanyicy, ok i'll delete some app01:47
mkanyicyGood people, I have to leave for a long long long time01:47
mmvxmkanyicy long long long???01:48
Hodappmmvx: Good so far.01:48
mkanyicyyou can even install fslint, guiscard , it can help you01:48
mkanyicymmvx, many many days01:48
trismspacitymedic: not really sure what you want to do, and I'm really not sure I'd want to mess with it (I did find an option to disable the recovery entries, but I think that is a really bad idea)01:48
Hodappmmvx: This is a desktop which I never suspend so I doubt that'll be a problem (but apparently it's an ndiswrapper issue too)01:48
Sorhanas far as samba goes, do i need to install on machine that's doing the share and on the client?01:48
topo_Hi anyone on karmic and a eeepc? how do you disable the touchpad01:48
mmvxHodapp yeah it's not really an issue for me either,i'm just pleased the performance is tolerable!01:49
mkanyicydon't give people credit card numbers nor ssh to their machines even if they ask you to, this channel rocks. cheers01:49
mmvxmkanyicy cheers01:50
spacitymedicwell im cool witht he recovery mode entries.. its the 14 bit regular and 14 bit recovery mode entries I would liek to get ride of.01:50
fellowworkerCould someone point in the right directon that explains where to proceed from the "initramfs" prompt01:50
trismspacitymedic: I'm not sure what those are01:50
spacitymedic I have 16 bit entries that are fine, Thsoe are wat I use for kubuntu and xubuntu... And I just wanna edit the names. so I can choose from them01:50
victor__hello! anybody can explain to me how can i make openoffice to correct my texts on another languages differents to mine (spanish)? (I'm translator and i often write in french but it doesn't work :()01:51
ravigehlotI had something really weird happen today which upset me lots. I am running UBUNTU. I got quite a few projects on Eclipse. 9 out 10 projects are ALL in Portuguese so they have accents (something that the English languages does have). Everything was fine till I opened Eclipse today and ALL the accents had been translated into some sort of unreadable character. How could this happen?01:51
Alex_2_3Hi, how can I shutdown the system  as normal user using the 'at' command? sudo does not work, because it needs a passwort input01:51
ravigehlotAlex_2_3: shutdown -h now01:51
trismspacitymedic: I'm not sure what you mean by 14-bit/16-bit01:52
cl0vvnHello, I am running 9.04 with the 2.6.28-17 kernel, and I want to update to 2.6.31; I can't find it on synaptic, can anyone help me with this?01:52
ZykoticK9Alex_2_3, you'd need to a a script or shutdown to the sudoers file01:52
ravigehlotvictor_: just download the dictionary extension right from OpenOffice Writer01:52
mmvxAlex_2_3 you could sudo su and set at as root01:52
ravigehlotcl0vvn: You have to enter the PPA for the newer kernel or select all options in your SOURCES.01:52
trismspacitymedic: as for the other entries, you can disable the os_prober and copy them to /etc/grub.d/40_custom and set any options you want (then run sudo update-grub;)01:53
ravigehlotcl0vvn: Just go to Administrator -> Sources and select all boxes. It will download the latest Kernel that it known to work in your Ubuntu.01:53
ravigehlotcl0vvn: For the latest version of the kernel. Download it from www.kernel.org and compile it manually.01:53
victor__Rave1, is it a website?01:54
victor__ravigehlot, is it a website?01:54
MrPocketsget this01:54
topo_cl0vvn: I've found that it's usually better to wait for the update from ubuntu01:54
topo_Hi anyone on karmic and a eeepc? how do you disable the touchpad01:54
MrPocketsSkype detects my webcam, but it's all green and distorted01:54
victor__ravigehlot, i mean i don't know how to do it :$01:54
ravigehlotvictor__: Go to your OpenOffice and then get to your dictionary from there. There should be an option to download additional.01:54
MrPocketsIn the past, i've needed to run skype as admin, or as root, to get video working. this time, it doesn't auth, giving me the impression it's not running as root01:55
cl0vvntopo: It's just that I'm having issues with the kernel right now01:55
ravigehlotvictor__: Google is your best friend man.01:55
ravigehlotcl0vvn: what issues?01:55
cl0vvnI'm getting kernel panics when I try to boot up01:55
victor__ravigehlot, i haven't found it ... that's what i'm asking :P01:55
trismspacitymedic: you could do the same with the ubuntu kernel entries if you really wanted, it would it be a pain to add new kernels manually every update (for me anyway)01:55
ravigehlotcl0vvn: Are you on an older system?01:55
spacitymedicyeah... man I wish I could take a screenshot of my boot screen01:55
aurynnAre .fdi files still the appropriate way to modify the Synaptics touchpad configuration in Karmic? I'm finding conflicting reports about the HAL being removed.01:55
ravigehlotcl0vvn: computer hardware. is it old?01:56
ravigehlotvictor___: It's there.01:56
cl0vvnHm, don't think so01:56
cl0vvnIt's an ASUS G2S01:56
trismspacitymedic: you can pastebin /boot/grub/grub.cfg, that is what generates your boot screen01:56
cl0vvnI purchased it, 1.5 years ago? new01:56
guiscardspacitymedic, take a pic with some gadget cam01:56
ravigehlotcl0vvn: IT could be lots of things. Go and google the error message for more info.01:56
cl0vvnthank you01:56
ravigehlotno problem01:57
dsearletopo_: You can disable the touchpad using the command synclient TouchpadOff=101:57
cl0vvnI'll try this, and if not, I'll come crying here again like a n00b ^^01:57
spacitymedicOk... total overload... Im completely lost... I just wish I could have someone do this for me....01:57
guiscardspacitymedic, hire torvalds01:57
trismspacitymedic: if it is working, I wouldn't mess with it, just set the one you want to boot normally as the default and ignore the others until you need them01:57
topo_dsearle: any idea on a way of activating de fn+f3 command01:58
c0rehi people01:59
=== helper` is now known as helper
spacitymedicok... if I knew how to do EVEN THAT... lol... I would. Right now, I've got about 6 versions of "ubuntu 9.1" followed by various 14 or 16 bit options... they all look the same so when I pick one, its really a shot in teh dark as to which partition I'm starting up in.01:59
topo_dsearle: any idea on a way of activating de fn+f3 command02:00
dsearletopo_: Well you could use xbindkeys to achieve that, no specific config i'm afraid, i just live without it02:00
topo_dsearle: so I can toogle it on and of02:00
c0retopo_: meaning ?02:00
darkspacitymedic, hello02:00
spacitymedichello dark?02:01
darkdon't shot me, im innocent02:01
DrManhattan14 and 16 bit options?02:01
trismspacitymedic: all the ubuntus are likely the same, just different kernels (2.6.31-17 is the newest, you can really uninstall all the older ones if you want, and they will be gone from the grub menu)02:01
spacitymedicyeah, dr... Im not sure what they are...02:01
DrManhattanare you running ubuntu on a 386 or something?02:01
topo_c0re: I mean activating the hotkey for the touchpad on and off functionality02:01
c0retrism: meaning02:01
dark(sorry, i just came here thinking someone had called me :d)02:01
spacitymedicOk... how do I uninstall old kernels...02:01
DrManhattanrunning ubuntu on a super nintendo02:01
spacitymedic tell me what to type in.02:01
spacitymedic Slowly... Im not very good at computers as  it is.02:02
trismspacitymedic: as an example, to uninstall the oldest karmic kernel would be: sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic;02:02
HFSPLUSHow sexy my f40?02:02
spacitymediccan I type that in?02:02
DrManhattanyeah, if you don't know what version of the OS you are running, you don't really have any business working in linux.02:03
trismspacitymedic: dpkg -l linux-image* will list them all, the important thing is not to uninstall your current kernel02:03
darkspacitymedic, in order to see the kernels installed, type dpkg -l 'linux-image-*'02:03
c0retopo_: there is in ubuntu wiki how to troubleshoot02:03
ricerockethey guys, i can't seem to get my bluetooth to connect to my phone (which is different than pairing)02:03
trismspacitymedic: which is either 2.6.31-16 or -17 depending on if you updated recently or not02:03
=== Quasar1048 is now known as Guest61473
darkspacitymedic, in order to remove one, say, version 2.6.31-14-gen (the only one installed here), the command is sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.31-14-gen02:03
faileasDrManhattan: eh, depends. I think i had a client who runs UNR now. i pretty much installed it, and told her 'if there's any issues, call me'. Haven't gotten any tech support calls yet ;p02:03
spacitymedicwait wait wait.. I dont have "any business working in linux"??  its an operating system... ok? not exclusive to "certain people".. Open source remember? Why are you being negative when Im just asking for HELP?02:03
darkok, i am duplicating the effort of others, sorry :)02:04
c0respacitymedic: meaning ?02:04
=== Guest61473 is now known as Quasar1048
Don_MiguelI am having a problem with 2GB of new RAM not being seen on Ubuntu 9.04 (i386.iso), more info --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/353244/02:04
topo_c0re: will look for it, do you have a link?02:04
HFSPLUSHow sexy my f40?02:04
DrManhattanfaileas, I hear you02:04
c0retopo_: here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting02:04
DrManhattanfaileas, but she IS calling you for support, not trying to do it herself02:05
faileasspacitymedic: eh, everyone starts somewhere02:05
ctmjrHFSPLUS: stop spamming the channel02:05
trismspacitymedic: you can also use Synaptic, which may be easier for you System/Administration/Synaptic Package Manager; search for linux-image in the quick search02:05
HFSPLUSwhats spamming?02:05
Hilikusis anyone here using rsnapshot to backup? i want to hear some comments about it02:05
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ravxI'm installing ubuntu server 8.04 from a USB drive, i'm at the screen where it asks me to use "Device file for accessing the CD-ROM:" as there is no cd rom drive , only the usb drive, what is the default mount point for the usb drive ?02:05
darkspacitymedic, there is nothing negative in asking for help.02:05
spacitymedicOk... ok I typed that in, but it goes to the next line and does nothing.02:05
c0reravx: look in /media02:05
topo_c0re: thanks?02:06
topo_c0re: sorry wrnog key thanks!!!!!02:06
c0retopo_: :)02:06
ZykoticK9Don_Miguel, i think 32bit Ubuntu "should" be able to see up to 3.2GB memory (not sure though) -- AMD64 will also work for Intel 64bit CPUs as well.02:07
guiscarddark man so if it doesnt bother you i have some questions concerning the kernel upgrade because i want to fine-tune it with my system02:07
faileasZykoticK9: in theory it should see up to 4 actually. the 3.2 gb is a windows thing02:07
jolarenWhy do people install let's say ubuntu server 8.04 instead of 9.04 or 9.10?02:07
darkguiscard, then ask :)02:08
faileasjolaren: maybe they want an LTS?02:08
spacitymedicOk Dark, I typed in that  thing to show me what I have installed...02:08
jolarenfaileas; Oh, right02:08
spacitymedic it popped some stuff up...02:08
spacitymedicAAAnd now I'm not sure which ones to delete...02:08
darkspacitymedic, may i give you some advice? don't uninstall any kernel02:08
c0reusing synaptic will better02:08
faileasspacitymedic: unless you're REALLY short of space, don't bother uninstalling it02:08
Don_MiguelZykoticK9, faileas,  so it will not mess with anything but my time TRYING to use the AMD64 iso ?02:09
spacitymedicGot it... but Im not sure what to select when Im booting up.02:09
faileasDon_Miguel: it will, at worst, fail.02:09
guiscarddark thanks, so first question: how do I begin with from source? I'm going to download it from kernel.org and compile myself on this ubuntu 9.1002:09
trismspacitymedic: the first ubuntu entry will be the newest, which is what you want02:09
darkspacitymedic, there is no need. you don't waste any space really. (you are "wasting" 85mb in space because the system installs error messages in russian and hebrew. what is the problem in keeping a 2mb, 3mb kernel? @.@)02:09
darkguiscard, if you can at all, don't. just apt-cache search kernel source (maybe it will show all sources available to download via apt-get)02:10
ZykoticK9Don_Miguel, does "lscpu" show x86_64 for architecture?02:10
faileasguiscard: there's a thread on how to do it in the forums. or you can use kernelcheck... if you totally have to02:10
darkguiscard, hmm. apt-cache search kernel source isn't the right way to search it. wait02:10
spacitymedicthe problem is tha they are all named the same.02:11
spacitymedic and there are several of them.02:11
darkguiscard, apt-cache search linux-source. in fact, sudo apt-get install linux-source will install the source for the lastest kernel02:11
darkspacitymedic, hmmmm... really? i don't think so.... @.@02:11
darkspacitymedic, how you installed them?02:11
faileasspacitymedic: the version number should be different02:12
nikolateslacan u tell me where i can find a GKismet package for Hardy?02:12
blakkheimnikolatesla: just use kismet02:13
cl0vvnI was here not long ago with a kernel issue: I googled my problem and came up with "Make sure your memory is properly seated"02:13
cl0vvnI have a laptop so I cannot properly do this02:13
guiscarddark but then how do i configure it after the apt installation?02:13
init2winit77does any one have ideas on how to solve a problem with pictures folder freezing up?  This is the only folder that does it and its only on one of the computers user accounts and not others02:13
Don_Miguel ZykoticK9, I got   bash: lscpu: command not found02:13
Don_Miguel  02:13
cl0vvnAlso, older versions of the kernel seem to work just fine02:13
darkspacitymedic, I have only one kernel installed here. When I type dpkg -L linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic|grep vmlinuz , it shows this file: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic. it's the kernel02:13
cl0vvnlike 2.6.28-16, -15, etc.02:14
Don_Miguel faileas, Thank you ... nothing ventured, nothing gained ... I just did not want to fry my primary box !!02:14
darkguiscard, hmmm.. i think it's make menuconfig. but it's a looooooooooooong journey....02:14
darkguiscard, why do you want to build the kernel? for fun?02:14
Don_MiguelZykoticK9, what am I missing there ...?02:14
ZykoticK9Don_Miguel, perhaps lscpu is only on 9.10 - what version you using?02:14
Don_MiguelZykoticK9, 9.0402:15
ZykoticK9Don_Miguel, on older versions you can use "cat /proc/cpuinfo" but it doesn't have such a nice clean answer to "is my cpu 64 bit"02:15
BaribalHi. I've got a cell phone, a Samsung J700V, and I switched it to bulk storage device mode. But when I plug it in, nothing happens. How can I change that?02:15
Baribal(and yes, I googled, but didn't find anything)02:16
darkguiscard, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menuconfig http://kernelnewbies.org/FAQ/KernelCompilation02:16
Don_MiguelZykoticK9, how about his ?  clflush size: 6402:17
ZykoticK9Don_Miguel, not the same thing!  you'd have to google the CPU name to verify that it is 64bit02:17
Yomanhow do I access public windows shares remotely in linux?02:18
Don_MiguelZykoticK9, model name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E4500  @ 2.20GHz02:18
guiscarddark yes i want to build for fun too but mostly because audio is not working properly02:18
smileyyoman: apt-get install smbfs02:18
ZykoticK9Don_Miguel, i'm "pretty" sure all the Core2Duo's are infact 64 bit02:19
smileysudo mkdir /media/windowsshare02:19
Don_MiguelZykoticK9, THAT was also MY understanding02:19
smileysudo mount -t smbfs //someipaddress/someshare /media/windowsshare -o username02:19
cl0vvnI have received this error when attempting to boot up. ACPI: Aborted because no cpio magic, crc error, Kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)02:19
kinja-sheepYoman: Try "network://" in Nautilus File Location.02:19
cl0vvngoogle was no help02:19
darkguiscard, if you are doing this for fun, (:D), set it up to build while you are sleeping. unless you want to actually watch it. (it's cool in a ctrl+alt+f1~6 @.@ for some reason i feel like if cypher where next to me saying "i don't see those symbols anymore, i see the usb subsystem, the ext2 fs..")02:19
darkguiscard, hmm. here the audio isn't working properly. but the problem is pulseaudio. :(02:20
rootwhat is there irc chanel02:20
=== root is now known as Guest23570
git__anyone here use wifi direct?02:20
whyfacewhatcha doin here root. being a meanie?02:20
domino_koihey room, anyone know where I can find btphptornado.py files?02:20
ZykoticK9Don_Miguel, yup it's 64bit (so AMD64 would work for ya) http://www.intel.com/products/processor/core2duo/specifications.htm?iid=prod_core2duo+tab_spec02:20
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Yomansmiley, ok =) but that it seems that program is outdated, or am I mistaken?02:20
Guest23570backtrack irc chanel does anybody know what its called02:21
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »02:21
cl0vvnI have received this error when attempting to boot up. ACPI: Aborted because no cpio magic, crc error, Kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)02:21
kinja-sheepricerocket: What are you calling OPS for?02:21
Yomankinja-sheep, network://ipaddress ?02:21
cl0vvncan anyone help me out? google was no help at all02:21
smileyyoman: im sure you can do it through nautilus as well some how using the gui.. im not a gui guy02:21
kinja-sheepYoman: Just "network://"02:21
kamokowwhat can i use to manage my iPod touch one Ubuntu?02:21
kinja-sheepYoman: If there are anything you can see, it'll show up.02:21
aurynnAnything on how to configure a synaptics pad on karmic? The links I'm finding are all for jaunty, and don't work.02:21
kamokow*on Ubuntu02:21
bastid_raZorGuest23570: #remote-exploit02:21
Guest23570thanks you02:21
Don_MiguelZykoticK9, THANK YOU ... I will download the AMD64.iso .. and install tomorrow night !!02:22
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darkGuest23570, don't access irc as root. it's like having sex without condom. you /know/ there is no virus, i see, but more protection is never too much..02:22
Yomansmiley, ok thanks ^^02:22
brummbaerkamakow: rhythmbox?02:22
whyfaceother reasons exist02:22
=== Fluffy94 is now known as Awesome3000
brummbaerkamakow: rhythmbox works great w/ my sisters ipod...02:23
Yomankinja-sheep, what I ment is accessing a computer remotely, that isn't on my lan02:23
cl0vvnI have received this error when attempting to boot up. ACPI: Aborted because no cpio magic, crc error, Kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0). Google only told me to check if my memory was properly seated (I have a laptop). Can anyone help me on this?02:23
smileyJoogle: get to work.02:23
bluefox83ok, i need a guide to upgrade my home server box from 8.10 to 9.0402:23
zetherooI am really having a hard time sharing printers in Karmic02:24
=== jMyles_ is now known as jMyles
c0recl0vvn: do u look in /etc/fstab02:24
kinja-sheep!upgrading | bluefox8302:24
ubottubluefox83: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading02:24
zetherooI have the printer Shared but the other Ubuntu machine cannot see it02:24
zetherooand then when it does see it 9 times out of 10 print jobs do not go through02:24
cl0vvnI can't find that directory, c0re02:25
smileyzetharoo: look into setting up CUPS02:25
kinja-sheepYoman: I'm not sure for "outside of LAN" --  smiley might know something.02:25
zetheroosmiley: why should I have to do that?02:25
seaoflovei have ubuntu and i have software to wireshark my router in promiscious mode but i only get my own data. how do i see all please.02:25
cl0vvnoh, nevermind found it02:25
c0recl0vvn: may be u need to load up with live cd and start troubleshoot :)02:25
cl0vvnThis is on the file:02:25
cl0vvn /etc/fstab: static file system information.02:25
cl0vvn# Use 'vol_id --uuid' to print the universally unique identifier for a02:25
cl0vvn# device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name devices02:25
cl0vvn# that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).02:25
FloodBot1cl0vvn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:25
Yomankinja-sheep, ok thanks =)02:26
buddhajukeIs there a keyboard shortcut to switch between US keyboard layout and dvorak?02:26
guiscarddark lmao i pressed that key combinations02:26
smileyYoman: outside of lan? sorry, i wasnt paying attention02:26
darkguiscard, wow you didn't knew?!02:26
kinja-sheepwarinthepocket: Please do not advertise it here.02:26
Cubeyanyone know how to turn off the on-screen volume meter that comes up when you use keyboard volume controls?02:26
darkguiscard, how you were back?:)02:26
guiscarddark i tried f702:26
jgcampbell300hi, what is the easiest most powerfull way to run windows apps on ubuntu, mostly games02:27
cl0vvnc0re: I'm looking at fstab02:27
cl0vvnwhat should I be looking for?02:27
darkguiscard, yes :) you can also have an f8 for another graphical interface, entirely detached for you one02:27
ZykoticK9jgcampbell300, check out "wine"02:27
Cubeyjgcampbell300: if you want free, wine.02:27
Awesome3000jgcampbell300 don't run linux games instead02:27
c0recl0vvn: look for mount destination and other options02:27
kf__i have installd the debian but it isn't installed the wireless network02:27
kinja-sheepjgcampbell300: If you need to run Windows applications, dual-boot.02:27
jgcampbell300kk wine it is ... some games are not made for linux02:27
darkguiscard, also,  you chould have more than 6 consoles, if you configure the kernel. or less.02:28
Picikf__: Then ask in #debian02:28
Yomansmiley, but smbfs can still do that no?02:28
c0recl0vvn: here is the link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab02:28
Cubeyjgcampbell300: better off with a dual boot system if you want to play games. ubuntu makes it very easy to do this02:28
cl0vvnoh ok02:28
smileyYoman: can do what?02:28
jgcampbell300lol i am duel booting ... i hate windows and want to learn as much as i can about linux to slay the MS Beast :)02:28
kf__and it didn't install my network-manager!02:28
Yomansmiley, mount public shares outside of lan02:28
toroim using geforce 9400m g with nvidia drivers on my laptop. current max resolution is 1366x768. would it be possible to increase this?02:29
smileykf__: edit /etc/network/interfaces02:29
Picikf__: We do not support debian here. You need to ask in #debian02:29
smileyYoman: hmm.. i feel that smbfs won't work outside of your lan02:29
darkguiscard, in fact, if you are in the level of recompiling the kernel, you can change pretty much everything, because everything else is easier to compile than the kernel. but, you will have to follow a tutorial on how you might load the your sound card module into the kernel (if this is your problem at all - it is?)02:29
Cubeyjgcampbell300: go check the wine appdb, most wont run well. there is a commercially available piece of software that helps runs windows games better.. the name escapes me though... cadgera? or something like that..02:29
kf__yesteday i ask in debian for ubuntu02:29
Cubeyhmm..so, know one knows how to disable the on-screen volume meter that pops up?02:30
jgcampbell300ok thanks much02:30
kf__today i ask debian 's questions in #ubuntu02:30
guiscarddark yes it's a problem with the sound card02:30
kf__but now i still in ubuntu 9.1002:30
Awesome3000can i delete my Xorg.conf to reset it02:30
airliasdesignDoes anyone here know Ubuntu Server Clouding02:30
darkguiscard, but you have to mess with the kernel? are you sure?02:30
darkguiscard, maybe you should try some lspcis, modprobes, and the like, first (unless you are sure)02:30
ZykoticK9Awesome3000, better to move then delete "sudo mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.backup" sorta thing02:31
airliasdesignDoes anyone here actually run a Ubuntu cloud?02:31
Awesome3000thanks will try02:31
darkairliasdesign, are you talking about ubuntu one?02:31
airliasdesigndark: no02:31
guiscarddark  i think so because with some games the audio cranks then fades02:31
airliasdesignI'm talking about the clouding of multiple servers02:31
airliasdesignscaling the power02:31
Piciairliasdesign: #ubuntu-server would be a better place to ask, but its not nearly as active as this channel.02:32
darkguiscard, and how you hope to fix it recompiling the kernel?02:32
kf__i even think that other countries debian is more popular02:32
darkguiscard, the odds is that the problem lies somewhere else. (but recompiling it is fun, and it makes you an excellent opportunity to install the -ck patch, that might give you better gaming performance)02:32
airliasdesignLOL I don't think anyone is in Ubuntu-Server02:32
Hilikuswhat happens to the metadata if i rsync files to a remote server and that server doesnt have the same users??02:32
darkguiscard, (or might burn down your monitor, who knows)02:32
guiscarddark sweet02:33
cl0vvnCannot find the "update to 9.10" option on my update manager for some reason, how do i do so otherwise?02:33
kf__who can tell me that what downloader is better?02:33
darkguiscard, is you gaming through wine/cedega?02:33
Awesome3000clown it is in the update options to show full version updates02:33
duffmanshowing ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/jiberish can't load dropping to shell02:34
guiscarddark it's native02:34
airliasdesignI'm still deciding02:34
airliasdesigndo I install Windows 7 as the base02:34
airliasdesignand virtualize linux02:34
darkguiscard, what game it is?02:34
airliasdesignor do I install linux as the base02:34
airliasdesignand virtualize windows 702:34
FloodBot1airliasdesign: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:34
guiscarddark heroes of newerth02:34
kf__WIN7 is so frequency to access harddisk!02:34
darkguiscard, the sound is bad, but the video is ok? is this game 3D?02:34
kf__i am worried that my harddisk will be hard!02:35
=== mattgyver[L] is now known as mattgyver
jschallairliasdesign: or do you install linux as base02:35
jschallairliasdesign: and not even touch windows 702:35
jgcampbell300When i am browsing the web my fire fox seems to be loading slow ... not like the speed of the connection but the graphics seem to be laging on the machine side ... any ideas02:35
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:35
airliasdesignDoes anyone here run an actual Ubuntu Cloud?02:35
guiscarddark yes 3d, the video is fine only the audio has issues02:36
duffmanim barley running ubuntu as it is02:36
cl0vvnhow can I update to 9.10? update manager does not show an option for it02:36
bleepbloopI just downloaded unetbootin on my netbook thats running UNR 9.10, and when I click on it to open it I get the message "7z not found:  7z not found. This is required for either install mode.  Install the ''p7zip-full'' package or your distribution's equivalent.", where can I find ubuntus equivalnt?02:36
mattgyverAnyone have any problems with the adobe update on 9.04, just wondering if its worth updating cuz the last update broke it ;x02:36
UberTacojgcampbell300: honestly, I've had similar issues with Firefox. My solution was just to switch to chromium02:36
darkguiscard, it's pulseaudio.02:36
UberTacobut your mileage may vary02:37
darkguiscard, I had audio problems with.... zsnes. in a nvidia card.02:37
jgcampbell300hmm i could give that a try02:37
user123how can I add a command to the menu that pops up when I do a right click? I would like to add an option to securely erase files (write 1s or 0s several times)02:37
darkguiscard, i don't remember how i fixed it, but the solution wasn't specific to zsnes.02:37
[uNF]hello, I installed ubuntu, I was wondering how I could get my webcam working... I'm new to linux and have no idea what would be like "device manager" for linux...02:37
ZykoticK9bleepbloop, "apt-get install p7zip-full" should do the trick02:37
UberTaco[uNF]: what model is your webcam?02:38
duffmananyone, ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/jiberish/ dropping to shell02:38
bleepbloopZykoticK9: just that in the terminal?02:38
[uNF]UberTaco, it's just an on board cam in my monitor...02:38
UberTacoyou might try checking the hardware compatibility list02:38
Awesome3000cl0vvn in the settings for update manager there is an option to show full updates or long release or none check that02:38
mattgyverjgcampbell300, are you using firebug, that killed it for me in firefox02:38
ZykoticK9bleepbloop, with a sudo before it yes02:38
UberTacooh. Interesting.02:38
duffmanbleepbloop: sud then that command02:38
guiscarddark the audio used to work fine in this game02:38
[uNF]UberTaco, i'm on a laptop...02:38
kf__me too02:38
guiscarddark recently it broke02:38
kf__the new laptop02:39
darkguiscard, in the same version of ubuntu?02:39
kf__P8700 's cpu, 2g memory  320g harddisk02:39
bleepbloopZykoticK9: so just "sudo apt-get install p7zip-full" ?02:39
ZykoticK9guiscard, with 9.10 i've given up playing most 3d games, due to audio being so terrible...  good luck man.02:39
jgcampbell300dont think so ... i have just installed ubuntu and went throu all the updates02:39
ZykoticK9bleepbloop, yup02:39
kf__it is 6000yuan in china02:39
duffmanany ideas on my boot problem?02:40
jschallwhen will this whole "cloud" buzzword go away? its such a broad term that it just doesn't mean anything02:40
guiscardZykoticK9, i think we as community should do something to fix this02:40
mattgyverjgcampbell300, im sure your not then.. Ive heard that disabling ipv6 helps too02:40
user123which app helps me backup my data automatically?02:40
kf__it seems that tar should!02:41
ZykoticK9guiscard, i hope and pray that 10.04 will be an improvement regarding audio...  other then that i really don't know what to do -- we are all stuck with Pulse, as the developers/Gnome wants it that way...02:41
mattgyveruser123, i havent used them but you could try rsync or amanda02:41
bleepbloopZykoticK9: as an aside, how do you know it's will work in ubuntu?02:41
valuemyseli just a newer02:41
airliasdesignalright I just freed up room for 400 more site users02:41
bleepbloopor is it just a universal enough thing that you can not worry abou tit02:42
user123how can I add scripts to the menu which pops up when I do a right click in nautilus?02:42
bluefox83where can i find an upgrade guide for 8.10?02:42
BaribalAnybody know how to interface with a Samsung cell phone?02:42
XfactI want to backup hardy settings and files, which folder I should copy?02:42
guiscardZykoticK9, a sad era for linux gamers02:42
bluefox83i have a headless machine running the desktop version of 8.1002:42
ZykoticK9bleepbloop, i had to install 7zip to get unetbootin working as well02:42
valuemyselit is a good thing02:42
darkguiscard, (it was after a kernel update?)02:42
ZykoticK9guiscard, agreed02:42
bcoolokay, I try to mount a dvd through sudo mount /media/cdrom0/ and it says mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist. I am using 9.1002:42
bleepbloopah okay haha02:42
jschalli like pulse but it has too many bugs to be ready for adoption. that's the problem with open source, though. if people don't USE the half-broken software, devs assume there's no demand for it and stop developing it. If there's lots of people using and complaining about it, then they try to fix the bugs.02:42
cyberjorgewhat's the command to copy an entire directoty?02:42
bcoolany idea how to fix?02:42
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading02:42
Xfacteveryone. I want to backup hardy settings and files, which folder I should copy?02:43
kf__xfact : what is it  worked for?a personal computer or a server?02:43
jschallso it pretty much has to be adopted to be developed and it has to be developed more before people will actually WANT to adopt it02:43
duffmananybody, boot problem?02:43
cyberjorgewhat's the command to copy an entire directory?02:43
ZykoticK9cyberjorge, "cp -r dir" -r for recursive02:43
Xfactkf__: it's my home personal computer....medium importance :)02:43
cyberjorgeZykoticK9: thanks02:43
Awesome3000Xfact the home folder + hiddens should do02:43
BaribalI'm upgrading *to* 9.10 ATM, and I hope Starcraft will recognize its CD more than 30% of the time, which is its rate now...02:43
jschallcyberjorge: rm -r works similarly, but deletes things. its way more awesome.02:43
jschallBaribal: you can just set wine to use an iso image.02:44
cyberjorgejschall: i should try that02:44
Cubeygood god... is there no way to turn off that godawful drum sound at the login screen? :S02:44
XfactAwesome3000: home folder and all hidden files in home folder?02:44
Planetary_I have nothing in my boot/grub folder. i want menu.lst so i can fix my boot problems. I am in live cd and had to install grub, i specified what device to boot from. it checks for stage 1 and says 'no' 'error 15'  help is appreciated02:44
guiscardguiscard, my ubuntu is clean-install yet in the sense that I haven't upgraded kernel or some hardcore component of the system02:44
CubeyIt's not under sound, not under login screen....02:44
Baribaljschall, I'll look into it right after the upgrade. ^^02:44
kf__i wine the packet tracert 5 in ubuntu 9.1002:44
kf__but failed02:44
chilli0Is there anything like ollydbg in ubuntu ?02:45
