pleia2cjohnston: I thought you PMed him :)00:05
nigelbabuok, I got disconnected00:14
nigelbabudid anyone say something to nigel_nb ? ;)00:14
nigelbabupleia2, user days comes under learning team?00:20
pleia2nigelbabu: learning and classroom, that's why we organize it here :)00:20
nigelbabupleia2, okay, thats the tie00:21
nigelbabupleia2, how much more time for meeting?00:21
pleia21 hr 40 minutes00:21
nigelbabu7:30...hm, lemme finish packing then00:22
_marx_hey alinuxfan good to see you again00:42
cjohnstonpleia2: i havent heard anything.. wasnt sure if you did00:47
nhandlerI just confirmed, config file goes to jono00:52
pleia2nhandler: ok, thanks00:52
cjohnstonthanks nhandler00:53
cjohnstonpleia2 Pendulum _marx_ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam/Meetings/0111201000:55
cjohnstonI know its last minute.. but got anything to add?00:55
alinuxfanhey _marx_ , just got back from my brother's wedding00:56
pleia2cjohnston: updated00:56
_marx_alinuxfan: cool man I should have done that in the team channel we're about to have a ubunutu users day meeting here00:58
cjohnstonI see pleia2 and _marx_ but i dont see Pendulum01:02
cjohnstonyou got me a present?01:02
_marx_ah, no sorry about that01:03
_marx_lol back at ya!01:04
cjohnstonok... well.. do we want to go on and start and hopefully Pendulum will show up?01:05
* _marx_ nods01:05
cprofittthe meeting is at 9pm yes?01:05
pleia2cjohnston: yeah, this is the user days meeting01:05
cjohnstoncprofitt: this is the User Days meeting..01:05
pleia2err cprofitt01:05
_marx_cprofitt: yes this is uud01:05
cjohnstonThe team meeting is at 901:05
cprofittnot sure I got any notice for that one...01:06
cjohnstoncprofitt: its mostly just the 4 of us talkin..01:06
cjohnstonfeel free to hang out and give input though01:06
_marx_first hour is intro, what's that going to be like?01:06
cjohnstonHellow/MagicFab courses - cjohnston01:07
pleia2cjohnston: do you want me to email MF?01:07
cjohnstonHellow still doesn't have a topic idea for himself, and mentioned to me a couple days ago about removing his name.. I have no problem with this of course... but wanted to try to get any last course ideas01:07
cjohnstonsure pleia201:07
pleia2ok, I'll do that now01:08
cjohnstonSounds good..01:08
_marx_I'm planning on being around all day that day01:08
cjohnstonany thoughts on a topic for Hellow?01:09
pleia2do we know where his strengths are?01:10
pleia2evening ZachK_01:10
ZachK_oh hello pleia201:10
cjohnstonI don't..01:10
ZachK_pleia2: what's up? I say that as you usually don't ping me01:10
pleia2ZachK_: user days meeting01:11
ZachK_right now?01:11
ZachK_oh sweet01:11
pleia2hey Hellow01:11
ZachK_ok...what's it about01:11
cjohnstonhello Hellow01:11
_marx_hi Hellow01:12
ZachK_Hellow....what up dude01:12
HellowOhai thar.01:12
cjohnstonHellow: we are talking about you01:12
pleia2trying to think of what new people would need to know about01:12
* ZachK_ sharpens keyboard01:12
cjohnstonWe are trying to come up with a course for you..01:12
ZachK_pleia2: command line01:12
PabloRubianesSorry i am late, hello01:12
pleia2ZachK_: covered01:12
cjohnstonZachK_: have you seen the schedule01:12
pleia2ZachK_: the schedule so far is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays01:12
ZachK_thanks pleia2 will look right......NOW!01:12
cjohnstonI have also invited PabloRubianes to join in since he is half of the lead for the spanish UUD01:13
_marx_ZachK_: i have that but i'd love to talk to you about it01:13
cjohnstonPabloRubianes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam/Meetings/0111201001:13
ZachK__marx_: about what?01:13
pleia2let me see if I can get cproffit back01:13
ZachK_cjohnston: did you say you're trying to get a course for me?01:13
_marx_what to cover how to present it etc01:13
HellowThis is an.. interesting time to be doing this.01:13
pleia2I'd like to see if he can let us know what he'll be covering in "equivalent" talk01:14
cjohnstonZachK_: no.. for Hellow01:14
ZachK_cjohnston: roger01:14
cjohnstonHellow: ?01:14
pleia2so I'm wondering if there is anything on the desktop itself we're not covering but would be interesting01:16
cjohnstonPabloRubianes: do you all have any courses we dont have?01:16
ZachK_pleia2: can you pm me the scrollback of the meeting so far?01:16
pleia2Hellow: how are you at basic system configuration, explaining the differences between "preferences" and "administration" and what things you can edit?01:17
