PEPPINOpaulsomebody: i downloaded it but i dont know how t ouse00:01
paulsomebodyPEPPINO: Downloaded what source tarball or binary?00:01
paulsomebodyPEPPINO: If it's *.tar.gz then it is source package.00:02
paulsomebody!hi | baxeico_00:02
ubottubaxeico_: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:02
PEPPINOpaulsomebody: source00:02
PEPPINOsakoman_: im workind in the directory00:02
baxeico_I upgraded yesterday to KDE 4.3.4 from backports00:02
baxeico_plasma and kwin seems way slower than before (4.3.2)00:03
PEPPINOaperson: 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- rejects in file modules/misc/notify/notify.c00:03
baxeico_i'm using nvidia binary driver00:03
PEPPINOaperson: this is the error I have using dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc00:03
baxeico_e.g. if I toggle the plasma dashboard it take about 5 seconds to show up00:03
paulsomebodyPEPPINO: If you are new to GNU/Linux it is probably not the best idea to compile packages youself. Are you sure this is necessary?00:04
baxeico_and i see Xorg using 90% cpu in between00:04
baxeico_somebody else noticed some problem after upgrade to 4.3.4?00:04
PEPPINOpaulsomebody: I have already compiled it and it work fine..... the only think i m not able to do  is to generate a .deb file00:05
paulsomebodyPEPPINO: I have never debianized packages myself.00:05
apersonI've only done it with checkistall00:06
apersonwhich works pretty well for me00:06
PEPPINOpaulsomebody: I saw in the INSTALL FILE THAT IT SHOULD BE POSSIBILE and so i tried00:06
PEPPINOaperson: whichh is the command string00:06
paulsomebodyPEPPINO: Of course that is possible. No need to shout.00:06
paulsomebodyPEPPINO: If you still have source you can do 'make uninstall' in the source directory. Works the same way as 'make install'.00:07
paulsomebodyPEPPINO: At least I think so.00:07
baxeico_is it possible to safely downgrade to 4.3.2 again from 4.3.4 backports?00:08
PEPPINOpaulsomebody: yes you are right but i prefer to remove the source directory...it is too big00:08
PEPPINOaperson: are you still there00:09
paulsomebodyPEPPINO: If you want to remove it cleanly you could download it again if it is not too much traffic.00:09
apersonPEPPINO, yessir00:09
paulsomebodyaperson: Sir?00:09
PEPPINOaperson: how can i use checkinstall00:10
PEPPINOaperson: thanks for the sir00:10
apersonPEPPINO, ./configure; make; checkinstall00:10
apersonPEPPINO, just use it in place of make install00:10
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baxeico_anyone upgraded to 4.3.4 backports from 4.3.2 using nvidia binary driver?00:11
PEPPINOaperson: which should be the result?00:11
apersonPEPPINO, well, it'd build the package and install it00:12
PEPPINOaperson: a .deb package?00:12
apersonPEPPINO, yep.00:12
PEPPINOaperson: ohhhhhhhhhhh00:12
PEPPINOaperson: i dont beleave it00:13
baxeico_ok guys, I'll go to sleep. I'll try again tomorrow to poke you here00:13
geniibelief is not neccessary for something to exist00:13
PEPPINOpaulsomebody: thanks for your time00:15
PEPPINOaperson: im trying00:15
paulsomebodybaxeico_: You could also post on the forums.00:15
paulsomebodybaxeico_: ubuntuforums.org00:16
timberBeszél valaki itt magyarul?00:23
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soulsurferhey did anyone just recently start having problems with flash and sound?00:23
geniidefine "recently"00:24
soulsurferlike in the past few days00:24
genii!hu | timber00:24
ubottutimber: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál00:24
soulsurferi just started having a problem today00:24
timberspeak hungarian?00:24
apersonsoulsurfer, turn up your pcm volume00:24
soulsurferthat's not it00:24
geniitimber: Try #ubuntu-hu as the bot says00:24
soulsurferi start firefox with flash and it starts playing sound and then just stops00:25
soulsurferthe video keeps playing but sound disappears00:25
soulsurferand vlc has choppy sound00:25
soulsurferwhere it was smooth before00:25
apersonare you using the latest flash?00:25
soulsurferyeah i believe so00:25
apersonI can't say I have any issues00:25
soulsurferunctions, but it eems like a problem I had in the past, I'm willing to bet that if flash player and vlc and mplayer start producing sound, then Amarok and KDE00:25
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soulsurferis my vlc version00:26
soulsurferi mean flash00:26
FloodBotK3soulsurfer: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:26
soulsurferthe amount of time before sound cuts off in flash changes as well00:28
soulsurferdoes anyone here have a solid understanding of the kde sound system?00:28
soulsurferI'm guessing it goes (app) -> sound server for some apps and then (app) -> phonon -> backend(xine) -> pulseaudio00:29
soulsurferis that right?00:29
PEPPINOaperson:  it seem to be created... thanks for your time Sir00:31
PEPPINOaperson: goodnight00:31
apersonPEPPINO, no problem00:32
soulsurferas a side note, skype sound works which has the audio set to pulseaudio00:32
soulsurferso i guess that proves pulseaudio is working alright00:32
soulsurferok if anyone is interested, i found 2 things out00:38
soulsurferone - the sound of flash is driven through "ALSA plug-in [firefox]"00:38
soulsurfertwo, I was able to get it  to play smoothly by changing the Internal Audio Profile in the Volume Control of padevchooser00:39
titan_ark  whoa the power management says that i have no battery inserted!00:42
titan_arkany idea why this has happened?00:43
soulsurferthe driver that reads the battery information is down?00:44
titan_arkah, i dunno how to verify that.00:45
ubottuScanning software: XSane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR00:45
titan_arkit was working fine, i had just left the notebook and gone to make myself some lunch!00:45
soulsurferdid you try just restarting?00:46
titan_arki returned to see that the notebook was probably in sleep and when i logged in i had to plug in power, so i thought the battery got entirely discharged00:46
titan_arkno i have not00:46
titan_arki should not have to restart everytime i leave the notebook for about an hour!00:47
soulsurferno you shouldn't00:48
soulsurferi guess going into sleep is causing that module to close00:48
titan_arkokay, how to i restart it?00:49
soulsurferunfortunately, i dont know the module that manages battery monitoring00:50
titan_arkoh okay00:50
titan_arknp, thx00:50
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happy_hi peter_02:38
michael____Recently, my usb drives have stopped showing up when I attach them. Can anyone offer any suggestions on why that may be or how I can fix it?03:08
michael____If I plugin a device and reboot it shows up properly in Dolphin.03:09
Empty_foomichael____: does it work on other machines?03:22
semistud2354OK...SO...i start KStreamRipper and i put in a .pls and another with the ip address and port and all it says is BUFFERING...03:25
semistud2354ON occasion....i can get it to connect and rip....where do i start to look for a problem03:27
michael____Empty_foo: yes, and worked on this one as recently as last week03:27
semistud2354OK...SO...i start KStreamRipper and i put in a .pls and another with the ip address and port and all it says is BUFFERING...03:28
semistud2354ON occasion....i can get it to connect and rip....where do i start to look for a problem03:28
semistud2354OK...SO...i start KStreamRipper and i put in a .pls and another with the ip address and port and all it says is BUFFERING...03:32
semistud2354ON occasion....i can get it to connect and rip....where do i start to look for a problem03:32
semistud2354anyone have any ideas??03:32
ilumisemistud2354: run it from a console and see if you have any errors03:33
semistud2354what would the command be?03:33
semistud2354do you use streamripper03:34
ilumii guess KStreamRipper03:34
semistud2354i did i quick internet check and didnt find anything of value03:35
ilumino i never used KStreamRipper03:37
semistud2354is there anything else you use...that you would recomend...or just in general you dont use that type of program03:38
ilumiwhat do you use it for?03:38
semistud2354recording internet music...03:39
semistud2354ex. SHOUTCAST03:39
semistud2354that ip address...03:39
semistud2354its to a radio station...03:39
semistud2354listen to it...if you like techno03:39
semistud2354its good03:39
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semistud2354but besides that...im having trouble trying to get this darn program to connect to the server...03:40
A3K_OneCan someone help me troubleshoot an audio problem?03:40
semistud2354if i said....SWITCH TO WINDOWS...how fast would i get booted from the server...lol03:41
semistud2354just curous03:41
ilumisemistud2354: i read that audacity works, also amarok(but guess you cant listen while recording)03:41
semistud2354amarok 203:42
A3K_OneI just moved to kubuntu karmic, and I can't for the life of me get audio multiplexing between apps. Tried with/without pulseaudio, installing different alsa flavors...still locked to one app03:42
semistud2354really!!! is it a plugin03:42
A3K_Onewhichever app takes control of sound first has control03:42
ilumiA3K_One: i guess also first03:43
ilumiA3K_One: alsa03:43
ilumisemistud2354: maybe you can find a newer version of streamriper?03:44
A3K_OneI have alsa installed :/03:44
ilumisemistud2354: also check out StreamJacker, Icecream,03:46
ilumiA3K_One: what is audio multiplexing?03:46
A3K_Onesharing the audio output device with multiple apps ie: program x/y/z all have the ability to play audio at the same time.03:47
A3K_Oneas it is, I launch program X and then Y, only X has audio.03:48
A3K_OneI had this problem with an old release of Ubuntu, and just removed pulse and it fixed it03:48
ilumiA3K_One: im on kde, but not ubuntu, and multiplexing works03:50
ilumiA3K_One: probably configs messed up03:51
A3K_Onereal world example: I have dual monitors. If I want to play MMORPG in one and youtube vid in the other, only the first app has audio03:52
A3K_Oneor streaming radio and another app tries to use sound it does not work,03:53
ilumiA3K_One:  check this http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/AlsaSharing03:56
DaughainHOw about tftp, ilumi?04:00
DaughainI keeo getting "sendto: invalid argument" error, anythoughts?04:02
titan_arkDaughain: hello04:05
DaughainHeya, titan_ark04:06
titan_arkerrors? i have one too :P04:06
DaughainWhat ya got, titan_ark ?04:07
titan_arkpower management says there is no battery04:07
DaughainUplug it?04:07
DaughainOr, shut it down and unplug, then reboot?04:07
titan_arkit was unplugged and when i came back saw it in sleep and this error and no battery, plugged in and it still says no battery.04:08