bcoolplease don't tell me I have to downgrade to 9.04 again.02:45
kf__it seems that wine is not a good one!02:45
BaribalI also didn't get it to connect to Battlenet, I assume there's a solution for that, too?02:45
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:45
Awesome3000Xfact  open your home folder show the hidden files, these hold all your settings02:45
jschallBaribal: i think you mount the iso image and then add it in winecfg (as e:, for example) and then add a symbolic link to the iso image itself named e:: in .wine/dosdevices02:46
* Cubey sighs...02:46
mattgyverbcool, are you sure its scd0 and not scr0 ?02:46
XfactAwesome3000: thanks for awesome help ;)02:46
=== hollman__ is now known as hollman_
mattgyverbcool, i meant sr002:46
bcoolI'm fairly certian.02:46
kf__i haven't backup my files!02:47
jschallBaribal: starcraft should work fine in wine. i've used it. battle.net menus are messed up though, you pretty much have to know where everything is02:47
Awesome3000Xfact no problem02:47
darkguiscard, ok. so, you game were working properly in a previous version of ubuntu?02:47
maco!cn | valuemysel02:47
darkguiscard, or in this very own ubuntu 9.10 that you are using now? please be informative02:47
ubottuvaluemysel: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:47
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat02:47
CubeyFor gods sakes people, if you want windows games, use windows...02:48
[uNF]I have a webcam inside my laptop monitor, and i'm trying to get it to work on ubuntu,  any suggestions?02:48
Cubeyrebooting isn't going to kill you02:48
guiscarddark it was working properly02:48
jschallCubey: ok, are you offering to pay?02:48
guiscardin this very own version02:48
mattgyverbcool, i cant remember how to figure out what its actually at but the error message is deffinately saying scd0 isnt a valid point02:48
ZykoticK9[uNF], install cheese and see if your webcam works there02:48
darkCubey, nope. I don't even own windows. But I do love aoe2 and diablo2. :(02:48
Cubeyjschall: No more than I am willing to buy your games for you.02:48
jschallCubey: some people have principles, too.02:48
bcoolit worked like 3 days ago.02:48
[uNF]ZykoticK9, what is cheese?02:48
Cubeyjschall: Do you buy your games? If so, buy windows.02:49
ZykoticK9[uNF], believe it or not a webcam program02:49
darkguiscard, and.. it stopped working after what? you don't have a clue?02:49
[uNF]ZykoticK9, lol alright i'll give it a try, thanks.02:49
kf__it is chinese,i am a chinese too!02:49
mattgyverbcool, put a cd in the drive and type 'df' see if it recognizes a device ... i dont know if it will or not02:49
chilli0Is there anything like ollydbg in ubuntu ?02:49
jschallCubey: yes, i buy games, and they work fine in ubuntu. thanks for your concern, you can go to #windows now02:49
bcoolI don't see it.02:49
darkCubey, I had a windows license in another computer, that I can't use in this computer. And I am not willing to buy windows, because I am not willing to run windows. (Also my games work just fine)02:50
ZykoticK9jschall, that's ##windows actually ;)02:50
duffmanmissing modules cat /proc modules is /dev02:50
Cubeyjschall: May as well, no one here wants to help with anything but windows games02:50
guiscarddark no idea, one day i turn on the system open this game and audio is malfunctioning02:50
bleepbloopZykoticK9: ah yesssss, it worked, thanks!02:50
mattgyvertry; sudo fdisk -l     (you might still not see it)02:50
darkguiscard, ... did you updated something?02:50
jschallCubey: then they should go to #winehq02:50
ZykoticK9bleepbloop, :)02:50
darkguiscard, now i am less certain it's pulseaudio. but it just looks like.02:50
Cubeyjschall: Yeah, they should. I came in asking ubuntu questions and got drowned out by the game junk,.02:50
jschallCubey: what was your question?02:51
bcoolnope, still not there.02:51
darkYeah! #winehq is a very nice channel to talk about running games with wine. but I think that, even if wine isn't officially supported by canonical, it's community-supported, and its support could be held here02:51
CubeyI had two actually. the latest was if anyone knows how to disable the drum sound in 9.10 at the login screen. I have checked everything... sound, login screen...02:51
guiscarddark hm hard to answer this question, for instance how do I check the last updates?02:51
darkunless some op come here to rule otherwise :)02:51
darkguiscard, ... hmm. i don't know. o.o02:52
jschallCubey: the login screen preferences tool has been lobotomized, from what i've seen.02:52
darkguiscard, i would like to know too02:52
zkooCubey: drum sound?  is that kde iirc?02:52
duffmanok so no one, help, booting problem?02:52
mattgyverbcool, my last suggestion is view your /dev/ directory and try manually mounting any of the sr# drives, sudo mount /dev/sr0# /media/cdrom002:52
Cubeyjschall: Yeah. it looks like the classic Mac OS\02:52
mattgyverbleh, that should have said /dev/sr#02:52
Ratizari have a problem my wifi doesnt work and it was working with kubuntu02:52
Cubeyzkoo: No, it's the ubuntu login screen. (I have gnome & XFCE installed)02:52
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
Planetary_just did an install and grub doesnt seem to be there. grub find/boot/grub/stage1     error 15 file not found02:53
Loshaguiscard: a chronological list of all updates to your system is in /var/log/dpkg.log*02:53
Awesome3000chilli0 gdb ( www.gnu.org/software/gdb/  ) might be good02:53
zkoobcool: does "dmesg | grep -i dvd" return anything?02:53
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:53
Cubeyzkoo: it does it when the login screen comes up. doesn't seem to be associated with gnome, xfce, or any other window manager02:53
duffmanis there another irc channel for help?02:54
zkoobcool: how is it connected?  scsi? ide? sata?02:54
darkduffman, for help on what?02:54
duffmanbox won't boot02:54
jschallCubey: well, i'm trying to find something in gconf, but it might not be there... have you tried sound preferences, sound theme, "no sound?"02:54
guiscardLosha, thank you man nice timing02:54
duffmanive been posting the problem for 15 minutes02:54
BaribalArgh... A curse upon Samsung and their incompetence to make proper USB bulk storage devices...02:55
darkduffman, ask again (i didn't saw your question)02:55
chilli0Awesome3000,  Is there any nice guis for it like olly ?02:55
Cubeyjschall: does nothing. like i said, seems to be detached from that..02:55
duffmanok, cool with that.02:55
bcoolzkoo the command you gave me returns nothing02:55
darkduffman, maybe it's too hard that's why nobody can help :( but ask once more ^^02:55
CubeyI have the alert sound disabled and muted and turned all the way down...02:55
Cubeyit does it when the login screen comes up, not upon login to gnome/XFCE02:56
john3Hey guys, if I use a ubuntu 9.10 livecd, is the entire disk automatically loaded to the ram or only the parts it needs as i use it? also, when usiing the live cd is there ANY data written to the local hard drive that could leave potential traces?thanks02:56
duffmanmissing modules cat /proc/modules: ls /dev, ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/jiberish does not exist dropping to shell02:56
darkjohn3, only what is actually being used02:56
Awesome3000chilli0 try DDD02:56
soreaujohn3: It wont do anything to the hard drive unless you tell it to explicitly02:56
CahuHmm, so I'm trying Ubuntu for the first time, can anyone help me?02:56
darkjohn3, no data being written; everything you download is stored on ram02:56
Awesome3000chilli0   http://www.gnu.org/software/ddd/02:57
soreaujohn3: and everything you do is in ram so will not be saved in any way02:57
CahuI can't add this network.02:57
zkoobcool: if you run "cat /sys/class/block/*/removable" do you see any 1s? or is it all 0s02:57
paissadi would like to understand something about speed rate of (rsync,scp) .... actually my speed rate average is always about 1,5MB/s, and if  i understand correctly, speed rate cannot exceed 3MB/s for wireless card ..... then why don't i reach 3MB/s ?02:57
Cubey..unless you mount the hard drive and save to it.....02:57
john3soreau, dark, thanks. sounds great!02:57
bcoolthe last 5 are 1's02:57
chilli0Awesome3000,  I had that but Its not working O= I get this erreol /home/sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S : no such file or directory02:58
darkjohn3, (to be honest, it on boot will try to *read* the partition table, and some other things, so that it can know the basics of your hd layout if you want to install. but this is usually non-invasive and it will not attempt to write if you don't tell them to)02:58
Awesome3000Cahu what do you nned help with02:58
darkduffman, ok, i have this kind of problem regularly o.o02:58
guiscarddark I didn't do updates to the system02:58
zkoobcool: do you have an external hd or some usb key or some other removable thing?  you might try seeing which things are removable then with "ls /sys/class/block/*" (a dvd would show up as a removable block device)02:58
duffmanseems simple dark worked an hour ago02:58
jschallCubey: here's one article i found: http://www.ubuntumini.com/2009/09/hack-karmics-gdm-login-screen.html02:58
gabrielyghola mundo02:59
duffmani didn't even change anything02:59
darkduffman, maybe your disk is corrupted?02:59
Awesome3000chilli0 not sure what to do about the error. Suppose you've tryed reinstalling02:59
guiscarddark i installed some packages like multimedia stuff (vlc, mplayer).02:59
custoswhere can i turn to for help?02:59
darkguiscard, .-. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.02:59
chilli0Awesome3000,  I think i found the answer02:59
DaughainCan someone tell me what package(s) I need to compile C?02:59
Awesome3000custos This is the place02:59
gabrielygspeak spains?????????????????????02:59
custoswhere can i turn to for help?02:59
Loshapaissad: there is always overhead in these things: headers, checksums, retransmissions due to errors/dropouts etc. Also, the 'rated' speeds are a bit like car mileage numbers: somewhat optimistic numbers based on ideal conditions which never happen outside the laboratory....03:00
duffmanwell its a box i only vnc into, i hit irw and then plugged in the ir device. kinda backwards, froze everything rebooted that computer fucked this one ok03:00
darkguiscard, hey!! installing vlc and mplayer can cause pulseaudio or libalsa to upgrade. and this can cause a regression (introduce a bug that didn't existed)03:00
bcoolI have no removable media except the dvd in.03:00
guiscarddark O_o03:00
CahuOkay, well after playing around a bit, I went to "Edit Connections" from the taskbar-esque thing at the top (not literate with the Ubutnu terminology, stick with me here :/ ). I highlight my home wireless network, and hit add. A window pops up and the "Apply" button is shaded (I'm guessing a required field isn't entered). I don't really know what goes in the feilds.03:00
theshadowubuntu 9.10 Dell Studio XPS I can't get the touch pad working, Xorg.0.log has "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad The /dev/input/event* device nodes seem to be missing" USB mouse works fine. Can anyone help?03:00
darkduffman, you don't have physical access to it?03:00
duffmani do03:00
bcooland that command you gave me gave a lot of output03:00
gabrielygalguien habla españollllllllllllllllllllllllll???????????????'03:00
duffmani plugged in a keyboard and booted it to find this error03:00
Losha!es | gabrielyg03:00
ubottugabrielyg: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:00
bcoolhint for what I am looking for?03:00
ScuniziCan I just copy the PPD file?  Explaination: CUPS has drivers for Brother Printer (some MFC versions) but also seems to have the brscan3 stuff installed.. can I just move the ppd file to the right directory and have it available for setup?03:00
darkduffman, what about pasting me the partition table? through paste.ubuntu.com03:00
iflemaduffman: you up in a live cd now?03:01
darkguiscard, :( but i am saying that to confirm my theory that pulseaudio is guilty03:01
custosGreat. Im having problems with my grafik card. Nvidia. I've installed PlayOnLinux along with steam and Killing Floor. I cant manage to edit my settings so the frequency go higher then my screen can manage. It says something like "81. hz/ 65 hz".03:01
duffmanno if I hit esc during the ubuntu booting logo i get this shel03:01
Cubeyjschall: Thanks, reading...03:01
paissadLosha, ok, 3MB/s is the something really really .... hard to reach in  such conditions then !03:01
custosI have seaecht for solutions but nada...03:01
darkguiscard, I am the promotor here. He is always guilty03:01
duffmani couldn't really paste from it, i could email you a mediocre cell phone pic.03:01
Loshapaissad: probably never happens outside of a testing lab....03:02
darkduffman, Hmmm. yeah, hehehe, sorry. Don't. Tell me which partitions you have03:02
guiscarddark lmao yeah but I believe you are spot on03:02
duffmanshould be the norm 3 partitions03:02
duffmanits one ide drive03:02
duffmanno fdisk on this cmd prompt03:03
oistopthatcustos what driver u using03:03
darkduffman, if it says that a partition don't exist *by uuid*, it either a) was misconfigured somehow, b) had a bad damage in the partition that also happened to damage its uuid03:03
iflemaduffman: fsck03:03
duffmannot found03:03
oistopthatand what vid card is this exactly03:03
paissadLosha, btw, i thought that the lan had nothing to do with the wan ... because when i use rsync or scp  .... my bandwith for internet is strongly reduced ... almost over ... that means that rsync/scp uses my bandwith03:03
Xfactubuntu is made for all time Internet connected computers, using for a moment and then disconnecting or reusing later is not that easy in this OS///03:03
darkguiscard, what means 'spot on'?03:03
duffmanits dev/disk/by-uuid/about 100 chars of jiberish03:04
Awesome3000Cahu what version of ubuntu are you using?03:04
darkduffman, ls /dev/sd* /dev/hd*03:04
bleepbloopis there a way I can find the equivalent command in ubuntu linux to a command in mac os x?03:05
=== AJ_ is now known as Guest21431
kinja-sheepdark: http://tinyurl.com/2l4vlx03:05
Awesome3000bleepbloop which command03:05
bcoolzkoo, I see nothing in the output from the command you gave me that looks like the dvdrom drive.03:05
duffmannothing on hd*03:05
darkkinja-sheep, hello?03:05
darkduffman, can you boot it from a pen drive or live cd? easier03:05
duffmanyeah i can throw a live cd in03:05
bleepbloopAwesome3000: 'diskutil' I want to see what the pen drive is called so I use unetbootin on the right disk :-P03:06
darkduffman, please :) any sd*?03:06
duffmansd* returned about 6 entries though03:06
guiscarddark i think it means you are right about what's causing the problem03:06
Loshapaissad: depends on your hardware. Regular ethernet is rated at what, 10 mb/s ? Which in practice means you'll probably get about 3mb/s out of it after overhead...03:06
bcoolI am like 2 minutes away from wiping 9.10 and going back to 9.0403:06
duffmani have an ubuntu 9.04 live03:06
zkoobcool: what are the removable ones called?03:06
bleepbloopAwesome3000: or if you just know of a command that could help me that woudl be awesome03:06
zkoobcool: are any sda sdb or something like that?03:06
iflemaduffman: a file system check may do it... go live and check it.03:07
bcoolI see 2 sdb and 8 sda03:07
darkguiscard, many many many many people rant about it because it is so buggy. here the sound was crappy, with ultra-light emulators, dropping frames etc03:07
Awesome3000bleepbloop are you in gnome03:07
bcoolonly the first sda is removable03:07
darkguiscard, i think i removed it o.o (i can't verify now, i am on a livecd)03:07
DrknzzHi guys, how can i edit menu.lst if it isnt there any longer?03:07
bleepbloopAwesome3000: if that's what Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 is, yeah03:08
duffmanok how do i go about a file check03:08
darkkinja-sheep, oh :) thank you03:08
Loshabcool: tried  sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom0  ?03:08
* dark is still learning english03:08
Drknzz!grub > Drknzz03:08
ubottuDrknzz, please see my private message03:08
kinja-sheepdark: ;-)03:08
zkoobcool: do you know if sda is a hard drive or is it possible your dvd?03:08
paissadLosha, my ethernet card is 100Mb/s , about 12MB/s then .... but the thing i don't understand is why rsync uses the internet bandwidth, i expected it to be like copying between 2 hards disk via usb ! .... i mean a local network03:08
duffmanhow do I do file check03:08
darkduffman, you are already in the livecd?03:08
Awesome3000bleepbloop  Try system/Administration/Disk Utility03:08
zkoobcool: wait, how is there more than one sda?  is one sda1 or something?03:08
Drknzz!grub2 > Drknzz03:08
darkduffman, first see the partition table03:09
guiscarddark don't worry man i speak engrish we try03:09
bcoolyes zkoo03:09
duffmanok how03:09
bcoolI have two partitions on this03:09
iflemaduffman: youll need to identify what partition youll need to scan03:09
darkduffman, fdisk or cfdisk or gparted (sorry for my delays, i am also eating o.o)03:09
duffmanits cool03:09
bcoollosha, the command you gave me doesn't work.03:09
* dark dinners in front of the pc03:09
duffmanok give it a few to load the os03:09
Quan-Timeanyone know anything about making sun java the default one to use ? i follow the guide http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-ubuntu-linux-install-configure-jdk-jre/ and it doesnt do waht i need, ideas ? 9.10 karmic x6403:09
Loshaguiscard: having pulseaudio problems in 9.X ?03:09
duffmani just had the live disk up03:09
zkoobcool: oh, wierd, i woulnd't think it would mark a partition of your hard drive as removable03:09
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:09
darkguiscard, laughts03:09
bcoolsda is marked removable03:09
bcoolsda1-7 is not03:10
darkduffman, ok ^^03:10
Xfacteveryone, in Karmic it showing my HDD has lots of bad sectors, i that just a warning or it can solve the problem also?03:10
bleepbloopAwesome3000: idk how to get to that :-P03:10
zkoobcool: ok nm that then03:10
zkoobcool: you probably need to load a kernel module03:10
Loshabcool: what *exactly* does it say?03:10
darkguiscard, you are from where?03:10
duffmanwhich partition will we be looking for the boot, swap or file?03:10
darkguiscard, (ps: search the foruns on how fix pulseaudio or get rid of it)03:10
bcoolLosha, mount: special device /dev/sr0 does not exist03:10
guiscarddark brazil and you?03:10
darkduffman, the root partition, /, i guess03:11
darkguiscard, risos03:11
darkguiscard, me also03:11
duffmanok its up loading a term now03:11
Loshapaissad: what kind of timings do you see copying from disk to disk not over usb?03:11
duffmanwhich is up03:11
duffmanso fdisk>?03:11
darkguiscard, please join #ubuntu-br also ^^03:11
darkduffman, cfdisk /dev/sda i think03:11
Awesome3000bleepbloop gnome is a GUI of03:11
Awesome3000Ubuntu Give me a moment i'll try find a terminal command03:11
darkbut first ls /dev/sd*03:11
Loshaguiscard: I had good luck with this: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-all-pulseaudio-related-issues.html03:11
bcoolok zkoo, do you have any idea what module needs loaded and a link on a tutorial that would tell me how to do it?03:12
guiscarddark ok03:12
squidlyXfact: virui exist for almost all systems03:12
zkoobcool: so is the dvd drive hooked up to the same sata controller as your hard drive?03:13
Loshabcool: does dmesg | egrep sr show that the kernel saw the dvd drive during bootup?03:13
duffmanok im doing this vnc because the screen on this box is a tv and its super hard to read the terminal font03:13
Xfactsquidly: it's not a big issue?03:13
duffmanor not.03:13
Awesome3000bleepbloop try fdisk -l  you might need to sudo that03:13
Cubeyugh, xsplash needs to be compiled. and i can't get synpatic to behave to install a seemingly needed gtk lib.03:14
duffmanthis is a pain, i can barley read a word03:14
guiscarddark we are dominating03:14
bcoolzkoo I have no idea03:14
darkduffman, "<duffman> missing modules cat /proc/modules: ls /dev, ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/jiberish does not exist " > if it can print this msg at all then probably it already have access to /boot. and if it is dying because of this, this is not swap or /home or anything else, it's /03:14
zkoobcool: but you are sure it is sata?03:14
darkguiscard, lol03:14
Awesome3000bleepbloop   You can also list your mounted devices and their descriptions with: mount03:14
bcoolthis computer doesn't have any other hookups for internal drives03:14
bleepbloopAwesome3000: ahhh, yay, thats exactly what I was looking for03:15
bleepbloopi think, let me try it out03:15
Loshabcool: please respond to my question: does dmesg | egrep sr show that the kernel saw the dvd drive during bootup?03:15
xguruduffman: get back to #windows :)03:15
bcoolLosha, I don't know how to decipher the output03:15
darkxguru, stop :(03:15
bcoolI don't see anything that looks like a dvd drive, but I'm not too sure.03:15
custoswhen i start killing floor in steam via Playonlinux the frequency goes up to 81 hz wich my computer cant take. anyway to fix this?03:15
duffmanok i got gparted up03:16
Loshabcool: then just paste it to  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com and we'll look at it together....03:16
duffmanwhat am i looking for03:16
=== tato is now known as tato42
zkooLosha: i had him do "dmesg | grep -i dvd" too, which i would have exptected to find something03:16
Daughainwhat do I need to install to compile C?03:16
xgurudark:  i know him from dalnet :)03:16
darkxguru, oh ok :P03:16
duffmanhi xguru03:16
darkduffman, i dunno. tell me what is the output of ls /dev/sd*03:16
CubeyDaughain: A lot of patience03:16
duffmanin #windows03:17
Loshazkoo: oh. I missed that part. You're way ahead of me...03:17
zkooLosha: not really, i haven't gotten anywhere yet :)03:17
guiscardLosha,  I'm not sure if it's a problem with pulseaudio but thank you anyway03:17
osirisx11is anyone using nvidia drivers with full 3d working? i have had a lot of trouble and would love to know what version to use.03:17
DaughainCubey:   That part I knew. =) How about package installs or libs?03:17
duffmani have 1 2 5 which are ext3 extended and swap respectivley03:17
Loshabcool: there should have been a line like: sr0: scsi3-mmc drive: 40x/40x writer dvd-ram cd/rw xa/form2 cdda tray03:17
ZykoticK9Daughain, start with "build-essential"03:18
xguruduffman: what are you receiving help with?03:18
bleepbloopAwesome3000: so if I type 'fdisk -l' in, it will just list information?03:18
duffmanmy media center shit out on me03:18
ScuniziHow do I restart the lpr service?03:18
bcoolosirisx11, I am using an nvidia driver and it works just fine.03:18
darkduffman, just /dev/sda, right?03:18
bcoolI use 9.10 also03:18
SimSimmaHey, how do I change an individual icon associated with a file type???03:18
Ratizarosirisx11, how did you install the drivers03:18
darkduffman, o.o close cfdisk and do sudo fsck /dev/sda103:19
darkduffman, tell me if anything abnormal exists03:19
Loshabcool: the fact that there isn't means your dvd wasn't seen by the kernel during bootup. Any ideas why not? Did you say the exact same setup worked on 9.04 ?03:19
osirisx11bcool: what drivers are you using?03:19
DaughainOK, thats started, Anything else that would be a good idea to add, ZykoticK9 ?03:19
bcoolthis setup was working only a few days ago.03:19
osirisx11Ratizar: i'm currently using 185 using the hardware drivers / restricted drivers program under system admin03:19
bcoolon 9.1003:19
Loshabcool: well, it looks like a hardware issue. Check your connections etc. Is it sata, ide, or usb?03:20
ZykoticK9Daughain, it's going to depend on what you are compiling (what IT needs), sorry I got no crystal ball :)03:20
Awesome3000bleepbloop fdisk is a formating program, it'll list the drives souldn't do anything anless you tell it.  :)03:20
bcoollosha sata03:20
DaughainZykoticK9:  Np there, I have an effectively empty hd, so I'll just add it all. =)03:20
zkoobcool: can you put the output of "lspci -nnk" in a pastebin?03:20
Loshabcool: try a different sata port, and/or a different cable....03:20
bleepbloopAwesome3000: haha okay, I just don't want to screw anything up with my noobness03:20
darkduffman, ok. do it on sda5 just to check it's really swap03:20
osirisx11james@james-desktop:~$ glxinfo / name of display: :0.0 Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0". / Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig03:21
xguruduffman: send me a message if you end up needing further assistance i'm going to go and enjoy my media center :)03:21
darkduffman, but, now i have to look some way to see the uuid of /dev/sda103:21
bcoolLosha, I was able to boot my install cd03:21
Ratizarosirisx11,  is your graphic card build for 185 ??? how old is the card? if its fx you need 173 i know that from my card :)03:21
bcoolso I know it's not the drive03:21
darkduffman, maybe it's with wrong uuid for some reason03:21
duffmannot found03:21
osirisx11i had to explicitly disable GLX extension from my x11 conf in order to get x11 to boot03:21
duffmanseems we might have a problem03:21
darkduffman, /dev/sda5 not found?03:21
bleepbloopAwesome3000: uhoh, i typed 'fdisk -l' in and it didnt return anything03:21
ScuniziHow do I restart services?  it use to be /etc/init.d/<service> restart .. does that still work?03:21
darkduffman, you said you had 1 2 5. ls /dev/sd* shows exactly what?03:21
=== ari_stress is now known as satpam_molor
ZykoticK9bleepbloop, use "sudo fdisk -l"03:21
duffmaneven renamed it to fsck.swap not found03:21
osirisx11Ratizar: i dunno.... .. ubuntu shouldn't be presenting it if it is not compatible though.03:22
bastid_raZorScunizi: yes, sudo service servicename restart should work too03:22
Awesome3000bleepbloop try sudo fdisk -l03:22
bleepbloopAwesome3000: should I be worried now03:22
Loshabcool: that's very bizarre. Then again, I have a motherboard the loses track of sata disks every so often until I reboot....03:22
Awesome3000bleepbloop no it will run it as root03:22
custososirisx11 im useing a 3D nvidia driver tough its not flawless03:22
Ratizarosirisx11,  which nvidia do ya have03:22
bcoolzkoo, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m73571ae03:22
Scunizibastid_raZor: k.. how about the lpr service?  with lpr or lprng or other?03:22
duffmansays error 203:23
zkoobcool: wait, try "modprobe cdrom" then "dmesg | tail"03:23
bleepbloopAwesome3000: okay that gave me pretty much exactly what i was looking for03:23
darkduffman, what says error 2?03:23
osirisx11Ratizar: checking.. one sec03:23
Awesome3000bleepbloop Great :)03:23
=== cp is now known as Guest3472
bastid_raZorScunizi: is that part of cups?03:23
bleepbloopAwesome3000: thanks!03:23
darkduffman, ls /dev/sd* ? o.O03:23
zkooyeah, it looks like sata and the right 'ata_piix' module is already loaded03:24
theshadowUbuntu 9.10 XPS 1340 Can't figure out why the touchpad isn't working can anyone help?03:24
Ratizarosirisx11,  i am gmt+1 hurry :D03:24
osirisx11Ratizar: GeForce 9500 GS, 512MB03:24
duffmansda1 2 5 sdb1 203:24
Scunizibastid_raZor: it's the "line printer" portion.. not sure if it's part of cups or not.. I'm installing a Brother MFC printer and following the Brother instruction for their drivers.03:24
bcoolzkoo, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2138e45403:24
zkootheshadow: is the psmouse kernel module loaded?03:24
duffmansorry sdb sdb 103:24
zkoooh, cdrom not found03:24
Ratizarosirisx11,  what happens when you uninstall the drivers03:25
Awesome3000Is there a specific IRC for help with Ubuntu on VirtualBox or can I ask it here03:25
zkooman, i dunno03:25
duffmansdb might be another drive i didn't know was in ther or the usb drive hanging out03:25
Ratizarlol @ Awesome300003:25
osirisx11Ratizar: it goes back to using foss drivers with limited or no 3d03:25
duffmanok pulled the usb drive and that was it03:25
theshadowzkoo: lsmod shows it there03:25
darkduffman, ok it seems that this sdb is relevant. but you just say sda 1 2 5, but yet sda5 is not found03:26
duffmani don't think that was the problem but should I try a reboot?03:26
LoshaAwesome3000: I thought there was #vbox. But you can ask here too if ubuntu is involved...03:26
Ratizarosirisx11,  do you have full resolution without the drivers03:26
darkduffman, i am puzzled03:26
duffmansdb is gone since i pulled that usb thumb drive03:26
duffmanbut that was just now03:26
duffmanshould I reboot03:26
bcoolwhy do I always have to get the most bizzare problems03:26
bastid_raZorScunizi: from what i can see it is part of cups. try restarting cups to see if this does what you want.03:26
darkduffman, wait03:26
duffmanI don't think that, that could be the problem03:26
Ratizarosirisx11,  i will pm03:26
Scunizibastid_raZor: doing now.. thanks03:27
darkduffman, there is or there is not a file /dev/sda5 ? if it shows on ls, it should react to commands too03:27
Loshabcool: dunno either. I agree with you though. Time to downgrade....03:27
duffmanthere is an sda503:27
darkduffman, but okay. let's ignore this /dev/sda5. can you mount /dev/sda1?03:27
darkduffman, ok. fsck /dev/sda5 first03:27
bcoolman and 9.10 was so good.03:27
duffmanstill not found03:27
DaughainZykoticK9: Is there an interface for build-essential, or does it run from term?03:28
darkduffman, try stat /dev/sda503:28
duffmanthink the fact that its dating it jan 27 09 is a problem?03:28
Loshabcool: I'm not impressed. I went back to 8.04 in the end.03:28
bcooloh well, time to copy everything to my other harddrive and load 9.04 up.03:28
darkduffman, why it would be?03:28
duffmandunno just asking03:28
darkduffman, ooh. it wasn't that the /dev/sda5 was not found03:29
duffmanstat returns the 3 drives +000003:29
bcoolLosha, I liked 9.10. It fixed a few things for me03:29
zkoobcool: if I were you i'd save a copy of the output of lsmod, boot a 9.04 cd that works, save a copy of lsmod there and compare the two03:29
darkduffman, instead, fsck not found a handler to fsck it03:29
duffmancorrect date, not not thats an issue03:29
Awesome3000I get the following Error during boot "piix4_smbus 0000:00:07.0: SMBus base address uninitialized - upgrade BIOS or use force_addr=0xaddr03:29
zkoothough i would still have expected dmesg to have seen the drive03:29
darkduffman, duh, it's swap .-. let's move on03:29
darkduffman, do you know how to mount /dev/sda1? if yes mount it03:29
duffmanis it sudo mount ...03:30
darkduffman, mount it on /mnt. sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt03:30
duffmanor is ther etc/fstab involved03:30
darkno, is not; on a livecd, usually isn't03:30
darkduffman, after that, ls /mnt (or the directory you choose)03:30
Hilikussometimes after so time of playing stuff, pulseaudio stops working and only crackling noise comes out. at that point playback accelerates and the timebar goes really fast in amarok03:30
Loshabcool: 9.10 was ok once the sound, flash and wifi stuff was sorted out. That took a few months though...03:30
Hilikusis this a known issue?03:30
iflemaduffman: sudo fsck.ext3 -f /dev/sda1... if its ext303:31
kf__there is a torrent clent ? du what?03:31
VissI have a question about package reinstallation. I'm trying to install likewise-open. When I ran through the install the first time, it gave me a dialog box prompting me for a host. I just hit enter. The installation continued, but now I need to go back and add a host. I've been unable to reinstall the package such that I get that dialog box asking for the host again. dpkg-reconfigure doesn't do it, nor does apt-get remove/install'ing it.03:31
Dr_Willis!torrent | kf__03:31
ubottukf__: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P03:31
Scunizibastid_raZor: looks like I need to install their cups wrapper.. which is 32 bit .. I have the 32bit libraries installed but apt-get still complains.. is there a special way to install 32 bit .debs in a 64 bit system?03:31
darkno, it already fscked iflema03:31
kf__thank you !03:31
duffmanok i did the mount03:32
iflemaforce it even if marked clean -f03:32
duffmanreturned no errors03:32
Loshakf__: there's half a dozen at least. Deluge & ktorrent seem popular....03:32
ivan_Hello, Ubuntu 9.10 wont even recognize some dvds i put in to my laptop03:32
DaZ_Viss: host?03:32
duffmanbut cd /mnt no dir03:32
darkiflema, mmm03:32
darkduffman, ls /mnt shows what?03:32
bastid_raZorScunizi: dpkg --force-architecture03:32
kf__which one is more popular?03:32
Daughainivan_:  Google medibuntu03:32
darkduffman, it is empty?03:32
VissDaZ_: likewise-open is a package used to let one have ubuntu authenticate against active directory. It asked me for the AD host, which at the time I didn't know. I assumed that it would create a config file that I could go edit. Well, it didnt.03:32
duffmannorm cdrom etc dev home lib lostanfound03:33
solifugusWhat's a good program for printing nice-looking C++ source code, from ubuntu?03:33
bastid_raZor!medibuntu | ivan_ Daughain03:33
ubottuivan_ Daughain: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:33
Awesome3000Viss  sudo domainjoin-cli join example.local Administrator 03:33
Awesome3000Replace example.local with your domain name, and Administrator with the appropriate user name03:33
