micahgmahfouz1: I'll file it as an enhancement request00:06
micahgit's currently win only00:06
micahgbut they might make it optional on linux00:06
mahfouz1micahg: yes, would be great, since they might stop some of the add-ons with that functionality02:28
mahfouz1If it's not implemented in linux, then that functionality might get lost02:29
xanguahello there, i managed to install official mozilla firefox(from ubuntuzilla) and other mozilla based apps (songbird and flock) in ubuntu, but they dont follow my font settings; is there a way i can fix this┬┐┬┐05:51
micahgxangua: we only support the Ubuntu versions05:52
xanguai also could see this problem in the mozilla testing build PPA05:52
micahgxangua: k, there are a few bugs for fonts in firefox-3.505:52
micahgwhich specific font setting?05:53
micahghalf size?05:53
xanguathe font looks ugly :S05:53
micahgxangua: I think you should look at bug 37976105:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379761 in fontconfig "MASTER - FF 3.5 font hinting does not honour gnome-settings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37976105:53
xanguamicahg: thanks, i'll see it05:54
micahgxangua: there's also bug 6722605:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 67226 in firefox-3.5 "[karmic] Firefox 3.5 and openoffice do not stick to antialiasing render settings" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6722605:54
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gnomefreakmicahg: you around?14:36
micahggnomefreak: yes14:37
gnomefreakmicahg: did you ask me about sunbird/seamonkey ~2-3 weeks ago?14:37
* micahg still needs to get the -dev packages right14:38
gnomefreakmicahg: ok cool, feel free to package them i have run into some personal problems and they wont be cleard up for atleast 3 more weeks.14:38
micahggnomefreak: sorry to hear that14:38
micahggnomefreak: I'm a little behind myself (TB3 isn't out yet )14:38
gnomefreakmicahg: its ok it should be easly taken care of just have to wait until i can14:39
gnomefreakany plans on grabbing Debians instabird package to include in Lucid?14:44
gnomefreaklooks like Mike is asking -mentors(Debians) to test atm14:45
micahggnomefreak: idk, I can ask asac14:48
micahgthere's a lot to do this cycle already with the FF3.6 migration14:48
gnomefreakmicahg: ok thanks, if i see him i will ask him but not sure how long i will be here. i have a whole bunch of emails to clean up14:48
gnomefreakmicahg: ah14:49
* micahg also has to package pyxpcom14:49
micahg6 weeks to alpha 3 so I should be able to make it14:51
* BUGabundo_work hugs gnomefreak 15:05
ccheneyasac: any ideas about http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/355243/15:22
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asacccheney: yes. you lack the type definition somewhere15:29
asace.g. probably you have the typdef, but not the struct15:29
micahgasac: gnomefreak wanted to know if we were interested in instabird from debian15:39
asacmicahg: if it enters testing it probably automatically comes to us, doesnt it?15:44
micahgasac: it should before freeze, I was wondering if we needed to do anything special with it15:44
gnomefreakasac: any reason Debian is still using icedove-* for extenstions? i thought this was going to be changed15:46
gnomefreakor even ice*-*15:47
asacgnomefreak: its a slow process15:47
asacas long as no new get added i am happy15:48
asachi btw15:48
asachope you are all fine ;)15:48
gnomefreakasac: ok. and hi :)15:48
asacmicahg: we will see once it arrives. if it fails to biuld/start we need to check15:48
gnomefreakwe shall see15:48
micahgasac: k15:48
ccheneyasac: the typedef for sockaddr_un ?15:48
micahgasac: not using bind dn to d/l a directory in TB is a minor issue on TB2, right?15:49
* ccheney thinks he must have forgotten something important wrt C15:50
ccheneyah nm i see why i got confused15:51
ccheneyits defined but at a lower level than glib15:51
micahgasac: nm15:52
* ccheney needs to write code more often, he is getting too rusty15:53
ccheneyhmm even with adding the proper header it seems to not work :(15:54
asacccheney: whatever type is used in those lines15:54
asacdoesnt have the full struct there15:54
gnomefreakwas it Karmic that we are not renaming Shiretoko to firefox-3.5 or just Lucid?16:01
micahggnomefreak: Jaunty16:01
gnomefreakmicahg: ok thanks16:01
