humphreybcis that the factoid list?00:00
sebsebsebhumphreybc: no don't think so00:00
dutchieno, that's the loaded plugins00:00
humphreybcah ha00:00
sebsebsebhumphreybc: I thought you were older, but seems your a university student?00:01
humphreybcyeah i'm 1900:01
humphreybcI study software engineering00:01
sebsebseboh ok00:01
humphreybcso like programming, code writing and there is an element of commerce to my degree which is ridiculous but oh well00:01
dutchiewhy are you doing an economics assignment then?00:01
dutchieah, it's not like one of those silly american degrees where you don't specialise for 15000 year00:02
humphreybcI have to do 120 points of commerce papers (each paper worth 18) because my degree is "applied science" - ie, aimed at entrepreneurial startups in the IT industry00:02
humphreybcI've already done a java paper, probably doing python and some more java this year. But i'm mainly doing commerce for this year which sucks00:02
dutchieyou done much coding before?00:03
humphreybcbut I realised I can't do any more on my assignment till I walk into uni later... and it's pouring down with rain. So i'm pestering my friend to come round and show me her work!00:03
sebsebsebnot realy a big deal now, but  maybe #ubuntu-manual-offtopic or whatever it would be called, would be a good idea as well00:03
humphreybcI did HTML, CSS and PHP in school00:03
dutchie:( PHP00:04
humphreybcsebsebseb: nah we don't have enough traffic in here for that00:04
humphreybcoh and MYSQL00:04
humphreybcmainly web design stuff00:04
dutchieno "proper languages" then00:04
humphreybcjava was fun last year though. we had two labs a week and made a program in each. they got pretty intense near the end00:04
sebsebsebhumphreybc: sure, but for now the off topic is being logged as well00:04
humphreybchaha well no not really00:04
humphreybcsebsebseb: true. meh.00:04
dutchiehey, my offtopic blurblings have been logged in #ubuntu-uk for ages00:05
humphreybci'm looking forward to cracking into some python so I can help out with some ubuntu programs00:05
sebsebsebdutchie: yeah the bot had .co.uk00:05
dutchiethat's because it's run on my server00:05
sebsebsebUbuntu UK is ok, but I don't like it much00:05
sebsebsebI don't like Ubuntu Offtopic either  much00:06
sebsebsebhmm  I just thought of something00:06
sebsebsebtwo things now actsaully00:06
manualbot#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:06
sebsebsebok well that one needs changing or whatever00:06
manualbotJoin us for a discussion using the Queen's English in #ubuntu-uk00:06
humphreybcdutchie: i've been thinking of making my server online, at the moment it's just local00:06
dutchieeasy to save a new factoid00:07
sebsebsebdutchie: indeed00:07
sebsebsebfactoid suggestion hmm00:07
dutchiehumphreybc: mine's been up about a year, hasn't been hacked yet00:07
sebsebsebmaybe something like,   Best to keep this channel mainly on topic!00:07
sebsebsebsince we don't have an off topic room00:07
dutchieshall we found one? ;)00:08
sebsebsebdutchie: I got another channel that I use as a kind of off topic channel :)00:08
dutchie!ot is <reply> Best to keep this channel mainly on topic!00:08
manualbotBut ot already means something else!00:08
dutchie!no ot is <reply> Best to keep this channel mainly on topic!00:09
humphreybcyou guys want to start a #ubuntu-manual-offtopic ?00:09
manualbotI'll remember that dutchie00:09
sebsebsebhumphreybc: not so much now00:09
manualbotBest to keep this channel mainly on topic!00:09
dutchiemaybe not #ubuntu-manual-offtopic, maybe just something else00:09
sebsebsebhumphreybc: a bit of off topic is ok I guess in  here for now really, just not to much of it00:09
humphreybchokay. dutchie is it easy to stick your server online?00:09
dutchiejust buy a domain and aim it there00:09
humphreybcwell of course on topic takes priority. i don't see any problem with off topic when there's nothing else going on00:10
