PDG1I'm without internet right now so searching forums is hard.  anyone know if you can combine keyboard and mouse button presses for shortcuts?00:10
PDG1on the ol android phone :p00:10
charlie-tcaSHould be able to; there are some already such as right-shift + left-mouse button to move a window00:16
PDG1okay.  my mouse also has forward and back buttons.  how would I map those.00:18
charlie-tcaI don't know00:19
PDG1its flipping hard to type as fast as a real keyboard with this virtual keyboard. so sorry if I'm slow to respond00:19
charlie-tcaMine mapped themselves in apps that will use them00:19
PDG1shoot.  maybe ill just have to wait till I get internet again00:20
charlie-tcaI think they are mapped in /etc/xorg.conf, so it will take some research to find it00:20
PDG1so can you change what your mouse shortcuts do?00:22
PDG1where do You see those?00:24
PDG1oh... xorg00:25
charlie-tcaYeah, I think mouse buttons are done through xorg.conf. You probably have to create one, though00:25
PDG1so its something like editing a file not changing a setting in A GUI00:25
PDG1well ill look in xorg.conf00:26
PDG1awe Poo... there's nothing in there :(00:28
charlie-tcathus the "it'll take some research to find it" ...00:29
PDG1and I have no idea what to put in there00:29
PDG1yeah... and using my phone isn't exactly convenient. looks like I'll have to wait00:30
charlie-tca!info xorg.conf00:30
ubottuPackage xorg.conf does not exist in karmic00:30
PDG1but as far as you know this is possible?00:30
charlie-tcaI checked when I bought the Logitech Track Ball00:30
charlie-tcagot like 7 buttons00:31
PDG1I guess anything is possible with enough patients and determination00:31
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:32
PDG1so what kind of shortcuts do You have setup?00:33
charlie-tcaThis should help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WacomTroubleshooting00:33
charlie-tcaIt gives some samples of xorg.conf00:33
charlie-tcaI have forward and back, and scroll forward and back on buttons00:34
PDG1I'm specifically looking to do something like super forward to do next song in exaIle00:34
charlie-tcaAll you need is to hit the ffw button in exaile with the left mouse button, it jumps to the next song00:35
jstCould someone tell me what the default music player is?00:36
PDG1but I don't want the window open00:36
charlie-tcajst: exaile00:36
charlie-tcaYou are welcome00:37
charlie-tcasure, make it complicated00:37
PDG1what's listen for?  is it just another option?00:37
charlie-tcayes, it is another music player. We used it as default in 9.0400:37
PDG1it doesn't work too well for me so I just use exaile00:38
charlie-tcaright, that was one of the reasons we switched to exaile in 9.1000:38
PDG1beauty :p00:40
jstAlso, is ALSA still used in Xubuntu 9.10?  "alsaconfig" is not installed.00:40
PDG1I think so...00:40
PDG1the other option is oos isn't it?00:41
jstWhoops, i meant "alsamixer."00:41
charlie-tcaAlsa-player and alsa-utils are used00:42
charlie-tcabut we are using Xfce4-mixer00:42
charlie-tcaPDG1: oos?00:42
PDG1I can't remember what its called00:43
charlie-tcai see00:43
PDG1its an option other than alsa00:44
PDG1But I think most systems use alsa00:44
charlie-tcaoss, I believe. That is quite old and not as good00:45
PDG1yeah.  so I've heard00:48
PDG1no idea why someone would use it00:49
charlie-tcabecause it works00:50
PDG1but so does alsa on most machines. would oss work better on some older hardware do You think?00:51
charlie-tcaalsa works now, but oss is great for a fallback. Some of the old hardware won't use alsa00:52
PDG1didn't know that.  I thought alsa worked on pretty much anything00:53
charlie-tcaWell, old = isa00:53
charlie-tcaMy systems may not be quite new anymore00:53
PDG1I see00:54
charlie-tcaThey only issue I ran into is an old ISA network card that won't work00:54
knomecharlie-tca, did they EVER work?00:55
* knome hides00:55
charlie-tcaof course00:56
PDG1yeah, that's why I like Xubuntu. works well on most of my cheap as free computers that are usually pretty old00:56
