ahugheshey guys, just trying to install xchat.... but it's not in the list of packages. At first I thought this was because I was using 'quick search' but a full search fails to find it. Also, if I try 'apt-get install xchat' it seens like apt doesnt have access to a repo with xchat in it... with error "E: Coundn't find package xchat". What might be the problem?02:50
ahughesbwt: searching in synaptic02:50
ahughesw00t I reloaded the repo packages and it found it :)02:53
DunkirkIs anyone familiar with how the vnc service works on mythbuntu?15:04
DunkirkI thought it was working, and now it's not.15:04
Dunkirk(As in, the one that you can enable from the mythbuntu-control-centre.)15:05
Shadow__Xhello everyone i am on mythbuntu 9.10 and mythtv .22 mythtv-status works fine but it is not being displayed on the motd when i log into the machine through ssh16:18
CShadowRunHi, I'm trying to setup FreeSat on my new MythTV box, I've sucessfully scanned for channels, but all the numbers are scrambled, and i have no guide information from EIT :(16:55
CShadowRunusing a fresh install of mythbuntu16:56
jsheezydoes anyone have an answer to why my coverart keeps disappearing yet my fan art does not in mythvideo?17:28
henkpoleyjsheezy: Got anything running periodically that "fixes" coverart that might overwrite the images?17:52
jsheezynot that i know of... I updated the repositories to fix the movies from not running renaming themselves17:53
henkpoleyjsheezy: specificaly http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Jamu might do that (?)17:53
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Jamu - MythTV17:53
jsheezyi don't think i am running that script. the coverart is still there... i just have to select it again.17:54
henkpoleySo you mean, somehow it doesn't get stored in the database  ?17:54
henkpoleyOr does is stick 2-3 reboots and then disappears?17:55
jsheezyno reboots... out of 24 videos maybe 3 will stick.. the others disappear after a day or two17:55
henkpoleyYou run mythtv-0.22 from ubuntu repositories or nightlies/build yourself ?17:58
henkpoleyTried checking the database? I mean executing a 'repair', mythtv has some scripts to do that: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/User_Manual:Periodic_Maintenance#Optimize_the_Database17:59
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] User Manual:Periodic Maintenance - MythTV17:59
henkpoleyThe script is probably located elsewhere on your system, try `locate optimize_mythdb.pl`18:00
jsheezyi set up the repositories from mythbuntu control center.18:00
jsheezyi have activate Mythbuntu Auto Builds Repo checked.18:01
henkpoleyYeah, but I believe you can set them up from there to grab the experimental/unstable/nigtlies version too18:01
henkpoleyah.. yes that's the one18:01
henkpoleyWhen you breaks you can have the pieces ;-)18:01
jsheezyi don't have the testing one checked18:01
henkpoleyTry lurking here (or elsewhere) if one of the developers comes by18:02
jsheezyare you saying it's broke? it is frustrating because when i choose the correct art it show the path, when it disappears it shows just the image name18:03
henkpoleyAnyways, you should at least check if there is anything broken with your database, or that something is mentioned in the frontend/backend logs18:03
henkpoleyjsheezy: I don't know if it is broken, it is just that you have installed the version that they are still working on18:04
henkpoleySo things break and get fixed and break again because it's not finished18:04
henkpoleyYou might be more successful asking on the mythbuntu forums or the mythtv-users mailinglist18:04
jsheezythat is the version we were told to put in because of previous bugs... oh well i will continue to lurk here. thanks man!18:04
henkpoleyon the mailinglist they will probably tell you if you run the development version you should be a developer18:05
henkpoley..or at least that you should follow mythtv-dev18:05
henkpoleyI'll be away now18:06
jsheezythank you henkpoley18:06
tgm4883henkpoley, auto-builds is daily builds of -fixes or trunk. If he is on 0.22, it's fixes18:11
tgm4883which is not only for developers18:11
tgm4883I would guess a problem with Jamu18:12
CShadowRunHi, I'm trying to setup FreeSat on my new MythTV box, I've sucessfully scanned for channels, but all the numbers are scrambled, and i have no guide information from EIT :(18:16
jsheezytgm4883: how do i check the Jamu thing?18:19
jsheezyis there a way to stop Jamu or remove it. it seems to be causing my problem.18:28
tgm4883jsheezy, I think it's just a cron job in /etc/cron.hourly/ and /etc/cron.daily/18:37
CShadowRunyay, i broke it18:44
CShadowRuntried to use Radio times for schedule information, and now it's stuck running mythfilldatabase18:45
CShadowRunwhat should i do?18:45
jsheezytgm4883, thanks... I will see how that works.19:12
DunkirkAnyone here know what turning on the "vnc service" in Mythbuntu actually does behind the scenes (from mythbuntu_control_centre)?19:52
DunkirkAlso, on the -fixes, if you take the nightlies repo out of apt, will the system automatically downgrade the myth packages on an apt-get upgrade?19:53
tgm4883Dunkirk, no it will not downgrade19:54
tgm4883well, it won't autodowngrade19:55
tgm4883you could force a package version in synaptic19:55
Dunkirktgm4883, The "pinning" business?19:55
tgm4883could be19:56
tgm4883i haven't done it in awhile19:56
DunkirkHrm. I've seen mythfilldatabase segfaults in my logs, and I want to just revert to the "stable" stuff.19:56
tgm4883you don't think the auto-builds are stable?19:57
superm1Dunkirk, you can look at the source ya know :)19:57
superm1Dunkirk, but it's basically installing x11vnc and saving the password you put in MCC in ~/.vncpasswd19:57
DunkirkSure, I can write my own operating system, too.19:57
tgm4883it should just be from the -fixes branch, which isn't the same as trunk19:57
Dunkirksuperm1, That's what I've taken from the process, and then inferred that if the login / xfce session stuff senses a ~/.vnc/passwd, it starts x11vnc, but it's not working any more.19:58
superm1Dunkirk, yeah /usr/share/mythbuntu/session.sh checks for the vncpasswd file19:59
DunkirkI'm coming from Gentoo, so getting used to having stuff done for me is... unsettling. If it breaks, I don't know what it's doing behind the scenes.19:59
Dunkirksuperm1, Bingo. Thanks for that.19:59
superm1Dunkirk, http://mythbuntu.org/cheatsheet19:59
Zinn[mythbuntu.org] Developer Cheatsheet | Mythbuntu19:59
DunkirkWoah. Cool.19:59
superm1explains a lot of what's going on behind the scenes if you want to see19:59
Dunkirksuperm1, THANKS!20:00
superm1np Dunkirk, have fun.20:17

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