ianto!cym is <reply> Dewch i siarad yn y sianel #ubuntu-cym yn Saesneg neu yn Cymraeg | Come to the #ubuntu-cym channel to speak in Welsh or English00:10
dutchie(assuming you've got a static IP)00:10
humphreybci've got a couple of domains00:10
sebsebsebianto: :D00:10
* dutchie is tempted to change that to something offensive00:10
humphreybci'd have to move my blog to my server maybe. nah screw that. how can I point it to www.interesting.co.nz?00:10
sebsebsebhumphreybc: sure, but  since it's being offically logged, most of those logs should be useful info really00:10
humphreybc!sl is <reply> choo choo!00:11
manualbotBest to keep this channel mainly on topic!00:11
manualbotdocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com00:11
iantoRoughly on topic00:11
dutchieianto: try the !cym factoid now00:12
manualbotOh, boyo, come and sing of the valleys in #ubuntu-cym!00:12
sebsebsebthere was someone here the other day00:12
sebsebsebwell the first day this channel is being offically logged00:13
sebsebsebthat wanted to translate, but their English wasn't that good as well or something like that00:13
dutchiethe italian guy?00:13
sebsebsebwhat happended to them? etc  are they translating now I guess not?00:13
sebsebsebdifferent languages can sometimes be an issue online, because then people don't always understand each other00:14
sebsebsebtheir could be more people coming here in the future, that don't know English that well00:14
sebsebsebin fact that's likely to happen if the manual takes off properly00:14
dutchiehopefully, if the manual takes off properly, we'll have enough people talking (say) italian that they can take care of the guy who isn't so confident00:15
sebsebsebhumphreybc: I am not going to do it right now, but i'll do a proper comment for the  front cover propoals.  That will be better than some stuff I put on IRC (before this channel was offically publically logged)00:16
sebsebseb(sometimes I want to correct stuff on IRC, that doesn't really need to be corrected)00:17
sebsebsebdutchie: indeed00:17
humphreybcsounds good00:17
* humphreybc may have to go to the lab after work at 7pm to do the assignment. crap.00:18
sebsebsebdutchie: oh yeah Ubuntu  channels tend to only be for one language, so if it was to hit off properly, might have to make different language channels for it, or at least use loco channels sometimes for it00:20
dutchieyeah, I think just aim them at the LoCo channels00:21
sebsebsebI was thinking about the front cover and languages before and now again00:21
sebsebsebwell  that will be in English I guess always and not translated to other languages?00:22
humphreybcsebsebseb: we will translate the front cover for each version00:22
sebsebsebhumphreybc: including for example the Ubuntu slogan,  Ubuntu Linux For Human  Beings?00:22
sebsebsebyep that's what I thought00:22
sebsebseb,but stuff like Created by the Ubuntu Manual Team00:23
sebsebsebwould get translated?00:23
sebsebseb,but  not the name itself though?  Ubuntu Manual Team00:23
sebsebsebhumphreybc: right?00:24
humphreybci'm not sure00:24
sebsebsebwel I guess not.  let's take this for example, it's still Ubuntu Software Center  the package and that,  but  in the menu when Ubuntu is in EN GB  it will say Ubuntu Software Centre instead00:25
sebsebsebI would have prefered  if  they had gone with Ubuntu Software Centre for all of it, in the first place, but no,  since they use American English as the default00:27
sebsebsebwould be ok to translate Ubuntu Manual  Team as well  I think, and in the future maybe have differnet language versions of the wiki00:28
sebsebsebhumphreybc:  dutchie  #ubuntu-manual-chat  maybe in the future00:37
dutchieI was thinking entirely outside the #ubuntu-* hierarchy00:39
sebsebsebdutchie: well an offical channel isn't really meant to have an unoffical channel as it's offtopic/chat00:39
sebsebsebor one that doesn't have the ubuntu name in it, as far as I know00:40
sebsebsebplus their are loads of off topic  / chat type rooms on this network,  Freenode has one as well00:40
dutchiejust fancied stirring things up :)00:41
