* genii makes more coffee00:19
* bjsnider drinks about 6 cups of it00:22
bjsniderand is still drowsy00:22
geniibjsnider: I empathise00:26
geniiHm. I have no battery, apparently. But yet the machine continues to work00:30
maxbAnyone else encountering a lockup on a black screen when booting?01:13
maxbThe only thing that I can think of that's changed recently is plymouth was installed01:14
maxbHmm. Not plymouth. mesa perhaps?01:21
crimsunI boot with nosplash, enter my cryptsetup passphrase blindly, and continue01:22
yofelI never use splash01:22
yofelbut mesa was pretty broken, the upload from a while ago should fix that though01:22
DaemonikI'm using Ubuntu lpia, i386 software works fine, how can I force lpia to use i386 repositories?01:53
yofelDaemonik: you'll have to reinstall the i386 version01:56
yofel*i386 Ubuntu version01:56
yofelDaemonik: official announcement: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2009-November/000643.html01:57
virtualddo anyone else get out of memory errors? i checked with memtest86+ and it reports no errors01:59
virtualdthis is on ati and nomodeset on the kernel command line does not help02:00
yofelnope, at least not yet02:00
yofelno ati though02:00
virtualdi've seen it for at least a week02:01
Daemonikyofel, That's not a solution by any stretch to this valid problem.02:01
yofelif he doesn't think it is, waiting a moment to allow a reply before just vanishing would be nice...02:01
alex_mayorgaHi, are "indicator applet" and "indicator applet session" broken?02:02
alex_mayorganever mind, I just saw them both on the updates02:03
alex_mayorgaany major breakage on the latest kernel?02:04
* yofel thinks he's loosing track of what's broken and what not02:04
yofelalex_mayorga: no more than with the previous one yet02:05
alex_mayorgayofel: i.e.?02:05
yofelsuspend broken for intel VGA02:05
yofelthat's the only thing that doesn't work for me though02:05
alex_mayorgaI don't think I've even tried suspend yet02:06
yofelbug 49239202:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 492392 in linux "[lucid, intel] After suspend, flickering screen and then blank screen." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49239202:08
alex_mayorgawell if I'm not back soon something broke on this end02:20
* alex_mayorga knock on wood02:20
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jordanwbDid compositing disable on anyone when upgrading today?03:30
bjsnideronly do safe-upgrades for a couple days03:31
jordanwbI'm looking to the xorg logs and it can't find the glx module to load03:34
jordanwblooking at*03:34
bjsniderthis problem will be solved in a day or two03:35
jordanwbfair enough03:35
jordanwbI searched the bugs report and didn't find one, so I posted one using ubuntu-bug03:36
bjsniderit is solved, but the packages have to be uploaded and built03:36
bjsniderthere is a bug already but i don't know the number03:37
jordanwbThere is currently an update for xserver-xorg-core03:42
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akio_holy crap my keyboard is no longer working as an input device in X!04:12
akio_I'm running this using X forwarding04:12
akio_any ideas?04:13
AhmuckXsession: unable to launch "/usr/bin/startldxe" X session --- "/usr/bin/startldxe" not found; falling back to default session. [okay] - Lubuntu Lucid Lynx Alpha104:38
Ahmucknew install04:38
akio_I have no issue inside a tty04:39
akio_with the aforeentioned keyboard issue04:39
mrmcq2uHi, I installed the rgba/client side windows ppa and I was wondering if there is a good way of reverting back without needing to do a fresh install?04:52
DanaGppa-purge can do it -- not sure where that script itself is actually kept, though.04:52
RAOFYeah, easy.  Either use “ppa-purge” from the xorg-edgers archive, or “sudo aptitude install libgtk2.0-0=2.19.2-1ubuntu1"04:53
mrmcq2uso ppa-purge ppa:nameofppa ?04:53
mrmcq2upackage management would be so much easier if we had a semantic file system which treated files like git :)04:55
akioanybody got an idea as to how to troubleshoot a keyboard not working in X?04:57
