dibsPeople tell me ctrl+d is mailx send but it keeps adding CC: instead of sending,. anyone able to poitn me in right direction?00:00
rejohnwhat is the ubuntu irc administrators channel?00:00
xubuntuused dolphin then workgruop and ther was it lol00:00
lord_hypnoshey i guess i messed up the superblock of my externel drive how do i fix it?00:00
donnyhi all, what gstreamer plugins package has mp3?00:00
undecimxubuntu: Are you using KDE then?00:00
ubottulife is something very few people know about in this channel - and anyway, it's probably offtopic, perhaps you want to try #ubuntu-offtopic00:01
Jarxesundecim: ok, it almost worked out. Now I at least get the grub menu, which means the grub got installed correctly, but when I try to run any kernel it says error: file not found also when I pick my WinXp boot the whole thing freezes and I have to restart.00:01
xubuntuhmm dont think so gnome00:01
lord_hypnoshey i guess i messed up the superblock of my externel drive how do i fix it?00:02
xubuntunot sure tho00:02
nighteagleHow can i change the font size, on empathy chat window?00:03
undecimJarxes: Try booting to the Live CD and chrooting to your hard drive. From there you can run "sudo update-grub" and that should fix your config file.00:03
undecimJarxes: Let me find a link to a simple chroot tutorial...00:03
Jarxesundecim: ok, trying...00:03
xubuntuundesim: not sure00:03
Jarxesundecim: ok, waiting...00:03
DevilsArmsEvening all.00:03
greg__would this be an appropriate forum to ask a question about transmission in ubuntu?00:03
DevilsArmsGot what I would call an complex question involving X1100:04
br0kenarr0wgreg__, #transmission00:04
DevilsArmsI'm attempting to set the Modeline's but i'm a tad lost on what I need to do00:05
git__ACPI was causing a lot of the problem i've experienced when trying to copy large data sets to USB hard drive00:05
git__every so often, my laptop would just freeze00:05
nighteagleand for Empathy, is there a specific irc?00:05
DevilsArmsMy TV doesn't support 1:1 HDMI so i'm having to use Modelines on my Nvidia ION but not sure what I need to set where etc.00:06
xubuntui gettin my shared folder to my mac pro also00:06
nighteaglei just want to know how to change the font size, in the chat window00:06
Pelonighteagle, xchat ? check in settings, under pref , somewhere in there00:06
frenzy_usaAnyone using QuickBooks Pro 2009 in VirtualBox?00:07
nighteaglePelo, no, Empathy00:07
Pelonighteagle, checking in the prefs is still a good idea, nut sure where they are located however00:07
initmassHow do I install Koffice 2 or Krita 2 in Ubuntu 9.10?00:08
nighteaglePelo, i searched, but not found, thank you for the answer00:08
greg__has anyone set up the web interface for transmission i cant get it to work00:08
undecimJarxes: Okay, couldn't find a simple one like i was looking for, so I typed up one real quick: http://paste.ubuntu.com/355259/00:08
nighteagleinitmass, Ubuntu or Kubuntu?00:08
yeasongreg__: what's it doing?00:08
greg__yeason its asking me to authinticate.. i dont want to00:09
initmassnighteagle, I'm using Ubuntu00:09
Pelonighteagle, try this,  check in your /home folder for a hiden folder for empathy,  look for a .conf file , you might be able to change it in there00:09
nighteagleinitmass, what's the version in the repositories?00:09
yeasongreg__: when you set it up did you uncheck "use authentication"?00:09
nighteaglePelo, thank you very much, i'm going to try this00:10
greg__yeason it says the server localhost:90991 at Transmission requires a username and password.00:11
initmassnighteagle, Version: 1:1.6.3-7ubuntu1000:11
Goliath is anyone member of theplace.bz?00:11
initmassnighteagle, version 2 is out since long ago00:12
undeciminitmass: take a look at http://www.kubuntu.org/news/koffice-200:12
nighteagleinitmass, i think that the better to do, is to wait that they'll be available, on the repo.00:12
yeasongreg__: I understand, I'm trying to think of what might be causing the problem and what you can do to fix it. When you connect have you tried using instead of localhost, I've seen this make or break some things00:12
initmassundecim, I've been there but it seems like it's the whole Koffice suite. I only want Krita 200:13
greg__yeason ill try that real quick00:13
initmassnighteagle, feels pity when it's out00:13
ae86-drifteranyone know why ssh is fine, very responsive, but sshfs is lagging badly, this is over WAN00:14
Jarxesundecim: thanks a lot for the hassle. can you tell me what is the /mnt/ folder? when I open nautilus and go to root it doesn't display the folder, I have to type it in to get in or get there from terminal. It's just me being inquisitive....00:14
greg__yeason it still asks for localhost00:14
greg__or says localhost rather00:14
undecimJarxes: The mnt folder is just a general place for the user to mount media manually.00:14
TheMozartis Ubuntu 10.4 out yet?00:14
PiciTheMozart: Since its not April yet. no.00:15
PiciTheMozart: The Ubuntu release numbers are YEAR.MONTH00:15
TheMozartPici: so in April 2010?00:15
ae86-drifterTheMozart, omg uleh log into the website00:15
TheMozartPici: wow, I didnt know that or realise that.. thanks00:15
git__30 min to tar a 15.7GB filesystem00:15
TheMozartae86-drifter: chill dude... only asking.00:15
git__does that sound about right?00:16
yeasongreg__: ok, so you've tried both "" and "http://localhost:9091"00:16
Jarxesundecim: sure thanks (p.s. correction: I can see it from nautilus now. I don't know why I couldn't before)00:16
* lwieise87 is away: Gone away for now‎00:16
jrib!away > lwieise8700:16
ubottulwieise87, please see my private message00:16
hari_i have  PROBLEM00:16
geniigit__: That actually sounds fast00:16
greg__yeason i did.. ill try again00:16
undecimJarxes: Usually, on a real system (i.e. not a livecd), there will be subfolders inside of /mnt/ if you mount media manually a lot, but since it's not really used by anything else, it's really convenient to just use directly when you need a quick chroot. I think the Ubuntu installer even uses it to mount the drive it is installing to.00:16
ae86-drifterhari_, i have probrem too we all have a probrem00:16
git__genii, i didn't do any compression00:16
Richturdcan someone help me to get my computer to work?00:16
RichturdI am trying to get my built in Webcam to work with my netbook remix00:17
DevilsArmsI ***ing hate overscan and X1100:17
git__i think ACPI is the culprit for my Ubuntu 9.10 on nw8440 to crash when i put it in suspend mode or when i leave my laptop on for a lengthy backup00:17
yeasongreg__: ok, just double checking that you'd given both a shot. I'm not sure that it will do much but I'd try enabling it, see if you can connect at all using the username and password you enter. If that works try disabling it again and see if it works then. If not try restarting the program.00:17
DBCOOPAhow do you compile alsamixer00:17
Ostlian_BryffelkYo. My server ran out of diskspace, and then strange stuff started to happen. I think it got into some read only mode or something becuase I could not do anything. I couldn't connect via ftp or any other mean. Not even connect via putty. However I already had putty connected from before it got full and I tried to send a reboot command. Then it wend down and didn't start up. When I try to log...00:17
Ostlian_Bryffelk...in on the machine I get this message: "cannot execute /bin/bash permission denied". What can I do?00:17
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PeloRichturd, you might have better luck looking up your netbook model in www.ubuntuforums.org00:18
undeciminitmass: Try krita-kde400:18
* MrDudle brb00:18
Jarxesundecim: understood, thanks00:18
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xubuntuis it realy need for install all updates one xubuntu_00:19
Pelolater folks00:19
sam9I am trying to dual boot ubuntu with win7 on 2 seperat SATA drives. Does it matter which SATA port i plug the drives in?00:19
MarkStoddartsam9 what RAID?00:19
sam9Mark: No raid just normal setup00:20
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: If you can get a keyboard and monitor on your server, you can use a livecd to make some space on the hard drive.00:20
TheMozartPici: thanks for that.00:20
MarkStoddartsam9: No, note that you'll need to reinstall grub though (unless they changed this in windows 7)00:20
initmassundecim, i'll try that. thank you00:20
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: yeah, I am at it right now with a keyb and monitor, but making space wont help because I already did that when the problem first arose before I tried the reboot command00:21
Hilikuswhere am i supposed to configure samba so that every update doesnt complain about my smb.conf having local changes? it's really annoying. i want to disable everything in [printers], use user authentication, etc, but every change i made creates a problem in the update where the installer wants to revert it to a dist version00:21
=== usuario-master is now known as RAincar
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: You are using a LiveCD right now?00:21
sam9Mark: Thanks. I will try that. Because I already had win7 installed so I installed linux on its own SATA drive. But the only way i can get it to boot is what ever drive is plugged into SATA port 000:21
funkycat90210vmware player is complaining that it cannot find the kernel headers, I've tried everything, how can I get the kernel headers it likes?00:21
MarkStoddartsam9 this is because of the windows boot loader ignores linux operating systems00:22
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: No, I just booted it up normally and got to the login prompt. I am not sure I have a live CD arount atm00:22
MarkStoddartinstall grub on the windows machine to see both when both harddrives are connected.00:22
sam9Mark: thanks will try that now. Appreciate  your help00:23
undecimWell, if you can't get a LiveCD, you can alway boot into recovery mode. Since 5% of the hard drive space is reserved to the root user (in case stuff like this happens), you should be able to log in there and make space.00:23
funkycat90210how do i generate the linux-headers-x.y.z-generic dir?00:23
MarkStoddartno problem. All part of the community :)00:23
Jarxesundecim: by "First, mount root to /mnt/" do you mean "sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt" in my case?00:23
MarkStoddartfunkycat90210 you mean uname -a?00:23
cgHas anyone managed to get line-in going for an onboard sound card, to play straight through speakers without a delay? tried pulseaudio's loopback module but it has a 1-2 second delay :(  thanks.00:23
undecimJarxes: Yes.00:23
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MarkStoddartlinux-headers-`uname -a`00:23
sulioIs there a good ebook reader for Ubuntu?00:24
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: Okay, I will try that, but I am pretty sure i freed up like 2 gig when before I sent the reboot command. ARe you sure it will help?00:24
TheMozartPici: have you always know that?00:24
funkycat90210MarkStoddart, i mean generate the directory /usr/src/linux-headers-*00:24
undecimJarxes: and if you have any other partitions separated, you may need to mount those too.00:24
PiciTheMozart: About the version numbers? For quite a long time.  But don't worry, we get the question a lot.00:24
funkycat90210err nvm i figured it out00:24
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: How did you free up 2GB?00:24
hari_I know how to solve a problem with my printer. when commanded to print the printing stopped, tried again and then I saw a message saying "CUPS server error"00:24
MarkStoddartok :)00:24
TheMozartPici:  yeah00:24
MarkStoddartsulio, pdf ebooks?00:25
TheMozartPici: what color is my text on screen? Can you see what I type?00:25
MarkStoddartsulio, whats wrong with evince?00:25
Jarxesundecim: what do you mean by "other partitions separated"?00:25
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: I had the putty shell connected while it ran out of space and then before I tried the reboot command I deleted some stuff.00:25
PiciTheMozart: If you use my nick its hilighted for me.00:25
sulioMarkStoddart The ebook that I want to read is only sold in Palm form, Mobi form and ePub form00:25
ckwAnyone able to help debug a crash?00:25
TheMozartp i ci what color is my text on screen when I am not typing to you?00:25
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kevstiles4Hello, does anyone know how I can increase the screen resolution in 9.10 for my display?00:26
ckwI'm running Ubuntu 9.10 server, doing some benchmarking and I've crashed twice in a row00:26
MarkStoddartckw, pastebin your bug00:26
undecimJarxes: Some people put /usr/ on other hard drives or partions. I saw you had several Linux partitions, so I wasn't sure.00:26
ckwThis error is showing up in kern.log: http://pastebin.ca/174762900:26
MarkStoddartkevstiles4 display settings00:26
MarkStoddartIn preferences00:26
ckwSurrounded by ~30 lines of the other php-cgi instances crashing00:26
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: I am in recovery mode now and it has 4 gb free'00:26
sulioMarkStoddart: Does evince read those formats?00:26
* MarkStoddart is duel booting and just turned off his spare ubuntu box00:26
git__see, i only have BOOT and DATA partitions00:26
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: Well I'm not really sure...00:26
MarkStoddartnot sure sulio give me a moment :)00:27
git__BOOT contains all my apps and OS00:27
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: Running out of hard drive space isn't fun at all.00:27
paulsomebody*Duel* boot. That sounds good.00:27
cg13:24 < Ostlian_B> undecim: Okay, I will try that, but I am pretty sure i freed up like 2 gig when before I sent the reboot command. ARe you    al3k00:27
cg13:24 < Ostlian_B> undecim: Okay, I will try that, but I am pretty sure i freed up like 2 gig when before I sent the reboot command. ARe you    al3k00:27
cgpaste fail00:27
FloodBot1cg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:27
hari_said "The CUPS scheduler is not running00:27
funkycat90210sudo aptitude install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r` <-- did it00:27
kevstiles4MarkStoddart, the largest resolution display there is 1152x864, but I need 1280x1024.00:27
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim:  Yeah... Can it be something with the mounted partitions or something?00:27
Hilikuswhere am i supposed to configure samba so that every update doesnt complain about my smb.conf having local changes? it's really annoying. i want to disable everything in [printers], use user authentication, etc, but every change i made creates a problem in the update where the installer wants to revert it to a dist version00:27
sulioMarkStoddart kk :)00:28
cgsorry about that accidental spam :)00:28
hari_anyone can help me00:28
=== richdel is now known as Newky
Hilikussurely anyone with a samba server and a single modification to /etc/samba/smb.conf must suffer of this problem00:28
MarkStoddarthari_, restart cups /etc/init.d/cups restart00:28
dr_willisHilikus,  i think terhes a way to do that - but ive only seen a few samba updates that update the default configs. so i dont find it an annoyance00:28
hari_ok thanks00:29
Hilikusdr_willis: really? didn't you get one recently? probably today00:29
MarkStoddartkevstiles4, BACKUP FIRST but try modifying your X11 manually /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:29
ae86-drifteranyone know why ssh is fine, very responsive, but sshfs is lagging badly, this is over WAN00:29
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: Not if you rebooted. But running out of hard drive space can cause you to lose some data. I had to reconfigure a lot of my applications when I let my home directory fill up.00:29
dr_willisHilikus,  yes - and thats the first one ive seen since release... so one every 2 mo. isent a big annoyance00:30
ckwMarkStoddart, Any ideas? http://pastebin.ca/174762900:30
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: I see. Maybe something like that is the problem then. Do you have any idea on how I can find out where the problem is?00:30
ckwalso got this line: Jan 11 16:10:20 gandalf suhosin[29831]: ALERT - canary mismatch on efree() - heap overflow detected (attacker '::ffff:', file '/var/www/phpBB3/viewforum.php')00:30
ckwthat's in syslog00:31
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=== help is now known as slackd00d
hari_the problem persists00:31
BouncingBallhiffy, what's the best way to clone hard drives over a network - i have a suse install on one server and need it coppied exactly to anther server. netcat and DD have fiailed and so has clonezilla - there seem to be uuid problems (thouth i'm surprised it's happened with dd)00:31
BouncingBallsorry, that was not directed to hiffy, it's to anyone00:32
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: I'm guess your root and home directories are on the same partition...00:32
ubuntu_ta ubuntu den tin palevoun kastano00:32
hari_Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd      cupsd: Child exited on signal 15! [fail]00:32
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: might be. I think they are00:32
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: Unless you specified otherwise during the install they will be on the same partition...00:32
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: Then they are.00:33
xubuntuomg grub messing up running xubuntu from a stick got ubuntu on a partion on windows00:34
papitomy package system is broken, is there any command to fix it? whatever I try to install I get errors00:34
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: I'm currently doing some research (read "googling") to see what I can find.00:34
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: Okay, thanks.^^00:34
hari_anyone help me00:35
mermais there some sort of firefox addonmaker for linux? (i want to make my custom firefox builds with certain addons and settings)00:35
BouncingBallhiffy, what's the best way to clone hard drives over a network - i have a linux install on one server and need it coppied exactly to anther server. netcat and DD have fiailed and so has clonezilla - there seem to be uuid problems (thouth i'm surprised it's happened with dd)00:36
MarkStoddarthari_, try reinstalling it00:36
ae86-drifterBouncingBall, norton ghost does a pretty good job00:37
MarkStoddartapt-get --purge remove cupsd00:37
dr_willismerma,  i recall some extensoon 'extension keeper'  extension00:37
MarkStoddartapt-get install cupsd00:37
MarkStoddartcups not cupsd00:37
mermadr_willis, thanks ill check that out00:37
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: I tried ls -l on my /bin/bash and there I get "-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 702160 May 12 2008 /bin/bash". Is this supposed to be something else? Like access for other users.00:38
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: Well, can't find anything about...00:38
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hari_thank you so much00:38
vfenwhats the command for a safe reboot00:38
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: No, that's how it looks on mine too.00:38
MarkStoddartshutdown -r now00:38
MarkStoddartas root00:38
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: You could probably fix this by reinstalling the broken files on your system...00:38
douferhow to make a livecd off an existing ubuntu installation?00:39
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: Yeah, but then I need to find out which ones are broken00:39
=== Guest40717 is now known as tj83_
douferwith a custom home folder00:39
treesapsatcheldoes ssh unzipping a .tar auto overwrite samename files?00:39
mcphailOstlian_Bryffelk: what is the problem with the permissions on /bin/bash? They look fine to me00:39
MarkStoddartdoufer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch00:40
douferthanks Mark00:40
Ostlian_Bryffelkmcphail: The problem is that when I try to log in, I get the message "cannot execute /bin/bash permission denied". I could log in as root in recovery mode though00:40
douferMark is it possible to boot a livecd on a hdd?00:41
git__anybody running Ubuntu 9.10 on nw8440?00:41
mcphailOstlian_Bryffelk: well your permissions on bash are fine. Is root somehow mounted noexec?00:41
puntohow do I install the nvidia drivers on the latest ubuntu? I just upgraded and there's no X00:42
Ostlian_Bryffelkmcphail: How can I tell?00:42
Ostlian_Bryffelkmcphail: it happened after I ran out of diskspace. I have freed up 4 gb now, but I still get the problem.00:42
douferanother Q ... how come ubuntu doesnt have xorg.conf in /etc/X1100:42
mcphailOstlian_Bryffelk: look at the mount point options in /etc/fstab first00:42
douferubuntu doesnt rely on xorg.conf anymore?00:43
undecimmcphail: would the mount options for the root partition be changed in response to the root partition running out of space?00:43
undecimdoufer: Everything is handled by HAL now.00:43
douferHAL is replacing xorg.conf00:43
Jarxesundecim: ok, yeah I had everything on one 10GB partition and started to run out of space. It was only 10GB because at the beginning I was kinda trying out Ubuntu. Then I fell in love with it and started to do some serious work with it (I'm a pro-audio/composer guy), so once I started to run out of space I decided to move my /home and /usr to different partitions. I moved all the files from my at that time ntfs partition and se00:43
Jarxesarched on the net how to accomplish my goal. I deleted/partitioned the ntfs into two ext4, copied my whole /usr to the smaller (40GB) new ext4 from LiveCD (I couldn't do the same with /home cause I encrypted it during Ubuntu install), edited the fstab to point to the new location of /usr, restarted and that's the moment when the grub got broken. So now, that I have /usr copied to the new partition can I simply point to it inst00:43
Jarxesead leaving it where it was using "sudo mount /dev/sdb7/usr /mnt"?00:43
FloodBot1Jarxes: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:43
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Jarxesundecim: ok, yeah I had everything on one 10GB partition and started to run out of space. It was only 10GB because at the beginning I was kinda trying out Ubuntu. Then I fell in love with it and started to do some serious work with it (I'm a pro-audio/composer guy), so once I started to run out of space I decided to move my /home and /usr to different partitions. I moved all the files from my at that time ntfs partition and se00:44
Jarxesarched on the net how to accomplish my goal. I deleted/partitioned the ntfs into two ext4, copied my whole /usr to the smaller (40GB) new ext4 from LiveCD (I couldn't do the same with /home cause I encrypted it during Ubuntu install), edited the fstab to point to the new location of /usr, restarted and that's the moment when the grub got broken. So now, that I have /usr copied to the new partition can I simply point to it inst00:44
Jarxesead leaving it where it was using "sudo mount /dev/sdb7/usr /mnt"?00:44
FloodBot1Jarxes: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:44
mcphailundecim: no - it shouldn't directly00:44
douferi m wondering if its possible to install livecd on hdd00:44
douferi mean00:44
douferboot livecd on hdd and everything would be discarded after reboot00:45
git__doufer, it's possible00:45
Jarxesundecim: did you get my long message from a moment ago or was it blocked?00:45
hari_httpConnectionEncrypt failed».00:45
DBCOOPAhow do you compile alsamixer? i have no sound on recent installation of koala.00:45
hari_There was an error during operation00:45
doufergit how?00:45
douferi m working on a thin client project00:45
douferi m being asked to make a read only linux OS00:45
hari_help help!!!!00:46
hari_this persists00:46
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:46
undecimJarxes: Yeah, changing just the /dev/sdXY part in fstab should make ubuntu use the new partition.00:46
tripzerowhat's the normal reason that usplash would drop out early into a text console during boot?00:46
agonyDoes anyone know a good editor for python?00:47
tripzeroagony: emacs00:48
eric_3hey, i have a problem, my computer, every time i boot up it searches for a USB drive and i have to hit f12 to have it boot normaly. i can not get into the BIOS because it is locked with a 6 char password. Any ideas of what to do? Oh and can i download and amd x64 archetecture CD and still run it on intel 86x?00:48
Jarxesundecim: so in other words something went wrong while partitioning I guess.00:48
doufersooo xorg.conf is being replaced by HAL?00:48
tripzerodoufer: X will still use xorg.conf if it's there00:48
tripzerobut it tries to rely more on detection rather than a config if it can00:48
douferohh i see00:48
douferok go to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch00:49
douferlook for Create manifest00:49
douferthat doesnt look right00:49
tripzeroeric_3: reset the bios.  and no you can't run a 64bit OS on a 32bit CPU00:49
undecimJarxes: I don't think anything went wrong. Grub doesn't read fstab. Grub just reads its config file from the partition it's told to read it from.00:49
eric_3thanks! doufer00:49
doufercreate manifest doesnt look right to me00:49
eric_3thanks tripezero and how do i reset the bios?00:49
tripzeroeric_3: a jumper on your mobo.00:50
Jarxesundecim: should I use "sudo mount /dev/sdb7/usr /mnt" or rather simply "sudo mount /dev/sdb7 /mnt" to mount the new /usr?00:50
DBCOOPAI downloaded 9.10 a few days ago. I haven't been able to get sound from my computer since. I have ALSAMIXER 1.0.20 installed. Any advice?00:50
eric_3k and how would i locate that?00:50
tripzerodoufer: it may not be right.  I think i had to modify that script slightly to get it to work...00:50
doufercan u send me the correct script?00:50
agonydoes emacs have graphic user interface?00:51
douferopps the modified script00:51
Night0wldoes anyone use guake? (i know i might be asking in the wrong place)  I can't seem to find an option to keep it loading on the bottom of the screen- it randomly will be top or bottom00:51
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.00:51
eric_3will reseting the bios also change the boot order back to HDD?00:52
annodominiI'm having a problem where my network (wireless) stops working after about a minute. I see a line in the syslog from wpa_supplicant about CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS, so I suspect it may be a variation of this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/46088600:52
undecimJarxes: Oh, you are still trying to chroot? If /dev/sdb7 is the partition which has your /usr/ files, you need to mount it with "sudo mount /dev/sdb7 /mnt/usr"00:52
tripzeroeric_3: probably00:52
hari_There was an error during operation «httpConnectionEncrypt failed».00:52
annodominiThere's a suggested line to add to wpa_supplicant.conf, but I don't find such a file in /etc00:52
Ostlian_Bryffelkmcphail: Hmm, it doesn't seem to be mounted as noexec00:52
eric_3but where would i find the jumper00:52
PiciDBCOOPA: I'm not good at diagnosing sound problems, but have you seen the sound information from ubottu ?00:52
hari_is the cups error00:52
Ostlian_Bryffelkmcphail: in fstab I see nothing at least00:53
tripzerodoufer: http://linuxice.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/linuxice/build/1b-prepare-casper?revision=134&view=markup00:53
DBCOOPANO. Where is it?00:53
Jarxesundecim: that's what I wanted to know. thanks again.00:53
geitenneuker!seen worf00:53
ubottuI have no seen command00:53
KindOnegeitenneuker, worf joined #debian, 3wks 4days 15hrs 53mins 38secs ago.00:53
DBCOOPADId I miss something?00:53
annodominiShould I just create it, with that line, or is Ubuntu's wpa_supplicant picking up configuration from somewhere else?00:53
Pici!sound | DBCOOPA00:53
ubottuDBCOOPA: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:53
geitenneuker!seen riker00:53
KindOneSorry geitenneuker. I haven't seen riker around.00:53
geitenneuker!seen borg00:53
KindOneSorry geitenneuker. I haven't seen borg around.00:53
doufertripzero thats a script to make a livecd?00:53
geitenneuker!seen spock00:53
ubottuI have no seen command00:53
KindOneSorry geitenneuker. I haven't seen spock around.00:53
hari_that's mention a while ago00:53
eric_3Is there anything i should worry about when reseting the bios00:54
DBCOOPAthank you.00:54
hari_help me00:54
tripzerodoufer: that code may be exactly the same as the wiki, which works.  if not, i expect you to update the wiki now ;)00:54
douferits gonna be my first time to make a live cd off an existing installation00:54
douferwish me a good luck00:54
tripzeroeric_3: you may have to set the time clock and cpu settings again00:54
eric_3tripzero: is there a way to locate the jumper?00:55
tripzeroeric_3: your motherboard manual00:55
tripzeroeric_3: its usually near the bios battery00:55
tripzeroeric_3: but not always00:55
eric_3I don't have the MB manual, i am sorry to say this.00:55
melvincvwhich is the best backup and restore program?00:55
Picihari_: What version of Ubuntu are you running?00:55
eric_3Since the bios is locked i cant tell what kind of MB it is ether00:56
hari_ubuntu karmic00:56
git__melvincv, tar00:56
Slix_Gah. I need zlib and libbz2.00:57
TrizicusHow can set the length of gnome desktop icon text. I ask because they like to overla00:57
toastedmilkCan anyone help with samba or direct me somewhere to find help on it?00:57
Picihari_: one moment00:57
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:57
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:57
eric_3try #somba00:57
fsjalhey guys, i am migrating to v. 9.10 tomorrow from W7, what should i know before installing Karmic Coala ? i have played with it a few times00:57
eric_3sorry #samba00:57
melvincvnot an archiving utility, an imaging utility to take a image of my root partition, with a boot cd to restore the partition...00:58
eric_3it is just a guess though00:58
shamikemy son has a g3 imac what version of Ubuntu will work for him?00:58
melvincvi need a utility similar to norton ghost for linux00:58
Slix_How do I get zlib and libbz2?00:58
toastedmilkmelvincv, what for?00:58
TrizicusHow can set the length of gnome desktop icon text. I ask because they like to overla00:59
toastedmilkshamike, take the specs to ubuntu.com and check it out00:59
Ostlian_BryffelkIs there a way to check info about mounted partitions? I need to see info about my problem that no users have access to /bin/bash00:59
toastedmilkOstlian_Bryffelk, try using root.00:59
melvincvtaking a image of my root partition, in case it gets corrupt...00:59
toastedmilkmelvincv, just make a backup00:59
Ostlian_Bryffelktoastedmilk: Yeah, I got into bash as root in recoverymode but I don't know how to fix the problem from there.01:00
zioplasltwould anybody like to help me load my ubuntu again? I deleted python2.6 package with all dependencies, and after reinstalling my machine starts booting but never reaches login screen..01:00
Picihari_: please run the following command: sudo cp /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.O /etc/cups/cupsd.conf01:00
dullardOstlian_Bryffelk, cat /etc/mtab01:00
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toastedmilkzioplaslt, use aptitude01:00
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dbuggerHello fellas01:01
zioplaslti used the recovery option and through aptitude updated all the packages, downloaded the rest01:01
zioplasltbut that didnt help..01:01
melvincvbackup, which program? tar is just an archiver, right?01:01
toastedmilkzioplaslt, synaptic?01:01
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: To get info on currently mounted partitions, try "mount"01:01
melvincvtoasted milk: backup, which program?01:02
chasedawg1rhythmBox help....01:02
Jarxesundecim: ok, I got some "bash: groups: command not found" but other than that I'm on "root@ubuntu:/#". Now what? Will it run properly it I simply restart the machine now or do I need to run the "grub-update", or something else?01:02
Ostlian_Bryffelkdullard, undecim: Hmm, proc, /sys, varrun and varlock has "noexec". Is that good?01:02