sebsebsebdutchie: so why the name dutchie ?00:42
sebsebsebhumphreybc: what's the bc about in yours?00:42
dutchieJosh Holland, then an utter lack of imagination00:42
sebsebsebdutchie: ah right00:43
humphreybcmy initials00:43
sebsebsebjust saw that, but I was hovering over the names before and seeing the thing hmm00:43
sebsebsebfor most/all00:43
sebsebsebhumphreybc: Benjamin Humphrey  where's the C  some sort of middle name?00:44
humphreybcyeah first letter of my middle name00:44
sebsebsebmine has a little story behind it, but I don't really want to share it in a Ubuntu channel00:44
sebsebsebhumphreybc: Why so funny?00:54
humphreybcyou're too careful00:54
sebsebsebhumphreybc: noI am not00:54
sebsebsebanyway explain?00:55
sebsebsebor not00:56
sebsebsebI could say the story here, I just don't want to00:56
sebsebsebthat's all00:57
humphreybcfair nuff00:59
sebsebsebhumphreybc: anyway good to have stuff that is relivant to the project, mainly in the logs00:59
sebsebsebhumphreybc: Wiki: url   Launchpad: url01:25
sebsebsebhumphreybc: Just has the URL for the wiki at the moment01:26
sebsebsebThe other urls say what they are, but it doesn't for the wiki at the moment01:28
=== dutchie changed the topic of #ubuntu-manual to: Ubuntu Manual Project discussion | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual | Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual | IRC logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Ubuntu Guidelines: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Code of Conduct: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/
=== dutchie changed the topic of #ubuntu-manual to: Ubuntu Manual Project discussion | Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual | Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual | IRC logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Ubuntu Guidelines: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Code of Conduct: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/
sebsebsebdutchie: ok you sorted it :)01:31
* humphreybc is off to work for 4 hours01:45
humphreybccatch ya'll later01:46
IlyaHaykinsonpushed a few commits -- copyedits on chap 1..306:14
* humphreybc is back06:31
humphreybcIlya, what do you mean by "copyediting"?06:33
IlyaHaykinson_text = copy; copyediting = editing the text06:53
IlyaHaykinson_edited for style & accuracy, mainly. feel free to review and revert.06:54
dutchiedid someone set the list to moderated?12:29
dutchieah, I think it's someone not in the team12:30
vishdutchie: hi.. what is the page size of the manual?12:43
dutchieit's the american letter size12:43
dutchieno idea what the dimensions of that are12:44
dutchiegoogle will probably know ;)12:44
vishyeah  , google is a great friend ;)12:45
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=== \vish is now known as vish
jmburgesshey everone18:04
sebsebseb!hello |  jmburgess18:06
manualbotjmburgess: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!18:06
sebsebsebjmburgess: that factoid should be changed for this channel18:06
sebsebsebdutchie: ^18:07
jmburgesshmmmm can I change that?18:08
jmburgessI don't think so/I have no idea how18:09
sebsebsebjmburgess: if you got bot access yes18:09
jmburgessi have no idea if I do, I am admin on the launchpad18:09
sebsebsebjmburgess: well dutchie has bot access18:09
jmburgessdutchie do your thing18:09
sebsebsebsince he also hosts it, anyway he seems to be away18:09
sebsebsebjmburgess: so do you think manualbot is a he/she/it ?18:10
sebsebsebjmburgess: well ubottu is female, so this one is at the moment as well I guess18:11
manualbotyes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)18:11
jmburgessi mean some females would be nice in the group18:15
sebsebsebjmburgess: uhmm18:15
sebsebsebjmburgess: remember the channel is publically logged now,  and certian people don't like those kind of comments, even if it is only a joke18:16
sebsebsebjmburgess: or even if you mean it, but in a friendly way18:16
