RenatoSilvaAsking again: how about a GPL project with a lot of copyright holders using LP for translations?02:29
RenatoSilvain current policy, ALL of them need to deliver their translations under BSD, when importing the translations to LP02:30
RenatoSilvawhy not lock these imported msgstrs to only GPL-compatible projects02:30
RenatoSilvawhy make everything BSD? this makes projects like the example not be able to use LP02:32
spivRenatoSilva: perhaps try the launchpad-users mailing list?  I'm no sure if any of the translations people are around in this timezone.02:35
* RenatoSilva lazy02:44
spivRenatoSilva: :)02:45
spivRenatoSilva: well, so long as you're patient as well as lazy, I'm sure it'll work out :)02:45
* RenatoSilva goes watch LOST02:54
spivcrimsun: ouch, death by thousand cuts^WSQL queries.04:38
spiv(well, almost)04:38
spivNo single really obvious culprit from a 5 second glance :/04:38
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aquariusI have many, many small projects; no more than a half-dozen files of HTML+JavaScript or Python or whatever. I'd like to keep these in source control. I used to use svn for this. I'd like to use LP instead, but setting up a project is a big pain. Is there some easily-taken middle ground?08:58
aquariusI don't really want to push the branches as +junk -- the projects aren't junk, they're just small.08:59
ronnymake a single project, just push to branches below that?09:00
adeuringaquarius: I'm afraid that we don't have anything smaller than projects.09:00
wgrantaquarius: Why is setting up a project a pain?09:01
aquariusronny, I thought about that. Isn't it likely to be a bit confusing for people? Also, won't LP keep complaining at me about not having set a main branch for the project?09:01
adeuringaquarius: I think ronny is right (assuming that your projects are at least slightly related)09:01
aquariuswgrant, fill in a long page, pick a description, nominate a branch as trunk09:02
aquariussvn experience of "creating a new project": svn mkdir http://svn.kryogenix.org/svn/projectname; svn co !$ .; svn add *; svn commit -m "first checkin"09:02
wgrantYou should just need to fill in the name, summary, description and license.09:03
aquariusthese projects don't rate their own description pages, talks about what they are, that sort of thing; they're just a way to get the code online.09:03
aquariusso maybe the answer is: write a launchpadlib script that creates a minimal project09:03
aquariuswgrant, if I don't nominate a trunk branch, though, it's confusing for someone who goes to launchpad.net/projectname, because they will say: where do I get the code from?09:04
wgrantaquarius: Right. So nominate a trunk branch.09:05
aquariusand, realistically, the only question I expect people to ask about these projects is "where do I get the code from"? If that's in any way hard or confusing then it's a deal breaker for this use :-)09:05
wgrantThat takes about two seconds.09:05
aquariusadeuring, the projects are totally, totally unrelated, unless "I wrote them" counts as a relation ;)09:06
aquariusso it sounds like you guys are suggesting that I create a new LP project for each thing, and I just have to live with LP requiring more metadata?09:06
adeuringaquarius: well, i think it depends on how much of the LP features you want to use aside from code hosting09:07
adeuringaquarius: the more things you want to use, the more hassles you'll get if you have just one project09:07
aquariusadeuring, yeah, so the one-project-to-rule-them-all idea is probably a bad one.09:08
adeuringaquarius: probably. Anyway, how many projects are you talking about? (plain curiosity ;)09:09
aquariushttp://svn.kryogenix.org/svn/ has 4109:09
adeuringaquarius: I see. OK, needs some quite boring work to create these projects on LP...09:10
aquariuslooks like I need to write a launchpadlib script, which is annoying because it solves the problem for *me* but doesn't solve it for anyone else.09:11
aquariusso everyone else will look at lp and think: blimey, setting up projects is a pain, by comparison with {my svn server, github, etc} :(09:12
aquariushm, making it a bzr plugin would be good09:12
aquariusbzr new-lp-project09:12
adeuringaquarius: If/when you set up these 41 projects, it might help us if you send a short notice to feedback@launchpad.net. We are monitoring the creation of new projects to avoid "spamming" of Launchpad with unused or bogus projects. Just mention the existing SVN repository so that the reviewer can see that there is some real code for these projects.09:15
