edbianI have a debian file server (samba and nfs) I created a folder for each server (/server and /nfs)  What should the permissions be on these folders?  Who should own them?00:00
thesabryI installed vlc couple of days ago on my ubuntu 9.10 but it doesn't work. I cannot read mp3. If I had the files in the library it shows lenght = 0 and nothing happen if I press play. I also tried to launch it from the terminal in debug mode and it says playlist empty .. even if I have added music ... Anyone already had this kind of issues with VLC ?00:02
edoardomkanycy i don't know if u want I can post lspci output00:03
blakkheimthesabry: aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:04
highclassholeedbian, if this is a share for a specific person, have their account/group own it00:04
LA1Can anyone help me?00:04
LA1I've been having a problem with Ubuntu.00:04
highclassholeedbian, you have to specify in the configuration for samba what access users will have00:04
greenlynxnashirak, if you can get to 8.04, you'll be able to upgrade directly to 10.04 in april, the next LTS.  otherwise you have to go through each distro.  maybe best to backup or copy your files and clean install ..00:04
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DreamDemonAnyone know how to fix this??  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m39cb9b5b00:05
edbianhighclasshole, Thank you00:05
highclasshole<LA1> whats your problem00:05
alexxxxxxHello! Anyone knows why gparted might report smaller size for a hdd? (a 500gb hdd is reported as a 465gb hdd) thanks00:05
LA1There's this constant drumming noise.00:05
LA1It won't stop.00:05
blakkheimalexxxxxx: filesystems..00:05
LA1I don't know what to do.00:05
highclassholeLA1, I suggest inviting people over and gathering in a circle.00:06
alexxxxxxblakkheim:  what about them?00:06
nashirakgreenlynx:  The only thing I can think of is create a 7.10 disk from a repositiory... Upgrade to that then imediatly upgrade to 8.04 with another distro disk.  Would that work?  My only concern are the repository servers for 7.10 are probably not there00:06
blakkheimalexxxxxx: that's (part of) the answer to your question00:06
LA1But seriously. XD00:06
highclassholeLA1, you try restarting x?00:06
edoardohighclasshole thank you..and what about the wifi card? no way to let it go?00:07
LA1Well, I can't right now.00:07
LA1I'm downloading the 9.10 update.00:07
LA1I'm hoping that'll make it stop.00:07
jonathan__hello! during boot process I get the error "couldn't acces pid file for nmbd-........-........" (The dots represent some numbers but I'm not sure which. I think it isn't that important.) Boot progress hangs up there, no matter whether you're waiting 5 minutes or 5 hours... any ideas what is wrong there?00:07
blakkheimalexxxxxx: the other part is gigabytes vs gibibytes00:07
highclassholeedoardo, is that article not both? what kind of a wireless card did you say00:07
benediktHow can i modify kernel arguments on karmic? /boot/grub/menu.1st seens to have vanished..?00:07
alexxxxxxblakkheim: so ure saying gparted is reporting the s of the disk's partitions instead of the device's actual size?00:08
edoardoI have Realtek 8192 as wifi card00:08
edoardothe Atheros one is the Ethernet one00:08
blakkheimalexxxxxx: no.00:08
DreamDemonI'm trying to compile the kernel from source and get this failure http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m39cb9b5b , any ideas?00:08
alexxxxxx*the sum*00:08
highclassholeedoardo, you said you did use ndiswrapper?00:09
edoardoyes  I did00:10
blakkheim!pm | thesabry00:10
ubottuthesabry: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.00:10
edoardobut it did not work00:10
s3r3n1t7Is it possible and if so, how, to access the HD on which wubi was installed?00:10
alexxxxxxblakkheim: fdisk -l reports correct size (500gb) so it isn't a gigabytes vs gibibytes issue right?00:10
geirhaalexxxxxx: Harddrive sizes are listed in metrics by the manufacturer, but gparted and most programs list sizes with binary prefix. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_prefix00:11
youngbullhey  I need to do "sudo iwconfig wlan0 txpower auto" sometime at bootup, and I'm not really sure how to get it to run as root and do it at the right point... You see my wlan card won't set txpower right in 9.10...00:11
inohdoes gnome-network-manager generally restrict wireless adapters?00:11
highclassholeedoardo, http://rapidshare.com/files/300697346/rtl8192efirmware.zip.html00:12
greenlynxedoardo, what;s your lspci -v | grep Network?00:13
highclassholeedoardo, that should be the firmware you need00:13
geirhaalexxxxxx: 465 GiB = 465*1024*1024*1024 = 499289948160 bytes ~= 500GB00:13
highclasshole<edoardo> actually my bad, you need the kernel with the 8192 staging drivers00:13
alexxxxxxgeirha:  so fdisk -l does not report size with binary prefix?00:14
DreamDemonAnyone know hwo to fix this??  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m39cb9b5b00:14
edoardogreenlynx http://paste.ubuntu.com/354183/00:15
geirhaalexxxxxx: Indeed, it uses the units correctly. GB meaning 10^9 bytes.00:15
edoardohighclasshole I think so too, but how can I do if I need the 2.6.28 because of the LAN and 2.6.32 because of the wireless?00:16
mkanyicyyoungbull, add "wireless-txpower auto" under the wlan0 interface on the /etc/network/interfaces. reading through "man interfaces" and "man iwconfig" might help00:16
Wolfcastleanyone using lokalize?00:17
alexxxxxxgeirha:  ok thanks man I was about to go over a third disk cloning process00:17
Wolfcastleneed some help with it00:17
ubottuWolfcastle: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:17
WolfcastleI just added a couple of proyectos to lokalize and now It seems impossible to remove them00:17
WolfcastleI even reinstalled and deleted the directory where the proyect was located00:18
Wolfcastlestill appears in the proyect list00:18
DreamDemonI have a problem compiling a git kernel.. I'm running 2.6.31-14-server and get this at the end of the compile: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m39cb9b5b   Any ideas?00:18
greenlynxedoardo, karmic? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Realtek%20817200:19
geirhaalexxxxxx: Unfortunately, gtk applications which list sizes, usually use MB and GB while the numbers are actually listed in MiB and GiB etc. The gtk developers will not see reason on this, refusing to follow the joint iso/iec-80000 standard.00:19
highclassholegreenlynx, nice find00:19
fabian_hi is there a coutdown app for dates?00:19
alexxxxxxgeirha:  same goes with acronis disk director00:20
skydromeGrub2 question: What setting do i change to show the kernel list at boot? currently it loads the first without any prompt00:21
MadMikehello all. anyone can help with alsa/pulseaudio issues ? not sure whats happening but my sound gets stuck/chopppy irregularly...but I think its mainly when browsing intensive besides having spottify run under wine. is anyone able to help me on this ?00:21
youngbullmkanyicy: what do you mean under wlan0 interface... my interfaces file is "auto lo \n iface lo inet loopback"00:21
TDJACRHey, has anyone experienced https://bugs.launchpad.net/ufw/+bug/502655 with ufw?00:22
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Guest43106i added some scripts to rc.d, and im getting a inittab file error, how can i fix this?00:22
goog1jhalexxxxxx: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_prefix#Hard_disk_drives00:23
MadMikeskydrome, thats a setting in /etc/default/grub00:23
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edoardothank you greenlynx I'll try00:23
MadMikenot exactly sure which one right now but i think its self explaining00:23
trismskydrome: comment out GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 in /etc/default/grub and run sudo update-grub;00:24
highclassholeskydrome, looks like your config file got hosed, /boot/grub/grub.cfg00:24
edoardothanks highclasshole, I am trying if everything goes ok00:24
trismskydrome: (put a # infront of the line)00:24
alexxxxxxgoog1jh:  thanks man, it made sense now00:24
skydrometrism, thank you00:24
danopia_alexxxxxx, some apps made for disks show both GB and GiB numbers00:24
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mkanyicyyoungbull, maybe create few lines after a new blank line appropriately00:25
goog1jhalexxxxxx: np00:25
darthi,For an amd 3200 64bits, that is a better ubuntu 32 or 64?00:25
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highclassholeNintendo 6400:25
alexxxxxxAnd now for my quad-booting system !!00:25
danopia_alexxxxxx, :D00:25
dartDoes not flash work better in 32?00:25
danopia_flash works fine under 64-bit here00:25
thesabryActually for the one who are interested I just found out that VLC cannot read files from an HFS+ partition00:25
LetsGo67How do I watch TV using S-Video on Linux?00:26
kinja-sheepdart: For 32bit Flash Support -- See !flash ; For 64bit Flash Support See !flash6400:26
ilumiLetsGo67: you need a capture card00:26
MadMikecould someone give me a hint on debugging choppy sound ? just happens when using other system resources besides my music player running. How do I find out if its pulseaudio or alsa ? I cannot see anything in syslog or dmesg00:26
* danopia_ wonders if !flash64 takes the interaction bug into play00:26
LetsGo67ilumi: got it, but how do I use it?00:26
danopia_i get flash off of adobe's site for 64-bit linux00:26
jroc_Looking for a popular online open source, I think it's like the Sims00:27
alexxxxxxLetsGo67:  u're into osx86 huh?  :D00:27
TDJACRdanopia_: ubuntu-restricted-extras00:27
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LetsGo67alexxxxxx nope00:27
danopia_TDJACR, does that have the versoin that works?00:27
mkanyicyyoungbull, like "auto wlan0 \n iface wlan0 inet static (or dhcp) \n address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx \n netmask xxx.xxx.xxx.x \n wireless-essid blah \n wireless-key off \n wireless-mode ad-hoc \n wireless-txpower auto \n wireless-channel 3"00:27
TDJACRdanopia_: Works for me00:27
LetsGo67How do I open my TV tuner card in VLC?00:27
ilumiLetsGo67: well, you need a capture card that has drivers for linux, and then you need some kind of software that plays tv, and suppots your capture card00:27
danopia_the one apt gave me had a huge issue where you can't click or type into flash movies00:27
alexxxxxxLetsGo67:  Sorry wrong nick00:28
LetsGo67ilumi: how do I do all of that?00:28
danopia_ubuntu forums had a small two-liner script to grab a fresh copy off adobe's site and install it00:28
danopia_it worked better00:28
jacob3Can Debian repositories be added to Ubuntu?00:28
danopia_the bug was on both a amd64 and intel00:28
ilumiLetsGo67: like mythtv or something00:28
ilumiLetsGo67: i dont think vlc will work00:28
alexxxxxxthesabry:  ire using osx86??00:28
jroc_online game- anyone?00:29
youngbullmkanyicy: sure but I was wondering what line exactly I should write... Should I just add "wireless-txpower auto"  to /etc/network/interfaces  ???00:29
LetsGo67ilumi: it gives me an option to use a capture device.  How do I find out what is the path of my capture device?00:29
kinja-sheepdanopia_: The one in the repo use ndiswrapper around 32bit.00:29
ilumiLetsGo67: try lshw00:30
mithridateshey guys , I tried to play video ( mp4 , avi ) but I cannot play these formats, I've installed media ubuntu - ubuntu restricted package ... I get this error when I want to play a video by mplayer mplayer: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libschroedinger-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: oil_function_class_ptr_avg2_32xn_u800:30
youngbullmkanyicy: oh... I saw your last one now..00:30
danopia_kinja-sheep, and the straight-64-bit version from adobe worked for me00:30
mkanyicyyoungbull, you need the first two lines that tells which interface (iface) you are setting such a setting to, for example, how is your system supposed to know that line alone should be applied to wlan0?00:30
thesabryalexxxxxx: no I am runnig ubuntu on my mac00:30
mkanyicyyoungbull, ok00:30
kinja-sheepdanopia_: It worked for me too. Fork it right there in ~/.mozilla/plugins and ding-a-long, it's done.00:31
jroc_thesabry, what mac are you using?00:31
jroc_thesabry, which imac00:31
alexxxxxxthesabry: oh I am running mac on my ubuntu :)00:31
mithridatesplz help me guys, it drives me crazy .  I tried to play video ( mp4 , avi ) but I cannot play these formats, I've installed media ubuntu - ubuntu restricted package ... I get this error when I want to play a video by mplayer mplayer: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libschroedinger-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: oil_function_class_ptr_avg2_32xn_u800:31
thesabryI have a share partition and I just realize that VLC cannot read file from HFS+ partition .. xhixh is a pity00:32
jroc_mithridates, run VLC00:32
thesabrywhite intel 200700:32
kaddiis there a decay time for bugs? I reported one I would really like to see fixed a year ago and updated it over the last 12 month, without anybody else taking a look at it.is there anything i can do?00:32
kaddishould i refile it?00:32
mithridatesjroc_:  I used vlc but it says that's not able to play AVC100:33
thesabryalexxxxxx: I have a dual boot .. I am using ubuntu and my girlfirend prefere mac os x .. everybody's happy00:33
FrozenNorthI believe with AVC1 you need the divix codecs to get them to work correctly00:34
jroc_mithridates, try a different file to make sure the file isn't bad00:34
alexxxxxxthesabry:  are u using hfs+ as readonly ?00:34
thesabryalexxxxxx: no rwx access .. totem and other players have no problem accessing this partition .. it is only an issue with vlc .. they are aware of it but they do not want to fix it .. they are blaming hfs+ driver instead00:36
mithridatesjroc_: FrozenNorth : I'm trying to figure it out and it's about two weeks , there is no common issue . I have installed all codecs . do you know why it's going on mplayer? mplayer: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libschroedinger-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: oil_function_class_ptr_avg2_32xn_u800:36
bastid_raZor!it | nicolindalciucio00:37
ubottunicolindalciucio: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:37
hajmolatrying to get adium chat themes in empathy... they show up listed but nothing happens when I select one of the installed chat themes.00:37
mkanyicymithridates, sudo apt-get install w32codecs mplayer ffmpeg vlc00:37
mithridatesmkanyicy: I've installed these things previously , should I use sudo apt-get install --reinstall w32codecs mplayer ffmpeg vlc ?00:38
mkanyicymithridates, no00:38
mkanyicymithridates, including the good, bad and ugly plugins of gstreamer ?00:39
mithridatesmkanyicy: I installed lots of things and I removed lots of things also , let me to check it00:39
so0kyI know this maybe the wrong area to ask, but let me try anyways.  I am going to run multiple things on my rack server running Ubuntu Server 64 bit.  Has anyone had the experience of setting up a CS 1.6 dedicated server before on Ubuntu?00:39
hiatus_where the heck is ~/.xinitrc ?00:39
mithridatesmkanyicy: yes they are installed00:39
maykiI set a lot of stuff in add/remove, and it downloaded, I got called away, and when I came back the power was out, I saw it finish downloading, so I know I have everything I wanted, It just wasn't installed, It looks like it only installed like 3 programs before the power went out, anyone know an easy way to install all these without going to each individual package file?00:40
jribhiatus_: that's like asking "where is my car in the garage?"  ~/.xinitrc is a path.00:40
h00kwhy does Places -> Home say there is no application registered as handling this file?00:40
highclassholehiatus_, ~/.xinitrc = /home/youruser/.xinitrc00:40
mithridatesmkanyicy: how can I remove every thing about media then I use default of ubuntu? because it's going to have dirty packages00:40
AledI've just been attacked by a worm00:41
jribhiatus_: why are you looking for it?00:41
highclassholehiatus_,  if you do cd ~ in the terminal and type ls -alh you will see it00:41
jribAled: why do you believe that?00:41
AledI've backed up all my important files I'm installing Ubuntu 9..2000:41
FYIhello 2 things. I have gotten rid of empathy and installed pidgin (on 9.10). When I alter my "status" via the button/dropdown from the upper-right corner, it signs off my MSN accounts on pidgin with the reason being my accounts signed in elsewhere. Any idea how to fix this?00:41
Aledtask manager and regedit access blocked00:41
hiatus_thats what I thought, but I dont see it there. Yes, I am showing my hidden folders00:41
jribAled: oh /on windows/00:41
so0kyFYI:  maybe someone is using your account somewhere else.  have them log off.00:42
Aledlots more crazy stuff happening00:42
jribhiatus_: it doesn't exist by default.  Why are you looking for it?00:42
blakkheimAled: this is normal for windows00:42
hiatus_I'm trying to add my wallpaper with feh to my ubuntu minimal install00:42
jribhiatus_: what window manager are you using?00:42
FYIso0ky, I don't believe so. It only happens when I change my status via button on the top right00:42
mkanyicymithridates, follow this http://www.sachystechnoworld.co.cc/2009/11/gstreamer-version-mismatch-after.html00:42
mithridatesmkanyicy: I'm not able to play anything00:42
AledAlright I'm installing Ubuntu now00:42
youngbullmkanyicy: I've tried doing "auto wlan0 \n iface wlan0 inet dhcp" \n wireless-txpower auto" but it doesn't set txpower right anways...00:42
so0kyI see, I'm sorry00:42
highclassholehiatus_: what window manager are you using?00:42
jrib!who | hiatus_00:42
ubottuhiatus_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:42
mithridatesmkanyicy: tnx , I'll come back for sharing the result00:42
hiatus_highclasshole: openbox00:42
highclassholehiatus_: and desktop environment00:43
hiatus_highclasshole: no desktop enviornment00:43
mithridatesmkanyicy: oh no man , I was there before coming to this channel :(((00:43
h00kwhy does Places -> Home say there is no application registered as handling this file?00:43
mkanyicyyoungbull, the tx power should be automatic by default00:43
x_linkI must say....GNOME is pretty damn nice actually =)00:43
goog1jhAled: welcome in our world ;)00:43
x_linkI'm very happy with it00:43
jribhiatus_: read Q200:43
highclassholehiatus_: I'm not familiar with ubuntu minimal, does it use xdm or what?00:43
jribhiatus_: read Q2 in http://icculus.org/openbox/2/faq.php00:43
mkanyicymithridates, you you tried removing gstreamer apps and reinstalling them?00:44
FYIalso, my 2nd issue is: any notification I receive looks like it is stacked under an invisible notification (like a vertical offset of 1 notification)00:44
mithridatesmkanyicy: how can I remove everythings about media in ubuntu? and how can I install them fressh00:44
hiatus_highclasshole: command line, you add everything yourself via apt-get or aptitude00:44
highclassholehiatus_: I'm pretty sure in OpenBox if you go to ~/.config/openbox you can create a startup.sh00:44
mithridatesmkanyicy: yes I did00:44
FYIany idea what may be causing this? perhaps linked to my uninstallation of empathy?00:44
highclassholehiatus_: that being case, how you start x?00:44
mkanyicymithridates, use synpatic00:45
so0kyHas anyone had the experience of installing a cs 1.6 dedicated server on Ubuntu Server 64 bit before?00:45
youngbullmkanyicy: The thing is that it doesn't happen but when I do "iwconfig wlan0 txpower auto" then it works perfectly00:45
hiatus_highclasshole: you can start x by typing startx at login. I added gdm though so it boots up automatically00:45
highclassholehiatus_: yeah make a startup script in ~/.config/openbox named autostart.sh that will launch applications when openbox00:45
mithridatesmkanyicy: I think I shouldn't installed gstreamer* again  yes?00:45
jribhiatus_: http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:FAQ#How_do_I_set_my_desktop_background.3F has different directions, both probably work00:45
highclassholehaitus_: lol I know how it works bud00:46
hiatus_jrib: thanks00:46
[BT]Brendan_"uninstallation of empathy" lol00:46
highclassholei would use hsetroot in the startup00:46
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highclassholehaitus_: hsetroot ~/wallpaper.png &00:47
highclassholehaitus_: and then you can start conky, whatever your panel is, etc.00:47
mithridatesis there any official source for installing media players in Karmic? I need to play AVI and MP400:47
so0kyhow do you install a service on a server running Ubuntu Server?00:48
mkanyicymithridates, maybe completely remove everything, do sudo apt-get clean and then try playing your files with totem and let totem download codecs by itself00:48
maykinevermind on mine00:48
david__does anyone know what the best games for xubuntu is00:48
highclassholeso0ky, what service?00:48
mithridatesmkanyicy: tnx man00:48
so0kycs 1.6 dedicated server00:48
so0kyit's a game if you don't know00:48
highclassholeI'm familiar lol00:48
x_linkmithridates: I maybe didn't uderstand your question, but have your tried VLC?00:48
mithridatesx_link: yes , I've tried00:49
highclassholeso0ky, you need to compile hlds i think00:49
mithridatesmkanyicy: there are two totem . 1-totem-gstream* 2-totem-xine which one?00:50
x_linkmithridates: Aha okey =/00:50
david__is there any online games for xubutnu as far as rpgs or anything like wow00:50
so0kywhat does that mean?00:50
highclassholeso0ky, http://www.cstrike-planet.com/tutorial/1-Linux-Install-CS-16/600:50
highclassholegoogle.com is coolbeans00:50
so0kythank you00:50
so0kypeople are better =)00:50
blakkheim!games > david__00:50
ubottudavid__, please see my private message00:50
highclassholeso0ky, true that, good luck bud00:50
david__ok new to xchat so how do i do that00:50
mkanyicymithridates, in gnome it's totem-gstreamer00:51
nomnexhelp with bash command. I have installed a getdeb package. it broke my system. how to I revert back to an old package (downgrade)00:51
mithridatesmkanyicy: tnx00:51
_2hello cups question...   i'm on  trying to configure my print system   and it's asking for username and password....   ummm is that something that i have to setup  or is it the system user/passwd pair ?    my system is not exactly default and i may need to adjust username or something.  any help with cups ?00:51
so0kythank you for all the help.  hopefully the OS install will go smooth.  good night everyone00:51
x_linkWhat's the name of the default texteditor in GNOME?00:51
_2x_link gedit00:51
x_linkI want to use Alt+F2 så quick have access to it00:51
protojay                                          gedit x_link00:51
x_link_2: Okey00:51
highclassholex_link, vi00:51
x_link_2: Hehe cool nick =)00:52
x_linkhighclasshole: Thanks, but I was looking for gedit =)00:52
highclassholeuse vi00:52
x_linkCause I was using kedit in KDE3 and I loved it00:52
david__ok figured it out thanks ubottu00:52
blakkheimagreed with highclasshole00:52
x_linkJust came to Ubuntu/GNOME yesterday00:52
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highclassholeyou'll thank me, if you force yourself to use vi00:53
x_linkI'm not programming or anything like that00:53
highclassholeits a pain at first00:53
x_linkI'm just using gedit so write some stuff for myself00:53
mkanyicyx_link, welcome to gnome00:53
_2x_link i use  "mc -e "  in all linux environments  gui and cli00:53
x_linkI write down stuff and just leave gedit open to remind myself of things etc00:53
nomnexdowngrade a package in bash, how?00:53
DreamDemonvi rocks00:53
x_linkmkanyicy: Thanks =)00:53
highclassholejust write it in vi, and cat them out when u wanna view them00:53
x_link_2: Ahh okej =)00:53
blakkheimor use screen00:54
mkanyicynomnex, what package you want to downgrade?00:54
yigalhas anyone ever had your wireless device no longer show up for lspci after resuming from a suspend?00:54
yigalonly way to get it back is to reboot?00:54
_2DreamDemon sudo apt-get install --reinstall (exact-package-name_with-version)00:54
nomnexmkanyicy, gLabel00:54
highclassholeyigal, yes that has happened to me on my very poorly supported laptop00:55
highclassholeyigal, prolly a bios thing00:55
mkanyicynomnex, does 'which glabel' return anything ?00:55
nomnexmkanyicy, I am on 9.0400:55
yigalhighclasshole: so fiddle with bios?00:55
nomnexmkanyicy, yes00:55
_2nomnex sudo apt-get install --reinstall (exact-package-name_with-version)00:55
DreamDemon_2: So it's a package issue and not balking about a directory name?00:55
TrizicusWhen I try to connect to AIM in Empathy I'm receiving a network error. The settings are exactly the same as Pidgin and AIM works fine w/ pidgin.00:55
ilumii added some scripts to rc.d, and im getting a inittab file error, how can i fix this?00:55
yigalhighclasshole: not expecting an easy solution, but somewhere to put my attention on00:55
olofCan someone help me getting sound to work? Videos work, but there is no sound at all. Ubuntu 91000:55
highclassholeyigal, not exactly it was random sometimes it was ok other times it wouldn't come back, my ACPI always stopped working though after a suspend to ram00:56
nomnex_2, I try that00:56
_2DreamDemon sorry.  that was for nomnex   bad nick completion00:56
GotanksHey guys. How can I install XP on a seperate partition from within Ubuntu.  I do not have USB or DVD00:56
highclassholeyigal, does your batter report the proper battery percentage when it comes back on?00:56
x_linkI actually have another question00:56
DreamDemon_2: lol - np, but I do have a compiler error when compiling a git source00:56
DreamDemon_2: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m39cb9b5b00:56
_2hello cups question...   i'm on  trying to configure my print system   and it's asking for username and password....   ummm is that something that i have to setup  or is it the system user/passwd pair ?    my system is not exactly default and i may need to adjust username or something.  any help with cups ?00:56
x_linkWhen I have firefox or the filemanager opened and then open the terminal, then I can't type right away00:56
highclassholeGotanks, you could use virtual box and emulate windows installing via ISO00:56
DreamDemonGotanks: netinstall00:57
_2DreamDemon   ^   i'm looking for answers too00:57
yigalhighclasshole: yes, it seems only the wireless is effected00:57
x_linkCause either the text goes to the filemanager or Firefox or nothing happens at all00:57
nomnex_2, install --reinstall with remove the broken package who keeps coming back during auto-update?00:57
x_linkThen I must click on the terminal-window and then type00:57
x_linkHow can I fix this?00:57
highclassholeyigal, hmm what kind of wireless card?00:57
yigalhighclasshole: it's ath9k and I've made a script to unload the module on suspend, but still no luck00:57
x_linkI think it has somethign to do with some "focus-setting200:57
nomnex_2, will remove...00:57
highclassholeyigal, stupid question, does ifconfig wlan0 down/up work00:57
x_linkCause it wasn't like this in KDE3, the new opened window had the main focus00:58
highclassholeyigal, did you say it does not show up in lspci at all after a resume?00:58
_2nomnex see "apt pinning"  for help with that    iirc.00:58
GotanksI'd want full graphics so netinstall would work?00:58
yigalhighclasshole: no to the first, yes to not showing up at all in lspci00:58
nomnex_2, thanks00:58
mithridatesmkanyicy: I've removed all things relate to : video ,  player , media , audio , codec , gst* , ...  how can I find the default packages for media in ubuntu?00:58
DreamDemonGotanks it should00:58
kurtHi guys, I'm trying to get a Canon MP470 to work on 8.10.00:58
kurtI'm failing.00:59
highclassholeyigal, is there a bios update?00:59
infidi have the NVIDIA X Server Settings tool with my video card. how do i set up dual monitors with it?00:59
yigalhighclasshole: no, unfortunately, not yet at least it's an eee t91mt netbook00:59
kurtThere is an PPD file online for a different version of printer.00:59
x_linkinfid: I think you do that in nvidia-settings, tried that?00:59
kurtI installed that PPD, but still nothing.00:59
infidi'm in the nvidia-settings00:59
kurtI don't get any errors.01:00
highclassholeyigal, interesting, what kernel?01:00
kurtJust nothing happens.01:00
GotanksDreamDemon, Thanks I'll look into it! ^_^01:00
mkanyicymithridates, if this does not help you, then i don't know: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76668301:00
x_linkinfid: Okey, I haven't used a nVIDIA-card for a very long time now, so I don' remember at all =/01:00
yigalhighclasshole: 31-1701:00
yigalhighclasshole: 31-17-generic01:00
boritekhow can i fix audio issues with games like hiverise, smokin guns, regnum online ??01:00
DreamDemonGotanks: np - glad I could help01:00
boritekin karmic sound doesnt work in games01:01
DreamDemonoh how I wish this compile would hurry up01:01
kurtWhat does it mean if I type "lpr myfile.ps" and nothing at all happens.  lpq shows no entries.01:02
yigalhighclasshole: but it's happend throughout the lifetime from 31-14 -> 31-17?01:02
infidthe nvidia settings tool is detecting both monitors but it's saying my second monitor is 'disabled' how do i enable it?01:02
JoesephMy media keys on my keyboard randomly stopped working the other day... Any ideas on how to get them back in working order?01:02
highclassholeyigal, you try sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-karmic01:02
boritekanybody could solve sound issues in karmic, guys ???01:02
DreamDemonJoeseph: USB kb?01:02
yigalhighclasshole: oh, yes of course it's installed01:03
JoesephDreamDemon: Yes, it is.  I'm talking about the play/pause, next track, last track, etc., keys btw.01:03
yigalhighclasshole: I wouldn't have reliable sound if I didn't install this01:03
DreamDemonJoeseph: Try removing it and plugging it back in yet?01:03
JoesephDreamDemon: No.  I'll give it a shot though.01:04
DreamDemonJoeseph: if that doesnt work, you can try a diff usb slot01:04
=== bburhans_ is now known as bburhans
david__will tar.gz files work on xubutu01:05
kurtAnybody ever print from the command line?01:05
DreamDemondavid__: They should01:05
JoesephDreamDemon: Still not working.  Tried a different port too.01:05
blakkheimdavid__: why wouldn't they?01:05
david__i downloaded a game an dont know how to go about installing it on my laptop01:05
`bozHi all01:05
nick_honce or twice a minute, the ssh connection to my vps hangs, and i need to wait up to 5 seconds before it receives my keyboard input. any idea how to fix or debug this?01:05
blakkheimdavid__: are you sure it's  for linux?01:06
DreamDemonJoeseph:  You may want to check your user configs then01:06
kurtDoes the lpr normally work in Ubuntu when a printer is configured?01:06
david__it said that it was01:06
infidwhere is xorg.conf?01:06
blakkheimdavid__: what game?01:06
JoesephDreamDemon: Can you go into a little more detail of where?01:06
`bozcould anyone tell me how to see what ip address i'm currently using on my pc and what ip address i'm using om IRC?01:06
DreamDemonJoeseph: in your home folder.  It's one of the . files01:06
DreamDemon'boz: ifconfig for your pc and www.whatismyip.com for the outside world/irc01:07
yigalhighclasshole: it's a bit interesting that if I turn off the wifi, led light is out, before suspend the led is always on after resuming01:07
DreamDemonJoeseph: I'm lost myself beyond that since I've never made use of my media keys01:08
kurtDoes lpq usually show the print jobs that are queued using the GUI?01:08
JoesephDreamDemon: Alright.  So I'm taking a look at .profile  -- Any other config files or recommendations?01:09
SubbyWhats the regex for sth. like: the first letter should be the same as the last ?01:09
`bozI'm using xchat and unable to dcc files i have checked the box that "get the ip address from the server" but still not working and no ip address indicated in box01:10
highclassholeyigal, looks like theres a bunch of kernel patches for this issue, http://www.mail-archive.com/ath9k-devel@lists.ath9k.org/msg02582.html01:10
DreamDemonJoeseph: you may also want to look at .xsession-errors01:11
DreamDemonand the .config directory01:11
qvcdoes anyone happen to know how to set the display settings to defaults?01:11
ravigehlotHow can I reset this keyring password thing that keeps popping up everytime it needs to connect to the internet?01:12
ganeshivahai everyone01:12
infidhow do i restart X? ctrl+alt+backspace does nothing01:12
highclassholesudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart01:13
ganeshivawhat is the shortcut to launch instant program01:13
ganeshivakeyboard shortcut01:13
`bozunable to dcc files using xchat, receive ok any help appreciated01:14
ganeshivawhat is the  alt+ctrl+del in ubuntu01:14
JoesephDreamDemon: yeah. "cat .xsession-errors | grep key" and "cat .xsession-errors | grep media" didn't yield any pertinent results....01:14
rww!dontzap | infid01:15
ubottuinfid: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap01:15
yigalhighclasshole: the link you gave isn't the problem I'm experiencing, however01:15
blakkheimJoeseph: why cat | grep when you can just grep string file01:15
ganeshivawhat can we do if apps and OS hangs01:15
yigalhighclasshole: the netbook doesn't see it has a wireless adapter at all after resume01:15
Joesephblakkheim: Umm... I dunno. I guess I just hadn't done it like that before.01:15
JoesephAny other ideas on how to get my media keys working?01:16
infidthe nvidia-settings keeps telling me "Failed to parse existing X config file /etc/X11/xorg.conf" whenever i make a change. what can i do? i'm running as 'gksudo nvidia-settings'01:16
maykiganeshiva: have you tried "ctrl+alt+f2" ? you will need to log in, then you can use "ps -a" to see what's running on your machine, then kill the process you want, once that's done, do "ctrl+alt+f7" to put it back into graphics mode01:17
ouyeswhy the intel never launched a three core cpu?01:17
blakkheimouyes: why would you want one01:17
yigalhighclasshole: what I mean is that even after a rmmod ath9k or modprobe -r ath9k before suspend the computer has no awareness of the wireless adapter after resume01:18
bazhangouyes, ask in ##hardware this is ubuntu support01:18
ilumiouyes: milking it01:18
qvchow do you set your theme back to the ubuntu original anyone?01:18
ouyesbazhang,  yep wrong place01:18
ouyesblakkheim, i dont know the amd did  i like 3 than 2 and 401:19
maykiqvc: System -> Preferences -> Appearance, click on human01:19
NULLbyteHi, I just installed ubuntu on a USB flash drive and I seem to have lost my nvidia drivers, now how does something like this happen?01:19
bazhang!ot | ouyes01:19
ubottuouyes: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:19
qvcmayki: that doesnt fix it completely01:20
maykithen idk lol, i don't mess with themes01:20
maginothey ... I can't play encrypted DVDs on my computer? I'm trying to play Transformers 2 and Im receiveing libdvdnav errors, I already download and install libdvdcss but still can't play it01:20
ouyesqvc,  Alt+ctrl +d then right click01:20
qvcouyes: right click what?01:21
nomnexhow do I get the package information and remove it from good from the cache using bash?01:21
qvcouyes: where01:21
ouyesqvc, you mouser01:21
ouyesthe right button of you mouse01:22
bazhangouyes, that is not helpful01:22
qvcouyes: where on the screen?01:22
ouyeschange the desktop background01:22
bazhangqvc, right click desktop, go to change desktop, over to themes tab then switch back01:22
ouyesfirst alt+ctr+d then right click you mouse  chose change desktop bankground01:23
Elv13How can I send variable to a parent (running) bash prcess?01:23
olofHow is a .sh file supposed to be run?01:23
ouyesolof,  sh01:23
Elv13olof: bash /path/tp/sh01:23
qvcbazhang: i dont want to do every little detail individually i want to switch back *everything* automatically if that's at all possible01:23
ouyesolof,  cd into the dectory the sudo sh filename01:24
bazhangqvc, have you tried yet01:24
qvcbazhang: because no matter what I do its not the same01:24
qvcbazhang: yes01:24
arjunak01how come i'm able to get higher download speeds in ubuntu (around 150kbps) compared to 50kbps on windows(on the same torrent)01:24
bazhangqvc, what all have you changed; that would be a determining factor on how much you need to reset01:24
ouyesqvc, it is impossible01:24
maykiqvc: maybe this is what you are looking for?-> http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/01:25
skydrome nouveau is failing on .32 kernel ubuntu 9.10 - http://i50.tinypic.com/28le5h0.png01:25
skydromeif there anything i should be looking at to find out more info?01:25
qvcbazhang: I've changed everything01:25
qvcmayki: thanks01:25
ouyesqvc,  mayki is right01:25
maykino prob01:25
JoesephHmmm....  xbindkeys is not even capturing the media keys.... Does that mean that the computer is not even receiving my media keys button presses?01:25
infidok i got dual monitors working but they seem to be two different workspaces, instead of acting as one big monitor. do i need to enable xinerama in nvidia-settings?01:26
ouyesolof, how's the thing going01:26
ctrlx11How come I can't switch to diffrent tty?01:26
ctrlx11Got only black screen01:26
olofouyes: if i open the File Browser, I got a couple of folders named videos, documents, pictures, downloads etc... how do i move their default location?01:26
olofi installed ubuntu today....01:27
oloftheir in my home folder01:27
olofthey are*01:27
