Sysicrap, again this happens00:00
Sysi(sorry for language)00:00
knomeSysi, lol. and you also typoed :P00:30
Sysii meant to say it like that00:31
knomereminds me of jussi01 saying things in finnish00:33
* knome hides00:33
jarnosQuestion about UI colors in Karmic: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8638829#post863882900:38
subspiderhello everybody02:35
subspiderhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=297676 i tryed these but now my amsn doesn't work02:36
subspiderhow can is fix it02:36
psycho_oreosrun amsn through terminal and see if there's any error messages02:41
psycho_oreosand you're not being clear, which version is yours02:42
subspiderpsycho_oreos, it gives me these error Application initialization failed: Can't find a usable tk.tcl in the following directories:02:44
subspider    /usr/local/lib/tcl8.5/tk8.5 /usr/local/lib/tk8.5 /usr/lib/tk8.5 /usr/local/library02:44
psycho_oreoswhich version is your distro02:45
subspiderof xubuntu02:45
psycho_oreosof the one you're currently running for amsn02:45
psycho_oreosthat's not the distro version02:47
subspideri tryed to reinstall02:47
* psycho_oreos waits02:47
psycho_oreosI'm after the distro version of your currently running linux distro which is the one that you want to run amsn on02:47
psycho_oreosits a simple question02:47
psycho_oreosdon't confuse the matter02:48
subspiderok man but i do i know that02:48
subspideris there a comand for that02:48
psycho_oreoslsb_release -c02:49
psycho_oreosand you do realise that thread is not for karmic?02:50
subspideryes i do02:51
subspiderbut i want to fix02:51
psycho_oreosand this is why you borked up your msn02:51
subspidercan you help me02:51
psycho_oreosthis might help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131542602:54
subspiderno i can't fix it03:10
craigbass1976How do I shut sounds off in xubuntu?  Not all sound, just some event sounds.  I can't find anything.03:11
subspidercan someone help me please03:24
craigbass1976what od you need?03:24
subspideramsn is broken how can i fix it03:24
craigbass1976What broke?03:25
subspideramsn the program you know what is that03:27
subspiderit's broken03:27
subspideri want to fix dependencies and install the program03:28
craigbass1976Did it ever work?  How did you install it in the first place?03:28
subspiderbut i tryed to make these03:30
subspiderand it broken my amsn03:30
craigbass1976I've never tried what's on that post.  I can't help.03:39
subspideri know how to mage i solved it03:56
subspiderit's easy03:56
subspideri will make topic on my blog03:56
steven__hello.  i am running xubuntu and i am having a hard time installing flash player04:02
subspiderit's simple04:03
steven__go ahead listenting04:03
subspidersteven__, wait04:03
steven__i am using a imac 600 mhz G304:03
steven__crt model04:03
subspiderok no problem04:05
steven__still here04:06
subspidersteven__, press alt +f204:06
subspidersteven__, type console04:06
subspiderpresse enter04:07
subspiderthen  in console type : sudo apt-get install flashpulgin-installer04:07
steven__ok.. old on i will try04:08
steven__hold on04:08
subspideri' here04:08
steven__ sudo apt-get install flashpulgin-installer04:09
steven__it said it couldn't find package flashplugin-installer04:10
steven__i couldn't open console. i had to open a terminal04:10
subspiderok ok04:10
steven__ok thanks04:11
steven__The command "console" failed to run:04:12
steven__thats what i got when i hit alt and f204:12
steven__and then typed console04:12
steven__Failed to execute child process "console" (No such file or directory)04:12
steven__but there is a box for run in terminal04:13
steven__i hit that and a terminal opened04:13
subspiderpress alt +f204:14
subspidertype synaptic04:14
steven__it says starting w/o administrative privilges04:14
steven__ok it is open04:15
subspiderthen try to search04:15
steven__ok hold on04:15
subspiderinstal the one that is free ok04:15
subspiderthats all04:15
steven__there is no flashplugin-installer on this xbuntu. i know they have it on ubuntu04:17
subspideri have xubuntu04:18
subspiderand i have it04:18
subspiderwhat is your version04:18
steven__you found flashplugin-installer in the synaptic package manager?04:18