aquariusadeuring, cheers for that tip :)09:20
adeuringaquarius: welcome ;)09:20
* adeuring thinks it would be really frustrating if you set up all these 41 projects and the out reviewers suspects that somebody did not know what he was doing and disables all these projects....09:22
aquariusyou are entirely correct :)09:24
aquariusright, time to go talk to the bzr people about extending their launchpad plugin. :)09:25
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aquariusweird. https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib says to use launchpad = Launchpad.login_with('just testing', 'staging', cachedir), which says lazr.uri._uri.InvalidURIError: "staging" is not a valid URI.09:51
aquariusDoes it need to be "https://staging.launchpad.net" rather than "staging"?09:51
aquarius(i.e., is this a doc bug)09:51
aquariusindeed yes, it looks like a doc bug09:52
aquariusand now I get an undefined entity   traceback when authorizing.09:53
spivaquarius: I would guess you should use launchpadlib.launchpad.STAGING_SERVICE_ROOT09:54
spivBut that's a wild guess considering I haven't even looked at that doc link :P09:54
aquariusand that also fixes the second bug, too :)09:55
spivaquarius: maybe look at bzrlib/plugins/launchpad/lp_api.py?09:55
* aquarius files a doc bug09:55
aquariushm. So...if I know that there's a REST method available (to create new projects, in this case), how do I know how what launchpadlib calls it?10:01
maxbthough I'd be surprised if something as complex and usually guided as project creation had an API method10:07
aquariusI know there's a REST method for it. What I don't know is how to call that using launchpadlib.10:11
adeuringaquarius: I think the call is lp.projects.new_project(...910:18
aquariusadeuring, aha, that exists. got it; launchpad.<section name>.<rest method name>10:20
aquariusthat's useful :)10:20
adeuringaquarius: right. If you are confused by the API doc, it often helps to take a look at the webservice tests. In this case, I looked in lib/lp/registry/stories/webservice/xx-project-registry.txt of the LP source code.10:21
aquariusadeuring, can't imagine why I didn't think to look there ;-)10:21
adeuring(line 658)10:21
aquariusthat's handy, though; now I'll know where to look next time :)10:21
adeuringaquarius: well, for perfcet documentation, that shouldn't be necessary ;) But we are humans and haven't yet figured out how to write perfect dics ;)10:22
adeuring...perfect docs...10:22
* aquarius creates a project on staging from launchpadlib. Nice.10:27
persiaaquarius: Was that standalone, or with bzr lp new-project?10:28
aquariuspersia, lp new-project already exists??10:28
persiaNot to my knowledge.  I thought you were adding it.10:28
aquariusoh right, OK, I see what you mean. No, not from a bzr plugin yet; direct with launchpadlib. I'm experimenting to see how to do it before I start writing code10:29
komputesIs there a page on Launchpad that shows, overall, what bugs affect the most users. (A tally sheet of 'affectsmetoo').10:42
komputesAlso is there a way to list the user a bug affects?10:56
adeuringkomputes: there is an API method bug.users_affected_collection_link10:58
adeuring(for you latter question)10:58
adeuringkomputes: regarding your first question: I don't hink that we have such a page10:58
komputesadeuring: not sure how I can use that> in combinating with launchpad scripts (like what bdmurray does?)10:58
persiaCould one use the collection_link to get a countable list of users to get the affected count?10:59
komputesadeuring: how hard would it be to hack one together quickly (or would it kill the db)?10:59
persiakomputes: Note that making staging thrash would probably have less effect on most users.  The data is a bit outdated, but it would be close to what you seek.11:00
adeuringkomputes: (1) load an launchpadlib bug object; (2) iterate over bug.users_affected11:00
adeuringpersia: tehre is also the API property bug.users_affected_count11:01
persianifty :)11:01
persiaSO it's just query all open bugs, and then sort by that property.  Handy nice list.11:01
komputesadeuring: need some help with 1 & 2, sorry, I use launchpad a lot, but think is a little outside my comfort zone. Can any user do this or special permissions are needed?11:01
adeuringpersia: yes11:02