titan_arkplugged out now and its working but says no battery :P04:08
titan_arkdint reboot cos i wanted to chk if i could find someone to help me sort out the problem w/o rebooting04:08
ilumiDaughain: u using tftp from a command line?04:08
Daughainilumi: I didnt know there was another wAY TO DO SO. =)04:09
Daughaintitan_ark: Try a full reboot.04:09
ilumiDaughain: invalid argument probably means the command isnt typed up right04:09
Daughainilumi: I'm running out of ways to type the command. =) And, the one way that is getting anything, bears no relation to the commands according to the man page.04:10
titan_arkDaughain: hmmm i can do that, but i dont want to be rebooting every time the notebook goes into sleep :P04:11
Daughaintitan_ark: Disable sleep. :P  The reason I'm suggesting it is to find out if the issue involves the sleep mode, or not. If you ave a battery after full reboot, that helps narrow down where the problem may lie. :P04:11
ilumiDaughain: whats the command u are using?04:11
Daughainget <IP>:<path>04:12
titan_arkDaughain: hmm okay shall do04:12
* Daughain chuckles...04:12
Daughainilumi: get <IP>:<path>04:13
ilumiyou mean tftp get04:14
DaughainNo, tftp command puts you into the command interface for tftp, once there you execute your command.04:14
Daughainilumi: You need to quit from tftp interface to get back to normal command line.04:15
ilumitry putting the ip into the tftp04:15
ilumitftp [options] [host [port]04:16
ilumiget filename04:16
titan_arkDaughain: back after a reboot and it says 98% battery!04:17
Daughainilumi: Thats the 'connect' command, and, it doesnt work properly. I input an IP, then use the get command (since I am accessing a windows box) get C:\<path>  and it tells me C: isnt a host.04:17
Daughaintitan_ark:  Now put it to sleep mode manually.04:17
DaughainGive it 5 min, then wake it up again.04:17
Daughainilumi: It requires me to manually input the IP on each 'get'.04:18
Daughaintitan_ark: This is called testing. :P04:18
titan_arklol okay04:18
MacintosherI am having problems with kubuntu on my pc.04:18
DaughainMacintosher: State ya prob. =)04:19
MacintosherEvery 10 minutes, a window keeps poping up saying I have been rick rolled and I did a clean install today, and it still gives me that problem.04:20
DaughainMacintosher: "rick rolled'???04:21
MacintosherYes, Like that prank people pull all the time.04:21
DaughainI gots no clue what ya are talking about04:21
ilumiDaughain: i dont see anywhere that says you can do what you are doing, but dont know04:22
MacintosherOk, now I have a lot of packages for kubuntu on one cd and after installing the google chrome package i have, it starts giving me this problem.04:22
Daughainilumi: ??? As in connect to a windows box, or use the command line I am using?04:22
DaughainMacintosher: Remove google chrome?04:23
ilumiDaughain: to use get the way you are using04:23
MacintosherNo, I do that and it still does that rick roll thing.04:23
MacintosherI think the one I doenloaded was infected.04:23
Daughainilumi: If it was working, I wouldnt be worried.=) I cant seem to get it to work using the dirs from the man page......This is the closest I can come to getting it to connect.=( And, I need the sucker working for an install. =(04:24
titan_arkDaughain: it says no battery now!04:24
DaughainMacintosher: You can try cleaning out any folders and files left over from the chrome install manually.04:24
titan_arkin fact it sent me back into sleep again!04:25
MacintosherI tried that and it still does that rick roll thing.04:25
ilumiDaughain: maybe try to specify the port if you know which port04:25
Roastedwhats up guys04:25
Daughaintitan_ark:  Ok, so now we know the sleep function is the issue, right? CHeck and see if sleep uses the swap partition like hibernate does.04:25
ilumisup sup04:25
teageis there a command line script for cleaning junk files and memory?04:26
teageor a program?04:26
Daughainilumi: Ya...Dunno the port though. =(04:26
DaughainRoasted: Morning.04:26
MacintosherI actually instaid usually try to clean it out myself.04:26
DaughainMacintosher: Ok, see if ilumi has any ideas for ya.04:26
titan_arkDaughain: how do i do that? esp cos this is a wubi install!04:26
dwidmannI think kleansweep might be able to help in the junk files dept.04:26
Roastedso tempted to install kubuntu on my rig again04:26
Roastedmandriva is giving me a headache04:26
titan_arkDaughain:  hey i guess you are a bit tied down with your issue, il wait a while04:27
ilumiteage: you mean in ram?04:27
teagekleansweep, thanks04:27
Daughaintitan_ark: wubi?? windows may be the culprit then. I'm really not familiar with how wubi works, other than I know it uses windows functions for a lot of things, rather than the linux ones.04:27
teageilumi> i guess, i want to clean everything.04:28
teageand maybe free up some memory04:28
titan_arkDaughain: ah okay. the only reason i used wubi was cos every time something gets screwed up, i dont want to end up doing too much housekeeping04:29
ilumiteage: you shouldnt mess with ram, you can do apt-get autoclean to clean some unused files, thats all i know04:29
titan_arkany idea if there is a wubi channel :P04:29
MacintosherOk, so is anyone going to help with this rick roll thing i mentioned earlier?04:29
Daughaintitan_ark: windows may be the reason everything keeps getting screwed up. =) You are still relying on windows for your linux install. Set up a part, and do a true dual boot, if you really need to keep windows.04:29
teageilumi> i had read somewhere for a script for just that (ram) and i just cant for the life of me find it. I have used it before. Have had no issues .04:30
titan_arkDaughain: i need it for certain reasons/ applications. the last time i did dual boot i had so many driver issues and was bugged restoring and reinstalling irritating windows04:31
teagethanks for the help guys04:32
ilumiteage: linux does the memory management, no need for a script04:32
Daughaintitan_ark: I can understand that, but dont know what to say. I keep an XP machine for the few things that do *not* run in linux, and will never be ported for it.04:32
Macintosherand still nobuddy's helping me?04:32
DaughainMacintosher: I did, to the extent that I could. :P04:33
titan_arkDaughain: yeah, i know, but cant afford the luxury of 2 boxes :(04:33
titan_arkpower management says it runs a daemon called power devil, can i just restart it?04:34
Macintoshercan i talk to ilumi please04:34
ilumiMacintosher: whats the problem?04:34
Daughaintitan_ark: Find a cheap $100 Pent M like I did for windows. =)04:34
Daughaintitan_ark:  You can try just restartinbg power devil and see if that solves the issue, yeah.04:35
titan_arkDaughain: $100 is quite a bit for an unemployed grad student like me :'(04:35
titan_arkhow do i restart it?04:35
titan_arkhoping i dont get slashed for thi sn00bness04:36
Daughaintitan_ark: I'm currently an unemployed mechanic, I traded for that system, and had to rebuild this one since the OS had crashed when I bought it. =)04:36
Daughaintitan_ark: Ummm......This wil prly require sudo , but it should be sudo <ap name> stop04:37
titan_arkDaughain: whoa nice :)04:38
titan_arkhmm will try04:38
Daughaintitan_ark: Google dbusdaemon and see if thats it.04:39
Daughaintitan_ark:  I gotta h=go for a bit.....If ya dont have it figgered out when I get back, I'll see what I can do to help.=)04:41
titan_arkDaughain: sure shall check04:42
titan_arkah okay :)04:42
titan_arkdamn, no one with suggetsions on restartig daemons :P05:04
ilumiwhats up?05:05
titan_arkilumi: my power managemnt says that i have no battery everytime the notebook goes into sleep05:07
titan_arki just thought i could restart the powerdevil daemin05:07
ilumido a locate service05:08
titan_arkbut either i am doing it wrong, or something is wrong :P05:08
titan_arkam a n00b!05:08
ilumitype in console  locate service05:08
titan_arkcould you please be a lil more elaborate?05:08
titan_arkwhoa huge list05:09
ilumigo to your sbin/ and see if there is a file or script called service05:10
titan_arki found this: /usr/share/kde4/services/powerdevilconfig.desktop in the result of locate service05:10
ilumithats not it05:11
titan_arkamit@ubuntu:~$ ps -ef | grep powerdevil05:11
titan_arkamit      2955  1695  0 20:54 ?        00:00:00 kdeinit4: kcmshell4 [kdeinit] powerdevilconfig05:11
titan_arkamit      2960     1  0 20:55 ?        00:00:02 /usr/bin/khelpcenter help:/kcontrol/powerdevil/index.html05:11
titan_arkamit      3057  1695  0 21:05 ?        00:00:00 kdeinit4: kcmshell4 [kdeinit] powerdevilconfig05:11
titan_arkamit      3081  2777  0 21:11 pts/2    00:00:00 grep --color=auto powerdevil05:11
FloodBotK2titan_ark: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:11
titan_arkdoes this help?05:11
titan_arkah sorry05:12
ilumigo to your /sbin/ folder and see if there is a file or script called service05:12
titan_arkin a min05:12
titan_arkilumi: sorry, but what is its path?05:13
com8there are any prog like googe earth but with true satelites???05:13
titan_arkgot it05:13
ilumiin console do cd /sbin/05:13
ilumithen ls s*05:14
ilumior just open the file manager, go to root aka / then sbin05:14
titan_arkno, there is nothing as service05:14
titan_arkilumi: yes, that way i can see service05:15
ilumiso from that directory do sudo service servicename restart05:16
titan_arkpowerdevil: unrecognized service05:17
titan_arkthat is what it throws at me05:17
ilumiprobably has a different name?05:17
titan_arkwont "ps -ef | grep powerdevil" give its process id?05:18
titan_arkif it existed05:18
ilumiopen system monitor, and see what the name of it is05:18
titan_arkthere is nothing by the name power!05:21
titan_arki can see a kcmshell4 process when i search for the keyword "power"05:22
titan_arkthat is it05:22
ilumiwell if you have the id, just match the id with namw05:22
titan_arkit does not show any id05:23
titan_arkwill top help?05:23
titan_arkin terminal?05:23
ilumitop is the same as system monitor05:23
titan_arkok, but the gui does not show the pid05:24
ilumijust right click on top of the columns and select show pid05:24
titan_arkah :P05:24
titan_arkyes, i can see that kcmshell having same pid as when i did the ps -ef | grep powerdevil command05:26
ilumititan_ark: maybe the powerdevil isnt started, thats why it shows no battery05:27
titan_arkso how can i start it?05:27
ilumijust type powerdevil in console and see what happens05:28
titan_arkcommand nt found05:28
ilumitype locate devil05:28
titan_arki can see quite a few things05:29
titan_arkdo i pastebin it?05:29
ilumitry alt +f2  and powerdevil05:32
xjjkthat's now how you start powerdevil05:33
titan_arkthere is a power management05:33
titan_arkxjjk: how do i do it?05:33
xjjktitan_ark: check power management first05:34
