ahsan_i hav some speed issues wid karmic00:02
ahsan_is it slower than hardy00:02
ahsan_i jus upgraded to karmic00:03
Wolfcastleanyone using lokalize? need a little help00:17
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kaddiis there a decay time for bugs? I reported one I would really like to see fixed a year ago and updated it over the last 12 month, without anybody else taking a look at it00:22
kaddiis there anything i can do?00:22
kaddishould I just refile it?00:22
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supermagnumis there some GUI that handles com port setting ?00:35
jwill-supermagnum: Well, iptables, but it's not exactly a GUI...00:36
Izinucs supermagnum you trying to get a fax modem working?00:36
supermagnumno, trying to flash a megasquirt00:37
Izinucssupermagnum: usb or serial db9/25?00:37
supermagnumaka db900:37
Izinucssupermagnum: ah.. you know the port..00:38
Izinucssupermagnum: not sure really... unless there is a modem program that allow setting of the com port like gtkfax (not sure what the kde version is).. what piece of software does the flashing?00:39
supermagnumand there is no settings for coms in that00:40
Izinucssupermagnum: will it allow putting the settings in there00:40
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supermagnumnope, i cannot find any settings on the menu00:41
supermagnumjust: file -> load firmware , get ECU signature , quit00:42
supermagnumand port: /dev/ttyS100:43
Izinucssupermagnum: maybe it handles it internally00:45
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supermagnumthats possible00:47
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supermagnumwhats the bootstrap.s19 for ?01:03
ilumii added some scripts to rc.d, and im getting a inittab file error, how can i fix this?01:03
Izinucssupermagnum: http://www.cs.uml.edu/~fredm/cher/contrib/download-68hc11/readme01:05
newbie123abcKTTS fail?01:06
newbie123abcwhere is it?01:06
jwill-newbie123abc: Has it been ported from kde3?01:07
newbie123abcjwill-: no01:07
jwill-newbie123abc: Well... then there's no KTTS for kde4...01:07
newbie123abcjwill-: okular msg01:08
jwill-newbie123abc: ?01:08
Dragnslcr!info ktts01:08
ubottuPackage ktts does not exist in karmic01:08
jwill-newbie123abc: You want to read some text in a pdf document?01:09
Dragnslcr!info kttsd01:09
ubottukttsd (source: kdeaccessibility): a Text-to-Speech system for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 1390 kB, installed size 3348 kB01:09
DragnslcrIs that what you're looking for, newbie123abc?01:09
newbie123abcjwill-: i want, but my master thesis no.01:09
newbie123abcjwill-: gotcha01:09
jwill-Huh, guess it was ported to kde4.01:10
newbie123abcjwill-: kde clock speech01:10
newbie123abcjwill-: i'll go disable it01:10
jwill-newbie123abc: I don't know what you're talking about.01:10
_2hello cups question...   i'm on  trying to configure my print system   and it's asking for username and password....   ummm is that something that i have to setup  or is it the system user/passwd pair ?    my system is not exactly default and i may need to adjust username or something.  any help with cups ?01:11
newbie123abcjwill-: clock -> right click -> "digital clock setup" -> general01:11
jwill-newbie123abc: Yes.  What about it, though?01:12
newbie123abcjwill-: when kde try to speech clock, that msg appear01:12
newbie123abcjwill-: KTTS........01:12
jwill-newbie123abc: Install kttsd like Dragnsl`cr said.01:13
jwill-newbie123abc: sudo aptitude install kttsd01:13
newbie123abcjwill-: ok01:13
IzinucsIs there a kde front end for efax?01:13
_2gmt (greenwitch mean time)  which dirrcetion is +5  ?01:14
Izinucseast of you01:15
_2Izinucs then why is us eastern time == gmt+5     what am i missing about that ?01:16
IzinucsEastern US is -5.. I'm in Calif and that is -801:17
_2Izinucs sudo tzconfig  and select gmt-8  and see if it is right01:17
Izinucssudo txconfig is deprecated .. says to use dpkg-reconfigure tzdata.. however if you think about it if the sun is just peaking out in London (gmt apx) at 6am.. what time is it on the US east coast?  1am.. so the east coast is 5 hours behind London thus -5.. those who are +5 are ahead of London01:21
_2Izinucs no argument about your logic.  it's sound.   problem is that tzconfig/what ever replaced it   is still backwards    for an acurate setting for us western is gmt+8      why?   i don't know.01:26
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Izinucs_2: I get so many updates for tzconfig I just gotta wonder.. At least on install when you get to the area to pick your time zone it is represented correctly.. perhaps your bios is set for your local time and tzconfig is seeing that and simply saying that gmt is +8 or +5 or whatever01:29
ilumii added some scripts to rc.d, and im getting a inittab file error, how can i fix this?01:32
thegatekeeperany ideas why i get nvidia0 input output error when startx01:36
thegatekeeperusint 195.3001:36
ilumican anyone running kubuntu 9.10 check if there is a /etc/inittab file?01:37
Fanfareilumi: theres none!01:38
ilumiFanfare: thanks, can you check if there is one anywhere?01:38
ilumiFanfare: locate inittab or find?01:39
Fanfareilumi: /usr/lib/upstart/migrate-inittab.pl01:39
Fanfareilumi: iirc there is /etc/console.con or something...01:39
ilumiFanfare: ok, thanks01:40
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Guest52144i have a quick question, i accidently removed the app launcher "K" think from the left side fo the bar and now it will only add to right side, any ideas?01:46
daskreechGuest52144: click the cashew at the end of the bar. If you mouse over any widget on it you will get a cross with four arrows which means you can move the widget. Just Klick and drag it to where you want01:48
daskreechYou can click the desktop or the close button on the options bar to come out of edit mode01:48
Guest52144daskreech: thank yu01:49
Guest52144i'm a noob so i have a few more questions, how do i authenticate my identinty in Quassel?01:49
daskreechGuest52144: I assume you mean to IRC?01:51
daskreech!register | Guest52144 Thats an IRC thing. Read this01:51
ubottuGuest52144 Thats an IRC thing. Read this: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode01:51
xixorHowdy, so, just installed kubuntu and samba, I can right click in dolphin and configure a share, so I made a public writeable share with guest accounts permitted.  Read only = no, and I select my user in the specified users as the share admin.  However, when I mount the share from my mac, and login as the Guest, the share is un-writeable, and I am unable to mount the share using my username and password.  Is there anything else that must be done to setup samb01:51
Guest52144daskreech: yes, I have a registered nickname but just want to use quaseel01:51
xixorwith kde?01:51
daskreechGuest52144: Ah you want to know how to get Quassel to register with nickerv for you?01:52
Guest52144daskreech: correct01:52
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ZhenyaI got it to work01:52
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daskreechGuest96263: Settings -> Configure Quassel -> Networks -> Auto Identify01:53
daskreechGuest96263: Whoot01:53
Guest96263weird it broke.....01:54
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Zhenyatesting again!01:55
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Guest40946dang it, it is saying i failed to identify01:57
daskreechGuest40946: you put the top form as nickserv and the bottom form as your password?01:58
Guest40946daskreech: correct!01:58
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Zhenyaok i think that worked woot02:00
ZhenyaNow i have another question? do y'all know what firefox keeps closing when i try to install adobe air?02:01
iconmefistoZhenya: when does it close?02:08
Zhenyaiconmefisto: once the install starts to load, but konquerer is working so i'll just use that for this purpose :D02:08
iconmefistoI just started the install and firefox is still doing fine02:09
daskreechZhenya: What it's closing?02:09
Zhenyaall of firefox02:09
iconmefistoZhenya: install completed, firefox still running. maybe a problem with your firefox profile?02:09
Zhenyamust be02:10
Zhenyai'm brand new to linux so this is taking some getting used to!02:10
daskreechWelcome to linux!02:10
daskreechI will tell you right now that Adobe Air is tested against Gnome or more specifically metacity so if things are not working swap out kwin for metacity02:11
daskreechThat is if you really want Adobe Air02:11
Zhenyadaskreech: i have no idea wat kwin and metacity are :P i feel like  a little n00bster02:12
Zhenyai only want air for tweetdeck02:12
Zhenyaand suggestions for a better twitter client?02:12
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aahicnowanyone here successfully gotten a rogers stick working02:18
tcarterI have connected my computer to my tv via HDMI cable....why can't i get a picture?02:18
tcarteranyone there?02:19
aahicnowlaptop? desktop?02:19
aahicnowso u have disconnectedur monitor or u have dual outputs02:20
tcarteri have monitor hooked up via rgb....and  tv via hdmi02:21
tcarterboth oututs on same graphics card02:21
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aahicnowdoes ur video card support running both at same time02:22
tcarternot sure02:22
aahicnowid start there02:22
Zhenyaguys just did some updates and now when i reboot i have a -14 and -17 kernel02:22
tcarterhhow would i procede then02:23
Zhenyado i need to remove the 14 kernel leave or what? it's just adding extra lines to my gnu dual boot menu02:23
aahicnowread up on your video card02:23
FanfareZhenya: removing 14 kernel is optional and does not harm... its there as a fallback...02:24
aahicnowanyone here successfully gotten a rogers stick working02:24
ZhenyaFanfare: is it taking up room?02:24
FanfareZhenya: sure it does02:25
ZhenyaFanfare: gotcha, do you approximately how much? where would i look?02:25
Fanfarewell, kernel itself ~3-4 MB02:26
ZhenyaFanfare: oh thats it? so its not like 100-500 megs?02:27
FanfareZhenya: ok, with the rest its ~ 10 MB02:27
ZhenyaFanfare: gotcha. thank you102:27
FanfareZhenya: depends on headers, etc...02:28
Zhenyais there a way to install the ubuntu app manager? from what i understand its kinda like an app store for ubuntu02:28
Zhenyai'm using the apt-get command to get vlc right nw02:28
iconmefistoZhenya: there is kpackagekit for kde, if you prefer a gui. you can also get to it from systemsettings, add & remove software02:30
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daskreechZhenya: Choqok02:32
Zhenyaiconmefisto: i also read that the ubuntu one is way superior to kpackagekit, is that true? how do i download apt files and have them run properly?02:32
daskreechZhenya: For a twitter client02:32
Zhenyadaskreech: thanks getting it now :D02:32
daskreechZhenya: The Kernels exist side by side on your computer you can boot into any version you like. The old ones are kept around in case something breaks you can simply choose an old one and boot up to have everythign working again. Removal is at your discretion02:33
daskreechaahicnow: What's a rogers stick?02:33
aahicnowbradband internet stick02:33
iconmefistoZhenya: the only advantage I can see is synaptic (the ubuntu one) lets you do things like install a particular version of a program and hold it (and not try to upgrade it when there are upgrades available)02:34
Zhenyaiconmefisto: gotcha. Ok i'm going to listen to y'all :D02:34
daskreechaahicnow: An internet stick? How does it work?02:34
Fanfareaahicnow: umts/gprs-stick?02:34
aahicnowit was working under easy peasy and 9.0402:34
aahicnownow i upgarded to 9.10 and dead02:35
aahicnowit never finds the modem02:35
Zhenyai'm getting things working, this is AWESOME!02:35
Daughainaahicnow: Upgrade has issues......Fresh install is the way to go.02:36
daskreechaahicnow: It doesn't get a /dev device ?02:36
aahicnowby upgrade  i mean wipe drive and install02:36
daskreechZhenya: it gets more frustrating then it gets really awesome02:36
aahicnowi wipe every install02:36
Zhenyadaskreech: :D02:37
aahicnowand start over each02:37
daskreechaahicnow: Right but does it get a /dev device entry?02:37
aahicnowas a cd yes02:37
aahicnowwhen i unmount the cd the modem does not show02:38
aahicnowu familiar with this issue02:39
aahicnowzero cd a ms thing cause the unit to show as a cd first02:39
daskreechaahicnow: Woah it shows up as a CD?02:40
daskreechwhat's the device node it used?02:40
aahicnowya in easypeasy and in 9.04 all u have to do is unmount the cd then the modem will show up02:41
aahicnowbut this is not the case with 9.1002:41
daskreechOh ok02:42
aahicnowa lsusb will show this when it is first inserted02:42
aahicnowBus 001 Device 006: ID 19d2:2000 ONDA Communication S.p.A.02:43
daskreechaahicnow: can you jump into #ubuntu-kernel and ask if they can help you with the device allocation in 9.10 ?02:43
thevoidi am noob to irc how do i add other rooms to konversation in kde02:48
daskreechthevoid: type /join #roomname02:51
daskreechZhenya: How are you doing?02:54
Zhenyadaskreech: pretty good here, things are installing and working properly, pretty happy with everything so far :D02:55
daskreechWell if you like I can explain metacity and kwin02:55
Zhenyadowloading the last top gear to watch on my KUBUNTU WOOT02:55
Zhenyais there any really cool stuff you recmmend installing?02:55
aahicnowdaskreech no help over there, guess i will just go bak to 8.04 ,to bad 9.10 was so fast on my net book02:56
iconmefistoaahicnow: seen this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136032702:57
Zhenyadaskreech: ready for the explanation or links whenever you are :D03:00
aahicnowya went thur all that last night03:01
daskreechaahicnow: 9.04 ?03:03
aahicnowtryed the dialer and conf files plus the usb_modeswitch thing03:03
daskreechZhenya: ok are you aware of how UNIX is built?03:03
Zhenyadaskreech: not too well. Seems like i need to do some general reading. wiki here i come :D03:04
aahicnowi have last version on my laptop, and 9.10 on my netbook and desktop03:04
daskreechaahicnow: well keep 9.10 around and see if you can figure out why it doesn't work. Would be useful to know if it's something you can expect from newer kernels (not what I would expect but you never know) or if it can be done up and working again03:07
daskreechZhenya: So in UNIX all things are files and programs are files with instructions03:07
daskreechZhenya: Programs are built to do one thing very well and if it needs something that it doesn't do well it asks for it to be done by the program that does it well03:07
Zhenyadaskreech: k, listening :D03:07
daskreechZhenya: In terms of you as user UNIX is built as a stack03:08
daskreechthe lowest level is the hardware which actually powers everything03:08
daskreechabove that is the kernel which takes your instructions and passes it on to the hardware03:08
Zhenyadaskreech: still here and reading with pleasure :D03:09
aahicnowwell ill prob go bak to peasy(8.04) on my net book but ill keep playing with it on my desktop03:09
daskreechYou can't speak the language the kernel or hardware talk so you need something that speaks your language03:09
daskreechaahicnow: Ok try in ##linux for wider scale help and #ubuntu-kernel for Ubuntu specific kernel help03:09
daskreechZhenya: The thing that takes your instructions and passes it on to the kernel is the terminal03:10
aahicnowthx for help dask03:10
daskreechYou give it instructions and it hands it to the kernel who speaks to the hardware03:10
daskreechaahicnow: Sure :)03:10
Zhenyadaskreech: still here, reading!03:11
daskreechZhenya: As I mentioned you only work with files and programs03:11
titan_arkHey Zhenya, jow is it going?03:11
* BluesKaj hires joe btfsplk to speak to his hardware03:11
Zhenyatitan_ark: going great! got everything up and running :D daskreech is giving a lessson on linux/unix03:11
daskreechSo you typically call a program which will do some work or possibly interact with some files. If it needs somethign else it (or you) calls another program03:11
titan_arkZhenya ah that is nice! Dual boot working fine?03:12
titan_arkdaskreech, I need it too :)03:12
Zhenyatitan_ark: working GREAT! I haven't tried the xp since though, enjoying this too much :D03:12
daskreechSo for most intents and purposes all programs are running on top of the terminal03:12
BluesKajyou youngsters wouldn't know who joe btfsplk is I bet :)03:12
Zhenyadaskreech: gotcha, like in android when they found the root  bug!03:12
daskreechBluesKaj: Don't confuse the youngsters :)03:13
daskreechZhenya: Rightish :)03:13
iconmefistoI'm old and I don't know03:13
titan_arkZhenya ;) yeah same here. But I had to boot into win 7 for my 20 hr AOE session!03:13
daskreechiconmefisto: lol03:13
Zhenyatitan_ark: AOE?03:13
titan_arkAge of Empires :P03:13
daskreechZhenya: So if you want a program to run with pretty buttons and so on it needs to run somewhere to show that03:13
BluesKajdaskreech, oh I forgot. youngsters would even know about newspapers :)03:14
Zhenyalike kde v. gnome?03:14
BluesKajwouldn't  doh03:14
thevoiddaskreech: what rooms are there? Do I need a specific room name or just type room name? Do i type it in this box?03:14
daskreechZhenya: Which of course is a program :) So there is a program that runs on top of the terminal called a windowing server which allows programs to place windows03:14
titan_arkthevoid, /join <roomname>03:14
daskreechthevoid: In this box there are probably 4000 rooms what do you want to talk about?03:15
Zhenyaoh wow so the programs aren't running in kde? the are running in the terminal and then passing the window stuff to kde?03:15
daskreechZhenya: The most popular windowing server in UNIX/LInux is Xorg03:15
daskreechor most commonly called X03:15
thevoiddaskreech: Is there a list or something? I just want to look around.03:15
Zhenyadaskreech: k03:16
daskreechthevoid: type /list03:16
daskreechyou will get flooded but enjoy03:16
BluesKajthevoid, just type !list in the server text box03:16
titan_arkdaskreech, I am asking almost anyone I meet here, is there any problem with the latest kernel, ending "30-17"?03:16
BluesKajoops my old mirc habits showing thru03:17
daskreechZhenya: Now the window server just says two/three things where the windows are on the screen, how big they are and which one is infront of which03:17
Zhenyadaskreech: gotcha03:17
thevoidBlueskaj: what is the server text box? Is that the box that i am typing in right now?03:17
daskreechtitan_ark: There is always a problem would you like to be more specific?03:17
daskreechthevoid: yes03:17
BluesKajthevoid, the freenode tab03:17
thevoidDaskreech: thank you03:17
titan_arkdaskreech, well I am on a notebook and when I upgrade to that kernel, I end up receiving a "filesystem error" and cannot boot in.03:18
daskreechZhenya: on top of that there is a program called a window manager. This actually draws the outside of the windows as well as fun things like buttons and scroll bars etc03:18
