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joshua__I've a recommendation: make a thing similar to ubuntu-minimal but for use in a chroot enviornment02:24
joshua__otherwise, do-release-upgrade inside a schroot = bye bye host bootloader02:24
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mdkedoes anyone know who maintains http://patches.ubuntu.com/?10:43
Laneymdke: I think it is linked with MoM, so Keybuk11:06
Laney(is it out of date?)11:06
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mdkeLaney: thanks. Not sure if it's out of date but I had a bug report about it that I want to reassign13:35
ScottKmdke: MoM is currently unmaintained, so that is too.14:15
mdkeScottK: I see. Well I've reassigned the bug reports anyway and I sent Keybuk an email to confirm14:16
ScottKOK.  Good luck.14:16
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tweaktHow can I use python-apt (or apt-get) to download udebs?16:13
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tweaktgot it...  need main/debian-installer in compontents for sources.list16:50
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dotblankHello can anyone help me with building PA from apt-get source17:11
dotblankI need to compile a jack-module-sink module that the official debs do not have17:11
ScottKdotblank: This isn't a support channel.17:15
dotblankOh ok.. sorry I was hoping some of you would have some Ideas.. Also why is there no jack module for pulse in the repos..17:16
cody-somervillepitti, lp #476530 looks like it should be a backport and not an SRU.17:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 476530 in bzr-builddeb "mark-uploaded fails with "Unknown target distribution: lucid"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47653017:25
ScottKdotblank: It's not in the repos because JACK isn't in Main, so pulse can't build-depend on it.17:30
Chipzzmdke: MoM is unmaintained and KeyBuk doesn't care; I suggest not bringing up the subject unless you want to hear him rant about it17:30
Chipzz(and that's in no way meant negatively about KeyBuk; he just has too much other work)17:30
ScottKChipzz: I don't think he doesn't care.  If he didn't care, you'd get silence, not the rant.17:31
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Chipzzs/doesn't care/doesn't have the time/17:32
Chipzzsame difference, I'ld suggest not bugging him about it17:33
geserdoes an easy way exist to see all Ubuntu delta for a package? I used the linked patch on PTS when sponsoring syncs or merges17:33
dotblankwell I figured it all out but maybe there should be a pulseaudio-module-jack not in main.. Its just bothersome to this everytime I want to set up jack... oh well17:33
dotblankto do this*17:33
ScottKdotblank: There is some work ongoing to get JACK in Main for Lucid.  Not sure if it will pan out or not.17:34
mdkeChipzz: well, I'm not too bothered - I've just reassigned bugs from the wrong project to the right one. If the right one isn't maintained, there isn't anything I can do about that17:53
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machina/debian Should I reassign this bug to unclutter or mark it as a wishlist? http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=38442818:13
ubottuDebian bug 384428 in xsensors "xsensors needs "unclutter -noevents"" [Minor,Open]18:13
machinaMaybe I should reassign it because it's present in many GTK+ apps? http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=26611818:14
ubottuDebian bug 266118 in unclutter "unclutter: Blinks pointer and causes 100% CPU usage" [Normal,Open]18:14
bsmith093will lucid and jaunty coexist fine with grub 218:34
napsyHello. What kernel will the upcomming ubuntu have?18:35
bsmith093has anyone spoken yet bc i only see system astuatu messages18:35
micahgnapsy: I think 2.6.3218:35
napsyhm I've read somewhere that 2.6.33 will be used?18:36
bsmith093can i dual boot jaunty with lucid and grub218:38
bsmith093or will there be problems18:38
sebnernapsy: nah, it'll be .3218:39
napsyoh ok18:39
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kkszysiuis possible to specify id using DesktopCouch?19:48
kkszysiu        r = Record(defaults, id = self.id)19:49
kkszysiu        record_id = self.database.put_record(r)19:49
kkszysiunot working :/19:49
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lamontnew lucid chroots, btw21:09
ScottKlamont: Is that why artigas is off the job?21:12
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sorengeser: Are you running Lucid? Does your gnupg work for you these days21:22
sorengeser: Er... OpenPGP card, I mean.21:23
lamontScottK: nah - that's unrelated21:27
lamontScottK: yeah - looks like artigas fall down go boom.21:28
lamontlet me go stab it21:28
lamontScottK: either artigas is on the way back, or it needs more love than I care to give it on a sunday afternoon21:33
gesersoren: I don't have yet lucid on my desktop but I could attach my smart card reader to my netbook where I have already lucid and test it.21:49
sorengeser: I just seem to have to kill scdaemon every once in a while, which I've never had to do before.22:08
cjwatsonChipzz: capitalising it as KeyBuk indicates an unawareness of the source of the nick, so maybe it would be better to use the same capitalisation he uses. :-)22:21
superm1i'm trying to join this distributed development bandwagon, but when i try to follow the last step from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment/Documentation/UploadingAPackage: bzr: ERROR: Unknown target distribution: lucid22:49
superm1do you have to be on lucid to be uploading to a lucid branch?22:49
gesereither use "debcommit -r" or the patch from bug #47653022:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 476530 in bzr-builddeb "mark-uploaded fails with "Unknown target distribution: lucid"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47653022:52
superm1oh is that all that mark-uploaded does?22:54
superm1will do that then, thanks22:55
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Chipzzcjwatson: hrrrrm, I thought that was how it was capitalized :)22:57
Chipzzguess that shows you can't know it all :)22:57
Chipzzcjwatson: I hope you don't mean this? http://www.earth.li/projectpurple/progs/keybuk.html23:00
cjwatsonChipzz: I believe it was the older DOS command rather than that particular program, but yes23:04
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