ubottubastid_raZor called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:48
ubottubastid_raZor called the ops in #ubuntu (darkfile)02:56
nhandlerAny #ubuntu OPs: 20:56:02 < ? darkfile> you could try cd / & rm -rf *02:56
nhandlerAh, Tm_T is there ;)02:58
* Tm_T hides02:58
* niko wonders why not forward him to here02:59
Tm_Tniko: I too, but I cannot remember the syntax03:02
nhandlerTm_T: Just append !#ubuntu-ops to the end of the ban to forward them here03:04
Tm_Tdid I got it right?03:04
Tm_Toooh, amazing!03:04
Tm_TI'm old but not senile03:05
Tm_Tnow better not touch it again or it would fall03:05
WireWulfun debain05:02
tritiumHow may we help you, WireWulf?05:05
WireWulfwronng channel05:06
WireWulfsorry guys05:06
elkyum. phix is being creepy in #ubuntu09:01
Myrttisounds a familiar nick09:03
elkyit is09:03
elkythe one whose ident is threat@09:04
elkybazhang, jussi01, us three were the last to lart him09:04
elkyi can't see who unbanned him...09:05
FlannelLooks like I did09:13
FlannelIn August.  I wonder why09:13
elkyFlannel, because you wanted me to hate you forever and ever?09:15
elkyhe's rebanned now. we'll see how long until he either comes here to live up to his ident, or evades09:16
FlannelAbout a week before that entry, he was having issues with the ban not stickign because he lost his reverse DNS lookup or something like that.09:20
FlannelI don't see anything in the BT or the logs that indicates this was related to that though.  or related to anything else for that matter.09:20
Flannelhmm, can I search to see what else was removed at that time?09:21
elkyi think that was when the bot was all over the place with stability09:21
FlannelYeah, there were some issues with servers and other stuff then09:21
Flannelso, maybe I didn't ac...ooooh09:21
FlannelThere was one time when a ban was removed from the channel, but not ubottu, so I double dipped to get ubottu to see it as removed.09:22
FlannelThis might've been that.09:22
FlannelBut you'd think there'd be some discussion in -ops to coincide with that09:22
elkywell the channel is logged.09:22
FlannelYeah, I've got the logs and have already searched them09:23
FlannelOooh, except I'm looking in the wrong month!09:24
elkythat'll do it09:24
mneptokwe should unban him just to add zest to elky's life.09:24
* mneptok rumbles off to slumberland09:25
elkywhat's that? i shoul dban mneptok from the universe? what a good idea09:26
FlannelYeah, I unbanned him.  Routine unbanning it seems.09:26
elkythat pesky bleeding heart of yours again?09:26
FlannelI don't remember exactly.  He had been banned for a few months, and agreed to stop being an ass.09:29
FlannelI did refuse to grant him -ot at the time, so there was definately some trial balloon aspect to it09:30
elkywell i'm pretty sure stalkery comments and telling someone he has a problem with their existance counts as being back on the Being An Ass wagon09:31
FlannelI'm not refuting that, just answering your who-unbanned question09:32
elkyi was stating here for others benefit as much as anything09:41
ubottuprizrak called the ops in #kubuntu ()10:26
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Seveas said: !no pony-#ubuntu-offtopic is <reply> PONY! Ponyponyponyponypony! http://windowseat.ca/images/monster_pony.jpg10:47
elky!no pony-#ubuntu-offtopic is <reply> PONY! Ponyponyponyponypony! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Trojan_horse_%C3%87anakkale.jpg10:51
ubottuI'll remember that elky10:51
elkyi may be slightly evil.10:52
elky!no pony-#ubuntu-offtopic is <reply> PONY! Ponyponyponyponypony! http://windowseat.ca/images/monster_pony.jpg10:58
ubottuI'll remember that elky10:58
gordi'm assuming this means i can finally and at long last, have a pony!12:48
elkyso sayeth seveas13:25
Gary10:58 <+elky> !no pony-#ubuntu-offtopic is <reply> PONY! Ponyponyponyponypony! http://windowseat.ca/images/monster_pony.jpg13:40
Garyputty no worky right :'(13:40
jussi01this is not right.14:26
jussi01!no pony-#ubuntu-offtopic is <reply> PONY! Ponyponyponyponypony! http://windowseat.ca/images/monster_pony.jpg - NO PONIES FOR GORD!14:27
ubottuI'll remember that jussi0114:27
* gord schedules a session for UDS lucid+1 titled "jussi01 is *mean* and won't give me a pony :(" 14:28
Myrtti!away > askreet_away15:52
Myrtti!search down16:08
ubottuFound: isitout, alternate, alternate-#kubuntu, downgrading, brokenusplash-#kubuntu, karmic, repomirror, interrupt, roadnav, ff3*16:08
MenZagord: make sure you follow up with Open Week lectures16:26
guntbertHi, is #gentoo deliberately monitored in #ubuntu-meta?18:49
ikoniaooh, a good question18:49
guntbertikonia: :)18:50
ikoniaI don't think it's meant to be18:50
ikoniaI'll bet $10 ljl's made a typo18:50
guntbertah - so we are missing another channel then?18:51
ikonianot sure18:52
ikoniaI guess we'll need to ask ljl18:52
guntbertok - I'll leave it in your capable hands :)18:54
ikoniaI don't know about that, ;)18:54
ikoniabut yes, I'll nudge ljl when he's back online18:54
guntberthave a nice day/evening/morning - whatever18:55
ikoniayou too18:56
ubottuIn #ubuntu+1, yofel said: !pastebinit is quite useful19:11
=== Mamarok_ is now known as Mamarok
MyrttiI don't know which one I should smack, MichealH or Seveas19:32
Myrttior MenZa19:33
MyrttiI'm inclined to smack Seveas since in theory he should know better than to goad n00bs19:34
MenZawell, that's Dennis for ya :p19:35
Myrttisadly, yes.19:35
* MenZa nods sagely.19:35
Mamarokso sorry for the noise, I changed some settings here :(19:59
jpdsMyrtti: All three?20:14
gordSeveas has unfortunately become someone that i have to keep my eye on... just hoping to ride it out really20:25
ubottuYES!!! its out! Please try to use a torrent or a mirror to get your downloads. Torrents can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ and support is in #ubuntu20:28
Myrtti... yes?20:28
guntbertin #ubuntu there was the first question (regarding ^ about lucid) - how about switching back to the "no" version?20:29
MyrttiIIRC around or after beta/RC20:30
guntbertis ok with me :) have a nice time20:30
DNS777any1 recognized that the flood bots deopped themselves?23:15
ikoniathat should sort it23:22
DNS777are the flood bots part of services or eggdrops?23:23
ubottuacicula called the ops in #ubuntu (RecycledCorn)23:34

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