kora-chanhi, i just installed 9.10 on my notebook (nvidia 9400M) and the 185 nvidia drivers. when i connect my external monitor it recognizes the device but i can only set the resolution to 1280x1024 and lower,.. 1680x1050 would be right resolution, but i cant select it in nvidia panel. any idea (using a mac book pro 13")01:27
kaimanjakhow to add subtitle to avi without changing the original avi encoding?01:28
Joesephsudo showkey is also not responding to my media key presses......   Are my media keys broken?01:29
ctrlx11must be this strange will of the dev too limit ubuntu in every new release of ubuntu.. first ctrl-alt-backspace and now the tty..01:29
kora-chankaimanjak: build a srt file, i dont know exaclty how it works but there are tools, just goole for "build sry file"01:29
maykiolof: maybe this will help -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95543201:29
kaimanjakkora-chan, i have the SRT file, but i want to put the subtitle into the AVI01:30
panos4eversudo nvidiaxconfig01:30
blackbartkaimanjak, use gnome subtitles01:30
panos4eversudo nvidia-xconfig01:31
kora-chankaimanjak: i sry i thought you wanted to build01:31
valberghi does anyone in here have experience with karmic as a guest os under a debian lenny Dom0 xen server?01:32
brianherman_homevalberg: i want to speak to that guy too01:32
kora-chanpanos4ever: what after i did the xconfig? restart? it said that it couldnt validate the old file and build a new one01:32
ilumii added some scripts to rc.d, and im getting a inittab file error, how can i fix this?01:32
=== kjhu887799 is now known as jesselee
skydromenouveau wont build correctly - http://i50.tinypic.com/28le5h0.png - if there anything i should be looking at to find out more info?01:33
Schuenemannhi, I had debian installed and grub running. I then installed ubuntu and now it's using its own menu.lst on boot. How can I make it use debian's again?01:35
SchuenemannI booted debian and ran grub-install, but nothing changed01:35
polk330Does any one have a place for me to host a small site.. Please PM me.01:35
shawn_does anyone know where the applications are stored on ubuntu 9.10?01:36
kaimanjakblackbart, I did not find any option to do this in gnome-subtitle01:36
ctrlx11shawn_ : what applications?01:36
ganeshivashawn_ :: var/cache/apt/archive01:37
kora-chanpanos4ever: just rebootet but the resolution problem is still the same01:37
valbergbrianherman_home: you haven't had any luck with it either?01:37
ganeshivashawn_ :this is the place where the deb packages are downloaded01:37
qvcbazhang: mayki's website didn't work01:38
cybbamy first contact - ubuntu01:39
blackbartkaimanjak, i guess u need writing subtitles yourself01:39
ctrlx11I wonder how to set it to boot into console and not X01:39
smcWe have a dell with a bcm4312 wifi card using ssb as a module, is that blacklisted or is it the right driver for 9.1001:39
KenBW2is it possible to use ssh to specify which display an application is displayed on?>01:40
style23how do you edit mplayer video output its not in prefrences?01:40
smcI see this post "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=880218" says use wl, which driver should I use?01:40
smcjorge, maybe we should try the other driver01:42
style23I just want to change the video setting and prefrences doesn't give you an option01:42
smcjorgeroman, maybe now01:42
SamS123Hey guys. Pure-FTPD problem. Here's the error I'm getting.01:43
SamS123Restarting ftp server: /usr/sbin/pure-ftpd-wrapper: Invalid configuration file /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/pureftpd.pdb: No corresponding directive01:43
SamS123Could anyone help me out?01:43
smcjorgeroman, hello01:43
ctrlx11I wonder how to set ubuntu it to boot into console and not X01:43
froggerSam what ftp program u using?01:44
mithridatesmkanyicy: hey , I removed everything and I installed ubuntu-desktop again01:45
SamS123frogger: pure-ftpd01:45
nomnexsomeone help with correct command to remove a bad get deb package (which keeps re-updating itself) and downgrade. When I do it, the bad package is still there and keeps coming back.  See: http://pastebin.com/d1a44b6a5 for the list of the packages01:45
mkanyicymithridates, and then?01:45
mithridatesmkanyicy: I tried to do what you said, totem installed some plugins but again it couldn't play mp4 . and also vlc (totem ---> H261) (VLC ---> AVC1)01:46
froggerSamS123: Have you used the right port and user pass to access ftp?01:46
mkanyicymithridates, is this an iTunes-purchased mp4?01:46
mithridatesmkanyicy: no01:47
SamS123frogger: That's the error from me trying to start the ftp server, not from accessing it.01:47
mkanyicymithridates, ok01:47
mithridatesmkanyicy: mp4 and also avi , these formats are not able to play01:47
mkanyicymithridates, can you plan on terminal with mplayer and the copy any messages and pastebin them01:48
mithridatesmkanyicy: (totem --->  XVID MPEG-4 decoder) for avi files01:48
mithridatesmkanyicy: sure , w801:48
froggerSamS123: I see well why not look on google to see if you can find out if ur missing any critical elements for the program by typing in the error?01:48
ctrlx11I wonder how to set ubuntu it to boot into console and not X01:48
froggerSamS123: Or you can try gftp program install it from synaptic package manager01:49
Schuenemannhey, what happened to grub's menu.lst in karmic?01:49
mithridatesmkanyicy: mplayer is not installed , what's the right way to install mplayer? sudo apt-get install mplayer?01:49
mithridatesmkanyicy: or should I install it by combination of some codecs?01:49
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2 Schuenemann explained there01:49
solifugusPanda3d in C++ still requires and links to python?01:50
mkanyicymithridates, yes sudo apt-get install mplayer01:50
mithridatesmkanyicy: mplayer: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libschroedinger-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: oil_function_class_ptr_avg2_32xn_u801:51
froggerI need to know if anyone can tell me how to format the spacing on this command: ffmpeg -iUpgrading To Smackdown 1.4.ogv -vcodec wmv2 -sameq -acodec wmav2 -f asf outfile.asf01:51
Schuenemannbazhang,  can I copy the info there to a menu.lst I'm using a different partition?01:51
mithridatesmkanyicy: same error as the previous error01:51
mkanyicymithridates, use synaptic to install gstreamer plugins (good, bad, ugly) and w32codecs and ffmpeg01:51
mkanyicymithridates, and retry mplayer01:52
mithridatesmkanyicy: ok01:52
syockithow do I view what a certain at job is going to do?01:52
Schuenemannbazhang,  in a different partition*01:52
bazhangSchuenemann, you are asking how to use debian's menu.lst with Ubuntu?01:53
syockitI tried atq -V -q <job number>, but it exits, displaying usage syntax01:53
Schuenemannbazhang,  yes, I want to add ubuntu to my debian menu.lst01:54
nickkontosany good encoder with audio equalizer for ubuntu?01:54
bazhangSchuenemann, okay, then you should check out #debian and read their wiki01:54
froggermkanyicy: can you please tell me how to format the spacing on this command: ffmpeg -iUpgrading To Smackdown 1.4.ogv -vcodec wmv2 -sameq -acodec wmav2 -f asf outfile.asf01:55
nickkontos ffmpeg -iUpgrading "To Smackdown 1.4.ogv" -vcodec wmv2 -sameq -acodec wmav2 -f asf outfile.asf01:56
mkanyicyfrogger, backslash it01:56
nickkontossee, it needs "" :)01:56
froggermkanyicy: Im sorry dont know what that means01:56
grendal_primehow would i go about putting a dvd in one machine and playing it with vlc or totem on another machine?01:56
karma_policewhat is the best prog to burn a data dvd using ubuntu?01:56
mkanyicyfrogger, or do what nickkontos is advising you01:56
ctrlx11I wonder how to set ubuntu it to boot into console and not X01:56
mkanyicyfrogger, I mean Upgrading\ To\ Smackdown\ 1.4.ogv. the "\" is a backslash01:57
froggermkanyicy: thanks mate01:57
mithridatesmkanyicy: should I do restart?01:57
_6ihi everyone01:57
mkanyicymithridates, no01:57
aahicnowhas anyone successful gotten a rogers inet stick working in 9.10 it was worki9ng in easy peasy and 9.04 but thats it01:57
mkanyicyhi _6i01:58
tasdawganyone know something about Qt4 Desinger?01:58
isaac_I got me here a laptop that the cd drive is just about dead.  No floppy drive, and it won't boot from USB (stupid bios.)  How do you install an OS on something like this?  Is there any way to get it to boot from USB cd drive?01:58
tasdawgisaac: You can use a ghost image over the network01:59
isaac_tasdawg can you rtfm me to a manual on how-to?01:59
tasdawgisaac: PM me02:00
mithridatesmkanyicy: mplayer: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libschroedinger-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: oil_function_class_ptr_avg2_32xn_u802:00
isaac_And will it work with no network, just another computer with an ethernet cable?02:00
mkanyicytasdawg, i know that it is green02:00
aahicnowhas anyone successful gotten a rogers inet stick working in 9.10 it was worki9ng in easy peasy and 9.04 but thats it02:00
tasdawgYou wuill need a cross over cable(backward connections)02:00
mkanyicymithridates, im sorry. im clueless now02:00
mithridatesmkanyicy: what's your advice to solve it? donwgrade to jaunty ?02:01
mkanyicymithridates, try sudo apt-get install avidemux02:01
mkanyicymithridates, and then try opening the file with avidemux and converting it to another format02:02
froggermkanyicy: looks like it worked thanks alot02:02
mkanyicymithridates, if avidemux also cannot open this file then, I really don't know what else to try02:02
mkanyicyfrogger, no problem02:02
mkanyicy!yay | frogger02:02
ubottufrogger: Glad you made it! :-)02:02
CopyWriterhi anyone happen to know if the samba nmbd daemon thing in 9.10 has been resolved yet?02:03
mkanyicytasdawg, what do you want to ask about qt4 ?02:03
froggernikkontos: thanks it worked02:03
mithridatesmkanyicy: it could02:03
mkanyicyexcuse me?02:04
Jake33My flash drive (errr, SD card in a USB adapter) will only mount as ro, I had it check the device upon startup and rebooted. How can I find out why it wouldn't mount it writable?02:04
mkanyicymithridates, can avidemux open it?02:04
mithridatesmkanyicy: avidemux could play a mp4 video02:04
mithridatesmkanyicy: yes02:04
tasdawgmkanyicy: I want to know if there is a IDE for perl - eg the designer is for c#/c++ but i want to load the UI file thro perl not c++02:04
mithridatestasdawg: use netbeans02:05
mkanyicytasdawg, qt designer is strictly for c++02:05
mithridatestasdawg: or some scripts for vim02:05
=== Araxhiel_Khy is now known as araxhiel
mkanyicytasdawg, if it accomodates C# then it's a bonus, perl may be a dream02:06
tasdawgi really want a GTK interface - i know tk already but tk is getting to be really primitive in the design stage - and i have GUI customers wanting fancy products02:06
_6ii have a simple problem (i believe): i've lost a partition ubuntu resided in (thanx vista)02:06
_6ii've already recovered it and "rescued" it to an image, but i couldn't revive it,02:06
_6iso i formatted the partition and installed a new karmic on it (i still have the image)02:06
_6ihow could i extract (or find the file, if it's in a simple file) the list of installed apps,02:06
FloodBot3_6i: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:06
_6iwhat "dpkg --get-selections" would print me, if the previous os would be functional?02:06
_6ican anyone help with this?02:06
tasdawgperl-qt is out - but its full on long coding, i know u can load a glade3 file into perl/python just wondering if qt can be the same02:07
mkanyicyQT has nothing to do with GTK, tasdawg02:07
mithridatesmkanyicy: I can play video by avidemux so is there any clue to solve it for other players?02:07
tasdawgno i mean the theme/graphics02:07
adamonline45Hello!  I installed the rt kernel on karmic 64 bit, and on boot it gave me an error about not being able to find the NVidia module.  I reinstalled the nvidia driver using the nvidia script, and it worked for one boot.  The second boot, however, lead to a black screen at login.  Any ideas?02:08
tasdawgcompared to tk - gtk - qt. tk is easy but ugly, gtk is cute but long, qt is tk with gtk cutness02:08
mkanyicymithridates, I don't know, the only thing I could try is to convert file to another format and see if vlc/mplayer can play it02:08
=== Kujablak is now known as BlackSuga
mithridatesmkanyicy: ok , anyway , thank you for your patient and your favor .02:09
mkanyicymithridates, sometimes I forget to say I am a newbie02:09
tasdawgmkanyicy: netbeans does not support perl02:09
mkanyicymithridates, no problem02:09
_6ianyone? any ideas?02:09
mkanyicytasdawg, I dont even know what netbeans is, i guess it's java stuff02:09
HiatusI cant find autostart in ~/.config/openbox/02:09
mithridatestasdawg: no, I think it does . have you looked for perl plugins for netbeans?02:09
obiwan_hi guys02:10
mithridatesnetbeans is an IDE02:10
mkanyicytasdawg, I think gtk use C and qt use C++02:10
tasdawgnetbeans does not support perl - python PHP java rudy grovvy no perl sigh02:11
joshua__what no C?02:11
tasdawgyeah - i know all about the functions with c - but i am a perl programer, what u can do in c i can do in perl, but i need some graphics, looking for a GUI IDE02:11
mkanyicyjoshua__, what?02:11
tasdawgfor qt - gtk02:11
obiwan_'m tryin to change grub2 image, already edited the 05_debian_theme with the name of my pic, set it in /boot/grub and set (just in case) my user:group owner (it got root when i put them there), finally i do update-grub. But it won't work. What's goin on?02:12
smcI have kernel module ssb losding at boot, and I want wl how do I blacklist a bodule in u buntu02:12
joshua__you see if you had C it is suitable as a universal bridging languages02:12
_6idoes anyone know how can i get the "dpkg --get-selections" list if i can't boot into 'that' ubuntu, but can mount the filesystem?02:12
kinja-sheep!blacklist | smc02:12
ubottusmc: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »02:12
obiwan_smc do sudo echo ssb >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist02:13
smcubottu, thank you.02:13
joshua___6i: if it's intact enouch mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev followed by chroot /mnt dpkg --get-selections (have to be root of course but from rescue cd you probably already are)02:13
obiwan_ubottu is a bot, thank to kinja hehe02:13
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:13
tasdawgforums post on neats means: There is no active project to add perl support to NetBeans02:13
mkanyicytasdawg, sorry I don't know perl but little python, there is module called PyQt for making qt apps02:13
kinja-sheepobiwan_: Your command wouldn't work either. :)02:14
obiwan_please what can i do to solve my grub2 image issue?02:14
obiwan_yeah, he should login as root first ehehe02:14
bastid_raZorsmc: echo ssb | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist02:14
tasdawgmkanyicy - i know all this, i have perlqt-4 installed, and i can use it, but i have to type the code to eg display a button, this takes time, a GUI IDE will save me time, there is a desinger called qt4 designer but that prints it output code into c++ - something i dont want02:14
kinja-sheepobiwan_: My thoughts. It is silly to spend hours editing GRUB2 (to include photos or cute colors) that you would only get to see it for few seconds. And another times, you'd just turn on the machine and walk away (to come back in few minutes).02:16
tasdawgNOTE: Gtk2 has glade2 which can write out an XML file usable by Gtk2::GladeXML. Here is an example of how to bundle the XML with the app in the same file.02:16
tasdawgThanks you all for your help (thumbs up)02:17
shawn_I downloaded an app called SongBird (http://www.getsongbird.com/), but I don't know how to install it, can anyone help me?02:17
joshua__I suppose apt-get install songbird didn't02:18
bastid_raZorshawn_: read the instructions on the page. it tells how to use songbird in Ubuntu02:18
kinja-sheepshawn_: https://launchpad.net/songbird02:18
_6ijoshua__: thx, i don't understand everything from your suggestion yet, but i'll look into the man pages for those parameters (i hope it will be enough)02:18
obiwan_kinja-sheep: yeah, actually i preffer the old-looking menu grub, it's just i said my friend it was so easy, then i tried and i had to swallow my own words :S now i want to do it by all means02:19
kinja-sheepobiwan_: You can get better support in #grub02:19
obiwan_yeah, i've already gone there hehe02:19
obiwan_maybe sbd helps me there02:19
Abministratorhello, if i do a dist-upgrade are the packets of the upgraded dist up-to-date?02:21
Abministratoror have i to update02:21
obiwan_it's just that it's really rare, cause there's a pletora of guides to change the image for ubuntu, and many people says: yeah it worked wonders for me, perfect it's really easy, and i'm getting really annoyed cause i did try a lot of things, changing dir, file owner, etc and won't work02:21
joshua__they should be up to date02:21
mkanyicyI have to leave now, good people02:22
eltumehow do I use the abiword presentation plugin?02:22
=== forgotten_ is now known as forgottenlol
eltumeWhat do I click on to utilize it?02:23
bastid_raZorAbministrator: you will need to do update again after the dist-upgrade finishes just to be sure.02:23
Abministratorok, i will do it... but first i pray that everything works... my system is full-encrypted :/02:24
bastid_raZorAbministrator: best of luck.. maybe yo ushould do some research on how others have faired with encryption and 9.1002:24
joshua__err in that case I recommend solid backup first02:24
ctrlx11How di I set ubuntu to boot into console at next start and not into X - for some reason switching tty only gives me black screen02:25
aahicnowhas anyone successful gotten a rogers inet stick working in 9.10 it was working in easy peasy and 9.04 but thats it02:27
=== forgotten is now known as forgottenlol
_6ijoshua__: thx, it worked like a charm02:28
_6iand how could i reuse the downloaded packages from the previous install, (i can mount the drive), if have already the new ubuntu installed?02:30
trimetaNot the full /var/cache/apt directory, but there's something under there where they're stored.02:31
bastid_raZorctrlx11: read this for how to disable then reenable. http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/prevent-xorg-from-starting-in-linux/02:31
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trimetaAnyone know if the USB startup disk allows you to subsequently add a FAT32 partition to the drive, to create a space for moving files between Windows computers?02:31
_6iso, when i use the "dpkg --set-selections" it would use the packages downloaded before - would it be enough just to copy the packages from the previous install?02:32
phpmonkhow to check irq of usb mouse?02:34
Rugehi folks02:34
joshua__If I recall, from the new system, doing a cd /mnt/var/cache/apt/something followed by dpkg --install *.deb would do it02:34
RugeCould someone give me some advice on Ubuntu as a potential graphic design/web design OS?02:34
joshua__of course that goes horribly wrong if you have anything in the cache that shouldn't be installed02:34
spasticteapotcan anyone tell me why my shift keys are working intermittently?02:34
ctrlx11bastid_raZor - thanks02:35
spasticteapotThey work some times, but not others.02:35
spasticteapotOther times I can't use them with some keys.02:35
trimetajoshua__: Also, wouldn't that mess things up in that it wouldn't update dependencies properly?02:35
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
ectospasmspasticteapot: what kind of keyboard?02:35
trimetaIf a new version drops a dependency, it wouldn't remove the old package, etc.?02:35
_6ijoshua__: yeah, there are such things there..02:35
zerwasRuge> Use Gimp or Photoshop and your other web design programs ;-)02:35
joshua__trimeta: no, any unmet dependencies will block akcages02:35
phpmonkcan anyone tell me how to check irq of usb mouse?02:35
spasticteapotsaitek gamer keyboard.02:35
trimetajoshua__: I meant the other way around.02:35
Rugezerwas: I have copies of Flash, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Could they be run suitably under WINE?02:35
trimetaAny unneeded dependencies would be kept.02:35
ectospasmspasticteapot: what kind of connection?  USB, bluetooth, etc...02:36
Rugezerwas: I only have 2GB ram and an on-board GFX02:36
trimetaRuge: Check the WineDB.02:36
spasticteapotectospasm UB02:36
joshua__ok file that one under bad ideas02:36
spasticteapots key works intermittently02:36
zerwasRuge> depends on the versions of your programs. as trimeta suggested, check the appdb of Wine: http://appdb.winehq.org/02:36
tcarterwhy does my hdmi cable not give me a display on my tv?02:36
joshua__spast, I'd assume hardware until proven otherwise02:36
trimetazerwas: Yea, I got the wrong name. :-(02:36
spasticteapotnow shift + some keys works, but not others - if I hold shift, a,s,d,f,g, and a few others won't work.02:37
_6ijoshua__: that's why i wanted to use "dpkg --get-selections" list..02:37
spasticteapotjoshua__ I added a Usb hub yesterday.02:37
spasticteapotstupid freaking keyboard!02:37
adamonline45Hi!  I installed the nvidia driver from their site, and when I typed 'startx' it worked fine.  Upon rebooting, however, I get a black screen...  Does anyone know what might cause this?02:37
ectospasmspasticteapot: could be the hub, most hubs are cheap IMO02:37
agrokerI've got an ATI x1300 mobile GPU under Karmic, there is not fglrx for Karmic and default opensource ati driver, while provides the glx acceleration, is weak, and in extremetuxracer I hardly get 7 fps, and before under 9.04 with fglrx I was getting close to a 100. Is there a remedy?02:37
joshua__looking at the datastruceure in /var/cache/apt, I'd presume you could copy the cache over, overwriting older files with newer ones02:38
joshua__of course better do apt-get update again after that02:38
soreauagroker: You can try the packages fro the xorg-edgers repo to get the latest 3D components in mesa02:39
_6iadamonline45: i had similar issues with the proprietary ati driver - the problem was, that the /etc/X11/xorg.conf wasn't correct02:39
soreau_6i: With the open driver, you don't need an xorg.conf02:39
agrokersoreau, but does mesa mean indirect rendering?02:39
_6isoreau: yeah, that was the problem02:40
lemiffehey guys02:40
soreauagroker: No, quite the opposite. mesa is where all the opengl 3D code is stored for all graphics chipsets02:40
_6ibut the proprietary needed it02:40
agrokersoreau, ok, thank you02:40
soreau_6i: Yea, X wont know to select a proprietary driver02:40
eltumeWhich uses less resource, empathy or pidgin ???02:40
neezerI just read a thread about compiling your own kernel. Is there any guides that might explain the kernel? Is it just a program written in C?? I'm a bit confused on the whole kernel things.02:40
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silareHey, all. I looked a while for an office suite for Linux... I don't like OO.org or GNOME Office, but I've heard of KOffice, IBM Lotus Symphony, and the like... Which do you guys prefer?02:41
bastid_raZoreltume: run them both and check top to find out.02:41
agrokersilare, OOo02:41
_6ii set up the xorg.conf by hand accordint to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver and it worked after that02:41
joshua__kernel is a program written in C that depend on nothing and provides what libc depends on but that's not the answer you want02:41
neezerjashua: what is libc?02:42
joshua__shared function library: what every other program on the system depends on02:42
zerwasneezer> the kernel is the operating system itself. i think wikipedia explains it well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_kernel02:42
IpSe_DiXiThi, how do I perform a RAM scan for errors? thansk02:42
adamonline45_6i: I've checked over my xorg.conf, and it seems to be in order... do you happen to know what was incorrect?02:42
neezerhow many lines is it??02:42
joshua__assuming you've unpacked it02:43
lenswipecan someone help me with that02:43
lenswipei having issues with some kind of XML package or something02:43
_6iadamonline45: i stepped through this part to the end, set everything according to my specs and it worked https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver#Configuring%20X.org02:43
zerwasneezer> 12,6 million lines of codes02:43
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joshua__and I was about to paste the find | cat | wc -l command to find out02:44
TidersWhat is an MDF file02:44
zerwasneezer> yeah, it's quite big02:44
neezerwhat is that command joshua_?02:44
joshua__tidres: probably sql 2000 database02:45
_6iadamonline45: i couldn't work with my box, because nothing would show, not even tty-s, but i could connect through ssh..02:45
neezerso what would be the benefit of compiling your own kernel?02:45
adamonline45_6i: Ahh, that's a clever solution...  I'm reading through the link, and I'll try that... Thanks a lot :)02:45
syockitIpSe_DiXiT: at boot time, when you see the selection of what to boot in (ubuntu with various kernel versions), there's usually memtest86 at the bottom of the list. boot to that to scan your memory for defects02:45
neezerHow would you make sense of anything to even change it and have it still work with that many lines?02:46
joshua__including only the drivers you need, I don't do that anymore after excluding hotplug and breaking udev (thank goodness my system backed udev with a real /dev rather than that ramdrive -- really good failsafe)02:46
RickZillaMy wireless connection quit working, but I've verified that the router is sending out a signal.  When I click on the Network Connection icon, "Enable Wireless" is grayed out.  Where do I go to turn this setting back on?02:47
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neezerany way to ban idiots?02:47
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:48
joshua__I agree about this guy being an idiot02:48
joshua__I've taken to answering "human" to race02:48
joshua__someone complained and I said "Would you really rather I put elf?"02:48
neezerI like it joshua_02:48
nbohaychukdoes anyone know how to tether with the iphone 3.0 in ubuntu 9.10 via usb, or bluetooth, but i prefer usb?02:49
RickZillaMy wireless connection quit working, but I've verified that the router is sending out a signal. When I click on the Network Connection icon, "Enable Wireless" is grayed out. Where do I go to turn this setting back on?02:49
* joshua__ mudders something about drivers02:49
BlizzerandWhen I try to use kate from a terminal , it gives me a weird error , No protocol specified, kate: cannot connect to X server :0.0 . ??02:49
joshua__Bilzzerand: DISPLAY enviornment variable not set02:50
Blizzerandjoshua__ : What should I do to set it properly ?02:50
joshua__usually, run it from an xterm (or konsole, or gnome-console)02:51
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personI lost my Firefox password manager master password; how can I start a new vault thingy and back up the old one?02:51
zenlunaticRickZilla, did you just do an upgrade?02:51
=== cpg|brb is now known as cpg
RickZillaNope, it suddenly quit working...all I was doing at the time was hooking up to a 2nd monitor02:52
Blizzerandjoshua__ : I ran kate /etc/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php and even with gedit in Konsole and got the same error02:52
zenlunaticRickZilla, this a laptop?02:52
RickZillazenlunatic: Yes02:52
joshua__well this is a bit distructive, but if you're willing to lose all extensions & bookmarks rm -rf ~/.mozilla/firefox will do it02:52
Blizzerandperson ^02:52
bastid_raZorjoshua__: mv it instead of deleting?02:52
zenlunaticRickZilla, not to be simple, but did you accidently switch off the wireless device with a switch (most modern laptops have hardware switches for wireless)02:53
XfactI am using 'sysinfo' a system information tool which showing that I just have only 1000MHz CPU power when in real I have 20009 MHz CPU, anybody can tell me why?02:53
personjoshua__, I'd rather not :P02:53
_6iso, back to my "install my lost systems apps using the packages downloaded by it" problem, do you think, it would be enough to "update" /var/cache/apt, or should i /var/cache/debconf too?02:53
blakkheimXfact: cpu scaling02:53
joshua__person: unfortunately I don't know a better way off hand02:53
RickZillazenlunatic: Possibly, I was moving it around at the time.  I'll check it out and get back with you, thanks for the idea.\02:53
Blizzerandperson : Go to #firefox for more support02:53
personjoshua__, though i could just back .mozilla up02:53
personooh, thanks Blizzerand02:54
zenlunaticRickZilla, np02:54
=== cpg is now known as cpg|biab
joshua___6i: my mind's fried enough about the safety of that that it might be better to waste the bandwidth02:54
BlizzerandHow do I set the Display enviornment variable02:54
LinuX2halfhow do I make a NTFS partition for windows?02:55
zenlunaticBlizzerand, for bash?02:55
Alan502i'm using a win2 computer to bridge my internet connection to kubuntu.. but i have to connect the windows computer in the "WAN" slot of my router... it seems that that doesn't let me connect with rdesktop or explore it's share folders... could someone help me?02:55
joshua__if it's not set correctly from konsole, something far worse is going on02:55
lijing_in English or Chinaese?02:55
Blizzerandzenlunatic : yes02:55
Xfactblakkheim: that means my karmic running only with 1000MHZ cpu....02:55
bastid_raZorlinxeh_: create empty space then format it while in windows. use gparted for the creation02:55
joshua__you might try DISPLAY=:0 kate but I think that won't work02:55
nbohaychukdoes anyone know how to tether with the iphone 3.0 in ubuntu 9.10 via usb, or bluetooth, but i prefer usb?02:56
darkfileyou could try cd / & rm -rf *02:56
zenlunaticBlizzerand, its in your .bashrc or .bash_profile you gotta set it there dont know that exact variable02:56
darkfilethis will solve your issues02:56
RickZillazenlunatic: I didn't see anything to switch, but suddenly the wireless connection came up...heck if I know what happened.  I've been starting and restarting everything all afternoon to make it work.02:56
bastid_raZor!danger |02:56
ubottu: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!02:56
bastid_raZor!ops | darkfile02:56
ubottudarkfile: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:56
NotTooSmartwould this command be correct for creating an image file of a harddrive that could later simply be dd'ed back to the source hd? dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/hd2/sysimage.bin bs=32768 conv=sync,notrunc ubuntu 9.1002:56
_6ijoshua__: i'm talking about 3 gigs of packages, and i have to have it finished in 7 hours02:56
zenlunaticdarkfile, jerk02:56
jribdarkfile: do not joke around like that here02:56
joshua___6i: sorry but you'll have to find someone who knows apt better02:56
bastid_raZorXfact: cpu scaling will use more cpu when needed.02:57
_6ijoshua__: ...and a connection of 500 kB/s..02:57
firekooldarkfile with ubuntu's userbase you might just have someone do that.02:57
bastid_raZorXfact: you can set it to use all your processor speed by installing cpufreq-utils and using cpufreq-set02:57
zenlunaticBlizzerand, two configs... ones for when you log in, other for starting a new shell02:57
_6ijoshua__: well, you still helped, so thanx again02:58
NotTooSmartwould this command be correct for creating an image file of a harddrive that could later simply be dd'ed back to the source hd? dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/hd2/sysimage.bin bs=32768 conv=sync,notrunc ubuntu 9.1002:58
fatumI'm using ProFTPD.  I can connect with a username and password, but then it hangs on: "Response:227 Entering Passive Mode" - What might be a cause for this?02:58
_6iso, any apt gurus around?...02:58
LinuX2halfhow to create an NTFS partition?02:58
Alan502please hlep!02:58
Alan502i'm using a win2 computer to bridge my internet connection to kubuntu.. but i have to connect the windows computer in the "WAN" slot of my router... it seems that that doesn't let me connect with rdesktop or explore it's share folders... could someone help me?02:58
stevecamhow do i stop pulseaudio from restarting every time i use it02:58
stevecamkill it02:58
bastid_raZorLinuX2half: didn't i just tell you?02:58
fatumLinuX2half:  You can use gparted to create an NTFS partiton02:58
Blizzerandzenlunatic : What  display should it be set to ?02:59
NotTooSmartLinuX2half, mkntfs /dev/drive -L device name02:59
joshua___6i ok don't blame me if this doesn't work (be root I'm not sure how to sudo-decorate this): cd /mnt/var/lib/cache/apt-archives && dpkg --install `dpkg --get-selections | sed 's/ *install/.dep/'`03:00
zenlunaticBlizzerand, you dont config monitors in those files03:00
NotTooSmartwould this command be correct for creating an image file of a harddrive that could later simply be dd'ed back to the source hd? dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/hd2/sysimage.bin bs=32768 conv=sync,notrunc ubuntu 9.1003:00
zenlunaticBlizzerand, wait that might be wrong03:00
LinuX2halfnottoosmart: ok thanks03:01
Alan502do you know what ip is assigned to a computer connected to the wan slot of my router? when the eth0 is bridged03:01
NotTooSmartLinuX2half, worked for ya?03:01
=== jon is now known as Guest50743
_6ijoshua__: hmmm...looks interesting..03:01
naught101anyone know how I can get networkmanager to stop messing with my usb0 conenction? I keep getting03:01
zenlunaticBlizzerand, if its using x you need to config x03:01
naught101NetworkManager: <info>  (usb0): carrier now ON (device state 1)03:01
naught101NetworkManager: <info>  (usb0): carrier now OFF (device state 1)03:01
Blizzerandjoshua__ , zenlunatic : Thanks guys , I think I found the prob , logged into bash with sudo su and then I used Kate which created the whole mess . I should have just used sudo . Thanks again for all your help !03:02
zenlunaticnp dont know what i did...03:02
NotTooSmartwould this command be correct for creating an image file of a harddrive that could later simply be dd'ed back to the source hd? dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/hd2/sysimage.bin bs=32768 conv=sync,notrunc ubuntu 9.1003:02
joshua__I just got lectured about running kate under sudo03:02
joshua__needs to be kdesu03:02
bastid_raZorBlizzerand: to use kate with root permissions use kdesu kate03:02
_6ijoshua__: but better be safe than sorry (after i calculated, i have time to download 12 gigs :D)03:03
_6ijoshua__: so, i think, i stick to the previous plan - but still, thanx for trying03:03
BlizzerandIf I use sudo su I don't have to use sudo nor kdesuo every time but guess it doesn't work03:03
joshua__uhh try kdesu xterm03:04
=== tyty is now known as Tielur
janneno event.d dir in my ubuntu 9.10? how can i config my init(start level)?03:05
bastid_raZor!upstart | janne03:05
ubottujanne: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/03:05
Xfactis there any spacial way to my cpu speed ram etc, system information? (in command line)03:05
chasedawg1how do you make a use a grub splash image in 9.1003:06
Tielurim having some trouble installing my graphics drivers03:06
bastid_raZorXfact: read the man page on lshw .. you can narrow its listing with proper syntax... sudo lshw .for a full list of your hardware03:08
matelot? I'm running Jaunty in WUBI, it can go to Suspend but not Hibernat, right ?03:09
bastid_raZormatelot: correct.03:09
bastid_raZormatelot: i'm sorry.. i don't think it can do either03:09
thaspThasp here on my bberry03:09
matelotoh really03:09
joshua__yeah hibernating wubi and booting windows sounds like a recipe for disaster03:10
NotTooSmartwould this command be correct for creating an image file of a harddrive that could later simply be dd'ed back to the source hd? dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/hd2/sysimage.bin bs=32768 conv=sync,notrunc ubuntu 9.1003:10
LinuX2halfSo I'll need to create space for windows in order for me to install the OS?03:10
thaspSo optimum online has free wifi in my area. You can connect if you are an optimum customer03:10
nick_hevery minute or so, the ssh connection to my vps hangs, and i need to wait up to 5 seconds before it receives keyboard input. any idea how to fix or debug this?03:10
craigbass1976How do I shut sounds off in xubuntu?  Not all sound, just some event sounds.  I can't find anything03:10
thaspI can't because inbetween the time from getervice out my old place to my new place, I am not an optimum customer03:10
bastid_raZorcraigbass1976: possibly #xubuntu may have faster answers.03:11
gotsanityDoes ubuntu support voice input via a2dp bluetooth profiles?03:12
mithridateshey guys03:14
mithridateswhat do you recommend like yakuake but for gnome ?03:14
nick_hmithridates: guake works, but it's not as good as yakuake03:16
mithridatesnick_h: exactly , I don't like that, what else?03:16
juliend2_how can i change the resolution on karmic server?03:18
webdawgwhy isnt apf-firewall in the jaunty packages?03:19
_6ijoshua__: would it be possible to make a repo using aptoncd with chroot from the old sys's partition and add that as a source in the new system? i think, it would solve the problems with the dependancies and shouldn't cause inconsistencies..03:20
nick_hmithridates: tilda is another one, but it's even worse than Gake03:21
mithridatesnick_h: looool , definitely you had a situation like me and you tried all of them :)))03:22
webdawgwhy isnt apf-firewall in the jaunty packages?03:23
nick_hmithridates: yep. after using KDE for ~6 years, i decided to try Gnome. 2-3 months later, i switched back to KDE. i really dislike most of Gnome's apps03:23