charlie-tcasomebody gave me a new system, and most of the components appear to be bad00:56
charlie-tcanew = amd 32 bit 1000MHz cpu, 384MB ram, ...00:57
charlie-tcacost me ram, hard drives, and cd drive so far00:57
PDG1I was looking for a buntu to run on my old Craptop I just got 'for free' but view all seen to run too many resources00:57
knomecharlie-tca, hey! that has barely more ram than my GC00:58
charlie-tcaincreased ram to 51200:58
knomeooooooooh :o00:58
charlie-tcabut all these bad parts... Why would you give away a broken system?00:58
Pres-GasGaaaaaa!!! Jury Duty!!!!00:58
Pres-GasThis is not the time for that!00:59
charlie-tcaPres-Gas: ha! have fun with that. Last time I got called they said no when I tried to explain that if they didn't do it, why were they going to trial?00:59
Pres-Gasheh, nice01:00
charlie-tcaThat seemed to be considered a bad thing to think01:00
Pres-GasMaybe it is just bad to think.01:01
knome...think? what's that?01:01
PDG1any idea if there's a buntu that will run well with 128 RAM?01:01
knomeis it edible?01:01
Pres-GasI am interested, and yet...wanting to actually work.01:01
charlie-tcaPDG1: server only01:01
knomecharlie-tca, or the minimal with CLI ;)01:01
knomemight actually run better...01:02
charlie-tcawell, yeah. either way there is no GUI01:02
PDG1right now I've got puppy... but I grow tired of the system01:02
charlie-tcahmmm, can a bad zip drive take out the cd drive?01:02
Pres-GasServer still installs more software01:02
knomeanything is possible...01:02
knomePres-Gas, i'd be surprised if it didn't ;)01:03
Pres-Gascharlie-tca, is it in the same ata chain?01:03
Pres-Gaslol, knome01:03
PDG1well... is there like... something with openbox maybe...01:03
charlie-tcacd primary, zip secondary on the same controller01:03
PDG1anyways... extended away = me01:03
knomePDG1, minimal + install openbox packages :P01:04
Pres-Gascharlie-tca, I have seen that happen...one device in the chain blowing the whole thing01:04
knomePres-Gas, can't promise it runs well with openbox installed though.01:04
Pres-GasI would unplug the zip from both power and ata cable and see if the CD recovers, charlie-tca01:04
charlie-tcaI seen it blow out the floppy, and the floppy take out the zip. I just didn't realize it would take out the cd drive01:04
charlie-tcayeah, I already tried that01:04
Pres-GasDid the CD recover?01:05
knomefail :)01:05
Pres-Gasepic fail01:05
charlie-tcasame results both ways. Put a different cd drive in without the zip drive connected, it works01:05
Pres-GasPower surge?01:06
charlie-tcakilled it, huh?01:06
charlie-tcano power surge that I know of01:06
Pres-Gashmmm, charlie-tca01:06
charlie-tcaMight be just a bad cd drive, but I can't take a chance on killing another one yet01:07
Pres-GasI have seen stranger things....then again I have seen those CRT iMacs blackened on the inside from smoking run like a champ.01:07
knomecharlie-tca, i can send a few replacement drives in the mail01:07
* Pres-Gas vomits thinking about that01:07
charlie-tcayou got that many?01:07
knomecharlie-tca, yeah. going to throw lots of old stuff away.01:08
knomewell, not throw away but give away01:08
charlie-tcaCosts a lot to send in the mail. I'll probably go pick a couple again01:08
knomei used to like to play with them but i don't seem to have that enthusiasm or the time anymore01:09
knomeyou have to let go01:09
charlie-tcaI know, but I am trying to build a media center pc01:09
charlie-tcaand I want lots of storage options01:09
knomedidn't mean you. you still seem to have fun with those, that's great. i don't, so better give the stuff away01:10
Pres-GasTime to go...have fun gentlepeeps01:10
charlie-tcaI don't do anymore that needed now, myself01:10
knomeget more storage space as well, but different type ;)01:10
charlie-tcaYeah, probably pick up a dvd-rw for this machine too01:10
knomewell, i'd have at least one of those.01:11
charlie-tcagot one yesterday for US $40.0001:11
knometoo bad you're so far away01:11
charlie-tcaI got three now01:11
