limcoreguys set that to wishlist: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/50530100:12
ubot4Launchpad bug 505301 in openssh "openssh server should warn that .ssh/authorized_keys is not accessible (causing ssh pubkey authentication to fail silently)" [Undecided,New]00:12
micahglimcore: please don't confirm your own bugs00:18
hggdhjust added comment about it00:20
hggdh(and reset to NEW)00:20
micahglimcore: that bug should stay private BTW00:24
hggdhIIRC, it is only the public key that is being shown00:24
micahgwhich machine are the keys from?00:25
* micahg gets jumpy when he sees keys00:26
micahghggdh: you're right...00:27
micahgsetting back to public00:27
micahglimcore: disregard00:27
hggdhthis is an old, known (and, as life will have it, continuously forgotten) issue00:28
limcoreI show only my public keys, duuh00:28
limcoreobviously Im not retarded to show my priv keys00:28
hggdhadd to it the absolutely insane SSH (and SSL/TLS) error messages...00:28
micahglimcore: sorry, I panicked when I saw a key00:28
micahgwe have a lot of users who aren't as careful as you are00:29
limcorehggdh: what do you mean? insane error messages?00:29
hggdhthe error messages are excessively technical, and usually only make sense if you are deep in programming with their API00:30
limcorewell, this is kind the point00:30
hggdhI know00:30
hggdhbeen there before00:30
limcoreeven at MAXIMUM level of messages, there was no info that openssh failed to read the file00:30
limcoreso I will patch openssh ass \o in this respect00:30
limcoreas this is really retarded to not show information for such common mistake00:31
WeatherGodbut, then again, I get people who are completely confused by the *EVIL HACKERS* messages if a ssh key changes00:31
limcorethis message will be only helpfull, and visible for admins00:31
limcorein a bit related news!00:31
micahglimcore: was there a warning in /var/log/auth.log?00:32
limcoremicahg: no, I pasted this in bug report at DEBUG300:32
limcoreI figure out what we can do improve overall debugging/bugfixing efficency!!!! (for example by like 3% or 5%)  how awesome is that00:32
limcoreProvide more information about steps, places in code, config options and details00:33
WeatherGodyeah, let me know when the updates for package "users" comes00:33
limcoreWeatherGod: right now!00:34
limcorewith the improved information users can look into details themselves00:34
limcorekmail bug(?): "Can not sign message".00:34
limcorekmail bug(?): "gnupg could not sign message because the passphrase given for key 0xABCD1234 was invalid (cached 15 min ago). Do: seahorse --clear to try again. Do searhorse -l to debug. Read more: [OpenPGP wiki] [pinentry wiki]"00:35
WeatherGodisn't that our job to do?00:36
limcorenow with the second one, I can get around to debug it so much more00:36
limcoredeveloper can just add few printfs() or couts or whatevers and give that to us00:37
limcoreand to ALL USERS that then are motivated to look into the bug!00:37
limcorelike today I got "Oh I tried to sign email but kmail said wrong password. After reboot the same. And now it works" do you think I have any clue wtf happen and where to start looking for that bug? no00:38
WeatherGodbut, that's our job as triagers is to get those bug reports upgraded to expert level00:38
WeatherGodit is through our interactions with the users that makes Ubuntu unique00:39
limcoreWith cheat-sheet of commands to manually do what program was trying to do, and to UNDERSTAND what is going on, casual users are far more likelly to try to debug the problems, and often even fix them themselves. Both for bugs, and for user-fault problems.00:39
limcoredo not threat users as morons that would hide scared if program would be a bit more infomative what gone wrong00:39
WeatherGodI do agree with you there00:40
limcoreeven Windows was like "Program died"  but [read more - advanced]00:40
limcoreand what we get recently in many programs "Operation failed."00:40
WeatherGodoften exceptions are thrown and they bubble up to the error messages00:40
WeatherGodthat really isn't ideal00:40
WeatherGodproper error handling would also improve software quality00:41
limcorewell I will start with that openssh stuff about permissions.00:41
limcorealso we can be more informative about things that went right!00:42
limcoreEnter passphrase for SSH key foobar [  ]  OK DENY00:42
limcorenice. but....   is this cached? how long? who caches it? how to configure it? how secure is it?00:43
limcorewe could add there info like..  ssh-add -l to see cached keys  ssh-add -D to delete  read man ssh-add to configure00:43
limcoreor just give the command names,  to not worry about translation of this info message00:44
WeatherGodso, what is your audience here?00:44
limcoreusers that see tool and would like to learn more00:44
WeatherGodseems to be the somewhat technical users since they are using the terminal00:44
limcorecurrenty this window pops up when I use  ssh   and I have no idea what is this, a part of ssh? a part of some pinentry? how to learn more quickly00:45
limcorethis could be for any program00:45
limcoreDialog box for CD-ROM00:45
WeatherGodtrue... there needs to be a balance between sufficient and overload of info00:46
limcore"CD-ROM was mounted"  More info and related commands: [man mount] [mount] [eject]00:46
limcoreI would imagin this as a footer to dialog boxes, with short text and list of commands00:46
WeatherGodwhat about a Help button?00:46
limcoreI dont know about others, but I do not like Help buttons00:47
limcoreI just think "oh there will be some long boring text"00:47
WeatherGodhmm, true00:47
limcoreif we just show 3-4 command names, it would be better for me, because then I know right away what more I can learn00:47
limcoreand user can get interested00:47
WeatherGodtrue, but what about the user who "Just wants it to work"?00:48
limcoreeven if not interested, he can later recall, oh yes, 'mount' I seen that somewhere, perhaps we should try using that00:48
WeatherGodalso, you are conflating the GUI with the terminal00:48
limcorehe just ignores the small text in footer00:48
limcoreall above I ment mostly for GUI00:48
WeatherGodbut, you are suggesting terminal commands00:48
limcoreor perhaps also 1-liner version for text00:48
limcorewell overall programs00:48
limcore"Empty CD was inserted"00:49
WeatherGodbecause  you need to watch out for modularity... what if the command for "mount" ever changes?00:49
limcorelearn more: [eject] [mount] [k3b] ["Linux cdrom support"]00:49
limcoreWeatherGod: same problem we have in man pages for SEE ALSO and it seems to not be a big issue00:50
hggdhwell, this is actually something to propose in a mailing list, not on this channel00:50