persiakomputes: Try installing launchpadlib and reading the docs.  It mostly needs a bit of python.11:02
komputespersia: okidok11:02
persiakomputes: Also https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib11:03
* komputes is checking it out11:03
adeuringkomputes: as persia says: should be easy to do. See https://help.launchpad.net/API/ and https://help.launchpad.net/API/Uses to find examples.11:03
mwhudsoniterating over all open bugs doesn't sound like a small amount of data11:04
* komputes grrrs to himself, no man page ;)11:04
adeuringkomputes: There are lots of methods to find bugs; if you already know which bug or bugs you are interested in, simply call lp.load(https://api.edge.launchpad.net/beta/bugs/<id>) to get the bug object.11:05
adeuringAnd you can get the string "https://api.edge.launchpad.net/beta" as launchpadlib.launchpad.EGDE_SERVICE_ROOT (similar for staging)11:07
marchinocan i download a tar package of a project which does not provide any download files?11:13
marchino(...from lauchpad, it was implicit)11:14
mwhudsonmarchino: you mean, can you download the current branch tip as a tarball?11:16
marchinomwhudson: yep11:17
mwhudsonthen no, that's not implemented yet11:17
spivThere's always "bzr export project.tar.gz lp:project"11:17
mwhudsonyou can do bzr export lp:foo foo.tar.gz, but most of the work is on your side in that case11:18
spivProbably not amazingly efficient.11:18
spiv(But shouldn't be completely terrible either)11:18
marchinoi haven't clone the project11:19
marchinoi think i must do it11:19
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PengWhy does Launchpad like to change a couple of my Experimental branches to Development?14:48
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rippsDoes anybody have any idea when launchpad ppa download counters are going to show up?14:54
bdmurraykomputes: disregarding the formatting of the page - http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/launchpad-database/bugs-with-most-users-affected.html15:03
komputesbdmurray: exactly what I was looking for, thanks15:05
komputesbdmurray: by the way I wanted to chat with you about a few things (private?)15:06
komputesbdmurray: that is, ping me when you have some free time15:10
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gnomefreakanyone here that can remove/suspend a users LP account. Please see bug 50509216:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 505092 in firefox-3.0 "no visuals" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50509216:12
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adeuringgnomefreak: thanks for the notice!16:19
gnomefreakadeuring: np16:19
RenatoSilvaanyone from translation/licenses here?16:19
adeuringRenatoSilva: for license question, ping bac; for trnaslations, henninge or danilos16:22
bachi RenatoSilva -- what sort of licensing issues are you referring to?16:23
RenatoSilvabac: imagine a project like MoinMoin which has its own system of translation, but wants to use LP now16:24
RenatoSilvabac: so they have to import current translations into LP, and the start new translations at Launchpad16:25
bacRenatoSilva: if you are asking specifically about licensing of translations then you need to talk to henninge or danilos.16:25
RenatoSilvahenninge: ^16:25
RenatoSilvadanilos: ^16:25
RenatoSilvabut afaik when you import translations in LP, they become available for all LP users under BSD license...16:26
henningeRenatoSilva: AFAIUI, All new translations done in LP will be BSD-licensed, the imported strings will remain whatever they are.16:26
henningeRenatoSilva: no, imported strings keep their license.16:27
RenatoSilvahenninge: that's unclear in the wiki docs anyway, but how LP manages that, it has a flag for each msgstr standing whether it's from LP or external?16:27
henningeRenatoSilva: yes.16:28
RenatoSilvais it recent? because it seems the docs weren't clarified about that16:28
RenatoSilvahenninge: you know MoinMoin right? So this all means that Thomas can start using LP for translations without worrying about copyright violation?16:29
RenatoSilvahenninge: I have presented LP to Thomas and sugegsted him to use LP at least for translations, but he didn't because of license, he would have to ask each contributor to convert the msgstrs to BSD, now this is not needed, great16:31
henninge_RenatoSilva: Yes, of course ... ;-)16:33
