JesseWWhere can I find the sources for the default wallpapers in the ubuntu-wallpapers package?01:56
JesseWWell, I found the launchpad entry, and from there the bzr repo, and from there the AUTHOR's file: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-art-pkg/ubuntu-wallpapers/ubuntu/annotate/head%3A/AUTHORS02:00
JesseWOh, and the IRC logs seem to be gone, or at least the link on the wiki page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork ) is broken.02:05
JesseWAh, and I found it, in the flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/photos/digital_junkie/3703411842/02:07
JesseWand it's under CC/By/2.0 -- shouldn't that be mentioned somewhere more easily available?02:07
JesseWas it is, I can't seem to find *anywhere* that is mentioned, which is a technical violation of the license... (eep!)02:10
JesseWand worse, the author's name is mis-spelled in the AUTHORs file... sigh, I guess I should probably file a bug... grumble, grumble... ;-)02:12
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JesseWso, where should I go to file a bug report about the mispelling in the AUTHORS file?08:13
vishJesseW: in the package concerned08:17
vishJesseW: also talk to kwwii08:17
JesseWvish: OK.  It's the ubuntu-wallpapers package, I'll check in launchpad.08:17
JesseWkwwii: I noticed that the author of the Climbing.jpg background has his name misspelled in the AUTHORS file, and furthermore that the license Climbing.jpg is under (CC-BY-2.0) isn't mentioned anywhere, including in the copyright file.08:20
JesseWvish: how's that? ;-)08:20
troy_sJesseW: Do you know how to provide a patch?08:25
troy_sJesseW: It makes it helluva lot easier on whoever fixes it.08:25
JesseWtroy_s: I think so, although this is just a one line change to the AUTHORS file -- but I can provide a patch.08:26
troy_sJesseW: bzr branch the package in question, fix the file, then bzr push it back to lp:~your-id/+junk/same-package-name08:26
troy_sJesseW: Makes it deadly simple for someone to merge.08:26
JesseWtroy_s: nice.  I need to pratice my bzr wrangling skills.08:27
JesseWso, I'm looking at https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-wallpapers trying to figure out what url to put in the "bzr branch" command...  suggestions?08:43
vishJesseW: $bzr branch lp:ubuntu/karmic/ubuntu-wallpapers09:02
vishJesseW: follow this >  https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/karmic/ubuntu-wallpapers/karmic09:03
vishsince the wallpapers were only in Karmic and the other version *might* have other wallpapers09:03
vishother newer* versions09:03
JesseWvish: not ubuntu/ubuntu-wallpapers?09:03
JesseWok, I'll branch from that one instead.09:04
vishJesseW: wallpapers for every release will vary09:04
JesseWso, if I've already done bzr branch lp:ubuntu/ubuntu-wallpapers, what command should I do to change over to the other one?09:04
JesseWi.e. can I reuse whatever is the same between them?09:05
JesseWor should I just delete it and redownload the other one?09:05
vishJesseW: re-downloading is simpler ;)09:07
JesseWok. ;-)  /me loves my fast university net connection...09:07
JesseWI'm not exactly sure how to format the copyright info in the copyright file... It seems wrong, as it's missing some of the authors listed in the AUTHORS file, and claims that the only copyright is held by Canonical, rather than stating that the individual files are owned by the photographers, but I'm uncertain about the proper formatting...09:17
JesseWper https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic#Copyright it looks like all of them should be listed, along with the licenses.  Now off to check if CC-BY-2.0 is in common-licenses...09:19
JesseWnope, no CC licenses are, so it has to be included in full.  grumble...09:20
vishJesseW: the copyright issues you need to consult kwwii  , if he isnt around you can try mailing him at the first @ubuntu.com email id listed here > https://launchpad.net/~kwwii09:31
JesseWvish: well, he's in the channel, but I don't know if that means he's actually here...09:33
vishJesseW: he is always logged in... so are most of the other users in the list.. doesnt mean they are around09:34