knomethose cost about 22 euros here01:11
charlie-tcaI just been replacing the cd drives with them01:11
knome== 31.5$01:11
charlie-tcanot bad01:11
knomerather just buy a new one if one breaks up01:12
charlie-tcaYeah, but at one point I had about 12 sitting on the shelf01:12
charlie-tcaNow I got one01:12
knomei've been giving or throwing stuff away for the last year01:13
knomei still want to get rid of more.01:13
knomei really don't need all that.01:13
charlie-tcaI done some of that myself. I am down to two spare motherboards, finally01:14
knomei'm talking about everything else as well01:14
knomelike non-computer stuff01:14
knomelike... books01:14
knomeoh wait01:14
charlie-tcaI never give books away. I got reference books going back to the 1950's01:15
knomei don't have a spare one01:15
knomeno wife's given away ;)01:15
knomeyou want a cobol-85 book?01:15
charlie-tcagot one01:15
knomethough i think i dumped it on the grabage bin already :P01:15
charlie-tcagood thing I didn't want it, then,01:15
knomehehe yeah01:16
knomewould have had to track it down01:16
knomehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4BYMvVvMg0 <- that's quite cool01:25
charlie-tcaI don't remember seeing a two-man guitar before01:27
knomeme neither01:27
charlie-tcaThat's pretty good :-)01:28
knomehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdt4i3oyDJA ;)01:28
knomeeven more weird01:28
knomewatch until ~1:10 when the second player starts also taking notes from below the neck01:30
charlie-tcaOkay, enough of that. It makes the head hurt watching it01:34
knomewhat about one man and two guitars? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFqTd-CEjHM01:34
charlie-tcaNah, my grandfather used to do that. Also, guitar, harmonica, and banjo together01:34
charlie-tcanew cd drive works; got a good install01:36
knomegood :)01:36
charlie-tcayeah, it helps to be able to run two or three at a time on hardware01:36
knomei think i'm heading to bed now01:43
knomesee you later and have a nice day/evening01:43
charlie-tcagoodnight, knome01:56
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foxxspiritshi all. anyone available to help out a newbie real quick?05:32
cody-somervillefoxxspirits, whats the question?05:35
foxxspiritshaving an issue with my sound. Although pulseaudio is showing that I should be getting some sound, nothing is coming from the speakers. I have tried going into the alsa mixer and changing the volume there to no effect, installed the libraries, and removed and reinstalled pulseaudio all to no effect. I had sound about 3 days ago, but when I turned off the computer and started it the next day, the sound was gone again :P05:38
cody-somervilleCan you check that the volume isn't muted? (its a bug that it gets muted on reboot)05:39
foxxspiritsyea. I noticed that, but it doesn't seem to make a difference one way or the other05:40
foxxspiritsI also tried removing pulseaudio and installing esound, but again to no avail :P05:42
cody-somervilleTricky since who knows what sort of state your system is with audio related packages05:43
foxxspiritsyea. its a rather old laptop from HP too... gotten everything else to work just fine. can't seem to get the sound working to save my life tho.05:47
CubeyDoes anyone know of a fix for this? When I hit mute on the keyboard, it mutes... by putting the volume all the way down. When I hit mute again, it does nothing to unmute. I have to then hit volume up to restore it to the level it used to be06:03
Cubeyah ha, i think I got it..06:10
Cubeyok, well it's half working06:11
Cubeynow I have mute working and down, but not up..06:12
Cubeylooks like i fixed it with a script online, and with some modding to it :)06:18
kazechey, I'm having some trouble getting an ssh (and/or FTP) connection to my new server, I keep getting the 'connection refused' error07:35
howdeephow can i restore the taskbar in xfce, it has disappeared09:35
Tutattishi . when i create a user besides root, does this user take space in my hdd?09:42
