j1mcping - anyone.  :)02:52
dhillon-v10j1mc, pong02:56
j1mci'm going to be attending the writersua conference (http://www.writersua.com/ohc/index.html) in march, and..02:57
j1mcthey have something called a peer showcase02:58
j1mcthe organizer of the conference wants to know if we have any Ubuntu UA projects that we'd like to display in the peer showcase02:58
j1mci was thinking of a couple of things... doc template... how LP handles translations... also, possibly having something on mallard...03:00
dhillon-v10j1mc, sounds nice they had a great video on youtube about translations in launchpad you could try that03:01
j1mcah, cool.  i will check that out.  do you have a link?03:01
[Evert]anyone here who can add to the ubuntu server doc.?12:49
[Evert]please add for Amavis:12:52
[Evert]# to just use ALL domains, use12:53
[Evert]@local_domains_acl = qw(.);12:53
AkosI think it's better if you file a bug12:54
[Evert]will have a look at it12:58
highvoltageHi!, even16:19
highvoltageI'd like to be able to edit things in ~edubuntu-docs, which is owned by ubuntu-core-doc16:20
highvoltagewhat's the right way to do it, should I join ubuntu-core-doc?16:20
Akoswhere do we report this one : http://www.ubuntu.com/testing ?17:18
AkosAlpha 1 was not released on may 14 200917:18
Kr0ntabgood morning18:35
Akosgood evening (:18:35
=== starcraft is now known as starcraftman
Akoshi starcraftman, I have a question18:54
Akosif youare around that is18:54
starcraftmanAkos: oh I don't know about that, did you bring an offering of food?18:57
Akoswell i thought a bug on the docs would satisfy you18:57
* Akos sobs18:57
starcraftmanAkos: is this bug chocolate coated?18:59
Akosumm let's says we can fix that, yes18:59
starcraftmanAkos: hehehe, alright shoot then.18:59
Akoshttp://www.ubuntu.com/testing - Alpha 1 was not released 14th May18:59
Akosespecially not the Lucid Lynx one19:00
Akosshould i file a bug?19:00
starcraftmanAkos: that is true, also it appears alpha two should be posted.19:05
Akosyes, exactly19:06
starcraftmandate for release is 7th of Jan, wanna have a look see if there's some reason it's delayed.19:06
starcraftmanElse include that in bug filing too.19:06
Akosalso: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha119:06
Akosthere is no link for netbook version19:06
Akoshmm, seems that's more complex, since there is no release for ubuntu netbook, just daily ones19:07
starcraftmanAkos: guess they will release one lateri n cycle, alpha 2 doesn't appear to be on that mirror.19:08
starcraftmanAlpha day slipped maybe.19:08
Akos2 days to go until the aplha 219:09
starcraftmanrgr that, ok19:10
Akoslater on when you have time I have some more coplex question19:10
* Akos ads 's'19:11
starcraftmanAkos: I have time now.19:12
starcraftmanWaiting for a iso download, I kyboshed my server!19:12
Akosokay, I'd like to know how to help with the doc bugs19:12
starcraftmanAkos: awwww, I thought it'd be a wiki question.19:13
* starcraftman is dissapointed.19:13
Akosdissapointed, ain'T you?19:13
Akosokay, should i stick to the wiki and maaaaaaaaaybe help with the doc later on ?19:14
starcraftmanAkos: well with docs ya need commit status. Few people have it, without that, your relegated to finding a bug, checking out the relevant documentation and making a fix for the code, then replying to bug with patch.19:15
starcraftmanYou can apply for commit status, but ya have to have done sys docs for at least a few months.19:16
starcraftmanJust like ya can't be admin without knowing how the wiki works.19:16
starcraftmanAkos: you know how to use bzr?19:16
starcraftmandoing docs on system isn't that much harder than wiki, it's just different. For wiki it's important to know the markup well, for docs it's bzr + mallard (is that it now?)19:20
starcraftmanhey Akos, where ya go?19:33
* starcraftman pokes akos with a rubber ducky to make sure he's still alive.19:34
humphreybchi everyone19:38
* starcraftman waves hello to humphreybc19:38
humphreybcI'd like to talk about collaboration between the manual project and the docs team - i've sort of neglected you guys recently, sorry.19:39
starcraftmanhumphreybc: hmmm, well probably not to me then, I rn't important enough.19:40
starcraftmanhumphreybc: spoken to popey or mdke?19:41
starcraftmanoh, darn, pinged em now ><19:41
humphreybcyup i've been talking to popey19:43
starcraftmanhumphreybc: sounds like ya talking to right person then. I do more of wiki stuff anyway, if ya need an admin i'm about.19:46
humphreybcOh cool thanks19:46
humphreybcOkay i'm going to lighten up the justification - what else would the docs team like to see from the manual guys?19:47
Akosstarcraftman: sorry, our cat got lost, been searching for it in the past 1 hour20:05
starcraftmanAkos: lost cat?20:06
Akosit just dissapeared20:06
starcraftmanlet it out house?20:06
Akosyeah, unfortunately20:06
humphreybcAnd you found it?20:10
Akosnot yet, i'm just doing the note to put on the front entrance of the building, maybe someone has seen it20:13
humphreybcAren't cats quite good at coming home? Or is it a kitten?20:14
Akoswell 6 months old20:15

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