akioworks in a tty04:57
mrmcq2uhmmm.... compiz wont enable04:59
akiothe touchpad works but no keyboard05:00
nulledjono: love your show shotofjaq...05:56
jononulled, thanks so much!05:59
jonowe are really keen for people to spread the word, so tell your friends :)05:59
jonoalso #shotofjaq :)05:59
nulledyou guys were literal fortune tellers on LUG radio... than most of you got hired by Canonical... (Where did this ubuntu thing come from? Out of now where?) Amazing history... also I listen to FLOSS Weekly... keep up to the good work06:01
nulledyep will do06:03
jononulled, hehe :)06:03
jonothanks so much!06:03
jonowe have a new shot out tomorrow06:03
jonodiscussing Skype06:03
jonoor it might be out today, depending on your timezone :)06:03
nulledkeepit raw06:04
nulledwe like raw06:04
jononulled, oh we plan to get rawer :)06:04
nulledAq has an amazing mind... always on point06:04
jononulled, Aq is awesome :)06:06
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ouyeshi please take a look at this i need your suggestion http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137658308:15
coz_hey guys..real quick...manual install of nvidia drivers...compiz plugin dont work...I havent looked into it far enough to see if it was the nvidia driver  or compiz packages yet...but thought i would put it out t here incase08:48
hifimanual install of nvidia drivers -> fail miserably08:49
coz_hifi,  on this level of lucid you mean?08:50
coz_hifi,  the driver is working but not most of the compiz plugins08:51
hifiany level, don't do it man08:51
coz_hifi,  oh I generally always do it :)   dont feel bad ... this is my regular habit08:51
knittlsyntax error: File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/pyatspi/__init__.py", line 42 finally:09:33
maxbAnyone else encountering a lockup on a black screen when booting lucid?09:44
maxbat the point where X would start09:44
joaopintomaxb, there is more people reporting it, with intel graphics09:46
HewI just updated and restarted and now I can't boot. Known issue?09:47
maxbHew: Intel graphics hardware, perchance?09:47
Hewno nvidia09:47
BUGabundo_workhew should have doen upgrade09:48
BUGabundo_worktseliot asked yerterday to hold on 48h09:48
BUGabundo_worknvidia and MESA mess09:48
BUGabundo_worktry to revert packages hew, or ask for further help in #ubuntu-x09:49
Hewah ok, I saw a nvidia-current package appear so I tried to use that, I guess that's the problem then09:49
Hewok thanks BUGabundo_work09:49
BUGabundo_work-current is the old one09:49
hifimy radeon kms tty isn't initializing btw09:49
BUGabundo_workand should be replaced by new one09:49
BUGabundo_workas soon as it go stable09:49
hifiX works fine, but tty is black09:49
BUGabundo_workHew: but do try to run nvidia-xconfig09:50
BUGabundo_workseems to help09:50
Hewwell I'm at busybox shell atm09:50
CosmiChaoslol upgrades killed the opengl-star09:52
CosmiChaosnvidia-setttings says on glx tab: failed to query the GLX server vendor09:53
CosmiChaosany gl-app including compiz refuse to work x(09:53
CosmiChaoswtf who installed glx-195, i forced 190.30 beta damn09:54
CosmiChaosi need to remove all that ubnntu nvidia driver O.o09:54
yofelCosmiChaos: the nvidia driver packaging has changed completely09:59
CosmiChaosok i just remove it and reinstall nvidia beta 190.30 from tty110:00
CosmiChaosre everything is back to normal10:06
CosmiChaosseems to be the regular procedure when using nvidia-betas10:06
CosmiChaosbecause nvidia-com installs nvidia-glx10:06
CosmiChaosso on update it reinstalls the packages, i was never informed that it going to install new package nvidia-glx10:07
CosmiChaoswhile i always use synaptic10:07
CosmiChaossame goes for kernel upgrades10:07
yofelCosmiChaos: since the packaging has changed, the nvidia 185 updates are forced since the -glx packages are obsolete10:08
CosmiChaosbecause that nvidia-installer of course does not provide a routine to trigger rebuilding kernel modules for non actual but highest installed version10:08
yofelCosmiChaos: the new packages are nvidia-current nvidia-173 and nvidia-9610:09
