Ahmuckstgraber: shouldn't the edubuntu cd focus on "classroom managment, server, etc." rather than apps?  or split into a different cd?03:54
Ahmucki can't help but notice that edubuntu is a collection of apps03:54
stgraberAhmuck: well, I guess it must be both, we need more apps and we need tools to make them easy to access. That's why the focus for Lucid is to make Edubuntu more user friendly, get rid of old things that are getting harder and harder to maintain, get more apps and get the tools to manage them (menu editor, profiles, sabayon, italc and LTSP directly from the LiveCD)04:09
Ahmuckneat, i'm looking foward to see what lucid brings04:11
stgraberme too, so far we are doing quite well, having a lot more hands than previous releases make it easier too ;)04:12
Ahmuckwhere did the hands get picked up?04:15
stgrabermostly existing hands though with a bit more time available, highvoltage, mgariepy and I all work for the same company and have some company time to work on Edubuntu. sbalneav is spending a lot of time improving LTSP and sabayon.04:16
stgraberwe also recontacted or got contacted again by previous contributors like madsrh for the artwork, hedgemage for the website, ..04:17
stgraberand with more regular meetings we also had a few more to show up04:17
alkisghighvoltage, about LP #504678, I don't think that 010-fat-client should mount /proc at all - it's already mounted by 010-mount-proc. I think It just needs to run a little later...07:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504678 in ltsp "010-fat-client fails to squashfs the image because proc is still mounted" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50467807:39
highvoltagealkisg: good point10:29
alkisghighvoltage: I attached this to the bug report, it should work... http://launchpadlibrarian.net/37767964/030-fat-client10:30
alkisghighvoltage: I think the description of the 2 options isn't clear, maybe it should be rephrased to reflect that the second form takes the desktop as a parameter, while the first does autodetection10:31
alkisgHeh, LTSP_FATCLIENT=True can also be used for troubleshooting, as it invokes an xterm in thin chroots ;) :D11:13
highvoltagealkisg: what's the difference between using bridging and bonding to combine ethernet cards?11:27
alkisgTrying to run googleearth in a fat client, I'm getting: "Warning: Unable to create symlink for lock '/home/test/.googleearth/instance-running-lock'. Operation not permitted.11:27
alkisghighvoltage: afaik bridging is to merge different networks, bonding is to make many cards function like one on the *same* network11:29
* stgraber waves13:19
sbalneavMorning All13:19
sbalneavEdubuntu Bug Day begins13:19
stgraberalkisg: that's a limitation of sshfs, you can't create a lock file on it13:20
alkisgstgraber: ugh... I saw it working as a regular thin client, and I thought sshfs was not to blame, but I forgot that regular thin clients don't use localapps :(13:21
alkisgsbalneav: good morning - I guess it'll be a big day today :) I'll be around if I can help anywhere...13:21
stgraberright, it'd probably have failed just has well as localapp13:22
alkisgHmmm I wonder if we can make an nfs /home plugin :)13:22
sbalneavalkisg: Well, we probably could13:22
stgraberyou really don't want that ;)13:23
stgraberas anyone on the network will be able to access and change your files13:23
stgraberthat's unfortunately one of the "small" issues with NFS ;)13:23
sbalneavThat's why we try to avoid it.13:26
dgroosGood Morning13:34
sbalneavMorning dgroos13:36
dgroosSo I saw that it was warmer in Winnipeg than Minneapolis by several degrees a couple of days ago--strange!13:39
highvoltagemorning dgroos and sbalneav!13:39
highvoltageand morning stgraber13:39
dgroosGood afternoon highvoltage!13:40
highvoltageyay someone in a sane timezone!13:40
* highvoltage hugs dgroos 13:40
highvoltage(and hopes someone from the other timezones don't throw me with something)13:40
dgroosAnd I guess it's quite a bit warmer in the middle of summer than here in the middle of winter...13:40
highvoltage27C atm13:40
dgroosAs a sci teacher I get a kick out of those things :)13:41
sbalneav-9 here atm13:42
dgrooshighvoltage: actually I'm in the same time zone as sbalneav, it's 7:41 AM but I was trying to be multi-temporal.  Or something. :)13:42
highvoltagewell you do a good job at it :)13:43
highvoltageshall we use a wiki page to list progress and things that happened during the day?13:43
sbalneavAs per internet RFC 6303634, "Standardized IRC greetings", ans I quote...13:43
highvoltageor would gobby perhaps work better?13:43
highvoltagehmm!? I can't find RFC 6303634!13:44
sbalneav"One SHOULD use the temporal greeting appropriate for $LOCALTIME, and assume time_zone_convert() will translate for other IRC users" :)13:44
highvoltagesbalneav isn't copying and pasting it he's making it up! the emporor has no clothes!13:44
highvoltagesbalneav: hmm, that makes sense13:44
* sbalneav makes a fake RFC joke13:45
highvoltageok since there's no comment on gobby vs wiki I think gobby is probably the best to use13:46
highvoltage(and then later move it to a wiki page)13:46
* sbalneav likes gobby13:47
highvoltageserver gobby.ubuntu.com, document: edubuntu-bug-day-2010-01-1213:47