VissDaZ_: so I'd like to reinstall the package, and have it ask me for the host again, except I cant for the life of me get it to do that.03:33
Scunizibastid_raZor: so .. sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture <package name> ??03:33
duffmaninitrd.img.old and regf03:33
VissAwesome3000: yeah, to do that I need to have specified my active directory host03:33
osirisx11is using envy a good idea for getting my nvidia binary?03:33
VissAwesome3000: which is my problem. I didnt specify the host during installation03:33
osirisx11the latest and greatest beta03:33
LoshaViss: try apt-get purge instead of remove. purge is supposed to remove all config as well as just the application.03:33
macoViss: sudo dpkg-reconfigure likewise-open ??03:33
VissAwesome3000: so every time I do that, it fails.03:33
Scuniziosirisx11: no03:33
osirisx11Scunizi: thanks.how should i?03:33
Vissmaco: it doesn't give me the dialog box to put in the AD host if I do that.03:33
Awesome3000Viss Sorry03:33
Scunizi!envy | osirisx1103:33
ubottuosirisx11: EnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver03:33
jsikeswireless recognizes networks, but wont connect. ubuntu9.1, belkin F5D8053. checked all the forums and tried all the fixes. no luck. any thoughts? (new user)03:33
macoViss: config files arent removed when you "apt-get remove" but they are when you "apt-get purge"03:33
DaughainKeep forgetting the .org. :P03:33
VissLosha: I tried that too, still no love.03:34
macoViss: so purge it then install it?03:34
Scuniziosirisx11: nvidia has docs on that03:34
darkduffman, ok. seems fine!03:34
VissI've done that, three times now03:34
Visswith no luck03:34
ivan_Daughain, is that for movies or for cd in general, my computer wont even say there is a disc in the tray03:34
Vissive even used dpkg to purge it and reinstall it03:34
Vissthe reinstall doesn't give me the host dialog box03:34
darkduffman, now maybe it's the time to actually see the uuid of the partition03:34
LoshaViss: is it a single executable do you know?03:34
bastid_raZorScunizi: yes03:34
darkand compare with the uuid in /mnt/boot/grub/menu.lst03:34
VissLosha: I'm not certain, today is my first day working with it03:34
Scunizibastid_raZor: thaks03:34
Daughainivan_:  Thats for cd's and dvd's in general.03:34
SmokexzHello, Ubuntu 9.10 won't read my drivers, I was using Vista 32-bit before I installed it, I am dual-booting. I want it to read my graphics card and wireless LAN.03:34
duffmanim thinking that usb drive caused a problem its never been there for boot03:34
Legendariodoes anyone know a way to archieve messages on gmail directly from evolution?03:34
hackulatorI am trying to get sound drivers installed for my sound blaster audigy 2 in karmic koala but having no luck03:35
djtoasthow would one remove the password prompt when rebooting ?03:35
hexbomberSince I've reformatted ubuntu 9.04 my portable hdd won't show up anywhere... is there a way to force scan for it?03:35
darkduffman, hmmmmmmmm.o.o. but uuid is meant exactly to overcome this..03:35
duffmanhow do i do that03:35
adamonline45Is there any application to control my fan speeds based on temps, like a fan manager?03:35
darkduffman, i am searching for the command .-.03:35
darkmaybe someone here knwos03:35
duffmanok take your time03:35
LoshaViss: the reason I ask is because I've occasionally had good luck running executables under strace to see *exactly* which files they look at. It's kind of advanced though...03:36
squidlyhello I just updated to 9.10 and now I am unable to mount my drives I keep getting libblk error03:36
Vissive used strace before03:36
Cubeyjesus christ, nothing at all works for turning off that stupid drum sound..03:36
SmokexzHello, Ubuntu 9.10 won't read my drivers, I was using Vista 32-bit before I installed it, I am dual-booting. I want it to read my graphics card and wireless LAN.03:36
LoshaViss: well, it's a long shot, but it might just tell you what you need to know...03:36
Cubeyrebooting to see if maybe thats needed since I disabled a setting..03:36
bcoolwow, too many people have problems with 9.1003:36
squidlylibblkid is not working..03:36
squidly9.10 is a major change I'm also doing an update from 9.0403:37
macobcool: the sampling pool in a channel that's for support is a bit skewed ;)03:37
ivan_Daughain, thanks ill check it out03:37
Loshabcool: well it's comparatively new, which means it's comparatively buggy. You want stable, use 8.04....03:37
MaletorHow do I edit my workspaces? I can't right click and go to Prefs since I'm using GNOME DO03:37
bcool9.04 works for me.03:37
russIs it just me, or is /lib/cryptsetup/cryptdisks.functions missing from cryptsetup in lucid?03:37
djtoast9.10 works good for me asside the issue that i cannot make 3 monitor works03:37
hexbomberis there anyway to manually mount a drive that isn't showing up?03:37
Legendariodoes anyone know a way to archieve messages on gmail directly from evolution?03:38
Awesome3000I have a boot problem see http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d40d3609a  :(03:38
Loshabcool: then no reason you shouldn't stick to 9.04....03:38
Cubeystill playing that damn sound03:38
LegendarioIs it possible?03:38
darkduffman, it is, maybe, dumpe2fs. first open the file /mnt/boot/grub/menu.lst with an editor and copy the uuid of the error msg you saw03:38
bcoolthe only problems I have with 9.04 is it doesn't like my onboard soundcard and it doesn't like dual monitors.03:38
Daughainbcool:  I sweitched to 9.10 because I found .04 to have too many issues. =)03:38
darkduffman, you could probably do that with grep uuid /mnt/bot/grub/menu.lst , also03:38
bcool9.10 fixed both of those problems.03:38
SmokexzHello, Ubuntu 9.10 won't read my drivers, I was using Vista 32-bit before I installed it, I am dual-booting. I want it to read my graphics card and wireless LAN.03:38
djtoastbcool: theres a video on youtube with 6 monitors running on 9.04 :)03:38
Ratizargood night or morning to all03:38
bcoolgood for those people.03:39
kf__why the delupx is so slow?03:39
kf__just 50K?03:39
djtoastbcool: dont know how they did :(03:39
Awesome3000HELP SMBus base address uninitialized  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d40d3609a03:39
Loshabcool: well, you've not tried everything yet. Change the sata port, sometimes that makes a difference. Also, check bios settings for something relevant...03:39
yadudocHi, My grub2 is not detecting my windows partition, any thoughts on how to fix it ?03:40
duffmanim not sure howto copy this03:40
bcoolI don't feel like cracking open my tower today.03:40
duffmanif i can't vnc i can't out put it to a txt and move it03:40
darkduffman, saved it? so close the menu.lst, leave /mnt (by typing maybe just cd to go back to home) and then umount /mnt03:40
djtoastyadudoc: I just did this and it came up by itself http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-restore-grub-2-after-reinstalling-windows-xpvistawin703:40
Loshabcool: I understand....03:40
darkduffman, hmm03:40
dmerrickaWould someone point me in the right direction with an mplayer codec issue?03:40
darkduffman, copy to somewhere there03:40
djtoastyadudoc: I used option with livecd03:41
duffmanoh shit03:41
duffmanthat usb be drive03:41
darkduffman, a text editor with that is ok03:41
FloodBot1duffman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:41
bastid_raZordmerricka: #mplayer or #mplayer-dev03:41
MaletorHow do I edit my workspaces? I can't right click and go to Prefs since I'm using GNOME DO03:41
darkduffman, hahahaha. ok, use it. :)03:41
duffmanhowdo I output that text to sdb03:41
darkduffman, copy your entire menu.lst to that and paste to paste.ubuntu.com03:41
duffmanits whatever cmd > file.txt?03:42
SmokexzHello, Ubuntu 9.10 won't read my drivers, I was using Vista 32-bit before I installed it, I am dual-booting. I want it to read my graphics card and wireless LAN.03:42
darkduffman, sudo mkdir /mnt2 then sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt2 then cp /mnt/boot/grub/menu.lst /mnt2/some-folder03:42
bcoolLosha, honestly what kind of problem develops that requires you to suddenly change sata ports?03:42
darkduffman, or use a graphical file manager03:42
ivan_Daughain, i installed it, but still no recognition, should i restart?03:42
hackulatorcan anyone help me get my sound drivers working in 9.10?03:42
bastid_raZorMaletor: if you're using compiz in ccsm you can edit them via General Options>Desktop Size03:42
Vissit works.03:42
Vissthanks fellas!03:43
Daughainivan_:  WHat are you using to watch the dvd?03:43
L3dPlatedLinux how do you run a .run I am installing my drivers for graphic card?03:44
MaletorHow do I add my Hard drive to the desktop?03:44
ivan_Daughain, its not a movie dvd its data, and the system wont even tell me there is a dvd inside03:44
Loshabcool: well, it's a long shot. Just trying to be thorough and eliminate variables. But e,g. a hardware failure on the port. Or more likely, your dvd drive has died. All those high precision moving parts are prone to failure,,,,03:44
bcoolagian, my boot cd works03:45
waltercoolsomeone should recommend me a good virtualization app without special hardware? Because kqemu doesnt work on Ubuntu and Virtualbox is too... monopolistic03:45
bcoolI figured that might be the problem so I checked by booting my live cd03:45
darkMaletor, the desktop show what is mounted. to mount it, click on it on the left panel of the file manager03:45
samuelsomebody know who can I disable mouse?03:45
DaughainOh, my mistake, thought ya were trying to watch a movie.03:45
duffmanwell that didn't work03:45
bastid_raZorMaletor: in terminal type: gconf-editor then go to apps>nautilus>desktop then check volumes_visible03:45
c0reim using boot from usb03:45
duffmanexploring outher ways03:45
Maletordark: it doesn't show my /dev/sda1 which is mounted03:45
darkif it's not in the options i guess you will have to use the command line03:45
duffmangive me time03:45
bastid_raZorL3dPlatedLinux: you do realize you need to have X stopped before installing those drivers.03:46
Daughainivan_:  Prolly need to get someone who knows more than me then. I thought you were trying to watch a movie, sorry.03:46
darkMaletor, @.@ then i don't know. maybe it shows only what is in /etc/fstab03:46
Maletorand my /dev/sdb1 which i want to NOT show on the desktop is actually visible there with no way of getting it off03:46
darkMaletor, or only what have 'users' as option there03:46
bcoolI would have cried if my drive had stopped working.03:46
darkduffman, why?03:46
Loshabcool: ok, I give in, then. It isn't a failure mode I've seen for 9.10 reported on this channel, which is usually where we hear about os problems....03:46
darkduffman, can you mount the pen drive?03:46
ivan_Daughain; no worrys ill ask again thank you03:46
solifugusWhat editor prints source code nicely?03:47
bcool16 minutes till all my files are on the other harddrive.03:47
Daughainivan_:  Thanks, good luck.03:47
ivan_Hello, my computer wont recognize any of my data dvds, and the cd tray icon disappears when i insert a data dvd. Thank Yo03:47
Baribalsolexious, emacs provides syntax highlighting, paren matching and LOTS of handy shortcuts, but it is NOT for the faint of heart.03:48
bcoolivan have you tried sudo mount /media/cdrom0?03:48
j4keThe USB-Startup-Disk-Creator application, is it good for other OS:es besides Ubuntu ? Would Debian work ?03:48
c0reivan_: try mount /dev/hdc -t iso9660 /cdrom -o force03:48
FernandoFmay i get seome help03:48
darkMaletor, sincerely? I don't rely on nautilus to do anything useful to me :~~~~ (it's sad to admit that. i do love gnome)03:49
Loshasolifugus: which language. Some of them have 'beautifiers'....03:49
FernandoFI did a silly thing03:49
Maletordark: so you just use cli?03:49
LoshaFernandoF: we're listening....03:49
FernandoFjust check applications to put away from start03:49
darkyes... .-.03:49
FernandoFnow I can not get access to some disks03:49
Maletorso you can just install ubuntu server then :D03:49
darkMaletor, i just got used to it .-.03:49
darkMaletor, no, i like to see photos :)03:49
FernandoFand get authentication required message03:50
FernandoFwhat appllication shd i put on again?03:50
Maletordark: and i like compiz03:50
darkMaletor, and I usually like gui programs. but i don't like a gui to do file management03:50
darkMaletor, yes me too :)03:50
ivan_c0re: no it says it doesnt exist03:50
bastid_raZorMaletor: technically, anything mounted in /media is displayed on the desktop. you could symlink your drive to a directory in media to get it there.03:51
ivan_c0re, i can see easily the documents in windows...03:51
darkMaletor, maybe it's just that i didn't found the perfect file manager in my own standards03:51
c0rej4ke: i think it will03:51
Hilikussometimes after so time of playing stuff, pulseaudio stops working and only crackling noise comes out. at that point playback accelerates and the timebar goes really fast in amarok03:52
darkbastid_raZor, i now remember. when I mount something manually, it dosn't show in the desktop. i think it's just for automounted things. or it's not?03:52
darkduffman, hello?03:52
Hilikusis this a known issue?03:52
jsikeshey, anyone have any thoughts on why i can see wireless networks, but cannot connect? tried the driver fixes on forums with no luck.03:52
j4kec0re: ok03:52
FernandoFThx Losha ... Can you help? name of application  to get rid off "authentication required" blind message and get  a window for my password to get access to my windows HD under windows?03:52
bastid_raZordark: from my understanding anything in /media  automounted or not.03:52
FernandoFLosha,  Thx  ... Can you help? name of application  to get rid off "authentication required" blind message and get  a window for my password to get access to my windows HD under windows?03:53
Cubeyjschall: I finally solved it, it's the file /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/system_ready.ogg ... I renamed it and now it doesn't play that godawful sound03:53
LoshaFernandoF: actually, I'm having trouble understanding you. Have you tried #ubuntu-pt ?03:54
iflemadark: /mnt = no icon /media = icon on desktop...03:54
c0reivan_: look for cat /proc/diskstats03:54
DaughainCubey:  Whats wrong with bongos...?? =)03:54
FernandoFLosha I will improve03:54
CubeyDaughain: Ever had it play with the volume all the way up?03:54
LoshaHilikus: I'm not sure I've seen this particular failure mode, but pulseaudio is notorious for having problems.03:54
bcoolfinally done, time to boot 9.04 back up.03:54
FernandoFwhat language do you prefer i speak?03:55
iflemadark: earlier versions... maybe not03:55
LoshaFernandoF: this channel is english only. What is your native language?03:55
DaughainCubey:  Yes, but, I'm on a lappy.03:55
MaletorfernandoF: na'vi03:55
Cubeynever had such a chore just trying to disable a sound03:55
darkHmmmmmm. ok, nice, thank you iflema bastid_raZor =)03:55
ivan_c0re, i putted it in the terminal03:55
Hilikuswhat is the pulse audio process called?03:56
kapaceHello, i have a Ubuntu CD that I have tried and tested on my laptop, but for some reason it fails to load on my desktop with error message "Error reading disk"03:56
jgcampbell300hmm for some reason my video rendoring is sucking with ubuntu , any suggestions03:56
squidlykarmic-server wont recognize my software raid array.. any onw know how to fix that?03:56
Hilikusjgcampbell300: install the binary driver03:56
LoshaCubey: first thing I do is rename /usr/share/sounds. The bongos are always ridiculously loud on my system. Scares the pants off me...03:56
flootenkerpHi, my friend installed two different ubuntu versions on his computer that already had vista on it, and he wants to uninstall both of the ubuntu os's off his computer so he can install it correctly with wubi installer, does anyone here know how to uninstall ubuntu?03:56
jgcampbell300how do i do that03:56
Hilikusjgcampbell300: nvidia or ati video card?03:56
c0reivan_: try cat /var/log/messages | grep sr003:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:57
jsikeshey, anyone have any thoughts on why i can see wireless networks, but cannot connect? tried the driver fixes on forums with no luck.03:57
[deXter]Hi all. My Mint 8 fails to boot, I get an error message "Hard disk boot sector invalid" even after reinstalling Grub (2)03:58
Loshakapace: not all brands of dvd reader will read all brands of burned disk. You might just have a brand incompatibility....03:58
[deXter]Any help please?03:58
ivan_c0re, i typed it in the terminal what do i do?03:58
theshadowPlease tell me someone has figured out how to remove pdvdlinux from the Dell XPS 1340's03:58
kapaceLosha, ok, so do i have to burn to another disk from another brand?03:58
ctmjr!mint | [deXter]03:59
ubottu[deXter]: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #remote-exploit)03:59
Loshakapace: I would try that. Or perhaps reburn the same brand at a slower speed to get a better quality burn....03:59
FernandoFLosha there is an application missing on my startup, after i did disable it accidentally. this provokes the message "authentication is required" when i try to access my data hard disks, instead of a window to put authentication in. Do you know which application i shd put in the window "add applications on startup" in order to solve my problem?03:59
kapaceLosha, speed matters?03:59
[deXter]ctmjr: Okay forget I said m***, just assume it's Ubuntu :)03:59
FernandoFLosh HAve i been more clear now?03:59
waltercoolsomeone can recommend me a virtualization software without special hardware? (No virtualbox plz)04:00
MaletorFernandoF: no, speak na'vi04:00
bastid_raZorwaltercool: vmware04:00
Maletorwalktercool, yes check out projectM04:00
FernandoFMaletor letś use this for help04:00
macowaltercool: parallels?04:00
waltercoolbastid_raZor, But something available on main and universal04:00
FernandoFMaletor and forget about  Avatar great movie04:01
bastid_raZor!info vmware04:01
ubottuPackage vmware does not exist in karmic04:01
waltercool!info paralels04:01
ubottuPackage paralels does not exist in karmic04:01
Guest38946can some please tell me how to extract a .img.gz file04:01
Maletor!info gz04:01
ubottuPackage gz does not exist in karmic04:01
bastid_raZorwaltercool: no idea then. vmware fan here.04:02
macowaltercool: parllels and vmware are both commercial software04:02
waltercoolbastid_raZor, But, for vmware i need a original licence, isnt?04:02
macowaltercool: of course04:02
Maletor!info s of hate04:02
bastid_raZorwaltercool: they have a free version04:02
ubottu'of' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, partner04:02
Maletor!info s-of-hate04:03
ubottuPackage s-of-hate does not exist in karmic04:03
Maletorok good night everyone04:03
macowaltercool: if you only want to know about FOSS virtualisation solutions, your options are, i think.. Virtualbox (which you said you dont want), KVM (which requires decent hardware), and qemu (which umm.. is now kvm)04:03
jsikeshey, anyone have any thoughts on why i can see wireless networks, but cannot connect? tried the driver fixes on forums with no luck. any ideas would be helpful?04:03
FernandoFLosha did you get my question or still not able to understand me?04:03
Loshakapace: all burns contain errors, mostly they are recoverable. Different dvd readers have different recovery capabilities. Usually the slower you burn, the fewer errors. Also, some brands do better on some burners than others. This is all covered in great detail on sites like http://club.myce.com04:04
user_how can found sun virtua box04:04
waltercoolmaco, No possibility of kqemu, isnt?04:04
ctmjr[deXter]: did you delete a partition or mess with your partitions?04:04
LoshaFernandoF: I understand your problem better now. But I don't know the answer :-(04:04
kapaceLosha, ah thank you very much, i didn't know this!04:04
macouser_: do you want the open source edition? install virtualbox-ose. if you want the closed version (supports sata images and usb devices), virtualbox.org04:04
FernandoFLosha :) thx04:04
osirisx11how do i blow away my xorg.conf and get a shiny new one?04:05
FernandoFthere is an application missing on my startup, after i did disable it accidentally. this provokes the message "authentication is required" when i try to access my data hard disks, instead of a window to put authentication in. Do you know which application i shd put in the window "add applications on startup" in order to solve my problem?04:05
macowaltercool: not sure. i dont know how forking went in the qemu worl04:05
user_how fond the sun virtua box ?04:05
LoshaFernandoF: Are your disks encrypted?04:05
macouser_: i just told you04:05
iflemauser: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads04:05
FernandoFLosha yes04:05
user_thanx maco\04:06
[deXter]ctmjr: Nah, this is a fresh install, but the funny thing is I can boot from a CD and then choose the option to boot form the HDD and it works04:06
osirisx11[xorg] how do i blow away my xorg.conf and get a shiny new one?04:06
waltercoolmaco Ow... thats sad... no good alternatives for virtualbox )=04:06
LoshaFernandoF: makes sense. You're obviously missing the encryption app. I don't know much about those, though....04:06
macowaltercool: virtualbox made us all happy because it gave us a good alternative to vmware!04:07
bastid_raZorosirisx11: in a terminal type: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup    ..then restart X04:07
theshadowanyone know how to remove pdvdlinux?04:07
waltercoolmaco, But qemu with kqemu wasnt bad...04:07
FernandoFLosha thx04:07
bastid_raZortheshadow: how did you install it?04:07
osirisx11bastid_raZor: that's it? i just move it and it will be auto regened? even with a binary driver selected?04:07
macowaltercool: it might still exist... i just know that kvm is qemu on speed04:08
macowaltercool: well, and virtualbox is based on qemu for that matter. qemu with a gui.04:08
FernandoFLosha what i need is the data to fullfill the window about "add Application" and just give back what I silly  erased04:08
osirisx11bastid_raZor: someone else told me sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:08
bastid_raZorosirisx11: if one doesn't exist one will be created; on versions befor 9.1004:08
theshadowbastid_raZor: I didn't Dell did04:08
osirisx11bastid_raZor: i have 9.1004:09
ivan_Hello, ubuntu wont recognize my data dvds and windows will...04:09
bastid_raZorosirisx11: that too would create a new one but why get rid of the old one without making a back up.04:09
jsikeshey, anyone have any thoughts on why i can see wireless networks, but cannot connect? tried the driver fixes on forums with no luck.?04:09
waltercoolmaco, Yeah, but isnt like Firefox-Chromium or Goffice-OpenOffice... etc04:09
LoshaFernandoF: sorry, I don't know the answer. Perhaps someone else here will....04:09
osirisx11bastid_raZor: thanks!04:09
Dr_Willisivan_:  how were the disks created? what program?04:09
FernandoFLosha data options on the window are "name"; "command" and "comment"04:09
\bMike\bWhat is the proper name for the text screens you find at CTRL+ALT+F1?04:09
ivan_Dr_Willis, easy cd dvd creator04:10
pererik87having some issues with graphic on "ATI Radeon Mobility 9700se", my google'ing has so far not found me a solution for this card rather other similar cards in the same thread stealing attention.04:10
bastid_raZorosirisx11: since you're on 9.10 you will not get a new xorg.conf but things will be auto detected.04:10
blakkheim\bMike\b: tty04:10
osirisx11bastid_raZor: one more thing.. how do i restart x? i can delete the file (i already backed it up before)04:10
osirisx11bastid_raZor: so i SHOULDNT RM my xorg.conf?04:10
ctmjr[deXter]: you need to make the "ubuntu" partition bootable with your favorite partition editor  like gnome partition editor04:10
V1k1n9Hey I have a screen limited to 1024x768 but ubuntu is launch with a 1152 resolution, how can I do to block it to maximum 1024 plz ? :(04:10
FernandoFthere is an application missing on my startup, after i did disable it accidentally. this provokes the message "authentication is required" when i try to access my data hard disks, instead of a window to put authentication in. Do you know which application i shd put in the window "add applications on startup" in order to solve my problem?04:11
[deXter]ctmjr: Ah good point, didn't check that.04:11
bastid_raZorosirisx11: make backups rather than deleting. much safer.. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart  .will restart X ..if you're using gnome04:11
Dr_Willisivan_:  its possible it used some sort of UDF filesystem that windows cant handle. You made it by some sort of 'drag/drop to the dvd' type operation? like it was a big floppy disk? or did you use a more normal burning type method?04:11
bastid_raZorosirisx11: sudo service gdm restart is the preferred method on 9.10 and beyond.04:12
osirisx11bastid_raZor: thanks but you did not answer my question. i already did make backups.. but you say things will be autodetected but it won't create a new xorg.conf?04:12
\bMike\bblakkheim: great. Then what should 'terminal' refer to?04:12
blakkheim\bMike\b: a terminal emulator04:12
bastid_raZorosirisx11: with 9.10 i do not believe so. xorg.conf is depreciated from 9.10 on.  things are autodetected and run. although an xorg.conf can be used to specify things you want.04:12
\bMike\bblakkheim: which would be something like the gnome terminal program?04:13
blakkheim\bMike\b: yes04:13
\bMike\bblakkheim: Great, thanks a lot!04:13
ivan_Dr_Willis, i used a normal system... I burned the in Windows, and I use the burn button, I didnt do anything weird as far as i know04:13
osirisx11bastid_raZor: OHHHHHHHHHHH thanks... i didn't know that... okay so my plan is to rm my xorg.conf (already backed up), restart X, then try to install latest nvidia binary 195.3004:13
bastid_raZorosirisx11: that should do fine.04:14
FernandoF"unable to mount HDname" "Authentication is required" anyone knows how to solve?04:14
BoriToriif i run a bash script in background, and that bash script runs series of other programs, will those programs run in background too ?04:14
V1k1n9How can i force X to be limited to maximum 1024x768 plz ? My monitor is "out of range" :(04:14
estresHi there, I have this problem with my ubuntu 9.1, fist time this happens, the sound card does not work04:15
=== revygttam is now known as mattgyver
estresbut:  http://pastebin.com/m726323d204:16
estresplease a little help, any one know how to handle this problem?04:16
sebi_`V1k1n9: install a driver for your graphic card, and adjust the screensettings properly?04:17
FernandoF"Authentication is required" after "unable to mount HDname" anyone knows how to solve?04:17
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  exactly what/where is it saying this?04:18
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  and what filesystem is 'HDname' ?04:18
FernandoFDr_Willis Hdname is the name of any HD I try to access04:19
L0rD`and typing in your root pass doesn't help?04:20
ivan_Dr_Willis, i used a normal system... I burned the in Windows, and I use the burn button, I didnt do anything weird as far as i know04:20
theshadowOk, package issue finally resolve. Now back to my touchpad: in Xorg.0.log I'm getting "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad The /dev/input/event* device nodes seem to be missing04:20
FernandoFDr_Willis and it happened after i disabled some applications on my startup . Main problem is I can not remember what Applications I did remove from startup04:20
FernandoFDr_Willis Yes, I know it was an asine decision :(04:21
shawnboygood evening all. I've an easy question for someone. Flash. I've installed it many times, but for some reason can't get it going in fresh Karmic amd64 w/ Firefox 3.5.7. Help?04:21
shawnboyI put the libflashplayer.so in ~/.mozilla/.plugins04:22
MaLuShey all04:22
pererik87having some issues with graphic on "ATI Radeon Mobility 9700se"(fglrx is a bad idea), my google'ing has so far not found me a solution for this card rather other similar cards in the same thread stealing attention. Any ideas. so far no to poor 3d. cant even run nexuiz but 3d cube in compiz works but almost brings the system to a halt. compiz set to no effects.04:22
Awesome3001MaLuS Hay is for Horses04:23
Sakurachan1hello all, i need help with networking two computers...04:24
Awesome3001Sakurachan1 OK04:24
shawnboypererik87: what versions of fglrx have you tried?04:24
MaLuSthis may sound a bit stupid but im new to linux and i dont know how to setup network share between mine and sakura's computers04:24
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  You could just add a proper entry in /etc/fstab for it - then it will mount as boot. No need for it to mount 'on the fly'04:24
FernandoFDr_Willis any idea?04:24
MaLuSwe are using ubuntu 9.1004:25
SeamusMaLuS: you need to install Samba04:25
pererik87don't really remeber i followed a solution for "ATI Radeon Mobility 9700", didn't work very well04:25
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  its the system wanting admin rights to mount the drive i imagine. If its a ntfs drive you may wan tto install/run the ntfs-config tool04:25
SeamusMaLuS: PM04:25
shawnboyMalus, both are ubuntu machines?04:25
CubeyAnyone know how to disable the on-screen volume meter that comes up when using volume controls on a keyboard?04:25
Awesome3001Seamus isn't Samba for windows/Ubuntu networking04:25
Sakurachan1yes they are shawn04:25
SeamusI suppose he could use NFS04:25
user123is there any ubuntu application or guide for using ubuntu for an internet cafe business?04:25
Seamusbut I think samba is easier to setup on ubuntu04:25
shawnboyI'd go for NFS instead of Samba.04:26
FernandoFDr_Willis i have 4 hard disks for data and all doing  same ... it means i can  have a problem with  encription application that is not validating04:26
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  these are Linux drives then? what filesystem are they?04:26
shawnboyI *think* NFS is supposed to be faster / more efficient if that matters.04:26
=== jsikes is now known as foo_
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  IVe never used any of the encryption features. So no idea what controlls that04:26
MaLuSwhichever is easiest for ubuntu 9.10 and stupid users lol04:26
Dr_Willisshawnboy:  nfs should be much faster from what i gather/seen04:26
FernandoFDr_Willis NTFS04:27
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  then i would add a proper fstab entry for each drive. and be done with it.04:27
FernandoFDr_Willis I would be happy if I can  disable them04:27
V1k1n9_sebi : I have the same problem with the first driver : 1152x864 -> Out of range, nothing on the screen. And the ati's one : 1600x1200 (the screen is half visible :s). I can change it but if I reboot the resolution will come back at 1152 or 1600 :(04:27
Sakurachan1so grand vote between Samba and NFS is...     ??04:27
FernandoFDr_Willis it was dne by my system, not my choice04:28
Sakurachan1awesome :)04:28
Sakurachan1TA v much04:28
shawnboybut for casual use it really doesn't matter much. I'd try NFS first. If you have difficulties (u shouldn't) then try Samba.04:28
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shawnboyIf you want to transfer files the fastest, setup a simple FTP server and use FTP to transfer. Makes speed dif w/ huge files.04:29
karmstdoes anyone know if deluge has an IRC Server?04:29
jsikeshey, anyone have any thoughts on why i can see wireless networks, but cannot connect? tried the driver fixes on forums with no luck.?04:30
shawnboySo... my turn. :) Why won't flash install work on my fresh Karmic 64?04:30
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  if i want to access my NTFS hard drive - i always add a proper fstab entry. I dont rely on gnomes system to auto mount them - it always seems to do things wrong.04:30
karmstshawnboy: I know the answer to that04:30
Seamusshawnboy: because adobe doesn't have a 64bit flash on linux OR windows04:30
pererik87Try the 32 bit flash version04:31
karmstshawnboy this is a 64bit alpha in the adobe labs for flash04:31
Dr_WillisHmm.. thers 64bit flash for linux...04:31
bastid_raZorshawnboy: ubuntu-restricted-extras does well for me on my 64bit system.04:31
SeamusI wouldn't use it04:31
Dr_WillisIve heard of many people in here using it successuyly04:31
FernandoFDr_Willis will i lose my data? what have i to do?04:31
Seamusadobe is notorious for sucking.04:31
ctmjrkarmst: do not know about a server but they have a channel #deluge on freenode04:31
shawnboyI thought i was. I downloaded what was offered on Adobe page. Extracted libflashplayer.so into .plugins folder.04:31
Awesome3001Seamus  Here Here04:31
karmston freenode04:31
karmsthey thanks ctmrj04:31
FernandoFDr_Willis i will follow you04:31
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  you are just mounting the filesystem..04:32
Hilikuswhy would one use an rsync daemon vs regular rsync commands?04:32
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE04:32
ctmjrkarmst: np04:32
Peloevening folks04:32
karmstshawnboy: go here04:32
FernandoFDr_Willis this is a full hard disk and it was mounted in windows NTFS and it has been working properly till now04:32
