jmarsdenmetalf8801: Saying "its not working" is insufficient information for anyone here to help you.  Be specific: what version of Ubuntu are you running, what exactly did you do, what happened, what did you expect to happen?00:09
metalf8801ok thanks00:09
metalf8801I'm using Ubuntu serve 9.1000:12
metalf8801I install samba awhile ago and it seems to be working00:12
metalf8801I just installed Backuppc and tried to set it up but I'm getting this Last error is "tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME".  error message when I try to run a backup00:13
metalf8801jmarsden: is there more I should say?00:14
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uvirtbot`New bug: #505301 in openssh (main) "openssh server should warn that .ssh/authorized_keys is not accessible (causing ssh pubkey authentication to fail silently)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50530100:21
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Adri2000I'm setting up a mail server that will host multiple domains. I'll use postfix's virtual mailboxes, and dovecot for pop/imap. as there will be only a few users, I won't use something like ldap or mysql. given that I'd like smtp authentication in postfix and pop/imap authentication in dovecot to use the same user/password backend, what could I use?00:59
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ScottKsoren: Yes, the interpreters are there, but they aren't supported Python versions for module and extension building.01:03
ScottKit means they're pretty unlikely to be useful unless you only need core Python stuff.01:03
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LlamaZorzI have installed ubuntu server and when I first boot I get a grub "error: no such device" error.  Usually in grub 1 id know how to fix this with esc or id be able to go into a livesession and change the files, but I cant mount ext4.  So how can i work on the grub config while at this level02:03
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sabgentonwhat is the standerd way to stop start sshd ?03:13
sabgentonI can't find it in the usual place03:13
sabgentonis there like a tool to go thru?03:13
stgraber /etc/init.d/ssh stop/start03:14
sabgentonoh ssh is sshd03:14
sabgentonwhy did they change it thats strange03:14
sabgentonits a dameon03:15
sabgentonthe d makes sence03:15
* sabgenton slaps self03:15
sabgentonstgraber: thanks03:15
twbsabgenton: hysterical raisins03:16
stgraberAdri2000: np03:17
sabgentonah all clear now :P03:17
stgraberthat's sabgenton not Adri2000 ... (yeah, auto-completion + typo ;))03:17
LlamaZorzgrub2 is awful03:34
twbLlamaZorz: try extlinux03:44
LlamaZorztwb: thanks il look into it03:48
sabgentonis there any reason the ubuntu forums show examples with wvdial instead of pon?03:52
sabgentonwvdial doesn't run as a dameon which is a pain03:53
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bogeyd6sabgenton, i havent dealt with dialup modems in quite sometimes, as I imagine most others have not either. Probably why that is done.03:55
bogeyd6sabgenton, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/SetUpDialer  is infinitely more informative03:56
sabgentonbogeyd6: well its a 3g modem not a 56k dialup modem but fair enough03:58
sabgentonbogeyd6: adsl IDSN etc is there no way to work them with wvdial03:58
bogeyd6just checking03:58
bogeyd6!dial up03:58
ubottuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up03:58
sabgentonI'f you'll excuse my ignorance03:58
ubottuSetting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE04:00
bogeyd6and then04:00
ubottuSetting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE04:00
jmarsdenmetalf8801: (After a 4 hour delay) I was away earlier, back now.  The error msg you are seeing looks like a samba client configuration issue. However, I'm confused... you said you were backing up a Ubuntu server -- doing that would not normally be using a samba client at all.  I'd use the backuppc rsync client for that.04:05
metalf8801I'm backing up a computer running xp to a Ubuntu file server04:07
jmarsdenAh.  Then you probably need to tell packuppc/samba the correct workgroup name for that XP machine?04:08
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sabgentonbogeyd6: all I was saying before is pon can be used for adsl not just dialup04:20
bogeyd6sabgenton, is there any reason the ubuntu forums show examples with wvdial instead of pon?04:21
sabgentonbogeyd6>sabgenton, i havent dealt with dialup modems in quite sometimes, as I imagine most others have not either.04:22
bogeyd6sabgenton, you lost me04:22
sabgentonsorry dons't matter04:22
