WeatherGodmust be that new ibus thingy00:00
penguin42what is that anyway?00:02
WeatherGodduffydack, I presume that you never had a problem with burning in Win7?00:03
penguin42WeatherGod: Hey, and with a nick like that can you get us about 10c warmer and get rid of the damn snow?00:03
WeatherGodpenguin42, beats me00:03
duffydackWeatherGod, nope00:03
WeatherGodI wish00:03
WeatherGodI got a solid piece of ice outside my door....00:03
penguin42duffydack: Is it a SATA or PATA drive?00:03
WeatherGodI feel bad for the pizza delivery guy...00:04
duffydackI think sata...00:04
duffydackpenguin42, its a laptop.. with sata hd00:04
WeatherGodyou said it is a new laptop, right?00:04
duffydackWeatherGod, yes.. very new00:04
WeatherGodI doubt it is pata00:04
duffydacki7 quad core00:04
penguin42duffydack: Ah i7 laptop - nice; so on my i7 desktop there's an option whether SATA is in compatibility mode or not - I made it not00:05
duffydackthe bios setting available is AHCI and something else.00:05
penguin42yeh leave it in AHCI I think00:05
duffydackyeah, I was told to00:05
aliendude5300WeatherGod, mind doing something about the -13 degrees Celsius weather in Pennsylvania? I'm wearing a jacket indoors it's so cold... :(00:05
penguin42it's good to have someone to blame for the entire worlds weather00:06
duffydack1gig ati radeon 465000:06
WeatherGodheh, I remember Pennsylvania Winters...00:06
duffydackand a writer that now works00:06
penguin42duffydack: That's pleasently sick for a laptop :-)00:06
duffydackpenguin42, it was a steal...00:07
WeatherGodwait, 1 gig video memory?00:07
WeatherGodI am behind00:07
duffydackpenguin42, down from 1200 to 77800:07
duffydackfor a week or 200:07
penguin42$778 ?!00:07
penguin42heck I just paid about 700 GBP for my i7 desktop00:08
duffydack1gig 4650, 4gig ram, i7, 500gig 7200rpm, 17" HD00:08
duffydackI had my eye on the lesser studio as well00:08
duffydackthen this came along, and I was like WT& WT&00:08
penguin42duffydack: Out of interest, how big is the pci bar for the video - I've got the 512MB 4350 and the BAR is only 256MB - this apparently isn't unusual00:08
duffydackwas too nice to ignore....00:08
duffydackpenguin42, ok... tell me more00:09
WeatherGodstill get separate me from my Eee00:09
duffydackpenguin42, you mean, is it 128bit or not?00:09
penguin42duffydack: No, the amount of memory visible to the host00:10
penguin42WeatherGod: Radeon pCI-e card with 512MB RAM was 25GBP - it's nuts!00:10
duffydackpenguin42, oh./ well mine sees all 102400:10
penguin42how do you know?00:10
duffydackATI CC says so00:11
penguin42oh the X server and kernel say it's 512 - and I think X can use it internally, but the PCI bar is only 25600:11
duffydacktell me a command to show it.. and i`ll paste it00:12
penguin42duffydack: Do an lspci -v   scroll through to find the ATI and you'll see a line like: Memory at d0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M]00:13
DanaG4650 in a laptop?  where was that?00:14
* penguin42 sees it in the UK Dell store for 770GBP00:14
DanaGwhich model?  and what screen size?00:15
penguin42DanaG: Looks like it's one of teh Dell Studio 17's00:15
duffydackyeah.// size 2500:16
penguin42hmm curious, it is the same - someone said it was actually a limitation of PCI00:17
duffydackwell, the CCC sees all of it00:17
duffydackmaybe its a limitation of Xorg00:17
penguin42it's interesting that they've done the same thing as on the ASRock mb I've got, and they've used a Realtek ether even though there appears to be a version of the chipset available with intel gige on00:18
duffydackcuz, I cant install ubuntu even without using safe gfx mode00:18
duffydacki know newer kernel/xorg supports it now, but it dont in 9.1000:18
penguin42duffydack: Yeh I've been pleasently surprised - I'm running bleeding edge X but the 3d with that works nicely00:19
duffydackI`m running games fine.. it will do me fine...00:24
penguin42duffydack: Anyway, nice machine - enjoy00:25
penguin42duffydack: I decided to get a desktop this time round, i7-860, 8GB RAM 512MB 435000:26
penguin42duffydack: Oh and a 1TB 7200 RPM drive00:26
WeatherGodand when are you going to need 8GB of RAM?00:27
penguin42WeatherGod: make -j is very pretty :-)00:27
penguin42parallel compilation00:27
duffydackpenguin42, I`m just used to laptops... my last one was inspiron 9100, 9800 radeon..7 yrs ago :)00:28
duffydackSo, yes, it will last me a decade :)00:28
WeatherGodwell, I got 1GB of RAM and I have to share that with my video...00:28
WeatherGodand that's the way I likes it, dag-nab-it!00:29
penguin42WeatherGod: I bought it and then a friend pointed out how RAM had been so much cheaper a few months back :-(00:29
Sjorsthis has been noticed, right? :)00:40
Sjorsbuild failed almost everywhere00:40
Sjorsbut in 22 hours, no -0ubuntu3 has popped up00:40
WeatherGodwell, now it has been noticed...00:41
JontheEchidnadue to mesa failure00:42
* penguin42 finds it funny it manages to build for ARM00:43
JontheEchidnacuz arm has outdated mesa :P00:43
WeatherGodisn't mesa and all them getting updated right now?00:43
JontheEchidnabuild failed: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/7.7-0ubuntu2/00:43
Sjorseven on armel :P00:45
JontheEchidnayeah, anything that links against libGL will be busted until mesa is fixed00:45
skydromenouveau is failing on .32 kernel ubuntu 9.10 - http://i50.tinypic.com/28le5h0.png01:20
skydromeif there anything i should be looking at to find out more info?01:20
WeatherGodso, you are using .32 kernel on Karmic?01:21
skydromeit also doesnt build on the .31-1801:22
WeatherGodI am not certain that this is the correct channel for this bug01:23
WeatherGodas this is more for Lucid work01:23
WeatherGodalthough .32 is the lucid kernel01:23
skydrome#nouveau told me they couldnt support ubuntu packages01:24
