h00kWhich will be approx. March 18th00:08
tonyyarussouh, what will?00:09
* tonyyarusso seems to lack an important bit of scrollback atm00:10
h00kah, the beta of Lucid, when M* M*00:10
h00kTakyoji: no, silly, that's already happening!00:10
h00kwill be announced00:10
TakyojiIt's quite surprising; it appears my brother finally has interest in OpenOffice because his new laptop was only pre-installed with Microsoft Works...00:12
tonyyarussohehe :)00:12
TakyojiTypically he acts as if price determines value of anything.00:13
TakyojiI know it sounds stupid, but it would be nice if Pidgin for example allowed you to set it to have a certain program scan a transferred file first before letting the user access it (such as ClamAV bindings or something)00:15
TakyojiFor those of us that proudly wear our tinfoil hats as we sandbox/virtualize every application used on our desktops.00:16
Takyoji(hence why I'm curious of OpenBSD still yet)00:16
TakyojiAnyone know of a decent FLOSS video transcoder?01:05
TakyojiI would also like it mint flavor, please.01:05
h00ker, like ffmpeg?01:07
TakyojiYes, but with a GUI for those whom aren't apt enough to use a CL01:08
h00kit's not too bad!01:09
h00khow are you converting things? from what to what?01:09
h00kit can be as easy as ffmpeg -i infile.format outfile.format01:10
TakyojiI mean for a person that barely even knows what a file format is.01:11
TakyojiI believe they need it from DVD video (.vob) to a more widely implemented format.01:12
Takyoji(or even just a container for that matter)01:12
TakyojiI wish Mastroska was more widely supported...01:12
TakyojiI wuv that container format..01:13
h00koh,oh, like extracting from a DVD01:17
h00kdvd::rip perhaps01:17
TakyojiThe only problem is that they'll very likely be a Windows user01:18
h00kin that case, consider DVD Decrypter01:19
h00kand/or DVD shrink01:19
h00kHandbrake, perhaps01:19
h00kyeah, Handbrake01:19
TakyojiI was looking at Handbrake earlier curiously.01:19
TakyojiOtherwise the person it's for is apparently someone of a video production company called "Fox Video Productions" whom also wants a website as well01:20
TakyojiAnd there's apparently already several other companies with the exact same name...01:20
TakyojiAnyone have thoughts on the idea of GPU-accelerated graphics in a web browser, operated by Javascript? :P01:54
TakyojiJust to think, like just 8 years ago Javascript used to give people the impression of annoying animated images hovering near the cursor, or flashing text, or a snow effect of asterisks down a page... xP01:55
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mr_stevemine eyes glazeth over02:42
* mr_steve is happily failing a match practice test02:44
mr_stevegrr, *math02:44
Takyojihttp://stevehanov.ca/blog/index.php?id=92 Click "Compile and Run"03:06
TakyojiThat just scares me. A person wrote his own implementation of a QBasic compiler and considerably even a bytecode interpreter, and has the output draw to an HTML5 canvas03:07
Takyojiin Javascript03:07
TakyojiAnd wrote a functioning game within it as well03:08
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akgranertonyyarusso, ping16:04
_diabloI haven't seen him in a while16:05
akgraner_diablo, ok..  I just sent him an email and wanted to see what his schedule was like this afternoon.. it's about a program in Scott Co. who needs some help - with Ubuntu related stuff16:06
_diabloyeah, fair enough. sorry for the lack of help.16:07
akgranerI have to step away for a few hours but should be back after 4pm your time16:07
akgraner_diablo, no worries :-)16:07
akgranerI'll check back a little later.. thx :-)16:08
tonyyarussoakgraner: I'm around atm btw22:17
akgranertonyyarusso, hey22:17
akgranerdid you get my email?22:17
tonyyarussoI did22:18
akgranerjust wanted to know if it makes sense to you22:18
tonyyarussoI don't quite understand how it relates to Ubuntu yet though22:18
akgranerhe installs ubuntu on the refurbished computers22:19
tonyyarussoor, frankly, exactly what BTYR does.  Is that a primary service of theirs?22:19
akgranerand gives the to the families of deployed soldiers22:19
akgranerthat is one of the organizations he is working with22:20
tonyyarussoDo you know which other ones?22:20
akgranernope, but I know it has to do with single moms22:21
akgranerhis big issue is support, classes for people he gives the computers too, QA sessions etc22:21
tonyyarussoI see.  hrm22:22
tonyyarussoI wonder whether he's had any contact with http://freegeektwincities.org/ also.22:22
_diablotonyyarusso: any news on the shirts?22:22
_diabloI shared the spreadsheet with you I believe22:23
tonyyarusso_diablo: not that I know of?22:23
tonyyarussoyeah, you did22:23
akgranerI don't think so, he just now started contacting people who he thought might be able to 1) offer help in some fashion 2) help grow the project22:24
tonyyarussoDo you happen to know whether the broader Ubuntu community has any sort of "beginner training" curriculum that we could use if we did do something?22:24
akgranerand since he is installing Ubuntu on them all - I thought it might be something you would want to talk to him about and see if the LoCo team would want to help22:25
_diablohmmm, how do we define critical mass?22:25
akgranertonyyarusso, I think the learning team might have some stuff, and with User Days coming up I can ask them22:25
tonyyarusso_diablo: for shirts, by what people are willing to pay versus where the quantity price breaks are.22:26
tonyyarussoakgraner: That would be good to know - we don't really have a good support infrastructure in place yet, so it'd be a bit of a hurdle to get started, so anything that lowers the cost of entry would be helpful.22:26
tonyyarussoakgraner: I added a note to our spec on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/Specs/AreaGroups for reference, although I'm not sure what/when we could commit to offhand.  (Ideally someone else would step up to run with it)22:32
akgranertonyyarusso, sorry had deal with an issue here..23:25
akgranertony no worries I'll get you all the info I have and you can talk to the fellow in charge of this.  I am going to write up something for the US Teams about this as well to see if it's something they would like to see about starting in their areas..23:26
akgranerI'll get you all the stuff I can that's floating around out there in regards to the classes and stuff23:28
akgranertonyyarusso, thanks! :-)23:29

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