dhillon-v10starcraftman, hi what's up :) need some help here: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala/Beta/Kubuntu this page look pretty ugly why?02:16
starcraftmandhillon-v10: oh geez, what happened.02:17
starcraftmanHmmm, investigating.02:18
starcraftmandhillon-v10: I think I've narrowed it down to table of contents section, seems to be tweaked, generating problems for headers with overlap.02:23
starcraftmanI'm comparing to see, got a few good ones side by side.02:24
dhillon-v10starcraftman, the webpage looks extremely messed up, could there be a rendering problem somewhere02:26
starcraftmandhillon-v10: refresh, page fixed I think.02:31
j1mchi starcraftman and dhillon-v1002:31
dhillon-v10j1mc, hey what's up long time no see :)02:31
j1mc:)  yeah02:32
dhillon-v10starcraftman, you Sir are awesome, what was the problem ?02:32
j1mcstarcraftman: i think i'm going to branch off of ubuntu-docs for xubuntu-docs now... would now be a good time to do so?02:32
j1mcany big surgery planned for ubuntu docs in the near future?02:32
starcraftmandhillon-v10: table of contents was broken. Was using a custom image for background but it was messing up the rendering. I removed it.02:33
starcraftmanSee diff.02:33
starcraftmanalso had a few erroneous modifications I think.02:33
dhillon-v10starcraftman, ahh I forgot about the diff :)02:33
dhillon-v10j1mc, hey can you add me to xubuntu-docs so I can triage bug importance and such02:34
j1mcdhillon-v10: sure!02:34
dhillon-v10j1mc, thanks a bunch, soon I will apply for bug-control and then I can triage importance anyways :)02:35
starcraftmanj1mc: as to time, I dunno. You'd be better served asking someone more involved in system, I'm more a wiki person really.02:35
dhillon-v10starcraftman, here: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/kubuntu-website/+bug/444776 thanks a *lot*02:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 444776 in kubuntu-website "Beta page rendered ugly" [Undecided,Fix released]02:35
j1mcstarcraftman: i think i'll have a go of it anyway.  it needs to be done so that i can get more xubuntu-doc contributors02:37
dhillon-v10j1mc, agreed right now the documentation for xubuntu need a lot of love02:38
dhillon-v10j1mc, starcraftman did you guys know that okular lost its only maintainer :(02:39
starcraftmandhillon-v10: really? Oh noez!02:39
starcraftmanI use that.02:39
starcraftmanI like it too tbh.02:40
dhillon-v10j1mc, starcraftman I want to me the maintainer but don't know how hard its going to be :) but I'll give it a shot anyways and find out02:44
starcraftmandhillon-v10: awesome, good luck. I don't think I know enough programming to undertake a project.02:50
starcraftmandhillon-v10: what's okular written in anyway?02:51
dhillon-v10starcraftman, I believe KDE API and something else :)02:51
dhillon-v10j1mc, did you add me yet?02:53
dhillon-v10j1mc, or do I have to wait for some time before I can start triaging02:53
j1mcdhillon-v10: sorry, i'll add you.02:56
j1mcjust a moment.02:56
dhillon-v10j1mc, np :)02:57
dhillon-v10j1mc, I know you are pretty busy so its okay02:57
j1mcdhillon-v10: what is your lp username?02:58
dhillon-v10dhillon-v10 :)02:59
j1mcdhillon-v10: i'm actually not an admin of the xubuntu-doc team on LP!  :)03:00
j1mci've asked cody somerville to make me an admin.  it might be tomorrow before he gets to it, though.03:00
dhillon-v10j1mc, np :) I'll pick up something else then03:20
j1mcwhat?  wait no... come back.  :)  don't not-help xubuntu docs.  :)03:21
dhillon-v10:) I will just set the status oh and I don't think I'll make it to the gnome-docs meeting tomorrow, something urgent just came up sorry03:23
j1mcdhillon-v10: np03:23
dhillon-v10j1mc, actually I told Shaun to put the templates topic in there, since I have been working on a lot of them and they could be very helpful to the writers (like you)03:25
j1mcright :)03:26
Kr0ntabgreets folks07:06
Kr0ntabI was going to submit a patch to the list, but before I do I'd liek some input.  In the advanced topics index, there is a link to the Ubuntu Server Guide.  Even though the directory structure and the server guide header is "serverguide" and "Ubuntu Server Guide" respectively, the link title is labeled "Installing Server Applications".  I would like to rename this to "Ubuntu Server Guide" for consistency and SEO purposes.  Any input from the gr07:10
Kr0ntabbtw... sent an email out to the list.  Probably more productive that way.07:24
shimulCan anyone please tell me how I can download 9.10 desktop edition manual11:21
shimulCan you please tell me how I can download 9.10 desktop edition manual11:22
shimulCan anyone please tell me how I can download 9.10 desktop edition manual11:23

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