ripperdaHi, I'm having trouble connecting a remote frontend to my backend. the frontend starts, but hangs after seemingly connecting to the DB02:14
ripperdaI see "Testing network connectivity to 'htpc00'; New DB connection, total: 1", then things stop02:14
ripperdahmm, got my earlier problem worked out, but still having problems04:12
ripperdai can start the frontend, but it complains about connecting to the db04:12
ripperdaI have the remote hostname set correctly, but in the output, mythcontext is trying to connect to the localhost and fails04:13
ripperdaam I supposed to run mythtv-setup on frontends that have no local backend?04:13
cmdlnwhen was the last time channel.conf import worked?04:55
cmdlnripper there is a setup inside the frontend04:55
cmdlnyou tell it what db to connect ot04:55
cmdlncan you connect to the remote db with mysql client?04:56
cmdlnfrom the box your frontend is on04:56
cmdlnmysql typically comes only listening on localhost, you have to change the bind address04:56
ripperdacmdln, yes, I've been working through problems. I had configured frontend in the setup page, but now it goes straight to that page whenever I start the frontend04:57
cmdlncan you connect with mysql cli?04:58
ripperdaworking on mysql right now. I can connect local on the backend, but not from the frontend. looking at some web pages right now04:58
cmdlnedit /etc/mysql/my.cnf04:58
ripperdayes, I commented out the bind line04:58
cmdlnchange bind-address from to either the ip of the interface04:58
cmdlnor to
cmdlnyou gotta bind it to something04:58
cmdln0.0.0.0 is all interfaces04:59
ripperdaok, will change it and give it another try04:59
cmdlnyeh change that04:59
cmdlnrestart mysql04:59
cmdlnyou should be ok then04:59
cmdlnas long as there is no firewall04:59
ripperdahmm, no luck yet05:08
cmdlndid you restart mysql?05:10
cmdlnsee if you can telnet to 3306 (mysql port) from the frontend05:13
cmdlnmysql must be listening on the right interface05:14
cmdlnand you have to have a user on mysql with proper permissions to connect from that host05:14
ripperdaok, I did restart mysql, although I see this output:05:17
ripperda * Stopping MySQL database server mysqld                                                                                    [ OK ]05:17
ripperda * Starting MySQL database server mysqld                                                                                    [ OK ]05:17
ripperda * Checking for corrupt, not cleanly closed and upgrade needing tables.05:17
cmdlnthat looks normal05:18
ripperdaah that last line is fine, for some reason I was thinking it indicated it didn't close cleanly05:18
ripperdaok, tried telneting in, get this (which may be normal):05:18
ripperdaConnected to htpc00.05:18
ripperdaEscape character is '^]'.05:18
cmdlnthats good05:18
cmdlnyou connected05:18
cmdlnnow try with mysql client05:18
ripperdaok, so that means mysql is configured correctly?05:19
cmdlnwell it means mysql is listnedng and accepting connections from the other host05:19
cmdlnthat dosnt mean its correct05:19
cmdlnfrom the frontedn05:19
ripperdagot it05:19
ripperdaok, tried this:05:19
ripperdamysql mythconverg -h htpc00 -u mythtv -p05:19
ripperdaEnter password:05:19
ripperdaand entered the password:05:20
ripperdabut I get:05:20
ripperdaERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'' (using password: YES)05:20
cmdlnthat should match what you see in /etc/mythtv/config.xml on the backend05:20
cmdlnthe password that is05:20
ripperdaok, let me check that to verify05:20
ripperdaok, yes, that matches05:21
cmdlnguessing you dont have proper permissions for the user05:21
cmdlnon the db server05:21
cmdlnmysql -uroot -pmysqlrootpassword05:22
cmdlngrant all on mythconverg.* to 'mythtv@%' identified by '5mRYWsZD';05:22
ripperdainteresting, I was trying the same thing on the actual server05:23
cmdlndid it work ?05:23
ripperdathis works: mysql mythconverg  -u mythtv -p05:23
ripperdathis does not: mysql mythconverg -h htpc00 -u mythtv -p05:23
ripperdaie, if I just do the localhost, it works fine, but I explicitly tell it the hostname/ip it does not05:23
ripperdabut your previous comment may be key05:24
ripperdaI saw that online, but was dumb and did 'password' rather than plugging in the actual password05:24
