Ddordahey, I have done changes in some wiki pages adding CategoryIsraeliTeam, but it doesn;t show up in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryIsraeliTeam08:17
Ddordaany idea what might be the reason?08:17
tsimpsonit's probably updated periodically08:39
Ddorda1tsimpson: wdym?08:50
tsimpsoncare to translate that into english?08:50
Ddorda1tsimpson: what do you mean?08:51
tsimpsonI mean it may be that there is a delay between adding the category, and it showing up08:51
tsimpsonit could be that that process is done daily08:51
tsimpsonor hourly, I don't know08:52
Ddorda1tsimpson:oaky, thanks08:52
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