WeatherGodlimcore, but, one has to go to a man page to get the "See Also" for other man pages00:50
WeatherGodbut I do see what you mean00:51
limcoreright.. so we bring this info, in a short and not obstructive manner, to show users that learning more is not scarry00:51
WeatherGodhggdh is right, this isn't quite the right place for this discussion, though00:51
limcoreok; Back to that 505301, set it to wish?00:52
limcoreand anyone ELSE then can confirm? :>00:52
micahglimcore: marked as wishlist00:53
micahgI found an upstream bug but I don't think it's right since you're asking for server auth logging00:53
limcorewhat to do to be able to also mark bug severity?00:53
micahglimcore: only bug-control can mark importance00:53
limcoreI could totally do that00:53
limcorefor wish and low for example to start with00:54
limcoreit's not like I will set all my bugs to critical ;)00:55
limcoremicahg: about that upstream thing about reporting back to client. I was also thionking about, that would be nice to do. It's not at all possible with SSH protocol? That server denies opening the connection, but sends back a text? Or perhasp a hack that user is allowed but is logged in to mini-shell which only purpose is to report details of problem and quit?01:07
micahglimcore: you don't want to report to the client anything that could give away security information01:07
limcoreok. How about we change the client side message to always say "On the SERVER, look into usually /var/log/auth or security or read sshd manual"? I know its obvious, but, for home users that want just to ssh to own bux, so they are the "admins" this can be usefull01:09
limcoresuch hint would save me like half hour first time I was playing with own ssh01:10
hggdhlimcore: if the error is server-side, server people will have to step in01:11
hggdhso this is not a message to be displayed on the client side01:11
limcoreas I said above01:12
limcorehome user, own laptop+pc01:12
limcorehe is the "admin" even if he doesnt really realize that ;) he needs a hint01:12
* hggdh stops browsing yad vashem, and goes to watch the Cowboys game01:12
WeatherGodwait, eagles game is tonight!?01:14
* WeatherGod switches channel01:15
hggdhwho cares about eagles? ;-)01:18
WeatherGodI wonder if there is an Eagles IRC channel?01:19
WeatherGodI doubt there is much interest among tech people for things like football01:20
hggdhwell, I do not really follow it, except for the cowboys games01:20
WeatherGodI am more a college football guy, but that is over now, so I can focus on pro football01:22
limcoremmmm eagles01:30
* limcore fires up a roost01:30
* WeatherGod opens a firehose01:30
fujimitsufootball is alright.. at least there is tactical deployment of solutions involved..01:42
hggdhyes, but *very* slow. Rugby is more fun (or soccer)01:43
hggdh5 seconds of play, 90 seconds of preparation01:43
fujimitsugood things take time01:43
hggdh:-) yes indeed01:44
cyan-spamanyone wanna look at Bug #313830? i have no idea about this stuff.02:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 313830 in ubuntu "Existing LVM2 volume groups corrupted by intrepid/8.10 server installation AND then fails to boot: GRUB Error 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31383002:08
WeatherGodcyan-spam, I am no expert, but it sounds like he trashed his disks02:12
cyan-spamright, but what caused it02:12
cyan-spamas in, i have no idea what package to assign it to02:12
WeatherGodyou will have to ask him02:12
WeatherGodactually, looking again02:13
WeatherGodit appears to be the Ubuntu installer02:13
cyan-spamyes, i could assign it to d-i but i'm sure it's some other program that d-i calls02:13
WeatherGodI would file it against ubiquity02:13
cyan-spamdebian-installer, since it's a server instal02:14
WeatherGodoh, true... dunno then02:14
hggdhI had a similar problem when installing from alternate to Karmic02:16
hggdh3 of my filesystems (all are under LVM) got reinitialised *even* after I marked them to be kept02:17
cyan-spambummer :-S02:18
hggdhtell me... took me 3 weeks to recover all from backups02:18
hggdhcherry-picking from 250G of daily backups02:18
WeatherGodI had something like that happen on my RedHat server02:19
WeatherGodmarked a RAID as do not touch, and install onto another drive02:19
WeatherGodand it went ahead and wrote the boot info onto the first drive of the raid02:19
WeatherGodluckily, it was software raid, and it raid rebuild itself... but it took me a whole day to figure that one out02:20
* WeatherGod turns off the firehose03:29
* WeatherGod lights barbaque pit03:30
WeatherGodtime for some bird roasting, right?03:30
micahghggdh: what to do with a core attached to bug?03:33
* micahg can't seem to retrace03:34
hggdhmicahg: it is very probable you will not be able to retrace03:39
hggdhyou would have to have the exact same binaries03:39
micahgso, better to close and ask for apport crash?03:39
hggdher, symbols03:39
micahghggdh: any way to make the retracer look at it?03:39
hggdhusually, yes. There is nothing we can do with a core03:39
hggdhI do not think so03:40
hggdhis it just a core, or the .crash?03:40
micahgk, so I'll remove it and then make publiuc again03:40
micahgjust the core03:40
hggdhnothing can be done03:40
hggdhwe are starting to see users refusing to use apport (or ubuntu-bug) because it collects data. Ah well. Their bugs will keep on being closed, I guess03:41
micahghggdh: well if they say that, I ask them to make the backtrace for me03:41
hggdhso do I, but then you spend a lot of time hunting for the data apport would have collected03:42
micahgbug 107103 might help03:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 107103 in apport "Allow user to suppress individual fields when sending a report" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10710303:43
* micahg won't submit apport reports for certain things either :)03:43
WeatherGodmaybe micahg shouldn't be on those certain websites when crashes occur03:44
micahgWeatherGod: I'm referring to Network manager :P03:44
WeatherGodwell, ok, true03:44
WeatherGodthat is a pretty good idea, actually03:45
hggdhmicahg: yes, it might help. But most users will still allow for the core to be sent. And -- you one knows what to do, all is there03:45
hggdhso this is privacy theatre03:45
micahghggdh: we should probably have a warning not to make public if a core is attached03:45
micahgor maybe even remove the option to make public03:45
WeatherGodisn't that done automatically for all apports with cores?03:46
* micahg thinks he should file a bug in malone03:46
hggdhwhat we need is privacy on attachments03:46
hggdhand the bug is there, old, old03:46
micahgWeatherGod: users make them public though03:46
