RAOFAnd there was that awesome GNOME Storage mockup + some code, which never went very far but would have been cool.00:00
bendjSo many options, so little time ...00:11
piotrekmis it possible to make a bunlde revision only with selected files from the branch? I want to make a package of only the necessary things, ignoring the debug ones00:14
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piotrekmoh, i have misunderstood something. What I would like to know is whether it's possible to push the repository to a place where only selected files would be uploaded00:25
bob2not really00:25
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piotrekmso it's not possible in any way to, say, automatically select files that will go to a package?00:28
fullermdYou conceptually could, but it wouldn't do you any good at the far end.  Bundles are just another way of moving revs from one place to another, they don't let you do anything you couldn't do with a branch.00:38
piotrekmfullermd: i think what i need is something like a new branch with selected files, without even the ability of merging back or commiting new changes. What does that "conceptually" look in practice;> ?00:45
fullermdTo do that, you have to create new sets of revisions in some way.00:46
fullermdManually is one option.  There may be some capability in the 'rewrite' plugin that covers what you need.00:46
fullermdOr you can bung up scripting around the CLI to recreate the bits you need, etc.00:46
LpSolitCan someone help me with unified_diff()?01:16
LpSolitI don't get where fromfiledate and tofiledate are defined01:16
LpSolitin diff.py, internal_diff() doesn't pass this information to unified_diff(), but the output has them anyway01:17
lifelessI wonder if piotrem wanted 'export'01:42
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SupertankerAwww crap02:39
SupertankerI just looked at git's manpage ofr fun02:40
SupertankerAnd after working with bazaar, it actually made sense to me02:40
SupertankerSo now I don't know what to do :/02:40
SupertankerMy snobby sense of superioirty is gone.02:40
fullermdDidn't you ever watch _Wheel of Fortune_?  bzr users are richer; you have to buy a vowel to spell 'git'.02:41
lifelessfullermd: :P02:41
fullermdI drew a blank; it was the best I could come up with on short notice   :p02:42
* fullermd cries at having to type command lines that start with 'cvs'...03:20
SupertankerNow now....03:22
* Supertanker comforts fullermd03:23
SupertankerIt'll all be over soon...03:23
SupertankerI mean, uh03:23
* Supertanker hides03:23
ronnyit wont03:24
fullermdIt doesn't have to take over the WHOLE world.  Just the bits that lead to me using CVS.03:33
ronnycvs is best defeated with rcs+rsync03:35
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spivfullermd: we give a better score in scrabble, too.05:58
lifelessspiv: heh, nice.06:05
ronnyanyone here experiencd with subvertpy? i might end up with some weird questions in the next few hours12:51
piotrekmcan I init a repository in a directory that includes  already created branches?15:07
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cyberixAll places talk about bzr-hg17:18
cyberixhow on earth is I supposed to know that means Mercurial17:18
cyberixI had to dig all way to here17:18
cyberixbefore I found that out17:18
cyberixI started at https://dev.launchpad.net/RoadMap17:20
EdWyse_MobileBecause every geek is supposed to know that Hg is the periodic element Mercury. :D17:22
cyberixshouldn't it be hgial then?17:23
cyberixYou know, if I was a native English speaker I would probably have figured that out17:24
cyberixbut I didn't even bother start thinking that the name might be related to some element17:24
cyberixalso this might have worked, if I had actually started with the revision control system17:24
cyberixand tried to find bzr plugin for it17:25
cyberixalthough I don't I would have googled with bzr-hg17:25
cyberixgoogling with bzr mercurial probably would have worked17:25
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Kr0ntabHey there, folks.  Have a question on bzr.  I find I am working on a local copy of a branch, make a change, commit to local, and submit a diff to an approver... then continue working on other docs in the branch...19:50
Kr0ntabif I commit locally again... and create a diff... it conatins my previous changes as well...19:51
Kr0ntabhow do I handle these asynchronous changes/approvals?19:51
Kr0ntabshould I check out the same branch in different directories... make changes on each, so I can keep each major revision separate until the others are approved upstream?19:53
lifelessKr0ntab: you could use bzr-pipes, or bzr-loom, or multiple branches, if you're going to be making edits to each thing that the reviewer is looking at.20:41
lifelessKr0ntab: if you just want to be able to show the older revision, use diff -c -3 (or whatever)20:41
lifelessand if you want a diff of just your latest commit, diff -c -120:41
Kr0ntaboh okay...20:44
Kr0ntablifeless, thanks...20:44
mwhudsonlifeless: is there a ppa with testtools in it?22:31
lifelessthe subunit one and the bzr beta ppa22:33
lifelessand the losa ppa22:33
lifelesslists them in fact22:34
lifelessshame that the subunit ppa is below the fold22:34
lifelessbeuno: ^22:34
lifelessmwhudson: ^22:42
mwhudsonlifeless: ah, thanks22:42
beunolifeless, hi. The Ubuntu Core Devs wanted to hide PPAs a bit so it wouldn't compete with the official packages22:45
lifelessbeuno: yes, I know that. I'm pointing out that the best PPA for testtools isn't listed unless you click the 'search others' link22:46
lifelessbeuno: compare the two pages.22:47
lifelessgotta take lynne to the doc.. sms me if needed22:47
pooliehello all23:03

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