dijeneratepersia: ping01:07
persiadijenerate: Yes?02:16
dijeneratehad a question about using system and persistent ajax callbacks to monitor the output of a script02:24
dijeneratepersia: but I found a work around by sending stdout to a log file and using ajax to read the file's contents at intervals02:25
dijenerateit's a temporary fix but a more permanent solution would be to write a browser based terminal emulator02:25
dijenerateno worries02:25
persiaIf you end up with a question about that again, I'd suggest you try another forum.  People here should be familiar with Ubuntu Mobile stuff, but that's stretching the boundaries :)02:26
persiaI think you can do something with a call that never closes as long as it doesn't timeout, but I haven't tried that sort of thing in too many years to be sure.02:27
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kolbyjackHow would I go about getting the ubuntu moblin remix interface on a karmic install?  I tried starting with a regular desktop install and install ubuntu-mid, but it's still using compiz as the window manager and I don't want to go through and purge all the desktop packages I don't need.20:25

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