ripperdaI'll try that05:24
cmdlnbecause you only have a grant that allows access for the mythtv user from localhost05:24
cmdlnthat grant should fix it05:24
cmdlni think05:24
cmdlnnot a mysql guru05:24
ripperdasure, I'll give it a shot. understood. thanks for the help05:25
cmdlnwill be close though05:25
ripperdaok, made progress05:28
ripperdaI can connect via mysql cli on both systems05:28
ripperdamythfrontend starts properly again05:28
cmdlnnow try the frontend05:28
ripperdahowever I still get "could not connect to the master backend server -- is it running?"05:28
ripperdalet me get the output05:28
cmdlnyou need to restart mythtv-backend05:29
cmdlnon the backend05:29
ripperdaok, will try that05:29
ripperdabut in the mythfrontend output, I don't see the failure to connect to the DB, but I see:05:29
ripperdaMythContext: Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 1)05:30
ripperdawhen the backend server should be on
cmdlnand in the frontend setup you have the right ip?05:31
ripperdaI should, but I'll double-check, just restarted the backend05:31
ripperdahmm, yes, I have the right hostname (with the right ip/hostname translation in /etc/hosts)05:34
ripperdaand I see the frontend output connecting the mysql server correctly05:34
cmdlncheck /etc/mythv/05:34
ripperdait just looks like MythContext is configured differently/somewhere else05:34
cmdlnlook in /etc/mythtv05:36
cmdlnon the frontend05:36
cmdlnsee if there are any plain txt files that have some config in em05:36
ripperdaI checked through those, but they all looked correct. I'll keep digging around05:36
ripperdathanks for helping out with the mysql stuff, that helped a lot05:37
iamlindororipperda, Your backend is configured to run on
iamlindororun mythtv-setup on the backend, step 1, general05:37
iamlindoroboth IP addresses on that page must be externally accessible05:37
iamlindoro(and in the case of a single backend, the same)05:38
cmdlnany idea what the best way to migrate channel data is?05:38
cmdlncant import channels.conf, aparently thats busted05:38
ripperdaiamlindoro, thanks, looking at it right now05:38
cmdlni tried just moving the channel table05:38
cmdlnthat didnt work out well05:38
cmdlncouldnt tune05:38
cmdlnis there information elsewhere that I missed when I grabbed the channel table?05:39
ripperdaiamlindoro, do I need to enter the ip number there, or is a hostname valid?05:39
cmdlnhostname should be fine ripper05:39
iamlindororipperda, IP address only05:39
iamlindorono, hostname is not fine05:39
cmdlnoh its the address it binds to05:40
ripperdaok, going with IP address05:40
cmdlniamlindoro: any idea on moving the channel maps?05:41
ripperdaawesome, its working now05:41
ripperdaI can watch tv via the frontend now (if a little jerky)05:42
ripperdathanks much guys05:42
ZinnSorry I don't know about05:42
iamlindorocmdln, channel layouts aren't meant to be moved between systems-- the only supported method to do something like that is to backup and restore the database05:42
iamlindorochannels are cross referenced among about a dozen database tables05:42
cmdlni spent hours mapping that qam data05:43
cmdlntheres gotta be a good way05:43
cmdlnhas the channels.conf import ever worked well?05:43
cmdlnI have a script that will generate a channels.conf from the db05:43
iamlindoroWhat's wrong with restoring your database?05:43
cmdlni guess i can do that05:44
ripperdaok, now a (subjective) config question about dvds/videos05:55
ripperdaI've been ripping my dvds to iso images for use around the house by mythtv05:55
ripperdaI have a myth-backend, a NAS for the isos, and frontends05:55
ripperdaI was going to have the backend physically near the NAS and use storage groups to stream the videos to the frontends05:55
ripperdabut storage groups in 22 don't support streaming isos05:56
ripperdaso is the "right" thing to do to point all of the frontend filepaths to the NAS location?05:56
foxbunturipperda, for .22, yes05:59
foxbunturipperda, mount the nas to the frontends and point to that06:00
ripperdafoxbuntu, ok, thanks. do you have experience with that? how well does that work?06:00
ripperdahmm, I was worried about network latency and pulling the file, but mythvideo should be able to pull parts of the iso as it plays back06:01