ccheneyasac: yea appeard to be sockaddr_un which is in sys/socket.h but after including it still failed in the same way16:01
micahgand it they'll probably get migrated to firefox 3.6 anyways gnomefreak16:01
asacccheney: unlikely to be sockaddr_un if its in socket.h16:02
ccheneyoh i misread the contents of the header, i need more caffeine16:03
ccheneylooks like its linux/un.h actually16:03
ccheneyor sys/un.h16:04
* ccheney does a test build and gets caffeine16:04
gnomefreakmicahg: why are we backporting 3.6 to stqable releases?16:05
micahggnomefreak: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-lucid-new-firefox-support-model16:06
ccheneyyipee that fixed it :)16:08
micahgasac: got time for anothe build failure?16:11
gnomefreakmicahg: thanks will look in a min16:11
asacmicahg: post it16:11
asacccheney: i would expect you wouldnt need to pull in anything that isnt in glib headers16:12
asacso maybe they copied that header?16:12
asacin glib2.0?16:12
ccheneyits included via gio/gnetworkingprivate.h16:13
micahgasac: /bin/sh: Syntax error: end of file unexpected (expecting "}")16:14
asacright. so pull that in16:14
asacmicahg: thats a syntax error16:14
micahgright, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/37762020/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-amd64.thunderbird-3.0_3.0.2~hg20100111r4629%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz16:15
micahgit's in TB3.0 and XUL1.9.316:15
micahgin lucid only16:15
micahgso my guess is a toolchain issue on amd6416:15
micahgoh, and amd64 only16:15
asactry to find if its a recent commit16:15
asacthats causing this16:15
gnomefreakok will be AFK for a while. im sure i have hundreds of updates from the past month or so.16:17
ccheneyi'm confused as to how the get_type functions work16:21
ccheneythey look like this extern __typeof (g_inet_address_get_type) IA__g_inet_address_get_type __attribute((visibility("hidden"))) G_GNUC_CONST;16:21
micahgasac: they're different branches and the issue started the same day16:21
ccheneythat is the only referenced code i can find but i am not sure what that does but it doesn't look a function definition16:21
* micahg guesses he should look at lucid uploads for that day :)16:22
micahgasac: is there a way to tell which file is failing?16:38
* micahg can't find a common commit between the branches16:38
asacmicahg: i would think something in /build/buildd/thunderbird-3.0-3.0.2~hg20100111r4629+nobinonly/build-tree/mozilla/mozilla/modules/libpr0n/build16:41
micahgasac: yep, but those files haven't touched in quite a while16:44
asaci think we need to reprduce it locally and keep the tree to investigate16:44
micahgok, I'll have to do that later16:45
micahgit's lucid only though16:45
micahgcan I ask pbuilder not to purge?16:45
asaccheck what was uploaded since last build success16:46
asacmaybe sh16:46
asacyou shouldnt use pbuilder for core stuff for development/triaging16:46
micahgasac: there was a dash upgrade16:46
asacjust to try if clean build works16:46
micahgasac: I don't have lucid16:46
asacsetup a chroot16:46
micahgasac: k16:46
asacdebootstrap is your friend16:47
micahgasac: is there a bzr trick to build in a chroot?16:47
asacso dash update feels like a good thing to look at16:47
asacif you hvae it locally build fail you can try tro downgtrade16:47
asacmicahg: you mount your /home in chroot16:47
asacthen you can just use it as usually16:47
asacthere is some wiki page how to setup a good chroot for development16:48
asacyou also need to bindmout more stuff like /proc /dev etc.16:48
micahgk, I'll look later16:48
micahghave to get ready for work now16:48
micahgasac: BTW, I created a pyxpcom LP project16:50
micahgand made mozilla team the maintainer16:50
asacsounds good16:50
asacmainter? or owner?16:50
micahgmaintainer is owner I think16:52
micahgprojects have maintainers/teams have owners AFAIK16:53
asacok ;)16:57
ibkanatasac I was told to ask you about MCP51 Ethernet in lucid17:17
* BUGabundo_work ducks17:18
ibkanatdoesnt work for me17:18
thunderstruckwe do not have any packages that recommend packages not in archives do we?17:20
micahgthunderstruck: we shouldn't...you have an example?17:20
micahgthunderstruck: oh, yeah, maybe17:20
thunderstruckmicahg: bug 50652817:21
micahgpossibly recommending debian versions of ff/tb17:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506528 in ubuntu "Please remove all recommends that we do not supply in archives" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50652817:21