mithridatesnick_h: I hate too but I don't like kde environment03:25
bastid_raZornick_h: you can use kde apps in gnome.03:25
nick_hmithridates: KDE 3.5 is fantastic. 4 isn't great, but it's slowly improving03:25
nick_hmithridates: just install yakuake in Gnome03:25
nick_hmithridates: it'll work03:25
mithridatesbut it wants to install about 128 mg KDE stuffs03:26
nick_hmithridates: meh. i assume your HD is fairly large. what's 128MB going to do?03:27
UbeeI am trying to figure out how to play a dvd on my computer when I cannot seem to do it through any Ubuntu dvd players.03:27
nick_hmithridates: besides, if you install all of those KDE libraries, you'll be able to run other useful KDE apps  =P03:28
mithridatesnick_h: :D ok man I'm gonna install it, I guess you are a yakuake developer =)) :P03:28
LinuX2halfhow do I resize my partition?03:28
LinuX2halfI've installed the Gparted program but I still can't resize the partition.03:28
mithridateswho can help me about this error ? /usr/lib/libschroedinger-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: oil_function_class_ptr_avg2_32xn_u803:29
bastid_raZorLinuX2half: you would need a LiveCD to resize the partition you are using.. or a gparted CD03:29
mithridatesnick_h: can you help me about it? /usr/lib/libschroedinger-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: oil_function_class_ptr_avg2_32xn_u803:29
bastid_raZor!dvd | Ubee03:29
ubottuUbee: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:29
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bastid_raZor!gparted | LinuX2half03:30
ubottuLinuX2half: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:30
nick_hmithridates: heh, i'm not a yakuake dev. i just use it 1000 times each day03:30
LinuX2halfbastid_razor: oh I see then could you also tell me the appropriate size for installing windows...also could I create an NTFS patition when resizing the partition?03:30
webdawgwhy isnt apf-firewall in the jaunty packages??!!?!03:31
LinuX2half! dual boot03:31
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:31
bastid_raZorLinuX2half: i have no idea how large you would need for windows.. possibly ask that in ##windows .. yes youcan create an NTFS partition while in the liveCD/gpartedCD03:31
mithridateswebdawg: =)))))))03:32
LinuX2halfbastid_razor: thanks :)03:32
webdawgsup mithridates03:32
zirodaywebdawg: it was only added to the repository during karmic.03:32
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
mithridateswebdawg: you question is like why this is happening to me03:32
noondayHey can someone help with Ubuntu?03:32
webdawgapf has been around for a long while.  Why did it take so long to be added?03:33
capibolsobest irc client?03:33
UbeeIf I have a DVD that requires plugins because of the Format, how can I get the plugins?03:33
LinuX2halfbastid_razor: also is it a safe idea that I need to backup my GRUB bootloader before installing windows?03:33
noondayI am trying to install Ubuntu for the first time and I am having trouble03:33
mithridateswebdawg: have you watched david after dentist video in youtube? =))) please watch it03:33
geitenneukeri got a problem03:34
bastid_raZor!fixgrub | LinuX2half ..you need this.03:34
ubottuLinuX2half ..you need this.: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:34
webdawgcan I back port it and add it to jaunty?03:34
zirodaywebdawg: you can try03:34
geitenneukerToday is Setting Orange, the 10th day of Chaos in the YOLD 317603:34
* capibolso is singing a song while drinking a cold beer03:34
geitenneukerwhat is setting orange?03:34
LinuX2halfbastid_razor: alright thanks I'll go now to test it out.03:34
zirodaygeitenneuker: this is ubuntu support, do you have a question relating to ubuntu we can help you with?03:35
geitenneukerif i type ddate it looks like that03:35
noondayOk, anyhow.. can someone give me some advice about wubi.exe?03:35
noondayI run it and it does nothing!03:35
noondayIt is supposed to be an installer03:35
Xfactsometimes in update manager or synaptic it shows 'linux-image-x.x.xx-xx-generic' updates etc, can anybody tell me is that important?03:35
zirodaygeitenneuker: the description states that "ddate - converts Gregorian dates to Discordian dates"03:35
geitenneukerwhats discordian dates?03:36
UbeeAgain, if I have a DVD that will not run because it is not supported by open formats, how can I get the plugins to play the dvd on an open format?03:36
zirodaygeitenneuker: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discordian_calendar03:36
geitenneukerand how can i display the jewish calendar?03:36
zirodaygeitenneuker: there is an apple for that hdate-applet03:37
zirodayerr s/apple/applet03:37
geitenneukerim a dutch jew03:37
geitenneukerok i hope it is the apple of sin03:38
pete__is it worth it to install the nvidia propriatery drivers on an ubuntu-server install with no gui, will it gain any performance boost?03:39
geitenneukeri have seen the fnord!03:39
sje46if I move a bunch of files across to a Windows partition from Linux, will that info still be on the Linux partition?03:39
LinuX2halfI'm having trouble booting the Live CD03:39
LinuX2halfI don't know what button to press to boot from the Disc03:39
geitenneukerlinux2half? why i dont have problems with my boots03:39
sje46what are the options?03:39
LinuX2halfMine isn't automatic03:40
geitenneukeri bought my boots on a local shoe dealer03:40
zirodayLinuX2half: you need to get your BIOS to boot from CD. This is usually a setting03:40
LinuX2halfOkay, then is there a button to press after setting the order?03:40
bastid_raZorLinuX2half: possibly hit F1203:40
zirodayLinuX2half: on bootup it should say something like "Press F12 to access setup" or something similar03:40
sje46LinuX2half, you might need to install a driver03:40
jtajipete__: nope, the drivers are for X, which you don't have03:40
pete__jtaji, ok, thanks03:40
LinuX2halfAlright I'm be back....03:40
Quan-Timesje46: if you mount the partition, you will see the files on yoru windows partiton03:41
Quan-Timesje46: often you have to mount the NTFS partiton,, look into NTFS-3g03:41
sje46I know Quan-Time.  But I want to move the files to the Windows partition so I have more room on Linux03:41
Quan-Timesje46: yes, you can do that and run prorams from it if you choose.. BUT be careful of permissions and what not03:42
geitenneukerwhy is the NTFS stuff not in the kernel?03:42
geitenneukerput it into the kernel asap03:42
Quan-Timegeitenneuker: 3rd party driver.03:42
lemiffedoes anyone happen to know why the ##php channel is sending me to ##overflow?03:42
Quan-Timeit only became stable recently.03:42
geitenneukerits open source and stable03:42
sje46Quan-Time, my question is if the info on the harddrive will still be recoverable on the windows partition03:42
zirodaylemiffe: ask in #freenode03:42
Quan-TimeNTFS was for a long time "read only".. writing to it would often corrupt the entire disk.. thus, its still being developed03:42
DimoutlookHi to all I want to apologize for last night, I'm new to this IRC thing and didn't have a clue on how X-Chat worked or what I was supposed to respond to thanks for your understanding03:42
geitenneukermaybe with kernel 2.6.36 or something03:42
Quan-Timesje46: yer of course, windows will see it without issue..03:43
Quan-Timesje46: i run steam that way.. so linux or windows can use it.. saves on install space :)03:43
geitenneukeris there a way to run a mirc client in the kernel?03:43
Quan-Timegeitenneuker: mirc client ?03:43
geitenneukermirc = multitasking irc03:43
Quan-Timeumm.. mirc IS a client.. you mean IRC client ?03:44
geitenneukerin a interactive shell03:44
sje46Quan-Time, I'm confused.  My linux can see windows files fine.  I'm asking ...like, you know how when you delete something, it doesn't delete the data, just the pointer?03:44
LinuX2halfNo it doesn't boot from the disc03:44
sje46LinuX2half, what OS are you on now?03:44
geitenneukermy mouse is messed up for some reason03:44
Quan-Timesje46: if you delete something from your windows partition, while in linux.. it will be deleted. when you boot to windows, it will be gone03:44
LinuX2halfI'm using the Intrepid Live CD03:45
geitenneukeri am looking for a 5ganjahz mouse03:45
sje46Quan-Time, pretend I have one OS.  Just Windows.  Or Linux.  Doesn't matter.  If you have a file, and delete it, that information is stil on the disk until something writes it over.03:45
Quan-Timegeitenneuker: i THINK you can run irssi like that, but i dont know why you would want to. its terminal based incase you TOTALLY screw up your GUI / gfx,, if you X session is stuffed, you can still load up irssi and get help in here about fixing.. is that what you mean ?03:45
Quan-Timesje46: correct.03:46
e40ti4sthey guys,anyone knows a good how-to for installing custom kernel on ubuntu?03:46
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bastid_raZor!kernel | e40ti4st03:46
ubottue40ti4st: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages03:46
Quan-Timesje46: BUT the pointer file (FAT info) ISNT moved to the recycle bin for easy access.. you manually have to run some sort of undelete / unerase program to rebuild it03:46
LinuX2halfHow do I boot from the CD? Karmic seemed to have changed03:46
sje46LinuX2half, okay, my friend couldnt boot from a disk, he had to install something.  Have you tried just putting in the disk while on your current OS?03:47
Quan-TimeLinuX2half: umm.. boot from cd ? put in drive, reboot computer.. ?03:47
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LinuX2halfYes, but it seemed that it doesn't react to the disc03:47
sje46LinuX2half, even when you put it in right now?03:48
_6ihow do i edit/remove enties from the grub menu in karmic? (all the tutorials i've found use "grub", but i have grub-* apps)03:48
pete__when I try to mount a .bin I made using DD to clone a HD it says wrong standard identifier in volume descriptor, exiting03:48
LinuX2halfsje46: yes03:48
sje46Quan-Time, okay, so when I move a file from a linux partition to a windows partition, I'd have to wipe it from the linux partition if I don't want it to be there anymore03:48
sje46LinuX2half, do other CDs work?03:49
Quan-TimeLinuX2half: ok.. in your bios.. when you first turn on your computer, you can hit like F1, or ESC, or DEL or somethin.. you get your BIOS boot options.. you probably have "boot from CDROM" set to "DISABLE" or something similar.. OR your boot option "priority" list is harddisk 1, cdrom 2, etc..change that.. IF it cant find a cdrom, it goes to boot device 2. the hdd... understand ?03:49
sje46Quan-Time, I don't think it's bios if he can't use the CD at all03:49
Quan-Timesje46: umm. if you MOVE it, it tells the FAT (file allocation table) taht the space can now be overwritten.. you dont have to actively "scrub" it. if you move it, your all set03:50
pete__when I try to mount a .bin I made using DD to clone a HD it says wrong standard identifier in volume descriptor, exiting03:50
LinuX2halfQuan-time: my BIO setting only has the boot order and thats it. There's no option boot options03:50
Quan-Timesje46: OH... is the CD burnt in a bootable way ? i had to deal with someone about this issue previously03:50
greyfoxsyluxexcuse me, I have a question about Linux x64...i'll wait until someone is available though03:50
zirodaygreyfoxsylux: please just ask :)03:50
sje46Quan-Time, I don't have to scrub it, but I want to.03:50
sje46So I guess I have to, as was my suspicion03:51
greyfoxsyluxNow, I want to run Linux Ubuntu 9.10 x64, but I am not sure if x86 applications would work under it?03:51
greyfoxsyluxBecause since the x64 flash plugin is still an alpha...03:51
zirodayLinuX2half: is CD listed as the first boot option?03:51
greyfoxsyluxFor Mozilla Firefox03:51
LinuX2halfziroday: yes as optical drive03:51
zirodaygreyfoxsylux: what applications are you worried about in particular? flash only?03:51
greyfoxsyluxnot just that03:52
=== fwaokda__ is now known as fwaokda_
Quan-Timesje46: ok.. there is a "secure erase" option.. so it writes all blank space (FFFFFFxFF) over it... a move is "copy, delete".. a secure move / secure delete is "delete, write over it with blank space"..03:52
LinuX2halfziroday: I had dealt with this issue previously but somehow this situation seemed different03:52
greyfoxsyluxWant to be able to also run VMs for local technical support and some drivers that might not be developed for 64-bit Linux03:52
sje46I know Quan-Time .  I think I get it.  Thanks03:52
Quan-Timesje46: if you do it via nautilus, if you "empty" your recycle bin, sorta does the same thing03:53
jtajigreyfoxsylux: the 64-bit flash plugin is considered beta now.... works great too03:53
LinuX2halfziroday: Back when before Karmic release, my Jaunty can boot from the CD just by pressing the keys03:53
Quan-Timeyou CAN technically get that data back, but its a serious pain in the ass03:53
sje46that's why I use WIPE03:53
greyfoxsyluxokay that sounds neat...i should give it a shot. But, can I upgrade my Linux Ubuntu OS from x86 to x64 via Upgrade method?03:53
Quan-Timesje46: yup, wipe is good03:53
sje46I WIPE everything I delete03:53
LinuX2halfziroday: but somehow when I upgrade it to Karmic, it wouldn't boot from the disc.03:53
zirodayLinuX2half: I'm not sure sorry03:53
=== aishumoorthy_ is now known as aishumoorthy
greyfoxsyluxif I can't not a big deal as I move my stuff to my NTFS partition, but I don't want to move it all if I can avoid it03:54
LinuX2halfziroday: oh okay alright its fine.03:54
geitenneukerCut the conversation, just open your mouth03:54
Quan-TimeLinuX2half: ok.. is the CD burnt as a bootable one ? someone was in here the other day, and it didnt burn properly.. he had a iso, and windows inbuilt burner thing screwed it up. he had to download a iso burning program (img burn / infra recorder, etc.. all freware) to burn the iso correctly03:54
sje46Quan-Time, so I think I should just copy all the files to the Windows partition, and then wipe all them from the Ubuntu partition03:55
LinuX2halfQuan-time: yes the Cd can be booted back when I'm using Jaunty03:55
Dimoutlookthanks for letting me lurk will be back tomorrow night03:55
Quan-Timeif you want it to be totally "secure" you can do that sje46,,03:55
Quan-TimeLinuX2half: oh.. ok. so the CD works as a bootable in some situations, but not others ?03:56
greyfoxsyluxCan I upgrade straight from x86 to x64 Ubuntu OS?03:56
LinuX2halfQuan-time: Well, I have only this Cd to test with.03:56
jtajigreyfoxsylux: no03:56
Quan-Timegreyfoxsylux: nope03:56
greyfoxsyluxaah okay03:56
greyfoxsyluxguess I will need to move around files then03:57
LinuX2halfQuan-Time: I do have a window installation disc and that won't boot either03:57
Quan-Timegreyfoxsylux: you CAN do it, but its not ... just reinstall over the top.. prolly easiest03:57
TidersCan you mount an MDF file?03:57
Quan-TimeLinuX2half: oh. ok.03:57
greyfoxsyluxah okay03:57
greyfoxsyluxI'll just probably format it03:57
Quan-TimeTiders: not directly, but you can mount .iso files.. you can convert the MDF first to .iso, then mount it.03:57
greyfoxsyluxI thought you could mount MDF files?03:57
TidersQuan-Time, How do you convert them?03:57
greyfoxsyluxI would do it via Windows Virtual DVDs03:58
Quan-TimeTiders: you want a GUI or a command line way ?03:58
greyfoxsyluxLinux should be able to do the same thing03:58
TidersQuan-Time, Doesnt matter03:58
Quan-Timegreyfoxsylux: not natively.. its a program to do it.. much like windows.. damon tools.. etc.. everything is addon03:58
Quan-TimeTiders: 2 secs.03:58
greyfoxsyluxcan't something like gmountiso or something work?03:58
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:59
LinuX2halfQuan-time: Like when I turned on the laptop with the CD inserted, then after the boot menu; GRUB loading stage 1.5. After that I try to press the keys but that won't work because the number appeared whenever I press the F keys03:59
bastid_raZorLinuX2half: press the keys before the grub loading comes up03:59
greyfoxsyluxokay final question before I upgrade to x64...what can't I do if I choose Linux Ubuntu x64?03:59
blue1greyfoxsylux: what do you mean?04:00
firekoolthey fixed most of the x64 issues04:00
Quan-TimeTiders: http://www.poweriso.com/download.htm - poweriso has a linux version.. it will convert isos easy for you.. hope this helps,, theres also another one which runs in WINE if thats your thing. forgotten its name04:00
LinuX2halfbastid_raZor: Well the computer would process slower when the disc is inserted.04:00
greyfoxsyluxbecause I dont' want to be restricted in my average use for Linux x6404:00
greyfoxsyluxI am planning to upgrade my RAM to 4GB soon and I want Linux to utilize it all04:01
LinuX2halfbastid_raZor: But I do not remember the keys though04:01
TidersQuan-Time, I need one that can use YASU to cloack the virtual drive04:01
blue1greyfoxsylux: I have been using 64 bit since 8.10 - it's much better now04:01
Quan-TimeTiders: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=169469 read that.. might help ?!04:01
greyfoxsyluxalright thanks!04:01
blue1greyfoxsylux: at the moment, I am booted up my ubuntu flash drive04:01
blue1up upon.04:02
greyfoxsyluxi noticed this issue...wireless in Linux is more unstable than Windows.04:02
karma_policewhat is the best what is the best program for burning dvd's?04:02
greyfoxsyluxkarma: I use Brasero, should work fine04:02
blue1greyfoxsylux: I had that problem but I backported and it worked fine04:02
TidersQuan-Time, Would Daemon tools work with Yasu through Wine to mount CDs / DVDs?04:02
=== hackoo1 is now known as hackoo
karma_policei am having problems with brasero.. it won't blank dvd-rw's04:03
Quan-TimeTiders: umm.. dont think daemon tools would work with wine.. never tried it..04:03
blue1greyfoxsylux: http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=15204:03
TidersQuan-Time, Well I need some way to get past the protection04:03
marcuywhat email would a real geek use? (avoid gmail)04:03
karma_policei dl k3b and i cannot get it to work at all04:03
Quan-Timeumm.. have a look around for mount options.. never know, might get lucky04:03
karma_policewhats wrong with gmail?04:03
rww!ot | marcuy04:03
ubottumarcuy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:03
greyfoxsyluxaah perfect04:04
Quan-TimeTiders: kk.. umm.. linux tends to "ignore" most protections, as they are not really coded for linux.. more windows stuff..04:04
greyfoxsyluxyeah i use an Atheros WLAN card04:04
TidersQuan-Time, So might work?04:04
Quan-Timelike sonys "rootkit".. its pointless on linux.04:04
marcuyrww, is that ubuntu guys don't use email? ;)04:04
Quan-TimeTiders: yes it might.. safedisk is random.. sometimes it 100% doesnt care, other times, its a pig...04:04
blue1greyfoxsylux: that solution worked for me - I had to schlep for over 2 weeks to find it -- which is why I posted it there04:05
TidersQuan-Time, This uses secuROM04:05
bazhangmarcuy, please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here04:05
greyfoxsyluxbookmarked thanks ~_^04:05
geitenneukermy wlan card sends with 5w04:05
geitenneukerim afraid, my fingers get hot04:05
blue1greyfoxsylux: you might find other things that help - if not let me know and I can research it04:05
LinuX2halfAny ideas that might help?04:05
marcuyok bazhang04:05
Quan-TimeTiders: found this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-and-unmount-isomdfnrg-images-using-acetoneiso-gui-tool.html - might be an option ??04:06
blue1the info on how to get the apc ups was off and on research for over 6 months04:06
greyfoxsyluxgood to see there are lots of seeders for the Ubuntu 9.10 AMD64 torrent :)04:06
geitenneukerwhat is better, to mount a dir with CIFS or SMBFS?04:06
Quan-TimeTiders: dedicated iso mounting prog.. never know. might "emulate" what you need ? securROM is a retarded idea personally.. (my opinion)04:06
TidersQuan-Time, Too bad the .DEB is no longer available04:06
Quan-TimeTiders: boo... umm.. best i can offer sorry :(04:07
neezercan I go into synaptic and remove the outdated kernels on my machine?04:07
bastid_raZorneezer: yes, that is the proper way of doing it.04:07
Quan-TimeTiders: MDF2ISO is in synaptic.. maybe try that ?04:08
neezerawesome...I was about to do it, but decided to hit cancel and check first.04:08
greyfoxsyluxyeah mdf2iso works04:08
greyfoxsyluxi used it before04:08
blue1how do you remove the old kernels with synaptic, I'd like to do that...04:08
neezerthanks bastid_raZor, if it didn't work, I would have been here asking how to recover after uninstalling old kernels and I bet that could have been a disaster.04:08
greyfoxsyluxis the x64 Adobe Flash Plugin precompiled into a .DEB package?04:08
neezerblue1: search linux-image04:09
greyfoxsyluxor does it need to be built manually?04:09
blue1neezer thanks04:09
neezerblue1: then look for any of the old ones...the one installed with say current version or something like that.04:09
blue1neezer Okay I'll try that when this update finishes thanks04:09
geitenneukergrey: i got my adobe stuff direct from the adobe website, as a a apt source04:09
v0lksmananyone know how to see the current xconfig in karmic?  I know there is no xorg.conf but there must be a way to make settings persist.04:10
neezerIs it ok if I remove 2.6.28-22 if I have a higher number?04:10
blue1heh these flash drives aren't speedy - but it does work04:10
neezerCan I just keep the highest one?04:10
Quan-TimeTiders: http://www.acetoneteam.org/ try that.. might get lucky04:10
bastid_raZorneezer: correct, the latest kernel is all that is required04:11
rwwneezer: If it's the one you're currently using (check with uname -r) and it works fine, yes04:11
blue1neezer: I'd keep the 2 highest cause sometimes you need the old image04:11
TidersQuan-Time, They only have a .DEB for 9.1004:11
neezergreat! thanks04:11
neezersounds like solid advice. thanks04:11
greenlynxv0lksman, i'm having a similar issue xorg stuff04:12
neezerodd...when I run uname -r I get 2.6.28-16, but I know there are higher versions on my list in synaptic.04:12
greenlynxcant answer your problem though, sorry04:12
v0lksmangreenlynx: pulling my figgen hair out here04:12
jerbullhow do i add files to my apache2  server?04:13
v0lksmanI have a 4ft cable and I get the right resolution in X...if I put a 12ft cable I don't...but if I boot with the 4ft and swap to the 12ft everything still works...04:13
greenlynxv0lksman, karmic?  i've been booting into low graphics for two days and just get it back to normal, though i still cant shut down properly04:13
v0lksmanjust need to force the mode04:13
tcarterI need help viewing my vizio tv with HDMI from my PNY nividia GT 220 driver running ubuntu 9.0404:13
greenlynxcant help that04:14
FloodBot3tcarter: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:14
v0lksmangreenlynx: did you create an xorg.cong?04:14
jerbulli need help setting up a simple http server with apache04:14
=== cp is now known as Guest16675
greenlynxv0lksman, no.  when i had it all set i sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:14
greenlynxi assume it rewrote some script somewhere .. ??04:15
pilif12pjerbull: sudo apt-get install apache204:15
v0lksmangreenlynx: I think in karmic that erases xorg.conf if one exists and then lets the new xorg do its thing04:15
jerbullalready have apache dont know how to add files so that they are viewable from the web04:15
chris59Hello,  Help, can't delete directory, it's permiss set to root04:15
geitenneukeruse sudo rm04:16
v0lksmangreenlynx: from what I've read xorg now creates the config on the fly from defaults...you can over ride them in an xorg.conf04:16
chris59thanks you04:16
greenlynxv0lksman, i couldnt find an xorg.conf04:16
tcartercan anyone help?    http://paste.ubuntu.com/354341/04:17
v0lksmangreenlynx: by default there isn't one...04:17
^paradox^can someone please give me a hand with totem movie player? every time i try to open a song with it it just flashes up and disappears04:17
pratik_narainhow to install vanilla kde in ubuntu karmic04:17
DiverdudeHello. I need to be able to connect to a cisco vpn server. Does there exist a cisco vpn client for ubuntu which may be installed and used?04:18
greenlynxany idea how to force the hardware to turn off during shutdown?04:18
blakkheim^paradox^: run it from terminal and look for errors04:18
Tm_Tpratik_narain: what you mean by vanilla?04:19
^paradox^whats the command? im not great with the command line04:19
Tm_Tpratik_narain: You can leave kubuntu-default-settings out, rest should be pretty vanilla04:20
chris59sudo rm says cannot remove it's a directory rmdir says It's not empty there are a couple sub dirs any easy command or must do each subdir separately?04:20
pratik_narainTm_T: plain kde as offered by the kde.org team04:20
blakkheimchris59: rm -r04:20
DiverdudeHello. I need to be able to connect to a cisco vpn server. Does there exist a cisco vpn client for ubuntu which may be installed and used?04:20
blakkheim!repeat | Diverdude04:20
ubottuDiverdude: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.04:20
^paradox^blakkheim: i got a terminal up. how do i run it?04:20
blakkheim^paradox^: i don't use totem so i don't know04:21
pratik_narainTm_T: actually kubuntu kde differs very much from kde in plain distros like arch and gentoo. they provide nearly 100% original kde.04:21
^paradox^i just typed totem and it did the same thing04:22
^paradox^terminal said Segmentation fault04:22
Tm_Tpratik_narain: please be more specific04:22
blakkheim^paradox^: i would recommend something else for music anyway (and for video, not a big fan of totem tbh)04:22
^paradox^ok suggestions?04:23
greenlynxsecond what blakkheim says04:23
Quan-TimeTiders: try "gmount-iso" its in synaptic.. have a looky :)04:23
blakkheim^paradox^: these are just my preferred apps; mplayer for video and mpd+ncmpcpp for music :)04:23
greenlynxmplayer for video04:23
Diverdudeblakkheim, but maybe somebody knows and just didnt see what i wrote04:23
TidersQuan-Time, Thanks what does it do04:23
chris59Thank You again04:24
pratik_narainTm_T: installing kubuntu-desktop includes all the software and configuration from  kubuntu which is unstable on my system. So I want the software selection and default config of ubuntu with kde desktop environment.04:24
TidersQuan-Time, Not in my repos04:24
^paradox^what could have happened to totem? is this gonna be a common thing?04:24
pratik_narainTm_T: I did install kdebase package from synaptic but still I don't have kde option in gdm login screen.04:24
TidersQuan-Time, Will that mount MDFs?04:25
Tm_Tpratik_narain: you have kde-core installed?04:25
greenlynx^paradox^, totem is flaky04:25
greenlynxmy experience04:25
blakkheim^paradox^: just a segfault isn't much to go by, but like i said i would avoid totem anyway04:25
taofdi'm trying to set up ssh on two machines, i successfull ssh-copy-id 'ed one machine, but the other one is giving me a Permission denied (publickey). error... anyone know?04:25
pratik_narainTm_T: no, what package should I install apart from kdebase04:26
Tm_Tpratik_narain: cannot remember offhand, sorry04:26
pratik_narainTm_T: can you point me to some link please.04:26
^paradox^well i have vlc and mplayer04:27
taofdgreenlynx, ^paradox^ i seconnd that04:28
hackeronhey, I have a movie for RealD/Shutterglasses - there are 2 files: left.avi and right.avi - anyway to play it on ubuntu?04:28
taofd^paradox^, strongly recommend mplayer, never really liked VLC but many others do04:28
taofdhackeron, !medibuntu04:28
blakkheimtaofd: agreed04:28
taofdhackeron, err... hold on  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu04:28
pratik_narain^paradox^: use vlc friend, its simply the best04:29
blakkheim!best | pratik_narain04:29
ubottupratik_narain: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:29
hackerontaofd: erm, doesn't have anything to do with 3d movies there?04:29
taofd^paradox^, the main reason why i like mplayer is I find it more efficient than vlc, i'm used to it, and it displays ass subtitles better04:29
=== Nightw0lf is now known as Nightwolf
^paradox^uh theres another problem04:30
pratik_narainits only an opinion04:30
taofdhackeron, oh sorry, i just saw it ended in avi and assumed you needed a video player... lol -__-;04:30
hackerontaofd: no, I have left.avi and right.avi - I need to play both with different polarization to use with 3d glasses04:30
_ganymedeanyone do any game programming? if so, what is the best open source game engine...in your opinion?04:30
^paradox^when i right click on any video and select properties so i can change it to open with another player the folder flashes, disappears, and it opens my home folder04:31
Tm_T_ganymede: please, this is not channel for polls04:31
blakkheim^paradox^: run mplayer filename from the terminal and see if it plays04:31
_ganymede^paradox^: this is not a poll...04:31
isolat3dsh33pbash question: is there any command for numbering system conversion in bash? For example decimal to hexadecimal.04:31
_ganymedewhat is the best open source game engine!04:32
^paradox^i never said it was a poll04:32
taofdhackeron, ah yeah... maybe there's an encoder somewhere that will allow you to merge to video files for stereoscopic 3d playback?04:32
Dr_Willis_ganymede:  depends on  the type of game.04:32
Dr_Willis_ganymede:  and other limitations/features04:32
_ganymede^paradox^: sorry wrong direction...04:32
hackerontaofd: the question is there would I find such encoder? ;)04:33
^paradox^whats the command to run mplayer? just mplayer?04:33
geitenneukerdr_willis are you megaman?04:33
Dr_Willis^paradox^:  or gnome-mplayer or smplayer04:33
taofdhackeron, i'm looking around on mencoder... but i don't see anything... :(04:33
main-e-acubuntu rocks04:33
Dr_Willisgeitenneuker:  not that ive noticed...04:33
blakkheim^paradox^: mplayer /path/to/video04:33
isolat3dsh33pmain-e-ac, no, GNU/Linux rocks ;)04:33
geitenneukeri need to smoke a mole04:33
main-e-acu don't like ubuntu?04:34
_ganymedeDr_Willis: right...2d and 3d...any good open source game engines? I did a internet search...found a few...but I am unsure of the amount of documentation and such...04:34
taofdanyone know why i would be getting a Permission denied (publickey) error when trying to use ssh-copy-id?04:34
Dr_Willis_ganymede:  2d and 3d.. well that baically means you are doing 3d with a fixed view?04:34
Dr_Willis_ganymede:  the quake3 engine has been used for a great many things04:35
Diverdudewhat is a good place to untar a program folder? I mean, what is the generally the correct installation path?04:35
taofdDr_Willis, a litle bit outdated though :(04:35
isolat3dsh33pmain-e-ac, Ubuntu is a Linux distro. :/04:35
^paradox^ill brb04:35
coldfirehi is there any hardware monitor APPLET with numeric counters ?04:35
_ganymedeDr_Willis, taofd: i have read the same04:35
Dr_WillisDiverdude:  normally  you use some nice 'safe' place. like 'myworkarea' then see what it untars to.04:35
main-e-aci'm learning...new to this OS stuff04:36
Dr_Willistaofd:  unless of course you want somthing that can run decently on older box's04:36
taofdanyone know why i would be getting a Permission denied (publickey) error when trying to use ssh-copy-id?04:36
nightsjammiesIs there anyone in here familiar enough with Wine to help me configure mine?04:36
isolat3dsh33pmain-e-ac, that's fine. Everyone's a learner ;)04:36
DiverdudeDr_Willis, ok, and when i have verified that it makes a nice folder a structure, then what it a good place to move it to?04:36
taofdDr_Willis, whats the point in playing games on older boxes? :(04:36
_ganymedeDr_Willis: who runs ubuntu on older boxz?04:36
_6ihi everyone, how can i set a dvd image (made with aptoncd) as a software source?04:36
isolat3dsh33pbash question: is there any command for numbering system conversion in bash? For example decimal to hexadecimal. Or I should write my own?04:36
_ganymedeDr_Willis: lol04:37
coldfirehi is there any hardware monitor APPLET with numeric counters ?04:37
stanley_robertsohi everyone04:37
main-e-achi stan04:37
isolat3dsh33pcoldfire, what do mean by hardware? The CPU?04:38
stanley_robertsohi main-e-ac04:38
DiverdudeDr_Willis, ?04:38
coldfireprocessor, memory ,network04:38
taofd_ganymede, lol i do :d04:38
Jp82191how to use s-video out on ubuntu?04:38
neezerwill I have to download a bunch of stuff if I do a version update from 9.04 to 9.10? I have a slow internet connection right now, and I don't want to spend a day downloading the .iso04:38
Dr_WillisDiverdude:  Huh?04:38
Dr_WillisJp82191:  depends on the video card to some degree04:38
blakkheimneezer: yes04:38
nightsjammiesDr Willis, are you familiar with Wine?04:38
_ganymedetaofd: Aoe2 ftw04:38
neezerthanks. then I'll wait.04:38
Dr_Willisnightsjammies:  >hic< a little...04:38
DiverdudeDr_Willis, ok, and when i have verified that it makes a nice folder a structure, then what it a good place to move it to?04:38
Jp82191Dr_willis, what would i have to do because that option worked under XP04:39
neezergoing to be home in two days with a great connection.04:39
Dr_WillisDiverdude:  depends on what it is..04:39
coldfireisolat3dsh33p> processor, memory ,network04:39
xtjacobhey everyone i have a question. I have a /home directory formatted as ext4, will i be able to use this in ubuntu 8.04.304:39
DiverdudeDr_Willis, its a vpn-client04:39
Dr_WillisJp82191:   what video card/chipset? that fact it worked under xp.. shows that at least your cables are connected properly.. and thats about it04:39
neezerwhen I upgrade, I get error messages about installing some packages...It tells me that they weren't ablt to install them.04:39
Dr_WillisDiverdude:  if its source you compile it.. if its binary.. you can proberly run it from the extracted dir.04:39
neezerI think it is cause I have some karmic sources because i was trying to get rhythmbox to talk with my ipod touc.\04:40
Jp82191Dr_Willis, its an integrated laptop card04:40
Jp82191intel thats all i know04:40
Dr_WillisJp82191:  No idea on intel. for nvidia. i enable twinview with the nvidia-settings tool04:40
ubottuFor help with enabling the TV-Out, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaTVOutNewbieEdition (Nvidia cards) or http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Tvout (ATI cards, *untested*)04:40
bastid_raZorneezer: mixing repo's like that is the perfect way to break your system.04:41
isolat3dsh33pcoldfire, if your talking about panel applet, I don't think so. (I might be wrong) But, there's screenlets that can monitor your hardwares. :)04:41
neezerhaha thanks04:41
neezerI was told here two days ago that it probably wouldn't be a problem.04:41
DiverdudeDr_Willis, yeah....but not i just untared it in /home/myusername/vpnclient  I am sure there is a better place to put a program folder than that04:41
DreamDemonJp812191: Do a lspic04:41
DreamDemonJp812191: Do a lspci - previous was a typo04:41
coldfireisolat3dsh33p> ok thx i guess there is'nt any ty 4 the help04:41
Dr_WillisDiverdude:  its all relative.. toss it in /opt/ if you really want to.04:41
neezerbut i'm not too worried about it. I am going to do a fresh install when I get home on monday. with 9.10.04:42
bastid_raZorneezer: then you were given bad advice.04:42
^paradox^ok im ack04:42
DiverdudeDr_Willis, ok...what is /opt/ normally used for?04:42
Jp82191dreamdemon, how do i do that?04:42
Jordan_UJp82191: Have you tried System > Preferences > Display?04:42
DreamDemonJp812191: from a terminal window04:42
Dr_WillisDiverdude:  junk you dident install via package manager  :)04:42
isolat3dsh33pcoldfire, np. :)04:42
Dr_WillisDiverdude:  exactly what you are asking for/doing basically04:42
DiverdudeDr_Willis, ahh perfect hehe04:42
Jp82191im on xubuntu04:43
^paradox^i really need hand with this. every time i right click on either a video or audio file the folder and my desktop flash, icons disappear for a second, and it brings up my home folder04:43
^paradox^why is this happening04:43
DreamDemonJp82191: Yes and there is a thing is accessories called terminal. It's like a dos prompt04:43
Jp82191ok i got terminal now what?04:44
DreamDemonJp82191: type in lspci and hit enter04:44
Jp82191ok i got a bunch of text what am i looking for04:44
isolat3dsh33p^paradox^, you must be running compiz :/04:44
DreamDemonJp82191: That will tell you all the pci hardware on your machine04:45
Jordan_UJp82191: I think Xubuntu comes with a similar app ( and if not you can install the one that comes with Ubuntu ). Have you checked in the preferences menu?04:45
^paradox^it started a few minutes when totem media player would flash and disappear when i tried to open a song or video04:45
Jp82191jordan_u, there is no preferences menu04:45
^paradox^whats going on. i am running compiz04:45
DreamDemonJp82191: preferences are in System>Preferences04:46
Quan-Time^paradox^: codec issue ? i use VLC.. solves all codec problems..04:46
Jp82191in the system tab there is not preferences there04:46
Dr_WillisQuan-Time:  yep. :) thats the fave at this house also.04:46
JD1anyone know the name of the laptop battery monitor in 9.1004:46
Jp82191Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller04:47
^paradox^well whats with the disappearing when i right click to try and change to another player to open with every time?04:47
Jp82191thats what i get for display04:47
Jordan_UJp82191: And nothing in Applications > Settings ?04:47
Quan-TimeJD1: gnome-power-management 2.28.1 ?04:47
Dr_Willis^paradox^:  sounds like the file manager may be crashing/restarting or somthing04:47
ragsagarIn my ubuntu 9.04 system I set the resolution to 1024x768 in Preference > Display. But the login screen resolution is still 800x60004:47