skydromeshould i try #ubuntu?01:24
Sjorsyes you should01:24
Sjors#ubuntu is karmic, #ubuntu+1 is lucid01:24
skydrometimes are moving fast01:24
skydromehard to keep up01:25
BookmanI just updated and now my laptop will not boot at all.  Just a black screen.  Any fixes?01:30
DanaGGot a backtrace in Xorg.01:30
BookmanOr am I back to my XP rescue discs01:30
WeatherGodbookman, there is a problem with the X packages right now for Lucid01:31
WeatherGodit likely uninstalled them by accident01:31
BookmanSo back to XP?01:31
WeatherGodno, just need to use Text mode to install them back01:32
BookmanNo command line either01:32
BookmanJust black screen01:32
WeatherGodaren't you using Lucid to help test01:32
WeatherGodtry Ctrl-Alt-F101:32
WeatherGodor F201:32
BookmanNope, no good01:32
WeatherGodthat is Ctrl-Alt-F201:32
BookmanNum Lock works01:32
WeatherGodhave you tried ssh-ing into the machine?01:33
WeatherGodif you know or can figure out your ip number, you can at least ping it01:34
WeatherGodif you have another computer on the local network01:34
BookmanI am trying now.  I have to find its IP01:34
WeatherGodif it pings back, then it is still working01:34
DanaGThe problem cannot be reported:01:35
DanaGThe program crashed on an assertion failure, but the message could not be retrieved. Apport does not support reporting these crashes.01:35
BookmanOk, I'm in01:35
WeatherGodDanaG, you might have to file the bug through launchpad and upload the backtrace01:36
WeatherGodBookman, good, that is a good sign01:36
BookmanWeatherGod, yes, not a total disaster01:37
WeatherGodso, now you need to find your apt logs and see what got uninstalled01:37
DanaGHmm, though, since I'm not using the lucid X server, it might be a waste of their time -- Karmic X server on Lucid everything-else should well be unsupported.01:37
BookmanWeatherGod, how do I find that?01:37
WeatherGodDanaG, that is true, there might be some odd interactions happening01:37
DanaGthat's a different issue... PulseAudio crash.01:38
WeatherGodBookman, should be in /var/log01:38
BookmanWeatherGod, yeah, I'm there01:38
WeatherGodDanaG, which versions of PulseAudio and alsa are you using01:38
WeatherGodBookman, let me pull up mine to compare...01:39
WeatherGodyou want dpkg.log01:39
DanaGalsa-base o01:39
WeatherGodor maybe apt...01:39
DanaGlibasound2-plugins                                             Version: 1.0.22-0ubuntu301:40
WeatherGodDanaG, do cat /proc/asound/version01:40
DanaGpulseaudio Version: 1:0.9.21-0ubuntu601:40
BookmanWeatherGod, ok, I have history.log opened01:40
DanaGasound is
DanaGhmm, now kde says my battery is "not present".01:41
DanaGProbably due to hal stoppage.01:41
BookmanWeatherGod, here is the last change:  http://pastebin.ca/174485201:41
WeatherGodyeah, you probably have some weird interactions01:41
DanaGAnyway, the ALSA thing has nothing to do with the Xorg thing... the pulseaudio assertion failure happened even on just Karmic.01:42
WeatherGodBookman, what does /var/log/apt/term.log say?01:42
WeatherGodDanaG, meh probably true... I really am just a novice at this stuff01:43
DanaGIf only the open-source drivers didn't double my whole-system power consumption... I could use them.01:43
BookmanWeatherGod, from today:  http://pastebin.ca/174485401:44
ilumii added some scripts to rc.d, and im getting a inittab file not found error, how can i fix this?01:44
WeatherGodhow did you add them to rc.d?01:45
WeatherGodthere are proper ways to do that, and easy ways to do it wrong01:45
ilumiwell, i did have an error01:45
WeatherGodBookman, that is odd, I don't think you had the error that others had today01:46
WeatherGodtry doing an update now01:46
WeatherGodilumi, what sort of error?01:46
ilumii did update-rc.d stop-bootlogd start 99 2 , and i think it was compaining about 9901:46
DanaGheh, random thing about ATI: they're not the only ones with window-resize lag.01:46
BookmanWeatherGod, working.....01:47
DanaGIt happens on nvidia binaries with a GF6200 IGP system I've tried it on, too.01:47
WeatherGodBookman, do keep an eye to make sure that it doesn't try to uninstall a bunch of stuff01:47
BookmanWeatherGod, sudo apt-get update, correct?01:47
WeatherGoddo apt-get safe-update or something like that for right now01:47
Bookmanupdate installs nothing01:48
Bookmanah, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade installs a ton01:49
BookmanMe thinks that last update did not complete01:50
BookmanOk, I'm going to try a reboot now.01:53
ilumii get a inittab file not found on boot, how can i fix this01:55
Sjorsbuilt and accepted01:55
WeatherGodoh, right01:55
WeatherGodSjors, yay!01:55
WeatherGodilumi, could you try installing the file again01:56
Sjorsbuild starts on amd64 in 2 hours01:56
ilumiWeatherGod: but that file wasnt anywhere in the system to start with01:56
WeatherGodbut, how did you install your file?01:57
ilumiWeatherGod: i didnt , i just told rc to run bootlog script01:57
WeatherGodok, I think you might need to reinstall that, then01:58
ilumirc.d or init.d whatever the proper name is01:58
WeatherGodpackage-wise, that it01:59
WeatherGodit is likely that the config settings got messed up and it was moved to someplace else and can't find it01:59
Bookman_WeatherGod, perfect.  Now it reboots.01:59
WeatherGodBookman, how did you get to Lucid in the first place?02:00
Bookman_Excellent advice.  Re install from remote via ssh.  I will remember02:00
WeatherGodseems like you came from Karmic or something?02:00
Bookman_WeatherGod, Not re install.  re-update02:00
Bookman_weather yes, from 9.1002:01
WeatherGoddid you simply change your distro name in your sources file?02:01
greenlynxhey.  was here earlier, someone mentioned a fglrx fix .. ?02:01
Bookman_WeatherGod, are you talking to me?  No, I upgraded and it was working fine until an hour ago.02:02