titan_arkeverytime i go into sleep it says no battery05:34
xjjkAFAIK if nothing is there, then powerdevil isn't working05:34
xjjkbut to start/stop powerdevil05:34
xjjkgo to System Settings > Service Manager05:34
xjjkunder "Startup Services" you'll see Powerdevil05:34
titan_arki cant see Service manager in System in settings05:36
xjjktitan_ark: it may be under advanced05:36
titan_arkyes i see it.05:36
titan_arkit says power devil is running05:36
ilumixjjk: do you know the service name for powerdevil?05:37
xjjkilumi: it's called "Power Devil" in KDE"s service manager; I don't know what it's called outside05:37
xjjkit's sort of a pain to work without the GUI, since it's not a normal daemon but a dbus desktop session thing05:37
xjjktitan_ark: what did stuff in the power management applet look like05:38
titan_arki did a stop and start but no change05:38
=== mike is now known as Guest98203
titan_arkxjjk: it says everything is okay, just that number of batteries = 005:39
xjjktitan_ark: that implies there's a problem with HAL somewhere05:39
xjjknot KDE05:39
xjjktitan_ark: on the command-line, type "acpi"05:39
xjjkyou may also need to install that application; sudo aptitude install acpi to do that05:39
titan_arkyeah i need to install it05:39
=== mike is now known as Guest78579
titan_arkokay done05:40
titan_arkacpi gives no result but05:41
xjjktitan_ark: it should, that's a low-level tool05:41
xjjktitan_ark: try acpi -b just to be sure05:41
xjjkI get:05:41
xjjk$ acpi -b05:41
xjjkBattery 0: Unknown, 78%05:41
xjjkyou should too05:41
FloodBotK1xjjk: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:42
titan_arkit says command not founf05:42
xjjktitan_ark: er, check if you installed it correctly05:42
titan_arkdid it again, says it is installed, but why dies not ask a Y/N before the install?05:43
titan_arkoh the command not found was because of a missing space, did acpi -b and still no result05:43
xjjktitan_ark: it tends to ask y/n only when it's pulling in more packages than you specified, or something like that05:44
xjjkor if packages are not signed05:44
xjjktitan_ark: OK, so, time to go more low-level05:44
titan_arkheh, okay05:44
titan_arkbring it on :P05:44
xjjktitan_ark: what brand laptop is this?05:45
titan_arkits an HP05:45
xjjktitan_ark: open a terminal, go to /sys/class/power_supply05:45
xjjkwhat do you see there? you should see AC and BAT005:46
titan_arki just see AC05:46
xjjkhrm, that's bad05:46
xjjkso, it appears to be a kernel/driver problem05:46
xjjkit doesn't detect a battery at all05:46
xjjkhas Linux ever seen the battery?05:47
titan_arkyeah, this is the case after it gets into sleep05:47
titan_arkafter a reboot it is fine05:47
xjjkoh, wait05:47
xjjkso, when you start the computer05:47
xjjkit sees the battery05:47
xjjkbut after you resume from sleep it doesn't see it anymore?05:47
titan_arkthats right05:47
xjjktitan_ark: that sounds like a kernel bug05:47
xjjkdo you know what version you're running? I'd try with an older or newer kernel05:48
titan_arki am on an older kernel05:48
titan_arkthe one ending ...30-1405:48
xjjker, what version of Ubuntu is this05:49
titan_arkanother problem in updating the kernel to the latest is i end up with some funny errors and cant boot in05:49
titan_arkits karmic05:49
xjjkkarmic comes with 2.6.31 AFAIK05:49
titan_ark:-o lemme check, one min05:50
cartmaniusalguien que hable español05:50
xjjkcartmanius: no, lo siento =/05:50
xjjkcartmanius: AFAIK there is a special Spanish channel...05:50
xjjkcartmanius: #ubuntu-es I think05:51
titan_arkxjjk: yeah, when i update to, i cant boot :P05:51
xjjktitan_ark: yah, you definitely want to fix that05:51
titan_arki am on 31.14.30 i think05:51
titan_arka friend with the same notebook is facing the same trouble he was using 16 perfectly and after he updated to 17 he too get s a filesystem error and cant boot in05:52
titan_arkso i just did a reinstall and do all updates excluding that one05:52
titan_arkbut he doesnt have trouble with the battery05:53
titan_arkprobably cos he is using gnome and i am on kde?05:53
xjjktitan_ark: same notebook? exactly the same?05:53
xjjktitan_ark: the problem you're seeing is kernel level, and would be the same under GNOME or KDE05:53
titan_arkboth are HP, same series, just that mine was a CTO and his was readily configured05:53
titan_arkoh okay05:54
xjjktitan_ark: what about BIOS versions05:54
titan_arkxjjk: yes even BIOS versions are same, cos we had to flash em to the latest before we upgraded to win 705:54
titan_arkso i am pretty sure i took the latest one off HPs site05:55
xjjktitan_ark: not sure what's going on there...05:55
xjjktitan_ark: I'd fix that kernel problem, and try to go to the latest05:55
xjjkbut more than likely the problem you're having still exists there too05:55
titan_arkah, how do i do that is the problem05:55
xjjktitan_ark: try one of those kernels05:55
xjjkare you using i386 or amd64?05:56
titan_arkamd 6405:56
titan_arkbtw, this is a wubi install we both are using05:56
xjjktitan_ark: get http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.32.3/linux-headers-2.6.32-02063203-generic_2.6.32-02063203_amd64.deb http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.32.3/linux-headers-2.6.32-02063203_2.6.32-02063203_all.debhttp://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.32.3/linux-image-2.6.32-02063203-generic_2.6.32-02063203_amd64.deb05:56
xjjktitan_ark: that may have something to do with this; I don't know anything about wubi05:56
xjjkif you're getting a filesystem error that also seems as if it may have to do with wubi too05:57
titan_arkoh okay05:57
titan_arkbut then doesnt that mean that the latest kernel is causing this incompatability with wubi?05:58
xjjktitan_ark: the latest update, yes05:58
xjjkyou should look into that05:58
xjjkthe newer kernel I posted above may or may not fix the problem05:58
xjjktitan_ark: er, just to warn, what I posted is considered "bleeding edge"05:59
titan_arkwhich out of the 3 should i use?05:59
xjjkit's the latest "vanilla" linux kernel release05:59
xjjktitan_ark: you should download all 3, and install manually with sudo dpkg --install linux*deb05:59
titan_arkoh okay sounds interesting!05:59
titan_arkand what if it screws things up, will i be able to recover?05:59
titan_arkor a reinstall :P05:59
xjjktitan_ark: if that bleeding edge kernel doesn't work, you can always go back to whatever you're using now that does06:00
titan_arkokay, now do i need to install em in any specific order?06:01
xjjktitan_ark: it's easiest to use the command I posted, passing them all to dpkg at once06:01
xjjkdpkg will figure out the order06:01
xjjkbut AFAIK it's linux-image first, then headers06:01
titan_arki am quite a n00b06:02
xjjkNP we all started somewhere06:02
xjjktitan_ark: if you've the disk space, I'd ditch Wubi and install natively to disk06:02
titan_arkwell i have the disc space, the problem is that i need windows too, and then things quite often get screwed up and i need to end up doing restores and reinstalls06:03
titan_arkthis happened with the jaunty 9.0406:03
titan_arkno audio no wireless no matter what i tried06:03
titan_arkcouldnt get my mbr back and had to do a fresh install06:03
titan_arkin just 1 week of buying the notebook :P06:04
MacintosherOk, i did what ilumi said with redownloading kubunt and i dont have any problems now, but it is running extremely slow.06:04
titan_arkxjjk: coming back to installing the kernels, do i need to go to that path first where it is DLed06:05
xjjktitan_ark: er, not sure what you're asking, but I think the answer is yes?06:05
titan_arkah, i meant do i need to run in from the folder where i DLed it06:06
xjjktitan_ark: yes06:06
xjjkotherwise it won't be able to find the file06:06
titan_arkokay, its doing its job06:08
titan_arkokay done06:08
titan_arkprolly needs a reboot now06:08
xjjkyes, and select that kernel06:09
xjjkhopefully it'll work06:09
titan_arkwith my fingers crossed06:09
titan_arkhope to cya on the other side ;)06:09
xjjktitan_ark: still there?06:10
Macintosherhello? anyone going to help me with this second problem i just got?06:10
titan_arkah yes06:10
titan_arkjust closing all apps06:10
xjjktitan_ark: is this the error you're getting: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lupin/+bug/47716906:10
titan_arkxjjk: checking06:10
titan_arkxjjk: yup thats right, i donot remember exactly but i do remember seeing that kernel-panic and filesystem error06:12
xjjktitan_ark: that thread appears to have some solutions, you should look through it06:12
titan_arkokay thx06:12
titan_arkshall mail it myself in case i cant get i06:13
titan_arklogging off06:15
titan_arkhope to get back in fine06:15
cartmaniussome tool for capture screenshots of desk in ubuntu?06:19
xjjkcartmanius: for kubuntu, checkout ksnapshot06:20
cartmaniusin the center of software ubuntu to download? or direct internet?06:20
xjjkcartmanius: AFAIK it's already installed06:21
xjjkcheck your menus, or run directly with krunner (alt+f2)06:21
cartmaniusi have ubuntu not kubuntu06:22
xjjkcartmanius: there's a utility included but I'm not sure it's name06:22
xjjkyou should ask in an Ubuntu channel06:22
iconmefistowrong channel cartmanius06:22
cartmaniusok thanks so much06:23
titan_arkxjjk: you there?/06:26
CrellHi folks.  I'm having trouble getting a VPN connection working in 9.10.06:39
CrellI have openvpn installed, and network-manager-openvpn.06:39
CrellI've entered in the information my sysadmin gave me, but when I try to select the VPN connection from the network manager plasmoid it simply doesn't respond at all.06:40
CrellI checked syslog, and got the following error.06:40
CrellBut I'm not a network admin, so I have no idea how to figure out what I need to do from that.06:41
CrellI know the VPN itself works on the server side, because other people at my company are able to connect (using Macs).06:41
CrellAny hints on how to decypher that?06:44
Zhenyahi y'all, having some issue with firefox file associates. Where do i find the programs when it prompts me to select a program to open a file with?07:41
titan_arkHey Zhenya07:43
titan_arkwhich file?07:43
Zhenyatitan_ark: any file really.Like where do i find AMAROM in the file structure07:43
iconmefistoZhenya: you'll find most programs in /usr/bin07:45
Zhenyai dont have an .file type of files there07:46
Zhenyaoh usr/bin let me try that07:46
Daughainshow hidden07:46
titan_arkDaughain howdy07:47
xjjktitan_ark: greetings again; did you get the new kernel working?07:47
titan_arkxjjk: yeah it is working07:47
Daughainonly sorta here, titan_ark07:47
xjjktitan_ark: did the battery problem go away?07:47
titan_arki did get 2 messages while booting, it was quite fast, so couldn get an eye on it07:47
