cjohnstonmornin pleia200:57
pleia2cjohnston: manage to get some sleep? :)00:59
cjohnstonYES I DID01:02
cjohnstonsorry for cap fail01:02
pleia2good :)01:05
nigelbabupleia2, I hope you got my PM earlier..05:15
doctormohey nigelbabu05:55
nigelbabuhey doctormo05:55
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cjohnstonpleia2: i think we need to have a meeting re: UUD between the four of us.. just to have a quick run down of who is going to do what and such.20:43
cjohnston_marx_: Pendulum ^20:43
pleia2sounds good20:43
pleia2we need to come up with an intro20:44
Pendulumwhen should we meet?20:45
pleia2we have a full UCLP meeting tomorrow evening at 9 EST, maybe before that?20:46
Pendulumsounds good to me. I'm not sure how much of the UCLP meeting I'll make it to, but I can definitely do earlier20:46
cjohnstoni should be able to...20:47
pleia2nigel_nb: user days meeting20:47
nigel_nbcan I join in?20:47
* nigel_nb goes to corner and cries20:47
* pleia2 hugs nigel_nb 20:48
* Pendulum hugs nigel_nb 20:48
nigel_nbaw! thanks pleia2 and Pendulum :)20:48
cjohnstonim kidding of course nigel_nb20:48
nigel_nbi know cjohnston :P20:48
cjohnstonbefore we set in stone, id like to hear from _marx_ to make sure he can make it20:49
* pleia2 nods20:49
cjohnstonhopefully we hear from him soon20:51
cjohnstonnigel_nb: i dont remember... so i want to make sure you are ok.. you put your avail at 1800 and i have you scheduled at 1700.. is that ok?21:18
nigel_nbno problem21:18
cjohnstonjust wanted to make sure...21:18
cjohnstonim looking over the schedule right now21:18
_marx_hi cjohnston before UCLP is good21:20
cjohnstonsounds good.. thanks _marx_21:20
cjohnstonpleia2 _marx_ Pendulum 8pm est tomorrow UUD Team meeting.21:21
cjohnstonand nigel_nb21:21
Pendulumsounds good :)21:21
cjohnstoni included you21:22
nigel_nbI'll miss it21:22
nigel_nbI'm going on vacation 2morrow ;)21:22
cjohnstonafter all that fuss about wanting to be there21:22
cjohnstonim fine with moving it...21:22
cjohnstoni dont care21:22
nigel_nbno, you guys meet up21:22
nigel_nbI'll read the logs21:22
cjohnstonDiegoTc: the 'leadership' is having a meeting tomorrow at 8pm est...22:23
cjohnstoni dont know if thats something you can make or not..22:24
DiegoTccjohnston, nop at that time i have clases at college :(22:24
DiegoTcmy last class22:24
cjohnstonI wonder if Pablo could make it22:25
cjohnstonatleast have one of you around...22:25
cjohnstonwould be nice22:25
DiegoTccjohnston, i will talk with him22:27
cjohnstonsounds good..22:28
cjohnstonyall dont need to be here...but it would be nice if he could22:28
DiegoTci like this idea Course Creation Process22:29
DiegoTccjohnston, talking about this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning#Course%20Creation%20Process22:31
v3rsehello everyone22:37
v3rsewhat is this place about?22:38
nigel_nbv3rse, creating teaching materials for ubuntu22:39
v3rseooh ok22:39
v3rsewell i'm using it right now!!!22:39
v3rseubuntu is getting more user friend22:40
nigel_nbpleia2, do u think we could get user days on uwn?23:23
_marx_good idea nigel_nb23:24
nigel_nbPendulum, around?23:25
Pendulumnigel_nb: what's up?23:26
pleia2nigel_nb: it was last week23:31
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue174#Ubuntu User Days Announcement23:31
nigel_nbpleia2, i guess i missed last weeks :)23:32
* _marx_ runs memtest on his brain23:32
nigel_nbpleia2, this weeks bug reports are awesome23:33
nigel_nbpleia2, -25023:33
duanedesignhello pleia223:35
pleia2evening duanedesign :)23:35
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duanedesignpleia2: i have made some progress oon making UCLP materials on the topic of Launchpad23:36
duanedesigni got the first section put up on my wiki for peer review23:37
pleia2duanedesign: excellent23:37
duanedesignpleia2: shortening some of the other sections will be a bit of a challenge but we are moving formard :)23:37
pleia2I'm not sure if you saw, but the other night I worked with doctormo to straighten out our previously mostly undocumented structure for courses: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/CourseLayout23:37
duanedesignpleia2: the lesson plan needs a bit of work. http://okiebuntu.homelinux.com/okwiki23:38
duanedesignpleia2: great ill take a look23:38
pleia2which reminds me, have you seen Saj lately?23:39
duanedesignpleia2: i have not. There was a comment somewhere from him i saw23:39
duanedesignin regards to putting Education FG and UCLP on the 'back burner'23:40
pleia2ah, ok :(23:40
nigel_nbduanedesign, you need to make major revisions on that lesson23:40
pleia2I hadn't heard from him and some of our ongoing Education FG things were sitting on hold23:40
nigel_nbduanedesign, we have both made the same mistakes23:40
duanedesignnigel_nb: what is that23:41
pleia2so it looks like I'll just have to pull them back into UCLP23:41
nigel_nbduanedesign, (a) in overview, it should be explanation of concepts (b) avoid using "you"23:41
nigel_nbduanedesign, check the link pleia2 gave you23:41
duanedesignpleia2: i was wondering if we should see if he is coming back soon or if maybe we should see if someone else is interested23:42
duanedesignnigel_nb: i will thanks23:42
pleia2duanedesign: I've sent him a couple emails, no response23:42
duanedesignpleia2: oh no23:42
nigel_nbduanedesign, isn't there a move for new elections for FG?23:42
pleia2we were going to have BT do some of the sections and he was leading that effort, but I think I'll have to reassign them until there is a new leader over there23:43
pleia2duanedesign: aside from needing some restructuring to fit into our documented structure, this is great material :)23:45
pleia2I'm really pleased to see that importing a gpg key is covered23:45
duanedesignpleia2: thank you. We have all the info compiled into a Google Doc. It just needs to be refined and shortened23:46
* pleia2 wanders off to find some dinner23:48
nigel_nbpleia2, I'm hungry lol :P23:49
duanedesignnigel_nb: +123:49
duanedesigntoo bad we cant order a virtual pizza and eat it here :P23:50
nigel_nbduanedesign, I can't order real either23:50
nigel_nbits 5:30 am23:50
duanedesignnigel_nb: wow23:50
duanedesignnigel_nb: just get up, or just going to sleep23:50
nigel_nbduanedesign, didn't sleep at nite23:50
nigel_nbduanedesign, will sleep by around 10 ;)23:51
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cprofitthello all23:55
nigel_nbhello doctormo :)23:56
doctormohello nigel_nb23:56
nigel_nbdoctormo, back on the other side of the pond?23:57
nigel_nbhey cprofitt :)23:57
nigel_nbdoctormo, good to be home? ;)23:57
cprofittduanedesign: you interested in taking that and converting to Moodle?23:57
cjohnstondoctormo: is home!!!23:57
doctormoAye, it's good, I also got my bbc iplayer downloads set up too23:59

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