sbalneavBug #48570913:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 485709 in mountall "/etc/init/mountall.conf fails when root is mounted using NFS instead of NBD" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48570913:50
sbalneavThere's a few bugs in the gobby13:57
sbalneavthey're all LTSP related13:57
* stgraber rsyncs current Edubuntu live13:57
sbalneavInteresting that all the bugs anyone pointed out were ltsp bugs, guess no-one's gotten any application issues they're worried about13:58
stgraberI'd suggest we have some people download the current Edubuntu DVD image and list all the bugs they find in the gobby document, it should make it easier to make sure it's not already reported and we can then spot what's edubuntu-specific and what's not13:58
stgrabercurrent best working Edubuntu image is the i38613:59
sbalneavSo, my desktop's a karmic box, and I run edubuntu in virtualbox.  I'm wondering if I should take an hour or two and actually update my desktop to lucid.14:01
highvoltageI'm only going to do it in virtualbox myself14:01
sbalneavsorry, run edubuntu LUCID in virtualbox14:02
highvoltageI'm not too worried about grub issues, etc so much since it's common with everything else14:02
* alkisg has edubuntu lucid amd64 as the main OS in his laptop14:03
* alkisg also notes that he hates the edubuntu theme :D14:03
sbalneavmaybe I should do the upgrade today.14:03
highvoltagestgraber: I notice the ubuntu iso testing is open on the qa tracker but edubuntu isn't: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/edubuntu/all14:03
highvoltagestgraber: do we want to test it for alpha2 today, or can we only do that tomorrow?14:03
stgraberhighvoltage: I'll poke the release team about it14:04
sbalneavok, once the iso finishes downloading, I'll install.14:10
alkisgBtw, for anyone trying lucid: updates today breaked X for a lot of users. If that happens to you, try apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core.14:16
=== highvoltage changed the topic of #edubuntu to: It's Edubuntu Bug Day Today! Gobby document edubuntu-bug-day-2010-01-12 on gobby.ubuntu.com | Edubuntu - the education version of Ubuntu | http://www.edubuntu.org | wiki: http://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu | 9.10 is released!, see http://www.edubuntu.org/news/9.10-release | Help out with bugs: http://tinyurl.com/EduBugs | LTSP questions? try #ltsp
alkisgOK I'll be the first to ask for help on a bug: LP #49194014:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 491940 in gnome-session "Patch for LTSP clients to properly reboot/shutdown" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49194014:28
alkisgI think if some Ubuntu or/and LTSP developers (other than myself, who reported the bug) posted that this actually works and it helps us, we would have it for Lucid...14:29
alkisgThe maintainer was just looking for confirmation the last time I spoke to him14:30
sbalneavk, we'll get that one today as well14:32
sbalneavdvd down, burning14:36
highvoltagesurely this can be closed as well? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/edubuntu-artwork/+bug/26985314:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269853 in edubuntu-artwork "Human List Login User List is now empty after Edubuntu add-on to Ubuntu" [Wishlist,Triaged]14:41
highvoltage(I went ahead and did so anyway)14:43
highvoltagetotal size is 3290357760  speedup is 5.48 yay rsync14:47
stgraberhighvoltage, sbalneav: Any preference for the time of our ldm dev discussion today ?14:55
highvoltagestgraber: I'm probably going to be away for dinner for about 20 minutes in about 20 minutes, but besides that any time is fine for me14:56
stgraberearly afternoon sounds better then (I'll be leaving in a bit over an hour14:57
highvoltageok, perfect14:58
stgrabersbalneav: Would 2pm EST be ok for you (1pm your time) ? (I'm free all afternoon, so choose whatever is best for you)14:59
sbalneavShould be fine.15:00
stgrabergood, adding that to the schedule then.15:05
alkisgstgraber: setting SSH_FOLLOW_SYMLINKS=false in lts.conf solved the googleearth's symlink problem. It's working now, but I don't have opengl acceleration, I don't know why (intel client).15:08
sbalneavstgraber: So, if we're gonna move off of port 2000, which port SHOULD we move to?15:09
alkisgHow about 9573, right after nbdswapd? Multiple ports will be needed for multiple chroots.15:09
stgrabersbalneav: no idea, issue is that NBD doesn't have any standard (as in registered) port or port range15:11
ogradont forget that you need to migrate upgraders15:11
stgraberogra: that shouldn't be an issue, lines are appended to inetd.conf only if not already defined15:12
stgraberogra: so it'll stay on tcp/2000 for old chroot and change to tcp/<whatever> for new ones15:12
ograonly if port *and* image exist in there iirc15:12
ograi might remember my crappy code wrong though :)15:12
stgraberwe should always make sure that nbdport= is always set though, just to avoid some other issues15:13
highvoltageedubuntu-docs is at version 9.0415:14
highvoltageshould I change it to 10.04 (lucid) when updating it?15:14
stgraberI'd think so (I don't know that package very well)15:18
alkisgWhy on earth would a fat client have 131 fps in glxgears, while the same client when booted as a workstation has 400 fps? Intel 945GME [8086:27ae] (rev 03)15:24