* thunderstruck could use examples if we have any for mozilla17:21
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gnomefreakmuch better :)17:22
micahggnomefreak: I knew it was you anyways :)17:22
* gnomefreak should fix that for irc17:22
micahggnomefreak: well, when we remove something, we endeavour to migrate all rdepends17:22
micahggnomefreak: I think you're better off filing specific bugs if you see something rather than a broad based bug like that17:23
gnomefreakwell it makes no sense that we have people go outside our repos since we do not support it and it may be hard for new users17:23
micahggnomefreak: indeed, it's probably either something from a debian import or something legacy in most cases17:23
gnomefreakmicahg: i have no way to know them other than goiing through each package and trying to install them17:24
micahggnomefreak: I suggest posting to the ubuntu-devel-discuss ML17:24
gnomefreakIMHO its better to have people remove them during packaging17:24
gnomefreakwill do17:25
micahgthat's not right...17:25
micahghold on17:25
ccheneyasac: any idea about the weird IA get_type functions?17:26
ccheneyasac: i'm not sure what i am supposed to copy over and how to make the get_type functions to work17:26
micahggnomefreak: no, I was right, I think17:26
gnomefreakyep you were :)17:26
asacccheney: which one?17:34
asacfta2: i marked https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~network-manager/network-manager-applet/network-manager-applet.head.daily as abandoned17:36
asacso it doesnt show up in the active branch list17:36
ccheneyeg g_inet_address_get_type17:36
asacso if you get troubles because of that just shoot17:36
ccheneythey seem to have no function body17:36
asacusually those get defined by G_TYPE_DEFINE macros17:36
asacsearch for those in .c files17:36
asacrather G.*TYPE_DEFINE17:36
ccheneywell there is like this:17:37
ccheney#define G_TYPE_INET_ADDRESS        (g_inet_address_get_type ())17:37
ccheneyand then17:37
ccheneyGType     g_inet_address_get_type        (void) G_GNUC_CONST;17:37
ccheneybut no body for the g_inet_address_get_type itself17:37
ccheneyit has some sort of weird IA_(blah) stuff but i don't understand how that stuff works17:37
ccheneyeg - extern __typeof (g_inet_address_get_type) IA__g_inet_address_get_type __attribute((visibility("hidden"))) G_GNUC_CONST;17:38
ccheneythat doesn't actually do anything does it?17:38
ccheneyexcept set the symbol as inivisible in gcc(?)17:38
asacyes, that hides it17:39
ccheneyin another area i see: extern __typeof (g_inet_address_get_type) g_inet_address_get_type __attribute((alias("IA__g_inet_address_get_type"), visibility("default")));17:39
asacdont know what __typeof17:39
asacthat defines that g_inet_address_get_type is rather IA__g_inet_address_get_type17:39
asacaka alias17:39
ccheneyah so i need to copy both of those to my header?17:41
ccheneyand then it should just work i guess?17:41
asacmost likely17:41
asacboth defs and the impl for IA___17:41
asacif there is any ... otherwise there must be a G_DEFINE.*TYPE or something in the ia_ source17:41
ccheneyi don't see any impl for the IA__17:41
ccheneyhmm ok17:42
asacas i said, thats generated by a macro17:42
asacyou can build with -save-temps17:42
asacand see what gets created and try to find that17:42
ccheneyoh ok17:42
asac_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_CODE (GInetAddress, g_inet_address, G_TYPE_OBJECT, _g_networking_init ();)17:52
jcastroasac: what you tweeted is a feature18:24
jcastroit only searches the beginning of URLs, not the title18:25
asacsucky then ;)18:25
jcastroso if it's wiki.ubuntu.com/Whatever/Whatever18:25
asacthats what i thought18:25
jcastroif you search for Whatever it doesn't find anything18:25
asacwell. it definitly searches the url18:25
jcastrobut if you have whatever.blah.com it finds it18:25
asaci can find stuff in the middle of urls at least18:25
asacthats not true ;)18:25
jcastroare you sure it's not the title of the page?18:25
asacgo to that page18:26
asacafterwards you will find it by Thumb218:26
asacoh so you say it searches the title?18:26
asacjust not the url?18:26
jcastrosec, I have the upstream bug18:26
jcastrothey do it for performance reasons18:26
asacdont mind. firefox behaviour is definitly rockier ;)18:26