subspidertype these in console lsb_release -c04:19
subspideryes i did04:19
steven__console doesn't open.. terminal does though04:19
subspiderin terminal type lsb_release -c04:20
subspidertry that04:21
subspideri have mine olling with that04:22
subspidersteven__, sorry you right04:24
subspiderit's not on yours04:24
subspiderdo these04:24
subspiderand you will get it it's really easy04:24
sparvinHello, everybody.04:26
sparvinI was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to allow me to pick at their brains for a little bit?04:27
steven__back. i have  2 year old running around..04:29
steven__is erolupin a link?04:29
EroLupinam i a link?04:31
EroLupinWhen my son types on our laptop, he constantly hits the touchpad...04:33
EroLupinI tried downloading gsynaptics, but it gives me some error.04:34
EroLupinany suggestions?04:34
sparvinI'm trying to install 9.10 alongside windoze as a test.  The install inside windoze took over an hour (it was stuck mostly on "making virtual disks").  It got past that, and during the reboot, it seems to be hanging on the "Completing the Ubuntu installation." screen.04:41
sparvinThis is an ancient hard drive, so if that's the problem, I'm more than willing to ditch it.04:42
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pteagueno cups-pdf in koala?07:02
DaughainCan anyone tell me where I might find a install resource I can use for a sstem w/o removable ,media?07:52
_Pete_see this07:53
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:53
DaughainI thought I mentioned NO removable media.08:06
nigel_nbDaughain, network install?08:07
DaughainNope, screwed up XP install wont connect with mylinux network. I can manage inet, and thats it.=(08:07
DaughainNOt even sure I have a man option on the mobo, for that matter.08:08
gnomadi just installed xub and am having trouble booting dual booting with xp. when i select xp from the  list all i get is: GRUB_ .. does anyone know of a fix? ive never had trouble with grub legacy / other distros...09:12
hatake_kakashignomad, ouyes from the other channel typed out some pointers09:13
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faheem_Hello i'm using xubuntu but having a problem concerning screen size, i cant seem to see the bottom panel im thinking the screen resolution is perhaps too high can anyone help me12:56
z0manHey Xubuntu ppl, I have been using Xubuntu on my nice slow laptop and I have bumped into a problem with Konversation.13:12
z0mansorry Konquorer13:12
z0manAutomatic thought typin13:12
z0mananyway... The FTP system on Konqueror works in Ubuntu but not in Xubuntu13:12
z0manAny help much appreciated :)13:12
lukinforethere is an option to start some kde jobs13:13
lukinforemb it could help13:13
z0manWhen you install Konqueror and Konversation.... There is settings... Can't be a passive thing13:14
lukinforexfce option13:14
z0manIt has permission denied for my FTP access see.13:14
* z0man looks in xfce options13:15
lukinforesesssions & startup13:15
lukinfore //additionsl13:15
lukinforeif right translated13:15
z0manAhh I see this ....13:15
z0man"Launch KDE Services on startup13:16
z0manfor compatibility13:16
z0manshould i tick that?13:16
lukinforeu can try13:16
lukinforethen restart session13:16
z0manBy gully I think I will :)13:16
* z0man pats Lukinfore on the back13:16
crowHi, i have POV ION-330-1 board and when i boot kernel .31; 32 i always get this in dmesg/syslog http://paste.debian.net/56206/ , in .32 which i use is patch from here included http://bugzilla.kernel.org/attachment.cgi?id=16058 any suggestion on this13:17
z0mani r will blog this :)13:17
z0manerr is restarting xfce similar to gdm?13:18
z0manthink ill just restart :)13:19
z0manI'll love u lukinfore if this works13:23
lukinforedoes it?13:23
lukinforelove is too much13:23
z0mani love u lukinfore ^^13:24
z0manI have this problem for like days13:24
z0manand thought KDE just naturally worked like in Gnome13:24
z0manAnd you resolved this issue in seconds!13:25
z0manthank you sooo soo much {{{{{lukinfore}}}}}13:25
z0manNow I can do my web development at my parents house... on this relic IBM thinkpad13:25
* lukinfore glad to be helpful13:26