RenatoSilvahenninge: btw, if you could look into this issue, I'd thank you: https://bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/47890216:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 478902 in rosetta "Improve or clarify translation licensing procedure" [Undecided,New]16:33
henninge_RenatoSilva: But what kind of violations are you expecting?16:33
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RenatoSilvahenninge_: you mean what Thomas was afraid of?16:34
henninge_RenatoSilva: Simple strings like "File", "Submit", etc. are too common to be protected.16:34
henninge_RenatoSilva: yes16:34
henninge_RenatoSilva: More complex strings are usually too specific to the project that their translations could not be used elswhere unless used with a fork of the software.16:35
henninge_and that fork would be under the license of the software anyway.16:35
henninge_GPL, I assume.16:35
RenatoSilvahenninge_: at that moment a few months ago, we understood that all imported stuff wo9uld be available to LP users under BSD, which means a license change because Moin translations are GPL. And license change can be done only by copyright owners which are a LOT of people, and even unknown16:36
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henninge_RenatoSilva: exactly, that is why we didn't even start on that for LP translations ... ;-)16:37
henninge_RenatoSilva: BSD is most permissive.16:37
d1bpublic domain...:P16:37
henninge_RenatoSilva: Basically, the feat would be that GPL'ed translations end up in non-free software.16:37
RenatoSilvahenninge_: the problem was not use BSD, it was change the license with permission of ALL authors16:38
henninge_Yes, bug a change from BSD to GPL for example is possible without any permission from any author, that's why it is the easier base.16:38
henninge_pardon my typing.16:38
RenatoSilvahenninge_: this is the current fear, for NEW translations done in LP, but for the imported, we thought in the past that we needed to contact every translation contributor to ask "may we import all current stuff into LP and change the license to BSD?"16:39
henninge_RenatoSilva: no need to do that, no.16:39
RenatoSilvahenninge_: we misunderstood it in the past, or was it really that way some time ago?16:39
henninge_RenatoSilva: not really16:40
RenatoSilvaso we misunderstood, ok16:40
henninge_RenatoSilva: We used to have two contradicting statements, one in the wiki, one in LP, I think.16:40
henninge_RenatoSilva: Then at one point we clarified that to be BSD and had every LP translator agree with that or remove his/her translations.16:41
RenatoSilvaI think the wiki is at least unclear, *still*16:41
henninge_about a year ago16:41
henninge_possibly ... ;)16:41
* henninge_ looks at bog16:41
RenatoSilvabug 478902 summarizes one thing I think is unclear16:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 478902 in rosetta "Improve or clarify translation licensing procedure" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47890216:42
RenatoSilvain a nutshell, making translations BSD require to add the BSD text in original and derived works16:43
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RenatoSilvabut when you download a po, you don't get the BSD notice with the list of copyright owners, and I don't think developers pay attention on this and add mannually the BSD text in their softwares16:44
RenatoSilvaI think a possible solution is to change the licensing from "I give this to you as BSD" to "I give this to you as any BSD-compatible license you wish"16:45
RenatoSilvathis would eliminate the need of adding the BSD text in projects using these translations16:46
d1bis the gpl compatible with the bsd...16:47
RenatoSilvabsd -> gpl yes, gpl -> bsd no16:55
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RenatoSilvahenninge: http://pastie.org/77508517:14
RenatoSilva[15:17] <RenatoSilva> ThomasWaldmann: sorry, it does NOT need to be rather "this po file is BSD", it MAY be "the same as project", however I think the BSD *text* should be exported together, either attached or inside the po body17:17
henningeRenatoSilva: thanks for the suggestions.17:20
henningeRenatoSilva: I will have to discuss this with the other's on the team to see what we can do here.17:20
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danilosRenatoSilva, fwiw, exported PO file is not BSD licensed, and it can't be, because it's a derivative work17:24
RenatoSilvahenninge: ok thanks. Improvements in the docs and procedures are welcome, as Thomas is still a bit worried17:24