WeatherGodhmmm,, that is an idea03:46
hggdh(don't remember right now, but I should be subscribed)03:46
micahgbug 3967403:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 39674 in malone "Attachments of private bugreports are public" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3967403:46
WeatherGodoh, yeah, that would be a problem03:47
hggdhand bug 15165803:49
ubot4Launchpad bug 151658 in malone "Private comments for public bugs" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15165803:49
micahghggdh: I just filed bug 50537003:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 505370 in malone "disable ability to make public if attachments should be private" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50537003:50
hggdhalready subscribed ;-)03:51
hggdhbut I am not sure this is a good option03:51
micahghggdh: not good, but I think necessary to protect the public03:52
micahghggdh: updated description to only say core dump03:53
hggdhmicahg: well, it is better than nothing, I agree03:57
micahgunfortunately, it wouldn't have caught the bug I just had03:58
* limcore cooks up a patch04:06
limcoreok so I changed sources from apt-get source foo, now how to make .deb and test it out?04:07
* limcore http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/rebuilding-ubuntu-debian-linux-binary-package/04:11
micahglimcore: pbuilder?04:14
micahglimcore: upload to PPA?04:14
limcorewhat is the difference between openssh-server_5.1p1-6ubuntu3_amd64.deb        openssh-server-udeb_5.1p1-6ubuntu3_amd64.udeb ? the ideb is what?04:15
jmarsdenlimcore: And longer term, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete04:15
* micahg doesn't know what a ueb is04:16
jmarsdenudebs are modules for debian-installer, only04:17
hggdhforget udeb, limcore04:17
* jmarsden is trying to find where that is defined now... but you don't want to mess with udebs :)04:18
jmarsdenlimcore: If you care, there is a one paragraph description of udebs at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deb_%28file_format%2904:19
* micahg loves learning new things :)04:21
limcoreok then04:31
limcorehggdh: micahg - ok I fixed the bug I reported \o/04:32
limcorehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/505301 contains attached patch04:32
ubot4Launchpad bug 505301 in openssh "openssh server should warn that .ssh/authorized_keys is not accessible (causing ssh pubkey authentication to fail silently)" [Wishlist,New]04:32
limcoreit's tested and all (but of course extra review is needed, as this is sshd)04:32
micahglimcore: the problem is that the file isn't required04:33
micahgso won't that flood the log file with passwd logins?04:33
limcoremicahg: your question is already responded to in the last part of my comment there04:34
limcoreAnd with option (/etc/ssh/sshd_config)  LogLevel INFO only the error conditions thes ones with ERROR are loged, since they are undexpted.04:34
micahglimcore: can you check to see if it applies on the version in Lucid?04:35
limcoredo I need to install Lucid to do that04:35
micahglimcore: new patches go to devel version first04:35
micahglimcore: no, just apply the patch to the source from lucid04:36
micahgjpds: you think the upstream bug is appropriate?04:37
hggdhwell, looking upstream is always good, since this reduces our delta04:37
limcoreI think upstread could use that04:38
* limcore typos04:38
micahgyes, but the bug I originally selected for upstream was for client side feedback04:38
limcoreyes, this is other thing04:39
hggdhand we seem to merge it from Debian04:41
micahgbut debian doesn't seem to have a bug for it04:41
hggdhso there are two options: open a bug on debian; open a bug upstream (openbsd)04:42
hggdhupstream would be nice04:42
limcorebtw diff somehow missed my changelog update; cretid RafaƂ Maj <rafal.maj.it@gmail.com>04:42
micahghggdh: https://bugzilla.mindrot.org isn't the upstream?04:42
micahglimcore: you want a debdiff if you're doing that04:43
hggdhyes, this is the BTS for it04:43
limcorewe do not have to wait for upstream to accept this patch to put it into Lucid right?04:44
hggdh(to my knowledge). But ./debian/watch goes to openbsd to get it04:44
micahglimcore: correct04:44
hggdhno, we do not04:44
hggdhbut there is a much higher chance of patch acceptance if upstream also considers it good04:44
hggdhah, and we can find https://bugzilla.mindrot.org/show_bug.cgi?id=155404:45
ubot4bugzilla.mindrot.org bug 1554 in ssh "No feedback when configuration file permissions are set incorrectly." [Minor,Reopened]04:46
micahghggdh: that was my question for jpds04:46
micahgthat bug is for client feedback04:46
* micahg needs to read the whole thing before attaching04:46
limcoreshould I create upstream bug?04:47
hggdhyes, the server should have logged the error04:47
hggdhlimcore: no, your issue seems to be the bug I linked here04:47
hggdhyes, this is a server error (sorry micahg)04:49
* micahg is wondering if he is on the ignore list :)04:49
* hggdh spent the whole day confused on that. Sigh. perhaps sleeping could actually help04:50
limcorebut Damien Miller says this problem already was being recorded by ssh? as "Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for file04:50
hggdhit is, at the server04:50
hggdhbut the client will *not* be notified -- security viaolation at the server, *before* the client authenticates04:51
hggdhso the server cannot leak this04:51
hggdhyes, I know, may sound weird. But this might allow for phishing04:52
limcoremy patch makes the server log more in detail. It would seem I was not getting the "bad ownership or modes" error logged, probably this catches ONLY the case when authorized_keys have TOO WIDE permisions, as oppose to cases where .ssh has 000 or authorized_keys exists but can not be read for some other strange reasons04:52
limcoreso this logs other type of problem, and on server. So its another bug04:53
hggdhas long as the message is logged to the server, this is good04:53
limcoreok I will create another bug. It is similar, but something else04:54
hggdhI give up for the day. I really have to sleep. At least a bit.04:54
limcorebye hggdh04:54
hggdhg'night all y'all04:54
limcore5 minutes of coding, 15 of testing, 1 hour of berucracy.. like UN :)04:55
ubot4bugzilla.mindrot.org bug 1694 in ssh "If authorized_keys exists but can not be opened, this should be logged on server" [Minor,New]05:07
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=== asac__ is now known as asac
om26erplz mark this triaged https://bugs.launchpad.net/empathy/+bug/49952906:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 499529 in empathy "[wishlist] Order contacts by account in Empathy" [Undecided,New]06:27