WeatherGodBookman, yes, I am just wondering how you upgraded02:02
greenlynxi was working fine until yesterday update02:02
WeatherGodgreenlynx, I know some people were talking about stuff like that earlier, but I don't know the details about it02:03
greenlynxdidn't think it applied to my scene, but now maybe a help02:04
Bookman_WeatherGod, update-manager -d if I remember correctly02:04
WeatherGodah, ok... that is the correct way to do it, i think02:04
WeatherGodI have been using ISO builds and running off of USB keys02:05
Bookman_WeatherGod, I'm on a wireless connection and updating is a 50-50 prospect at best.02:05
WeatherGodthat way, I have my original system if something goes wrong02:05
WeatherGodgreenlynx, I am sure you can find the logs for today if you want to read through them02:06
Bookman_I'm on a spare laptop and it really doesn't matter if it works or not.  Just trying things out and reporting back.02:06
WeatherGodso, what's with the "Back to XP" comments02:06
greenlynxi am likely closer in the forums at this point.  thx02:06
WeatherGodthey just make me sad02:06
Bookman_WeatherGod, that is my fallback02:07
WeatherGodheh, my fall back would be Karmic02:07
Bookman_WeatherGod, if all else fails, I drop back to factory and proceed from there02:07
greenlynxmy fall back is hardy02:07
Bookman_Once 10.04 is out that will be my fall back.02:08
greenlynxmy 10.04 crashed yesterday ;-|02:08
Bookman_I don't have a LTS to fall back on02:08
greenlynxlooking forward to is being solid02:08
Bookman_greenlynx, all my machines are waiting!02:09
WeatherGodthat's what we are here for, right?  :)02:09
greenlynxBookman, ditto02:09
Bookman_WeatherGod, yup, and thanks.  Appreciate the help!02:09
greenlynxi'll likely just hold everyhting there - not sure this old hardware will take much more ..02:10
Bookman_I'm up and running again just fine.02:10
WeatherGodgood to hear02:10
WeatherGodgreenlynx, how old?02:10
WeatherGodI got an 8 year old machine that can02:10
Bookman_I started Ubuntu in between LTS versions.  I want to get all my machines, with exception of this test laptop, to 10.04 and then only update upon a new LTS version.02:11
greenlynxi have karmic on an '02 dell, and "had" the alpha on this '06 HP, currently in my hardy partition02:11
greenlynxi really like hardy, very solid, evrything always works .. makes me happy02:12
greenlynxafter my update yesterday my machine would not shut down, monitor would not go off, hard power off, today could only boot to low graphics - not sure where the trouble is ..02:14
WeatherGodhmmm, does it go to the gdm login screen?02:15
Bookman_hmmmmmm, now no sound.02:15
WeatherGodI mean, normal gdm screen02:16
WeatherGodBookman, at least you have a working system...02:20
WeatherGodwhat do you get for "cat /proc/asound/version"02:21
Bookman_WeatherGod, yup, I'm happy.  Now just troubleshooting remaining issues.  Sound worked fine on last reboot today.  Now no. Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version
WeatherGodok, well at some point the alsa will get updated02:27
Bookman_I can wait.  Minor annoyance.02:28
WeatherGodI think 1.0.22 is targeted for Lucid02:28
WeatherGodI know Daniel Chen is working on it right now02:28
WeatherGodwell, you can always grab the source and build it yourself and report any issues to him02:28
WeatherGodalso, they are working on getting a PPA up and running again with more frequent updates02:29
greenlynxno.  no login screen.  seems it cannot detect my monitor02:29
WeatherGodgreenlynx, that is odd... do you happen to have another monitor available?02:29
greenlynxno, just running basic laptop02:30
WeatherGodalso, have you tried doing Ctrl-Alt-F1?02:30
greenlynxseems in forums some conflict between fglrx and radeon drivers02:30
WeatherGodwell, yeah, they are working on updates for that right now02:31
greenlynxbut i dont know anything about that.  this is my first time testing, so all these fixes are a bit new to me02:31
WeatherGodsame here02:31
WeatherGodbut I am on an intel graphics card, so it is pretty stable02:31
greenlynxwell, and ubuntu seems way ahead of other sistros.  i've never had video issues before - last week i tried SUSE just to see, couldn't even get it insstalled, left me with a black screen twice from scratch.02:32
WeatherGoddid you try getting to a terminal?02:34
WeatherGodthe system should fail back to tty102:34
greenlynxi got some notes here, think i go try to really break things ..02:36
WeatherGodthat's always fun02:37
Bookman_hmm, audio works upon boot.  No problem.  I try a youtube video and nothing.02:45
BluesKajBookman_, install kubuntu-restricted-extras and flashplugin-nonfree02:46
Bookman_But it worked earlier today02:47
Bookman_flash is installed02:47
WeatherGodwait, sound worked earlier02:48
Bookman_WeatherGod, yes02:48
WeatherGodand you haven't updated since?02:48
Bookman_WeatherGod, works on boot up02:48
WeatherGodit sounds similar to an issue where users in Karmic had a modem service locking up PA02:49
WeatherGodbut I thought it was fixed by now02:49
Bookman_This all worked earlier today and yesterday02:50
WeatherGodtoo bad I am on Lucid right now... I have notes about how to diagnose this for Karmic elsewhere02:51
Bookman_But I'm on Lucid02:53
WeatherGodyou could probably go over to Sound Preferences, and see what applications are doing sound02:53
Bookman_Maybe I misunderstood02:53
WeatherGodright, but I don't remember commands very well, and there is a few wiki pages that had some nice instructions for what to do to help bug triagers02:53
Bookman_Yeah, I'm googling now but coming up empty02:54
WeatherGodlet me look for a second...02:55
yofelBookman_: there is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems if it helps02:55
WeatherGodlook for "Another Process Locking Sound Card"02:56