Peloanyone know a decent enough web browser that requires only X to run, and not a full graphical env. ?04:33
blakkheimPelo: ..firefox?04:33
Peloblakkheim, FF doesn'T need a graphical env like gnome or kde ?04:33
blakkheimPelo: no04:33
* Pelo didn'T know that 04:34
Peloblakkheim, thanks04:34
FernandoFDr_Willis I have 5 hard disks all doing the same04:34
shawnboykarmst: I went to URL. I'm confused tho. In thought officially released Firefox was only 32-bit and therefore required 32-bit plugin. What am i missing?04:35
karmstI use the 64 bit plugin04:35
karmstI had to make my own plugins directory in ~/.mozilla/firefox/04:36
shawnboykarmst, to clarify, you use 64-bit flash plugin on official release of Firefox? not a pre-release 64-bit version of Firefox?04:36
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  if a ntfs disk dosent get properly 'closed' like if windows crashes, or hibernates - then linux wont auto-mount it -  you would be best to reboot to windows and have windows scan/fix all the filesystems. and dont use windows hibernate/suspend also.04:36
Dr_WillisFernandoF:  learning how to use the ntfs-3g tool will also be a very good thing to learn.04:37
zong-qitrouble setting up usb mobile broadband modem in 9.04 have google the issue and followed the instructions but it wont connect needs DNS setting for my ISP, modem works on windows so I can get into here, any ideas where I can check my isp DNS using the windows machine ?, ipconfig gives me some IPs and subnet mask etc04:37
Sakurachan1la dee doo dee dum04:39
ZykoticK9zong-qi, think you're looking for "ipconfig /all" see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314850 for more details04:39
=== BaByChU is now known as iDoodle
Kieran0413zong-qi, "ipconfig /all" should give you the details on windows. If not there's always opendns04:39
LoshaHilikus: rsync can be set up as a server for people to contact. Now that there are http server, this is less common than it used to be. See man rsync for details....04:39
ziggleshi all, is anyone here using devede to author dvds?04:42
PeloI do ziggles what is your question ?04:42
ardchoilleziggles: I do04:42
zigglesare you guys able to access "Chapters" under the Misc tab when an individual video is selected?04:43
V1k1n9Hi, how can i limit my ubuntu to a 1024x768 resolution, plz it was changed after each reboot.04:43
zigglesI have been through a few tutorials and i believe there is supposed to be a chapter area under Misc.04:43
ardchoilleziggles: I never noticed that before, never tried it04:44
bastid_raZorzong-qi: network-tools.com will give you dns info as well.04:44
Peloziggles,  let me check but from memory , the chapter feature is just a time you set for devede to devide the file so you can use the chapter featur of most stand alone dvd players to skip ahead faster04:44
ardchoillePelo: Isn't that simply denoting a set time for each chapter?04:45
zong-qithanks ZykoticK9 & Kieran0413 I have the details now I reboot jaunty and see if I can get it to work now :)04:45
zigglesPelo, so if i am burning a bunch of 4 minute clips and i would liek the user to have the ability to choose from the menu which clip they want...04:45
pererik87how to remove joine/left @xchat04:45
zigglesshould that be chapters, or titles?04:45
zigglesbased on what i read, i thought it was titles.04:46
Peloardchoille, not for each chapter just a set time period , can'T be chapter specific if you get my meaning04:46
ziggles*chapters, sorry, not titles.04:46
ardchoillepererik87: right the tab, choose Settings and look for the option04:46
ardchoillePelo: Yeah, that's what I thought04:46
ardchoilleziggles: that setting tells the player how long each "skip" will contain04:47
Peloziggles, if you open the propterty page for a given file,  in advance options,  under the general tab you will see,   size of chapteres in minues , that 's the chapter ofpiton you have04:47
ardchoilleso skipping ahead 5 mins or 10 mins, etc04:47
adamonline45_Odd, any ideas why the samba GUI configuration does nothing when I click 'ok' on a few windows, such as user setup or server setup?04:47
Peloziggles,  if you want your user to select from a set of 4 min long files,  you need to make a title for each,  not bunch them up under one title04:48
Peloziggles, does that answer your question ?04:48
ardchoilleziggles: I always just put one video per title04:49
zigglesPelo, jesus... i am blind.04:49
zigglesPelo, i spent like an hour trying to find that option yesterday and was Sure it was missing. :(04:49
Pelojust Pelo ,  jesus doesn'T hang out in this channel,  he only does dal.net04:49
zigglesPelo, ardchoille, thanks for the advice... I think i'm going to do 1 vid per title but now i know where the stinkin chapter setting is. lol04:50
Peloziggles,  have fun04:50
* Pelo wonders if the guy developping tovid got back to working on the gui, it had a lot more options for authoring a dvd 04:50
xTheGoat121xAnyone else in here use Pidgin?04:50
zigglesxTheGoat121x, i do04:50
ardchoillePelo: I'm wonder that too04:51
* Pelo bans xTheGoat121x and ziggles 04:51
xTheGoat121xziggles, have you noticed any instability with Pidgin?04:51
zigglesnone at all04:51
zigglesthe windows one sometimes crashes on me04:51
zigglesnot even a crash, just Gone04:51
zigglesbut when im in ubuntu, rock solid04:52
ziggleswhat are you seeing?04:52
xTheGoat121xziggles, I've got the exact opposite.04:52
avalon_I'm having trouble using rtorrent in Ubuntu. I've created all the directories that I need and given the appropriate permissions, but when I try to open a torrent file, I get told that it could not create directory with the name of the torrent I want to download.04:52
Kieran0413GTK apps under windows are usually a bit shaky. Pidgin tends to be pretty solid under linux tho04:52
zigglesxTheGoat121x, that's what she said.04:52
zigglesxTheGoat121x, any particular circumstance ?04:52
xTheGoat121xziggles, well, it had been that it would crash when I'd drag one conversation to another window... but now it just seems to crash randomly.04:53
shawnboyanyone using the released version of Adobe Flash 10?04:53
=== wowoto is now known as tyro
xTheGoat121xziggles, and I've started it from Terminal to monitor and the only error it throws is a segfault04:54
iflemaxTheGoat121x: it just with irc04:54
xTheGoat121xiflema, no, with different protocols04:55
x_ubuntu is updating the kernel and adds a new entry on grub.. now what i have 3 of them rightnow04:55
iflemaxTheGoat121x: oh ok...04:55
zigglesxTheGoat121x, hm... nothing in syslog that might help?04:56
zigglesxTheGoat121x, i'm not really sure because i've always had no probs.  If it's when ur moving windows, maybe it's compiz or something? (if u have that on)04:56
bastid_raZorx_: uninstall the previous kernel versions. they will be removed04:57
xTheGoat121xziggles, hmm, I just found something in the syslog -- I never thought to check there04:57
mediaprodigySo i downloaded sshserver again even though it already comes with Ubuntu... does this matter..04:57
bastid_raZorx_: synaptic search for kernel image04:57
bastid_raZormediaprodigy: openssh-server is probably what you want .. to be able to ssh in to your box?04:58
shawnboyi'd like to know answer to x_'s question too04:58
zigglesxTheGoat121x, cool, maybe it's not even pidgin causing the real issues.04:58
zigglesDoes anyone know how to completely remove trackerd ?04:58
xTheGoat121xziggles, it's definitely something between Pidgin and the kernel, I think04:59
mediaprodigybastid_razor: isnt it already installed on ubuntu.. and have i lowered my security level since it says be sure you have a good password before installing..04:59
jmburgessziggles: apt-get purge04:59
bastid_raZormediaprodigy: openssh-server is not installed by default no.04:59
Peloziggles,  the d at the end tells you it's a deamon , if it is still running you might ahve to reboot,  possibly fix it in the rc levels04:59
EsatYucewho know about CMU SPHINX?05:00
* Pelo 's spelling is just shit tonight05:00
jmburgessEsatYuce: I sort of do, I go to CMU and know a guy who works on it05:00
* Pelo googles cmu sphinx just for fun05:00
EsatYucejmburgess, it is about speaking05:01
Newbuntu2does anyone know of a good project management/journal/"lab notebook" type software for ubuntu? I need to keep track of some simple data, to do lists, etc05:01
zirodayNewbuntu2: tomboy05:01
jmburgessEsatYuce: yeah i know it is a speech recognision thing isn't it05:01
EsatYucejmburgess,  right05:02
jmburgessWhat do you guys think is the best replacement for oneNote?05:02
EsatYucei downloaded it, how can i run this application?05:02
jmburgessEsatYuce: y?05:02
PeloNewbuntu2, hold on if you mean a project manager I have just the thing , I need to find the name05:02
zirodayjmburgess: tomboy, basKet etc.05:02
EsatYucei read all of guide in net05:02
EsatYucebut i dont know how can i run the application05:03
EsatYucewhat is the suffix of the application?05:03
mediaprodigybastid_razor: how download and install software, do i use the software downloader, the synaptic package manager or download the file? I am trying to install FreeNX https://launchpad.net/~freenx-team/+archive/ppa/+packages05:03
oddtddh8torrents will not go over 109KB\s in Ubuntu 9.10? anyone know why? i have tried 3 diff Bit Torrent clients including transmission, deluge and utorrent under wine, very frustrating and it doesn't appear to be a seeding problem, does ip tables impose speed restrictions on BT?05:03
PeloNewbuntu2, try planner , "sudo apt-get install planner"  no quote marks05:04
zirodaymediaprodigy: to add the repository you need to use Software Sources, afterwards you can use your favourite package manager to install freenx05:04
ZykoticK9oddtddh8, i certainly get more then 109KB from my torrents using Transmission & Vuze ???05:05
EsatYucehow can i run the application?05:05
oddtddh8ZykoticK9, it must be my machine then :( or the ISP im currently on05:05
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  i also get over that.. I have been testing rtorrent lately.. it seems to manage better speeds also.05:05
zirodayoddtddh8: try a different torrent, if you want to test your actual connection speedtest.com (requires flash) is helpful.05:06
Sakurachan1Shawnboy u there?05:06
Pelooddtddh8, might just be the torrent you are downloading,  I recommend you try torrents for ubuntu and slackware they are often on dedicated servers and their speed maxes out quickly05:06
bastid_raZorspeedtest.net actually.05:06
wisecliffhi guys05:06
Peloziroday, java to , on speedtest05:06
wisecliffi am new to ubuntu please help05:07
oddtddh8well, the weird thing is i have 6 torrents running, when i pause them bar one, i get 109 on that torrent, regardless of which torrent, but enabled all together i get 109~ max, my connection far exeedes this i have fibre to the node05:07
oddtddh8must be ISP filtering05:07
Sakurachan1ok, guess not, can anyone else tell me how do i get nfs onto my system?05:07
Pelowisecliff, you need to state a problem05:07
Dr_Willis!ask | wisecliff05:07
ubottuwisecliff: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:07
Planetary_soo my sda is all windows and my sdb is mosly ubuntu it has a boot, / , /home , swap partions on it. when i boot from the ubuntu drive it says no operatings system found, but when i boot from the windows drive i get grub and can boot ubuntu. why is that and is that bad???05:07
mediaprodigyziroday: so for https://launchpad.net/~freenx-team/+archive/ppa/+packages what would the repository be that I would add05:07
EsatYucewhat is the suffix one application?05:07
avalon_I'm having trouble using rtorrent in Ubuntu. I've created all the directories that I need and given the appropriate permissions, but when I try to open a torrent file, I get told that it could not create directory with the name of the torrent I want to download.05:07
Pelooddtddh8, the azureus ppl use to have a list of bad isp,  not sure where it is ,  what's your isp and where are you located ?05:08
mattameusEsatYuce, when you look at the icon below it there should be a filename, that filename will end with something like .deb or .tgz05:08
mattameusthe suffix is what comes after the '.'05:08
oddtddh8Pelo, my isp is Katch and im located in japan05:08
Sakurachan1how do i get nfs onto my system?05:08
iflemaNewbuntu2: if ya on 9.10 go to the applications menu and select software centre... theres a category for science apps...05:08
EsatYuceare these for application like .exe on Windows?05:08
Dr_Willisavalon_:  odd. Not seen that issue here. I just mkdir rtorrent.work, cd'd to rtorrent.work and  downloades stuff to it.05:08
zirodaymediaprodigy: you need to add ppa:freenx-team/ppa  to your system's Software Sources05:08
Pelooddtddh8, not one I'm familiar with , sorry05:08
bastid_raZor!nfs | Sakurachan105:08
ubottuSakurachan1: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.05:08
Dr_Willis!nfs | Sakurachan105:08
oddtddh8Pelo, thats fine :) thanks for helping05:08
wisecliffwhen i type wiseken.dev onmy linux box it works fine05:08
oddtddh8i will try and tunnel my connection to somewhere else then try05:09
oddtddh8rule out the connection05:09
avalon_Dr_Willis: mkdir accepts the command mkdir rtorrent.work? I didn't know that the . was acceptable05:09
Peloavalon_, you might need to add yourself to the rtorrent group , or some such05:09
wisecliffbut when i use another computer it fails05:09
ZykoticK9Sakurachan1, be sure you have nfs-kernel-server installed on the server and nfs-common on all your clients05:09
mattameusEsatYuce, usually applications on ubuntu are distributed in package form (they end in .deb), which is somewhat similar to a .exe installer on windows05:09
mueslihey guys, i'm trying to make java applets work inside mozilla, but it seems the sun6-java6-plugin in karmic is broken? trying to install it spits out the following:05:10
mueslisun-java6-plugin: Depends: sun-java6-bin (= 6-15-1) but 6-16-0ubuntu1.9.04 is to be installed05:10
wisecliffonly http://wiseken  works05:10
mediaprodigyziroday: how do you determine that.. is there something on the page that tells me that is what needs to go in. when i click add apt in software sources.05:10
EsatYucemattameus,  thnaks05:10
Pelowisecliff, try to keep your questions statement to one line,  this is a busy channel and using the enter key for punctuation makes you hard to follow,  try asking again , in one line this time05:10
mediaprodigyziroday: thanks also for your help05:10
Dr_Willisavalon_:  huh? I just run rtorrent as my user.. and i make a directory as my user.. in my users home dir.. im not doing anything special/weird/odd....05:10
zirodaymediaprodigy: I'm looking at the ppa page https://launchpad.net/~freenx-team/+archive/ppa05:10
EsatYuceHow can i search one unknow files with suffix .deb?05:11
Dr_Willisavalon_:   i just have rtorrent save things to /home/willis/torrents/rtorrent.work   ktorrent i got going to /home/willis/torrents/ktorrent.work  :)05:11
PeloEsatYuce,  locate *.deb ?05:11
Sakurachan1erm okay, can you i'm me a stupids guide to using and setting up two computers together so that i can access the servers files such as music with out it saying 'unable to mount' wen i double click it05:11
Pelowisecliff, I don'T allow private msg, talk to me in the channel05:11
zirodaySakurachan1: are the two computers both running linux?05:12
EsatYucei typed *.deb in my home directory, there is no result05:12
mediaprodigyziroday: yes.. so am i.. how do you determine from looking at the page to only input ppa:freenx-team/ppa as the url is a bit different.05:12
PeloSakurachan1, hold on I have the perfect thign for you05:12
zirodaySakurachan1: well you can access the files via ssh, samba or nfs. I'd recommend ssh as being the simplest05:12
pererik87trying a new ati driver. im going down :P05:12
Dr_WillisSakurachan1:  you could use 'sshfs' and mount the other pc's directories where you wanted - rather easially..05:12
PeloSakurachan1, I do the nfs one , works great  http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Sharing_Ubuntu_Linux_Folders_with_Remote_Linux_and_UNIX_Systems05:12
zirodaymediaprodigy: it says at the top under the "Adding this PPA to your system"05:13
Dr_WillisSakurachan1:  nfs will be much faster for file transfers..05:13
mattameusEsatYuce, if you want to find all files that end in deb you open a terminal and run "sudo find / -name -print" without the parenthesis, there is probably a nicer gui way, but I don't keep up on those things05:13
wisecliffhow can I make http:www.wiseken.dev work on my other 3 computers?05:13
hmfsup? im surprised to find this place idle05:14
kraitosi just updated to the new kernal and i still have the first kernal and last kernal option on the grub menu when i boot up, can anyone help me in removing thos?'05:14
mattameusEsatYuce, it will return the locations of all files that end in .deb05:14
mediaprodigyziroday: i was on a different page.. i c now05:14
Pelowisecliff, what is this wiseken.dev thing ?05:14
Dr_Williswisecliff:  you could edit their /etc/hosts file and put in a proper ip for the host. Of is this a actual real machine with dns server entries?05:14
bastid_raZorkraitos: uninstall them.. use synaptic05:14
wisecliffi did05:15
kraitosbastid_raZor, wouldn't sudo apt-get autoremove, remove them also?05:15
Dr_Williswisecliff:  be more verbose and concise in your answers.05:15
wisecliffstill not working05:15
dandamancan i ask someone a quick wget question, perhaps in pm since its OT, no one is in the wget # :\05:15
Pelodandaman, just ask here05:16
jtajikraitos: what I typically do is search for linux-image, find the older version numbers you want to uinstall, say 2.6.31-15, then search for "2.6.31-15" and uninstall everything that shows up05:16
mediaprodigyone i add a repository what do i have to do for it to show up in the synaptic package manager?05:16
jtajikraitos: not old kernels05:16
bastid_raZorkraitos: not unless you provide the full package name of each kernel image. just using apt-get autoremove will not remove them05:16
Dr_Willismediaprodigy:  after adding a repo you  'update/refresh' the package listing.05:16
hmf*hmf* nvm, im leaving05:16
dandamanPelo: how do i use wget to save a file in a certain directory, like wget http://site.com/image.jpg <something that makes that image go into a directory i want>05:16
wisecliffthis is what i have  on the /etc/hosts05:17
kraitosbastid_raZor, and jtaji, thanks both for the help let me see if it works or if i do it right.05:17
dandamanpreferably creates that directory if it doesnt exist...05:17
wisecliff127.0.0.1       wiseken         wiseken.dev05:17
Dr_Willis!pastebin | wisecliff05:17
ubottuwisecliff: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:17
Pelodandaman,   wget source > /path/filename05:17
Dr_Williswisecliff:  thats saying for the one pc to look at localhost.. for the OTHER pc's you need to use the proper ip of the one machine.05:17
mattameusEsatYuce, you said you were trying to install cmusphinx? it appears those files are not .deb files, and will be a bit more painful to install, at least if you downloaded them from http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/wordpress/download/05:17
dandamanoh man im dumb, i knew that05:17
Pelodandaman, might work with just   /path/05:17
mediaprodigyziroday: thanks05:18
mediaprodigyDR_Willis: ok i see now.. thanks05:18
Dr_Williswisecliff:  hers my example -> http://pastebin.com/f61fb223d05:18
Pelowisecliff, do you need special permission from the wiseken ppl to access this site ? you might need to register each computer or someting , cause I couldn'T get throught eiter05:18
bingoxXxHi, I can't see lo in my ifconfig and can't ping localhost.. how to resolve this?05:19
* Pelo hasn'T done this in two years but he still got it 05:19
theshadowOk my /usr/sbin/grub-update is writing a menu.lst file and not a grub.cfg file.05:19
theshadowUbuntu 9.1005:19
dandamanPelo: when i use the > /myfolder i get that permission denied05:19
dandamaneven when i throw a sudo before everything05:20
Pelodandaman, try adding a filename to save to05:20
ZykoticK9dandaman, you can't use sudo and a > on the same line!05:20
bastid_raZordandaman: / indicates  root folder.. use ~/myfolder for /home/dandaman/myfolder05:20
* Pelo feels silly05:20
wisecliffthx guys05:20
Dr_Willisdandaman:  when doing that with sudo - you have to use 'tee' and some othe rtricks.. or do 'sudo -s' then the commands.05:20
bingoxXxsomebody plz help.. I can't see lo in my ifconfig and can't ping localhost.. how to resolve this?05:21
bastid_raZordandaman: i didn't see the command you typed.. i am probably wrong05:21
Dr_Willisdandaman:  after the > the command looses sudo rigths.05:21
mobius2Greetings Ubuntu channel05:21
Pelotheshadow, it won'T write a grub.cfg file,  grub 2.0 is very different then 1.0 ,  your fine05:21
Dr_Willisdandaman:  see   http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/05/09/a-root-shell-on-ubuntu-the-right-way/05:21
dandamanwget http://www.qtsoftware.com/images/products/qt-designer-screenshot-mac > imaging/05:21
mobius2I am having a rather odd problem,  it has to do with the way windows appear in my gnome disply05:21
dandamani want to specify that the folder is within the current directory05:22
kraitosok now that i have gotten ride of the two old kernal version, i want the grub menu to only show the option for ubuntu and windows 7, can anyone help?05:22
mobius2the resolution is fine and quite sharp at  12 hundred somthing05:22
Pelo<dandaman> wget http://www.qtsoftware.com/images/products/qt-designer-screenshot-mac > ~/imaging/05:22
dandamangoing all the way from root would not work05:22
bastid_raZorkraitos: how did you uninstall them?05:22
theshadowPelo: umm except my grub is loading the boot.cfg file and it's not loading the 2.6.31 kernel05:22
Dr_Willisdandaman:  i think thers a special wget option for that.. or cd into imagng first05:22
mobius2but when applications are runn ,   they appear in 600 x 800 resolution  making it impossible to  interact with many of their  I/O   yes/ no/ continue buttons05:22
dandamanhmm ok05:22
dandamani think i can do a work around for this05:23
kraitosbastid_raZor, i went to symnaptic and remove all the old one like you told me and i rebooted and it worked.05:23
mobius2is there a way to launch a program and command the resolution for it to appear in  from the terminal?05:23
bastid_raZorkraitos: then they should be gone. synaptic removes them automatically05:23
Dr_Willisdandaman:  seen the man pages - the -p (prefix) option thers no need work around05:23
mattameusEsatYuce: type ALT+F2, then click on "Run in Terminal" and paste this into the textbox (without quotes) "sudo apt-get install sphinx2-bin"05:23
Dr_Willisdandaman:  http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/manual/wget.html#Directory-Options05:23
Pelotheshadow, check in the /etc/default/ folder for a grub related file, it constains settings that you can change,  but that's as much as I remember ,  I think you cna specify which kernel to boot from there , by selecting anumber05:23
Dr_Willisdandaman:  Set directory prefix to prefix. The directory prefix is the directory where all other files and subdirectories will be saved to, i.e. the top of the retrieval tree. The default is ‘.’ (the current directory).05:23
mattameusit will ask you for your password and install sphinx05:24
kraitosbastid_raZor, right, but now i want it to show only ubuntu and windows 7 option instead of the recovery and memory test, could you help with this?05:24
bastid_raZorkraitos: that you'll need to do some grub2 scripting..05:24
bastid_raZor!grub2 | kraitos05:24
ubottukraitos: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:24
Dr_Williskraitos:  for memtest you chmod -x the /etc/grub.d/memtest file.05:24
theshadowPelo: Thanks, but thats just it. At boot grub is loading /boot/grub/boot.cfg which is a completely different format from menu.lst and in the comments it says that /usr/sbin/grub-update should generate this file but its not05:24
Dr_Williskraitos:  other is controlled by the /etc/default/grub config options I belive.05:25
bastid_raZorkraitos: also you may need to keep those.. they are important if things go wrong05:25
PeloI'm off to bed, g'night folks05:25
kraitosbastid_raZor, i was just going to ask for a link thanks05:25
bastid_raZorkraitos: good luck.05:25
Pelotheshadow, try asking in #grub,  your problem is over my head , sorry05:25
Pelog'night follks05:25
kraitosbastid_raZor, thanks man05:25
mediaprodigynite pelo05:25
AnirbanHazraIs there any Official Twitter page for Ubuntu ?05:25
iflemaKraitos: carefully edit the grub.cfg file sorta like menu.lst..... and run grub-update... do it from a live cd...05:26
iflemaKraitos: grub-update after ya outa the live cd05:27
Planetary_does anyone know how to change login resolution in 9.10?05:28
Dr_WillisHmm.. if you edit grub.cfg then run update-grub - the changes to grub.cfg get overwritten05:29
karmstman I am so lost05:32
Planetary_ksrmst: whys that?05:33
CubeyAnyone familiar with the black volume meter that displays when you use keyboard volume controls?05:34
Dr_WillisCubey:  the volume 'osd' i think its called.05:35
CubeyDr_Willis: Is there any way to disable that from displaying when controlling volume?05:36
Dr_WillisCubey:  never noticed or tried.05:36
Cubeyit's a bit annoying when it pulls you out of full screen.. :S05:36
Dr_Willisnever had it pull me out of fullscreen either.05:36
x1r3Hey all, I'm having problems with my sound. When I plug in my headphone no sounds come out of them and continues to come out the speakers anyone know how to fix this.05:36
Dr_WillisUnless you are refering to flash videos...05:36
Dr_WillisYou look at a flash video wrong and it exists fullscreen05:36
Cubeyyeah, i am. plus I just dislike it displaying05:37
Dr_WillisI never wtch flash (or rarely) so No idea on it.05:37
PC_Nerd101Is there any way to have content form the sse session displayed on the computer screen, even though the session is to another computer?   I do have a keyboard  hooked up to the machine, but its easier for me to control a number of computers over ssh and just see progress on the second screen.... ?05:37
Dr_WillisI use dual monitors. fullscreen flash dosent work worth a pooo...05:37
tangentcollisionhey there05:38
tangentcollisionhow can I re-install alsa?05:39
macotangentcollision: by reinstalling the kernel05:39
macotangentcollision: or if you mean the alsa userspace libraries, reinstalling alsalib05:39
tangentcollisionwhen I do alsamixer, it gives me a file not found error, which leads me to believe that many things are missing05:39
macotangentcollision: which now i think about it may be called libasound205:39
tangentcollisionmaco: I'll try that first, then if it doesn't work, I'll continue trying to re-install with arch05:40
macotangentcollision: what file does it say is not found?05:40
macotangentcollision: you can do "dpkg -S FILENAME" to see what package that is installed it should be in05:40
Dr_Willis!find alsamixer05:40
ubottuFound: alsamixergui, gnome-alsamixer05:41
=== Caplain__ is now known as Caplain
macotangentcollision: if that doesnt help, installing "apt-file" then running "sudo apt-file update" and finally "apt-file search FILENAME" would tell you what package needs to be installed05:41
=== iDoodle is now known as Gentoo-wiki
Hunt5Hi al, i have created a big problem for myself, can anyone please help me out. I had a working set up of gstreamer on my machine, but on the way of getting new git version, i removed .so files from /usr/lib, now even after installing from git versions, gstreamer doesnot work on my machine..can anyone pls tell me, what i can do solve this?05:41
freeride1please, how to make torrents to open with transmission not ktorrent? i use gnome05:42
tangentcollisionfunction snd_ctl_open failed for default: no such file or directory05:42
tangentcollisionmaco: that05:42
Scunizifreeride1: right mouse click open with05:43
macotangentcollision: iirc, sounds like its not finding your sound device05:43
macotangentcollision: are you able to get any sounds out at all?05:43
tangentcollisionno, because I can't open alsamixer to unmute05:43
macotangentcollision: and did you happen to just upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10?05:43
tangentcollisionI have no idea what version I have05:44
freeride1Scunizi, i know, but how to make transmission default application, without deleting ktorrent05:44
macotangentcollision: lsb_release -a05:44
macotangentcollision: and uname -a05:44
Scunizifreeride1: right mouse click the file and go to properties.. should be somewhere in there05:45
macoalsamixer -c0, maybe?05:45
freeride1Scunizi thanks!05:45
macotangentcollision: try alsamixer -c005:45
macotangentcollision: i think 8.04 was the version that needed that05:45
tangentcollisionwrong argument05:46
macotangentcollision: can i get your alsa-info.sh output?05:46
=== Gentoo-wiki is now known as Sex-wiki
tangentcollisionwait, what?05:46
macotangentcollision: it can be downloaded from http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh05:46
tangentcollisionwhere is this script located?05:46
macotangentcollision: its the alsa community's debugging script05:47
macotangentcollision: itll give you a link to give to me05:47
=== Sex-wiki is now known as Sexual-wiki
Hunt5Hi al, i have created a big problem for myself, can anyone please help me out. I had a working set up of gstreamer on my machine, but on the way of getting new git version, i removed .so files from /usr/lib, now even after installing from git versions, gstreamer doesnot work on my machine..can anyone pls tell me, what i can do solve this?05:48
Cubeyoh geeze, i got rid of the black osd.. now another one comes up instead in the middle of the dang screen05:49
=== Sexual-wiki is now known as ZFS-wiki
tangentcollisionproc asound and all related don't exist05:49
Cubeyok, i put the black one back. lol05:49
tangentcollisionI'm just going to go for a full re-install05:49
=== ZFS-wiki is now known as MS-DoS
macotangentcollision: yeah....05:50
=== MS-DoS is now known as Naked-Chat
tangentcollisionthanks guys, I'll see you when this distribution is not bastardized to hell and in everyone else's asshole05:50
macotangentcollision: doesnt sound like your sound hardware's getting any kind of recognition at the moment05:50
macotangentcollision: um that wasnt exactly appropriate05:50
tangentcollisionpeace, thanks maco05:50
=== Naked-Chat is now known as Not-A-Beauty
macotangentcollision: but you may want to try a more recent version as pulseaudio was quite broken in 8.0405:50
=== Not-A-Beauty is now known as ONS-Stand-One-Ni
AJC_Z0Still quite broken in 9.04, though better05:51
=== ONS-Stand-One-Ni is now known as IM-Bell
faryshtaHow can we ask ONS-Stand-One-Ni to stop doing what he is doing?05:52
[deXter]!ops IM-Bell Name change spam05:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:52
AJC_Z0faryshta: You don't, but if an op doesn't like it then they will adress the issue05:52
pererik87ati sux!!! argh :P05:52
IM-Bell.... forgot i'm in this channel ...05:53
[deXter]\o faileas05:54
faileaspererik87: most of my linux boxen are intel, and a little old for that reason ;p05:54
pitputcurious question. what's the purpose of ubuntu releasing a new kernel? update? better? faster system?05:56
iflemaI guess it helps to read... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 the removal things not so hard after all..05:56
crabgrassokay guys, just installed a new 1tb hdd, and i'm looking at gparted right now... should i format this as ext3 or ext4 or reiser?05:56
jukebox-zeroHi, does anyone know how to disable IPv6 without editing the grub? A link to a detailed explaination of my problem is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8629422#post862942205:56
faryshtapitput, patched vulnerabilities, added a couple of functions or the final option. They just want to make you download stuff from their server for free again.05:57
lordganeshhow to start internet using mobile in ubuntu05:57
pitputfaryshta, it's really a shame..05:58
JairunCaloth-rw-r--r--  1 gdm  gdm  2.3G 2010-01-08 00:58 :0-greeter.log05:58
melvsterhi all im trying to find the package for 'keyboard shortcuts' to report a bug, i cant find anything in the help page, nor can i find a preferences page, any pointers?05:59
[deXter]lordganesh: In most cases it's as simple as establishing the internet connection on the phone and starting the necessary connection sharing program on the phone and plugging in the cable...05:59
[deXter]lordganesh: it should detect a new network interface and you might have to click on the icon for the connection to establish05:59
JairunCalothwhat's a good way to find out why my root partition is maxed out, out of the blue05:59
Hunt5Hi al, i have created a big problem for myself, can anyone please help me out. I had a working set up of gstreamer on my machine, but on the way of getting new git version, i removed .so files from /usr/lib, now even after installing from git versions, gstreamer doesnot work on my machine..can anyone pls tell me, what i can do solve this?05:59
