JesseWSo, kwwii said he updated lp:ubuntu-wallpapers, but I can't find any new version... anyone have any ideas where it might be?05:43
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ubottuyes, I'm alive.06:44
JesseWvish: thanks, good to know.06:45
JesseWvish: any idea where kwwii might have been talking about when he said he uploaded a new version of ubuntu-wallpapers?06:46
vishJesseW: kwwii read your scrollback and said he would sort it out asap [incase he hasnt replied to your mail]06:46
vishJesseW: since everyone has got back from vacation he would probably have a lot of backlog... he'd get to your issue , rest assured :)06:47
JesseWvish: no worries -- I was really impressed with the speed he responded to my email, I'm in no hurry.06:48
vishJesseW: i forgot the lp link.. could you post it again? did you check the karmic or lucid branch?06:49
JesseWHm, it might be in lucid.  Let me check that one.06:50
JesseWnope, according to https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-wallpapers none of the branches have been touched for at least 10 weeks...06:51
vishJesseW: it might be in a separate branch... you can try asking him during work hrs UTC06:55
JesseWvish: none of the branches he owns have been touched, either: https://code.launchpad.net/~kwwii06:56
vishthorwil: hi... i'm adding links to the humanity on the main artwork wiki page? [wanted to mention it first to you :)  ]14:19
kwwiivish: sounds ok to me...we nned to redo things a bit anyway14:21
kwwiiadding a requests page, etc14:21
vishkwwii: yeah.. we do need a art request page :(   several members introduce themselves on the ML shown their portfolio ,and disappear since the chat is only about themes or icons :(14:22
kwwiialso, I thought about sending out an email once a month or so with updates, etc14:32
thorwilvish: oh, i thought it was simply me scaring them away! ;)14:33
vishthorwil: yeah , that too ;p14:34
vishwell heh , now i receive the mail ! :)15:31
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\vishooh... metacity has rgba :)16:44
zniavreon lucid?17:01
EquietI need exlanation. \vish: Murrine isn't Metacity?17:01
zniavremurrine is gtk engine17:01
zniavresorry answering ...17:01
\vishEquiet: the metacity is the window border17:01
\vishthe one which has all the close , minimize , maximize17:02
zniavrei wondering if it's the rgba module patch make rgba running on metacity on karmic or if it does alone ?17:02
\vishzniavre: yeah.. just noticed after reboot , that the borders are all semi transparent.. human theme looks kinda funny :D17:03
zniavrethe border are transluscent with compiz and gwd no ?17:03
zniavreyou can check if it's murrine+ rgba with tooltips and/or menu17:04
\vishzniavre: i already had set the borders to be semi trasnparent using gwd.. but my settings are over ridden and they are more transparent ;)17:04
zniavretooltip are rounded and menu also17:04
\vishnot yet17:04
\vishhmm , the last time i tried guest session , it took out xorg17:05
EquietI hope Lucid will have at least one theme in default that uses rgba.17:05
* \vish tries again17:05
zniavreof course opacity is not activated for compiz17:06
\vishzniavre: oh.. how did you change it?17:06
zniavremenu / tooltip widget with RGBA = TRUE17:06
* Equiet wonders how zniavre got application's main menu into main panel.17:08
\vishoops! i forgot  i'm using industrial menu ;)17:08
\vishyeah , the tooltips are rgba17:09
\vishzniavre:  the rounded ?17:09
vishoh great! again.. it froze again :/17:15
zniavrerounded too via gtkrc for those widgets17:16
* vish tries17:18
zniavreoption > roundness = 417:19
zniavreEquiet,  it's globalmenu wait a sec i will submit a link17:20
zniavrehttp://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-49797   > my gtkrc (a bit messy)17:21
vishhmm.. weird.. now the translucent doesnt work on the titlebar :(17:22
vishbrb , i'll try relogin17:22
zniavreEquiet, http://code.google.com/p/gnome2-globalmenu/17:22
EquietThank you.17:22
zniavreyou are welcome17:23
EquietI think, I have a better solution for this.17:27
EquietHere is it: http://i38.tinypic.com/2cmus8p.jpg17:28
vishah crap!.. now gnome has 72 icons for weather :/17:28
vishthats for the moon alone :(17:29
Equietvish: Lol. How's that possible?17:29
vishEquiet: the different phases of the moon!17:29
vishoh why !17:30
troy_sSorry guys... you all need to see this. http://vimeo.com/780960517:38
troy_sAbsolutely beautiful work.17:39
troy_sBloody gorgeous.17:39
zniavredmaned my comp is not strong to play it ...:o(17:40
zniavreeven with HDOff17:41
* zniavre is crying 17:41
coz_hey guys21:25

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