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: yeah.01:02
zioplaslti think i cant reach synaptic, or maybe i dont know how. I guess maybe something is wrong with xorg or graphics card drivers01:02
toastedmilkzioplaslt, yeah you'd have to use aptitude to reinstall the dependencies01:03
zioplasltbecauze it freezes after file system checks01:03
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: The partition with my home dir that gives problems has (rw, errors=remount-ro) Is that good?01:03
undecimJarxes: just run "update-grub" and then reboot, and see if it works.01:03
melvincvbackup, which program?01:03
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: yeah, that's good.01:03
zioplasltaptitude says all dependencies are resolved, everything updated01:03
melvincvbackup, which program? how bout clonezilla?01:03
toastedmilkzioplaslt, but you can't log in normally?01:04
dbuggerAnyone want to mourn with me? Windows just erased EVERYTHING :S01:04
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: So it seems to be mounted correctly, and the permissions for /bin/bash is correct. Now what? Any ideas? : S01:04
chasedawg1Whats the best ipod manager?01:04
zioplasltno I cant, i dont reach the login screen01:04
zioplaslti can only get the console01:04
toastedmilkzioplaslt, what does it say?01:04
zioplasltthrough recovery boot01:04
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: try "su [yourusername]"01:05
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: cannot execute /bin/bash01:05
melvincvbackup, which program? how bout clonezilla?01:05
Ostlian_BryffelkPermission denied01:05
quietonechasedawg1: what are you trying to do with the ipod?01:05
zioplasltwell, i deleted the 'quiet' option, but loading don't show any error, just when file system checks are finished -> screen freezes and thats it01:06
toastedmilkmelvincv, whichever one you like.  there are plenty.01:06
chasedawg1edit the names and artists but it wont let me01:06
toastedmilkzioplaslt, reinstall your xorg01:06
hari_Pici_: cp: missing destination file operand after '/ etc/cups/cupsd.conf.0/etc/cups/cupsd.conf »01:06
zioplasltThank you, I'll try01:06
chasedawg1quietone: edit the names and artists but it wont let me01:06
quietonechasedawg1: which program are you using?01:06
melvincvany system restore program in ubuntu?01:06
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: I say just try reinstalling each of your packages, because it seems that some important file got nixed when you ran out of space.01:07
toastedmilkmelvincv, no.01:07
toastedmilkmelvincv, you have to use the terminal01:07
chasedawg1quietone: rhythmbox01:07
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: "sudo aptitude reinstall '~i'".  should do that.01:07
melvincvk, how do u restore using the terminal?01:07
Picihari_: You need to be exact when typing the command. Spacing is important.   sudo cp /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.O /etc/cups/cupsd.conf       thats a capital O, not a 0 also.01:08
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: Can I risk losing other stuff? like things in msqldatabases, files and such?01:08
quietonechasedawg1: there are some formats that rhythmbox cant or wont change the details of. I can fully manipulate anything that is .ogg01:08
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: I don't think so, because those are config files. You should backup all your important files before doing this.01:08
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: ok01:09
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: You should always backup important files before doing anything big.01:09
melvincvhow do u restore ubuntu using the terminal?01:09
chasedawg1quietone: dang all of mine are m4a or mp3, but do you know another good program/01:09
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: yeah.^^01:09
undecimmelvincv: what do you need to restore?01:09
JebnorHello all!01:10
hari_Pici_: that was my problem01:10
melvincvbackup and resotre the root partition.01:10
undecimmelvincv: What's wrong with it?01:10
anondrawsHey #ubuntu, I recently got some instructions on reading cpu temperature in the shell.01:11
anondrawsAny suggestions on how to regulate it better?01:11
melvincvnothing, just in case...01:11
quietonechasedawg1: when I dual booted I played with Songbird. It seems to have good community support and features. I got the children off itunes and onto Songbird and they like.01:11
anondrawsMy notebook seems to be intent on setting itself on fire.01:11
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undecimSo you just want to backup your files in case disaster strikes?01:11
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: lol, I couldn't do that command. I got "can't open /etc/sudoers: Permission Denied."01:11
JebnorIn 8.04LT I'm tying to install libqt4-dev and it does not install due to a bunch of dependencies that are 'not going to be installed'.  Has anyone seen this behaviour?01:11
JebnorCorrection. 8.10.01:12
chasedawg1quietone: k thanks01:12
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: Sorry, you cam omit "sudo" from that command, since you are in the recovery console.... Hopefully you don't get a Permission error from aptitude...01:12
quietonechasedawg1: do you also use windows?01:12
chasedawg1quietone: ya i have dual boot, but i dont get on windows that much01:13
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: I tried that too, and then aptitude printed out all avalilable parameters and at the bottom "This aptitude does not have super cow powers"01:13
undecimmelvincv: Well then you don't need to worry about the entire root partition, because all the files from there can be downloaded freely from ther internet. You just need to copy any important files from your home directory to somewhere else.01:14
cgHas anyone managed to get line-in going for an onboard sound card, to play straight through speakers without a delay? tried pulseaudio's loopback module but it has a 1-2 second delay :(  thanks.01:14
quietonechasedawg1: If you check out Songbird, beware that you can't share the music library with both systems, you will need to maintain two libraries (one of the reasons I left).01:14
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: nvm, typo. xD01:15
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: lol, I was in the middle of suggesting that it was...01:15
JebnorAnyone have trouble installing libqt4-dev?01:15
melvincvnow, is there a system automatic repair option in ubuntu?01:15
melvincvhow to use it?01:16
donnyJebnor, installing or using?01:16
ckwAny way to foce anything written to stdout/stderr to also be written to a log file?01:16
zig_I'm trying to use the usb-creator to setup a USB stick to boot an Ubuntu install01:16
undecimJebnor: it installed fine for me.01:16
zig_Or rather, the Ubuntu installer01:16
chasedawg1quietone: ya i did play with that and songbird doesn't work with anything else. Do you know anything about amarok?01:16
zig_And I've a question: I put the USB stick in, and it reads in the utility as having two devices: /dev/sdd and /dev/sdd101:16
undecimckw: look at tee. It should be installed by default.01:16
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: I got another error now after it listed all packages that was gpoing to be reinstalled: "I wasn't able to locate file for the linux-image-2.6.24-24-server package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package."  :(01:17
ckwI am getting a crash that outputs to the server cga console, then becomes unresponsive01:17
zig_This leads me to believe the USB stick is in fact partitions... my question is: Which should I select to format?01:17
melvincvis there a system automatic repair option in ubuntu?01:17
imranHey guys, quick question. Here's the scenario : Had Windows XP. Later, installed Ubuntu to a new HD. Even later, partitioned the Windows drive and installed Windows 7 on it. This replaced Grub. Now, Windows 7 boots and asks if I want to boot 7 or XP. I reinstalled Grub, and all that I can get on now is Ubuntu. How can I get back to booting Windows 7, from where I can choose XP or 7?01:17
zig_Should I format /dev/sdd, clearing out the partition information? Or should I format /dev/sdd1?01:17
komputeszig_: the sdd is the device, the sdd1 is the partition01:17
komputeszig_: it makes no diff what you partition, in my experience01:17
melvincvimran: there should an option called windows xp professional01:18
quietonechasedawg1: No. I have stopped searching for music programs as Rythymbox covers my personal needs. Have you read the forums?01:18
komputeszig_: this is a new issue introduced with devicekit-disks in 9.1001:18
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komputeszig_: would you like the bug number?01:18
Jarxesundecim: ok, seems it's done. I'm rebooting my machine. hope it'll work fine now. I'll be back to report whether success or failure.01:18
imranmelvincv, there is but trying to boot that does literally nothing. also tried to add a windows 7 boot command, and didn't work. Got an error 22 or something.01:19
chasedawg1quietone: I'm reading them now.01:19
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk: I'm all out of ideas for this one. I think you might have better luck on the Ubuntu forums though, since someone must have run into a problem like this before, and the forums tend to reach more eyes than IRC.01:20
melvincvimran: u have windows on another harddisk?01:20
NFischerHi all, i seemingly have accidentally deleted wines entry in Applications-Bar.. how do i get it back? i.e. Wine is not selectable in the Applications-bar on gnome-panel.01:20
ckwimran, run os-prober as root01:20
Ostlian_Bryffelkundecim: Okay, I'll try that then. Thanks for the help anyway. ^^01:20
quietonechasedawg1: happy reading. i'm off now01:20
melvincvnfischer: how did u delete it?01:21
chasedawg1quietone: k thanks01:21
undecimOstlian_Bryffelk:  No problem... If I think of anything, I'll be sure to post it.01:21
tkmrNFischer, go to Preferences -> Main Menu and then add it again.01:21
imranmelvincv, I have windows XP and 7 on 1st drive, and ubuntu on my 2nd01:21
imranckw, downloading and installin01:21
NFischermelter, yeah i cant really remember.. its been a time.. i deinstalled it and wien would not disapear01:21
ckwundecim, This is being output to the console when an app crashes, I'm not actually running anything from the console at the time01:21
ckwthus, I can't use tee01:22
imranckw, /dev/sda1:Windows Vista (loader):Windows:chain01:22
NFischermelter, so i deleted it (i think!) by rightclicking Edit Menues01:22
NFischertkmr, its not there anymore01:22
Jarxesundecim: If it does work, this accomplishment should find its way to some grub-fix forum don't you think? I'll edit and post all we did on pastebin so you may edit it further and post it on some forum. Maybe it'll be useful to someone else as well...01:22
ckwWell that's interesting01:23
NFischertkmr, i did not deselect "show" but deleted it01:23
melvincvimran: sudo grub-install hd1 --root-directory=/media/disk01:23
ckwimran, you might have to reconstruct it by hand01:23
undecimckw: sounds like you have something backgrounded.01:23
ckwI know01:23
NFischertkmr, since ive had it uninstalled that time01:23
melvincvimran: after mounting the root partition using the live cd, as /media/disk01:23
tkmrNFischer: You should be able to add it via the "Add Menu Item" iirc01:23
ckwAnd something is crashing and outputting to either stderr or stdout, I don't know which01:23
ckwwhat I want to know is how to redirect them to files01:24
nvmei am trying to access an ubuntu desktop thats on the LAN of a windows desktop that i can connect to using remote desktop, is there any way i could get direct ssh to the linux machine ?  (only have access to the windows machine through internet )01:24
ckwso I can figure out what's wrong01:24
NFischertkmr, Type? Command?01:24
imranmelvincv, I  am on Ubuntu now, no live disk - Im trying to ADD windows to grub01:24
imranckw, How can I go about this, what do you mean by "by hand"01:24
melvincv1 min...01:25
nohupimran: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst01:25
ckwimran, modifying the grub menu file directly01:25
imranckw, nohup, I went in there and tried to edit the file but I apparantly didnt put the right numbers/info01:25
nohupisn't there an example for it by default ?01:26
melvincvtitleMicrosoft Windows XP Professional01:26
FloodBot1melvincv: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:26
imranckw, nohup, Can you tell me what to put - Windows XP should be 0,0 and Win 7 should be 0,101:26
nohupexactly, and replace the (hd1,0) by the apropiate partition01:26
nohupimran: what melvincv just pasteed :)01:26
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drummerboyhi, i’m installing 9.10 on an old laptop. with the live-cd all looked good, but now i installed it and there are no more characters visible. only rectangles01:27
ckwimran, Can you please put the file into pastebin?01:27
nohupalthough mine isn't using makeactive.. (hat does that do, melvincv?)01:27
DimoutlookGood evening is it very hard to duel boot vista with 4 partitions on a 1 TB drivw01:27
sulioneed an ebook reader for Ubuntu... any thoughts?01:27
Dimoutlookthat should be drive01:27
suliodimoutlook I dont think it would be difficult01:27
melvincvthe grub-install automatically did that 4 me01:28
undecimckw: Have a look at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/io-redirection.html. It explains all the various BASH redirections you can use.01:28
suliodimoutlook Are you worried that 250 GB isnt enough HD space for Vista?01:28
tkmrNFischer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4025416&postcount=4 ?01:28
Dimoutlookokm thanks could you point me to a good faq on that01:28
drizzt__I'm having problems trying to connect WinX01:28
ckwI know about bash redirections01:28
ckwthis process, whatever it is, is auto starting01:28
ckwI'm not starting it01:28
ckwhowever, it is outputting to the standard console01:29
drizzt__P share to Karmic machine, getting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error01:29
undecimckw: Sorry... didn't understand.01:29
nohupckw: it's not doing that though syslogd ?01:29
DBCOOPAubbotu: you were helping me with my sound earlier and i had to jet. first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). I don't see this option anywhere in my volume control?01:29
DimoutlookOk thanks could you point me to a good faq on that s search on the forums only gave three hits01:29
imranmelvincv, two things : One, Windows OS's are on my 1st HD, so should it be (0,x) and two, should I actually run 7 since that is the one that chains to XP?01:29
imranehhh he left....01:29
imranckw, Do you want me to actually upload my menu.lst?01:30
suliohttp://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-10878_11-6157570.html this might do it for you Dimoutlook, but Im not really sure what you want to dual boot to besides vista... you want ubuntu on the other partition? and what about the other two partitions?01:30
NFischertkmr, awesome, thx!01:30
geitenneukeri eat a fnord01:30
ckwimran, yes01:30
johndok, my host keeps sending me a security update thing about an apache2 problem and how it is a kernel issue... but I couldn't find anything about it for ubuntu01:30
johndhaven't updated or anything either01:30
ryanCHcan someone please explain how this works exactly the \32\ part.. "grep -o "[a-z0-9]\{32\}""01:30
imranckw, http://pastebin.com/m427fbc7e01:30
tkmrNFischer: That worked? =)01:30
DimoutlookOne ext4 the other ntfs01:30
NFischertkmr, yes!01:30
drizzt__ryanCH, exactly 32 repetitions01:31
imranckw, again, note that my Windows OS's are on my FIRST HD, and that Windows 7 is the one that can boot into XP or 7 (As far as I know anyway)01:31
tkmrNFischer: Cool. Glad I could help. =)01:31
ryanCHdrizzt__, is there an example i could see to see exactly how it works?01:31
ryanCHdrizzt__, whats with the \'s?01:31
nohupimran: and windows is on the first partition of that hd ?01:31
sulioWhat's a good ebook reader for Ubuntu? Anyone?01:31
drizzt__ryanCH, \ makes { and } special characters01:32
nohupsulio: ek=books aren't just pdfs ? (never bought one)01:32
ckwYup, I understand01:32
nohupe-books, even01:32
imranNoCode, 1st drive is partitioned : 1st partition XP, 2nd Partition Win 7 and 2nd HD is ALL ubuntu01:32
imranNoCode, sorry wrong person01:32
imrannohup,  1st drive is partitioned : 1st partition XP, 2nd Partition Win 7 and 2nd HD is ALL ubuntu01:32
drizzt__ryanCH, it's \{m,n\}, where m and n are minimum and maximum repetition count01:32
Jarxesundecim: YOU ARE MY HERO. I'M BACK ON MY SYSTEM. I AM GOING TO PRAISE YOUR NOBLE NAME TILL THE END OF MY DAYS!! ;) - thanx mate, I'm posting this accomplishment on pastebin. I'm sure you know better what to to with it than I do.01:33
Flea_imran, is there a point to having 3 OS's installed?01:33
nohupimran: well you could try (0,1) if you say that one 'chains' to xp... but if xp boots from the first it SHOULD work, i guess..01:33
djtoastHi all,  Does anyone know if multi gpu support is planned in the next randr version?01:33
nohupalthough i'm not sure if there's supposed to be a space between chainloader and +1... :) (mine has one)01:33
sulionohup No, I guess they are not... check out this site http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?category=search&query=^search_by_series.sql&q1=Daniel%20X01:34
sulionohup the formats are quite diverse01:34
djtoastI read that it was supposed to in 1.3 but never made it.01:34
ckwimran, Ugh, I was hoping I could copy from my grub files, but I'm using grub201:34
Dimoutlooksulio thanks for the tip going to sign off and try that will get back latter01:34
imranFlea_, Sure. XP for Gaming, Ubuntu for fun, and 7 for working.01:34
ckwJust copying the XP part, replacing (hd0, 0) with (hd0, 1) doesn't work?01:35
sulioDimoutlook Right, use GOOGLE if you have any more questions, it will lead you to many forums01:35
drizzt__I'm having problems trying to connect WinXP share to Karmic machine, getting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error01:35
WilabobHi, guys... I just tried updating to grub2 and now I'm getting error 15...01:35
WilabobAnyone help me?01:35
nohupsulio: oh, i see.. how very annoying...01:35
geitenneukerwhy firefox is sodamn slow01:35
imranckw, Tried that actually, and changed back to old verson01:35
sulionohup No kidding. I suppose I could run something under Wine01:35
drizzt__geitenneuker, because you have many plugins01:35
ckwWhat happened when you added it?  the menu showed up but it didn't work?01:35
geitenneukerdrizzt__: i got no plugins01:35
geitenneukeri dont need that01:36
nohupckw: isn't there a space needed between "chainloader" and "+1" ?01:36
Flea_imran, cool... I just feel like I would pick one OS and stay in it mostly and neglect the other two.01:36
geitenneukeri compare it with chrome, and chrome is tons faster01:36
imranckw, if I recall, I got an "Error 22" or something similar - I'll try again, be back in a minute...01:36
imranFlea_, Hint hint, i stick with XP01:36
geitenneukerfirefox is a piece of whatever01:36
saptechgreetings all01:36
drizzt__geitenneuker, try Opera then. What is youur Ubuntu question?01:37
WilabobCan someone help me with grub2 and error 15?01:37
OakWhat is the name of the program that shows your size of the files on your computer in boxes?01:37
forceflowOak: "Disk Usage Analyzer"01:38
Oakforceflow: thanks01:38
prohnais there a fix for firefox not refreshing correctly when compiz is on?01:38
forceflowOak: also known as baobab01:38
prohnalike when i scroll a page01:38
geitenneukerfirefox has spaghetti code01:38
drizzt__does it have 'boxes'?01:38
geitenneukerjust like gnome, lot of spaghetti coe01:38
prohnaseems like i remember having this issue years ago when i used it01:38
prohnawoulda thought it had been resolved by now01:39
ubuntuhmm wich distos you guys using or wich one is rhe best for a linux nub?01:39
factotumgeitenneuker: you should check out the kernel some time ha!01:39
drizzt__take your whining in #mozilla or whatever01:39
geitenneukertons of config files, i hate that, is it possible to use a windows like system, using a "registry" file instead of those crappy old .conf sucks?01:39
prohnaits not a firefox issue01:39
prohnawhen compiz is off it goes away01:39
factotumgeitenneuker: yes01:39
geitenneukerfactotum: xml language or something01:39
nohupimran: and and and ? :)01:39
drizzt__geitenneuker, XML is awful idea for registry01:40
imrannohup, ckw, Didnt work - got "Error 12 : Invalid Device Requested"01:40
forceflowgeitenneuker: these .conf files allow people to customize the look and feel of firefox01:40
geitenneukerdrizzt__: dbase?01:40
ckwimran, Does XP work still?01:40
Jarxesundecim: YOU ARE MY HERO. I'M BACK ON MY SYSTEM. I AM GOING TO PRAISE YOUR NOBLE NAME TILL THE END OF MY DAYS!! ;) - thanx mate, I'm posting this accomplishment on pastebin (http://paste.ubuntu.com/355286/). I'm sure you know better what to to with it than I do.01:40
drizzt__geitenneuker, yes01:40
Jarxesundecim: are you there?01:40
ja660ki need a app to monitor some well known ports ie ssh, ftw for activity ?01:41
geitenneukerforceflow: i talk about  a single file, now every config file has to find all over the isk01:41
sunraider3i am having a problem installing anything. i run config then when i enter make or make install in says permission is denied usr/etc... do i need to run this as root or something???01:41
imranckw, Nope D:01:41
factotumif I was a mozilla dev I could have a specific answer, but alas I am not01:41
factotumthen again I dont use Firefox anymoe01:41
geitenneukeri hope a coder from microsoft create such a OS without .conf crap01:41
TrizicusI'm trying to burn a DVD and it worked before using Brasero. Now I try and it doesn't find my drive at all.01:41
brewsterubuntu trt linux mint for newbs01:42
imranckw, Is there anything for ubuntu that will tell me what partitions have OS's on them so I can be 100% sure my (X,X)'s are right?01:42
ckwkind of wish you had a laptop so you could test and talk :P01:42
factotumjust go back to using nc, it makes things easier01:43
sunraider3 i am having a problem installing anything. i run config then when i enter make or make install in says permission is denied usr/etc... do i need to run this as root or something, if so, what is the command???01:43
djtoastwhat would i loose by downgrading to 8.04 ? from 9.1001:43
imranckw Well, I could run chat on my iPod but I would be responding slower, and making lots of typos...01:43
ckwAlright, I remember what I did now, when I had one hard drive with windows and one with linux01:43
ckwimran, check out http://ubuntu-georgia.org/installing_ubuntu_and_windows_xp_on_separate_drives#Case%202:%20You%20already%20installed%20Ubuntu%20on%20an%20HD01:43
drizzt__djtoast, Compact List GTK view :)01:43
KenBW2where are the configuration folders for gedit?01:43
treesapsatchelif i backup files from a ftp in .tar it preserves file permissions/chmod: my question is where is that permissions data stored... is it in each individual file or is there a global list with the files and their chmods that is accessed to determine it01:44
ckwchanging the value in root (hd0, 0) to (hd1, 0)01:44
ckwthen adding the two mapp lines01:44
factotumKenBW2: ~/.gedit i think01:44
ubuntui tryed mint 8, ubuntu 9.10 xbuntu 9.10 kubuntu 9.10 netbook remix feeling ubuntu maby best for me01:44
drizzt__treesapsatchel, it's in each file header01:44
Trizicusgnome no longer auto mounts my cd/dvd drive and brasero no longer detects drive. How do I fix this?01:44
sunraider3 i am having a problem installing anything. i run config then when i enter make or make install in says permission is denied usr/etc... do i need to run this as root or something???01:44
jtajitreesapsatchel: it's stored in the tar file01:44
drizzt__sunraider3, sudo <command> if you're installinf from terminal01:45
treesapsatchelis it possible to modify manually and selectively?01:45
jribtreesapsatchel: I'm not sure why you would ask that question but: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tar_(file_format)01:45
forceflowsunraider3: you probably need root privileges, add "sudo" before the command01:45
djtoastseems that 8.04 is the only version that had support for multi gpu (triple monitor on 2 vid card)  sucks to have to go back but i think ive exausted every other options.01:45
treesapsatchelbefore they hit the ftp?01:45
sunraider3so would--> sudo make install work?01:45
drizzt__treesapsatchel, write a C pipeline utility and pass tar thru it01:45
sunraider3"sudo make install"01:45
jribsunraider3: work to do what?01:46
jribsunraider3: you don't install things on ubuntu or most modern linux distributions by compiling01:46
imranckw, if Windows 7 is on (0,1) and it chains to XP on (0,0) shouldn't I set "root" to hd (0,1)? Then, how do I configure the map #'s?01:46
brewsterubuntu check out MoonOS  google for it01:47
factotumunless your a genuis and use slackware01:47
sunraider3jrip: how then?01:47
drizzt__jrib, of course you do, stuff in repositories is old and buggy01:47
jribdrizzt__: if you really believe that then there's no point in using a distro01:47
jrib!software | sunraider301:47
ubottusunraider3: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents01:47
ardchoilledrizzt__: Then you're doing something wrong.. I haven't had to compile anything in 4 years01:47
factotumdern kids and their newfangled package managers01:48
Electric|MasterMy terminal kind of died on me, and someone suggested I kill Gnome and restart it01:48
drizzt__ardchoille, you don't compile, you live with bugs until next release01:48
Electric|MasterHow do I do that without terminal? :S01:48
imranckw, ...hallo?01:48
nohupElectric|Master: crtl-alt-f1?01:49
gdizhey everyone, I had a question for you.  I recently set up an nfs share on my ubuntu box.  However, I have this strange thing that happens.  The system seems to hang whenever I go to restart/ shutdown, but only when I access the nfs share from a different computer.  Does anyone know why that would be or how to fix it?01:49
nohup(alt f7 to go back)01:49
nohupshould've probably said that earlier :)01:49
crazy2kWhat could be a process called "exe"?01:49
JarxesQ: I have an encrypted /home directory on partition with the rest of the system but I want to move it to a different partition. this partition isn't encrypted, and I want to encrypt it after I move my /home directory to that partition. How to accomplish that?01:50
ardchoillecrazy2k: are you using google chrome?01:50
crazy2kardchoille: Yes!01:50
ardchoillecrazy2k: It's part of the google chrome package01:51
dan__Hi !01:51
crazy2kardchoille: It was a page with flash in it.01:51
dan__I have i newby question...01:51
ardchoillecrazy2k: ik, something different then01:51
Electric|MasterI couldn't get out01:52
Electric|MasterBut thank you :)01:52
FloodBot1Electric|Master: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:52
dan__what is "symbol" like in "symbol error lookup"01:52
crazy2kardchoille: I mean, I killed that tab and exe stopped eating my processor.01:52
ardchoillecrazy2k: "exe" is part of the google chrome package01:52
drizzt__dan__, symbols are names of function in modules01:52
nohupElectric|Master: yeah im sorry,shoudl've mentioned you press alt-f7 to come back :)01:52
dan__ahhh thanks !!01:52
dan__ok, beacause Midori, Epiphany not work anymore right now since webkit update01:53
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
WilabobHi I just booted grub 2 and got an error 15 message. I followed this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Err15 but I get to reconfiguring and it gives me three options and I'm not sure which one. There's sda sdb and something else. I have a separate /boot partition because of an old bios. I have tried sda and sdb and neither work so before I try the last option... Is there anything I'm doing wrong?01:55
drizzt__I'm having problems trying to connect WinXP share to Karmic machine, getting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error01:56
sam9I currently have win 7 installed on /dev/sda1 and linux on /dev/sdc1 . Do i need to be installing grub on the win7 drive?01:57
WilabobCan anyone help me?01:57
airstrikesam9: you install grub -or- MBR on your boot partition01:58
airstrikesam9: then configure dual-boot accordingly01:58
christiannhi somebody knows how fix sysctl is saing "read only"01:58
christiannsysctl oid: is read only01:59
airstrikesam9: don't pm me, please. i know very little about this and others can offer some advice too if you keep the convo public01:59
sam9airstrike. Sorry01:59
airstrikesam9: i think it just stalls grub on wherever ubuntu is installed01:59
sam9During install it never asked me where i want to install grub to01:59
airstrikebut that's a big maybe01:59
WilabobOkay I just figured it out, I should be using sda and I already used that before. Could grub2 not have installed on my /boot partition and my bios isn't seeing it?02:00
mindfasthello is there any one who could help me set up a linux router? or even point me to a up to date tutorial on how to do this?  I tried to use this tut found here http://ubuntulinuxhowto.blogspot.com...be-router.html  .... but it seems that tut was made awhile ago and the webmin program is not the same as in the tutorial.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!02:00
ardchoilleI would like to have text output instead of the grub splash screen while booting. Do I simply remove "splash" from /etc/default/grub and then run sudo update-grub ?02:00
JarxesQ: I have an encrypted /home directory on partition with the rest of the system but I want to move it to a different partition. this partition isn't encrypted, and I want to encrypt it after I move my /home directory to that partition. How to accomplish that?02:00
Dr_Willissam9:  you could put grub on the linux drive. and tell the pc via the bios/menus to boot that drive if you wanted.02:02
undecimJarxes: How is your home directory encrypted? Karmic's automated encryption (i.e. from the installer)?02:02
Dr_Willissam9:  duriong one of the last dialogs/install box's theres some extras/options  button i recall.. Or just unplug the windows drive.. install linux.. plug it back in02:02
ubuntunice wallpapers02:02
sam9Dr_Willis: it seems it only boots the drive that is in my SATA port 002:02
Dr_Willissam9:  my pc can boot any opf them if i tell the bios what one to boot.02:03
gdizis it possible to have a mount location for a samba drive that is permanent.  Kind of like an fstab for samba?02:03
Dr_Willisgdiz:  you can put samba shares in fstab - yes.02:03
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:03
sam9Dr_Willis. ok let me try that then. thanks!02:03
Dr_Willisgdiz:  you quickly learn to NOT use shares with spaces in the names.. :) if using the fstab02:04
Jarxesundecim: yes, Karmic's automated encryption02:04
WilabobCan anyone help me? I'm using the live CD because I updated to grub2 and I now have error 15. I was using a separate /boot partition because of an old bios. I tried this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Err15 but I still can't boot. Is it possible that when I updated it didn't install to my /boot partition but to my linux partition instead? If so can I fix it? I don't want to reinstall!! PLEASE HELP!02:04
entityhello Ubuntu-ers!02:04
gdizDr_Willis, oh excellent. thank you.  I did not know that.02:04
mindfasthello is there any one who could help me set up a linux router? or even point me to a up to date tutorial on how to do this?  I tried to use this tut found here http://ubuntulinuxhowto.blogspot.com...be-router.html  .... but it seems that tut was made awhile ago and the webmin program is not the same as in the tutorial.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!02:04
imranOk. I am back to Ground Zero....02:05
undecimJarxes: Then you should be able to move your home directory around as if it were full of normal files. Just remember to including the hidden /home/.ecryptfs directory, which contains files needed to unlock your home directory.02:05