melvsterxprog WM_CLASS gives me: WM_CLASS(STRING) = "gnome-keybinding-properties", "Gnome-keybinding-properties"06:00
theshadowAlright, not to be an arse but seriously. 9.10 has been the worst upgrade I've ever had. My wireless drivers (Broadcom STA) are showing up as active but not in use in the restricted drivers window. If I remove then activate them it all works fine but when I reboot it does the same thing again.06:02
macotheshadow: try adding "wl" to /etc/modules06:02
melvsterah it's gnome-control-center06:02
karmstI need some help with setting up an init.d script for deluge06:03
karmstit keeps giving me an LSB error06:04
xeerI'm using Karmic and have the lastest eclipse. When I run it from the command line It pauses for a few seconds and then returns back to the shell without any output. the program fails to run.06:04
xeerI have tried erasing the .eclipse folder in my home directory but it does the same06:04
pererik87Fresh install is the bitch :P new versions of everything, no extra bugs, all the new space that suddenly appear. your awful custom desktop need to be changed anyways, new version new design.06:04
dtbelobrownAdding "PermitRootAccess no" to /etc/ssh/ssh_config doesn't seem to do what I would think.  anyone happen to know what I might be doing wrong?06:05
Maletor---failed: "sh -c 'kill -USR2 /home/hidden/www/picpocket/shared/pids/unicorn.pid'" on
MaletorHow do I tell kill it's a pid file?06:06
=== Runic is now known as Runed
crabgrassback... 'cause i'm a retard06:06
MaletorReturns kill: 1: Illegal number <path>06:06
crabgrassforgot the location of that device list file that i need to boot06:07
AJC_Z0Maletor: kill -HUP $(< /home/hidden/www/picpocket/shared/pids/unicorn.pid)06:07
crabgrassand i know i need to add my new hdd to it to get it to automount06:07
xeerI'm using Karmic and have the lastest eclipse. When I run it from the command line It pauses for a few seconds and then returns back to the shell without any output. the program fails to run. I have tried erasing the .eclipse folder in my home directory but it does the same06:07
crabgrassit's somewhere in /etc, right?06:07
dtbelobrownand before anyone asks, yes I did "/etc/init.d/ssh restart"06:07
MaletorAJC_Z0: will that restart the process as well?06:07
hero1900where i can found all debs for the application i do install by synaptic which folder???06:08
dtbelobrowndo I have to close all of my ssh sessions for sshd to actually restart?06:08
zkoodtbelobrown: you want sshd_config not ssh_config06:08
AJC_Z0crabgrass: /etc/fstab, but don't confuse that with the automounter06:08
crabgrassyeah, facestab, that's the one06:08
dtbelobrownzkoo:  aaaaahhhh    thank you!!!!06:08
ZykoticK9hero1900, /var/cache/apt/archives06:08
zkooyou're welcome :)06:08
xeercrabgrass: just a guess, file system table?06:08
AJC_Z0Maletor: That will send the process a HUP signal. Then it's up to the process what to do with it. Good daemons will restart or reconfigure on a HUP06:08
jtajidtbelobrown: also I'm not familiar with that option, usually it's PermitRootLogin06:09
crabgrassyeah, i know it's filesystem table, but it looks like face-stab, so that's what i call it06:09
crabgrassplus, non-linux users get a kick out of it06:09
xeeroooookay then..06:09
crabgrassespecially ones that watch metalpocalypse06:09
crabgrassdon't worry about it06:09
AJC_Z0dtbelobrown: You can restart the sshd service without closing existing connections06:09
xeersounds like you've been smoking a lil too much of that crabgrass06:09
Hunt5hey i thought someone wil suggest me something here...please..help me come to normal situation....i have created a big problem for myself, can anyone please help me out. I had a working set up of gstreamer on my machine, but on the way of getting new git version, i removed .so files from /usr/lib, now even after installing from git versions, gstreamer doesnot work on my machine..can anyone pls tell me, what i can do solve this?06:10
dtbelobrownjtaji: you are correct.  I mistyped it here in the chat.  thanks.06:10
AJC_Z0Hunt5: Reinstall the packages you broke06:10
dtbelobrownAJC_Z0:  oh, cool.  that makes it easier.  Thanks.06:11
crabgrass...any pros and cons for mounting via UUID?06:11
jtajicrabgrass: can't think of any cons, it's the default method nowadays06:11
=== nikhil__ is now known as nikhil_
macocrabgrass: it was very helpful back when libsata switched from ide as hda and sata as sda to both being sda.  people who had hardcoded /dev/hda were a bit stuck06:12
crabgrasshmm... how do i list UUIDs?06:12
crabgrassmy fstab is all disorganized06:12
=== Rune| is now known as rune
Loshacrabgrass: main con is they're too long to commit to memory, unlike e.g. /dev/sda306:13
jtaji!uuid | crabgrass06:13
ubottucrabgrass: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)06:13
crabgrasshaha very true06:13
crabgrassjtaji: should have seen that coming. thanks!06:13
nameo0how do i install winetricks?06:13
nameo0or download it?06:13
crabgrassnameo0: try `sudo apt-get install winetricks` and if that doesn't work, google it06:14
crabgrass...would be my guess, but that's 'cause i'm lazy06:14
nameo0crabgrass: did not work06:14
crabgrassgoogle it then06:14
crabgrass"ubuntu  install winetricks"06:15
ZykoticK9nameo0, http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks06:15
JairunCalothWhat's the best way to handle cleaning up these huge files git is making?06:15
crabgrassoh god no06:15
TheCheezeafter i updated my kernel last night i am stuck with an icon saying that i don't have my ethernet plugged in. is there a way to get rid of this icon?06:15
crabgrasswhat used to be sda1 is now sdd106:15
crabgrass...am i going to have to remake all my symlinks?06:16
KB1JWQcrabgrass: No.06:16
Hunt5AJC_Z0: i reinstalled too06:16
crabgrassthey follow based on UUID too?06:16
jtajicrabgrass: they are based on filesystem path only06:16
crabgrassthank god06:17
crabgrasswow, i love this OS more every day06:17
Hunt5AJ_Z0: i reinstalled the packages what eveer i found in apt-get list. what else can i try?06:17
nameo0i am having trouble downloading winetricks06:17
crabgrassalso... what's SEC_TYPE?06:17
dtbelobrownzkoo:  it works, and my box is more secure.  Thanks again!06:17
jtajicrabgrass: in what context?06:17
Loshanameo0: from http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks ?06:18
crabgrassblkid returned: `/dev/sda1: UUID="eb9fcdf8-6b3f-4cd6-a026-ab20f90be04b" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3" ` for one line06:18
crabgrassnone of the other entries have SEC_TYPE06:18
jtajicrabgrass: hmm.. well ext3 can be mounted as ext2, ignoring the journal06:18
crabgrassoh, okay.06:18
crabgrassi'm pretty sure it's been formatted as ext3 thought06:18
nikhil_hi, does ubuntu compile x from the x free tree?06:18
nameo0Losha: ya06:19
crabgrassi have no idea why ext2 came up in regards to anything06:19
ghost1982hey can anyone else confirm that linuxwireless.org is down06:19
jtajicrabgrass: yes that's normal for ext3.. it's essentially just ext2 + journal06:19
ghost1982im kind of worried about a mitm attack on one of my systems06:19
nameo0i click on the link and then save it like it says and nothing happens when i try to open the download06:19
crabgrassghost1982: it's up, but the site is dead. there's just a placeholder.06:19
crabgrassjtaji: but none of the other entries include that.06:19
ghost1982ok so i was just paranoid06:20
ghost1982thanks man06:20
crabgrassyeah, but that's a good thing.06:20
Hunt5AJC_Z0 : i reinstalled the packages what eveer i found in apt-get list. what else can i try?06:20
ghost1982what a good time for me to be patching my wireless06:20
jtajicrabgrass: ahh.. I wouldn't worry about it06:20
crabgrassalright then, i'll just call it ext3 in fstab06:20
karmstok in init.d scripts what does the command fi do?06:20
kapuhow do I use ubuntu/unix utilities to take a text file and automatically insert a new line character every n characters without cutting words apart?06:20
Loshanameo0: don't open it, save it to a file and then run it from a terminal...06:20
jtajicrabgrass: yes TYPE is the important one06:20
crabgrassyeah, i'm setting type to ext3 for all of these06:21
crabgrass...except the reiser and swap ones06:21
jtajikarmst: bash scripting... fi ends an if block06:21
Hunt5hey i thought someone wil suggest me something here...please..help me come to normal situation....i have created a big problem for myself, can anyone please help me out. I had a working set up of gstreamer on my machine, but on the way of getting new git version, i removed .so files from /usr/lib, now even after installing from git versions, gstreamer doesnot work on my machine..can anyone pls tell me, what i can do solve this?06:21
Hunt5how can i narrow down my problem and see what happened exactly? i already reinstalled...06:22
Loshanameo0: save it to a file, then type chmod +x file, then ./file...06:22
mattshay gente?06:22
nikhil_hi, does ubuntu compile x from the xfree tree?06:22
jtajiHunt5: reinstalled what and how?06:22
Losha!es | matts06:23
ubottumatts: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:23
faileasnikhil_: no, they use xorg, as do most distros06:23
mattsoka gracias06:23
ghost1982nikhil_ thats a question i would love to see a good answer for because ive some issues compiling gdm lol06:23
Hunt5jtaji: i reinstalled with apt-get --reinstall <relevantpackages in found in list>06:24
Muskat33rhi all06:24
Hunt5jtaji: do you have any idea about gstreamer too? if so i can tell what exactly i reinstalled06:24
jtajiHunt5: no nothing specific, I was going to suggest reinstall of all installed gstreamer packages06:25
jtajiHunt5: do you know what .so files you deleted?06:25
karmstgreat it finally works06:26
zong-qitrouble with usb mobile modem, been googling the issue and the Huawei modem works elsewhere in the world but I dont seem to be able to connect , jaunty finds the device as in http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m3eb96927 but won't connect, ISP has no ubuntu/linux support, any ideas to try ? using an old windows box to get here, modem gets good signal strength06:26
Loshanameo0: chmod +winetricks; ./winetricks  <--- note added semicolon06:26
Muskat33ranything i should do if i try to install ubuntu studio 9.10 and it gives me grub err??06:26
crabgrassso, even if i change my mountpoints, all my symlinks will still function?06:26
crabgrassin fstab, btw06:26
=== radec is now known as Cedar
ZykoticK9crabgrass, your links will most likely be broken06:27
Cedardoes ubuntu keep access logs for remote desktop someplace? does anyone know06:27
crabgrassZykoticK9: nooooo06:28
ghost1982so wireless.kernel.org is down 2 :(06:28
crabgrassjtaji: ...concur?06:28
Loshanameo0: chmod +x winetricks; ./winetricks  <--- note added +x06:28
jtajicrabgrass: nope, as long as the target file still exists at the same filesystem path, the link is still functioning06:28
ghost1982can anyone point me to a ftp for eather wireless.kernel.org or linuxwireless.org06:28
crabgrassoh, filesystem path.06:28
=== iKernel is now known as hi-asgtest
vdubhackanyone know how to view an isofs disk on ubuntu? its a training disk from career academy06:28
=== hi-asgtest is now known as howrudoin
crabgrasswell, what used to be mounted as /media/sda1 is now /dev/sdb1, which makes me want to mount it as /media/sdb106:29
hero1900i have some career academy06:29
=== Cedar is now known as _cedar
hero1900i did open by wine06:29
crabgrassso, uh, just suck it up and get over the OCDness of it all?06:29
=== howrudoin is now known as iKernel
=== _cedar is now known as _radec
dtbelobrownSo I had a 500GB external HD with one big NTFS partition on it.  Only used it from windows.  I Booted an ubuntu liveCD to rescue some files and write them to this HD.  Now the HD can only be read from ubuntu, not either of the two windows boxes I tried.  suggestions welcome.06:29
vdubhackis wine the only way06:29
jtajicrabgrass: it's normal to put mount points under /media, not /dev06:29
_radecsry about all the name changin trying not to use someone elses name06:30
hero1900or you can whatch movies seperatelly06:30
jtajicrabgrass: oh sorry I see06:30
hero1900i mean the courses mov06:30
jtajicrabgrass: yeah just give it a name06:30
karmstI need help06:30
karmston my script I keep getting LSB errors06:30
hero1900but wine is perfect with me06:30
hero1900do you have problem with it?06:30
crabgrassit is now /media/wd1tb06:31
crabgrassactually that's a good naming convention, i should use that more often.06:31
vdubhackhow do you run it with wine06:31
hero1900vdubhack do you already has wine?06:32
vdubhacknope never had to use it before06:32
vdubhackI was just hoping for a plug in to some media player or some library install or something06:32
hero1900aha do install it from ubuntu software center06:33
vdubhackok thanks guess i will try it out06:33
hero1900and then change resolution06:34
hero1900vdubhack it will ask to be run in 1024x 700 resolution06:34
vdubhackok I will try and figure that out06:34
hero1900good luck06:34
vdubhackthanks i tried wine once and it pissed me off to the point i just uninstalled it and used a windows comp06:35
Muskat33rgrub rescue>06:35
JohnSmith1When I boot Ubuntu 9.04 live CD... how do I tell it to connect to my Wireless Router for internet access pls?06:35
ghost1982same as the regular ubuntu06:35
vdubhackifconfig eth1 up06:35
JohnSmith1which is?06:36
ghost1982or if u are using wireless u will need the wireless driver for it if the cd doesn't provide it06:36
JohnSmith1ghost1982: so what do I do?06:36
Muskat33ranyone got help for some halt during install, file ttf-scorefonts-installer stalls06:40
nikhil_could anyone please tell me where the kernel sources are in ubuntu?06:40
wolterhi people, i need help.. my touchpad is scrolling vertically when I rub it horizontally06:41
darknikhil_, apt-cache search linux-kernel06:41
wolternikhil_, you have to use the tools man06:42
jtajinikhil_: /usr/src, assuming you've installed linux-source06:42
Hunt5Hi all, i am not seeing the battery status displayed on my laptop, how cani enable that?06:42
darkwolter, it is on a laptop? what's the model?06:42
wolterdark, dell xps m153006:42
wolterdark the problem is new.. i could scroll right before06:42
Hunt5jtaji: i reinstalled the relevant packages i saw in apt-get wt --reinstall06:42
wolterdark it started after i tried to enable 2 finger scrolling and maybe changed some wrong lines in the wrong files06:43
Hunt5how do i check my laptop's model?06:43
* dark can't help both, but is a little afraid: his laptop will come in a week..06:43
jukebox-zeroWhat's the prefered grub rescue/system recovery disc for 9.10?06:43
darkHunt5, hm you can check the componentes, lspci06:43
jtajiHunt5: system > prefs > power management, general tab, always display icon06:43
=== nikhil__ is now known as nikhil_
Muskat33rjukebox-zero, i might be having similar issues as you are having, i just download the i386 x86 windows ubuntu, and am burning to CD for Live CD atm06:44
Hunt5in my power mgmt, i gave Always display an icon, but i still dont see the icon displayed?06:45
jukebox-zeroMuskat33r: Depends, what issues are you having? lemme scroll up, heh.06:45
Hunt5jtaji: can you help me out in coming out of the blunder i did?06:46
Muskat33rj-zero, the install of ubuntu studio wasn't successful, halts on step selecting and installing, at the point of ttf-mscorefonts-installer, and now when i try to boot, i get grub rescue> msg after post06:46
jukebox-zeroMuskat33r, Nah, you're getting even farther along than I am. I can't even load the grub due to it doesn't recognize the UUID of my boot drive. I can fix it on a per boot basis using the live cd and the grub command line, but I need a more permanent solution.06:47
Hunt5hey can anyone pls help me in getting my gstreamer again to work? i removed .so files from /usr/lib, but reinstalled them again using apt-get --reinstall06:47
Hunt5does anyone use gstreamer over here?06:47
TonyPonyghost1982: u there?06:48
jukebox-zeroHunt5, I don't know anything about gstreamer per say, but did you completely remove it before reinstalling?06:48
TonyPonyghost1982: it worked as you said...  i clicked wireless icon and then my router.  Works on 9.0406:49
Muskat33rjukebox-zero, can you dual boot or only boot into the live cd?06:49
Hunt5jukebox-zero: i am lost...i am really confused now for myself06:49
TonyPonywhen I run liveCD does it write anything to my C: drive?06:49
Hunt5jukebox-zero: what does " completely remove it before reinstalling?" mean?06:50
nikhil_when doing: sudo apt-get build-dep linux, I get: E: Unable to find a source package for linux-meta -- could someone help please?06:50
Hunt5what am i supposed to do for that?06:50
jukebox-zerocan someone wiser than I point hunt5 in the direction for the apt command for removing an installed package?06:50
nikhil_i think it may be apt-get remove06:50
jukebox-zerooh, and probably it's dependancies06:50
Hunt5jukebox-zero: it was never a wiser thing, but i did it and i need to solve it..06:51
jukebox-zeroHunt5 try a man apt or a man apt-get or something along those lines in a terminal until you find the command for deleting/removing/uninstalling a package. run apt-get autoclean, then try reinstalling and see if that helps.06:52
Muskat33rthere are so many people here, wish i knew what i am doing to help others06:53
jukebox-zeroMuskat33r, I *could* dual boot, but I only got 6gb free on my second drive for an install so I can only boot from live cd for purposes of this glitch. Mine pertains to grub2 somehow not wanting to boot from an ext4 partition I think.06:55
Muskat33rjukebox-zero, ah ic, i installed grub and not grub2 bc of msg saying it was experimental06:56
wolterdark so you cannot help me?06:57
jukebox-zeromuskrat33r, Hmm, mine may be grub as well then. It's whatever ships with 9.10 live cd by default. both update-grub and update-grub2 commands work so I never really checked into it. Only assumed.06:57
Muskat33ranyone tell me how i can identify partitions, as the (hdA,B) format, so i know what #'s i used for /,/home,swap06:58
bilalakhtarHi guys i am having a problem with the drum login sound. for more details please go to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1373964 How do i solve the problem?07:00
powertool08Muskat33r: You can go by size, or mount them one by one and take notes.07:00
woltercan somebody help me with my crazy touchpad?07:01
bilalakhtarhello? anybody here?07:03
Muskat33ris there a reason why i need more than 1 partitions, such as /,/home,swap (3 there)07:04
Organizmdepends what you're trying to do.07:04
Organizmbut everyone's got a swap partition.07:04
Organizmand by everyone i mean lots of folks : )07:05
powertool08Muskat33r: You want /home on its own partition, trust me. It makes reinstalling a breeze.07:05
Organizmoh yeah.  true that.07:05
Organizmthose are really the only partitions i have come to think of it.07:05
Captain_Haddockubuntu keeps repeatedly downloading the same package list updates when I run apt-get update07:05
Organizmi have four.07:05
Captain_Haddockany idea why?07:05
Organizmi have /, /home/me, /home/ftp and swap07:06
Muskat33r0rganizm, any suggestion on GB sizes for each?07:06
Organizmand me and ftp are mirrored.  so i've got 5 drives total in use.07:06
Organizm;  J07:06
Organizmthe os is usually small.07:06
Organizmso like 8-12GB should be fine.07:06
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: Maybe there is a GPG error07:06
bilalakhtarHi guys i am having a problem with the drum login sound. for more details please go to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1373964 How do i solve the problem?07:07
powertool08I have /, /home, /swap, and /windoze /some other windows connected partition I should reclaim for space07:07
ne1which web server will be better for webif of openwrt?07:07
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: doesn't report anything07:07
Organizmand i think swap is usually set to twice your ram size (unless you've got a lot of ram like 1GB<)07:07
faileaswell, that's if you want to suspend07:07
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: Oh then the reason might be that the repos are updated very frequently07:08
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: every 2 minutes? This has been happening for a few days now07:08
Captain_Haddockthe package list downloads are all the same size07:08
Muskat33r0granizm, do you know any useful commands when i get a grub rescue> prompt at boot? besides ls07:09
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: but in most cases when you run apt-get update when the repos are not updated apt-get simply marks the unchanged files as "Hit"07:09
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Captain_HaddockThere's always one which is 1353KB large and another 5133KB large (and others too).. it downloads them everytime07:10
Organizmheh... Muskat33r.  i do not.  i'd probably pop in a liveCD and read the grub man pages and try to figure out what to do from there.07:10
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: Is apt-get listing the packages as "Hit" or "Get"07:10
Captain_Haddockthis is also the case when I use synaptic to do so07:10
xeerOrganizm: you rely on your swap often? I'm comfortable without a swap and my system runs fine.07:10
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: GET.. it's downloading them over and over again.07:10
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: Try clearing your apt-cache07:10
Organizmxeer, i don't actually 'rely' on it.  according to top, i don't use it very often.  it's just sort of a safety blanket, i guess.07:11
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: by typing apt-cache clean07:11
darkwolter, no :( I was asking because by providing this information, others could help you better07:11
darkwolter, try posting in the forums07:11
Hunt5jukebox-zero: autoclean clears out the local repository of retrieved package files, in this  retrieved package files meaning??07:11
Organizmi've got a GB of ram though.  and i'm actually using slackware and not ubuntu.  though i do have ubuntu on my laptop.07:11
xeerOrganizm: my safety blankey is restarting firefox often. I've seen it grow to 2gb of memory with only 1 page open.07:11
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: no such command07:12
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: sudo apt-get autoclean07:12
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: sudo apt-get clean07:12
Captain_HaddockI've done both of them07:12
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: no, sudo apt-cache clean07:12
Organizmxeer, lol... i know what you mean.  i've seen 800MB of cache on behalf of firefox.  i have no idea where that goes or why it's used.07:12
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: it says invalid operation07:12
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: sorry sudo apt-get clean07:12
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: that's what I did.07:13
bilalakhtarso what did it say?07:13
Muskat33r0rganizm, if i have 4gb ram, do i need swap?07:13
OrganizmMuskat33r, if i had 4GB, i probably wouldn't bother.07:14
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: Reading package lists... Done                                                 Building dependency tree                                                      Reading state information... Done07:14
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: it didn't have anything to clean.07:14
FireCrotchOrganizm: it's probably the cache for when you click the "back" button in firefox07:14
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: try update again07:14
Prescience500does anyone know of a repository (or where i can find it) i can use to update totem to the latest version?07:15
OrganizmFireCrotch, yeah.  but you figure if it's caching 800MB, i'd have downloaded that much... i've got a 1Mb connection... there isn't time to get that much content.  so like i said, i haven't a clue what it's using that for.07:15
Muskat33r0rganizm, did you split partitions into /home/me and /home/ftp so you can change access rights for certain files much easier?07:15
OrganizmMuskat33r, i have those partitions because they're on physically separate hard drives.  i have a two disk mirror for each of those mount points.07:16
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: Analyze each and every message you get during apt-get update07:16
FireCrotchOrganizm: memory leak caused by a poorly written extension?07:16
Organizmcause storage is cheap and i don't like the idea of losing my data.07:16
Muskat33r0rganizm, does your comp run noisy or hot bc of somany hdd?07:17
OrganizmFireCrotch, i do have some third party plugins.  that's certainly possible.07:17
bilalakhtarHi guys i am having a problem with the drum login sound. for more details please go to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1373964 How do i solve the problem?07:17
OrganizmMuskat33r, nope.  my video card is louder than my hard drives.07:17
Hunt5can anyone pls tell me: autoclean clears out the local repository of retrieved package files, in this retrieved package files meaning??07:17
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: downloading, sec07:17
bilalakhtarHunt5: Retrieved package files means the files you get during apt-get update07:18
Captain_HaddockHunt5: from the temporary download cache...07:18
Muskat33rwhats command to change user name?07:20
Muskat33ron irc07:20
zirodayMuskat33r: /nick?07:20
Organizmyou can get a list of commands by typing /help07:20
angelus/nick name goes here (and Muskat33r that's more of a general help question)07:20
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Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: doing the same thing again07:21
Captain_Haddocklet me pastebin07:21
[biabia]Help? i have my screensaver set to activate and power options set to power display off minutes later, but neither event occurs now. Used to work before some updates last week07:21
Hunt5bilalakhtar: Captain_Haddock: i did a blunder, removed .so files from /usr/lib of a package, as i thought i wil install it fresh from git, but after installing with git, that package does not work. can you pls tell me how i can start solving this?07:23
bilalakhtarHunt5: What is the name of the package07:24
Hunt5bilalakhtar: any idea about gstreamer?07:25
bilalakhtarHunt5: Why did you remove gstreamer?07:26
bilalakhtarHunt5: It comes preinstalled and is the backend of totem07:26
Hunt5bilalakhtar: ok, i wanted to install the updated version from git07:26
cemcis there a way to hide part/join messages in xchat on startup?07:26
bilalakhtarHunt5: What does synaptic show about the status of gstreamer?07:26
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: http://www.fpaste.org/yQxT/07:26
cemcor to specify a list of channels to hide part/join on startup?07:27
Captain_Haddockall pastebins were rejecting the paste :/07:27
hareshhow to make my unbentu look like windows ?07:27
Captain_Haddockharesh: use KDE and a windows-esque theme.07:27
sawyerafter a kernel update, my karmic recognizes my RT73 wireless usb card, but it doesn't show any networks...07:28
sawyercan anyone assist?07:28
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: Try using the main Ubuntu repos rather than the ones which you are using . To do this, go to software sources and select Download from main server07:28
hareshi am on gnome right now07:28
Hunt5bilalakhtar: i wil check it now..i am new to ubuntu also07:28
Hunt5where do i see synaptic?07:29
bilalakhtarSystem->Administration->Synaptic Package manager07:29
xpo0fhi people07:29
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: trying now07:29
L3dPlatedLinuxi was wondering if it is worth the hassle installing the latest nvidia drivers or the default recommended one would be a better choice?07:30
Captain_HaddockL3dPlatedLinux: if it isn't broken, why bother?07:30
bilalakhtarL#dPlatedLinux: If you do a lot of gaming and you are hving issues with the current drivers, then it is wise to move07:30
bilalakhtarL3dPlatedLinux: Otherwise no need07:31
L3dPlatedLinuxok done deal no need07:31
Mk3rcemec, im using xchat and i go to #ubuntu and right click it, settings, hide part/join messages07:32
Hunt5bilalakhtar: gstreamer and plugins show green and installed, but totem and totem-gstreamer show starts in that box alongwith green.07:32
xpo0fim on weechat07:33
cemcMk3r: me too but that doesn't seem to stick. if I leave the chan and then rejoin, or I restart xchat07:33
bilalakhtarim on chatzilla07:33
cHarNe2i used to be on chatzilla, worls okay07:33
vika23hello , i am running ubuntu 9.10 , how do i force file system check as i had some data loss07:33
cHarNe2but i got in love w/ irssi and one week :)07:34
bilalakhtarHunt5: What does that icon mean? Check in the icon key legend found in the help menu of synaptic07:34
bilalakhtarvika23: type sudo touch /forcefsck07:34
cHarNe2have you google'd it? http://www.linuxhowtos.org/faq/forcefsck.htm07:35
bilalakhtarvika23: then restart07:35
Hunt5ok it shows report a problem for totem and totem-gstreamer07:35
xpo0fHunt5: apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras07:35
Mk3rcemc, /msg nickserv help and register your nickname maybe then it will stick07:35
xpo0fbetter than that Hunt507:35
angeluscemc, i think it'll only stick for fav'd channels ...07:36
cemcMk3r: I have my nicks registered, but I don't think it has anything to do with that, it's just an xchat setting07:36
bilalakhtarCaptain_Haddock: What happened with update after changin repo?07:36
vika23bilalakhtar : ok , i'll give it a try , thanks07:36
kazechey, I'm having some trouble getting an ssh (and/or FTP) connection to my new server, I keep getting the 'connection refused' error07:36
cemcangelus: where do i set fav'd channels?07:36
angelusyou CAN however create a custom command which is /set irc_conf_mode 107:36
angeluscemc right click on channel, Add to favourites07:37
Mk3rcemc, right click #ubuntu and you can fav i07:37
Captain_Haddockbilalakhtar: it looks good now! Thanks a heap!07:37
Mk3rhelp me, i can only boot to past the POST screen and it shows grub rescue> and no commands work besides 'ls'07:39
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Hunt5xpo0f: better than that meaning? dint get you07:39
Hunt5xpo0f: that commands output: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m366ef37307:40
lenioshi, anyone with experience with samba/likewise to join an active directory domain from ubuntu?  sudo domainjoin-cli join domain Administrator doesn't find DC, and net join gives NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME07:40
cemcseems like it's working for favourite channels. thanks Mk3r, angelus07:41
Hunt5bilalakhtar: you there? synaptic reports a problem, what can i do now?07:42
Mk3rwhats CTCP07:45
alienpulsewhois codewarrior07:45
alienpulsecan u help guys07:45
grendal_primeheyguys..im trying to install adobe flash 10 on this system...it installes from a .deb but...it doesnt work. its like the browser just does not know its there.07:46
alienpulsei wanna find on FreeNode07:46
grendal_primeif i install the nonfree it works..but it is on ly version 9 something.07:46
Hunt5 gstreamer and plugins show green and installed, but totem and totem-gstreamer show starts in that box alongwith green.07:46
Hunt5 i did a blunder, removed .so files from /usr/lib of a package, as i thought i wil install it fresh from git, but after installing with git, that package does not work. can you pls tell me how i can start solving this?07:46
alienpulsei wanna find a person call Codewarrior on FreeNode Server how ?!?!?!07:46
sabgentonan install stuffed07:47
MASARUwotaalienpulse: /whois codewarrior07:47
sabgentonwhat is the correct apt command to reinstall a package?07:47
faileasgrendal_prime: the 'proper' way to install a plain old deb is sudo dpkg -i path/to/package07:47
alienpulseokay 10x MASARUwota07:47
nutterf00tLo! I'm just a silent bot.07:47
leniosgrendal_prime, nonfree version is 10.0r42 on latest ubuntu07:48
Hunt5i like to go though kernel's source code? where can i get the simplest kernel code? any suggestions?07:48
MASARUwotaHunt5: simplest? :/07:48
Hunt5can any one pls help me? i did a blunder, removed .so files from /usr/lib of a package, as i thought i wil install it fresh from git, but after installing with git, that package does not work. can you pls tell me how i can start solving this?07:48
Hunt5MASARUwota: ya to start with..07:49
grendal_primefaileas: ya ...thats not the issue. it installs..but the browser does not see it it for some reason.  its like the post install plugin script is not running or something07:49
timfrostsabgenton: sudo apt-get install --reinstall <packagename>07:49
faileasgrendal_prime: hmm, that's odd07:49
Hunt5can any one pls help me? i did a blunder, removed .so files from /usr/lib of a package, as i thought i wil install it fresh from git, but after installing with git, that package does not work. can you pls tell me how i can start solving this?07:50
grendal_prime10.0.43.24 is the package version that is installed.07:50
s7hi, how can i add a mailing list on my ebox07:50