sabgentonI basicly want to use  a wvdial script as a pon scrippt04:23
jmarsdenbogeyd6: The examples are for dialup, for which wvdial is the conventional tool to use.  also wvdial does "intelligent" guesses about hwo to proceed when it meets something that isn't quite PPP yet at the other end, whereas pon is strictly PPP only, I think.  Like others have said it's been a while since I used either one!04:23
sabgentoncause wvdial is a pain04:23
jmarsdensabgenton: What specifically is "a pain" about wvdial?  WHat aspect of its behaviour are you trying to change or avoid?04:24
sabgentonhaving to run it in a termian and the C-c it when finished04:24
sabgentonpon runs like a service04:24
sabgentonand then*04:24
jmarsdenYou are saying that wvdial doesn't return to the shell when it has established the PPP link?  It used to, from memory...04:25
bogeyd6jmarsden, he didnt do the wvdial & disown04:26
qwoodHello, all. Is anyone here familiar with quotas?04:28
jmarsdensabgenton: Would wvdial &    # relieve the "pain" you are experiencing?  Or even nohup wvdial & ?04:28
jmarsdenqwood: Probably; ask your actual question and see who answers :)04:29
sabgentonjmarsden: true04:29
sabgentonI'm so dum04:29
sabgentonwell control c is like kill -2 or someting aint it?04:29
sabgentonso I could just send that to the  process after finding it with ps aux04:30
sabgentontop etc04:30
qwoodI just wondered if I needed to undo anything if I accidentally ran touch /aquota.user /aquota.group instead of touch /home/aquota.user /home/aquota.group04:30
qwoodI don't want quotas enabled on /04:30
sabgentonhmm still thats a pain pon seems much more uniform04:31
twbqwood: the quotas files have no significance unless the filesystem is mounted -ousrquota -ogrpquota04:33
jmarsdenqwood: As long as the filesystem concerned doesn't have the usrquota mount option set it still won't use quotas, so you can just delete the unwanted files, as far as I know.04:33
twbEven if it does -- it'll just make the next boot take aaaages04:33
twbAnd of course disable quotas until that time.04:33
qwoodThis is the only command I think may have done anything, mount -o remount /04:35
qwoodSo what do I need to do if anything? In case you can't tell, I've never used it before.04:36
jmarsdenqwood: Did the / filesystem have the usrquota or grpquota option(s) in /etc/fstab at the time you ran the command?04:36
qwoodNo it didn't, now I know what you meant. Also, the /home filesystem has the options usrjquota and grpjquota instead of that in the guide I am following. Why is that, out of curiosity?04:39
sabgentonjmarsden: I just want to traslate a wvdial.conf to a pon ppp file04:40
sabgentoneg http://pastebin.ca/174501004:40
jmarsdensabgenton: OK, go for it, if that's what you want to do.04:40
jmarsdenqwood: Sounds like a typo to me, I see no usrjquota option mentioned in the mount man page.04:41
qwoodI would be willing to agree. The software that utilizes it has a guide, which is not written by this  guy. It says to use it without the js04:42
sabgentonjmarsden: ok you would know how?04:42
jmarsdensabgenton: Not really... about 15 years ago I would have done it pretty fast, I think :)  I suspect you will want to make a ppp chat script that does the various modem commands.04:44
sabgentonok so wvdial does that part for you so to speak?04:45
jmarsdensabgenton: Have you considered something like   alias mypon='nohup wvdial &'    and alias mypoff='kill %wvdial'04:45
jmarsdenRead the respective man pages of the two tools to find out what they do and how they work :)04:45
qwoodHopefully I wont have any more surprises. Haha. Thanks for the help, twb and jmarsden04:46
jmarsdenqwood: You're welcome.04:46
sabgentonoh I'll do that im the mean time04:46
sabgentonnice thing about having a good pon script is that I can chuck it on any system just about04:47
sabgentonnot everyone has wvdial compared to pon /ppp04:47
jmarsdensabgenton: If you have multiple systems with these 3G modems, then you should take the time to learn both wvdial and pon (and pppd) well, so you can develop good scripts and troubleshoot them.04:48
twbjmarsden: busybox start-stop-daemon :-)04:53
sabgentonjmarsden: true04:54
jmarsdensabgenton: Incidentally, wvdial is in main, and gnome-system-tools depends on it, so it should be available to all Ubuntu systems (at least from from Hardy forward).04:54
sabgentonwell i have go a pon script that works !04:54
jmarsdentwb: That would work too :)04:55
jmarsden!congratulate sabgenton04:55
sabgentonbut its not the translation of my wvdial script which was made for my conection04:55
sabgentonwhich i wan'ted to do04:55
sabgentonjmarsden: guess i  will go study and figure the rest out later04:57