titan_arkDaughain: :) oki07:48
titan_arkxjjk: need to test that07:48
Daughainmovie time.07:48
Zhenyathank you guys that worked fantastically! WOOT for this awesome support forum07:48
titan_arkxjjk: btw, i tried acpi -b and got this: Battery 0: Discharging, 16%, discharging at zero rate - will never fully discharge.07:49
titan_arkDaughain: enjoy =)07:49
xjjktitan_ark: er, interesting..07:49
xjjktitan_ark: that's when plugged in via AC?07:49
titan_arka battery that will never discharge :D07:49
titan_arknope, disconnected07:49
titan_arknow it is connected and i get this:07:49
titan_arkBattery 0: Charging, 79%, charging at zero rate - will never fully charge.07:50
xjjktitan_ark: never seen that before07:50
titan_arki wonder why i get the wierd problems :P07:51
Daughainnot just you.07:51
titan_arkDaughain: :D07:52
xjjkI'm debugging my own weird problem..07:52
xjjkI'm trying to get my webcam to work with widescreen resolutions07:52
xjjkapparently... there are multiple revisions, and some work differently than others07:52
titan_arkxjjk: btw even after that kernel upgrade, why am i notified to upgrade to the older kernel 17.30?07:52
titan_arkxjjk: ah okay07:52
xjjktitan_ark: it won't detect that newer vanilla kernel as newer07:53
xjjkbecause that package is not from the repositories07:53
titan_arkso when does this kernel become official?07:53
xjjkit's always going to tell you to install the latest Ubuntu-supported one07:53
xjjktitan_ark: never07:53
titan_arkhmm okay07:53
xjjkthat site is for test kernels07:53
xjjkthey dont include everything included with normal Ubuntu kernels07:54
xjjkif you use any proprietary hardware, you may have noticed you don't have drivers for them with that vanilla kernel07:54
Zhenyaguys, another question. Firefox seems to scroll real choppy in linux but very smooth when i'm in xp. Is there somekind of swap settings or something i can adjust to smooth this out>07:54
titan_arkhmmm my wireless card works07:54
titan_arki had to install the properietry driver on the initial install07:55
xjjktitan_ark: interesting... what wireless card?07:55
xjjkmaybe the newer kernel has them built-in07:55
titan_arkits a broadcom07:55
xjjktitan_ark: ugh, those are terrible to work with07:55
titan_arkhad to install the sta driver07:55
titan_ark:D yeah, had a tough time with it07:56
xjjktitan_ark: lsmod | grep bcm07:56
xjjkthere's an open-source Broadcom driver within Linux07:56
Zhenyaany ideal y'all about the scrolling?07:56
xjjkit may have started working with
titan_arkxjjk: the command throws back nothing07:57
xjjktitan_ark: hrm, go figure07:57
titan_arkZhenya: my scroll works fine :P07:57
xjjkit works, knock on wood07:57
titan_arkxjjk: k =)07:57
Zhenyatitan_ark: doesnt seem choppy or anything?07:57
Zhenyatitan_ark: mine feels more like mac  osx scroll (choppy on an older machine) than xp07:58
titan_arkZhenya: :P i guess not, or rather it doesnt bother me07:58
titan_arkcant figure out the difference07:58
Zhenyatitan_ark: you proabably have muhc better hardware than me07:58
iconmefistoZhenya: does this happen with all webpages? do you have any firefox extensions installed?07:59
Zhenyaiconmefisto: pretty much yes, especially long ones like google reader08:00
Zhenyaiconmefisto: not really any extensions that would effect performance08:00
titan_arkxjjk: I just checked the hardware drivers and it shows that i am still using the STA broadcom driver08:00
iconmefistoZhenya: is smooth scrolling on? (firefox prefs, advanced tab)08:02
Zhenyaiconmefisto: that seemed to help on smaller pages but now the longer pages are just DRAGGING and lagging in scrolling!08:03
iconmefistoZhenya: try starting firefox in safemode to see if any themes or extensions may be the cause (firefox -safe-mode)08:05
Zhenyaok let me try that!08:05
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Zhenyaiconmefisto: yep same problem in safemode (although the title-bar doesn't say firefox is in safemode08:07
Zhenyaiconmefisto: also as a note it is WAY slower in scrolling and basicly unusable if i turn on the smoth scrolling. As a hardwarereference this is NOT an issue with xp08:09
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:18
titan_arkenjoy the show?08:20
Zhenyatitan_ark: good night!08:20
Zhenyaiconmefisto: good night!08:21
titan_arkZhenya: Done for the day? good night.08:21
rizvanhi, how to type zwnj (zero width non-joiner) in Hindi keyboard layout, i have 3rd level with right-ctrl key08:23
Zhenyatitan_ark: yep. its 230am here and i've been up since 730 :D08:25
Zhenyatime for some sleep08:25
allooshhi, not sure why no one is answering in ubuntu so asking here, why quanta is not supporting sftp after installing 9.10?08:30
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renatohi, how do I find what kernel version is runnning?09:03
Koliarenato: uname -a ?09:04
renatoI am running kernel 2.6.31-17-server I need to install the kernel source, what is the package containing the kernel source?09:09
tsimpsonrenato: do you need the source? or just the headers?09:14
renatoI need the source, I need to modify and recompile a module09:16
tsimpsonrenato: then you can do "apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)" to get the source in the current directory (no sudo required)09:17
renatotsimpson: tx. I think I remember, in the /boot directory there should be a file containing the current setting for the running kernel, do you happen to remember that file anme?09:19
tsimpsonrenato: it's the one starting with "config-"09:20
renatotsimpson: got it. one last question, I remember reading somwehere there is a different package to download for the module source? aren't they included in the kernel I just downloaded?09:23
tsimpsonthat was only for the restricted modules, non-free ones09:25
renatook, tx09:29
renatotsimpson: downloading the kernen with your method resulted in two files :linux_2.6.31.orig.tar.gz and linux_2.6.31-17.54.diff.gz but when I went to try to applu the patch patch <linux_2.6.31-17.54.diff I got a warning:   Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n] does it mean that while I got the patch the patch has been applied already?09:39
tsimpsonrenato: unpack it with "dpkg-source -x linux_2.6.31-17.54.dsc"09:40
renatounpack what? the patch?09:41
tsimpsonno, the whole source09:41
tsimpsonit'll unpack the source and apply the patch09:41
renatothe kernel did already unpack in my home directory as a result of  apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)09:42
tsimpsonthen the patch is already applied09:42
renatoyes, I was thinking the same09:42
renatothe configuration file for the kernel, is called .config sin't it?09:43
renato(the one that is supposed to be on the kernel directory=09:43
tsimpsonrenato: take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile09:45
renatohaha, I was still at make && make modules09:46
Brozacafter installing evolution mail there is no such option as ms exchange account, any other packages needed ?09:56
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jesterKinghi, I'm trying to change locales from C to UTF-810:48
jesterKingrunning 9.10, I'm trying to run dpkg-reconfigure locales, but nothing happens10:48
jesterKingis there some file I need to edit first?10:49
jesterKinghmm, right10:58
jesterKingsudo locale-gen fi_FI.UTF-8; sudo update-locale LANG=fi_FI.UTF-810:58
bigbrovaranyone knows how i can get amarok to sync with my mass storage based music device? its one feature I have missed from the 1.x version of amarok11:00
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sravan_Is there any software that plays HD mkv and .avi files in kubuntu ?????---- VLC is unable to play HD files properly :(12:34
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Fanfaresravan_: !medibuntu12:52
Fanfare!medibuntu | sravan_12:52
ubottusravan_: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org12:52
erghezihistory and bookmarks dont work in my firefox 3.6 or 3.712:52
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sravan_Fanfare, : In mediubuntu , Which package should I install ?12:58
erghezieverplays: درست شد13:01
erghezisravan_: گرچه همه چیز پرید!13:01
sravanerghezi, : I didnt get you :(13:02
erghezisravan_:  because that's persian :D13:02
erghezigoogle desktop cant index any file in kubuntu13:03
sravan_erghezi, : What is it's English name ?13:03
erghezisravan_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persian_people13:06
martijnhi i want the to ask a backport for ktorrent, is this possible here?13:14
martijnhi i want the scripts for ktorrent to work, does anyone of you have any idea how to get it to work?13:16
Fanfaresravan_: depends on w32codecs or w64codecs iirc13:24
Fanfarehm, is HD content so different?13:25
martijnFanfare: yes it is a lot sharper13:26
Fanfaremartijn: i mean codecwise...13:27
martijnmost HD movies come in mkv media container and is 720p or 1080p13:27
Fanfaremkv = matroska?13:27
martijnno idea if the codebase of HD is so much better than HD avi, i guess it is13:27
martijnit is smaller in file size though if you compare avi from mkv13:28
martijnyup mkv is matroska indeed13:29
Fanfareso only thing one needs is the matroska codecs ... ? which is a depandency of vlc...13:31
martijnyup, that or libxine1-ffmpeg or w32codecs/w64codecs13:32
martijni have the experience that w32codecs under smplayer gives me the best results for HD movies13:32
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Babyshambleshi. can somebody help me please. after upgrade to kde 4.4 rc1 my desktop is fade to black. http://imagebin.org/7952513:55
Bioshey whats the difference between a hard link and a symbolic link?13:56
xjjkBabyshambles: is plasma running13:57
xjjklooks as if it's crashing13:57
Tm_TBios: symbolic link is, well, link, hardlink is more like "same file in two places" for real13:57
Tm_TBabyshambles: I'd say you don't have plasma-desktop running, doublecheck you don't have any plasma related files in ~/.config/autostart/ folder13:58
Biosso its more like the file is physically copied but there is only one file in the os?13:58
Tm_TBios: no copy, the actual data is in one place, but file appears in two places13:59
Tm_TBios: no matter which place you remove it, it stays working in other13:59
Biosso a symbolic link would fail to work if i remove the orginial data file?14:00
Tm_TBios: but symbolic link works just as link, if original file is removed, link is dead14:00
Babyshamblesxjjk, Tm_T  i'm able to run plasma-desktop but it's only temporary. after the next reboot it crash again.14:00
Tm_TBios: yes14:00
Biosokidoki thanks man14:00
Tm_TBabyshambles: see what I said before14:00