sbalneavok, backups are done, dvd's downloaded15:28
sbalneavwish me luck, loopy lemur, here I come!15:28
ograoh my, the brave15:29
highvoltagehehe :)15:41
highvoltageubiquity certainly works much much nicer at lower resolutions than it used to15:43
alkisgGrrr on the same fat client session, when I run glxgears as the local root (setting $XAUTHORITY and $DISPLAY) it runs fine. When I run it as the user that logged on the server, it runs slowly...15:44
highvoltagealkisg: that's to be expected isn't it?15:44
alkisgBoth are running locally15:45
highvoltagealkisg: ah ok, I understood it as you were running one from the server15:45
alkisghighvoltage: it greatly reduces performance. I think if we find the cause of it, fat clients will be a big success...15:46
alkisgAnother symptom is that googleearth complains that I'm using a software gl, while when I use the same netbook as a workstation it runs fine15:47
highvoltagealkisg: what do you see when you type 'group' from a terminal as that user? at a guess it could be something as the user not being in the video group and not being able to write to certain entries under /dev15:52
alkisghighvoltage: oooops you might be right... /me looks15:52
* alkisg hugs highvoltage again :)15:54
alkisgFinally, googleearth running flowlessly on a fat client! :)15:55
alkisgThat group thing also affected ping times, e.g. on teeworlds 100 msec vs 800 msec!15:56
highvoltagealkisg: nice :)15:58
alkisgI was thinking of advicing standalone edubuntu clients for newer school labs on my Lucid manual, but now I'm sure I'll propose fat clients instead :)16:00
highvoltagestgraber: I pushed a branch for edubuntu-docs to https://code.launchpad.net/~jonathan/+junk/edubuntu-docs, last time there was a "Propose merge with branch" or something similar that I could click on to merge it again with the main branch16:04
highvoltagestgraber: did I do something wrong this time that the button isn't there?16:04
dgroosI've got a problem with some of my student's accounts--the panels are messed up... For example, both the top and bottom panels are at the top of the screen AND they are completely blank.  I can't add anything to them, either.  Any ideas?16:04
highvoltagedgroos: do they come back if you do something like press alt+f2 and typs "killall gnome-panel" ?16:06
dgrooshighvoltage: I'll see...16:06
dgroosThe screen flashed for a moment then went back to the panel-malformed screen.16:08
highvoltagedgroos: hmm, no idea what could have caused that16:09
dgrooshighvoltage: thanks for considering this problem.16:12
dgroosI've used terminal to look at the contents of their home folders side by side, also I've looked for patterns of what's in the folders of the busted accounts with what's in the folders of students with working accounts.  Haven't seen anything major yet...16:14
dgroosAny ideas for other areas to start looking for issues?16:15
alkisgdgroos: to clear ALL panel settings for the current user: gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel16:16
highvoltageyeah that's kind of last resort but probably what I'd do as well16:16
dgroospulled away by a student!  I'll give it a try soon,  thanks!16:25
sbalneavAnd back16:29
sbalneavinstallation successful, getting my system back to "where it was"16:29
dgrooshighvoltage: I typed that in and it cleared up the bad panels--they are all gone now.  I'm not sure how to create new ones.16:39
sbalneavstgraber: Is sabayon on the cd by default?16:41
sbalneavThere's no mail program installed?!16:43
highvoltagewho needs a mail client when you can have UbuntuOneMail!16:44
sbalneavI'm assuming there's just a problem with the dvd, right?  Or are you serious?16:46
highvoltageno I'm not :)16:46
highvoltageprobably just needs to be included in the seed16:46
sbalneavhighvoltage: You got a jabber id?16:47
highvoltageI guess evolution isn't tied in so closely with gnome as it used to be, so now it probably needs to be specified manually in the seeds16:47
highvoltagemaybe we can do thunderbird instead :)16:48
highvoltagesbalneav: jonathan@jabber.org16:48
sbalneavHm, I'm signed into empathy, but my user indicator doesn't seem to work16:48
sbalneavOh, I'd LOVE us to switch to thunderbird16:48
highvoltagesbalneav: who wouldn't?16:48
sbalneavk, added you, you get the message from your im client?16:49
highvoltageyep, accepted16:51
highvoltageI still prefer pidgin though16:52
mhall119|workis anyone from the edubuntu project going to be at SCaLE 8x?17:07
sbalneavmhall119|work: Not I17:10
sbalneavOk, with the exception of my broken indicator applet, things seem to be working well17:10
mhall119|workthey have an Open Source in Education focus again this year17:10
mhall119|workwas hoping someone would be there representing the project17:11
sbalneavI don't think I've even seen anyone mention Scale, and I don't even know what it is.17:11
sbalneavDid you post something on the mailing list?17:11
sbalneavstgraber: seems like evolution WAS on the disk, but was removed as part of the cleanup!?  seems kind of strange17:13
mhall119|workSouthern CAlifornia Linux Expo17:13
sbalneavmhall119|work: Then how were we supposed to know? :)17:13
mhall119|workI'd have thought word would get around17:14
mhall119|workit's one of the biggest community-driven oss events in the USA17:14