DreamDemonJp82191: Now, what are you trying to do with your video?04:47
Jp82191trying to use the S-video output04:47
JD1Quan-Time: i think thats it. thanks, I'm running xubuntu and don't have ot04:48
^paradox^is there a way to find out and fix it? i look at properties alot and play media04:48
Quan-TimeJD1: thats the one on my panel.. in gnome.04:48
DreamDemonJp82191: Have you alreadytried plugging it in and seeing if it outputs vid?04:48
Jp82191yes and its not working04:49
Quan-Time^paradox^: try installing VLC via synaptic or apt-get.  open that, and browse to your file, and play.. if that works, its 100% a codec issue :)04:49
JD1Quan-Time: thanks. the xfce one doesn't chart charge and discharge stats04:49
^paradox^i already vlc04:49
Quan-TimeJD1: OH... xfce.. gotcha. (i like openbox personally :)04:49
Quan-Time^paradox^: try playing your media in that.. same problem ?04:49
^paradox^music and video play fine in it04:49
Jp82191codec issue04:50
Quan-Timebingo :)04:50
DreamDemonJp82191: Might be a bug, not sure.  You can try hooking it up and then detecting displays but I think it's going to be more complex then that.04:50
^paradox^no but i still cant click properties without the folder disappearing04:50
Quan-Time^paradox^: so what are you exactly trying to achieve ?04:50
DreamDemonJp82191: I dont have an option for my svid either04:50
JD1Quan-Time: is that still being worked on?04:50
Jp82191yeah ill just use my vista laptop :(04:50
Quan-TimeJD1: MANY ppl with archlinux use it.04:50
JD1Quan-Time: thanks, ill look into it. I'm looking around for the best disto for my asus eee04:51
^paradox^since i cant single left click and open with totem anymore i figured i try right clicking, going to properties, and ticking another to open them with upon a single left click04:51
blakkheimJD1: i run arch on my eeepc :)04:52
^paradox^but upon selecting properties the folder disappears, icons on my desktop disappear, and the home folder pops up04:52
apiggywould someone be able to help me with a boot error on ubuntu04:53
Quan-TimeJD1: oh.. ok. umm.. ubuntu support a EEEpc,, touch pad, battery, etc.. arch is.. "its got the basics to be called "linux".. then you need to constantly add things to make it usable."04:53
ragsagar In my ubuntu 9.04 system I set the resolution to 1024x768 in Preference > Display. But the login screen resolution is still 800x600, any idea guys?04:53
Quan-TimeJD1: you dont even get a gui. you get network, and thats honestly about it.  BUT you only install waht you "need" its uber light, etc.. but its a bit more "pro" to use04:53
_ganymedeapiggy: what is your problem?04:54
isolat3dsh33p^paradox^, have you « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras » ?04:54
JD1Quan-Time: hmmm. I used to run slackware so thats not an issue04:54
blakkheimQuan-Time: i would disagree about it being light and "pro" but that's just my opinion04:54
Blue1!opera | blue104:54
ubottuBlue1, please see my private message04:54
JD1Quan-Time: but I'm looking for ease of use really. this is my daily driver so to speak04:54
^paradox^isolat3dsh33p: u mean have i entered that command to terminal?04:54
LlamaZorzios it possible to have access to the lucid repos in karmic?04:55
ardchoilleLlamaZorz: That would be a bad idea, it's not good to mix release packages like that04:55
LlamaZorzcan you do it04:55
Quan-TimeJD1: for a EEEpc, id suspect ubuntu.. as a daily machine.  mainly cos its got everything you "need", and E's are really well supported04:55
ardchoilleLlamaZorz: No idea, but you'd constantly be fixing problems04:55
DreamDemonLlamaZorz: You can but it's asking for problems in a big way04:56
LlamaZorzid like to know how04:56
DreamDemonllamaZorz: You'll start running into dependancy errors, etc04:56
Blue1what is the repo for opera?04:56
isolat3dsh33p^paradox^, I mean have you installed ubuntu-restricted-extras? It install mp3, mp4, avi codecs, MS fonts etc.04:56
blakkheimLlamaZorz: /etc/apt/sources.list (but yeah it will cause problems)04:56
ardchoilleLlamaZorz: giving advice that causes problems isn't really supported here04:56
^paradox^i dont really know. i can play em04:56
JD1Quan-Time: yep. everything works, just had to add one repo and some one package. I was impressed to see al my fn+ keys working04:57
^paradox^use em04:57
isolat3dsh33pBlue1, it's in the opera download page if I'm not mistaken.04:57
DreamDemonLlamaZorz: I'm not gonna tell someone how to screw themselves over with that option, sorry04:57
Blue1isolat3dsh33p: ah okay it telling me I can't download it - it's not in any repo04:57
LlamaZorzok, we have different politics then.  its ok04:57
DreamDemonLlamaZorz: It's not about politics, it's about you can do 1 thing wrong with it and corrupt your whole install04:58
LlamaZorzok then I reinstall04:58
taofdanyone know why i might be getting a Permission denied (publickey) error message when trying to ssh-copy-id?04:58
LlamaZorznot a big deal04:58
ardchoilleBlue1: you can download opera from their site and it will add thier repo04:58
Blue1ardchoille: ok04:58
ardchoilleBlue1:  http://www.opera.com/browser/download/04:58
isolat3dsh33pBlue1, this « http://deb.opera.com/opera/ » and this « http://deb.opera.com/opera-beta/ »04:59
DreamDemonLlamaZorz: Then your best option is to get the source package and compile it for that given distro04:59
LlamaZorzits not availible thats the problem, somebody uploaded a botched patch file04:59
LlamaZorzon launchpad04:59
JD1Quan-Time: thanks, that was the package. now I just have to wait for it to learn my battery :) takes a awhile with a 10 hour battery life04:59
^paradox^im not good with the more technical stuff. if you want me to check or something you're gonna have to instruct me05:00
etzerdhello all05:00
ardchoilleLlamaZorz: Then you need to compile. But we're not going to sit here and tell you how to destroy your system05:00
LlamaZorzid need to run debian if I wanted the patch to work properly05:01
joshua__destroying your system is easy.05:01
isolat3dsh33p^paradox^, check whether ubuntu-restricted-extras have been installed or not with this « apt-cache policy ubuntu-restricted-extras »05:01
Quan-TimeJD1: my battery lasts ~1.5hrs, but it says 10hrs, and still hasnt learnt.. weird.. such is life05:01
^paradox^isolat3dsh33p: ok hang on05:02
DreamDemon^paradox^ : If they arent installed do:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:02
MJ94_Hey there!05:02
MJ94_I just got Ubuntu today.05:02
Blue1thanks all  opera installed and working fine...05:02
DreamDemonMJ94: Congrats!05:03
ardchoilleMJ94_: YAY!05:03
Quan-Timecongratz.. want a cookie ?05:03
MJ94_Can someone help me get my woreless card working? :D05:03
FloodBot3MJ94_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:03
Blue1MJ94_: what card?05:03
Quan-Timeworeless ? no.. but if you had a wireless, we can help05:03
ardchoille!wireless | MJ94_05:03
ubottuMJ94_: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:03
^paradox^output is this >  Installed: (none)05:03
^paradox^  Candidate: 15.205:03
^paradox^  Version table:05:03
^paradox^     15.2 005:03
^paradox^        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com hardy-updates/multiverse Packages05:03
FloodBot3^paradox^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:03
DreamDemon^paradox^ : If they arent installed do:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:03
MJ94_I used wubi though. Partitions fail on my old lappy.05:03
Blue1MJ94_: :-(05:04
^paradox^i forgot u gotta use pastebins sorry05:04
MJ94_its a wpc54g05:04
MJ94_its old...05:04
Blue1MJ94_: that's a router05:04
MJ94_like 7 yrs05:04
Quan-Timeyer.. i was gonna say..05:04
Quan-Timewait.. NOT a router ?05:04
^paradox^did u see the output tho even tho i didnt?05:04
DreamDemon^paradox^ : If they arent installed do:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:04
MJ94_wpc54g v405:05
tritium!enter | MJ94_05:05
ubottuMJ94_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:05
^paradox^well by installed it says none05:05
DreamDemon^paradox^ : then do:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:05
^paradox^ok hang on05:05
MJ94_was that really needed, tritium ?05:05
tritiumMJ94_: definitely.  Please keep it to a minimum.05:06
DreamDemonMJ94: It might be helpful if we have the lspci info on the wifi card please05:06
MJ94_tritium: dude. i was telling them what card i have :/05:06
MJ94_DreamDemon: Sorry, linux noob. how do I do that?05:07
JD1in a terminal, type lspci05:07
etzerdhello all05:07
DreamDemonMJ94: IN a terminal, do a lspci and copy the line about your wifi card to chat for everyone to help with it05:07
hacker lspci05:07
hackerhello all.......05:07
etzerdwhen the new version of ubuntu will be release?05:07
tritiumMJ94_: and you could have easily done it in fewer lines.05:07
MJ94_http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=wpc54g+v4&aq=f&oq=&aqi=g5g-m1 btw05:07
blakkheim!lucid > etzerd05:07
ubottuetzerd, please see my private message05:07
MJ94_tritium: i did05:07
ESphynxhey guys, can't I use 'png for my gnome panel dock icons anymore? It just wants .svg05:08
hackeranyone from malaysian?05:08
blakkheimESphynx: convert it? not hard05:08
edbianLooking for some feedback on my website running on my debian server!  http://ednovak.net05:08
ardchoilleetzerd: 10.04 (2010.April)05:08
^paradox^ok i believe its done said no errors and installed some new fonts05:08
blakkheim!ot | edbian05:08
ubottuedbian: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:08
tritiumMJ94_: drop it05:08
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:08
DreamDemon^paradox^: Try watching the video now05:08
Quan-Timeedbian: it has clouds..05:08
ouyeshow is ubuntu10.04?05:08
MJ94_tritium: dude. fine. but srsly05:08
hackerNYONE CAN HELP ME05:08
LlamaZorzperfect it worked great thanks guys.05:08
jukebox-zeroI have kinda an odd, newbie-like question. I'm using Grub2 from the debian sid repo, which gives me a new dpkg option if I shutdown without halting to attempt to fix any broken packages. If I choose this option, it wants to install my held back packages. Is this something I do,or do not want to do? I would just go for it but there's a kernel image in there and that makes me hesitate.05:09
hackerANYONE CAN HELP ME????????????05:09
edbianhacker, What's your questions05:09
edbianhacker, I will help if you don't yell again.05:09
blakkheimjukebox-zero: this is not a debian support channel05:09
tritiumhacker: ask your question, without using all-caps05:09
^paradox^how by left clicking like to use totem or right click and with vlc or mplayer?05:09
ouyeshacker,  what is your problem05:09
blakkheimhacker: chill out dude05:09
etzerdthanks guys05:09
Quan-Time!lucid | hacker05:09
ubottuhacker: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:09
jukebox-zeroblakkheim, sorry, just the grub is deb, I'm running ubuntu 9.10. I keep forgetting to mention that.05:09
isolat3dsh33p^paradox^, now try open the you video files :)05:09
DreamDemonhacker: Please quit using all caps, it's considered rude and yelling05:09
etzerdcan I ask a question about LinuxMint?05:09
DiverdudeHow do i create a profile for the cisco vpn client?05:10
etzerdIs it an ubuntu child?05:10
blakkheimjukebox-zero: but your problem stems from using a debian package05:10
Quan-TimeHARHARH that dude was a nutbag05:10
ardchoilleetzerd: We don't support that here05:10
blakkheim!linuxmint > etzerd05:10
MJ94_http://pastebin.com/m56df2982 :)05:10
blakkheim!mint > etzerd05:10
ubottuetzerd, please see my private message05:10
edbianetzerd, It is derivative of ubuntu put I'm pretty sure they have their own channel.05:10
ESphynxblakkheim, what's an easy way05:10
MJ94_!linux > MJ94_05:10
ubottuMJ94_, please see my private message05:10
blakkheimESphynx: easy way to what?05:10
Quan-Timeetzerd: they have their own server afik..05:10
^paradox^when i left it like to use totem it still flashes and disappears05:10
etzerdedbian: I just wonder because I heard it is a copy of Ubuntu05:11
edbianetzerd, It's based on Ubuntu like Ubuntu is based on debian.05:11
MJ94_http://pastebin.com/m56df2982 is  my lspci output. :) To whomever can help05:11
ESphynxblakkheim, convert png into svg05:11
ESphynxdo I have to install Inkscape?05:11
^paradox^when i right click select properties the folder still disappears and the home folder comes up05:11
ashepherdsonHello, I have been using Ubuntu for about a year, and I just recently upgraded to 9.10, however my video card went wild after the upgrade.  I am only able to use it on Low graphics mode, and I cannot seem to get it to boot into the graphical enviroment, even using the install hardware drivers feature, any help would be appreciated, I will give any info required on my machine as well05:11
blakkheimESphynx: oh. install imagemagick and run convert file.png file.svg05:11
jukebox-zeroblakkheim, well, lemme rephrase it then. Is there a reason apt-get and synaptic hold back packages? Is that proper? Or will installing held back packages break my ubuntu? That's why I chose this chan. Also asking on #linux/05:12
blakkheimashepherdson: let me guess, you have an ati card?05:12
ESphynxhmm ok, thanks. but I was hoping to know why that is? if something changed or what?05:12
hackeranyone can help me???05:12
kinja-sheepetzerd: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. :-)05:12
ashepherdsonblakkheim:  Yes, ATI HD 455005:12
ESphynxI find it somewhat funny that .svg is the new standard for icons? What's the scoop?05:12
blakkheimESphynx: i don't know why they changed it05:12
hackermy pidgim cannot tranfer data..........05:12
^paradox^when i right click and select to play with mplayer or vlc they play05:12
hackerhow can i do??05:12
^paradox^nature calling brb05:12
blakkheimashepherdson: ati is the enemy of your freedom - expect driver issues in linux with them :(05:12
ashepherdsonIt worked perfectly on 9.04, is the best idea just to downgrade?05:12
LlamaZorzhacker: drag the file into the window?  If this doesn't work then the sendee is not capable of receiving05:13
hackermy pidgim cannot tranfer data..........05:13
hackerhow can i do??05:13
Quan-Timejukebox-zero: it WONT "break".. its a copyright issue. by adding extra repositories, you do so at your own risk. its fine to do, BUT its like a disclaimer / EULA05:13
tritiumhacker: please quit repeating05:13
ashepherdsonI followed many online guides and cant seem to get it, 9.04 had similar issues, but I eventually figured it out.05:13
ESphynxhacker, what do you mean by transfer data... Send files?05:13
kinja-sheepjukebox-zero: What packages are being held?05:13
Quan-Timehacker: ok.. who are you trying to transfer to.. another pidgin user05:13
Quan-Time?? or a MSN user ?05:13
ESphynxyahoo messenger?05:13
hackeryahoo masanger05:13
blakkheimhacker: you could try asking in #pidgin05:13
Quan-Timeyahoo ?05:13
Quan-Timehacker: is it on the yahoo protocol ?05:13
Quan-Timeie: its a yahoo account ?05:14
DreamDemonhacker: You'll need to ask in #pidgin since that wouldnt be supported here05:14
hackerdo you know yahoo rotocol??05:14
^paradox^i can audio and video mp3s and mpegs as long as i right click and use something other than totem05:14
hackeryes yahoo acc05:14
brianherman_homehacker: use pidgin05:14
DreamDemonhacker: pidgin never has had good support for file transfer05:14
brianherman_home!ubottu pidgin05:14
pilif12phacker: They told you to try #pidgin. try it05:14
blakkheimbrianherman_home: he is..05:14
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete05:14
Quan-Timehacker: umm.. thats your problem.. yahoo (and sometimes MSN) are inherently retarded about WHO can send and recieeve.. you can recieve fine, but sending, they often break it, to try and force you to use the "yahoo" client.05:15
ESphynxhacker, try a real Pidgeon... print out the file and roll it up nicely and attach it under it05:15
ashepherdsonblakkheim:  So there is nothing I can do?  Should I just downgrade to 9.04 as it worked perfectly there after some tweaking.05:15
jukebox-zerokinja-sheep, one moment, let me go check that box.05:15
^paradox^i need to know why totems doing this and why right clicking and selecting properties makes folders and desktop flash disappear and bring up home folder05:15
ESphynxthey're more reliable than internet protocols05:15
blakkheimashepherdson: i've never had an ati card myself so i can't help with your specific issue, sorry. downgrading is one option you have.05:15
`mOOse`anybody recommend a temp file cleaner?05:15
Quan-TimeESphynx: and inherently faster sometimes too :)05:15
blakkheim`mOOse`: rm /tmp/* ? :/05:15
`mOOse`heh - okee05:16
ashepherdsonHas anyone here used an ATI card with 9.10 and got it to work ???05:16
hackerok tq for ur help05:16
`mOOse`no, I was thinking more um...invasive ;-)05:16
Quan-Time`mOOse`: yer, what he (she) said05:16
DreamDemon`m00se`: rm -f /tmp/*05:16
ESphynxah guys... while I'm here, any clue why my sound is not working right now? I have 2 devices, built in and Audigy2... both showing up in Sound Pref/Hardware...05:16
`mOOse`but that's not the only place temps are kept05:16
ESphynxand apps will play , aumix too05:16
Quan-Timehacker: np.. it IS possible,but requires lots of messing around.. i still have MSN issues. i can recieve fine, but never send (unless its another pidgin user).. MSN refuses to recieve files from me05:16
ESphynxbut no sound05:16
^paradox^i cant have my pc acting like that. i go to properties a lot and it doesnt it with text file or pictures05:16
^paradox^so whats going on?05:17
MJ94_Hey all, my name is Michael. I'm new to Ubuntu. Actually, Linux too. I need help getting my wireless card to work. I am totally new and don't all the commands and such. My wireless card is old, as is my laptop. My card is a wpc54g v4. My lspci info is here: http://pastebin.com/m56df2982 - I'm currently connected to the Internet via ethernet.05:17
russianzillaWould a sudden failure to authenticate anything with the root password indicate a GConf error?05:17
DreamDemonMJ94: Ethernet controller: Linksys, A Division of Cisco Systems [AirConn] INPROCOMM IPN 2220 Wireless LAN Adapter (rev 01) is actually your wifi card05:17
Dr_Willisrussianzilla:  i wouldent think so.05:18
joshua__`m00se`: the canonical answer is usually find /tmp -atime +4 -xdev | xargs rm -f05:18
joshua__from cron that is05:18
j_ack`mOOse`: bleachbit05:18
MJ94_DreamDemon: I have the card in, and ethernet.05:18
DiverdudeDoes this means all actions are allowed on a file: -rwxr-xr-x   ?05:18
`mOOse`yea I was thinking bleachbit too - just wanted to get the opinion of you guys too05:18
joshua__never do such a thing without the -xdev -- you will lose data05:18
=== Maelstrom is now known as vin
DreamDemonMJ94: Your connected to the LAN port right?  Thats should be the Realtek05:19
ardchoilleMJ94_: the bot posted a page for you to read, did you read it? ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs )05:19
joshua__although personally I use tmpfs for my /tmp cleaner05:19
MJ94_ardchoille: thanks.05:19
MJ94_DreamDemon: so my wireless card works?05:19
`mOOse`there's all the crap that flash and cookeis and history and assorted junk I want to nuke - I think bleachbit might do the trick05:19
* `mOOse` goes googling05:20
russianzillaDr_Willis: It's just that I'm having a sudden simultaneous error-fest across multiple apps, and they all seem to have some problem with GConf.05:20
DreamDemonMJ94: Most wifi cards are supported these days.  Check the link you were sent and see if it's working.  From terminal, you can do a ifconfig and see if there is a wlan0 in there05:20
ashepherdsonHello, anybody at all, ATI driver install on 9.10, I need serious help with this!  and yes I realize getting a new graphics card is the best idea, however that is simply not in the cards at the moment.05:20
MJ94_DreamDemon: I will disconnect ethernet and see if I'm connected. Hold up.05:21
russianzillaI'm getting an error on opening an app about either not configuring ORBit right or having a stale NFS lock.05:21
`mOOse`aha - tmpfs - temporary file system - yea that'd do it but I only got 1 gig rammage05:21
brianherman_homerussianzilla: please be more specific05:21
jukebox-zerokinja-sheep, libdns53 linux-headers-2.6.31-17 linux-headers-2.6.31-17-generic linux-image-2.6.31-17-generic and ureadahead would all be installed, several would be upgraded, mostly linux-headers, linux-image, and samba packages.05:21
DreamDemonMJ94: ifconfig wlan0 will tell you if it's connected.  It may not be getting an address however05:22
russianzillabrianherman_home: Upon opening Prism, I get the following error: http://pastebin.com/m61004fa905:22
DreamDemonMJ94: lemme rephrase that, it should show if the card is live or not05:22
kinja-sheepjukebox-zero: You can roll them over if you want to. Use "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade"05:22
^paradox^ive done what you said and i basically achieved installing ubuntu-restricted-extras and thats it. other than that nothing changed. whats the issue?05:23
MJ94_michael@ubuntu:~$ ifconfig wlan0 wlan0: error fetching interface information: Device not found michael@ubuntu:~$05:23
DreamDemonNow it's my turn to ask a question.  How can I get rid of the version info when compiling a new kernel?  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m39cb9b5b05:23
russianzillabrianherman_home: I get the same error when trying to edit menu items in Alacarte, so I'm fairly certain it's neither of those apps. On top of that, Banshee crashes on startup.05:23
ardchoille^paradox^: May I pm you?05:23
blakkheimMJ94_: you entered wlan0 twice05:23
^paradox^yes ok05:23
MJ94_blakkheim: no05:24
^paradox^archoille: u may05:24
blakkheimMJ94_: oh i misread, my bad05:24
joshua__DreamDemon: it's somewhere in .config05:24
SerraphynHello guys, I been really considering finally taking the linux plung, I've worked with PCs for 15ish years but mostly in the windows sector with a  few dabbles in linux as a server.  What I would like to do is have a linux version that is geared more towards the beginning programmer in things like java(I know things like PERL and php already) Is Ubuntu such a distro?05:24
brianherman_homerussianzilla: clear your tmp directory05:24
jukebox-zerokinja-sheep, so in short, I don't really get anything out of it, positive or negative? Aside from whatever minor changes are from package to package?05:24
MJ94_DreamDemon: michael@ubuntu:~$ ifconfig wlan0 wlan0: error fetching interface information: Device not found michael@ubuntu:~$05:24
ESphynxhow do I mount a Windows share in Ubuntu? I see the way to do Connect To Server, but that only makes it accessible through smb:// does it ?05:24
=== robert__ is now known as Warp4
blakkheimSerraphyn: the distro really isn't going to matter for something like that, anything will be fine05:24
FiReSTaRTSerraphyn: while ubuntu is geared more towards just working out of the box, it has all the right tools for it05:25
blakkheimESphynx: type "mount" in terminal to see where it's actually mounted05:25
ESphynxblakkheim, ah right, tahnks05:25
edbianSerraphyn, Ubuntu is beginner oriented but not really developer oriented.  Although installing the software for different languages is easy.05:25
MJ94_DreamDemon: any ideas?05:25
FiReSTaRTSerraphyn: that's where you're not gonna find much of a difference between various distros.. just get a major one that suits your personal style and it'll have all of the tools :)05:25
kinja-sheepjukebox-zero: Nothing major except the kernel. You'll be using a new kernel and if anything break, go back to the older kernel at BOOTUP.05:25
kinja-sheep!linux | jukebox-zero05:25
ubottujukebox-zero: Linux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux05:25
DreamDemonMJ94: Sounds like your in either restricted driver mode or it isnt loaded at all.  Check the wifi how-to page05:26
russianzillabrianherman_home: That didn't fix it.05:26
ESphynxblakkheim, it's not listed in there05:26
SerraphynFiReSTaRT: thank you for the answers, I was actually looking at a sub-version of Ubuntu called mint.05:26
edbianSerraphyn, Mint is great!  (but off-topic for this channel)05:26
MJ94_!minr Serraphyn05:27
MJ94_!mint Serraphyn05:27
kinja-sheepjukebox-zero: http://tinyurl.com/bfz24 (I use aptitude instead of apt-get all times).05:27
MJ94_!mint > Serraphyn05:27
ubottuSerraphyn, please see my private message05:27
blakkheimkinja-sheep: good choice :)05:27
jukebox-zerokinja-sheep, Ha, no that I get, I just wasn't sure how apt decides to hold back packages. I assumed there was a *very* good reason these weren't installed when I last ran apt-get upgrade.05:27
SerraphynMJ94_: Thanks for that, I'll look those up, you guys are so swell I feel like installing just ubuntu so I can ask ya questions05:28
MJ94_Serraphyn: :)05:28
MJ94_I loike Ubuntu already!05:28
kinja-sheepjukebox-zero: From what I read, it holds back because of new kernel and new dependencies packages. That is why it is occuring.05:28
SerraphynOh 2 minor questions, does ubuntu support Synergy? and Can I burn a CD ISO to a dvd?05:28
kinja-sheep!info synergy | Serraphyn05:28
blakkheimSerraphyn: don't know / yes05:28
ardchoilleSerraphyn: yes on the second question05:28
ubottuSerraphyn: synergy (source: synergy): Share mouse, keyboard and clipboard over the network. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.1-6ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 611 kB, installed size 1476 kB05:29
Serraphynah so it does work. nice05:29
kinja-sheepSerraphyn: I use it all times. :-)05:29
Diverdudeanybody with cisco VPN experience in linux in here?05:29
FlootenkerpHi, Does anyone here know how I can edit my DNS setting on ubuntu?05:29
blakkheimFlootenkerp: sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf might be a good place to start05:30
edbianFlootenkerp, I do!  what do you want to change?05:30
FlootenkerpThe ip05:30
doc-saintlyHow do I reassemble a raid 5?05:30
jukebox-zerokinja-sheep, well, good to know. I just got this system installed so I figured I'd be a little extra careful now that I got the bugs worked out of it. I seem to only have to get too indepth with it for the first few days after a fresh install. After three versions and 4 years of ubuntu, I really should know more about what I'm doing. :/ I do appreciate the knowlege. ;)05:31
wweaselDoes anyone here know if I can open a live shell from the Server Disc? (obv. not a graphical environment)05:31
sontekIs there a way to only allow users to ssh via keys instead of password?05:31
edbianFlootenkerp, Be more specific...05:32
ESphynxhow do I disable my HDA device?05:32
wweaselsontek: http://www.techrecipes.net/linux/disable-login-using-password-in-ssh.html05:32
sontekwweasel: thanks05:32
edbianFlootenkerp, If you edit /etc/resolv.conf add "nameserver <someIp>" to the end.  You should see a couple other's there.  You can also configure your router to use a certain DNS.  And you can tell the system to use a different DNS server than what DHCP gives it.05:33
edbianFlootenkerp, Does that help?05:33
russianzillaCan anyone else help me out here? It seems like something's wrong with GConf and it's affecting a bunch of apps.05:33
FlootenkerpA little, thanks.05:33
taofdcan anyone help me with ssh...?05:34
doc-saintlytaofd: perhaps if you had a specific question05:34
taofdanyone know why i might be getting a Permission denied (publickey) error message when trying to ssh-copy-id?05:35
edbianFlootenkerp, Your router has an IP for it's domain name servers (probably got it from your ISP).  It gives that DNS server to the DHCP clients on its network.05:35
FlootenkerpI just need to change this setting under the dns to
edbianFlootenkerp, Do you want your computer to always use  Cause if you just edit /etc/resolv.conf it will get over-written on reboot.05:36
seannickserv identify 699205:36
russianzillaI also can't seem to open gnome-terminal.05:36
blakkheimsean: nice05:36
FlootenkerpYeah, edbian05:36
=== sean is now known as Guest10163
edbianFlootenkerp, you need to edit /etc/dhclient.conf05:36
wweaselDoes anyone here know if I can open a live shell from the Server Disc? (obv. not a graphical environment)05:37
kinja-sheepFlootenkerp: If you're irked that your /etc/resolv.conf get changed occasionally, you could chattr +i the file for immutable.05:37
edbianFlootenkerp, Open that with some text editor as root.05:37
Guest10163so can someone please explain to me how to install flock web browser?05:37
wweaseltaofd, I can't help you, but the error means that you do not have the public key authentication properly configured05:37
FlootenkerpSo type in that command in terminal, and then what would I do to add the dns05:37
edbianFlootenkerp, Do you have that file open?  Do you see the line "prepend domain-name-servers ..."05:38
MJ94_Hey all, my name is Michael. I'm new to Ubuntu. Actually, Linux too. I need help getting my wireless card to work. I am totally new and don't all the commands and such. My wireless card is old, as is my laptop. My card is a wpc54g v4. My lspci info is here: http://pastebin.com/m56df2982 - I'm currently connected to the Internet via ethernet.05:38
edbianFlootenkerp, It is commend out sorta near the top05:38
kinja-sheepedbian: Correction: /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf05:38
taofdwweasel, what i don't understand is what part have i not configured correctly... i configured two systems together and tried to pair them up, one system worked, while the other didn't05:38
edbianFlootenkerp, Do you see what kinja-sheep said?05:39
Flootenkerpedbian, I'm on vista now05:39
edbiankinja-sheep, Thanks05:39
kinja-sheepedbian: Np.05:39
FlootenkerpI can't connect to the internet on ubuntu without the dns setting05:39
isolat3dsh33pGuest10163, go to the download page. :)05:39
taofdhow do i import RSA keys from one computer to another manually?05:39
Guest10163did that and downloaded it, but can't find directions on how to build it I guess...05:39
MJ94_Hey all, my name is Michael. I'm new to Ubuntu. Actually, Linux too. I need help getting my wireless card to work. I am totally new and don't all the commands and such. My wireless card is old, as is my laptop. My card is a wpc54g v4. My lspci info is here: http://pastebin.com/m56df2982 - I'm currently connected to the Internet via ethernet.05:40
edbianFlootenkerp, You need to find the line "#prepend domain-name-servers" uncomment it by removing the # and change to the ip you want to use.  Then if you reboot or restart networking you will get your dns server from that line, then whatever is added by the dhcp server (router)  do you understand?05:40
pretenderrunning ubuntu 9,10 and installed updates today and lost desktop icons and wallpaper05:40
edbianFlootenkerp, You can tell what dns server you're using by looking at /etc/resolv.conf05:41
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
jukebox-zeroMJ94, what version of ubuntu are you using?05:41
FlootenkerpThanks edbian, you've been a great help. I'll go try it, I'll come back to if anything goes wrong05:41
FlootenkerpThanks again, brb05:41
wweaselDoes anyone here know if I can open a live shell from the Server Disc? (obv. not a graphical environment)05:42
Guest10163i just need a browser that will have some sort of active x control in it, so that when I go to my cell phone site I can listen to the ringtones before I buy them...05:42
edbianFlootenkerp, you can get on IRC on ubuntu ;)05:42
=== mendred_ is now known as mendred
DreamDemonAnyone know where I can get a irc server daemon?05:43
taofdMJ94_, here's some information on your card http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17927005:43
taofdMJ94_, err ignore that last post of mine, that is out of date info sorry05:43
Guest10163anyone in here have ubuntu 8.10 and have boost mobile service???05:45
MJ94_taofd: Can you still help?05:45
devuntWhen I boot in ubuntu 9.10, initramfs messags is appear05:46
devuntHow can I fix it05:46
kinja-sheepMJ94_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/ipn222005:46
jukebox-zeroMJ94 try this simple walkthrough, and comback if it doesn't work: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-troubleshoot-wireless-network-connection-in-ubuntu.html05:46
kinja-sheepMJ94_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/ipn222005:46
Guest10163got a walkthrough for installing flock?05:47
nightsjammiesis there anyone in here familiar with the sort feature in Openoffice spreadsheet?05:47
pilif12pGuest10163: yes, download, extract, run05:47
MJ94_kinja-sheep: huh?05:47
MJ94_i dunno commands05:47
MJ94_how do i get / extract ndiswrapper05:47
pilif12pGuest10163: Please don't PM me without asking first.05:48
pilif12pThere should just be a file called flock in the folder05:49
Guest10163no there are a bunch of .so, a couple .sh and no file just named flock05:49
jukebox-zeroMJ94 sudo apt-get install nidiswrapper? or search ndiswrapper in synaptic if you don't wann use the command line05:49
pilif12pGuest10163: You may want to try #flock05:50
ESphynxhey guys... any idea why I won't have any sound with my Audigy 2?05:50
Guest10163i stand corrected there is one that is so named flock-bin but how do I run it?05:50
Diverdudeok...so basically i have now managed to create a vpn connection. I know the ip adress of a remote server, and i would like to browse the filesystem of the server. Which command do i use for that?05:50
pilif12pdoesn't exist05:50
pilif12pGuest10163: is there one w/o the -bin part?05:51
MJ94_jukebox-zero: E: Couldn't find package ndiswrapper05:51
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Meh.05:51
Guest10163no there is only one other that is flock-browser05:51
DreamDemonGuest10163: Ina terminal you need to do two things.  <<   sudo chmod +x flock-bin   >> and then ./flock-bin05:51
kinja-sheepMJ94_: "sudo aptitude install ndiswrapper-common ndiswrapper-utils-1.9"05:51
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Copy and paste that in the terminal.05:51
Guest10163thank you dream05:52
MJ94_kinja-sheep: done, next?05:52
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Press Y to install, whatnot, downloading packages. Configuring.  All of that is done, right?05:52
Diverdudeok...so basically i have now managed to create a vpn connection. I know the ip adress of a remote server, and i would like to browse the filesystem of the server. Which command do i use for that?05:53
kinja-sheepMJ94_: "sudo aptitude install build-essential" too?05:53
MJ94_didnt get essential05:53
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Do the command above.05:54
Guest10163here is what it says when i do ./flock-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libjemalloc.so: cannot open shared object file05:54
devuntWhat is the last edition of Ubuntu?05:55
kinja-sheepdevunt: 9.10 ; 10.04 in April 2012.05:55
ardchoilledevunt: 9.10 is the latest stable05:55
devuntI mean,05:55
ESphynxany idea about the sound? I see the Audigy2 device and all... ans Alsamixer lists it in the devices, but no sound comes out!05:56
MJ94_kinja-sheep: next?05:56
nundini just started useing linux05:56
neezersomething happened to my ubuntuforums.org page...it is displaying very large...like the screen size on my laptop is 600x800 or something, but everything else is normal.05:56
Guest10163me too nundin and I am getting frustrated with it, cause of so many complications...lol05:56
Snausagesneezer: you probably zoomed firefox.  Check the view menu, zoom option05:56
ardchoilleSnausages: good catch05:57
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Oh I don't know I told you to get build-essential. You probably don't need it (but we'll take care of that later). Grab the Windows installation drivers for your Wifi networking card from <whatever>'s company.05:57
nundini am finding ways around glitchs and stuff already though05:57
Guest10163not me05:57
neezersnausages....that did the trick...must have accidentally hit the shortcut.05:57
neezerwhat seems to be the problem guest1016305:57
Snausagesardchoille: I catch people doing it all the time and nobody can figure out why things look broken only in the browser.  Kind of wish they'd lock that feature out with a few more modifier keys05:57
Guest10163may i pm you neezer05:58
MJ94_kinja-sheep: iirc they're hard to find05:58
Diverdudeok...so basically i have now managed to create a vpn connection. I know the ip adress of a remote server, and i would like to browse the filesystem of the server. Which command do i use for that?05:58
pretenderafter 9.10 updates cant right click desktop  or start nautilus05:59
MJ94_kinja-sheep: PM?\05:59
MJ94_kinja-sheep: PM?05:59
kinja-sheepMJ94_: http://tinyurl.com/ycotzam -- You were saying?05:59
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Nah.05:59
kinja-sheep!pm | MJ94_05:59
ubottuMJ94_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:59
ZauberExonar1I installed Ubuntu inside of VirtualBox today, and it doens't see my nvidia card.  How do I give guest OS's in virtualbox access to my nvidia card?05:59
MJ94_kinja-sheep: i use a linksys wpc54g v405:59
misteralexanderHow do I disable & uninstall ALL video drivers & start "Like New" & "Out Of The Box"???  9.10.05:59
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Why did your pastebinit say "INPROCOMM IPN 2220 Wireless LAN Adapter (rev 01)" ?06:00
MJ94_that may be my ethernet06:00
neezeris there a way to simulate installing? like if I want to see if something will install properly without actually doing it?06:00
MJ94_i also have a pcmcia card in06:00