Tm_TBios: symbolic link is excellent choice if you want something to appear in other place, or under other name, never have found reason to use hard link myself yet14:01
Bioswell at least you wont have anykind of dead links when using hard links ;)14:02
Biosuhm btw will links be refreshed automatically if you move the original file?14:03
BabyshamblesTm_T, i have plasma desktop on autostart folder. http://imagebin.org/7952814:03
Tm_TBios: symoblic links? no, with hardlink, it works14:03
Tm_TBabyshambles: remove it14:03
Tm_TBabyshambles: remove both of those14:04
BabyshamblesTm_T, done. do i need to reboot now?14:05
Tm_TBabyshambles: just relogin14:05
BabyshamblesTm_T, sorry but it don't fix anything14:07
Tm_TBabyshambles: did they reappear there?14:07
BabyshamblesTm_T, there's nothing on autostart folder and if i run plasma-desktop i get weird panel http://imagebin.org/7952914:11
Tm_TBabyshambles: hmm, are you willing to remove your plasma settings? or just move them aside to see if it helps, run this in konsole: "mkdir ~/plasmatemp && mv ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* ~/plasmatemp/" and relogin14:16
daskreechTm_T: Wouldn't Babyshambles have to logout first?14:17
Tm_Tdaskreech: agh, true14:18
BabyshamblesTm_T, ok. be right back14:18
Tm_Tdaskreech: can you lead him thru? I have to go14:18
Tm_Tshould need to make sure everything is installed all fine too if that doesn't help14:18
Tm_Tanyway, gone ->14:19
daskreechSo does Babyshambles it seems14:19
BabyshamblesTm_T, daskreech after run mkdir ~/plasmatemp && mv ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* ~/plasmatemp/ i still get the same problem.14:21
daskreechBabyshambles: this was while logged out of KDE ?14:22
Babyshamblesdaskreech, no it's while login, after splashscreen desktop is fade to black.14:23
daskreechBabyshambles: do you know how to logout of KDE and go to a VT ?14:23
Babyshamblesdaskreech, what is VT?14:24
daskreechBabyshambles: Virtual Terminal14:26
Babyshamblesdaskreech, how can i reach into it?14:27
daskreechBabyshambles: Ok Linux has a set of terminals which are logically different computers14:27
daskreechYou are on the GUI now which is Terminal 714:27
daskreechThe other terminals are normal command line affairs14:27
daskreechBabyshambles: You can get to them using the keys alt+Ctrl+F# where # is 1, 2, 3 etc. TO get back to the GUI you press Alt+Ctrl+F7. try it now14:28
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Babyshamblesdaskreech, i've been there, what should i do?14:30
daskreechBabyshambles: Ok when you log out of KDE you will be on the login screen jump to a VT and login and run the command that you were given. If you have typed it in already you should be able to just press up and get it back. When it's done go back to VT7 and login to KDE again14:32
Babyshamblesdaskreech, ok let me try14:32
erghezii cant completely upgrade to kde 4.414:33
erghezisome packages is blocked!14:34
erghezidolphin and amarok dont work14:34
Babyshamblesdaskreech, when i run mkdir ~/plasmatemp && mv ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* ~/plasmatemp/ it says file exist14:35
daskreechBabyshambles: mv ~/plasmatemp ~/plasmatemp-114:38
Babyshamblesdaskreech, on gui or vt?14:39
daskreecherghezi: Is it klipper that's blocking them?14:40
Babyshamblesdaskreech, i still get the error14:42
Babyshamblesstill no plasma desktop14:43
daskreechBabyshambles: ok I assume someone asked you to hit alt+F2 and type plasma-desktop there ?14:43
fire`lalalahm I had some similar issues which where caused by defect desktop effects14:44
fire`lalalatry to disable them with alt-shift-f12 ... if plasma-desktop is indeed running14:44
daskreechfire`lalala: That's Kwin14:45
fire`lalaladaskreech: ups, you're right14:46
Babyshamblesdaskreech, fire`lalala http://imagebin.org/7953114:47
Babyshamblesdouble plasma14:47
fire`lalalayou can remove these widgets14:47
Babyshamblesfire`lalala, rebooting and let see if the problem is fix14:48
Babyshamblesdaskreech, fire`lalala it's gone again after reboot14:51
fire`lalalawhat's gone?14:51
Babyshamblesfire`lalala, plasma14:51
Babyshambleshow to add plasma desktop to ~./config/autostart ?14:56
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alvinIn KDE 4.4 RC1, where can the Akonadi Settings be found?14:58
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »15:00
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kaddiif I never use samba and don't share files with windows machines over network, can I just uninstall it? What would be the best way to remove it?15:04
joro__kaddi hi15:10
Roasteddoes kubuntu 9.10 have the software center? or did ubuntu leave that to themselves?15:12
kaddiRoasted: they kpackagekit15:12
Roastedkpackagekit is their version of software center?15:12
kaddiyes, sry, I originally planned to make a sentence but must have lost a couple of words15:14
Roastedis it pretty comparable?15:14
kaddiRoasted: I'm not really familiar with either, so i can't say. But you can download all software with that program15:15
kaddi!fr | joro__15:15
ubottujoro__: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr15:15
daskreechRoasted: as it stands currently yes but you can install the software center in Kubuntu if you like15:15
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elysionhi! anyone here care to help me? was trying to upgrade kde from 4.2 to 4.3 using the following instructions: http://www.webupd8.org/2009/08/install-kde-43-in-ubuntu-jaunty-904.html15:37
elysionafter the upgrade plasma failed to launch15:37
elysionso i uninstalled the packages according to the uninstallation instructions on the same page15:37
elysionthat didn't quite help, so I removed libplasma3 and reinstalled kubuntu-desktop15:38
elysionso now kde starts and works quite ok, but the global shortcuts don't work15:38
mauhi !!! the cahannel in italian pleas,,,tnx.15:38
Kolia!it |mau15:39
ubottumau: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)15:39
elysionthe global shortcuts settings in the system settings does not list a thing in the kde components15:39
Fanfare!it | mau15:42
ubottumau: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)15:42
Fanfareelysion: i dont have 9.04, but iirc staging is a bad repository!15:43
erghezii upgrade mykde to 4.415:43
ergheziFanfare: but the klipper dont install15:43
elysionFanfare: which repository should i use then?15:43
erghezii  use " sudo dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/klipper_4%3a4.3.90-0ubuntu~karmic1~ppa3_amd64.deb"15:44
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erghezinow dolphin and amarok dont work!15:45
mauI need an  program to work with audio, mix, cut, add ... someone has some experience.15:45
Fanfareelysion: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports has kde 4.3.215:45
maufor kubuntu kde15:45
Fanfaremau: audacity (not kde) , ardour ( not kde)15:46
Fanfaremau: squeeze  (is kde iirc)15:46
elysionFanfare: could you give the line I should put in sources.list?15:49
bo7amnyiam new to kde , i have kubuntu 9.10 and every time i start my laptop the wallet program stat up (even when i unstall ) , how can i mange start up application ?15:49
bo7amny*how can i control start up application ?15:51
Fanfareelysion: see the page, click on no karmic, then choose dist. version15:51
Fanfaremau: Sweep was the kde apps name :-)15:52
elysionFanfare: yeah, got it already. was just a bit of a pain with links :P15:55
Fanfareelysion: yeah theyre hidden in favor to the new ppa:bla thing...15:56
elysionfunny that the guy who made the guide instructed to use the staging repo while on the page it says "DON'T USE"15:57
elysion...and would have probably been a good idea for me to check the facts before blindly upgrading15:57
Fanfare:-) check what u install on your system!15:58
elysionFanfare: nah, just go windows-style :P16:01
erghezii upgrade to kde 4.4 . after restart, not i dont have desktop16:04
erghezisome packages like kubuntu-desktop is blocked16:05
ilumisucks for you16:05
elysionFanfare: yay, by removing staging and re-upgrading I got 4.3 working :)16:09
elysionthanks for the tip!16:09
ilumierghezi: do sudo apt-get remove kde16:11
ilumierghezi: reboot, then sudo apt-get install kde16:11
Fanfare"DON'T USE"16:12
ergheziilumi: ok16:13
ergheziilumi: Package kde is not installed, so not removed16:14
ilumiok try instal kde16:14
ergheziilumi: Package kde is not available, but is referred to by another package.16:15
kaddiif I never use samba and don't share files with windows machines over network, can I just uninstall it? What would be the best way to remove it?16:15
erghezikaddi: the best way is compile new kernel and disable it:D16:16
llutzkaddi: sudo aptitude purge samba16:16
ilumiremove purge16:17
llutzonly "purge"16:17
llutzremove purge is senseless, purge includes remove16:17
kaddillutz: i removed the samba package but most packages like samba-common and so on remain installed16:19
llutzkaddi: aptitude why samba-common16:19
kaddireturn smbclient installed16:20
ilumierghezi: try sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop16:20
ergheziilumi: this package is blocked!16:20
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal16:20
ergheziilumi:   dont install already!16:20
ilumierghezi: yeah but the old one might be still installed16:21
ergheziilumi: hmm , so let's me check it16:21
kaddillutz: sorry, forgot the name: It returns smbclient as installed. the description says command line SMB/CIFS client for unix. I don't suppose I need that if I don't use samba-shares? (i have no clue how that actually got onto my system)16:22
llutzkaddi: try "sudo aptitude purge smbclient smbfs -s" and look what else would be removed   -s = simulate16:22
kaddillutz: apparently kubuntu-desktop depends on smbclient... I might not want to uninstall it then :p16:24
llutzit's just a meta-package16:24
kaddiso removing it would have no effects?16:25
llutzkaddi: not really16:25
kaddione sec16:25
llutzkaddi: just watch what is goimg to be removed and stop if in doubt16:26
kaddillutz: i don't totally understand what the output is telling me, switching the language and gonna post you the output.16:26
llutzkaddi: try "LANG=C sudo aptitude purge smbclient smbfs -s"16:27
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kaddillutz: I just wanna be sure that kubuntu-desktop is all that is getting broken. :)16:28
llutzkaddi: so it just removes smbclient and the meta-package16:28
BiosElementkaddi: It looks fine to me.16:28
llutz  Installed: (none)16:28
kaddik, great :) thanks16:29
llutzkaddi: ^^ did it too :)16:29
llutzbut apparently kde still works fine here16:29
kaddilol, great. -.- now aptitude why samba-common returns wine and winbind. It didn't show them earlier16:30