jcastroFF fills in as it finds them iirc18:27
jcastroFF returns better results imo18:27
* asac thinks that the performance isnt that great atm either18:27
asacff rocks ;)18:27
asaci often go back to it because i just cannot find the url in chromium ;)18:27
asacbut thanks for clarifying.18:28
jcastroI was wondering that last week too because it drives me mad18:28
asacthats the other annoying thing ;)18:28
asacthe URL of issues is always busted if you use find18:28
jcastroyou only have one "other" annoying thing? :p18:28
asacand posting takes effort to strip it (of course different front)18:28
asacyes, otherwise i am happy ... oh wait!!18:29
asacthere is this voip problem in combination with pulse ;)18:29
asacthat regularly gives me real pain and heart attacks18:29
asacwhen i need to dial in somewhere and folks dont hear me etc.18:29
asacso now i alwasy first call google search18:30
jcastroI have been pretty lucky so far.18:30
asacthen if that works, dial in somewhere ;)18:30
asachave you tried google search call service?18:30
jcastrono I have some voice thing on my g1 that does that18:30
jcastrowhere you go "I need to find the nearest pizza place"18:30
asacsure its the same?18:31
jcastroand it returns "Your request for finding carburators and marbles is pending."18:31
asaci am happy ot have it to test my voip ;)18:31
asacecho service always takes like a minute before i can test my own void18:31
asacthats the number ;)18:31
asacthe other thing most annoying is my internet sucking18:33
asacfta2: btw, feel free to upload gyp to archive as often as you want ;)18:50
asaclike after landing of licenseing issues etc.18:50
asacnot that i need to tell you that ;)18:50
ftaasac, sure. btw, what's the status of the chromium review action point?19:25
asacfta: i need all license full textx referred to in the whitelist19:31
asacwith that we are fine19:31
asacthat license is GPL incompatible19:31
asacaka illegal to distribute ... a19:31
asacfta: so if you feel like it help on finding the full license texts somewhere is appreciated. will probably take another week otherwise : ... and i would love to just upload :)19:52
ftathere's a new beta available, i'm working with upstream to have the channels updated (there's a wrong DEPS file and/or a too strict gclient)19:58
and`asac: will it be uploaded into Debian as well?19:58
and`asac: I would love seeing it there as well19:59
asacand`: once its went through our archive admins i will try.19:59
asacbut i guess that will get rejected in debian for a bit longer19:59
asacor take a year to review ;=)19:59
asacand`: you can help ;)19:59
and`asac: sure19:59
asacfind the full license texts referred to in the whitelist of licnsecheck.pl20:00
asacand make a file dep-5 file tail20:00
asacwith those20:00
asace.g. License: BSD (3-clause)20:00
asacthats the licensecheck with the whitelisted license20:00
asacthey are somewhere in the chromium orig ;)20:01
asacwe just need to prepare a dep-5 style file with them all20:01
asachttp://people.canonical.com/~asac/tmp/copyright.full -> that might give an good indication where to look for that in the source tarball ;)20:01
and`asac: to summarize it: it's a pain :)20:01
asacwell. I went through massive pain already ;)20:01
asacso a bit pain on other shoulders is acceptable ;)20:02
asacits minor pain20:02
and`yes, understood what you mean, did that with some GNOME packages but they had far less source files than chromium has :D20:02
asaccompared to going through all files like i did ;)20:02
asacand`: you dont need to make the dep-5 file20:02
asaci just need the License parts20:02
asacLicense: ...20:02
asacFULL license text20:02
asacwe already have the actual copyright stuff20:02
asacthat was the main pain i went through20:03
and`omg :D20:03
asacand`: in the first paste there are like 20 licenses. those wee need to collect20:03
asaceither in dep-5 or as individual files so we can generate the dep-520:03
asacand append that to the copyright.full thin i posted20:03
asacuploads to debian will definitly happen without testsuite and without -dbg package. at least until fta is uploader and can push th binaries through his big pipe :)20:05
asaci dont feel like uploading 1G ;)20:05
asacccheney: all moving smoothlie?20:05
and`asac: I can help with letting it through20:05
asacyeah ;)20:05
asacfirst help on the LICENSE files please20:05