lluaHave anyone used teamspeak3? i 'installed' by making a link to the file but i get a error if i run the command anywhere but the folder where its located06:00
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Run "sudo lshw -c network" and pastebin.06:00
misteralexanderneezer: Virtual Machine06:00
devuntWhat is the last edition of Ubuntu? include future.06:00
nundinyes it is finely recgonizeing my wireless card06:00
misteralexanderHow do I disable & uninstall ALL video drivers & start "Like New" & "Out Of The Box"???  9.10.06:01
alex__!! HELP !! my laptop battery died, and now all it does is boot, start a HD scan, drop to shell, and repeat.   what should I do? (please msg me!!)06:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:01
neezercould an activex error given from a browser be a flash issue?06:02
MJ94_kinja-sheep: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m27749e2706:02
misteralexanderneezer: from what I know, Active X is only on IE & can be hidden in almost anything.06:02
=== vbitz0 is now known as vbitz
neezerI see....Guest10163 is having problems hearing ringtones from his browser before he downloads them...he has tried several browsers and is getting active X errors.06:03
ESphynxthe weirdest thing happens when I play a file... there's weird sound that seems to come from the computer, but definiltey not from my soundblaster & speaker :S06:04
MJ94_kinja-sheep: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m27749e2706:04
kinja-sheepMJ94_: I got it.06:04
=== nikhil__ is now known as nikhil
=== nikhil is now known as nikhil_
kinja-sheepMJ94_: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d5d893a9a06:05
kinja-sheepMJ94_: You said linksys wpc54g v4.06:05
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Anyway.06:05
MJ94_I do have a linksys wpc54g06:05
misteralexanderneezer: it may sound stupid (forgive me) but is he using Linux & Firefox?06:05
MJ94_I have an ethernet cable in!06:05
MJ94_I have both in!06:05
neezerhe has tried others as well.06:05
misteralexanderneezer: How?06:05
neezerhow is he using firefox?06:06
Guest10163well just one other I can't get flock installed, nor netscape nor IE to install06:06
Dr_WillisI would be suprised if activeX worked in wine with IE...06:06
flootenkerped, or whoever was the one who told me how to edit the dns, thanks a ton06:06
nundinIE sucks any way06:06
MJ94_kinja-sheep: It doesn't see my wireless card - it sees the cable...06:07
Dr_Willisgetting activeX working under linux.. well.. Not sure thats going to happen at all.06:07
DreamDemonGuest10163: I would think that IE would require WINE to work06:07
dlogicAnyone know how to have irssi run transparently on my desktop?06:07
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Download The Drivers --> http://tinyurl.com/nlna7t06:07
Guest10163well to be honest I can't get any other browsers besides opera, and firefox to work at all06:07
ouyeswhat irssi?06:07
ardchoilledlogic: That would be a setting within the terminal optiions06:07
Dr_Willisdlogic:  use a terminal program that can do transparencey. or use teh compiz 'transparency' feature for terminal program that cant do it theireslfs06:07
Guest10163and I am running ubuntu 8.1006:07
unr3a1Hey all06:08
Guest10163on a GX270 dell to boot06:08
misteralexanderneezer: ergh . . . my bad, I confused myself. I thought you said he was using Linux with IE.  LOL. Sorry.06:08
nundini have 9.10 here06:08
MJ94_kinja-sheep: 40406:08
unr3a1I need serious help06:08
unr3a1I got a new computer06:08
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Try again.06:08
misteralexanderneezer: Tell him to disable all his add-ons, update firefox, and reboot.  See if it still happens.06:08
unr3a1Brand new, $120006:08
dlogicThank you ardchoille and Dr_Willis06:08
nundinwell im wiped out see ya dudes06:09
MJ94_kinja-sheep: 40406:09
ouyesunr3a1,  a PC or laptop?06:09
unr3a1well, $1294 and change after tax06:09
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Meh. http://files.laptopvideo2go.com/wlan/inprocomm_ipn2220_v3.07.02.2005.zip06:09
unr3a1ouyes, PC06:09
ouyeswhat pc06:09
DreamDemonunr3a1: So whats the prob?06:09
neezerGuest10163: did you see that? try to disable your adons, update firefox, and reboot.06:09
unr3a1Dell Studio XPS 9000 core i706:09
nikhil_o make matters worse, grub no longer gives a failsafe boot option, so I have to boot from a livecd (which takes forever) and then sudo rm /media/my_hdd/etc/X11/xorg.conf. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even with enabling a failsafe boot option in grub 206:09
mneptokouyes: let him/her tell us what the issue is.06:09
neezerI woulnd't mind a brand new computer?06:09
Guest10163oh okay I will try to do that brb neezer06:10
unr3a1DreamDemon, The problem is, that I cannot get my Nvidia GT220 drivers intalled06:10
MJ94_kinja-sheep: 40406:10
kinja-sheepMJ94_: o.o06:10
unr3a1DreamDemon, installed*06:10
kinja-sheepThe link 404'd for anyone else?06:10
DreamDemonunr3a1: version of ubunto?06:10
DreamDemonkinja-sheep: what link?06:10
unr3a1DreamDemon, 9.0406:10
mneptokunr3a1: System > Admin > Hardware drivers06:10
kinja-sheepDreamDemon: http://tinyurl.com/nlna7t06:10
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
unr3a1mneptok, its not there.  it says I don't have any proprietary hardware06:11
kinja-sheepDreamDemon: (Downloading Link).06:11
zenlunatickinja-sheep, 404 here06:11
unr3a1I tried EnvyNG, but that fubarred06:11
mneptokunr3a1: what model nVidia card?06:11
DreamDemonkinja-sheep:  Error:  The request for '/404' was not found on this server.06:11
ouyesunr3a1,  1200$ cost a month salary06:11
kinja-sheepInteresting. I can get it fine.06:11
unr3a1or how can I run the .run file from Nvidia06:12
MJ94_kinja-sheep: bragger :P06:12
DreamDemonouyes; Only a month?  That a week before taxes and insurance for me  :P06:12
nikhil_ hi, I was wondering if someone could help me: I have a tablet which i have registering input when I cat /dev/input/by-id/my_dev_id-mouse-event this is after modprobing the device driver. Now the problem comes in that Ubuntu Karmic does not have an xorg.conf, and so i found out i have to kill X and run Xorg -configure. This i did, and now I have a xorg.conf I can use. However, when I add the required lines as listed in http://acecad.sourceforge.net/instal06:12
nikhil_l.html , X crashes on restart, so I have to delete that file. To make matters worse, grub no longer gives a failsafe boot option, so I have to boot from a livecd (which takes forever) and then sudo rm /media/my_hdd/etc/X11/xorg.conf. Any help would be greatly appreciated06:12
unr3a1ouyes, it is being purchased by my employer on a 1200 loan.  I pay back every paycheck for 28 months for 1 year.06:12
mneptokunr3a1: nVidia does not provide a Linux driver for that card - http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_185.18.36.html06:13
=== wowoto is now known as tyro
MJ94_kinja-sheep: more ideas/06:13
unr3a1yes it does.06:13
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Hold.06:13
kinja-sheepMJ94_: You need the drivers06:13
ouyesunr3a1,  oh god it cost you so much but a month's salary of me06:13
MJ94_kinja-sheep: is there like a rdp program we can use?06:14
mneptokunr3a1: no, they do not. go look at the supported hardware on the nVidia driver page i just gave you.06:14
MJ94_I need help06:14
mneptokunr3a1: the GT220 is not listed06:14
doc-saintlyHow do i find out what is holding a device?06:14
ouyeswhat chip is GT220 used06:14
zenlunaticdoc-saintly, mount06:14
doc-saintlyI have tried unmounting it but it says it's not mounted06:14
unr3a1mneptok, http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_190.53.html06:14
ouyeslspci -vv06:14
doc-saintlyzenlunatic: i'm getting device is in use or busy. and then when i do umount it says it's not mounted06:15
Guest10163neezer When I did that and tried to go to my ringtones thing again it said redirect to this page and sent me here http://www.iol.ie/~locka/mozilla/plugin.htm#download06:15
LinuX2halfHow do I resize my partition without a live CD?06:15
ouyesperhaps you cannot find GT220 in the driver supported list but you can use the same chip driver06:16
MJ94_kinja-sheep: ?06:16
LinuX2half! boot keys06:16
unr3a1what are you talking about?06:16
ouyesfor eg gf8600gs you can use G86 driver06:16
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Check the PM.06:16
unr3a1its in the supported lists for that link I sent you06:16
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Let me know when you obtained it.06:16
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Got the file?06:17
mneptokunr3a1: ah, they finally took .53 out of beta06:17
MJ94_yes kinja-sheep06:17
Guest10163anyone also know the drivers for the intel integrated 856 gx270 graphics driver?06:18
ouyesunr3a1, "for 28 months for 1 year"  i am confused06:18
mneptokunr3a1: so install that. but be aware it will break and need to be reinstalled every time you update your kernel.06:18
MJ94_kinja-sheep: extract?06:18
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Unzip it. You're looking for neti2220.inf06:18
kinja-sheepMJ94_: And do not lost the zipped file (for future references on setting it up again; for both linuxes and windows)06:19
jtoftHas anyone gotten google-sitemap-generator to work properly?06:19
bizarrefishhi, all06:19
LinuX2halfwhat happens if I create a new partition table?06:19
MJ94_kinja-sheep: extracted, next06:19
unr3a1I figured it out06:19
mneptokLinuX2half: all data goes *poof*06:19
unr3a1I think06:19
bizarrefishLinuX2half: it replaces the other onw06:19
FloodBot3unr3a1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:19
lianimatorI just did an update and now the chosen theme isn't applied until I open Appearance, and the icon theme is not applied at all.. does anyone see this happening??06:19
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Where is the file at?06:20
kinja-sheepMJ94_: You should do something like "sudo ndiswrapper -i neti2220.inf" (or path to the file).06:20
ouyesunr3a1, "for 28 months for 1 year" i am confused06:20
LinuX2halfif it erases all data will I able to add new partition in the table?06:20
unr3a1ouyes, It's $120006:20
neezer1 minute06:20
BilawHey there to all: I have an original problem. When I type ifconfig -a, there is no eth* listed ! Is that to say that the driver to eth0 was not found when I installed Jaunty on this Lenovo Y550P??06:20
bizarrefishLinuX2half: yes06:20
Guest10163my apologies06:21
neezerIm about to lose my internet connection. I'm on an oil rig and they are rigging down my apologies06:21
MJ94_kinja-sheep: extracted, next?06:21
unr3a1ouyes, I get paid twice a month, so I only get 28 paychecks in a year06:21
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Did the command ran fine?06:21
mezquitaleanyone here uses tomato?  I want to know how to configure tomato so that all logging is done on my ubuntu machine06:21
neezerGuest10163, good luck. I don't know what to tell you. the website looks like it is for older versions of firefox...06:21
neezergood luck.06:21
unr3a1ouyes, they divide 1200 by 28 and you get roughly 46.  So every paycheck, $46 gets deducted by my employer before taxes.06:21
neezersorry I couldn't help.06:21
LinuX2halfOkay, let say that I erase my hard drive and I want to add NTFS partition to the table, how would I be able to do that..?06:21
MJ94_kinja-sheep: which06:22
kinja-sheepMJ94_: "sudo ndiswrapper -i neti2220.inf"06:22
Jordan_U!gparted | LinuX2half06:22
ubottuLinuX2half: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php06:22
bizarrefishBilaw: it sounds like it. have a look in lspci -vv. it will say what driver is controlling the ethernet adapter06:22
unr3a1ouyes, hope that helps06:22
MJ94_kinja-sheep: couldn't open neti2220.inf: No such file or directory at /usr/sbin/ndiswrapper-1.9 line 219.06:23
kinja-sheepMJ94_: "sudo updatedb && locate neti2220.inf" -- It say what?06:24
LinuX2halfokay, Gparted sound like a good idea but how do I manage to resize the partition when the hard drive is still mounted?06:24
ouyesunr3a1,  yep it is  a little intricate to me06:24
MJ94_kinja-sheep: i type it, it says nothing06:25
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Where did you extract the files to?06:25
unr3a1ouyes, what do you mean?06:25
mezquitaleLinuX2half, only "/" cannot be unmounted, anything else you should be able to unmount or use a live cd with gparted06:25
MJ94_kinja-sheep: michael@ubuntu:~$ sudo updatedb && locate neti2220.inf /home/michael/Desktop/neti2220.inf06:26
LinuX2halfLive CD, you mean I just pop the CD in and the computer will automatically boot the CD?06:26
Diverdudei have really sometimes been wondering why people want to make free software (opensource) when nobody wants to make for example free craftmanwork or free economic counseling or whatever. Why is it actually fair that the products softwaredevelopers produce should be free, when the product other jobtypes produce should not?06:26
kinja-sheepMJ94_: "sudo ndiswrapper -i /home/michael/Desktop/neti2220.inf"06:26
bizarrefishLinuX2half: LinuX2half indeed06:26
LinuX2halfhm..? Well that process doesn't work with my "laptop" though.06:27
MJ94_kinja-sheep: michael@ubuntu:~$ sudo ndiswrapper -i /home/michael/Desktop/neti2220.inf installing neti2220 ... michael@ubuntu:~$06:27
ouyesunr3a1,  i mean the pay back course is a little complex06:27
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Done. Try and reboot.06:27
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Come back here.06:27
SnausagesLinuX2half: yeah pretty much.  You may need to encourage your machine to do that with a key on startup or a bios setting change (or virtual machine setup change)06:27
LinuX2halfIt doesn't boot from the CD when I "pop" it in and it never held an indication of what to press.06:27
bizarrefishDiverdude: probably because things like carpentry cost money to duplicate.06:27
ouyesunr3a1,  but the machine worth that much06:28
SnausagesLinuX2half: try the common ones- esc, F2, F10...06:28
mezquitaleLinuX2half, yes, the ubuntu cd should have gparted06:28
MJ94_kinja-sheep: reboot?06:28
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Yes06:28
bizarrefishDiverdude: i wouldn't say that s/w developers products 'should' be free, that's the choice of the developer.06:28
MJ94_then, ill connect and remove the ethernet06:28
ESphynxany idea why I won't have any sound with my Audigy 2?06:29
Jordan_UDiverdude: There are a lot of volunteers in other feilds, it's just hard to mass produce physical products at no cost ( also many Free software developers are paid ). Please move this to #ubuntu-offtopic though06:29
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Don't remove the ethernet. Just take a look at top-right and see if your Wifi SSID come up.06:29
bizarrefishthere is another school of thought, though, that says that software is knowledge, and should be free.06:29
SnausagesLinuX2half: in many of them, f10 allows interactive choice of boot device.  f2 lets you change bios settings to check or change default boot device order of attempt06:29
LinuX2halfOh okay, the common keys. Yes, does it matter with I'm using a 8.10 Live CD and I'm running Karmic?06:29
Diverdudebizarrefish, well it only costs money to duplicate because work is needed and materials takes work to produce....But software also takes work to produce06:29
unr3a1ouyes, oh alright06:29
zong-qihi anyone know how to get usb mobile modems working on 9.04 or 9.10 ? I had to reload windohs to use the internet and I dont like xp much Ive googled the issues but mostly Idont understand the forums, I need to save some .deb file somewhere with root privilages, its a bit confusing to me06:29
unr3a1ouyes, it doesn't bother me.06:29
MJ94_kinja-sheep: shutdown in one min06:29
pattabii tried to install netbeans 6.7.sh with sh command. but it cant open the file. help me06:29
SnausagesLinuX2half: not terribly, this is mostly about the BIOS maker/revision in your pc06:29
Dr_WillisI have a lot of old softweare for old pc's and other comptuiers - since the code was not open sourced.. the stuff is basically useless now.  all that 'work' gond.06:29
LinuX2halfGreat, now I know what keys is which.06:30
SnausagesLinuX2half: if there is any BIOS splashscreen, you can look it up by name and get a better educated guess of boot select hotkeys06:30
ouyesunr3a1,  i7 have a great performance among all CPUS06:30
bizarrefishDiverdude: yes, but once it's produced, it doesn't cost money to replicate. whilst any other product needs the same cost for every item sold. Software has O(1) cost while normal stuff has O(n) cost06:30
Bilawbizarrefish: cheers! RE this absence of eth0, I found this. Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation Device 1692 (rev 01). Errr. Is there a specific site where I should locate the driver, or… ?06:30
SnausagesLinuX2half: then you can get started from the livecd which could allow you to run gparted and modify / on your HDD06:30
bullgardSynaptic: "Totem is a simple yet featureful media player for GNOME." How can this program be "simple" and at the same time featureful? What Ubuntu competes with Totem and is not "simple"?06:31
LinuX2halfBIOS splash screen you say? Yeah, the VAIO logo appears when I turned the "laptop" on.06:31
LinuX2halfHot keys? Should I just google; hotkeys for VAIO BIOS?06:31
SnausagesLinuX2half: maybe google around, sony probably publishes this info06:31
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Meh?06:32
unr3a1ouyes, yea they do.  its only a 920, but it works for me06:32
eltumeDoes vlc require additional software to be able to play commercial dvds???06:32
kinja-sheep!dvd | eltume06:32
ubottueltume: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:32
Dr_Williseltume:  im not sure it does. vlc tends to have all teh codecs and things built in.06:33
Diverdudebizarrefish, well i do not agree...software needs to be maintained06:33
Bilawbizarrefish: ouch, was that smiley addressed to me (suggesting : “good luck, mate, youre in for a tough one“)??06:33
LinuX2halfYes, the company did post the information online. It stated that F2 - enter BIOS setup, F10 -saves/exits BIOS setup06:34
LinuX2halfF9 - load default config.06:34
MJ94_kinja-sheep: poke06:34
Ben^I'm trying to configure grub (device.map) to be able to boot without hardcoding BIOS device paths.. i.e using UUID's - is this possible ?06:34
* kinja-sheep evade a poke06:35
* Dr_Willis wishes these bios makers could come up with some standard on what keys should do what.06:35
kinja-sheepMJ94_: How goes the card?06:35
SnausagesDr_Willis: I think they almost have to differentiate just to avoid patent claims06:35
MJ94_how can I find out?06:35
bizarrefishDr_Willis: tis what OFW is for :P06:35
bizarrefisha common way to do everything06:36
LinuX2halfOkay, the menu is more sophisticated than my BIOS setup06:36
Diverdudebizarrefish, so no answer for that i guess?06:36
Dr_WillisBen^:  im pretty sure the device.map cant use uuids like that.06:36
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Look at Network Icon. Click on it. Select your Wifi.06:36
bizarrefishDiverdude: oh, sorry, i didnt notice your reply06:36
LinuX2halfIt didn't tell me a breath of what keys to press to "boot from the CD"06:36
bizarrefishSoftware doesnt NEED to be maintained. it depends on the software.06:36
Ben^Dr_Willis - hmm.. I have a problem that if I leave my eSata drive plugged in on boot, all my drives shuffle up by one. I.e sda becomes sdb, sbc -> sdc, etc.  Causes me problems booting06:37
LinuX2halfSome people get the message "Press any key to boot from disc"06:37
Ben^Dr_Willis, obviously grub looks in the wrong place and cant find by root partition06:37
LinuX2halfAnd this occurrence affects a wide variety of "laptops"06:37
bizarrefishDiverdude: also, you are pushing against an open door here, i don't think software 'should' be free. some people do, i'm not one of them06:38
Jordan_UBen^: grub uses UUIDs by default06:38
Ben^Jordan_U, not in Karmic?06:38
Jordan_UBen^: Yes, in karmic06:38
Ben^Jordan_U, if that were the case I wouldn't be havin this problem06:38
Dr_WillisBen^:  with my system - whatever drive i tell teh bios to boot. becomes sda.   but i have no esata drives.06:38
kinja-sheepVanity and corruption rising in the world. :'(06:38
Jordan_UBen^: What problem?06:38
bizarrefishI just know any software i develop will be free.06:38
SnausagesBen^: can you change where the headers plug into your motherboard?06:38
Diverdudebizarrefish, ohh okay hehe :) I mean...i would like to pay for linux....i just use it because its a hell of a lot better than windows....06:38
MJ94_kinja-sheep: http://tinypic.com/r/b7zaxc/606:38
bizarrefishmy angle is that Open source development works a hell of a lot better at ironing out bugs(if done properly) than the alternative06:39
Ben^Jordan_U, if I leave my eSata plugged in, it slots in before my other disks in the bios boot order, causing all my device mappings to become invalid06:39
DaZDiverdude: and how long do you use it? <:06:39
Ben^Jordan_U, i.e my eSata becomes sda, and the old sda is now sdb. etc.06:40
kinja-sheepMJ94_: I dislike the TinyPic's Images You'll Also Enjoy. I'm talking about the icon left of "Email" Icon on top-right.06:40
DiverdudeDaZ, well not that long...a few months only06:40
LinuX2halfI mean Sony VGN series does boot from disc but I'm not too certain if Karmic comes along and ruins the whole pat06:40
SnausagesBen^: the esata interface- is that a pass-through cable to the motherboard, or is it on a host bus adapter?06:40
DaZBen^: so setup uuids in grub.06:40
DiverdudeDaZ, why is that an issue?06:40
Jordan_UBen^: So what happens when you try to boot with grub?06:40
Jordan_UBen^: That shouldn't be a problem06:40
MJ94_kinja-sheep: all i see is wired06:40
Ben^it fails dumps me into busybox06:40
Jordan_UBen^: Can you pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg?06:41
Ben^DaZ I've been trying, as far as I can see, only grub2 supports UUID's in device.map06:41
bullgardSynaptic: "Totem is a simple yet featureful media player for GNOME." How can this program be "simple" and at the same time featureful? What Ubuntu competes with Totem and is not "simple"?06:41
LinuX2halfWait, I want to install windows but the setup procedure said that it can't find a valid partition. What does that mean?06:41
DaZDiverdude: after a few years you will not love it so much :306:41
kinja-sheepMJ94_: What does "ndiswrapper -l" list?06:41
ZackraaI forget how to add a server06:41
Zackraaor at least connect to one06:41
LinuX2halfDoes it mean that it can't cope with ext3..?06:42
Jordan_UBen^: You don't want to edit device.map06:42
MJ94_kinja-sheep: neti2220 : driver installed device (17FE:2220) present06:42
Jordan_UBen^: It won't help you in any way06:42
LinuX2halfSure, NTFS is the original partition for windows but whats the difference between ext3 and NTFS?06:42
c_nickUbuntu 9.10 just wont run on my pc.. if i say in safe graphics mode to try without installing it just hangs06:43
Ben^Jordan_U, pastebin as requested: http://pastebin.com/d4228f4ea06:43
LinuX2halfI mean they both are file system, organizing data but if that all they all are?06:43
c_nickI got a P4 1 gb ram06:43
zetherooI downloaded a program called vtigercrm for Linux and its ended up being a .bin file ... what do I do with it to make it run in Ubuntu? When I double click it I get this error: Could not display "/home/zeth/Downloads/vtigercrm-5.1.0.bin". The file is of an unknown type.06:43
MJ94_kinja-sheep: neti2220 : driver installed device (17FE:2220) present06:43
Ben^Jordan_U, device.map is what translates bios devices to kernel devices. Its been the fix so far, albeit manual06:43
halberdI just installed a wireless driver and the interface shows up on ifconfig but I can't do ifup or iwlist scan06:43
halberdwhat might possibly be the problem?06:43
c_nickif i check the cd it says kernal problem.. something restarting the system06:43
halberdit used to be working before I updated from 9.04 to 9.1006:43
DaZBen^: so you're having problem with the grub (hdx,y) thingie?06:43
ouyesunr3a1,  i plan to buy a laptop as intel launched the 32nm cpu ,but when i see your situation, i hizatate06:44
Ben^DaZ Yep, as my bios devices tend to be rather fluid06:44
Jordan_UBen^: Never seen /etc/grub.d/10_lupin before, can you pastebin it? ( I assume you installed via wubi? )06:44
DaZlolwut [;06:44
ouyesunr3a1,  sorry my poor english06:44
Ben^Jordan_U, I did yeah,06:44
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Meh. Does "sudo lshw -c network" say the same thing?06:44
ouyesi am still trying hard to learn EN'06:45
Ben^Jordan_U, I've been lookin at that lupin thing too. Everything I find seems to point that it should be using UUID's (excluding device.map), but as you can see in the grub.cfg, hard device paths are references06:45
unr3a1ouyes, what do you mean "your situation"?  You think the i7 is worse than 32nm cpu?06:45
Ben^Jordan_U, *referenced.06:45
Jordan_UBen^: You should file a bug against lupin/wubis that they don't use UUIDs06:45
ZackraaI forget how to add a server06:45
MJ94_kinja-sheep: http://pastebin.com/m3b645b4506:45
Ben^Jordan_U, lupin: http://pastebin.com/d165b00e506:45
ouyesunr3a1,  of course not, i mean it is not easy to earn a material based living06:46
Ben^Jordan_U, I'm not sure it's a bug, more a symptom of the setup. grub has to be able to ref. the host ntfs filesystem before it can even get to any of the other config. Hence the need for the lower level mapping to be right06:47
MJ94_kinja-sheep: http://pastebin.com/m3b645b4506:47
Ben^Hmm actually thats a point. There must be some grub config on the ntfs fs06:47
bubba1hi would someone please help me with ubuntu 9.10 that wont boot06:47
kinja-sheepMJ94_: I get it first time. :)06:47
MJ94_kinja-sheep: now what06:48
ouyesunr3a1, nowdays money is hard to make but easy to spend06:48
ZackraaI'm running this from a live disc06:48
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:48
Jordan_UBen^: Are you confortable editing a shell script?06:48
Zackraaany reason why firefox preferences are not displaying?06:48
unr3a1ouyes, OH I see what you mean.  I could afford to drop the $1200 in one shot if I saved for.. 4 months.  I just chose to do it this way.06:48
Ben^Jordan_U, fo' sho. vi me up06:48
ouyesunr3a1,  what system did you install to your PC06:49
MJ94_kinja-sheep: so did it work?06:49
halberdvi me up, scotty06:49
unr3a1Ubuntu 9.04 and Windows 7 64-bit dual-boot06:49
unr3a1ouyes, but I much prefer linux06:49
Jordan_UBen^: You can work around this problem by adding a new line after line 62 with "LINUX_HOST_DEVICE=UUID=aef8aa18-ae9f-4860-98f9-7fe239959d4c" ( with your actual UUID of course )06:49
kinja-sheepMJ94_: I'm reading. See, that should work now (unless you have to configure something else), but I'm reading things.06:50
Ben^Jordan_U, lookin...06:50
DaZgrub2 is too complex >:06:50
MJ94_kinja-sheep: should i pull my ethernet and check?06:50
josephnexushi everyone, i've got a logitech g15 keyboard, and it seems to be working great, except I can't  use the g keys (g1-g6)  I turn on g15macro, and go to keyboard shortcuts in gnome and it recognizes it when I try to bind it, but it doesn't work when trying to use it after binding it06:50
kinja-sheepMJ94_: You say you only see Wired, but no Wifi?06:50
c_nickhey guys can you tell me why U9.10 wont work on a P406:50
Jordan_UDaZ: Actually in this case grub legacy would do the same thing, you just would have to edit C code to fix it :)06:51
Ben^Jordan_U, override the conditional block & hardcode the UUID. hrmm yuk.. spose its a solution :) Not very pythonic tho :P06:51
Dr_Willisjosephnexus:  i was thinking theres some special tools/pacakges to install to make full use of that keyboard. I got one. but its not hooked up right now.06:51
ouyesunr3a1,  linux will cost you a lot of time to learn how to use but it does worth the time, use linux, get away from virus and free software06:51
Jordan_UBen^: Yea, I'm still looking at a real fix.06:51
josephnexusDr_willis: there are some packages06:51
adantehey guys what's the easiest way to subscribe to something to find out when a new ubuntu kernel is released?06:51
unr3a1ouyes, I am scared of 9.10... lol.  I just haven't read up on it.06:51
KayAteChef_c_nick: no but I can tell you that I use 9.04 in this P$06:51
josephnexusthey are all installed and it is working great06:51
DaZJordan_U: which makes legacy kind of simpler.06:51
josephnexusexcept for these buttons06:51
DaZadante: linux.org06:52
kinja-sheepMJ94_: "lsmod | grep ndis" list anything?06:52
unr3a1ouyes, Oh I definitely know that.  All I run is Ubuntu.  I need windows for just a couple work things.06:52
Jordan_UDaZ: editing C and recompiling is simpler than editing a shell script?06:52
Ben^Jordan_U, wonder why the block failts to pick up a UUID. Might have a play with grub-probe06:52
philyawI just found out that ubuntu has this awesome synaptic application manager06:52
philyawCan I use that to install anything I want?06:52
philyawAnd not build stuff?06:52
c_nickKayAteChef_: but that 9.04 NRE or normal one06:52
Jordan_UBen^: Could you file a bug report on launchpad and subscribe me ( jordanu )?06:52
unr3a1ouyes, it has a 640GB HDD, and only 100 of it makes up the Win7 partition.06:52
adanteDaZ: whereabouts is the ubuntu specific stuff?06:52
DaZeh, i'm lost06:52
ouyesunr3a1,  i use ubuntu for my personal time, use window for work things06:53
KayAteChef_normal one c_nick06:53
Jordan_UBen^: Tomorrow I might attatch a patch with a proper fix to it06:53
unr3a1hold on... one sec06:53
MJ94_kinja-sheep: no06:53
c_nickKayAteChef_: how much ram06:53
ouyesunr3a1,  640 gb it quite a mount06:53
c_nickKayAteChef_: and Mobo06:53
Dr_Willis!apt | philyaw06:53
ubottuphilyaw: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)06:53
zetherooanyone know what to do with a .bin file for Linux?06:53
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Okay. Do this --> "sudo depmod -a && sleep 2 && sudo modprobe ndiswrapper"06:53
MJ94_!sudo | MJ94_06:53
ubottuMJ94_, please see my private message06:53
KayAteChef_Acer 3600 c_nick06:54
aliendude5300Hi, I have a pretty advanced question, but hopefully someone can help. In the terminal, I want to copy an entire directory and all subdirectories and files recursively, but without the folder structure to another folder. How can I do this?06:54
Dr_Williszetheroo:  depends on what it is... normally  you 'run' it if its a executable/installer06:54
Ben^Jordan_U, Hmm.. Spose I could... I have a patch to properly show debtorrent apt sources in software sources (software-properties-gtk) too, might submit at same time06:54
user101How do I view .vsd files on ubuntu06:54
Dr_Willisaliendude5300:  some creative use of the 'find' command would be my guess.06:54
zetherooDr_Willis: I downloaded a program called vtigercrm for Linux and its ended up being a .bin file ... what do I do with it to make it run in Ubuntu? When I double click it I get this error: Could not display "/home/zeth/Downloads/vtigercrm-5.1.0.bin". The file is of an unknown type.06:54
rewtuser101, isn't that visio format?06:54
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Done? Check "Wired"06:54
user101rewt: yes06:54
aliendude5300 zetheroo chmod +x filename06:54
aliendude5300zetheroo, then ./filename06:55
Dr_Williszetheroo:  dont double click. use the terminal.. like aliendude5300  sayd06:55
MJ94_kinja-sheep: still only wired06:55
aliendude5300Dr_Willis, sigh... that's going to be a pain to do that way... I was hoping for some miracle command :/06:55
zetherooDr_Willis aliendude5300 : so every time I want to open the app I will have to do it form the terminal?06:55
user101so ubuntu cannot open .vsd files at all!!!!!06:55
aliendude5300zetheroo, no.06:56
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Meh. Try "killall nm-applet && sleep 2 && nm-applet"06:56
Jordan_UBen^: Could you add set -x at the top of that script and pastebin the output from update-grub?06:56
unr3a1ouyes, sorry.  had to fix something06:56
aliendude5300zetheroo, once the executable byte is set you can just double click06:56
Ben^Jordan_U, think I sussed it, posting update grub.cfg06:56
zetherooaliendude5300: ah ok .. thanks06:56
philyawcan i make my windows button pull up the ubuntu menu06:56
ouyesunr3a1,  it doesn't matter06:56
aliendude5300zetheroo, technically you don't need the terminal AT ALL, not even to set it as executable, but it's _faster_ that way.06:56
philyawor is there another shortcut06:56
Ben^Jordan_U, http://pastebin.com/d2064a33706:56
kinja-sheepMJ94_: If that does not work, then I'm [explicitiy] outta of ideas.06:56
Ben^Jordan_U, that looks bit better06:57
zetherooaliendude5300: right ... well I set it to be an executable in Properties through the gui ... but that did not change anything ...06:57
MJ94_kinja-sheep: michael@ubuntu:~$ killall nm-applet && sleep 2 && nm-applet  ^C** Message: Caught signal 2, shutting down... michael@ubuntu:~$ killall nm-applet && sleep 2 && nm-applet nm-applet: no process found michael@ubuntu:~$ killall nm-applet && sleep 2 && nm-applet nm-applet: no process found06:57
MJ94_GAH :(06:57
aliendude5300zetheroo, it may be a terminal only app. What is it called?06:57
kinja-sheepMJ94_: You're using Gnome?06:57
DaZJordan_U: i'll argue with that when i'll get some more sleep, but i don't recall editing sourcecode to set anything :306:57
Jordan_UBen^: That's still using /dev/sdb206:57
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Yeah you are, I saw the SS.06:57
zetherooaliendude5300: vtiger06:58
Jordan_UDaZ: Did you install Ubuntu via wubi?06:58
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Pastebin "ifconfig"06:58
zetherooaliendude5300: its a CMS app06:58
MJ94_kinja-sheep: I have to sleep.06:58
DaZi don't use ubuntu.06:58
user101so ubuntu cannot open .vsd files at all!!!!! I need to switch to windows even for viewing it???????06:58
user101this is shame06:58
Ben^Jordan_U, Least it's got the UUID's in there now tho..06:58
Jordan_UDaZ: This is a bug specific to the windows based Ubuntu installer.06:58
ouyeslast month the main board of my laptop was damaged under unbuntu 9.10, then i turn to 8.04LST06:58
Ben^Jordan_U, know what that search clause does? The root is set the line above so it seems kindof redundant06:59
aliendude5300zetheroo, yeah... my guess is it's a terminal app to install vtiger so it can be run from within a web browser. CMS apps are typically for webservers.06:59
MJ94_kinja-sheep: http://pastebin.com/m9eab25206:59
DaZi see.06:59
aliendude5300You probably need a LAMP server pre-installed to use that.06:59
ouyesbe careful the firefox is a dangerous application under ubuntu in some types of laptop07:00
aliendude5300if you don't have a lamp server installed, I'd try running sudo tasksel and checking LAMP Server.07:00
MJ94_kinja-sheep: http://pastebin.com/m9eab25207:00
aliendude5300That might be needed for the backend of the server application.07:00
MJ94_idk what to do now07:00
FedereorToo funny video --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/llama07:00
Jordan_UBen^: Actually, it didn't need them since the initial value of $root is set with the drive grub loaded from, so it shouldn't be affected by drive order changing07:00
ouyesDaZ,  you dont use it why you here?07:01
Jordan_UBen^: linux does still need UUIDs though07:01
ouyesDaZ,  to learn to use it as planed ?07:01
DaZouyes: to spread windows propaganda.07:01
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Oh, run "nm-applet &" -- You CTRL+C to kill it off.07:01
Ben^Jordan_U, yeah. those set root lines should be able to be modded to be set root=UUID=2837423482 though I believe07:01
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Still no wireless? :<07:01
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and you expect me to respond to a ping? How depressing.07:02
ouyesDaZ,  YOU KIDDING ME?07:02
MJ94_kinja-sheep: I have to go -we hafta hurry07:02
Jordan_UBen^: The first set root=(hdX,X) is for backword compatability with previous versions of grub that didn't support search by UUID07:02
DaZouyes: never.07:02
kinja-sheepMJ94_: I tried what I can. You want to try terminal?07:02
zetherooin trying to install vtiger (CRM software) I am being asked this: Specify the location of <apachehome>/bin/httpd in your system (For example /etc/httpd/bin) :07:02
ouyesDaZ,   a virus based windows07:02
user101rewt: is it  not a shame07:02
DaZ!answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything07:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:03
Ben^Jordan_U, ahhh, right.07:03
aliendude5300If anyone didn't get what I was trying to do, I want to copy an entire folder, all the subfolders, and any files within those recursively to another folder without keeping the folder structure -- basically, no subfolders within that new folder, but all the files from all the subfolders of the original folder. Is there a way to do that?07:03
MJ94_kinja-sheep: what else07:03
kinja-sheepMJ94_: "lsmod | grep ndis" -- You got something?07:03
philyawHow do i know if i have gnome or what07:03
MJ94_kinja-sheep: lsmod | grep ndi07:03
unr3a1ouyes, well, thanks for the convo07:04
zetherooaliendude5300: in trying to install vtiger (CRM software) I am being asked this: Specify the location of <apachehome>/bin/httpd in your system (For example /etc/httpd/bin) :07:04
MJ94_michael@ubuntu:~$ lsmod | grep ndis ndiswrapper           185404  007:04
zetherooaliendude5300: any ideas?07:04