sbalneavtwo developers are in canada, one's in south africa, one's in greece...17:14
mhall119|workok, well that could be why17:14
sbalneavYou know, there's this whole big wide world outside of the US :)17:15
sbalneavIf you'd like someone there, post to the list17:15
sbalneavmaybe a loco team could have showed up.17:15
Ahmuckwhere is SCaLE 8x held at ?17:15
mhall119|worksbalneav: lies, the USA is all that matters, the TV says so17:15
mhall119|worksbalneav: the California LoCo is going to be there, they're hosting an ubucon during the event17:16
mhall119|workAhmuck: Los Angeles17:16
mhall119|worksome member of the Florida LoCo (me) will be there17:16
Ahmuckmhall119|work: u going?17:16
mhall119|workakgraner will be there17:16
mhall119|workAhmuck: yup17:16
mhall119|workwe launched Qimo there last year17:16
mhall119|workyes, flying17:16
sbalneavOh, THAT is broken17:17
highvoltageLA is like, on the other side of the planet for me... I guess I should start digging then17:17
sbalneavEven when I *install* evolution, it doesn't show up in the menus17:18
sbalneavweather's broken too, and the session-indicator-applet's borked.17:24
sbalneavstgraber: what was the package that gave me the commands like "pbuilder-karmic", etc?17:25
sbalneavOoooh, that's bad17:28
sbalneavapt-get install ltsp-server-standalone hangs at:17:28
sbalneavSetting up ldm-server (2:2.0.53-0ubuntu1) ...17:28
sbalneavroot      4235  3940  0 11:26 pts/3    00:00:00 /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 23 --configure debconf-utils dhcp3-server openbsd-inetd ldm-server tftpd-hpa nbd-server squas17:28
sbalneavroot      4362  4235  0 11:26 pts/3    00:00:00 /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/share/debconf/frontend /var/lib/dpkg/info/ldm-server.postinst configure17:28
sbalneavroot      4368  4362  0 11:26 pts/3    00:00:00 [ldm-server.post] <defunct>17:28
sbalneavroot      4392     1  0 11:26 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/inetd17:28
* Lns puts on his bugday cheerleader uniform17:30
LnsGIMME A B!17:30
Lns*hears echoing coughs in distance*17:31
sbalneavLns: I'm here :)17:32
sbalneavJust updated my main box to Loopy17:32
Lnsloopy lynx? =p17:33
Lnsis that like...halfway lucid, halfway intoxicated?17:33
sbalneavI updated to Loopy Lemur17:34
sbalneavDon't know what the rest of you are running :)17:34
* Lns still runs on hairy hag17:34
sbalneavNot even testing Lucid?17:35
sbalneavHow you gonna find bugs for us to fix?17:35
LnsWell I actually just bought a nice used Dell server I'm going to be testing on =)17:36
Lnsjust last night17:36
sbalneavThere you go.17:36
LnsI'm thinking of putting a minimal host system with KVM on and then running VMs inside it, what would you recommend as a host?17:36
mhall119|workubuntu server17:37
mhall119|workhas support for kvm17:37
mhall119|workyou cna play with their cloud offering too17:37
Lnsmhall119|work: meh..not really interested in "cloud" computing yet. . does ubuntu server have any sort of automated installation for kvm?17:38
LnsI was thinking Debian just because it's kind of what ubuntu server always tries to be anyway17:38
mhall119|workI think it has kvm in the default kernel17:39
mhall119|workand tools for creating vms and running them17:40
stgrabersbalneav: interesting, I guess we inherit Evolution from the ubuntu seed but then ubiquity makes sure that only edubuntu-desktop is installed and so drops Evolution17:53
alkisg!ltsp lucid17:55
alkisg!info ltsp lucid17:55
ubottuPackage ltsp does not exist in lucid17:55
alkisg!info ltsp-server lucid17:55
ubottultsp-server (source: ltsp): Basic LTSP server environment. In component main, is optional. Version 5.1.98-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 101 kB, installed size 1256 kB17:55
highvoltageLns: yay17:56
* Lns goes out to his car to grab the server17:57
sbalneavAnyone have any idea why when I'm signed into empathy, my indicator-applet-session isn't registering my status?18:00
sbalneavwe need to add lspci to the deps list for the client build18:02
sbalneavWow, something's REALLY wrong with LTSP18:15
sbalneavsoon as I enter the password, X just disappears18:15
Lnsyou mean, crashes to another tty?18:18
alkisgsbalneav: I reported that a while back, nbd-client is called twice and that causes ldm to segfaut18:19
sbalneavno fix in sight?18:19
alkisgSure, see my patch in  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ltsp/+bug/50578718:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 505787 in ltsp "nbd-client /dev/nbd0 is ran twice, causing ldm to segfault" [Undecided,New]18:19
alkisgBut it isn't a proper fix, it's a workaround18:20
alkisgWe still need to find out why nbd-client is ran twice. stgraber, could that be an upstart issue?18:20
alkisgGrr I didn't send the patch. Anyway adding -n to pgrep solves it:   -n     Select only the newest (most recently started) of the matching processes.18:21
sbalneavk one sec, lemme see18:22
highvoltagesbalneav: evolution is installed by default on my edubuntu installation18:23
highvoltagesbalneav: and it has the menu entry18:23
sbalneavI found the menu entry18:23
sbalneavit's in office18:23
sbalneavnot in Internet, where I'd expect it18:23
sbalneavbut it DOESN'T update the mail indicator applet18:24