doctormopleia2: This meeting is in 40mins right?01:17
HellowPackage management, command line, bash scripting, etc. programming languages, system config, desktop preferences, desktop config, etc.01:17
ZachK_doctormo: it's right now01:17
cjohnstondoctormo: two different meetings.. this is user days team meeting01:17
pleia2doctormo: yeah, this is just a sort of impromptu user days meeting01:17
pleia2Hellow: I am thinking "system config, desktop preferences, desktop config"01:17
doctormoAh, *few* I meant ubuntu-learning meeting... i.e. the channel we're in ;-)01:18
Hellowdesktop preferences could be a little hard, as there are three primary DE's for Ubuntu.01:18
pleia2Hellow: or whatever you think you can fit into an hour :)01:18
pleia2Hellow: we're focusing on Gnome01:18
HellowDesktop config, in many ways, = desktop preferences01:18
PabloRubianescjohnston: So far we have confirmed (Terminal, Join LoCo, Bugs report and equivalent software for Ubuntu)01:18
* pleia2 nods01:18
cjohnstonThat sounds good..01:18
cjohnstonPabloRubianes: thanks01:19
cjohnstonHellow: are you good with that?01:19
HellowI am, but I don't know if I can make it fill an hour.01:19
ZachK_have you done how to set up movies/cd's or at least how to play them? I know that's like SUPER easy but some users just don't know how01:19
PabloRubianescjohnston: we are wainting for more presenters to confirm, for the spanish speaking people this is Holiday time01:19
ZachK_and wireless is always a good one01:20
HellowOh god wireless.01:20
cjohnstongotcha PabloRubianes01:20
pleia2Hellow: haha01:20
ZachK_What....what did I say?01:20
* ZachK_ said, "Wireless"01:21
* pleia2 gets the impression that Hellow doesn't want to do the wireless talk :)01:21
HellowExactly. Never use "wireless" and "linux" in the same sentence/context.01:21
cjohnstonSo we have some ideas that you should be able to make something out of Hellow ?01:21
cjohnstonmine works01:21
cjohnstonright no01:21
pleia2cjohnston: hehe01:21
cjohnstonim on a laptop in bed with the wife who is PASSED OUT01:22
pleia2mine too, so I don't mess with it ;)01:22
HellowI'm *best* with everything that's already taken :P.01:22
cjohnstonI want her drugs01:22
ZachK_pleia2: has anyone covered server/Firebird?01:22
pleia2ZachK_: no, but we're trying to keep this pretty basic01:22
ZachK_pleia2: oh.....ok then01:22
HellowYeah, that's a little advanced.01:22
cjohnstonII. Confirm Schedule - cjohnston01:22
ZachK_I'll just keep quiet then01:22
_marx_hum i was planning on alpine...01:23
HellowI'll have a decision on my topic up on the UserDays wiki tomorrow.01:23
cjohnstonRight now, I haven't recieved any negative feedback on the current schedule as set..01:23
cjohnstonthanks Hellow !01:23
cjohnstonglad we could keep you in this01:23
pleia2Hellow: great, thanks01:23
cjohnstonI will email everyone and confirm that the schedule works for them.. Anyone have any issues with it the way it stands now?01:24
pleia2cjohnston: nope, looks good01:24
_marx_first hour is intros?01:24
cjohnston_marx_: getting there01:24
cjohnstonactually thats next01:25
_marx_so how do we use that hour01:25
cjohnstonIII. Plan Intro - [[cjohnston]]01:25
pleia2I am starting to think we need to use that hour to give a lernid demo01:25
cjohnstonpleia2: i know at one point we talked and you said you had some stuff we could work with01:25
duanedesign_marx_: alpine is neat. I saw someone asking about mutt earlier01:25
pleia2cjohnston: yeah, I was thinking of using some of the material from the intro to the open week01:26
cjohnstonpleia2: AlanBell (I think) had made the suggestion that we dont tailor this to lernid due to the possibility of having people on windows01:26
cjohnstonor people who dont know how to install lernid01:26
cjohnstonvia a ppa01:26
pleia2jono always does an introduction01:26
HellowWait, are we using lernid on this?01:26
cjohnstonhe isnt availbale01:26
pleia2right, he doesn't have to do it :)01:26
pleia2we can01:26
cjohnstonone day ill learn to spell01:26
pleia2but a similiar thing is what I had in mind01:26
* _marx_ votes no on lernid01:26
cjohnstonI was tryin to be funny.. but didnt come out01:27
_marx_new users will have to learn how to enable a ppa01:27
cjohnstonwe do have jcastro tho01:27
pleia2_marx_: no to using it at all, or no to telling people about it and how to use it?01:27