daskreechtitan_ark: You might have filled the hard drive?03:18
Zhenyadaskreech: holymoly i never realized that it was that seperated!03:18
daskreechZhenya: That program is what you would call Compiz or metacity or kwin03:18
xixorHowdy folks.  I am trying to ensure that my linux desktop/server that is on 24/7 uses as little power as possible.  Anyone know how I can verify that the hard drives spin down?  Anyone have any power saving tricks?03:18
titan_arkI dont think so, just made fresh install. (via wubi)03:19
daskreechZhenya: It is so you can swap out functionality without changing anything that the programs inside there do03:19
titan_arkIn fact my friend too is facing the same problem.03:19
daskreechtitan_ark: which filesystem error?03:19
daskreechxixor: ask in ##linux03:19
Zhenyawow, so i can change those programs and things will look different>03:19
daskreechxixor: They aren't as nice as we are so you might get some rough edges but they have a lot of good info.03:19
daskreechZhenya: Want to try it?03:20
daskreechxixor: If they start arguing about tips amongst themselves just take notes :) it's a lot of info sittin in one room :)03:20
Zhenyadaskreech: sure, but i'm a noobster and what if i screw some stuff up!03:20
titan_arkdaskreech, cant remember now :( especially since i made a re install. I can ask my friend l8r and get back. I would like to point out that once this happens, We can still boot into the older kernel.03:20
daskreechZhenya: I'm here03:21
xixordaskreech: ha, alright, thanks03:21
daskreechtitan_ark: tell Zhenya he was asking about the old kernels :)03:21
daskreechassuming Zhenya is a he03:21
iconmefistoZhenya: one cool thing you might want to install is virtualbox. then you can have a virtual kubuntu to play around with and completely destroy in perfect safety03:22
Zhenyadaskreech: i an a he03:22
xixordaskreech: my system is an overclocked i7 920 with 2 10k rpm hard drives and an ATI 4870x2 and a 750W PSU and about 5 fans.  When it is going full tilt I am sure it just sucks back the juice03:22
titan_arkdaskreech, quite a n00b myself, tryin to learn03:22
daskreechSounds like it does03:22
Zhenyaiconmefisto: ok guys today i will i learn more basics tomorrow if y'all are here we will play around, is that cool?03:22
daskreechZhenya: try sudo apt-get install metacity03:23
Zhenyaok can i turn them on and off? and will this effect te stability/speed of the os?03:23
daskreechYes you can and yes it can :)03:24
Zhenyaits 275 megs, it is easily removable?03:24
daskreechie it can make it faster03:24
Zhenyadaskreech: oh wow ok03:24
pinkisntwellhow can i make keyboard layout independent shortcuts?03:24
titan_arkdaskreech, btw since i was facing trouble with the kde install I tried Ubuntu, and then someone suggest install kubuntu-desktop, as I like this interface moew,a nd I eneded up with the same error . Now i have updated everything except the kernel03:24
daskreechZhenya: umm ok install fluxbox :)03:24
pinkisntwellif i change the layout of my keyboard then keyboard shortcuts stop working03:25
daskreechtitan_ark: have you run a smartmontools on the drive?03:25
daskreech sounds like it's a little wonky03:25
Zhenyadaskreech: crap it already installed some stuff now its promptmy me to continue, if i say N then will it remove the installed things?03:25
daskreechpinkisntwell: the shortcuts are based on the keyboard layout03:25
titan_arkdaskreech, nah.03:25
daskreechthey translate to the xmod keys and changing the layout changes the xmod keys03:26
daskreechZhenya: yes03:26
Zhenyadaskreech: went ahead and installed it, i will check it out and remove it :D03:26
Zhenyadaskreech: as a learning experience03:26
pinkisntwelldaskreech: so there's no way around this? if i assign some action to alt+g, i want it to happen irrespective of the layout03:26
daskreechZhenya: Oh so it's done installing? :)03:26
Zhenyadaskreech: lol, ;m stitting at starbucks, this is going to take a while03:27
daskreechpinkisntwell: It's alt+G but changing your keyboard layout changes what alt is and what G is :)03:27
titan_ark"Some newer Seagate/Maxtor disks risk a sudden death due to buggy firmware: 7200.11, ES.2, Diamondmax 22. See the Details, reported by Seagate's customer support."03:27
titan_arksounds scary03:27
daskreechZhenya: ooooooh :)03:27
daskreechGrande (latte)03:27
pinkisntwelldaskreech: so it's impossible?03:27
daskreechpinkisntwell: not impossible but not trivial either.03:27
daskreechYou want hooks that will reassign your shortcuts to whatever the xmod keys were before to what htey are now everytime you change your layout03:28
pinkisntwelldaskreech: it works fine in windows03:28
daskreechso if you had alt+G before and change your layout it changes to alt+é which is G on your keyboard03:29
daskreechpinkisntwell: Windows is not Linux03:29
pinkisntwelldaskreech: this means that almost all the keys on my keyboard are dead for shortcuts03:29
daskreechLinux is not windows. don't expect them to do things the same way. In fact that's kinda the point :)03:29
pinkisntwelldaskreech: ok is there a way around this?03:30
daskreechpinkisntwell: how many keyboard layouts do you use ?03:30
pinkisntwelldaskreech: 203:30
daskreechpinkisntwell: ok umm I'd hit #kde there are enough people ther who are multilingual who would probably have a fix for this03:30
Zhenyadaskreech: this is install is going to take FOREVER here, what happens if i cancel mid install?03:31
daskreechZhenya: how far?03:31
daskreechZhenya: nothing03:31
pinkisntwelldaskreech: yeah i did that but i got nothing03:31
Zhenyacan i remove all the downloaded garbage?03:31
Zhenyaok i will do this @ home, WAY faster connection!03:31
iconmefistoZhenya: it downloads first, then starts installing, so you could just stop since you're at the downloading stage03:31
Zhenyaiconmefisto: gotcha, thanks. Where are the temp downloaded files stored?03:32
daskreechZhenya: sudo apt-get clean03:32
Zhenyadaskreech: nonthing happened...03:33
iconmefistoZhenya: /var/cache/apt/archives if I'm not mistaken03:33
daskreechZhenya: Excellent :)03:34
Zhenyaoh its not a program to download? it just cleans it?03:34
daskreechZhenya: Yeah gets rid of all the stuff you downloaded03:34
daskreechZhenya: sudo apt-get install twm03:34
Zhenyaoh wow ok cool :D03:34
Zhenyawhat is that?03:34
iconmefistoZhenya: that removes all the .deb files in /var/cache/apt/archives03:34
daskreechnote: twm is the simplest worst window mnager ever03:34
daskreechbut it's tiny :)03:35
daskreechIt used to ship with X it just allows you to put down a window and close it03:35
xjjkhi... what's the opinion of kde 4.4rc1 on karmic?03:35
daskreechit's ugly as sin03:35
Zhenyai got plenty of room, i'm just being careful since its a dual boot machine with only 40gigs03:35
daskreechand twice as mean mannered03:35
titan_arkdamn, got disconnected03:36
daskreechI saw :)03:37
daskreechZhenya: When that gets pulled in tell me03:37
Zhenyadaskreech: can i play with it later? I'mabout to leave starbucks and go home03:38
daskreechZhenya: install a window manager like fluxbox then in a terminal type fluxbox --replace03:39
daskreechwhen you want kwin back type kwin --replace03:39
Zhenyaoh coolok03:40
Zhenyai will be back!03:40
Zhenyadaskreech: thanks for this AWESOME help :D03:41
titan_arkcomcast x)03:48
Daughaintitan_ark:  I hear ya.03:50
iconmefistois comcast an isp?03:53
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titan_ark_daskreech: you there?04:19
daskreechthevoid: try /list04:24
=== name is now known as Guest99491
daskreechtitan_ark_: are you?04:36
titan_arkdaskreech: sorry. bad internet.04:36
titan_arkI think I need to change my ISP.04:36
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titan_ark_hey, any suggetsions on how to run some perl scripts on kubuntu?05:58
daskreechtitan_ark_: with perl?06:09
titan_ark_daskreech: yup, a beginner. so wanna get some small sample scripts running to learn.06:09
titan_ark_sorry for thr ot06:09
daskreechtitan_ark_: I'm not sure what you are asking then06:10
titan_ark_ah. well i am learning perl so wanted how to just run some scripts. can i do it off the terminal?06:11
daskreechtitan_ark_: yes06:14
daskreechif you have a magic number at the start of the perl script then you can run it as a normal script06:14
daskreech if you have it set to executable you can run it as a program06:15
ste_a tutti06:15
daskreechif you have neither you can hand it to perl and perl will run it for you06:15
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)06:15
ste_kui cè kualcuno ke parla italiano?06:15
daskreechgrazie :)06:16
titan_ark_thx :)06:16
titan_ark_ubottu speaks itlian :P06:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:16
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:16
titan_ark_so basically there is no need for any specific compilers or anything of that sort06:17
daskreechtitan_ark_: Perl is a scripted language so no compilers06:18
titan_ark_any suggestions on hw to go abt learning it?06:18
titan_ark_i have basic knowledge in circuit design, hdl, etc06:19
titan_ark_not too good at coding etc06:19
daskreechperl would not be a good place to start06:19
titan_ark_i do know C C++ and played with DS06:20
titan_ark_need scripting knowledge cos of "industry" demands06:20
titan_ark_and yes, it looks interesting too06:20
daskreechOk :)06:21
titan_ark_whats your choice out of perl/ python/ tcl?06:22
titan_ark_or do they all have specific advantages and applications?06:22
yuriytitan_ark_: every language has its advantages and applications, but I think most Ubuntu developers go for Python06:24
daskreechThey each do06:24
yuriyalso don't forget Ruby and others06:24
daskreechPython and Ruby are very straighforward once you understand OO programming06:24
titan_ark_yuriy: yeah i saw quite a few packages ( if i may call em so) udring installation, that is why I asked if I need to install anything aspecific for perl06:26
yuriytitan_ark_: well.. perl. and then probably some modules as you get into it06:26
titan_ark_well I am looking at a general perspective and also for circuit design automation and stuff06:26
daskreechtitan_ark_: perl is considered a base tool for linux. if you have linux installed you can 98% sure count on having perl06:26
titan_ark_okay, makes sense. :)06:27
titan_ark_i was having this impression that i need some kind of editor and complier and/ or simulator06:27
daskreechYou need an editor06:28
titan_ark_any basic text editor will do?06:28
yuriykate is the one that comes with kubuntu, try it out06:29
titan_ark_yes, just saw that. will do06:29
titan_ark_i hav a feeling my notebook is heating up more than what it is using Win 7, any way i can check if everything is normal?06:34
daskreechDo you have compositing on?06:35
titan_ark_ah, how do i check?06:36
titan_ark_sorry, total n00b06:36
daskreechPress Ctrl+F906:37
daskreechdo all the windows fly up and get smaller?06:37
titan_ark_nothing happens06:38
daskreechProbably do not have it on then :)06:38
titan_ark_should  i?06:40
daskreechmore work for the computer06:41
titan_ark_i read abt some fan issues that some ppl were facing, but mine seems to be running fine ( i think so)06:42
=== vincent is now known as Guest65789
titan_ark_anything i can do to check if all is fine? any application?06:46
titan_ark_also any gadgets or applications to check CPU and RAM usage?06:47
daskreechtitan_ark_: check your widget options for the desktop06:51
titan_ark_damn all the stuff on the bar shifted to the left :P06:57
titan_ark_cant get it back06:58
jwilltitan_ark_: To the left?  Screenshot?07:03
titan_ark_ah how do i paste it here?07:04
titan_ark_damn even my appln tabs are not shown in the bar below :(07:04
jwilltitan_ark_: imagebin.ca (there's a widgit for it, if you want -- pastebin)07:07
jwilltitan_ark_: Use my name; I'm not checking this window.07:07
titan_ark_jwill: okay, shall try it07:07
titan_ark_jwill: http://imagebin.ca/view/b8b9y7d.html07:09
phant0mhi im using tiger to scan my system as root but when the scan finishes it tells me permission denied when i want to look at the log files07:10
jwilltitan_ark_: Okay, just click the little half-circle on the right of toolbar.  Drag the widgets you want to move right.07:11
jwilltitan_ark_: You can right click on desktop and lock it to stop this happening.07:11
jwilltitan_ark_: Oh wait, nevermind.  You're missing the window list widget.07:11
titan_ark_jwill, i tried that, but it just gets back. even if i go to advanced settings and right allign it07:12
jwilltitan_ark_: You'll have to add it again.  Click on the thing --> ( and select 'add widget'.07:12
jwilltitan_ark_: It's called window list, or something.07:12
jwilltitan_ark_: "Task manager"07:12
titan_ark_jwill, ah yes got it :)07:14
titan_ark_thx a bunch!07:14
phant0mcan anyone help? pls07:14
titan_ark_phant0m, just ask, someone will surely help :)07:15
daskreechphant0m: look at the log files as root?07:15
phant0mit refuses07:16
phant0mpermission denied07:16
phant0mim in root07:16
daskreechwhat are the permissions on it?07:16
phant0mdefault i didnt set them up07:17
phant0mtheres only one folder with permissions and thats on another hdd07:17
ghalehow are you trying to look at the log files?07:18
jwillphant0m: type "kdesudo dolphin" in the alt+F2 window.07:19
phant0min terminal07:19
ghalewhat are you using to view them i mean?07:20
phant0mbollocks im on the wrong channel07:20
jwillphant0m: ubuntu, not kubuntu?07:20
phant0msorry my bad thanks for trying to help anyways07:21
ghaleare you not typing a text viewer before the file location?07:21
jwilllol.  Well, just gksudo nautilus, I think.07:21
phant0mno im n ot using a text viewer07:21
ghaleyou need to i think07:21
phant0mwhen i locate the file there isnt a log in tiger to open07:22
jwillphant0m: What do you mean by tiger, anyways?07:23
phant0mits a pen test tool07:24
phant0mcalled tiger and its very good when you can access the bloody files lol07:24
APERSONIs there a grid plugin equivalent for kde?07:24
ner0xHow can I make flash play through my headphones?!07:25
phant0mfinally its open right best switch a few things off07:27
daskreechAPERSON: grid?07:27
phant0mty for the help07:27
APERSONdaskreech, like the one for compiz.  Sorry, I should have been clearer07:29
daskreechRIght. what does the one for Compiz do?07:32
APERSONIt allows you to place windows in a grid, eg: one window on the right half of the screen and another on the left07:33
APERSONI have dual displays that are set to one big desktop, so if I maximize a window, it fullscreens on both07:34
daskreechYou mean tile them so they each take up 1/2 the screen?07:34
daskreechYou can do that in KDE 4.407:35
daskreechDon't know about 4.307:36
APERSONdaskreech, how would one go about enabling that?  I can see if I have the ability07:36
APERSONif not, is there a good repository that will allow me to update?07:37
daskreechyou mean getting KDE 4.4?07:39
APERSONif the ability isn't available in 4.3, then yes07:40
daskreechit should be on the front page of www.kubuntu.org07:41
APERSONah - thanks07:43
APERSONupon upgrading 4.4, plasma-workspace crashes and I don't get a desktop07:55
jwillWeirdest thing ever.  After adding Smooth Tasks, I noticed my CPU usage was pretty high while doing animations related to it.07:58
jwillSo I run top.07:58
jwillWhenever I make the smoothtasks widget do animations (like window previews moving) the dropbox process jumps to 90% of cpu.07:58
jwillCan anyone explain this?07:58
FloodBotK1jwill: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:58
jwillNevermind, plasma-desktop shows slightly increased cpu usage.  Must be something weird with dropbox that causes it to use massive amounts of CPU when plasma is doing stuff.08:07
DaughainAnyone here know of an install option hat doesnt require removable media?08:13
Peace-Daughain: ?? explain better08:14
DaughainANtique lappy, lost drivers, so one cd and floppy are useless, no boot from usb option, no boot from lan option. Burnt copy of XP, and neds some ubuntu love.08:15
Peace-Daughain: netintstall maybe08:16
Peace-we'll see08:17
APERSONDaughain, can take out the hdd?08:17
Peace-you old pc should be on the lan :)08:17
DaughainI can pull the drive, but, its a 2.5 ide, wtf I do with it next?? =) Nothing I can plug it into.08:18
Peace-Daughain: try to read that article...08:19
DaughainPeace, it will not recognize anything on the lan, and, I just got it. Never been on the lan before.08:19
DaughainI will.08:19
APERSONDaughain, the only way I can think of is if you pull out the drive and dd a pre-installed image08:21
jwillDaughain: You could flash a more modern BIOS, so you could boot from USB.08:22
jwillKill two birds with one stone08:22
DaughainAPERSON; dd?08:22
Peace-well xD i will never spend my bucks for an old pc08:22
Daughainjwill:  This is a 6 year old toshiba lappy.08:22
jwillDaughain: copy disc image from one onto another08:23
jwillDaughain: Well, at least the hardware is supported :S08:23
Daughainjwill:  How? I have nothing the drive can be plugged into.08:23
jwillDaughain: Don't you ahve another computer?08:23
DaughainTHats what I am working on.=) CD, wireless and floppy are all dead right now08:24
jwillDaughain: Is it a desktop?08:24
DaughainI have about three, 2 running sata, and one desktop w/ide.08:24
DaughainThis is a laptop. 2.5 formfactor.08:24
jwillDaughain: Can't you just plug it in, removing another slot, if you don't have any free ones?08:24
jwillDaughain: Ooooh.08:24
DaughainYeah, differnet plug design...08:25
DaughainYeah, differnet plug design...08:25
jwillDaughain: IDE, right?  Cause SATA is the same.08:25
DaughainYeah, differnet plug design...08:25
jwillDaughain: :(08:25
FloodBotK1Daughain: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
jwillDaughain: You might have to get a BIOS update, then.  So you could boot from USB.08:25
jwillDaughain: Or do a minimal linux install from... <shudders> ... floppy to fix your driver issues.08:26
DaughainHow to flash bios w/no removable media? I cant even install Alcohol again.08:26
DaughainNO flopy.08:26
darkdelusionsDaughain:  what are you trying to do?08:27
darkdelusionsother then break something else08:27
jwillInstall on a deaf/mute laptop :D08:27
* Daughain nods with jwill 08:27
DaughainHey, I never do anything *normal*.=)08:27
=== reshawn is now known as ChocolateJesusMa
darkdelusionsDaughain:  usb install? (I am sure this has been gone over somewhere up there ;)08:28
darkdelusionsto lazy to scroll up :)08:28
DaughainUSB not an option....OOOOLd bios.08:28
jwillDaughain: Sounds like you're screwed.  No way to install if there're NO working input methods.  Think you'll need to buy a mini-ide to full-ide adaptor.08:28
jwillDaughain: they're probably like $2.08:28
Peace-but if the pc cna be on lan08:28
Peace-you could try that tutorial08:28
Peace-i never used ...08:29
jwillPeace-: He said ethernet doesn't work :(08:29
DaughainGonna look at it.08:29
Peace-and here there is a brand new toshiba :D08:29