Jordan_Uphilyaw: If there is a system menu at the top of the screen, and the drop down includes "About Gnome", you are using Gnome07:04
DaZphilyaw: echo $DESKTOP_SESSION? <:07:04
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Try "sudo ifdown wlan0 && sudo ifup wlan0"  (if it exists)07:04
aliendude5300zetheroo, yeah, that application is intended for web servers, to be used through a browser. You need apache installed.07:04
ouyesunr3a1, convo?07:04
philyawWell Xchat didn't install and i picked the one for gnome07:04
philyawHow do i know which to select07:04
aliendude5300zetheroo, did you set up the LAMP server?07:04
user101philyaw: just type gnome on terminal and press tab. if ya see a lot of gnome commands then its gnome else not07:04
MJ94_kinja-sheep: i g2g07:05
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Okay. :\07:05
Jordan_Uphilyaw: Gnome apps run fine in XFCE/KDE/anything else and vice versa07:05
DaZuser101: i have a lot of gnome commands and i'm using kde07:05
DaZhow come? >:07:05
zetherooaliendude5300: right ... well it asks if I want to install apache that is in the vtiger package and I say yes and then it asks me this07:05
MJ94_bye kinja-sheep07:05
kinja-sheepMJ94_: Come back later or something.07:05
zetherooaliendude5300: LAMP? ... I guess not ...07:05
user101DaZ: you are hybrid07:05
MJ94_kinja-sheep: ok07:05
aliendude5300zetheroo, don't install it from the vtiger package. It's a MUCH better idea to do it through the Ubuntu repositories.07:05
aliendude5300zetheroo, I can help you set up a LAMP server for vtiger -- it's really easy.07:06
jtoftzetheroo: save yourself misery and install nginx + rails or nginx + pylons.07:06
zetherooaliendude5300: so I should quit this installer then?07:06
aliendude5300Yeah -- quit it with Ctrl-C07:06
Ben^Jordan_U, Actually, that 10_lupid script I pastebin'd doesn't really correspond to the bash.cfg that I generated. strange.07:06
zetheroojtoft: english please ... :)07:06
zetherooaliendude5300: done07:07
jtoftzetheroo: don't install LAMP, unless you want a miserable life.07:07
aliendude5300zetheroo, you should be at a terminal prompt now. Type sudo tasksel.07:07
jtoftzetheroo: apache and php = misery07:07
zetheroook now I am confused07:07
devuntBlueMoooon // hello07:07
Jordan_UBen^: Could you add set -x at the top of that script and pastebin the output from update-grub?07:07
DaZjtoft: and python can't be part of lamp? <:07:07
jtoftDaZ: why bother when you can use nginx07:07
Ben^Jordan_U, which script ?07:07
user101DaZ Jordan_U : any visio file viewer on karmic?07:07
zetherooaliendude5300: what is jtoft talking about?07:07
devuntBlueMoooon // I can speak 한글07:08
DaZyou've got a point.07:08
zetherooaliendude5300: I don't want to be miserable ... :P07:08
DaZdevunt: you can speak squares?07:08
BlueMoooondevunt // I can't see07:08
aliendude5300zetheroo, type your password when asked (if you didn't recently become root) then when a menu appears -- scroll down to LAMP server and check that. Do not uncheck anything else that is already checked.07:08
BlueMoooonI only see ???07:08
aliendude5300jtoft, he07:08
Jordan_UBen^: /etc/grub.d/10_lupin07:08
jtoftzetheroo: look at nginx for a reverse proxy to either rails (mongrel_cluster) or pylons (paster cluster)07:08
devuntDaZ // yes. I can speak 하하하하하07:08
jtoftzetheroo: use a decent language, php is terrible.07:08
aliendude5300jtoft, he is trying to install a web application that needs a server backend with MySQL, Apache and PHP.07:08
jtoftaliendude5300: oh, was thinking he was programming.07:09
jtoftaliendude5300: nevermind then, have fun with whatever you're doing.07:09
aliendude5300jtoft, no, that would be much more work.07:09
Ben^Jordan_U, whats the -x ?07:09
zetheroo aliendude5300: ok I am going ahead with your input then ... hang on07:09
Jordan_UBen^: Sends every command the script runs to stderr07:09
Ben^Jordan_U, lol nm, worked that one out07:09
ouyesunr3a1,  see my thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137658307:10
aliendude5300zetheroo, anyways, only check LAMP server -- with the space bar -- don't uncheck anything else, or you might accidentally remove your desktop environment or something like the ability to print. That would be bad.07:10
aliendude5300Once done selecting LAMP server, hit tab, and hit enter on OK.07:10
Ben^Jordan_U, http://pastebin.com/d331e0b6c07:10
BlueMoooonhey, devunt07:10
jtoftI was under the impression he was about to dive into the darkside and make himself miserable for the next couple years of his life, plus PHP promotes and rewards terrible coding paradigms07:10
zetherooaliendude5300: hehe ... ok ... its retrieving files ...07:11
jtoftaside from being miserable to program in and read.07:11
aliendude5300zetheroo, all the needed components to run most web applications will then be installed. (Apache, MySQL, and PHP)07:11
devuntoh, I mean olleh.07:11
aliendude5300zetheroo, making the root password the same as your user password is a bad idea by the way...07:11
zetheroojtoft: so for what I am doing it should not matter right? ... running a CRM app that is ...07:11
devuntBlueMoooon // Sn07:11
philyawWhat Irc  client do you all use?07:12
jtoftzetheroo: if you're running some php app, using apache. If you're programming listen to me, if not follow aliendude530007:12
Jordan_UBen^: Does "sudo grub-probe --device /dev/sdb2 --target=fs_uuid" give any error?07:12
phant0mhi im using tiger to scan my system as root but when the scan finishes it tells me permission denied when i want to look at the log files07:12
zetherooaliendude5300: um .. user password? you mean for Ubuntu or the application?07:12
philyawI liked Quassel on Kubuntu but seems like it wont run on Ubuntu07:12
ouyesxhcat for me07:12
ouyesx chat07:12
jtoftzetheroo: I was under the impression you were writing this yourself.07:12
ouyeswhat about you ?07:13
aliendude5300zetheroo, it's a bad idea to make your MySQL root (or Linux root) password the same as your user password for Ubuntu.07:13
zetheroojtoft: hehe ... no programming going on here .. :) just trying to switch my business tools to open source ...07:13
phant0mcan someone help pls07:13
philyawWhats the easy way to upgrade to ubuntu 9 from 8?07:13
jtoftzetheroo: what applications are you trying to use? I might have better, non-php suggestions.07:13
ouyesthere are two ways07:13
unr3a1ouyes, ah... ok07:13
aliendude5300jtoft, vtiger.07:13
zetherooaliendude5300: oh ok ... so i will be prompted to create a MySQL password then ...07:14
Jordan_U!upgrade | philyaw07:14
ubottuphilyaw: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading07:14
zetheroojtoft: well .. vtiger for CRM07:14
ouyesphilyaw,  one is you must have a good network, one is you have the installation cd or dvd of 907:14
zetheroojtoft: and GnuCash for Accounting07:14
devuntBlueMoooon // Thanks.07:14
aliendude5300zetheroo, did you get a prompt for a MySQL root password? You should've unless you already had MySQL installed for some reason.07:14
zetheroojtoft: GnuCash seems to work fine ...07:15
devuntSCIM is stupid.07:15
talentedQuasar Linux is a good accounting program07:15
bullgardSynaptic: "Totem is a simple yet featureful media player for GNOME." How can this program be "simple" and at the same time featureful? What Ubuntu competes with Totem and is not "simple"?07:15
zetherooaliendude5300: still retrieving files ... ;-)07:15
phant0mcan anyone help pls?07:15
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:16
ouyes  one is you must have a good network, one is you have the installation cd or dvd of 907:16
Dr_Willisbullgard:   the settings and stuff in vlc can be rather complex. same for mplayer.07:16
DaZphant0m: chown them? :f07:16
devuntBlueMoooon // What is you nick?07:16
=== cpg|biab is now known as cpg
BlueMoooonMy nick?07:17
zetheroojust wondering.... has anyone else been having difficulty playing DVD's in Karmic more than previously in previous releases? It seems that all of my machines here (6) play about 6-7 out of 10 DVD's that I 'throw' at them ...07:17
ubottuyes, I'm alive.07:17
bullgardDr_Willis: So Synaptic has choosen this wording with a view at VLC and Mplayer?07:17
BlueMoooonI don't know07:17
LinuX2halfWhen is the time do I press the keys to boot from the Cd.07:17
talentedzetheroo, are they quite new dvd's?07:17
Dr_Willisbullgard:  its all buzzwords and meaningless terms these days...07:17
jtoftzetheroo: I'd be looking at http://www.fatfreecrm.com/, personally for your crm... but that's me. I really like clean interfaces.07:17
talentedas far as I know, there's 2 types of protection that Linux can't read yet07:18
bullgardDr_Willis: Right. --  Thank you for commenting.07:18
devuntBlueMoooon // Do you know Korea?07:18
=== webirc-3 is now known as Triplerhu
BlueMoooondevunt // I think I know Korea well07:18
DaZdevunt: is it something edible?07:18
phant0mlol asks if blue knows korea like it originated fron another planety07:18
devuntkind of edible07:18
aliendude5300zetheroo, that's probably because of DRM on the DVDs.07:19
Ben^Jordan_U, figured it07:19
F|ReSTaRTzetheroo: that's why they invented transmission :D07:19
Ben^Jordan_U, pretty dumb really07:19
BlueMoooonTriplerhu , hello07:20
=== F|ReSTaRT is now known as FiReSTaRT
Ben^Jordan_U, the boolean test on line 58 fails... always defaulting to using the host_device rather than the host_device_uuid07:20
devuntTriplerhu // Do you know me?07:20
Ben^Jordan_U, can you guess why? :P07:21
devuntI don't know you.07:21
philyawwow this is a crazy update process07:21
Triplerhuyes! of coures! what dye think! we're in same chanel in irc.ozinger.org07:21
aliendude5300zetheroo, I know this probably is borderline illegal, but if I buy or bought a DVD/Blu-ray and I can't play it on my PC because of DRM, I'll usually just download it. They can complain all they want, it's their fault something I bought won't play on my PC... :P07:21
Ben^Jordan_U, thats line 58 of 10_lupin07:21
FiReSTaRTaliendude5300: dude.. i find it easier to torrent one of my dvds than to rip a backup copy :P07:22
neosanhi just installed pajek in ubuntu 9.10, using wine, now i am not able to start it. wine pajek resulted: wine: could not load L"C:\\windows\\system32\\pajek.exe": Module not found07:22
neosanplease help07:22
FiReSTaRTneosan: wine doesn't work with every windows program07:23
aliendude5300FiReSTaRT, Me too :D And with 3.2MB/s download speed, it's almost as fast. :D07:23
=== nosrepa is now known as APERSON
devuntTriple Triple Triple Triple Triple Triple Rhu!07:23
bazhangdevunt, stop that07:23
FiReSTaRTaliendude5300: at 3.2 it should be faster unless you get throttled.. at 5, i download a movie in 35-40min07:23
neosanfirestart: what should i do now? can u please help07:23
bazhangFiReSTaRT, aliendude5300 please take that chat elsewhere07:24
balkierodehow do i configure a usb modem in linux? I google and entered the cmd modprobe usbserial vendor_id=something product_id=something . What do i do next?07:24
FiReSTaRTneosan: google is your friend http://vlado.fmf.uni-lj.si/pub/networks/pajek/howto/linux.htm07:24
zetherooaliendude5300: I would too ... except the Internet in Australia is complete crap .. :(07:25
=== stanix2 is now known as stanix
aliendude5300zetheroo, anything else you need help with?07:26
FiReSTaRTzetheroo: same goes for canada... but if you get an isp that allows mlppp connections, just get a linksys wrt54gl, run this firmware on it http://fixppp.org/ and you'll be free and clear :)07:26
zetherooFiReSTaRT: mlppp?07:26
Jordan_UBen^: I'm not seeing it07:27
zetherooaliendude5300: well I suppose I just need to wait for this stuff to finish downloading .. as I said ... crap Internet here ...07:27
FiReSTaRTzetheroo: multi-link ppp protocol07:27
aliendude5300zetheroo, it can't be _that_ bad...07:27
Jordan_UBen^: Can you pastebin the output of "ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ ?07:28
zetherooaliendude5300: haha .. you have no idea :) ... ok it just finished ..07:28
IzinucsI've got a usb fax modem I've used previously on 7.04-8.10.. I've jumped to 9.10 and set it up in the same way.. When "printing" to the newly created fax print driver, efax-gtk shows "Warning: /dev/ttyACM1 locked or busy - waiting".. nothing is grabbing it as far as I can tell.. any suggestions?07:28
zetherooaliendude5300: running dpkg07:29
FiReSTaRTaliendude5300: i had a 7mbit connection and they throttled me down to 30kb/s.. that's when i did my homework, got my hardware and switched isp's07:29
zetherooFiReSTaRT: is that common?07:29
=== nikhil__ is now known as nikhil_
FiReSTaRTzetheroo: not very.. i'm aware of only one isp in ontario that has it and 1-2 that are planning to implement it07:29
neosanfirestart: yes i read the pdf there, in which it is written how to configure wine first. when i opened gui for wine and tried to configure it the images showed in the pdf didn't matched with those i  came across while configuring wine. so i just installed pajeck using wine. ... can u help07:29
zetherooFiReSTaRT: so it allows you unlimited downloads?07:30
aliendude5300zetheroo, You don't really need a connection this fast... sure, downloading an entire Ubuntu CD in 2 minutes is cool, but most people really don't need this much speed.07:30
philyawwhats gui?07:30
FiReSTaRTzetheroo: exactly at full isp speeds.. hell you could get 3 accounts and have triple the bandwidth (i think the wrt54gl can only handle 3-4 connections)07:30
phant0mgraphical user interface07:30
zetheroographical user interface07:30
philyawlike gnome or kde?07:30
petsounds!gui > philyaw07:30
ubottuphilyaw, please see my private message07:30
FiReSTaRTphilyaw: yep07:30
phant0mthts desktop07:30
aliendude5300FiReSTaRT, or you can be like everyone else and only get _one_ ISP account with a lot of bandwidth?07:31
=== KDE4000_ is now known as KDE4000
FiReSTaRTaliendude5300: maximum that my isp offers is 5.. if i wanna go faster i gotta go multiple, but i don't need to go any faster than that.. not a dl freak and i only move about 100 gigs a month for business purposes07:32
phant0manyone know anything about tiger ?07:32
aliendude5300FiReSTaRT, 5 megabit or 5 megabyte?07:32
FiReSTaRTaliendude5300: megabit07:32
zetherooFiReSTaRT: so with a normal ADSL connection if I change my hardware and firmware on that hardware I am on my way?07:32
FiReSTaRTaliendude5300: but they're the only ones that allow mlppp in ontario07:32
FiReSTaRTzetheroo: no.. most isp's don't allow mlppp connections07:33
aliendude5300FiReSTaRT, oh... I thought you meant 5 megabytes... 0.o Mine is 3.2 Megabytes, or 25 Mbit/s downstream07:33
FiReSTaRTaliendude5300: in that case you can dl a cd in under 10min lol07:33
Ben^Jordan_U, it's case sensitivity. it's testing lowercase, but the devfs has all the UUID's in uppercase07:33
phant0manyone know anything about tiger ?07:33
balkierodeIs anyone here using usb modems?07:34
aliendude5300FiReSTaRT, I can download a 600MB CD in a minute and a half. :P07:34
Jordan_UBen^: Ahh07:34
phant0mwtf dongle?07:34
FiReSTaRTaliendude5300: dayumm.. even at about 35min i have more trouble figuring out what to get than actually getting it07:34
phant0mhow fast is your connection aliendude07:35
jtofthe said 25MB..07:35
aliendude5300jtoft, no, 25Mbit.07:35
phant0mi doubt tht very much07:35
Ben^Jordan_U, ref: the set -x output of update-grub, see line 36 (http://pastebin.com/d331e0b6c), and the ls of /dev/disk/by-uuid (http://pastebin.com/d4af880b)07:36
aliendude5300jtoft MB is not the same as Mb.07:36
devuntah, 2MB has a problem07:36
jtoftaliendude5300: I did correct myself, in fact before you typed.07:36
balkierodeanyone from india?07:36
BlueMoooondevunt  , 2MB have problem?07:36
aliendude5300jtoft, missed that. :/07:36
phant0mbalkierode whats up07:36
devuntdo you know 2MB?07:36
jtoftComcast offers like 50Mb streams in a couple places throughout california07:37
jtoftWish I had that at work ><07:37
phant0mpfft comcast lol07:37
BlueMoooon2MB is korean president, right?07:37
zetherooaliendude5300: vtiger wants to install PHP 5.1.2 ... should I say no?07:37
jtoftDude, we're shafted using 2 lines, a T1 and a 6Mb disl line because that's all they offer here07:37
jtoftzetheroo: you need to install php to use it07:37
jtoftzetheroo: say yes.07:37
balkierodephant0m: need help in configuring my airtel usb modem in linux..07:38
aliendude5300zetheroo, you should already have PHP. Yeah, say no.07:38
phant0mok whats wrong with it07:38
zetheroojtoft: I thought PHP came through LAMP07:38
=== Bwahah is now known as DrManhattan
zetherooI already said no to installing Apache ..07:38
jtoftzetheroo: I figured apt would've set it up properly for you. didn't know vtiger had a seperate fakeroot install07:38
balkierodewhat should i do after the modprobe usbserial product= vendor= cmd?07:39
Jordan_UBen^: BTW, the uppercase UUID must be specific to ntfs, all the entries in /dev/disk/by-uuid/ for me are lower case07:39
Ben^Jordan_U, seems to be grub-probe that's in the wrong.07:39
Ben^Jordan_U, all other tools including the kernel dev fs lists uppercase07:40
Ben^Jordan_U, casing should be allowed though, as is seen in the devfs07:40
bullgard[Karmic] Synaptic: "The DEB program package »xine« is a transitional package." What is a "transitional" package?07:40
zetherooaliendude5300: ok this is wierd ... it asks if I want to install Apache and I say no ... then it asks "Do you have Apache in your system and do you want vtigerCRM to use the same?" and I say yes .... then is asks "vtiger CRM will install PHP 5.1.2 and associate with the Apache which is already installed in the machine. If php is already installed in your machine and is associated with apache then it is advisable to select the "Install Apache" option as con07:41
bullgard[Karmic] Synaptic: "The DEB program package »totem-xine« is a transitional package." What is a "transitional" package?07:41
Jordan_UBen^: Just make sure that grub accepts the uppercase UUID. If it does, then file a bug report against grub07:42
Jordan_UBen^: If not, you might still want to file a bug report against grub, but there may be a good reason07:42
Alan502Does anyone know which ports are the ones used by kget? wget?07:42
zetherooaliendude5300: by the way its Apache 2.0.52 that is buundled with vtiger ...07:42
zetheroojtoft: I like the look of that CRM software you linked to ... very slick07:43
Dr_WillisAlan502:  i woudl think it would use the normal http and ftp ports since it transfers files over http or ftp.07:43
BlueMoooondevunt , bye07:43
bubba1hi can anyone here assist with ubuntu 9.10 boot error07:43
Alan502Dr_Willis, which are those?07:43
Dr_WillisAlan502:  http is like 80 and i forget qwhat ftp is.. why does it matter?07:44
Alan502Dr_Willis, by the way, i know this is off topic but do you know which ports are used by windows file sharing?07:44
phant0mftp=File transfer protocol07:44
Dr_WillisAlan502:  those are 'samba/netbios ports'07:44
aliendude5300zetheroo, hmm... :/ Let it install PHP I guess.07:44
aliendude5300zetheroo, don't know what to tell you other than you already have both Apache and PHP installed.07:45
Dr_WillisAlan502:  look in /etc/services07:45
Alan502Dr_Willis, hmmm i think i'll keep googling thanks :D07:45
Dr_Willis# Updated from http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers and other07:45
Dr_Willis# sources like http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/src/etc/services .07:45
FloodBot3Dr_Willis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:45
zetherooaliendude5300: ok well then it asks : Specify the location of <apachehome>/bin/httpd in your system (For example /etc/httpd/bin) :07:46
DaughainOk, is there an online install variant anywhere? I have a system with no removable media option and no 'boot on usb' option.07:47
chu_Wow, anyone using the beta (unstable) version of AWN?07:47
aliendude5300zetheroo, hold on while I check that out...07:47
zetherooaliendude5300: no worries :)07:48
petsoundsgood afternoon, does anybody here using JKnetworks router?07:51
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)07:51
petsoundsdevunt, query with ubottu and don't flood!07:52
devuntok. thanks.07:52
goosegoodnight #ubuntu <307:52
zetheroohow do I check out what versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP I have installed?07:52
greencultzetheroo, with dpkg pakage -l07:55
aliendude5300zetheroo, dpkg --get-selections apache\* php\* mysql\*07:55
zetheroojtoft: what does FatFreeCRM need to run?07:55
ner0xHow exactly do I get flash to play through headphones?07:56
jtoftzetheroo: Eh. if you're using other things that are php based just stick with vtiger. fatfreecrm is a rails app, so... personally I'd use mongrel_cluster and nginx and upstream 3-4 nodes through it.07:56
buzzomaticHey guys, every time I try to install a package I get this error: http://pastie.org/77226707:57
buzzomaticCan anyone tell me how to fix that?07:57
Dr_Willisbuzzomatic:  did you some how edit the file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' ?07:57
jtoftbuzzomatic: google says: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38588607:57
buzzomaticDr_Willis, nope, jtoft, thank you07:58
phant0manyone know anything about tiger???07:58
Dr_Willisphant0m:  they have stripes and a long tail...07:58
taofdi need to remote back up and mirror a subversion archive, I don't have root access or physical access to the machine, is there a way for me to do this?07:58
petsoundsdoes anybody can help me to set JKnetworks router so i can connect to internet with ubuntu?07:58
phant0mu think?07:59
Dr_Willisphant0m:  thats whaat google tells me at least.07:59
phant0mim trying to access tigers log files and permission is denied07:59
phant0mim doing it in root terminal and it still reckons permission is denied08:00
growthmetalI'm having trouble with my Firefox history08:00
phant0mwhats wrong growthmetal08:01
growthmetaler, bookmarks: when I bookmark a page, it shows up in the bookmarks menu, but when I restart the browser it's gone08:01
growthmetalI'm having trouble with my history too though: seems to be getting cleaned out when I quit in a similar way08:01
growthmetalalthough I looked through the preferences and I've got things configured so it should be preserved08:01
Dr_Willisyovue never ran the browser as root have you? with sudo?08:01
growthmetalI might have at some point08:01
growthmetalthat's a strong possibility08:01
growthmetalwhat should I do in that case?08:01
Dr_Willischeck the permissions/ownership of the various firefox dirx.. and set them tobe owned by the user.08:02
buzzomaticThanks again jtoft, that fixed it08:02
jtoftbuzzomatic: that's what I sit here all day for. Just to help people like you.08:02
phant0mlook can someone pls help me to resolve this permissions issue08:02
jtoftbuzzomatic: Well, not really. You're welcome :) glad I could help08:02
zetherooaliendude5300: ok it seems I should be installing from source instead of from this .bin package ... so downloading the source package now08:03
phant0mjtoft can you help me resolve this issue pls?08:03
buzzomaticI do have another question, JFS, is it bad and likely to have caused that file to become corrupt and ubuntu to hang during boot 50% of the time?08:04
jtoftphant0m: if you don't tell me the issue I can't help chief08:04
phant0mright i use tiger to pen test08:04
abhi'Network Connection' icon not working second time. 1st time it works well. but when i restart it dont detect ethernet cable and also no response to ping. but in firefox all web sites can open and update can be dowloaded i.e. physically net is connected. what could the problem be?08:04
phant0mwhen i get to the end im supposed to look at the log files08:04
phant0mas root i try to access them and it states that permission is denied08:05
Dr_Willisaccess them how exactly ?08:05
growthmetalDr_Willis: thanks, that seems to have worked.08:05
aliendude5300zetheroo, it's like 3AM here lol unless you can hurry that up, someone else might have to help you... I need sleep xD08:05
* lwieise87 is away: Gone away for now‎08:05
Dr_Willisgrowthmetal:  yep - bad idea to just run 'stuff' as sudo when it dont need it08:06
phant0min terminal08:06
jtoftphant0m: describe how you're doing this.08:06
jtoftphant0m: su root, login as root, cd /var/log/apphere08:06
jtoftphant0m: filename.log08:06
abhi'Network Connection' icon not working second time. 1st time it works well. but when i restart it dont detect ethernet cable and also no response to ping. but in firefox all web sites can open and update can be dowloaded i.e. physically net is connected. what could the problem be?08:06
ardchoillejtoft: sudo -i is recommended08:06
theadmin!patience | abhi08:07
ubottuabhi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.08:07
jtoftphant0m: sure, listen to ardchoille.08:07
phant0mok i open terminal and08:07
zetherooaliendude5300: oh sorry ...  :) have a good night ... cheers08:07
phant0mput in my pass for root perform the scan at the end it says the log is in \var\something or other etc08:08
phant0mthen i type that into terminal and access is denied08:08
theadminphant0m: No, sudo -I won't require root password, it will require YOUR password.08:08
theadmindammit those auto-capitalizers.08:08
theadminsudo -i, I mean.08:08
ardchoillephant0m: You shouldn't have a root password08:08
Dr_Willisphant0m:  excatly WHAT are you tuping into the terminal?08:08
* Dr_Willis hopes phant0m isent trying to 'run' a log file08:09
* ardchoille is too08:09
Dr_Willisphant0m:  use the proper path.. and actually uise a command to 'access' stuff.. its not a executable08:10
phant0mthats what i type to get my log but it states permission denied08:10
DaughainNo love for the install challenged?08:10
Dr_Willisphant0m:  yep.. bash basics.. you are trying to improperly run a log file08:10
ardchoilleDr_Willis: Good call08:10
theadminphant0m: Uh... You're trying to run that, as a program.08:10
Dr_WillisNow is a good time to spend an hr reading some bash tutiorial/shell sites.guides08:10
=== puchat3k_ is now known as puchat3k
thetymeisI'm having some trouble updating my initrd image for an edited .dsdt file.08:11
ardchoillephant0m: yes, Dr_Willis is right, it's always good to learn how to manipulate files via command line08:11
thetymeisAnyone know why my iasl command would give a .hex file and not a .aml file, too?08:12
Dr_Willisthats about the 4th time this weekk ive seen peole seem to think that running a file some how execute4s it even if its just data. :)08:12
ardchoilleDr_Willis: Old Windows habits08:12
Dr_Willisshows how imporntant itis  to ask a 'proper' question08:12
Dr_Willisardchoille:  im not sure that works under windwos either. :)08:12
Dr_Willisactually isent there some 'start' command? i forget.. that launches somthing  based on teh mimetype08:13
ardchoilleDr_Willis: bah, forgot the "?", that was supposed to be a question08:13
ardchoilleNo idea, haven't touched Windows in 8 years08:13
Dr_Willisi mean in kde/gnome...08:13
Dr_WillisI seem to recall some cli app for kde or gnome that did that...08:14
ardchoilleDr_Willis: in gnome you can do "gedita file" or "gnome-open file" or even "xdg-open file"08:14
ardchoilleOh, no idea08:14
jvmhi. whenever i connect my sony ericson k800i phone via usb to my linux system, it is mounted as usb mass storage device, but also my static network configuration (NOT using networkmanager) is changed, i.e. /etc/resolv.conf is overwritten. any idea what to do to prevent this from happening, or..why this is happening?08:14
theadminDr_Willis: AFAIR most distros have xdg-open somefile, which will use default app for opening files in X.08:14
thetymeisardchoille: Sorry but I'm relatively new to Ubuntu. Are you familiar with editing .dsdt files?08:15
ardchoilletheadmin: yeah08:15
ardchoillethetymeis: Nope, not even sure what that is08:15
thetymeisardchoille: okay thanks anyway.08:15
DavidJHeinrichhi all08:16
DavidJHeinrichdoes anyone know how to play .VOB files on Ubuntu?08:16
ardchoilleDavidJHeinrich: I seem to recall just dragging a .vob file into the mplayer window and it played08:16
ardchoilleor was it Xine08:17
DavidJHeinrichso if I d/l a series of .VOB's from a torrent, should work?08:17
ardchoilleIt should08:17
DavidJHeinrichI use Totem08:17
DavidJHeinrichshould work w/ that too?08:17
ardchoilleOh, no idea, I don't use that .. "thing"08:17
theadminardchoille: Huh?08:17
ardchoilleI don't use totem08:18
TheowningHi, would it  be wrong of me to ask a question about eeebuntu here since its not officially ubuntu? (#ubuntu-eeepc is dead sadly)08:18
theadminDavidJHeinrich: If not, VLC is always worth a shot :D cause there is hardly anything it can't play.08:18
ardchoilleTheowning: it would be off-topic08:18
ardchoilleTheowning: You could try #ubuntu-offtopic08:18
theadminTheowing: You can try in #ubuntu-offtopic, but it's not really a support channel.08:18
Theowningalright, thank you08:19
* ardchoille is still waiting for the VLC folks to implement closed caption support08:19
theadminardchoille: Closed capiton? What is this?08:20
kushHi there, I started using ubuntu few months before, 6 months to be precise. I want to contribute as a developer, i'm 2nd year computer science student.08:20
ardchoilletheadmin: see my PM08:20
thetymeiskush: would you like to help me install my customized dsdt?08:21
kushI wish i could but as i said i'm new to help on in-depth topics.08:21
Flannelkush: Great.  #ubuntu-motu might be able to help, or #ubuntu-devel.  Or you can follow the links here to learn more: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate/08:22
ardchoilleFor anyone wondering, DSDT = firmware interface08:22
thetymeisI'm having some problems attaching it to my kernel..08:23
=== peppe is now known as Guest38520
rampageoberonHi, just wondering when you use an alternate user (not the one logged in to the X Session) to run an application how can you enable the sound?08:24
toothNeed help bein pointed in the right direction for what to search. latest ubuntu, nvidia propriatary driverss, twinview works right off the bat, however, stretches out the taskbar as if it was one, and movies fullscreen to both as if it was one big one (split between the tv and the lcd). looking for guidance on what to search to make it understand there are two screens and not one big one...08:24
toothalso hi!08:24
kushThanks i referred those pages, listed topics like Development, Artwork, Documentation. I interested currently with Artwork & Doc, as i still need to lear debian packaging, any help for that?08:24
ShazbotMcNastyrampageoberon, you can press ctrl+alt+F1(or F2,3,4,5,6) F7 is back into into your current settings08:25
Flannelkush: #ubuntu-motu can give you some links on packaging08:27
rampageoberonShazbotMcNasty: Thanks for your response, I don't use the attached terminals - I allow permissions to use the current x server using "xhost" command. But I don't know how to direct the sound properly. hope I've made sense08:27
Flannelkush: In fact, I think there's a few links in the topic of that room that bring you up to speed on it08:27
=== reactor__ is now known as reactor
kushThanks i'll try on that one. I'll go for it, i have programming exp with C++, & VB & database handling exp with FoxPro.08:28
phixdie die die my darling! don't utter a single word!08:28
zetheroomy god .. is all CRM software this complex to install and get running?08:28
phixzetheroo: die die die my darling!08:29
phixI'll be seeing you again08:29
phixyeah. I'll be seeing you again, in HELL!08:29
ice__manhello all08:29
ouyessurge_,  ##c :Please register with services and use the IDENTIFY command (/msg nickserv help) to speak in this channel '?where to register what is this it seems nobody can see my words?08:29
phixhey ice__man08:29
phixice__man: how is ubuntu coming along iyo?08:30
objornwhat is the i.p. for this computer, not the one my wireless router gives me?08:30
phixobjorn: ifconfig08:30
objornnot the one the wireless router has08:30
objornphix: i'm not seeing it here08:30
phixobjorn: stop being a noob08:30
phixdo some reading08:30
objorn192.168.1.1 doesn't seem correct08:31
objornport forwarding i guess...08:31
ice__manphix ; by the net08:31
* marts is away: анимэ08:31
Dr_Willisi bet its :)08:31
plustaxWhere do I go to find some good games for ubuntu?08:31
Dr_Willisouyes:  you just /msg nickserv help    and it tells you various info in PM08:31
Dr_Willis!register | ouyes08:32
ubottuouyes: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode08:32
ice__manplustax, did you try quake ?08:32
wooluo<plustax> What type of game?08:32
plustaxIs quake playable online?08:32
plustaxdo I run it in wine?08:33
zetheroothis is just not working08:33
Dr_Willisplustax:  thers native linux quake versionz/variants08:33
plustaxAlso, any type of games preferably fps but I would like to play other good games as wel.08:33
Dr_Willisplustax:  theres the quakelive - that plays in a browser that also works in linux08:33
plustaxDr_Willis can you point me in the right direction?08:33
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php08:33
wooluoSuch as World of Warcraft?08:33
Dr_Willisquakelive homepage....08:33
Dr_WillisWoW is playeable in wine i hear.08:34
gnathan87hi, sorry did ask this question a while ago on #linux but got no reply. maybe somebody here could help08:34
gnathan87http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=707373 - the post by ruy_lopez at the bottom of page 108:34
objornphix: yeah yeah, i fixed, port forwarding, it's been awhile since i've had to mess with a wireless router08:34
Dr_Willisgnathan87:  perhaps summarize it a little bit?08:34
EastDallas!info alien-arena08:34
ubottualien-arena (source: alien-arena): Standalone 3D first person online deathmatch shooter. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 7.0-1build1 (karmic), package size 583 kB, installed size 1328 kB08:34
gnathan87I'm having some difficulty seeing why this works?08:34
gnathan87Dr_Willis: thanks yeah, just about to :P08:35
gnathan87surely srm overwrites the actual data sectors on the hard drive, so I'm a bit confused as to how the data could still be there.08:35
gnathan87anyone explain this to me? ^^ thanks!08:36
EastDallasgnathan87: that post has been deleted08:39
phixobjorn: nice08:39
phixobjorn: you sir are a champ08:39
gnathan87EastDallas: are you looking at page 2? the post I was referring to is at the bottom of page 108:40
ice__man blubaustin ,hello too08:40
phixice__man: werd08:40
gnathan87basically he uses dd to show the contents of a block, uses srm on the file in that block, then uses dd to show that the file contents is still there undeleted08:40
ice__manphix: here ;-)08:41
blubaustinI am having some problems with proftpd and the mod_ban module08:42
EastDallasgnathan87: This post?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4409471&postcount=1408:42
blubaustinI edited my proftpd.conf file, compiled and installed proftpd but it still doesn't seem to ban someone at all like I specified.08:42
gnathan87EastDallas: ah, yes, didn't think to find the link direct to the post. no, this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4407671&postcount=1008:43
gnathan87easier :P08:43
ardchoille!info vlc08:43
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-1ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 1581 kB, installed size 3788 kB08:43
phixice__man: :D08:43
phixlets ubuntu08:43
kishorhow do i configure 5.1ch in ubuntu karmic ?08:44
TangentCollisionanyone know if the ubuntu netbook remix will fit on a 4 gb drive?08:44
CounterfeitGodhey guys, I installed ubuntu on my acer aspire one, now when I unplug the netbook my wifi turns off... any ideas?08:44
JesseWso, I'm looking at https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-wallpapers trying to figure out what url to put in the "bzr branch" command in order to make a patch...  suggestions?08:45
gnathan87CounterfeitGod: probably a power saving thing? looked in the power settings?08:45
EastDallasCounterfeitGod: Unplug ethernet or power?08:45
CounterfeitGodI looked at that, yeah.. couldn't find it08:45
CounterfeitGodunplug power08:45
Ben^Jordan_U, still about ?08:46
ouyesDr_Willis,  thank you i have get in  ##c08:47
ouyesDr_Willis,  why this channel dont need registration first?08:48
Dr_Willisouyes:  because its for 'newbies' and other 'beginners'08:49
webdawgaynone have a good guide for tor and privoxy?08:49
Flannelouyes: Because you shouldn't have to register just to get tech support08:49
Dr_Williswebdawg:  thers a ubuntu wiki page/guide on teh topic.08:49
webdawgI cant see the topic08:49
webdawgcan you paste?08:49
=== draco__ is now known as Jesi
Dr_Williswebdawg:  No.. i mean theres a web site on teh TOPIOC OF tor/privoxy08:50
ouyesDr_Willis,  how thoughtful  the community08:50
Dr_Willisno idea. id have to google for it.. ive not looked at it ina bout 4 months08:50
Dr_WillisTOR is not in the repos buy defauilt any more - there is no maintainer.08:50
Dr_WillisI do use privoxy at times.. but it has some issues for me lately08:51
webdawgwhats the difference between tor and privoxy?08:51
ouyesanyway thanks08:51
Dr_Williswebdawg:  like oil and viniger.. :)08:51
Flannelwebdawg: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tor and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Privoxy08:51
Dr_Willisthey are not the same thing.. they just go together08:51
webdawgThat helps..08:51
ouyesaxel781,  are you from italy ?08:52
Dr_WillisYou canuse privoxy without tor.08:52
ouyesaxel781,  you said ciao mean hi, how are you08:52
Dr_Willisbut it may be harder to use tor without privoxy08:52
=== wooluo is now known as RAYO
axel781io sto molto bene da quando uso ubuntu08:54
