afvRAOF, i'm having no problem with nouveau-kernel-source, this time00:15
afvbut i still do have that font issue00:16
afvand by the way, did anyone tried to compile mesa today?00:16
afvi'm getting a "nv20_context.c:326: error: ‘NV20TCL_FOG_MODE_EXP_SIGNED’ undeclared (first use in this function)"00:16
RAOFHm.  I'd guess that nouveau's been messing with the #defines again.00:17
RAOFThat'd require a new libdrm, probably.00:17
afv(nv20_context.c: In function ‘nv20_init_hwctx’)00:17
afvhmm ok00:17
RAOFafv: Possibly it's time to bounce it up to nouveau's bugtracker?00:18
afvdo you have a link at hand?00:18
ubottuFreedesktop bug 25974 in Driver/nouveau "Mesa won't compile. Undeclared constants at nv20_context.c." [Normal,New]00:35
afvi hope the information provided is enough00:36
Sarvattafv you need an updated libdrm..00:39
Sarvattdont have time to update it right now on edgers, will try to get it up in the morning00:41
afvso.. should i close the bug?00:41
RAOFafv: Whoops.  I meant bounce the font issue bug up to the nouveau bugtracker :/00:41
afvRAOF, ah. ok then00:41
afvmarked the bug as invalid..00:42
afvlol. sorry00:42
Sarvattcan you compile your own libdrm from the debian package?00:42
afvi can try00:43
Sarvattactually, that commit is self contained, i'll just throw it in as a patch for now and upload it real quick00:44
Sarvattlucid right?00:46
Sarvatt(dont want to bother with whatever you arent using because i'll just do a git update tomorrow)00:46
afvto the ppa?00:51
afvok. many thanks :)00:51
Sarvattjust added http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/drm/patch/?id=5963c023b84daaacb91ae0aa4cf841acff63fd1f00:52
sistpotyfinallly, fixed mesa uploaded, thanks againg albert2300:53
afvSarvatt, thanks. mesa compiled fine :)01:19
afvbut this is what happens when trying to run compiz: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/659315/screenshots/compiz_20100110.png01:20
afvand i have a "nv40_screen_get_param:56 -  Unknown PIPE_CAP 31" when trying glxgears or compiz01:20
ScottKmesa's got further than it did before on i386 ....01:32
RAOFafv: Yeah, everyone gets that warning; it doesn't stop compiz from working for me.01:39
ScottKCongratulations albert23.  Thanks for making mesa build.01:54
afvRAOF, how many frames do you get running glxgears?02:33
afvi'm getting around 490 using gallium and around 700 without it. but.. iirc, not sure, i was getting like 6000 using nvidia blob..02:36
bjsniderwhat memory manager is the nouveau blob using?02:37
bjsnideri should sayd hte nouveau driver02:37
RAOFbjsnider: ttm.03:15
RAOFafv: Something in the order of 500ish, I think.  It's not a good benchmark.03:15
bjsniderit uses a pure ttm?03:16
bjsnidernot a gem-ified ttm?03:17
bjsnideri didn't knpow ttm had gone into the kernel03:17
RAOFIt has; I'm pretty sure it was in 2.6.32, and probably earlier.03:18
RAOFradeon has been using it for a while.03:18
RAOFBecause gem doesn't really cover “my graphics card has onboard memory” :)03:18
bjsniderradeon uses a comination of gem and ttm03:19
RAOFYes; as does nouveau.03:19
ScottKtjaalton: mesa's not there yet: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/4:4.3.90-0ubuntu1/+build/1436135/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-i386.kdebase-workspace_4:4.3.90-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz03:19
bjsnidergem doesn't understand dedicated vram, only shared?03:21
ScottKThat's with the new one too.03:21
ScottKGet:5 http://ftpmaster.internal lucid/main libglu1-mesa-dev 7.7-0ubuntu3 [211kB]03:21
afvok, thanks RAOF03:23
Sarvatttheres a dangling symlink left behind in /usr/lib now04:02
Sarvattlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root     10 2010-01-08 23:06 /usr/lib/libGL.so -> libGL.so.104:02
Sarvattah i see why04:05
Sarvattwell i see a problem maybe, kdebase-workspace is using libglu1-mesa-dev, glu.pc is pointing to /usr/lib but the libglu1-mesa-dev package installs it to /usr/lib/mesa/ 04:06
Sarvattoh bah nevermind04:07
Sarvattworking on 2 machines with different mesa versions on them because one isnt seeing the update04:07
ScottKSarvatt: If you can figure out something that doesn't look too crazy, I can upload it.04:10
tjaaltonScottK: oh bugger10:03
tjaaltonI think it should be libgl1-mesa-glx that ships the GL.conf and not the xserver..10:06
jcristauthat would mean the server has to depend on libgl1-mesa-glx10:16
jcristauwhich is better than the other way around, but still10:17
jcristauthis whole thing is screwed up10:17
tjaaltonyou don't say :)10:17
tjaaltonI like how the stuff is named; /etc/ld.so.conf/GL.conf -> /etc/alternatives/gl_conf -> /usr/lib/standard-x11/ld.so.conf10:20
tjaaltonsomehow I don't want to do anything until tseliot shows up10:29
tjaaltons/want to/feel like/10:41
tjaaltonjust moving that conf will be messy10:45
albert23can't xserver-xorg-core and libgl1-mesa-glx both provide an alternative for GL.conf?10:46
albert23to prevent the new dependency10:46
tjaaltonit just lists /usr/lib/mesa, so why should they both do the same10:47
jcristauthey'd provide dangling symlinks?10:47
albert23They can both setup a full alternative for GL.conf?10:47
tjaaltonI think the ugliness factor has been fulfilled already :)10:48
jcristaualbert23: the alternative has symlinks to libglx.so and libdri.so as slaves10:49
albert23Ah, I see10:51
=== albert231 is now known as albert23
albert23yay: kdebase-workspace-bin_4.3.90-0ubuntu1albert1_amd64.deb built with new mesa16:19
albert23that took 2 changes16:19