chitchatcurtiswhat is it01:27
Hellow...actually, I think that might be my topic. Using apt-get/aptitude.01:27
_marx_pleia2: no as default01:27
cjohnstonIf people want to use it on their own its fine, but I don't think we should 'support' it01:27
HellowOr general package management.01:27
pleia2the karmic intro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/openweekKarmic/Intro01:27
ZachK_gotta go folks....chores01:28
PendulumI agree with cjohnston01:28
pleia2_marx_: I agree it shouldn't be default01:28
cjohnstonpleia2: !01:28
cjohnstonoops.. tab fail01:28
cjohnstonPendulum: !01:28
pleia2hey Pendulum01:28
Pendulumhi, sorry, I've been somewhat reading, but things are moving fast and my brain has decided to stop moving fast ;)01:28
chitchatcurtiswhat is this site all about01:28
ZachK_pleia2: i wish to speak with you in say an hour or so? that acceptable01:28
HellowPendulum, More coffee always works.01:28
duanedesignHellow: i know i used ubuntu for 2 years before i realized you could type just 'aptitude' and get the ncurses package manager window01:28
pleia2ZachK_: sure, I'll be around01:28
Hellowduanedesign, LOL.01:29
PendulumHellow: no coffee. it'd be bad.01:29
ZachK_pleia2: in an hour then.....bye team01:29
cjohnstonduanedesign: i didnt know that.... lol01:29
cjohnstonbye ZachK_01:29
cjohnstondidnt care to... i dont think.. but didnt know that01:29
pleia2Hellow: maybe installing packages in general?01:29
pleia2Hellow: apt, aptitude, synaptic, software center01:29
Penduluminstalling packages is good01:29
Pendulum(as an idea for something to do)01:30
Hellowpleia2, I think general package management would be useful, but focus upon installing packages yes.01:30
cjohnstonthat sounds good01:30
HellowAdding repositories through the command line and software sources, using software center, using apt to install, remove, upgrade, and dist-upgrade, etc.01:30
chitchatcurtiswow this is fast01:30
cjohnstonmaybe we can move things around too.. and get that earlier in the day01:31
pleia2Hellow: I'd also touch base with paultag, his class is about finding trusted software01:31
_marx_Hellow: I wasn't going to cover that in cli basics01:31
* Hellow headdesk01:31
chitchatcurtisam I here?01:31
cjohnstonis that sarcasm?01:31
pleia2chitchatcurtis: we're having a meeting about the upcoming Ubuntu User Day: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays01:31
HellowThis is going to be interesting.01:31
chitchatcurtiso I c01:31
cjohnstonSo maybe more with software center and stuff and less with cli?01:32
HellowThere's not much left to that topic if you take out the command line part of it.. :P.01:32
cjohnstonHellow: cover 16 smaller topics in one hour01:32
HellowOh great.01:32
_marx_Hellow: I'm planning on installing mc and lynx01:33
Hellow_marx_, In that case, I could cover the more detailed/advanced features of aptitude and apt?01:33
_marx_apt-cache and apt-show?01:33
chitchatcurtisthis looks like it is over my head for now lol01:34
HellowThose too.01:34
cjohnstonlets get back to the intro please.. we are limited on time with the learning meeting immediatly after this01:34
_marx_Hellow: we should talk some what hour do you have?01:34
HellowBut, more like upgrade, dist-upgrade, remove, purge, check, *clean, etc.01:34
_marx_intro yes01:34
Hellow_marx_, 0:00 UTC, if that is what you mean.01:35
cjohnstonSo we need to write an intro and decide how we want to present the intro....01:35
_marx_Hellow: yes01:35
cjohnstonpleia2: provided a link to the karmic intro for reference01:35
HellowAlthough I could easily do earlier :P.01:35
* _marx_ waits on cjohnston 01:35
cjohnstonwhatcha waiting on01:35
pleia2the karmic intro is good, I'd like to see something similar for ours01:35
cjohnstonok.. i dont know that i have read it. so i will read it later..01:36
HellowWhere's the intro at?01:36
HellowSo we're using the same general intro as the Ubuntu Open Week?01:37
pleia2something similar, yeah01:37
pleia2I am proposing anyway :)01:37
cjohnstonsounds good...01:37
cjohnstonand how do we want to present the intro?01:37
cjohnstoneach of us gets a part?01:38
pleia2yeah, I'd say so01:38
pleia2evening swoody01:38
cjohnstonok.. so we can work on writing the intro.. and then assign parts to it..01:38
* pleia2 nods01:38
cjohnstonparts of it to each person..01:38
swoodyhello pleia2 :)01:38