danilosRenatoSilva, what is BSD licensed are translations provided through LP; in general, current copyright law doesn't really cope with the way translations of free software happen, and that's the biggest problem17:25
danilosRenatoSilva, when these BSD-licensed individual translations end up in a PO file, copyright law would usually make them whatever-parent-project-is-licensed-under since almost all licenses are "stricter" than BSD17:26
danilosRenatoSilva, the point we should probably try to clarify is that licensing applies strictly to the translation texts when they are used (i.e. integrated elsewhere)17:28
danilosRenatoSilva, like being integrated into certain project PO files, when the entire "collection of works" is distributed under the strictest license of all the works17:29
RenatoSilvaexported PO file is not BSD licensed, and it can't be, because it's a derivative work???17:30
RenatoSilvaworks derived from BSD works canNOT be BSD still?17:31
danilosRenatoSilva, so, if you need to add BSD licensing information that would be completely correct, you could say something like: "for translations of messages 'blah', 'foo' and 'bar', you can also use those translations under BSD license"17:31
danilosRenatoSilva, PO file is not licensed under BSD because it's a derivative work of a POT file coming from a project (GPL in your case, I guess), some GPL translations (that you imported into Launchpad) and some BSD translations17:31
RenatoSilvawhat is BSD licensed are translations provided through LP ---> but exported po files may be made of these translations, fully or partially17:32
danilosRenatoSilva, such derivative work as a whole is basically GPL licensed; if you really want to be completely specific, you would have to say that some of the translations are available under looser terms of BSD, and you could list them17:32
* RenatoSilva reading above, sorry...17:33
danilosRenatoSilva, basically, your full PO file can't be under BSD because it's a combination of works under GPL and BSD; for some parts of it, you can apply BSD to them; but for the whole file, you can only distribute it under GPL17:34
danilosthat's why we chose BSD in the first place, because it can be embedded in any combined work (i.e. BSD is compatible with all free software licenses)17:34
danilosalternative is to do as TranslationProject did and ask for public domain translations, but we'd rather if people keep their copyright17:35
RenatoSilvadanilos: I understand danilos17:37
RenatoSilvadanilos: however the BSD text stands that it must be included in derived works, which doesn't happen when you get an exported .po file17:37
=== adeuring changed the topic of #launchpad to: http://launchpad.net | Read https://help.launchpad.net for help | Help contact: - | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | This channel is logged: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Launchpad is open source: see channel #launchpad-dev
RenatoSilvadanilos: the BSD text should go along with the .po when exporting from LP, and/or developers should be warned about the need of including the BSD text with copyright owners in their software17:38
danilosRenatoSilva, right, it's a tricky issue, since with GPL, you're probably fulfilling all the conditions anyway17:39
RenatoSilvadanilos: I'm not sure, but don't we need the *exact* BSD text?17:40
RenatoSilvalet me read it again17:40
danilosRenatoSilva, well, the thing is that Launchpad is a development tool; insisting on BSD license being included is like insisting that a source code browser which displays a single source file must also display the license on the same web page17:40
danilosRenatoSilva, you can eg. use bzr or svn or cvs (I know you can use cvs like this, don't think others can) to check-out a single file from the repository without getting the license file; and getting a single PO file is like this17:41
ronnyRenatoSilva: btw, does any of the moinmoin guys actually agree on pushing the translations to lp?17:41
RenatoSilvaI'm not sure if the GPL text itself (except for copyright list of course) is a "copy" or "implementation" of the BSD text, is it?17:44
danilosRenatoSilva, on reading it, it would still have to be included yes... so perhaps that was a bad choice on our part of the license17:44
danilosRenatoSilva, so, your source code distribution would probably have to include a copy of BSD if you want to be fully certain of being legal, but IANAL :)17:45