=== nigelbabu_ is now known as nigel_nb
om26erif a bug exists in empathy 2.28.1 and fixed in 2.29.4 plus its current statuse is new what status should i give it?07:11
micahgom26er: is there an upstream bug that confirms it's fixed in that version?07:13
om26er__micahg, not htere is no upstream but i tried it in fedora and ubuntu both using empathy 2.28.1 and it exists but not in 2.29.407:17
om26er__sorry i got disconnected07:17
micahgom26er: we have that version in Lucid, you can set to incomplete and ask the user to test in Lucid07:17
om26er__ok thanx07:18
micahgom26er: maybe check the changelogs between the 2 versions to see if there is a mention of this bug07:18
micahgif so, then we can mark fix released07:18
om26er__ok i will do that07:18
micahgom26er__: with the appropriate note from the responses page about nominating for release07:19
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=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
om26erplz mark https://bugs.launchpad.net/window-picker-applet/+bug/496032 wishlist10:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 496032 in window-picker-applet "Prompt to force the closing of unresponsive windows" [Undecided,New]10:26
LimCoremy patch to sshd that closes bug 505301 was accepted by upstream as https://bugzilla.mindrot.org/attachment.cgi?id=1772 into 5.4 release of sshd. How to get this small patch applied as well to sshd that will be in Lucid?11:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 505301 in openssh "openssh server should warn that .ssh/authorized_keys is not accessible (causing ssh pubkey authentication to fail silently)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50530111:00
om26erplz make this https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-applet/+bug/488839/ triaged?11:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 488839 in indicator-applet "Lock Screen disappeared. Also, I cannot change my status: Available , away, busy, etc (All dimmed)" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:08
* LimCore takes not, killing session - not the best idea12:06
om26erplz some one look into this and make the appropriate status for this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/50419312:13
ubot4Launchpad bug 504193 in empathy "a bit difficult to recognize the status of contacts" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:13
om26ertriaged would be correct status12:20
MrKanisterom26er: Thanks, done!12:30
AnAntHello, karmic freezes when compiz is enabled with a certain model of Intel graphics cards, should I report a bug against compiz or X or kernel or12:31
AnAntwhat ?12:31
persiaAnAnt.  What precisely freezes?  The kernel?  X?  Compiz?  The UI?  The app?12:32
om26erMrKanister, and this if you have time plz  https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-applet/+bug/488839/12:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 488839 in indicator-applet "Lock Screen disappeared. Also, I cannot change my status: Available , away, busy, etc (All dimmed)" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:33
MrKanisterom26er: There are two packages affected, one "confirmed" and one "new", so let's wait for some more information on the bug. Thanks for helping , though.12:37
AnAnt_sorry, I got disconnected12:37
AnAnt_I was asking about karmic freezing with compizz12:38
persiaAnAnt.  What precisely freezes?  The kernel?  X?  Compiz?  The UI?  The app?12:38
AnAnt_X freezes12:38
AnAnt_I can't even go to console (using Ctrl+Alt+F1) , so that made me suspect the kernel12:38
AnAnt_but I think I once managed to ssh to the machine12:38
AnAnt_so probably the kernel doesnt freeze12:39
persiaI think you need a bit more investigation before you can file the bug12:39
AnAnt_persia: what else would I investigate ?12:40
persiaWithout the investigation, I'd start filing against X, but you might want to open an ssh session to the box before starting compiz, and see if you can determine how much hung.12:40
persiaFor instance, from the ssh session, you might be able to see if the OS is running.12:40
AnAnt_what does "how much hung" mean ?12:41
persiaWhere in the stack the hang is occuring.12:41
AnAnt_how can I find that out  ?12:41
persiaI don't have a procedure, and I'm not knowledgeable enough to draft one.12:41
AnAnt_if I can SSH to the machine after the freeze happened, then surely the kernel didn't freeze, right ?12:41
persiaCould I cause that crash, I'd probably start looking at ps, and see what I could do from an ssh session.12:42
persiaAnd you could check X by making some X calls12:42
AnAnt_X calls ?12:42
persiaI'm not sure precisely how compiz and X interact, but you might be able to force-kill compiz, and see if X still works for new clients (by setting DISPLAY manually)12:43
AnAnt_ah, ok12:43
persiaYeah.  Depending on your knowledge, anything from trying to start a new xterm to running some cool test program that exercises the server.12:43
persiaIf it's not the kernel, and it's not X, it's probably compiz :)12:44
persiaGood luck.12:44
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LimCoressh-add / ssh agent vulnerability, affecting 9.10 and 10.04, upstream (SSH) also says its security vulnerability, please mark as medium -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/50527813:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 505278 in openssh "ssh-add -D deleting all identities does not work. Also, why are all identities auto-added?" [Low,Confirmed]13:45
ericrosthey all, the latest firefox upgrade broke hulu on 64 bit ubuntu14:13
ericrostseeing if I can reproduce again, have reinstalled flash player, all other flash sites work as expected. I'm in the US and its acting as though I'm behind a proxy14:14
ericrostalso, I have another PC in the house (also ubuntu but not up to date) that can access just fine14:14
ericrostI reproduced with guest account (to make sure its not cookies or local settings)14:14
ericrostsynaptic won't let me pin the version of firefox to the previous version and reinstall (it breaks)14:15
ericrostcan't get flash working on a local install in home directory, will try installing to /usr/local14:15
ericrostcurrently upgrading other pc to see if problem reoccurs14:16
ericrostunable to reproduce on a 32 bit system14:23
ericrostflash version is, everything checks out ok14:27
ericrosthmm... hard to reproduce independently since I can't find a 64 bit build of firefox for linux publically available14:43
ericrostthe version off of mozilla.com is 32 bit14:43
ericrostthus 64 bit flash not working with it14:44
ericrostLoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library /usr/local/bin/firefox/plugins/libflashplayer.so [/usr/local/bin/firefox/plugins/libflashplayer.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64]14:44
opengeek_somebody know how data i have to collect to put a bug as confirmed in launchpad14:45
nigelbabuopengeek_, what is the bug about?14:46
opengeek_nigelbabu, is about kpackagekit and proxy settins14:46
nigelbabugenerally you have to give ubuntu-bug <package-name> if there is an appot hook14:47
opengeek_nigelbabu, is this bug 49835614:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 498356 in kpackagekit "KPackageKit fail to update or download packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49835614:47
ericrostwindows firefox loads hulu just fine on same box14:47
nigelbabuopengeek_, you have to tell me if thats what you were about to log a bug about14:48
opengeek_opengeek, no just i'm asking what I have to do to put tis bug as confirmed14:49
opengeek_nigelbabu, no just i'm asking what I have to do to put this bug as confirmed14:50
nigelbabuopengeek_, is it a bug you're facing or are you part of bug squad?14:51
opengeek_nigelbabo, is a bug that I'm facing14:51
opengeek_nigelbabu, is a bug that I'm facing14:53
opengeek_nigelbabu, sorry for the multiple messages i'm not used to talk in IRCs14:53
nigelbabuopengeek_, its ok, gimme a minute, readin up the bug14:53
nigelbabuopengeek_, confirmed14:58
opengeek_nigelbabu, thanks14:59
nigelbabuericrost, can you describe your problem better please?15:00
ericrostnigelbabu: I recently installed the latest updates from the repos15:00
ericrostthis system is probably a month old on 9.1015:01
ericrosthulu and flash were working just fine, have flash installed locally from adobes 64 bit prerelease plugin15:01
opengeek_nigelbabu, I have some experience programing in C++ maybe I'll try to solve it in February if none has soved it yet now I have exams15:01
ericrostas soon as I updated to the latest firefox hulu stopped working and gives an error as through I'm using a proxy15:01
ericrostthis is the only config in which this error occurs, I have a 32 bit 9.10 box that works just fine all up to date15:02
nigelbabuopengeek_, great :)15:02
ericrostand firefox under wine with the latest win32 flash works on this machine so its not network related15:02
nigelbabuericrost, is the linux firefox working okay?15:02
ericrostI am going to the repo version of flash at the moment to test15:02
ericrostfirefox is just fine15:02
ericrostthis is only hulu.com15:02
opengeek_nigelbabu, but it will be my first bug that i'll try to solve maby i'll need some guidance15:03
nigelbabuits about flash?15:03
ericrostexcept flash hasn't changed15:03
ericrostand I've reinstalled so its a compatibility issue with the latest firefox15:03
nigelbabuopengeek_, if you are trying to fix a bug, the motu team is what you want.  Ask in #ubuntu-motu15:03
opengeek_nigelbabu, ok thanks15:03
ericrostonly thing that changed was the version of firefox15:03
nigelbabuericrost, what plugins/addons do you have installed?15:03
ericrostreproducable in guest session15:04
ericrostalso blew away my ~/.mozilla directory15:04
ericrostonly plugin I'm using is libflashplayer.so15:04
nigelbabuno add-ons?15:04
ericrostwhich is
ericrostnope, uninstalled them all15:04
ericrostonly shows the ubuntu firefox modifications15:05
ericrostand the stock ubuntu plugins15:05
nigelbabuericrost, ok, hold on.  Lemme ask the mozilla guys if its a known issue15:05
nigelbabuthis is only when using flash under wine?15:05
ericrostno, flash under wine was a test15:06
ericrostand it worked, this is only 64 bit firefox, 64 bit flash, under ubuntu15:06
nigelbabuwhat do you see the the flash is supposed to work?15:07
nigelbabudo u see a grey box?15:07
ericrostI see flash15:08
ericrostand it gives me a message from hulu15:08
ericrostflash works everywhere else15:08
nigelbabuso, what is the issue?15:08
ericrosthulu works in other configurations on the same box15:08
nigelbabuericrost, ok, I'm lost, so what is the issue that you're facing15:09
ericrosteh, the nspluginwrapper version from the repos works, guess you guys really can't be expected to support a prerelease from adobe, just very odd breakage15:09
nigelbabucan you describe it more clearly15:09
ericrostsure: when firefox updated15:09
nigelbabuericrost, it is a pre-release from adobe?15:10
ericrosthulu.com stopped streaming video to my machine with no other changes15:10
ericrostI had the 64 bit prerelease flash plugin installed and working before the update to firefox15:10
ericrostafter firefox updated, hulu stopped working while all other flash sites were working just fine15:11
ericrostinstead of a video, I get "We're sorry, we cannot stream this video, please check your internet connection and try again"15:11
nigelbabuericrost, sorry, only software part of the ubuntu packages come under the purview of ubuntu bug squad15:11
ericrostok, fullscreen flash is not working with the ubuntu package15:12
ericrostand everything was working with the adobe prerelease15:12
nigelbabuericrost, you can log a bug for the fullscreen flash not working with the ubuntu package15:12
ericrostthis sucks. I had my setup working properly and an update broke it. The packages are screwed enough with dependencies that I can't drop back a version15:13
ericrostand now I'm stuck with less functionality15:14
ericrostmight just need to reinstall fedora15:14
nigelbabuericrost, do u have an intel display driver?15:16
ericrostnope nvidia15:16
ericrostyep, I can go back and forth to the flash version that was previously working15:17
ericrostand I can't reproduce with a non ubuntu firefox since 64 bit isn't publically available15:17
nigelbabuericrost, hm.15:20
nigelbabuericrost, compiz enabled?15:20
nigelbabuor installed?15:20
ericrostshould be enabled and installed by default15:20
ericrostI'll check15:20
ericrostvisual effects are normal, so enabled and installed15:20
nigelbabuericrost, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6814420&postcount=315:20
ericrostworks just fine with compiz and 64 bit flash for anything but hulu15:21
ericrostgoing back to repo version to check15:22
ericrostthat works fullscreen. This is a pretty major breakage that a lot of people are gonna complain about. The nspluginwrapper flash has long had problems with locking up (which was why I had 64 bit flash installed in the first place)15:24
nigelbabufixed now?15:25
ericrostish, now compiz is effectively broken15:25
ericrostdoesn't change that its a bug with firefox15:25
ericrostworked previously, doesn't work now15:26
ericrostand firefox version change is the x factor15:26