z0manthink ill put a mental note in my blog to concrete this new found setting13:26
faheem_Hello i'm using xubuntu but having a problem concerning screen size, i cant seem to see the bottom panel im thinking the screen resolution is perhaps too high can anyone help me13:36
vinnlfaheem_, have you tried the buttons on your monitor?13:37
faheem_its a lapop...13:37
faheem_no buttons on the monitor lol13:37
vinnlWell, have you tried the buttons on the laptop?13:37
vinnlThat edit the display settings?13:37
faheem_yeah i have...13:37
faheem_not really helping13:38
faheem_im wondering if theirs a way13:38
faheem_to edit the resolution13:38
vinnlYes, but that isn't the problem I think13:38
vinnlIf there is a bottom panel it should be at the bottom of your screen regardless of resolution13:38
vinnlHave you tried adding a new panel and moving it to the bottom?13:39
faheem_i dont see the right end of the top panel either :)13:39
faheem_so i can only guess13:39
vinnlHmm :S13:39
faheem_that the screen settings is to big to see the bottom and left end13:39
vinnlI believe you have to go to Applications->Settings->Display13:39
faheem_i dont see any display option13:40
vinnlHmm, and if you open the Settings Manager?13:40
faheem_closest thing to it is settings manager13:40
vinnlOpen that and click Display there13:40
faheem_it only has gamma correction13:41
faheem_i've been here before..13:41
faheem_and a check box stating "sync sliders"13:41
faheem_under resoluton13:41
vinnlWhich version of Xubuntu are you using?13:41
faheem_it has the option default13:42
faheem_not sure..13:42
faheem_Xfce 413:42
faheem_is all i can figure lol13:42
vinnlYou can check under Applications->System->System Monitor13:42
vinnlAnd then the System tab13:43
faheem_wait a sec13:43
vinnlThere you should see Release x.xx (<codename>)13:43
faheem_no systems tab...13:44
faheem_only a process able13:44
vinnlOn top of the window13:44
faheem_and sensor load13:44
vinnlOh, hmm13:44
vinnlCould you open Applications->Accessories->Terminal then?13:44
faheem_sorry im making this hard13:44
faheem_yeah i can do that :)13:45
vinnlI suspect you're running a very old release13:45
faheem_ok terminal is open13:45
vinnlOK, can you type "lsb_release -a"?13:46
vinnlThen press Enter and tell us what it says after Release13:46
faheem_No LSB modules are available.13:46
faheem_Distributor ID:Ubuntu13:46
faheem_Description:Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS13:46
vinnlHmm OK13:46
vinnlAnd did you do something special before half the screen disappeared?13:47
faheem_no.. its been like this since installation :)13:47
faheem_im running it on a.. old laptop13:47
vinnlWhen did you install it?13:47
faheem_ab 2 weeks back13:47
vinnlHmm, OK13:48
faheem_but i figured i could fnd a way to fix it13:48
faheem_been tougher than i thought13:48
vinnlYeah I suppose it could be fixed, it's just that someone needs to drop by that knows how to ;-)13:48
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution13:48
faheem_yeah.. xorg.conf13:48
vinnlfaheem_, OK, perhaps you can check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution13:48
faheem_i have been reading alot abt it13:48
faheem_ok thanks :)13:49
faheem_u been a great help13:49
vinnlOh, and what also could help is trying Applications->System->Hardware Drivers (or Restricted Drivers)13:49
faheem_dont think so.. i dont have a graphics card or anythiing of the sort on something this old lol13:50
vinnlThere probably is some sort of graphics card in there, and the chance is big that there are better vendor drivers13:51
vinnlNever hurts to try ;-)13:51
faheem__sorry dc vinnl13:54
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution13:56
garythisure is quiet in here...69 people too...8-)14:29
Sysixubuntu don't have problems :)14:38
TheSheepI actually have some, but I don't think anybody will be able to help.15:17
vinnlSucks :S15:19
TheSheepfor example this one: after waking up from suspend my laptop (with an intel graphics card) often doesn't turn the backlight on, and the brightness keys of course don't work since karmic, so I have to suspend it again and wake up again until I hit it15:21
TheSheepany takers? :)15:21