Bookman_WeatherGod, tried all that, no luck03:06
WeatherGodwell, they weren't fixes, they were diagnostics03:10
WeatherGodso, what do you mean by "no luck"03:10
Bookman_WeatherGod, no luck=no sound03:15
WeatherGodok, but what was the output of the sudo fuser command?03:15
WeatherGodit isn't likely to be the modem daemon to be causing the problem because that has been fixed03:15
WeatherGodso, it might be something else03:16
Bookman_Maybe I missed something03:16
WeatherGodsomething that hasn't been encountered before03:16
Bookman_I see03:16
Bookman_keithclark@compaqr4000:~$ sudo fuser -v /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/* /dev/seq*03:16
Bookman_[sudo] password for keithclark:03:16
Bookman_                     USER        PID ACCESS COMMAND03:16
Bookman_/dev/snd/pcmC0D0p:   timidity   1520 F...m timidity03:16
Bookman_/dev/snd/seq:        timidity   1520 F.... timidity03:16
Bookman_/dev/snd/timer:      timidity   1520 f.... timidity03:16
WeatherGodhmmm, timidity has been a known issue03:18
WeatherGodit may be locking things up03:18
Bookman_Yes, but until today?  I tried the fix on the wiki.  No go03:18
WeatherGodwhat you should do is reboot, and try sound again and this command again03:18
WeatherGodthe fix on the wiki isn't applicable03:18
Bookman_I have tried rebooting03:18
WeatherGodand do you get any sound?03:19
Bookman_There is no need for multiple testers out there.  This laptop will find all issues.  Period.03:20
WeatherGodheh, at the rate you are going, yeah03:20
Bookman_Always has been.03:20
Bookman_I should be hired to test03:21
WeatherGodI would come back tomorrow and look for crimsun (or dtchen) and talk to him03:21
WeatherGodhe has been a sound developer for something like 10 years or something ridiculous like that03:21
Bookman_WeatherGod, I will try.  Thanks for your help today though!  You got me up and running.03:21
WeatherGodI do what I can03:21
Bookman_All I need is a hint sometimes03:22
WeatherGodthat's what we are here for03:22
Bookman_I'm actually going to try KDE to see what happens.03:22
BluesKajBookman, i'm unning kde 4.4 RC and it's working fine03:24
BluesKajer running03:25
DanaGugh, same crash in same place on button press.03:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277917 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "Buttonpress on XBox 360 Controller as evdev input causes Xorg to crash." [High,Invalid]03:57
greenlynxwell.  i got my low-graphics-mode problem sorted.  but still wont shut down properly.  i guess half fix is better than none04:08
greenlynxany suggestions about what do do about monito not sutting off during shutdown ..?04:08
=== MTeck-ricer is now known as MTecknology
DanaGugh... whatever they did to Nautilus... I don't like it.04:23
DanaGThe status bar doesn't go all the way across the window, for one.04:23
DanaGThat violates all sorts of UI guidelines.04:23
legodudehow do I disable copy on select for text?04:30
DanaGIn KDE?04:30
DanaGThat's the only place I've seen that happen.04:30
legodudeit didn't used to exist04:31
legodudebut somewhere in lucid things went south and this evil has come04:32
legodudeah found it04:34
DanaGrandom question: how the heck do you switch tabs in gedit, with keyboard?04:40
DanaGctrl-tab just flips around between toolbar buttons.04:40
virtualdDanaG: alt-1..904:42
DanaGah, thanks.04:42
DanaG(II) Interlink Bluetooth Calculator Keypad: Configuring as mouse05:27
DanaG(II) Interlink Bluetooth Calculator Keypad: Configuring as keyboard05:27
=== mendred_ is now known as mendred
Salmonwhere would be the best place to make suggestions?07:10
XiXaQhas there been any changes to the indicator-applet in lucid yet? I think that's something that has to be addressed. It was a good idea, but it just doesn't work in practice.07:13
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tgpraveen1!info tracker09:18
ubottutracker (source: tracker): metadata database, indexer and search tool. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.95-1ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 466 kB, installed size 2972 kB09:18
xchat-p3t3rgood morning from italy09:52
ubottuyes, I'm alive.11:07
Ian_Cornegood to know!11:08
Sjorsbuilding kdebase-workspace 4:4.3.90-0ubuntu3~daz1 myself now11:45
Sjors-0ubuntu2 build failed, because of mesa, and wasn't restarted yet11:45
XiXaQwhat's the point of using IM if you don't notice the IMs until hours later? I hope they fix the IM indications for lucid.11:48
SjorsXiXaQ: I guess then you get IRC :D12:13
Sjors"if you don't notice the IMs until hours later"12:14
XiXaQbut I don't keep a thousand windows open just in case any of my contacts should happen to send me an im now. In that case, the IM window would be marked as urgeant and I'd get notified by metacity. But that doesn't happen. The IMs are hidden from the user. It's annoying.12:19
Sjorsprobably an ubuntu+1 bug, those will be fixed sometime12:20
XiXaQthis is in karmic. I'm hoping it'll be fixed in +1.12:20
Sjorsoh :/12:21
Sjorswell it's definitely a bug *in karmic*12:21
Sjorsso you should report it so it's fixed in karmic itself12:21
XiXaQit was designed that way.12:22
Sjorso.o what?12:22
XiXaQyes, it's very annoying. But I know they're working on stuff like that for lucid, so I hope it'll be more visible then,.12:22
Sjorsyep, and please do bugreport if it turns out otherwise, of course you should receive notifications for IM's :/12:23
XiXaQyou do, but the notifications are hidden :)12:24
XiXaQhehe, yes that sounds strange, doesn't it? When you get an email or an IM, or something else of that kind, then there is an envelope that changes color to a more dark tone. So you do get notified. However, I get mails every five minutes and IMs much less frequently. I don't read my mail every five minutes.12:25