hareshcan i ask somethign how to make my icon on my desktop look smaller07:50
grendal_primethis is an 804 hardy system.07:50
grendal_primeits very strange07:50
grendal_primei have a netbook and it works fine on there07:51
nutterf00tLo! I'm just a silent bot.07:51
MASARUwotanutterf00t: youre not really silent :/07:51
alienpulseguys somebody know how to install .tar.bz2 file ?07:52
timfrostHunt5: use apt-get (or aptitude) to reinstall the package from the official repositories (sudo apt-get install --reinstall <package>).07:52
MASARUwotaalienpulse: untar, ./configure, make, make install07:52
Hunt5timfrost: i did that reinstallations07:52
David-T/stats/whois nutterf00t07:53
Hunt5does anyone use gstreamer here? if so i like to compare and check what i might be missing exactly07:53
MASARUwotaHunt5: nope, sorry07:53
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!07:54
sabgentontimfrost: thx :)07:55
ubottudotirc: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:55
sabgentonbit rusty on the flags :)07:55
dotirchi guys did someone know how to setup autostart in ubuntu07:56
jtaji!startup | dotirc07:56
ubottudotirc: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot07:56
timfrostHunt5: which gstreamer package (there are a lot of them - a filter on gstreamer in synaptic lists 107 packages for karmic)?07:56
jtajidotirc: Sessions is called Startup Applications in newer versions07:57
dotircubuntu 9.0407:57
julien_BLUGhi, I am doing extended Desktop with Karmic and a laptop (T61 with intel graphic adapter) Is it possible to have the screen plugged to the VGA port the primary screen (i.e. have all the Gnome panels on this screen rather than on the laptop's screen)?07:57
angelusalienpulse, tar -c <Some Directory> -xzjf <Tar.bz file full path>;07:58
MASARUwotajulien_BLUG: cant you move them?07:58
angelusthere its "installed" ... (assuming ofc that its not a source file and everything there is compiled)07:58
Hunt5timfrost: are you asking which ones did i delete?07:58
julien_BLUGMASARUwota, I have tried to drag the panels but it did not work, maybe from the menu, lemme try this07:59
angelusalienpulse, now open that directory in the file browser, and there should be a file with the program's name (no extention), double clicking on it will open it up.07:59
julien_BLUGMASARUwota, from the panel properties menu, I get an orientation dropdown to choose the orientation of the panel but it does not let me choose on which screen I want the panel08:00
Hunt5Hi all, i got files in my /usr/lib, can anyone pls check and tell me what imp files related to gstreamer are missing in that?http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/mc3a2d408:01
Hunt5timfrost: gstreamer, gstreamer-plugins-base,good,bad,ugly,ffmpeg08:02
Hunt5timfrost: is that what you were asking me?08:02
anton__can anybody help..?08:02
grendal_primeya this is very frustrating08:03
MorphyNOR!question | anton__08:04
ubottuanton__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:04
adamonline45_hmm, any ideas why my GUI Samba Server Config isn't saving (or sometimes accepting) changes?  It does have a message on startup about not being able to understand some lines of smb.conf08:04
dotirchi guys i am installing printer lbp2900 on ubuntu 9.04 in my desktop my problem is how to configure autostart both printer and samba08:04
MorphyNORanton__: just ask your question :)08:04
anton__how to edit xfce4 menu?08:05
Hunt5can any one pls help me? i did a blunder, removed .so files from /usr/lib of a package, as i thought i wil install it fresh from git, but after installing with git, that package does not work. can you pls tell me how i can start solving this?08:05
MorphyNORanton__: use the Xfce 4 Menu Editor08:06
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Real_UbotI have a laptop that has got WIndows 7 64-bit as original operating system. Shall I use the 64 bit verion of Ubuntu or the 32 bit version?08:07
timfrostHunt5: Fr my system (karmic 64-bit), see http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m43f4366e for my list of installed gstreamer packages, and the files they installed in /usr/lib08:07
jovaxmancan anyone help my problem08:07
Mk3ri cannot boot any os, just get a message grub rescue > and no commands work besides ls08:07
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: you can use both08:08
panepistimiohello there....I have a big problem withmy ubuntu. Yesterday it was lagging a lot, i am pretty sure due to the Xorg server. Today when i booted ubuntu it said something about hardware configuration was not working and i had possibilities of trying to create a new configuration...and some other options...but nothing seemed to work. Only solution was to reboot in windows. What is wrong with my ubuntu?08:08
Hunt5timfrost: sure i wil compare both and check08:08
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: but if you have more than 3.5gb of ram you wont be able to utilize more than that on a i386 system08:08
Real_UbotMorphyNOR: Ok, but will one be a better choice than the other?08:08
Real_UbotHunt5: I have 4GB of RAM.08:08
Real_UbotHunt5: Sorry, wrong person.08:08
panepistimioi really hope some of you guys can help me out08:09
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: then you should probably consider the 64bit version08:09
Real_UbotMorphyNOR: I have 4GB of RAM.08:09
abeekyhi,have Some people know why the virtual machine using the U disk copy file  is very slow!08:09
Real_UbotMorphyNOR: Ok, will Ubuntu 32 bit nly handle at most 3.5GB?08:09
Mk3rreal_ubot, correct08:09
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: you might want to consider running ubuntu virtualized08:09
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: yes08:09
panepistimioanyone please?08:10
Hunt5timfrost: terrible my pc: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m4a15c57008:10
adamonline45_!hi adamonline45_08:10
MorphyNORpanepistimio: any "lag" in windows?08:10
=== ceW_cr is now known as coW_cr
panepistimioMorphyNOR: no, windows works just perfectly08:11
dmbkiwianyone here know much about bash?08:11
Hunt5timfrost: are you there?08:11
MorphyNOR!question | dmbkiwi08:11
ubottudmbkiwi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:11
panepistimioMorphyNOR: btw. it said graphics hardware configuration, and not just hardware configuration08:11
Hunt5can anyone pls tell me what i can do to get gstreamer on my machine? http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m4a15c57008:11
jovaxmanhi guys can someone helped me out08:11
MorphyNORpanepistimio: are you using compiz etc?08:12
panepistimioMorphyNOR: yes, using compiz08:12
MorphyNORpanepistimio: try to disable it, then see if you can switch your 3d driver08:12
panepistimioMorphyNOR: but i couldnt even log in tu ubuntu....it was before the login screenit came08:12
MorphyNORoh... hmm08:12
timfrostHunt5: that paste indicates that you are running the command in /usr/lib.  cd to your home directory then repeat the command.  (the shell is expanding the '*' characters).08:13
dmbkiwiI'm trying to run a bash script as sudo, which contains a "let" command.  However, if I run it with sudo (via cron), I get an error "11: let: not found".  I know that let is an internal command, but is there a way around this?  I simply want to do "let a=a+1".08:13
panepistimioMorphyNOR: any ideas?08:14
MorphyNORpanepistimio: read up08:14
MorphyNORhmm sorry08:14
panepistimioMorphyNOR: yeah...but how do i disable it when i cannot even log in to ubuntu?08:14
Hunt5timfrost: sri@sri-laptop:~$ dpkg -l *gstreamer* |awk '/^ii /{print $2}'08:15
Hunt5No packages found matching gstreamer.08:15
Captain_Haddockpanepistimio: can you get to the logon screen?08:15
Real_UbotMorphyNOR: Why running Ubuntu virtualizeD?08:15
panepistimioCaptain_Haddock: i did not seem like it....I have to reboot to check again because i only have this coputer here now08:16
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: that way you dont have to dualboot, and you can run both OSs simultanously08:16
panepistimioCaptain_Haddock: ill try again08:16
dmbkiwiI'm trying to run a bash script as sudo, which contains a "let" command.  However, if I run it with sudo (via cron), I get an error "11: let: not found".  I know that let is an internal command, but is there a way around this?  I simply want to do "let a=a+1".08:17
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Real_UbotMorphyNOR: Yeah, but then I will have less performance?08:18
ubottuNoturno99: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:18
adamonline45_Hmm, even without an smb.conf my samba gui config still says "Some lines couldn't be understood..." >.< What the heck am I doing wrong?08:18
Noturno99can somebody help me with my conection?08:18
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: not necessarily08:18
Real_UbotMorphyNOR: Why not dualboot? I want to use Ubuntu as default operating system but since the laptop has got WIndows 7 as default operating system I want to have it installed too.08:19
MorphyNORdmbkiwi: try running it with full path08:19
alienpulsehello i am from lebanon ,, and i wonder if i can join lebanese linux group :P08:19
Noturno99I configure one conection with 'pppoeconf', that I wanna remove it now, how can i do this?08:19
timfrostHunt5: is there a file (or directory) named gstreamer in your home directory?  If so, the shell is again expanding the wildcards, and you need to use quotes ('*gstreamer*')08:19
alienpulsehow ?08:19
ubottuNoturno99: Setting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE08:19
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Real_UbotMopI have always thought that virtualization would run two systems at the same time and that it would devide the performance so both will work at a "lower lever".08:20
dmbkiwiMorphyNOR: there is no path to "let" it's a built-in command, which is my problem.  It works fine in an interactive sudo shell (ie using sudo -i), but I can't get to an interactive shell from cron, or within  a bash script.08:20
Real_UbotMorphyNOR: That was ment fotr you.08:20
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: what sort of work are you going to do on either OS?08:21
MASARUwotaalienpulse: google for "lebanon linux" or something like that. i dont know the language so i cant be of any help08:21
Noturno99thanks, but how can I remove one pppoeadslo?08:21
MASARUwotaNoturno99:in most cases, you can just type "poff" to stop the ADSL connection and unload the module.08:22
elkaweehello all08:23
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dezznutdoes anyone know how to add additional loop devices ubuntu 9.10 adding it to the /etc/module doesn't seem to work08:23
Guest97763i need help08:23
Noturno99but I wanna remove one conections08:23
MorphyNOR!question | Guest9776308:23
ubottuGuest97763: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:23
Noturno99i did more than 2 conections with eth008:23
Guest97763for greek language08:24
Real_UbotMorphyNOR: I'm going to use browse the Net, mail, chat (Pidgin & Skype), Spotify. Well rather ordinary things, nothing special. Well, I'm going to code too. Like writing an executing Java programs I have written.08:24
MorphyNOR!gr | Guest9776308:24
ubottuGuest97763: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes08:24
Phoxis1how to disable middle mouse copy paste08:24
DiverdudeCaptain_Haddock, are you still there?08:24
Guest97763how i ge in gr08:24
Guest97763i am new08:24
YankeeCaptain_Haddock, are you still there?08:24
Yankeehow i ge in gr08:24
Yankeei am new08:24
timfrostdmbkiwi: cron runs commands using /bin/sh (which is dash, not bash).  If your script doesn't force bash (with a first line of "#!/bin/bash" - without the " characters), it will be run using the dash shell08:25
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: then you might as well run ubuntu virtualized :)08:25
DallyceCaptain_Haddock, are you still there?08:25
Dallycehow i ge in gr08:25
Dallycei am new08:25
DallyceCaptain_Haddock, are you still there?08:25
Yankeelinux sucks08:25
FloodBot3Dallyce: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
Real_UbotMorphyNOR: How will it affect the battery time? I have heard that Ubuntu has less battery time than Windows 7. How will a vitualisation solution affect the battery time?08:25
Yankeedmbkiwi: cron runs commands using /bin/sh (which is dash, not bash).  If your script doesn't force bash (with a first line of "#!/bin/bash" - without the " characters), it will be run using the dash shell08:25
Dallycehow i ge in gr08:25
FloodBot3Yankee: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
YankeeReal_Ubot: then you might as well run ubuntu virtualized :)08:25
Dallycei am new08:25
YankeeCaptain_Haddock, are you still there?08:25
Yankeehow i ge in gr08:25
MorphyNORYankee: /j #ubuntu-gr08:25
Dallycelinux sucks08:25
DallyceDallyce: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
DallyceMorphyNOR: How will it affect the battery time? I have heard that Ubuntu has less battery time than Windows 7. How will a vitualisation solution affect the battery time?08:25
FloodBot3Dallyce: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
YankeeYankee: /j #ubuntu-gr08:25
Yankeelinux sucks08:26
Dallycehow i ge in gr08:26
Real_UbotYankee: And battery? How long battery time will I get using vitualization instead of dualboot?08:26
YankeeDallyce: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:26
YankeeMorphyNOR: How will it affect the battery time? I have heard that Ubuntu has less battery time than Windows 7. How will a vitualisation solution affect the battery time?08:26
FloodBot3Yankee: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:26
Phoxis1can anyone tell me: how to disable middle mouse copy paste08:26
DallyceYankee: /j #ubuntu-gr08:26
DallyceDallyce: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:26
dmbkiwiYankee: Yep, got a #!/bin/bash in there.  I've also linked /bin/sh /bin/bash to avoid issues with dash anyway.08:26
DallyceYankee: /j #ubuntu-gr08:26
Dallycelinux sucks08:26
FloodBot3Dallyce: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:26
Noturno99how can i see my pppoe conections?08:26
elkaweedezznut> losetup ?08:26
darkNoturno99, what about plog?08:26
DallyceYankee: Yep, got a #!/bin/bash in there.  I've also linked /bin/sh /bin/bash to avoid issues with dash anyway.08:26
darkNoturno99, in the terminal08:26
Real_UbotYou are much into Virtualization. Why? I have a rather slow processor in the computer, won't that the possibility to run Ubuntu virtualized?08:27
Noturno99i can see my pppoe conections08:27
Noturno99because e did some configurations that i wanna remove08:27
darkNoturno99, /etc/ppp08:27
Noturno99i configure 2 times the same conections08:27
Noturno99now i wanna remove all08:27
darkNoturno99, what about running sudo pppoeconf ?08:27
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darkit will fix it08:27
dezznutelkawee> will that create additional /dev/loop?08:27
Noturno99i do this08:27
Noturno99now, i wanna remove it08:28
Noturno99remove the conection08:28
darkNoturno99, there is no problem in configuring twice08:28
DiverdudeI managed to log into ubuntu in low- graphics mode. This is the error message that appears when i log on: "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode. The following error was encountered. you may need to update your configuration to solve this.  (EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist,0) (EE) No drivers available"  Now that I am in ubuntu it is again very laggy...But this is probably due to the fact that it is running in low graphics mo08:28
Diverdudede. Should i somehow reinstall the nvidia driver?08:28
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: it as only a suggestion :)08:28
darkNoturno99, a brutal approach would be sudo rm -r /etc/ppp/* (it removes also the dial up configuration)08:28
Noturno99but it conects always my computer on08:28
Noturno99let me see08:28
Real_UbotMorphyNOR: Well, but what benefits and disadvantages will I suffer running it virtualized instead of as dualboot?08:29
darkNoturno99, you can change this with pppoeconf, without needing to remove the prior configuration08:29
timfrostDiverdude: That should help08:29
darkit is one of the last questions08:29
Noturno99the pppoeconf can use to remove?08:29
dark"should pppoeconf be started on the book"08:29
Diverdudetimfrost, how do i do that?08:29
darkit can remove pppoeconf from the boot process08:30
MorphyNORReal_Ubot: benefits, no dualbooting, easier to install, drawbacks: more load08:30
Noturno99how can i do this?08:30
Diverdudetimfrost, ??08:31
timfrostDiverdude: System->Administration->Hardware drivers (in Karmic)08:31
Noturno99just pppoeconf in the terminal?08:32
darkReal_Ubot, the more load refers mainly to 500mb or more of memory ram being used by the setup (and worse graphical performance)08:32
darkbut for common applications, it is typically unnoticeable08:32
darkprovided you have enough ram08:32
devDis there any tool to check how much machines are connected to my wireless network?08:32
darkNoturno99, sudo pppoeconf08:32
nukerhello how to add language pack ?08:32
MorphyNORdark: he has 4gb, and probably a dualcore cpu08:32
julien_BLUGMASARUwota, I got it working running "xrandr --output VGA1 --primary" first and then by reopening the display manager and apply some changes08:32
darkNoturno99, it will ask username, password, some useless stuff (just press enter) then will ask if you want to connect it on startup08:33
MorphyNORdevD: connected to your router?08:33
Noturno99im my network: ifupdown eth1 e eth008:33
julien_BLUGMASARUwota, seems that this "primary" option from xandr cannot be changed for a screen in the display manager though08:33
Hunt5timfrost: i wil do..08:33
darkNoturno99, you can connect manually by doing sudo pon dsl-provier (and sudo poff -a to disconnect)08:33
devDMorphyNOR, yes08:33
Noturno99why 2 conections?08:33
Noturno99but i wanna remove it08:33
darkNoturno99, it's not 2 connections.08:33
MorphyNORdevD: you can probably find that out via the webinterface, however this is offtopic for this channel :)08:33
darkNoturno99, it's 2 ethernet ports08:34
darkNoturno99, adsl connections are described as pppN in ifconfig08:34
Noturno99but i have just 108:34
Hunt5timfrost: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m50c1da0308:34
darkNoturno99, it seems you have two, or one virtualized ethernet port08:34
Noturno99i don't understand because 2 ports08:34
darkNoturno99, do you have a dedicated ethernet card?08:34
dezznutNoturno99, are you talking about binding two nic cards into one or about ur dsl connection?08:35
Noturno99dsl conection08:35
darkNoturno99, so i don't know. but you can safely ignore this08:35
dezznutdo you have a modem08:35
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Noturno99i would like to remove all pppoe conections08:35
darkto end them: sudo poff -a08:35
darkto remove any traces: sudo rm -r /etc/ppp/*08:36
kingtiger01hello all once again08:36
timfrostDiverdude: What I described is a path through the Ubuntu Gnome menus08:36
darkto just configure them to not start on startup: sudo pppoeconf08:36
Noturno99 No pppd is running.  None stopped.08:36
darkNoturno99, there is no adsl connection on your box.08:36
darkNoturno99, it is still connected to internet?08:36
darkmaybe your modem is acting as a router08:37
Noturno99yes, by wireless08:37
darkokay. :)08:37
darkso i understand!08:37
Noturno99i'm on wireless now08:37
darkNoturno99, wireless cards are recognized by linux as ethN too08:37
Noturno99no, here wireless is : twifiu008:37
elkaweemy gnome-setup-daemon is consuming all X keyboard that deal with multimedia keys, the default music player works with them though , how does this ? work ? can this behavior be changed ?08:38
dark... really? sorry08:38
dezznutHas anyone worked with autofs?08:38
MorphyNORdark: can be wlan* also08:38
timfrostHunt5: try running the following: sudo apt-get install --reinstall `dpkg -l '*gstreamer*' |awk '/^ii /{print $2}'`08:38
dezznutNoturno99, in terminal type ifconfig /all08:39
Noturno99what is ifupdown (eth1 e eth0)??08:39
duracan anyone show me how to install ubuntu alternate using unitbootin?08:39
dezznutturn eth0 on and off08:39
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[biabia]Help? i have my screensaver set to activate and power options set to power display off minutes later, but neither event occurs now. Used to work before some updates last week08:40
Noturno99twifiu0   Link encap:Ethernet, pan0      Link encap:Etherne, lo        Link encap:Loopback Local  e eth0      Link encap:Ethernet08:41
dezznutare /dev/loops setup in the kernal or modules in ubuntu 9.10?08:41
Hunt5timfrost: can you pls explain me what difference did those single quotes make?08:41
duracan anyone guide me how to install ubuntu alternate using unitbootin?08:42
Noturno99what is pan0?08:43
Noturno99guys, thanks for you help08:45
Noturno99later I try this again08:45
timfrostHunt5: single quotes do two things: 1=tell the shell to NOT expand wild cards   2= present what is enclosed as a single parameter.   #1 is needed for the dpkg -l, and #2 is needed by awk, as it needs the script to be in a single parameter (or a file)08:46
ociugihow to find or locate a file in ubuntu08:46
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perscitusWhat is correct way to merge two mp3 files with cat?08:47
Guest10891hello was wondering if someone can help me with a notebook and screen resolution problem?08:47
sullestwhats the resolution problem :)?08:47
sullestanyone here is familiar with bash programming?08:47
Hunt5timfrost: wild cards means?08:47
Guest10891i have a hp nx6320 running 8.10 and can only get 1024x76808:48
Hunt5timfrost: running dpkg -l '*gstreamer*' |awk '/^ii /{print $2}' is finished08:48
Guest10891i have googled and keep getting to a dead end08:49
lsdlunaFirefox won't open anymore - when I click on firefox, it opens up the browser into what seems to be a tablet shaped/sized box, which when expanded is an empty window. I can't search for the problem...since I now don't have a browser lol?08:49
Guest10891its a intel 945gm chipset08:50
Hunt5timfrost: what do i need to check now?08:50
stage2anyone know the application , that will embed or make a borderless terminla embedded in ur wallpaper/desktop background08:51
stage2or at least it looks that way?08:51
om26erwhat are linux header?08:52
Real_Ubotdark: Ok, but will it not use more battery to run one os inside another? Will it not shorten the battery time?08:53
asa list08:54
asa! list08:54
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:54
nikolatesladoes anyone know where i can get a Gkismet package already made for Hardy08:54
DiverdudeHow do i see who is the owner of a file?08:55
ingerashuhi everyone08:55
om26er!hi | ingerashu08:55
ubottuingerashu: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:55
ingerashui have a problem08:55
reactorguys wht is ibus?08:55
ingerashufor example, when i run vlc player in ubuntu 9.10, instead of showing me menus with correct font, it shows me stars,squares.....08:56
DiverdudeHow do i see who is the owner of a file?08:57
dmbkiwiDiverdude: ls -l08:57
timfrostHunt5: characters that the shell (or other programs) interpret as meaning 'match any character' or 'match any sequence of characters' are referred to as 'wild card characters'.  The shell and the dpkg command use the '*' as a wild card character (it matches any sequence of characters)08:57
FlannelDiverdude: `ls -l /path/to/file` and then it's the third (fourth?) column (first one that's text instead of symbols/etc)08:57
ingerashuanyone knows the solution?08:57
Diverdudehmm i see08:58
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DeathspikeDoes anyone know how to completely disable GNOME from starting on Ubuntu Server 9.10?08:58
Hunt5timfrost: ok thank you. so what do i need to do next?08:59
faileasDeathspike: er.. remove gdm i suppose. why does server even have gnome installed tho?08:59
FlannelDeathspike, faileas: just stop GDM from starting at boot would be enough.09:00
Flannel!bum | Deathspike09:00
ubottuDeathspike: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto09:00
faileasFlannel: hence the er. i don't understand why a server would have it installed to start with ;p09:01
om26erwhat are kernel headers for?09:01
faileasom26er: for when you need to compile drivers09:02
lsdlunaFirefox won't open anymore - when I click on firefox, it opens up the browser into what seems to be a tablet shaped/sized box, which when expanded is an empty window. I can't search for the problem...since I now don't have a browser lol?09:02
DeathspikeFlannel: I tried BUM and removed GNOME but it still re-appears each time I boot.09:02
FlannelDeathspike: You want to remove GDM, not gnome09:03
om26erfaileas, ok09:03
DeathspikeFlannel: Only MySQL and Apache are left enabled, GDM is disabled as well. :(09:03
timfrostHunt5: did you try running the reiinstall command: sudo apt-get install --reinstall `dpkg -l '*gstreamer*' |awk '/^ii /{print $2}'`09:05
DeathspikeFlannel: I tried removing it from each run level using sysv-rc-conf, removing using update-rc.d and using BUM but for some reason it still re-appears. Anything you can think of?09:05
adamonline45_How come with a nearly stock smb.conf testparm gives me so many 'unknown parameters'? http://pastebin.com/m299c25de09:06
FlannelDeathspike: Nope.  Check out the folders themselves and poke around to see what's up.  That's all I can think of09:06
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Hunt5timfrost: i ran:  sudo apt-get install --reinstall `dpkg -l '*gstreamer*' |awk '/^ii /{print $2}'`09:07
Hunt5timfrost: the same command u gave me previously09:07
DeathspikeFlannel: I checked each rc#.d, no entries are there. It re-appears in init.d, but that shouldn't be deleted AFAIK. No custom start up scripts, services disabled using BUM.09:07
DeathspikeI'm lost :P09:07
FlannelDeathspike: Which version of Ubuntu is this?09:08
DeathspikeFlannel: Ubuntu server 9.10 with gnome added09:08
FlannelDeathspike: Hmm, You might be fighting with upstart (which I'm unfamiliar with how far it's transitioned, etc)09:08
timfrostHunt5: how much output was there from that? And are the library files back in /usr/lib?09:08
DeathspikeFlannel: 8.04 LST doesn't have this issue? I can always switch.09:09
nukerbluetooth is not turning on :(09:09
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nukerhow to turn on bluetooth ?09:09
Mehrananybody here ?09:10
DeathspikePlenty of people.09:10
Hunt5timfrost: output of that install command is here: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m706b417d09:11
Mehrani have one question09:11
MehranWould you please help me ?09:11
Hunt5and for being library files back or not, i dont know the exact library files09:11
adamonline45_nick adamonline4509:11
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sabgenton_I can't find menu.1st what do i used to edit the grub menu09:12
ardchoille!grub2 | sabgenton09:12
ubottusabgenton: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:12
mneptok!ask > Mehran09:14
ubottuMehran, please see my private message09:15
xpo0fsabgenton_: you should look for grub.cfg09:15
Falcons_roost? Nvidia driver install09:15
xpo0for maybe edit in /etc/dafault/grub09:15
xpo0fand then update-grub09:15
NooB4Fundoes anyone own a dell 1545? do u find it easy to install ubuntu on it?09:16
xpo0fNooB4Fun: what problem to install it ?09:16
sabgenton_xpo0f: thank09:16
Falcons_roostask Nvidia09:16
NooB4Funlike the drivers?09:17
sabgenton_xpo0f: what do i set to make the boot menu apear on start up?09:17
Falcons_roostI need the instructions09:17
NooB4Funcoz i've talk some people they're gettin problems on the gfx card for the 3D desktop09:17
nukerwhat is nvidia driver ?09:17
xpo0fsabgenton_: where do you install gruB ?09:17
Falcons_roostThird party software for hardware09:17
sabgenton_xpo0f: is that  bash script i see in the  config09:17
Falcons_roostI want the bot09:18
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adamonline45Whoah, wait, testparm -V says i'm using samba 4 alpha!  Could this lead to many testparm errors on a basically default smb.conf?  Also, can anyone read me?  I don't even know what a direct response looks like on this new client! :O09:18
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nukerhow to install nvidia driver how can i do it ?09:18
timfrostHunt5: That output indicates that everything was re-installed correctly.   Is that an exclamation (!) or a pipe(vertical bar) symbol (|) in the gst-launch command lines?  You need the pipe character: gst-launch v4l2src | ffmpegcolorspace | ximagesink09:18
sabgenton_xpo0f: the normal place09:19
Hunt5ya gstreamer usage i know as i worked, ! is the pipe for gstreamer09:19
nukerlulz let me google it :)))09:19
sabgenton_ /boot09:19
xpo0finstall in mbr09:19
ardchoille!nvidia | nuker09:19
ubottunuker: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:19
Hunt5timfrost: but my gstreamer still doesn't work09:19
sabgenton_xpo0f: it is09:19
xpo0for maybe in own linux partition09:19
howdeepNeed help. My upper and lower toolbars have disappeared from xfce after using fullscreen on vlc movie player09:19
nukerthanks <ardchoille>09:20
infoclogif i start startx then i receive an error SocketCreateListnere() failed . Cannot establish any listening sockets - Make sure an X server isnt already running09:20
xpo0fsabgenton_: update-grub and see its output09:20
xpo0finfoclog: service gdm start ? how09:20
raviousanyone else on 9.04 getting a 111 connection refused on the repository servers from apt?09:20
sabgenton_xpo0f: I just want to acivate its boot menu09:20
timfrostHunt5: in that case, I can't help any more, because I don't use gstreamer :(09:20
xpo0fsabgenton_: maybe apt-get install grub09:21
infoclogxpo0f: i did not understand u09:21
XfactI want to sugeest Ubuntu t09:21
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy09:21
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.09:23
howdeepanyone know how i can restore my upper taskbar, it has disappeared09:23
xpo0f!grub | sabgenton_09:23
ubottusabgenton_: please see above09:23
sabgenton_Iv just been  reading and grub two is edited in /etc/default/grub09:24
sabgenton_not grub.cfg09:24
rolo_hello, I have connected my laptop(Windows Vista) with my desktop (Ubuntu 8.04) via ethernet cable. I have public folder sharing turned on, on my laptop. I still can't see it in network in ubuntu. can somebody help?09:24
XfactUbuntu Karmic is not stable, after running the Update manager I don't know why for any dgm problem, my desktop started with a <username>@ubuntu:~$ and my monitor,  CUP box light, keyboard and mouse lights was flickering constantly...It pissed me of for some moment :(  (like a horror story!)09:24
sabgenton_what you edit there will be automaticly imported into grub.cfg09:25
APERSONsabgenton, only on a kernel update or if you run update-grub manually09:25
infoclogxpo0f: what does this mean - service gdm start ? how09:25
xpo0fsabgenton_: you should edit it on /etc/default/grub and do update-grub09:25
xpo0finfoclog: do you have gdm running ?09:25
MehranPlease please me09:26
XfactEveryone, I want to suggest one of my friend to use ubuntu, he's PC has ATI graphics card, so will it be a big issue?09:26
sabgenton_xpo0f: ah so update-grub will eventuate in grub being imported to grub.cfg09:26
rolo_hello, I have connected my laptop(Windows Vista) with my desktop (Ubuntu 8.04) via ethernet cable. I have public folder sharing turned on, on my laptop. I still can't see it in network in ubuntu. can somebody help?09:26
XfactMehran: what your problem?09:26
ardchoille!ati | Xfact09:26
Proximahello everyone i need help wth ubuntu installation09:26
ubottuXfact: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:26
MehranAfter i put this command sudo rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm009:26
howdeepneed help with xfce, my task bars have disappeared. how can i restore them?09:26
Mehranit said me error09:27
ardchoillehowdeep: Try asking in #xubuntu09:27
infoclogxpo0f: i dont know, can i find it out? i have just installed ubuntu and it installed fine. but when i restarted it to load it from the hard drive it never starts my monitor.09:27
Mehrancan't find a config entry for rfcomm009:27
rolo_can somebody help me with this?09:27
MehranWhat happen ?09:27
APERSONhowdeep, do you have alt+f209:28
rolo_hello, I have connected my laptop(Windows Vista) with my desktop (Ubuntu 8.04) via ethernet cable. I have public folder sharing turned on, on my laptop. I still can't see it in network in ubuntu. can somebody help?09:28
MehranPlease help me09:28
ardchoille!patience | Mehran09:28
ubottuMehran: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.09:28
guntbertrolo_: are they directly connected? you'll need a switch09:28
rolo_guntbert: yes they are directly connected09:29
jgcampbell300can anyone tell me how to get a ubuntu box to remote desktop between vista, xp, and ubuntu ?09:29
timfrost!samba | rolo_09:29
ubotturolo_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.09:29
APERSONguntbert, not if one is sharing the connection to the other09:29
Mehrannobody knows my Answer ?09:29
