linitrofeOne of my computers is not syncing with ubuntu one. How can I proceed?02:10
linitrofeThis one was the "protocol version error"02:22
linitrofefixed deleting ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf file02:22
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Nik1hello! can someone please help me with a problem i've got with ubuntuone? there seems to be some problem synching files from my local folder to the online storage space and vice versa. thank you :)16:12
PerJWhat does one do when the paid for account (50GB/10$) disappears and Canonical doesn't respond to support request17:46
gourgihi all , i'm seeing a "Something has gone wrong (500) Server Error" when trying to view my contacts from the webUI. is this a known bug? verterok ?18:21
PerJ_Canonical did not withdraw payment for my 50GB account on the 19th og December, the account was closed/terminated whatever on the 23. and Canonical Support does not respond, what do I do ?19:30

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