darkdelusionshow in the heck does an old computer not have a DVD rom, or Floopy08:29
darkdelusionserr wow spelling fail08:29
DaughainWell, if ya wanna send it along....... =)08:29
Peace-jwill: well he is screwed08:29
Daughaindarkdelusions: It has the driver, just not the drivers.08:29
DaughainErr....drive, no driver.08:29
darkdelusionsWTF is it a 486?08:30
DaughainPent M08:30
APERSONyou don't need drivers, as long as the drive works, Daughain08:30
DaughainAPERSON: XP.....No drivers, no workee.08:30
jwillJust a BIOS that supports booting from CD-ROM.08:30
darkdelusionswhat jwill said08:31
jwillDaughain: Try telepathy.08:31
DaughainWTF, lets try it.08:31
Daughainjwill:  I have been. =)08:31
darkdelusionsifs a pentium M the bios should support booting off a cd08:31
darkdelusionsand if it doesnt you have a pretty paper weight :)08:32
DaughainLike I said gonna try.08:32
darkdelusionsYou guys have been discussing this how long? :)08:32
darkdelusionsand you havent even "tryed" it :)08:33
jwilldarkdelusions: 16 minutes.08:33
IzinucsDaughain: might have to hit F12 to get boot options even if the cdrom is 1st on the list in the bios08:33
* darkdelusions facepalms08:33
DaughainNah, esc gets bot options..08:34
darkdelusionsYou at first you dont suceed fail fail agian08:34
darkdelusionsif even08:34
DaughainAyup. MY theory.08:34
titan_ark_good luck :)08:35
darkdelusionsDaughain: when you break it remember its all titan_ark_ fault08:36
Peace-!offtopic | Peace-08:36
ubottuPeace-, please see my private message08:36
jwillusse: Hi08:42
usseI need a KDE-program/command to cut out a small portion of one audio file and save it with different name. What is the easiest/fastest program to use?08:42
darkdelusionsusse: hello08:42
jwillusse: Audacious? Not KDE, but it works.08:43
Izinucsyou mean audacity08:43
jwillusse: Oops, yeah.  Audacity.08:43
ussethanks I will check it out :)08:44
jwillSame word, annoying.08:44
darkdelusionsThere is also kwave but i have never used it08:44
jwillAnd they're both audio-related applications for linux.08:44
BugsbaneAnyone know a bug number to watch, so we can find out when this xorg bug on Lucid + KDE SC 4.4 RC is fixed?08:48
Izinucskwave doesn't seem to support mp3 even after installing lame08:51
titan_ark_darkdelusions, btw the sta driver worked for the wireless08:52
darkdelusionsI saw your PM08:52
titan_ark_there was a compatibility issue with the latest kernel update, so had to first get the driver and avoid the kernel update08:52
darkdelusionstitan_ark_:  are you back on KDE now08:53
darkdelusionsor still on gnome?08:53
titan_ark_i wanted the kde feel, so tried install kubuntu-desktop and that updated the kernel :D08:53
DaughainGrrr.....Definite bios fail....Not good.08:53
titan_ark_so i did a fresh install :D08:53
titan_ark_Daughain :-o08:54
DaughainPretty much, titan_ark_08:54
darkdelusionsDaughain: its time to throw that laptop out the window08:54
jwillDaughain: Or spring the $4 for a mini IDE adaptor.08:54
DaughainTrying to decide...08:55
jwillDaughain: Wait, can't you still reflash the BIOS, since it's the OS drivers that don't work (not the hardware)?08:55
DaughainIf I have a bios issue, I dont know that ubuntu wil solve it.08:55
jwillDaughain: http://www.openfirmware.info/Welcome_to_OpenBIOS ?08:56
jwillDaughain: I've never tried it, but it looks interesting.  Especially if your laptop is bricked without new BIOS. Nothing to lose.08:56
DaughainThanks, jwill Need to look into that next....08:56
DaughainWell, I can use it as a box to run a couple of XP apps, but thats about it.....SO, I'll prolly try it all. =)08:57
darkdelusionsI never knew there was such a thing as openbios08:57
DaughainI just dont know how proprietary toshiba was with thier bios' back then./08:58
BugsbaneIs it only the kernel packages causing the problem with upgrading Lucid mentioned at kubuntu.org?08:59
jwilldarkdelusions: I've been eyeing it for a while, but my ASUS mobo has pretty good bios, and I can't justify trying it :S08:59
darkdelusionsYa I am pretty happy with my asus laptop bios08:59
darkdelusionsNow if I had a test machine setup08:59
jwilldarkdelusions: Is it just me, or are ASUS mobos covered in awesomesauce?09:00
DaughainAsus has always had good bios'.09:00
darkdelusionsjwill: that just depends09:00
darkdelusionsjwill: I had an asus board that died on me because of a faulty chipset fan09:00
darkdelusionsHowever I have been mucho happy with my asus laptop09:01
darkdelusionsthe evil I just download an kernal update and you must reboot icon is sitting down in my system tray and mocking me09:02
jwilldarkdelusions: Laptops are so often have flakey hardware... the OEMs just toss in whatever parts they can get cheapest at the time, and it's all proprietary crap.09:02
darkdelusionsjwill: the chipset issue was on a pc mother board09:03
jwilldarkdelusions: Shh!09:03
Bonstaris RC1 out for kubuntu?09:03
jwillBonstar: Yes.09:03
jwillBonstar: For Karmic.  Still pending for Lucid, due to some massive X bug.09:03
Bonstari see09:04
darkdelusionsjwill:  every PC mother board I have is Asus thou09:04
jwilldarkdelusions: Come to think of it, every desktop I've ever owned has had an ASUS motherboard.09:05
darkdelusionsasus MB seem to always have the most bang for the buck and there general high Quality the only other MB i will use is a gigabit09:06
darkdelusionsif they even still exist09:06
darkdelusionsor gigabyte :)09:06
darkdelusionsis what I ment09:06
Bonstarbeen using gigabit MB here09:07
APERSONnot that this channel seems to be as active as #ubuntu, but don't we have #kubuntu-offtopic for non support conversation? :)09:07
jwillAPERSON: Sorry, yeah.09:09
philyawDoes anyone know about automatix or ultramatix?09:11
philyawAnd, does it work on Kubuntu?09:11
ubottuAutomatix is no longer developed or supported by its creators and is not recommended, supported, or needed by Ubuntu. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubottu WorksForMe »09:11
philyawI finally got my BS ndiswrapper junk to make my wireless work!09:11
philyawFirst day of linux, thrown through the ringers09:11
* jwill throws confetti09:12
philyawCan I set power options to dim my screen and other stuff so my laptop battery doesn't die so fast?09:12
jwillphilyaw: Yep.  Powerdevil.09:12
jwillphilyaw: System Settings -> Advanced tab -> Power Management (or something similar)09:12
philyawcool its already doing it09:15
philyawit just didn't dim the screen for the profile09:15
philyawwhat are some of your favorite apps?09:16
philyawthis is the coolest irc program ever09:16
philyawif you can send and recieve files that is09:17
jwillphilyaw: Amarok is very cool.09:17
philyawthat came with kubuntu i think09:18
philyawwhat is it?09:18
jwillphilyaw: K3B is also well designed09:18
darkdelusionsChrome for linux is like my new favorate app :)09:18
philyawaudio player09:18
APERSONmy heart sunk a little when I opened up amarok, I miss 1.4.1009:18
jwillphilyaw: Library-oriented music player09:18
philyawi've been using winamp in windows09:18
jwillAPERSON: I used to miss 1.x.  But it's pretty much at feature parity now.09:18
darkdelusionsAPERSON: I feel the same way09:19
jwillAPERSON: Except podcast support on devices.  I really miss that.09:19
philyawwhat repositories do you guys have that aren't standard?09:19
darkdelusionsAPERSON: the 1.x version of amarok interface was alot better in my opinon09:19
APERSONphilyaw, medibuntu, virtualbox09:19
APERSONdarkdelusions, agreed09:19
jwillYeah... 2.x is slicker, but 1.x is more usable.09:20
philyawcan i use anything you can use in ubuntu from kubuntu?09:20
darkdelusionsphilyaw: a must have package is kubuntu-restrictedextras09:20
jwillphilyaw: Yes, but it's better to use native KDE apps, since a big plus in KDE is integration.09:20
jwillphilyaw: Yeah, install kubuntu-restricted-extras (note the last hyphen).09:21
philyawok, and that will extend the list of software I can download then right?09:21
APERSON!kubuntu-restricted-extras | philyaw09:22
philyawok its installed now09:22
APERSONwe don't have a factoid for that?09:23
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:23
ubottuWe don't need factoids for *everything*, or ten factoids for the same thing ;)09:23
philyawI could really use a factoid fo rthat09:24
philyawi was before unable to play mp3s?09:24
tsimpsonif you did !mp3, you'd get the same message as !restrictedformats09:25
philyawwhat else should i know about09:25
darkdelusionsTte restricted extras will take care of that09:25
darkdelusionsor should09:25
darkdelusionsif i remember correctly09:25
titan_ark_my notebook seems to be getting warmer than with win 7 :(09:25
philyawhow do i know if its installed09:25
jwilltitan_ark_: Since intel did a bunch of work on it, linux battery life is approximately the same as windows on most hardware.09:27
Daugha|ntitan_ark_:   Thats strange, I watched my gateway drop 40 F going from xp to ubuntu.09:27
APERSONtsimpson, don't need another factiod, just an alias09:27
jwilltitan_ark_: Add the fact that linux is more resource efficient than windows, and you could get better battery life.09:28
titan_ark_jwill, I havent tested the battery life as I am at home and plugged in, shall try tomorrow :)09:28
APERSONand yes, I should have searched before-hand09:28
titan_ark_Daughain, I wonder why mine seems to be quite warm :(09:28
jwilltitan_ark_: Still sucks on some laptops though.  *cough*gateway*cough*09:28
philyawis there a shortcut to open the "start menu"09:28
titan_ark_mine is an HP09:29
philyawlauncher, i guess09:29
APERSONjwill, alt+f109:29
tsimpson!kubuntu-restricted-extras is <alias> codecs09:29
ubottuI'll remember that, tsimpson09:29
jwillphilyaw: it's alt+F1 by default, but you ca change it09:29
APERSONerr, philyaw09:29
tsimpson37th alias for that09:29
philyawhow do i change it09:29
philyawbecause i have to use Fn keys to use function keys09:30
jwillaww :(09:30
jwillphilyaw: System Settings -> Keyboard -> Global Shortcuts09:30
tsimpsonright click the K icon09:30
tsimpsonchoose settings -> keyboard shortcuts09:30
jwilltsimpson: That works too :P09:30
titan_ark_the temp is going up, i installed the widget and its gone from 50 to 58 over the last 3 hours09:30
APERSONanyone have advice for getting dropbox going?09:31
titan_ark_and all I am doing is using my browser and irc!09:31
jwillAPERSON: Sans-gnome?09:31
Daugha|ntitan_ark_:  My issue with kde right now is the eating of ram.09:31
APERSONjwill, yep09:31
jwillAPERSON: I followed a tutorial to install it without gnome stuff, and it failed miserably.  So I just installed the gnome everything.09:31
jwillAPERSON: Old, but it still works, I think: http://antrix.net/journal/techtalk/dropbox_kde.html09:32
titan_ark_Daughain, I have 4 gigs of Ram and hardly use it. The only time I used much was when I used Virtual box to try linux :P09:32
jwillAPERSON: It doesn't integrate with dolphin, sadly, but it does do its stuff silently.09:33
titan_ark_Daughain, Even VNCing to use cadence hardly ate my RAM09:33
jwilltitan_ark_: It gets used as cache when copying files and whatnot.  Even if apps don't use more than 500MB of RAM, it does get used.09:34
titan_ark_jwill, hmm09:34
tsimpsonthe command "free -m" will show RAM usage09:35
philyawcant i make my windows button pop the launcher up???????/09:35
jwillBe careful of that, since it doesn't count shared libraries right, I think.09:35
tsimpsonthe middle line "-/+ buffers/cache:" shows the "real" free/used09:35
jwillphilyaw: I think it's pretty complicated, because linux uses it as another key like alt or ctrl.09:35
tsimpsonphilyaw: in short, no09:36
jwillphilyaw: We call it the super key.09:36
titan_ark_cant seem to understand what it spat out!09:36
philyawwhats yall's shortcut?09:36
tsimpsonit's just like a modifier key (like shift, alt, ctrl)09:36
titan_ark_-/+ buffers/cache:        759       310909:36
tsimpsondoesn't do anything on its own09:36
jwillphilyaw: Try super + z, it's similar to just super.09:36
jwillphilyaw: I use it for pausing amarok.09:36
philyawdone and done09:36
Daugha|nThat openbios apears to need to be compiled for each system........Not sure I'm up to that..09:37
tsimpsontitan_ark_: so you have 3109 MB available memory :)09:37
jwillphilyaw: While you're at it, setting krunner (alt+F2) to alt+space or super+space is nice.09:37
titan_ark_tsimpson: ah  :) talk about overkill :P09:37
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jwillWhoa, music double take.  "Would do anything for a klondike"09:38
darkdelusionsphilyaw: krunner is like the windows Start>Run09:38
tsimpson^ but better in every way possible09:38
jwillphilyaw: Only 10 billion times better, faster, stonger, etc.09:38
philyawoh... unless it knows calc and notepad i dont need it09:38
jwillphilyaw: It knows all.09:38
philyawi've read about the alt. versions on thsi though09:38
jwillphilyaw: Look at some of the plugins to see what it can do (click the wrench)09:39
tsimpsonphilyaw: you can just type in a sum and it'll give you the answer :)09:39
jwillphilyaw: = <some mathermatical expression> will eval it09:39
tsimpsonjust put an '=' on the end09:40
jwillor start09:40
darkdelusionsrofl I learned something new about krunner ;)09:40
APERSONjwill, dropbox works great! sans the nice icons and file manager integration09:40
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org09:41
jwillAPERSON: Cool.  For some reason when I used that method, dropbox synced at 0.1kb/s, and kept making strange files seemingly related to netowrk IO...09:41
philyawwhats this ubuntu package named?09:42
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox09:43
titan_ark_hey how can i set up the software update to schedule updates?09:43
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Daughainphilyaw: The most recent is Karmic Koala, 9.1009:44
ubottuServices to index files for fast searching include: Beagle (front-ends: beagle, catfish, gnome-main-menu, mozilla-beagle for !GNOME; kerry, kio-beagle for !KDE; beaglefs for !CLI) - Tracker (tracker-search-tool, libdeskbar-tracker for GNOME; tracker-utils for CLI) - Strigi (strigi-applet, strigi-client for KDE, strigi-utils for CLI) - Kat (for KDE) - Pinot (and pinot-applet for GNOME) - Doodle (for CLI)09:46
philyawI downloaded Beagle but it isn't showing up anywhere09:48
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titan_ark_time to hit the sack!09:54
titan_ark_nite everyone09:54
APERSONif I give no password for the kwallet, will it ask me for permission when I need to use use? - sorry if that sounds vague10:02
APERSONuse it*10:03
prizrakпривет всем10:22
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, tsimpson, jpds, seth_k, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, trappist, crimsun, seth, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici, jussi01, ikonia, Mamarok, ryanakca or maco10:26
tsimpsonprizrak: why did you do that?10:27
prizrakI from Russia know English badly10:31
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:31
DaughainWhats a wrapper, how do I make one, and all that fun stuff. =)10:33
APERSONis there a way to disable the mousewheel from switching desktops?  I find it really annoying10:48
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annafirst steps with cron: I've written a command file "daily" containing "echo hello", in users crontab the job is started every minute "daily >>/tmp/daily.log", the file /tmp/daily.log is produced but contains nothing. any idea?11:07
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DaughainAnyone tell me what a wrapper is?11:52
iconmefistoone who, or that which, wraps :P11:53
=== usuario is now known as usuario__
iconmefistoDaughain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driver_wrapper11:54
naftilos76hi, has anybody been able to configure a Multipurpose Canon MX860 Printer/Scanner/Fax with Kubuntu 9.10 or even compile latest SANE source?11:56
Daughainiconmefisto:  OK, so how do I make one? That wiki entry wasnt very informative.11:58
APERSONthat seems to beyond the scope of this channel12:00
DaughainSo, what channel do I try? =)12:00
araratschön guten tag12:09
iconmefistoDaughain: ndiswrapper is commonly used in linux for some wifi adapters https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper12:12
DaughainI need to create some sort of start/stop wrapper for a locanet install.12:14
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infiniteHello FOLKS12:28
=== Dekans is now known as Dekans[afk]
PepitoNach der Neuinstallation eines neuen Kernels war der Zeichensatz ploetzlich Englisch. Wer kann mir sagen, wie ich den Zeichensatz wieder auf deutsch bekomme12:30
infiniteI am unable to connect to wireless LAN12:30
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ice_age_What is the difference between gnome-ppp and kppp? Do they both use wvdial?13:06
marcreichelthi there!13:09
marcreicheltI am using Kubuntu 9.10, and I have some problems with GTK applications (e.g. Eclipse or Flash Plugin)13:09
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marcreicheltand sometimes I have to click Buttons twice or I have to use the space bar to activate it13:13
marcreicheltdoes anyone know which problem this may be?13:13
marcreicheltI have set "export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1" in my .bashrc, but it does not fix all problems :-(13:14
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maurizvbi is not enabled in karmic.... and vlc is not able to see the teletext. How can i solve it?ù13:34
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infiniteHello Folks14:03
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franshi! what shall i do here?14:26
Daskreechfrans: New to IRC?14:26
fransyes, just trying out all the ubuntu packages, this is quassel14:27
DaughainAnyone here help me with getting tftpd set up?14:31
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fransDaughain: what package?14:33
DaughainUsing bootp.14:34
Daskreechfrans: This is a Support channel so you can either come here to get help with a problem or you can hang out here and help other people14:34
DaskreechOr just hang out here to learn more thngs14:35
DaskreechDaughain: What's the setup you would like?14:35
DaughainDaskreech: This is what I am trying to accomplish;   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LocalNet14:35
fransDaskreech: OK I'll hang around for a while14:36
DaughainIn step 2, setting up bootp, the edits ti the bootptab seem to be missing a path to find the pxelinux.0 file.14:37
DaughainDo I need to edit the td or hd settings as I think?14:37
DaughainThis tut is great, but, I'm getting a bald spot on the top of my head fromit./14:38
fransDaughain: perhaps http://www.davidsudjiman.info/2006/03/27/installing-and-setting-tftpd-in-ubuntu/14:40
DaughainSo far, bootp opens the cnnection to the client system, and then tftp fails.14:40
Daughainfrans; I have now spent 6 hours going through webpages. Especially sick of readng wbepages that are for people who know more than I do.14:41