sbalneavat least for me18:24
sbalneavalkisg: adding the -n to pgrep fixed it18:25
highvoltagesbalneav: alkisg seems to really be on top of all things ltsp related :)18:25
sbalneavhe's testing things far more than any of us18:26
alkisgHeh :) sbalneav, don't close the bug though, we'd better see if upstart is to blame.18:26
sbalneavwhich is why we made him a dev18:26
highvoltagesbalneav: good call!18:26
sbalneavyeah, but we should add the -n to the pgrep anyway18:26
sbalneavas a failsafe18:26
alkisgThank you guys :) /me blushes...18:26
alkisgsbalneav: no, I have a better fix18:27
alkisgCalling nbd-client -c to see the particular process instead of pgrep18:27
sbalneavwhat's the better fix?18:27
sbalneavhm let me try18:27
alkisgI thought I submitted it but maybe that was when my lucid decided to reboot... :D18:27
sbalneavthat returns the process id18:30
alkisgA `ps hp $pid | awk '{print $some_number}'` is needed afterwards18:30
alkisgBut it should be safer as it doesn't guess which process is the correct one18:30
Lnsalkisg: That happens sometimes when you become lucid...you reboot. =p18:30
sbalneavif we know the processid, might be faster to look at /proc/id/commandline18:31
* alkisg needs to lookup lucid in the dictionary :D Is that latin for light?18:31
alkisgsbalneav: wouldn't that be linux-specific?18:31
sbalneav"thinking straight"18:31
* alkisg ducks18:31
Lnswow it's different than i thought.. i always associate it with dreaming only18:32
sbalneavYou know what the BEST way to fix this would be18:33
alkisgTo patch nbd-client? :D18:33
alkisgsbalneav: YOU GOTTA STOP SOMETIME!!!!18:33
highvoltageanyone understand Launchpad well?18:33
highvoltagehow would we, for example, remove screem from this list? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~edubuntu-bugs/+packagebugs18:34
Lnshehehe...watch scottie become upstream for nbd now too18:34
mhall119|workwhat part of launchpad?18:34
mhall119|workoh, no, sorry18:34
alkisghighvoltage: just guessing, maybe an edubuntu-bugs admin should visit the screem page and unsubscribe?18:36
highvoltagealkisg: I tried that yes18:36
alkisgk, no idea then :)18:36
alkisgUgh another 150 Mb of Lucid updates, the 4th time since this morning...18:45
highvoltagethat means that everyone is back from holiday :)18:46
sbalneavfor DEV in /dev/nbd*; do18:47
sbalneav   PID=$(nbd-client -c $DEV)18:47
sbalneav   SERVER=$(ps --no-headers -p $PID -o cmd | cut -f 2)18:47
sbalneav   if [ -n "$SERVER" ]; then18:47
sbalneav      break18:47
sbalneav   fi18:47
sbalneavhold on, gonna test something like that.18:48
alkisgsbalneav: so you won't use /proc/mounts to see which /dev/nbd* devices are really being used?18:50
sbalneavno, we can just look at /dev/nbd*18:50
sbalneavthere's only like 16 of 'em18:50
alkisgThat would avoid calling nbd-client multiple times, though18:51
sbalneavand chances are, nbd0's what we want18:51
alkisgYou already have this: NBD_DEVICES=$(awk '/^\/dev\/nbd.* \/ /||/^\/dev\/nbd.* \/rofs /{print $1}' /proc/mounts)18:51
alkisgYeah you're correct about that18:51
sbalneavright, so we eliminate another awk18:51
alkisgokey dokey18:51
sbalneavwhich is a heavyweight process18:51
sbalneavlemme try it18:51
stgraberalkisg: don't worry for NBD, the reconnect is probably my fault18:52
stgraberalkisg: and that's gonna change quite a lot upstream in the next two days anyway18:53
alkisgstgraber: no, the 2 nbd-client processes make ldm segfault18:53
stgraber(as in, I have a working nbd proxy as of today)18:53
stgraberalkisg: ah, this one ;) never saw that here18:53
alkisgOK, so for now we just keep one of the nbd-client pids to prevent ldm from segfaulting, and we leave the bug open for you to fix the duplicate processes problem later...18:55
* alkisg doesn't know what nbd-proxy actually is...18:56
* alkisg looks at https://code.launchpad.net/~ltsp-upstream/ltsp/nbd-proxy.dev ...18:56
* alkisg finds the docs really illuminating: "nbd-proxy(1) is a nbd proxy server blah blah fill in later"19:00
dgroosy'all lookin' really busy :)19:01
dgrooshighvoltage: the industrial-level desktop cleaning command you gave me: gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel works like a charm!  After running it I control-alt-delete and when I log back in the user's desktop appears to be working great.  Thanks!19:03
dgroosIs there some way to run that command on the server on the affected accounts?  I still don't know why this is happening.19:04
* alkisg slaps dgroos for not remembering that it was alkisg that gave him that command :)19:06
dgroossay wha?19:06
alkisg(06:16:05 μμ) alkisg: dgroos: to clear ALL panel settings for the current user: gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel19:07
alkisg(06:16:32 μμ) highvoltage: yeah that's kind of last resort but probably what I'd do as well19:07
alkisg(06:25:56 μμ) dgroos: pulled away by a student!  I'll give it a try soon,  thanks!19:07
dgroosOops!  Sorry! (Thanks alkisg :)19:07
alkisgdgroos: you can use the --direct parameter of gconftool-2 to run this for all users, but it might be easier to put it in /etc/xdg/autostart instead,19:08
alkisgso that it runs every time each user logs on. Keep it there for e.g. a week and remove it afterwards.19:08
stgraberhighvoltage: are you available for a skype call ?19:08