vinnlDamn, nope, no laptop ;-)15:22
TheSheepI knew it.15:22
garythitried many distros lately, and i wanted to mention how much i like this one! (been using it exclusively for a week now) maybe this is finally the end of windows for me :)15:32
_Pete_garythi: so what was the final nail for that decicion?15:34
vinnlNice :)15:35
garythifed up with microsoft15:35
garythifeels so much freer here15:36
TheSheepnope, you will still be fed up with intel, nvidia, adobe and sun15:37
TheSheeptheir software is horrible and you are pretty much forced to use it15:37
Sysiintel used to work :/15:37
TheSheepnew kernel, new problems15:38
TheSheepthat's how it works with binary blobs15:38
garythialso the new win7 explorer.exe was crashing on right clicks....got tired of being their beta tester (without my permission)15:38
TheSheepbetter be our beta tester *with* your permission ;)15:39
Sysibetter when they actually fix bugs15:40
TheSheepspeaking of which, if you use chromium, don't update today15:40
vinnlTheSheep, oops I just did, why?15:40
TheSheepvinnl: takes 100% cpu for a couple of seconds each time you open a new tab15:40
TheSheepvinnl: but maybe it's again my intel driver...15:41
* vinnl is trying it out15:41
TheSheepI feel so tired, each time I upgrade I tell myself that it's the last time, and each time I finally break my word and regret15:42
vinnlIt only start a bit slow for me, but new tabs are working fine :)15:42
vinnlHaha :P15:42
TheSheepplus, they broke my laptop's sound during warranty repair of the lcd...15:43
TheSheepI can send it for repair again, but that means weeks without a computer15:44
TheSheeplife sucks15:44
vinnlCould be worse15:45
TheSheepplus, I looked at sony vaio p, and it looks so cool, but of course the hardware is not supported on linux15:45
TheSheepstupid intel again15:45
Sysiyou talked about nolife earlier :P15:45
TheSheepI don't know what I'ddo if I had to deal with microsoft on top of that15:48
_Pete_I think where $soft is needed is for games15:50
_Pete_that is sad true15:50
TheSheep_Pete_: bullshit, consoles are much better for that15:50
TheSheep_Pete_: and console emulators on linux :315:50
_Pete_no they arent15:50
_Pete_for everygame15:50
garythigaming on linux is getting better though...slowly15:50
TheSheepI don't play every game15:50
_Pete_fact is that for PC(windows) new more powerfull hw is coming up allthe time15:51
_Pete_consoles are stick to that what they had when launched15:51
TheSheepand how is that related to the fun you get from playing a game?15:51
_Pete_not to mention playing FPS game with pasd15:52
TheSheepconsole games are designed for their particular hardware, never too slow15:52
_Pete_yes and for cost15:52
TheSheepleave fps for teenagers15:52
_Pete_I do not15:52
_Pete_no I leave it for my linux15:53
* TheSheep shrugs and goes to play rogue15:53
Sysii'm teenager15:53
Sysii don't play anything15:53
_Pete_then you are gay or nerd or both15:54
_Pete_... stupid "joke"15:54
vinnlTheSheep has never been a teenager, he was born a grownup ;-)15:54
Sysior he never grow up :D15:55
_Pete_TheSheep: but even with ps3/xbox they are getting trouble getting games work flawlessly in fullhd15:56
_Pete_which highend pc's do very easily15:56
TheSheep_Pete_: dunno, I'm a nintendo fanboy :)15:56
_Pete_then you like supertux2 ?15:57
_Pete_which is excellent copy of mario15:58
_Pete_which is good copy of giana sisters15:58
TheSheepnever tried it, but I like the giana sisters ds15:58
_Pete_but for top end pc gaming you need like this: http://www.jimmspc.fi/tuote/JIMM-PG-295%2BNV3D16:00
_Pete_or something better16:00
TheSheepI never play the top games, I always wait 3 or 4 ears, they are still as fun as they were, but cost almost nothing and run on every hardware available16:01
pteagueanybody know why i might be having issues with certain buttons in eclipse? i'm wondering if i'm missing a gtk &/or java library...  i was stupid & updated to koala & the latest eclipse without bothering to test something that was working first17:01
vinnlWhat issues do you have?17:02
Ov3rf10w[18:01:38] <pteague> anybody know why i might be having issues with certain buttons in eclipse?17:03
vinnlYeah, so...What issues?17:04