ftaasac, aren't we supposed to just put links to the well known licenses, instead of the full texts20:05
asacfta: we still need to add the short form for those that are in well known20:06
asacbut htose are not my concern20:06
asacmy concern are all the bsd variants and the bsd-like and stuff like that20:06
asacthere are plenty that arent in common :)20:06
ftaasac, why would you need to upload dbg? (there's no more testsuite debs btw)20:07
asacbut and` probably knows better what to do20:07
asacfta: there is no testsuite debs anymore?20:07
asacdid we drop that?20:07
ftayes, months ago20:07
asacor was that never there and my brain is choking20:07
asacand no -dbg?20:07
asaci assume we probably want those20:07
asacesp. in debian there is no dbgsym20:08
and`asac: yes, don't fully count on me these days for doing it extra-fast, just finished holidays and need to prepare exams and stuff, so it will take some time : /20:08
asacand`: do it in small chunk20:08
asaceach license you collect is a clear win ;)20:08
asacwe need this this week20:08
asacotherwise world is going to die20:09
ftaasac, dbg is there, but you don't upload that.. unless debian needs binary debs too??20:10
and`fta: yes, Debian uses binary uploads20:10
and`so no -dbg ;)20:10
fta78.6MB (dbg)20:11
and`uploading that would be simply crazy :D20:11
ftatestsuite-deb used to be 800MB++20:11
and`fta: when uploading it to Debian you need to make sure that those are not built20:12
and`otherwise it will be harder to have it accepted20:12
fta80MB is not that big, openarena-data is way bigger20:12
ftaimho, -dbg is mandatory20:12
ftaotherwise, byebye crash reports20:13
asacfta: debian needs them thats the point why i complaining ;)20:13
asacyou basically push all sources + all binaries for one arch + all20:13
and`well, as long as chromium-browser doesnt directly depend on an 80 mb package, that's fine20:13
asacthats why i refuse to do security updates in debian nowadays20:13
asacthey should fix their retarded system first20:14
and`asac: well, binary uploads are a pain but prevents broken packages to get in20:14
asacwell. thats a dubious point20:14
and`ppl don't test-build their packages and that's why we have tons of FTBFS20:14
asacit also ensures that you never know whether your binary was actually biuld from clean source20:15
ftaso there's no way to have chromium in debian, not enough arch coverage20:15
asacdebian just sticks to old models20:15
and`asac: DDs know how to build properly a package20:15
asacthen they should also know that they should test a package before uploading20:15
asacso you can upload source only ;)20:15
asacfta: why?20:16
asacnot enough arch coverage?20:16
and`well, that's not a direct procedure, if you know you need to do a binary upload you *have to* build it before20:16
asacwhat does that mean?20:16
asacand`: yes, but if it fails you can just fix it and continue. or workaround and sign and upload :)20:16
and`someone might say 'well, I'm sure it will build fine', he does a source upload and then another FTBFS20:16
asacall happened20:16
asacpoint is: binary only doesnt give you much20:17
asacif the sources dont build the damange is zero20:17
asacexcept wasting some buildd time20:17
ftaasac, the plethora of arches debian supports, we can't provide those binaries20:17
asac-> which was reasonable at some point in the 90th ;)20:17
asacfta: doesnt matter20:17
asacyou upload with any ... if it never built on an arch its not a problem that it fails20:17
asacidea is that porters can then start on that20:18
asaconly a RC bug if it previously built on an arch, but then doesnt20:18
and`asac: well, I don't think building a package is such a pain before uploading (it might be if you maintain huge packages, but that's not what normally happens)20:18
asacas that would be a regression for usres on upgrades20:18
asacbuilding not, but uploading if you upload big packages20:18
asacalso building is a pain20:18
and`yes, I agree with you on that20:18
asaci would never be able to do security updates for mozilla in the same scala we do it in ubuntu20:18
and`I never had huge packages so that's why I'm not complaining atm20:18
asaclike two branches to 5 releases20:19
asac-> never20:19
asacright. but once you see your dsl provider being flaky and the whole upload being for nothing because the dbg package doesnt finish ;)20:19
asacyou know what i mean20:19