ivanoatsHi, I can't figure out why Err http://security.ubuntu.com jaunty-security/main (packagename) 404 Not Found while upgrading ?02:05
Jarxesundecim: ic, simple, cheers yet again...02:06
undecimJarxes: Anytime.02:06
imranSo, I need help and it looks like the people who tried to help me before are gone, so let me explain. I had Windows XP on HD 1. I later installed Ubuntu to HD 2. I LATER partitioned and installed Windows 7 to HD 1. So I have XP and Win 7 on HD 1, and Ubuntu on HD 2. Now, I have GRUB installed and it loads Ubuntu just fine. I cant get it to load Win 7 however. Note that Win 7 "Chain boots" into Win XP, asking if you want to boot XP or 7. So,02:07
imranhow can I add Win 7 to Grub?!02:07
imranAlso note that I forgot to say I cant load Win XP from Grub Either.02:07
=== wasauce_ is now known as wasauce
WilabobCan anyone help me? I'm using the live CD because I updated to grub2 and I now have error 15. I was using a separate /boot partition because of an old bios. I tried this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Err15 but I still can't boot. Is it possible that when I updated it didn't install to my /boot partition but to my linux partition instead? If so can I fix it? I don't want to reinstall!! PLEASE HELP!02:09
Dr_Willisimran:  in theory if using 9.10 -  the grub tools should see/add  windows.  - you DO have an entry in grub for widnwos or not?02:09
ubuntuit is somting in startup manager02:10
imranDr_Willis, Im using 9.04... Can I easily update to 9.10 without a new CD?02:10
elitecoderI need to setup a VPN on my server for my iPhone. Does anyone know of a method that works with it?02:10
Dr_Willisimran:  you can.. but that wont update grub to the latest version (grub2) - and grub2 has the fancy new stuff to see/add windows automatically02:11
Dr_Willisimran:  you may have to manually edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst and add a proper entry for your windows drive.02:11
imranDr_Willis, I tried to manually do it and couldn't get it - How can I update to 9.10 and install Grub2? I wanted to upgrade to 9.10 anyway so this is a good excuse for myself02:12
DragonKnight혹시 한국분 계신가요?02:12
Dr_Willisimran:  i would do a clean install to 9.10 - not a upgrade.. but you can try a upgrade if you want02:12
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading02:12
undecimWilabob: At grub, you have a "sh:grub>" prompt?02:13
imranOnly reason I dont want to clean install is I'd have to reinstall all my downloaed stuff... Unless upgrading would wipe them anyway?02:13
Dr_Willisimran:  deopends on what you mean by 'stuff'02:14
Wilabobundecim: nope just says error 1502:14
imranDr_Willis Applications and Tweaks, etc.02:14
imranDr_Willis, Games, Compiz settings, others02:14
Dr_Willisimran:  thers ways to clone a list of what apps you have installed.. and if you keep /home/  on its own partiion, or restore it. your other settings stay the same02:15
baltadthow do you delete sudo files in terminal02:15
jribbaltadt: what is a "sudo file"?02:15
Dr_Willisbaltadt:  what do you mean 'sudo files' ?02:15
* jrib hands off to Dr_Willis and goes watch more of the office02:15
baltadtfiles in /opt folder...sorry noob here02:16
imranDr_Willis, So your saying that if I just went and clicked upgrade, I would lose as much stuff as if I had clean installed?02:16
Dr_Willisimran:  no that is not what i said.02:16
Dr_Willisbaltadt:  if they are owned  by root.. then you use the proper sudo commands to delete them02:20
baltadtwhat is that command?02:20
Dr_Willisimran:  upgradeing however will NOT get you to grub2. so you would still need to add the windows sytem by hand. or manually upgrade to grub202:20
Dr_Willisbaltadt:  sudo rm /path/to/whatever   - and you proberly SHOULD go read a few bash tutorials first02:20
imranDr_Willis, I understand, and ok one more question, is the installation of grub2 difficult, assuming I'm decent with terminal?02:20
baltadt<----- trying to learn terminal commands. I have been trying to learn but I am a hans on learner02:20
undecimWilabob: What if you hold down the Shift button while Grub is loading?02:20
Dr_Willis!grub2 | imran02:20
ubottuimran: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:20
* Dr_Willis waits for baltadt to come back saying he accidently deleted /02:20
Home_hello, is there anyone here with experience on setting up a linux router?  Even if you could just point me to a up to date tutorial that would be appreciated.02:20
imranThanks Dr_Willis :) I'll come back tomorrow, if you're on and post results - Home internet is kinda slow, at school, wifi goes about 1 mbps. A good improvement :)02:20
Dr_WillisHome_:  i recall several linux -router projects.. basuically you set up the proper iptables and  ICS rules...02:20
zig_Is there anything wrong with only having LVM2 LV's?02:20
Dr_Willis!ics | Home_02:20
ubottuHome_: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php02:20
zig_And no /boot outside the LVM or anything?02:20
Home_thank you. i will check out those 2 links02:22
PinkFreudhey folks.  trying to convince karmic to give me a gdm session via xdmcp on a headless box (i.e., a VM which lacks a framebuffer)02:23
ardchoilleI would like to have text output instead of the grub splash screen while booting. Do I simply remove "splash" from /etc/default/grub and then run sudo update-grub ?02:23
PinkFreudI have a custom.conf in place for gdm, and I've added a [server] section which *should* disable the default X server startup in gdm.  Problem is, it doesn't work.02:23
mvierowhi everyone02:23
PinkFreudIs this possible to do with karmic's gdm?  Or is it too brain-dead to pull this off?02:23
baltadtwhat is the command to delete a duplicate directory that has root permission02:23
webdawgwhich is faster:  Banshee or Amarok?02:23
Dr_WillisPinkFreud:  i recall somewhere that  many adavanced features gdm had are not in the default that 9.10 has.. people have had to use the older gdm for some features.02:24
PinkFreudDr_Willis: uhgh.  lobotomized, then.02:25
Dr_WillisPinkFreud:  and i mean fetures other then the lack of themeing. :) but i dont recall teh details of what advanced features were in the old. and not in the new.02:25
git__Dr_Willis, do u know much about acpi in 9.10?02:25
PinkFreudmay just have to install kdm.  :/02:25
muppethowdy all02:25
baltadtwhat is the command to delete a duplicate directory that has root permissions02:25
Dr_WillisPinkFreud:  thats what i got on this box right now.  kdm02:25
git__i think acpi in 9.1 is terribly broken02:25
iAmerikansudo rm -rf directory02:26
Dr_Willisbaltadt: still not taken tiume to read some bash tutorals eh. :)02:26
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:26
muppetcan anyone confirm this as a bug with packagekit? karmic-64: Gtk-Message? Failed to load module "pk-gtk-module": libpk-gtk-module.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:26
PinkFreudDr_Willis: it doesn't really matter that much for me - I'm just trying to get a remote graphical login one way or another.02:26
N7iiihi guys, this is my firstime get into IRC lol~02:26
Dr_WillisPinkFreud:  i tend to install xming on windows and ssh -x over. :)02:26
muppetN7iii: hi & welcome02:26
baltadtDr_Willis: I need to remove it now because it is messing up my website02:27
PinkFreudDr_Willis: naaa, no Windows here.  just *nix.  :)02:27
baltadtbut i will02:27
L0rD`baltadt: sudo rm -rf /name/of/the/directory/place or rmdir /directory/place...02:27
undecimardchoille: Make sure there is no "quiet" option there as well. I don't remember if the quite option was removed from Karmic final or not. But otherwise, yes, that is how you go about that. Alternatively, you can just remove quiet, and have both the splash screen AND text.02:27
PinkFreudI've stuffed Karmic into a Xen domU, which, of course, is headless.02:27
PinkFreudiow, starting an X server is useless.  :)02:27
Dr_Willisbaltadt:  you might want to 'sudo apt-get install mc'  then 'sudo mc' and learn to use mc02:27
N7iiithanks u man02:28
ardchoilleundecim: Ok, the "quiet" is still there in Karmic when I installed it yesterday. Thanks for the advice :)02:28
fumblesso I'm copying an image of my windows installation to a new disk (upgrade) and will tar up the linux partition. I can just simply reinstall grub2 with a live usb correct?02:28
Dr_Willisfumbles:  your UUID's may be changed depenign on what you do exactly02:28
tekonivel-obugger, no space on / to update Jaunty to Karmik02:28
* tekonivel-o sighs02:29
fumblesDr_Willis: It's a new hardrive so I believe the UUID's will02:29
fumblesI could just copy the custom_40 file from my /etc/grub.d/02:29
Dr_Willisfumbles:  the tune2fs command can change uuids :) that may be easier then finding all the other places where UUIDs are used.02:29
Dr_Willisbye all..02:29
Brandon_I just installed 9.10 it won't boot normally, just in recovery mode. I had a problem with the /dev/disk/by-uuid directory being missing in the busybox shell, but that seems to be fixed. Now it hangs at the progress bar. How can I see normal text for the boot? (I've removed quiet and splash in grub)02:30
fumblesI could just update the UUIDs too...the os_prober will find the other operating systems as well as my custom_40 :x02:30
WilabobCan anyone help me? I'm using the live CD because I updated to grub2 and I now have error 15. I was using a separate /boot partition because of an old bios. I tried this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Err15 but I still can't boot. Is it possible that when I updated it didn't install to my /boot partition but to my linux partition instead? If so can I fix it? I don't want to reinstall!! PLEASE HELP!02:32
=== unnamed is now known as Guest19460
WilabobOr can I reinstall without losing some packages and wireless drivers?02:33
=== john is now known as Guest22628
undecimWilabob: If you hold down shift while grub is loading (right after you see your laptop manufacturer logo), do you get a menu?02:33
Wilabobundecim: let me check I'm on the live cd right now..02:34
jchicoHello, does anybody know how to fix the problem where my sound suddenly just stops working? It happens when I am listening to music on RhythmBox and then I try to watch some flash video. It didn't do this before.02:34
Brandon_So, no way to turn off that progress bar at boot?02:34
Wilabobundecim: Nope just GRUB Loading stage1.5. GRUB loading, please wait... Error1502:35
undecimWilabob: okay, make sure (using a livecd) that your /boot partition is intact. (i.e. you can find files on it)02:37
X-Sleepy-XAny help would be appreciated: nano a Error reading /home/user/.nano_history: Permission denied Press Enter to continue starting nano.02:37
UbeeHow can I add more codex to my openplayer so that I can burn dvds?02:38
Wilabobundecim: How do I find that? click filesystem?02:38
undecimWilabob: Yes. you should be able to access it as if it were a thumb drive.02:38
Wilabobundecim: It's still there when I do sudo fdisk -l02:38
undecimMake sure you can see files on it.02:39
Wilabobundecim: but I've never been able to access it from the filesystem menu02:39
git__i think ubuntu 9.1 is pretty unstable02:39
kieutrongduchowto install ubuntu anhd window02:39
undecimWilabob: Do you get an error when you try to do so?02:39
undecimgit__: Agreed.02:40
Wilabobundecim: just wait for me to load the cd then I can give you more info.... OK loaded one sec02:40
X-Sleepy-XAnyone knows what's wrong with my nano?02:40
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wrektjethow do u check your last reboot?02:41
Wilabobundecim: OK clicked filesystem then clicked boot and there are files but I'm not sure that this is my /boot partiton02:41
happy_X-Sleepy-X: you first used nano as root (or with sudo)02:42
ardchoillewrektjet: check when you last rebooted?02:42
=== Lynx is now known as Guest54979
zack9000ver irc.efnet.net02:42
wrektjetyes ardchoille While i was away02:42
ardchoillewrektjet: uptime02:42
wrektjetfor a few days02:42
happy_X-Sleepy-X: sudo chown ${USER}.${USER} /home/user/.nano_history02:42
X-Sleepy-Xhappy_: I used nano to edit /etc/apache2/php.ini and I used Ctrl+W to search and then pasted some text and saved.02:42
happy_X-Sleepy-X: the first time, it was run as root02:43
happy_run the command I gave you02:43
Wilabobundecim: But on sudo fdisk -l I can see that it's there as /dev/sda102:43
Brandon_so, I haven't managed to boot 9.10 to the desktop yet. Is this version just totally broken?02:43
undecimWilabob: The boot partition should include the grub directory and files with names starting with initrd..img, vmlinuz02:43
=== Guest54979 is now known as Lynx
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
X-Sleepy-Xhappy_:  Thanks alot!02:44
happy_X-Sleepy-X: np02:44
X-Sleepy-Xhappy_: I dunno why that helped though because the owner and group already was my username on that file...02:44
Wilabobundecim: under filesystem I see boot when clicking on it I can see the grub folder and there are some files02:44
happy_X-Sleepy-X: it wasn't that was the problem02:45
=== mezquitale is now known as nooneinhere
wrektjethey i have a small issue witha program i run as a server. its running off of java and i know its still working but i cant get to the instance thats already in use.02:45
nooneinherewrektjet, ps aux|grep [nameofisntance]02:45
happy_X-Sleepy-X: it happens all the time. It happens when you use sudo and it does not exist yet02:46
Wilabobundecim: oh... found my /boot partition It has a lot of files including the folder grub. But there is also a boot folder on my linux partition and I think that is the problem.02:46
zapconquest!ops | McLeansCanada02:47
ubottuMcLeansCanada: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:47
McLeansCanadaWhat did I do?02:47
McLeansCanadaI haven't said anything02:47
ae86-drifterwhat can i do to improve my system's performance, im running 9.10, with LXDE and google chrome, any other suggestions?02:47
McLeansCanadaand I am being reported02:47
X-Sleepy-Xhappy_: ls -lh .bash_history -rw------- 1 username username   26 2010-01-12 03:31 .bash_history     sudo chown ${USER}.${USER} /home/username/.nano_history     ls -lh .bash_history -rw------- 1 username username   26 2010-01-12 03:31 .bash_history02:47
happy_jrib: what did McLeansCanada do? He looks innocent02:47
jribhappy_: see his part message02:48
undecimWilabob: Okay, you are running a live cd right now?02:48
eric_3hey i have an xubuntu with a WLAN and LAN card. I also have a windows xp w/ a LAN card. there is no ethernet port near the Windows XP. i was wondering if i could route the Windows XP ethernet through the Xubuntu and use it's WLAN to connect to the network. Is this possible?02:48
Wilabobundecim: Yes02:48
happy_jrib: ah, I skip that stuff :-\02:48
undecimokay. Unmount (i.e. eject) any hard drives that you have opened with the file browser.02:48
X-Sleepy-Xhappy_: That's what it looked like... :S02:48
undecimWilabob: okay. Unmount (i.e. eject) any hard drives that you have opened with the file browser. (sorry, keep forgetting to highlight my replies)02:49
happy_X-Sleepy-X: no idea02:49
eric_3hey i have an xubuntu with a WLAN and LAN card. I also have a windows xp w/ a LAN card. there is no ethernet port near the Windows XP. i was wondering if i could route the Windows XP ethernet through the Xubuntu and use it's WLAN to connect to the network. Is this possible?02:49
Wilabobundecim: Okay done02:49
undecimOnce you have done that, open a terminal.02:49
Wilabobundecim: K02:49
X-Sleepy-Xhappy_: and only your command worked not just sudo chown username:username .bash_history02:49
ae86-drifterim running 9.10, with LXDE and google chrome, any other suggestions to improve my system's performance? its only got 256mb RAM nad p3 350MHz02:49
ae86-drifteri mean p202:49
geitenneukerdo not use ubuntu02:50
happy_X-Sleepy-X: maybe you are a different user. Were you typing the user wrong? lol02:50
wrektjetnooneinhere, i have been playing around with the ps command and i can indeed confirm the identity of the process but how can i open the already running process02:50
undecimWilabob: not mount your main partition to /mnt with the command "sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt" where /dev/sdXY is the location of you main partition.02:50
wrektjeti know i can kill it all java apps and open a new one but id really ratrher not nooneinhere02:50
blakkheimae86-drifter: not use a DE02:50
blakkheimae86-drifter: or what geitenneuker said :/02:51
nooneinherewrektjet, what do you mean you want to "open" a process?  If the process has a GUI and it's not opening up then something is wrong02:51
ae86-drifterblakkheim, ok i understand, it is a server pc, i rarely go into DE anyways, only to edit text files etc..02:51
hari_I again02:51
Wilabobundecim: OK, it says mount: can't find /dev/sda6 in /ect/fstab or /ect/mtab02:51
Joesephae86-drifter: What other programs do you have installed?  I decided on a puppy linux install when I had 128 megs of RAM..   I've heard LXDE is lighter than XFCE though.02:51
X-Sleepy-Xhappy_: Can't say for sure since I deleted the history... Oh, well. I'm grateful for your help on this matter. :D02:51
happy_X-Sleepy-X: np02:51
eric_3hey i have an xubuntu with a WLAN and LAN card. I also have a windows xp w/ a LAN card. there is no ethernet port near the Windows XP. i was wondering if i could route the Windows XP ethernet through the Xubuntu and use it's WLAN to connect to the network. Is this possible?02:52
geitenneukeruse gentoo thats fast02:52
wrektjetnooneinhere i guess its a bug then. whenever my comp reboots i cant get to the gui02:52
undecimWilabob: can you post the output of "sudo fdisk -l" to pastebin, with comments explaining what each partition is02:52
ae86-drifterJoeseph, i have heaps of programs installed, it runs fairly quickly, just when i have more than 4 or 5 windows open it starts to lag a bit02:52
nightfrogae86-drifter: a server with gui?02:52
happy_geitenneuker: I you trying to find gentoo converts on teh ubuntu channel?02:52
Wilabobundecim: I can't get on the internet without installing drivers with ndiswrapper02:53
undecimWilabob: Although I think that error may just been a typo on your end.02:53
ae86-drifternightfrog, its a server, yes but i also have a dedicated server which is seperate and more powerful, but i need this as a workstation occasionally hence the GUI02:53
eric_3undecim: when you are done i would like to speak with you is that ok?02:54
Wilabobundecim: Okay I'm looking for a partition that says linux on the side?02:54
nightfrogae86-drifter: ok02:54
joshua__anybody got a X -> vnc translator that implements xrender?02:54
ae86-drifternightfrog, i like redundancy... i have about 6 linux boxes set up here02:54
undecimeric_3: sure.02:54
hari_mmm i have a problem my printer does not print02:55
Wilabobundecim: But I know for sure that it's sda6 because it has 50GBs and that's what my linux partition has02:55
crankharderwhat /dev/* should I be looking for my USB exteral drive to be on?02:55
Joesephae86-drifter: Yeah, my xubuntu install is not utilizing my graphics card fully, so I'm considering going to LXDE even with 528 megs...  I've heard they're trying to start a canonical supported lubuntu release after Lucid.02:55
joshua__crankharder /dev/sda??02:55
joshua__sorry, /dev/sd??02:56
crankharderjoshua__: nope, not there02:56
ae86-drifterJoeseph, cool, i really like LXDE, its got more than enough features for a desktop02:56
Wilabobundecim: What should I do now? I still get that error when I type sudo mount /dev/sda602:57
hari_yes I again my problem with cups02:57
undecimWilabob: We need to know what each of your partitions are supposed to be.02:57
undecimWilabob: take a look at fstab on your root partition02:58
hari_the message says "client-error-document-format-not supported02:58
Q_ContinuumQuestion on Evolution mail filtering.  I want to use a wildcard in the mail filter, so I can have two entries: *@domain.com and *@*.domain.com - but it doesn't seem to function.02:59
Wilabobundecim: I don't see fstab when I view my root partition. There's bin, boot, dev, ect, home... Just to name a few02:59
hari_anyone who knows about this02:59
undecimWilabob: Sorry. I meant /etc/fstab.03:00
Clark3934I know that USB drives are not automatically mounted by default in Ubuntu Server Edition.  However, if I install ubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu server edition, does this mean that they are now automatically mounted?  Thanks.03:00
hari_please print took hours trying to no avail03:00
Joesephae86-drifter: Well, Since I'm thinking about it.... Would you recommend installing LXDE via the alternate CD, or just installing lxde in addition to XFCE, (I have enough hard disk space.)03:00
ae86-drifterJoeseph, just install "lubuntu-desktop" through synaptic ;)03:01
Wilabobundecim: don't see it under "f" there's firefox-3.0 firefox-3.5 fonts and foomatic03:01
Joesephae86-drifter: Alright.  I'll probably try that later.  Thanks.03:01
undecimWilabob: I think you are looking in the wrong place. You need to use the file browser to look at the main partition of your installed system and read the file /etc/fstab with a text editor. In there will be auto-generated comments (lines starting with #) explaining each partition.03:03
eric_3hari_ what type of printer is it?03:03
ae86-drifterhari_, has it worked to begin with?03:03
ae86-drifterit better be a brother printer03:03
hari_the printer is hp deskjet d236003:04
eric_3my thought was epson becuase my dad had to change things in .config for it03:04
ae86-drifterbrother printers suck to install, especially since 8.1003:04
keepsakeDidn't Brother release Linux drivers?03:05
ae86-drifteryes, but you need to mkdir /usr/share/[model]03:05
ae86-drifterand roll back libpoppler03:05
hari_mmm my ubuntu is 9.10!03:05
ae86-drifterthen install LPR driver03:05
keepsakeOh yeah, it's the CUPS/LPR stuff =\03:06
ae86-drifterthen install cupswrapper driver03:06
Wilabobundecim: Ha! Found it... It was hidden03:06
keepsakeI got mine to work, but that was awhile ago =X03:06
kraitosdoes anybody know if songbird supports mp3 players?03:06
undecimWilabob: So you understand now what each of your partitions are?03:06
PinkFreudyep, kdm did the trick03:06
PinkFreudheadless display manager works now.03:07
Wilabobundecim: Yep, but I already knew what each of my partitions are for...03:07
cgis there a way to create + run virtual machines via command line in karmic server edition?03:07
eric_3undecim: are you free?03:07
undecimeric_3: still helping out Wilabob.03:08
eric_3k sorry03:08
Wilabobundecim: it says / was on  /dev/sda6 during installation and /boot was on /dev/sda1 during installation03:08
Wilabobundecim: and swap was on /dev/sda703:08
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undecimWilabob: Okay, so now in a terminal, type "mount | grep sda6" to find out if and where the root partition is mounted.03:10
lotushi, how can I make the led on my usb drive turn off from the command line?03:10
Wilabobundecim: OK, it went through and nothing happened03:11
undecimWilabob: Okay, now type this command exactly: "sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt"03:11
Wilabobundecim: done03:12
undecimlotus: I don't think it is possible to do that.03:12
eric_3lotus: sounds like an interesting question. I am not an expert but i think that it is a hardware thing. But it may be that the os controls that03:12
undecimWilabob: Okay, now type this command: "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt"03:12
undecimWilabob: Im sorry, wait.03:12
lotusundecim: why?  The right-click safely remove usb drive option does just that03:12
superjet_busyis there a packages list that ubuntu dropped after or before rsync from debian?03:13
eric_3that just ubmounts it03:13
lotuseric_3: I think it might be a hardware thing, but somehow the OS is able to make that happen03:13
undecimWilabob: type this command: "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot"03:13
undecimlotus: That's because it stops the device.03:13
lotuseric_3: not true.  When I unmount it manually, the light doesn't turn off03:13
Wilabobundecim: done03:13
lotusundecim: how can I stop the device by hand?03:13
undecimlotus: if that's what you meant, you can use "sudo unmount [device or path]"03:13
eric_3when you click safley remove (bad spelling) it just unmounts it so no data or power is sent to it03:13
eric_3k sorry03:14
lotusundecim: eric_3: I've tried that, it doesn't kill the light :D03:14
keepsakelotus: What about "umount"? =P03:14
undecimWilabob: okay, now type "sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda"03:15
lotuskeepsake: yah that's the command i was issuing.  Are you saying unmount is different?03:15
ouyeshow is the support of ubuntu to dual core cpu ?03:15
keepsakelotus: Nah, I'm pretty sure it's just umount.03:15
ae86-drifterouyes, its good03:15
ouyesae86-drifter, how you know that ?03:15
keepsakeouyes: Personally I've had issues with the 32-bit, but the 64-bit works flawlessly.03:15
undecimlotus: Come to think of it, that makes some sense... I think maybe there is a DBus call that can be used. After I'm done helping/talking with some people, I'll look for it.03:16
ae86-drifterouyes, because i use ubuntu03:16
lotuskeepsake: yah.  I did a "sudo umount /dev/sdb*" and the light is still on03:16
eric_3perhaps it is still connected when you do that thus allowing for re mounting on other users but when you safley remove it assumes that you are not going to connect to it again. Tell me, when you click safely remove can you remount w/ out having to pul out dirve and put back in?03:16
ouyeskeepsake,  so you think it better to use 32bit ?03:16
lotusundecim: cool thankyou :D  I found something about a suspend command but I'm not sure I'm doing it right.  http://elliotli.blogspot.com/2009/01/safely-remove-usb-hard-drive-in-linux.html was the page I found it on03:16
crankharderso if not /dev/sd* where might a USB HD be showing up?03:16
crankharderls /dev/hd*03:16
keepsakeouyes: Yes, if Ubuntu can detect your cores correctly.03:16
lotuseric_3: I'm not sure let me try to find out03:17
Wilabobundecim: That didn't work, it gave me all the usages for grub-install03:17
Wilabobundecim: I typed exactly: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/dev/sda03:17
lotuseric_3: no, it's not listed in fdisk -l anymore03:17
undecimWilabob: I'm sorry... more mistakes from me again. I believe that the = should be a space instead.03:18
ouyesae86-drifter, keepsake  i found that the two core of my dual amd cpu were always at the same usage level 38% or 100%, it seems the ubuntu only recognized them just one03:18
ae86-drifterouyes, either that or it balances the CPU load!03:18
Wilabobundecim: Nope that didn't work either.03:18
undecimWilabob: Also, make sure you are getting the space between /mnt and /dev/sda03:18
keepsakeouyes: Do a "sudo cat /etc/proc/cpuinfo"03:18
eric_3than when you click safely remove it assumes that you are going to take the drive out. And unmount allows you to remount on new user w/ out have to pull out stick03:18
eric_3does that make sense03:19
undecimWilabob: It's a little difficult to see the spaces on some IRC clients.03:19
HandyGandyI'm running the x64 version of Koala. I installed kde. Now I am trying to uninstall mysql, but apt tries to remove kde. Any idea why? Or if I can fix it?03:19
lotuseric_3: yeah lots of sense.  I still want that functionality at the command line, though.  I know it's there, but I'm not sure how to invoke it.03:19
ouyeskeepsake, no such a file03:19
kraitosdoes anybody know if songbird supports mp3 players?03:20
keepsakemy bad03:20
keepsakeouyes: It should be "sudo cat /cpu/procinfo"03:20
Wilabobundecim: Oh, it did something else... It said unrecognized option --root-directory when I left the = in and put a space between /mnt and /dev/sda03:20
eric_3lotus: i think it must be a hardware thing. I may not be correct though so don't stand by my answer. I think that it might also be the flash drive (hence hardware) because diffrent flash drives only have the light turn on when they are being accessed.03:21
ouyeskeepsake, again no such a file03:21
betabotHey. I have an encrypted home folder (done during install of 9.10,) and today I added a ssh-agent script to my .profile. Now when I log in it graphically prompts me for an id_rsa passphrase... but the one I set doesn't work, and continuing brings me back to the log-in screen. Any suggestions?03:21
lotuseric_3: thanks for the thoughts03:22
eric_3lotus: any time03:22
keepsakeouyes: What are you running?03:22
hari_ i can't understand03:22
keepsakeouyes: I'm really stupid, also. "sudo cat /proc/cpuinfo"03:22
ouyeskeepsake, does the directory cpu exist?03:22
betabotRight now I am logged in as root, and none of the eCryptfs stuff is working03:22
undecimWilabob: Try "sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/  /dev/sda" I copied that straight from help.ubuntu.com to make sure that I'm getting the details correct.03:22
nooneinherehow do you configure a wireless nic in ubuntu using wpa2 personal?  The laptop config asks for a Password but in the router the option is "shared Key", where do I configure the password in the router?03:22
michael____Recently, my usb drives have stopped showing up when I attach them. Can anyone offer any suggestions on why that may be or how I can fix it?03:22
=== shawn_ is now known as shawn146
keepsakeouyes: It's /proc/cpuinfo, sorry; I'm running Windows right now so I couldn't check =P03:22
eric_3undicem are you busy?03:23
ouyeskeepsake, ah ,mate you are running windows but in the ubuntu channel =p03:23
shawn146how do i edit the source.list?03:23
nooneinheremichael____, disconnect your drives, then so sudo mount -a, then connect the drives again03:23
joshua__shan146: sudo vi?03:23
shawn146no where i can add deb http://packages.medibuntu.org/ karmic free non-free03:23
keepsakeouyes: ubuntu > Windows but I'm stuck here D=03:23
ouyeskeepsake,  how to say it invision for others03:24
jdcaseyhi, I was wondering whether someone is available to answer a question about ubuntu on mactel's?03:24
elikemwats this and why03:24
keepsakeouyes: Dunno =P. Have you done the "sudo cat /proc/cpuinfo"?03:24
undecimeric_3: I'm not sure If I finally fixed Wilabob's Grub or not. I haven't gotten a response from him. But I can talk. If he comes back, I can multi-task.03:24
shawn146the external editor03:24
joshua__you mean vi isn't an external editor?03:25
elikemare you playing a game?03:25
* powertool08 looks at keepsake scornfully then returns to what he was doing03:25
eric_3k here it is. hey i have an xubuntu with a WLAN and LAN card. I also have a windows xp w/ a LAN card. there is no ethernet port near the Windows XP. i was wondering if i could route the Windows XP ethernet through the Xubuntu and use it's WLAN to connect to the network. Is this possible?03:25
WilabobIt said Installation Finished. No error reported.03:25
ouyeskeepsake, yes03:25
ouyeskeepsake,  i see some info03:25
Wilabobundecim: It said Installation Finished. No error reported.03:25
Wilabobundecim: Is this all I need to do?03:25
=== tkmr is now known as tk_afk
shawn146oh nvm03:25
undecimWilabob: It should work now.03:25
michael____nooneinhere: thanks, but it doesn't seem to have worked03:25
undecimIf you get message about not being able to find a specific file, come back here and I can help with that, too.03:25
hari_could explain to me in order, podrian explicarmelo en orden,  como le hago para poder imprimir en mi impresora hp d236003:25
shawn146i just use synaptic03:25
Wilabobundecim: Restarting. Fingers crossed!03:25
elikemwats going on03:26
joshua__better uncross them I hear fingers crossed is bad luck03:26
shawn146wow interesting bots03:27
undecimeric_3: it's very possible. It's basically the same as internet sharing.03:27
hari_could explain to me in order,  as I do to print to my hp printer D236003:27
ouyeskeepsake,  i see there are 2 cores03:27
keepsakeouyes: Can you pastebin the output?03:27
eric_3ya but do you know how i would do that?03:27
Wilabobundecim: W00T!! It worked.03:27
undecimWilabob: :)03:27
shawn146can someone help me isntall skype?03:27
undecim!ics | eric_303:27