Pendulumyeah, that makes sense01:38
cjohnstonwho wants to work on writing the intro?01:39
chitchatcurtishey can I say something as a newby?01:39
cjohnstonsure chitchatcurtis01:39
pleia2chitchatcurtis: sure01:39
pleia2cjohnston: ok ok, I'll have a draft by friday01:40
chitchatcurtisthere are some out the as I that are very new to this so basics are great.01:40
cjohnstonpleia2: ok.. I will try to help you with it too.. :-)01:40
Pendulumpleia2: feel free to poke me if you want a hand or want me to do it01:40
_marx_cjohnston: I kinda thought the intro would be the four of us that started this mess would just introduce ourselves01:40
pleia2ok, I'll prep it on the wiki so you can all see my progress01:41
cjohnston_marx_: we have an hour01:41
cjohnstonpleia2: sounds good01:41
cjohnston_marx_: that will be part of it thought01:41
chitchatcurtisit may be redundant to some but very helpful to many01:41
cjohnstonchitchatcurtis: that is the whole point of this01:42
cjohnstonIV. Discuss how we want to run the day01:42
_marx_for me one part is that i've only met y'all here on IRC01:42
pleia2_marx_: weren't you at SELF?01:42
pleia2we met :)01:42
* cjohnston needs to start meeting people01:43
pleia2akgraner introduced us, I'm Lyz from the pennsylvania loco01:43
* _marx_ runs memtest on his brain01:43
cjohnstonWhat I have invisioned in how we will run this is get each instructor to give us a little intro to themselves, in which one of us will use that to introduce each instructor at the beginning of the hour01:43
cjohnstons/the hour/their hour01:44
pleia2_marx_: http://princessleia.com/images/journalpics/062009/self_local_bof.jpg I'm third from the left, waving a pen around01:44
_marx_pleia2: oh yeah! sector 236701:44
pleia2I think you're sitting 2 seats away from me there01:44
pleia2sorry, tangent01:45
_marx_cjohnston: sounds good01:45
pleia2yep, sounds good01:45
cjohnstonpleia2: how are questions normally done at the events? instructor tracks and copies/pastes and answers them, or should we copy questions into -classroom for them?01:46
pleia2cjohnston: it's up to the instructor01:46
pleia2we ask them whether they want to do it themselves or not01:46
_marx_questions are asked in the chat channel01:46
HellowFrom what I've seen, the channel is in auditorium mode and questions are asked in chat, responded to in the main channel.01:46
pleia2Hellow: yep01:46
HellowOr something like that.01:46
Hellow...err, is it auditorium mode? Does freenode even have that?01:47
_marx_sometimes there is a moderator to pass them on to the classroom01:47
cjohnstonshould we try to get that information prior to the day, or at the start of each class?01:47
HellowIt might be just +m.01:47
Pendulumprobably not this week, but next week should we decide who is introducing each session? (I think we should meet next week)01:47
cjohnstonPendulum: agreed..01:47
pleia2cjohnston: we tend to do it right before each session as we're prepping the instructor01:47
cjohnstonok pleia2 sounds good01:47
pleia2that way they'll have an idea of the crowd - if it's really busy that day they might need help01:47
pleia2otherwise it might be eaiser just for them to do it01:47
cjohnstonV. Inform instructors about Lernid?01:47
cjohnstonSorry for rushing..01:48
cjohnstonI say -1...01:48
HellowI believe you have 12 minutes left :P.01:48
HellowOr something like that.01:48
cjohnstonmaybe let them know it exists but that we arent supporting it?01:48
pleia2nhandler and nigel_nb were working on this, getting us an ical thing made and stuff in case we wanted to give people the opportunity to use it01:48
nigel_nbwe are creating an event Hellow01:48
nigel_nblernid can be used, but we assume that people won't have it01:49
nigel_nbsorry to be late ;)01:49
cjohnstonI dont have a problem creating the event.. but i say no to the slides and such01:49
_marx_no prob nigel_nb01:49
pleia2nigel_nb: no worries, this is just our little user days meeting, learning project meeting isn't for another 10 minutes :)01:49
nigel_nbif the start times and end times are ready, jono will get the config file on the server and it will be listed as an event01:49
_marx_what is our audience?01:49
_marx_or who?01:49
cjohnstonnew people01:49
cjohnstonmaybe never used ubuntu01:50
_marx_so adding a ppa is ...?01:50
HellowPart of what I was going to teach :P.01:50