jmarsdenSure.  If your pon script works as reliably as wvdial, then whether it is a translation, a direct revelation from God, or your cat walked on the keyboard and typed it that way is irrelevant to your immediate needs -- you have it, and it works :)04:57
* sabgenton worrys the future seeing thur with jmarsden's concept05:02
sabgentonwith the05:03
twbNot that it matters, but here's a start-stop-daemon example I prepared earlier: http://twb.ath.cx/Preferences/.bin/twb-agents05:03
sabgentontwb: lol u a gentoo user?05:06
twbsabgenton: hardly.05:06
twbubottu -l keychain05:07
sabgenton!quit thx guys!05:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:12
wweaselI'd really appreciate your help. I installed Ubuntu Server, had it automatically configure LVM. It made my root partition large, almost the entire available disk space. I'd like to shrink it, but can't shrink the active root partition.  Can I do so using an environment launched from the Server Disc, or would I need a live environment from the Desktop CD?05:18
twbwweasel: it'd be easiest to use a live CD that includes LVM05:20
twbe.g. Knoppix or the CentOS 5 live CD.05:20
twbHmm, I wonder if you could do it by breaking in the initramfs...05:20
wweaselwell, i have a network connection, I can just install the required packages, say, inside the Desktop CD's live environment05:21
wweaselyou're right, if I had one of those live cds, they would be an easier path. I could dl one, but this may be faster05:22
wweaseltwb: i wouldn't know what it would mean to break in the initramfs, never mind how to do it :)05:23
wweaselPart of my problem is that I'm doing this on an old laptop which is finnicky about which CDs it will boot from. I have no rational explanation for why it boots from certain ones but not others... and I don't think I'm being dense.05:25
wweaselfor instance, it's cool with the 9.10 Server CD, but not the Desktop CD (if it would boot the Desktop CD, I'd be off and running already)05:25
wweaseldo you happen to know off the top of your head if the CentOS 5 live CD has ext4 support built in as well? (i'd need that too)05:26
twbI don't know.05:43
twbProbably not.05:44
jmarsdenwweasel: grepgrep ext /proc/filesystems ext /proc/filesystems in a CentOS 5.4 virtual machine here shows only ext2 and ext3 .05:44
wweaselbah. i'm baffled as to how i'm going to shrink this bloody partition05:45
twbWhat WAS the rationale for making ext4 the default in 9.10?05:45
wweaseltwb: extents are pretty? :P05:45
wweaseljmarsden: thanks! it's bad news :/ but thanks for the help. it saves me the time and frurstration of downloading/burning the disc and discovering it doesn't work05:46
jmarsdenwweasel: If you can instead deal (somehow) with the "Ubuntu Desktop CD won't boot" issue, you'd be set... have you tried a Lucid Alpha Desktop image??05:46
wweaseljmarsden: nope. that's a good idea. i'll set it to dl and give it a shot (it will take a while, i don't have a particularly fast connection)05:48
twbOr just roll your own CD...05:48
wweaseland thanks, btw, on checking centos. saves me the time and frustration of discovering it won't work05:48
twblive-helper isn't that hard to use05:48
wweaseland in all these cases hope that my laptop likes the cd i make05:48
wweaseli really can't fathom what makes it boot some and not others05:49
wweaseland it's consistent too05:49
twbwweasel: make a USB boot key, then.  Or just make a live image in a spare LVM volume05:49
jmarsdenwweasel: OK.  No problem.  Right.  But open source computing is not supposed to be some sort of "magic"; have you tried a USB boot?05:49
jmarsdenOr do you have an external USB CDROM drive the laptop might be persuaded to boot from, in case you have a failing optical drive in the laptop?05:50
wweaseli haven't tried a usb boot. that's a good idea too. though i can't get the laptop to boot from an external CD drive (i thought it's drive might be wonky), so I'm not sure if it will boot usb. or whether that's related05:50
wweaseltwb's idea of making another root partition in a spare LVM volume is a good one.05:51
wweaselit avoids the CD drive, will launch from GRUB, and then i can shrink the current one.05:52
jmarsdenwweasel: Yes, if you have a slow network connection that could be a lot faster than any of the other approaches :)05:52
wweaseljmarsden: 45 min remaining in the Lucid ISO dl :)05:53
jmarsdenwweasel: I'm spoiled: 10Mbit/sec FIOS downloads, so CD-sized ISO files download in about 13 minutes here :)05:54
wweaselhah! well, consider me jealous.05:56
wweaseltwb, jmarsden: what do you think is the easiest way to approach this? duplicating my current root partition into a second partition, then configuring grub to boot that one? better idea?05:58