Wilabobundecim: Thanks a lot.03:27
ubottueric_3: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php03:27
undecimWilabob: No problem.03:27
ouyeskeepsake, where to pastebin?03:27
keepsakeouyes: Then you should be fine. When I first installed ubuntu on my quadcore it only had 1 core >>03:28
eric_3!ics is what?03:28
keepsake!pastebin > ouyes03:28
ubottuouyes, please see my private message03:28
hari_please What can I do to fix it03:28
ouyeskeepsake, / ubottu  say something to me in the private message03:29
jdcaseyI have a mactel mini with ubuntu jaunty installed on it and refit boot cd, but after a power interruption it's no longer booting. does anyone have any ideas?03:29
ubuntui keep trying to change the default user logged in for my casper-rw usb install but it keeps defaulting the live session user named ubuntu. i have changed the login setting to "present users to log in" and also "auto login my user that I created" but it just keeps going back to live user.03:29
aLeSDhi all03:29
hari_help me please03:29
keepsakeouyes: It tells you how to use pastebin. Basically, go to www.pastebin.com and paste it there =P03:29
kraitosdoes anybody know if songbird supports mp3 players?03:29
ubuntujdcasey, you mean the install was successful or it wasn't?03:29
keepsake!ask | hari_03:29
ubottuhari_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:29
ouyeskeepsake,  where to pastebin, it is not allowed here03:29
keepsakeouyes: Go to www.pastebin.com03:29
ouyeskeepsake,  i see03:30
jdcaseyubuntu: yeah, and it's been running for a couple months this way...but after this power interruption, it's not booting03:30
ubuntujdcasey, if the install was completed and successful, then a power outage shouldn't have ruined your install.03:30
aLeSDI'm compiling ardour 2.8.4 by source code. Do you suggest me to uninstalll the official ubuntu package (2.8.2) or install it on the official one ? Or there's a way to create a deb package by the compiled source ?03:30
hari_ok, obottu03:30
keepsakeouyes: However, if proc/cpuinfo lists 2 CPUs, they're both detected and so you're fine.03:30
jdcaseyubuntu: I'm not sure why the ubuntu partiion wouldn't be booting now. refit is still loading, but when it tries to boot ubuntu, I get a blank screen with a blinking cursor03:30
Wilabobundecim: One question.. Am I on grub2 now? I'm trying to get a splashimage up and I need to know what one I'm on...03:31
joshua__ever see a dual socket motherboard with quad cores in it?03:31
ouyeskeepsake, the screen was dead just now03:31
undecimWilabob: Yes, this is grub2 now.03:31
Wilabobundecim: OK, Thanks03:31
keepsakeouyes: What exactly do you mean?03:31
undecimWilabob: Much pretty splashscreens with this one.03:32
saptechdoes anyone know if I'm using karmic 32bit will the partimage backup a 64bit distro?03:32
Wilabobundecim: Yeah, that's the reason I got in this mess :P03:32
ouyeskeepsake, i can see you words i can type letters but i can not change the window03:32
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shawn146how do i install a mic?03:33
shawn146from the sound car03:33
Guest91383I have a problem with games. After a few minutes of playing, my computer, deselects the window that the game is in and just freezes up on me. Running games in windowed mode doesn't help.03:33
joshua__saptech: yes03:33
ouyeskeepsake, you know what i mean? i can only stay here but can not change to anther window or task03:33
keepsakeouyes: Did you do a lot of software updates? Try restarting or something =P I don't actually know that much about ubuntu, so can't really help you there.03:33
ouyeskeepsake, it is ok03:34
ouyeskeepsake, il restart it03:34
saptechjoshua_, ok thanks03:34
ubuntujdcasey, did you try to boot a livecd and run fsck on your drives. when you boot up the livecd, mount your partitions and check that they are still intact. make sure that /boot/grub/, stage1 and stage2 files etc etc03:34
ubuntui keep trying to change the default user logged in for my casper-rw usb install but it keeps defaulting the live session user named ubuntu. i have changed the login setting to "present users to log in" and also "auto login my user that I created" but it just keeps going back to live user.03:34
shawn146how do i install my microphone?03:35
ouyeswhat is going on?03:35
ouyesi cannot kill task or change a work window03:36
saptechi'm getting an error using it03:36
=== tk_afk is now known as tkmr
nooneinhereshawn146, go into "sound" applet and configure your mic in input tab03:37
ouyeskeepsake, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d3a48712903:37
ouyeskeepsake,  i pastebined the output03:38
FiReSTaRTshawn146: http://ubuntufs.wordpress.com/2006/06/08/trouble-with-your-microphone/03:38
shawn146k i just got it03:38
ouyeskeepsake,  how to tell dual core is recognized03:38
saptechjoshua_, i get this error when I run it. Can't read bitmap block 0 from image03:38
mebaran151huzzah, I just deleted my whole home dir by accident03:38
keepsakeouyes: The pastebin looks good.03:39
FiReSTaRTouyes: system, administration, system monitor, system tab should list 2 processors03:39
joshua__sounds like I spoke of something I had no clue of sorry?03:39
joshua__I thought partimage was a backup program03:39
saptechit is03:39
saptechcreates images03:39
joshua__now I'm even more confused03:39
mebaran151cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor03:39
ouyesyes there was03:39
hari_ANY RESPONSE03:39
mebaran151that'll give you the number of processors03:39
mazda01ne1 else running karmic from a casper-rw image on a usb stick?03:39
FiReSTaRTouyes: if there are 2 processors it recognizes dual core03:40
keepsakeFiReSTaRT, mebaran151: It showed 2 processors, it's fine.03:40
mazda01i can't get it to save my fstab changes, my hostname change, and several other changes.03:40
saptechlet me google03:40
ouyeskeepsake, but why there is always the same usage level03:40
shawn146how do i install my digital camera for a webcam?03:40
keepsakeouyes: I'm not so sure, I don't think it's a big problem. Does it feel very slow?03:41
ouyesFiReSTaRT, i suggest you change you nickname, it need more time to spell03:41
FiReSTaRTshawn146: just plug it in and turn it on. you may have to set it up on the camera but after that cheese should recognize it03:41
FiReSTaRTouyes: TAB key completes the nickname :)03:41
chris_lenz123hey i got a question, why the hell did my tab bar disappear, its not here? like on the bottom of the screen showing if you have a window up, like it does not say that i am veiwing this chat? How do I get it back?03:41
FiReSTaRTouyes: type fire and press TAB03:42
mebaran151heh, I think it's always best to at least introduce the traditional unix way03:42
Dravekxhow do I get XML support with Lamp on UB Server?03:42
undecimlotus: I found it! Try "devkit-disks --detach /dev/sdX" where /dev/sdX is the device you want to power down. Make sure that you leave the partition number off the end (you're turning off a physical disk, rather than a partition)03:42
Dravekx"You MUST ensure that PHP has been compiled with support for MySQL, zlib and XML"03:42
Dravekxhow do I do that03:43
ouyeskeepsake, yes my cpu is amd tl-62 with 2.1Ghz but it is slow and when you did nothing the cpu was 38% used in gmone03:43
Dravekxon ubuntu server?03:43
keepsakeOn a side note, is there an easy way to get grub2 over this fail Windows 7 bootloader without too much manipulation?03:43
pec_arhi one of my 2 pc suddenly don't have sound with ubuntu.03:43
pec_arthe other too. wiht xubuntu. What happens?03:43
keepsakeouyes: What was using it?03:43
FiReSTaRTouyes: if you have a browser open, the flash plugin can mess with it... do u have the browser open?03:43
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  i know the tab mate but the FiR need more time to spell than ouy?03:43
shawn146i did connect my camera but nothing popped up03:43
FiReSTaRTouyes: u dont have to change the capitalization03:44
ouyesFiReSTaRT, yes mate,03:44
keepsakeouyes: Or even, type "firestart" and press TAB to magically caps things D=03:44
ouyeskeepsake, nothing but the gnome desktop03:44
FiReSTaRTouyes: follow the instructions from post #6 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=126913903:45
chris_lenz123hello, can i have help please, it does not show that i have anything up, like if i open my browser it will not show it at bottom of screen03:45
FiReSTaRTouyes: i click on that quicklaunch icon every time i hear the fan come on :P03:45
mzawieskahello I have question..I am using ubuntu 9..and my Hd is cut in two partition..one is home folder and file system which is almost 1 tb...is it possiblem to partition the file system so I could have another partiton let say 500GB because i want to install on that partition windows xp03:45
keepsakechris_lenz123: Are you sure you have the process "tool" in that bar?03:45
chris_lenz123keepsake:what do you mean03:46
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
keepsakechris_lenz123: If you right click the bar and go to Customize (or something, it's been long), you should be able to find a place to add/remove functions/tools.03:46
kaiser2011mzawieska: you want to partition you first partition of 1tb into 500 and 500 ?03:46
brando753is there any simple tools for making historical time lines in ubuntu03:47
chris_lenz123keepsake: there is no tools, and it just happen right now when i turned my computer on03:47
FiReSTaRTshawn146: yeah?03:48
mzawieskakaiser2011, cause the 1 Tb i have I dont use it because its ubuntu file system installed...and i want to take away some GB of it because I want to install windows xp03:48
mzawieskakaiser2011, u understand what I am trying to do?03:48
keepsakechris_lenz123: Argh, what do you get when you right-click the bar?03:48
shawn146i i plugged my camera in but nothing popped up03:48
lotusundecim: I'll try it and let yah know03:48
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  what the point of the thread ? you mean the problem was caused by flash?03:48
undecimlotus: I just tested it with my thumb drive. There are lots of other useful things to be found in the devkit-disks manpage, as well.03:49
FiReSTaRTouyes: yeah.. on 64bit systems, the flash plugin can get buggy and start a memory leak... so you need to kill the process from time to time but not while playing flash videos :P03:49
mazda01i can't get it to save my fstab changes, my hostname change, and several other changes.03:49
mazda01ne1 else running karmic from a casper-rw image on a usb stick?03:49
keepsakechris_lenz123: Read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/user-guide/C/panel-default.html03:49
lotusundecim: worked like a charm, thankyou03:49
chris_lenz123new panel, properties, add to panel03:49
shawn146is karmic kola 32-bit03:49
mzawieskahello I have question..I am using ubuntu 9..and my Hd is cut in two partition..one is home folder and file system which is almost 1 tb...is it possiblem to partition the file system so I could have another partiton let say 500GB because i want to install on that partition windows xp?please any help?03:49
undecimlotus: anytime.03:49
arandhow can I specifically start a program on another virtual terminal?03:49
ouyesFiReSTaRT, the heat yield is important for pc and laps03:49
keepsakechris_lenz123: Click on "Add to Panel"03:50
chris_lenz123yes, there is no tools03:50
undecimIs there an ubottu factoid that explains how to prefix a user's name to a message in order to highlight that message for them?03:50
keepsakechris_lenz123: Click on Add to Panel, and look for "Window Selector" somewhere in there.03:50
fatumI have this block in my httpd.conf file: http://pastebin.com/m13f76bd1 However, the subdomain "does not work"  - Server not found.  How do I resolve this? - #httpd pointed me to #yourdistrohere03:50
pec_armzawiesca i think you can. But its convinient to install windows first. Otherwise you have to reinstall grub03:50
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  the 64bit hardware or the 64bit ubutnu?03:50
trism!who | undecim03:50
ubottuundecim: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:50
FiReSTaRTouyes: i know..  but the fan comes on when the cpu starts goin' apeshit so i know when to kill the process03:50
FiReSTaRTouyes: 64bit ubuntu.. the plugin is really a 32bit plugin under wrapper, so its a bit buggy03:51
mzawieskapec_ar, but I already have everything on ubuntu...all my apps03:51
hbsmiley7Hey, what are some of the most useful default shortcuts in Ubuntu?03:51
chris_lenz123shit, i just delete the panel03:51
chris_lenz123how do i get it back03:51
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  but man i am using the 32bit ubuntu right now03:51
catmandoIs there a place to buy a book on Ubuntu Server?03:51
fatumand #dns pointed me to #apache03:51
fatumI'm very confused03:51
undecimtrism: thanks!03:51
catmandoI'd like to have all the documentation @ my bedside to read03:51
catmandoBecause frankly, it may take me a while to read all this stuff.03:52
catmandoAnyway, I'd like to buy a book on the subject that covers everything @ the website for it. Any suggestions?03:52
FiReSTaRTouyes: that's weird.. well if u go under processes you'll see which one's the most power-hungry03:52
keepsakechris_lenz123: Er, hold on a second.03:52
catmandoI'd be willing to pay maybe as much as $100 for it03:52
pec_ari think that's ok you will install grub again after installing xp03:52
FiReSTaRTouyes: look it up and tell me03:52
ouyesFiReSTaRT, the 32bit ubuntu gets a better software support03:52
pec_armzawieska i think that's ok you will install grub again after installing xp03:53
keepsakechris_lenz123: Try following these instructions: http://www.watchingthenet.com/restore-panels-in-ubuntu-back-to-their-default-settings.html03:53
mzawieskapec_ar, so what should i do..format everything...03:53
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  they are changing so fast03:54
shawn146can anybody help me?03:54
keepsakemzawieska: Use qtparted to make a new partition out of free space.03:54
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  you cannot tell which is the biggest03:54
pec_armzawieska with the partition editor you can make a partition smaller and create another03:54
wrektjetis there a way to put passwords/locks on folders even when thers only one user03:55
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  xchat is 4%03:55
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  music player is 4%03:55
FiReSTaRTouyes: xchat is usually nothing03:55
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  but the total is 38%03:55
mzawieskakeepsake, where can i get qtparted03:55
FiReSTaRTouyes: you must be running a whole lot of stuff03:56
keepsakemzawieska: Since Jaunty you're to use Partition Manager03:56
keepsake!partitionmanager | mzawieska03:56
ubottumzawieska: PartitionManager is a !KDE !GUI partitioning program. Use !KPackageKit, !Adept or !Synaptic to install or type « sudo apt-get install partitionmanager » in a !terminal03:56
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  no only 303:56
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  i do install a lot of applications but i run a few at a time03:57
shawn146ok i'm going to another channel03:57
mzawieskakeepsake, getting this msg when i opening it "Warning: You do not have administrative privileges.03:57
mzawieskaIt is possible to run KDE Partition Manager without these privileges. You will, however, not be allowed to apply operations.03:57
mzawieskaDo you want to continue running KDE Partition Manager?03:57
FiReSTaRTouyes: processes, demons03:57
FiReSTaRTouyes: k im off 2 eat03:57
ouyesFireCrotch, ah i firgure it out03:58
keepsakemzawieska: Run it as an admin: "gksudo partitionmanager"03:58
pec_arhi everybody is there some matter with sound? Suddenly my pc don't have sound and my wife's pc too.03:58
keepsake!zh | zhangsam203:58
ubottuzhangsam2: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:58
ouyeszhangsam2,  please use english03:58
ouyeszhangsam2,  this is an english channel03:58
Xfactanyone knows any command or something that helps to forcefully escape from a corrupted programs (e.g full-screen games)?03:58
keepsakeAlso, zhangsam2: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-clearflush-dns-cache-in-ubuntu.html03:59
zhangsam2tlze 怎么清空dns缓存?03:59
mzawieskakeepsake, nothing is showing up :/04:00
keepsakemzawieska: Did you close the original window that popped up?04:00
ouyesFiReSTaRT,  when you do nothing the cpu is running at  800Mhz,so the usage displayed was 38% a bit high, but when you run a few applications the cpu will be running an 2.1Ghz04:00
mzawieskakeepsake, yess04:00
keepsakemzawieska: How did you run it?04:00
mzawieskakeepsake, i typed in the terminal gksudo partitionmanager04:00
ouyeszhangsam2, english04:00
mzawieskakeepsake, asked for password04:00
keepsakezhangsam2: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-clearflush-dns-cache-in-ubuntu.html to flush DNS cache.04:01
Wilabobundecim: Hey, I'm still trying to use a splash image but when I restart I get the font colour change but the background doesn't change... It seems to work when I type sudo update-grub... It says it found debian image (image name here)04:01
mzawieskakeepsake, after the pw nothing showing up04:01
ae86-drifterXfact switch to a virtual term, type top, then type kill [pid]04:01
keepsakemzawieska: In Terminal, if you type in partitionman and then TAB what do you get?04:01
WilabobHi guys, I'm trying to use a splash image but when I restart I get the font colour change but the background doesn't change... It seems to work when I type sudo update-grub... It says it found debian image (image name here)04:01
Xfactanyone knows any command or shortcut keys or something that helps to forcefully escape from a corrupted programs (e.g full-screen games)?04:02
undecimWilabob: How are you going about changing the background?04:02
Wilabobundecim: The "splash screen"04:02
ouyeskeepsake, you know the words zhangsam2  typeed?04:02
keepsakeouyes: Yes, of course =P04:02
mzawieskakeepsake, if i type partiton and tab its partitionmanager04:02
Xfactae86-drifter: yes that's sounds useful but , I am new in linux so difficult to understand, anyone can explain with easy lang?04:03
undecimWilabob: The "splash screen" as in the glowing Ubuntu log, or before that?04:03
ouyeskeepsake, how do you know ?google translation04:03
Wilabobundecim: The splash screen in GRUB04:03
keepsakeouyes: No, I'm Chinese.04:03
keepsakemzawieska: Try running "dpkg -l partitionmanager | grep /bin/"04:04
ae86-drifterXfact, hold ctrl+alt+press f5, type top, press enter, find the PID for the process(eg 3d game), then type kill [pid] and press enter04:04
Wilabobundecim: Like this : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Splash%20Images%20&%20Theming04:04
mzawieskakeepsake, done..04:04
Xfactae86-drifter: thanks I am trying04:04
keepsakemzawieska: Any output?04:04
ae86-drifterXfact, you will need to do ctrl alt f7 after that !! lol04:05
ouyeskeepsake,  i see here are all kinds of people , quite a few chinese04:05
mzawieskakeepsake, nothing showed up04:05
Xfactae86-drifter: yea i know that thanks04:05
keepsakeouyes: Of course, this is a pretty big community, after all D=04:05
mzawieskakeepsake, other program maybe I could use?04:05
keepsakemzawieska: Have you done "sudo dpkg -i partitionmanager"?04:05
Xfactae86-drifter: i can also use ctrl+alt+F1 to run in console04:05
Wilabobundecim: I followed the instructions to change the font colour and the splash screen but only the font colour changes...04:05
mzawieskakeepsake, maybe gnome partition editor04:05
undecimWilabob: I could be wrong, but I think that Grub2 requires one of a few specific image formats. Are you using one from the package that the tutorial mentions or one of your own?04:06
mzawieskakeepsake, sudo dpkg -i partitionmanager04:06
ae86-drifterXfact u can useMOST of the "f" keys04:06
keepsakemzawieska: You can try the GNOME one if it works for you; otherwise, I'd try installing with "sudo dpkg -i partitionmanager".04:06
mzawieskakeepsake, mzawieska@mzawieska-desktop:~$ dpkg -l partitionmanager | grep /bin/04:06
mzawieskamzawieska@mzawieska-desktop:~$ sudo dpkg -i partitionmanager04:06
mzawieska[sudo] password for mzawieska:04:06
mzawieskadpkg: error processing partitionmanager (--install):04:06
mzawieska cannot access archive: No such file or directory04:06
mzawieskaErrors were encountered while processing:04:06
FloodBot1mzawieska: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:06
Wilabobundecim: I'm using one of the images from the splashimages package.04:06
ouyeskeepsake, lunch time :)04:06
keepsakemzawieska: Don't paste the entire output here. Pastebin it if you need to paste many lines.04:07
mzawieskakeepsake, oki04:07
keepsakemzawieska: Oh goodness, wrong command: "sudo apt-get install partitionmanager". It's been so long.04:07
Wilabobundecim: This is what my edited line looks like for i in {/boot/grub,/usr/share/images/desktop-base,/usr/share/images/grub}/Moraine_Lake_17092005.{png,tga} ; do04:07
mzawieskakeepsake, like 20 min later the KDE partiotion manager 1.0.1 showed up04:07
undecimWilabob: and where exactly is the image located?04:08
keepsakemzawieska: Is it in admin?04:08
keepsakemzawieska: Root/SU, I mean.04:08
Xfactae86-drifter: most of the time when a game get corrupted then I use 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop' to stop the GDM then start it again to solve the problem, it works but also closes many of my useful desktop unsaved data :(04:08
Wilabobundecim: /usr/share/images/grub04:08
mzawieskakeepsake, i see two partition /dev/sda(596GiB) and /dev/sdb(0.91 TiB04:08
ae86-drifterXfact, ah ok, hehe04:09
keepsakemzawieska: Follow this guide: http://docs.kde.org/development/en/extragear-sysadmin/partitionmanager/howto-resizepartition.html04:09
Xfactae86-drifter: is that safe process for my ubuntu? what you think?04:10
m1k3yhey guys04:10
O__ohi, emesene dont work whats the problem?04:10
perdentehey mikey04:10
ae86-drifterXfact, which process? the one i told you, or the one you just told me?04:10
perdenteI think he likes it!04:10
undecimWilabob: try replacing that entire line with: "for i in /usr/share/images/grub/Moraine_Lake_17092005.{png,tga} ; do"04:10
O__oit said server doesnt support protocol04:11
undecimWilabob: you may want to copy the original line and put it in a comment above or below the new line, just in case you need to go back to it.04:11
=== yy is now known as Guest27746
ae86-drifterXfact, i wouldnt use gdm stop unless it is absolutely necessary04:11
m1k3yi have a quick question... everytime i have system updates i get another kernal version in my grub menu now theres like 7 different one... how can i edit that?04:11
Xfactae86-drifter: ohh means it's not totally safe...04:12
keepsakeO__o: Probably outdated04:12
O__okeepsake, so how to solve it?04:12
Wilabobundecim: OK, restarting04:12
keepsakeO__o: You'll need to use a different program, like amsn or something.04:13
ae86-drifterXfact, im not entireley sure, but i think it kills everything running in gnome instead of just killing that actual process04:13
keepsakeO__o: Or try updating emesene04:13
O__okeepsake, how to update emsene?04:13
Wilabobundecim: No, that didn't work either..04:14
keepsakeO__o: In terminal, first run "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get upgrade emesene"04:14
Xfactthere any shortcut key available to run system monitor immediately?04:14
mezquitalem1k3y, if you want to get rid of the kernels the software you want to use i think it's called janitor, if not then just run grub-update04:14
m1k3ythanks man ill check now04:14
Wilabobundecim: Any other suggestions? does it have to be spaced out from the margin?04:15
O__okeepsake, doesnt work04:15
O__okeepsake, nothing to upgrade04:15
mezquitalewhich one is faster, ubuntu or mythbuntu?04:15
Xfactthere any shortcut key available to run 'system monitor' immediately? (like in windows when software get corrupted then ctrl+alt+del, brings 'task manager' to kill the process in graphical way)04:15
Out_ColdXfact, in system>admin>keyboard shortcuts you make your own04:15
undecimWilabob: can I get a pastebin of your /boot/grub/grub.cfg? (after you've run "sudo update-grub")04:15
keepsakeO__o: Can you check your version of emesene?04:15
Wilabobundecim: Yep one sec04:16
ouyesmezquitale, both ,it depends on your hardware04:16
undecimWilabob: I will brb. I have to log out and back in to fix something I messed up :)04:16
Xfactanyone can tell me the command of system monitor or where to get the app 'system monitor' in my pc??04:17
Out_ColdXfact, read what i told you ffs04:17
Out_Coldoh wait... sorry04:17
ouyesXfact,  go to system>admi>monitor04:18
XfactOut_Cold: yes i've read that already but in shortcut section it's asking for the command of system monitor first to add....04:18
Out_Coldhe wants the command name of system monitor04:19
undecimstupid buggy ATI drivers....04:19
undecimWilabob: Did I miss anything while I was gone just now?04:19
ouyesi donnot know04:19
O__oemesene 1.0.104:19
Wilabobundecim: nope04:19
ouyesyou miss a lot of lines04:19
XfactI think this is the proper command of system monitor '/usr/bin/checkbox-gtk'04:19
Wilabobundecim: Here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/355331/04:20
Out_ColdXfact, that's not it04:20
O__okeepsake, emesene 1.0.104:20
keepsakeO__o: The latest version is now 1.6.04:21
Xfactout_cold: sorry i think this one 'gnome-system-monitor'04:21
O__ohow to update it?04:21
XfactYES it was right...04:21
alexandrosanybody online?04:22
Alf_Stewartive installed ubuntu on a usb drive but when it boots up theres a error message that says something about no boot partition or something can someone help?04:22
Out_ColdXfact, you don't need the /usr/bin/ in fron of it either... it looks there by default04:22
keepsakeO__o: Go here, and download the file somewhere: http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/all/emesene/download04:22
Alf_Stewartand then it halts on the screen04:22
alexandrosubuntu  9.10   is  beta  edition or not?04:22
keepsakeO__o: Next, browse to where you found the file, and then do "sudo dpkg -i emesene_1.5-1ubuntu1_all.deb"04:22
Out_Coldalexandros, not beta04:22
keepsakealexandros: Karmic is out.04:22
jarlathAlf_Stewart, I had the same problem. There was a bug on launchpad about it but I don't think it's resolved yet.04:22
alexandrosubuntu  9.10   is  beta  edition or not?04:23
alexandrosubuntu  9.10   is  beta  edition or not?04:23
alexandrosubuntu  9.10   is  beta  edition or not?04:23
FloodBot1alexandros: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:23
Out_Coldstupid troll04:23
Alf_Stewartjarlath ahh i see04:23
keepsakealexandros: Ubuntu 9.10 is out of beta.04:23
XfactOut_Cold: I've just clicked on the icon then properties  then the command was there04:23
Wilabobundecim: See anything?04:23
mzawieskakeepsake, which file system is preferable for xp fat 16 or fat 32?04:23
jarlathAlf_Stewart, it's a shame. It sounds like a great feature.04:23
undecimWilabob: Okay, let's edit grub.cgf directly for a moment so that this is only a temporary change (i.e will be undone with update-grub), but can you change the colors in likes 46 and 47 of your grub.cfg file to something else? This will tell us if grub is reading your image or not.04:23
Out_ColdXfact, i googled system monitor and cross refferenced it with ubuntu lol04:23
keepsakemzawieska: NTFS, if you can. Otherwise, FAT32.04:23
Alf_Stewarti think it has something to do with grub04:24
Xfactalexandros: it's released as stable but I think it's 'still not totally stable' like beta....04:24
keepsakeXfact: The 10 stands for October, so it's been out for months now =P04:24
Alf_Stewarti think when i installed linux i unchecked the box in the installation screen for installing a boot loader on the usb drive i think that might be why..can anyone confirm this?04:24
Out_ColdXfact, there are always bugs when people modify the OS to their liking.... if everything worked perfect people would get charged to use ubuntu04:24
Wilabobundecim: Okay so what do you want me to do exactly?04:24
undecimWilabob: For example, replace "set color_normal=light-green/green" with something like "set color_normal=red/blue", then restart and see if you see the color change in grub.04:24
keepsakeAlf_Stewart: Of course. If you don't have the bootloader... you can't load Ubuntu =P04:25
Alf_Stewartdamn it :)04:25
O__okeepsake, error04:25
undecimWilabob: but don't change the lines with "menu_color" in them.04:25
Wilabobundecim: okay one sec04:25
Alf_Stewartfresh install here we come :P04:25
tcarterAny one know much abou nvidia geforce graphics card installation04:25
jarlathAlf_Stewart, I'm sorry - I thought you were talking about the USB creator.04:25
keepsakeO__o: What's the error?04:25
O__okeepsake, something like python not support04:25
keepsakeAlf_Stewart: Haha, good luck!04:25
Alf_Stewartjarlath no problems :)04:25
Out_Coldtcarter, ask and if we do, you'll get an answer04:25
keepsakeO__o: Ick, python isn't installed.04:26
O__okeepsake, error: dependency is not satisfiable: python-support04:26
O__okeepsake, i have python04:26
keepsakeO__o: Run "sudo apt-get install python python-cairo python-gobject python-gtk2 python-support"04:26
Xfactwell, Ubuntu promise it'll be free forever, and people always expect perfect product in this time, and ubuntu 9.10 is not that stable as compare to other version till 8.0404:26
Out_ColdO__o, if it requires python 3 you may break a lot of older python dependent apps04:27
O__othen i may just forget it and install amsn to try04:27
keepsakeOut_Cold, O__o: It doesn't require python304:27
tcarterI am trying to run the installer for my nividia graphics card. when i run   **sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx the** i am asked to specify one of 4 diff types and i don't know the difference between them? Any ideas04:27
keepsakeOut_Cold, O__o: At least, I don't think it does >>04:27
Xfact9.10 doing lots of tik tak toe problems on my computer but I am still happy because it's awesome!04:28
keepsakeO__o: Try just "sudo apt-get install python-support"04:28
Out_Coldnot sure.. but after installing python3 and symlinking it to /usr/bin/python i almost broke my system..04:28
O__okeepsake, installing amsn wait04:28
keepsakeOut_Cold: I'm pretty sure the one in the repos is still 2.6.4 >>04:28
Out_Coldyea... they haven't added 3 i don't think04:29
Out_Coldfor good reasons too04:29
jarlathXfact, I'm convinced that the stability of Ubuntu depends completely on what hardware you're running. It works really well for me. I've had no crashes.. yet.04:29
keepsakeOut_Cold: Yup, look04:29
keepsake!info python04:29
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): An interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.6.4-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 138 kB, installed size 624 kB04:29
=== Nightw0lf is now known as Nightwolf
O__okeepsake, amsn works04:29
O__obut where is the shortcut?04:30
Wilabobundecim: No that didn't do anything but to change the colour I had to edit the menu lines before04:30
keepsakeO__o: Make one =P04:30
=== sebi_` is now known as sebi`
Out_Coldjarlath, i crash all the time.. but my motto is " if you don't break your ubuntu box, you aren't trying hard enough"04:30
tcarterno one has any idea about the nvidia question?04:30
undecimWilabob: Okay, that means that Grub doesn't like your image file.04:30
Out_Coldtcarter, what card?04:30
keepsakeO__o: Otherwise, isn't it in Internet or something?04:30
tcartergt 220304:31
O__okeepsake, its not there04:31
keepsakeO__o: Do you want one in menu or on desktop?04:31
Wilabobundecim: so... why would they include an image that it didn't like?04:31
O__oi have amsn long time ago, it should be in internet but this time it is not there04:31
O__oof course in the meny04:31
deveroyo can anyone help me with a webcam problem ?04:31
Out_Coldtcarter, and you don't know which number to install??04:31
undecimWilabob: can you make sure that /usr/share/grub/unicode.pf2 exists?04:31
jarlathOut_Cold, yikes - that's a real pity. Was it like that on clean install or have you just been 'playing' with it :)04:32