ripperdaI'll experiment and see how well it works06:01
cmdlni restored my database to my new backend06:02
cmdlnyay the channel map didnt get hosed06:02
foxbunturipperda, it all depends on your network and nas06:02
cmdlnbut boo, i cant tune06:03
ripperdafoxbuntu, understood06:03
cmdlnany idea what i might be overlooking?06:03
foxbuntucmdln, I assume you restored your DB for a reason other than fun, so I am wondering if your external channel changer script is still in place/tested/working06:05
cmdlnIm using an hdhomerun06:06
foxbuntucmdln, aright...06:06
cmdlninstalling the frontend on the backend now to see if it works there06:06
cmdlnnop same06:07
foxbuntucmdln, usually when the HDHR doesnt tune its a connectivity issue06:07
cmdlni didnt have to do anything special to get the hdhomerun working06:07
foxbuntucmdln, try this on the backend: hdhomerun_config discover06:07
cmdlnit found it06:09
foxbuntucmdln, ok, now try this06:09
foxbuntusudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart06:09
cmdlnok its restarted06:10
foxbuntucmdln, try tuning06:10
cmdlncant from myth06:11
cmdlni get the playback starting screen06:11
cmdlnthen it hops back06:11
foxbuntucmdln, cat /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log | pastebinit06:11
foxbuntuprovide me that url06:12
rhpot1991foxbuntu: I have the HDHR config gui on the testing ppa, might help here06:13
foxbunturhpot1991, maybe06:13
foxbunturhpot1991, we' see what the logs have to say first06:13
cmdlnjust needed to look06:14
cmdlncouldnt creat ring buffer, perm issue on the recordings dir06:14
foxbuntucmdln, glad to help ;)06:14
cmdlnanyone know what the deal will be with the cable card version06:15
cmdlnthats supposed to come out sometime06:15
cmdlnie if i have a cable card will the cable card be able to get the virtual channel map updates from the provider?06:15
foxbuntucmdln, well they were going to annouce at CES, but I havent heard more than that06:15
foxbuntucmdln, it will depend on your provider and how much cablecard support they will provide06:16
foxbuntucmdln, at this point very few of the cable providers offer/support the cablecard spec06:17
foxbuntucmdln, and more importantly the CableCard 2.0 spec06:18
cmdlnour cable provider usualy impliments stuff fairly fast06:20
cmdlnfor a small town anyway06:20
cmdlnim just ticked they dont provide the qam mappings06:20
foxbuntucmdln, many dont06:21
foxbuntucmdln, thus Schedules Direct06:21
cmdlnschedules direct dosnt give you the qam channels though, just the virtual cable channels right?06:21
cmdlnits my understanding the providers will futz with the qam channels and move them around, but leave the virtual channel the same for all the cable boxes06:22
cmdlni just dont think i should have to pay for cable boxes to find my channels06:22
foxbuntucmdln, well if th cable provider send the call sign schedules direct will match up in the db with it06:22
cmdlnand the one free one they provide dosnt work with HD06:22
cmdlnhow can I tell if they send the call sign?06:23
foxbuntucmdln, I agree and wish I didnt, but there is allot of content that doesnt come on the QAM here06:23
cmdlni didnt see it when i did a manual scan06:23
foxbuntucmdln, well somtimes the channel will show "ABCDT" or similar on the QAM06:23
foxbuntucmdln, but it will contain the QAM channel number06:24
foxbuntucmdln, if it doesnt even do that then, no, schedules direct is of no help06:24
cmdlnyeh where would the channel "show" that06:25
cmdlnwhen i was making my map i filled in the callsign06:25
cmdlnshould i see it in the output when i do a hdhomerun_config scan?06:26
foxbuntunot all of them will but it will be easily visible if the EIT data from the cable provider has it06:26
foxbuntucmdln, no06:26
foxbuntucmdln, channel scan in MythTV06:26
foxbuntuer... mythtv-setup06:26
cmdlnso i shouldnt have to do anything special?06:28
cmdlnive seen a checkbox somewhere about eit06:28
cmdlnbut i dont see it in the scan config06:28
foxbuntujust run a full scan on QAM 25606:29
cmdlnmmm i know some people in the head end, maybe i can get them to start broadcasting that06:29
cmdlncause when i did that the first time, i just got numbers for the call sign06:29
cmdlnso here is a good one for ya06:29
foxbuntuyeah...if the callsign isnt there06:29