Ov3rf10wpteague: ?17:05
pteagueclicking certain buttons in certain popup windows it ends up not completely registering the click17:05
vinnlAnd only in Eclipse?17:05
pteaguei.e. it does the button down, but doesn't register the button up & so therefore doesn't allow me to actually click the button17:06
pteagueyeah, i noticed it when trying to install some packages... i clicked the next button & waited & nothing... kept clicking it & even tried to right click on it17:07
vinnlIf it's only in Eclipse then it's probably an Eclipse bug (also try other Java applications if you have them). I'd report it by running "ubuntu-bug eclipse"17:07
pteagueit consistently happens on the install new software popup window & the new project wizard popup windows so far17:07
pteagueah, found libswt-gtk-3.5-java ... let me see if that helps17:08
pteagueheh, nope... doesn't seem to help... ok, i wasn't sure if this might be an issue with koala... i'll check #eclipse & see if anybody else has run into the same issue17:10
sparvinHello, is anyone around today?17:24
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?17:25
sparvin2 reasons.  First, I did that last night and got no answer, and second, I thought that might've been rude.17:26
TheSheepno worries17:26
TheSheepand you probably got no answer because you stayed too short17:26
charlie-tcaSometimes no one has an anwser, too17:27
TheSheepyeah, existential questions are tricky17:27
vinnlSpeaking of which, does anyone know the answer to life, the universe and everything?17:28
sparvinI thought of those.  I hung around for at least a half hour, I think.  I'm a newbie to Linux, but not to IRC.  :)17:28
TheSheepvinnl: 4217:28
vinnlSee, even existential questions are not that difficult ;-)17:28
* TheSheep falls asleep17:29
vinnlAnyway, what is your question? ;-)17:30
TheSheepgive him some time17:30
sparvinOk, so, I'm trying to install xubuntu next to windoze, and it takes about an hour to complete.  Is that normal?17:30
TheSheepif it has to resize the windows partition, it can take even more17:30
sparvinI was installing in windoze.  It hung on "Creating virtual disks".17:31
vinnlI'm off, later17:32
TheSheepyou used wubi?17:32
sparvinMy hope was to get into xubuntu and resize the partition with gparted, then install from there.17:32
sparvinYes, I used wubi.17:33
TheSheepyou can run gparted from a livecd, btw17:33
sparvinOddly enough, my daughter's favorite blanket is named "wubi".17:33
TheSheepno experience with wubi on my part, sorry17:33
charlie-tcawubi installs inside windows, so it has to resize to install xubuntu17:34
sparvinI tried to use the livecd, but that didn't work, so I tried wubi.17:34
TheSheepcharlie-tca: as far as I know it just creates a file in the windows filesystem and treats it as a virtual disk17:34
charlie-tcaWubi should make xubuntu a windows program, more or less. It should be in Add/Remove programs so you can remove it there17:34
TheSheep!doesn't work17:34
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.17:34
LetsGo67How do I watch TV using my TV Tuner Card in Ubuntu?17:35
ubottumythtv is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV - For discussion and specific support, try #ubuntu-mythtv17:35
LetsGo67charlie-tca then what?17:35
ubottuletsgo67: http://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), Kaffeine, kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Me-TV (GNOME), Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out17:35
charlie-tcaI would click the help links, and see17:35
charlie-tcaThen I would try For discussion and specific support, try #ubuntu-mythtv17:36
charlie-tcawhere they know about such things17:36
LetsGo67Using S-Video?17:36
sparvinWell, it does tend to sit on my desk all day.17:36
sparvinFirst attempt at using livecd on another machine turned off the monitor then locked up after the initial screen asking if I wanted to run livecd or install from cd.17:38
sparvin2nd attempt from this particular machine gave a similar respopnse.  I reburned the cd and windfoze wouldn't recognize the newly burned disk, so I downloaded again and reburned.  Windozw regignizes the disk and can run wubi, but when I reboot with cd in the drive, it goes str8 to windoze.17:40