Xfactin 9.10 After installing in update manager it showing I can update my 'gdm' and it's related files' but after updateing on next restart ether, my gnome desktop unavailable or the screen and all the lights  of my computer flickering horribly! (scary) thats a big problem :( I am still unknown to the reason... and my hardware is probably 1 yrs old...04:32
keepsakeO__o: Go into the menu editor and try adding "amsn"04:32
O__ogot it04:32
Out_Coldjarlath, i always play.... mind you that's the beauty of ubuntu.... on fresh installs i never have issues04:32
tcarterout-cold, well i downloaded a driver from nividia ffor my card but cant run the .run file. when i use the terminal i can't tell which of the for it's askig me about to install04:33
Wilabobundecim: Yes, it does.04:33
jarlathOut_Cold, ah ok.04:33
keepsaketcarter: How are you running it?04:33
Out_Coldtcarter, wrong way to go about it for a noob..... go to a terminal and type sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18504:33
Xfactanyone can access my desktop through remote desktop?04:33
tcarterthe one i have from nvidia...just clicking on the file04:34
jarlathXfact, that's a pity. I've stuck with Ubuntu because it's always run well for me on my laptops / desktop. But if I was experiencing intermittent trouble I'm sure I'd loose it!04:34
keepsaketcarter: You'll need do "sudo sh /path/to/file"04:34
undecimWilabob: Then other then the possibility that grub simply CANNOT read that image, I see no reason why it shouldn't display.04:34
tcarterout_cold, got it...i'll give it a try04:34
LinuX2halfhow do I know if I can run an 64 bit operating system?04:34
Out_Coldtcarter, you can also run the script call that keepsake offered04:35
keepsakeLinuX2half: Well, are you in ubuntu/linux right now?04:35
Wilabobso I should move it to the default grub image location?04:35
Out_ColdLinuX2half, do you have a 64 bit processor?04:35
tcarterout_cold, thanks04:35
LinuX2halfHow could I check?04:35
Out_ColdLinuX2half, are you in ubuntu?04:35
keepsakeLinuX2half: If you're in linux, "sudo cat /proc/cpuinfo" then pastebin the output04:35
LinuX2halfYes I'm running Ubuntu04:36
undecimWilabob: will your reolution go as small as 640x480?04:36
undecimWilabob: use the "xrandr" command to list available video modes.04:36
LinuX2halfOut_Cold, keepsake: http://www.ubuntu.pastebin.com/d5e49384d04:37
Wilabobundecim: Yeah, it will.04:37
Wilabobundecim: Why?04:37
keepsakeLinuX2half: I don't think you can go 64-bit on that.04:37
Out_Coldi'm still loading.... bandwidth is buggered today04:37
LinuX2halfkeepsake: really? So I can only run 32 bits?04:37
undecimWilabob: Because if grub can't get into gfxterm mode, it won't display a background.04:38
Out_ColdLinuX2half, most definitely 32 bit lol04:38
keepsakeLinuX2half: Yeah, but to be honest, 32-bit isn't really a big disadvantage or something.04:38
zig_Oops, sorry.04:38
ghufranhi .. i need some help .. i have 9.1 64 bit installed on my system and suddenly wireless has stopped working (it was working fine earlier) .. also i added some programs in my startup .. they no longer run at startup04:38
ghufranhow can i resolve this?04:39
LinuX2halfkeepsake: why? I thought 64 bit can handle intense cpu level04:39
Out_ColdLinuX2half, 64 bit just uses memory more efficiently when it can04:39
tcarterout_cold, when i ran the script call that keepsake mentioned i got a blue screen that said:     ERROR: nvidia-installer must be run as root04:39
Out_Coldtcarter, so run sudo sh04:39
keepsakeLinuX2half: It can, there are issues with compatibility and such; for common users 32-bit is easier.04:39
Out_Coldtcarter, which was in his script call04:40
tcarterout_cold, I did04:40
kaiser2011hello everyone. I just installed ubuntu 64 bit on my laptop. I had something to ask regarding sound04:40
Out_Coldtcarter, can you past the command?04:40
LinuX2halfkeepsake: so then 32 bit have fewer issue than 64 bits?04:40
tcarterout_cold,sh /path/to/file04:40
keepsaketcarter: "sudo sh /path/to/file"04:40
scott_ino2keepsake, might have been the case years ago, but ive found that 64-bit is pretty much on par with 32-bit at this point04:40
Out_Coldtcarter, sudo sh /path to file04:40
keepsakescott_ino2: While that may be true, there are still a lot of programs that need wrappers =\04:41
tcarterout_cold, ok let me see04:41
scott_ino2keepsake, such as?04:41
keepsakeLinuX2half: Generally speaking it's like that.04:41
Wilabobundecim: Any suggestions?04:41
undecimWilabob: Care for another reboot?04:41
keepsakescott_ino2: Well, the last time I used Ubuntu, Flash was wrapped, and some other things like webcams. I dunno how it's changed since then though.04:41
jarlathLinuX2half, it's faster for processor intensive stuff like 3D rendering (Blender) and such. But your normal desktop experience won't be noticably faster.04:41
scott_ino2keepsake, flash has been native 64-bit player and libraries for well over a year now :)04:42
Wilabobundecim: Sure.04:42
undecimWilabob: 1 sec...04:42
nomnexSMPayer, when I watch a movie the screen dim to black after 10 min.04:42
keepsakescott_ino2: Flash 10? Damn, it's been long.04:42
jarlathLinuX2half, there's a performance test done here comparing 32bit and 64bit ubuntu http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_32_pae&num=1%2204:42
scott_ino2keepsake, yeah honestly flash and java id agree with you, but they're solid now.04:42
tcarterout_cold, does this look right:       sh /home/tcarter/Desktop/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-190.53-pkg2.run04:42
Out_Coldtcarter, where is sudo??04:43
=== cpg is now known as cpg|brb
Out_Coldsudo sh04:43
LinuX2halfjarlath: thanks for the information.04:43
jarlathLinuX2half, np04:43
LinuX2halfkeepsake, Out_cold; thanks04:43
chu_gday, mezimezim.04:43
mzawieskais there a way to install photoshop cs4 on ubuntu 9?04:43
titan_arkHey, could anyone help me out on restarting powerdaemon?04:43
tcarterout_cold, aha....gottcha04:43
keepsakescott_ino2: That's great =P I'm planning a switch back =P04:43
keepsakescott_ino2: I'm running W7 atm.04:44
titan_arkEverytime my notebook goes into sleep mode, it then says there is no battery04:44
mezimezimI have a language issue in Ubuntu: I have a french version of it and some programs are not in French anymore (ubuntu9.10) any idea?04:44
keepsakemzawieska: Check appdb04:44
undecimWilabob: Okay, the menu_color lines you edited earlier... Can you past a copy of the after the line " if terminal_output gfxterm ; then true ; else ", and change the colors on them again?04:44
Out_Cold!tab > Out_Cold04:44
keepsake!appdb | mezimezim04:44
undecimWilabob: Wait, that was a stupid suggestion....04:44
ubottuOut_Cold, please see my private message04:44
ubottumezimezim: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help04:44
mezimezimthese are : Epiphany, Xchat, Gnucash, all well integrated in gnome, there might be a link04:44
mzawieskakeepsake, appdb?04:44
scott_ino2keepsake, honestly the last year and a half has been RAPID development, I remember just two years ago the work I had to do to get wireless working, now pretty much 90 percent of the new hardware out there works04:44
jamiejacksoni've got a problem upgrading my kernel: http://jamiejackson.pastebin.com/fd45622 "dpkg: error processing linux-image-2.6.31-17-generic (--configure): subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" <= can you help me fix?04:44
Wilabobundecim: Let me reboot, Im trying something04:45
keepsakescott_ino2: Good thing I've been using ethernet cables for a few years now =P04:45
tcarterout_cold, how do i exit X server04:45
undecimWilabob: instead of copying them, just cut-and-paste them there, and see if the color disappears.04:45
mezimezimsomeone should kick ubottu out!04:45
mezimezimI never asked for MS advertisement!04:45
keepsakescott_ino2: I've been running karmic since one of the alphas, I believe. It was not that great back then =P04:45
Out_Coldtcarter, you need to either reboot or go ctrl+alt+f1, log in the restart gdm04:45
meowbuntuanyone like linuxmint os04:46
chu_I believe the appdb message was meant for mzawieska, keepsake mistakingly read his name as yours.04:46
keepsakemezimezim: If you want to run Photoshop in Ubuntu, you'll need to WINE the Windows version.04:46
Out_Cold**then "restart gdm"04:46
Wilabobok, thing is I'm writing this on my macbook...04:46
LinuX2halfI want to also ask if its possible to update your BIOS?04:46
Wilabobundecim: ok, thing is I'm writing this on my macbook...04:46
Xfactkeepsake: photoshop like heavy program can run on WINE?04:46
mzawieskachu_, what is appdb?04:46
Out_ColdLinuX2half, i don't think that has anything to do with the OS04:46
keepsakeXfact: I used to run PS CS2 using Wine, and it worked perfectly fine.04:46
chu_!appdb | mzawieska04:46
ubottumzawieska: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help04:46
mezimezimI know that! But why would ubottu start telling me about Wine 30 sec after I joind the forum?04:47
Xfactprobably application database04:47
keepsakechu_, mezimezim: You're right, chu_, I mistabbed to mezimezim instead of mzawieska =P04:47
scott_ino2Xfact, should work fine in wine, the google guys made sure that's one of the programs that works pretty darn well04:47
LinuX2halfOut_cold: its not actually....but probably I'll found some information from my manufacturer04:47
scott_ino2since it was the number1 most requested04:47
VossI was registering with publishers clearing house, and they asked me what operating system I had and it actually had a choice for linux!04:47
scott_ino2Voss, yes!04:48
titan_arkhey any idea on how to restart a daemon? n00b here!04:48
keepsaketitan_ark: "A" daemon? Which one?04:48
titan_arkpower management says i have no battery everytime my notebook goes into sleep04:48
Out_ColdLinuX2half, your bios is specific to the MB... even if you modify/change/erase the OSs your bios is self sufficient04:48
titan_arkso i want to restart powerdevil04:48
jamiejacksontitan_ark "sudo /etc/init.d/<daemonName> restart" <= this is how i restart most of them04:48
chu_Holy!!! keepsake... are you using irssi? I had no idea it supported tabbed completion of nicknames.. That's beautiful.04:49
Out_ColdVoss is gonna win the $1 000 00004:49
Xfact keepsake:  maybe then you have hi fi hardware, in my pc google talk like lite app doesn't work on WINE but I have 9.10 with latest version of WINE installed... :(04:49
scott_ino2LinuX2half, I don't know the name of it but there's a native linux program,process under development that can flash new bios04:49
keepsakechu_: I'm using mIRC =P04:49
scott_ino2that works for certain motherboards04:49
VossIts 10 million now ;-)04:49
LinuX2halfWell thanks anyway guys04:49
keepsakeXfact: It isn't perfect, but yeah, Photoshop CS2 runs well on my comp.04:49
gotsanity-bookis there any way to check what chipset of touchpad I am using?04:50
titan_arkjamiejackson: it says command not found!04:50
keepsaketitan_ark: What did you run?04:50
titan_arkjamiejackson: sudo: /etc/init.d/powerdevil: command not found04:50
nomnexhow do I know if I can run a ubuntu 64 on my notebook?04:50
jamiejacksontitan_ark: remove the colon after sudo04:50
Out_Coldnomnex, try a 64 bit live cd04:50
titan_arkjamiejackson, keepsake: sudo /etc/init.d/powerdevil restart04:51
titan_arkis what i ran04:51
nomnexOut_Cold, forgive the question but all the apps like Open Office are compatible 64?04:51
keepsaketitan_ark: See if "power-devil" works04:51
keepsakenomnex: Of course.04:51
Out_Coldnot all but almost... i am pretty sure open office is04:51
mzawieskaanything similar that runs on ubuntu 9 to photoshop for website development?04:51
jamiejacksontitan_ark: you can also let it tab complete sudo /etc/init.d/pow...04:51
titan_arkkeepsake: same thing!04:51
Out_Coldmzawieska, tried gimp??04:52
Wilabobundecim: I can't seem to find this line if terminal_output gfxterm ; then true ; else04:52
dtbhey all - how does `sudo` remember that you've already typed your password in? ie: using sudo multiple times in a row only prompts first time for password.04:52
scott_ino2nomnex, that's one of the strong features of linux, pretty much everything has a 64 bit version04:52
jamiejacksonif not, i dunno how.04:52
infidmzawieska:  photoshop isnt for web dev, maybe web design04:52
jarlathnomnex, when you install the Ubuntu 64 desktop you get the full install, same as 32 bit, with all those applications.04:52
mzawieskayupp i mean for web design04:52
Out_Colddtb, there is a 10 minute timeout04:52
nomnexscott_ino2, all, great, got to try it. thanks04:52
mzawieskaso anything closed to photoshop?04:52
tcarterout_cold, ok i rebooted but get the same message...what did you mean about logging in gdm04:52
Xfact'gdm' and 'gdm-setting-daemon' messing my pc when I am updating...any way to get back my pc same as before if gdm does any bad stuff with my pc... (like in windows 'system restore')04:52
undecimWilabob: Line 27 in grub.cfg, right after insmod gfterm and insmod vbe04:52
titan_arkjamiejackson: damn, power devil doesnt come up in the list04:53
keepsakemzawieska: GIMP or something04:53
NFischerHi all, how do i stream music through my LAN?! i just set up an gnump3d Server but i dont want a on-demand server but rather an LAN-Radio cahnnel in which i can arbitrarily tune in..04:53
Out_Coldtcarter, what's the error??04:53
xodhow do i play AAC files on exaile?04:53
scott_ino2mzawieska, GIMP is "similar" to photoshop, I came from photoshop and can now pretty much do everythign i could there in gimp04:53
xodit seems that there's no codec for it available in package manager?04:53
scott_ino2however... it will take some time to learn a new program04:53
=== carie is now known as akio
undecimWilabob: actually, I have a better idea than rebooting.04:53
Out_Coldmzawieska, gimp is the closest gnu app to PS04:53
scott_ino2mzawieska, but gimp is VERY powerful just like photoshop once you learn it04:53
keepsakescott_ino2: Personally I'd just Wine it =P04:53
tcarterout_cold, you must be running an X server...you must exit X04:53
scott_ino2keepsake, i like open source04:53
mzawieskascott_ino2, u can cut off too and do it to be able to work with dreamweaver04:53
Wilabobundecim: OK, shoot04:53
undecimYou said you are chatting with your macbook, rather than the computer we are troubleshooting, correct?04:53
Wilabobundecim: Yeah04:54
keepsakescott_ino2: There's also GimpShop which emulates a PS environment.04:54
scott_ino2mzawieska, slices?04:54
Out_Coldtcarter, you need to install via command line then....04:54
undecimWilabob: Go to the command line from the grub menu (ctrl+c, I believe)04:54
scott_ino2mzawieska, also google Pixel3204:54
Out_Coldtcarter, got another computer to chat on??04:54
Wilabobundecim: OK04:54
mzawieskascott_ino2, so which one do u recommend?04:54
undecimWilabob: let me know when you're there.04:54
tcarterout_cold, no just this one04:54
Wilabobundecim: K04:55
keepsakescott_ino2, mzawieska: Pixel is not open source, and costs $3x. Use GIMP if you want a starter program.04:55
Out_Coldtcarter, well.... you get that error when you try to run the sudo sh command??04:55
scott_ino2mzawieska, GIMP can probably do everything you want, however like photoshop, it's a complex program and takes time to master. so depends on how patient you are.04:55
Wilabobundecim: Im here04:55
scott_ino2keepsake, i know just letting him know options04:55
tcarterout_cold, yes04:55
LinuX2halfGood night...04:55
Out_Coldtcarter, well get your pen and paper ready then...04:55
jamiejacksonoh well, titan_ark, it's not turning up in google?04:55
mzawieskascott_ino2, thank you :)04:56
undecimWilabob: okay, type "terminal_output" and tell me what you get.04:56
jarlathGood night LinuX2half.04:56
scott_ino2mzawieska, np, honestly i hated gimp at first coming from 5+years of photoshop, now it's all I use04:56
Wilabobundecim: gfxterm *console04:56
scott_ino2but i also took the time to learn it04:56
chu_GIMP is moving to a single interface on their next major release, maybe you'll want to look into GIMPShop until then? I don't know, learning the multiple window approach to GIMP and then having it changed on you the next version seems a bit silly.04:56
titan_arkjamiejackson: i got the same way to do it for restarting processes. just checking up on powerdevil now04:56
tcarterout_cold, got it04:57
undecimWilabob: type lsmod, and look for "vbe", and "tga" modules in the list.04:57
scott_ino2chu_, they're seriously doing that? wow can't believe they'd do that after all these years saying how they didnt want a to be a photoshop clone04:57
keepsakescott_ino2: I won't deny that Pixel looks amazing though04:57
scott_ino2keepsake, i tried it roughly 2-3 years ago04:57
scott_ino2it's not bad... honestly id just rather use gimp at this point now04:57
keepsakescott_ino2: If you get used to it/if you support GNU, it's of course the better option =P04:57
NFischerHi all, how do i stream music through my LAN?! i just set up an gnump3d Server but i dont want a on-demand server but rather an LAN-Radio cahnnel in which i can arbitrarily tune in..04:57
scott_ino2keepsake, i have no issue with close sourced software really, other than the fact that it usually wont run on linux04:58
Wilabobundecim: How do I go up? a bunch a code covered the screen and I don't see those things.04:58
jarlathHows Krita coming along these days? It was showing promise last time I checked - about two years ago.04:58
undecimWilabob: Shift + Page Up?04:58
keepsakescott_ino2: That's true. Pixel is also one of the few pay-to-use software I've seen on Linux, although, I have stuck with mostly GNU/freeware.04:58
Out_Cold1. ctrl+alt+f1  2. log in  3. sudo stop gdm 4. sudo sh /path/to/file 5. sudo reboot04:58
chu_scott_ino2: http://www.chromecode.com/2009/10/single-window-mode-progress-report.html04:58
Wilabobundecim: nope04:58
Out_Cold** tcarter ^^04:58
undecimWilabob: this could be a problem...04:58
scott_ino2chu_, thanks for the link04:58
tcarterout_cold, i am ready04:58
Wilabobundecim: ...lol04:59
Out_Coldtcarter, 1. ctrl+alt+f1  2. log in  3. sudo stop gdm 4. sudo sh /path/to/file 5. sudo reboot04:59
undecimWilabob: try "set gfxmode=1024x768" and see if that changes your resolution in grub.04:59
philyawI did something with themes on Kubuntu and bam, my keyboard didn't work anymore and the bar above windows disappeared to where I couldn't close anything again.  I'm about to uninstall if this doesn't seem familiar to anyone.04:59
titan_arkjamiejackson: is it possible to check the version using the version command?04:59
chu_The single or multiple window interface will be optional. Interesting. Might as well start learning GIMP now :p04:59
scott_ino2chu_, optional i see :)04:59
titan_arkit gives the same error04:59
matelot? can someone tell me how to burn mp3 to CD to be played on ordinary cd player ?05:00
scott_ino2chu_, take the time to learn it, like really learn it. I can pretty much do everything i could with photoshop at this point05:00
Wilabobundecim: no, maybe that's the resolution im in?05:00
scott_ino2chu_, i still hate how they do text though:)05:00
Out_Coldmatelot, try installing k3b05:00
tcarterout_cold, thanks i'll be back shortley05:00
undecimWilabob: Aright, try "terminal console" and the "terminal gfxterm" to change your resolution05:00
keepsakescott_ino2: PS had a nice text-manipulation engine =P05:00
Out_Coldtcarter, good luck ;)05:01
matelotOut_Cold, can Brasero do it ?05:01
scott_ino2keepsake, not just that, even making edits to text layers is overly complicated with gimp05:01
mcnellisI'm commanding sudo kill -9 PID but it won't kill my process ... is there something else i need to do?05:01
Out_Coldmatelot, never tried.... but i'll check now for you05:01
keepsakescott_ino2: What about Pixel?05:01
Wilabobundecim: It says unknown command "terminal"05:02
Out_Coldmatelot, the first option "create traditional cd" in brasero sould do it05:02
scott_ino2keepsake, what about it?05:02
scott_ino2keepsake, i actually still have my code for pixel, i should try it again.05:02
matelotOut_Cold, ah yes, try it now thanks05:02
keepsakescott_ino2: You have the source?05:02
undecimWilabob: Okay, grub is just being a pain now.... Try "rmmod tga" and "rmmod vbe"05:03
scott_ino2keepsake, let me see if my login still works, i don't think they gave out .src05:03
Out_Coldmcnellis, what are you trying to kill?? you replace PID with a number05:03
keepsakescott_ino2: Ah, I see what you mean.05:03
Wilabobundecim: rmmod tga works but rmmod vbe says no such module05:03
mcnellisYeah Out_Cold the specific PID is 9805, just didn't include that in my message lol05:03
undecimWilabob: that's likely the problem then.05:04
mcnellisso my command was sudo kill -9 9805 but the process won't die05:04
mcnellisit's a firefox process05:04
Wilabobundecim: anyway of fixing it?05:04
Out_Coldmcnellis, try this in terminal: ps aux | grep your_app (like wine)05:04
undecimWilabob: 1 sec...05:04
undecimWilabob: I need to figure out exactly what vbe does.05:05
mcnellisyeah Out_Cold that's what I used to to find the PID and verify that it's still running after I did "kill -9 9805"05:05
FiReSTaRTundecim: sudo killall process_name05:05
undecimWilabob: I know it's involved in graphics, but that's the extent of my knowledge on it... brb, google.05:05
Out_Coldmcnellis, i think that one from FiReSTaRT was for you05:05
akioI am using Lucid, but I imagine there is more help here as #ubuntu+1 seems pretty dead right now05:06
mcnellisyeah I tried that too FiReSTaRT used sudo killall firefox05:06
mcnellisstill won't die :|05:06
unopmcnellis, what's the state of the process as per 'ps aux' ?05:06
akiokeyboard doen't work in X, touchpad does - after safe-upgrade this happened05:06
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akioI imagine it has to do with hal removal05:06
mcnellisunop: me      9805  2.0  5.6 983716 215592 ?       D    12:59  10:06 /usr/lib/firefox-3.5.5/firefox05:07
Guest84798 /nick chri505:07
=== Guest84798 is now known as chri5
Out_Coldwhat state is D?05:08
undecimWilabob: Try changing that "insmod vbe" to "insmod vga" in the config file.05:08
unopmcnellis, state D indicate "Uninterruptible sleep (usually IO)" -- meaning that the process is waiting for some suspended IO to complete, things like a hung disk access, network, etc05:08
NFischerHi all, how do i stream music through my LAN?! i just set up an gnump3d Server but i dont want a on-demand server but rather an LAN-Radio cahnnel in which i can arbitrarily tune in..05:08
UpgradeOrNotHey everyone. I've been thinking about upgrading to 9.10 from 9.04 for a while. Anyone have any specific reasons I should upgrade?05:08
Wilabobundecim: Okay just startin05:08
X-722Anyone here run ubuntu on an asus eee?05:08
DrManhattanwhy not?05:08
mcnellisinteresting unop ... is there anything i cna do to kill the process? I don't know why it's still running i don't have a window open i just see the process running when i run ps aux05:08
usserNFischer, icecast is one option05:09
Out_Coldmcnellis, try a reboot?05:09
undecimX-722: I set up an eee for my sister.05:09
Wilabobundecim: Where do I find that in the file?05:09
=== angelus is now known as brishu
FiReSTaRTUpgradeOrNot: if all of your hardware is working properly under 9.04, stick with it.. 9.10 was more unstable i.m.e.05:09
mcnellisdamn I was hoping that wouldn't be my only option but it seems it is :(05:09
X-722undecim: Do you recall which model it was?05:09
mcnellissuch a pain to launch all my programs again lol05:09
Out_Coldi think that kill has an option to get rid of it... but not sure which one05:10
undecimWilabob: /boot/grub/grub.cfg  If this fix works, we will need to edit other files to make it work after update-grub though.05:10
Wilabobundecim: what line?05:10
NFischerusser, yeah, looks nice, thx!05:10
FiReSTaRTUpgradeOrNot: the only reason i didn't revert to jaunty was that karmic fixed my suspend and got my built-in mic working05:10
undecimWilabob: 2605:10
Wilabobundecim: nvm05:10
geitenneukeris there a upnp client available to read DLNA stuff from WMP or such stuff?05:10
unopmcnellis, Out_Cold - you cannot kill a process in state D -- you'll have to wait it out or fix the IO problem05:10
braintorchHi. Does anybody know how to fix ps cutting process' names in terminal?05:10
UpgradeOrNotFiReSTaRT: One thing me and another user have found is that when 9.10 is loading, that loading bar seems to make it seem slower. :P05:10
undecimX-722: It was a 900 model. 901A, I believe.05:11
unopmcnellis, what was firefox doing before you attempted to kill it?05:11
geitenneukeri thougnt T300005:11
Out_Coldlol mcnellis reboot05:11
FiReSTaRTUpgradeOrNot: i've also experienced slower boot and buggy gnome (a couple of applets crapped out on me)05:11
UpgradeOrNotFiRtSTaRT: Yeah I think I'll just stay with 9.04 for now. Thanks.05:11
X-722undecim: Everything install ok on it?05:11
X-722I mean, everything work after install?05:11
Wilabobundecim: nothing happened05:11
mcnellisunop: not sure I had just closed firefox before and when I came back to my comp i tried to open it again and got the message that it was still running so I used ps aux | grep firefox and here i am trying to kill it heh05:12
Wilabobundecim: Any other suggestion? I have to go soon05:12
mcnellisi guess it just never properly closed the window?05:12
undecimX-722: Yeah. Even wireless worked out of the box.05:12
jonas3good day05:12
X-722undecim: Thank you05:12
unopmcnellis, and did you do a kill -9 right off the bat?05:12
FiReSTaRTUpgradeOrNot: good choice.. i loved jaunty but still had those pet peeves.. had to carry around an extra mic and couldn't suspend first thing in the morning05:12
mcnellisno tried killall firefox first05:12
FiReSTaRTi mean resume05:13
mcnellisit was in state D from the beginning though05:13
undecimWilabob: I have no idea. other than the fact that the vbe module isn't there, I don't see any reason it wouldn't work, but the vga module should have worked.05:13
unopmcnellis, can you open another instance of firefox?05:13
Wilabobundecim: Damn... I g2g then. Thanks for your help again.05:13
mcnellisunop: only if I launch with the profile manager and use a dif profile05:14
x_is there a program or terminal code to figure out how hot is my cpu fan?05:14
UpgradeOrNotFiReSTaRT: I remember trying 9.10 a while ago but I didn't like the theme and some of the apps crashed on me. But luckily I have support for all of my hardware, if I ever decided to upgrade in the future.05:14
jonas3sorry to ask about this (noob here) but i'm having trouble installing my samsung printer on jaunty...can anyone help?05:14
unopmcnellis, strange, guess a reboot is imminent then - it's probably the only thing you can do05:14
FiReSTaRTUpgradeOrNot: exactly.. hopefully they'll iron out the gnome bugs by 10.04.. keeping 9.10 on my media center though.. there it's perfect05:15
mcnellisk thanks for your help unop Out_Cold .... brb :)05:15
freaky[t]is there any good note taking & sharing tool?05:15
chucheIt should be automatically recognized once you plug it in. Of course it isn't going to notifiy a la Windows but you can try printing in OpenOffice.05:15
x_is there a program or terminal code to figure out how hot is cpu?05:15
chucheThere you will see it detected.05:15
jonas3i did that already but it says CUPS scheduling is not running..05:15
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=== brishu_ is now known as brishu
blakkheimfreaky[t]: vi05:16
freaky[t]blakkheim i dont want to use vi for that05:17
freaky[t]i mean for gnome05:17
FiReSTaRTUpgradeOrNot: maybe i should just turn off upgrades.. an upgrade screwed up the suspend function for me when i was running on hardy :P05:17
Out_Coldyipeee.... new movie downloaded... see ya all later05:17
fatfacein gnome is there any way to change the color of the scrollbar?05:17
chu_what's wrong with vi?05:18
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:18
unopfreaky[t], zim05:18
jonas3any advice on how to run CUPS scheduler?05:18
unop!info zim05:18
ubottuzim (source: zim): graphical text editor based on wiki technologies. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.28-1 (karmic), package size 541 kB, installed size 2004 kB05:18
UpgradeOrNotFiReSTaRT: Hopefully nothing messes up my configuration because I turned on automatic security upgrades. :P05:18
freaky[t]unop thanks05:19
freaky[t]ill reboot into linux now05:19
freaky[t]and see what zim can do ;D05:19
DarkedgeHow do I check what commands (Terminal) are provided in a Debian Package?05:19
isiahi am ssh-ing into a server. Typing firefox & results in "Error: No display specified" I have tried using "-o ForwardX11=yes" to login it just freezes up.05:19
FlannelDarkedge: Have you already installed it?05:19
blakkheimisiah: why not just use ssh as a proxy for your local firefox?05:19
mith_true, so much easier05:20
DarkedgeFlannel: yes05:20
FiReSTaRTUpgradeOrNot: usually doesn't.. im probably the only one with such luck :P05:20
FlannelDarkedge: `dpkg -l | grep bin` would likely list everything. (dpkg -l lists all the files in the package)05:21
braintorchIf I run "ps -A" command, "CMD" column is too narrow and cuts programs names. Anybody knows how to fix that? Please?05:23
jonas3CUPS Server Error....the CUPS scheduler is not running....05:24
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jonas3can someone help me?? really dont have any idea...noob here so sorry05:25
hari_HEY HI :-)05:25
chu_hey hari_05:25
hari_After fixing my printer PROBLEM WHEN THE COMMAND TO PRINT CUPS does not print and I get this message after trying to see what the PROBLEM05:26
blakkheimhari_: is your caps lock key stuck?05:26
=== brishu is now known as angelus
soniumI just rm -R deleted a directory with my whole coding work in it. is there a way to recover this?05:27
chu_Why would you do something like that.05:27
DarkedgeFlannel: Thanks! :)05:27
valindil89ad another computer to the ubuntu network! w00t!05:27
isiahsonium: I would look into shutting off the computer, running a liveCD, and trying to get a data recovery program05:28
meowbuntuanyone used ubun-student before whats it like05:28
hari_Page 1 (Scheduler not running?):05:29
hari_{'cups_connection_failure': False}05:29
hari_Page 2 (Choose printer):05:29
hari_{'cups_dests_available': [('HP-Deskjet-D2300-series', None)],05:29
hari_ 'cups_queue_listed': False}05:29
FloodBot1hari_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:29
hari_Page 3 (Local or remote?):05:29
chu_I thought Ubuntu Tweak was better, meowbuntu05:29
x_is there a program or terminal code to figure out how hot is cpu?05:29
mith_hari_: are you not using the hplip drivers?05:29
blakkheimx_: install lmsensors and run "sensors" once it's setup05:29
Night0wlis wine the best application of it's kind for ubuntu?05:30
hari_yeah i'm using this drivers05:31
x_blakkheim couldn't find package lmsensors05:31
x_blakkheim i sudo apt-get install lmsensors05:31
jamiejacksonwhat might be the problem with this kernel package installation error? http://jamiejackson.pastebin.com/f3975c28505:32
stewi don't believe there is any other appliation of wine's kind05:32
Night0wlstew: i need something to run just one individual windows program- this is the thing right?05:32
hari_but i don't  know happened05:32
chucheYeah, in that case, this is the thing.05:32
stewNight0wl: yes05:32
Night0wl:) thanks05:32
bastid_raZorx_: acpi -Vf05:32
powertool08Night0wl: I think cedega is a wine-like program, but its not free.05:33
hari_you know mith_05:33
meowbuntuanyone used ubun-student before whats it like05:35
chu_meowbuntu: It's basically like Ubuntu Tweak.05:36
x_bastid_raZor so do i sudo apt-get install acpi ?05:37
bastid_raZorx_: no, that should be a terminal command05:37
meowbuntuok whats better ubun-student or ubuntu tweek05:38
chu_meowbuntu: Well, I thought Ubuntu Tweak is a more mature version.05:38
Xaeroso, is 9.10 really unstable, or am I somehow retarded, twice now (once on laptop, second on desktop) it has gotten finnicky with Nvidia graphics drivers, softlocked, and then will not allow me to use the glx module at all after uninstall/reinstall of graphics drivers and reconfiguring in xorg.conf05:39
x_bastid_raZor i did sudo apt-get install acpi , then i did acpi -Vf it said cooling 0: proccessor 0 of 005:39