jgcampbell300!remote desktop09:29
Mehrani have problem with this command sudo rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm009:30
guntbertAPERSON: excuse me? we are talking about ethernet09:30
adamonline45In samba, are 'writeable' and 'guest ok' valid options in a share definition?09:30
xpo0finfoclog: maybe u must run from live cd09:30
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com09:30
sean_yeah, alt+f2 is working09:30
ProximaWhen i boot from the live cd the system want my username and password   ..what r the defaults...can you help wth dat please09:30
xpo0fctrl + alt + f109:30
xpo0fProxima: ubuntu is default09:31
guntbertrolo_: you usually have to use a switch (or a special cable called crossover)09:31
APERSONguntbert, you can share a connection with just an ethernet cable and I can share files over samba fine09:31
Proximado i type ubuntu as a username as well as a password?09:31
neezeranyone here know anything about getting songs onto a jailbroken ipod touch?09:31
guntbertAPERSON: well maybe you can - I cannot - but it seems rolo_ isn't interested anyway :)09:32
plustaxhow to check what kind of video card I have?09:32
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup09:32
xpo0fusually using live cd no prompt for username and password09:32
plustaxwhats the terminal command to check my type of video card?09:32
timfrostrolo_: do both machines have IP addresses in the same network? And can you ping each from the other?09:32
xpo0f! ubuntu | nuker09:32
ubottunuker: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com09:32
APERSONguntbert, indeed09:33
Proximabt it does!09:33
jgcampbell300! remote desktop09:33
timfrostplustax: lspci | grep -i vga09:33
APERSONjgcampbell300, /msg ubottu !search remote09:33
ProximaWhat should i do?09:34
=== nuker is now known as debian-nuker
quintin_hey guyz09:34
howdeepHow can i restore the taskbar in xfce. it has disappeared09:34
ardchoillehowdeep: Try asking in #xubuntu09:34
quintin_in this new ubuntu chat client, how do I change windows?  before you could ctrl + tab in pidgin09:34
APERSONhowdeep, I tried helping you, but you never answered my questions09:35
jgcampbell300can anyone tell me if the default Ubuntu Remote Desktop will connect to any type of system like windows or mac ?09:35
ardchoillehowdeep: The proper channel for xfce/xubuntu questions is #xubuntu09:35
adamonline45hi, how can I completely remove all traces of samba from my install?  Somehow I've installed samba4 and samba3, but I only want samba3 and I'm having issues; I want to start totally fresh...09:35
dandamanif wget looks for a url and it doesnt exist what will it do?09:35
quintin_jgcampbell300: of course it will09:35
quintin_adamonline45: aptitude purge09:35
howdeepAPERSON, my xchat crashed09:36
howdeepAPERSON, sorry09:36
adamonline45quintin_, I'll do that, thanks :D09:36
APERSONhowdeep, do you have access to alt+f209:36
jgcampbell300cool ... one more question ... do you have a link to a page that will give me more info on the subject please ?09:36
howdeepAPERSON, yes09:36
jgcampbell300wonder if windows can connect to ubuntu09:36
narretgrezso i made the mistake of upgrading my chromium in ubuntu, which turned out to have a start up bug.09:36
quintin_jgcampbell300: wtf, I'm not going to google for you.  google for yourself.09:36
narretgrezis there anyway to quickly revert to the older version?09:36
APERSONhowdeep, is it alright if you get logged out?09:36
narretgrezor is it very complicated?09:36
narretgrezlinux noob here09:36
quintin_jgcampbell300: yes, using vnc, x11, ssh, nomachine, or whatever09:37
howdeepAPERSON, sure, i guess so09:37
jgcampbell300ok ty i guess ill start my search with vnc09:37
[biabia]Help? i have my screensaver set to activate and power options set to power display off minutes later, but neither event occurs now. Used to work before some updates last week09:37
quintin_narretgrez: I'm not sure what chromium is, but downgrading is usually kind of hard09:37
Hunt5timfrost: so as far as ubuntu packages are concerned, are they uncorrupted by now in my machine?09:37
jgcampbell300thanks for the help09:37
APERSONhowdeep, gksu service gdm restart09:37
umangHi, anyone willing to help me solve a problem I have with pbuilder? I'm getting a "E: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed."09:37
quintin_jgcampbell300: system > prefs > remote desktop09:37
mikebeechamgood morning....can anyone tell my, since upgrading to Jaunty, all my SMB shares are now listed twice in nautilus and 'Places'?09:37
quintin_mikebeecham: dunno.  check /etc/samba/smb.conf ?09:38
=== yacyac_ is now known as yacyac
isymsomebody know problem with dual linux boot in grub menu09:38
quintin_isym: works fine09:38
isymi mean09:38
isymthere is two kernels09:38
isyman .........1409:38
timfrostHunt5: that is correct.09:38
isymand ..........1609:38
isymcan i remove 1409:39
[biabia]i choose the most recent kernel typically09:39
mikebeechamquintin_: nahhh...it was fine on Karmic09:39
[biabia]it might not be a good idea to delete the previous kernel in case you ever have trouble booting09:39
Hunt5timfrost: i am just running grep -rn " libgstcoreelements" . in my home directory, i dont see anything09:39
quintin_mikebeecham: and now it's not?  so... look at config file to make sure it's not that09:39
mikebeechamquintin_: sorry, it was fine on Jaunty, but went weird on Karmic09:39
umangHi, anyone willing to help me solve a problem I have with pbuilder? I'm getting a "E: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed."09:40
howdeepAPERSON, that didn't seem to help09:40
howdeepAPERSON, it has been this way since i used fullscreen mode in vlc movie player09:40
quintin_mikebeecham: did you check your config file yet?09:41
chipgeriwhich is the first file accessed from /etc  directory while booting?09:41
mikebeechamquintin_: looking, but as a linux noob I'm working through it slowly :D09:41
Tutattishi . when i create a user besides root, does this user take space in my hdd?09:42
* jasonjang is away: 자리 비웁니다.09:43
* jasonjang is back (gone 00:00:59)09:44
APERSONhowdeep, can you see if xfce4-panel is running?09:44
guntbert!away > jasonjang09:44
ubottujasonjang, please see my private message09:44
timfrostisym: yes.  Once you have booted and are running the new kernel, you can use synaptic (or the command line tools) to remove the older kernel package09:45
howdeepAPERSON, how do i check running processes?09:45
howdeepAPERSON,  never done that before09:45
jasonjangi'm so sorry! i C.09:45
chipgeri<timfrost>which is the first file accessed from /etc  directory while booting?09:46
Hunt5can any one pls tell em what is this? /usr/lib32/gstreamer-0.10/libgstcoreelements.soia32-libs [not i386]09:46
Hunt5i dont find it in synaptic to install09:46
apandai cant get a simple "if [ ! pgrep -f tsserver2 ]" to work, it says:  [: -f: binary operator expected09:46
mikebeechamok quintin_I've looked, but dont really know what I should be looking at or checking.  I wouldn't know if something is incorrect or not.  Nothing is duplicated in there, I can tell you that09:46
APERSONhowdeep, alt+f2 > xfce4-terminal09:47
howdeepAPERSON, okay, what command will show me processes?09:48
APERSONhowdeep, ps aux | grep xfce4-panel09:49
timfrostHunt5: what files are in the directory .gstreamer-0.10?09:49
nmvictori am finally upgrading to karmic, enough of jaunty09:50
Hunt5.gstreamer-0.10 in home? or /usr/lib09:50
APERSONhowdeep, if you only see one entry, then it isn't running09:50
Hunt5sri@sri-laptop:~/.gstreamer-0.10$ ls09:50
Hunt5registry.i486.bin  registry.i686.bin09:50
howdeepAPERSON, yeah, only one line comes back09:51
howdeepAPERSON, how can i start xfce4-panel?09:51
APERSONhowdeep, then you can alt+f2 > xcfe4-panel09:51
APERSONhowdeep, err, efce4-panel *09:52
actripsixis this just an ubuntu help or can i get help on a general IRC question?09:52
howdeepAPERSON, hmm that was easy...09:52
howdeepAPERSON, thanks alot  :)09:52
APERSONhowdeep, no problem09:52
guntbertactripsix: this channel is for ubuntu help only09:52
qwertyjustinhey guys09:52
qwertyjustinknow any good wysiwyg web design apps ?09:53
actripsixwhere can i find help for a general irc question?09:53
guntbertactripsix: ask in #freenode09:53
APERSONhowdeep, if it doesn't return after a restart/login, you may have to add that to your startup programs09:53
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy09:53
weecolhey to the freenode crew09:53
guntbertactripsix: ^^09:53
actripsixthank you guntbert?09:53
APERSONactripsix, try #help or #freenode09:53
cew_sayangnick cew_islam_1709:54
tsimpsonAPERSON: fwiw, #help redirects to #freenode09:54
howdeepAPERSON, it came up with three error messages regarding the audio mixer09:54
howdeepAPERSON, not sure what that's about, but it seems to be the source of the problem09:54
coldfirehi when i play music on banshee my processor reach 54% why ?09:54
APERSONhowdeep, that's beyond me then.  you could try to restart alsa: gksu service alsa-utils restart09:56
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sinthey, i've did an update and it failed in about 30% (while processing) with an error. i've figured out what it was and fixed it. but now it it's ignoring the other 70% of the update. it tells me the system is already up to date, which i doubt! is there a way to find out whats missing?09:56
=== fred_ is now known as Guest68824
NooB4Funcheck it again09:57
howdeepAPERSON, okay, thanks...i'll try it09:57
NET||abusehmm, is there a new package in ubuntu for nicer screen?10:01
NET||abusethe screen command?10:01
NET||abusei remember hearing something. was just wondering what it is?10:01
faileasone moment, let me look it up10:02
guntbertinfo byobu | NET||abuse10:02
guntbert!info byobu | NET||abuse10:02
ubottuNET||abuse: byobu (source: byobu): a set of useful profiles and a profile-switcher for GNU screen. In component main, is optional. Version 2.38-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 53 kB, installed size 620 kB10:02
NET||abuseguntbert, how cna i make byobu default?10:02
xpo0fhi people10:03
NET||abusethat's exactly what i was looking for : )10:03
[biabia]it might not be a good idea to delete the previous kernel in case you ever have trouble booting10:03
[biabia]Help? i have my screensaver set to activate and power options set to power display off minutes later, but neither event occurs now. Used to work before some updates last week10:03
xpo0fhow eh to benchmark graphic in ubuntu10:03
xpo0fim just using extremetux and show the fps10:04
jgcampbell300hmm can you tell me the diffrence between x11vnc and what ubuntu installs ?10:04
krautglxgears is an easy and fast way to benchmark10:04
krautbut it's not a really good tool, to meassure everything10:04
guntbertNET||abuse: start it, F9 gives the menu10:04
xpo0fkraut: im using intel and forum there mention for not trust for glxgears10:04
paulbHi, My problem is that I removed the volume control applet from the panel by mistake and I cant get it back. Its not in the list in add to panel. Im using Ubuntu 9.10.10:04
xpo0fbase in intel performance in jaunty in ubuntu forum10:05
Slartpaulb: I don't think the volume control isn't a panel applet.. I think it's a normal app10:05
NET||abuseguntbert, thanks :)10:06
Slartpaulb: sorry.. "I don't think the volume control is a panel applet"10:06
krautxpo0f: as i said, it's just a fast way, nothing more10:06
xpo0fkraut: okay10:06
paulbSlart Ive been through the sound options as well and I cant find a way to add it back.10:06
poi77Hi! I need to compile a huge number of latex files. pdflatex *.tex only does the first one. Is there an easy way?10:07
Slartpaulb: what happens if you run "gnome-volume-control" in a terminal?10:07
legend2440paulb: right click the panel choose add to panel  choose  Notification Area10:08
jgcampbell300hmm do i have to be loged on at both machines to use vnc ?10:08
plustaxI have 32 bit 9.10. But I have a 64bit capable system. Anyway to upgrade without losing everything I have?10:08
Slartpoi77: you might be able to use "find" .. it would do it a bit differently10:08
paulb<Slart>  I get the sound preferences window opening.10:08
poi77Slart: what is find? From the places menu? I'm confused, sorry10:09
* Claudiu__ is away: Away fo now .. 10:09
Slartpoi77: it's a console command.. very useful..10:09
plustaxAnyone know?10:09
Slartpoi77: I'll get right back to you.. just a sec10:09
legend2440paulb: right click the panel choose add to panel  choose  Notification Area reboot may be necessary10:10
poi77Slart: No problem---thanks for your help!10:10
plustaxI have 32 bit 9.10. But I have a 64bit capable system. Anyway to upgrade without losing everything I have?10:10
Slartpaulb: it doesn't make the little volume control thingy appear again? try what legend2440 suggested too10:10
Slartplustax: I don't think you can do a in place upgrade from 32bit to 64bit, no10:10
plustaxslart are there any advantages of 64 bit over 32?10:11
cemcthe 'Keep Aligned' option on the GNOME desktop doesn't see to stick10:11
faLUCE hi. do you know any good mini-itx based product with ubuntu and a DVI video output?10:11
paulblegend2440: Slart:  Ok Ill try that. back in a min.10:11
cemcafter re-login it still is checked10:11
cemcany other way to disable it ?10:11
Slartpoi77: ok.. when you run pdflatex *.tex   I think bash remakes that into    pdflatex file1.tex file2.tex file3.tex and so on.. if pdflatex isn't ready for this it might not do all the files10:12
stevieDoes somebody know anything about network sharing (samba) between windows and linux10:12
poi77Slart: I see. How can find help10:12
plustaxstevie how much space are you looking for as far as network sharing goes?10:12
Slartpoi77:  find works a little differently.. you tell find what kinds of files you're looking for and it will run pdflatex file1.tex.. then pdflatex file2.tex  and so on.. this might work better10:12
stevieI just want to se others given files on the network.10:13
Slartpoi77: so..open a terminal.. use "cd" to go to the folder with the tex files10:13
poi77Slart: ok10:13
jgcampbell300omg theres alot of info on remote desktop10:14
stevieplustax i can't find anybody on the network..10:15
paulblegend2440: Slart: Ok Im back and it added my ethernet connectionto the panel.10:15
APERSONplustax: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=616&num=110:15
paulblegend2440: Slart: Ok Im back and it added my ethernet connectionto the panel.10:16
plustaxstevie im not sure to be honest10:16
plustaxthank you APERSON10:16
Slartpoi77: then try this   find ./      this should list all the files, including subfolders, in the current folder10:16
legend2440paulb: no volume icon?10:16
Slartpoi77: it will just print them out for now.. we'll change that later10:16
paulblegend2440: Slart:  didnt mean to send twice.10:16
poi77Slart: that's correct10:16
poi77Slart: I see that10:16
paulblegend2440: Slart:  No No volume icon10:16
Slartpoi77: ok.. we now add a condition for which files we want to see..      find ./ -iname '*.tex'      the -iname switch means that the pattern has to match.. this is not case sensitive.. there is a -name switch that is case sensitive if we want that10:17
Jordan_Usabgenton_: Hold shift at boot10:17
APERSONplustax, I'm sorry, I meant to link you to this one: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_32_pae&num=110:17
Slartpaulb: not really sure how to get it back then... I'll play around with it later.. I'll get back to you if I find anything10:18
poi77Slart: yes, now I see10:18
dman67this is lame10:18
legend2440paulb: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=12886459f0b67fdc60f7f5e76abac9f2&t=1292789&page=210:18
poi77Slart: my tex file list10:18
jgcampbell300i have a ubuntu desktop, a xp pro 64 desktop and a few other computers at my house and a Ubuntu laptop what do i use to connect from laptop to any of the desktops from work useing remote desktop10:19
kajoI'm trying to rip a dvd with dvdrip, perl GUI for ffmpeg or something I think I got from synaptic. Anyways, when I try and "read DVD table of contents", I get an error message telling me it failed. the log says "lsdvd failed", as if there just isn't a drive there or something. The program recognizes the drive, though, because it shows me a drive model number, and when I click that it fills in the /dev/sr0 automatically. I know the drive wo10:19
kajorks (shoddy as it is) because I can watch the movie through it. Any ideas? Wanna see the log?10:19
plustaxAre there any really good games I can DL and play on Ubuntu at all?10:19
Slartpoi77: good.. now we add another switch to make find execute a command on each file instead of just printing it out..     find ./ -iname '*.tex' -exec pdflatex {} +    should do it.. {} will be replaced by the filename..10:19
apandaplustax: assaultcube :> and like 3 million others10:20
Jordan_U!games | plustax10:20
ubottuplustax: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php10:20
Slartpoi77: actually.. this one might work better.. find ./ -iname '*.tex' -exec pdflatex {} \;10:21
poi77Slart: I'm getting missing argument to `-exec'10:21
legend2440paulb: do you have 2 notification areas now? its hard to see its like 3 vertical small dashes10:21
Slartpoi77: yes.. sorry about that.. the man page confused me10:21
poi77Slart: no problem10:21
plustaxapanda okay i have assaultcube tar ball. How to install it? I dont see installation instructions anywhere and im a bit new to linux10:21
nmvictori  pressed the 'install updates' button istead of the 'upgrade' button in update manager and now update manager is downloading the files from karmic  servers, im still on jaunty, is this a full dist upgrade, the files being downloaded are about 957,someone advice me10:21
jgcampbell300can someone atleast tell me what the fastest protocall would be to remote desktop10:22
elleucaI like to report a bug against a working but not recognized webcam (i.e. described using "UVC Camera" instead "$Vendor $Model"): do I've to open it against udev or .... ?10:22
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »10:22
plustaxjgcampbell300 pm10:22
Slartpoi77: so that should build all the tex files..  you can select files according to lots of conditions.. file size, modification date, filename and so on.. lots of info in "man find"10:23
plustaxapanda okay i have assaultcube tar ball. How to install it? I dont see installation instructions anywhere and im a bit new to linux10:23
paulbSlart: Ok thanks for looking.10:23
Slartpaulb: did you find a solution?10:23
poi77Slart: "so that should build all the tex files" I think I missed something...10:23
apandayou just need to untar and run the client or something .sh file plustax10:23
APERSONplustax, extract the tarball, there should be a readme file in there10:23
plustaxthanks apanda10:24
Slartpoi77: the last command.. it should run pdflatex on all the tex files.. it didn't?10:24
chadiCan I change the source code of apt? When I update, I want it to authenticate to the proxy, it doesn't by default...10:24
nmvictori  pressed the 'install updates' button istead of the 'upgrade' button in update manager and now update manager is downloading the files from karmic  servers, im still on jaunty, is this a full dist upgrade, the files being downloaded are about 957,someone please advice me10:24
poi77Slart: find ./ -iname '*.tex' -exec pdflatex {} \ find: missing argument to `-exec'10:24
poi77Slart: Did I miss a different command?10:25
Slartpoi77: note that it should be     \;    at the end.. not just   \10:25
paulbLegend2440: I have the vertical bar plus ethernet and xirc icons now. Ive just turned back on the volume control in the startup applications.10:25
ziocekyserver irc.openjoke.org10:25
rolohello can somebody please help me?10:25
Slart!ask | rolo10:25
ubotturolo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:25
paulbIm just going to logoff and try again.10:26
poi77Slart: true; sorry : but still, find ./ -iname '*.tex' -exec pdflatex {}; \ find: missing argument to `-exec'10:26
zaggynl911 dispatch, what is your emergency10:26
rolowhen I use firefox to go to thepiratebay.org it closes firefox after I have made a search. what can i do?10:26
Slartpoi77: no.    find ./ -iname '*.tex' -exec pdflatex {} \;10:26
ikoniarolo: does it do it with any other sites10:27
grayhanerolo the piratebay is clcosed10:27
tolkaddoes this video work for you guys on ubuntu? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMG-LWyNcAs#t=2m43s10:27
Slartrolo: run firefox from a terminal.. see if you get an error message10:27
paulbSlart: legend2440: Thanks guys Ive now got it back.10:27
poi77Slart: I see! Thank you very much for your help!10:27
rolograyhane: is it going to open up again? this does not happen in windows10:27
Slartpoi77: you're welcome10:27
debian-nuker<ikonia> are u female ?10:27
roloikonia: I think it does10:28
Slartrolo: the site is open and working... run firefox from a terminal.. it's probably just crashing10:28
grayhanetolkad, it did not work for me10:28
ikoniarolo: ok - so the problem is firefox, not the site10:28
grayhanerolo I am not sure , they are in court at the moment10:28
oCean_chadi: See this forum thread abouth apt through proxy-with-auth10:28
debian-nukerhello bluetooth is not turning on :(((10:29
roloslart: it opens up finely10:29
debian-nukerhow to turn on ?10:29
Slartrolo: so it works now? even for pirate bay?10:29
roloI reinstalled the package from synaptic and nothing changed10:29
geek1dmorning all10:29
Slart!details | debian-nuker10:29
ubottudebian-nuker: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:29
roloslart: not for pirate bay10:29
mkulkehello i have an issue with using compiz: i use multiple desktops alot, and when i have the pidgin buddy list open on some desktop i can't seem to get it to my active desktop. i always have to "search" for it on the other desktops and close it there. anyone knows a way around this?10:29
Slartrolo: what happens if you go there when you launch firefox from the terminal?10:30
sinani am running karmic, and having trouble accessing a mobile over obex. All the instructions i found reference a "gnome-obex-server", which I don't have nor can find in the repo. Also, I don't get the upper right icon for bluetooth, although I was able to couple the device from the System menu. Any ideas?10:30
Slartmkulke: can't you set it to be a "widget" or whatever it's called.. so it appears on all desktops?10:30
roloslart: the same thing10:30
debian-nukerit works :D sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth start10:30
Slartrolo: and what do you get in the terminal window?10:31
chadioCean_ I don't mind modifying the source code myself if that's possible, and legal...10:31
rolothe thing is that if I click on some link before it stops, it doesn't terminate10:31
Hunt5tim-: tim__b: are you there?10:31
rolowait a minute10:32
plustaxapanda i clicked on the sh and it doesnt run10:32
plustaxany idea apanda ?10:32
mkulkeSlart: how would i make pidgin a widget? i use the ubuntu mail-thingie in the top bar, where also evolution and empathy is located10:32
rolosegmentation fault10:32
oCean_chadi: even if there's already an option?10:32
Hunt5tim__b: did you change your nick from this timfrost by any chance?10:33
roloslart: segmentation fault10:33
Slartmkulke: there is a setting somewhere... I think it was in pidgin somewhere.. or in the compiz configuration thingy.. let me check10:33
tim__bno, Hunt5. always have been tim__b, always will be tim__b10:33
chadioCean_ I just want to know if it is possible, and if it is, where are the source files located :) I will use the workarounds i find, however.10:33
apandaplustax it doesnt run is a very good error description. there is an #assaultcube channel on quakenet tho10:33
Slartrolo: not a lot we can do about those.. something on that site makes firefox crash.. it might be a plugin or firefox itself.. if it was on my computer I would do a clean reinstall, ie a purge and then install10:34
rolorolo@rolo-desktop:~$ firefox10:34
rolo** Message: GetValue variable 1 (1)10:34
rolo** Message: GetValue variable 2 (2)10:34
rolo** Message: GetValue variable 1 (1)10:34
oCean_chadi: download source packages: "apt-get source pkgname"10:34
rolo** Message: GetValue variable 2 (2)10:34
FloodBot3rolo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:34
rolo** Message: GetValue variable 1 (1)10:34
debian-nukerlong live bill gate10:34
Slart!pastebin rolo10:34
roloslart: how do I do that?10:34
elky!paste | rolo10:34
ubotturolo: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic10:34
Hunt5do any of you use gstreamer by any chance?10:35
ikoniadebian-nuker: please stop that sort of sillyness10:35
chadioCean_ : oh, so I download the source of the package, edit it, then compile it?10:35
debian-nuker:D mention not10:35
unknownworldsuse anyone kvm with lvm2?10:35
Slart!cn | cacao10:35
ubottucacao: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:35
ikoniaubottu: yes10:35
ikoniaunknownworlds: yes10:35
plustaxapanda plain and simple I double click it and it does nothing10:36
plustaxjust...does nothing10:36
debian-nukeri need a ssh account give now10:36
unknownworldsi get every 4-10 hours a ext4 i/o error10:36
roloslart: how do I do a clean reinstallation?10:36
Slartrolo: open synaptic.. find firefox.. mark it as "remove completely".. let it run.. then install it again10:36
cacaothank you ,bye!10:36
unknownworldsonly on the vserver, not host10:36
Slartrolo: I'm not sure if this will mess with bookmarks and such.. make backups first10:36
unknownworldsi use newest ubuntu, host with 4 hdds, 2 normal for storage and 2 with raid1 for system and vserver10:37
unknownworldson the raid1 is a lvm210:37
Slartdebian-nuker: this is a ubuntu support.. we don't hand out ssh accounts10:37
oCean_!compile | chadi - yes, but there's a little more to it:10:37
ubottuchadi - yes, but there's a little more to it:: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)10:37
debian-nukermention not :(10:37
wowotocacao: here ,i comes from xiamen Fujian Pro.10:37
unknownworldsand i installed it by dvd (with kvm), newest ubuntu in host und vserver10:37
debian-nukerok guys bye love @ all10:37
chadioCean_ thank you very much :)10:38
roloslart: it still does the same thing10:38
oCean_chadi: yw10:38
Slartrolo: I don't know of anything else you can do, sorry10:39
ustun_hi, can someone enlighten me on the way font antialiasing works? As far as I understand, there is .fonts.conf , then there are individual font settings for Gnome, XFCE and KDE (or do they just modify .fonts.conf), then there are .Xresources. I am confused as to which setting is used when. To add more confusion, some terminal programs have an option to antialias fonts. Help?10:39
ustun_And then there is dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config too10:39
ustun_And then there is some info regarding BCI which is not enabled by default, however this seems rather obsolete as far as I understand10:40
=== debian-nuker is now known as golden-nuke
golden-nuke:((( bluetooth icon had cross sign what is the meaning of that ?10:41
=== max is now known as Guest62334
relamoin moin10:41
MASARUwotagolden-nuke, it doesnt work or isnt connected10:42
relawas könnte es sein wenn man bei grub root=/dev/hda3 angibt und beim booten er dann meckert das er kein filesystem auf /dev/hdc3 findet?!10:42
Slart!de | rela10:42
ubotturela: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:42
golden-nukeits connected but ubuntu can't figure it out :((10:43
relasry, wrong chan10:43
Slartrela: now worries10:43
golden-nukeits asking "tun it on" but nothing happen :((10:44
golden-nukestill it had a cross sign :((10:44
quintin_how do you change tabs in empathy?10:45
isolat3dsh33pwhat's failsafe-gnome?10:45
quintin_isolat3dsh33p: exactly what it sound slike10:46
isolat3dsh33pquintin_, my english is bad, enlighten me please10:46
quintin_isolat3dsh33p: www.lmgtfy.com/?q=what%20is%20failsafe%20gnome10:47
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy10:48
isolat3dsh33pquintin_, thanks. :)10:48
isolat3dsh33pquintin_, nice one. Next time do that to everyone who ask a question. :/10:50
quintin_isolat3dsh33p: oh I do..10:51
isolat3dsh33pquintin_, better don't reply then, saves more of your time ;)10:52
kajowhy does lsdvd fail? I get this message: libdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.10 for DVD access10:52
kajolibdvdread: Can't seek to block 258193610:52
kajolibdvdread: Can't seek to block 258193610:52
kajolibdvdread: Invalid IFO for title 2 (VTS_02_0.IFO).10:52
kajoCan't open ifo 2!10:52
FloodBot3kajo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:52
isolat3dsh33pWhat's failsafe-gnome is?10:52
kajoDidn't think it was a problem if it was only a few lines, apologies everyone.... anyone have an answer?10:53
ustun__Hi, I have a problem regarding how font appearance works under Ubuntu. I have written a detailed explanation of the issue here at http://superuser.com/questions/93070/demystifying-font-appearance-on-linux-the-proper-way Could you help me understand how font settings are evaluated in Ubuntu. I am trying to get the font appearance right10:53
quintin_isolat3dsh33p: so do you understand what it is now?  or no10:53
XfactEveryone: After installing my Internet connection is turned so slow...any ideas...? :(10:53
=== sandeep is now known as Guest51927
isolat3dsh33pquintin_, still loking at google. Not much description of that stuff. :/10:54
Jordan_U!google | quintin_ isolat3dsh33p10:54
ubottuquintin_ isolat3dsh33p: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.10:54
Guest51927i have a remote id.pub key and want to allow him to access my system, where should i put that file ?10:55
isolat3dsh33pJordan_U, thanks ;)10:55
quintin_Jordan_U: BITE ME.  Thanks10:56
XfactEveryone: After installing from Hardy to Karmic my Internet connection is turned too slow...any ideas...? :(10:56
kajowhat does "libdvdread: Can't seek to block 2581936" in response to lsdvd?10:57
isolat3dsh33pI think failsafe should be added to ubottu's database. :/10:57
plustaxHow do I change the default vnc port in ubuntu 9.10?10:57
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=== nero_ is now known as ubunturookkie
ustun_Xfact, DNS settings?10:58
DaughainWHat command would i use to find bandwidth traffic?10:59
plustaxHow do I change the default vnc port in ubuntu 9.10?10:59
ubottuplustax: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.10:59
Xfactustun_: how to do it...I've setup my pppoe connection by sudo pppoeconf.... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ADSLPPPoE (as it's says)11:00
quintin_Daughain: google linux bandwidth monitor.  bmon is useful11:00
marcin199hey, how to show installed repositories (apt-get) ?11:00
=== Guest51927 is now known as sandeep
isolat3dsh33pmarcin199, the easiest way is to look at your source list.11:01
Xfactis there any commands to check DNS settings? or I should use WinShark?11:01
=== sandeep is now known as Guest9446
marcin199isolat3dsh33p, where i can find it?11:01
Daughainquintin_: I'm working out how to edit a karamba theme for my system.11:01
Hunt5guys, when i install from synaptic, where do the .so files get stored?11:01
quintin_plustax: why do you want to change the port it listens on?11:01
isolat3dsh33pmarcin199, System->Admin->Software Source11:02
ustun_Xfact, how fast does it respond when you ping a site?11:02
SlartDaughain: nload is usefull for short term stuff.. you could also look at cactii for a nice web gui with charts and whatnot.. takes some effort to setup though11:02
marcin199isolat3dsh33p, thx11:02
isolat3dsh33pmarcin199, np ;)11:02
Daughainquintin_:  Its an older theme, so I am needing to update it. I'm trying to locate the commands that can be used in term to pull up the desired info.11:02
SlartHunt5: I don't think there is a one specific folder for .so files.. try searching for them.. or check in the info for the package in synaptic.. I think there's a filelist there11:02
Crash2108Hello, friends.  What do I tell my dad to do with his computer so I have it in place to SSH into it?/11:04
Jordan_Uisolat3dsh33p: Failsafe gnome mostly just disables anything set to run in System > Preferences > Startup Applications11:04
SlartCrash2108: that would depend on a lot of things.. your dad is running ubuntu?11:04
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »11:05
cemcwhere can I find xsri ?11:05
Xfactustun_: really slow like for 'www.facebook.com' it's taking time 351 ms average....but in normal it takes maximum 168 ms in my connection :(11:05
Crash2108Yes, I thought that would be assumed being that I'm in the Ubuntu IRC.11:05
sinthey, i've did an update and it failed in about 30% (while processing) with an error. i've figured out what it was and fixed it. but now it it's ignoring the other 70% of the update. it tells me the system is already up to date, which i doubt! is there a way to find out whats missing?11:05
isolat3dsh33pJordan_U, thanks. :)11:05
faileasCrash2108: install openSSH-server to start. if he has a router, he will need to forward port 22. and you need his ip address - the global one - not the local one11:05
Jordan_Uisolat3dsh33p: np :)11:05
ustun__Xfact, could you try Google DNS?