ericrostI really wish someone would sit mozilla, canonical, and adobe in a room and get these problems solved. Flash acceleration is my only gripe with ubuntu. I can't use it as my main htpc and am going to end up buying a boxee box to have Netflix and gpu accelerated hulu and other flash15:27
ericrostits a big black eye as far as a "desktop experience"15:27
ericrostI understand its not the community that can do these things but I think shuttleworth could work some mojo and fix this15:28
nigelbabuericrost, saying this stuff here is just rant15:28
nigelbabuwe dont do it15:28
ericrostI know, its just infuriating. After three years of steady progress on all other fronts this is the stupidest reason to have this system fail for the masses15:29
nigelbabuericrost, flash is not open source15:29
ericrosta lot of work going to waste as the closed world continues to have a better product15:29
ericrostits still prolific15:29
nigelbabuif if it were, this would have been fixed more easily15:30
ericrostI know15:30
nigelbabusince dev's cant work on it, we can't do anything15:30
ericrostthat's part of the frustration15:30
nigelbabuanyway, we are going offtopic here15:30
xteejxhi guys15:30
ericrostI love ubuntu and use it, but just chafe at these simple shortcomings... I gotta get ready to leave anyhow, sorry to waste valuable dev time15:30
xteejxericrost: we aren't developers ;)15:32
nigelbabuericrost, like xteejx, we're triagers, not developers15:33
ericrostwell, I'm gonna be sure to pass the pain along on adobe's buglist15:33
ericrostwith suitable rant15:33
ericrostthat's two hours of my life I won't get back15:34
nigelbabuI would suggest that you dont do the rant15:34
xteejxAdobe won't listen to rants15:34
xteejxif at all....15:34
nigelbabuas such they launched the linux version (I suspect) because gnash project was a threat15:35
ericrostI'm just hoping that the secret sauce boxee is using to make netflix work on linux on their hardware gets released after they polish it up (a bit off the original topic too)15:35
xteejxits a known fact flash and linux dont like to play well, bring compiz into the equation and it gets worse, but with non open source products like Adobe flash, we can only wait for them to get to it15:36
xteejxalso, Adobe are very in M$ pocket so don't expect any quick fixes15:37
xteejxanyway offtopic now :)15:37
LimCorehggdh: my patch had been accpeted by upstream in ssh15:39
LimCoremicahg too15:39
nigelbabuhey hggdh :)15:39
xteejxhey hggdh15:40
LimCorebtw bug 505278 awaits to be prioritized to medium, please set it15:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 505278 in openssh "ssh-add -D deleting all identities does not work. Also, why are all identities auto-added?" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50527815:43
micahghggdh: around?15:54
hggdhgood, LimCore15:56
hggdhhi xteejx15:56
micahgLimCore: that was marked as Low priority already + I don't see upstream listing as security vuln15:56
hggdhmicahg: yes15:56
LimCoremicahg: it is, read last comment of upstrea bug linked fro my bug15:56
xteejxhey micahg, hggdh, how are ya both?15:56
LimCoreI mean ssh developer said what I had it mind, if ssh -D does not work, then something is really wrong15:57
micahgLimCore: sorry, I really need to read every line upstream...15:57
* micahg and mornings...15:57
LimCoreI have to leave soon. But if anyone can inestiage, ssh -D seems to be a bug actually in one of SSH agents15:57
LimCorebut as there is no help or hints (as I advocated yesterday) I am confused and I have no idea how the ssh agent works =) perhaps someone here does know15:58
micahghggdh: if some attached a .crash, then can I subscribe the retracer?15:58
hggdhmicahg: no, the retracer does not work on a .crash -- but16:02
hggdhmicahg: you can download the crash and split off the files, and upload them again16:03
hggdhor, if you have the same environment as the OR, you can run /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk locally16:03
hggdh(chances are you do not)16:04
micahgI can run apport-cli and upload the .crash, right?16:04
hggdhyou can try, but both environments (yours and the OR) must match16:05
micahghmm, I thought that was fixed16:05
hggdhoh, there is the chroot apport may use16:06
hggdhworth a try16:06
micahgmaybe in lucid16:06
xteejxcan apport-collect be used to collect for more than one hook at once?16:07
hggdhLimCore: Hobbsee has already added a task for seahorse16:07
hggdhxteejx: yes, by using the -p parametre16:08
xteejxso -p linux alsa-driver ...blah blah16:08
hggdhoh, I do not think at the same run16:08
hggdh-p linux, then -p alsa-base, then -p ...16:08
LimCoreHobbsee: im not sure is its seahorse... I tried killing all agents I had running and same problem. But Im not sure how to debug it. There could be more manuals/hints saying who caches the ssh keys and how to debug it16:09
hggdhLimCore: on Gnome it is seahorse (via seahorse-agent)16:09
hggdhIDN about KDE, though16:09
xteejxoh, its bug 296115, but its in pm-utils for sound error on resume, but in karmic this would just be acpi-support right? so if its sill a problem is it just the acpi-support hook thats needed?16:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 296115 in pm-utils "[Intrepid] No sound after resuming from suspend/hibernation Panasonic CF-R7" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29611516:09
xteejxhggdh: ^16:09
xteejxor alsa-driver as well?16:10
hggdhxteejx: I would guess both, but one of the soundmeisters will know (and I am not such one, my sound *sometimes* work)16:11
hggdhand I do not really care ;-)16:11
xteejxlol ok16:11
* hggdh does not usually watch movies, flash, or music on the laptop16:11
om26ercan any one give me template page about directing people for reporting a bug upstream or recommending them to go to brainstorm.ubuntu.com16:14
LimCoreif some software would be totally retarded in some parts of it16:18
LimCoredoes it make sense to make ubuntu patches or form it into ubuntu?  but that could be a big patch16:18
hggdhom26er: would https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Upstream help?16:18
hggdhLimCore: usually we would rather have upstream accepting a patch. When needed we use local paches, but this increases the work locally to move to a new upstream release16:19
hggdhLimCore: the difference between upstream and us is called a delta. We like deltas to be either non-existant, or kept to a minimum16:20
LimCorehggdh: I worry about trac developers state of mind. They choose to use mm/dd/yy format. I mean.. why would ANYONE do it.16:21
hggdhLimCore: additionally, a large local patch has a greater chance of needing refactoring on a release change16:21
aburchLimCore: I would suggest convincing upstream for that issue.16:21