llutzkaddi: that's why you always should use minimal-cd and install what you really need instead of trying to strip down a (bloated) live-cd-install16:35
kaddillutz: I need and use wine frequently, I don't think it actually comes preinstalled... so I guess samba has to stay for now :s16:36
bo7amnyiam new to kde , i have kubuntu 9.10 and every time i start my laptop the wallet program stat up (even when i unstall it ) , how can i control start up applications ?16:41
BiosElementbo7amny: If you removed the wallet package...it wouldn't startup. But you probably want to keep it for wifi/website passwords. Autostart is System Settings / Advanced / Autostart but you probably won't find wallet there.16:43
bo7amnythank u very much16:44
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giLL0ranother (insecure, not recommended) resolution: set wallet pass to nothing. it will open w/o asking for the password16:50
BiosElementTrue. Worth noting though that for a laptop, it's a very very bad idea as if anyone steals your laptop, they'll have all your passwords16:52
giLL0rTrue. Worth noting though that one should encrypt at least /home for a laptop, just in case it gets lost. ;)16:53
sravan_Suppose if my friend's comp  is connected to my comp through  blue tooth or WiFi or some mechanism , How can I know the IP or MAC adress of HIS ( my friend's ) comp ???16:56
ilumisravan_: netstat might show the connection17:05
ilumiand ip17:05
ilumiactually im pretty sure it will17:05
faLUCE(9.10) hi. I want to add a timer in the grub menu when booting. I don't find men.lst anymore. what should I modify?17:07
=== mau is now known as ma
masorry,,the name of the italian channel ?17:07
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)17:07
ilumifaLUCE: not sure about the timeout, but you can get into menu by pressing shift right when grub loads17:15
geniifaLUCE: GRUB_TIMEOUT=      line in /etc/default/grub   ... then run the sudo update-grub17:18
faLUCEsorry, I'm using xubuntu17:18
geniifaLUCE: That method is desktop-agnostic17:19
faLUCEthen... I dunno: I don't have /etc/default/grub17:20
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
OxDeadC0defaLUCE: do you have /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?17:24
OxDeadC0defaLUCE: or /usr/etc/grub.d/00_header17:25
OxDeadC0dein 00_header I have:set timeout=${GRUB_TIMEOUT}  (Which sets it to 5 when the grub.cfg is generated, ie: kernel upgrade etc)17:27
leohi, i am doing a security copy but i can not copy some windows ntfs files, some help?17:31
ilumicdwhats a security copy?17:32
leosorry i don't understand cdwhats17:33
leothat's a simply copy17:33
leofrom a hard drive to another one17:34
ilumiwhats the problem?17:35
leoi have problems with the windows folder17:35
ilumiyou get errors or what?17:35
leowhen i moun the unit sda, and i am in 70 % I have problems17:36
leosometimes appear  retry retry all etc..17:36
leowhat is the best way to do a copy of a windows hard drive17:37
ilumiso it copies it 70% and then it stops?17:37
anto_tohow for kubuntu help in italian?17:37
ilumiare you copying a folder with files and folders in it?, are you using a command line? what command?17:38
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)17:38
leothen i retry but i have problems i have to merge and then i have another time the same problem17:39
leoi am using nautilus17:39
shadeslayeraperson: ping17:39
apersonshadeslayer, yessir?17:40
ilumileo: try using a command17:40
shadeslayeraperson: i fixed the thing with the crashy desktop :P17:41
apersonshadeslayer, howso?17:41
shadeslayeraperson: i forgot to recompile my smooth tasks plasmoid,due to which the desktop kept crashing... i just read the bug report17:42
ilumileo: cp -R /home/hope/files/* /home/hope/backup17:42
ilumileo: change path to whatever you need17:42
ilumileo: paths17:42
ilumileo: there isnt any progress indication, so if copying lots of files it might apperar to be stuck17:43
ilumiand -R is for copying folders including folders and files within that folder17:44
ilumiyoudont need it for copying single files17:44
|apriori|hi all17:44
ilumisup sup17:44
|apriori|I got a problem with using debugging symbols to debug an application17:44
=== sascha_ is now known as nebulo
|apriori|apparently the suplied debug symbols are incorrect.. in the output of gdb there is the following shown, which doesnt make any sense:17:45
shadeslayeraperson: also from the kubuntu-devel ML :17:45
|apriori|0x00007ffff1faf48c in RubberBand::RubberBandStretcher::Impl::study (this=0xeba330, input=0x1d3f160, samples=16293, final=<value optimized out>) at src/StretcherImpl.cpp:78217:45
shadeslayerI found that Fancy Tasks, STasks and Smooth Tasks can and will crash plasma17:45
|apriori|782     src/StretcherImpl.cpp: No such file or directory.17:45
|apriori|        in src/StretcherImpl.cpp17:45
ilumi|apriori|: i think you need to have dev libs installed for all the apps involved in the crash to get good debug info17:46
|apriori|I know.. but the problem is this specific error: "src/StrecherImpl.cpp" no such file or directory.17:46
|apriori|in other words.. it doesnt find the respective source file in the debugging symbols17:47
cmhi everybody how can i install songbird to my kubuntu17:48
ilumi|apriori|: it's looking in the wrong dir i guess17:48
|apriori|ilumi: actually gdb should be able to find it right away.. but it doesnt.17:49
cmis there anybody wants to help mi17:49
|apriori|ilumi: and usually.. you dont need to have the sources installed, too..17:49
ilumicm: check repos,  aptitude search songbird17:49
|apriori|only dev, dbgsym and the actual library17:49
ilumi|apriori|: dont know17:50
Phoenix_the_IIok, i've got pulseaudio installed along with alsa, but i have like multiple sound cards in my system. and each time a new program opens i need to change it's output stream to the correct sound card17:50
geniicm: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Songbird17:50
Phoenix_the_IIis there a way to default this to the correct card?17:50
cmi looked at them but i want to install latest version17:51
=== shadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer_
ilumicm: what version is in the repo?17:51
cm1.2, 1.417:51
cmbut latest 2.017:52
ilumicm you can do sudo apt-get build-dep songbird17:52
ilumicm: and then just compile the new version, if they have source17:53
geniiilumi: They don't17:53
ilumicm: if not then just install the bin or whatever they have17:53
geniicm: The link I gave you already shows how to install the latest with the script they provide17:54
ilumithe latest version on their site is 1.4.317:54
cmyes my mistake17:54
cmhere 1.4 have deb package17:55
FloodBotK3cm: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:55
cmi cannot install that17:55
|apriori|ilumi: solution, although not quite satisfactory: use command "directory" to point to the root dir of the respective sources. usually not needed, but apparently its the only solution here17:55
ilumicm: all you have to do is download , unizip and execute17:58
ilumicm: ./songbird17:58
cmi cannot dl17:58
ilumicm: ?17:58
cmfirefox says17:58
cmi don't know what type of link is this17:59
cmthis is the link17:59
ilumicm: download from the official website17:59
cmit tries to communicate with apt17:59
cmbut it doesnt work17:59
ilumii just got it and im running it18:00
cmin official site18:00
ilumiit's too easy18:00
cmthere is18:00
cmdeb package18:00
FloodBotK3cm: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.18:00
ilumiyou dont need a deb package18:00
cmi tried it18:00
cmilumi i paste the result18:03
ilumicm: ok so get it from repo, you said they have 1.418:04
cmnot in repo18:05
cmin here18:05
cmbut i cannot dl from here firefox says : i don't how to open this link. i think this site tries to communicate with apt but it doesnt work with firefox nor konqueror18:07
geniiSo save it then use dpkg -i on it18:08
ilumicm: hold on18:08
cmi found18:09
cmthanks for your help ilumi the link is http://skyzim.com/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=8 if you want to download too18:10
ilumicm: try from command apt-get install link18:11
ilumicm: or sudo apt-get install http://www.getdeb.net/install/songbird18:12
ilumicm: or if you already downloaded, sudo dpkg -i package.deb18:14
cmi install and dl but no chance it gives gstreamer error18:14
ilumimaybe you dont have gstreamer installed18:15
cmi am searching18:15
cmbut dep package says you have all dependencies18:15
cmand install with no error18:16
ilumiit might not be a dependency18:16
ilumior just do sudo apt-get install gstreamer18:16
ilumiand see what you get18:17
genii"lib64" indicates it wants 64 bit stuff. Does: uname -m     report i686 or x86_64 ?18:19
yeanybody can help me for chinese input ubunty 9.1018:19
yeanybody can help me for chinese input ubuntu 9.1018:19
yewhere can download it? i am new user. TQ ^.^18:20
cmcm@scorpid:~/İndirilenler$ uname -m18:22
geniicm: OK so lib64 is correct18:24
jorgendoes anyone know a decent audio cd -> mp3 ripper for 9.10 ?18:26
cmi worked it last18:27
cmsimply 64bit version doesn't work18:27
cmyou must use 32bit18:27
erghezii cant access to tty (Alt+Ctrl+F1-F6)18:30
jkazehi, I am trying to install Amarok 2.2.2 but I can't see it in the KPackageKit?!18:31
=== max is now known as Guest78756
ilumijkaze: prob not there18:31
greyfox_@jkaze Did you add the ppa repository for the new Amarok?18:34
greyfox_Then all you should need to do is a system update18:35
jkazeppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports thats what the news page said18:35
erghezii see black screen with blicker cursor in tty18:35
jkazeIt seem I'll go and download the source!18:36
jkazethank you guys18:36
greyfox_sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade should install amarok for you18:36
jkazeI'll try that, thanks a lot18:37
greyfox_erghezi are you using the livecd?  Ive had troubles with 9.10 not having tty with the live cds18:38
geniierghezi: Might try in Konsole: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup                  what TTY to use is the 9th or 10th setting there, after keyboard,language, etc setups18:38
erghezigenii: i am in kubuntu 9.1018:39
genii(default should be /dev/tty[1-6]   )18:39
geniierghezi: the console-setup works in all versions18:40
erghezigenii: update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-17-generic18:43
erghezigenii: my kernel is
geniierghezi: Probably iterating it for all your kernels18:45
greyfox_erghezi: 2.6.32 is 10.04 you using the beta?18:45
erghezigenii: i compile it handy18:46
geniierghezi: Thats why then18:47
erghezigenii: until last night , tty was well18:49
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ilumiwhats tty used for?18:54
=== kb is now known as Guest93227