sebsebseb!women | jmburgess18:16
manualbotjmburgess: The women and men of the Ubuntu women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.18:16
sebsebsebdutchie: to what?  the bot factoid or?18:17
* dutchie is reading the backscroll now18:17
sebsebsebdutchie: ah ok18:17
dutchiewhat should the !hello be changed to then?18:18
manualbotHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!18:18
sebsebseb!hi and !hello are the same thing18:18
manualbotsebsebseb: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:18
sebsebsebjust needs to be a hi or hello or welcome to the channel18:19
sebsebsebso the first bit sure, but the last lot no.18:19
sebsebsebdutchie: could put in a  Enjoy your stay!  If really wanted though18:20
dutchie!hello is <reply> Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Feel free to ask questions and help people out.18:20
manualbotBut hello already means something else!18:20
dutchie!no hello is <reply> Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Feel free to ask questions and help people out.18:20
manualbotI'll remember that dutchie18:20
sebsebsebdutchie: Feel free to ask questions and help people out, is more for the support channels.18:21
sebsebsebthis isn't #ubuntu18:21
dutchiecome up with one yourself then18:21
sebsebsebwhere that message is fine  the one the bot had before18:21
sebsebsebHi!  Welcome to #ubuntu-manual18:21
dutchieand add it like I did18:22
* dutchie is lazy18:22
sebsebsebHi!  Welcome to #ubuntu-manual please enjoy your stay!18:22
sebsebsebdutchie: uhmm I don't have bot access, and probably shoudn't really have it here18:22
dutchieit'll forward to me18:23
i_is_brokeyeah i thought this would be more for the manual then actual help.18:23
sebsebsebi_is_broke: exactly which is why I was suggesting the !hi factoid got changed18:23
i_is_brokehi and welcome, come in and sit down and read a book..lol18:23
sebsebsebdutchie: oh yeah  it can be done in pm with the bot,  but not sure how to do that18:23
dutchie!no hello is <reply> Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Enjoy your stay.18:24
manualbotI'll remember that dutchie18:24
dutchieif you do that, it'll forward the request to me, and I'll review it at some point18:24
manualbotHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!18:24
sebsebsebdutchie: change !hi as well to that, and it's fine18:24
i_is_brokeyeah that would work too.18:25
dutchie!no hi is <alias> hello18:25
manualbotI'll remember that dutchie18:25
manualbotHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Enjoy your stay.18:25
i_is_brokesomething simple, will be for a lot of new people.18:25
sebsebsebi_is_broke: yes  have you seen the art work on the wiki for the front cover?18:26
i_is_brokenow is this manual, going to be added on or is there going to be an advanced manual out as well?18:26
sebsebsebi_is_broke: people  have been picking and doing comments18:26
i_is_brokesebsebseb, yup18:26
sebsebsebdutchie: put in the ! in the factoid and it's fine18:26
manualbotHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Enjoy your stay.18:26
i_is_brokesebsebseb, guess they should of got in on it sooner if they have complaints.18:26
sebsebseboh it's got !  ,but after the channel name, that's another little mistake18:26
sebsebsebi_is_broke: no18:27
sebsebsebi_is_broke: the idea is for the art work to be commented on18:27
i_is_brokeoh ok18:27
i_is_brokei see18:27
dutchiesebsebseb: what, like this:18:27
i_is_brokei thought it was quite good my self18:27
dutchie!no hello is <reply> Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Enjoy your stay!18:27
manualbotI'll remember that dutchie18:27
sebsebsebyou can do one yourself,  and someone will add, or you can yourself  if you join the wiki and such I think18:27
manualbotHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Enjoy your stay!18:27
i_is_brokeill check into it.18:28
i_is_brokeright now im kind of in the middle of hacking around with python...lol18:28