CosmiChaosyes but there are not obsolete, seems that them are still the basic driver and current is just a transitional package10:10
yofelCosmiChaos: what I meant is that the 'nvdia-glx-173' etc. are obsolete10:10
CosmiChaosoh right current does not installglx-18510:11
CosmiChaosreally... weird10:11
yofelthe packaging has changed so that you can now actually have all drivers installed at the same time10:11
CosmiChaosand glx-185 is versioned 190.53 lol10:11
yofelCosmiChaos: yes, transitional package10:11
BUGabundo_workCosmiChaos: here is a free tip: $sudo aptitude safe-upgrade10:11
CosmiChaosBUGabundo_work, sucks10:12
yofeluh, wait, with the new packaging they even shouldn't interfere with the nvidia.com driver anymore, as the module names are different10:12
* BUGabundo_work is so confused about the new nvidia drivers10:13
CosmiChaosBUGabundo_work, why should i do that, it would not help me in using nvidias-beta packages mrore comfortable10:13
CosmiChaosand still i do this safe-upgrade likely manual10:13
CosmiChaossometimes you dont want to install new packages even if they dont require to uninstall something10:14
CosmiChaosi just lock the nvidia packages hehe10:15
CosmiChaoslockt to version: not installed works fine10:16
yofelCosmiChaos: if I understand the new packaging right, you shouldn't have a problem having -current installed while using the nvidia.com beta driver10:16
CosmiChaossee i want the upgrade not to install something, not not to remove something10:16
BUGabundo_workCosmiChaos: aptitude hold PACKAGE10:17
CosmiChaosit makes the glxinfo.so not a ssymbolic link to what library 190.53 used so opengl was not available10:17
BUGabundo_workbut u out of luck. new Xorg requires new driver too10:17
CosmiChaosi need to twice reinstall the beta and reboot10:17
CosmiChaosand now i need to go10:17
CosmiChaosno xorg would not use proprietary nvidia drivers ;)10:18
CosmiChaosi guess they will rely on nouveou10:18
CosmiChaoseven the nvidia-installed newly says failed distrtibution script something lately in lucid10:19
CosmiChaoswell really cya10:19
HewAny ideas how I can rescue my system from a busybox shell? I'm in a chroot now from a LiveUSB but not really sure where to start.10:44
Hewsometimes I get these errors instead when booting: http://paste.ubuntu.com/355432/10:54
BUGabundo_workHew: how about remove nvidia drivers?10:56
BUGabundo_workVESA would at least allow bootng10:56
HewBUGabundo_work, is it getting that far in the boot process? I'm not sure, usually xorg/nvidia problems gives me the option to use the low graphics mode10:57
Hewwith these mountall errors I don't have a terminal or anything10:57
Hewand I'm not too sure how to add/remove things from the chroot I had open earlier10:57
BUGabundo_workHew: i've read fta had probs with grub11:00
BUGabundo_worknot sure u are that far back stuck11:00
Hewok I might give it 24h to see if it's some new issue, but if it's not I'll just reinstall11:04
alkisgHew: doesn't selecting the recovery mode from grub help?11:06
HewI can't even work out how to get into grub2, it just says "grub loading" no matter how much I hit esc11:07
alkisgTry with shift pressed11:08
Hewhaha thanks alkisg that worked, loading into recovery mode of an old kernel :D11:11
alkisgHew: do give this a try: apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core11:11
Hewdone alkisg, should I try restarting now?11:14
Hewfyi I'd be happy enough getting things working with nv11:14
alkisgWell, I don't really know what your problem was, but this command fixes some things that broke today... so sure, you can try rebooting...11:15
Hewok thanks alot for your help alkisg, it's looking a lot more promising11:15
Hewalkisg, I've booted in low graphics mode on and old kernel. This is good enough for me for the time being. Thanks!11:22
alkisgHew, you're welcome11:22
BUGabundo_workHew: i know, the hidden grub sucks :(11:24
Hewit should say 'press shift for menu' or something11:25
Hewthanks for your help too BUGabundo_work :-)11:25