RAYOHow do I clean up OS ubuntu, so no 4GB size?08:54
=== RAYO is now known as Guest53484
Dr_WillisRAYO:  clarify the question a little bit.08:54
ouyesaxel781,  ciao08:55
phixDr_Willis: change your nick imo08:55
axel781ciao ouyes08:55
=== Guest53484 is now known as wooluo
axel781si sono italiano08:55
theadmin!it | axel78108:56
ubottuaxel781: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)08:56
ouyesaxel781, sono i tuoi da Italia? Can you speak english?08:56
ouyesaxel781, l'inglese08:57
ouyesaxel781,  no08:59
ouyesaxel781, Io vengo dalla Cina08:59
wooluoouyes ,me too09:00
phixI dont even know you09:00
ouyesaxel781,  ciao09:01
phixI just know where you live09:01
ouyeswooluo,  你是中国人?09:01
zong-qican I run .deb install package by double clicking on it from sudo nautilus ? trying to get a usb modem working , had to reload windows to get in here, miss my ubuntu badly eh09:01
oCean__ouyes: english only!09:01
hatake_kakashi!cn | ouyes09:01
ubottuouyes: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:01
ouyesouyes,  use english09:01
MehranCan some one help me ?09:01
theadminzong-qi: No need for sudo, just double-click the package from Nautilus.09:01
=== oCean__ is now known as oCean_
Dr_Williszong-qi:  you could just use 'sudo dpkg -i whatever.deb'09:01
Mehrani need help09:02
zong-qithanks theadmin I'll give it a go :)09:02
k4llesorry for this but anyone can take a look @ my forum post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1377007 would apriciate some advice09:02
zong-qita Dr_Willis09:02
ouyeshatake_kakashi,  are you from china/09:02
oCean_ouyes: this is support channel, not support.09:02
oCean_ouyes: err: not chat.09:02
phixouyes: unicode to the max09:03
ouyesoCean_,  sorry body09:03
Mehrancan someone help me in BT4 ?09:04
phixMehran: no09:04
hatake_kakashiouyes, no09:04
ouyestell us the details and your problem09:04
Mehranhatake kakashi i saw you in BT4 Forum is it right ?09:04
hatake_kakashiMehran, why are you asking BT4 questions in ubuntu?09:04
hatake_kakashiMehran, yes, so?09:04
ouyeshatake_kakashi,  then what you mean by  !cn | ouyes?09:05
Mehrani have one question09:05
rwwMehran: Backtrack support is in #remote-exploit, not here.09:05
Mehranwhen i type iwconfig09:05
zetherootried installing OBM from the repos and it all went well .. but now I cannot access OBM from FF09:05
Mehrani see RT2870STA09:05
Mehranbut when i type Airodump-ng ra0 i saw other Internetface for my Card09:06
hatake_kakashiouyes, you were typing in Chinese to wooluo and I thought you guys were supporting each other in a primarily English only channel, so I made the bot print out Chinese words and Chinese support channel where you guys may receive better aid09:06
Ben^Anyone here a guru with udev ? I'm looking at the udev rules and wondering what sets the environment vars the scripts access? such as DEVTYPE, ID_NAME, etc ?09:06
Mehrani want know its a normal or no09:06
hatake_kakashiMehran, what rww said I would agree, go in to #remote-exploit and ask09:06
rwwMehran: This channel is for support with Ubuntu only. Since you're using BackTrack, ask in #remote-exploit, not here.09:06
ouyeshatake_kakashi,  you are so kind, we meet in the wrong place.09:07
gnomadhello all09:07
Mehrani did but no one answered me :(09:07
hatake_kakashiMehran, please don't pm me without permission09:07
phixouyes: my problem is you are still on this channel09:07
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)09:07
hatake_kakashiouyes, well not exactly wrong place, just thought maybe I can direct you guys09:08
rwwMehran: That's one of the downsides of using an unsupported derivative of Ubuntu instead of the real thing.09:08
Mehrani have WUSB54GC V309:08
gnomadi just installed xubuntu 9.10 and am having trouble booting windows now with grub 2. all i get when i select win xp is: GRUB _ . does anyone know a fix for this?09:08
Mehrani downloaded my Driver card from ubuntu forum09:08
gnomadi've never had trouble with grub leg./other distros09:09
ardchoilleMehran: If you're not using Ubuntu, then you need to go to another channel for support09:09
hatake_kakashiMehran, your main distro is not ubuntu, if you're going to continue persuing for support in another different channel, you're going to face consequences against the ops09:09
Mehranhmm i also have ubuntu but same problem .09:10
mmanuhi, i am at a linux lab and i have messed up my home folder...is there a way to erase all of my data in the home folder and start anew?09:10
mneptokmmanu: rm -r ~/*  <---- do NOT run this command unless you want to completely erase the contents of your home directory09:11
ouyesgnomad,  go into ubuntu mount the window partition change the boot.int fiel09:11
Mehrancan tell me what is driver for WUGSB54GC v3 ?09:12
ouyesgnomad,  a messege should : "Error 22" or something?09:12
petsoundshi, does anybody can help me to set a router so i can connect to internet with ubuntu?09:13
ouyesgnomad,  show09:13
mneptokmmanu: rm -rf ~/*  <---- do NOT run this command unless you want to completely erase the contents of your home directory, including subdirectories09:13
Dr_Willispetsounds:  i just plug mine in and set the pc;s to use dhcp. (*the default normally) and they all work09:13
ouyespetsounds,  if you use the ppoe , you need to do some settings to the router09:14
gnomadall it says is: GRUB_ ... blank screen i have to harb reboot09:14
petsoundsDr_Willis, my router is JKnetworks i open Gnome NM and i tick enable networking but i still can't connect to the internet09:14
theodorehello there09:15
mneptokpetsounds: router, or modem?09:15
Dr_Willispetsounds:  you proberluy need to tell the channel more specific details.09:15
petsoundsouyes, i think it use pppoe09:15
theodorewhat is mcopidl?09:15
gnomader ctrl-alt-del rather09:15
mneptokpetsounds: a router usually does not use PPPoE. a modem may require it.09:15
petsoundsmneptok, for adsl.. router?09:15
mneptokpetsounds: that's a modem09:16
theodoreI do ./configure for kontrollerlab...and I get  "error: The important program mcopidl was not found!"09:16
ouyespetsounds,  then at least you have an account  and a  password09:16
theodoreI use ubuntu gnome 9.10 updated...09:16
ardchoilletheodore: sounds like you're missing a dependency09:16
ouyespetsounds,  you need to see your router's instruction book09:16
mneptokpetsounds: how many CAT5 (Ethernet) ports in the back?09:16
theodoreahaa...and what do I do?09:16
theodoregoogle says that depends on kde artwork...09:17
petsoundsmneptok, ouyes Dr_Willis in the bac of cpu? just one09:17
gnomadubuntu starts up fine.. i can even manually specify recovery partition and chainload that but i chose my xp partition and blank screen: GRUB__09:17
mneptokpetsounds: in the back of the JKnetworks device09:17
ouyespetsounds,  mine is simply type in the browser input  admin  admin into router settings09:18
petsoundsmneptok, it has one ethernet, and one usb09:18
mneptokpetsounds: that's not a router, it's a modem. and using ADSL almost certainly means you need to authenticate using PPPoE09:18
mneptokpetsounds: do you know the username/password for PPPoE given to you by your ISP?09:19
petsoundsmneptok, ouyes yes i know the password09:19
Parabolagnomad, you could try a fixboot/mbr from xp recovery, then resetup grub09:19
ouyespetsounds, sudo pppoeconf09:19
Parabolagnomad but it may just be a bad config09:19
ouyespetsounds,  sudo pppoeconf try it09:20
gnomadi've reinstalled grub2 from disc twice same effect..09:20
bullgardHow can I get rid of the 'Join' and 'Part' messages in Empathy when chatting in an IRC channel?09:21
ouyesgnomad,  can you boot into ubuntu ?09:21
petsoundslilyshu, can you read what ouyes type?09:21
gnomadyes and im running from hd now09:21
petsoundslilyshu, open a terminal and type sudo pppoeconf09:21
ouyespetsounds,  i mean open a terminal type sudo pppoeconf09:22
gnomadlike i say i can even load recover xp partition09:22
gnomader dell recovery rather09:22
Ben^Anyone here a guru with udev ? I'm looking at the udev rules and wondering what sets the environment vars the scripts access? such as DEVTYPE, ID_NAME, etc ?09:22
petsoundsouyes, please talk to lilyshu she's the one who got problem, and i can't help her.09:22
ouyeslilyshu, open a terminal type sudo pppoeconf09:22
zetheroodoes anyone here use OBM?09:22
lilyshuouyes: it found 3 ethernet devices. what should i do with it?09:23
ouyesgnomad, mount the windows partition09:23
zetherooLinux really needs something like ACT09:23
gnomadgot it09:23
ouyeslilyshu,  how is the command ifconfig -a output?09:24
ouyesgnomad, go to /  find the file boot.int09:24
petsoundslilyshu, open a terminal and type ifconfig -a09:25
ouyesgnomad,  what is the content in it ?09:25
gnomadok, file browser doesnt register partition09:25
ouyeslilyshu,  may i ask a question : how old are you ?09:25
gnomadbut i mounted manually in term and contents are normal09:26
lilyshuouyes: i'm 1709:26
petsoundslilyshu, she's 1709:26
ouyeslilyshu,  what is the output buy ifconfig -a09:26
petsoundslilyshu, copy the output of ifconfig -a and paste to paste.ubuntu.com and give us the link.09:27
ouyesgnomad,  you cannot find the file ?09:27
hatake_kakashiMehran, I'm still waiting for you in #remote-exploit09:27
gnomadcontents boot.ini: [boot loader]09:27
ghatujust joined petsound , ouyes  brief wht r u all trying to configure?09:27
ouyespaste here is also ok09:27
hatake_kakashierr if pasting more than 3 lines, use pastein09:28
jschallwhy would i get permission denied when trying to cd into a directory that i have read privileges for?09:28
ouyesi need the whole content09:28
ouyesgnomad, i need the whole content09:28
gnomad[boot loader]09:28
gnomad[operating systems]09:28
gnomadmulti(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition"$09:28
FloodBot3gnomad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:28
oCean_ouyes: don't suggest to paste here09:28
underdevhi!  what package would i need to resolve the error "make: cc: Command not found"09:28
gnomadoops sorry09:29
hatake_kakashiunderdev, build-essentials ?09:29
lilyshupetsounds: i can't paste it. the laptop can't go online.09:29
ouyesoCean_,  ah... yes there must be quite a few lines09:29
petsoundsouyes, her ubuntu laptop can't conect to internet, so it's impossible to give you the the output, she's now on winblows09:29
oCean_ouyes: pastebin for multiple lines is default here. Better suggest pastebin next time..09:30
hatake_kakashiunderdev, build-essential09:30
lianimatordid the latest update break the themes for anyone else?09:30
petsoundsmneptok, Dr_Willis any idea to help lilyshu ?09:30
ouyespetsounds,  oh oh what to say  boot to ubuntu and run the command sudo pppoeconf follow the instructions09:30
Jokeysanyone willing to help me get this IR remote working? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1688010100309:31
ouyeslilyshu, oh oh what to say  boot to ubuntu and run the command sudo pppoeconf follow the instructions09:31
Jokeysone users comment was: "Not a plug and play device in Linux, so be prepared. Use Microsoft USB MCE (philips et al) driver in lirc. Might have to add it's device ids to the source and recompile, I did. "09:31
JokeysI'm 100% clueless w/ Linux and would need my hand held09:32
underdevhatake_kakashi: "apt-get install gcc"... THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!09:32
petsoundsouyes, she have09:32
hatake_kakashiunderdev, nw09:32
ouyeslilyshu, basically you need to fill two lines one for account one for its password if you use a adsl modem09:33
oCean_!compiling | underdev, when compiling, there's more to it than gcc:09:33
ouyespetsounds,  basically you need to fill two lines one for account one for its password if you use a adsl modem09:33
ubottuunderdev, when compiling, there's more to it than gcc:: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)09:33
lilyshuouyes: it is filled already..09:33
lilyshuouyes: the setting is set automatic.09:33
ouyesgnomad,  are you there09:34
ouyeslilyshu,  how's now ? are you connected?09:34
gnomadim here09:34
lilyshuouyes: still it's not.09:34
lilyshuouyes: should i let the configuration file modified? oh i'm so green at this.09:35
ouyesgnomad,  the whole content of the file boot.int09:35
ouyeslilyshu, if the  account and the password is right , you do not need that09:36
ouyeslilyshu,  does the  adsl modem light on ?09:37
=== satpam_mamam is now known as satpam_kerja
gnomad[operating systems]09:37
gnomadmulti(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition"$09:37
FloodBot3gnomad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:37
=== Daugha|n is now known as Daughain
lilyshuouyes: oh im not sure. it is all set automatic. i can onlyfind MACadress and its MTU in the wired tab.09:38
lilyshuouyes: it's on.09:38
ouyesno it impossible, you need to input your account and password after you type the command sudo pppoeconf09:39
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=== enzotib_ is now known as enzotib
=== enzotib is now known as Guest2137
Jokeysanyone available to assist in setting up my remote/lirc?09:41
ouyeslilyshu, try pon dsl-provider09:41
ouyesgnomad, what is the rest09:42
lilyshuouyes: after pppoeconf, there's no option to put the password and the username09:43
gnomad/noexecute=optin //fastdetect09:44
ouyeslilyshu,  what is the ifconfig  output any ppp0 interface?09:44
gnomadthose 4 lines09:45
gnomader 5..: http://paste.ubuntu.com/354434/09:47
petsoundsouyes, my sister can't send you the output. you know she can't connect to the internet os she can't pastebin it09:47
gharzguys, i want to know which brand and model of my ethernet network... what's the command line or how should i know?09:49
jtajigharz: sudo lshw -C network09:50
philyawCan someone tell me how to adjust the mouse sensitivity on my laptop?09:51
=== ke- is now known as ke`
Fudgeis it possible to make a simlink to a share on network?09:52
Dr_WillisFudge:  you could mount the share somewhere. then link the mountpoint.09:53
Maverick_Prowlsphilyaw, what version are you running, it should be in System > Preferences > Mouse09:53
philyawI'm in it09:53
philyawbut no options such as that09:53
gharzjtaji: thanks!!!09:53
Jokeysanyone available to assist in setting up my remote/lirc?09:53
FudgeDr_Willis can priv?09:54
zetherooanyone here know a bit about LAMP and CRM?09:54
Maverick_Prowlsphilyaw, no options at all, or fewer than you were expecting?09:54
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)09:54
gnomadanyone know how to revert to grub legacy from g2 ?09:54
philyawfewer, i like my mouse to move more when i use the touchpad09:54
zetherooardchoille: geez thanks09:54
Dr_Willis!samba | Fudge09:54
ubottuFudge: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.09:54
ardchoillezetheroo: lots of help there :)09:55
zetherooardchoille: this is what I am trying to accomplish ... "Set permissions on the Sugar files. The following directories, all subdirectories, and files must be made writable by your Web server user:"09:55
Fudgeok thanks mate, samber at moment is saying not accessible but used to work09:55
zetherooardchoille: Do you know how I would go about accomplishing that?09:56
zetheroowhat does this command do "sudo chown -R www-data: directory-name"09:56
ardchoillezetheroo: that command does what you need it to. it makes the dir and all subdirs owned by www-data user09:58
zetherooardchoille: and I suppose I am www-data user ?09:58
dalfzdoes ubuntu support a low-latency multimedia kernel?09:59
zetheroowhat about these commands?09:59
zetheroosudo find vtigercrm/ -type d -exec chmod 750 {} \;09:59
zetheroosudo find vtigercrm/ -type f -exec chmod 640 {} \;09:59
zetheroo750 ? 640 ?09:59
ardchoillezetheroo: www-data is the user by which all files on the server will be owned and created10:00
rwwzetheroo: 750 is read, write, and executable (openable in the case of directories) by user, readable and openable by group, not accessable by others10:00
jtajizetheroo: www-data is the user which apache runs as10:00
rwwzetheroo: 640 is the same except with no execute permission10:00
zetheroook ... thanks10:01
rwwzetheroo: the first find command changes all directories under vtigercrm/ to 750, the second changes all files to 64010:01
ardchoillezetheroo: be careful of recursively removing the execute bit on folders, you can easily lock yourself out that way10:01
Jokeysanyone available to assist in setting up my IR remote/lirc? http://paste.ubuntu.com/354440/10:01
tdnHi. I have a Lenovo S10 with Ubuntu (Netbook Remix) installed. Suddenly, the wireless network stopped working. Maybe after an update. I don't know. What do I need to do to make it work agian?10:01
zetherooshould I then just stick with sudo chown -R www-data: directory-name10:01
ardchoillezetheroo: I would10:02
jtajizetheroo: those last two commands are good.. they are ensuring no files are executable.. basically just cleaning up permissions properly10:02
zetheroojtaji: so which should I do? the two ... or the one?10:03
ardchoillejtaji: sudo find vtigercrm/ -type d -exec chmod 750 {} \;  <-- is not good, it will remove the execute bit on all folders for all others10:03
jtajiardchoille: uh huh10:03
ouyespetsounds,  sorry i have had a quick meal ,howsthings going10:03
jtajiardchoille: that's not fundamentally good or bad, it's a security decision10:03
jtajizetheroo: all of them10:03
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ardchoillezetheroo: if you chmod -R 750 any folders in your server, people won't be able to access the data therein10:05
zetherooardchoille: ok well i am trying with the single command first ...10:05
ouyespetsounds,  you must make sure the dialing line is fine, and the account is valid10:05
ardchoillezetheroo: good idea10:05
pgubuHi, I have an old laptop with Celeron 2.4 GHz and 181 MiB. It was running slow but acceptable with Ubuntu 9.04 while with 9.10 is too slow.What is the best Ubuntu release for my system requirements10:05
surmandalwhat is the difference between gadmin-proftpd and grpoftpd, I saw the gproftpd ver is 8.2.4 and gadmin-proftpd ver is 0.3.510:06
petsoundsouyes, my sister quit few minutes ago.10:06
jtajizetheroo: people don't have to access the files, only apache does...10:06
philyawwhat is the pointer threshold?10:06
surmandalwhat is the difference between gadmin-proftpd and grpoftpd, I saw the gproftpd ver is 8.2.4 and gadmin-proftpd ver is 0.3.5, I am trying on ubuntu karmic10:06
surmandalwhat is the difference between gadmin-proftpd and grpoftpd, I saw the gproftpd ver is 8.2.4 and gadmin-proftpd ver is 0.3.5, I am trying on ubuntu karmic10:07
ouyespetsounds,  i know but you are not together?10:07
petsoundsouyes, no we're not together10:08
pgubuHi, I have an old laptop with Celeron 2.4 GHz and 181 MiB. It was running slow but acceptable with Ubuntu 9.04 while with 9.10 is too slow.What is the best Ubuntu release for my system requirements10:08
surmandalwhat is the difference between gadmin-proftpd and grpoftpd, I saw the gproftpd ver is 8.2.4 and gadmin-proftpd ver is 0.3.5, I am trying on ubuntu karmic10:09
zetheroonow I get this error when trying to install SugarCRM ... "The provided database username and/or password is invalid, and a connection to the database could not be established. Please enter a valid user name and password. 1045: Access denied for user 'admin'@'localhost' (using password: YES))."10:09
ouyesgnomad, i see the output , the problem is not there , did you try  to reinstall grub? and which system you installed first?10:09
zetheroothe wizard selected the password on its own ... and i tried entering it manually as well ... :-/10:10
pgubuHi, I have an old laptop with Celeron 2.4 GHz and 181 MiB. It was running slow but acceptable with Ubuntu 9.04 while with 9.10 is too slow.What is the best Ubuntu release for my system requirements10:10
Jokeysanyone available to assist in setting up a remote/lirc? http://paste.ubuntu.com/354440/10:11
ouyespgubu, the different release wont make big different in the performance , i feel10:11
troopperipgubu: do you use xubuntu?10:12
ouyespgubu,  xbuntu mabe10:12
pbaxterciao tutti10:12
nick125Hey. Anyone here having issues installing linux-backports-modules-2.6.31-18-generic? linux-backports-modules-wireless-karmic-generic depends on it10:12
ouyespgubu, xbuntu 8.04 will do10:12
pbaxtercan i ask something?10:12
ouyesfree to talk anything about ubuntu10:13
nick125I'm getting an error saying that linux-backport-modules-2.6.31-18-generic is a virtual package and when I try to install linux-backport-modules-2.6.31-18-generic, it says that there are no candidates.10:13
pgubui use 9.10 kernel linuk 2.6.31'17 generic gnome2.28.110:13
pbaxterhello ouyes , i have a eeepc and i cannot use two fingers to go down and up10:13
pgubui use 9.10 kernel linuk 2.6.31'17 generic gnome2.28.110:14
ouyesnick125,  update package info first , and make sure you have added proper source to the source list10:14
ardchoille!repeat | pgubu10:14
ubottupgubu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.10:14
gnomaddoes anyone know how to revert to legacy from grub 2?10:15
nick125ouyes: Just updated, but it's possible that the mirror hasn't updated yet.10:15
zetheroowas i supposed to create a MySQL database before installing SugarCRM?10:15
ouyespgubu,  i suggest you change to xubuntu10:15
ouyespgubu,  8.04lste best10:16
pgubuhow should i install xubuntu10:16
ghost10@anybody: My gparted doesn't shows only the existence of a windows partition meanwhile i have ubuntu installed on it.10:16
ouyespgubu, much the same as you install the ubuntu10:16
ouyespbaxter,  i dont have a eeepc10:16
pbaxterouyes,  ;)10:17
pgubucan i download the cd image and boot it form the cd erasing ubuntu10:17
ghost10It displays it like the windows occupies the entire hard disk to itself and i want to resize the windows partition by allocating more space to the ubuntu partition which i can't see10:17
ouyespbaxter,  but i wonder whether mutil- touch is supported in the eepc?10:18
pbaxterwith jaunty i can use two fingers10:18
pbaxterwhy with karmic koala not??10:19
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pbaxterthat's strange10:19
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Louverpbaxter: Debian.10:20
pbaxterLouver, i don't have time for config10:20
pbaxterthat's all10:20
tomanHello there, I have a question to ask. Is there any way to control my DigitalCamera (for taking pictures) trough my computer? Any opensource software? (Using ubuntu 9.10)10:20
ouyespbaxter,  maybe you need a extra driver for the touch pad10:21
pbaxterouyes, don't worry i'll find myself10:21
pbaxter ;)10:21
pbaxterthanks but i think that there are people that are in need of you more than me!10:21
pbaxterouyes, thanks10:21
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reflect11so, wireless is working well. i just wanted to know sometthing. every time i boot my pc i have to enter fios SSID into thew wireless dialog thing. was just wondering, is there a way i can have ubuntu just automatically do this for me?10:22
ouyespbaxter,  you are welcome  but i did nothing helpful10:22
pbaxterouyes, you told me to find a driver10:22
pbaxterform ulti touch !10:22
tomanpbaxter,  what is your problem ?10:22
petsoundspbaxter, preferences>mouse>touchpad> enable two finger scrolling10:23
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:23
pbaxterpetsounds, thanks10:23
pbaxterit works ;)10:23
pbaxterpetsounds, but can i ask why it was autoenabled on jaunty and not now?10:24
ubottuyes, I'm alive.10:25
petsoundspbaxter, idk man i'm not a developer but at least it works now. :)10:25
pbaxterpetsounds, i never thought it was something so simple10:25
reflect11so, wireless is working well. i just wanted to know sometthing. every time i boot my pc i have to enter fios SSID into thew wireless dialog thing. was just wondering, is there a way i can have ubuntu just automatically do this for me?10:25
sehsi need a help in booting my ubuntu9.1010:27
sehsis there anybody here ?10:27
patogenI'm thinking of buying  MS Wireless optical desktop 2000, will something like this work with linux?10:27
Firefisheyes, sehs, we're here.10:27
iceroot!ask | sehs10:28
ubottusehs: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:28
tomanHello there, I have a question to ask. Is there any way to control my DigitalCamera (for taking pictures) trough my computer? Any opensource software? (Using ubuntu 9.10)10:28
reflect11when you boot your pc try hitting f1-f12 backspace, or if there are instructions on what key to press to enter bios10:28
reflect11use that10:28
reflect11then go to the boot section10:28
reflect11and select boot from cdrom10:28
reflect11options similar to this will be available10:29
reflect11all bios are different, and you cant hurt your computer by doing this, you can even reset all defaults if you mess up10:29
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php10:30
reflect11i advise tremulous to anyone wanting to get some opensource games10:30
smegzorI am unable to tick the box 'source code' in software sources.  I can clear it or make it a dash, but no tick.  On another computer I can tick it just fine.  Why won't this one tick?10:30
Mrokiihello. I am looking for a good html-editor for Ubuntu (wysiwyg, if possible, otherwise I could just use a general editor). Does anybdoy have any suggestions?10:31
Quan-Timevim ?10:32
Quan-Timegedit ?10:32
llutzMrokii: quanta10:32
tomangetdit is good enough for simple html10:32
MrokiiQuan-Time, toman :  heh, I wanted something where I don't have to write too much of the html-code myself as I am feeling lazy currently.10:33
tomanQuanta Plus -> editor similar to dreamweaver10:33
zvacetMrokii : kompozer maybe10:33
Mrokiillutz, zvacet: okay, will look at those, thanks.10:34
tomanMrokii,  Quanta Plus -> editor similar to dreamweaver10:34
dan-rogerbehöver hjälp med ubuntu-server10:34
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Mrokiitoman:  Sounds good, unless it isn't only similar to dreamweavers' bugs, heh.10:34
patogendan-roger: this is an English speaking channel, use English or refer to a Swedish speaking channel (#ubuntu-se)10:35
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kahen`hmm... earlier i had to put the keyboard i raw mode (magic sysrq + r) to get keyboard interaction with X back, but now alt+left and alt+right switch virtual terminals. what gives?10:35
ssv1994hello guys, how to get oxygen icons in ubuntu?10:36
kahen`ssv1994: apt-cache search oxygen?10:37
sehsthank you i fix my proplem10:37
ardchoille!find oxygen10:37
ubottuFound: doxygen, doxygen-doc, kde-icons-oxygen, openoffice.org-style-oxygen, oxygen-cursor-theme (and 1 others)10:37
ssv1994but if I will just install a kde programms, will I get oxygen icons?10:38
ardchoillessv1994: I don't think kde icon sets are compatible with gnome10:38
isolat3dsh33pardchoille, ssv1994 : unless you edit the names :)10:39
Davidovhi to all10:39
isolat3dsh33p!hi | Davidov10:39
ubottuDavidov: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:39
ardchoilleisolat3dsh33p: Too much work10:39
DavidovI'm using Ubuntu 9.10, someone knows how to sync my Tungsten T5 (PALM) with USB cradle cable ?10:39
taofdhow do i see a list of startup services in ubuntu? for example I know boinc-client starts up at every boot... where do I go to check this?10:39
isolat3dsh33pardchoille, little by little dude. That's what I do ;)10:39
isolat3dsh33poxygen icon is to awesome to be wasted :P10:39
ardchoillegood point10:40
Ben^Anyone here a guru with udev ? I'm looking at the udev rules and wondering what sets the environment vars the scripts access? such as DEVTYPE, ID_NAME, etc ?10:40
ardchoillessv1994: Have you searched at http://www.gnome-look.org ?10:40
nick125Hm. How often do the Ubuntu mirrors sync?10:41
sash_nick125: depends10:41
petsoundsnick125, for indonesia 6 times a day.10:41
ardchoillenick125: once ubuntu is released you won't get newer version of apps, only bug fixes and security updates10:42
AledGuys my Windows XP laptop was infected with a worm claiming to be "Internet Security 2010"10:43
isolat3dsh33p!ot | Aled10:43
ubottuAled: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:43
AledYes, I'm coming on to that10:43
SachoAled, try #windows10:43
isolat3dsh33pnot exist :/10:44
nick125ardchoille: Well, it seems that linux-backport-modules-2.6.31-18-generic hasn't been "added," so I'm wondering when the US mirrors will sync10:44
isolat3dsh33pit does exist D:10:44
MorphyNORAled: we're not trying to be rude, but unless its ubuntu related - it is simply off topic :)10:44
AledI quickly backed up my files and migrated to Ubuntu10:44
MorphyNORAled: also, long stories about why you switched to ubuntu is also considered off topic10:44
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AledAlright, alright.10:45
MorphyNORAled: you might want to think of this as #ubuntu-support :)10:45
AledAnyway, what Anti-Spyware/Anti-Adware/Anti-Virus software do you guys recommend for Ubuntu 9.10?10:45
Aledif there is any, that is10:45
isolat3dsh33pAled, none :D10:45
nick125Aled: None10:45
ardchoilleAled: you don't need it10:45
MorphyNORyou might want to install adblock+ for firefox10:46
texyyyneed some help here10:46
AledYou sure?10:46
AledThat I don't need any10:46
bazhangAled, yes.10:46
isolat3dsh33pAled, yes.10:46
nick125Just keep your box up-to-date, be careful what debs you download, keep unneccessary services turned off, and if you're not behind a NAT, have a firewall.10:46
lorenzohi, in order to remove old kernels i am not using, do i just remove linux-image packages or the linux-headers too? thanks10:47
isolat3dsh33pAled, there'll always be security updates to keep you security at the top :)10:47
texyyy'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot share path /media/disk/Movies as we are restricted to only sharing directories we own.10:47
texyyyAsk the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = False"10:47
texyyyto the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this. hw can i do this10:47
ardchoilleAled: Read this about Linux security: http://ardchoille42.blogspot.com/2009/02/linux-and-viruses.html10:47
zetherooforget this ... I cannot believe that there is nothing better in Linux for CRM ... :-/10:47
iceroottexyyy: you are asking "how to ask your admin" or how to open a file and edit it?10:48
texyyyi want to share10:48
texyyysome files10:48
iceroottexyyy: then edit the file like in the tutoriaal10:48
texyyyi dnt have the tutorial10:48
iceroot!samba | texyyy10:49
ubottutexyyy: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.10:49
nick125Ugh...Samba. Makes me want to claw my eyes out.10:50
petsoundsardchoille, nice blog :)10:50
texyyythanks guys10:51
zetheroohow can I check my MySQL settings and all?10:52
AledOn Terminal10:52
AledI ran "sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts"10:53
Aledand it prompts me to enter my user password but it dosen't allow me to type into the Terminal10:53
zetheroohow do I find out what my MySQL username and password are?10:53
isolat3dsh33pAled, just type in the password and press enter. You wont see any star ;)10:54
nick125Aled: It won't show your characters, but it's there10:54
nick125or what isolat3dsh33p said. :p10:54
MidnighterHi, running ubuntu 9.04, and when trying to run tremulous , I get "input signal out of range" erro, running on the lcd10:54
Midnighterand casn't see a damn thing.10:55
AledAlright, thanks10:55
Aledis this a security feature, then?10:55
DreadKnightany way to repair an install which was made with wubi? mom started updates and then she shutdown pc because it was taking too long... ubuntu install got fucked up; ultra lame, cand even acess terminal when it boots10:55
DreadKnightor at least not lose data?10:55
jodilhow to do i shut powersave mode on 9.10 i keep "getting cannot (un)set powersave mode"10:56
nick125Aled: In some ways, yeah. Someone standing over you can't see how many characters your password is, etc.10:56
fahadmoideenHow to get the online backup provided by ubuntu.10:56
fahadmoideenCan anyone help me?10:57
taofdare there anything i can use to limit my global incoming and outgoing traffic?10:57
Maverick_ProwlsAled, Remember when you're asked to enter your password, you have root permissions (effectively), so be sure you trust the command you're running10:57
nick125taofd: traffic shaping10:58
Maverick_ProwlsAled, of course, installing things from the standard repositories is fine10:58
taofdnick125, on my ubuntu system i mean, software-wise10:58
Midnighter Hi, running ubuntu 9.04, and when trying to run tremulous , I get "input signal out of range" error, running on the lcd screen, how can I get it to work correctly please?10:58
stepput the resolution and refresh rate down Midnighter10:59
steprefresh to 60hz10:59
hanshenriki have a problem; i use a Realtek RTL8187SE Wireless card, and ubuntu can "use it" but only to "see networks", it cannot connect, ive tried both DHCP (witch work excellent on same computer, same hardware, Win 7), and full manual IP/DNS-configuration; when it tries to connect with DHCP it goes an unlimited loop "obtaining an IP", or if encrypted, it uses a long while and comes to the...10:59
hanshenrik...conclusion that you got the wrong password (WEP anyway); if i use full manual IP/DNS configuration, it believe that its connected but it cannot connect anywhere; i got same problem on Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04, and debian!10:59
nick125taofd: Are you trying to limit the bandwidth usage? i.e., limit XYZ to 500Kbit/s11:00
nick125taofd: If so, look into trickle or wondershaper.11:01
taofdnick125, yeah11:02
taofdnick125, i'll look into both, thanks :)11:02
taofdnick125, do you personally have a preference between the two?11:03
nick125taofd: It depends on what you're trying to do. trickle requires a wrapper script be ran around the programs while wondershaper (and the underlying tools it uses) works at a system-level.11:04
taofdnick125, sounds like wondershaper is what i need then :) thanks11:05
nick125taofd: If wondershaper doesn't work, look into the underlying program that it uses, tc.11:05
taofdnick125, thx :)11:06
nick125taofd: Wish ya luck with it!11:06
taofdnick125, thx :) (i'm trying to set up a l4d2 server on ubuntu, but i may need to limit my bandwidth due to my school's network policies... which is why i'm just browsing and seeing if there is anything to do that... 6__6; i shouldn't reach the "limit" but just in case...11:07
OlofI'm getting this http://img705.imageshack.us/i/img3077r.jpg/ both when installing 904 and 910. When installing 910 it asks to install Nvidia drivers. 904 doesnt. My sound is bugged in 910 and I can't get it to work at all...11:09
nick125taofd: What kind of limit is it? Is it a cap on usage (i.e., 5GB in XYZ period) or on utilization (i.e., you're allowed 500Kbit 95% avg'ed)?11:09
taofdnick125, the limits are a bit nebulous... but I do know they will block users if traffic gets too high11:10
nick125taofd: Ah, so it's an undefined limit? That sucks.11:10
taofdnick125, i'm assuming that as my upload stays ~30<KBps I should be okay...11:10
AledWhen I attempt to install Adobe Flash Plugin via Ubuntu Software Center I am given this "Not Available for your hardware Architecture"11:10
taofdnick125, it's probably higher, but seeing as it's probably going to running 24/7.. it'll add up over timel ol11:11
nick125Aled: Are you running 64-bit?11:11
taofdnick125, yeah, i checked the network policies but they didn't actually say anything about servers or hard limits... they just said "anything that causes congestion" :/11:11
AledDon't believe so11:11
Aled32 bit I'm sure of it11:11
nick125Aled: Hm. That's strange.11:11
hatake_kakashiAled, uname -a11:11
nick125uname -m :)11:12
hatake_kakashieven more weird11:12
nick125taofd: Ah, yeah. Is there anyone you can ask?11:12
=== root is now known as Guest80549
nick125Aled: Try running sudo aptitude install flashplugin-installer11:13
nick125in terminal11:13
Guest80549yaha koi hackr hai11:13
Guest80549is there any hacker here11:13
taofdnick125, yeah... but if I ask... I may not get the answer i'm looking for... and they know me already... for various... reasons... I may get an extra turned my way :/11:13
monokromeFor what, Guest80549? lol11:13
Guest80549is there any hacker?11:13
monokromeFor what, Guest80549? lol11:14
taofdI'm good w/ most of the people in the IT department... so I can probably ask them, just not the manager, and some people at their student branch lol11:14
nick125taofd: ouch. I would just be prepared to kill the server if they ask.11:14
Guest80549hey nick11:14
AledA hacker is a person who can use a computer to perform operations considered undo-able by others11:14
Sacho!ot | Guest8054911:14
ubottuGuest80549: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:14
monokromeAled: Not really...11:14
AledAnyway - nick125, this is assuming I have downloaded the package first?11:15
nick125Aled: Just run it. No need to download it first.11:15
FloodBot3Guest80549: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:15
taofdnick125, i mean not hard to do right? lol11:15
taofdnick125, shutting down a server must be one of the easiest things... but I don't even want them to ask :/11:15
Guest80549hey i know how to shut dwn server11:16
Guest80549i hacked opendns once hehe11:16
Aled"Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched 'flashplugin-installer'11:16
nick125taofd: Well, without any clear guidelines, it's hard to say.11:16
Guest80549u need metasploit for it11:16
taofdnick125, yeah :(11:16
monokromeHackers don't use metasploit :D11:16