PendulumI think it might be something worth teaching, but not something we should expect them to have done01:50
cjohnstonthat should be covered throughout the course of the day01:50
pleia2_marx_: maybe someone else will install it for them if they're recommending they attend the day :)01:50
cjohnston10 minutes01:51
nigel_nbpleia2, I know, I'm here for the user days meeting01:51
HellowIs there a website that lists instructions on getting and using Lernid?01:51
_marx_Hellow: great01:51
cjohnstonIf nothing else, I say maybe shoot for lernid for the next UUD, this one, we can set it up, but I still say no slides, no fancy stuff....01:51
HellowI know what it is, but eh.01:51
pleia2cjohnston: yeah, I agree01:52
_marx_+1 cjohnston01:52
cjohnstonVI. Promoting UUD01:52
Hellow+1 cjohnston01:52
cjohnstonI have already blogged about it once..01:52
cjohnstonits made it to UWN01:52
cjohnstonand planet01:52
pleia2I was waiting to blog about it so they weren't all blogged at the same time01:52
chitchatcurtisbut there are new users01:52
pleia2but I want to post something on the planet this week01:52
pleia2maybe wednesday01:52
cjohnstonI owe PabloRubianes a post on the spanish version too01:52
cjohnstonI will probably blog about it atleast one more time..01:53
PendulumI can blog, but my blog isn't syndicated anywhere01:53
cjohnstonWere else can we promote pleia201:53
PabloRubianesthe link is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiaDelUsuarioUbuntu01:53
HellowI'll probably blog about it sometime later this week. Friday, perhaps.01:53
pleia2cjohnston: did it make it to the fridge?01:53
cjohnstonPendulum: still better than nothing01:53
cjohnstonpleia2: hmm01:53
cjohnstoni dont think so pleia201:53
cjohnstonbut dont quote me01:53
HellowHow does Open Week get promoted?01:53
_marx_i'll blog too but it's little read01:53
pleia2every bit helps01:54
_marx_Hellow: may i /msg01:54
Hellow_marx_, Sure.01:54
cjohnstonpleia2: what else does UOW or UDW get?01:55
Pendulumso if pleia2 blogs friday, should I blog Monday of next week?01:55
cjohnstonany idea?01:55
pleia2cjohnston: I think they tend to email the loco-contacts list too01:55
HellowUOW *might* get put on the ubuntu.com front page, but uh. I don't know :P.01:55
cjohnstonpleia2: is that something that we can do?01:55
pleia2cjohnston: email to loco-contacts? I think so, just frame it like "let your loco teams know"01:56
pleia2they are good at reaching new users01:56
cjohnstonand also on (e)(k)ubuntu-users mailing lists01:56
cjohnstonpleia2: thats a good though..01:56
pleia2our focus is gnome, so I'm not sure about those other lists01:57
pleia2or if any would be appropriate for posting it on01:57
chitchatcurtiswhat about ubuntu business?01:57
cjohnstonpleia2: still educating on cli, finding help, etc01:57
PabloRubianeswe send letters to every spanish speaking LoCo Admin too, but in English is more dificult01:57
HellowI don't know if you can do that or not.01:57
pleia2I'm not sure either01:57
cjohnstonpleia2: could you investigate that01:58
Hellowubuntu-news too.01:58
cjohnstonyou would be the one to know01:58
cjohnstonwho to talk to01:58
pleia2yeah, I'll see what I can figure out01:59
cjohnstonthe last topic is just me saying im going to send out another email asking for an overview/outline from the instructors to post on the wiki page01:59
pleia2ok great01:59
cjohnstonlast thing.. 10 seconde01:59
cjohnstonnext meeitng01:59
HellowThis is going to be /fun/.02:00
cjohnstonsame time next week?02:00
Pendulumworks for me02:01
cjohnston_marx_ pleia2 ?02:01
pleia2no good for me, but I'll catch up02:01
* _marx_ good02:01
cjohnstonok.. we will discuss later02:01
pleia2my mother is visiting, but my schedule is pretty crazy for the next few weeks anyway02:01
cjohnstonok.. we will discuss later02:01
pleia2thanks cjohnston02:01
cjohnstonthanks all02:02
pleia2ok UCLP folks - meeting in #ubuntu-meeting now :)02:02
cjohnstoncrack that whip02:02
pleia2dinda1: UCLP meeting over in #ubuntu-meeting :)02:03
pleia2bah, no doctormo or cprofitt02:06
doctormopleia2: sorry about that02:06
doctormoAre we having it in here?02:06
pleia2in -meeting02:06
pleia2haven't started yet though02:06
pleia2dunno where cprofitt disappeared to02:06
VantraxI am around kinda02:11
cjohnstonUUD people: pleia2 Pendulum _marx_ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam/Meetings/0111201002:21