om26er_until yesterday everthing was just fine and today there are many applications malfunctioning11:38
zooboxHi, is there a time-schedule on a webpage somewhere that lists when things in next version of ubuntu happens? like when will the first alpha (or what is is valled) that you don't have to compile yourself be released and things11:42
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases11:42
Ian_Corneotherwise check the topic11:42
zooboxoh oups.. there is allready an alpha :-}11:43
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BUGabundo_workzoobox: forget the alphas. go for dailies11:53
rrobHi all, pls do you know which sound system is used in Ubuntu 9.10?12:01
knittlrrob: pulseaudio12:02
rrobAnd alsa controls tools didnt work right now, isnt it?12:03
knittlpulseaudio still uses alsa behind the scene as far as i understand12:04
rrobIm googling how to switch default soundcard.12:06
coz_hey guys...how do you pull up  "About Ubuntu"  via termina?12:06
rrobcoz_: do you have icon on desktop?12:07
rrobme not, i have erased it12:07
coz_rrob,   no I dont12:07
rrobcreate new user, logon as him, you will have icon on panel12:07
rrobright click - properties and you will see command how to run about ubuntu12:08
coz_rrob,  the reason I am asking is that  "About Ubuntu" window opens with nothing in it and the cursor is excessively jumpy12:08
rrobaaaa pardon, i think that you speak about ubuntu help12:08
coz_i wanted to see any errors that may show up12:08
coz_rrob,  no not ubuntu help12:08
rrobunderstand, sorry, dont know12:09
coz_no problem12:09
rrobcoz_: I found second button - gnome-about .) its package12:10
=== BUGabundo_work is now known as BUGabundo_lunch
coz_rrob,   apparenlty the error is    yelp ghelp:about-ubuntu12:11
coz_the command  is    yelp ghelp:about-ubuntu12:11
coz_rather   Yelper initialization failed for 0x97f029812:12
rrobsry, more googling12:13
Ian_Corneyelp ghelp:about-ubuntu12:14
coz_Ian_Corne,  yep got that thanks :)12:14
coz_also found bug report12:14
rroband my problem .) ...  I found some cli commands how to switch default sound card via alsa, but they didnt work. Does anybody know some tool which can switch cards? gui or cli?12:14
Ian_Corne9.10 or 10.04?12:15
coz_rrob,  is there an onboard card as well?12:15
rrobcoz_: yes12:15
rrobonboard and audigy12:15
rrobI want make shortcut for switching them.12:15
Ian_Cornei'll have to redirect you to #ubuntu then rrob12:15
coz_rrob,   I have not seen anything to  switch cards  although you could disable the onboard via the bios12:16
coz_rrob,   you could also try #also channel or ##linus12:16
rrobyou can switch it via standart soundcard gui, but its about 5clicks12:16
rrobi need to simplify it12:17
rrobok, im going to #ubu, bye12:17
om26erthe whole lucid cycle everything was fine but today's updates were a disaster any specific package invloved?12:17
rippsgeez, the new 'me menu' takes up too much space on my panel12:21
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BUGabundo_workIan_Corne: next time send him to #ubuntu-audio-help13:20
Ian_Corneok :)13:22
aciculaheu moar ubuntu channels?13:26
BUGabundo_workIan_Corne: acicula: usually dtchen is around their, and since the backlog is smaller, it makes it easier to be supported13:30
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nvmecan someone help me with udev, i cant figure out how to write a rules for my mouse (converting from fdi file)14:38
NateWfor some reason, wifi does not discover connections.. if i use "connect to a hidden network" and enter the information, i can connect just fine, but as soon as i disconnect, i have to repeat the process.. also it is not a hidden network since i can connect just fine in karmc..14:41
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=== festis_ is now known as festis
ibkanatcould I get some help? my wired eth0 wont work in lucid17:11
ibkanatand it shows the eth0 module but doesnt see router17:12
ibkanatworked fine before upgrade17:12
ibkanator can someone point me to a network setup command17:13
ibkanator wiki17:13
BUGabundo_workibkanat: what card is it ?17:14