Sjorsis it normal that all my KDE panels and background and such things are hidden/gone/missing in Lucid atm? known problem? :)12:26
SjorsXiXaQ: right, but gnome has libnotify, right?12:26
Sjorswhich, like Growl on mac, pops up small transparent popups in the right upper corner of the screen12:26
XiXaQyes, but then you have to watch the screen at the moment when you get the im, or have audio enabled.12:27
XiXaQwhen the envelope is dark, I always assume it's just an email to some list or other. I really can't click it every five minutes, it'd drive me insane.12:27
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seren__at lucid is there going to be a tool to upgrade gub-legacy to grub2 easily ?12:43
seren__lucid's release *12:43
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BluesKajhowdy , I'm getting an Xserver segmentation fault after updating last night , i got the same prob on this laptop,but after upgrading the prob went away , not so with my desktop amd 64 bit version...any ideas?15:07
BluesKajthe TTY is available on the amd 64 , just no kdm15:09
penguin42any backtrace in /var/log/X0rg.0.log ?15:09
vishBluesKaj: ATI?15:11
BluesKajvish, nvidia 7600gt15:19
vishBluesKaj: hmm , ATI was broken yesterday... Sarvatt might know more15:20
BluesKajI'm using the seven machines 190 pau driver..15:22
bjsniderBluesKaj, why aren't you using the new nvidia driver in the repos?15:52
Ian_Cornei'm on lucid now15:54
Ian_Cornewhen i click the show desktop button15:54
Ian_Corneit says: not running a windows manager..15:54
BluesKajbjsnider, which one is that ?15:55
Ian_Cornethat's.. weird15:55
bjsniderBluesKaj, nvidia-current15:55
BluesKaji just removed the 190 pau and reinstalled the 18515:55
BluesKajbjsnider, I'm at a tty on my nvidia-pc ..is there repos I can add to install it15:57
bjsniderit's in the main repo15:57
BluesKajok , i'll remove the 185 and try nvidia-current15:58
bjsniderdo that thing15:59
BluesKajnope, no package match16:01
BluesKajbjsnider, any idea which deb / repos url source16:02
bjsniderwhich ones do you have enabled?16:03
BluesKajall of them16:04
bjsniderhasn't been approved yet i guess16:08
knittlhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/190.53-0ubuntu1/+build/1437088 still in queue16:09
BluesKajare you using it , bjsnider?16:09
BluesKajknittl, 64 bit here16:11
knittlBluesKaj: oh, ok16:12
=== albert231 is now known as albert23
BluesKajreinstalling the 190.42 from seven machines repos16:14
BluesKajweird , startx says /usr/bin/X not found ...wth?16:16
penguin42that's apparently from xserver-xorg16:19
BluesKajno kidding16:19
penguin42have you still got xserver-xorg?16:20
BluesKajsorry penguin42, a bit frustrated here, yes i still have xorg16:20
bjsniderit might have been pulled out if he tried to install the 185 driver16:20
bjsniderreinstall ubuntu-desktop16:20
BluesKajstill have it16:21
penguin42reinstall xserver-xorg?16:22
bjsniderif youguys can provide him with the links he could wget the nvidia-current driver packages16:25
BluesKajstartx after doing nvidia-xconfig gives "segmentation fault"16:25
BluesKajthe current driver is the 190 from the linkabove16:26
BluesKajbut mine is 190.42 not the 190.5316:28
bjsniderBluesKaj, try removing ubuntu-desktop and then install it again. it might pull in what you'r emissing16:29
=== \vish is now known as vish
BluesKajbjsnider, i'm trying the 195 driver , if it doesn't work I'll try the kubuntu-desktop removal16:45
BluesKajbjsnider, it wasn't installed and it won't install kubuntu-desktop16:49
=== alkisg1 is now known as alkisg
bjsniderBluesKaj, why not?16:52
BluesKaj need some files , so i'll install gnome for now , til I can get this kde prob straightened out16:52
BluesKajdunno whynot , if i did i'd figure a way to get it fixed16:53
bjsniderit should tell you why it cannot install that package16:54
BluesKajdependencies on plasma-widgets apps16:55
BluesKajwell, something's bound to happen with alphas16:56
pasjrwell I am pleased to see graphics are back17:20
bjsnidercan somebody on lucid please runs the following command and tell me the result?17:29
bjsnideruname -a | awk -F " " '{print $12}'17:29
charlie-tcaon my 386 is is i68617:32
bjsniderthanks you17:34
* penguin42 wonders why uname -p doesn't do something useful like that17:34
BluesKajtry lsb_release -a17:36
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
BluesKajheh, got lucid running kde apps with gdm :)18:07
BluesKajswitching to pc...bbiab18:15
hanshenriki got a problem with my wlan card;i have Realtek RTL8187SE;can see networks, but i cannot connect to any of em, on an unencrypted network: DHCP (witch on the same computer, same hardware, works perfectly in Win7) goes in an unlimited loop trying to obtain a IP, and with a manually set up IP/Gateway/DNS, it goes as far as beleiving its connected, but i cant connect anywhere; with an encrypted...18:48
hanshenrik...network, it spins for a while, then says its wrong password (witch is it not), i got the same problem on Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04, and debian;ideas?18:48
Sjorsprobably, you'll get best help on that in #debian or #ubuntu18:51
Sjorsnot this channel18:51
Sjorsthis channel is specifically about lucid discussion18:51
hanshenrikSjors: same problem occuring on 10.04 :p18:57
yofelhanshenrik: tried to run 'sudo dhclient' on a terminal?18:58
Sjorshanshenrik: still, not specifically lucid related19:02
DanaGhmm, anything special in dmesg?19:02
yofelSjors: as long as it's broken in lucid too, there's no reason not to discuss it here19:03
Sjorsyofel: apart from the fact that this channel is usually silent anyway19:03
Sjorsthere's reason: the topic19:03
hanshenrikyofel: well tried the command, and didnt get any better.  and btw im running 10.04 atm19:04