RenatoSilvaronny: please go to #moin if you can, but yes they seem friendly about using LP, jsut worried with licensing17:46
RenatoSilvaIANAL? is there any irc dict command? :)17:47
RenatoSilvadanilos: sorry but did you read that bug I pasted here? it's about this17:47
RenatoSilvadanilos: my suggestion is: when some user translates something in LP, he's not giving his work to all the other LP users *under BSD*, but under *any BSD-compatible license*17:48
RenatoSilvadanilos: it's like "changing the license early" (because developers using these translations will do that anyway)17:49
RenatoSilvadanilos: the advantage is that there's no need to add the BSD text anymore17:49
danilosRenatoSilva, oh, haven't gotten to it yet, that sounds as a good idea, it's just a shame we haven't done it earlier because today...17:50
danilosRenatoSilva, today it would mean having everybody re-license their work *again*17:50
danilosRenatoSilva, also, I think nobody feels comfortable in lawyer offices with such blank statements (i.e. if we don't list what those licenses are, they're probably going to say that it's not legally binding)17:51
RenatoSilvahow about each user having in its preferences what licenses he gives his translations under?17:52
danilosRenatoSilva, that would be impossible to track, and we'd have to implement per-message license checking which is exactly what we wanted to avoid17:52
danilosRenatoSilva, i.e. we show translations from different projects as suggestions for identical strings, and if we introduce different licenses, we'd have to do license checks for each of the messages which would make code unreasonably complex17:54
RenatoSilvathere isn't any legal meaning for "BSD-compatible"? For example, a legally acceptable list of compatible licenses, or even a clear way to determine in court whether a license X is compatible or not?17:54
danilosRenatoSilva, I don't think there is, "GPL-compatible" is a term defined by FSF and which talks only about licenses they wouldn't sue people over if they combined it with GPL work; others might still sue people if they have different interpretations of license compatibility17:55
RenatoSilvaabout everybody re-license their work, I can't get it. If you can change the license of current translations done in LP (can you?), then why users would need any re-licensed?17:57
danilosRenatoSilva, we can't change license of anything in LP, that's the whole thing17:57
RenatoSilvadanilos: so how you did in the past to change to BSD?17:57
danilosRenatoSilva, I've joined #moin, let's discuss it there17:58
RenatoSilvadanilos: or are translations done in LP BSD since beginning??17:58
danilosRenatoSilva, we've asked people to consent to the change with a form which stopped them from doing any work before they either agreed or disagreed with it17:58
RenatoSilvadanilos: ok17:58
danilosRenatoSilva, later we removed all translations for those who disagreed17:58
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jblountIs there a way to trigger a 500 on launchpad so I can see the oops page?19:30
jblountAlternatively what is the template that has the oops page?19:31
marsjblount, append ++oops++ to the url (see https://dev.launchpad.net/Debugging)19:33
* jblount high-fives mars19:33
matsubarajblount, that won't give you the oops template page though19:34
jblountmars: Actually, I'm looking for the template, so I can look at the phrasing for inspiration for Ubuntu One19:35
matsubarajblount, the template for the oops page is oops.pt (lib/canonical/launchpad/templates/oops.pt)19:35
marswell, a round-about way to do it is to view an OOPs, pick a unique string, grep-find :)19:36
beunojblount, our oops template is pretty broken atm19:36
jblountmatsubara: Thanks (also mars & beuno)19:37
matsubarabeuno, jblount: i just filed https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/506581 for the brokeness while QA'ing one of salgado's changes19:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506581 in launchpad-foundations "oops template page is out of center" [Undecided,New]19:37
beunomars, great, thanks19:37
marsmatsubara, ^19:38
matsubarayou're welcome :-)19:40
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otto_sangehi, I have a Launchpad/Bzr branching question.20:48
otto_sangeOne of my friends published a branch with code, that is intended to be a part of a bigger project.20:49