BUGabundo_worklspci -b | pastebinit17:14
BUGabundo_worklspci -v | pastebinit , actually17:14
ibkanatlets see nvidia MCP51 built into my asus motherboard17:15
ibkanatkernel driver in use forcedeth17:15
BUGabundo_worku may also ask asac in #ubuntu-mozillateam17:16
BUGabundo_workhe is the guy behind NM17:16
ibkanatcapaiblities acess denied17:16
ibkanatis it a permissions issue I added networking to my user17:16
ibkanatis there a wiki for troubleshooting?17:19
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
ibkanatanyone else have tips17:27
ibkanatnetmanger shows connected but cant ping router17:28
ibkanatafter I set the ip with ifconfig17:28
ibkanatif  I could just get it to work for a little bit to update ..... ahhhhhhhhhhh17:29
komputesibkanat: which one do *you* want to use NM or ifconfig?17:30
komputesthey compete, that is to say Network manager takes over17:30
ibkanatI would like NM to work17:30
ibkanatanything is fine17:30
komputesthen NM it is17:30
komputeswhat you you have in your /etc/network/interfaces17:31
komputes(please pastebin it)17:31
ibkanathard to paste bin since no net17:31
ibkanatjust auto lo and17:32
ibkanatiface lo inet loopback17:32
ibkanatshould I add eth0 auto?17:33
ibkanatwould it look like iface eth0 auto?17:33
ibkanatshould I add it static?17:35
ibkanatjust added iface eth0 inet dhcp17:36
komputesibkanat: you should not do anything yet ;)17:36
ibkanatis that right?17:36
komputesok, then, troubleshoot it, let me know how it goes17:36
ibkanatno I will remove and wait doesnt work17:38
ibkanatshould I wait for help?17:41
ibkanatanyone else care to help?17:48
BUGabundo_workFYI nvidia users: [17:52] <tseliot> BUGabundo_work: sure, it should be safe to upgrade. Note: after the upgrade (just to be safe) reinstall xserver-xorg-core17:53
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jorgenhi there!18:24
=== sal is now known as Guest59395
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burzkihey.  after the last kernel update a day ago, my '3' key causes a restart when used in an open program .. any ideas?19:16
FFForeverAnyone around?, I disabled the indicator applet and messaging app (Don't like it...) anyways how do i get the pidgin tray icon back?, last time i asked #pidgin they said you guys mod the source and won't help..., Also i know this is not #ubuntu but #ubuntu slides to fast and no one know hows to put the tray icon20:01
jpdsFFForever: Tools → Preferences → Always show system tray icon?20:03
* FFForever kicks self20:03
FFForeverI didn't see that before =\20:03
* jpds hugs FFForever.20:05
FFForeverHow do you get on irc from your ds?20:06
jpdsFFForever: DS?20:11
FFForeveri guess its not initials ds?20:12
FFForeverI see20:12
jpdsJust a nick.20:12
FFForeverwhats it stand for?20:12
FFForeverAhhh cool20:13
FFForeverWhat do you think mine is?20:13
burzki!ot | FFForever20:15
ubottuFFForever: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.20:15
FFForeversorry xD20:16
BUGabundonvidia still DOA20:26
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo20:26
BUGabundohey charlie-tca20:26
arandBUGabundo: Dogs On Acid?20:27
BUGabundo$ pastebinit /var/log/jockey.log20:28
BUGabundoarand: or my fav, dead on arrival20:28
burzkiBUGabundo, any idea why my monitor is not turning off during shutdown?  everything else seems to shutdown fine, but the monitor is left hanging on, machine wont turn off20:29
burzkiati ratheon20:29
* charlie-tca just guessing20:30
BUGabundocharlie-tca: yes?20:31
NoelJBBUGabundo, what about nvidia?20:31
BUGabundoNoelJB: can't get 3D :(20:31
charlie-tcaguessing at burzki's issue20:31
charlie-tcais it a bug?20:31
BUGabundoahh not me then20:31
BUGabundodarn nick20:31
NoelJBBUGabundo, I have nvidia-current installed, and the compiz desktop cube rotates.  Raise on rotate is not working.  And I do get a warning from VMware that GL isn't available.20:32
NoelJBSo something is b0rked.20:32
BUGabundothe entire X and nvidia20:33
BUGabundoat least you got 3D20:33
NoelJBBut apparently not everything.  NONE of the GL screensavers renders.20:34