hggdhLimCore: perhaps because they are in the US? But this would be a valid upstream issue, i18n16:21
LimCorebut this date format is deeply retarded, is it not16:21
hggdhwhat it is, or is not, does not matter. What matters here is the project has bad i18n16:22
LimCorejust imaging if more pople would do it.  foo.1.1-ubuntu+svn12-03-09    (03-12-2009 !)16:22
hggdh(what you see as retarded, others may see as correct. Be careful when you state something like that)16:22
hggdhLimCore: all 300 americans would understand it (and I am *not* one, BTW)16:23
hggdhI mean 300 *million*16:23
LimCoresome standarizing commiteet should say everyone uses yyyy-mm-dd which is clearly superior because of it's date = numberic = alpha sort16:23
hggdhsome standardising comittee already said that -- ISO16:24
LimCoreand we should follow that16:24
LimCoreas ubutnu does for SVN path/dates, as every does. with few regretfull exceptions16:24
hggdhthis is set in ISO 8601, I think16:24
aburchLimCore: Almost noone follows that standard.16:25
hggdhNo. We cannot force it16:25
LimCoreaburch: backup.xxxx.tgz how would you format xxxx date?16:25
hggdhLimCore: as long as you follow *one* standard, how does it matter?16:25
aburchLimCore: UNIX timestamps.16:26
LimCorehggdh: it matters because only one format sorts always correctly no matter alpha/num/date sort16:26
hggdhfor you, if you do not want to get fresh with sort options16:26
LimCoreI ment sort as in verb, not as in sort application :) yyyymmdd is comptabile with every existing sorting is it not. Also compatible with mostimporatnt ot leastimportant convention used for decimals16:27
aburchLimCore: Then convince the developers of your favorite program to use that format (or yyyy-mm-dd which is more readable for humans)16:29
=== \vish is now known as vish
hggdhI would be against such move.16:32
hggdhtimestamps should allow for localisaiton16:33
LimCorehggdh: then which format we should use16:33
hggdhhow I localise them is *my* problem16:33
LimCorethere are to questions:  how to store it "internally" (in DB, in file names)  and 2. do we localize it16:33
LimCore2. yes, it should be localizable by user16:33
hggdhthe fact that I personally use 8601 does not mean everybody else in the world must also use it16:33
LimCore1. internally yyyymmdd makes more sense16:33
LimCoredoes 1+2 is ok as a general goal?16:34
hggdh?? why not a time_t-type of thing?16:34
hggdhhow it is internally would concern only the developers. How it is displayed concerns the users16:35
hggdhso there is no (1), only (2)16:35
LimCoreby time_t you mean UNIX seconds? they are not human usable, while yyyymmdd is human usable AND have all the good properties of unix time, and plus, it ihas constant length16:35
LimCoredevelopers, and admins, as in my case16:35
LimCoreand bug reporters and new developers / bug fixers16:36
aburchLimCore: It does *not* have all good properties of UNIX time unless you *also* use UTC (which you cannot tell from the format).16:36
hggdhheh. Another good point :-)16:36
LimCoreaburch: yes, even better to have always in UTC16:38
hggdhwhich, incidentally, will make the displayed timestamp prone to issues on sorting the ts as a string16:38
LimCoreyyyymmdd utc seems best ever then?16:38
aburchLimCore: And even then UNIX timestamps have advantages.  For example you do not need a parser to calculate differences.16:39
LimCoreaburch: padded unix timestap also is good16:39
LimCorethis 2 formats seem most used from what I see, and I think this is for good reason - it works out16:39
aburchBut changing this in the Ubuntu (or Debian) packages is wrong.  It should either be changed upstream or not at all.16:41
hggdhanyway, this is way OT for -bugs16:42
aburchChanging behaviour is a bad idea (apart from bug fixes).  For example, scripts parsing the output will suddenly fail.16:42
hggdhbrb. time for a reboot (10:42 AM). Heh.16:43
aburchAnd also sometimes other standards demand a specific format.16:45
ikoniahggdh: quick reboot16:49
hggdhikonia: yes, bless the work done on karmic/Lucid :-)16:49
LimCorethat trac dates is most annoying thing so far this year16:49
hggdhLimCore: open a bug. Ask for localisation16:50
LimCorehggdh: anything more needed for that more-debug patch for sshd to go into Lucid? upstream has it in 5.4 but its trivial patch16:50
hggdhLimCore: you can apply it on current SSH on Lucid, and confirm it works; then propose a debdiff16:51
hggdhor attach the *upstream* patch (as upstream accepted it) on the bug, and wait16:51
hggdhLimCore: just a comment: you would do better to minimise opinions and maximise facts. For example saying something 'is retarded' is an opinion, and does not help any on explaining the issue17:00
hggdhsaying 'trac creates the filename on backups with a fixed format date' is a fact17:02
hggdhsaying 'it should allow for localisation' is also a *technical* observation17:02
ikoniait will get taken a little more serioulsy and respectful in that situation17:02
micahgom26er: do you have moblin?17:47
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jbichahi, does anyone else experience bug 429978 on Lucid?18:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 429978 in empathy "The requested URI "ghelp:empathy" is invalid" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42997818:25
^arky^jbicha: looking18:31
hggdhjbicha: works for me, Lucid18:41
jbichait doesn't even work on the command line for me now, is there something I should run to regenerate documentation or something18:42
hggdhjbicha: version 2.29.4-1ubuntu118:42
jbichayeah, I have the same version as that for empathy and empathy-common installed and yelp 2.28.0+webkit-1ubuntu118:43
^arky^jbicha: on lucid empathy is broken so can't really test it18:44
hggdhjbicha: I do not really know. bcurtiswx works more with empathy than I do18:44
jbichaI'm a Pidgin guy myself still, but it seems kinda important if Help works for some but not for others18:45
jbichaI know that empathy is the first major Gnome app to switch to the fancy new Mallard documentation system18:46
bcurtiswxjbicha: let me start my VM and i'll check the bug19:05
bcurtiswxis xchat going to become back of the indicator applet?19:08
bcurtiswxnot back19:08
bcurtiswxjbicha: that bug is not present in Lucid19:11
bcurtiswxso your empathy is broken19:12
jbichabcurtiswx: should I open a new bug then? because it doesn't work for me, perhaps the underlying cause is different than the one that was fixed19:12
bcurtiswxjbicha: is that the only problem you see on empathy lucid19:12
jbichabcurtiswx: yes but I don't use empathy much19:13
jbichalet me try a purge and reinstall then19:13
bcurtiswxjbicha: yeah i was just going to suggest that19:13