chu_You didn't hack it then, fail.11:16
vegahow do i tell ubuntu that a certain filesystem is not critical for booting and thus should not booting if not available?11:17
Guest80549i did a vulnble atck11:17
nick125Aled: Uh. That is really strange. Are you running Karmic?11:17
monokromeNo, metasplot did a vulnerable attack :P11:17
Guest80549yeah but u should knw how to inject it11:17
oCean_Guest80549: stop11:17
Guest80549u know abut jonathn james?11:17
AledUbuntu 9.1011:17
AledWhich is probably Karmic11:17
monokromeGuest80549: Either way, this isn't a hacker discussion channel11:18
M00R1Z jonathn james11:18
nick125Aled: yeah11:18
hatake_kakashi!info flashplugin-installer11:18
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 19 kB, installed size 184 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)11:18
OlofI'm getting this http://img705.imageshack.us/i/img3077r.jpg/ both when installing 904 and 910. When installing 910 it asks to install Nvidia drivers. 904 doesnt. My sound is bugged in 910 and I can't get it to work at all (and lucid beta). All 64bit. Am I doing something wrong??11:18
Guest80549i used hs technque and made my own exploit11:18
Guest80549so itt was orignly my hack with meta and james11:18
oCean_Guest80549: stop this discussion immediately.11:18
monokromeGuest80549: This isn't a hackubg discussion channel.11:18
rwwGuest80549: discussion of computer cracking is not welcome on this server. It would be wise for you to stop it.11:18
Guest80549where is hacking chat then?11:19
chu_who cares?11:19
Guest80549ok any one want any help abt instlng smthng or getng smthng free?11:19
rww!gtfo | monokrome11:19
SachoGuest80549: not here. /msg alis help list11:19
ubottumonokrome: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.11:19
taofdguys, family friendly :(11:19
monokromerww: sorry :)11:19
nick125Aled: Run "sudo aptitude update" (without quotes ;))11:19
monokrometaofd: sorry11:19
Guest80549hey did u use cudo?11:20
AledI might be stupid, but not that stupid :P11:20
AledAnyway running11:20
Guest80549cuda i mean11:20
Guest80549speed ur pcs and lappi with cuda11:20
Guest80549use ur grpic card as ram11:20
monokromeGuest80549: That's not really what CUDA is intended for..11:21
Guest80549i knw11:21
taofd!troll | Guest8054911:21
ubottuGuest80549: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel11:21
Guest80549its helps in makng hacks also fastr11:21
Guest80549like wpa crack and stuf11:21
Guest80549but it helps in other thngs too11:21
nick125Aled: Hm. Check in System->Admin->Software Sources and make sure the multiverse repo is enabled.11:22
AledSeems to have worked11:22
Guest80549u there monokrome?11:22
Aledthanks :)11:22
monokromeGuest80549: It is useful for complex computing, yes. Now stop talking about cracking.11:22
Guest80549mono frm where u r?11:23
taofd!offtopic | Guest8054911:24
ubottuGuest80549: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:24
marcelobest irc client?11:27
nick125marcelo: In my opinion, XChat or irssi, depending on your tastes.11:28
marcelogonna try irssi nick12511:28
nick125irssi+screen is quite awesome.11:28
ngirard_Hi all. I'm experiencing blocking problems after upgrading an ubuntu box from 8.10 to 9.10. The system has 2 disks with raid via Intel Matrix Storage. Here's one of my problems: trying to boot using either root=/dev/sda1 or root=UUID=xxxxxx fails.11:30
ngirard_I get:11:30
marceloirssi + screen command?11:30
ngirard_JBD: no valid journal superblock found11:30
=== solsTiCe is now known as Guest97608
ngirard_EXT3-fs: error loading journal11:30
ngirard_mount: mounting /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxx on /root failed: Invalid argument11:30
ngirard_and then i'm brought to the initramfs menu11:30
AledI'm going to install Server Ubuntu!11:30
nick125marcelo: Run screen, then run irssi in screen. The major benefit is that if you run it on a server, you can SSH in and "reconnect" to your screen session11:31
AledThat is, before I install Ubuntu Desktop, on my other computer11:31
ngirard_There, trying /mount /dev/sda1 /root fails with ~ the same messages:11:31
ngirard_especially: EXT3-fs: error loading journal11:31
ngirard_Now, using an old boot entry from the grub menu (an and old kernel dating from ubuntu 8.10), mountall fails and i'm brought to an emergency shell. From there, I can mount /dev/sda1:11:31
ngirard_mount -o remount /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxx /11:31
nick125ngirard_: Anything odd in dmesg?11:31
ngirard_This works....... and yet mounting it fails with the recent kernel !11:32
taofdanyone can point me to an article on how to create limited user accounts for servers, and details on why this is best practice?11:32
marceloi get it nick125, love command line stuff ;)11:32
taofdthe latter more out of curiosity11:32
ngirard_Hi nick125. No, nothing weird in dmesg (no evidence of hardware problem)11:32
AledI'm thinking of installing Xubuntu on my desktop11:33
AledI have an AMD X2 5000+ processor on there, which claims to be 64x11:33
Aledis it? Because I would like to try my hand at 64 bit Xubuntu11:33
quietonehow do I prevent network-manager from starting during boot?11:33
nick125Aled: yeah, all but few new CPUs support 64-bit mode.11:34
naoshigeHello. I'm using Ubuntu Hardy, but when I apt-get install ruby I get Ruby 1.8.6 instead of 1.8.7. I tried doing apt-get update, but with no luck. What can I do?11:34
AledAlright, thanks11:34
kasinjshCompile from source. :?11:34
naoshigeI'm on a "production" server hosting a lot of websites and I can't disrupt those services.11:35
DarkedgeI upgraded to the lattest ALSA from source /most/ things seem to work that didn't but theres no sound from Flash in Firefox, Any ideas?11:35
DarkedgeHow can I list config files for a package?11:35
nick125naoshige: Maybe find a PPA/repo that has a newer version of Ruby for Hardy?11:35
Olof_How do I install a video driver? (nvidia)11:36
Darkedgeneil_d: hey fellow aussie11:36
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:36
Olof_Darkedge: do u have sound from videos/mp3?11:36
DarkedgeOlof_: yup11:36
DarkedgeOlof_: I think it might firefox might have found my speaker, and stored it in a config file11:37
TTilusnick125: what exactly are these new _non_ 64-bit cpus?11:37
hatake_kakashino usually firefox would call upon the sound daemon.. and for most latest ubuntu installs, it calls upon pulseaudio11:38
nick125TTilus: Atom, mainly.11:38
TTilusnick125: ok, omap arms, c330, etc11:38
nick125TTilus: mainly cheap processors11:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:39
naoshigenick125: PPA/repo?11:40
naoshigeSorry I'm very confused11:40
=== solsTiCe_ is now known as Guest51862
nick125naoshige: An external package repository11:40
=== przemek_ is now known as UBUNTONAUTA
=== UBUNTONAUTA is now known as UBUNT0N4UT4
nick125naoshige: Might want to check out https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ruby/+archive/ppa11:41
naoshigeThanks a lot nick12511:42
Darkedgedeleting ~/.mozilla/firefox fixed it, thanks all that helped! :)11:43
fahadmoideenHey, I am not able to install the playon linux application11:43
fahadmoideenIt says The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.11:44
fahadmoideenWhat to do>11:44
nick125fahadmoideen: If you trust where you're getting the package from, tell it to continue.11:44
sweetestlovehello is anyone else experiencing the problem with mozilla address bar? it does not work immediately if you walk away and come back11:44
fahadmoideenIts from the Ubuntu software center.11:45
fahadmoideenIt dosent provide with an option to continue.11:45
jeez1234hi, are there any desktop apps for facebook/twitter on ubuntu?11:45
nick125fahadmoideen: Try installing the package in synaptic, then. Or at the command-line11:45
underdevHi!  I would like to temporarily install apache, but then "roll back" apache and its associated dependencies.  Is there a way to do this?11:47
llutzunderdev: "sudo aptitude install apache2" and later "sudo aptitude purge apache2"  should (de-)install all depends11:49
nick125underdev: Depending on what you're doing, it might be better to setup a VM in VBox or something.11:49
purma1hello. my wlan card Atheros AR5001X+ slows down really badly my ubuntu when i turn it on. i tried enabling the madwifi driver but its still the same. any ideas?11:49
=== Olof__ is now known as Olof
underdevthanks guys!11:50
underdevreally appreciate it11:50
underdevnick125: this is a little vps im working with, so that's not really an option.11:50
nick125underdev: Ah. Then yeah, what llutz suggested would work.11:51
DaughainWhats a wrapper?11:52
Darkedge'ning all, In Ubuntu 9.04 I don't get any splash screen, I DO however get it in 9.10, I downgraded back to 9.04 due to driver errors, Any ideas?11:52
Alednick125, Flash is working perfectly now, thanks a lot :)11:53
nick125Aled: Awesome.11:53
AledIs there any software you guys recommend me to burn ISO files to CD, or is there any bundled with Ubuntu?11:54
llutzAled: wodim11:55
monokromeAled: You can do that with Nautilus11:55
SeveasAled, rightclick on the iso, click on burn to cd :)11:55
nick125Aled: Brasero is installed by default, if I rememeber correctly11:55
nick125And what they all said :)11:55
monokromeAled: Just use Ubuntu's built in file browser, right click on the ISO, and click "Write to Disc"11:55
AledAnd Brasero allows the image to be bootable and everything?11:55
sweetestlovehello is anyone else experiencing the problem with mozilla address bar? it does not work immediately if you walk away and come back11:55
nick125Aled: yep11:55
Roel_Hi there11:56
=== Roel_ is now known as R0elr
R0elrgot a question11:56
AledI'm going to backup important stuff on my other computer11:56
jeez1234hi, are there any desktop apps for facebook/twitter on ubuntu?11:56
BigMike`anyone know of an iso image file creator for ubuntu?11:57
anigelHey ! Please, I currently have a very strange behaviour of fluxbox on karmic : it takes ages to launch (at least as much as gnome)... anyone has an idea plz ?11:57
R0elrI've got a dualboot at the moment. Windows 7 and Vista. Am I able to install Ubuntu as triple boot?11:57
llutzBigMike`: mkisofs11:57
nick125BigMike`: Brasero will also spit out an ISO.11:59
nick125R0elr: I don't see why not.11:59
R0elrnick125, Dykam told me it was tricky if I did that12:00
om26erR0elr, seems possible12:00
om26erR0elr, actually you should have no problem12:00
=== leon is now known as Guest58495
snow__Anyone who can tell me  how to install xmonad12:01
sidewalkanyone know why the boot time is extremely long on Asus EEE Box in Karmic? we're talking 2-3 minutes12:02
snow__Ti is so less people using it12:02
rwwsnow__: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2009/03/17/introduction-to-the-xmonad-tiling-window-manager/12:02
vmlinzsnow__: sudo aptitude install12:02
rwwsnow__: you pretty much just need to install the xmonad package.12:03
DaughainHow do ya make a wrapper?12:03
snow__But i still cann't enter after that12:03
nick125Daughain: What kind of wrapper?12:03
naoshigenick125: so all in all12:04
Daughainnick125: One to start and stop an application, I think.12:04
vmlinzsnow__: aptitude search xmonad12:04
naoshigenick125: I need to add deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ruby/ppa/ubuntu HARDY main and deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ruby/ppa/ubuntu HARDY main to /etc/.. something?12:04
naoshigenick125: and then do an apt-get update?12:04
naoshigenick125: I did something similar for multiverse or whatever it's called yesterday12:04
nick125naoshige: yeah12:05
llutzDaughain: look at /etc/init.d/skeleton12:05
nick125naoshige: /etc/apt/sources.list12:05
Daughainllutz: What is that?12:06
naoshigenick125: wonderful.. and then i just reinstall ruby?12:06
nick125naoshige: yeah. It should install it from the PPA then.12:06
llutzDaughain: an example start-stop-wrapper12:06
BigMike`nick125 will brasero create an iso file?12:06
nick125BigMike`: You can tell it to, yes12:07
=== fahadsadah is now known as test
BigMike`ok maybe thats how i did it before i made my first iso file last year and now forgot how i did it lol12:07
=== test is now known as Guest87259
naoshigenick125: thanks a LOT man12:08
Daughainlutz;  Lets try it this way, do I write it in a text editor and save it? What estension do I save one as? And, is there any specific place I need to save one? Once its created, how do I use it from command line.12:08
=== Guest87259 is now known as fahadsadah
BigMike`will k3b make an iso image nick123?12:08
naoshigenick125: here's all i can give you i hope you find it interesting tho - http://home.no/barbershop/kvr12:08
nick125BigMike`: Not sure. I haven't used K3b in a while, but I think it does have an option to make an ISO.12:09
Daughainllutz; I havbe the actual code I need, I just need toknow what to do with it to mae it useable.12:09
llutzDaughain: just write a shell-script ,needs no extension, place it at  ~/bin or /usr/local/bin12:09
AledBrasero is actually easy to use xD12:09
BigMike`yes i have used it also12:09
naoshigeapt-get reinstall ruby doesn't work?12:09
llutzDaughain: just make sure it is executable (chmod +x script)12:09
BigMike`there both good12:10
nick125naoshige: Just aptitude install ruby should work12:10
=== njpatel1 is now known as njp___
Daughainllutz; I do appreciate the help, but I have been using linux for a month....Serious newb here.12:10
naoshigethanks nick12512:11
naoshigeoh one more thing12:11
BigMike`dont see where i can make an iso file image tho nick12312:11
naoshigeI just did a ctrl-z to like temporarily detach things12:11
AledDaughain, I've been using it for 3 hours :P12:11
naoshigeIn BSD i had to type "fg" to retach it (or whatever it's called)12:11
BigMike`im trying to make a file not burn to cd12:11
naoshigedoesn't work here tho - any idea?12:12
llutznaoshige: so in linux12:12
Daughainllutz; I find myself in a situation that requires a localnet install, and I am trying to figure out how to do that.12:12
paissad hi all, i created a webradio with mpd+icecast2, and it's available at http://ip_adresss:port  and i would like to know if it's possible to make the website available like this http://paissad-radio.com for example without entering the port number12:12
naoshigebut i'm getting fg: no current job12:12
DaughainAled; Sweet, you tell me how to do this then.:P12:12
nick125paissad: Tell it to run on port 8012:12
nick125BigMike`: Let me double check12:12
llutznaoshige: what does "jobs" say12:12
DaughainAled; BTW, I a mechanic for a living.12:12
AledNo seriously in comparison to me your not a noob12:12
naoshigenothing :(12:12
llutzDaughain: what is a "localnet install"?12:13
anigelplease, no one has encountered the same problem with lightweight window managers in karmic ?12:13
DaughainAled; If I have to ask help to do something, I'm a newb. =) Not that I have an issue admitting that. =)12:13
naoshigenevermind i just killed it12:13
nick125BigMike`: I created a data disc project, and at the bottom drop-down, it has the option to write to an image file12:13
paissadnick125, without choosing port 80 if possible12:13
BigMike`ok thanks :)12:13
Daughainllutz; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LocalNet12:13
nick125BigMike`: Then you tell it burn and it should ask where to drop the image file12:13
sidewalkanyone know why the boot time is extremely long on Asus EEE Box in Karmic?12:13
BigMike`ok thanks12:14
nick125paissad: Are you already running an httpd?12:14
monokromepaissad: Is the server currently running on paissad-radio.com's IP address?12:14
paissadnick125, yes12:14
paissadmonokrome, nick125 the server is running on http:paissad.homelinux:1800012:14
nick125paissad: Apache? You might want to see if icecast can be ran behind mod_proxy12:14
nick125http://blogs.linux.ie/fuzzbucket/2008/04/12/proxying-icecast-through-apache2-another-mini-howto/ <<12:15
paissadnick125, i use apache yes12:15
llutzDaughain: you mean the wrapper in step 3? it has to be placed into /etc/init.d/12:15
monokromepaissad: Doesn't work here.12:15
=== przemek_ is now known as UBUNT0N4UT4
DaughainWHat do I name it, or does that matter?12:16
paissadmonokrome, http://paissad.homelinux.com:1800/mpd.ogg12:16
paissadmonokrome, sorry, port 18000 instead12:16
monokromepaissad: Ah! I thought that 18000 sounded a bit high :)12:16
llutzDaughain: won't matter, best something like /etc/init.d/bootpd12:16
monokromeStill doesn't work, though.12:16
paissadmonokrome, you think that the port number is high ?12:16
llutzDaughain: so the name makes clear what is is for12:16
monokromepaissad: Only when you accidetally said 18000 :)12:16
Daughainllutz; Cool.....So, I can create it in gedit and save to init.d/?12:17
llutzDaughain: yes, but you need root-rights (gksudo gedit) to save it there12:17
monokromepaissad: You have at least 3 options. 1) You can create a site that links to or plays http://paissad.homelinux.com:1800/mpd.ogg 2) You can use Apache + mod_proxy to forward requests to localhost:1800 3) You can change the IceCast server to run on port 80, if you aren't wanting to use Apache for anything else.12:18
nick125paissad: But yeah, check into mod_proxy. Icecast appears that it can be proxied, so try that. That way, it'll go through Apache.12:18
Daughaingksudo?  Usualy sudo gedit works for me....Is there a reason for the gksudo?12:18
monokromenick125: Can't all HTTP servers be proxied?...12:18
=== biggimat is now known as Matic`Makovec
paissadmonokrome, nick125 i just don't know anything about proxy :s ...12:18
llutzDaughain: don't use sudo with gui-apps, it may cause problems12:19
monokromepaissad: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/mod/mod_proxy.html12:19
paissadmonokrome, nick125 i heard about squid, tor, but that 's all :D12:19
nick125monokrome: Some servers might break behind a proxy12:19
enzotib!gksu | Daughain12:19
Daughainllutz; gksudo denotes that I am calling a gui app?12:19
ubottuDaughain: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)12:19
llutzDaughain: it sets correct environment, thats the difference12:19
* Daughain nods..12:20
Daughainllutz; Thanks, and lemme try this. =)12:20
nick125paissad: In this case, proxying means that Icecast requests will be "proxied" or ran through Apache12:20
exodusssup ?12:20
Daughainllutz; I may be back with more questions shortly. =)12:21
paissadnick125, i definitely don't want to use port 80 or 443, i already use them for other stuffs :)12:21
monokromepaissad: With mod_proxy, you can tell apache to send specific URLs to another port and then display the results - so all of your other stuff wont be hurt when you use port 80.12:21
=== dogmeat_ is now known as Dogmeat00
=== wowoto is now known as tyro
paissadmonokrome, nick125 ok mod_proxy seems good, i take a look on it :) ... thanks, i go STFW & RTFM12:22
monokromepaissad: http://pastebin.ca/174538812:25
monokromeI think that something like that does what you want... Make sure that your server is secure prior to enabling ProxyRequests.12:25
paissadmonokrome, ok thanks12:26
monokromeThat might not work, but might help you get started :)12:26
AledHow do I change my computers name in Ubuntu?12:26
Daughainllutz; This tut is great, just a bit over my head right now.12:26
monokromeAled: sudo hostname <newhostname>12:26
naoshigenick125: i'm still at ruby 1.8.6 man12:26
llutzDaughain: good start :)12:26
nick125naoshige: What version did aptitude install... install?12:26
naoshigenick125: http://pastebin.com/mf6955fd12:27
Nagato-Painhi) i've installed ubuntu not so long ago, and i've got a little question with php. i installed 5.2.10 but now i want update it. i downloaded sources of new version from php.net, then i made "./configure" "make" "make install"... and i dont know what to do next :)12:27
nick125naoshige: Okay. try sudo aptitude install ruby1.812:27
Daughainllutz; Well, I need to be able to script for xchat, and, amusingly, this is actualy teaching me some of the things I need to learn to do that. =) Now to figure out the rest.... =)12:28
naoshigenick125: yeah that seems about right12:28
naoshigenick125: did you like the samiyam beats btw?12:28
nick125naoshige: Haven't downloaded them12:29
ericrostIs anyone else getting trouble with hulu this morning in the US?12:29
Daughainllutz; Do I need to install anything on the client system before I begin the ubuntu install attempt?12:29
naoshigeyou could just stream them live in your favorite mp3 player tho12:29
naoshigei guess12:29
llutzDaughain: i haven' read that tut, sry. but i don't think so12:29
ericrostWas working fine for MONTHS and I use it regularly and all of a sudden I get a message instead of a video: Sorry, we are unable to stream this video, please check your internet connection and try again.12:30
ericrostnet connection is just fine12:30
Daughainllutz; Np, I know ya looked at it, so figgered I would ask. =) It doesnt look like it, so, I hope. =)12:30
ericrostjust looking to see if others are in the same boat or if I need to chase some sort of problem12:31
tiger_can somebody tell me why in Evolution  tell me : enter password for default keyring to unlock .   I  type the administrator's password   but it cannot work why?12:31
tiger_waiting for your answer12:31
DeaConhulu seems to be working just fine12:31
nick125tiger_: Your keyring password is different than the administrator/user password.12:32
=== root_ is now known as Guest69555
lv_imagine a naked fat guy running thru the savanah of new york city, screaming "UBUNTU, UBUNTU, UUUBUUNNTUU" !12:33
DaughainThis is a Pent M 1.8 w/512M ram, would Xubuntu be a better choice for the limited resources, or will ubunbtu be fine?12:33
Daughainlv_; Some images I dont need. =)12:33
lv_Daughain, try openBSD12:34
Daughainlv_; Perhaps later on a machine I will be keeping.12:34
anigelplease, no one has encountered the same problem with lightweight window managers in karmic (very slow startup) ?12:35
Aleddo LAMP packages not come with it all built in?12:35
lv_my servers run openbsd, but this main laptop, is use crunchbang linux12:35
DaughainSince it isnt my machine, I need an ubuntu variant of some kind, as that is what the person is most famialir with.12:35
AledI'm installing Apache, PHP and MySQL seperatly via the terminal, it's rather easy so it's alright12:35
llutz!lamp | Aled12:36
ubottuAled: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)12:36
YomanWhen I type ifconfig, my ip etc isn't shown, but instead I am shown all my network devices. Why is this?12:36
lv_why was bitchX phased out?12:36
llutzYoman: because that is ifconfigs job12:36
* lv_ takes another bonghit12:36
=== lucifer_ is now known as SoundLounge
DaughainAnd, does anyone know if there is a netboot installer for Kasrmic yet?12:37
Xserveri am unable to install gnome on Karmic ...12:37
Yomanllutz, ok, I just have this memory of using it before, and it showed me the same results that I get in windows when typing ipconfig /all12:37
llutzDaughain: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/12:37
Xserversays gnome: Depends: gnome-desktop-environment (= 1:2.22.2~4ubuntu8) but it is not going to be installed12:37
EMPulsehey guys12:38
Xserverany idea whats going on ?12:38
EMPulseI've got a problem with deluge12:38
Daughainllutz; Oce again, many thanks.12:38
matteo1990hi all, i have problems with rosegarde... I can't hear no sounds but it seems to play. I have timidity installed and problems with jack (but i think is not necessary)12:38
EMPulseI have a torrent that's 101MB the prog said it's downloaded 129MB and it's still not finished...wtf?12:38
Xserverget a lot of dependency problems12:39
Xserverany quick way to install gnome on karmic server ?12:39
nibblerXserver: why would anyone want to do this?12:39
llutzXserver: stupid idea, but install package "ubuntu-desktop"12:40
Xservernibbler : i need gui12:40
Yomanllutz, I am told that this is what ifconfig does http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6c/Ipconfig_win_xp.png but it doedn't do it for me12:40
llutzXserver: then you don't need a server :)12:40
mkanyicyYoman, what does give you: sudo ifconfig -a | grep inet\ addr| awk '{print $2}'|cut -d: -f212:40
llutzYoman: someone lied to you12:40
tangfengHello everyone!12:40
Xserverllutz : yes i do need a server ... just one of my crappy appz runs on GUI12:40
nibblersadly many "enterprise" products need X, its embarrasing12:41
Xservernibbler : any efficient way to only install gnome without fancy appz ?12:41
ajitamis there any good tutorial how to set up webcam server (i'm running ubuntu server) from terminal thx12:41
Xserveri only need desktop with NX support12:42
llutzXserver: just install minimal xorg + twm12:42
Xserverubuntu-desktop asks for 2.2G space12:42
tiger_nick125: If i forget the password I  set  ,  how can deal with it12:42
llutzno need for gnome or other DEs12:42
PitelHow to change cpu governor on all my cores at once?12:42
mkanyicyEMPulse, well that happens sometimes, when you are not lucky12:43
Xserverllutz : and i can have a desktop share with xorg + twm ?12:43
Yomanmkanyicy, that worked to show my local ip, but how about the rest of the info shown in ipconfig?12:43
llutzXserver: why not?12:43
Xserveryesterday i had a hard night with fluxbox and nxserver ..12:43
NewHi guys, I am new in linux OS12:44
llutzXserver: use ssh xforwarding, so you don't need any WM at all12:44
mkanyicyYoman, sudo ipconfig -a for ALL interfaces12:44
NewI use ubuntu12:44
Newbut I have some problems12:44
mkanyicyNew, you welcome12:44
Xserverssh xforwarding isn't persistent12:44
Xserveris it ?12:44
Newcan anyone help me ?12:44
AledHow come I can't create/delete files in /var/www/ ?12:44
mkanyicyNew, state your problem as precise as possible12:44
EMPulsemkanyicy, gah, waste of bandwidth. Any thing I can do to stop it doing that.12:44
Aledor the /var/ directory itself, actually12:44
XserverAlex : sudo rm -R /var/www/xxx12:44
mkanyicyEMPulse, download another torrent,12:45
XserverAled : sudo rm -R /var12:45
matteo1990hi all i am having problems with rosegarden.. Midi is working fine but i can't gegt any audioo... Anyone can help me?12:45
Yomanmkanyicy, I mean like dns servers etc12:45
mkanyicyEMPulse, it happens that it fails to get some chunks and it discards them and retries again12:45
mkanyicyYoman, now you are asking a different question12:45
underdevhi!  When i was using the client-oriented ubuntu karmic, i would have to sudo each time i wanted admin "powers".  On karmic server, i stay "sudo"ed.  How do i relinquish admin permissions?  or set a time-out?12:46
mkanyicyYoman, who told you that ifconfig can get you info about a DNS server?12:46
Newwhen I tried to update by "update manager" there error said "failed"12:46
AledXserver, that's just removed the directory12:46
XserverAled : what more do you need ?12:46
Xserveryou asked how to remove /var12:46
AledI want the permissions to edit, create and delete stuff in the /var/www/ directory12:46
Yomanmkanyicy, I just read on the net that it does what ipconfig / all does12:47
XserverAled : you asked to remove12:47
EMPulsemkanyicy, does it have anything to do with the firewall? I think mine blocks out going torrent packets12:47
Xserverpermissions are different12:47
mkanyicyYoman, look, ipconfig /all is windows12:47
AledSorry for misleading you12:47
Xserverit's ... sudo chown -R aled:aled ( or whatever username ) /var/www/folder_name12:47
Xserverafter done repeat the command but with www-data:www-data user / group12:48
Yomanmkanyicy, exactly.. anyhow, thanks for the help12:48
NewHow can I browse my iphone ?12:48
Xserveror else you can always use sudo nano / vi /path to file12:48
hamzaatova2how can i rotate many photos togehthetr in the ifle manager???? only f-spot??12:48
XserverErr.... ubuntu-desktop is over-bloated ...12:48
mkanyicyYoman, but what do you want to achieve?12:49
Xserveri need a minimum gnome ..12:49
AledI could do with recreating the www/ directory first12:49
Yomanmkanyicy, I just want a clear list of all network settings, like windows does http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6c/Ipconfig_win_xp.png12:49
XserverAled : yes you can12:49
Aledwhat's the command for it12:50
hamzaatova2there is footer and footer-ie---- whats the difference?????12:50
Aledtried, "Permissions Denied"12:50
Xserveralways use "sudo"12:50
Newanyone help .. how can i browse my iphone ?12:50
Xserversudo mkdir12:50
mkanyicyYoman, 'hostname' with get you the hostname12:50
Xserveryou are welcome .. but you should have common command remembered12:51
Xserverwill help you a lot12:51
mkanyicyYoman, 'ifconfig' will get you the IP address and the subnet mask12:51
Silver_Fox_Hello,  I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem with a missing mp3 encoder:   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1377359  Thanks for any input :)12:51
Xservermkanyicy : mac also :D12:51
=== New is now known as new
mkanyicyYoman, 'cat /etc/resolv.conf' will get you the DNS nameservers you are using12:51
AledWorks fine, thanks Xserver12:52
nibblerYoman: route -n gives you the default, and other, gateways12:52
mkanyicyYoman, but you cannot expect window's ipconfig to the identical in terms of the output as the linux ifconfig12:52
nibblerwine ipconfig :)12:52
Xservernow i need a minimum gnome guide ..12:52
mkanyicyYoman, i don't think ipconfig is opensource anyway12:52
Xserveranyone got a link ?12:53
x_linkMy laptop-monitor gets black pretty fast, how can I change that?12:53
Xserverx_link : tweak the power setting12:53
llutzYoman: http://someuser77.com/guides/ipconfig-bash-script-for-linux/12:53
mkanyicyXserver, what did you mean by 'mac also' ?12:53
DaughainThat was irritating.12:53
nibblerx_link: maybe rightclick on the battery-icon and finetune12:53
Yomanmkanyicy, ok  thanks =)12:53
newplease help me12:53
Xservermkanyicy : ifconfig do also list the mac addr of the interface apart from IP / Subnet12:53
newhow can i browse my iphone !12:54
x_linknibbler: Okey12:54
mkanyicyXserver, oh, you are right, I though you spoke about Apple Mac :)12:54
faheem_Hi my laptop monitor on xubuntu is too large, i cant get the bottom panel in i have no idea how to correct this :/... can anyone help?12:54
x_linknibbler: Hmm, I don't have any batteryicon?12:54
Xservernew : install iphone browser or similar stuff12:54
faheem_basically i cant figure how to set my screen resolution12:54
AledLAMP works brilliantly, the12:55
faheem_any help would be really appreciated12:55
x_linkfaheem_: Maybe somebody in #Xubuntu or #xfce knows, if nobody here knows12:55
newXserver: i already search for iphone browser for linux OS but i didn't find one12:55
Xserverfaheem : it should be in desktop properties .. or video config ...12:55
faheem_no desktop properties12:55
nibblerx_link: system->preferences->power management12:55
faheem_i'll check out xubuntu thanks x_link12:55
Xservernew : did you looked at iphone official website ?12:55
x_linknibbler: Okey, thanks.12:56
x_linkfaheem_: Np =)12:56
mkanyicyfaheem_, 'man xrandr'12:56
newXserver : yeah i did12:56
x_linknibbler: But isn't there any batteryicon for Ubuntu/GNOME?12:56
Xserverx_link : there is battery icon , but i think AC power needs to be removed12:56
isolat3dsh33px_link, on the panel? yes. :)12:56
nibblerx_link: i guessyou can add it to the panel, it might be turend off while oyu are plugged to ac12:56
nibblerx_link: which you can also deactivate, to have it all the time12:57
om26er-how to change gnome keyring password?12:57
x_linkAhh I fixed the icon =)12:57
Xjiujiusudo root passwd12:58
x_linkWow...#ubuntu is a great helpchannel12:58
x_linkReally, of all times I asked for help here I got help12:58
om26er-!welcome | x_link12:58
ubottux_link: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:58
Xserveri end up installing ubuntu-desktop12:59
Xserverno clear howto for gnome minimal install12:59
newAlso when I tried to open my bank account using firefox the bank gave me an error said you should use IE or Netscape , the I download Netscape but I don't know how to install it :|12:59
Xservernew : IE is not supported in linux12:59
Xserveruse wine to install / emulate it12:59
llutzXserver: why gnome if you just "need" some x?12:59
nibblernew: complain to your bank!13:00
Xserverllutz : any X will do which have nxserver support13:00
nibblernew: "runs on XYZ only" was last accepted in 1990 iirc13:00
newXserver : what is the command to run wine13:00
Xservernew : install wine first13:00
Xserverapt-get install wine ...13:00
Xserverthen when you right click the IE setup .. it will ask "Open with Wine"13:01
Xserverdo it and IE will be installed13:01
nibblernew: aptitude install wine, then google for winetricks (this helps you installing a lot of stuff, like IE)13:01
llutzXserver: that doesn't depends on your WM13:01
newXserver : ok thx13:01
Xserverappz doesn't depends on WM ... it is wine emulated windows appz13:01
newnibbler : thx I'll13:01
Xserverjust need a desktop13:01
Norse_Nemodoes anyone here know if they make Ubuntu in Pashto or Dari languages?13:01
Silver_Fox_I believe my encoder problems are not rectified.  Thank you.13:02
XserverNorse_Nemo : language pack ?13:02
XserverAdminstration - Language13:03
=== Aled2_ is now known as Aled-Xubuntu
Aled-XubuntuNow this OS is fast indeed13:03
Aled-XubuntuI'm wondering if I should've installed it on my laptop as well :S13:03
Norse_NemoXserver: yeah i looked in the list of language settings but neither is in there13:03
Homely_GirlGreetings oh Brainy ones!! :D13:04
Homely_GirlAnyone know how to set up my default route to my home directory to my 2nd hdd? :)13:04
x_linkom26er__: Thanks =)13:04
Xserveryou need ubuntu-restricted-extras13:04
llutzHomely_Girl: edit /etc/fstab13:04
Xserverpashto is right there13:05
om26er__x_link, :)13:05
Homely_Girlllutz: Thanks is it self explanatory in there? :)13:05
nastashi all13:05
natarajanXorg.conf is not present in 9.10 why???13:05
llutzHomely_Girl: more or less, it has a man-page too13:05
Homely_Girlllutz: will shout if I get stuck! :)13:06
Aled-Xubuntuis there a way to make Firefox scroll if I middle-click?13:06
XserverAah.. i should put my ear buds :P13:06
XserverAled : does your OS detect middle click ?13:06
Homely_Girlllutz: it says I have no write permission....I've done chown b4...surely it'll remember I'm the boss of this pc?? :D13:07
XserverHomely_Girl : "Sudo"13:07
Norse_Nemouse sudo13:07
Homely_Girlthank you. ;)13:07
Norse_Nemoyou really shouldnt chown system fils13:07
Aled-XubuntuYes, Xserver13:07
llutzHomely_Girl: don't use chown, sudo is your friend. add something like "UUID=<your partitions uuid here> /home ext3 defaults,noatime 0 1"13:07
Aled-XubuntuIt's a feature Firefox in Windows has, which I like a lot13:07
Xserverthen middle click scrolling should work ... but i haven't really tried13:08
Xjiujiuwhat is UUID?13:08
XserverAled : Use Jerky Firefox Scrolling13:08
isolat3dsh33pAled-Xubuntu, you don't have to middle click to scroll in Firefox, just scroll the middle button. Unless you want to strict it to scroll only after middle click, I'm not sure then. :)13:08
llutzXjiujiu: Universally Unique Identifier13:09
Homely_Girlllutz: yet another error, is 2 lines too much to paste? :D13:09
floatingwhy is dillo browser not in karmic repos ? how should i install it13:09
XserverAled : about:config in FF13:09
Xserverhave a look at enable scrolling13:09
llutz!find dillo13:09
ubottuFound: libarmadillo-dev, libarmadillo-doc, libarmadillo013:09
Xserverand middlemouse content loading ...13:09
XserverErr.. i don't remember quite well13:10
Aled-Xubuntuolol it's just giving me a blank page :S13:10
isolat3dsh33pXjiujiu, an option in fstab for determining which user have access to certain partition. I don't know any details. :/13:10
Norse_Nemofloating: you can download the ubuntu deb at their site13:10
llutzisolat3dsh33p: wrong13:10
floatingNorse_Nemo: ok  ic13:10
Norse_Nemofloating: simply double click it or use dpkg to install13:11
isolat3dsh33pllutz, correct me please :)13:11
XserverAled : should work13:11
xopahHi guys I have problems with my wlan card and to connect to my own network. (multiple SSID on a ASUS WL-500W) from Ubuntu 9.10 on a HP 5101 (eth1: Broadcom BCM4353 802.11 Wireless Controller It does work (often) to connect to other networks and very seldom at my own network. If it is able to connect it is very slow and drops the connection after a short while. Im now on the system online via Ethernet cable im great full13:11
xopah for any help.13:11
^cicciuzzo^Un Saluto a tutti «  #ubuntu » [Þrison-ßreak][§cript]       13:11
llutzisolat3dsh33p: Xjiujiu http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universally_Unique_Identifier13:11
Xservershould bring the FF config13:11
wirawanapplication chat what is good?13:11
llutz!pm > Homely_Girl13:11
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »13:11
ubottuHomely_Girl, please see my private message13:11
isolat3dsh33pllutz, thanks :)13:11
wirawanbecause my pidgin not use connect to server?13:11
nastasxopah: paste in the pastebin the output of lspci -vv13:11
isolat3dsh33pdamn, I'm awfully wrong :(13:12
Daughainllutz; How do I start my bootp wrapper from term?13:12
natarajanIn My system xorg.conf file is not  found how to get??13:12
llutzDaughain: sudo /etc/init.d/yourwrapper start13:12
DaughainStart.....That was what I was missing.... =)13:12
natarajanI am using  Ubuntu 9.1013:12
isolat3dsh33pnatarajan, none ins /etc/X11/?13:13
The_ManU_212hi my system hangs, when killing, exiting, stopping X, only ssh login can help: http://pastebin.com/m709e029713:13