CIA-6ubiquity: evand * r3650 ubiquity/ (bin/ubiquity-dm debian/changelog): Handle transitioning away from plymouth in ubiquity-dm.08:39
CIA-6grub-installer: cjwatson * r831 no-device-map/ (debian/changelog grub-installer):11:24
CIA-6grub-installer: Use grub-probe to convert device names rather than relying on11:24
CIA-6grub-installer: device.map.11:24
CIA-6ubiquity: evand * r3651 ubiquity/ (3 files in 2 dirs):11:36
CIA-6ubiquity: * Use new URL format introduced by the latest ubiquity-slideshow.11:36
CIA-6ubiquity: * Support RTL text in the Kubuntu slideshow.11:36
CIA-6grub-installer: cjwatson * r832 no-device-map/ (debian/changelog grub-installer): Only add removable devices to device.map if using GRUB Legacy.11:44
CIA-6ubiquity: evand * r3652 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/kde_ui.py):12:35
CIA-6ubiquity: Bring the KDE frontend slideshow handling into line with GTK12:35
CIA-6ubiquity: frontend.12:35
CIA-6ubiquity: evand * r3653 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 2.1.1012:48
ogracjwatson, i assume you do a d-i upload to fix the unifont.bgf issue, could you bump the imx51 kernel version with that upload as well ?12:54
cjwatsoner what?12:54
cjwatsonwhat unifont.bgf issue?12:54
cjwatsonoh you mean the installation-locale bug. I already uploaded installation-locale and was just going to give-back d-i.12:55
cjwatsonhadn't got round to that yet though12:55
cjwatsonI'll do that first, and then do armel kernel bumps after that12:55
ograthanks :)12:55
ograi dont think dove needs bumping12:55
* ogra checks -changes12:56
ograno, there was no upload12:56
CIA-6debian-installer: cjwatson * r1227 ubuntu/ (build/config/armel/imx51.cfg debian/changelog): Move iMX51 images to 2.6.31-602 kernels.12:59
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araev, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/50647515:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506475 in debian-installer "Auto-resize does not show in the list" [Undecided,New]15:43
evara: can you please attach the logs from that install attempt?15:47
araev, sure16:26
araev, I have uploaded them now16:27
davmor2ev: is that you evan?16:58
davmor2ev: on usb-creator does it support netboot iso's?16:59
evassuming the netboot isos don't depend on symlinks, it should.17:00
davmor2ev: does u-c have a debug mode? so we can see why it fails and if it is the iso at fault?17:06
evdavmor2: it keeps a log in ~/.usbcreator.log17:07
evdavmor2: what exactly is the problem you're having?17:07
davmor2ev: I'm not yet, I'm going to try it in a second.  the issue is being had by komputes on the testing channel.17:08
davmor2he is just saying that it is failing17:08
davmor2ev: I've just asked him to add the log to his bug report 50644117:10
davmor2ev: thanks17:21
michaelforrest1cjwatson: I hesitate to ask, but did you get a chance to look at that installer mockup I did at the end of last year?17:22
cjwatsonmichaelforrest1: not at all I'm afraid, I've been absolutely buried in a contract project17:23
cjwatsonmoney and all that17:23
evmichaelforrest1: for what it's worth, I've been giving it a read over and adding some thoughts in the form of notes to a copy I made of it.  However, I've been consumed by trying to catch up with our burndown chart since the holiday and have not finished yet.17:24
michaelforrest1ev that's good to hear17:32
michaelforrest1ev: I did see in the doc history that you'd added comments but couldn't seem to find them in the actual document — will look again no17:33
evmichaelforrest1: oh, I accidentally saved the original without actually making any changes.  My comments are in a copy of the document that I'll paste back in just as soon as I'm done.17:33
michaelforrest1ev: you don't want to just edit the document directly? :)17:34
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evmichaelforrest: sure, will do17:37
davmor2cjwatson: is the fact that you can't delete partitions in manual partitioning in ubiq known at all?19:50
cjwatsonI don't know, sorry19:50
davmor2cjwatson: no probs :)19:50
CIA-6debian-installer: cjwatson * r1228 ubuntu/ (build/config/amd64.cfg debian/changelog):20:14
CIA-6debian-installer: Use mklibs-copy on amd64. I'm not quite sure what's wrong here, and it20:14
CIA-6debian-installer: needs further investigation.20:14
CIA-6debian-installer: cjwatson * r1229 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20081029ubuntu7920:14
superm1ev, i forget, what was the reason to expose both the full device and each of it's partitions in usb-creator (eg /dev/sdb and /dev/sdb1)?22:08
evsuperm1: so we can support disk images, and because some usb disks come with a vfat filesystem written directly to the disk22:09
evthe UI could use a fair amount of love there22:09
evit really shouldn't say "you need to format this device" when it's entirely unnecessary22:10
superm1do any of the *buntus that are generated still come in disk image format though?  i thought they were all .iso now22:10
superm1but i guess you can argue you'd want to support older releases too22:10
evsuperm1: the mobile team wanted it22:12
evI've asked as recent as this past UDS, if memory serves, and davidm still wanted it22:12
superm1Hm.  Well maybe would if be sufficient then to filter /dev/sdb itself if you currently have an iso format image selected?22:13
superm1or if you detect that it's one of these full filesystem devices, don't offer the individual partitions22:14
evit used to have code similar to that22:21
* ev briefly ponders22:21
evexpanding on what you're saying, how about the frontend doesn't show any device that's not a partition when an ISO is selected, unless that device is a filesystem directly on a disk (which I believe dk-disks marks as a 'loop' partition table format).  Though actually, this doesn't handle the case of a device that needs to be formatted.22:24
evany time there's a new possible target or the source selection changes, if the source is an iso, set the list of targets to all the vfat partitions and vfat filesystems on disk.  If a parent device has no vfat partitions in this scenario, show it as needing to be formatted.22:30
evI think I need a pen and paper and some time22:30
superm1yeah that sounds good22:31
superm1what was the other thing I was thinking... Oh yeah, so in doing that, you can probably also ditch the /dev/sdb1 etc nomenclature and just show the "pretty" name of the device22:32
evyeah, I absolutely want to do that22:34
evsuperm1: by the way, thanks for the bug fixes and attention to usb-creator22:35
evI very much appreciate it22:36
evgotta run22:36
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