highvoltagestgraber: hmm, my netbook is a bit messed up at the moment, I'll just need a minute to plug in my webcam on my desktop, etc19:11
stgraberhighvoltage: no need for the webcam, it doesn't work when in a conference19:11
highvoltageok just making a quick test call to check that all the sound stuff works on this machine at least...19:13
highvoltagestgraber: ok ready19:14
sbalneavI got a diferent mic19:21
sbalneavdunno if it works19:21
sbalneavboo :)19:23
highvoltagesbalneav: pvt?19:24
stgrabersorry for that, I'm back :)19:28
stgraberhighvoltage, sbalneav: You guys are ready ?19:28
highvoltagestgraber: sbalneav's mic is still just a bit messed up, he's going to try another computer19:29
stgraberI had to quickly fix my X server ...19:29
stgraberLucid works fine as long as you don't have to reboot ;)19:29
highvoltagemy netbook's filesystem (on ext4) got messed up so badly last night that every single file in my filesystem ended up being in /lost+found19:30
highvoltagestill not sure how that happened19:30
highvoltageI installed xubuntu lucid on there, but I guess I'll go back to using gnome again on there19:31
highvoltagestgraber: isn't there an interem board that we could use for the archive-reorg until the developer board is established?19:32
stgraberhighvoltage: not really, though the board will be announced next week IIRC19:33
stgraberand I don't think we have any sponsorship issue at the moment19:33
highvoltagestgraber: ok, there's a few bugs with bug fixes attached as patches, mostly for main it seems though19:34
stgraberbtw, is it me or hetzner is painfully slow at the moment ?19:34
* highvoltage checks19:35
stgrabermy IRC is extremely laggy, it's hard to use19:35
highvoltagestgraber: it's a bit slower for me than usual, but completely usable19:36
highvoltagestgraber: ping times to your hetzner box is around 410ms for me which is what I usually get19:37
highvoltagestgraber: weird, ping times to my hetzner box is better though, I get around 313ms to mine19:38
highvoltagethey're probably in different parts of germany19:38
dgroosalkisg: so I make a file, make it executable, and paste this command: "gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel" and then put in /etc/xdg?  Who should the owner be?19:40
alkisgdgroos: nope, you right click on your desktop, select to make a launcher, and put the gconftool-2 command there. Then you chmod +x the launcher and move it to /etc/xdg/autostart.19:41
sbalneavstgraber: You gonna phone me back?19:42
sbalneavor should I phone you?19:42
alkisgdgroos: With the `sudo mv` command that you'll move it, root will be automatically the owner.19:42
dgroosalkisg: thanks mucho.19:42
sbalneavif [ -z "$SERVER" -o "$SERVER" = "auto" ]; then19:47
sbalneav    # check for NBD devices19:47
sbalneav    for DEVICE in /dev/nbd*; do19:47
sbalneav        pid=$(nbd-client -c $DEVICE)19:47
sbalneav        server=$(ps --no-headers -p $pid -o cmd | cut -d ' ' -f 2)19:47
sbalneav        test -n "$server" && break19:47
sbalneav    done19:47
sbalneav    if [ -z "$server" ]; then19:47
sbalneav        # check for NFS root19:47
sbalneav        server=$(sed -ne '/ltsp.*nfs/ { s/^\([^:]*\):.*$/\1/; p; q }' /proc/mounts)19:47
sbalneav    fi19:47
sbalneav    SERVER="${server:-}"19:47
highvoltagesbalneav: he's going to phone you on your voice phone19:47
sbalneav    export SERVER19:47
sbalneavalkisg: This works for me.19:47
alkisgWouldn't `[ -n "$server" ] && break` be more readable? That test looks lonely there... :)19:48
alkisgsbalneav: it looks fine to me :)19:50
sbalneavyeah, I can change the test.20:03
sbalneavI'll commit to bzr20:03
highvoltagesbalneav: wouldnn't it be possible to have an LTSP Session that does all the call-outs, etc and run that from GDM? or do you need root or something funny?20:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 491940 in gnome-session "Patch for LTSP clients to properly reboot/shutdown" [Undecided,New]20:16
alkisgFor anyone interested, I uploaded patched packages for Lucid in my ppa:20:17
alkisgsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ts.sch.gr/proposed && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:17
alkisgIt solves the reboot/shutdown problem of ltsp clients with just 4 lines of code in gnome-session20:18
alkisgThe maintainer is looking for confirmation before accepting those 4 lines, so if anyone can try those and post to the bug report it'd be nice.20:18
sbalneavok, starting work on the ltspfs bug20:35
sbalneavaaaaaaand fixed.21:05
jonathan_ugh. lucid ate my machine21:05
=== jonathan_ is now known as highvoltage
stgraberedubuntu images are available on the tracker21:06
sbalneav"Dancing queen" is playing on my thin client21:06
sbalneavmounted from a memory stick21:06
sbalneavit's mounted 70021:07
highvoltagesbalneav: I nearly said something nasty :)21:07
sbalneavso, it's reading the stick21:07
sbalneavNo talking smack about abba21:08
sbalneavabba's feaking awesome21:08
highvoltageI'll just have to listen to some Limp Bizkit to offset that21:09
highvoltage(and on CD like they did in the 1600's because lucid ate my PC)21:09
alkisghighvoltage: was that a recent lucid build? Or was it alpha 1?21:10
alkisg(that's the ext4 problem, isn't it?)21:10
sbalneavalkisg: what was that bug number again for the nbd thingy?21:11