and`asac: well, forwarding the fix to Debian would be enough :)20:19
asacalso then you have to send a dcut upload to first remove stuff from the incombing queue20:19
asacanother paranoid thing in debian20:19
asacthey are scared that someone would overwrite your uploads ;)20:19
asacand`: i sent patches for quite some time to debian folks for mozilla20:20
asacthey often didnt even have the time to test them20:20
asacnor upload20:20
asacsecurity patches20:20
and`how many years ago? :)20:20
asacnot so long20:20
asac9month or so20:21
asacor 1 year at most20:21
asace.g. when firefox 1.5 went EOL for us20:21
asaci stopped doing backports20:21
asacand since my patches often didnt get uploaded and i refuse to do that for a bit over a year now because of said reasons20:22
asaci stopped doing that20:22
asac(also i dont like it anymore)20:22
and`unfortunately I saw that you left your packages a bit unmaintained in Debian (e.g icedove et all), and I didnt get why you stopped20:22
asacnot really20:22
asacicedove 2 is tbird 2 which was dead for ages20:22
asacnow we have 320:22
asacif you say unmaintained because of no bug triage thats a different issue20:23
asaci just refuse to proxy for loads of bugs20:23
asaci did the same for ubuntu20:23
and`I don't see an upload from you in Debian since some time aparts sponsoring, which is ok since you have tons of stuff to do20:23
asacnow we can connect bugs with upstream in ubuntu and let the users talk directly20:23
and`but someone else might see it in a different view20:23
asacand`: because icedove had no release20:23
asaci stopped security updates because of said reasons20:23
and`well, you didnt maintain icedove only20:24
asacenigmail is same issue ;)20:24
and`or was it the only package?20:24
asacmostly ... i also helped on iceape and did security for all mozilla packages20:24
asacincluding xulrunner etc.20:24
and`I would love seeing you a bit more involved in Debian as you were in the past, but that will be mostly impossible20:25
and`I understand your points, I just think that if you don't have the time to follow those packages anymore, orphaning them would have been the right choice20:26
asacwhich packages20:26
asacall packages are good ;)20:26
asacicedove is fine20:26
and`I saw some of them got orphaned20:26
asacnot sure what you are saying20:26
asacwhich ones?20:26
and`with cause: not properly maintained20:26
and`they were orphaned by glandium20:27
and`if I remember it right20:27
asache orphaned xulrunner20:27
asacnone of my packages i hope20:27
asacthen i wanted to take it so i can sync debian and ubuntu20:27
asacand he said he didnt orphan it for real ;)20:27
asaciceape got orphaned, but that was a joint effort of debian mozillateam20:28
asacand the debian mozillateam is a joke, because it waas me and mike ... and mike being unwilling to coorporate since i joined ubuntu20:28
asacmade that void20:28
asacanyway, recently there is now more stuff going on there20:28
asacbut mostly by extension team20:29
and`8 RC bugs in icedove and 4 on iceowl, more than 400 open bugs, well maybe the bug tracker needs to be refreshed / cleaned a bit removing fixed / old reports20:29
and`but for sure it needs work, like bluez does atm20:29
asacfeel free to work on the bug tracker20:29
and`bluez does not have a maintainer anymore and that's a big issue since every bluetooth interface depends on it20:30
asacif folks file bugs against an old icedove version that will not have any fixes for sure its not my business ;)20:30
gnomefreak2.* is dead now isnt it?20:30
asacits for ages practically dead20:30
asacthats why it doesnt make sense to put work into it20:30
and`sure, but I read that the maint is Ubuntu Mozilla Team so cleaning up the bug tracker should be a maintainer's work20:31
asaciceowl is dead too20:31
asacnly extension survives20:31
and`luckily the ext team seems a bit more active after some time, at least that20:31
asacalso the only way to get anyone contribute to mozilla stuff seems to be to do just nothing20:31
asacyes, but extensions are easy and fun work20:32
asacmozilla software is painful and you dont find anyone helping out ...20:32
and`starting someone in doing mozilla-related work is a pain, I know20:32
and`and that's why I don't see any new face here since 4 years20:32
asacextensions are a good stepping stone, but the step is quite big20:32