nigel_nbpleia2, how did the meeting go?03:01
pleia2nigel_nb: it was an excellent meeting :) I'm very excited03:02
nigel_nbmy screen was flickering too much for me to understand what was going on03:02
nigel_nbpleia2, I'm going to create a page for bzr + asciidoc03:02
pleia2on the wiki?03:02
nigel_nbon the wiki03:02
pleia2ok :)03:02
nigel_nbso we have something for new contributors03:02
nigel_nbI'll take it as my vacation project ;)03:02
pleia2sounds good03:03
nigel_nbprobably finish of the bzr docs too...03:03
nigel_nbi'll be idling away at home03:03
nigel_nbwho do i ask for course creator previleges on the moodle site?03:04
pleia2I can probably figure out how to do it03:04
nigel_nbah, great :)03:05
nigel_nbdoctormo, I moved to xubuntu instead of kubuntu ;)03:05
pleia2nigel_nb: thinking of doing the conversion of your class to moodle?03:06
pleia2wb cjohnston03:07
pleia2err cprofitt03:07
cprofittnigel_nb: you need course creator rights?03:07
pleia2I am so bad with tabs today!03:07
nigel_nbwant to try it out03:08
nigel_nbcprofitt, wb03:08
cprofittsorry is nigel_nb still here?03:08
cprofittI hit the wrong key03:08
nigel_nbcprofitt, I'm thinking of converting my course to moodle03:08
cprofittdo you have an account yet on the site?03:08
cprofittyou are now a course creator03:09
nigel_nbcprofitt, thank you03:09
* cprofitt hits his 'That was easy button"03:09
nigel_nbcprofitt, I'll through the materials that you sent once I reach home03:10
nigel_nbugh! the flickering is back again03:10
cprofittnigel_nb: sounds good...03:10
cprofittand ask me if you need help03:10
* nigel_nb plans for doom of HP03:10
cprofittbut feel free to just play with it too03:10
nigel_nbcprofitt, I've done some work in Joomla and Drupal.  I hope it comes back to me03:11
cprofittthat will not be needed in Moodle... to be honest03:13
pleia2cjohnston: thanks for putting together those meeting minutes03:13
nigel_nbat least I'll have a generic idea03:14
nigel_nbpleia2, does the user days team have a Lp group?03:14
duanedesigncprofitt: sorry i got taken away from the meeting :)03:14
cprofittno problem duanedesign03:15
nigel_nbpleia2, ah I'm there03:16
pleia2yep :)03:17
nigel_nbpleia2, I'll try promoting on ubuntu users planet03:17
pleia2I'll be blogging about it friday, I think Pendulum will on monday03:17
nigel_nbPendulum, has a blog?03:18
pleia2I think she said she would be03:19
pleia2maybe I'm just making things up, I am kind of tired :)03:19
pleia2doctormo: have you seen the princess and the frog yet?03:20
nigel_nbPendulum, lol, actuaIly hoped if u cud give me the url03:21
nigel_nbokay everyone.  I'm off for a vacation.  Gotta pack.  Touch base with you all when I get home.03:24
pleia2mootbot is neat03:30
cprofittpleia2: can you send the action items out on the mailing list?03:42
cprofittI think it is good for those subscribed to see our action items03:44
pleia2my siamese is standing right in front of my monitor in an attempt to get attention03:47
pleia2cprofitt: when you say "Ubuntu Educators site" you mean the ning page, right?03:50
pleia2ok good03:52
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cprofittnight all04:12
doctormopleia2: Not yet, I did go see Shelock Holms though, which I thought was very good.04:40
pleia2yeah, sherlock holmes was fun04:41
doctormoThe music was fantastic.04:42
humphreybcI wonder if the Ubuntu Community Learning Project would be interested in the Ubuntu Manual Project...05:47
doctormohumphreybc: Of course it is05:50
humphreybcOkay, well, let me introduce myself. I'm Benjamin Humphrey, the main project driver for the Manual project.05:51
humphreybcWe are interested in collaborating with you guys to get official support behind our manual, and hopefully get it included in the Ubuntu CD.05:51
humphreybcObviously it's a bit hard at the moment because we're still in development, but we are well ahead of schedule and our final product should look spectacular when it is released in April. We also should have it translated in 20+ languages.05:52
humphreybcWe are still a relatively young project, but the Manual project could be the most ambitious and largest Ubuntu project in quite a while - involving the whole community. We have already had a lot of interest and are moving forward with development at a rapid pace.05:53
humphreybcI'd like to know how the Community Learning Project could help us out :)05:54
