panaut0lordvi think it's dir where main Makefile is, so just kernel source path00:03
RAOFBut it's clearly not set in your pastebin example - otherwise ld wouldn't be looking for /ubuntu/omnibook/sections.ids, it'd be looking for /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/ubuntu/omnibook/sections.ids (and not failing).00:08
panaut0lordvthat's call from Makefile.standalone "$(MAKE) -C /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32 SUBDIRS=$(PWD) modules"00:15
panaut0lordvand that's how PWD is set - looks ok for me "PWD     = $(shell pwd)"00:17
RAOFYeah.  But at the point of the ld call, it's become "", which isn't very useful :)00:18
panaut0lordvok, got it... it sets PWD only if makefile is called directly00:28
panaut0lordvso, the way to fix it is to move PWD out of "ifeq ($(KERNELRELEASE),)" or some better way but i'm poor coder so i've no idea00:31
Hedgehogive installed the kernel on my karmic system from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.32.3/ but these kernels dont have the staging drivers kompiled. is there any way to do this afterwards?02:17
Hedgehogi.e. how do i compile a module that is located in linux-source-2.6.32/drivers/staging/et131x and load it in a precompiled kernel from the kernel-ppa ?02:18
Hedgehogis this possible or do i have to recompile the whole kernel?02:19
aahicnowhi anyone here02:44
dhillon-v10aahicnow, that's a tough question02:45
aahicnowi was looking for help with internet stick in 9.10 and wasw told to come here02:46
aahicnowanyone had any success getting them working with 9.1002:47
dhillon-v10aahicnow, your best bet is to check in the hardware databases, that can tell you if others had success with it, I don't really know what internet stick is :)02:48
aahicnowcelluar based internet modem02:49
aahicnowit was working  in easypeasy(8.0)??? and 9.04 but will not work in 9.1002:50
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freinhardhi! is there a howto for packaging single kernel modules? got some dvb-s2 usb device that ships with a GPLv2 driver which isn't in the kernels v4l driver collection, so i'd like to package that one.12:48
lamontdo kernel builds on any architectures still need to know where to find /boot?13:56
RoyKlamont: huh?14:41
RoyKthat's grub's job14:41
lamontRoyK: it wasn't always...  hence the question14:59
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