TheSheepthe cd has an option for checking it for defects17:41
sparvinOk, so if I can get it to boot, I can have it check itself before livecd or installing?17:41
TheSheepyou can also check the downloaded image17:41
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:41
sparvinOk, thank you.17:42
TheSheepalso, make sure you have booting from cd enabled in bios17:42
TheSheepbut you probably know that17:42
sparvinThe next step I was thinking would be to use another livecd (Puppy and Knoppix work fine), use gparted, and then install from livecd.  Does that sound plausible?17:44
TheSheepyou still need to boot the livecd to install from it17:44
sparvinYes, I do know that, and have it set, but it's always a good idea to bring that up (especially for me).17:44
sparvinYes.  I got that screen up before, so I'17:45
sparvinm fairly confident I can get there again (eventually)17:45
TheSheepif you get the livecd to run the installer, it runs gparted as one of its steps, I think you can resize there17:47
sparvinCool.  I did not know that.17:48
TheSheepdo make a backup of important data before that17:49
charlie-tcaCould download the alternate cd and use it, too17:50
charlie-tcabut I don't know what that does with windows17:50
sparvinAlready done.  :)  Nothing left on there I can't replace.17:50
TheSheepcharlie-tca: I don't think the alternate cd can resize ntfs partitions17:51
charlie-tcaI don't know, myself17:51
sparvinOnly thing left is that I seem to have ran out of blank cd's.17:51
sparvinThank you for the help.  I will keep plugging away.17:58
sparvinOk, I got it to boot from cd.  It locks when I try to run livecd and when I try to get it to check itself (md5 did check out).  So, I think I can assume that I've got some piece of hardware that it doesn't like.18:26
cody-somervilleor maybe18:28
cody-somervilleyou say all the md5sums do match?18:28
sparvinMaybe sounds better.18:28
shamimzakiHi, I have installed xfce using "aptitude install xfce4 xfc4-goodies" on a command line xubuntu installation. icons are missing on menus and taskbar. any help ?18:36
cody-somervilleyou probably need tango icons18:37
shamimzakicody-somerville: let me try18:40
steven__hi out there.. does anyone know how to increase the colors.  right now it is very low.. i am on xubuntu19:24
steven__<running xubuntu on a iMac 600 mhz, G3, Crt.. I installed but the colors need to be increased19:25
steven__right now i have 256 colors.. how do u increase it on xubuntu19:36
sparvinI tried using the livecd with a boot parameter of BOOT_DEBUG=2, and still all I have is a flashing cursor.  I also tried it with fb=false.  Does anyone have any other suggestions, please?19:38
charlie-tcabefore starting, hit F4 and choose safe graphics mode19:39
sparvinI did that before with the same reults.19:40
sparvinNo, wait, I just got something.19:43
sparvinI removed "quiet" and replaced that with "BOOT_DEBUG=2 fb=false" and it looks like I have something to work with.19:44
becker_112 questions if I may 1st I've just switched to xubuntu and I'm missing the windoze screen lock winkey + L feature which I use to lock my pc when I walk away from it19:46
becker_11How can I get this feature again ??19:46
Sysictrl + alt + del19:47
Sysidoes same thing19:47
Sysior you can change hotkeys in settings19:47
becker_11Sysi, just tried that and it worked a treat thankyou19:47
becker_112ndly I installed ubuntu and then removed gnome fully after trying xfce but now I have the gnome volume control on my panel and no way to remove it .... it doesn't have the optiion in the right click menu any ideas??19:49
charlie-tcaIt may still have gnome-alsamixer installed; you would need to remove that to remove the gnome volume control19:50
Sysibecker_11: kill the process in system monitor19:51
becker_11charlie-tca,  when I try to run sound prefs it says failed to start child process gnome-volume-control file missing19:51
becker_11Sysi, I killed the process but strangely now the system monitor refuses to close.... weird!19:54
sparvinIt seems to be choking on a scsi device.  There is none in here that I'm aware of.  Is there a boot param so it won't check for scsi devices?  I didn't find one in the docs.19:54