_Pete_Tutattis: yes it does09:54
Tutattis_Pete_, about how much?09:54
_Pete_home directory + some entries in /etc/ files09:55
_Pete_couple of KBs09:55
Tutattisi installed the system on my 8gb flash09:55
Tutattisas a guide told me09:55
Tutattisbut the man at the guide says to delete normal user after the installation to free up some space09:56
Tutattis(ubuntu 8.10 i used)09:56
_Pete_what guide?09:56
_Pete_so the guy in guide always runs root account10:00
_Pete_"Most the time I end up running things as root anyway with Backtrack so why mess around? "10:00
_Pete_which is still a bad idea10:01
Tutattismaybe because bt4 has some tools10:10
Tutattisthat require root10:10
Tutattisand most people using it dont use it for everyday use10:11
Tutattisjust for those tools10:11
n0-n4m3XUBUNTU 9.10 ROCKS!!!!!10:20
Ov3rf10wxubuntu 9.10 is sucks xD10:21
n0-n4m3whats the best one?10:25
n0-n4m3or, which do you prefer10:27
n0-n4m3Ov3rf10w, which version do you prefer?10:29
n0-n4m3what is it about 9.10 that makes it sucks?10:30
knomei'm running 9.10 and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it10:30
n0-n4m3he was probably just being silly :)10:30
knomewell jaunty (9.04) was quite a lot better than intrepid (8.10), but karmic (9.10) wasn't *that* much better than jaunty which might lead somebody feeling that karmic would be a bad release10:32
knomebut it definitely brought improvements10:32
knome...and if you install karmic, you can once skip one step in upgrading to ludid, 10.04, the lts release10:32
n0-n4m3whats lts?10:33
n0-n4m3(sorry i am noob to linux)10:34
knome!lts | n0-n4m310:34
ubottun0-n4m3: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)10:34
n0-n4m3can you define support?10:35
knomesupport means updates in repositories10:36
knomeplus paid user support10:36
knomecommunity user support will *probably* last longer than that10:36
knomei have to go now10:36
knomebut have fun with xubuntu (and with whichever version you decide to choose)10:37
n0-n4m3so if you were to do a fresh install of a distro that was no longer 'supported' you wouldn't be able to get any updates10:37
n0-n4m3thanks =)10:37
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Ov3rf10wdoes anyone know how to install the system sounds?13:12
Ov3rf10won xubuntu 9.0413:12
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:07
Sachse_SiechtumI run Xubuntu and installed the HP software for my HP Printer. The installation goes fine but when it prints, it doesnt print anything.14:08
Sachse_Siechtumthe printer just swallows the paper and spits it back out. I hear "printing noise" but there is no ink on the paper. when I do test print, it prints, but the quality is bad (B/W)14:12
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bittin|_somone know how i write floppies in Xubuntu?15:00
TheSheep!info mtools | bittin|_15:15
ubottubittin|_: mtools (source: mtools): Tools for manipulating MSDOS files. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.10-1 (karmic), package size 180 kB, installed size 464 kB15:15
karminai have a panasonic lumix dmc-ls70 digital camera15:18
karminaand xubuntu 9.10 doesn't recognise it15:18
karminawhat can i do so i can acces it?15:19
ablomenkarmina, you could try using gthumb to import the photos, always works for me, though i use a canon15:28
karminaok i'll try15:28
Sachse_SiechtumHello I just wanted to move huge date (7 gbyte) from HD to USB memory stick...after a long while I got an error message that several data could not be moved and since then my USB stick is not recognized15:30
ablomenSachse_Siechtum, well dont know about it not being recognized, but next time you try make sure it isnt formated as fat since this has a 2gb limit for single files15:31
Sachse_Siechtumit had format as fat 32 since I also use the usb memory stick with windows15:32
Sachse_Siechtumnow I don't know how to access the usb stick15:32
Sachse_Siechtumits shown nowhere15:33
karminaablomen, it's not working... it doesn't recognise it and it doesn't appear in the software's catalog of cameras either15:34