arghh2d29.10 blows, wait for 10.04 lts to upgrade05:39
chu_nvidia card here, running 9.10, no issues. Retardation is a possibility? :p05:39
arghh2d2thought everybody knew that by now05:39
arghh2d29.10 is the retard05:40
jonzbcc.. I have no issues with 9.1005:40
arghh2d2so what05:40
arghh2d2you got lucky05:40
bguptaWOndering if there is an official howto to install KDE in Jaunty, and be able to easily switch back and forth between gnome and kde?05:40
bastid_raZorx_: i have lm-sensors installed and set up.. that may be the difference.05:40
arghh2d2not everybody has your hardwared05:40
Xaerochu_ running completely stable? no random compiz lag -> video corruption -> soft lock ->reboot into no working x display and tracing it to the nvidia binary being corrupted, and having to reinstall?05:40
jonzbccright, me and a ton of other people.05:40
x_bastid_raZor how i install lm-sensors05:41
chu_Xaero: No issues at all fortunately.05:41
DiverdudeIn ubuntu, i have to go to places->MyDriveLetter in order to mount the drive. Can i somehow make this happen automatically when i log in instead?05:41
ouyesbgupta, i dont think so05:41
Xaerochu_ I'm running a gtx 295, and dual 8600m's and somehow its just acting up consistantly05:41
powertool08bgupta: sudo apt-get install kde-desktop to install it.05:41
x_bastid_raZor i did sudo apt-get install lmsensors and its not in there05:41
XaeroI still havn't been able to get GLX working again after it does this05:41
chu_I guess I'm pretty light on the eye-candy (I only use this expose thing), but yeah seems to be fine.05:41
powertool08!kde > powertool0805:41
ubottupowertool08, please see my private message05:41
geevhelp me with this error "E: linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-26-generic: subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 1"05:41
dandamansorry, whats the command in the terminal to show all your processes and how much processing power they're using?05:41
bguptapowertool08: thanks!05:41
chucheYou can make them mount automatically.05:42
jamiejacksonwhat might be the problem with this kernel package installation error? http://jamiejackson.pastebin.com/f3975c285 <= it has apt all gummed up05:42
VossXaero, what nvidia driver?05:42
Xaerospits out about 10000000 Missing GLX extension messages, even though the glx module is in my xorg.conf ><05:42
NFischerWhats the difference between "command &" and "command & disown"? it has the same effect as it seems..?05:42
bastid_raZorx_: lm-sensors05:42
chucheDownload a package in Synaptic called pysdm.05:42
chu_I'm not entirely sure what I am speaking of, but I heard something about 9.10 "moving" away from the xoeg.conf? I don't know, I just remember some people taking about it perhaps.05:42
powertool08bgupta: I was wrong, its kubuntu-desktop not kde-desktop05:42
chucheThe program calls itself Storage Device Manager.05:42
XaeroVoss, I used both the driver reccomended by the "restricted drivers" app and the latest Nvidia card05:42
jonzbccdandaman: ps (actually, I like top)05:42
powertool08!kde > bgupta05:42
ubottubgupta, please see my private message05:42
Xaeroer Nvidia drivers05:42
Hilikusis there any setting to start emacs NOT in split mode?05:42
neildHi just got a computer with a Intel Celeron E3200 CPU... should I use the 64bit version of ubuntu?05:43
VossXaero, ok which versions are those?05:43
Xaeroneild: no05:43
chucheNot with a celeron.05:43
powertool08bgupta: As far as switching, last time I used gdm it had an option at the login screen to change your session.05:43
Xaerovoss: lemme check05:43
x_bastid_raZor what is the command to run it?05:43
bastid_raZorx_: you have it installed?05:43
x_bastid_raZor ya05:43
bastid_raZor!lm-sensors | x_05:43
ubottux_: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.05:43
bguptapowertool08: That's what I thought.05:44
XaeroVoss: 185.xx (doesnt say in restricted-drivers) & not sure about the newer driver that I installed, i deleted the installer after I rolled back to this driver05:44
bastid_raZorx_: that site can give you much more detailed information.05:44
meowbuntuneighter ubun-student or ubuntu tweak are in repos05:44
VossXaero, so which one is working?05:44
meowbuntu^ or synaptic05:44
neildXaero: thanks05:44
powertool08bgupta: Just a warning, the kubuntu package will install alot of stuff, libraries, programs, etc.05:44
chu_meowbuntu: Not sure how I got it. Google for ubuntu tweak .deb ?05:44
XaeroVoss: both of them worked fine, for a while, and eventually it starts to hiccup (GPU less than 60C) and eventually graphics stutter and it soft-locks05:45
bguptapowertool08: I know, I did it once (what seems like) ages ago with gutsy.. just been awhile.05:45
bguptapowertool08: thanks again05:45
powertool08bgupta: no problem05:45
NFischerWhats the difference between "command &" and "command & disown"? it has the same effect as it seems..?05:46
XaeroVoss: after rebooting, i get an unusable display error from X, and even after reconfiguring X it doesnt work correctly, but theres an error about loading the Nvidia kernel  module, so I assumed it probably got corrupted somehow, and just purged & reinstalled the driver to get back in to a live X session05:46
VossXaero, what program are you running when it does that?05:46
meowbuntusudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubun-student/ppa does not work in ubuntu 9.1005:46
tcarterCan anyone tell me why when i use ctrl+alt+f1 and try to login i get an incorrect login message05:47
meowbuntu^ im trying to install this http://pastie.org/77455205:47
arghh2d2tcarter: mispelled something?05:47
arghh2d2tcarter: caps lock is on?05:48
XaeroVoss: the four or five times its happened, its been different programs, the only common factor is compiz. Its crashed on gmplayer; Totem; a game via Wine; and while doing some GPU-accelerated folding05:48
tcarterarghh2d2, nope neither of those05:48
Vossxaero, then turn off desktop effects05:48
ouyeswhen i watch a movie 720p(1280*720) i see two black bar on the top and the bottom of my screen, but my resolution was 1280*800, there should be only 80 pixels black ? what is wrong?05:48
ardchoilleWait, there's an easier way to add a PPA in Karmic than manually editing sources.list?!05:49
meowbuntuhello any ideas y these commands wont work05:49
XaeroVoss: I still don't see how compiz could possibly be causing the issue, its never given me issues with this GPU before... ><05:49
ardchoilleWhen did that happen?05:49
jamiejacksonHow do I debug this apt-get kernel package installation error? http://jamiejackson.pastebin.com/f3975c285 Is there a way to look at the init script of the package, or something?05:49
fata_errohi my server is getting hack attempts lots and i would like to stop uneeded services can anyone help? Here is my service list http://pastie.org/77458105:49
XaeroVoss: I'll try that for a while, however, I still am unable to get my GLX module to load again05:49
ouyesanybody can explain it to me?05:49
meowbuntuardchoille, how can i do that05:49
FlynsarmyIs there an implimentation of pulseaudio for win7? I had a working one for XP but it doesn't seem to work on 7...05:50
ardchoillemeowbuntu: No idea, this is new to me too05:50
edbianfata_erro: What makes you say you're getting hack attempts?05:50
ouyesFlynsarmy,  ubuntu channel mat05:50
Flynsarmyouyes, figured ubuntu guys would have more of a clue than windows guys05:50
zvacetmeowbuntu : if you added repo then  sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 9320B41C  sudo apt-get update05:50
fata_erroedbian: logs05:50
arghh2d2fata_erro: paste the logs05:51
ouyesFlynsarmy,  you are right , ok05:51
neildCan the desktop version allow you to create and install to a RAID 1 setup?05:51
undecimfata_erro: You are getting a lot of hits on your SSH server, huh?05:51
edbianfata_erro: Are you talking about ssh login attempts?05:51
fata_erroya /var/log/auth.log05:51
edbianfata_erro: Check out this neat little package: "denyhosts"05:51
fata_erroand my site logs05:52
edbianfata_erro: I use it for denying ssh hackers.  It's great!05:52
meowbuntuardchoille, zvacet its ok i had a typo its installing now05:52
fata_erroi'm getting 4 - 10 diff people a day05:53
ardchoillemeowbuntu: so all you have to do to add a ppa is sudo apt-add ppa?05:53
Hosejoin ubuntu.pl05:53
undecimfata_erro: SSH servers get attacked a lot. I run my ssh server on a non-standard port to prevent this.05:53
* powertool08 seconds the non-standard port idea, coupled with denyhosts05:53
undecimfata_erro: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/InstallingConfiguringTesting#Start%20sshd%20on%20a%20Different%20Listening%20Port05:54
powertool08fata_erro: And pubkey authentication only. I feel fairly safe between those three.05:54
XaeroVoss: I just updated to 190.53, and... well, i think they need to change which driver they reccomend as the default for 9.1005:54
meowbuntuaryes just like in the pastie i sent05:54
XaeroVoss: the video is smoother than it has been since I installed Karmic05:55
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!05:55
nightsjammiesOh good. Finally.05:55
fata_errothanks for the tips i going to get denyhosts running05:55
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.05:55
powertool08fata_erro: There's also fail2ban, similar to denyhosts but I've never tried it.05:56
nightsjammiesI got a Microsoft wireless mouse from a pawn shop today, and at first it worked, but now, nothing.05:56
nightsjammiesI know the battery is good. Do I need to install any libs for it to work?05:56
Parabolahotplug should take care of it05:57
powertool08fata_erro: I think it comes this way by default, but double check sshd_config for Permit Root = no and Protocol = 2, protocol 1 is weak and well, root shouldn't be logging in.05:57
Parabolado you have anything else in the room thats wireless?05:57
Parabolapretty much everything runs at 2.4ghz05:57
Parabolaalso, you could try another PC, or at least another USB port05:58
nightsjammiesNo, I don't think so.05:58
nivaswhat does mean Time to Live???05:58
ikaro007hi i have a problem with my laptop toshiba, when i use ubuntu 910, the machine gets very warm and it doesnt happen when i use windows05:58
j03lar50nso I have two servers (both with small HDD's 30GB). i want to tar compress a folder on one but store the archive on the other. how do i command this via ssh?05:59
j03lar50nikaro007 maybe your fan controller isn't recognized in Ubuntu?05:59
powertool08nivas: Every time a packet goes through a switch or router, its time to live is reduced by one.05:59
Parabolaj03lar50n good call05:59
Parabolanightsjammies, just try it05:59
Parabolayou bought a mouse at a pawn shop, it may just be broken06:00
nightsjammiesI did just try it.06:00
powertool08nivas: If this number is too small and the packet hits lots of routers and the ttl hits 0, the packet times out and fails.06:00
nightsjammiesI know. It was only a few bucks.06:00
Parabolathe fact that its wireless doesnt matter06:00
=== cpg|brb is now known as cpg
nightsjammiesI tried another port06:00
Parabolathe receiver does that bit :)06:00
Parabolado you have another computer you can try it on06:00
ikaro007j03lar50n, what can i do06:00
nivaspowertool08: Thanku06:00
nightsjammiesI just tried to connect using the connect buttons.06:00
ouyeswhen i watch a movie 720p(1280*720) i see two black bar on the top and the bottom of my screen, but my resolution was 1280*800, there should be only 80 pixels black ? what is wrong?06:00
Parabolaouyes lol...06:01
ouyesParabola, what? lol what you mean ,06:01
j03lar50nmaybe look into what fan controller/device you have - see if it has support in Ubuntu. Try to obtain that info in Windows via Device Manager or SIW. That's about all I know though sorry06:01
ouyeslaugh out loud?06:02
ouyesParabola, laugh out loud?06:02
nightsjammieswhat's hotplug?06:03
ouyesParabola, what does lol stand for anyway?06:03
powertool08ouyes: Maybe its playing in another aspect ratio? There's 16:9 and 16:? something else close to 16:9, but different enough for bars.06:03
powertool08ouyes: laugh out loud.06:03
Flannelpowertool08: 16:10 is the other one06:04
ouyesParabola,  why you say this to me?06:04
Junkyardpidgin ubuntu packages not working 404 error!!!06:04
powertool08Flannel: Thanks, I knew it was really close.06:04
bullgardTwo Ubuntu 9.10 computers. On both says Update Manager: "Your system is up-to-date." Still, one presents a 'man update-grub' of 2001, the other of 2009. Why is the former not up-to-date?06:04
JunkyardNot sure why... Is there any alternate way to install pidgin06:04
Flannelbullgard: Are you sure they're both 9.10? and the old one isn't 8.04?06:04
j03lar50nI have two (remote) servers at work. Both have small HDD's, 30GB, and I can't fit the tar archive of the folder I want to compress on the server it's on. What command can I pass through SSH to archive the folder from one server to the other?06:04
ouyesParabola,  are you a robot?06:04
edbian_Junkyard, Go to their website and get the source code or a .deb06:05
brishuJunkyard, yes there is, you can get the .deb from http://www.pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/06:05
NFischerive just installed nmap manually.. it works, but i cant deinstall it via dpkg -r it says, its not installed Oo06:06
meowbuntuhi i got this error http://imagebin.ca/view/YvZ8gkY.html when installoing the .deb package from http://code.google.com/p/ailurus/downloads/list06:06
sleepy-cathow to create a new user(administrator) from the terminal06:06
sleepy-cati tried with useradd -D user106:06
sleepy-catdid not work06:06
ikaro007j03lar50n, im looking trough web and day about im sensors, i installed allready and say /usr/sbin/pwmconfig: No sensors found! (modprobe sensor modules?06:07
powertool08NFischer: If you install from source it won't show up in apt unless you used checkinstall06:07
palluhow can i add a nested X session on my desktop?06:07
NFischerpowertool08, shoots.. how can i deinstall then?06:07
Flannelsleepy-cat: use adduser instead.  And it's easier to just use a two step process.  One to create the user (adduser username) then the next to add them to the admin group (adduser username admin)06:07
palluhello every one06:07
powertool08NFischer: You have to uninstall with 'make uninstall' in the same directory you ran 'make install'06:07
NFischeri see06:08
meowbuntui am stuck on that06:08
sleepy-catFlannel,  that will make him the admin ?06:08
powertool08You're welcome06:08
meowbuntua.deb package should just install right06:08
Flannelsleepy-cat: That'll give them access to sudo, yes.06:08
sleepy-catthanks Flannel06:08
Richturdhey gayasses06:08
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RichturdI have a question06:08
Flannelsleepy-cat: If you're in the admin group, you can use sudo (by default, you can change this, etc, etc)06:08
FlannelRichturd: Please watch your tone06:08
pallui don't want to have to log out to open a new session i don't know what  the progam that im missing is called so can some one point me in the right direction?06:08
=== gregorio is now known as Guest82054
DiverdudeIn ubuntu, i have to go to places->MyDriveLetter in order to mount the drive. Can i somehow make this happen automatically when i log in instead?06:12
puntois there an alternative to update-manager? it doesn't work (says it can't find pygtk)06:12
Flannelpunto: for day-to-day updates?06:12
nightsjammiesOkay, so no ideas? Maybe something else I need to install?06:12
Flannelpunto: or for moving from one version of Ubuntu to the next?06:12
arghh2d2ExxonValdeez: Diverdude tried altering /etc/fstab?06:13
nightsjammiesOh, and does anyone in here use devede?06:13
arghh2d2Diverdude tried altering /etc/fstab?06:13
FlannelDiverdude: Adding it to your fstab will work, yeah.06:13
arghh2d2sorry ExxonValdeez06:13
DiverdudeAHH OK06:13
meowbuntuhow do i get ubuntu tweek06:14
elitecoderIs there a problem with pppd in ubuntu 9.10?06:14
elitecoderTrying to get pptp working for a vpn06:14
elitecoderand god it's a pain06:15
allooshhi, whats up with quanta and sftp? after updating to 9.10 its not letting me connect? this is really not good06:15
elitecoderI keep getting GRE: Bad checksum from pppd.06:15
SillyTalkerwhy in gadsname is there no link to the 64bit version on the website???06:15
FlannelSillyTalker: There is, on the download page06:15
SillyTalkeri need to google myself the latest 64bit version...06:15
SillyTalkerFlannel: where did they hide it?06:16
FlannelSillyTalker: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download  radio buttons on the right hand side select your version06:16
eminorhello :)06:16
FlannelSillyTalker: Also, every mirror has them along side the 32bit ones (if you just jump to a mirror file list instead)06:16
SillyTalkerFlannel: seriously there is no radiobutton, only a dropdown to select the server06:16
rwwSillyTalker: Click "Alternative download options, including Ubuntu installer for Windows"06:17
FlannelSillyTalker: Under that, there's a radio button for ... hmm, ok, apparently with javascript enabled it hides it by default.  hit "alternative download options" and then it shows up06:17
SillyTalkerrww: aaaaaaaaaah :) i didnt notice that, they should make that a bit clearer imho06:18
SillyTalkerFlannel: thanx i found it, rww was correct06:18
nivasTomcat package download???06:19
Raji have a iso file i need to burn it to CD in Ubuntu..  ?06:19
FlannelRaj: Right click, "burn to disc"06:19
edbian_Raj, Use brasero :)06:19
SillyTalkerwhere can i get info on how to create a .deb according to the rules?06:19
FlannelSillyTalker: #ubuntu-motu has info in the topic06:19
meowbuntuis it a good idea to use package cleaner on ubuntu tweek06:20
SillyTalkerFlannel: ok thanx again06:20
nightsjammiesHey, I've got a question. I want to install linux on an old gateway tower. I'm not sure how old it is, but it has a sticker on it thsat says something about windows NT. Which ditro should I use?06:20
edbian_nightsjammies, Try the Ubuntu live CD and see how it runs.  If Ubuntu is too much for it look at DSL or Puppy ;)06:20
kinja-sheepnightsjammies: Make it a server. :)06:20
edbian_DSL = Damn Small Linux06:20
nulledWine is completely uniqiue, so ya06:21
nightsjammiesWhat is the closest to Ubunut?06:21
edbian_nightsjammies, DSL and Puppy are both pretty equally far from Ubuntu in my opinion.  If you're looking for a lightweight ubuntu I suggest xbuntu06:22
edbian_nightsjammies, Yep :)  Ubuntu with xfce06:23
rwwnightsjammies: Ubuntu Server is the closest server distribution to Ubuntu :\06:23
edbian_nightsjammies, Ubuntu Server is Ubuntu ;)06:23
nightsjammiesI've never used a server before.06:23
nightsjammiesAnd okay.06:23
kinja-sheepedbian_: Xubuntu is not lightweight IMO. :<06:23
edbian_kinja-sheep, It's more lightweight than gnome isn't it?06:24
nightsjammiesShould I go with 9.10?06:24
rwwedbian_: not particularly06:24
Rajhow can i verfiy a iso file ?06:24
rww!md5 | Raj06:24
ubottuRaj: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:24
kinja-sheepedbian_: XFCE, sure. Xubuntu, no. :P06:25
DrManhattanmy ubuntu install doesn't recognize my ide cdrom - intel g31 chipset with an sata HD - is there a solution for this yet?06:26
DrManhattanits a dual boot with win7 and win7 has no issues with the cdrom06:26
nightsjammiesShoot, still no luck with mouse.06:26
kinja-sheepDrManhattan: You got more than one CDROM?06:27
DrManhattanthere's nothing physically wrong with the drive.06:27
kinja-sheepDrManhattan: Same thing for me. I wasn't able to install it using first drive but I could make do with second drive. Weird issue, I know.06:28
DrManhattanI got it installed using a usb drive06:28
DrManhattanbut I would like to enable the drive in my OS06:28
Dravekxhow do I uninstall something Ive installed?06:29
arghh2d2win7 is a little b!tch that likes to mess with linux installs06:29
infidi created /home/infid/bin and put a program in it but it's not being read by my path. any idea why?06:29
edbian_Dravekx, There are mutliple options.  Would you like to know the GUI way or the CLI way?06:29
infidi know i can add it to my PATH but shouldnt linux do this by deafult06:29
powertool08infid: You have to adjust your $PATH variable, or you could symlink it to the /usr/bin folder.06:30
Dravekxedbian_, via ssh... i installed using sudo apt-get install... hwodo I uninstall?06:30
edbian_Dravekx, sudo apt-get remove <packageName>06:30
FlannelDravekx: sudo apt-get remove --purge ...06:30
edbian_Dravekx, sudo apt-get purge <package> will remove the configuration files as well06:30
edbian_Dravekx, Configuration files are usually found in /etc06:31
Dravekxk. :)06:31
edbian_Dravekx, No problem06:32
powertool08Speaking of /etc, whats the best way to backup those config files? /home is easy, I want to keep everything in it. However I can do without a large number of the files in /etc.06:32
Flannelpowertool08: Did you manually change anything in /etc?06:32
macopowertool08: i usually backup all of /etc anyway. its only a couple mb total06:33
edbian_powertool08, They might be a large number of files in /etc but the actual size on the disc is probably relatively small06:33
powertool08Flannel: A few things. Enough that I don't want to list them for backup one at a time unless I have to, but not enough to grab the whole directory.06:33
kinja-sheeppowertool08: 10MB at most.06:33
macopowertool08: mine is 18mb06:33
infidpowertool08: ubuntu's ~/.profile already has code that sets PATH to include $HOME/bin if it exists, yet it doesnt seem to work for me06:33
infidpowertool08: nm i have to resource it06:34
macopowertool08: (i also have a lot of stuff installed)06:34
Flannelpowertool08: If they're just minor changes, it might just be worth it to note the changes in a text file in your home.  And yes, as other people have said, etc is rather small.06:34
powertool08maco: This is true, I was just thinking, lots of files, more space taken than necessary.06:34
arghh2d2powertool08: /var/cache/06:35
powertool08arghh2d2: What about it?06:36
arghh2d2powertool08: i thought you were looking for directories taking up unnessecary space06:38
bullgardFlannel: On both computers: '~$ lsb_release -a; No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu; Description: Ubuntu 9.10; Release: 9.10; Codename: karmic'06:38
powertool08arghh2d2: No, just complaining about the lack of efficiency in backing up all of /etc for just a few files. Then I was reminded of how little /etc is. :)06:39
arghh2d2yeah, /etc is mostly made up of little text files06:40
Dextronaughtppl awake? I need some help on something really easy.06:41
powertool08arghh2d2: Yep, not sure why that didn't occur to me. I guess I just figured why backup the stuff I don't want to restore.06:41
Flannelbullgard: Alright, can you pastebin the output (of the machine with old grub man page) of the following: uname -a && apt-cache policy grub libc606:42
powertool08Dextronaught: We'll be the judge of that :p06:42
DextronaughtI need to connect to my vpn06:42
DextronaughtI'm on ubuntu06:42
Dextronaughtit's not an option to add...?06:42
Dextronaughtlike... top-right, I click configure VPNs or w/e06:43
Dextronaughtand... the Add tab is grey06:43
DextronaughtI just installed ubuntu today, am I missing some drivers?06:43
powertool08Dextronaught: Maybe a vpn client isn't installed?06:43
Dextronaughtknow any?06:43
Dextronaughtlike, good names06:43
powertool08Dextronaught: I used a command line one, vpnc IIRC.06:44
SeveasDextronaught, network-manager-openvpn and network-manager-vpnc for openvpn resp. cisco vpn06:44
arghh2d2powertool08: i have two 6.5 gb partitions for /  i just back everything up except for /home06:44
Dextronaughtok, 1 second, and ty btw06:44
SeveasDextronaught, if you have a different vpn (juniper crap for example), you're out of luck06:45
powertool08arghh2d2: Except home? All your personal files on a different file server or something? Or do you just not care if you lose them?06:45
jacksonis there a way to install multiple operating systems from a single flash drive?06:46
=== v3-user is now known as Sagaci
Dextronaughtuhh, Seveas, I pay for one from ipredator, those guys from piratebay06:47
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.06:47
meowbuntuis it a good idea to use package cleaner on ubuntu tweek06:47
asddhow do i see all the hidden folders ? '." ?06:47
jacksoninstall / boot06:47
Dextronaughtumm, Idk what you mean by network-manager06:47
Dextronaughtwhere's that?06:47
kinja-sheepasdd: CTRL + H in nautilus06:47
arghh2d2powertool08: /home is on a seperate partition so the only way i'll lose it is if the harddrive physically dies06:47
kinja-sheepjackson: http://www.panticz.de/MultiBootUSB06:47
powertool08arghh2d2: Ok, hope your drive doesn't die then.06:48
SeveasDextronaught, looks like pptp. Better google a howto for that. I haven't seen it before but it's definitely not handled by the plugins I mentioned.06:48
powertool08asdd: ls -a in a terminal06:48
c_nicki want to connect to a remote computer.. i need to figure out the host name there.. how should i do that06:48
Dravekxanyone using joomla?06:49
macoc_nick: ask its owner?06:49
kinja-sheepc_nick: Check out the IP in web router configuration06:49
Dextronaughtok, thanks Seveas06:49
jacksonkinja-sheep, does this only apply to linux distros?  can you boot a windows iso also?06:49
c_nickno i dont want to connect using the ip address06:49
puntoFlannel: for moving to a new version of ubuntu (kubuntu actually)06:49
SeveasQ: Which protocols may I use to connect to Ipredator? Does protocols like OpenVPN or SSL connections work?06:49
SeveasA: Currentley we only offer connections using the PPTP protocol. However, we are looking into offering additional protocols in the future.06:49
c_nicki am trying to figure out my own host name :D06:49
SeveasDextronaught, so it's pptp. there's network-manager-pptp I believe. It may work06:50
kinja-sheepjackson: I don't know. I don't use Windows. (and I'm not sure if you can boot Windows off USB.) Ask ##windows for that one.06:50
macoc_nick: type "hostname" on that computer then06:50
c_nicki can connect to myself using username@ipaddress.. but i would like to have the host name too06:50
firefly2442I need help forcefully removing a package: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d42194fee06:50
Awesome3000is there any reason to use the latest kernal06:50
bullgardFlannel: http://pastebin.com/f3b062d5106:50
macoAwesome3000: if you know that some hardware you need is supported in it but not in whatever kernel you're currently using, yes06:50
firefly2442I've tried some of these options already : http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/4891006:51
chu_Awesome3000: More likely to support newer hardware in some cases? For instance, in newer kernels there's a lot of interest in wireless and acpi improvements, this isn't in older versions so much06:51
powertool08c_nick: You can use 'whois ipaddy' to find out the dns name of it.06:51
Awesome3000maco  actually the latest kernal is causing a driver error06:51
git__acpi still an issue in Ubuntu 9.106:51
macoAwesome3000: ooh fun. file bug?06:51
c_nickthanks maco06:51
macoc_nick: np06:52
roothi all06:53
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asddwhere is the XORG file located ?06:54
Awesome3000root Hi06:54
powertool08asdd: /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:54
macoasdd: by default there is no xorg.conf, however if you wish to create one, put it in /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:54
DextronaughtSeveas, pardon my ignorance, where can I find network-manager-pptp? synaptic says it's already installed, but I cain't find it06:55
macoDextronaught: it should have enabled more of the buttons inside network manager06:55
macoDextronaught: its not a separate program06:55
Dextronaughto ok06:55
a|3xi have compiled the kernel but the initrd image is 46 mb and doesn't fit on my boot partitions, any ideas what i could do?06:55
Dextronaughtyay :D06:55
Spectral_Hi, i have recently done a new install of the latest ubuntu and it won't display the desktop. I can switch to consoles using cntrl+alt+# but the desktop (cntrl+alt_f7) gives me an "out of range" message.06:55
Dextronaughtthanks guys06:56
Awesome3000Spectral_  try startx  on another terminal06:56
Spectral_anyone got any ideas of how i can fix?06:56
macoSpectral_: i think you need to make an /etc/X11/xorg.conf with the right settings for your monitor06:56
ThatGuyOverThereI'm having a problem with my laptop's webcam. Can anyone help?06:57
Spectral_ok, what is the best way to go about this? I'm fairly new to linux still06:57
macoi dont know :-/ i havent had to worry about xorg.conf much in the last 2 years06:57
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:57
ardchoilleSpectral_: there's a good page right there ^^06:58
Spectral_awesome thankss for that guys!06:58
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras06:58
Spectral_i'll have a read and see if i can fix my issues06:58
SillyTalker"VirtualBox can't operate in VMX root mode. Please disable the KVM kernel extension, recompile your kernel and reboot (VERR_VMX_IN_VMX_ROOT_MODE). "06:58
SillyTalkeris that ubuntu related?06:58
ThatGuyOverThereAlright, let me be more specific.06:58
macoi need to stop buying working hardware. i'm getting really out of practice.  or i need to try gentoo...06:58
SillyTalkeri didnt install kvm or anything06:58
ardchoillemaco: Same here06:59
ThatGuyOverThereI think I have a problem with the driver.06:59
ThatGuyOverThereI can get video from my webcam but it's upside down.06:59
macoThatGuyOverThere: oh oh just a second06:59
macoi have something about that in my email, lemme find it06:59
ardchoilleI installed Karmic yesterday and my biggest problem has been deciding which gtk theme to use06:59
SillyTalkerThatGuyOverThere: you can reverse it realtime with a cam program07:00
kaushalI am facing the issue http://paste.ubuntu.com/355372/07:00
ThatGuyOverThereDo you mean something that's specific to the program I'm using?07:00
SillyTalkerThatGuyOverThere: sudo apt-get install cheese07:00
=== sandeep is now known as Guest59877
ThatGuyOverThereYeah, that doesn't help.07:00
ThatGuyOverThereI know I can just turn the upside down effect on, but that doesn't help me for video chat.07:01
ThatGuyOverThereThank you, though.07:01
Awesome3000kaushal  first fix the can't resolve host error07:01
SillyTalkerThatGuyOverThere: maybe with a good client lol07:01
kaushalAwesome3000: sure07:02
ThatGuyOverThereWell, as far as I can tell, there are no good video IM clients for Ubuntu. :(07:02
macoThatGuyOverThere: what happens if you do this "echo 0 >/sys/class/video4linux/video0/vflip" ?07:02
ThatGuyOverThereActually, I like TokBox for Adobe Air, but it doesn't give me the option to flip the video, obviously.07:02
macoThatGuyOverThere: if nothing, try 1 instead of -07:02
ThatGuyOverThereMaco: I'll give it a try.07:02
macoThatGuyOverThere: instead of 0, i mean07:02
ThatGuyOverTherebash: /sys/class/video4linux/video0/vflip: No such file or directory07:03
SillyTalkermaco: cooooool i didnt know that was possible07:03
powertool08SillyTalker: Maybe its this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox-ose/+bug/29258807:03
macoThatGuyOverThere: whats under /sys/class/video4linux/ ?07:03
ThatGuyOverThereMaco: replace both the 0's, or just in video0?07:03
macoThatGuyOverThere: the one you're echoing07:03
macoThatGuyOverThere: but if vflip doesnt exist we need to find the right path to it07:03
ThatGuyOverTherePretend I don't really know the command line that well. :)07:04
macoThatGuyOverThere: ls /sys/class/video4linux/07:04
macoThatGuyOverThere: does it have a video0 ?07:04
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: Now what?07:05
SillyTalkerpowertool08: yep, i was asking at #vbox too and they told me the same solution07:05
SillyTalkerpowertool08: thanx though07:05
macoThatGuyOverThere: ls /sys/class/video4linux/video007:05
powertool08SillyTalker: np07:06
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: dev  device  index  name  power  subsystem  uevent07:06
ThatGuyOverThereI feel like those are supposed to be column headers...?07:06