Sjorswhich is specifically lucid, not general support19:04
hanshenrikho about "im running lucid and my wlan hardware dont work"? :p19:05
yofelSjors: as long as he's running lucid, I don't see how that is an issue19:05
SjorsI'm fine with offtopic discussions, it's not my channel19:06
Sjorsbut it's still an offtopic discussion19:06
hanshenrikbtw i guess its un-related but i couldn't run koala because it went an unlimited loop complaining about CPU #5 (and tried #ubuntu for days, no help) but lucid worked perfectly there19:08
hanshenrik(and i cant turn off hyperthreading in bios)19:09
yofelhanshenrik: well anyway, checked dmesg like DanaG said?19:09
yofeland /var/log/messages /var/log/syslog19:09
hanshenrikyofel: no, what is dmesg?   and i can check those logs but i wouldn't know what to look for19:10
yofelhanshenrik: open a terminal and run 'dmesg' it will output your general system log19:10
yofelhanshenrik: if you're unfamiliar with it you can pastebin the output for us19:11
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic19:11
yofel!pastebinit is quite useful19:11
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit19:11
yofelhanshenrik: and what does it say when you try to connect to the AP?19:14
hanshenrikdepends if its encrypted or not, if its full manual IP/dns/gateway setup or not19:15
hanshenrikencrypted: wrong pass. full manual ip/dns/gateway: says normal like its connected, but its not.. cant go anywhere. not encrypted: think it just spins forever trying to obtain an ip19:15
hanshenrikbut i cannot re-test un-encrypted connection before tomorrow19:16
yofelhanshenrik: when you do please check the output in the logs that we mentioned, can very well be a driver problem19:16
yofelespecially with a line like "[    6.147989] r8180: WW:**PLEASE** REPORT SUCCESSFUL/UNSUCCESSFUL TO Realtek!" in your dmesg...19:17
hanshenrikoh.. so i should try to contact realtek with my problem?19:18
yofelhanshenrik: no idea, I'm no expert on wireless drivers, but I have my doubts about drivers that tell you something like that. Well, first check in the logs if you can identify the issue you're having and file a bug on launchpad first19:20
yofelhanshenrik: if you need help on filing a bug on launchpad ask in #ubuntu-bugs19:20
hanshenrikshould i report it as bug for 9.10 or 10.04? (problem is in both, but i run 10.04 now)19:20
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots19:21
yofelhanshenrik: file it while using 10.0419:21
yofelhanshenrik: and if you think its a driver bug then use 'linux' as the package name19:22
hanshenrikwell i g2g now, thanks for all the help (and ill try to post a bug report tomorrow)19:22
DanaGhmm, weird... rtl8180...19:23
DanaGtry unloading that module, and loading rtl8187se?19:23
hanshenrikwell if you dont mind, could you make a mail on how to/what you mean,  and send to divinity76@gmail.com ?19:24
DanaGsudo modprobe -r rtl818019:25
DanaGsudo modprobe rtl8187se19:25
guntbertDanaG: he is gone :)19:26
yofelhm, he's gone, but weired that the wrong driver was loaded19:26
BluesKajwell, got things work in gnome without any data loss , not that it mattered, have stuff backed up on laptop19:26
DanaGdo modinfo on those two... looks like they're two different drivers for the same hardware.19:26
DanaGThe latter is in staging.19:27
yofelah, so the stable driver was preferre19:27
BluesKajkde went kaput on my desktop this morning19:27
DanaGwait... looks like 8187 is loading, too!19:28
yofeltrue, but after that only 8180 continues19:34
yofelBluesKaj: really? kde still works fine on my eeePC (i386), and the amd64 packages aren't even installable since most are held back19:35
BluesKajyeah, my 32bit laptop is fine , has lucid with kde 4.4 RC19:38
BluesKajyofel, well something kde broke X and kdm this morning on my amd64 dektop19:40
yofelheh, kdm is broken anyway right now it seems, need to login into a tty to start it, won't launch by itself19:42
Sjorsthat, and KDE panels don't open19:42
Sjorsor am I the only one having that bug?19:42
yofelthe kdm initscript has a 'stared hal' in the start on expression, but there is no hal system service19:47
yofel*started hal19:48
yofelargh, apt-get source is still broken...19:49
yofelthis is odd19:52
yofeldpkg says /etc/init/hal.conf is supposed to belong to the 'hal' package19:52
yofelbut I don't have a /etc/init/hal.conf here19:53
yofelreinstalling hal doesn't do anything19:54
yofelhm, seems like it was converted to d-bus activation...20:00
charlie-tcaI believe hal is deprecated in lucid20:02
yofelfor ubuntu yes, but there are applications that still depend on it20:03
yofelthey don't belong to the default ubuntu system though20:03
charlie-tcaI know. Quite a bit in Xubuntu needs it, but it still is not started anymore20:04
yofelyep, but since the kdm.conf still expects it kdm isn't started on boot20:05
yofelmight be fixed already, but the kde rc1 package is still FTBS20:05
charlie-tcaWell, it broke quite a bit for me20:07
yofelheh, not surprising20:07
yofelbtw... does anyone want to try to confirm bug 502641? Annoying...20:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 502641 in apt "[Lucid] apt-get source always selects highest available version instead of the specified one" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50264120:11
Barridushow do you manage services? i suspect print spooling is not running20:16
yofelBarridus: for upstart use 'sudo start|stop|restart <service>'20:18
Barridusyofel, i seem to recall messing with them in a gui once, any idea how i might have done that?20:19
yofelBarridus: I don't know if gnome has one again, and kde doesn't have one right now, anyone?20:20
yofelyep, removing the 'started hal' statement from the start on expression in /etc/init/kdm.conf fixes kdm not starting on boot :)20:25