twbwweasel: just debootstrap or whatever, then change root= to point to the other LV05:59
wweaseltwb: good idea. better idea, i'd say.06:01
twbNow that I think about it, a mere LV *resize* ought to be possible from a modern d-i without resorting to the fumbling "rescue" target.06:02
wweaseltwb: ext3/4 support live expanding. I'm not so sure about live shrinking.06:03
twbwweasel: I realize that.06:03
wweaselwell, if you can think of a way, i'd be relieved. this will almost certainly work, though06:05
jmarsdenwweasel: twb's new idea is that you could boot from a Debian CD, as though you are doing an install, then in the partitioning step resize (shrink) the existing root partition.  At that point it isn't mounted, so shrinking it should work.06:06
jmarsden(At least, that's my interpretation of it)06:07
twbmodern d-i even has a "shrink" option, sometimes06:07
twbWithin its GUI, I mean06:07
wweaselstupid question:what is "d-i"06:07
jmarsdenwweasel: debian-installer06:08
wweaselwell, i can boot the ubuntu server disc. but I wouldn't be sure how to get to a point where i can control it to shrink the lvm.06:08
jmarsdenwweasel: Select Install and then click next until you get to the partitioner :)06:09
twbJust keep clicking next until it talks about partitioning, then pick "manual"06:09
wweaselcan I then have it write the new partition table, without proceeding to installing? i think it proceeds immediately06:10
twbYeah, you just turn off the machine after the resize is  done06:13
wweaselit could work! but i think i like the rescue partition/debootstrap idea better. it's also a kludge, but less of a kludge :)06:16
wweaseli could do with a faster internet connection for deboostrap too :)06:50
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wweaseltwb: are you still around? i have a quick question07:01
wweaselI've made the rescue partition. debootstrap. I need to install the linux-image package so i can boot from it.07:05
wweaselthe linux-image depends on grub07:05
twbNo you don't.07:05
twbThe kernel is already present in the other LV07:05
twbOr wherever /boot is07:06
wweaselOkay :) thanks * so * much!07:06
LlamaZorzwhere is the default location for the website in apache, is it /usr/share/apache2/default-site07:07
twbLlamaZorz: by default httpds export /var/www/07:09
LlamaZorzthanks sir07:09
LlamaZorzand where does mysql store the databases?07:13
twbProbably /var/lib07:14
LlamaZorzmanaging this is so so much easier than a freebsd server07:15
wweaseltwb: I have a potential problem. I made my rescue arch i386, while my server install's arch is ia64 (debootstrap was failing with the setting --arch ia64).07:15
wweaselso I will need to get a 32-bit kernel, right?07:15
twbThat was silly07:18
wweaselwell, it wasn't working.07:18
twbI would've just tried d-i07:18
wweaselI know. Well, at this point, I should still be able to do what I want if I install a 32-bit kernel to /boot, right?07:18
wweasel(I'm sorry, I know somewhat what I'm doing, but only-half. I'm aware of that).07:19
twbI don't know07:30
wweaselOkay. Thanks07:35
sabgentonI am trying to install linux-restricted-modules-server and madwifi-tools are they still in repositorys?08:26
sabgenton(on karmic)08:26
twbsabgenton: try packages.ubuntu.com08:36
sabgentontwb: if it's not commented somewhere in my sources.list does that mean madwifi is not suported or somthing?08:42
twbsabgenton: I don't know what you mean by that.08:43
jmarsdensabgenton: http://packages.ubuntu.com/madwifi-tools   # will show you what versions of Ubuntu madwifi-tools exists in... try it.08:43
sabgentonjmarsden: awe crap  it says jaunty08:48
sabgentonjmarsden: any change of them bring it back on Lucid?08:49
jmarsdenYou'd need to find out why it was removed, and why you think it is still needed, etc etc.08:49
sabgentonawe man one me against ...08:50
sabgentonjmarsden: reason being ath5k (which im shure is the reason they don't need it) doesn't do access point mode08:51
jmarsdensabgenton: Until you check on it, it might be just that the package got renamed or something that simple... so do your homework and find out why it was removed before you complain all over the channel :)08:51
* sabgenton worrys08:51
sabgentonjmarsden: is this likely to mean something?08:53
jmarsdenNot really any new info there.  I'd suggest looking at the Debian BTS to see if you can find out something there.08:54
twbjmarsden: madwifi was a non-Free driver for some chipsets, and ath5k (which IS free) replaced it.08:55
twbjmarsden: I guess Debian/Ubuntu just stopped shipping madwifi entirely.08:55