ablomenhmm, well you can always try and just mount the sdcard in it, if you have a card reader that is15:35
karminawell unfortunately i don't have a card reader :(15:38
karminaitsn't there a way to like "install it's driver" just like in win or something?15:38
karminaany suggestions anyone?15:54
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Timewarperi did an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, but some of the packages it tried to upgrade werent fetched correctly16:17
likemindeadThat happens sometimes if a server is down or something.16:18
Timewarperso i tried to do apt-get upgrade again16:18
likemindeadI'd recommend you go to Synaptic and change servers under the Repositories tab.16:18
likemindeadYou can greatly speed up your downloads that way too.16:18
Timewarperto get the 1 missing file samdump216:18
Timewarperthe upgrade failed again,couldnt get samdump2 or it was broken or osmething16:19
Timewarperso i did a apt-get remove samdump216:19
Timewarperand an apt-get autoremove16:19
Timewarperwhich removed all no longer needed packages16:20
Timewarper(the last one removed about 1500mb)16:20
Timewarperhow do i fix it now?16:20
Timewarper(btw i did an apt-get clean at some point)16:20
likemindeadUh... why did you remove samdump2?16:21
Timewarpercause the apt-get upgrade said16:21
Timewarperit cant be upgraded16:21
Timewarperor something16:21
Timewarperso i wanted to clean it and reinstall it16:22
likemindeadWell, follow my advice above first, then reinstall the package.16:22
Timewarperso i reinstall samdump216:24
Timewarperrun apt-get upgrade16:24
Timewarperand i am done?16:24
Timewarperall removed packages will come back?16:24
Timewarperdoes apt-get solve missing dependancies?16:25
Timewarperwith apt-get install?16:25
likemindeadNo... you'd have to install each package individually. But if apt-get autoclean removed them, you don't need them.16:25
likemindeadAnd yes, apt-get solves dependencies.16:25
Timewarperi did an apt-get remove samdump216:26
Timewarperand then an autoclean16:26
Timewarperdid the autoclean remove all samdump216:26
Timewarperso if i reinstall it automatically they will come back?16:26
likemindeadYes. Just sudo apt-get install samdump2 (I don't even know what that package is)...16:27
Timewarperbtw the autoclean i did afterwards16:27
Timewarperremove 1500mb of packages16:27
Timewarperaround 560packages16:29
Timewarperhow arent those needed?16:29
Timewarperand how do i get them back16:29
spacitymedicHELP! My mic is not being recognized....16:30
likemindeadCalm down there, spacitymedic.16:31
likemindeadGive me a second to point you to some help.16:31
spacitymedicsorry.... lol My internet is acting wacky.16:33
spacitymedicBut totally calm.. so what are my mic settings supposed to be?16:33
Timewarperlikemindead, i get this error when i try to install postgresql16:34
TimewarperStarting PostgreSQL 8.3 database server: main* The PostgreSQL server failed to s16:34
Timewarper2010-01-08 11:33:39 EST FATAL:  could not load server certificate file "server.c16:34
Timewarper failed!16:34
likemindeadHave you checked all the audio settings? You should be able to select the hardware and various software options (ALSA, PulseAudio, OSS).16:34
Timewarpercould not load server certificate file "server.crt": No such file or directory16:36
likemindeadTimewarper, did you try a different server yet?16:36
Timewarperthe problem is not the server16:37
Timewarperbut this16:37
Timewarpercould not load server certificate file "server.crt": No such file or director16:37
Timewarper08 11:37:28 EST FATAL:  could not load server certificate file "server.crt": No such file or directory16:38
Timewarper failed!16:38
TimewarperStarting PostgreSQL 8.3 database server: main* The PostgreSQL server failed to start. Please check the log output:16:38
Timewarperlikemindead, any idea?16:42
likemindeadYes. Try switching servers in Synaptic. Then, if that doesn't work, we'll go from there.16:43
nukerhow to install englightment in xubuntu ?17:27