cmdlni havent done the second tuner yet06:29
foxbuntuwhat second tuner?06:30
cmdlnim just going to hook it to the same input06:30
cmdlnthe other tuner in the hdhr06:30
foxbuntuyou dont have to scan both06:30
cmdlnthank god06:30
foxbuntuyou only need the data once06:30
cmdlndocs online seeemed to make it sound like that06:30
foxbuntucmdln, the HDHR supports multirec as well since .2206:31
foxbuntucmdln, it can tune to multiplexes06:31
foxbuntucmdln, the HD signal for QAM/ATSC is broadcast on multiplexes which means several channels may be on the same multiplex06:32
foxbuntucmdln, I have my HDHR setup to record 6 channels at a time06:32
foxbuntu3 per tuner06:32
cmdlnyou recording all the other programs on that channel?06:33
cmdlnor you pick 6 independant06:33
foxbuntuif you look at the tuner config (I think the last page) it asks how many simultaious recordings this tuner can do, just shove a number in there...it will figure out which channels are on the same multiple06:33
cmdlninput groups?06:34
foxbuntucmdln, no, most of my local HD channels (ABC/FOX/NBC/ect) on QAM are on like 2 multiplexes06:34
foxbuntucmdln, nope, its on the tuner it self06:35
foxbuntuin mythtv-setup06:35
cmdlndamn i need to hit wikipedia06:35
Zinncmdln: Please watch your language.06:35
foxbuntucmdln, hes a bot06:35
foxbuntucmdln, but yes ;06:35
cmdlnrealized right after i appologised to him06:35
cmdlnso does it matter what you set max recordings to?06:36
foxbuntuin theory06:36
foxbuntuit will only record based on the multiplexes06:37
cmdlni dont understand what the multiplexes are06:37
foxbuntuI dont know of any negative results for setting it too high (if there is a too high)06:37
foxbuntucmdln, think of them as the next level up of containers for braodcast data06:38
cmdlnok but how do i know what content is broadcast on what multiplex?06:38
foxbuntucmdln, the levels are TV Show -> Channels -> Multiplex06:38
foxbuntucmdln, you could look it up in the DB, but there is no need to know06:38
cmdlnok and the multiplex  is commonly reffered to as the "program id"06:38
cmdlnthat right?06:39
foxbuntuit is a multiplex06:39
foxbuntuprogram id is the episode information06:39
foxbunturecording date and so one06:39
cmdlnso my basic digital tv06:40
cmdlni have qam channels06:40
cmdlnlike 27.306:40
cmdlnor 27-306:40
cmdlnthe 3?06:40
foxbuntunope its mre specific to the particular episode of a show that is playing06:42
cmdlnill have to dig around06:43
cmdlnright now its too much magic :)06:43
cmdlnim just happy to have my mythbox working again06:44
cmdlnbeen down for 2 years06:44
cmdlndied before a move, decided id wait till after the digital switchover to mess again06:44
cmdlnboy have i missed it06:44
cmdlnthis little hdhr is great though06:44
cmdlnjust being able to use it with vlc is interesting06:45
foxbuntucmdln, geez, I would die without my myth at this point07:01
ripperdaso I found that playing back movies works for some, but not others. most likely due to file size07:03
ripperdaso playing around with researching how to speed that up07:03
ripperdaI had my NAS share mounted via CIFS/SMB, so did a quick, dirty, non-scientific comparison between that and NFS07:04
ripperdajust copied multiple mp3/flac files07:04
ripperdaNFS is much faster, copies files in a little under half the time07:04
ripperdaeg. ~1.8 seconds on SMB for a 8 MB file, vs .77 on NFS07:05
cmdlnfoxbuntu: yeh the only reason i didnt die is because i would just dl the shows i wanted to watch heh07:05
ripperdaa 40 MB file took ~8-10 seconds on SMB, vs 3.7 seconds on NFS07:05
foxbunturipperda, this is known/common NFS is quite a bit faster than SMB07:06
ripperdafoxbuntu, I should have known, likely due to lighter-weight transactions w/ no access/security?07:07
foxbunturipperda, thats part of it07:07
Easy_Rider9999Hallo has anybody got idle detection working with mythbuntu 9.10?09:20
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].10:57
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].10:57
gocspi connected my pc with dvi to hdmi with the tv15:42
gocspand now the font size is very big15:42
gocspif i connect it with vga (same resolution) all is okay15:42
abarbacciaanyone getting a tvdb xml error as of late?17:09
iamlindoroTVDB API is down17:14
iamlindorothus the error17:14