gnomefreakwe have a bunch of people working on mozilla apps. since upload priv... are hard to come by in Debian it makes it a bit harder to find willing people (as far as i see it)20:33
asaclike check the qa page out: http://packages.qa.debian.org/i/icedove.html20:33
asac21 security vuln -> what a mess20:33
and`gnomefreak: well, no one ever asked me to sponsor anything moz-ext related since now20:33
asacwhy do i need to spend time and clean stuff up that others claim without knowing anything20:33
and`gnomefreak: so I don't think it's a sponsoring / missing priv problem20:34
asacand the non-maintainer upload was because i asked him to upload his minimal change ... another painful thing that QA says its a NMU just because someone else uploads it for you20:34
and`asac: you can easily ignore the NMU error if you are sure you aren't hijacking the package :)20:35
asachow ignore. the bug wasnt closed20:36
asacjust because of this20:36
asacwhat a mess ;)20:36
asacbut you are right, i probably should just leave the whole project :)20:36
asacand orphan all mozilla packages ;)20:36
and`asac: well, I just would like to see some more Ubuntu ppl contributing back to Debian20:37
asacbut we saw how great that worked with iceape ... its gone20:37
* micahg wonders if it's worth becoming a DD20:37
cyphermox_and`: some do!20:37
and`cyphermox: luckily you are right, some do :)20:38
asacand`: i did the work everyone claimed to be impossible before i did it for years20:38
asaci backported mozilla packages20:38
asacbefore i was in debian, there was no security for firefox20:38
asacnow that i am not doing it anymore, it will work until upstream EOLs the branch20:38
asacthen good bye20:38
and`asac: just think about the python mess in Debian, that's what I define *crazy*20:38
asacwhen i did the whole patches, ensuring everything was there, i was still ranted at20:38
gnomefreakbug 11320120:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 113201 in firefox "firefox spends lots of time hung" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11320120:39
ftaasac, as LATEST.txt is still broken, i've extended g-o-s to accept stuff like CHANNEL=  (in addition to CHANNEL={beta,Beta,dev,Dev})20:40
and`asac: I know that you alwais wanted to give back to Debian and I appreciate that, I just hope I gonna see your name again somewhen, I would feel happy, really20:41
micahggnomefreak: do you need feedback?20:42
gnomefreakmicahg: for what?20:45
micahgfor that bug?20:45
gnomefreakmicahg: no there was no title in my email for the bug20:46
micahggnomefreak: k20:46
gnomefreakwait yes i do20:46
gnomefreaki commented on the bug if anyone sees this in 3.5 3.620:46
* gnomefreak thought i just did :(20:47
* micahg usually lets upstream sort it out if it's open20:47
micahgthey seem to be trying to figure out if it's fixed or not on 1.9.120:47
micahgbut I wouldn't bother updating FF3.0 bugs to FF3.5 at this point since we might end up moving them again in 3 months20:48
micahgat least the triaged ones20:48
micahgthe untriaged, go for it20:48
micahggnomefreak: asac still has to decide which source package to use for ff3.620:49
asacblocked on understanding what channels mohzilla will maintain20:49
asac[reed]: any decision yet?20:49
asace.g. will you have stable/beta/dev like chrome?20:50
asaci catched that in some discussion20:50
asacbut mconnor said it might be more complex/different when i last asked20:50
gnomefreakmicahg: im still going through >6000 emails. so far will exception to the 1 1/2 hour meeting i have been doing it all day20:51
asachaving such channels would definitly help us to pick the package names in a long term stable fashion20:51
asaclike firefox firefox-beta firefox-trunk20:51
asacor firefox firefox-next firefox-dev firefox-daily20:52
micahggnomefreak: I still have 4k unread and I go through it daily :)20:52
gnomefreakjust catching up from from dec 14th20:53
ccheneyasac: i think so, had a late lunch and now looking at it again20:56
ccheneyasac: it changed the failure in any case :)20:56
asacwhich might mean progress ;)20:57
gnomefreakbe back i lost my glasses :(21:09
gnomefreakdog food bag of all places21:10
gnomefreakshould we add a trunk build of enigmail for non-released tb versions? or please add trunk builds of it atleast in our daily PPA?21:12
gnomefreakok gone for the day.21:19
=== micahg1 is now known as micahg

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