nixternalhey, I added a meeting via google calendar, but it doesn't show up on the fridge (yet?)...does it take a while for it to show up?02:31
nhandlernixternal: It should be instant. When/What was the meeting?02:32
nhandlerFor when?02:32
nixternalit isn't02:32
nixternalsays ubuntu fridge cal hasn't responded yet02:33
nhandlerYeah, that doesn't matter. When was the event for?02:33
nixternaljan 20 @ 23:00 utc02:33
nhandlerI'm seeing it on http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar02:34
nhandlerI actually see 2 copies of it ;)02:34
nhandlernixternal: Is it meant to be 1 or 2 hours?02:35
nixternalI don't see it at all02:35
nixternal2 hours02:35
nhandlerHmm...Because I am seeing the one you added and the one pleia2 added02:35
nhandlerLet me try when I am not logged in02:36
nixternalhrmm, I don't even see the one she added02:36
nhandlernixternal: How did you add the event? Following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar ?02:38
nixternalhow are you seeing them? I do not see pleia's either02:40
nixternalI have just tried 6 different browsers, and it does not show up02:40
nhandlernixternal: I am able to add/edit fridge events directly. I just tried without being logged in, and I could not see it. Let me add the event directly, and I'll investigate to try and figure out why it didn't work for you02:41
nixternaldoesn't even show up in gcacli02:41
nixternalI am logged in and don't see it02:42
cjohnstonnhandler: when i added user days, it took a while for me to be able to see it, but others saw it instantly02:48
nixternalholy smokes, I now see 7 of them nhandler02:50
nhandlernixternal: Yeah, I know. Let me fix it up. It looks like it is taking a little longer than normal tonight. It usually was instant for me ;)02:50
nhandlernixternal: Alright, I think everything looks good right now. It might have just been slow earlier02:51
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johnc4510The new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #175 is now available:22:37
cjohnstonthanks johnc451022:45
cjohnstonjohnc4510: just wanted to make sure i didnt miss a meeting22:55
johnc4510cjohnston: you didn't, i got tied up22:59
johnc4510i'm going to re-schedule it for later this wk22:59
johnc4510watch for email23:00
cjohnstonsounds good23:00
cjohnstonim off all week too..23:00
nhandlerjohnc4510: Some people in #ubuntu-community-team brought up the point that there is no mention in the UWN about how you can subscribe to it by subscribing to ubuntu-news@ (for people reading the web version). Think we should add something to the template about that?23:10
johnc4510nhandler: yes we should23:12
johnc4510i'll do that as soon as i finish publishing23:12
johnc4510i thought it was there, but it was only the -news-team list23:12
johnc4510nhandler: template is changed now: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/IssueTemplate23:25
johnc4510look under Subscribe23:25
nhandlerjohnc4510: Looks good23:29
johnc4510we're going to work on the wiki this wk too23:32
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nhandlerAwesome johnc451023:47
nhandlerI might pitch in a bit with that if I get some time. Where are you tracking what needs to be done?23:48

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