albert23First I added xserver-xorg-core as build-dependency, to get GL.conf installed (would be covered by the change suggested by Tjaalton)16:20
albert23Then I had to add export CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/mesa in debian/rules16:21
albert23Without that, I got -- Looking for glXChooseVisual in GL - not found16:21
albert23and part of the package was not buit, resulting in a dh_install error16:22
jcristauchanging every GL client to use -L/usr/lib/mesa is not a reasonable16:22
jcristaumoving libGL.so back to /usr/lib would be better imo16:23
albert23jcristau: unless there is a way to tell cmake to use pkg-config16:24
albert23pkg-config in the build showed the right -L option, but it was not used16:24
jcristauno, not unless16:25
jcristaunot all GL clients use cmake, and not all GL clients are packaged by ubuntu.  that would be asking everyone to change their software because ubuntu decided to break stuff16:26
jcristaumaking 'gcc -lGL foo.c -o foo' not work out of the box is stupid imo16:28
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* ScottK agrees with jcristau16:46
wind-riderScottK: when will it be safe to upgrade mesa? it is available as an update now16:52
ScottKwind-rider: The update doesn't fix the problem.16:53
wind-riderScottK: I updated, and now my x-server won't start16:54
wind-rideronly afterwards i saw the note that it was better not to upgrade16:54
ScottKwind-rider: I've no idea.  I'm waiting with you for a proper solution.16:55
wind-ridershould i file a bug?16:56
sebnerwind-rider: I'm sure tseliot is aware of it16:57
wind-riderall right16:57
* sebner has a working Xserver with newest mesa though. The first boot resulted in a segfaulting Xserver indeed16:57
JontheEchidnathere's bug 505359 already filed anyways16:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 505359 in mesa "libgl1-mesa-dev installs a broken link in /usr/lib" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50535916:57
wind-ridersebner: so i should try to reboot?16:57
sebnerwind-rider: dunno, as I said /here it didn't work the first boot and no problems since then16:58
wind-rideri'll try :)16:58
wind-ridersee you later16:59
wind-ridersebner: you were right, rebooting helped, so i don't need my Live-usbstick anymore :) thx for the hint17:03
sebnerwind-rider: heh, the windows-way of life 17:05
wind-ridersebner: looks like that indeed :P17:05
woozy_"reboot until it works"17:21
wind-rideri must go17:28
sebnerhola hyperair :)17:28
hyperairhola sebner =)17:29
sebnerhyperair: are you already on the agenda for the meeting (speaking about your applications)?17:32
hyperairnot yet17:32
hyperairi'm still thinking which meeting i should choose17:33
hyperairone of them will occur at 3am on a friday morning17:33
sebnerhyperair: heh, so you are ready for the weekend then :P17:33
hyperairthat'll be the meeting after the next17:33
hyperairsebner: so i still have time to think which one i feel like going for =p17:33
hyperairsebner: and also to reap more endorsements17:34
sebnerhyperair: heh, you should mention your interest in non cli packages/sponsoring too though17:34
hyperairsebner: didn't i?17:34
sebnerhyperair: ah right, :) just not good to only have on area standing above all17:35
sebnerjcristau: depends but in most cases not17:37
sebnerhyperair: speaking of, where is banshee 1.5.2 ;P17:37
sebnerhyperair: stopped by transition I suppose?17:38
hyperairsebner: yes, that it is.17:38
hyperairsebner: also, i think you focused too much on the bulleted list of PPAs.17:39
rippsDoes anybody have any clue how the xf86-input-wacom driver for lucid is coming?17:39
jcristauby train17:39
sebnerhyperair: yeah right17:40
sebnerhyperair: It's also my personal experience with you though :)17:40
rippsI believe the new udev xf86-input-wacom driver was released in debian just the other day. So how long until it gets in Ubuntu?17:44
rippsOkay, I just pulled the xf86-input-wacom source package from debian and built it with pbuilder. It seems to fix my immediate problems I had with my tablet, unfortunetly, it seem the xsetwacom utility doesn't really work. The names it lists for the stylus/eraser/cursor devices don't actually work when you try to set them.18:05
rippsOh, okay, I figured it out. I has to have the quotes in the actual name sting. Kinda dumb18:07
jcristauripps: blame udev :)18:07
rippsCan't it just remove the quotes? What do I have to have the devices called '"Wacom Graphire3"'? Notice the two sets of quotation?18:08
jcristaubecause X gets the device name from udev, and there are quotes18:12
rippshmm... it seems that KeepShape doesn't work anymore, good thing I kept an old script with some manual BottomX BottomY to accomplish the same thing with my screen18:14
rippsHuh, TPCButton value is inverted. It's on when I set it to off... now that's a bug18:24
rippsWhere do I file bugs? or should I wait until it gets into Ubuntu?18:25
wind-riderripps: if you know the package, run: ubuntu-bug <packagename>18:45
wind-riderripps: else, go to bugs.launchpad.net18:45
alhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver#Tweaking%20The%20Driver could use a review maybe21:50
ali just edited to reflect the default AccelMode change from XAA to EXA, which had a severe negative performance impact on my R350 card21:51
aldon't know about the other options though21:51
tjaaltonmaybe a time to fix the mesa mess, if only my DNS worked23:01
tjaaltonstill broken, I'll leave mesa for tomorrow..23:33
bjsniderthere is no fix is there?23:51

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