NoelJBThe only 3D effect I can see is the rotating desktop cube.20:34
NoelJBBUGabundo, from what I see in the change logs as updates come out, there are definite issues related to GL.20:35
burzkicharlie-tca, i imagine, though i dont know where to start looking for what the error would be.  started after an update several days ago20:38
charlie-tcaprobably go away on its own too20:38
burzkihave been fussing with ati/radeon/fglrx packages ..20:38
burzkieventually i imagine ..20:38
burzkipain in the arse now, i cant shitdown w/o hard poweroff20:38
burzki*shutdown.  sorry20:39
burzkiafter yesterdays kernel upgrade, now my #three key causes a restart ..20:40
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: what is the bug on nvidia?20:40
BUGabundono idea charlie-tca20:40
charlie-tcaHmmm, it won't install from a new install today either20:40
* BUGabundo shouts: stupid postgres20:42
NoelJBSo far, though, lucid looks OK.  Suspend/resume are b0rked.  AW wants me to try without the real nvidia driver, so I'll give one of the toys are try for completeness.20:43
BUGabundohow the heck do you purge a package that insistes in running dpkg --reconfigure 1st, but fails post install script ?!?20:43
NoelJBdpkg --purge <x> doesn't work?20:43
Ian_Cornenormal unistall?20:43
RAOFBUGabundo: Easy.  You edit the postinst script!20:44
BUGabundojust asks to run --configure .a20:44
BUGabundoI know20:44
BUGabundothat's what I'm doint next RAOF20:44
BUGabundobut will keep all the cruft of postgress20:45
BUGabundoand a Stock program20:45
BUGabundodue to a bad post install script20:45
BUGabundoheck, I'm hacking apt db instead20:45
BUGabundotakes less time20:45
BUGabundohope next release fixes this20:46
BUGabundobug reported any way20:46
RAOFNo, you just edit the postinst script to not fail, then purge as normal.20:46
BUGabundoRAOF: if only I knew where the post install script is20:47
NoelJBBUGabundo, what about dpkg --purge --force-remove-reinstreq <package>  ?20:49
RAOFBUGabundo: It's in /var/lib/dpkg/info20:51
BUGabundofound it20:51
RAOFBUGabundo: With all the other dpkg stuff :)20:51
BUGabundothanks to mlocate20:51
BUGabundothanks RAOF, for putting up with me, and my rattings20:52
pasjris 64deg c to hot to be running my laptop?20:52
BUGabundoSTUPID STUPID bug20:52
BUGabundotries to remove a dir that doesn't exist20:53
BUGabundoI'm bashing the darn dev20:53
BUGabundopasjr: mine is at 58 GPU20:53
BUGabundoCPU at 5120:53
BUGabundoits ~8ºC room temperature20:53
pasjrok I have it running at 2.30GHz and its temp is 64deg C just making sure its ok20:54
RAOFpasjr: No, not at all.  My ASUS runs between 70℃ and 90℃ under load.20:54
RAOF(It triggers the emergency shutdown once it hits 90℃, though)20:54
pasjri used to be able to control the fan and temp in 9.04 but not in 10.04, or atleast I have not found the correct config for it20:55
pasjrin 9.04 i could run 2.30GHz at 45degC20:56
BluesKajmanaged to get kde 4.4 back up and running after doing a hiatus on gnome for the last 3 days20:56
NoelJBBUGabundo, apparently, we're missing libGLU.so.120:56
BUGabundotell me about it NoelJB :(20:56
charlie-tcabug 50661820:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506618 in jockey "Jockey failed to install nvidia current drivers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50661820:56
pasjr10.04 seems a little better with the recent updates, but i lost software center, but can access it via Ubuntu Tweak20:57
NoelJBcharlie-tca, I have nvidia-current installed.20:57
BUGabundomore likely  bug 49416620:57
NoelJBit installed fine, as far as I can tell.20:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 494166 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "[lucid] nvidia-glx can't work with new xorg 7.5" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49416620:57
pasjris that normal right now?20:57
BluesKajdamn jockey , it's flaky and should be depracated or dropped ...ppl are much better off to stop X in a tty and remove the old and install the current driver20:58
NoelJBBUGabundo, not that one for me, either.20:58