doctormohumphreybc: What is your technoledgy base?05:59
humphreybcWe use LaTeX, bzr and po4a with rosetta to handle translations05:59
humphreybcJust browsing the Learning wiki, and it seems that we cover much of the stuff on this page in our manual. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/UbuntuDesktopTopics06:00
doctormohumphreybc: It might be that the manual will end up covering the same ground, but the structure of learning materials is such that we have to have demonstrations, teacher lesson plans, quizes and other things in place.06:07
doctormohumphreybc: We might even be able to share a lot of text, that would be very useful.06:07
humphreybcsure I don't mind that06:07
humphreybcHow can the Learning project help us out?06:08
doctormoAlthough we write the materials in AsciiDoc which gets converted to DocBook xml for translations using rosetta.06:08
humphreybcnothing a copy and paste can't fix.06:08
humphreybcBut I definitely see room for collaboration here.06:09
doctormoCollaboration :-) would you like a walk through?06:09
humphreybca walkthrough of?06:09
humphreybcLearning project?06:09
doctormohumphreybc: Yes, how we're going to be making materials and how we'd teach them06:11
humphreybcsure, go for it06:12
doctormoBy the way, didn't I see some of you guys at UDS?06:12
humphreybcI sort of got the general gist on the wiki, but if you'd like to explain more that would be great. Is the Learning project fairly new?06:12
doctormohumphreybc: The learning project's been around for almost a year, but resources have been a problem. Getting people on board who drive forwards etc.06:13
humphreybcNope you wouldn't have, we started this project after UDS-L. I'd love to go to the next UDS but unfortunately won't be able to afford it unless I get sponsored.06:13
humphreybcright, sounds like you need a large project like the Manual to help out with content :)06:13
doctormohumphreybc: Then it must have been the Ubuntu Documentation team... they're going to be using Docbook xml directly and we're going to be using their scripts to do all our translations in rosetta.06:13
doctormohumphreybc: How big is the Manual project?06:14
humphreybcit's fairly large. We've got over 100 team members, which isn't bad for only existing for about one month. We've got a lot of contributors, translations into many languages. Have a look at LP: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual06:14
humphreybcWe've also received a significant amount of media attention06:15
doctormohumphreybc: That might be why, we've been around for ages and have been ignored quit well.06:15
doctormoWhich is very fustrating.06:15
humphreybcAh, well, it's because I've been very busy promoting us :)06:16
humphreybcSo your project is to hold classroom IRC sessions to teach people?06:16
doctormohumphreybc: Perhaps that's how you can help us, getting us people :-) and attention.06:17
doctormoPlus it's probably the case that your project's work neatly covers the desktop dection of the learning project.06:17
humphreybcwell we've got a lot of content that you're welcome to use for your classroom sessions, but I'm not sure I want to divert contributors away from the manual right now as we are on a fairly tight schedule and need all the help we can get.06:18
doctormoBut I can't see if you have any plans to write Community, SysAdmin or Programming/Contribution guides too.06:18
humphreybcNo, we're not. We are aimed at new Ubuntu users who are migrating from Windows/Mac.06:18
doctormoWhat about users migrating from paper?06:18
humphreybcWell, we are also aimed at them too.06:19
humphreybcHave you read the summary and justification sections on our main wiki page?06:19
humphreybcIt's easier than me repeating it :)06:19
doctormoI have, don't mind me, I'm just grumpy, trying to get out of it now.06:20
humphreybcNo worries.06:21
humphreybcI'd also like to add that we are separate from the docs team, at least for now.06:21
humphreybcThey are a bit reluctant on the project because they seem to see it as a duplication of efforts, and also don't believe that this manual can succeed (apparently there was something similar to our project way back in 6.06 or something that failed)06:22
doctormoI remember it06:22
doctormoAnd I think their worry is that it won't be maintained06:22
doctormoWhich is always a problem.06:22