Barridushmm, i think i got the printer partially set up, but i probably need to enter a username/password, how do i do that in the gnome printer setup20:25
crimsunyofel: heh, /etc/init/gdm.conf doesn't even mention hal20:26
yofelcrimsun: well, kde seems to need it for some reason20:27
yofelI'll ask in #kubuntu-devel later20:27
yofelfirst file a bug20:27
crimsunyofel: hmm, in lucid? that would be a bug; hal's gone as an event in lucid20:27
yofelor else I'll forget about it20:27
yofelcrimsun: exactly20:27
crimsunyofel: is this bug against lucid's kdm?20:28
crimsunok, I'll fix it now, then.20:28
yofelthe 4.3.90 package has the hal statement too (kdebase-workspace)20:29
yofelcrimsun: you want to fix kdm now?20:29
crimsunyofel: that's what I'm retrieving now, yes20:30
crimsun70.1 MB is slowly creaking over the tubes20:30
yofelcrimsun: should I still file a bug then?20:30
crimsunyofel: yes please, and tell me the bug #20:30
yofelcrimsun: bug 50562720:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 505627 in kdebase-workspace "[Lucid] kdm init script depends on hal being a system service" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50562720:36
crimsunyofel: thanks.20:36
albert23crimsun: please note kdebase-workspace does not build at the moment (mesa problem)20:43
crimsunalbert23: yes, I'm aware20:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 469508 in notify-osd "notify-osd becomes tiny on non-integer font sizes (dup-of: 396736)" [Medium,Triaged]21:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 396736 in notify-osd "notify-osd seems to be unable to use some of the fonts" [Medium,In progress]21:53
* DanaG wonders what would happen if you made a loop of dupe-reported bugs.21:53
DanaGA is dupe-of B, B is dupe-of C, C is dupe-of A.21:54
yofelafaik not possible, launchpad would error that B has dupes and won't mark it a dupe of C21:56
DanaGWell, I guess that's a good thing.  Somebody already thought of that obscure test case. =þ21:59
yofelnice... running 'kdesudo dolphin' results in an empty window and 'The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly'22:08
bjsnidersomebody else was complaining about kdesu not working22:16
alex_mayorgadid the notifications got kill recently?22:19
bjsnideralex_mayorga, i sent in a new version of the flashplugin installer that works if you want to try it22:20
alex_mayorgabjsnider: seems I just got it with the updates today22:21
alex_mayorgaworks just fine it seems, it pulled the 64 bit plugin from macromedia22:21
alex_mayorgabjsnider: thanks!22:21
bjsnideri was able to rewrite it to use only one package and replace the current one22:21
alex_mayorgaexactly what I saw, kudos to you :)22:22
alex_mayorgahow do I get back the indicator applet22:22
bjsnideri think the code is totally bulletproof this time22:22
crimsunbjsnider: did you contact Macromedia about it?22:23
crimsunseriously, you'll want to err on the side of caution with it.22:23
alex_mayorgaOK, seems like the indicator applet and the indicator applet session went nuts22:24
alex_mayorgaI've re-added them, but can't seem to be able to move them all the way to the right, how do I do that?22:24
crimsunsilly funball buyouts22:25
alex_mayorgahow do I put applets on the notification area?22:25
bjsniderthe package does almost exactly what the current one does. it downloads the plugin from adobe's website. it does not pre-package the driver. so it's basically just a script that automates the mundanities of installing it system-wide22:29
alex_mayorgaI kind of agree that you should drop them a mail letting them know their server would be hammered by a script and such22:29
crimsunbjsnider: except that the current one was approved by Canonical and Adobe22:30
crimsunbjsnider: yours doesn't fall under an umbrella/grandfather clause, because it doesn't actually reside in an official Ubuntu repository22:30
alex_mayorgaspecially if the package is going to be in main22:30
crimsunbjsnider: I'm not trying to be an arse (I dealt with Macromedia back in the day about this issue); just be aware that there is protocol.22:31
bjsnideri don't know who i would contact about it, and i don't know what assurance i could get that it's ok that they could not go back on the next day if they wanted to22:32
crimsunAdobe provides a contact link for the Flash 10 alpha22:33
crimsunand, I can't speak for whether they would give you assurance as an individual22:33
bjsnideradobe provides no installer or installation instructions, so it's just incomprehensible for them to provide a download link and then not allow someone like me to come along and make it easier on people22:35
crimsunthat is no safeguard against any action22:36
alex_mayorgaanyone using gnome-do?22:36
crimsunin the end you'll obviously do what you want, but be aware of the precedent22:36
alex_mayorgacrimsun, bjsnider, why not first confirm that his package is viable within ubuntu?22:37
crimsunalex_mayorga: I don't follow22:37
alex_mayorgafor now the package is just an experiment on his ppa, and probably just me and him/her have used it22:37
alex_mayorgaso why let adobe know anything right now22:38
crimsunalex_mayorga: no one is forcing bjsnider to do that.22:38
alex_mayorgaI do see value on running native 64 bit flash but I don't know who ultimate makes the decision of integrating it22:38
crimsunAdobe and Canonical do22:39
alex_mayorgaI believe the first conversation should be within ubuntu22:39
crimsunAdobe does not permit Canonical to redistribute from Canonical servers any non-final, unsupported Adobe Flash plugin.22:39
alex_mayorgajudging by the number of nsplugin bugs I think what he did is a good thing22:40
crimsunpretty trivially this rules out redistributing the 64-bit Flash from partner until it goes gold22:40