DaskreechDaughain: Have you looked at the manual  for bootp?14:42
DaughainDaskreech: No, I dont know how to.14:42
opengeek_Hi, somebody knows whta data I need to put a bug sa confirmed on Launchpad14:43
Daskreechah whoops none installed14:44
Daskreechopengeek_: try in #ubuntu-bugs14:44
opengeek_ok thanks14:44
DaskreechDaughain: Where is your pxelinux.0 file?14:47
DaughainDaskreech: /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.014:48
DaughainDefault install location.14:48
DaskreechDaughain: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/installation-guide/i386/install-tftp.html#tftp-images should help14:49
DaskreechBottom sentence14:50
* Daughain sighs.14:50
DaskreechDaughain: You can point it to where you are at now or just symlink it14:50
Daughainpxelinux.0 is a symlink./14:51
Daskreechto where?14:52
DaughainI dont know, the symlink was part of the netboot.tar.gz package.14:53
Daughainand, the reason I am here asking for help, is because all of these tut pages are above my head. I dont understand half of what they are saying.14:53
DaskreechDaughain: Right but where is the symlink pointing ?14:54
Daskreechtype ls -l to get the long listing of the symlink and you can see where it is pointing to14:54
Daughainas in 'sudo ls -l /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.0'?14:55
DaskreechNo need for sudo14:56
Daskreechand the file should properly be in /tftboot as that wiki page mentions14:56
DaughainIt points to another pxelinux.0 file two levels down.14:57
Daughain'/tftpboot, as in root dir?14:57
DaughainDaskreech:  Ok, whats he cmmand to move the folder to root?15:02
fransHi guys, my synaptic is getting slow, any tips? mark/unmark takes 60 sec15:02
DaughainCHeck systems monitor and find out what is going on with your resources?15:02
DaughainOr, htop/f6/ram to find out what is hogging it?15:03
pratik_narainis kubuntu as stable as ubuntu15:04
DaughainSee what your cores are doing, and what is taking up proccys?15:04
fransDaughain: now without doing anything 800MB free, 90% cpu free, when i mark/unmark it takes 100% cpu for 60 sec15:05
DaughainMorning, BluesKaj15:05
BluesKajhi Daughain15:05
Daughainfrans: Out of my league. As I keep sayin, Im a newb.15:05
pratik_narainis kubuntu as stable as ubuntu15:06
DaughainBluesKaj: WHat command do I use to move a folder from /var to rot?15:06
DaughainRoot, even?15:06
Daughainpratik_narain: From what I have heard, not quite. But, I run ubuntu with kde, not a kubuntu install.15:07
Empty_fooi run kubuntu and it's more than stable.15:08
pratik_narainDaughain: how to do this and also remove gnome15:08
Daughainpratik_narain: I dont want to remove gnome, so I have no clue.15:08
pratik_narainDaughain: presently i'm running kubuntu karmic in virtualbox and it crashes frequently15:09
Daughainpratik_narain: Though, I expect you could prolly do it via synaptics, if you really wanted to.15:09
Empty_fooya.. virtualboxes aren't always as good as you need them to be yet.15:09
Daughainpratik_narain: I dont evenknow what you just said. I'm a newb.15:09
DaughainI'm here tryingto get some help too.=)15:10
pratik_narainDaughain: no probs. but can u tell how you install kde in ubuntu15:10
pratik_narainDaughain: explain the problem, maybe i can help15:10
Daughainpratik_narain: I went to the kde main page, and went through synaptics, copying every file I saw listed, and a few extra that looked like they might be interestng.15:11
DaughainSince I also installed karamba while I was at it.15:11
DaughainRight now, all I want to do is know what term command I use as root to move a folder from a /var location to a root location. I;ve given up getting any help beyond that.15:12
franspratik_narain: I did 'apt-get install kubuntu-desktop' and now i can choose between gnome and kde15:13
DaskreechDaughain: sudo cp /path/to/directory /15:13
pratik_narainDaughain: sudo mv /var/<location> /<new_location>15:14
fransDaughain: dont :-) what file/dir you want to have where?15:14
pratik_narainDaughain: Daskreech's solution is also correct but it copies not moves15:14
Daughainfrans: Te method I used is more time consuming, but it also allows you to add more packages initially.  Still have the same switching options.15:14
pratik_narainDaughain: also don't do it15:14
pratik_narainDaughain: don't mess with system files and locations15:15
DaughainIf I had a choice here, I would use it. Aparently one package installed in the wrong place and I need to move it.15:15
DaughainDaskreech:  Thanks, I would prefer to copy just in case.15:16
Daughain"omitting directory..."  ???15:17
gustavo1Hello. I just upgraded to KDE SC 4.4rc1 using the Kubuntu Beta PPA and now I just get a black screen after login where the only visible thing is the cursor. I tried removing the .kde directory but nothing changes. What can I do?15:18
DaughainThat failed.15:18
fransgot to go, have fun15:19
gustavo1I'm using Karmic in a dual monitor environment. But it's broken even when the spare monitor is off15:19
DaughainHave fun, fras15:19
lordnoxxwhats the language in this channel? English or german?15:20
lordnoxxHello? someone there?15:21
lordnoxxa fine15:22
lordnoxxwhats the language in this channel? English or german?15:22
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.15:22
lordnoxxok english then15:23
DaughainNope, have to edit bootptab.15:23
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lordnoxxi was just wanted to install partimage in my Ubuntu karmic. apt then says: package partimage could not be found15:24
APERSONamarok isn't organizing my music collection, I right click on my collection > organize files , hit ok on the dialog, and nothing.  Any ideas?15:24
lordnoxxi enabled all repos in /etc/apt/sources.list15:25
APERSONlordnoxx, looks like only the partimage-doc package is there15:25
lordnoxxand i did apt-get update after that15:25
lordnoxxyeah but in all prior Kubuntu versions it was there15:26
martylosi want some help here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!15:26
APERSONyou'll just have to install it manually or use something else that is in the repos, lordnoxx15:27
APERSON!patience | martylos15:27
ubottumartylos: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait.15:27
lordnoxxok thank you15:27
martylosaperson i have a prob. to instal my wifi in kubuntu15:27
DaughainHow do I search for a folder from konsole?15:28
APERSONlordnoxx, I normally use gparted15:28
APERSONDarkHack, find ?15:28
llutzDaughain: find /path -type d -iname name15:28
Daughainllutz:  Thanks.15:28
lordnoxxanderson, gparted for backup?15:28
APERSONlordnoxx, if all partimage does is create an image, gparted can do that, otherwise, you could use dd15:30
Daughainllutz: I dont know the path, thats the problem.15:30
llutzDaughain: start at /15:30
* Daughain nods.15:30
APERSONlordnoxx, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partimage odd, it says it's in karmic15:31
babuis anyone there15:33
APERSON!ask | babu15:33
ubottubabu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:33
babuhai aperson15:33
babui am using hardy ...i upgraded my vlc...but it is not....wat to do15:34
babuis anyone hear me...15:35
babupls answer15:36
noaXesshi all15:36
noaXesswhats the command/tool to rename a volume?15:36
seven_hellow everybody15:39
APERSONnoaXess, e2label15:39
babuWhn i try to install ubuntu in my lap...it doesn't show the partition volume.....My configuration is INtel core2duo t7500 2 GB ram15:39
APERSONnoaXess, that is, if you have an ext partition to label15:40
noaXessAPERSON: thanks.. thats it :)15:40
Ritdid something change currently with kde's sound architecture?15:41
noaXessi have a externa Western Digital hd with a virtual cd-rom drive.. is it possible, to del/hide this drive?15:41
babupls reply for my query15:43
APERSON!patience | babu15:43
ubottubabu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait.15:43
APERSONnoaXess, I think you can set the partition to hidden15:44
babuI already poste there...but in vain15:44
APERSONnoaXess, I usually use gparted for these sorts of things15:44
APERSONbabu: you might want to try #ubuntu15:45
DaskreechDaughain: whoops sorry sudo cp -R15:52
DaskreechDaughain: if you want to find something that you know has been there for a while you can use locate15:53
DaughainI've already edited the bootptab file.15:54
DaughainNow, apparently I need to install dhcp3-server.15:54
DaskreechDaughain: on the client?15:54
DaughainAnd it failed.....15:54
DaughainNO, I need this system as a serve, apparently.15:55
DaughainNot as a client.15:55
DaughainI dunno, I say again, I can barely understand what these tut files are saying.15:55
DaskreechWhat are you trying to do?15:55
DaughainI am half guessing at what I need to do based on what I can sorta make out in these files.15:55
DaughainINstall ubuntu on remote system using localnet install.15:56
Daskreechbootp has a fairly complex obfuscated config15:56
DaskreechDaughain: And you are setting them to start from the network card?15:56
DaughainSetting what? The remote system? Yes.15:56
PresnusI'm trying 'gdb amarok' but gdb tells me that there are no debug symbols found but I installed the amarok-dbg package :s15:57
DaughainBIOS already set for  install from lan.15:57
DaughainWake from lan setting is failing, though.15:57
Daughainbootp works, its opening a tunnel on the remote sys.15:59
DaughainI'm stilll trying  to figure out how to get tftp to install the kernel and initrd.15:59
DaskreechPresnus: weird15:59
DaskreechThe tftp config is pointing at /var/lib/tftpboot ?16:01
DaughainWHat tftp config?16:01
DaughainDaskreech:  Think of me as the newb that came in here asking how you turn your computer off.16:01
DaughainThe initd.conf is slightly diffreent from the arrangement on https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/installation-guide/i386/install-tftp.html16:03
DaughainI have root in place of nobody16:04
DaughainPrior to that on the same page it tells me to set up and configure dhcp3-server.16:04
DaughainI dont know enough to know if I need to or not.16:05
subitohow can i downgrade to a stable release of kde? i wanted to try a beta so i've added the kubuntu ppa in my sources.list, but now that i've removed it, i still have kde 4.4 beta16:05
DaughainAnd, this is what I get at the end of the install attempt; invoke-rc.d: initscript dhcp3-server, action "start" failed.16:06
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DaughainDaskreech: Any ideas?16:12
DaughainDaskreech: And, if the .conf is the file I think it is, then yes, it points to /var/lib/tftpboot16:14
DaughainIts tftpd-hpa, not a .conf file.16:15
x_linki installed Kubuntu and I use MSN and Jabber16:16
DaughainI'm sorry.16:16
x_linkI start Kopete but I don't see my contacts16:16
DaughainYou need to load you acct info to kopete.16:16
x_linkIn Kopete-KDE3 I got 2 icons in Kopete, one for MSN and one for Jabber. Så I could just right-click on the icon and choose online/away/invisible etc16:16
x_linkDaughain: Aldready done that, I used Kopete yesteday16:17
Daughainx_link: And, today you have nothing?16:17
x_linkIt says that I'm online16:17
DaughainBUt, no list of contacts.....???16:18
DaughainIs it possible your contacts are not online right now?16:18
x_linkNo, cause I have alot of them16:19
x_linkDaughain: And then I would see if they weren't there16:19
DaughainI dunno....I use pidgin, personally.16:19
DaughainSo, this requires the epxertise of someone whoknows more than me on the subject. =( Sorry.16:20
x_linkDaughain: Np, thanks alot anyway16:20
DaughainGood luck, x_link16:21
apparlehow to mid files16:22
babuhow to enable nvidia in fedora 12 i686 PAE16:22
APERSONbabu, this isn't a channel for fedora support16:23
falebabu: #fedora16:24
gustavo1Hi again. A few minutes ago I posted my problem with the KDE 4.4 RC1 upgrade (black screen after login). The problem is that you didn't install plasma-desktop.16:24
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apparlehow to mid files16:29
apparlehow to play midi files16:29
APERSONgustavo1, that's good to know, I was having trouble installing 4.416:30
DaskreechDaughain: Sorry back again. I keep getting called away16:32
Daskreech Did you find out about the tftpd config?16:32
Daskreechsubito: remove KDE16:33
DaughainIf thats the -hpa file, then yes.....Looking at my inetd.conf, however, I notice some strange things about it.16:33
DaughainGimme amin and will pastebin.16:33
subitoDaskreech: yes i was told to reinstall kubuntu-desktop16:33
DaskreechDaughain: ok What is in the /var/lib/tftpboot directory?16:34
Daughaintftpboot folder, which is set as 'server file root'.16:36
Daskreechapparle: you probably need a midi bank16:36
DaughainIE; where I extract the tar.gz file to.16:36
DaskreechDaughain: ok can you pastebin ls -l /var/lib/tftpboot ?16:38
apparleDaskreech: what is that16:38
Daskreechapparle: midi isn't actually music it's like a database lookup16:38
DaughainDaskreech: First I would like you to take a look at my inetd.conf, which I just posted.16:38
DaskreechYou say play the sound of a clarinet at C# and the midi bank looks up that sound and plays it for you16:39
Daskreechapparle: You need something like timidity installed which has the actual sounds16:39
DaskreechI did16:39
apparleDaskreech: alright so how to get that16:39
DaskreechIt's ok16:39
ubottuTrouble playing MIDI files? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MidiSoftwareSynthesisHowTo16:39
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DaughainThats the ls -l output.16:42
DaughainDaskreech: http://pastebin.ca/174565616:43
Daskreechand you have a i386 inside ubuntu-installer directory16:43
DaskreechOk cool16:44
DaughainDaskreech:   http://pastebin.ca/1745662     Thats my bootptab file.16:46
DaughainTell me what is wrong with it.16:46
ubuntucan anyone please help me? my x won't start and none of the solutions I found on the forums helped16:50
ubuntucurrently im working on a liveCD16:50
DaskreechDaughain: Can You tell me if you have a /etc/init.d/inetd file ?16:50
Daskreechubuntu: Why won't it start?16:50
ubuntuyeh.. i mean the gui / shell thing16:50
DaughainYup, posted the contents earlier.16:50
ubuntunow i only get a command prompt (terminal)16:51
Daughainubuntu: You have a gwm file?16:51
DaughainDaskreech:  That was the first pastebin  posted.16:51
DaskreechDaughain: Why is bootps disabled in it?16:51
Daskreechubuntu: why won't it start?16:52
DaughainDaskreech:   I dont know, that was the file i wanted you to look at first, exactly for that reason.16:52
DaskreechDaughain: type ps aux | grep boot16:52
=== ubuntu is now known as shazzoo
shazzoosrr.. crash16:53
shazzoocan anyone please help me? my x won't start and none of the solutions I found on the forums helped16:53
shazzooas i said before x won't start.. ("startx"16:53
Daskreechshazzoo: why won't it start?16:53
shazzooalso, when i try apt-get --reinstall xserver-xorg it doesn't "do" anything16:54
DaughainDaskreech:   http://pastebin.ca/174567416:54
shazzoohave no idea.. yesterday i installed sp2 for vista16:54
shazzoo)(runnng dual boot16:54
shazzoo(important detail)16:54
Daskreechshazzoo: Maybe :) so what have you tried ?16:54
shazzoowell.. let me see, quite a lot16:55
shazzoofist i tried to reinstall the grub16:55
DaskreechOk go through what you did and what happened when you did it16:55
shazzoowhich didn't work16:55
shazzoothen.. i tried updating the nvidia drivers16:55
DaskreechDaughain: ok so bootpd is running16:56
Daskreechshazzoo: More details on it didn't work16:56
DaughainDaskreech:  Yes, bootp works fine, tunnels t remote sys, tftpd fails.16:56
shazzoowhen i updated the nvidia i could see an nvidia logo flashing when startx16:57
shazzoothen it returned to the command prompt..16:57
DaskreechDaughain: Ok lets see if we can test that then16:57
shazzooalso apt-get --reinstall xserver-xorg didnt work16:57
DaughainDaskreech:  It seems like tftpd is not starting when it is supposed to, so, I edited the bootptab file.16:57
Daskreechshazzoo: what happened when you typed X16:57
shazzoofsck in recovery mode yielded no damaged sectors etc16:58
shazzoojust "X"?16:58
DaskreechJust X16:58
Daughaindas Since the tftpboot folder was not in root, but in /var/lib16:59
shazzoo:( get kicked every now and hten16:59
shazzoosrr for that..17:00
shazzoo[16:59] <shazzoo> :( get kicked every now and hten17:01
shazzoo[17:00] <shazzoo> srr for that..17:01
=== Presnus is now known as Presnus_Gone
shazzooi just don't get any error messages.. so it seems17:02
Daughainshazzoo: Dont get too upset, he'll be back when he can. Its being one of those days for him.17:03
DaughainHe;s been helping me for about 4 hours now.17:03
shazzooi'm not upset with a person, its my computer ;)17:04
DaughainIn between being called away. =)17:04
shazzooi'm already glad someone is here willing to even look at my problem :^^17:04
DaughainHell, I spent 6 hours on mine alone, then spent another 3 hours trying to find someone who was willing to *help* not just tel me to read websites.17:05
darkdelusionsDaughain: Read websites :)17:06
shazzoowell.. all the time i keep on thinking i *could do a reinstall17:06
DaughainI'm having the joyous experience of needing to do something that is way over my head, and all the tuts are written for IT pro's, not 1mo newbies.17:06
shazzoobut then again.. i really don't want to17:06
* Daughain smacks darkdelusions on the nose with his walking stick, this time.17:06
* Daughain scratchs his head......No pictures on website....???? Now what I do?17:07
shazzoomaybe i should just accept the fact that i do not have what it takes to tackle this one17:07
Daughainshazzoo:  o such thing. =)17:07
DaughainNo, even.17:07
Daughainshazzoo:  Ubuntu or Kubuntu?17:08
Daskreechshazzoo: can you mount your drive?17:08
shazzooubuntu.. just noticed i'm even too dim to log on to the proper channel17:08
shazzoodo the two differ much?17:09
DaskreechDaughain: You are setting up a pretty complex situation and using the complex tools to do so :)17:09
* Daughain shrugs..17:09
Daskreechshazzoo: Not at the X level17:09
DaughainDaskreech:  I know, that still doesnt change the fact that I am a mechanic with computers as a hobby, not an IT tech. =)17:09
shazzoodoes GNOME rely on x?17:11
darkdelusionsshazzoo: yep17:11
DaughainDaskreech: Be a lot easier, actualy, if I wasnt so damn new to linux in the first place.17:11
DaskreechDaughain: ok tell me the sequence that you are seeing17:11
shazzooit might be the case that GNOME is messed up..17:11
Daskreech Bootp works and creates a tunnel then what?17:11
Daskreechshazzoo: Yes17:11
Daskreechshazzoo: Which is why I asked you to simply run X17:12
Daskreechthat is X by itself with no Gnome or KDE17:12
Daughainbootp open tunnel for tftp, which then proceeds to an 'open timeout'.17:12
DaskreechIf that works then we need to fix gnome or more specifcally gdm17:12
shazzoojust a sec.. is there some way to do this WHILST running the liveCD boot?17:12