nukerSachse_siechtum :D17:27
Sachse_Siechtumwhat is enlightment?17:28
nukerlol i don't know in irc ppl are talking about lol17:28
charlie-tcanot in synaptic; you need to ask where you got it from...17:28
knomeubottu, PING17:28
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and you expect me to respond to a ping? How depressing.17:28
knome!info enlightenment17:29
ubottuPackage enlightenment does not exist in karmic17:29
knome!info e1817:29
ubottuPackage e18 does not exist in karmic17:29
charlie-tcaisn't it a wm?17:29
knomecharlie-tca, yes.17:29
nukerhow can find that which version of ubuntu i am using ?17:30
Sachse_SiechtumI just lost a USB 8Gbyte stick in Xubuntu :-(17:30
Sachse_Siechtumshows in the grub bootmanager17:30
charlie-tcanuker: lsb_release -rd  in a terminal17:30
nukerLinux Mint 8 Helena sorry but its based on his dad ubuntu17:31
charlie-tcaSachse_Siechtum: what version of Zubuntu are you using?17:31
knomecharlie-tca, zubuntu? :)17:31
charlie-tcakeyboard rearranged itself17:32
* charlie-tca hates when the keys move around17:32
Sachse_SiechtumI'm using Xubuntu 9.1017:32
charlie-tcaAnd what do you mean "lost a USB stick"? It just didn't show up?17:33
charlie-tcaYou may have to manually mount it17:33
Sachse_SiechtumI just moved about 6 gbyte from HD (vfat) to USb stick...and at the last files...I got an error message..."couldnt copy" ...and then my USB stick vanished17:33
Sachse_Siechtumin windows XP it shows as "unknows device" in hardware manager"17:34
Sysiis it formatted to fat32?17:34
Sachse_SiechtumI know the limit for fat 32 is 2 gbyte17:35
Sysifat32 can't handle over 4gb files17:35
Sachse_Siechtumbut there wasnt a file over that limit17:35
Sysihave you tried to format that dire?17:35
Sachse_SiechtumI cant format what I cant see...17:35
Sachse_Siechtumand I wanna save the data on it...because its pretty valuable17:36
Pres-GasJury duty done.  W00t!17:49
Sachse_Siechtumjury duty?17:49
charlie-tcait's an american thing17:50
Sachse_SiechtumI see17:50
charlie-tcathe people are called to be the jury in a criminal/civil court trial17:51
Sachse_Siechtumah I know. :-)17:51
Pres-GasSachse_Siechtum: http://www.familyfriendlyjuryduty.org/JuryDutySystem/JuryDutySystem.htm17:52
Pres-GasSorry for the off topic messages.17:52
* Pres-Gas resumes support/lurk mode17:54
Pres-GasLooks like VMware Workstation, the VMware tools are now distro agnostic.18:15
Sachse_SiechtumIs there any USB flashdrive compression tool for Xubuntu?18:34
Sysii think it comes by default18:35
Sachse_Siechtumhmm ok :-)18:36
Sachse_SiechtumThanks. :-)18:38
oorahis there an xubuntu netbook edition?18:53
pinguHow do I make my terminal look like this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tar_screenshot.png18:53
likemindeadChange the font and colors.18:54
TheSheeppingu: what do you mean? it looks normal18:54
likemindeadUse Tilda, FTW.18:54
pinguTheSheep: I have only white text18:57
TheSheeppingu: use some programs that use colors18:58
oorahis there an xubuntu netbook edition?18:59
TheSheepyou can enable color ls for example with 'alias ls=ls --color=auto'18:59
TheSheepyou can have a colorful prompt by redefinign the PS1 environment variable19:00
TheSheepfor example http://forums.vandyke.com/archive/index.php/t-1366.html19:01
knomeoorah, no, just the default ubuntu one.19:01
oorahknome, i wondery why19:02
TheSheepoorah: nobody made it19:02
knomeoorah, you can install the netbook remix apps into xubuntu, afaik.19:03
knomeoorah, i'm not sure if they work with xfce, though :P19:03
knomeoorah, it's not a small job and xubuntu has a small memory footprint anyway19:03
pinguHow did the user make everything appear in a different color? Isn't there a theme i can choose similar to sytax hightlighting in text editors?19:04
TheSheeppingu: no, each program is configured separately19:05
pinguBut that's the standard terminal?19:05
TheSheeppingu: you can tweak tearminal's colors in the terminal settings, but changing them completely is usually a bad idead19:06