twbsabgenton wants the non-Free version because (apparently) ath5k doesn't support some connection modes.08:55
jmarsdenSounds reasonable to me.  I don't see it in Lenny or Squeeze.  So that answers the question.  And means it is very unlikely madwifi-tools would return08:55
sabgentontwb: well as jmarsden said i better not blab to much before I really no08:58
sabgentonmabye ath5k now does that mode08:58
sabgentonI really have my doubts though08:59
jmarsdensabgenton: Why not test it and find out instead of doubting? :)08:59
sabgentonthey were talking about it if I remeber08:59
sabgentonjmarsden: ath5k?08:59
sabgentonu mean09:00
jmarsdenath5k in access point mode.  Or whatever it was that you need.  Yes.09:00
jmarsdenDon't have doubts -- test and then you will *know* :)09:01
sabgentonu guys told me early how ubuntu did have dependency probs like debian users playing with stable and  unstable and stuff just worked ;P09:14
sabgentonnow I have to 'experiment'09:16
jmarsdensabgenton: And?  You are now having dependency issues in Ubuntu?  With what depending on what?    BTW, I recently bought a random cheap PCI wifi card recently and plugged it into my desktop and... it just worked... :)09:16
jmarsdenYou are the one claiming you need madwifi-tools.  Then you say you "doubt" something... so you don;'t really know whether you need them.  So I suggest you test.  This is bad how?09:17
sabgentonI wanted to setup my headless server as an access point without having to buy  a router basicly09:17
sabgentonI have done it before with madwifi09:17
sabgentonnow i'm having to play09:17
jmarsdensabgenton: OK, so stick with 8.04.3 on your server, if you want.09:18
sabgentonwell its fun but09:18
jmarsdenOr if your time is valuable and you don't like anything that you have "doubts" about, spend a few dollars on a different Wifi card that you know will work in the mode you need.09:19
sabgentonwe will adjourn :P09:19
RoyKwhat would be the most convenient way to automatically upgrade 10+ servers? cron-apt? these servers run 9.10, so there are updates arriving quite often09:20
jmarsdensudo install unattended-upgrades   # and read the docs and configure it09:22
jmarsdensudo apt-get install unattended-upgrades  #  I mean :)09:22
* RoyK tests in a vm09:23
jmarsdenAnd if it is 10+ and you are worried about bandwidth usage, create a local apt proxy with apt-cache-ng or similar and then point them all at that.09:23
RoyKwe're on a gigabit internet link, so I think it'll suffice09:23
jmarsdenThat should be sufficient, yes :)09:23
RoyKwell, to be honest, it's just 100Mbps as of now, the new fiber isn't connected :รพ09:25
jmarsdenUnless you have already filled it up with videos/pron/whatever, that will still be OK :)09:26
sabgentonjmarsden: twb: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/09:51
sabgentonI was wrong :/09:51
jmarsdensabgenton: Now you know why I said you should do the research before griping :)09:52
sabgentonmy apologys ath5k is now fully awsome!09:52
sabgentonI new they were getting there but didn't know they made it09:52
sabgentonso looks like ubuntu didn't depreciate mad-wifi till karmic cause ath5k is now good for it09:53
sabgentonanyone have a good guide for this?10:32
sabgentonjmarsden: what do I put in hostpad or /modprob.d/options10:33
sabgentonif I can ask10:33
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underdevhi!  When i was using the client-oriented ubuntu karmic, i would have to sudo each time i wanted admin "powers". On karmic server, i stay "sudo"ed. How do i relinquish admin permissions? or set a time-out?12:48
underdev(this is an account i added to the "admin" group.12:48
underdevi seem to remember reading there was a 5 minute timeout, but that doesn't seem to be the case on Ubuntu 9.10.12:50
underdevfigured it out13:10
erichammondkirkland: I tried to test the fix for bug 479823 as requested in the last Ubuntu server team meeting, but ran into bug 505482 which I just submitted.13:52
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 479823 in eucalyptus "euca2ools: euca-bundle-vol strips leading zero (0) from user id" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47982313:52
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 505482 in euca2ools "euca-bundle-vol dies with "Invalid cert"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50548213:52
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LinuxAdminhi guys15:44
LinuxAdminis there significant diferences between ubuntu and ubuntu server?15:44