DaskreechDaughain: Do you ahve a log for that?17:12
DaughainI dont evenknow where to look, honestly.17:12
Daskreechshazzoo: Yes but too complex to get into now17:12
Daskreechshazzoo: Mount your drive and in your home directory there isa file17:13
Daskreech ~/.xsession-errors that will tell you why startx failed17:13
shazzoowhich one ? :)17:13
shazzook :) moment17:13
Daskreechwhich ever one you ran startx as17:13
DaskreechDaughain: /var/log is a good bet17:13
Daskreechinetd.log perhaps17:13
thegatekeeperwhen i install 195.30 nvidia drivers17:14
thegatekeeperX stops working17:14
thegatekeeperany idea?17:14
DaughainDaskreech:  Ok, I look.17:14
DaskreechDont's install 195.30 drivers?17:15
shazzooseems like the same problem gatekeeper..17:16
shazzooyou also get a nice nvidia logo when starting x/17:16
thegatekeepershazzoo? same problem?17:18
shazzoook... the /home folder doenst seem to contain said file17:19
shazzoogk, yeh.. but i have NO clue on how to solve.. have been at it all day..17:19
shazzooFOUND THEM!!17:19
shazzoothey were in home/user17:19
thegatekeeperwwhat ya lokoing for17:19
=== sandeep is now known as Guest61522
shazzoook what am i looking for17:21
derunipaint mono. deb packages available?17:21
shazzoo(gnome-settings-daemon:1683): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_propagate_error: assertion `src != NULL' failed17:21
thegatekeepershazzoo try the new drivers17:22
thegatekeeperlet me know17:22
Daskreechshazzoo: anything with an EE17:23
shazzoook bb17:24
shazzoono lines starting with EE17:27
DaskreechWhat's the last set of lines in the file17:27
Daskreech last 15 or so?17:27
shazzooErrors were encountered while processing:17:28
shazzoo linux-image-2.6.31-16-generic17:28
shazzoo ureadahead17:28
shazzoo libdns5317:29
shazzoo libisccfg5017:29
FloodBotK1shazzoo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:29
shazzoo libbind9-5017:29
shazzoosrr :(17:29
shazzooi will but it in paste.ubuntu17:29
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
shazzoothe last 441 lines are in tehere.. srr.. really don't know what i'm looking for17:31
shazzoobut this all doesn't look too good..17:32
shazzooperhaps i hsould just reinstall right..?17:32
=== mauri is now known as peppino
Koliashazzoo: reinstalling is rarely necessary17:32
Koliadon't give up :)17:33
shazzoohehe :)17:33
shazzooohyeh.. there was also a problem "locking" Xauthority.. but this wasnt logged17:33
Koliashazzoo: IceXauthority?17:34
shazzoono .Xauthority17:34
LetsGo67How do I watch TV using my TV Tuner Card in Ubuntu?17:34
DaughainDaskreech:  Located a syslog with some relevant info on bootp.17:35
Koliashazzoo: have you tried reconfiguring xserver already?17:36
shazzoosudo apt-get --reintall xserver-xorg17:36
Koliahave you tried rebooting with an older kernel?17:36
Koliasudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:36
shazzooand sudo dpg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:36
shazzooread many forums17:36
FloodBotK1Kolia: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:36
FloodBotK1shazzoo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:36
shazzoosrr :(17:37
Koliayou tried rebooting with an older kernel?17:37
shazzooarent these channers meant for communicating?17:37
shazzooyep.. no luck :(17:37
shazzooseems it affected all kernels17:37
DaughainDaskreech:   Attemoting install again, and will pastebin the most recent log.17:37
Koliasorry, can you remind me what happens? x does not start?17:38
shazzooat some point a new one was created17:38
Koliayou get an error when trying  startx  ?17:38
shazzooonly the problem "locking" .xauthority17:39
Koliacan't you remove the lock?17:39
shazzooafter reinstalling nvidia drivers the nv logo flashes and i return to terminal17:40
shazzoono.. doens't seem like it17:40
Koliawhat if you try to start kdm from command?17:40
shazzooi'm not working in kubuntu, its ubuntu17:41
Koliaerm.. what's the point of being here then? :)17:41
shazzooyes indeed17:42
shazzooi found that out later.. but then daskreech started helping me17:43
Koliayou never installed kubuntu-desktop?17:44
shazzoonot really.. why?17:45
Koliajust to know17:46
=== max is now known as Guest14072
Koliai'm afraid i cant help much, i left ubuntu long time ago and not used to gnome anymore :/17:47
Koliahave you asked on #ubuntu ? lots of people there17:47
shazzoothats alrgiht ;)17:47
shazzooyeh i know.. bit too busy even17:47
Koliaright :/17:47
Koliathe balance is hard to find on channels17:48
peppinoI downloaded vlc_1.0.2.orig.tar.gz file and afer i've compiled it for my karmic. After the entire process, VLC works but something is missing. In the capture device --> Capture mode  is desappeaed my dvb device.    But instead with the package download from repository, the menus existing and the dvbt device works17:49
DaughainDaskreech: http://pastebin.ca/1745720  Thats the log of the most recent install attempt.17:49
DaughainHmmm.....Looks like I may need to reboot soon...Again.17:51
DaskreechDaughain: j17:53
shazzooDasrkeech did you see my post?17:54
Daskreechshazzoo: this is from /media/disk/home/user/.xsession-errors ?17:55
Daskreechpeppino: #vlc17:56
peppinoDaskreech: tnk but vlc people say that it is a distibution problem17:57
Daskreechpeppino: You compiled it from source?17:57
shadeslayerany problems with the upgrade to 4.4 RC?17:57
peppinoDaskreech: yes17:57
DaskreechDaughain: That address already in use what's that from?17:57
Daskreech Do you have the unique MAC address for the computer?17:58
Daskreechshadeslayer: just saw your dent/ What's the PPA?17:58
Daskreechpeppino: and the package that comes with the distro works?17:58
shadeslayerDaskreech: :D its ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta17:58
DaughainI'm wondering if that bind call is for the bootptab settings.17:59
shadeslayerDaskreech: youre on identi.ca?17:59
Daskreechshadeslayer: Isn't everyone? :)17:59
peppinoDaskreech: yes a part televideo that is tthe reason why i recompliling it18:00
shadeslayerDaskreech: hehe... whats your URL?18:00
DaskreechDaughain: ah wait no that bind is probably correct18:01
Daskreechpeppino: Ah and how are they deciding that since the distro package works and the compiled version isn't that it is a distro problem ?18:01
DaughainWell, since I beleive the one setting is wrong to begin with, I reset it back to default for now anyway.18:02
DaskreechDaughain: it is strange that there are two boot attempts at teh same second18:02
peppinoDaskreech: i dont know18:02
Daskreechpeppino: what's your /dev device for the dvb ?18:03
peppinoDeathvalley122: help me.... give me the command18:04
shazzoodaskreech: i have to leave now, but could you post me if you find smth?18:05
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
DaughainDaskreech:   I dont know where you see that, but I'll tae ya word for it. =)18:05
shazzoo(i'll try to be back within an hour)18:05
Daskreechshazzoo: ok18:06
shazzoothanks a lot man :) y'seem busy helping everyone here, thanks for your effort18:06
DaskreechDaughain: That was the last entry for bootpd in the syslog?18:07
Himmleri add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta in the software sources but i still can't get kde 4.4 rc1, any suggestions?18:07
peppinoDeathvalley122: help me.... how can find the device18:07
DaskreechHimmler: it hasn't propogated to your server yet. Wait 30 minutes18:08
Daskreechpeppino: Do you mean me?18:08
DaughainDaskreech: Ya, I ran the install attempt, just to get that log. Also to make sure I was getting the whole log, and not missing any by accident. =)18:08
peppinoDaskreech: yes18:09
DaskreechDaughain: Nice thanks :)18:09
DaskreechDaughain: and no entry for tftpd ?18:09
Daskreechpeppino: Do you have a /dev/dvb directory?18:10
peppinoDaskreech: yes18:10
HimmlerDaskreech: what you meant? it's a ppa18:10
DaughainDaskreech:  Not in that log. tftp keeps its own logs, but I dont know how to unencrypt them. =(18:10
=== shadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer_
Daskreechpeppino: ok that should be where your dvb card is. you just need to figure out why the compiled version doesn't know it exists18:12
DaskreechHimmler: Ah good point :)18:12
DaskreechDaughain: Hmm?18:12
DaskreechHOw are they encrpyted?18:12
Himmlerwhy i have so many blocked updates?18:13
DaskreechI couldn't tell you. Did you try a dist-upgrade?18:14
DaughainThe in.tftpd ( tftp internal log file) shows as an executable.18:14
Daskreechcause it is18:14
HimmlerDaskreech: ok i try18:14
Daskreechgrep tftp /var/log/syslog shows nothing?18:15
peppinoDaskreech: it is not easy...ook tnk18:17
Daskreechpeppino: Right it's probably an option in your ./configure script. If you like look up the E-mail address of the maintainer for the Ubuntu vlc packages and e-mail them to get help if #vlc will not18:18
Daskreechhi jono18:18
DaskreechHow re you?18:19
jonoDaskreech, good thanks :)18:19
Himmlerhi mr bacon.18:19
peppinoDaskreech: where i can find the email address?18:19
Daskreechjono: Alright just helping some people out18:20
jonohey Himmler18:20
Daskreechpeppino: apt-cache show vlc | grep Maintain18:20
peppinoDaskreech: tnk for your time18:23
DaughainDaskreech: Just realized, my inetd.conf is not in the initd folder.18:23
smellynoseryHi - I have USB Audio, Terratec Aureon 5.1, but no sound is coming out of it18:24
DaskreechDaughain: it should be in the /etc directory18:24
DaughainDaskreech:  Its just /etc/inetd.conf18:24
DaskreechDaughain: That's correct18:24
smellynoseryUnder System Settings->Multimedia, when I press test a green light on top of the usb device flashes, but no sounds come out18:24
smellynoseryPower is going to it, and speakers are plugged in and the volume is up18:24
fujimitsuis there a default dictionary application ?18:24
Daskreechthere shuld be a /etc/init.d/inetd18:24
smellynoseryAny ideas why I can't hear anything?18:24
DaughainDaskreech: Ok, the example this web tut has shows /etc/init/inetd.conf18:24
DaughainAnd people wonder why I am gettinf confused.18:24
DaughainDaskreech:  This si the tut page;  https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/installation-guide/i386/install-tftp.html18:25
DaskreechDaughain: argh :) in the .conf file you have a -s ?18:25
DaskreechDaughain: -s /var/lib/tftpdboot ?18:26
DaskreechPut a -l in front of the -s and then restart inetd18:26
DaughainDaskreech: Here's the whole line; tftp           dgram   udp     wait    root  /usr/sbin/in.tftpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -s /var/lib/tftpboot18:26
Daughain/usr/bin/in.ftpd repeats....18:26
DaskreechDaughain: Right. put a -l before the -s18:27
Daskreech-l means log :(18:27
DaughainAh.... =)brb18:27
DaughainOK, lemme run it again.18:28
* Himmler upgrades to kde 4.4 rc118:29
DaughainOk, running...18:30
Guest14072any one know anything about the grub rescue command prompt?18:30
DaskreechI'd suspect the answer is a yes.18:30
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?18:30
DaskreechDo you have a question about it?18:30
DaskreechHimmler: Showed up?18:30
HimmlerDaskreech: yep, but the speed is a turtle18:31
draikHello everyone.18:31
* draik waves18:31
Guest14072I'm trying to install grub2 to it's own partition, which I thought I did with the Ubuntu 9.10 live cd by assigning /boot to that partition, while installing ubuntu to it's own /root partition.  When I rebooted and took the live cd out, I ended up at the grub rescue prompt, where the only command I've been able to execute was ls, but I can't execute ls -lh on any of the listed partitions to show their contents18:34
DaughainDaskreech: http://pastebin.ca/1745791  Most recent log.18:35
Guest14072I assume I'm irrelevant because I'm trying to run ubuntu?  For what it's worth I'm trying to run kubuntu on a separate partition18:43
DaughainGuest14072:  Wel, if ya wanna feel that way., go ahead. The answer is simple; The only person sorta here right now who might be abnle to help you is AFK. Be patient.18:44
ozianyone can help to faster my performance using Kubuntu :D18:44
ozi1.5Gb memory18:45
ozip4 1.8ghz :(18:45
ozii like KDE18:45
ozibut idont like slow speed18:46
Himmlerozi: try to disabling kwin18:47
DaskreechGuest14072: grub doesn't install to a partition as such18:55
Daskreechozi: Turn off compositing and see if that speeds up. What do you see as slow?18:56
DaskreechDaughain: reading18:56
DaskreechGuest14072: how were you trying to install to /boot?18:56
DaughainDaskreech: np.18:56
ozianyting else ?18:57
Daskreechozi: What are you seeing as slow? Drawing? Hard drive access? Apps starting?18:57
oziapps starting harddrive acces18:58
DaskreechDaughain: nothing for tfptd ?18:58
DaughainWhat ya see is what ya get. Nothing for tftp.18:58
Daskreechozi: not sure how to speed up apps starting. Which application is seemingly very slow for you?18:59
DaughainDaskreech:  I dont actually think it is starting up.18:59
DaskreechDaughain: Ok I wonder if syslog is capturing anything for it18:59
DaskreechDaughain: psaux | grep inet18:59
DaskreechDaughain: ps aux | grep inet18:59
Daskreechozi: opera. hmm not sure. Dolphin reads a lot of files before it shows up. Try turning off the places sidebar19:00
Guest14072Daskreech: so I can't install grub to a separate partition period?19:00
DaughainDaskreech: Here;s the output.19:00
Daughainroot      1163  0.0  0.0  10280   636 ?        Ss   13:50   0:00 /usr/sbin/inetd19:00
Daughaindaughain 13774  0.0  0.0   7340   964 pts/1    S+   14:00   0:00 grep --color=auto inet19:00
ozii try19:00
Daskreechor turning off previews since it will make a thumbnail for all the files in the ~ directory and sub directories19:01
DaskreechGuest14072: I'm saying that grub doesn't install to a partition perse it installs to the boot sector which is the first 512  of the hard drive19:01
DaughainDaskreech:  At leats it is locating the bootfile. =)19:01
Daskreechozi: If you have lots of files in ~ or some sub directory like ~/Pictures then Dolphin will read through them before showing up19:02
DaskreechGuest14072: You can install it of course but I'm just saying that I'm not sure what it was you tried. So you may not see what you expect19:03
Guest14072Daskreech: is this always by default on the HDD?  I can't assign it to a partition?  As far as I know I have /boot on a separate partition and I had thought grub would boot from there, or atleast I could configure grub from there19:03
DaskreechDaughain: Which is wonderful :)19:03
DaughainDaskreech:  To help me out, what does the 'bind' comment refer to in that log? IP or a file location?19:03
philyawWhat word processor do you guys use19:03
DaughainI'm still thiking the error may be in bootptab.19:03
DaskreechGuest14072: Yes the configuration for grub lies in /boot but grub itself doesn't it lives in a section of the hard drive you cannot access by a partition19:03
DaskreechDaughain: IP which is tied to the mac address19:04
DaskreechDaughain: Well tftp isn't logging anything so lets get that logged. did you restart inetd ?19:04
DaughainDaskreech:  Wasnt sure, so wanted to check.19:04
DaughainI just rebooted the whole system.19:04
DaughainRan out of ram.19:04
DaughainBut, thats a kde issue for another night.19:05
DaskreechDaughain: serious?19:05
Guest14072Daskreech: allll right...so if it boots into the grub rescue command prompt I should be able to use the linux, initrd, and boot commands to boot into ubuntu, right?19:05
DaughainDaskreech:  Yes, The top three ram users according to htop are my kde workspaces.19:05
DaskreechI haven't done that in years and I have 700 MB of RAM19:05
DaskreechGuest14072: Sure. How did you install grub2 ?19:05
DaskreechDaughain: grep ftp /etc/syslog.conf19:07
DaughainDaskreech:  Ya....I seprrated my workspaces into 4 on the kde cube, but, 9 hours of work, and my ram climbs from call it 1250MB to 1628+MB, and 1628 is all I got. =)19:07
Guest14072Daskreech: well I thought the live cd did it when I assigned /boot to ny (hd0,6) partition19:08
DaughainNo such animal.19:08
DaskreechGuest14072: no you need to follow the sequence that !grub shows after installing windows19:08
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.19:08
DaskreechThe one for Grub2 of course19:08
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub219:09
DaskreechDaughain: que? Hmm19:09
Planetary_I recently installed ubuntu and it works fine but freezes randomly. my computer is a hp visualize dual 1ghz P3, 2gigs ram, ati all-in-wonder 9700. its a rare computer. should i install an alternate kernel? alternate install?19:09
DaskreechDaughain: ls /etc/sysl* ?19:09
DaughainDaskreech: "no such file or directory".....No sech animal.19:09
DaskreechPlanetary_: Ubuntu or Kubuntu?19:09
jwill-Planetary_: What kind of freeze?19:10
Daskreech\o/ jwill-19:10
Planetary_I had kubuntu then i installes ubuntu. both froze19:10
jwill-Hey Daskreech.19:10
DaughainDaskreech:  Even using sudo, not there.19:10
DaskreechPlanetary_: ah was it a kernel freeze or a X freeze?19:10
Guest14072Daskreech: so you are saying I still haven't "installed" grub2 to this mysterious place on my HDD? how can I be sure it's working with my /boot partition and not the /root partition where ubuntu is intalled?19:10
DaskreechDaughain: ps aux | grep sysl19:11
jwill-Planetary_: Does your mouse still move?19:11
Planetary_it freezes unexpectedly. im not loading it, just surfing the net and total lock up19:11
Daughainjwill-:  That localnet boot was a great idea. I'm *still* trying to make it work. :P19:11
Planetary_jwill-: no19:11
jwill-Daughain: D:  Could work though?19:11
jwill-Planetary_: Aww, I've got that twice.  Never happened to me on linux before...19:11
DaskreechGuest14072: the "mysterious place" is the boot sector and yes if you just did an install then it is likely not setup. follow the Wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2 to configure everything19:12
Daughainjwill-:  Could, or I would have given up. =)19:12
DaughainDaskreech: root       666  0.0  0.0   8192   604 ?        Ss   13:50   0:00 dd bs=1 if=/proc/kmsg of=/var/run/rsyslog/kmsg19:12
Daughainsyslog     783  0.0  0.1 126504  2140 ?        Sl   13:50   0:00 rsyslogd -c419:12
Daughaindaughain  2106  0.0  0.2 210620  4888 ?        Ssl  13:54   0:00 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog19:12
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FloodBotK1Daughain: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:12
jwill-Daughain: Wait, you've been working on thissince I left to sleep?  Like 10 hours ago?19:12
Daughainjwill-: Yup.19:12
DaskreechPlanetary_: Do you have another computer?19:12
DaughainThe first three or four hours I was going it alone.19:12
shazzooback again :)19:12
philyawHow do I find a program that I installed but isn't showing up in the Launcher?19:12
Daughainjwill-: And 'm a mechanic, not an IT tech.19:13
jwill-philyaw: Know the name of it?  If so you can start it via alt+f2.19:13
DaughainI keep forgetting that nifty shortcut.19:13