NoelJBBUGabundo, simply run apt-get install nvidia-current20:59
bjsniderBluesKaj, it is under modification and will be updated soon20:59
NoelJBbjsnider, any idea why we're getting libGLU.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.20:59
BUGabundoNoelJB: already have that20:59
BluesKajwell, i hope so bjsnider , i had to do the above to rescue my setup20:59
BUGabundobut its 2D21:00
bjsniderNoelJB, negative21:00
bjsniderBluesKaj, you are using an unstable distro21:00
NoelJBbjsnider, /usr/lib/GL is populated, but that libGLU is missing from wherever it was intended to come (mesa?)21:00
BUGabundo$ dpkg -l | grep nvidia | pastebinit21:00
NoelJBI'll check on karmic ...21:00
charlie-tcaLook at the jockey log and see if you have the error towards the bottom:21:01
charlie-tcaWARNING: modinfo for module nvidia failed: ERROR: modinfo: could not find .21:01
charlie-tcamodule nvidia21:01
charlie-tcaIt can't install because the module is missing21:02
bjsnider!find libGLU.so.1 lucid21:02
BUGabundoanyone else noticing CPUs gettting set at PERFORMANCE instead of ondemand ?21:02
ubottuFile libGLU.so.1 found in ia32-libs, libglu1-mesa21:02
bjsniderinstall ia32-libs21:03
NoelJBcharlie-tca, yes: $  modinfo nvidia --> ERROR: modinfo: could not find module nvidia21:03
BUGabundomy system is still trying to find it21:03
bjsniderthe nvidia driver doesn't install or modify that file21:03
BUGabundo$ dpkg -S libGLU.so.121:03
BUGabundolibglu1-mesa: /usr/lib/libGLU.so.1.3.07080021:03
BUGabundoia32-libs: /usr/lib32/libGLU.so.1.3.07060021:03
BUGabundoia32-libs: /usr/lib32/libGLU.so.121:03
BUGabundolibglu1-mesa: /usr/lib/libGLU.so.121:03
charlie-tcaThen how could it be installed?21:03
BUGabundoI need the one in mesa21:03
pasjrBUGabundo: yes but I can easily change it to ondemand if I want to21:03
BUGabundopasjr: requires ROOT21:03
BUGabundoand is bad policy or bug21:04
charlie-tcabjsnider: but the intallation fails and gives a message to check jockey.log21:04
pasjryou can add cpu scaler to your menu bar and set it that way21:04
pasjrworks very well21:04
pasjrI belive it is a bug21:05
BUGabundopasjr: I have that21:06
BUGabundoI always have it21:06
BUGabundobut last week stop working as expected21:06
bjsniderreinstall libglu1-mesa21:06
BUGabundoie ONDEMAND21:06
pasjrremove and re-add it21:07
BUGabundobjsnider: 0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.21:07
BUGabundopasjr: its not the applet21:07
BUGabundoits a kernel policy21:07
pasjrwhat dose your lshw show with and with out21:07
pasjrthe applet should fix your issue21:08
bjsniderBUGabundo, the reinstall command doesn't work?21:08
BUGabundoand did nothing21:08
bjsniderdoes ls find the file?21:09
pasjrdo you have cpu scaling installed and working? it may have been removed in one of the updates21:09
* BUGabundo needs and SSD21:09
BUGabundo$ mlocate libGLU.so.121:09
pasjrsome boards and cpu's have had that happen21:09
BUGabundopasjr: listen to me: always worked! started failing last week21:10
bjsniderBUGabundo, that is two different versions21:10
BUGabundotoshiba next to me with karmic is also failing now21:10
bjsnider070800; 07060021:10
BUGabundomesa and ialibs don't match21:11
pasjrok that tells me it is your cpu or setting in bios21:11
BUGabundogreat, another bug21:11
BUGabundoor FTBFS21:11
bjsniderwhat if you remove ia32-libs?21:11
pasjrcheck your cmos battery21:11
pasjrif it is bad it will lose settings as in cpu scaling21:11
BUGabundolooks safe bjsnider21:12
BUGabundogoing fro it21:12
BUGabundopasjr: are you joking ?????21:12
BUGabundoreally! kernel sets it on boot via a policy21:12
BUGabundothat currentily is ONDEMAND21:12
pasjrno I had this happen on two older computers on 8.0421:12
BUGabundoit has a script to test a certain few things, and if that fails, it drops to failsafe aka performance21:12
BUGabundoseems that recently either the script or the set of tests subject it runs21:13
BUGabundois failing on my system21:13
pasjri dont know then with out sitting at your computer21:13