iamlindoroa fairly common occurence, you just need to wait until it comes back up whenever that happens17:14
cmdlnthanks for the suggestion iamlindoro last night, moving the whole db was easy enough, but seems like would be useful to export/import channel lineups17:27
cmdlnany hardware recomendations for a frontend thats almost silent and can do HD plus scores high on the WAF17:28
LetsGo67How do I configure my Hauppage card?17:37
rhpot1991!frontend | cmdln17:46
Zinncmdln: Ion Boxes make a great frontend.  http://www.baablogic.net/drupal/node/217:46
cmdlnthanks rhpot199117:55
cmdlnthat does look pretty good17:55
cmdlnI had heard that linux couldnt do audio over hdmi, looks like that was either stale or just wrong info17:55
rhpot1991old info, it can now17:58
cmdlnnow i just need to find the perfect remote18:07
cmdlndont think they are quite making them18:08
cmdlnsoon though18:08
cmdlnandroid devices18:08
cmdlnlike the ipod touch but android based18:08
cmdlnso non-directional18:08
cmdlnmulti room capable18:08
rhpot1991get a harmony they are good18:09
cmdlnive got one18:09
rhpot1991need something to receive IR though18:09
cmdlnbut what i dont like is waiting for the ir18:09
cmdlnthe macros that turn on the tv and the stereo etc ...18:10
cmdlnerror prone and slow18:10
cmdlnneed to be able to control my tv power from the PC18:10
cmdlnstereo could just stay on all the time18:10
foxbuntucmdln, commandIR is a multi unit IR blaster with decent lirc support18:24
cmdlnyeah, the ir blaster dosnt have a high WAF18:25
foxbuntucmdln, what do you mean by WAF?18:26
cmdlnwife approval factor18:26
foxbuntuwhy not?18:26
foxbuntuyou can hide them pretty well18:27
cmdlnthe wire running along somewhere18:27
cmdlnpoking out18:28
cmdlnadhesive to the ir sensor18:28
foxbuntumeh, tell her where her place is...that will help the WAF18:28
* foxbuntu understands WAF all too well18:28
cmdlntvs need to have network capability and be able to be controlled with an api18:29
cmdlni know you can control some tvs over usb18:30
DavieyI can control mine via serial18:31
cmdlneven my 60 inch dosnt have serial18:31
cmdlnoh well18:31
cmdlnstill not too bad to use 2 remotes one just to power on the tv18:32
cmdlni like the way my harmony feels18:32
cmdlnbut its too slow18:32
cmdlnid prefer to just use an android device18:33
cmdlnover the network18:33
rhpot1991cmdln: do you have some old harmony or something?18:33
cmdlni suppose18:33
rhpot1991my 890 kills any other remote combo I've ever touched18:33
cmdlnits several years old18:33
rhpot1991880 correction18:33
cmdlndont remember the model18:33
cmdlngoing to hook up mymote soon18:34
cmdlnso i can use my iphone18:34
cmdlnbut im chomping at the bit to get rid of my iphone18:34
cmdlndont get me wrong, best phone ive ever had18:34
cmdlnbut it just sucks in comparison to android18:34
cmdlnjailbroken its not bad18:35
cmdlnbut still18:35
cmdlni want an android device18:35
cmdlnATT network here is better than verizons18:35
foxbunturhpot1991, the harmony I had beta tested awhile back with my system was crappy slow too18:35
cmdlnso i want to stick with that18:35
foxbunturhpot1991, I can click 3x faster with my uber old mce18:35
cmdlnmight get the backflip18:35
foxbuntucmdln, not going to spring for a Nexus One?18:36
cmdlni work for Mot18:37
cmdlnill pad my own bank account thanks18:37
cmdlntoo bad the droid isnt on ATT net, id have that18:37
cmdlnblows the iphone out of the water18:37
foxbuntuonly one you can get is the Nexus One18:38
foxbuntubut at full retail...18:38
cmdlnonly what i can get?18:39
cmdlnthe backflip will be out soon18:39
cmdlnits interesting formfactor18:39
foxbuntuandroid (at the moment)18:42
cmdlnah right18:44
cmdlni think the backflip looks interesting though18:44
cmdlnthat will be out q118:44
cmdlnon ATT18:44
cmdlnor so i hear18:44
cmdlnheck yeah18:48
cmdlnjust got mymote workin18:48
cmdlnthat is groovy18:48
cmdlnwayyyyyy more responsive than an IR remote18:48
cmdlnthink about it18:48
cmdlnno more losing the remote control18:49
cmdlnif you lose it in the couch cushins or something you can just call it to find it18:49
cmdlnis there still no way to backup the newer dvds with linux? (arccos/ripguard protected)19:54

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