LLStarksasac. is it a big problem that upstream still hasn't fixed the autocomplete bug?00:40
gavinwhich autocomplete bug?00:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 438868 in firefox "Address bar autocomplete doesn't always work" [Unknown,Confirmed]00:41
LLStarksgavin, do think it's a mozilla problem or a fluke of the firefox environment on ubuntu?01:00
gavinthere are mentions in the mozilla bug of compiz and screensavers01:01
gavinis it just a drawing issue or also functional?01:01
gavin(i.e. can you still arrow through entries and select them?)01:01
gavincompiz being involved seems unlikely, but it also appears only to affect some ubuntu builds?01:05
gavinI dunno, not much to go on there01:05
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ftacrimsun, seems like chromium is losing audio after a while (flash)14:54
nigelbabuHi, is there a known issue with latest updates to flash and firefox15:07
nigelbabuthere is a user in #ubuntu-bug who is facing some trouble with flash15:07
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crimsunfta: I'm unsure what that means. 32-bit? 64-bit? which version(s) of the non-Free plugin?21:08
ftacrimsun, 32, karmic21:08
crimsunadobe-flashplugin? flashplugin-installer?21:08
ftacrimsun, flashplugin-installer
crimsunfta: mmkay, so there's possible nspluginwrapper interaction, too21:10
ftaon 32bit?21:10
crimsunfta: is this reproducible with the native 64-bit alpha refresh?21:10
crimsunerr, sorry21:10
crimsunmeaning is it reproducible with adobe-flashplugin21:11
ftano idea21:11
crimsunwell, ia32-libs certainly hasn't been resynced in a bit21:11
ftathe thing is that i work for a while, and then poof, no more sound in chromium (only) until i restart it21:12
ftaia32-libs? i said i'm on a 32bit box21:12
ftaso no x64, no ia32-libs involved21:13
crimsunfta: yes, I know you're on 32-bit21:13
crimsunfta: I'm looking at the entire stack currently21:13
crimsun32-bit doesn't currently pull in nspluginwrapper, correct?21:15
crimsun(it certainly seems not to according to debian/control)21:15
crimsunfta: does PA actually log anything about it dying?21:17
ftahm, not sure, where should i look? syslog?21:18
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crimsunsure, or kill PA and start a verbose log (wiki/PulseAudio/Log)21:18
crimsunor use pactl and bump the logging verboseness21:19
ftait doesn't seem to die, the other apps are fine. it seems it's just chromium loosing its link to pa, or to whatever it uses to send the sound21:19
crimsunfta: and this is with the latest libasound2-plugins updates?21:22
crimsunon lucid, that is21:22
ftai'm still using karmic21:22
ftawell, i decided to hold on to it for a while, to experience stability, but so far, it's been the worse experience ever21:23
crimsunyeah, by the time you get all the fixes backported, you may as well run lucid.21:24
fta2 days ago, the new kernel trashed my grub on reboot -> dead21:25
ftaold bug from jaunty, still there :(21:25
ftavarious stuff are crashing21:26
fta-rw------- 1 fta  fta  15393563 2010-01-09 12:51 _usr_lib_totem_totem-plugin-viewer.1000.crash21:26
fta-rw------- 1 fta  fta  11499721 2010-01-09 23:00 _usr_bin_rhythmbox.1000.crash21:26
fta-rw------- 1 root root   947495 2010-01-10 22:07 _sbin_init.0.crash21:26
EzraRanyone around that is familliar with the enigmail package (the package itself)22:51
EzraRother addons are probally packaged the same way22:52
EzraRim trying to figure out how to go about aplying a patch to the source22:52
EzraRthe source is in a tarball that gets extracted during build22:53
EzraRand the patchs seem a bit confusing22:53
* EzraR prods asac for signs of life22:54
* micahg pulls us enigmail source22:56
micahgEzraR: enigmail will be upgraded to 1.0 soon22:56
EzraRin karmic?22:56
EzraRwas going to try and get a bug sru'd22:57
micahgno, not soon in karmic22:57
micahgmaybe in ppa22:57
asacpost what you have now ;)22:59
EzraRits a patch from upstream23:00
asacEzraR: yes. the patch thing is messy ;)23:00
asacits kind of dpatch based23:00
asacjust that you cant use dpatch-edit-patch23:00
EzraRemails that are encrypted and signed not showing up as signed23:00
asacso do a patch manually and add the dpatch header manually23:01
asacin tb2?23:01
asaclet me know23:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504738 in enigmail "thunderbird openpgp (enigmail) does not TELL if message was signed or not! (missing icon and info for encrypted+SIGNED in OpenPGP/MIME mode)" [Medium,In progress]23:01
EzraRok but which 00list do i put it in23:04
micahgpatch is a one-liner which is nice23:05
asacEzraR: .thunderbird23:05
asacwe dont build moz packages anymore23:05
EzraRok, ill give it a shot23:08
EzraRthank you23:08
and`asac: hey23:09
and`asac: we added a better udev rule in Debian for g-bluetooth23:09
and`you could re-base the Ubuntu package on that23:09
and`looks like the Debian's udev maintainer was happy with it, so it's worth to move it to Ubuntu as well23:10
asacand`: diff?23:12
and`asac: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=55218523:13
ubottuDebian bug 552185 in gnome-bluetooth "[gnome-bluetooth] read/write access to the /dev/rfkill device is required" [Serious,Open]23:13
and`at the end of the bug report23:13
and`message #12623:14
EzraRasac: do all the patches need the bit of script that are in the other patches23:46
EzraRfor example:23:46
asaci think so ;)23:53
asacbut havent really touched it for a while23:54
and`asac: so?23:56
and`asac: do you think you can rebase the Ubuntu package now?23:56
asaci dont see a patch23:57
and`asac: message #12623:58
and`asac: the udev rule is posted there23:58
asacwhats the difference23:58
and`asac: it's a bit better made and safer23:59
asacwhats the technical diff ;)23:59
asaci dont have the current file in my head :)23:59

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