yofelpasjr: since Jaunty (I think) the kernel is set to performance on boot and an initscript sets it to ondemand later21:13
BUGabundodinner is served21:13
BUGabundoyofel: no. karmic did something diferent, I think21:14
yofelhm, he's gone21:14
yofelbut the init  script is still there...21:14
pasjrI have a Toshiba A505D and I have no problems it is AMD 64bit with a  Turion ultra dual-core mobile ZM-8421:14
pasjrdumb question what is the diff between size and clock on cpu?21:19
Guest60617alguien me ayuda a montar mi home encriptado?21:45
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.21:46
NoelJBbjsnider, Creating a symlink from /usr/lib/libGLU.so.1 -> mesa/libGLU.so.1 appears to resolve the problem.22:01
NoelJBBUGabundo, ^^^^^^22:02
BUGabundothat's dangly22:03
BUGabundowhen updates come22:03
BUGabundoit may get screwy22:03
NoelJBI'll post to LP later.22:06
NoelJBI need to reboot to test something.22:06
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CosmiChaosSomethings wrong python-atspi is not correctly installed on my mashine, please help: http://paste.ubuntu.com/355753/22:22
CosmiChaosI mean python-pyatspi22:23
CosmiChaosoh well theres already a bug open: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/at-spi/+bug/50627822:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506278 in at-spi "package python-pyatspi 1.29.5-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: подпроцесс установлен сценарий post-installation возвратил код ошибки 1 (dup-of: 506357)" [Undecided,New]22:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506357 in at-spi "package python-pyatspi 1.29.5-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: invalid syntax error for python2.4" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:27
CosmiChaosthat broke half of my desktop environment22:28
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CosmiChaosgot the workaround22:33
CosmiChaosGuys my python is still broke, wether synaptic says it is correctly installed:22:47
BUGabundoone more try22:48
BUGabundo$ gdb --arg kmail --nofork22:48
BUGabundoProgram received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.22:48
BUGabundo0x00000000018db000 in ?? ()22:48
BUGabundoguess mutt will have to do22:49
bjsniderare you a kde user?22:51
BUGabundobut I love kmail22:54
BUGabundobeen using it for years22:54
BUGabundoplus TB 3.1 won't work with my accounts22:54
BUGabundobjsnider: what's the best way to use X from another remote PC?22:55
bjsniderdon't you have to install a bunch of kde runtime crap to use kmail?22:55
BUGabundodo we still have XMDC ?22:55
BUGabundobjsnider: a few, yes. worth it. believe me22:55
bjsniderjust because of mailing lists?22:56
BUGabundowork mail mostly22:56
BUGabundoI stop reading MLs :(22:56
BUGabundonot enough time22:56
NateWmy wifi isnt displaying available networks.. any ideas? or is this a known bug? (i can still connect to networks using "connect to hidden network")23:04
NateWalso i dont have this problem in karmic, so it is an issue in lucid23:04
geniiJust some oddities after latest dist-upgrade (KDE 4.3.90) , Firefox one here http://i47.tinypic.com/hs8fh3.png    and apparently no battery on my laptop here http://i45.tinypic.com/21j9hdj.png23:07
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maxbHas anyone figured out how to resuscitate Lucid on intel graphics hardware?23:17
maxbBy rolling back mesa and the X server I've at least got into X, but compiz seems greatly unhappy23:17
BUGabundome too maxb23:18
maxbhmm - adding /usr/lib/mesa to ld.so.conf seems to be an acceptable kludge for now23:48
albert23maxb: I only had to reinstall xserver-xorg-core to get X working again23:52
BUGabundoyeah known23:53
maxbHmm. Maybe I'll dare upgrade mesa again and see if it survives, then23:53
DanaGhmm, what's the difference between linux-alsa-driver-modules-alsa-VER-generic and linux-alsa-driver-modules-VER-generic?23:53
DanaGOne says "from alsa"; one says "from ubuntu"23:53
bjsniderDanaG, an extra "alsa" in the name of the former one is the difference i see23:56

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