bcurtiswxjbicha: if still a problem, in empathy there's a feature to report a bug.. use that and make a new one then let me know of the bug number19:14
bcurtiswxjbicha: Help-->Report a Problem19:16
jbichabcurtiswx: bug 50559719:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 505597 in empathy "[lucid] The requested URI "ghelp:empathy" is invalid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50559719:23
bcurtiswxjbicha: try one more thing.  sudo apt-get install --reinstall yelp19:25
jbichabcurtiswx: still broken, sorry :-(19:29
bcurtiswxdon't be, just thinking of other problems... can you use help in other apps?19:29
cyan-spamhello all.19:30
cyan-spamanyone know the right package for the boot menu on the live cd?19:30
bcurtiswxhi cyan-spam19:30
bcurtiswxyou were picked up by hggdh, right?19:30
bcurtiswxcyan-spam: are you talking about the grub bootloader?19:31
cyan-spamcorrect, hggdh adopted me19:31
cyan-spamand... maybe?19:31
bcurtiswxi think you are19:31
cyan-spamit could be grub... just looks different19:31
cyan-spami mean the menu with the logo you get when booting from the livecd19:32
cyan-spamwhere you can try it, install, memtest, etc19:32
bcurtiswxcyan-spam: ok thats ubiquity, maybe19:33
cyan-spami think it's before ubiquity, also19:33
cyan-spamit's the stuff in the isolinux directory19:33
cyan-spambut there's no package called isolinux19:33
bcurtiswxyeah, i know what you're talking about.. and yes im not sure if its before ubiquity or not19:34
bcurtiswxask in #ubuntu they may know19:34
charlie-tcaIt's ubiquity still19:34
cyan-spamoh ok, thanks charlie-tca19:34
* bcurtiswx hugs charlie-tca..19:34
charlie-tcaYou are welcome19:34
cyan-spami'll update the FindRightPackage page to clarify that19:34
bcurtiswxi guess i won't be skeptical on my first guess19:35
charlie-tcashould be ubiquity for any issues with trying to make the cd work until you get to the desktop19:35
cyan-spamFindRightPackage says that bugs during boot process should be filed against kernel... is that incorrect?19:35
xteejxphew!!!!!! down from 670 to 308 subscribed bugs thank god, kept forgetting to remove myself lol!19:37
charlie-tcathat's right. ubiquity is during installs; kernel is booting19:37
cyan-spamdoes that change your previous advice about the boot menu, charlie-tca? :)19:38
cyan-spamoh whoops already wrote it in a bug report!19:38
cyan-spamdon't worry i won't blame you ;-019:38
charlie-tcaIt will get changed by the intaller team if it is wrong, though19:38
xteejxis the wiki being updated?19:38
cyan-spamok that's fine19:39
jbichabcurtiswx: help appears to work in every other program I have19:39
bcurtiswxjbicha: ok19:40
xteejxis there a system in Launchpad in place for pruning old bugs, i.e. messaging them "is this still a problem you havent bothered for a year" ??19:41
bcurtiswxxteejx: bdmurray would know19:42
charlie-tcaDepends on whether or not the bug got triaged, doesn't it?19:42
bcurtiswxjbicha: i'm waiting for a response from the telepathy guys.. i'll get back to you once i hear from them19:42
bcurtiswxjbicha: probably through your bug19:43
xteejxcharlie-tca, that's what i mean, there are SOOOO damn many bugs from the days of feisty, and gutsy that were just left and afaik about 80% were just taking up numbers19:43
cyan-spamxteejx: old, "New" bugs have a response for that at <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses>.19:43
cyan-spambut if they're already triaged they should be fixed or confirmed that they already are fixed19:43
jbichabcurtiswx: cool19:44
xteejxcyan-spam, I've been triaging for nearly 2 years I'm aware of the procedures :D19:44
charlie-tcaI have old bugs in Xubuntu from gutsy and before that are now being fix-release cleared19:44
cyan-spamok, sorry :)19:44
xteejxno worries :)19:44
xteejxits just annoying, messing our stats up making us look bad19:44
charlie-tcaWe just got the fixes out to take care of them.19:44
charlie-tcaI try not to do a "can you try again" after it got triaged19:45
bcurtiswxxteejx: yeah, i'd poke bdmurray, i think i've wondered about the same before and forgot to bug bdmurray19:45
bcurtiswxxteejx: you could make on and test in staging, i don't know python well enough to make one myself19:46
xteejxbcurtiswx, I think I asked him before and got told something along the lines of "thats the point of triaging" lol19:46
bcurtiswxxteejx: oh really... <facepalm>19:46
xteejxbcurtiswx, programming is WAY beyond my knowledge I think thats a no-go lol19:46
xteejxwould be nice though19:46
bcurtiswxxteejx: a longshot, bug the #launchpad channel may have people that can write you one real quick19:47
bcurtiswxi have one somewhere that moves a dup witha lot of dupes in itself19:47
xteejxI filed a wish bug for that against malone about a year or so ago hehe :)19:48
xteejxjoin #launchpad19:48
xteejxoops :)19:48
bcurtiswxxteejx: if I can find the python script maybe I can figure out how to edit it appropriately  to find old bugs and ask if its still a problem19:49
xteejxbcurtiswx, cool :)19:50
xteejxI have no hope of figuring it out19:51
bcurtiswxxteejx: this all assumes im going to find it and know enough to edit it appropriately :X19:51
xteejxbcurtiswx: starting to sound like me :-S19:52
xteejxWell, I've asked in #launchpad about the pruning system, waiting for a reply19:54
xteejxno reply yet.....20:11
vishbcurtiswx: iirc amaranth used something like that for compiz20:17
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xteejxirc grr20:21
xteejxis there anyone able to triage a bug for me, i've provided quite a bit of info, should be enough but can't chang my own bugs status bug 46260820:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 462608 in linux "Compaq Presario CQ50 wireless button not working" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46260820:26
yofelis there anything still needed on bug 502641?20:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 502641 in apt "[Lucid] apt-get source always selects highest available version instead of the specified one" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50264120:46
bcurtiswxvish: noted thx20:57
jpdsyofel: There's a Debian bug about that, linked.20:58
yofeljpds: thanks.20:59
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LimCore_why I can not edit status of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pinentry/+bug/326132 previously that was possible22:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 326132 in pinentry "[wishlist] Pinentry does not allow to paste into it, why?!" [Undecided,New]22:46
nigel_nbLimCore_, logged into LP?22:50
LimCore_uhhuh. Ok Im sleppy22:50
nigel_nbhappened to me yday lol22:51
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