TheSheeppingu: more or less yes, maybe a different font and some changed colors19:06
pinguThere is no option for giving special words or symbols special colors TheSheep19:07
pinguI can only change text and bg TheSheep19:08
TheSheeppingu: the colors are displayed by the program that you run19:08
TheSheeppingu: like 'ls'19:08
TheSheeppingu: it's not a feature of the terminal19:09
pinguAnd why is the user's nick displayed in green general?19:09
pinguAnd Dollar in blue19:09
TheSheeppingu: because that uses changed his PS1 environment variable to customize his prompt19:10
TheSheeppingu: and added some color codes to it19:10
TheSheeppingu: as it is explained at the link I gave you19:10
pinguTheSheep Is there any terminal which uses theme scripts?19:11
TheSheepI don't think so19:11
TheSheepthere might be some shells that do19:12
pinguTheSheep i found this: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Bash/Prompt19:15
oorahhow do i add pictures for user login?19:39
TheSheepoorah: you save them in a file called .face in the user's home directory19:42
knomeTheSheep, what if i want pictures of... other body parts?19:42
knomedo i name them .hand19:42
TheSheepknome: gdm currently only supports faces19:42
TheSheepknome: file a feature request19:43
knomedo you think they will support feces in the future?19:43
TheSheepthey do everywhere else, so why not19:43
Sysiif facebook don't own the license for faces19:43
oorahTheSheep, what do i do after i make the directory and put pictures there?19:43
knomeoorah, /home/user_1/.face == user_1's face19:44
TheSheepoorah: it's not a directory, just name the picture file '.face'19:44
knomeoorah, /home/user_2/.face == user_2's face19:44
TheSheepknome: they actually used to use ~/.gnome/photo, but switched to ~/.face because some users wanted to use drawings instead of photos ;)19:45
oorahso all i gotta do is name a picture .face?19:45
oorahok thanks brb19:45
knomeTheSheep, right. how important the change was... i hope they fixed a ton of other bugs - i mean, it must have taken forever to settle and agree on a new filename..19:46
TheSheepdo I detect irony?19:47
oorahok have a picture saved as .face now what?19:47
TheSheepoorah: you are done19:47
knomeTheSheep, oh no, not in the slightest amount.. ;)19:47
oorahTheSheep, so i login and its automatically set?19:47
TheSheepoorah: magic :)19:48
oorahthat was easy, thanks19:48
TheSheepI actually just googled for it, btw19:48
TheSheepI'm not that smart really19:48
oorahi'm about to try out moblin, hope it works on my msi  wind u10019:48
oorahhaha i do that a lot19:48
Sysii didn't like moblin19:49
TheSheepdisconnect me and my iq drops by 40019:49
oorahshould it work on msi wind u100?19:49
TheSheeplet me google that ;)19:49
Sysioh, i tested just the desktop19:49
oorahi took an i.q. test and the results came back negative19:49
Sysion fedora with eee-kernel19:49
TheSheepoorah: good, you'll live!19:49
oorahwith a low i.q., i sure hope so19:50
oorahi start school monday19:50
oorahgonna be a medical assistant19:50
TheSheepif ignorance is bliss, it is fooly to be wise19:50
knomeoorah, oh i thought the first class :P19:50
oorahmy last day at work was yesterday, so gotta get a weekend job cause the G.I. bill pays for school and for living expenses its only 966/month which i can live on but wanna save as much as possible19:51
TheSheepah, paid school, you have that weirdness in there, poor you19:52
oorahwhoever said words for the wise when its the ignorant people that need the advice?19:52
oorahwhat is daylight savings time? and if we're saving so much of it, who's got it all?19:53
TheSheepI'm afraid we only answer xubuntu-related questions here19:53
oorahi know just being funny19:53
knomeTheSheep, THAT was funny :P19:53
oorahi'm putting up a mean lookin picture for the login19:54
TheSheepoorah: sorry19:55
oorahTheSheep, what weirdness in me? lol19:55
* TheSheep goes to xubuntu-offtopic19:56
Sysihmm, i may should join there also19:56
Sysitoo many channels :/19:56
* charlie-tca thinks it's lonely there19:56