* JesseW nods09:34
JesseWok, I sent him an email.09:41
JesseWok, I've now pushed the patch to https://code.launchpad.net/~jesse-wefu/+junk/ubuntu-wallpapers per troy's suggestion09:57
JesseWthanks all, and g'night!10:16
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kwwiivish: thanks for pointing JesseW int he right direction13:45
kwwiiwe'll get that sorted asap13:46
kwwiiand with that, /me heads to airport to fly to london13:46
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mrmcq2ukwwii - have you testes the new murrine engine with the new rgba/client side windows stuff?17:30
* vish cant stop laughing!17:32
vishmrmcq2u: one wrong letter and the whole meaning changes ;p17:32
vishmeaning of the word17:33
mrmcq2uwhat word17:33
vish"testes" ;)17:33
mrmcq2u*tested lol17:33
vishmrmcq2u: BTW  , kwwii is probably on a plane now17:35
vish[19:16] <kwwii> and with that, /me heads to airport to fly to london17:35
mrmcq2uoh well17:35
mrmcq2ubetter go make dinner for my dad so17:36
mrmcq2uthanks for the heads up vish17:36
zniavredoes nautilus supports rgba now?17:39
vishzniavre: several apps are using rbga , but all i did was turn the rbga on in murrine... so i havent actually figured out how rbga works .. if nautilus is using it also i might not know ;)17:41
zniavrei saw some "rgba stuff" added in nautilus17:42
zniavreim so sad i can't try lucid (vbox or real) anymore17:43
vishzniavre: yeah , i think it has been added > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/49152117:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 491521 in gtk+2.0 "Decorations and RGBA" [High,In progress]17:43
zniavrei saw that too17:43
vishthe nautilus is marked as fix released17:43
vishzniavre: how to use/enable the rgba?17:43
zniavrein gtkrc ?17:44
zniavreRGBA = TRUE17:44
vishzniavre: i didnt set that...17:44
vishanything else that needs to be done?17:44
vish <zniavre> im so sad i can't try lucid (vbox or real) anymore... why ?17:44
vishs/didnt/ DID17:45
zniavremy computer is  wasted17:45
mrmcq2uzniavre - rgba/client side windows patch works again with nautilus17:45
mrmcq2uit does not crash anymore17:46
mrmcq2ugstreamer apps seem to crash though17:46
mrmcq2uanything with embedded gstreamer windows like totem or rhythmbox etc17:46
mrmcq2uI wanted to test rgba in murrine but support has only just been pushed up to git, because its slightly different than the rgba hack murrine used before17:47
mrmcq2uthe problem is that murrine from git depends on a later version of gtk than the one included in the rgba csw ppa17:49
zniavrewait and see17:49
vishhmm , the notebook gets rgba17:49
mrmcq2ubut according to cimi when you enable rgba in the theme options all apps support transparency and not just ones which are patched17:49
vishmrmcq2u: can we control the level of transparency?17:50
mrmcq2uyou can control it on a theme level with murrine17:50
vishi meant what is the variable/option that sets the level of transparency?17:51
mrmcq2uand the plan is to enable app developers to control it themselves regardless of theme options17:51
zniavrevia src ?17:51
vishoooooh, controlled in the apps themselves17:51
mrmcq2uvish - I am not sure, I am not a theme designer but I know from cimi's first hacks that its possible to control that17:51
mrmcq2uyeah so you can set transparency only on one widget in an app or on several or different levels or no transparency at all.17:52
zniavrei did not know you can set the translucidy level via gtkrc17:59
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Equiet_Are artwork requests already approved?20:54
thorwilEquiet_: it's still being discussed, i'd say20:55
Equiet_thorwil: Kenneth is the one who makes decisions?20:58
thorwilEquiet_: he's the only one at Canonical that keeps talking with us. well, mat_t sometimes, too21:00
thorwilEquiet_: so he's the main contact person and naturally has more authority than any community member. but he's not the leader of the design team21:01
Equiet_And who is the leader?21:05
thorwilEquiet_: Ivanka Majik. last decisions still from Mark Shuttleworth himself, afaik21:13
thorwilgood night!21:14

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