sebsebsebdutchie:  that will do it I guess,  but if we want to be really fussy or whatever  !hello  should  start with  Hello! rather than Hi!18:28
sebsebsebi_is_broke: oh yeah we got another factoid :) yeah this one18:29
manualbotBest to keep this channel mainly on topic!18:29
dutchiesebsebseb: that is far too much fuss18:30
sebsebsebjmburgess: plus he knows where he can chat to me18:30
sebsebsebdutchie: well yeah  I guess so18:31
sebsebsebi_is_broke: if it's about manual  you can say it here18:32
sebsebsebdutchie: can anyone edit the wiki for the manual, or just team members?18:33
dutchieanyone with a launchpad account can edit the wiki18:33
i_is_brokenow this is going to be actual ways they want things done, so its not going to be like the hit and misses of the forums right?18:34
sebsebsebdutchie: yeah that's what I meant by anyone,  anyone with an account18:34
jmburgesssebsebseb: I am pretty sure everyone can18:35
ikoniathe manual page in the topic doesnm't exist in the wiki18:35
sebsebseb!hi | ikonia18:36
manualbotikonia: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Enjoy your stay!18:36
ikoniasebsebseb: just say hi18:36
ikoniaI don't need a bot thrown at me18:36
sebsebsebikonia: true, but we were just changing the factoid18:36
ikoniaso ?18:36
dutchieikonia: which manual page?18:37
humphreybcmorning everyone18:37
ikoniaahhh it does exist18:37
ikoniawiki was just being odd18:37
ikoniajust refreshed and it was there18:37
sebsebsebdutchie: It's got a ! after the channel in that factoid, but doesn't really matter that much.  Not a big deal.  Change it if you want of course though.18:38
dutchiesebsebseb: why should there not be a ! after the channel? it's the end of a sentence...18:39
sebsebsebdutchie: I mean #ubuntu-manual!18:39
sebsebsebdutchie: ah ha I get you now,  ok doesn't matter, since people are already in the channel so don't need to click on the link.18:39
vishikonia: very tired of the bots, eh? ;)18:40
ikoniaa little18:40
vishikonia: probably sebsebseb didnt realize you are a mod/OP :)18:40
sebsebsebvish: oh I know18:40
vishah , cool18:40
ikoniait's not a big deal18:40
dutchiesebsebseb: oh, is your irc client picking up the ! as part of the channel name, and not just a punctuation mark18:40
sebsebsebdutchie: exactly18:41
dutchieget a proper client, or file a bug, or something :P18:41
sebsebsebdutchie: this is a nice client18:41
dutchiewhat is it?18:41
sebsebsebdutchie: Konversation which I would much rather use in Gnome/KDE  than Xchat for example18:42
sebsebsebdutchie: well yeah irssi, but that would need time to set up properly18:42
ikonia30 seconds18:42
ikoniathe default install is a good base18:42
dutchieall I've done on top of the defaults is add a few plugins18:43
ikoniadutchie: 45 seconds then18:43
sebsebsebikonia: well I looked on their  help on the website for it, when I had it in Ubuntu whenever it was now,  and  was a bit like uh, I would have to set this and that up18:43
sebsebsebhumphreybc: Hello18:43
dutchiesebsebseb: all you have to set up is login/server info, which you'd have to do in any client that isn't telepathic18:44
humphreybchey mate18:44
sebsebsebvish: Going back to bots, some people over use them, and other people don't like it.18:45
vishsebsebseb: yeah... :)18:46
dutchiethere's always /ignore18:46
ikoniathe bots can be very very useful18:47
ikoniaI just don't like them used for things like "hello"18:47
sebsebsebikonia: the bots can be very useful indeed18:47
ikoniaif you can't be bothered to type "hello" to someone why type "!hello" to get automated blah thrown at soeone18:47
ikoniait has it's place18:47
manualbotPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic18:48
humphreybcso what's all this?18:49
humphreybcmixed opinions on manuel?18:49
ikonianot at all, it looks like a good project18:49
vishnah... just idle chat :)18:49
ikoniaI'm interested18:49
humphreybcrighto good good18:50
sebsebsebikonia: well ubottu, manualbot, and so on, still have a !hi factoid.  Maybe !hi should get removed from #ubuntu and #ubuntu+1?  Like !love was18:50