humphreybcWell, I can't talk for the future, but I'm fairly certain we won't have as many maintenance problems as the doc team06:23
humphreybcFor a few reasons06:23
humphreybc1) we use launchpad to manage everything, and we assign tasks to people. 2) everything is in one document, instead of spread out all over the places. 3) the leadership is clear cut. 4) we have an awesome wiki and amazing communication within the team. 5) the manual is designed from the ground up to be easily maintainable and 6) I'm in charge. :)06:56
doctormohumphreybc: Could you show me how you assign tasks?06:58
humphreybcwe use blueprints: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual06:58
humphreybcbasically, for the chapters, the author is assigned, and we have an editor set as the "approver"06:59
humphreybcwe're still working on the editing stuff at the moment, but that's how it will work06:59
doctormopleia2: Do you mind if I assign you a chapter as a blueprint?07:00
humphreybccurrently there is only chapter 9 and 10 that are unassigned07:01
humphreybcthe wiki table of contents page has more information on what these chapters contain07:01
humphreybcit's probably not a perfect system, but so far it has been rather effective07:03
humphreybcpeople are assigned things and everybody knows when each item is due. We have to have all the content in place by the 10th Februray.07:04
humphreybcthe translations I never accounted for, but they've gone completely through the roof07:04
humphreybcwe had to rush to get LaTeX working with rosetta because I was getting so many emails a day from people willing to help translate07:04
doctormoSounds good07:06
pleia2I probably should have dropped a mail to the list when i discovered ubuntu-manual13:52
pleia2my hopes were similar to doctormo's http://doctormo.wordpress.com/?p=177213:53
pleia2I think someone had mentioned it here, and that's how I knew about it13:53
pleia2regarding where we should announce things to promote UUD, dholbach gave this link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityTeam/KnowledgeBase14:47
DiegoTccjohnston: is there any log of yesterday meeting?15:57
pleia2DiegoTc: user days meeting or learning team?16:10
pleia2there are logs for both, just need to get you the right link :)16:11
DiegoTcpleia2: thanks16:37
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DiegoTcand user days meeting16:37
pleia2DiegoTc: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam/Meetings/0111201016:38
pleia2minutes and log16:38
DiegoTcthanks :D16:44
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cjohnstonnhandler: ping22:47
nhandlercjohnston: pong22:47
cjohnstonnhandler: you cant by chance do 0200 for user days can you?22:48
cjohnstonYour avail says 020022:48
cjohnstonsorry.. 030022:48
cjohnstonnot that I Want to move your course that late.. but im trying to slide in another course22:49
nhandlerI would prefer not to go later than 0200 (especially if I am going to be answering questions during the session). I just want to make sure I am wide awake while giving the presentation.22:52
nhandlerJust out of curiosity, what is the extra session?22:53
cjohnstoniirc picking hardware that works with ubuntu22:53
nhandlerIs Hellow still giving a presentation? He is still listed as TBD22:53
HellowI'm working on it.22:53
cjohnstonnhandler: you listed 0300-0500... thats why i ask22:54
nhandlerI guess I could do 0300.22:55
* Hellow updates the timetable22:55
cjohnstonI need 020022:55
cjohnstonif thats not too late22:55
* Hellow with his presentation22:55
cjohnstonif it is, let me know22:55
nhandlerI thought you just asked about 030022:56
cjohnstonI mistyped a little.. your avail says 0300 to 0500, and i need 0200 which falls out of what you listed avail22:56
nhandlerThat should work22:57
nhandlerOnce the wiki schedule is updated, poke me, and I'll update the calendar22:58
nhandlerHave a link handy?22:59
cjohnstonI have plenty of links handy.. which would you like23:00
nhandlerThe wiki is wrong. You put me at 01:0023:00
nhandlerWho is at 23:00 ?23:00
cjohnstonits fixed23:00
cjohnstonI have to figure out who I can move to 230023:00
nhandlerWas my session the only one that changed so far?23:01
cjohnstonI just moved another.23:02
cjohnstonpopey: ping23:02
cjohnstonpopey: can you do your course at 2200?23:02
cjohnstondinner... bbiaf23:03

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