becker_11Ok I seem to remember a way to kill a process through the terminal if you have the process id I've just checked and sys monitor is 5150 could someone please tell me the command to use ??19:56
raevolhey all, where is the meeting going to be held?19:57
knomeraevol, #ubuntu-meeting19:57
charlie-tcabecker_11: sudo kill 515019:57
raevolknome: thanks19:57
knomeXubuntu Team meeting in 3 minutes in #ubuntu-meeting!19:57
becker_11charlie-tca,  thanks19:57
charlie-tcano problem19:57
Sysiknome: everyone are welcome?19:58
charlie-tcayes, Sysi19:59
Sysieho cares :P19:59
becker_11I've been a windoze user all my life but I've got a mate who's a linux convert so when I bought my 9in Eeepc I dumped windows fdr UNR and loved it and now I've gone the xubuntu route on my desktop pc as well ....20:00
becker_11and Haven't looked back20:00
charlie-tcaGreat! Welcome to the group20:01
becker_11Cool I'm subed to the xubuntu mailing list. I'm off to watch a movie. Thanks everyone20:11
steven__does anyone know how to increase the colors from 256 to 16 . i am on xubuntu 600 mhz imac, crt G320:25
charlie-tcasteven__: you may have to try #ubuntu-powerpc or #ubuntu-ppc20:26
charlie-tcathey might have more knowledge of imac then us20:26
steven__i am  having a hard time.. after installing xubuntu, it has 256 colors as default, and i don't see any type of change in the settings20:27
charlie-tcaI don't know how to change it20:27
steven__when i had mac software, 10.4.1, the colors were fine20:28
charlie-tcaBut those channels on IRC have the powerpc/g3 people20:28
steven__ok.. let me look20:28
heroidhey guys please help me i have  Problems mounting a nokia 6233 phone with cable  My brothers phone's memory card gets mounted in gNewSense but not in xubuntu 9.04 nor in 9.10 any help, it shows up in lsusb as Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0421:0492 Nokia Mobile Phones22:05
highvoltagewill there be notes from tonight's meeting? I had a family matter that I had to tend to22:24
charlie-tcaThere should be, posted on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings22:27
knomei will post them once the meeting ends first.22:29
simple_what about xubuntu lucid22:36
simple_im downloading now22:37
simple_is it stable22:37
TheSheepsimple_: it will be stable in April22:46
TheSheepsimple_: at the end of it22:46
knomethe minutes, agenda and logs are up at the wiki.23:05
knome(the xubuntu team meeting)23:06
simple_TheSheep, can u help me23:33
simple_how can i install xmms on xubuntu23:33
TheSheepsimple_: xmms is not continued anymore, use audacious instead23:36
TheSheep!info audacious23:36
ubottuaudacious (source: audacious): small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 886 kB, installed size 3264 kB23:36
balvonasaudacious is crap23:38
garythi1!info xmms223:38
ubottuxmms2 (source: xmms2): Client/server based media player system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6DrMattDestruction-5ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 75 kB, installed size 120 kB23:38
balvonasxmms2 is crap without GUI23:38
TheSheepbalvonas: do you have anything to say?23:39
balvonasTheSheep: yes, i have23:39
balvonasexaile is not bad23:39
garythi1my fave so far23:40
* TheSheep likes quodlibet23:40
TheSheepmpd with a good client is nice too23:40
garythi1being new i'm interested in this conversation23:41
garythi1any others?23:41
knomebanshee is also an option23:41
balvonasyouki is nice too23:41
knomeand rhythmbox23:41
balvonasdecibel is usable23:42
simple_i like exaile and rythymbox but i wonder how xmms223:42
TheSheepxmms2 is something like mpd23:42
TheSheepa daemon23:42
balvonassimple_: xmms2 have nothing in common with xmms23:42
simple_i will install lucid now, and i will add this options to my favourite programm list :)23:45
balvonaswhat is the point of installing unstable version?23:49
simple_i cant add terminal shortcut to the desktop23:49
simple_i cant add anything else23:49
simple_i cant move icons on start bar23:50
garythi1off to check out quodlibet...thanks23:54
simple_can u add any item to the desktop ?23:56
simple_a shortcut23:57

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