otto_sangeNow when I've written the bigger project and I'd like to include my friends code into it, what is the best way to do it?20:49
otto_sangeSimply copying my friends code in a folder and then committing it does not sound good.20:50
otto_sangeShould I do some kind of merger with two Bazaar branches, even though their content is completely different?20:51
beunootto_sange, this ir more of a question for #bzr20:52
beuno(not an easy one)20:52
otto_sangeWould the correct way be to first branch my friends code so that I have a local copy, then with bzr mv move all files into one folder caller "plugin", push it back into Launchpad as a new branch and finally merge my two own branches?20:53
otto_sangeAnd what about access rights? How can my friend continue to commit to his code inside my bigger project?20:53
RenatoSilvayour friend will maintain a plugin for your project?20:58
otto_sangeRenatoSilva: yes, although it is not a plugin, rather a sub part20:59
RenatoSilvaafaik at least LP has no support for commit permissions in parts of a branch21:00
RenatoSilvaotto_sange: it seems you may want a build process21:01
RenatoSilvaotto_sange: that process would bzr branch all required branches to set up a ready-to-use instance of your application21:01
RenatoSilvaotto_sange: you could write a build.sh or so, and include that file itself in version control :)21:02
otto_sangeRenatoSilva: ok, then the process to install the app is 1. branch my project 2. run build.sh which branches more projects as sub folders ..?21:03
RenatoSilvayour friend could also branch the whole project, and work only in his subsystem, and *you* merge that work once in a while21:04
otto_sangeRenatoSilva: ok21:04
RenatoSilvaand he merges your changes which would not give any conflict as long as *you* don't touch *his* subsystem in the *main* branch21:05
otto_sangeRenatoSilva: what about the series and milestones things in Launchpad. Are they of any use in this case?21:06
RenatoSilvafor build.sh, maybe I would separate the result in another dir, targeted only for using, while current dir is targeted only for code commits. So I would not branch to a subdir.21:07
otto_sangeRenatoSilva: apparently I could just register my friends branch as an independent series, so that it is visible in the code overview of my project, but that's it?21:08
RenatoSilvaI would do somehting like zip required files to a /dist subdir, where that zip is already a download package ready for distribution, not just for testing while developing21:08
RenatoSilvathat zip would be created with the files in the current main branch, plus the ones from you friend's branch, which would be bzr branched at the time of build to a /tmp or so21:09
RenatoSilvaotto_sange: I don't think series is suitable in your case21:10
RenatoSilvaotto_sange: series is when you want to keep more than one big version21:11
RenatoSilvaotto_sange: for example, bzr2 is an update of bzr1 with new features, but people still can use bzr1, which still receives security fixes etc21:12
RenatoSilvaotto_sange: I have a project which is single-seried, that is, even when I add new features or change behavior of the software widely, that new version is pushed to end-users21:13
RenatoSilvathey don't have the choice of using the old version, because I stop maintaing it immediatelly21:14
RenatoSilvaif the users want important fixes, they need to move to the new version even if they don't like21:15
otto_sangeok, I was thinking about that too, but now when you confirmed it I feel much more confident in using bzr/Launchpad. Thanks for your help!21:17
amondois there launchpad support personnel?21:35
jpdsamondo: Not at the moment, see /topic.21:36
amondookay thanks21:36
jpdsamondo: But if you have a problem we can try and help you.21:39
amondojpds: thanks... i am getting ubuntu bug reports to my launchpad project. my project has nothing to do with ubuntu. so i am trying to edit these user's bug reports and change the project that it affects to ubuntu or something. but searching for ubuntu in project list gives "too many projects" and then "undefined". no wonder the users are too pissed off to report the bugs to the right package. and its frustrating for me too because i h21:40
amondoave to deal with all these bugs.21:40
amondohow do i put these bugs in the ubuntu bug queue?21:41
RAOFamondo: Your project is packaged in Ubuntu, and you're getting bugs which should be going to the Ubuntu package against your project?21:42