quintin_Daughain: no idea, I don't do that kind of stuff11:06
=== iGhost is now known as iKernel
Daughainquintin_:  Ok, thanks.11:06
sazwqaanybody knows a goot mysql client ?11:06
Slartcemc: I didn't find it in any of the packages in the ubuntu repos.. perhaps it's available from somewhere else11:06
Crash2108faileas, Do not Unix systems have SSH built in?11:06
Xfact ustun__:  every time network tools freezing before fetching ....11:06
faileassazwqa: i use phpmyadmin11:06
faileasCrash2108: nope.11:07
sazwqafaileas: anything not web based ?11:07
iflemaHunt5: the downloaded packages are kept here /var/cache/apt/archives11:07
Jordan_Usint: If "sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" completes sucessfully ( without complaining about packages being held back ), then you should be completely up to date11:07
faileassazwqa: well, nothing i use then. i've only used the default cli client and the web client11:07
sazwqafaileas: thanks. i got few options in ubuntu software center, will try them first11:08
sintJordan_U: it haven't updated anything :(11:08
Jordan_UCrash2108: Ubuntu comes with ssh client but not server by default, by policy they have very few services listenting on any ports in a default install11:08
sint0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded11:08
Jordan_Usint: Then it seems you are up to date, what makes you think otherwise?11:09
Xfactustun__: can you tell me where to add dns number in junty/karmic?11:10
isolat3dsh33pwow, the source.list has changed? There's sources.list.d now? since when?11:10
sintJordan_U: when updating, it first downloads the packages and then processes them. while processing it failed at ~30% with mpd package and canceled there. thats why i think its not finished.11:10
sint * Starting Music Player Daemon mpd                                             config: unrecognized parameter in config file at line 74: group11:11
oCean_isolat3dsh33p: sources.list is still there. The sources.list.d directory just provides a way to add sources.list entries in separate files11:11
ustun__Xfact, Right click the network icon, then "Edit Connections", then Wired/Wireless depending on your configuration, then Edit ...11:12
sintJordan_U: i fixed the mpd problem, but i don't know if its finished with the other packages11:12
isolat3dsh33poCean_, I know, if I remember correctly, source.list is just a text file and you edit it to add new repo. I didn't realize the change till today. :/11:12
unknownworldshow can a mount the raw partitions on a lvm2 (the program scans the lv and makes them access. through /dev/"lv"/"lvname"X ; where X is the part. on the raw lv device)?11:13
oCean_isolat3dsh33p: there is no change11:13
[psyk]so gais, muh ubuntu is handlin RAM badleh, wut duz i doez?11:13
Xfactustun__: can you tell me google dns is static or dynamic type dns?11:13
Slart!english | [psyk]11:14
ubottu[psyk]: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat11:14
ustun__what does that mean?11:14
ustun__its ip is static11:14
isolat3dsh33poCean_, I remember adding "deb repo_url" to the end of a file not long ago to add new repo. :/11:14
Jordan_Usint: If you run "sudo dpkg --configure -a" it will finish the installation of any partially configure packages, sometimes with no output at all. Did you ever run that command and have it run for more than a second ( i.e. not just exit immediately )?11:14
oCean_isolat3dsh33p: and the /etc/apt/sources.list file is still there.11:15
SameerAsalHello , can some body help me , I made a partial for my 9,04 machine which resulted in an unbootable system , I am logging in ( Live Linux) and used chroot to work on my unbootable system to compelete the upgrade but it is not connecting to the internet , any help ?11:15
yo_rmni hav a problem with kde panels11:15
isolat3dsh33poCean_, my bad, actually it can be edited using gedit. LOL. But double click will give a gui dialog. ^.^;11:16
yo_rmnI hav KK (U) but I just installed kubuntu-desktop11:16
yo_rmnand my panelsdon't work right11:17
=== root_ is now known as Guest6116
oCean_isolat3dsh33p: aha. Hardly using any gui tools here, so I did not realize11:17
isolat3dsh33poCean_, gui is the devil. LOL11:19
sintJordan_U: no i never ever run this command before. i usually use the synaptics to update and most of the time it works. the command was quickly finished. probably everything IS finished. not sure .. it was just strange that the update canceled in synaptics at about 30%11:19
hireni want to access remote browser with GUI ! is there any command to access browser remotely in LAN ?????11:20
Tidyto any1 running VirtualBox on Karmic.. with Vista as Guest... How the hell did ya get Vista to pick up your USB Drives?11:20
Jordan_Usint: You are completely up to date, sinaptic probably configured the rest of the packages automatically when you tried to perform some other operation since they were pending11:20
Slarthiren: you can use ssh to run the browser remotely.. or vnc to access the entire desktop11:20
sintJordan_U: ok than. thanks allot!! :)11:20
Jordan_Usint: np :)11:20
Slarthiren: setup ssh on the "host" then use ssh -x <ip-number of host> firefox from the client11:21
SameerAsalHello , can some body help me , I made a partial for my 9,04 machine which resulted in an unbootable system , I am logging in ( Live Linux) and used chroot to work on my unbootable system to compelete the upgrade but it is not connecting to the internet , any help ?11:21
hirenthanks slart11:21
Slarthiren: you can run any command using ssh like this.. not just firefox11:22
chadismall question guys: I did a purge to nvidia-*, then downloaded the nvidia drivers from nvidia's and installed them to get compiz to work. Everything worked fine until I upgraded the kernel today morning. It started in low graphics mode. What to do?11:22
iflemaTidy: VirtualBox OSE does not. virtualbox.org has a slightly different version... ose is open source version11:22
Slarthiren: if it just shows you a "local" version of firefox instead of opening a new one you might have to use the command "firefox -no-remote" instead of just "firefox"11:23
Slartchadi: download and install the driver again11:23
Slartchadi: reboot and select the older kernel version to get back to your regular desktop11:23
chadiSlart: was purging nvidia-* a bad step?11:23
Hunt5I am on ubuntu9.04, how can i upgrade to 9.10?11:24
Slartchadi: nope.. it's just that the package system takes care of these things for you.. when you install your own kernel driver you have to do it yourself11:24
Slart!upgrade | Hunt511:24
ubottuHunt5: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading11:24
chadiSlart thank you... I'll do that then :)11:25
hiren"no display specified"11:25
hirenthis error11:25
faileaslol. i had the ssh/firefox issue myself a few days back11:25
eM_I need to run a executable when the commuter gets connected to a network, is there a easy way to do this, or to i have to write a loop that checks if it is connected or not?11:25
Slarthiren: hmm.. let me check11:25
joaopintoeM_, you can develop an hot plug script, but I am not sure how, I just know it can be done11:26
sinthiren: you need to ssh with -X to the server machine to get firefox working over ssh11:26
hireni didnt get11:26
nmvictori made a mistake, no sound in ubuntu after upgrading to karmic, anyone ever experienced thsis?11:26
hireni do the same thing11:26
Slarthiren: ah.. capital -X  not lower case -x11:27
sintwith -X not -x11:27
sint-x disables X support11:27
hirenits working11:27
nmvictori made a mistake, no sound in ubuntu after upgrading to karmic, anyone ever experienced thsis?11:28
th1hi folks11:28
Slarthiren: you're welcome11:28
th1I want to set up an iSCSI target on a Linux box and then boot Windows from it. But, aptitude search11:28
melvincvhi is there anything like system restore in ubuntu???11:28
Slartthanks sint.. would have taken me a while to figure that out =)11:28
th1iscsi has two results iscsitarget and open-iscsi which one is better?11:29
sintSlart: hehe, no problem.11:29
surfhi how can I patch libv4l to fix my webcam? I have already this: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/36154071/add_USBID_064e_a136_for_Asus_UL30.diff11:29
Slartmelvincv: not that I know of11:29
wolfeyi just upgraded to new  'stable' kernel with "Ubuntu 9.10 Default" name  and it says Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)11:30
wolfeyprevious version works11:30
melvincvanything like automatic repair?11:30
gaelfxdo the nVidia drivers play well with LED TVs or should I stick to an LCD TV for my HDMI output?11:31
sintmelvincv: don't think so. would be a great feature :D11:31
misterBI am putting together a custom live cd and I want to disable the shutdown/logoff timer by default. Anyone know how to disable said time from the terminal?11:31
Slartwolfey: did you want help? or did you just want to call us names?11:31
wolfeySlart: how  can this pass 'beta' or 'alpha' ?11:31
surfhi how can I patch libv4l to fix my webcam? I have already this: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/36154071/add_USBID_064e_a136_for_Asus_UL30.diff11:31
wolfeySlart: dont care myself, i can choose kernel from grub list11:31
melvincvhow do i suggest this auto repair 'n system restore feature to the ubuntu developers?11:32
Slartwolfey: this is a user to user support channel.. write a mail to canonical and complain.. this isn't the place to rant about it11:32
wolfeySlart: ok :D11:32
wolfeySlart: well i guess they read logs11:32
wolfeyor they..should11:32
gaelfxor are LED's too new for anyone here to have an answer?11:32
Slartwolfey: I wouldn't count on it.. report a bug for it if you want it noticed11:32
Hunt5what is ppa?11:32
Slart!bug | wolfey11:32
ubottuwolfey: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots11:32
wolfeySlart: i doubt i'm  the only one experiencing this. plus i dont have any logs to prove it11:33
Slartgaelfx: I'm not sure if there is a difference between a led tv or a regular lcd when it comes to the drivers... does the computer even have to care?11:33
gaelfx!ppa | Hunt511:34
ubottuHunt5: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.11:34
sintmelvincv: http://www.ubuntu.com/support/CommunitySupport11:34
Slartwolfey: haven't seen any questions about it so far, check to see if there is a bug report on it11:34
gaelfxSlart: well, as far as I know, LED's have a higher refresh rate compared to LCD's, but I could be wrong11:34
sintmelvincv: i would suggest to use the forums for suggestions11:35
nmvictoris their a way to start a dist upgrade from the terminal?11:35
ubottuWant to become an Ubuntu developer? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newdev and the Wiki (http://wiki.ubuntu.com) for involvement in specific projects such as Kubuntu or Xubuntu.11:35
Slartgaelfx: hmm.. that might make a small difference, true.. nothing in the forums?11:36
Slartnmvictor:   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade    should work11:36
Hunt5how is getting a tarball and installing different from git clone and install??11:36
gaelfxSlart: haha, ya caught me, I haven't checked yet, but I'll do it now, hang on11:36
melvincvwishlist 4 ubuntu???11:37
surfhi how can I patch libv4l to fix my webcam? I have already this: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/36154071/add_USBID_064e_a136_for_Asus_UL30.diff11:37
melvincvsurf: man patch11:37
sHarppHello, I am having trouble with the setup of my KVM (Sweex) switch. My display resolution is not using the correct size and I can't select my prefered size in the nvidia config. I tried several suggestions obtained by googling with success. Anyone with experience?11:37
sintmelvincv: i doubt there is a wishlist11:37
sHarppwithout success11:37
surfmelvincv, smt like patch < myfile.patch ?11:37
melvincvwell, ubuntu has a long way to go...11:38
gaelfxmelvincv: I believe the wishlist is either on Launchpad or the main site11:38
sintmelvincv: ya, but what system has autorepair build in?11:38
sintwindows? :D11:38
nmvictoranyone know why the terminal is usaally faster in fetching packages from the internet, as compared to synaptic and UM?11:38
gaelfxsint: I believe that would be most biological systems consisting of more than one cell ;)11:39
Slartgaelfx: bah.. couldn't find anything useful when I tried searching.. just lots of unrelated stuff..11:39
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melvincvonly on xp, i guess.11:39
gaelfxSlart: no worries, thanks for tryin11:39
melvincvhow bout auto repair on Vista or win 7?11:39
sintgaelfx: sure, but i mean operating systems ;)11:39
Slartgaelfx: bring a laptop with ubuntu to your friendly neighbourhood tv reseller.. ask to plug it in and give it a try =)11:40
gaelfxsint: I know, I was just trying to be coy...though I should really stop11:40
kajoI can't rip a dvd; problem seems to be lsdvd. Error messages and log here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137565911:40
gaelfxSlart: I'm actually considering hauling my tower to one of the shops here11:40
sintmelvincv: sure, but do it work?11:40
ubunturookkiei can't get to make my nm-applet to work at the beginning of the session can anyone help me with this?11:41
melvincv;-) not upto the mark11:41
hirenhey slert one problem for remote access browser11:41
melvincvit's windows newaya11:41
hirenmultiple browser are not open11:41
tunix Hi all, what would you go for with ubuntu, xen or kvm. Or smth completely different11:41
hirenin remote access11:41
Slartherin: hmm.. could you explain a bit more? I don't understand what you mean11:41
kajoAnyone wanna help me rip a DVD?11:41
popeytunix: depends what the requirements are11:42
melvincvhmm... how bout ubuntu brainstorm???11:42
Tiderskajo,  Acidrip11:42
eM_I need to run a executable when the commuter gets connected to a network, is there a easy way to do this, or to i have to write a loop that checks if it is connected or not?11:42
hireni am sending you a pastie11:42
Tiders!info acidrip | kajo11:42
ubottukajo: acidrip (source: acidrip): ripping and encoding DVD tool using mplayer and mencoder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.14-0.2ubuntu5 (karmic), package size 63 kB, installed size 308 kB11:42
melvincvkajo: dvdrip11:42
tunixpopey: Just fooling arround with virtualization. Web Server reqs in mind...11:42
popeytunix: desktop or server (i.e. does the machine have a GUI)?11:42
sintmelvincv: most of the time, something is broke on my system its not about the programm itself its just a something in the configs. so you could delete the config and build on from the package again. but then you'll have the defaults again11:42
kajomelvincv, dvdrip is returning this error: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137565911:42
Tiderskajo, Give Acidrip a try maybe then11:43
kajoTiders, I'll try acidrip, then.11:43
tunixpopey:  server, headless11:43
hirenslert : http://www.pastie.org/77137911:43
SlarteM_: isn't there a way to put a script in some folder somewhere?11:43
popeytunix: personally I'd use kvm then, assuming the server supports VT11:43
kajothough, tiders, is lsdvd won't work, acidrip probably won't work either.11:43
eM_Slart, that's what i'm looking for, but what folder would that be?11:43
Tiderskajo, Oh I didnt look at the error xD11:44
Jordan_UeM_: What does the script do?11:44
hirenslert :http://www.pastie.org/77137911:44
tunixpopey: Yes I tend to go for kvm.. I like linux as a hypervisor. How about xen integration and support in ubuntu?11:44
popeyeM_: / Slart http://blog.abdullahsolutions.com/2009/03/starting-script-after-networkmanager.html11:44
kajotiders, any idea what to do about that? why would lsdvd fail?11:44
popeytunix: not great11:44
Tiderskajo, Do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras11:44
tunixpopey: alright. thank you very much for your answers!11:44
eM_popey, thans11:44
SlarteM_, popey: great.. that looks like it11:44
surfmelvincv, I can't understand which file I have to patch. The libv4l file or what?11:44
kajotiders, pretty sure. How to check?11:45
hirenslert : http://www.pastie.org/77137911:45
hirenthis error11:45
hirenwhile multiple browser access11:45
Tiderskajo, Just try typing apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras as root11:45
Slartherin: perhaps firefox crashed.. try ssh'ing normally and run "pkill -9 firefox" then try again11:45
Jordan_UeM_: Network manager can change routes and connect to vpns when you connect to certain networks, without needing to create a script11:45
hirenslert :nope11:45
hirenone time its working11:45
melvincvno idea:)11:46
kajotiders, I have it.11:46
hirensecond time when i open second browser then it gives this error11:46
misterBanyone know how do disable the logoff/shutdown timer for a custom livecd?11:46
Tiderskajo, So Ubuntu is not recognising the DVD at all? Not even mounting it?11:47
osseI have a fresh 9.10 install. If I install the radeonhd driver from Synaptic, will ut automatically be used or do I have to do some configuration? It supports my video card.11:47
Slartherin: ah.. I get that too if I try to do it twice.. why not try File, New Window in the already running firefox11:47
kajotiders, no the dvd is mounted and playable, actually.11:47
Tiderskajo, Thats odd11:47
Slartherin: that should give you a new firefox window11:47
Tiderskajo, Let me scroll up and see that error message11:47
hirenhow ?11:47
hirenslart :how it is possible ?11:48
Slarthiren: open one firefox window.. then click on the "File" menu in that window.. select "New Window"11:49
Hunt5Hi, ihave a link for ppa files, where i need to downlaod from11:49
Hunt5but i dont see any downlaod, how do i use this ppa files??11:49
hamzaatova2why does firefox reload thr many search engines on updates??????????????????????11:49
DarkedgeCan someone tell me a Native-Linux-GBA-Emulator that supports cheats codes?11:49
Tiderskajo, That error to me honestly looks like a bad disk its reading bad blocks so its skipping it11:50
hirenslart : but when remotely someone is using firefox then how we can open it ????11:50
Slarthiren:  I have no idea11:50
hireni have to tell that person that open a new window11:50
Hunt5can any one explain me a bit abt ppa files?11:50
l3nsmsg nickserv identify11:50
Hunt5downloadin or using11:50
kajotiders, let me restart my computer. It's not a great DVD drive, but I was just watching parts of this dvd to make sure it worked a couple hours ago. :\11:50
gaelfxok, I'll try it this way: does the NVidia driver utility have a place I can change the refresh rate for the display, or is that all done automatically?11:50
hirenslart :any other way ?11:50
Tiderskajo, For the sake of troubleshooting could you put in a DVD that you know works?11:50
Slarthiren: perhaps there is a way.. some kind of switch.. or setting.. but I don't know it11:50
ChogyDanHunt5: there should be instructions on the page11:51
Slarthiren: you're welcome11:51
Thom1I don't really know ubuntu, I just want to know if the "logitheque software" uses aptitude ou apt-get please ?11:51
Thom1since 9.1011:51
TidersThom1, Aptitude is a front end for apt11:51
TidersThom1, To graphical install and uninstall11:52
TidersThom1, Graphically, pardon11:52
ChogyDanThom1: apt-get and aptitude do the same thing11:52
Tiders!aptitude | Thom111:52
ubottuThom1: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide11:52
Thom1ok guys11:52
Shibais there a way to install gcc3 in Ubuntu 9.10?11:53
ShibaI don't want to compile it from source.  I'm asking if there is a slotted package that I can use to install gcc3 alongside gcc4.11:53
Hunt5what is software sources file and where do i find that?11:54
ChogyDananyone using chromium browser?  Is it working for you today after the update?11:54
faileasHunt5: /etc/apt/sources.lst11:54
SlartChogyDan: let me check.. one sec11:54
ChogyDanHunt5: what is the link to your ppa?11:54
Hunt5i found that technical help for ppa11:55
ChogyDanSlart: I'm getting a realloc error on startup, so it might be a bad time to upgrade11:55
cosmo6anyone here?11:55
SlartChogyDan: yes.. works nicely here.. updated this morning.. tried a few basic news sites.. nothing fancy11:55
iflemaHunt5: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine also ppa 3/4 way down page11:55
SlartChogyDan: I'm running it on 64 bit 9.10, if that helps11:56
ChogyDanSlart: hmm, Im using 32bit.  Maybe that's the difference11:56
Shiba**sigh**.  I thought I11:56
Baribalcosmo6, only 1350 people or so.11:56
Shiba**sigh**.  I thought I'd escaped from all of this gcc3 crap.11:56
SlartChogyDan: might be.. well.. there will be a new one tomorrow.. perhaps they will have fixed whatever the problem is11:57
ChogyDanSlart: how do you know there will be a new one?  Is it just a daily thing?11:57
Hunt5iflema: is this same as the ppa i have to do? or a general one??11:57
cosmo6 ihave ubuntu as an applicatoin in windows7. i did the upgrades one day in ubuntu. now when i try to boot into it there is just a grub menu. how do i start up ubuntu again?11:57
SlartChogyDan: it's updated daily.. at least from the ppa I'm using11:57
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ChogyDanHunt5: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gstreamer-developers/ppa11:58
SlartChogyDan: http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu11:58
iflemaHunt5: whats the one you need. are they not all general.11:59
kulightany one know if there any progress with the usb transfer rates bug?12:00
jgcampbell300is there a tool in ubuntu that will scan my lan for open ports and/or security risks ?12:01
Slartjgcampbell300: nmap might work12:01
zambahow can i launch an application in a users already running X session?12:01
zambathrough ssh12:01
cosmo6how do u get out of the grub menu? do i have to uninstall?12:01
Slartjgcampbell300: I'm not sure if it scans for security riscs.. but it scans open ports and tries to wiggle its way into open services and such12:02
surfhi how can I patch libv4l to fix my webcam? I have already this: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/36154071/add_USBID_064e_a136_for_Asus_UL30.diff12:02
Slartcosmo6: usually you select one of the options from the menu.. then it starts ubuntu12:02
Slartkulight: I bought a new usb hub.. now usb transfers work just fine12:02
cosmo6yes i know slart... but after it did the updates one day, the menu items dont show up anymore12:02
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Slartkulight: not sure if it's because of some update or because my older hub was bad in some way12:03
Slartcosmo6: oh.. not sure what to try then.. haven't used wubi (ubuntu in windows)12:03
kulightSlart thats no help for me12:03
kulighti have a new sundisk dok and it very slow12:04
Slartkulight: ok, nevermind then12:04
kulightSlart ty any way12:04
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