alex_mayorgaand the script is not exactly redistributing IMHO22:40
crimsunalex_mayorga: you're completely missing my point22:40
RAOFalex_mayorga: Yes, I use GNOME Do.22:40
alex_mayorgaRAOF, can you still launch things?22:41
RAOFalex_mayorga: Yes?22:41
crimsunI'm *not* arguing that downloading the 64-bit alpha is bad, is illegal, etc.22:41
alex_mayorgaRAOF, mine is treating everything as "raw text mode"22:41
alex_mayorgacrimsun: maybe the conversation should happen when it's gold then22:42
RAOFalex_mayorga: Urgh.  What's happened is that something has wedged while loading the Universe, so Do has no items loaded.  Quit & restart Do, and it should work.22:43
RAOFalex_mayorga: This should be ameliorated by 0.8.3, which I'm about to add to the rfs queue for Sid, so should amble into Lucid in the near future.22:43
alex_mayorgaRAOF, let me try that22:44
crimsunalex_mayorga: certainly, it will be revisited when it goes gold22:44
alex_mayorgaRAOF, thanks, that did the trick22:47
alex_mayorgacrimsun, is there a flash non free blueprint? maybe this talk should go in there22:48
crimsunalex_mayorga: don't know offhand.22:48
alex_mayorgawhen I boot I see mountall: couldn't contact Plymouth is that a bug?22:51
knittlalex_mayorga: if you find a fix, let me know22:54
crimsunif you're truly worried about the message, install the package22:54
alex_mayorgacrimsun: might explaining us what is it all about?22:55
alex_mayorgaerr... mind22:55
crimsunalex_mayorga: explain what, the message?22:56
crimsunplymouth is not seeded by default, and it isn't a dependency, so you don't have it by default, so you receive that message22:57
knittlcrimsun: i installed plymouth and still got that message22:59
crimsunknittl: that doesn't mean much; you need more info22:59
knittllike what?23:00
knittlbut anyways, i'm going to bed now. good night :)23:00
crimsunstrace at least23:01
vhaarrHey, so what's up with the nvidia drivers and so forth at the moment?23:05
vhaarrI'm just getting errors from glxinfo along the lines of "Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig", tried a ton of different nvidia drivers and mesa versions, and I've run out of ideas23:06
crimsunthe newest stable are in binary NEW23:06
crimsunthey're awaiting archive admin accept, then publish run23:07
crimsunso, you'll probably see them sometime this week.23:07
vhaarrso those packages will fix it?23:07
crimsun(or you could download them from launchpadlibrarian if you're frothing at the mouth for them)23:07
vhaarrproblem is after I updated mesa and some other stuff now GL doesn't work any more23:07
crimsunto which versions of libgl1-mesa-dri and libgl1-mesa-glx ?23:09
vhaarrwell that's the problem, the transition from 7.6.x-rc3 to 7.7 was so fast I'm not sure which one actually broke it23:10
vhaarrin any case I've tried reinstalling the 7.6.x and the earlier -ubuntu1 and -ubuntu2 versions of 7.7, and I can't seem to get it working23:10
vhaarr7.7 is currently at -ubuntu323:10
crimsunok, basic troubleshooting: what does glxinfo give you?23:11
crimsun(pastebinned, please)23:11
crimsunvhaarr: and your /var/log/Xorg.0.log?23:12
crimsunvhaarr: use which and ldd on glxinfo, then.23:18
alex_mayorgacrimsun: maybe I'm seeing Bug #50558423:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 505584 in ubuntu "'mountall cannot connect to plymouth', followed by 'run-parts: /etc/update-motd.d/91-release-upgrade exited with return 1'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50558423:18
vhaarrcrimsun: http://pastebin.com/m76b7871b23:18
alex_mayorgaI'm not sure on the second line, it flashes by really fast23:18
crimsunvhaarr: libGL.so.1 => /usr/lib/mesa/libGL.so.1 (0x00007f7335ff7000)23:21
vhaarrcrimsun: http://pastebin.com/m77597f9723:22
crimsunvhaarr: locate doesn't tell me anything.23:22
crimsunvhaarr: look at dpkg-divert --list, and look at ls -l /usr/lib/mesa/libGL.so.123:23
vhaarrcrimsun: 'file /usr/lib/libGL.so' tells me "libGL.so: symbolic link to `/usr/lib/libGL.so.190.53'"23:23
vhaarrcrimsun: http://pastebin.com/m93a073923:24
alex_mayorga"I have noticed with the new package updates is that libgl1-mesa-dev is installing a broken link '/usr/lib/libGL.so'" bug 49416623:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 494166 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "[lucid] nvidia-glx can't work with new xorg 7.5" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49416623:25
alex_mayorgadoes that help?23:25
vhaarrI sort of deduced from crimsuns questions that I am using the "wrong" libGL already, but I have no idea how to make it use the right one, or even which one would be the right one23:28
vhaarror even what the word "using" means in the sentence I just wrote23:29
crimsunit looks like mesa isn't properly installing the symlink23:30
vhaarrso I can just update to the latest mesa 7.7-0ubuntu3 and then create the symlink manually?23:35
crimsunand, further down the rabbit hole, we see: xserver-xorg-core.postinst:640:23:35
crimsun--install /etc/ld.so.conf.d/GL.conf gl_conf /usr/lib/standard-x11/ld.so.conf 500 \23:36
vhaarrcrimsun: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nvidia-drivers-ubuntu/+bug/494166/comments/47 - he suggests downgrading xserver-common and xserver-xorg-core, and I did so which gave the following apt output23:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 494166 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "[lucid] nvidia-glx can't work with new xorg 7.5" [Medium,In progress]23:58
vhaarrupdate-alternatives: advarsel: forcing reinstallation of alternative /usr/lib/standard-x11/ld.so.conf because link group gl_conf is broken.23:58
vhaarr"advarsel" means "warning" in norwegian23:58
vhaarrI will restart X and test this downgrade23:59

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