greyfox_ilumi: Its a command prompt18:56
geniiilumi: X is usually only running on one TTY, the others normally wait there for a text login. They are handy to use for fixing X, also some prefer them to the graphical text console18:56
ilumiso hows tty different from xterm and such?18:57
geniiilumi:  xterm  is just an X interface to one18:57
ilumiso tty is the main terminal like dos?18:58
geniiilumi: You don't need any kind of graphical desktop to use a command-line console18:58
geniiilumi: Basically18:58
ilumiok, thanks18:58
geniiilumi: Although because linux is a true multitasking system, there are 618:58
genii(7 if you count the one X runs on)18:59
greyfox_actually they are 63 if you look in your /dev18:59
ilumiyeah but is sucks because when x hangs you cant switch to them18:59
greyfox_depends on the hang19:00
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greyfox_if you have another computer and have ssh installed on the computer hanging sometimes you can still get in19:00
rethushava a clean kubuntu installation19:00
ilumiyeah sometimes you can switch but blindly19:00
rethusnow i want to add firefox and choose firefox 3.519:00
ilumiwhen in gui how to switch to it?19:01
rethusbut there are many dependencys, or did i choose a wrong firefox package?19:01
rethusone dependency is gnome-mount19:01
greyfox_rethus: firefox is a GTK application and there are a bunch of programs that KDE doesnt come with needed to run it19:01
rethusthats a bit strange ?!19:01
rethusso this is all right?19:02
geniirethus: It's normal, yes19:02
ilumirethus: you can just downlad and run as user, no need to install19:02
rethusgnome-icon-theme and so on19:02
greyfox_ilumi: ctrl + alt + [F1-F6]19:02
greyfox_rethus: yeah should be fine19:02
rethushave change today from suse 11.2 to kubuntu19:02
rethusnwow configur my system19:03
ilumigreyfox_: cool19:03
greyfox_rethus: Nice to have you as a part of the Kubuntu community!19:04
ilumirethus: lol , you used ms suse19:05
greyfox_rethus: Having any other problems?19:05
ilumirethus: hows that microsoft os worked for you?19:05
rethusnow i have migrate my mails (seems to work). I search for a way to get a overview of all my used programms under suse, which i often use19:06
greyfox_ive tried suse before works fine and has a large company and community backing it up19:06
=== kb is now known as Guest64103
rethuslike eclipse, knoda and so on.19:06
ilumigreyfox_: and it's owned by microsoft :P19:06
greyfox_tehtus: you can pin your most used programs to the start menu19:07
greyfox_Also since you are using KDE4 you can make a shortcut easily anywhere desktop taskbar etc...19:09
rethusgreyfox... i mean not to handle it if installed... i mean now for megrating to know which programms i had on my old partition.19:09
rethusgreyfox: thanks, i'm familar with kde work many Years with it19:09
greyfox_rethus: your looking for an automated way to install all the programs you used to have then?19:10
rethusgreyfox: no only a eyecandy overview to see whcih important programms i have to install19:10
=== Delano is now known as x-linuxuser
rethuswhat was the imap ssl-port ?19:12
rethus993 odr 93919:12
greyfox_i think 99319:12
greyfox_rethus: So why the switch from Suse?19:15
rethusgreyfox: i realy like fast config via yast... and suse is not bad (hey its linux ;) but i switch, cause ubuntu has a better updating-strategy, and ubuntu base on debian19:17
=== aperson is now known as APERSON
ilumiand its not owned by microsoft19:18
greyfox_Ive tried suse and others before and always reverted back to Kubuntu because of the package manager/deb packages19:19
ilumiyeah the package manager is very nice19:20
greyfox_I just wish Kubuntu would get as much attention as Ubuntu does.  It seems like we get kicked to the side everytime they some up with something new.  Then it takes a couple of releases for Kubuntu versions of Ubuntu made softwware to come out19:20
McHavokI have a problem with KpackageKit19:21
ilumiit could, if the devs polished it out and make it faster19:21
greyfox_Whats the trouble?19:21
McHavokI'm opening paste page to copy it.19:22
ilumitry sudo apt-get -f install19:23
=== shadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer_
greyfox_yeah open konsole and see what that tells you19:23
=== kb is now known as Guest27076
McHavokIs there a way to fix it?19:24
rethusgreyfox_: can u tell me what shiretoko for a firefox-folk is?19:24
greyfox_What version are you running? 9.10?19:24
ilumiMcHavok: try sudo apt-get -f install19:25
=== lol is now known as Guest5790
greyfox_rethus: shiretoko is just a Alpha for the new firefox19:27
rethusah, ok, but why is it installed. i only have choose firefox 3.519:27
gornhello together.. i merged transcode (kubuntu 9.10) but there is no avimerge.. is avi merge out?19:28
greyfox_rethus: where do you see that its installed? is it a package?19:29
rethuskmenu > search19:29
rethusi have choosed in kpackageKit only firefox 3.5 + nobinonly-0ubuntu19:30
rethusbut now there are 6 firefox-packages installed19:30
greyfox_hmm ive only got regular firefox installed19:30
rethusbut where can i get it19:31
Bioshey my k3b is not working19:32
greyfox_firefox has source packages available let me look around a bit19:32
Biosi get the problem Unable to open new session19:32
BiosI m in the user group "burning" and "fuse"19:32
Biosi also tried to run k3b with sudo ... but still no success19:32
rethusgreyfox_ have add the package firefox-webdeveloper too, but see no webdeveloper-plugin19:33
iconmefistoI'm trying to set pulseaudio default sink in /etc/pulse/default.pa but it does not work on boot. I think it's because the default I want is on the local network, which does not connect until several seconds after login and wireless connection is active, so the default sink I want is not present when /etc/pulse/default.pa runs. Any ideas how I can get around this?19:34
geniiiconmefisto: Pulseaudio has a CLI ( reference page for it here: http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/CLI ), one of it's commands includes set-default-sink . Conceivably you could do a post-up directive for wlan0 in /etc/network/interfaces19:45
=== kb is now known as Guest38371
iconmefistogenii: post-up directive? what would that look like?19:48
iconmefistogenii: the pulseaudio cli command works when network is up, but I have no idea how to script the command in /etc/network/interfaces19:51
geniiiconmefisto: Under the main wlan0 stanza, in this case something like: post-up /usr/bin/pulseaudio set-default-sink  whatever19:55
geniiApologies on lag, work, this is why I am for most part /away19:56
geniiiconmefisto: man interfaces         also gives several examples of usage19:56
iconmefistogenii: ok, so just a line starting with "post-up" and following that, whatever command I want to be executed19:57
geniiiconmefisto: Basically, yes19:57
iconmefistothanks genii, seems like just what I need19:57
rethustry to upgrade 9.04 to 9.10. got the message: if repository (Universe) not activated, some Packages would be deletet... like acl, gcc-4.3 and so on. How can i chack if this repo is activatet?20:01
rossemrethus,are you using sinaptic?20:03
iconmefistorethus: alt-F2 and type: kdesudo software-properties-kde   then make sure universe is ticked20:03
iconmefistorethus: or in kpackagekit, settings, edit software sources (to get to the same dialog)20:04
rethusiconmefisto: thanx. now i start my upgrade :D20:05
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phoenixzWhen will Kubuntu9.10 have a fix for the @W#$*(@#* intel driver? Right now I am on an older version of the intel driver, it works at least a little faster, but now I have crashes every 30 minutes..20:29
phoenixzMaybe a bit if a dumb question here but.. If Linux wants to conquer the desktop, how come that in 2010 there still is not a normal working intel graphics driver?20:30
phoenixzAnd anyway, GUI still heller slow.. be it a 1000% faster than intel's "latest and greatest", its still slow..20:31
newbie123abchi all20:31
phoenixznewbie123abc: hi too20:31
newbie123abchow can i put on kmix to control HDMI output?20:31
newbie123abcphoenixz: ^20:32
phoenixznewbie123abc: that I do not know, sorry20:32
newbie123abcsomeone plz20:32
phoenixznewbie123abc: patience please20:32
phoenixznewbie123abc: We're all volounteers.. People will help you if they see you and if they know the answer..20:33
FreeNslavedHals audio broadcast just began on channel 12 over at Http://www.BoldVoices.TV if anyone wants to listen in on20:33
markus_when I try to install kdelibs-dev I get dependencies errors.20:36
markus_kdelibs5-dev: Hängt ab: kdelibs5 (= 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu7.2) aber 4:4.3.3-0ubuntu1~ppa1 soll installiert werden20:36
markus_Hängt ab: libplasma3 (= 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu7.2) aber 4:4.3.3-0ubuntu1~ppa1 soll installiert werden20:36
markus_what can I do here?20:36
ikoniamarkus_: chat20:38
ikoniamarkus_: sorry, didn't see the rest of your question20:38
ikoniamarkus_: what version of kubuntu are you using, do you have any ppa's enabled ?20:38
markus_yes, have the backports enabled20:39
ikoniamarkus_: 4:4.3.3-0ubuntu1~ppa1 suggests you have another PPA enabled20:40
jmcantrellanyone know if there's a way to set the desktop background image from the command line or a python script?20:40
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bodomhi there, i got a firewall issue.20:44
=== gb_ is now known as Guest10710
bodombasically, I want to filter packets depending on ther gateway, but I can't figure how to20:44
=== Dekans is now known as Dekans[afk]
ikoniabodom: which firewall software are you using20:47
bodomikonia: iptables/netfilter? What else?20:47
ikoniabodom: try #netfilter and #iptables then, they have solid guys in there20:48
bodomikonia: I'll try ty20:49
jhunoldAny tips why device notifier stopped showing usb devices ? And fat partitions start to mount automagically ?20:51
iconmefistojhunold: you may have an updated device notifier with new options. right-click the icon, device notifier settings and see what's there20:53
inteliwasphow can i reset the mistakes i made in nvidia-settings from the console?20:55
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jhunoldyes, i checked those via system settings. the strange thing is that my vfat partition gets mounted and nothing shows up in device notifier nor gets mounted.21:03
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ilumimaybe it's not fat?21:34
ilumiwow, no one is having problems, amazing21:53
iconmefistothis channel is just too effective21:55
jce0694how would i know if the drivers are installed for my graphics card?21:59