humphreybci'm sorry I can't stay and chat guys, i've got 5 hours worth of back to back lectures to contend with today18:50
sebsebsebhumphreybc: ah right yeah, you told us about an exam before18:51
ikoniasebsebseb: it has it's place, it can be useful, more so in busy channels18:51
humphreybcoh no it's not an exam18:51
jmburgesssadly my school is just starting tomorrow18:51
humphreybcthese are just regular lectures :(18:51
jmburgessnot looking forward to that18:51
humphreybcoh noes we're losing everyone to school18:51
humphreybcoh jmburgess while you're here18:51
humphreybccould you email the mailing list and basically give everyone a "final call" to get their opinions in on the new ToC?18:52
jmburgesshumphreybc: I thought it is summer where you are18:52
humphreybcbecause i'd like to change over to the new ToC asap - probably sometime today/tonight18:52
ikoniaToc ?18:52
sebsebsebikonia: Tables Of Contents18:52
sebsebsebTable rather no s18:52
humphreybcahm it's meant to be summer but when you're at 45 degrees latitude south it's freezing cold. I'm doing summer school.18:52
humphreybcalright sweet. what time is it over where you live jmburgess?18:53
sebsebsebikonia: exactly an interesting project it should be, their was quite a lot of media attention articles/blogs18:53
humphreybcbecause it's like 8am here and after I finish lectures i'll work on changing the wiki and blueprints over to the new ToC. So everyone has about 6 hours to get their opinions in before a final decision is made :)18:53
ikoniaI've not read any of the media / blog posts on it to be honest18:54
jmburgessit is 1:54 pm18:54
humphreybcoh awesome well that's not too bad18:54
jmburgessI will send out the email now18:54
dutchiejmburgess: you in the states?18:54
humphreybcso i'll be back at about 8pm your time18:54
jmburgessdutchie: yep18:55
jmburgessPittsburgh area18:55
humphreybcoh yeah dutchie this probably applies to you too if you want to help with the latex conversion xD18:55
dutchiewe're spread right across the world then18:55
jmburgessdutchie: you?18:55
humphreybcit truly is an international project :)18:55
humphreybcoh and btw18:55
sebsebsebikonia: Well I never checked out the Lucid blue prints in full, just some, but the manual has something  as well I think.   Anyway IRC channel, and then a link that took me to an article about it.  That's how I found out about this project the other night.  Then told someone about it and he has done some cover art work.18:55
dutchiegives us a nice coverage of the time zones too18:55
humphreybci stuck Jamin Day in charge of editing18:55
humphreybcso he's going to find out who else wants to edit, and sort out the editing team18:56
humphreybcthen he's going to assign an editor to each chapter18:56
jmburgessI will redo a bunch of the latex stuff tonight, and email everyone when I push the revision18:56
humphreybcthe editors will work as a two person team with the authors of each chapter18:56
humphreybcdutchie: we can work 24 hours!18:56
jmburgessyeah humphreybc when you go to sleep, I wake up generally18:56
sebsebsebhumphreybc: ah yes  time zones, but this is The Internet18:57
humphreybci haven't emailed anyone about the new editing thing yet, but i'll do that this afternoon18:57
sebsebsebhumphreybc: so people are indeed in different time zones18:57
humphreybcJamin wants better communication between the editing team and the authors, so we're going to make full use of the whiteboards on blueprints18:57
jmburgesssounds good18:58
sebsebsebhumphreybc: people working on the project 24 hours, sounds like a nice idea18:58
* humphreybc needs to buy a linux friendly printer today - ideas?18:58
ikoniaHP is the only way to go18:59
jmburgessI have a wireless hp printer and it is excellent18:59
vishhumphreybc: BTW , did you get my mail?18:59
jmburgessand does duplex18:59
sebsebsebI don't know that much about printers, but why you guys think HP is the best?18:59