oorahi like the look of xat chats better19:57
oorahi might make an xubuntu xat chat19:57
TheSheephint: /j #xubuntu-offtopic19:58
TheSheepnudge nudge19:58
knomewink wink19:58
knomeyou know what i mean, eh?19:58
oorahits a cool lookin chat thing19:59
oorahxat.com always has a featured user chat on the home page, anyone can join or make one19:59
Balsaqhi knome, would it be possible for me to get a cloak that includes the name xubuntu instead of this unafilliated one i am sporting now?19:59
oorahBalsaq, hey good to see ya again, and yes you can have stuff custom made at different stores20:00
knomeBalsaq, the ubuntu cloaks can be acquired by ubuntu members20:00
knome!membership | Balsaq20:00
ubottuBalsaq: Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember20:00
oorahi live just down the road from varietee's, they make custom stuff20:00
oorahbrb yall20:00
Balsaqi prefer an xubuntu cloak knome20:00
knomeBalsaq, xubuntu cloaks are not available, and will not be. ask the ubuntu irc team if you need more explanations.20:01
oorahhey the picture thing didn't work20:02
oorahthere is still no picture at login20:02
knomeTheSheep, oorah: looks like gdm only supported feces, not faces20:02
oorahyeah right lol20:02
oorahBalsaq, can i use your name for my ps3 online?20:03
TheSheepoorah: you can use the gui to set it up too20:03
oorahTheSheep, how do i do that?20:03
Balsaqwhat is that oorah?20:03
TheSheepoorah: no, wait, it was with the old gdm20:04
knomeTheSheep, you mean the sucky gdmsetup gui that has what... two options? :P20:04
TheSheepthey 'improved' new gdm by removing all features from it20:04
knomewhat... features? boring.20:04
oorahhey, its not showing up where i saved a picture online20:05
Sysifeatures still are there, there just isn't setup20:05
oorahi saved it to pictures, nothing there20:05
oorahis it possible to right click and save pictures anymore? this is weird20:06
oorahBalsaq, can i use your nickname for online games on my ps3?20:08
Sysiwhy you don't get own?20:10
SysiBalsaq's not that special :P20:11
oorahright now i'm using robertzaccour20:13
oorahis it possible to select a picture for users at startup?20:16
Balsaqmy name will be famous!20:22
oorahhey yall i'm back20:34
oorahdid yall miss me?? lol jk20:34
oorahhow do i put up a picture for the login screen?20:35
Balsaqi-kirjain raivo sisu kas noin. i-kirjain osata se on haikea aika ainoastaan ajaa ei murheissaan , i-kirjain jälkisäädös edestakainen aikaisin.20:44
charlie-tcadid it hurt?20:45
TheSheepnie rozumiem ani słowa z tego, co on powiedział :)20:45
charlie-tcathat hurt20:45
knomethat didn't make any sense.20:50
* charlie-tca thinks so too20:50
knomeugh, it's cold here20:52
charlie-tcayeah, that seems like it is all over the world now. We are kinda warm, though. 26 degrees F20:53
knomecharlie-tca, -17c (1.4F) here20:54
TheSheepwrong channel20:54
charlie-tcaouch. They got that 200 miles east of me20:54
charlie-tcasorry, TheSheep20:54
javatexanhelp...if I install the nvidia version 185 in the "hardware drivers", I cannot login to my computer afterwards...the only way back seems to be sudo apt-get purge and then rm the xorg.conf.   I am running latest 9.10 Xubuntu with xfce on Dell E6500.  Unfortunately I need the nvidia drivers to work with monitors at work21:46
javatexananyone else seeing similar behavior?  I login it looks like it is going to work and the returns to the login screen....21:47
TheSheepjavatexan: try disabling compositing21:49
javatexanTheSheep: the xfce compositing is off21:50
TheSheepanything in logs?21:50
javatexanin the "window manager tweaks"21:50
TheSheep/var/log/Xorg.something and ~/.xsessionerrors21:51
javatexanguess I will have to try it again to get those... ;)21:52
TheSheepdmesg may have something too21:53
=== lolcat is now known as SquishyD
javatexanTheSheep: that was weird. Its working now.  I had to delete my xorg.conf and let it create its own at login to work.22:36
javatexanI guess we will see how long it works.  ;)22:37

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