ThatGuyOverThereThere's nothing under them.07:06
SillyTalkernice no need to even reboot07:06
macoThatGuyOverThere: no, theyre not column headers. theyre a list of files and folders07:07
nick[0]does anyone know the name of that program that forks to background, and then matches new windows to rules, for the purpose of window resizing, location, etc...?  (I can't find it in my bookmarks, nor on google)07:07
powertool08Any midnight commander users? how do I switch between left/right columns?07:07
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: So I'm assuming the problem is there's no directory "vflip" in there which has the fix that I need?07:08
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nick[0]powertool08: http://www.givemefish.com/ArticlesAndBook/CheatSheets/GiveMeFish_CheatSheet_mc.php07:09
powertool08nick[0]: Thanks07:09
eminornick[0]: devilspie?07:09
Spectral_ok guys, big problem. When i boot from a fresh install i get: "Kernal Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown block(0,0). However if i use the 'older' option on grub it does work. Whats the deal?07:09
macoThatGuyOverThere: im seeing other people hitting its nonexistence too. hang on, im looking07:10
nick[0]eminor: yes, that's the one!  Thank you very much.07:10
hateballnick[0]: devilspie does not work with compiz tho, just a heads up07:11
macoThatGuyOverThere: that it doesnt autoflip the picture is a missing feature in the driver (my webcam flips when i rotate it, as it should), so you can file a bug on that, but... im sure there should be a way to set it on the fly07:11
eminornick[0]: np07:11
Jordan_Unick[0]: devispie?07:11
Jordan_Unick[0]: *devilspie07:11
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: :(07:12
macoThatGuyOverThere: hmm ok lets try this. "lsmod | grep gspca" whats that give?07:12
elvis321hi, does ubuntu provide any hotspot server software?07:12
nick[0]Jordan_U: burtonini.com/blog/computers/devilspie/07:12
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: No output.07:12
macoThatGuyOverThere: "lsmod | grep videodev" then07:13
Jordan_Unick[0]: Sorry, I was answering your question, I didn't see that someone else already had :)07:13
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: videodev               36736  1 uvcvideo07:13
docmaxhello, since some weeks standby on my laptop is working only sometimes. how can i fix it? the screen goes black, but the laptop doesent standy...07:13
ThatGuyOverTherev4l1_compat            14496  2 uvcvideo,videodev07:13
macoThatGuyOverThere: ah ok thanks07:13
sangho_Geek2i have a question about cron07:14
sangho_Geek2i fixed cron config by crontab -e07:14
macoThatGuyOverThere: knowing what driver you're using helps ;)07:14
sangho_Geek20 2 * * * su - root -c /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p'wldhxpr##' -e "PURGE MASTER LOGS BEFORE DATE_SUB(CURRENT_DATE, INTERVAL 7 DAY)"07:14
sangho_Geek2that password is test07:14
hateball!info devilspie | nick[0]07:14
ubottunick[0]: devilspie (source: devilspie): find windows and perform actions on them. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.22-1 (karmic), package size 28 kB, installed size 128 kB07:14
sangho_Geek2is it work well?07:14
nick[0]Jordan_U: oh, np ;-)  I wonder if I'm going to be able to use it to manipulate Citrix-created windows (which aren't Twinview aware...hence why I'd like to use devilspie to try to hack around it)07:14
hateballnick[0]: no reason to download/compile if it's in the repos already :)07:14
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: Hey, man, I don't even know how to figure out what driver I'm using in Windows, and I've been using that for years. :)07:15
ThatGuyOverThereProbably why I hate computers so much at times.07:15
macoThatGuyOverThere: its uvcvideo. that was the point of that command07:15
ThatGuyOverThereGood to know.07:15
=== ^kleanchap_ is now known as kleanchap
skylwhat's the absolute best sound card for linux at any price? (sry for the opinion question, but let's get down to business)07:16
meowbuntuhi how do i find the uuid of /dev/sda607:16
hateball!hcl | skyl07:17
ubottuskyl: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection07:17
geirhameowbuntu: sudo blkid /dev/sda607:17
macoThatGuyOverThere: try "sudo modprobe -r uvcvideo" then "sudo modprobe uvcvideo vflip=1"07:17
docmaxhello, since some weeks standby on my laptop is working only sometimes. how can i fix it? the screen goes black, but the laptop doesent standy...07:17
powertool08skyl: I have an Sound Blaster Audigy ZS 2 and I'm happy with it, its always been easy to setup (disabling the onboard sound was the hardest part) but I only have a 2.1 speaker system so I can't vouch for the other channels working or not.07:18
ThatGuyOverThereFATAL: Error inserting uvcvideo (/lib/modules/2.6.31-17-generic/kernel/drivers/media/video/uvc/uvcvideo.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)07:18
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: Oh dear.07:19
ThatGuyOverThereMy camera is no longer detected.07:19
macoThatGuyOverThere: dont worry07:19
nick[0]skyl: depends what you want to use it for...games, surround sound, upgradable opamps, for headphones?  for speakers?  spdif out?07:19
macoThatGuyOverThere: yes, because "modprobe -r" is unload the driver and then we were tyring to reload it with vflip=107:19
macoThatGuyOverThere: if you just "sudo modprobe uvcvideo" itll be back to normal07:19
ThatGuyOverThereOh. Okay.07:19
nick[0]skyl: recording?  low latency?  cleanest sound possible?07:20
skylnick[0], synthesis and recording with JACK mostly, right07:20
macoThatGuyOverThere: *pout* you might just be in "file a bug" mode, i'm sorry07:20
bullgardWhere to set the environment variable PAGER?07:20
skylI've got it pretty well working with the onboard sound but I suspect it could be better07:20
Jordan_Ubullgard: .profile07:21
nick[0]skyl: so you just need a card to monitor your synthesis, or do you need to use it to record?07:21
Jordan_Ubullgard: Or, for system wide, use update-alternatives07:21
skylnick[0], yeah, record, playback and record, mulitrack, ardour, jack, jack-rack, LADSPA, synthesizers07:21
ThatGuyOverThereI found a guide earlier that might help, but I didn't really understand the instructions.07:22
macoThatGuyOverThere: link?07:22
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83821007:22
skylrunning xlr + 1/4 inch would be a bonus07:22
Wytcan anyone help me with activating the "broadcom b43 wireless driver"?07:22
nick[0]skyl: does it need a midi interface?07:23
Jordan_UWyt: What happens when you try?07:23
ThatGuyOverThereIt's not very recent, but I was looking for solutions and it seems a lot of people who have Asus notebooks referred back to this guide.07:23
skylnick[0], midi is good but I have a little usb thing that works really fine for that07:23
Wytit just says "downloading and installing" but nothing happens07:23
Wytit still says its not activated07:23
nick[0]skyl: awesome.  that makes it easier07:23
Jordan_UWyt: Are you connected to the internet ( via ethernet ) ?07:23
macoThatGuyOverThere: yeah i came across that too and winced07:24
Wytdo i need to be07:24
Jordan_UWyt: Yes unfortunately ( for legal reasons )07:24
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: ?07:24
macoThatGuyOverThere: it involves patching and recompiling a kernel module....so it'd need to be redone after every kernel update :-/07:24
Wytfor legal reasons?07:25
ThatGuyOverTheremaco: That would be thoroughly unpleasant.07:25
nick[0]skyl: this is what my friend and I use -> http://www.m-audio.ca/products/en_ca/Delta44.html  ,which we found on ebay (wicked deal)  if you need XLR, the 192 or the 2496 might be more appropriate07:25
macoWyt: yes07:25
macoThatGuyOverThere: yeah...07:25
Jordan_UWyt: Broadcom won't allow Ubuntu to distribute the firmware needed for he b43 driver to work ( the driver itself is already installed )07:25
Wytfair enough, so you're saying if i hook it up to a wired connection it should be able to download and install/activate the driver on its own?07:25
Jordan_UWyt: Yes07:25
Wytooo gotcha07:26
Wytcool thanks man07:26
bastid_raZorJordan_U: where is that disclaimer located?07:26
nick[0]skyl: if you need help figuring out the million features of these card's mixers, subscribe to one of the ubuntu studio mailing lists07:27
skylnick[0], cool, thanks, that makes 2/2 for maudio07:27
skylso I guess that is the family; any suggestions about the pro/cons of pci vs usb vs .. whatever else there is?07:28
nick[0]skyl: they're less hassle than the alternatives ;-)  (part of my definition of "best")07:28
skyloh, yeah maudio07:29
bullgardJordan_U: '~$ update-alternatives --display PAGER; update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for PAGER.' --  '~$ cat .profile | grep PAGER' does not produce output.07:29
skylyeah, def don't want hassle, I'm throwing-away/giving-away/selling a nice echo layla that worked okay on linux a couple of years ago but since support has been dropped and recompiling alsa and whatnot burned me a couple of weeks ago07:30
nick[0]skyl: for serious audio production, don't use usb for anymore more than a monitor.  Some people say it's not even good enough for that.  This said, external electronics mean that there's less EMI interference07:30
Jordan_Ubullgard: Lower case for update-alternatives, and if you don't set $PAGER explicitly in .profile it uses the version set in update-alternatives07:30
Jordan_Ubullgard: So it's not there by default, you have to add "export PAGER=foo" yourself ( in ~/.profile )07:31
skylnick[0], but the firewire/pci/etc stuff works nearly as hassle free on linux?07:31
nick[0]skyl: I hate it when that happens...07:31
Jordan_Ubastid_raZor: "This firmware is copyrighted by Broadcom and it must be extracted from Broadcom's proprietary drivers. To get such firmware on your system, you must download the driver from a legal distribution point, as noted below." http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b4307:33
cUteku bth tmen07:33
bastid_raZorJordan_U: thank you.07:33
Jordan_Ubastid_raZor: np07:33
nick[0]skyl: the friend I set up with the m-audio 44 and ubuntu studio had never used linux before, and figured it out with a bit of googling and mailing list use (he's a guitaristist, not someone with extensive sysadmin/config experience)07:33
nick[0]skyl: this is Studio 8.04LTS 32bit though...it's worth finding out of anything newer causes issues, or if there are any weird 64bit driver bug (google)07:35
bullgardJordan_U: Excellent! lower case was the stumbling block. --  Thank you.07:36
Jordan_Ubullgard: np07:36
skylyeah, I think the next LTS is going to be amazing, 9.10 is the best yet for jack and general audio imo; it is pretty good with the onboard sound07:37
ardchoilleIs there any way to change the gdm theme in Karmic? I don't see a /usr/share/gdm/themes dir like there was in Jaunty07:40
Awesome3000Can package manager download multi files in parallel?07:41
nick[0]skyl: I'm definitely looking forward to it, and hope to settle down and use it until the LTS after it.  ('been chasing the in-between releases for the improving-though-sometimes-temporary-buggy-regresion laptop support)07:41
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:41
Polysicsfrivolous question: when i tried Kubuntu, i liked the Twitter client desklet. Is there anything like that for Gnome?07:41
Awesome3000Polysics  You might be able to download the kde one it should work on gnome07:42
Awesome3000Polysics  if you know what it is called07:42
AxD09I think you can install new themes by dragging the archive into the Appearance window's Theme tab07:42
Polysicsi will have to go and look at that :-)07:43
kritziardchoille, http://www.ubuntumini.com/2009/09/hack-karmics-gdm-login-screen.html07:43
c_nicki have got 7 files in my pendrive.. i want to delete 4 so is there a cmd which would bypass the other07:43
ardchoillekritzi: Thanks07:43
Awesome3000Polysics  was it the  KDE Micro-Blogging Client07:43
nick[0]Polysics: there might be a gdesklet or cairo-dock twitter...then there's gwibber, and twitux, neither which I've used07:44
PolysicsAwesome3000, yes, that was it07:44
Awesome3000In synaptic there are 21 packages when I shearch for Twitter07:44
Awesome3000Polysics  You should be able to run it under gnome07:44
kritziardchoille, if you also want to change the splash screen, you have to modify the images in /usr/share/images/xsplash07:45
nick[0]ardchoille: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GNOME#Configure07:46
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
maximo_am damn slept07:47
* nick[0] purged the Cylon xsplash07:47
chilli0Hello Ive installed ushare but the webinter face gets This Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:49200.07:48
chilli0I have enabled it07:48
kitcheyou sure that is its port that is a very high port number07:49
ardchoillekritzi , nick[0] I got it, I just wnated to remove the user list from the gdm screen and that was easy, no log out required07:49
chilli0kitche,  Thats the defult07:49
cjaeok I am using calibre to convert pdfs for my sony reader, it know lrf it the sony format, but I seems to be scrambling some of the paragraphs07:50
cjaeepub too07:50
chilli0kitche,  I changet it to 200 and same thing07:50
cjaebut the pdf's are ok in okular and such07:51
cjaeanyone know of a good channel to ask my question07:54
=== marius is now known as Guest42374
Guest42374ma poate ajuta careva?07:56
powertool08ardchoille: How did you check that the user list was removed without logging out?07:57
c_nickhow can i delete everything off my pendrive except one file07:57
Awesome3000c_nick  copy the file you want to keep somewhere else  then delet every thing and copy the file back07:58
ardchoillepowertool08: I haven't logged out yet, I simply disabled the user list for the gdm screen07:58
powertool08ardchoille: Ok, I see, just trusting the command did its job.07:59
c_nickhow to delete everything07:59
ardchoillepowertool08: I did it from the gconf-editor07:59
powertool08ardchoille: Oh, I decided to ditch the list too, I followed the terminal command using gconftool in the link somebody sent you earlier.08:00
ouyespowertool08,  you are always online, what do you do for a living ?08:01
powertool08ouyes: I'm unemployed at the moment.08:01
johnKeyneshi. when i am in a wlan i use vpn. i have got vodafone mobile connect, too. but when i am online with the vodafone 3g usb-stick  the vpn-connections in the network manager in gnome are note available. how can i enable them?08:01
ouyespowertool08,  the best situation08:01
powertool08ouyes: It sucks, so I stay up late, sleep in late, and do whatever entertains me for free in between.08:02
zer0_moodhi all. i need to set a reminder or alarm to pop up every 10 minutes. how to do it ??08:02
One``Hey guys.. is it possible to install Ubuntu from the HDD you are installing it on to?08:03
ouyespowertool08,  since you are time-free, and i need you advice, take a look at this08:03
ShazbotMcNastyOne'' I guess it would be if you it was on another partition08:04
ouyespowertool08,  my thread  also my question , http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137658308:04
zer0_moodwhere is cron? in terminal says resource temporaly unavailable08:04
powertool08ouyes: I also stay logged into irc most of time, whether I'm here or not.08:04
Jordan_UOne``: Yes, but it's not easy08:04
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm08:04
ardchoillepowertool08: the setting to remove the user list in gconf-editor doesn't work. must be left-over from Jaunty and someone forgot to remove the setting08:04
hateballzer0_mood: you can run "crontab -e" to edit your crontab... but there should be a simple gui tool for reminders *looking*08:04
Awesome3000c_nick   rm -ri *08:05
One``Dernit. Can't get my DVD drive to boot discs or be recognised in Windows, and don't have a blank CD to burn to.. only blank DVDs08:05
c_nickthanks Awesome300008:05
ardchoilleOne``: you can burn a cd image to a blank dvd with no problem08:05
zer0_moodi got it tnx08:05
ouyeshow to login as root and how to creat a password for root ?08:05
c_nicksudo rm -rf * also works:)08:05
Jordan_U!install | One``08:05
ubottuOne``: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate08:05
Jordan_U!root | ouyes08:06
ardchoille!sudo | ouyes we don't support that here08:06
ubottuouyes: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:06
ubottuouyes we don't support that here: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)08:06
rudiget out08:06
One``I've read it, the only way I can do it is if I can install from the HDD I am installing to.08:06
=== me is now known as Guest53422
Guest53422sudo -s08:06
=== micware_ is now known as micware
ardchoilleouyes: unlocking the root account makes your system much less secure, you can't brute force a locked root account08:06
One``Or if I buy a PATA DVD-ROM :P08:06
rudisudo su08:06
=== Guest53422 is now known as cobra679
floyd8I want to create a linux set up with a pre-configured development enviorment for my team members. How would I go about doing something like that?08:06
=== warriorforgod is now known as Guest55064
ardchoillerudi: sudo -i is recommended08:06
Awesome3000c_nick  -f is for forcefully  well the -i is interactive making it safer08:07
Jordan_UOne``: How much ram do you have?08:07
hateballzer0_mood: I havent tried it, but maybe xwrits can do what you want08:07
ouyesardchoille, i think you both misunderstand my words08:07
rudiscaning modem08:07
ardchoilleouyes: you asked how to login as root. the answer is you don't, use sudo08:08
ouyesi try to know the something about the root user08:08
Awesome3000ouyes  sudo su gets you to a root prompt08:08
rudisudo su08:08
ardchoilleouyes: sudo -i is recommended08:08
rudisudo to login roo08:08
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:08
rudisudo to login root08:08
ouyesAwesome3000,  o i know and i ever used sudo -i08:08
jussi01rudi: please dont give out wrong/bad advice.08:08
rudito make install08:09
ouyesi have been using ubunt since 8.0408:09
cobra679i have been using backtrack08:09
ouyesi know quite a few thing s08:09
rudii have been using ubuntu 8.1008:09
ardchoilleouyes: I have been using ubuntu since 5.04 and have never had to unlock the root account08:09
Jordan_UOne``: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootToRAM Though if something goes wrong with the install you will be SOL without a liveCD08:09
rudisudo install cdrom08:10
jussi01rudi: ?08:10
allooshguys, this is really disturbing, why quanta is not working with sftp?08:10
cobra679sudo install dildo08:10
johnKeyneshi. when i am in a wlan i use vpn. i have got vodafone mobile connect, too. but when i am online with the vodafone 3g usb-stick  the vpn-connections in the network manager in gnome are note available. how can i enable them?08:10
Jordan_UOne``: 512 meg is not enough to boot the Ubuntu liveCD into RAM08:10
ardchoillecobra679: Please don't post stuff like that here, this is a family friendly channel08:10
cobra679how much ram do you need Jordan08:11
Jordan_UOne``: Why can't you use the LiveCD installer?08:11
cobra679i got 2 gb08:11
ouyesardchoille, i am worried, if there is no password for the root user, somebody can start my pc and he donnot know ouyes account's password but he can login in as root08:11
ardchoilleouyes: you cannot log into a locked account, don't worry about it08:11
Jordan_UOne``: At least 1 GIG, and this isn't the most dependable procedure08:11
cobra679do you need an anti virus ?08:11
powertool08ouyes:  To answer the forum question: As for ubuntu supporting that cpu, who knows. You might want to ask around in #ubuntu-dev. And for size, I have a 15" laptop, I think its big and heavy and I wish I had gone with a 12" or so, still big enough to see and usable as a desktop replacement in a pinch, yet small enough to still be portable and light.08:11
Jordan_U!virus | cobra67908:11
ubottucobra679: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2108:11
ardchoillecobra679: you don't need that08:12
One``I don't have any blank CDs, and don't want to go out to buy some. Only have blank DVDs, but the computer won't boot from the SATA DVD drive but will recognise it during the boot process.08:12
ardchoilleOne``: you can burn a cd image to a blank dvd with no problem08:12
Jordan_UOne``: Do you have a USB drive?08:13
One``But you can't read a DVD with a CD drive.08:13
jussi01powertool08: please dont send people to #ubuntu-dev (or #ubuntu-devel for that matter). the channel is strictly for development of ubuntu, not support.08:13
One``I don't have a 2GB USB drive.08:13
ardchoilleOne``: ah, good point08:13
pwnedulongtimelinux don't need no AV.....rootkits kickass08:13
Jordan_UOne``: Do you have any size USB drive?08:13
Jordan_UOne``: Can your computer boot from USB?08:13
ouyespowertool08,  you made one of the best answer08:13
powertool08jussi01: Sorry, wasn't aware of that. Would #ubuntu+1 be a better place for ouyes to ask about future hardware support?08:13
cobra679im having hot dogs tonight08:14
Jordan_UOne``: Then follow the installation from flash drive instructions in the link from ubottu08:14
One``I followed the instructions for booting from USB memory, but apparently 2GB is the minimum08:14
ouyespowertool08, is it ?08:14
XBlackChaosXhi. i just installed ubuntu 9.10 alongside windows 7. This is my first time messing with linux. Im trying to edit the grub menu but i dont know how can anyone please help. Thank you.08:14
Jordan_UOne``: Where does it say that?08:15
jussi01powertool08: #ubuntu+1 is for the next release of ubuntu, so perhaps. Depends on the actual question, although its much like looking into a crystal ball.08:15
zvacet!grub | XBlackChaosX08:15
ubottuXBlackChaosX: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.08:15
cobra679Whats the command to install amsn from console ?08:15
Jordan_U!grub2 | XBlackChaosX08:16
ubottuXBlackChaosX: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub208:16
zvacet!grub2 | XBlackChaosX08:16
One``"•2GB thumbdrive, or just do network install "08:16
ouyes!sudo |  ouyes08:16
ubottuouyes, please see my private message08:16
powertool08ouyes: I guess you'll have to wait for the cpu to be released and then try to find some knowledgable types?08:16
pwnedulongtimewhy use amsn when you hasve pidgin?08:16
cobra679is pidgin better ?08:16
Awesome3000XBlackChaosX  what do you need help with specifically08:16
cobra679im using Kopete but i dont like it08:16
One``I gave it a go with the 1GB option, but it still needed 1700MB08:16
cobra679do you know the command for that08:17
cobra679to install pidgin from console08:17
jussi01cobra679: sudo apt-get install amsn08:17
pwnedulongtimesudo apt-get install pidgin08:17
johnKeyneswhy are my vpn-connection disabled in the gnome network manager when i am online with 3g?08:17
jussi01ardchoille: may I PM?08:17
XBlackChaosXk thanks for you help guys08:17
zvacetcobra679:  sudo apt-get install pidgin08:17
ardchoillejussi01: Certainly08:17
pwnedulongtime3g doesn't support vpn08:17
XBlackChaosX@ awesome : i want to edit the order and the names of the os that appears in the grub menu. i dont know if this makes sence to you08:18
Jordan_UOne``: That page is wrong, you only need a 700 meg flash drive, even for Ubuntu Desktop08:18
c_nickhow to copy ALL file from one folder to another..  i mean also the hidden ones08:19
ShazbotMcNastyoh my god08:19
ShazbotMcNastythat was a massive netsplit08:19
powertool08c_nick: cp *.* /path/to/target/folder08:19
pwnedulongtimeepic netsplit08:19
ouyespowertool08,  it is released already, i am just wandering you guys always lost behind the latest  hardware tech08:19
c_nickpowertool08:  cannot stat *.*08:20
powertool08ouyes: Compared to Japan or similar, yes. The world in general? Probably about average. I don't stay on top of hardware advances though.08:20
rudisetting modem ?/08:20
Awesome3000XBlackChaosX  That should be easy  in a terminal use   sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst   to edit the list as root08:21
Petsounds!modem > rudi08:21
ubotturudi, please see my private message08:21
zvacetc_nick: cp -R /path/yo/folder08:21
powertool08c_nick: hmm, works for me08:21
One``Hurrah, I got the DVD drive working.. perhaps I can install Ubuntu now.08:22
ouyespowertool08,  why all of a sudden, so many joins ?08:22
Jordan_UOne``: I need to leave now so I don't have time to check those instructions completely to be sure that you don't in fact need a 2 GIG flash drive when using those instructions. I am 95% sure those instructions don't require 2 GIG though, and if they really do, I am 100% sure that these ( much more complicated ) instructions will work fine with 1 GIG: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128860408:23
powertool08ouyes: Somebody said there was a netsplit, I didn't notice it though08:23
powertool08!netsplit > ouyes08:23
ubottuouyes, please see my private message08:23
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:23
c_nickwell its still not working properly be back later :)08:24
ShazbotMcNastyc_nick, 'man cp' outputs this near the bottom "   The  backup  suffix  is  ‘~’,  unless  set  with   --suffix   or   SIM‐08:24
ShazbotMcNasty       PLE_BACKUP_SUFFIX.   The version control method may be selected via the08:24
ShazbotMcNasty       --backup option or through the  VERSION_CONTROL  environment  variable.08:24
ShazbotMcNasty       Here are the values:08:24
rizvan hi, how to type zwnj (zero width non-joiner) in Hindi keyboard layout, i have 3rd level with right-ctrl key08:24
ShazbotMcNasty:| kinda big sorry08:24
Robotubuntu is awesome. i've just discovered this.08:24
ShazbotMcNastyah crud he left08:24
ShazbotMcNastyRobot, how long have you been using linux? Brand new?08:24
ShazbotMcNastyOr just new to ubuntu?08:24
Robotnot entirely new. messed around with it a bit08:25
powertool08ouyes: You can hide parts and joins if you wish, it makes large channels more manageable.08:25
One``thanks Jordan_U.08:25
powertool08ouyes: I think the command is something similar to: /ignore * PARTS JOINS QUITS,08:26
Robotand ubuntu seems to work the best for me. got a few windoze progs to work (games) so that's fun :P08:26
Lostinspace_46Any one got an idea what would cause this msg when putting a disk in my c/d rom?Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with:08:26
Lostinspace_46mount: must be superuser to use mount08:26
ShazbotMcNastyOne``, do you know exactly how big the iso is?08:26
ouyespowertool08,  you do know a lot, that's ok to see somebody in and out08:26
user_hi all people08:27
user_good morning08:27
XBlackChaosXAwesome3000, this is all that comes up : GNU nano 2.0.9 File:  /Boot/grub/menu.lst..... what do i do with this?08:27
user_i got one error when i do "hg Clone":08:27
powertool08ouyes: its /ignore -channels #channelToAffect * JOINS PARTS QUITS08:27
ouyeshi you it is your morning08:27
user_ encoding="ANSI_X3.4-1968"?08:27
user_abort: requirement '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ANSI_X3.4-1968"?>' not supported!08:27
user_i cant find any solution under forums or google08:27
One``Something like 700MB? But for some odd reason it requires 1GB more than that on a thumb drive.08:27
powertool08ouyes: Its just a bunch of little things picked up over time. I don't consider myself a guru compared to many people here.08:28
Awesome3000XBlackChaosX   Maybe your grub is installed somewhere else?  Are you using Grub not Grub208:28
zvacetXBlackChaosX:  witch version do you use karmic or jaunty08:28
cobra679so what do you guys do with ubuntu08:28
ShaoluEverything ;)08:28
ShazbotMcNastycobra679, I do everything with ubuntu08:28
cobra679Im using backtrack atm08:28
cobra679sort of the same as ubuntu08:28
XBlackChaosXi have no clue like i said first time using linux. should i install grub 2?08:28
ShazbotMcNastyI basically only browse the internet, and irc, and so homework.08:28
ShazbotMcNastydo homework*08:28
ouyespowertool08, but actually you are sort of a guru08:29
cobra679do you hack08:29
powertool08ouyes: If you want to learn more, spend some time here and help people with anything you can, even if you aren't completely sure yourself. Google-fu is the key.08:29
Awesome3000XBlackChaosX  I have never worked with grub 2  so can't help  I don't think it uses a menu.lst08:29
V1k1n9Hi, how can i do to download the content of an iframe in a php page plz ? that doesn't work correctly with wget -> I have a crypted code. (maybe there are an option...) I have the right result by using the "firebug" of Firefox, but i can't have it with a command line (maybe with lynx...)08:29
zvacetXBlackChaosX: applications>accessories>terminal and type lsb_release -a and you will know witchc version do you use08:29
XBlackChaosXAwesome3000, its grub 2. is there a way to go to grub 1?08:30
powertool08ouyes: I've trashed an install or three in my time ;)08:30
ShaoluXBlackChaosX: Did you say "/Boot"?08:30
* Blink Searching PPL For New Mu-Online Project! MSG For INFO!08:30
* Blink Searching PPL For New Mu-Online Project! MSG For INFO!08:30
ShaoluXBlackChaosX: If you're trying to edit your boot entries, I would instead recommend running "sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst"08:31
Awesome3000I got to Go  :( :(08:31
ubottuA hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy08:32
XBlackChaosXShaolu, all i get is a blank white page08:32
zvacetShaolu:  no if he use karmic08:32
ShazbotMcNastycobra679, if you mean having like that, then sure.08:32
serylAnyone have experience with tinydns?08:32
powertool08XBlackChaosX: If you're using grub2, its grub.cfg not menu.list08:32
serylI can't get anyone in the dns channel (who's alive) to respond08:32
zvacetXBlackChaosX: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reverting to GRUB Legacy08:32
Awesome3000ShaoluXBlackChaosX  don't sudo gedit  you have to gksudo gedit08:32
ouyespowertool08,  use google, i have installed and get system crashed more than once08:33
serylThis is my dns config: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/aU5LDbzJOPOX2BWc51Q2/ and I can't seem to get pings out to my servers properly, it's suuuper slow, and I'm not sure why.08:33
cobra679you know www.google-fu.com I cant get passed the comfirmation thing u have to enter when u register because im colour blind :(08:33
ShaoluAwesome3000: I figured he was already on the command-line, gksudo would be if he's using Alt + F2 or something.08:33
][ceyou all got reemed08:34
Shaolupowertool08: So /boot/grub/grub.cfg then?08:34
Awesome3000Shaolu  see http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo for an explanation08:34
ardchoille][ce: take that to another channel please08:34
powertool08Shaolu: Yep08:35
][cefuck you asshole mind yo bis08:35
ardchoille!ops | ][ce08:35
ubottu][ce: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!08:35
zvacet!language | ][ce08:36
ubottu][ce: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:36
Aragamican you help me?08:36
zvacet!ask | Aragami08:37
ubottuAragami: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:37
ShaoluSo that's the .ICEAuthority issue I've seen...08:37
ShaoluThanks, Awesome3000 :)08:37
Aragamiy cant change rezolution08:37
Aragamilow rez on fx 520008:38
powertool08seryl: #networking might be awake08:38
serylpowertool08: you're more awake than I apparently, thanks :)08:38
ShaoluAragami: Do you have the latest drivers from NVidia?08:39
powertool08seryl: Not by much, Its late. ;)08:39
Aragamibat dont save rez08:39
ShaoluDo you have System --> Preferences --> NVidia X Server Settings?08:39
ShaoluAnd you're changing the resolution through there, right?08:40
XBlackChaosXhow can i find out which device ubuntu is on sda, sdb, etc08:40
ShaoluNow are you saying the resolution doesn't change immediately or that it does change immediately but resets itself when you log back in?08:40
Makavelihello I am thinnking of switching to Ubuntu, but I have a question in regards to the drive. In windows, we have C D, E and F drive, so when I switch from XP to windows vista, I just format C drive, but In ubuntu I am afraid there is an option like that. Am I wrong.. please enlighten me a noobie08:41
ShaoluBecause if it's the latter, you need to "Save to X Configuration File"08:41