humphreybcthere's a cheap Canon Pixma that has downloadable .deb drivers from their site18:59
humphreybcand also their own .deb scanning software19:00
humphreybcbut i'll look for an HP19:00
vishhumphreybc: cover + the lynx19:00
humphreybcthe guy in the shop totally won't know anything about linux19:00
jmburgessvish: where is it?19:00
humphreybcvish: yup i did and I replied19:00
ikoniasebsebseb: support19:00
jmburgesshumphreybc: correct, HP likes linux19:00
humphreybcokay HP it is then19:00
vishjmburgess: i added it to the wiki too19:00
ikoniasebsebseb: hp printers have the best linux support19:00
sebsebsebikonia: drivers from HP for Linux you mean or?19:00
humphreybcnah canon had drivers on their site19:00
humphreybcin .deb and .rpm19:00
ikoniasebsebseb: no, things like cups have compatible drivers, and HP activly develop them for linux too19:00
sebsebsebikonia: ah ok thanks19:01
humphreybcand also their own scanning software. but if you guys think HP, then HP it is - provided I can find something under $15019:01
jmburgessI think the lynx is too prominant19:01
humphreybcvish: yeh i replied, basically just asked if you could move the lynx down a bit so it's nearer to the bottom edge. Maybe make it a wee bit bigger as well19:01
humphreybcperhaps the opacity needs to go down19:01
jmburgesslike it looks like it is staring at me, which is kinda creepy19:01
humphreybcjmburgess: freak all the newbies out :P "We are LINUX and we will eat you alive!"19:02
jmburgesshumphreybc: hahaha exactly19:02
* vish checks mail19:02
vishjmburgess: well , i didnt actually do the lynx :)19:03
jmburgessright I know19:03
jmburgesscan you I guess lower the opacity maybe19:03
jmburgessim not sure19:03
humphreybcthe lynx looks sweet tho, but make it look more like wolters mockup in size and opacity19:03
humphreybcand position19:03
humphreybcit's too high on the page19:03
jmburgesshumphreybc: agreed19:03
humphreybci might have a go at a mockup this afternoon too19:04
sebsebsebhumphreybc: oh that other lynx  I didn't like as much as wolters19:04
humphreybcyeah the other lynx looks good on thorwil's only19:04
humphreybcas he said he originally made it for a T shirt19:04
humphreybchence why it has the square proportion19:04
humphreybcor rectangular rather19:04
humphreybcokay i gotta shoot19:04
sebsebsebwell I am sure that t shirt looks  great, if it still exists19:04
sebsebsebhumphreybc: probably a nice t shirt yeah, anyway ok bye19:05
jmburgesscya sebsebseb19:06
sebsebsebjmburgess: no I am not going he is, are you as well?19:07
humphreybcoh also19:08
humphreybcyou know how we have a prologue + 9 chapters in the new ToC19:09
humphreybcwhy don't we just make the prologue chapter 1 and then push everything down one number19:09
humphreybcso then we'll have ten chapters again19:09
sebsebsebhumphreybc: ok that wasn't really for me, but by the way I read the meeting log19:09
humphreybcok that's all good sebsebseb19:09
humphreybcanyway have a think about that, makes sense to me19:09
humphreybcand less blueprints to change19:10
humphreybcrighto bye!19:10
sebsebsebok bye19:10
sebsebsebhumphreybc: bye19:10
vishhumphreybc: just a sec19:11
vishhumphreybc: jmburgess: http://imagebin.ca/view/34zc4T.html19:13
vishbigger and lighter19:13
vishthe lynx needs a bit more work... since the version you sent has a lot of problems19:15
vishjust adding the transparency creates problems... :/19:16
sebsebsebvish: I think he has already gone19:17
vishhttp://imagebin.ca/view/vGZGXZOU.html ... this looks ok size to me... anything bigger would be frightening  ;)19:30
vishscaled to 500px width19:39
vishhumphreybc: when you get back ping me... if it needs to be bigger/smaller...19:40
vishhmm , less scary eyes... > http://imagebin.ca/view/eyotBuWB.html19:44
vishargh! its tough working on someone else's source :/19:47
dutchieooh, that's better19:48
vishdutchie: the last one?19:48
dutchiewithout the scary eyes19:48
vishyeah, the yellow was drawing too much attention19:49

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