highvoltagealkisg: lucid that I've been running for about 2 weeks and just been dist-upgrading, was originally a karmic install21:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 505787 in ltsp "nbd-client /dev/nbd0 is ran twice, causing ldm to segfault" [Undecided,New]21:12
highvoltagealkisg: ah no I was bitten by the ext4 problem on my netbook21:12
alkisghighvoltage: ah, so what's wrong with your Lucid?21:12
highvoltagealkisg: I can't even boot into single-user mode, it just seems to hang after it prints the filesystem check messages21:13
alkisghighvoltage: intel chipset?21:13
highvoltagealkisg: yes21:13
alkisgTry disabling kms21:14
sbalneavk, I've commented on it and assigned it to me21:14
highvoltagealkisg: ah the graphics card is nvidia21:14
alkisgk, not what I experienced this morning then :-/21:14
highvoltageI'm just leaving it a bit hoping whatever stalls the boot process will time-out21:15
highvoltageand then I just won't reboot my computer. ever. again.21:15
dgroosalkisg: Seems to have done the trick :)  Now can you tell me how to get rid of the "LTSP.org" login screen that I accidentally installed last night as I tried to get iTALC working again.21:17
alkisghighvoltage: Heh... maybe you should just boot with the live cd, chroot to your disk and do an upgrade, I've heard of some nvidia problems today..21:17
highvoltagealkisg: already did that21:17
dgroosI want my edubuntu login screen back :(21:18
alkisgdgroos: is that ldm or gdm?21:18
alkisgIs that the gnome display manager?21:19
dgroosI don't know how to answer that question...21:19
alkisgWhat login screen? The one you enter your username/password?21:20
alkisgAnd, you aren't using thin clients, right?21:20
highvoltageI pressed ctrl+alt+del21:20
dgroosI am...21:20
alkisghighvoltage: and it booted? typical... :P :D21:20
highvoltagethen it said "ctrl+alt+del pressed, rebooting system"21:20
highvoltageand then GDM started :)21:21
alkisgdgroos: and that login screen is on the server, or on the thin clients?21:21
highvoltagethis is after I've rebooted a few times before already by pressing ctrl+alt+delete21:21
dgrooson the thin clients.21:21
alkisgdgroos: sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 update-alternatives --config ldm-theme21:22
alkisgAnd then you need to run sudo ltsp-update-image21:22
dgroosI installed stuff last night and then in terminal it said something like, 'you don't need these files any more, remove them'  so I did...21:22
dgroosThanks alkisg!21:23
alkisgdgroos: Ugh... if you removed stuff, it might need more commands21:23
alkisgWhat does the above command show you?21:23
dgroos"There is only 1 program which provides ldm-theme (/usr/share/ldm/themes/ltsp). Nothing to configure."21:25
dgroosI tried to re add edubuntu things by going to synaptic and typing 'edubuntu' and saying to add, like themes and artwork.  Then I ltsp-update-image, but it didn't work...21:26
alkisgOK, then you need to install ldm-ubuntu-theme on the chroot21:27
alkisgSynaptic manages programs on the server. Your problem is on the chroot, so synaptic can't fix that.21:27
alkisgSo now press ctrl + C to exit,21:27
alkisgrun sudo chroot apt-get install ldm-ubuntu-theme21:27
alkisgand then go on with what I said before21:28
dgroosyou mean, 'sudo chroot' enter than 'sudo apt-get install ldm-ubuntu-theme'?21:29
alkisgNo, all in one line should work fine21:30
alkisgBut if you want you can also give it in two lines. You'll need to run `exit` in the second case, though.21:30
dgroosI got the message: "chroot: cannot change root directory to apt-get: No such file or directory"21:30
alkisgAh sorry21:31
alkisgsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get install ldm-ubuntu-theme21:31
dgroosCool, thanks, I selected the ubuntu theme as opposed to the ltsp theme.  Isn't there an edubuntu theme?21:36
alkisgSure but you need to install it21:36
alkisgAh no21:37
alkisgIt's the same for the thin clients, the one with the red stripe21:37
alkisg(pretty cool :))21:37
dgroosOK so I'll just update image...21:38
dgroosAnd my server will work while I get my tooth drilled :)  Have a good afternoon/night!21:38
alkisgYou too21:40
sbalneavAny chance we can get sabayon added to the seeds?21:50
sbalneavit'd be nice to have it on there by default.21:51
highvolt1gepity we wouldn't have it in time for alpha221:54
stgraberoh, /me thought it already was21:56
stgraberso, it's in main but not included on any CD ? :)21:56
stgraberseeds updated21:57
stgraberwill be on the next CD21:58
stgraberso if it gets rebuilt before release, it'll be on alpha-221:58
alkisgstgraber: is it possible to also add the greek sounds for gcompris? laserjock added the language pack, but I think he forgot to add the gcompris sound pack...22:05
alkisgI tested them, they're of professional quality22:05
alkisgSize: 231680022:07
stgraberalkisg: that's -el I guess (if I remember my country codes correctly ;))22:09
highvolt1gegcompris admin tool crashes for me22:10
alkisgImportError: No module named pysqlite222:11
stgraberbtw, is there any reason why we don't have all of gcompris languages on the DVD ?22:11
alkisgSize, I guess...22:12
* alkisg doesn't care about the size as long as it fits on a DVD22:12
stgraberwell, last I checked we had a gig or so of free space ;)22:12