philyawjwill, i tried that but it didn't show up19:13
jwill-philyaw: And you can add a menu entry by right clicking on the menu and selecting 'Menu Editor'19:13
jwill-philyaw: What is it?19:13
DaskreechDaughain: ok lets do a quick test19:13
philyawjwill, aircrack19:14
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DaughainDaskreech: Ok...Test what and how.19:14
Daskreechcan you ftp to the computer?19:14
Planetary_Daskreech: yes19:14
jwill-Planetary_: It's a kernel thing if the mouse freezes and ALT + Print Screen + REISUB doesn't work19:14
DaskreechPlanetary_: do you have ssh installed on the computer?19:14
Daskreechphilyaw: Which program?19:14
jwill-philyaw: Open a terminal and type air, then press tab twice19:14
Daskreechhi shazzoo19:14
Planetary_Daskreech: not sure what that is19:15
jwill-Daskreech: Aircrack19:15
Daskreechjwill-: type aircrack in alt=F219:15
Planetary_jwill-: i do that when it freezes19:15
jwill-Daskreech: He said that didn't work.19:15
philyawwow thats cool19:15
jwill-Planetary_: And it doesn't reboot it?19:15
jwill-philyaw: What's the output?19:15
jwill-philyaw: That's autocomplete, btw.19:16
DaskreechPlanetary_: ssh is a way to login to the computer remotely. If X is frozen you can still login and fix things19:16
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:16
Planetary_jwill-: i have never done that19:16
Planetary_Daskreech: ah thats new to me19:16
philyawjwill, it listed everything that started with "air"19:16
DaskreechDaughain: tftp <ipaddress>19:16
Daskreechtftp I think19:16
jwill-philyaw: Is one of them something like aircrack (like with a version number on the end or something) ?19:16
philyawjwill, yeah i'm in the terminal-based version i guess19:17
DaughainDaskreech: Apparently I just have the server installed, let me install the client.19:17
jwill-philyaw: I think it's a cli-only program: http://www.aircrack-ng.org/screenshots.html19:18
DaskreechDaughain: nooo19:18
DaskreechDaughain: ftp
Guest14072Daskreech: so if I go back to the live cd and enter the following commands in the terminal http://paste.ubuntu.com/354635/, with sdc7 my /root partition where ubuntu 9.10 is installed, this will install grub2 to this mysterious place?  What about my /boot partition on sdc6?  Won't these commands just configure grun2 to work with my root ubuntu partition rather than my /boot partition?19:18
DaughainDaskreech: Good thing ya was quick, I almost ad the spt-get typed in. =)19:18
DaughainDaskreech: Here's the important output from the attempt;  tftp: command not found19:19
DaskreechGuest14072: replace the boot files with the partition that you need. If the kernel is in the /boot on /dev/sdc6 then use /dev/sdc619:19
jwill-philyaw: I sure hope you just forgot your wireless key or something :S19:19
philyawjwill, of course.. why else would you want it19:20
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DaskreechGuest14072: again the "mysterious place" is the boot sector. A computer is stupid it doesn't know what to do so you can't put the instructions as to how to start something anywhere the computer doen't know where to look for it19:20
Guest14072Daskreech: in BOTH lines of the commands I gave, right?19:20
jwill-philyaw: lol19:20
Planetary_so when it freezes i cant do anything, mouse is stuck. i push the power button and it turns right off.19:20
DaskreechSo the computer looks only in one place for the instructions on how to start the OS and if the nstructions are not there it gives up19:21
jwill-Planetary_: Have you tried alt + system requirements + REISUB?19:21
DaskreechThat section is the boot sector19:21
jwill-Planetary_: Or CTRL + ALT + F119:21
DaskreechGuest14072: Yes19:21
Planetary_jwill-: at the install menu? or when it freezes?19:21
DaskreechPlanetary_: There are other options. Want me to walk you through one now?19:22
Guest14072Daskreech: and linux refers to this place as /mnt?19:22
Planetary_Daskreech: that would be awesome!19:22
jwill-Planetary_: When it freezes.  REISUB will restart the system gently.  If it's still accepting keyboard input.19:22
jwill-Planetary_: It's a kernel-level shortcut, so should work almost always.19:22
DaskreechGuest14072: no it doesn't refer to it at all19:22
DaskreechThe BIOS refers to it19:22
DaughainDaskreech: ftp;no route to host19:23
Daskreechand then it tells the BIOS where /boot is19:23
DaskreechDaughain: ha19:23
Planetary_jwill- I do control alt f1 to get to terminal or how?19:23
DaughainWell, I *did* say tftpd.19:24
DaskreechDaughain: netstat -an | grep *.6919:24
jwill-Planetary_: Yes.  To get to virtual terminal number 1.  The X server (graphical desktop and stuff) is at virtual terminal 7, so do CTRL + ALT + F7 to get back to it.19:24
DaughainDaskreech:  That almost sounds kinky.19:24
DaskreechDaughain: your brain dude not mine19:24
DaughainWHat brain?????19:24
DaskreechI can't give you a fix for that one19:24
* Daskreech hugs Mamarok19:25
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Guest14072Daskreech: so BIOS is /mnt?19:25
DaughainDaskreech: IN ftp or term?19:26
DaskreechGuest14072: no you are on a live CD /mnt and /media is the hard drive of the computer19:26
DaskreechDaughain: type bye to close ftp19:26
Daskreechdo it in term19:26
DaughainDaskreech: Already ran it in both.19:27
Planetary_jwill-: okay, so when im there type reisub, then...19:27
jwill-Guest14072: The BIOS is on its own flash chip.  It's not on the HDD anywhere.19:27
DaughainDaskreech:  Nothing happens in term.19:27
DaskreechDaughain: ah hmm ok19:27
Daskreechseems inetd isn't listening for ftp19:27
jwill-Planetary_: Um, I was just saying you could do that to restart your computer instead of the power button.  It's less bad for it.19:28
DaughainDaskreech: I know that sound, and it is never a god one, =)I usualy make it before trying to explain why someone needs to tear thier engine down.19:28
Planetary_jwill-: i see19:28
jwill-Planetary_: To reboot, hold alt and the System Requirements key (usually same as print screen), then press REISUB in sequence.19:28
jwill-Planetary_: as in, press and release R, then E, then I, etc.19:29
Planetary_jwill-: got ya!19:29
jwill-Planetary_: I think Daskreech had something for you to do that might fix it?19:29
DaskreechDaughain: can I see your tftpd-ha config file?19:29
shazzoodaskreech: did you get around to looking at my x problem?19:29
DaughainThought I posted that already...????19:30
DaskreechPlanetary_: B will reboot your computer but it's safer than hitting power19:30
DaskreechREIUS syncs your files and shuts down your hard drive so you don't lose data19:30
shazzoocan i just paste back the content of my home folder after doing a reinstall?19:30
Planetary_Daskreech: okay19:31
DaughainDaskreech:  Here it is....;  RUN_DAEMON="yes"19:31
DaughainOPTIONS="-l -s /var/lib/tftpboot"19:31
Daskreechshazzoo: I had asked if that was your .xsession-errors file. Doesn't look a lot like it19:31
DaskreechDaughain: My browser died19:31
shazzoobut it is ..19:31
DaskreechDaughain: ok19:31
Daughainno worries, two whole lies19:31
jwill-Daskreech: It's only safer if you do REISU first (unmounts drives, finishes writes, etc...)19:31
Daughainlines, even.19:31
jwill-Planetary_: Don't do just B!19:31
Planetary_jwill-: so REISU ?19:32
jwill-Planetary_: You can remember REISUB as being BUSIER backwards.  No, do REISUB, with B last.19:32
DaskreechPlanetary_: ok if you freeze up try to press alt+ctrl+F1 and get to a terminal. You can see what is using up your CPU there with top19:32
DaskreechOr RAM19:32
DaskreechYou can try and kill it and then use alt+Ctrl+F7 to come back to the GUI19:32
Planetary_yep i use top19:32
DaskreechIf you can't see anything obvious then you can try sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart19:33
DaskreechThat will kill X and start it back but you will lose any unsaved files in an editor. YOu can save them from the command line but one step at a time19:33
Daughainjwill-:  I *like* my antique karamba theme sysmon. :P19:33
DaskreechThat at least is much faster then rebooting and waiting for the whole computer to come up19:34
jwill-Daskreech: ?  okay?19:34
Guest14072Daskreech: okay I've just executed the commands I gave you with sdc6 and the live cd sounds pissed off.  It gave me 3 errors.  1) it is telling me I'm attempting to install grub to the partition and not the MBR (I assume being this boot sector you speak of) and is telling me in caps that this is a bad idea.  2) it then tells me "Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists.19:34
Guest14072 However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and its use is discouraged"  I have no idea what this error means, unless it is referring to my file system which is formatted as ext2 instead of ext3 on the /boot partition (for /root it is formatted as ext3).  3)  it says it can't read /grub/core.img correctly.   Should I ignore these errors and proceed?19:34
Daskreechshazzoo: it's looking for a set of files can you run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?19:34
Daskreechjwill-: Hmm ?19:34
DaskreechGuest14072: do you have a /grub ?19:35
Daskreechnot /boot/grub but /grub19:35
Guest14072Daskreech: the directory grub.  are you asking if I have this directory on my /boot partition?19:36
intruder_Guest14072: on the contrary19:36
shazzoojust a sec, i will try19:36
intruder_hes asking if you got it on /19:36
DaskreechGuest14072: You said the error states /grub/core.img I'm just checking if it really meant /grub19:37
Daskreechis there a /grub directory or is there only /boot/grub ?19:37
giullpainsera a tutti19:39
Daskreechjwill-: what's the ok ? for?19:39
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:39
DaskreechGuest14072: MBR is indeed the boot sector MBR means the Master Boot Record19:40
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jwill-Daskreech: Oops, wrong Da* person :S.  Meant to send that to Daughain, and I'm used to just typing Da<tab>.19:40
Guest14072Daskreech: the 3rd error states "error: Cannot read '/grub/core.img' correctly".  Are you asking if the /grub directory exists somewhere, either on my root partition or the live cd?19:40
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DaskreechThe second error is because you are installing to /boot instead of the MBR so to get the system to boot it will find whatever is currently making the system boot in the MBR and ask it to use a list of other possible blocks which includes /boot. However of course the boot manager in the MBR can simply ignore it so it's unreliable19:41
Guest2308how do i deleet a file thats too big to fit it the trash bin?19:41
Daughainjwill-: I usualy use the first 3 letters.. =)19:41
DaskreechGuest14072: on your root partition. Grub normally treats /boot as if it was / but I would like to ensure that is correct19:42
jwill-Daughain: Good practise.  So what did you mean by: "<Daughain> jwill-:  I *like* my antique karamba theme sysmon. :P", anyways?19:42
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Daughainjwill-:  You were the one who said I would rue the day trying to get it installed and working. That was easy, this is a b***h.19:43
DaughainAnd I enjyed that one. =)19:43
jwill-Daughain: Oh, right.  One day, Daughain, one day.19:43
* Daskreech votes that jwill- take over getting tftp to answer a ftp call while he goes to eat19:43
* Daughain chuckles.19:43
* jwill- hide19:44
Proximahow much is fedora?19:44
Guest2308how do i deleet a file thats too big to fit it the trash bin?19:44
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jwill-Proxima: About 42.19:44
Daughainjwill-:  I am....The day I listend to you about this bootin method. =)19:44
Daskreechjwill-: Near as I can tell he has tftp installed but I can't see if inetd is listening for a boot call. and he's not logging anythign19:44
DaskreechProxima: Fedora is free and Free19:44
DaskreechGuest14072: rm19:45
Planetary_ok so how do i solve my freeze problem19:45
jwill-Guest14072: You might have to enable the delete option.  I thought it just asked you to completely delete stuff that's too big for trash.19:45
DaskreechGuest14072: Or shift+delete19:45
Proximahow can i get it19:45
DaughainDaskreech: jwill- Thats it in a nutshell. Bootp works fine, tftpd doesnt even seem to start.19:45
DaskreechProxima: #fedora-kde19:45
jwill-Daskreech: I don't know anything about that.  I've only used ssh for direct commandline access to the server by using a detached screen session.19:45
Daughainjwill-: Everything for tftpd is set to log, but, no log, which is why I dont even think it is starting.19:46
jwill-Proxima: Download it from the fedora website.  But, uhh.  This is kinda #kubuntu.19:46
jwill-Daughain: Explain what tftp is?19:47
DaskreechDaughain is a self proclaimed newb who isn't a first tier computer user and is tackling it :)19:47
DaughainSomething just occurs to me.....Do I need a line in the bootp start wrapper to tell tftpd that it needs to do something?19:47
DaskreechDaughain: shouldn't I think that's inetd's job19:47
peppinostarting from today my amsn is not able to connect .... I dont know how to see19:47
DaskreechDaughain: You setup the PXE boot options?19:47
DaughainOK, lemme take a look at that conf again.19:48
DaughainDaskreech: What are those?19:48
DaskreechWell yeah I guess if it's making the call to the bootp server19:48
ProximaGive me the website please19:48
DaughainProxima: Get what?19:48
Guest14072Daskreech: on my /root partition, the /boot folder is blank as it should be.  I checked my mounted /boot partition, sdc6, which I've mounted to /mnt with those previous commands, and in there is the /grub directory with core.img inside.  So what's going on?19:49
DaughainOr fedora?19:49
DaskreechDaughain: the dhcpd.conf19:49
DaskreechDaughain: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/installation-guide/i386/install-tftp.html19:49
DaskreechPXE boot section19:49
jwill-Proxima: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=fedora19:49
Daskreechpeppino: Probably a MSN server upgrade19:49
Daskreech try kmess?19:49
DaughainLmme see if thats one I;ve read already..19:49
jwill-Proxima: Alternatively, http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/19:49
peppinoDaskreech: i've tried with WLM and it works19:50
Daskreechjwill-: errm language19:50
Daskreechlmgtfy.com will do fine19:50
jwill-Daskreech: It's an url :D19:50
DaskreechWith nicer alternatives19:51
DaughainDaskreech:  I;ve seen this page....NOW I might even be able to understand it. =)19:51
jwill-Yeah, sorry.19:51
Planetary_so any idea why my computer is freezing. it takes a while to freeze19:51
jwill-Planetary_: Could be a lot of things.  Should look at some logs, I guess?19:51
xixorso, should I install beagle?19:51
Daskreechpeppino: Kmess works here19:52
jwill-xixor: No.19:52
ubottuServices to index files for fast searching include: Beagle (front-ends: beagle, catfish, gnome-main-menu, mozilla-beagle for !GNOME; kerry, kio-beagle for !KDE; beaglefs for !CLI) - Tracker (tracker-search-tool, libdeskbar-tracker for GNOME; tracker-utils for CLI) - Strigi (strigi-applet, strigi-client for KDE, strigi-utils for CLI) - Kat (for KDE) - Pinot (and pinot-applet for GNOME) - Doodle (for CLI)19:52
DaskreechPlanetary_: There can be a whole set of reasons but the two most likely are the X video card driver and some kernel driver19:52
xixorjwill-: any recommendations?19:52
jwill-xixor: Strigi.  It's the KDE solution for that, and is already installed.19:53
DaughainDaskreech:  I mentioned this earlier..The only dhcp I have is client.19:53
DaskreechPlanetary_: in any other circumstance the mouse would likely not freeze19:53
peppinoDaskreech: i know but kmess does not have video and audio call19:53
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jwill-xixor: Though kubuntu broke some packages.  You need to fix it.19:53
DaughainWhen I tried to install dhcp server, the start failed.19:53
DaskreechDaughain: ok where is it getting dhcp from?19:53
Planetary_Daskreech: thats what i think. its an ati card19:53
xixorjwill-: sounds like par for the course for *buntu19:53
jwill-xixor: Just kubuntu.  They like breaking kde stuff in packaging.19:54
jwill-xixor: Good news is you can fix it in two or three commands.19:54
jwill-xixor: let me google that for you19:54
DaughainDaskreech: Ok, I found a dhcpd.conf19:55
jwill-xixor: Do this: http://digitizor.com/2009/10/14/how-to-start-nepomukstrigi-and-fix-the-strigi-service-failed-to-initialize-most-likely-due-to-an-installation-problem-problem-in-kubuntu-9-10kde4-3/19:55
shadeslayer_xixor: KDE 4.4 or 4.3.4?19:55
DaughainYeah, this part confused me and where I was at about 2 hours ago.19:55
xixorGreat, thanks.  4.3.2 it says in about:kde19:56
jwill-xixor: sudo aptitude install soprano-backend-sesame19:56
shadeslayer_xixor: ah.. have fun then :)19:56
peppinoDaskreech: I tried kmess just now and it has the same problem.....impossibile to connect server19:56
xixorshadeslayer_: should I upgrade to 4.34?19:56
jwill-xixor: And edit ~/.kde/share/config/nepomukserverrc .  Look for the line that says Backend=redland, and change redland to sesame2.19:57
jwill-xixor: Should work after that.  And yes, you should upgrade.  But you still need to do this.19:57
xixorok, great, thanks for all the help on that19:58
Guest14072Daskreech: by the way I wasn't the Guest2308 asking to delete something19:58
jwill-xixor: Blame kubuntu, not kde. :D19:58
Guest2308fixed thanks19:58
shadeslayer_xixor: i think you should upgrade to 4.4 :P19:58
jwill-xixor: Don't.  It's just in RC now.19:59
jwill-Do it if you want to, but shadeslayer_, you shouldn't be telling new people to upgrade to an unstable release.19:59
shadeslayer_jwill-: i thought everyone knows its RC... look at the topiv20:00
shadeslayer_also the PPA says Beta... so no one who wants a unstable KDE would add the PPA in the first place20:01
xixorah, ok20:01
jwill-shadeslayer_: People completely new to linux wouldn't know what RC meant.  It should be a matter of policy to not tell new users to install unstable versions of stuff.20:01
jwill-shadeslayer_: ...but I think I'm going to install 4.4 now :D20:01
xixorjwill-: I will keep with 4.3.2, or whatever 9.10 uses by default.  I've been a linux user for about 13 years now, and have been burned too many times installing the development builds or the latest and greatest packages20:02
shadeslayer_its pretty awesome with nepomuk back up again20:02
jwill-xixor: That's 9 years longer than me :D... sorry, best to assume people in support channels are new.20:03
jwill-shadeslayer_: I'm running nepomuk on 4.3.4 in kubuntu 9.10.  You just need to do a few things to un-break it.20:03
fujimitsuthere is a factoid about making assumptions20:03
xixorjwill-: Dont' worry, I still can be pretty useless with linux at times20:03
shadeslayer_jwill-: well 4.4 was missing the complete virtuoso backend package :P20:03
jwill-fujimitsu: What isn't there a factoid about?  Really?20:04