amondono, there is no connection to ubuntu at all. started project called lucid back in 2007 or so and now i am getting ubuntu lucid bug reports21:42
amondoi even named my project "Lucid Editor NOT UBUNTU"21:43
RAOFOh, whoops!21:43
amondoyeah, but you know, when users search for "ubuntu" in the package to report. they got nothing.21:44
amondowhen they search for lucid, they at least get a hit.21:44
jpdsamondo: Searching for "ubuntu" on bugs.launchpad.net brings up the Ubuntu project, but I can see your problem with lucid...21:48
jpdsamondo: On bug #506445 - if you click "Also affects distro", you can mark it as an Ubuntu bug.21:49
amondojpds: yes, it does.. i mean in a particular bug report, when you choose the "package name". it won't let you leave it blank.21:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506445 in lucid "Lenovo Thinkpad T61, x61: FN + F5 does not enable or disable the internal wwan" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50644521:49
amondooh i see... let me try21:49
jpdsamondo: No, you can leave it blank, I just did that...21:49
jpdsamondo: Then you'll have to mark your projects task as invalid, I'm afraid...21:50
amondookay, so it still shows up in my bug list21:50
amondojpds: marked it invalid now21:51
jpdsOnce Invalid, it shouldn't.21:51
amondojpds: so that's all? should i repeat for other similar bugs?21:51
jpdsHmm, yeah...21:51
amondojpds: thanks, will get on that shortly21:51
jpdsamondo: And maybe have a template comment you can copy and paste into a comment explaining why you've done that.21:52
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highvoltagehi, I need some LP support22:59
highvoltagehow do I change the list of packages that's listed on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~edubuntu-bugs/+packagebugs ?22:59
amondois the list derived from the actual bugs?23:03
amondohighvoltage: no support person here atm, see topic23:06
highvoltageamondo: I'm not sure how it's derived23:08
highvoltageamondo: I guess I'll have to hang around for a while then :)23:08
amondohighvoltage: yeah, hang around... but i suspect the page lists aggregated data based on individual bugs. so if you ubsubscribe from individual bugs, you won't have an entry in the projects page. for example, if you unsubscribe from Bug #177287, then you won't have an entry for "tuxpaint-stamps in ubuntu"23:10
amondoit won't be zero, it just will not appear on the page at all23:11
amondoyou can always test it out in staging.launchpad.net23:11
micahghighvoltage: you need to subscribe the team to the packages in question23:12
micahghighvoltage: that should probably be discussed with your team23:12
amondomicahg: i think he's trying to unsubscribe them, to remove entries from the package list23:12
micahgamondo: same thing23:13
spivamondo: it's packages that ~edubuntu-bugs are subscribed to.  e.g. look at https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/denemo, under the "Bug subscriptions" heading in the sidebar.23:13
amondospiv: yeah i see now23:15
amondospiv: maybe "ubuntu development team" control the subscriptions23:16
micahgamondo: the team itself can control whether or not they are subscribed23:16
highvoltageI'm members of those teams but I don't see anywhere where I can unsubscribe ~edubuntu-bugs from those packages/bugs23:24
maxbhighvoltage: I believe only team admins can subscribe/unsubscribe the team23:24
micahgah, yeah, that's correct...it even says it on the page!23:26
micahghighvoltage: so it would have to be someone on the edubuntu council to do it23:27
highvoltagemicahg: which I am on as well :)23:29
micahghighvoltage: on this page you should see a checkbox for Edubuntu Bugsquad: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/atomix/+subscribe23:30
highvoltagemicahg: ah, d'oh, I see now. I have to click on the "Subscribe" link in order to unsubscribe, that wasn't too obvious to me, thanks for your patience23:35
micahghighvoltage: np23:35
highvoltage(especially since there's a plus sign next to 'subscribe')23:35
* micahg thought there was a bug to change that...23:35
micahgbug 27319223:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273192 in malone "unsubscribe link on package page" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27319223:37
micahghighvoltage: ^^23:37

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