alkisghighvolt1ge: sudo apt-get install python-pysqlite222:12
alkisgThat fixes it, so we should fix the dependencies22:13
highvolt1gealkisg: ok, is there a bug open for that?22:15
alkisgI don't see one22:15
stgraberadding all the other languages is only 10 packages22:16
stgraberok, the issue was that they weren't in main, that's probably why they weren't included, though it's not really an issue now22:19
alkisgAh, yeah, fortunately we don't have to worry about that anymore :)22:20
stgraberwell, I do worry for some packages, I don't really for gcompris ;)22:20
alkisghighvolt1ge: http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/gcompris22:23
alkisgIt depends on python-pysqlite2 there22:24
stgraberalkisg: it does in Ubuntu too though the dependency line is broken22:25
stgraberDepends: gcompris-data (= 9.0-0ubuntu2), libatk1.0-0 (>= 1.29.3), libc6 (>= 2.7), libcairo2 (>= 1.4.10), libfontconfig1 (>= 2.4.0), libfreetype6 (>= 2.2.1), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.18.0), libgnet2.0-0 (>= 2.0.8), libgstreamer0.10-0 (>= 0.10.0), libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.12.0), libpango1.0-0 (>= 1.14.0), libpython2.6 (>= 2.6), librsvg2-2 (>= 2.26.0), libsqlite3-0 (>= 3.6.21), libx11-6, libxml2 (>= 2.7.4), python (>= 2.5) | python-pysqlite2, python-gtk2, gsg22:25
=== highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage
alkisgYeah that's not right22:25
stgraberit's: python (>= 2.5) | python-pysqlite222:25
stgraberthough python-pysqlite2 wasn't merged in 2.622:26
alkisgomg... apg-get source gcompris => 119 Mb. How else can we see why we what differences we have from the debian package?22:26
stgraberI'll do the upload, I can upload it in 2s22:26
alkisgNice :)22:26
stgraberwell, more like 10s but anyway22:26
alkisg...it'll be 20 secs if you keep writing :P :D22:27
sbalneavalkisg, stgraber: point of intrest, ldm doesn't restart for me after I log out...22:29
alkisgsbalneav: how did you logout? using the gnome menus?22:30
alkisgOr do you mean by pressing the ldm button for restart?22:30
sbalneavalkisg: By pressing on the little power symbol next to my name.22:31
sbalneavand selecting "logout"22:31
alkisgSorry I wasn't clear, I meant what button did you press to invoke the rebooting22:31
alkisgBecause e.g. there are menus included in "applications > other" for rebooting directly from the session,22:31
alkisgand there's also the patch I sent to gnome session22:32
alkisgAnyway all methods work for me, except that some times it hangs instead of rebooting/shutting down22:32
stgraberseeds updated and new meta uploaded22:32
alkisgstgraber ftw!22:32
sbalneavNo, ldm's not coming back up after I logout22:32
stgraberI also have gcompris uploading at the moment, though hetzner is really a bit slow, I'm only uploaded at 1-2MB/s22:32
sbalneavI'm just getting a text screen22:33
alkisgOooh I did't get that22:33
highvoltagestgraber: what's your usual upload speeds?22:33
stgraberhighvoltage: 12MB/s to ftp.ubuntu.com22:33
stgraberlast gcompris upload took a bit over 10s22:34
alkisgsbalneav: just tried again, everything working here...22:35
alkisgToo late here to go on... nice bug day, thank you all. If you like, post a comment to LP #491940 :) Good night!22:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 491940 in gnome-session "Patch for LTSP clients to properly reboot/shutdown" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49194022:39
highvoltageone moment...22:45
highvoltagethat's what I get when I run the gcompris admin module22:46
highvoltageeven with the python-pysqlite2 package installed22:46
highvoltage(and before it's installed too)22:46
highvoltageinstalling the python-rsvg package fixed it for me22:48
stgraberare you saying I need to upload 120MB again ? ;)22:50
highvoltagesorry :)22:51
stgraberyeah, hetzner is back !!22:55
stgraber13s to upload that version of gcompris22:55
sbalneavwonder how hard it would be for a vncviewer screen script.22:56
highvoltagestgraber: how do we change the packages that are listed on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~edubuntu-bugs/+packagebugs ?22:57
highvoltagewe don't care about screem or kino anymore22:57
highvoltageand we need to add things like pitivi to that list22:57
sbalneavOooh, I'm getting "not a tty" on the ldm command line22:57
stgraberhighvoltage: if you go to some /ubuntu/+source/<blah> you can change that22:57
sbalneavsomething's not happy.22:57
stgrabersbalneav: hehe, maybe not ldm but my VT change (the one I warned about on the ML)22:59
* sbalneav goes to look22:59
stgraberthough it worked for me, but I'm pretty sure there are cases I didn't test23:00
sbalneavstgraber: I'll take a peek, it's probably something like that.23:02
sbalneavgoing to cook dinner for family, back in a bit23:03
highvoltageshould I modify the seeds for the universe apps we have been wanting to add for a long time now for tomorrows build?23:03
stgraberhighvoltage: feel free to provide a patch or a branch and I'll have a look + commit23:27
highvoltagesbalneav: I guess that's it from me tonight, I guess bug day never ends23:44
highvoltagegoodnight stgraber and sbalneav (and anyone else who's still awake!)23:44
stgrabergood night23:47
Lns'night highvoltage23:58

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