xixorjwill-: I have given up on trying to be a sysadmin/power user, just want to get my work done now.  When I was younger I didn't mind spending my evenings hacking .rc files or re-compiling kernels.  Now, if it doesn't work, I will give up and just try it again in 6 months when people others have fixed everything20:04
fujimitsuubuntu folk tend to be creative about factoids, yes20:05
* shadeslayer_ wonders if the last factoid he suggested was accepted20:05
jwill-xixor: I know the feeling.  Used to spend ages messing around with stuff, now I just want it to work without too much mucking about.20:05
Guest14072when I use the following commands in grub http://paste.ubuntu.com/354657/, for root=/dev/sdcX, should I refer to where my boot partition is (sdc6) or my root partition where ubuntu is installed (sdc7)?20:06
Daskreechback again20:07
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Daskreechpeppino: what version of kmess?20:08
jwill-Daskreech: See Guest14072's last message.  Don't know the answer :S20:08
peppinoDaskreech: the one in the repo20:08
peppinoDaskreech: 2.020:09
Daskreechxixor: the server that nepomuk relies on had an update that broke quite a few things. The new version is in version control and works but has not been officialy released. We are waitingon the word go to go20:09
jwill-shadeslayer_: From kubuntu.org "For both Lucid and Karmic, virtuoso packages are available. Install both the virtuoso-server and virtuoso-driver packages to enable Nepomuk support."20:09
Guest14072by the way is there a perminant effect when I use those commands?20:09
jwill-Guest14072: Yes.20:10
shadeslayer_jwill-: yeah they just built them in the RC,not in the Beta versions20:10
DaskreechPlanetary_: try #phoronix they have a lot of ATI experience20:10
jwill-shadeslayer_: So they do work and whatnot?  I'm upgrading right now so...20:10
DaskreechDaughain: Any better now?20:10
DaskreechGuest14072: Sorry :(20:11
Guest14072jwill-: can I switch between sdc6 and sdc7 if I want to?20:11
shadeslayer_jwill-: they do20:11
jwill-KPackageKit just called aptitude a "legacy package manager"!  Grrrr....20:11
DaughainDaskreech:  Nope.20:11
Guest14072jwill-: like reuse the same command, but change the number at the end, will that overwirte the previous command20:11
Planetary_Daskreech: thanks20:12
fujimitsuGuest14072: i belive you want sdc6 since /boot is in that one.  are you using grub2?20:12
Guest14072fujimitsu: yes, grub220:12
jwill-shadeslayer_: Cool, thanks.20:12
fujimitsucan you boot into recovery mode?20:12
Daskreechshadeslayer_: Follw up the factoid20:13
Guest14072fujimitsu: you mean the grub-rescue prompt?  Why would I want to?20:13
shadeslayer_Daskreech: eh? i just tried !ext3toext4 but it didnt work... its the one i submitted20:13
Guest14072Daskreech: by the way I got out of the grub-rescue prompt and I'm back at the normal grub command prompt20:14
fujimitsuif you drop to a shell you can do  update-grub   and it should fix itself20:14
fujimitsuwithout manual configuration as you are trying to do20:14
DaskreechGuest14072: For root= means /20:14
DaskreechIt's looking for the /etc directory to find fstab to tell where everything is20:14
fujimitsuGuest14072:  am talking about root shell. not the grub prompt.20:15
soee_anyone knows how to turn off the white shadow around letters in the infoboxes (the ones poppingout when u hover ivon or shortcut)>20:15
Daskreechjwill-: it's not got buttons what do you expect?20:15
jwill-Daskreech: What doesn't have buttons, and what did I expect?20:15
jansenls $KDEDIR/share/apps/konversation/scripts20:16
Daskreechshadeslayer_: what's wrong with !ext4 ?20:16
DaughainDaskreech:   Http://pastebin.ca/174592320:16
DaughainDaskreech:  Most recent log file.20:16
=== Presnus_Gone is now known as Presnus
DaskreechGuest14072: Yes if you rerun it with a new parameter it will overrun the last one20:16
Guest14072Daskreech: and I should use sdc6 like fujimitsu recommends, not sdc7?20:17
Daskreechjwill-: Legacy package manager :-D20:17
shadeslayer_Daskreech: theres no !ext4 too20:17
jwill-Daskreech: Lol.  aptitude is awesome.20:17
* jwill- installed KDE 4.4.20:17
DaskreechGuest14072: Where it says root= you want / whichis sdc7 from what I remember20:18
Daskreechshadeslayer_: submit a !et and followup20:18
fujimitsuwhat he said..20:19
Guest14072Daskreech: so it wants to know where I installed ubuntu, basically?20:19
DaskreechDaughain: whooot logs :)20:19
shadeslayer_kinda busy... ive been trying to study for the past hour and now i *really* need to stop IRC'ing :P20:20
fujimitsuanyhow, my first course of action on a faulty grub is to drop to root shell via recovery mode and do  update-grub20:20
Daskreech /kick shadeslayer_20:20
DaughainDaskreech: I have a good idea what it wrong, jst no clue how to go about fixing it, usualy.20:20
shadeslayer_Daskreech: nah... i have a _ to show im away,but i just cant keep my hands away20:20
DaskreechGuest14072: It wants to know where /etc/fstab is20:20
jwill-Awesome, plasma crashes on login.20:20
DaskreechGuest14072: Which is on /20:20
DaughainDaskreech: I aso understand not tking the 'customers' word for anything. =)20:20
Guest14072fujimitsu: do you mean the root shell in ubuntu, or the grub-resuce prompt?  Because I was in the grub-rescue prompt and couldn't do a thing20:21
shadeslayer_jwill-: its supposed to ;P20:21
DaskreechDaughain: Bless you20:21
shadeslayer_jwill-: its a RC :D20:21
jwill-shadeslayer_: I hate you now.20:21
shadeslayer_jwill-: oh,simple fix : press alt+F2 and type : plasma-desktop20:21
DaughainDaskreech: I'm a mechanic. In america *every* male knows how to fix cars.20:21
jwill-shadeslayer_: Crashes again, dude.20:22
DaughainSpecially in the south.20:22
Daskreechha ha I know two males that would buck that trend20:22
Daskreechjwill-: did you back up ~/.kde ?20:22
shadeslayer_jwill-: last error on a konsole with that command20:22
jwill-Daughain: I know nothing about cars.  But then I'm Canadian.20:22
shadeslayer_Daskreech: know what im talking about?20:22
shadeslayer_(just cant keep my hands away :P )20:22
jwill-plasma-desktop(2160): Communication problem with  "plasma-desktop" , it probably crashed.20:22
jwill-Error message was:  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" : " "Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)" "20:22
jwill-Gee, plasma probably crashed?  Y'think?20:22
Daughainjwill-: LOL, come down to Tn, and ask any male on the street, I'll bet whatever ya want, 4 out of 5 will be willing to either fix it for you, or show you how. =)20:23
fujimitsuGuest14072: do you have more than one operating system installed?20:23
shadeslayer_jwill-: ah.. ok do this,reboot the PC,and if nothing works, mn .kde .kde_old20:23
jwill-Why did I install 4.4?  Whhhhhhhhy?  Ever time I install an RC, this happens, but I never learn.20:23
Daughainjwill-:  And usually screw it up in the process.20:23
jwill-shadeslayer_: I didn't back it up.  And I already rebooted.20:23
DaskreechDaughain: do you have a /etc/init.d/xinetd ?20:23
shadeslayer_jwill-: its just a problem of the configs...20:24
Guest14072Daskreech: fujimitsu: so I'm going to use the commands http://paste.ubuntu.com/354657/, which will get me to ubuntu where I can type sudo update-grub, which will make the grub boot menu that I can pick my multiple OSs from, which are ubuntu, kbuntu, and WinXP, right?20:24
shadeslayer_jwill-: oh no problem... just back it up now20:24
Daskreechjwill-: it's RPC it can't know20:24
aelysonexiste algem do brasil ai20:24
fujimitsuGuest14072: yes, do that and see if it fixes it20:24
DaughainDaskreech:  Nope.20:24
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.20:24
Daskreechaelyson: ^^^20:25
shadeslayer_thats it i quit :P20:25
jwill-shadeslayer_: It's backed up now20:25
Daskreechnow he can pass exams20:25
jwill-Exams were last month :S20:26
DaskreechOr whatever :)20:27
jwill-Hmm, I've got a bunch of updates that were kept back.  Perhaps everything will work after I get those installed.20:27
Daskreechjwill-: Oh I always back up ~/.kde and do two dist-upgrades when jumping to a new KDE X.X+120:29
jwill-I can't install the new version of klipper.  See output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/354667/20:29
DaskreechSaves a lot of cursing20:29
jwill-And it's holding back a bunch of upgrades.  This is the source of my power.20:29
jwill-err, I mean problem20:29
DaskreechCastle Greyskull?20:30
DaskreechOh wait :-P20:30
APERSONjwill-, so you're having that problem too?  I tried installing 4.4, but got the same thing20:31
jwill-APERSON: With klipper?20:31
jwill-I blame kubuntu packaging.20:32
APERSONCommunication problem with  "plasma-desktop"20:32
SamWeasleyHello! I'm with some problem on a Intel HDA audio and skype.20:33
Guest14072Daskreech: fujimitsu: alright, I sudo update-grub in ubuntu, rebooted, and now I'm back at the normal grub prompt, still with no OS menu, so there's something wrong with that grub.cfg file then?20:33
DaskreechGuest14072: maybe. Does grub say what version it is in the menu?20:33
Guest14072Daskreech: it says it's version 1.97~beta420:34
DaskreechGuest14072: Ok thats grub220:34
SamWeasleySkype and other programs don't capture anything. KMixer, though, has mic and capture marked20:34
Daskreechso that works.20:34
jwill-" trying to overwrite '/usr/share/kde4/apps/kconf_update/klipper-kconfigxt.upd', which is also in package kdebase-workspace-data 4:4.3.4-0ubuntu1~karmic1"20:35
SamWeasleyalso I'm with much noise if I give volume o mic boost and/or capture20:35
Guest14072Daskreech: but I've got to mess with that grub.cfg file to make it work, right?20:35
Guest14072Daskreech: making it work as in showing me the multiple OSs at start up and letting me select which one to use20:36
DaskreechGuest14072: no you are just missing the OS entries?20:36
Daskreechsudo os-prober && sudo update-grub20:37
Guest14072Daskreech: it looks like it if I'm not seeing that menu20:37
Guest14072Daskreech: I should use that command in ubuntu, not the grub-prompt, right?20:37
DaskreechGuest14072: Right20:38
Daskreechand if you are on the live cd that should be done in a chroot20:38
fujimitsuGuest14072: channel #grub might offer better help on your issue20:39
jwill-Removing klipper, then reinstall kubuntu-desktop seems to have fixed it.20:39
Himmlerdoes anybody can help me? i just upgrade to kde 4.4 rc1 and after reboot there's no plasma desktop.20:40
DaughainDaskreech: Ok, you do realize I am guessing the whole way through trying to figure this out, right? If ya tire of messin with it,m lemme know, and I'll understand.20:40
jwill-Himmler: Hey, I just fixed the same problem20:41
jwill-Himmler: Run sudo aptitude upgrade && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade and tell me if there are any errors near the end20:41
jwill-Himmler: Anything like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/354667/20:41
jwill-Himmler: I'll brb, restarting to see if I fixed it.20:42
smellynoseryIs there a way of turning off the "Devices recently plugged in" popup20:42
smellynoseryIt's driving me crazy20:42
Guest14072Daskreech: so I used "sudo os-prober && sudo update-grub", should I just reboot and see if it works now?20:44
DaskreechDaughain: I know but some of this stuff should just work. tftp is being blocked by something it should be listening for 69 and it's not so need to figure that out20:45
jwill-Himmler: I'm back, did you get anything?20:45
DaughainDaskreech: http://pastebin.ca/1745969  Thats my dhcpd.conf as it is currently configured. Otherwise known as my best guess.20:45
Himmlerjwill-: please wait a sec :)20:45
Daskreechsmellynosery: Remover the device notifer and it magically stops notifying you :)20:46
DaskreechGuest14072: That's the idea Did it find anythign in the output?20:46
Himmlerjwill-: i pastebin the output. wait m820:46
DaughainDaskreech: I run the netstat command, and all it does is give me the next command line.20:46
DaughainDaskreech:  And ya been messin with ot for hours, as well as bein swamped by everyone else. =)20:47
Guest14072Daskreech: yeah it found my OSs and even the memtest and looked like it was just dandy, but I just rebooted and I'm back at the grub-prompt and still with no OS menu.  This wouldn't have anything to do with those 3 errors I told you about before?20:47
Himmlerjwill-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/354672/20:47
DaughainDaskreech:  Wasnt a bitch or complaint, just a statement that U fully agree with. =)20:48
DaskreechGuest14072: well the last one possibly but the others should be solved I think20:48
jwill-Himmler: Did I say upgrade for the first one?  I meant update20:48
Himmlerjwill-: yes :) ok ill try20:48
jwill-Himmler: But it looks like it's not a package issue like I had.20:48
jwill-Himmler: Don't bother.20:48
Guest14072Daskreech: so you think it still is having problems seeing that core.img?20:49
Himmlerjwill-: i run plasma-desktop and now the plasma appears. but i will reboot one more time to make sure its permanently appear.20:50
DaskreechGuest14072: I'm not sure what it's seeing but if it found your os and wrote them to the menu file then you should be able to see them in the menu. What happens if you simply don't do anything? does it boot?20:51
soeeguys is there any dvdplayer for kde that u can reccomand ?20:51
jwill-soee: VLC.  QT, not KDE, but best one there is.20:51
soeejwill-: ok thanx20:52
jwill-Could I fit more acronyms into that sentence?20:52
Himmlerjwill-: after reboot plasma desktop is gone again20:52
jwill-Himmler: Open konsole (using alt+f2)20:53
Guest14072Daskreech: you mean restart the computer?  It goes to the grub-prompt, straight to the grub-prompt.  If I want to go to ubuntu I have to use those linux, initrd, and boot commands. There is NO OS menu to select and OS from.20:53
jwill-Himmler: and run plasma-dekstop in konsole20:53
Himmlerjwill-: i try that but it's gone after reboot :)20:54
jwill-Himmler: Oh, I see.  So it works when you manually start it, but crashes at start?20:55
Himmlerjwill-: correct20:55
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titan_arkHello everyone :)20:56
DaskreechGuest14072: Oh wow hmm that's bad. Does it show an error before the grub command ?20:56
Daskreechhi titan_ark20:56
Guest14072Daskreech: not at the prompt no20:57
jwill-Himmler: You could just put plasma-desktop in ~/.kde/Autostart, I guess.  Just a workaround, though.20:57
jwill-Himmler: I don't know what's causing it to crash at start.20:57
Guest14072Daskreech: are you sure when I use sudo update-grub it is updating with the /boot partition in mind, and NOT the /root partition even though there is nothing in the /root partition's boot folder?20:57
DaskreechDaughain: netstat -l -u | grep ftp20:58
DaskreechGuest14072: You have a /boot in / ?20:58
DaskreechGuest14072: when you did the chroot you mounted /dev/sdc6 to /boot ?20:59
Guest14072Daskreech: last time I checked there was but it was blank, it was only in the boot partition that the boot folder had grub and a whole bunch of other stuff in it20:59
DaughainDaskreech: Output:  udp        0      0 *:tftp                  *:*21:00
DaskreechGuest14072: right since it should mount to /boot21:00
DaskreechDaughain: Whoot :)21:00
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smellynoseryIs it possible to disable usb-storage, but only for 3g modems and not actual external harddrives?21:00
Guest14072Daskreech: YES, so when I sudo update-grub ubuntu isn't going off and making it's on boot folder with grub, right?  It's using my boot partition only, right?21:01
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DaskreechDaughain: Want to try teh tftp client ?21:02
DaughainDaskreech: Now if only I knew wat that meant. =)21:02
DaskreechGuest14072: Should be21:02
DaughainDaskreech: As in straight ftp? Or as in the install again?21:02
Daskreechis there a /boot/grub.d/30_os_prober file ?21:03
DaskreechDaughain: install the tftp client21:03
Guest14072Daskreech: so I'm just having a grub.cfg problem?  I just need to make sure it can see the grub.cfg made with sudo update-grub?21:03
DaskreechDaughain: You uninstalled it?21:03
DaughainDaskreech:  No, no route to host on ftp <IP>21:04
DaskreechGuest14072: I'm thinking that's the problem. #grub should be able to help you at this point21:04
DaskreechDaughain: tftp loclahost21:04
DaughainDaskreech:  I've been up for about 31 hours right now, and I started working on this before jwill-  went ot bed last night......Brains a little.....soft right now.21:04
DaskreechDaughain: Sleeeeeeeeep21:05
Daughaintftp is still an invalid command.21:05
DaskreechDaughain: one of the fun things with smashing yourself agaisnt some obscure linux problem is you come out with more understanding at the other side21:05
jwill-And a lot less sanity21:05
DaughainDaskreech:  WHy ya thin I am still here.=)21:06
Daughainjwill-:  That implies there was sanity to lose, which all of my freinds will disagree with.21:06
DaskreechDaughain: Sudo apt-get install tftp21:06
luckystrokejwill-: i'm now on #kde i let you know if they can solve this problem21:06
DaughainNOt time for bed, I can still tyupe one handed...21:07
DaughainAnd girl promised pork chops.21:07
titan_arkHey any idea on how I can check what is my microphone device, i want to br able to use it right and get the right settings in alsa21:07
titan_arkI somehow managed to get either of them work, but its quite noisy.21:07
Daskreechcrimsun: ping on microphone question21:08
titan_arkDAughain: good for you21:08
crimsunDaskreech: contentless pong21:08
jwill-Is there a simple kde app to test microphone function?21:08
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DaskreechDaughain: try sudo apt-get install tftp && tftp localhost and if that doesn't work then bed21:11
DaughainOh, forgot to check the status of the install. =)21:11
DaughainDaskreech:  tftp installed.21:11
DaughainDaskreech: Is the second package tftp-localhost?21:12
qwertzhi, is it somehow possible to make strigi index pdf or odf full text?21:13
Whiz2hi, i have a friend who ordered kubuntu 8.10 release CD online. When she went to install it, she got the message "I/O error. error reading boot CD" the only option she has is to reboot, then she gets the same error again.21:15
rstob911how can i boot kubuntu in a video specific mode21:17
DaskreechDaughain: no21:19
Daskreechjust the command tftp localhost21:19
Daskreechso you can tftp into yourself21:19
DaughainDaskreech:  Yeah, I tried that, it didnt work.21:20
DaughainNor did anyb other logical extension.21:20
jwill-That sounds kinda odd.21:20
DaskreechDaughain: ok bed then21:20
DaughainLast time I tried that, I got connection refused.21:21
* Daughain this we are talking aboput two different things here.21:21
paulsomebodyI have problem with transparency in GTK applications in Kubuntu, it looks just like that. http://imagebin.ca/view/Z_Exgj.html A little of research gave me nothing. Any help?21:21
paulsomebodyGPU is Nvidia, proprietary driver is at place, version is latest.21:22