geniiiconmefisto: Did you get your pulseaudio sink situation sorted out?22:03
fujimitsujce0694: look in kickoff>applications>system>hardware drivers22:04
iconmefistogenii: I did, but not with /etc/network/interfaces. my wireless interface isn't in there, and couldn't figure out why or how it is configured, so I just added an autostart script in systemsettings to do the command I need after "sleep 30"22:05
greyfox_iconmefisto: to check if hardware acceleration is working run glxgears (you might need to install mesa-utils)22:08
iconmefistogreyfox_: was that meant for someone else?22:09
greyfox_iconmefisto: if hardware acceleration is not working your cpu will max out22:09
greyfox_yeah sorry22:09
greyfox_meant: jce069422:09
jce0694that's what's strange though... i've been to that menu and the only window that comes up when i click on hardware drivers is my broadom STA wireless drivers (says activated and currently in use) but says nothing about all the other drivers on my laptop... strange22:11
greyfox_jce0694: try running glxgears and see what you get for fps22:11
smellynoserHi, my processor is 2ghz, but it's running at 1200mhz. Is that normal for a desktop PC?22:12
greyfox_smellynoser: what kind of processor do you have?22:12
eeosis it possible to set vlc as the application that is called to open dvds instead of dragon player?22:12
greyfox_smellynoser: lots of newer CPUs reduce their speed when not being used to save power/heat22:12
smellynosergreyfox_: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU        E1400  @ 2.00GHz22:13
smellynosergreyfox_: Is that not an OS setting? Can I not turn it off?22:13
iconmefistojce0694: what does jockey-text -C say?22:13
fujimitsujce0694: some intel integrated graphics drivers wont show up in hardware drivers list..22:14
greyfox_smellynoser: when you use an application that needs the speed it automatically throttles up to full speed you shouldn't need to turn it off22:14
jce0694greyfox_: i ran glxgears but it doesn't say what the fps is... how do i find out the fps?22:14
greyfox_jce0694: sorry run it from konsole it outputs fps there22:14
devilsadvocatesmellynoser, if you want to disable cpu scaling you need to set your power profile to "performance"22:15
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smellynoserdevilsadvocate: Thanks :)22:16
smellynosergreyfox_: Thanks :)22:16
devilsadvocatesmellynoser, it should'nt be necessary to do that, though, unless you really think you have speed issues. for the most part cpu clocks just get wasted as heat22:16
jce0694greyfox_: i ran from konsole but still no fps.. is it supposed to shop in the actual windows w/ the gears spinning?22:16
jce0694oh... i see it now22:16
greyfox_jce0694 : whats the fps?22:16
* Idzme tweets: testing from irc client22:17
jce0694greyfox_: wait...i  see it in the konsole, took a bit... says 28.5 when i make it full screen22:17
markus_I removed all repos I added by hand and did apt-get update and then upgrade. But I still get the same error. Is it possible to downgrade packages like this?22:17
greyfox_jce0694 : if the gears spin smoothly and have a high FPS then you have hardware acceleration and your drivers are working.  If they are choppy you are using your CPU to render them22:18
* Idzme tweets: great this works fine, tweeting from #Xchat now ;-)22:18
greyfox_jce0694 : just leave it at the normal size22:18
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jce0694greyfox_: is 28.5 a decent frame rate... seems really slow for such a simple animation22:18
jce0694greyfox_: it's like 302 fps when i leave in small window  what do u think... are the drivers for my gfx card installed?22:19
greyfox_28 is kinda slow i get 500+ on full screen with an ATI x130022:20
phoenixzWhen will kubuntu have a GOOD working intel GFX driver? Its really not nice to be running the latest and best OS in the world only to find that its at crawling speed due to a crapped up Intel graphics driver..  We're in 2010 now, can this really be happening?22:20
greyfox_jce0694 : what kinf of gfx card do you have?22:20
jce0694is there a quick way to find out... i know it's not an onboard gfx card though... i will have to log out and into windows xp to find out unless u know a way i can see this in kubuntu22:22
iconmefistowhat does glxinfo | grep direct   say?22:22
greyfox_jce0694 : in konsole run "lspci | grep VGA" (no quotes)22:22
greyfox_jce0694 : thats a vertical bar not a L or i22:23
jce0694RS690M Radeon X1200 series22:23
ekiflayanyone with vmware's mks knowledge?22:24
greyfox_i have a x1300 and i get 6000+ fps with normal sized glxgears your driver is not working22:24
iconmefistojce0694: if you do: glxinfo | grep direct   does it give you "direct rendering: Yes" ?22:24
fujimitsui bet he doesnt have the ati driver installed22:25
greyfox_x1200 should be open source drive anyways22:25
greyfox_strange that its not working.  What version of Kubuntu are you using?22:25
jce0694iconmefisto: it says direct rendering is enabled22:25
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greyfox_then your driver is working22:26
jce0694i also have some slight artifacting problems when i try and enable desktop effects from the KDE control module22:26
jce0694greyfox_: but why such a slow frame rate?  how come some people with an X1300 get much faster fps on gxgears22:29
greyfox_mine is a dedicated card yours being integrated might be much slower22:29
greyfox_plus yours most likely uses your RAM for gfx memory instead of having its own faster gfx ram22:29
jce0694greyfox_: i'm using 9.04...i would upgrade to 9.10 but i heard every upgrade runs risk of problems so i'm trying to upgrade at least every other new version that comes out22:30
greyfox_good plan to wait for 10.04 since its a LTS version22:30
jce0694greyfox_: the x1200 is a seperate hardware device i believe (not onboard gfx)22:31
Daughaingreyfox_: If the X1200 is on a laptop, it is integrated, I have one as well.22:32
jce0694can i get a few others to chime in here?  what fps do you get when you run glxgears in FULL SCREEN?22:33
iconmefistojce0694: 530 frames in 5.0 seconds, I have X1200 too22:34
jce0694so apparently i don't have the drivers installed i guess... can i just go to the radeon website and download them?22:35
markus_ikonia: I removed all repos I added by hand and did apt-get update and then upgrade. But I still get the same error. Is it possible to downgrade packages like this?22:36
fujimitsuwhat the make of your laptop, jce069422:39
ilumijce0694: 237fps full screen22:41
snarksterwondering if anyone has tried to access the motorola Q from kubunut22:44
snarksterI have it connected to my laptop via usb and it doesnt show up in device screen22:44
iconmefistosnarkster: if it has a memory card and that is what you expect to see in device notifier, check phone USB settings22:46
iconmefistosnarkster: my motorola is set to "Default Connection: Memory Card"22:48
fujimitsusnarkster: kubuntu .. valiant effort there..22:49
ekiflaysnaker install moto4lin22:49
ekiflaythat will enable you to connect to your motorola phone22:49
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iconmefistoekiflay: have you ever used moto4lin? it doesn't always work for all phone models22:50
snarksterekiflay thank you22:51
rethusdoes the 64bit version support same software like the 32bit software for kubuntu?22:51
ekiflayall you need is to set the device type22:51
ekiflayfor the two modes22:51
ekiflayyou wellcome snarkster22:52
Daughainrethus: I havent run across anything it doesnt support.22:52
rethusdaughain: i didn't understand.22:53
rethuscan u explain your answer?22:54
rethusor spell it in other way22:55
Daughainrethus:  I run 64 bit ubuntu, and kave not found anything 32 bit supports that 64 doesnt.22:55
dimaswho know what i shoud to turno on the button of wireles22:58
iconmefistowhat button?23:00
rethuswhat is with java, flashplayer or skype?23:01
rethusis it usable to install xubuntu 9.10 and switch than to kubuntu, or better download whole kubuntu 9.10 and install it direktly23:02
jce0694sorry i was afk... it's a dell d63123:02
iconmefistorethus: you can install kubuntu-desktop and have both xfce and kde23:03
iconmefistorethus: but I guess it's tidier to reinstall with kubuntu CD if you're sure you want kubuntu and not xubuntu23:04
rethusi have a xubuntu cd here on my table, but have to download kubuntu23:05
rethusso is it better to download kubuntu or should i install xubuntu and switch than to kubuntu?23:05
rethuscause i have only 3mbit DSL23:06
rethusneed 30 Mintutes to download kubuntu-cd23:06
Guest96437hey all. I have a question and I'm not exactly sure where I should ask this. It has to do with a Mono project created in MonoDevelop which errors when I try and create a deb using debuild23:06
zintuskubuntu 9.10 etc23:11
zintusno one?23:12
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
zintustried different xorg.conf varinats and xbindkeys23:15
zintusx server didn't even started with xbindkeys -_-23:15
ilumizintus: many links on google for configuring that mouse23:16
zintustried sections to xorg and xbindkeys23:17
zintusno one worked23:17
=== _bomber is now known as bomber
zintus /etc/X11/xorg.conf is right config to edit?23:18
ilumizintus: some info here http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Karmic23:19
ilumizintus: search for MX51023:19
ilumii mean 51823:20
zintusfirst i have no section "InputDevice" at all23:20
zintusis it ok?23:20
ilumimake it23:21
geniizintus: Add whatever sections you need, just make sure they are complete23:21
zintusok, will try it23:21
zintusthx for help ^_^23:21
zintusnext question: why my X server didn't woke up after adding xbindkeys to autostart ?23:23
ilumitry restart23:24
zintustried two or three times23:24
zintusblack screen in place of cool kde icons appreaing23:24
zintusand stuck keyboard in rescue mode23:24
zintusremoved only with "single" option to normal mode23:25
zintusi have no idea about it purpose)23:25
ilumizintus: there are more advanced configs for that mouse, but dont know if they will work for ubuntu, you have to try and test23:27
zintusok, will do23:30
zintusand how X server worked without mouse section at all?23:30
iconmefistoit should work with no xorg.conf23:31
zintusand how it does?23:32
iconmefistozintus: X autoconfigures itself these days23:33
zintuswhy then it hangs if xorg.conf is corrupted?23:33
iconmefistobut you can still make your own xorg.conf and it should override those settings23:33
iconmefistozintus: so X does not start?23:36
zintusstarted after xbindkeys removal23:39
zintusi have instructions now and config for my mouse, will try)23:39
zintusthx for help again)23:39

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