LinuxAdminI mean, by the admin perpective15:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #505519 in samba (main) "package winbind 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50551915:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #505522 in tomcat6 (main) "Tomcat 6: FileNotFoundException for MANIFEST.MF when auto-expanding a WAR" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50552215:56
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twitchnlngreetings i've got a jaunty-server box that I recently installed a sblive into, I have all modules loaded, but for some reason there is no /dev/dsp* any ideas?17:40
LinuxAdminis there significant diferences between ubuntu and ubuntu server?18:03
twitchnlndifferent kernel and doesn't install fluff by default...18:06
WallaceCan anybody give me any tips on setting up my printer in server?  My printer is attached to the network (wifi), I can see it, and I can print to it directly from a laptop running desktop ubuntu, and lpinfo -v on the server sees the printer - I am not able to connect to cups on (I get a 403 forbidden error).  Anybody know where I might start to fix this?  (What I am ultimately trying to do is to set up server as a print server)18:29
Wallace... being the server, where cups is installed18:30
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MTecknologyWhat's the deal with these files? /home/.ecryptfs/michael/.Private/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWZtAVmepc5o1ETurbn2pXrnP3Emk6bGLudWDD-VoqtOf2IvF8f.mrDTRE--/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWZtAVmepc5o1ETurbn2pXrnP3Emk6bGLudWljsbayczoLH9Bb.CvqKvpE--/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWZtAVmepc5o1ETurbn2pXrnP3Emk6bGLudWhX9blVIv8zrpEsGMUxAzJ---/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWZtAVmepc5o1ETurbn2pXrnP3Emk6bGLudWhgJ3q6ADzEHXd7erIU-c.E--20:38
guntbertMTecknology: you enabled an encrypted private directory?20:42
jpdsMTecknology: That's a file in your ~/Private directory / encrypted home.20:43
MTecknologyjpds: nifty stuff; I always thought the encrypted data was still in ~/21:00
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LyonJTHey whats the command to remove a folder and all its contents21:06
guntbertLyonJT: !!!careful!!! don't make typing errors     rm -rf <folder>     - NEVER with root permissions!21:10
LyonJTwhy not with root?21:10
guntbertLyonJT: because you accidentially might remove your complete system of important parts of it21:11
LyonJToh okay thanks mate !21:13
guntbertLyonJT: you're welcome :-) but please do triple check before <enter> :)21:16
LyonJTi have :) thanks!21:16
LyonJTdo you know what Reloading /etc/samba/smb.conf smbd only means?21:17
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martin-does ufw automatically save rules?23:03
erichammondmartin-: Based on the description of "enable" and "disable" I assume it does, but it would be easy to test.23:10
martin-it saves them in /lib/ufw23:11
martin-atleast on 9.10 server23:11
erichammondI'm upgrading to Karmic from Hardy, so am learning a few of the differences.23:11
martin-I love the ufw syntax23:13
martin-almost the same as pf in openbsd23:13
erichammondAmazon EC2 has a firewall that's even simpler to set up, which is what I've been using for the last couple years.  I may layer on with ufw for added protection.23:15
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AisonI created my own software raid23:44
Aisonbut after every reboot23:44
Aison/dev/md1 is gone ;)23:44
Aisonthen I have to do mknod /dev/md1 b 9 123:45
Aisonmdadm --auto-detect23:45
Aisonthen it's back23:45
Aisonhow do I keep the md1 device persistent23:45
ElllisDInsn't there a tool that'll alter the sources.list automatically depending on release edition? I'm upgrading from 6.06 LTS to current.23:47
ElllisDAison: It has something to do with being listed in /etc/fstab-23:48
Aisonit's added in fstab23:49
ElllisDwhat happens? it doesn't exist when you cd there?23:49
Aisonwell, the device node is not created, so I can't mount it23:50
Aisonand I can't cd to it of course23:50
AisonI guess it's related to a bad /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf23:50
ElllisDI go through a process where I do pvcreate /dev/foo, then lvcreate /dev/foo when I add a drive23:50
ElllisD<-- dunno what that is23:51
ElllisDSorry I couldnt be more helpful23:51
Aisonfound it ;)  sudo mdadm --examine --scan --config=mdadm.conf >> /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf23:52
Aisonthat's all23:52
ElllisDApparently I can't do do-release-upgrade from Dapper by default, afraid to install it in case it bricks the server23:53
ElllisDwell, that solves that- it doesnt even exist23:55

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