DaughainCommand line for tftp, waiting on an IP, is my guess, Daskreech21:22
DaughainDefinitely waiting on input.21:22
DaskreechDaughain: oh you get a command line?21:23
jwill-paulsomebody: Firefox bug?21:23
Daskreechbut with connection refused?21:23
paulsomebodyjwill-: That's idea, but then it's specific for Kubuntu.21:23
jwill-paulsomebody: Cool firefox theme, btw.21:23
DaughainBefore I installed ftpt, I got connection refused usinf ftp localhost, after install of tftp, I get a tftp prompt, and it waits for further input. That help, Daskreech ?21:24
jwill-paulsomebody: Yeah.  Maybe it depends on compiz or something?21:24
paulsomebodyjwill-: Strata40 and 'No border' setting.21:24
jwill-paulsomebody: Too bad I'm using chrome :S21:25
paulsomebodyjwill-: I have already found this bug's page in 'getsatisfacion'.21:25
jwill-paulsomebody: Nice.  Link?21:25
DaskreechDaughain: Oh ok we seem to be good then21:25
paulsomebodyjwill-: http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla/topics/no_transparency_with_ubiquity21:25
DaskreechI think you may need the tftp client21:25
DaughainDaskreech: Close out tftp then?21:26
Daughaindas I just installed that.21:26
Daskreechtry transfer a file?21:26
DaughainDidnt ?21:26
DaughainTo what IP?21:26
Daskreechyour IP21:26
paulsomebodyjwill-: Oops. Reported 9 months ago. What are dissapointance.21:27
jwill-paulsomebody: So it's not a theme thing?21:27
jwill-paulsomebody: I thought the transparency for ubiquity was done interally in firefox.  Don't see why KDE would screw it up.21:28
paulsomebodyjwill-: I don't know really. That needs to checked out, thanks for the idea.21:28
paulsomebodyjwill-: Author of the theme didn't done testing under GNU/Linux, I should have known that,21:29
DaughainWOuld help if I had any clue of the command structure.....21:29
jwill-paulsomebody: If it is a problem with the theme, you should mention it to the author somehow.21:29
lordganeshdoes anybody how to remove startup programs such as kmix21:29
paulsomebodylordganesh: What is the need for?21:30
DaughainOK, found man page.21:30
jwill-lordganesh: Have you saved your session before?  If so, you'll have to remove it from the system settings module for that.21:30
lordganeshpaulsomebody: i want to remove kmail from startup21:30
paulsomebodyjwill-: Too bad, it stays with default theme.21:30
Whiz2hi, i have a friend who ordered kubuntu 8.10 release CD online. When she went to install it, she got the message "I/O error. error reading boot CD" the only option she has is to reboot, then she gets the same error again.21:31
paulsomebodylordganesh: Check "Autoload' thing in the 'System Settings'.21:31
paulsomebodylordganesh: Also is propbable to be found in Kmail settings.21:31
IzinucsWhat do I need to install to get the system to recognize and possibly control my camcorder with DV output? Is there a specific library?21:31
lordganeshpaulsomebody: i have checked everything .. but still kmail starts21:33
DaskreechDaughain: oh sorry get will pull a file and put will put up a file21:33
paulsomebodyjwill-: Then O dpn't know.21:33
DaskreechI think the files in /var/lib/tftpdboo have to have 666 permissions21:34
paulsomebodyjwill-: Sorry, don't know.21:34
DaughainYa, done reading the man. =) Waiting for it to do something right now. I just dont know if the exact port makes a difference.21:34
DaskreechIzinucs: recognize ou should just plug it in. Control Umm Kamoso ?21:34
paulsomebodyjwill: Bad, downgrading Ubquity don't solve that problem.21:35
jwillpaulsomebody: Curiouser and curiouser.21:36
DaskreechDaughain: Check if the permissions on the files in /var/lib/tftpdboot are 66621:36
paulsomebodyjwill: More and more hopeless? :-)21:36
lordganeshpaulsomebody: is there any conf file that shows startup programs21:36
DaughainLeme make an edit, Daskreech21:37
paulsomebodylordganesh: It shouldn't use any text config files.21:37
DaughainNo numerics on the file I am trying to transfer.21:37
DaskreechDaughain: what are the permissions?21:37
Daskreech should be -rw-rw-rw21:37
IzinucsDaskreech: yes.. dmsg report that it's recognized.. never tried Kamoso.. installing kdenlives now to see what kind of shape that program is in..21:38
DaughainDaskreech: Depends on the file I am trying to transfer, or, are those the permissions needed for me to get the file?21:38
paulsomebodyjwill: I think I'll report a bug.21:38
jwillpaulsomebody: Firefox or Kubuntu or KDE?21:39
DaskreechDaughain: I read somewhere they are needed to get the file21:39
paulsomebodyjwill: Ubiquity of course.21:39
DaskreechI have no idea why that would be true though21:39
DaughainDaskreech: Makes sense....Oh, file needs to be open and available to anyone, no matter who they are before you can copy them. Makes sdense to me, now I need to find or make one with those permissions.21:40
IzinucsDaskreech: kdenlive reports that it needs FFmpeg & ffplay, dvgrab, dvdauthor & mkisofs for a number of things.. It didn't install automatically so maybe they are not available on 64bit but I'll look.21:40
DaughainDaskreech: SImilar to the way you need to set visible/writable/available permissions for samba shares.21:41
jwillpaulsomebody: That's the problem with bugs like this... I bet it'll just be marked as a KDE bug.  And KDE will call it a Kubuntu bug, who will call it a firefox bug... etc21:41
DaughainSame conceot.21:41
DaughainDaskreech: Well, its doing something now. =)21:43
paulsomebodyjwill: Then I'll report it just everywhere. 'Make applications that works with other applications' someone said.21:44
DaughainDaskreech: Transfer details:  getting from to Christopher_Kauffman_Resume.doc [netascii]21:44
Daughain^[[B^[[B^[[B^[[B^[[B^[[B^[[B^[[B^[[BTransfer timed out.21:44
paulsomebodyjwill: And I have just found an exellent addon — Taskfox. It could replace it for a while.21:44
DaughainDaskreech: Binary also timed out....Though, I have to admit, I'm not sire of the pathname.....Whats the path for home/documents?21:46
Whiz2hi, i have a friend who ordered kubuntu 8.10 release CD online. When she went to install it, she got the message "I/O error. error reading boot CD" the only option she has is to reboot, then she gets the same error again.21:47
DaskreechDaughain: Documents21:47
Daskreechneeds a capital D21:48
jwillWhiz2: Sounds like a scratched or corrupt disk.  Download 9.10, the latest version, and burn it.21:48
DaughainDaskreech: /Home/Documents/<file>?21:48
Whiz2jwill: yeah I figured as much. She doesn't have access to the internet so I will let her know she needs to try ordering the newest version online. thanks.21:49
jwillWhiz2: If you paid for it, you could ask for a replacement disc21:49
DaughainWOnt let me cap my own name, but it gets picky about *its* names. :P21:49
DaughainStill timing out.21:49
jwillWhiz2: That sure sucks.  Without internet, she would probably need some repository cds as well.21:50
DaughainDaskreech: Lemme try again...21:50
jwillWhiz2: Actually, without internet, you don't get updates.  So you'd be better off with a LTS release, since they update the disc every 6 months.  Other releases don't have any bugfixesm so aren't that stable, really.21:51
Whiz2jwill: I'm not the one that ordered it. she had another friend order it for her, so I'm not in control of what she gets lol21:52
jwillWhiz2: Well, good luck.  On the other hand, I guess she doesn't have to worry about the security updates that are missing...21:53
Whiz2jwill: haha very true!21:53
DaughainDaskreech: No love on a transfer.21:53
DaughainDaskreech:  abd netstat -an | grep *.69 still gives nothing either.21:54
DaskreechDaughain: OK21:56
DaughainDaskreech: ftp myself gets 'connection refused'21:57
Daskreechtftp localhost doesn't ?21:58
Daughainftp <IP> doesnt.21:58
Daughaintftp localhost only runs tftp.21:58
DaskreechIt doens't connect ?21:59
Daskreechtftp ?21:59
DaughainNo, initial tftp command simply runs tftpclient. Once into tftp, you then need to either set the IP ti connect ti with the connect command, or you can use get/put and it will default to the last IP specified by the connect command.22:00
Daughain192.168.2.2 is a computer that is turned off. =) Thats the client system. My local is
DaughainAnd, I;ve tried it.22:00
DaughainWith and without a port designationm.22:01
DaughainWell......Lemme try with a port again....I had the pathname wrong before.22:01
DaughainDefinitely doesnt like it with a spec'd port number.22:03
DaskreechWhy are you passing it a path?22:03
heroidhey guys please help me i have  Problems mounting a nokia 6233 phone with cable  My brothers phone's memory card gets mounted in gNewSense but not in ubuntu 9.04 nor in 9.10 any help, it shows up in lsusb as Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0421:0492 Nokia Mobile Phones22:04
craftyquackdoes anybody know how install KDE4.4 RC22:07
DaughainDaskreech: Nope, no matter what connection times out.22:08
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harolddonganybody else using the RC with the virtuoso  backend have a problem with their tags not showing up?22:18
DaughainDaskreech:  I was trying different formats to se if one would work, since I really dont know how flexible this app is.22:19
DaughainOK......I'm takin a break, Daskreech , I;ll be back in a bit, if ya still around.22:22
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peppinoiss it possible to generate a .deb package starting from a compiling one22:33
paulsomebodyI cannot configure semantic search, when I run 'System Settings > Advanced > Desktop Search' dialogue window closes immidiately.22:33
paulsomebodyAny ideas?22:33
paulsomebodyAll but 'dev' packages matching search 'strigi' are installed.22:38
paulsomebodyAnyone alive here?22:43
maconobody here but us chickens22:43
* maco agrees with crimsun22:45
paulsomebodyCorporative humour I don't understand?22:45
Ev0luti0n_hello folks22:45
macoi think its a very old joke22:45
macoi dont know its origins22:46
macocrimsun: you're old. where's that phrase come from?22:46
* maco ducks22:46
paulsomebodyAlthough I didn't get it, maybe you would help me?22:46
macoive never actually used that ... lemme try it22:46
crimsunmaco: I think you're forgetting that in my ancestors' culture, old is not a sign of being decrepit but rather of being venerated.22:47
* paulsomebody lets maco try it.22:47
macocrimsun: hmm fair point22:47
macocrimsun: so old man...?22:47
crimsunmaco: how is that different?22:47
macopaulsomebody: i should hit the "enable nepomuk semantic desktop" checkbox?22:48
macocrimsun: well do you know where it comes from?22:48
paulsomebodymaco: Yes. But I can't launch this dialogue, it crashes.22:48
crimsunmaco: why are you asking me when you can just as easily google it?22:48
macoum nothing happens when i click that checkbox22:48
paulsomebodymaco: Check both?22:49
maco(its apparently song lyrics)22:49
macostrigi service failed to initialize.... umm... im not sure i even have strigi installed22:49
paulsomebodyInstall if you want to try?22:51
Riddellpaulsomebody: you need virtuoso installed22:51
Riddellpaulsomebody: which is in my PPA in launchpad.net/~jr or in the beta PPA along with KDE SC 4.4 release candidate  launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa22:52
DaughainoK, thats better.,.22:52
paulsomebodyRiddell: Is KDE SC 4.4 okay enough to be used everyday?22:53
paulsomebodyRiddell: And would I have any lib version conflicts if I install that?22:53
Riddellpaulsomebody: it's an RC, fine for geeks, maybe not for normal sorts22:54
Riddellthere shouldn't be any version conflicts if you install KDE SC 4.4 RC22:54
paulsomebodyRiddell: Geeks? I am quite unsure if I am the one.22:55
DaughainWell, now *thats* interestingf.22:55
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Riddellpaulsomebody: you're on IRC, this could well be a clue :)22:56
* paulsomebody gone installing.22:56
macoRiddell: you know, i didnt get around to it, but i was planning on teaching mum to use irc during the holidays so she could join me in #ubuntu-women and #linuxchix22:57
crimsunyou could skype/empathy with her22:58
crimsunat least I *think* skype has screen-sharing22:58
paulsomebodycrimsun: I am quite sure Windows version have. But I don't know about GNU/Linux one.22:59
macoshe just has pidgin23:00
crimsunjulio__: did you configure the multimedia priorities correctly (PA topmost)?23:00
macoit is configured with me onher buddy list, but i forget her screenname now23:00
maco(well, and i have quassel client on there, and i was going to teach her using xchat-gnome)23:00
julio__wait a second23:01
julio__i set it so many times23:01
crimsunjulio__: please don't send me private messages.23:03
julio__ow sorry!!23:03
crimsunjulio__: my client will block them, and I will not receive them.23:03
julio__i'm don't know how it works23:03
crimsunjulio__: your top-most needs to be PulseAudio, not HDA Intel (whatever)23:04
julio__i'm setting23:04
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paulsomebodyRiddell: Well, I have thought for a while… I have 35 Firefox extensions installed, maybe I could put RC in a good use too.23:04
julio__ok! is in the TOP23:04
crimsunjulio__: now, do you actually have pulseaudio installed, and is it running?23:05
julio__is installed, how can i know if it's running?23:06
julio__ps command?23:06
julio__it's running, i think23:07
crimsune.g., pgrep pulse23:08
julio__it's running23:08
Bonsteranyone no how to get thumbnail previews of videos in dolphin?23:09
Daughainsystem settings, as I recall.23:11
crimsunjulio__: and pactl stat?23:12
julio__I'm a IRC beginner too, sorry if i doing something wrong23:12
julio__pactl stat?23:12
flootenkerpHi, I want to change my ubuntu splash screen to this http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Azenis+Usplash?content=111188 can anybody help me?23:12
julio__crimsun: do you want a "pactl stat" output?23:17
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork23:19
jwillflootenkerp: ^^23:19
flootenkerpAlright, thanks.23:19
julio__crimsun: Currently in use: 1 blocks containing 64.0 KiB bytes total.23:19
julio__crimsun: Server Version: 0.9.1923:20
julio__crimsun: Default Sink: alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo23:20
julio__crimsun: Default Source: alsa_input.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo23:21
titan_arkhey, talking about skype and audio, etc, I am facing trouble getting my microphone settings right, too much noise in what I speak.23:21
crimsunjulio__: and what is the volume set to?  Use amixer -c0, and use pastebin please23:21
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julio__crimsun: how pastebin works?23:34
julio__i never use that23:34
Kagejulio__: google "pastebin"23:35
anakinzanyone can help me get my grub working again?? I have installd win7 on my computer after 9.10...23:35
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julio__crimsun: is it23:37
anakinzI am running the live cd right now but can´t restore the grub for some reason..23:39
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petrsssHow to change user in LINUX?    I can not write in /var/www2 directory!!! That I created now!23:42
petrssspetr@ubuntu:/var/www2$ ls -la23:43
petrsssитого 823:43
petrsssdrwxr-xr-x  2 root root 4096 2010-01-11 02:21 .23:43
petrsssdrwxr-xr-x 16 root root 4096 2010-01-11 02:21 ..23:43
FloodBotK1petrsss: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:43
petrssspetr@ubuntu:/var/www2$ > 123:43
petrsssbash: 1: Permission denied23:43
FloodBotK1petrsss: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:43
paulsomebodypetrsss: Don't flood, if anyone knows they will help.23:44
petrssspetr@ubuntu:/var/www2$ sudo > 1.txt23:45
petrsssbash: 1.txt: Permission denied23:45
paulsomebodypetrsss: Run as root?23:45
paulsomebodypetrsss: 'sudo'?23:46
petrsssas petr23:46
petrsssI login like petr23:46
petrssspetr@ubuntu:/var/www2$ whoami23:46
petrsssmagical things23:47
petrsssI can not write in MY directory23:47
petrsssI create directory and I can not write in one23:47
paulsomebodypetrsss: Are you owner? What permissions do it have?23:48
petrssspetr@ubuntu:/var/www2$ ls -la23:48
julio__crimsun: do you have the solution?23:48
petrsssdrwxr-xr-x  2 root root  4096 2010-01-11 02:21 www223:48
paulsomebodypetrsss: Owner is root, you need to become an owner.23:49
paulsomebodypetrsss: In case to write to this directory.23:49
petrsssI created this directory "sudo mkdir www2"23:50
petrsssI am owner!23:50
paulsomebodypetrsss: According to what you output was owner is root, not your user.23:50
petrsssI can not create when I was as petr --- and I create as sudo23:50
petrsssOK   I know password of root!23:51
petrssswhat do I showld to do23:51
paulsomebodypetrsss: Are you in KDE now?23:51
petrsssmay be23:52
petrssskubuntu use KDE?23:52
paulsomebodypetrsss: May be?23:52
paulsomebodypetrsss: Yes.23:52
petrsssso yes23:52
paulsomebodypetrsss: Press 'Alt + F2', type there 'konsole'.23:52
titan_arkwont using su in terminal prompt you for root password in terminal?23:52
petrsssI did23:52
paulsomebodytitan_ark: It would.23:53
petrssspaulsomebody OK23:53
petrsssI am ready23:53
paulsomebodypetrsss: Type there 'su root' and then enter your root password.23:53
paulsomebodypetrsss: When you would be promted to.23:53
maco"su root -"23:53
julio__crimsun: i put on http://pastebin.com/d398c2cb123:53
paulsomebodymaco: What is that dash are up to?23:54
petrsssIt does not work!!!23:54
macopaulsomebody: uses root's environment instead of your own user's23:54
macoubuntu doesnt have a root password by default though23:54
macopetrsss: did you set a root password, or are you referring to your sudo password?23:54
petrsssmaco  !23:54
paulsomebodypetrsss: He is absolutely right, type 'su root -'.23:55
petrsssI have "petr" user   and I have password23:55
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macook then you want "sudo -i"23:55
macopaulsomebody: hi i'm a she :)23:55
petrssswhen I write sudo *****   I write password of petr   in all is fine23:55
paulsomebodymaco: Okay.23:55
titan_arkhmmm i faced this issue too, had to then set a root passwd and then access it23:55
paulsomebodymaco: You know that IRC thing, you could never be sure.23:56
petrssspetr@ubuntu:/var/www2$ sudo -i23:56
petrsss[sudo] password for petr:23:56
paulsomebodypetrsss: Okay, now type 'dolphin'.23:56
paulsomebodypetrsss: And hit enter key.23:56
petrssswhat id -i ???23:57
maco"sudo -i" enters a root shell with root's environment23:57
maco"sudo -s" enters a root shell without changing to root's environment23:57
paulsomebodypetrsss: In the Dolphin select your directory, right click on it and select your user as owner.23:57
petrsssroot@ubuntu:/var/www2# > 1.txt23:57
petrsssroot@ubuntu:/var/www2# ls23:58
petrsssOK! ))23:58
FloodBotK1petrsss: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:58
paulsomebodypetrsss: Now log out and login as user, root is potentially dangerous thing.23:58

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