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cjohnstonsomeone tell mdke to stop spamming me :-P14:08
mdkecjohnston: you can talk!14:08
mdkeI still have another 229 unread bugs in my email :(14:08
cjohnstonI talk alot..14:08
mdkeI didn't mean that...14:08
mdkei meant, you're not a bad spammer yourself with the bug work you've been doing recently14:09
mdkenice work14:09
cjohnstonlooks like you found the stuff ive been leaving14:09
mdkeI'm just ploughing through my bugmail which I've been neglecting for quite some time14:10
mdkeubuntu-website and ubuntu-docs bugs14:10
cjohnstonmdke and newz2000 fwiw, I think that all bug a couple of bugs that are still 'new' are beyond what I can help with, so I have left them...14:11
ofirknewz2000: Are you here?22:43
cjohnstondhillon-v10: ping22:43
dhillon-v10cjohnston, pong22:43
cjohnstonis this correct for the wiki subscribes? I still havent been subscribed like I wanted.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/354726/22:44
dhillon-v10cjohnston, just a sec.22:46
dhillon-v10cjohnston, alright for single pages just go to that page and subscribe, and for multiple you have to do something like this: BeginnerDay/.*22:48
cjohnstonIm subscribed to the singles I want.. But ill change the multi's22:52
cjohnstondhillon-v10: http://paste.ubuntu.com/354731/22:54
dhillon-v10cjohnston, look right :)22:55
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