Aragamiwhen y try to change rez y sez y dont have enaf right08:41
ShaoluYou don't have enough what?08:41
Aragamidont let me to save to x conf08:41
zvacetXBlackChaosX:  sudo fdisk -a08:41
XBlackChaosXzvacet, thanks08:41
zvacetXBlackChaosX:  np  :)08:42
Lostinspace_46Any one know what would cause this msg when putting a disk in my c/d rom?  Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with:mount: must be superuser to use mount08:42
ShaoluAragami: Alt+F2 and type "gksudo nvidia-settings"08:42
ShaoluAragami: Try the save button then :)08:42
Makavelican you please help me?08:43
kjellehi. I want to stop using Kopete, any other cool program which supports jabber/xmpp and msn protocols in KDE?08:43
zvacetMakaveli:  do you want dual boot or just ubuntu on that drive08:43
DJoneskjelle: Try pidgin08:43
kjelleDJones: ty08:43
Shaolukjelle: Not a big Gnome fan, eh?08:43
Shaolukjelle: Pidgin is built on Gtk, just so you know.08:44
kjelleShaolu: i dont want to mix in gnome in my kde. but, im about done with kde, so in the future i'll probalby turn to gnome :p08:44
kjelleShaolu: ah, ok08:44
Makaveli@ zvacet I just want to use Ubuntu from now on08:44
DJoneskjelle: Thats probably the main chat client used, or if you're on Karmic, the other alternative is Empathy which is the default for Karmic08:44
AragamiVALIDATION ERROR:  Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.08:44
AragamiUndefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default Screen"08:44
pillowI installed all libs/codecs from synaptic and i installed real player,smplayer, vlc player,audacious,beepmedia players  too but amr files recorded from cell phones are not playing in ubuntu :-(08:44
zvacetMakaveli:  during install you can delete existing partitions and install ubuntu08:45
drmrhorsepillow: i think ffmpeg supports amr08:45
=== choonming_ is now known as choonming
Aragamirezult this VALIDATION ERROR:  Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.08:45
AragamiUndefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default Screen"08:45
Shaolupillow: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=44539808:45
kjelleDJones: havent upgraded to karmic yet, as i havent had time to setup vmware in karmic on my homecomp. when i get that done, i'll go for it ;) but until i know for sure vmware can run w/o problems in karmic, im keeping my 9.04 :)08:45
zvacetMakaveli:  it will be good to have separate home partition use manual way to install08:45
Makavelizvacet I know how to install ubuntu but what I want to know is how do i install ubuntu on the C drive only08:46
Makaveliand put data's on D , E and F08:46
pillowdrmrhorse ffmpeg is also installed08:46
ShaoluMakaveli: That's all configured during installation.08:46
drmrhorsepillow: there are instructions here on how to compile ffmpeg from source with amr support: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78609508:46
DJoneskjelle: I'm using karmic, but I've stuck with pidgin because it suits my use better, it connects to pretty much all the different chat proctols so should cover anything you need08:47
zvacetMakaveli:  it is little bit different than win linux use root home ... not c,d,e08:47
powertool08pillow: if you compile, use checkinstall so its easy to uninstall08:47
ShaoluMakaveli: Just select the partition for C and have Ubuntu installed on it, overwriting everything on it while selecting the other partitions to be left alone.08:47
Gary20is there a LAMP package out there w/ python?08:47
Aragamiok ,merci08:47
serylLAMP with python? WHY!08:47
drmrhorsethe instructions for ffmpeg use checkinstall08:47
serylNginx and Python chief08:47
ShaoluMakaveli: You can even non-destructively repartition drives if need be.08:47
serylWhy apache? Talk about overdoing it08:48
unknown32hello i did a update and rebooted pc and all  my sessions are blank, gnome and blackbox are not available to me is this a known isssue?08:48
iKernelI'm having trouble logging into my desktop environment (xfce4). When I enter my password, hit enter, it starts to load up, but then the X server restarts, and I'm presented with a fresh login prompt. This is what is in dmesg every time: pastebin.ca/1748019 . This happens every time I try to log in to the desktop environment, everything else is fine.08:48
Gary20seryl: lighttpd? good?08:49
coz_iKernel,  that pastebin.ca link is not good08:49
serylDid I say lighttpd? What is this 1999?08:49
iKernelcoz_ what do you mean?08:49
serylGary20: nginx is better by orders of magnitude.08:49
unknown32ikernel i am having the same problem I cannot log onto a desktop enviroment (gnome) as well08:49
coz_iKernel,   it should be http://pastebin.ca + number08:49
powertool08coz_: sure it is, just not a clickable link.08:49
iKerneli had to write it down with pen and paper08:50
Gary20new and currently learning about web servers. i'll look into nginx08:50
serylGary20: what type of app are you trying to run, web app? Look into pylons, or turbogears if you want to go the python route08:50
XBlackChaosXstarting a new OS is not an easy thing08:50
RedaxxxI got a minor but quite annoying problem with xubuntu, everytime I boot my computer and reach the desktop it automatically opens terminal, hardware drivers and add/remove software (or whatever it's called in English)... When shutting off I make sure that "Save session for future logins" is not marked.  Anyone know how to stop this from happening?08:50
iKernelunknown32, when installing, did you choose to make it so you need the password to log in and decrypt your file system?08:51
ardchoilleRedaxxx: you need to be in #xubuntu, we can't support that here08:51
powertool08Redaxxx: I had that problem once, you have to delete the folder which holds the saved session, logout, and back in.08:51
papulhi. i would like to know how to install and use tor08:52
RedaxxxAlright, I'll look into that powertool, thanks08:52
powertool08Redaxxx: You're welcome.08:52
papuli have used it before on win xp. is vidilia also available for ubuntu?08:52
unknown32ikernel nothing,   ... as a work around right now i am reinstalling ubuntu-desktop package on apt to see if that works08:52
cobra679how do i get into making my own linux distro ?08:52
iKernelcobra679, linux from scratch08:53
cobra679is it easy ?08:53
kjelleDJones: yepp ;)08:53
powertool08!LFS > cobra67908:53
ubottucobra679, please see my private message08:53
iKernelcobra679, no08:53
kjelleDJones: ty08:53
Shaolucobra679: Get a CD burner, some CDs, and some cases?08:53
Shwackdoes anybody use grooveshark widgets?08:53
ardchoille!ot | cobra67908:53
ubottucobra679: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:53
iKernelunknown32, yeah well I chose to make it so I need the password to decrypt my file system08:53
XBlackChaosXi need help once more. i reverted back to grub 1 but now it doesnt even show a menu at startup it just says grub at the top left corner and then it boots straight to ubuntu. and when i took a look at the grub menu.lst i dont see windows on it all i see is this08:53
Gary20seryl: i was told to learn django and twisted.08:53
unknown32oh i see08:53
rwwpapul: Installation instructions are at http://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en . In my experience, Vidilia is a pain to get running.08:53
XBlackChaosXcan someone do private chat i dont wanna flood the channel08:53
papulok rww thanks08:54
Slart!pastebin | XBlackChaosX08:54
ubottuXBlackChaosX: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic08:54
rwwpapul: (you want option 2 on that page)08:54
Myrtti!pm | XBlackChaosX08:54
ubottuXBlackChaosX: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:54
ardchoilleXBlackChaosX: it's best to keep it in the channel so others may learn too :)08:54
iKernelAnother annoying thiing is that when I shut down from the xfce4 screen, xfce4 closes all the windows, then just before it gets to closing off X, the computer freezes and I have to do a hard power off.08:54
iKerneli've had to do that a few times, and I think it might be related to my problem08:54
=== tkmr is now known as tk_afk
powertool08XBlackChaosX: You may need to run 'update-grub' when in a grub shell (looks like 'grub>  ')08:55
ardchoille!away | tk_afk08:55
ubottutk_afk: You should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»08:55
kinja-sheep!away > tk_afk08:55
ubottutk_afk, please see my private message08:55
=== joseph is now known as Guest59776
mmanuhello, what should i set the PATH variable in .bashrc so that i can include all subfolders under a folder say /home/jeff/folder?08:55
iKernel!LFS > iKernel08:55
ubottuiKernel, please see my private message08:55
unknown32ikernel :  reinstalling ubuntu-desktop worked to get my sessions back08:56
kinja-sheepmmanu: Use ~/bin for all your script goodies.08:56
XBlackChaosXhere is the link for the paste08:56
unknown32i do not know why i didn't try that before08:56
V1k1n9Hey is there an equivalent in command line of the firebug extension of firefox plz ? a kind of super source code or something like that ?08:56
drmrhorse!LFS > drmrhorse08:56
ubottudrmrhorse, please see my private message08:56
mmanubut ive got some scripts under my home directory08:56
iKernelunknown32, but you don't have your /home directory encrypted08:56
mmanuand theyare in subfolders08:56
iKernelmeh ill give it a shot08:56
cobra679how old are most of you08:57
UAAhello, I've problem with partionar. It says space unusable. the same thing still after restart08:57
kinja-sheepmmanu: Look in ~/.profile08:57
cobra679UAA use a windows disk to delete and create partitions then try install ubuntu again08:57
UAA:S so it's bug?08:57
ShaoluCan someone tell me what FSF means by "Graphical Interface" on its page about Grub2?  I mean, grub already supports graphical backgrounds and what not...08:58
cobra679UAA no idea08:58
cobra679UAA just give that a go08:58
ShaoluOh, I see...08:59
ShaoluFull-on widgets, nice :)08:59
* cobra679 pats Shaolu on the back08:59
cobra679Shaolu want to chat via pm ?09:00
ShaoluSure :)09:00
gazraHello, does anyone know where I can find infos about cloud computer services. Differences between Google, Amazon, Ubuntu, etc clouds?09:01
MASARUwotagazra: wikipedia?09:03
ardchoillegazra: That's a very interesting idea and one I feel the rest of the community needs to know as well. Perhaps you can post this question at http://ubuntuforums.org09:03
MASARUwota"cloud computing" D:09:03
MASARUwotaenjoy privacy loss and corporational control D:09:03
Quan-Time_gazra: "consipracy theory ahoy" resist cloud computing.. your data will no longer be "your data". much like the pics on facebook, they are 100% no longer yours.. etc..09:04
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:04
gazraWhat I'm interested is to make a comparison between the top offerings09:04
=== david is now known as Guest36401
gazraBut i don't seem to find much with Google09:05
=== Guest36401 is now known as tar_NeFyS
kinja-sheepgazra: Silly theory! Google is concealing the evidences!09:06
Quan-Time_gazra: in #ubuntu-offtopic please ;)09:06
gazraAnd this is Ubuntu related!! So please don't make ubottu to tell me that I'm offtopic09:06
ubottugazra: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:06
gazraUbuntu has also a cloud!09:06
Quan-Time_gazra: ok.. wahts your question ?09:06
rwwgazra: this channel is for Ubuntu technical support. Cloud computing is neither Ubuntu-related nor a technical support issue.09:06
Quan-Time_gazra: HARHARCH repositories are not "cloud".. is that what you mean ?09:06
gazraWell, then I'm miss informed09:07
rwwgazra: us sharing a name with a cloud computing solution does not make said solution on-topic for here.09:07
MASARUwotagazra: lol09:07
Quan-Time_gazra: PM chat me09:07
gazraSo Ubuntu cloud solution has nothing to do with Ubuntu?09:07
ardchoilleFolks, please take the cloud computing conversation to another channel.09:07
MASARUwotagazra: not with #ubuntu, the ubuntu support channel09:07
XBlackChaosXHello again dont mean to be annoying but here is the link to my paste :http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/ma82628809:08
rwwgazra: please, feel free to ask #ubuntu-offtopic all about it.09:08
XBlackChaosXas you can see windows is not in the menu09:08
XBlackChaosXwhat went wrong09:08
MASARUwotaXBlackChaosX: windows is not a linux kernel dude09:08
MASARUwotaXBlackChaosX: did you run sudo update-grub09:08
gazraOK, then, I just want to make clear it was not my intention to bather anyone, I really though it was ubuntu related09:08
coz_gazra,  no problem :)09:09
XBlackChaosXno i didnt let me do that. this is my first time  using linux so this is all new and hard for me. im a windows guy09:10
ubottuUbuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/09:11
drizzt__I'm having problems trying to connect WinXP share to Karmic machine, getting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error09:11
XBlackChaosXMASARUwota, which option do i choose? im trying to update grub.09:12
Morgieanyone here?09:13
XBlackChaosXdo i install the maintainer, keep local version, etc etc09:13
drizzt__XBlackChaosX, replace the existing one09:13
XBlackChaosXdrizzt__, i dont see that option09:14
grub_booterdoes anyone know how the .local names are resolved? i'm finding that support for it is very spotty - some machines resolve perfectly by name.local, and others don't...09:15
MASARUwotaXBlackChaosX: open a terminal and type "sudo update-grub"09:15
MASARUwotaXBlackChaosX: check if it changed anything09:15
rwwXBlackChaosX: installing the maintainer version will replace the existing one.09:15
Hevalhi everyone. I have some problem with my ubuntu can i ask a question here?09:15
coz_Heval,  yep shoot09:16
ouyesHeval, say it09:16
Hevalfor some reason my ubuntu is refusing to connect to my router...09:16
XBlackChaosXnow i got this when typing sudo update-grub09:16
XBlackChaosXdebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable09:16
Hevali have no problem connection to my friends router who is my next door neighbour and they are using WEP09:16
ouyesHeval, wireless line or wired line ?09:17
Hevalbut i have WPA on mine and it just wont connect to it..09:17
dandamando any netbooks come with ubuntu loaded on them anymore? i wanna save some money on the OS by getting on with linux09:17
ardchoilledandaman: yes, zareason and system7609:17
dandamani have never heard of either one of those...09:18
ardchoilledandaman: http://www.zareason.com/shop/home.php  and  http://system76.com/  have a look, somce nice boxes there with ubuntu pre-loaded09:18
Hevali have win7 on different machine and my iphone connect to my wireless router no problem. it is just my ubuntu wont connect.09:18
rwwdandaman: Dell does too. http://dell.com/ubuntu/09:18
bXi_anyone know something about the fact that my ubuntu does'nt remember its localhost adres09:18
Hevalany possible reason... anything comes to anyones mind?!09:19
dandamanjust looked at system, not cheap AT ALL09:19
dandamanwhy was i under the impression that ubuntu netbooks were supposed to be significantly cheaper than windows ones?09:19
drizzt__dandaman, Ubuntu systems are not cheap, because they are not popular09:19
ouyesHeval,  you tried to make a connection but failed ? how it failed like?09:20
dandamandrizzt__: wouldnt buying a windows one and just loading ubuntu on it be the same though?09:20
rwwdandaman: yes09:20
Hevaldandaman: just buy any netbook with a linux distro then install ubuntu on it09:20
adityagi am using 8.10, and i am getting very low screen resolution, pls help, i have 7.10 installed too but in 7.10 i get  a resolution of 1024*80009:20
rwwdandaman: OEMs get Windows at huge discounts. You're not going to save much of anything by skipping the Windows license.09:20
dandamanthats retarded, ubuntu netbooks should be cheaper :(09:20
drizzt__dandaman, you will most likely encounter various hardware incompatibilities09:21
Hevalanyone can help me with my wireless problem?!09:21
dandamandrizzt__: ahh09:21
ouyesHeval,  give us more details ok09:21
adityagi am using 8.10, and i am getting very low screen resolution, pls help, i have 7.10 installed too but in 7.10 i get  a resolution of 1024*80009:21
Hevalouyes: I have 2 machines, one with ubuntu one with win 7.09:22
drizzt__adityag, and your videocard is?09:22
Hevalouyes: my wireless router is using WPA as security...09:22
ouyesHeval, lap or pc, so the connection is ok in ubuntu?09:22
dandamanstupid....the HD's dell offers for their ubuntu netbooks are only 5400rpm or SSD...why cant i have 7200 rpm :(09:22
coz_Heval,   if no one has a solution here you might want to try  ##Linux  channel09:22
ouyesHeval,  in win 709:22
Hevali am using al Alfa wireless card on a pc09:22
adityagdrizzt__: dont have any, its in-built with the motherboard09:22
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
Hevalouyes: that is for the ubuntu09:23
dandamandoesnt even have wireless n09:23
ouyesHeval, is the connection ok in win7 but not in ubuntu at the same time?09:23
adityagdrizzt__: i tried copying xorg.conf from 7.10 to 8.10, but that does not help09:23
dandamannetbooks are trash09:23
Hevalouyes: but on my laptop, i have win7 pro and i have no problem connection to my router09:23
Hevalouyes: yes09:23
titan_arkHeval, probably you need to install a properitery driver09:24
Hevalouyes: but, i have asked my neighbour for their WEP key. my Ubuntu have no problem connecting to theirs.09:24
ouyesHeval,  you have to use the same security way to make the connection work ,try to change security settings when you connect from ubuntu09:25
adityagi am using 8.10, and i am getting very low screen resolution, pls help, i have 7.10 installed too but in 7.10 i get  a resolution of 1024*80009:25
Hevalouyes: i have tried it with no security at all, but still the same problem. It wont connect to my home router.09:25
Hevali am on 9.1009:25
MASARUwotaadityag: you cannot change it in the settings/09:26
ouyesHeval,  try this iwconfig09:26
switchgirlanyone having java issues?09:26
ouyesHeval, open a terminal and run iwconfig09:26
adityagMASARUwota: there is only 640*400 & 640*35009:26
Hevalouyes:  i have i get my setting, but i am connected to my neighbours router right now.09:27
switchgirli'm trying to use gaydargirls.com chat and it keeps crashing on me09:27
drizzt__adityag, you probably need a new vendor driver. Does 7.10 ask you to do this?09:27
drizzt__adityag, and why 7.10? It;s not even supported now09:27
ouyesHeval, is there a wireless interface in the output?09:28
Hevalyes wlan009:28
adityagdrizzt__: 7.10 does not asked anything... its just works cool in 7.1009:28
Hevalouyes: yes wlan009:28
MASARUwotaadityag: what does your videocard support?09:28
ouyesHeval, iwlist wlan0 scanning09:28
ubottugypsymauro: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:28
Hevalouyes: the router it is refusing to connect to is Linksys DEFW11S409:28
drizzt__adityag, I mean you're not likely find a suitable videodriver for it now09:29
dahliahow do I tell 9.10 to share a folder so vista computers can see it? I have samba installed but it won't let me log in and I can't find a GUI that lets me configure samba09:29
gypsymauroI've a lot of images with different sizes, there is a tool to resize them with a fixed width? (proportionally)09:29
titan_arkHeval: sorry to interrupt, are yooou unable to connect to any wireless n/w?09:29
adityagdrizzt__: i cant even configure anything, as only the half window is being shown, i have to do trial and error, to complete the installion of 8.10 & internet configuration09:29
Hevalouyes: it is given me the information on the router that i am connected to right now, which is my neighbour.09:29
MASARUwotadahlia: it wont let you log in?09:29
meowbuntuhi i am trying yo install a uvuntu application and get this error. can someone help please http://imagebin.ca/view/AjqMKuAP.html09:29
ouyesHeval,  it doesn't matter what type the router is09:30
meowbuntuuvuntu = ubuntu09:30
dahliaI mean log in to the share from a vista computer09:30
Hevaltitan_ark: no, only my home wireless router, i have no problem with my neighbours.09:30
hateball!info swat09:30
ubottuswat (source: samba): Samba Web Administration Tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.3 (karmic), package size 1859 kB, installed size 5588 kB09:30
hateballdahlia: you might want to give this a go ^09:30
papulhi i get the following error when i do apt-get install tor tor-geoipdb    http://pastebin.com/f74b1d7d009:30
MASARUwotameowbuntu: open nautilus and go to /tmp/. try it from there09:30
* dahlia installs swat...09:30
titan_arkHeval: oh! thats wierd. and is their n/w  secured?09:30
adityag MASARUwota: i basically have no idea about the videocard, its in-built with the motherboard MSI PM8M-V09:30
hateballdahlia: disclaimer, I dont personally use it, or smb so... ;)09:31
Hevaltitan_ark: my neighbours has WEP and I have WPA09:31
MASARUwotaadityag: try editting your xorg.conf file by hand, i guess09:31
ouyesHeval,  use the command iwlist wlan0 scanning, to see if your router's signal can be found by your lap in ubuntu09:31
papulany help?09:31
Hevaltitan_ark: but, my win7 has no problem connecting to my router09:31
ubottupapul: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:31
dahliaI had it working on 64 bit but now I installed 32 bit and I havent got it to work since09:31
adityagMASARUwota: what do i add in it ???09:31
meowbuntuMASARUwota, ay what dO you mean. from firefox i always just open archives directly. never download as there is no need to waste space.09:31
meowbuntuMASARUwota, what you are saying is i need to download it first09:32
papuland i added this to /etc/apt/sources.list file deb     http://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org lenny main09:32
MASARUwotameowbuntu: you already downloaded it to /tmp/, so navigate there09:32
Hevalouyes: ill disconnect and reconnect from with my win machine, so i can run test on this.. 1 sec brb.09:32
papulso whats the problem?09:32
titan_arkHeval: oh. sorry no idea then. i was facing trouble too with my wireless. could connect to unsecure but not mine.09:32
MASARUwotapapul: install the dependency by hand09:32
meowbuntuo i c where is tmp09:32
drizzt__I'm having problems trying to connect WinXP share to Karmic machine, getting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error09:32
MASARUwotameowbuntu: /tmp/09:32
ouyesHeval, wait09:32
ouyesHeval, you are not in ubuntu now ?09:33
Hevalouyes: no i am in ubuntu now09:33
geitenneuker i got a horny cat, what should i use?09:33
adityagMASARUwota: drizzt__:  any idea what needs to be changed in xorg.conf ?09:33
MASARUwotageitenneuker: you should choose a less bestiality related username09:33
Hevalbut, if i was to run scans,  but i want to come online from my Win7 machine using my home router, so that i can run tests on the ubuntu with connection.09:33
Petsounds!fixres > adityag09:34
ubottuadityag, please see my private message09:34
geitenneukermy perfume is catnip09:34
papulwhats the version number of jaunty>09:34
Hevalouyes: but, if i was to run scans,  but i want to come online from my Win7 machine using my home router, so that i can run tests on the ubuntu with connection.09:34
papuland that of intrepid?09:34
rwwpapul: 9.0409:34
geitenneukermasaka wakes up09:34
rwwubottu: ot | geitenneuker09:34
ubottugeitenneuker: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:34
rwwpapul: intrepid is 8.1009:34
meowbuntuMASARUwota, i have this error now http://imagebin.ca/view/YA_tpY.html09:34
Hevalouyes: ill be two ticks...09:35
ouyesHeval, 1.you used the wrong security way when you connect,2,the router was set a ip ban 3,you are too far or too close to your router09:35
geitenneukermasaka wakes up09:35
Hevalouyes: no, i have used wpa when connecting, in fact ubuntu gave me wpa/wpa2 option only09:35
ubottugeitenneuker: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:35
Hevalouyes: in regards to distance, i have a strong signal and it is in the next room.09:36
Hevalouyes: 1 sec ill brb09:36
papulok got it. installation of tor now running smoothly09:36
=== Heval is now known as kam
ouyesHeval, give me the output of iwlist scanning09:36
=== Gartral|p is now known as Gartral|droid
Hevalouyes: now iam using my home router with this name09:37
meowbuntugeitenneuker: Do not ask to ask, just ask! We also ask that you not ask over and over again, if someone knows, they will respond. (So, yes, you may ask.)09:37
geitenneukerok sir09:37
meowbuntuMASARUwota, any ideas on my error09:37
geitenneukergeiten neuken geiten?09:37
=== kam is now known as kam81
ubottugeitenneuker: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl09:38
llutzjust another troll, MASARUwota09:38
Lostinspace_46Any one know what would cause this msg when putting a disk in my c/d rom?  Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with:mount: must be superuser to use mount09:39
meowbuntuhello MASARUwota can you help with this error http://imagebin.ca/view/YA_tpY.html09:39
MASARUwotameowbuntu, "sudo apt-get install wine && sudo apt-get upgrade", if that doesnt work, you are going to get dependency hell09:39
meowbuntuMASARUwota, maby i need an older version of wine09:40
meowbuntu^ or a newer one09:40
MASARUwotameowbuntu: NEWER lol09:40
geitenneukeris this hell jewish, christian or muselmanic?09:40
MASARUwotaoh jesus christ09:40
llutzgeitenneuker: Please take your <°)))o>< and troll away.09:41
meowbuntuMASARUwota, i thought i had the latest version09:41
Petsounds!ops | geitenneuker09:41
ubottugeitenneuker: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:41
geitenneukerim just atheist, i wonder how something can go to hell09:41
Myrttican you move this discussion elsewhere? this is not a chat channel09:42
geitenneukerok i move the discussion to /dev/urandom09:42
meowbuntuMASARUwota, i need the latest developement version of wine for that application i just checked the website09:42
Myrttithank you09:42
rwwMASARUwota: I believe the syntax you're looking for is !o4o | geitenneuker09:42
MyrttiMASARUwota: moving on09:42
Myrttirww: apart that it's aimed for -ot09:42
MASARUwotarww: yeah.. lol09:42
adityag"** (gedit:6072): WARNING **: Could not write gedit state file: Failed to create file '/root/.gnome2/gedit-2.IDK55U': No such file or directory, I/O error : No such file or directory " whats this ?09:43
ouyesHeval, sorry i forget the command to list wifi mod ,lsmod will list all the mod09:43
zirodayadityag: you doing something silly09:43
zirodayadityag: how did you start gedit?09:43
geitenneukeri type gedit in a terminal09:44
MASARUwotameowbuntu: thats what you need to do then09:44
cobra679type rebbot09:44
geitenneukersudo reboot09:44
adityagziroday: any help for increasing the resolution ?09:45
geitenneukeri still wonder why a pc restart is called reboot, i never seen such boots on a machine09:45
MASARUwotaadityag: open xorg.conf, edit configuration, restart09:45
Christoph_vWdoes anyone know which module to load for realtek 8111 on karmic?09:45
cobra679reboot is rebooting09:45
adityagMASARUwota: what needs to be edited ?09:46
Christoph_vWr8169 doesn't seem to work09:46
geitenneukerare shoes related to computers?09:46
rwwgeitenneuker: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Booting#History09:46
MASARUwotaadityag: the xorg.conf file, let me check where it should be located09:46
llutz!ops | geitenneuker trolls09:46
ubottugeitenneuker trolls: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:46
Myrttigeitenneuker: you can continue your philosophical pondering in #ubuntu-offtopic09:46
geitenneukerok thank you Myrtti09:46
adityagMASARUwota: /etc/X11/xorg.conf09:47
cobra679har har got told off geitenneuker09:47
Myrtticobra679: move on09:47
MASARUwotaadityag: yeah09:47
Lostinspace_46Heval> Maybe try this tut...very helpfull.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88584709:47
cobra679ok Myrtti09:48
adityagMASARUwota: i dont understand what needs to be edited09:48
=== matt_ is now known as Guest8007
MASARUwotaadityag: is the file empty atm?09:48
user123i need a good ocr application. Any suggestions?09:48
rww!ocr | user12309:49
ubottuuser123: OCR software for Ubuntu includes Tesseract, Ocrad and GOcr. GNOME users can use 'gocr-gtk' as a front-end to GOcr, while KDE users have Kooka available as a front-end to Ocrad and GOcr.09:49
adityagMASARUwota: http://pastebin.com/m5afe0f709:49
=== geitenneuker is now known as geissevogler
llutzuser123: there's clara too09:49
llutzkooka doen't exist in kde4 anymore09:50
MASARUwotaadityag: edit         Modes   "1280x1024" "1024x768" "640x480"09:50
user123I cannot find them in the software center, where can I look for them? Is there any GUI ocr app?09:50
MASARUwotaadityag: to the mode you want to use09:50
cobra679why isnt there a button09:50
MASARUwotaand relog09:50
llutzuser123: gocr-gt sound like a gui09:50
docmaxhello, since some weeks standby on my laptop is working only sometimes. how can i fix it? the screen goes black, but the laptop doesent standy...09:51
adityagMASARUwota: actually the latter part in the paste is something i pasted from the XORG page09:51
drizzt__user123, try Finereader09:51
MASARUwotaadityag: post YOUR OWN config then :@09:52
adityagMASARUwota: http://pastebin.com/m12f53c4409:53
nikolamHi. Can Ubuntu 9.10 be installed on PC Bios machine with GPT formatted disk?09:53
=== abms1116|away is now known as abms1116
MASARUwotaadityag: add a:    Modes "<resolution that you want>"09:54
MASARUwotaadityag: to "Screen" section09:54
drizzt__MASARUwota, how exactly it will work if he has no driver installed?09:54
adityagMASARUwota:  Modes "1024*800"09:54
MASARUwotadrizzt__: he doesnt? :/09:56
Heval3ouyes: Thanks ever so much for your help and time, i appreciate it highly.09:56
MASARUwotaadityag: get the vesa driver or something09:56
meowbuntuhi when using update manager i can only do a partial update. is this because i hav installed the ubuntu restricted extras09:56
MASARUwotameowbuntu: does "sudo apt-get upgrade" work?09:57
user123llutz, I cannot find them under ubuntu software center, do you know where can I download the repository?09:57
user123drizzt__, that isn't listed as well on the software center, do you know where can I get the repository?09:57
llutz!info gocr-gtk09:57
ubottuPackage gocr-gtk does not exist in karmic09:57
adityagMASARUwota: thanks, restarting09:58
llutz!find gocr09:58
ubottuFound: gocr, gocr-tk09:58
drizzt__user123, finereader? buy it or torrent it09:58
llutz!info gocr-tk09:58
ubottugocr-tk (source: gocr): A tcl/tk wrapper around gocr. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.46-2 (karmic), package size 8 kB, installed size 56 kB09:58
EndureI have two partitions, each with seperate grub configurations / installs on them. How can I select which one is used?09:58
bullgardWhat directory stores the Ubuntu event sound files?09:58
llutzdrizzt__: stop recommending piracy09:58
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o09:58
meowbuntuhi when using update manager i can only do a partial update. is this because i hav installed the ubuntu restricted extras09:59
drizzt__meowbuntu, it's because new kernel is available09:59
trijntjewhere did they hide the more extende login-screen settings I had in intrepid?10:00
meowbuntudr really is it worth upgrading to it10:00
=== yacyac__ is now known as yacyac
MASARUwotameowbuntu: "sudo apt-get upgrade" in a terminal, do that10:00
drizzt__trijntje, they just remove it forever10:00
deepy0xhello, i try to install VMPlyer 3.0 but when the script finish the installation i get this message "Installation was unsuccesfull", is there anybody that had the same problem?10:00
trijntjedrizzt__, why.. :(10:00
meowbuntudrizzt__ is it worth upgrading10:00
_trineI have transfered a copy of my minimal ubuntu from my netbook to a pendrive using ubiquity;; it works OK except that none of my system changes are saved although I can save a 'testfile' to my home folder. Has anyone any ideas how to solve this?10:00
cobra679i do have a penis10:00
llutzmeowbuntu: from jaunty to karmic? no10:01
MASARUwotadeepy0x: i would suggest virtualbox, as it isnt proprietary10:01
ubottucobra679: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:01
meowbuntullutz, i use ubuntu 9.1010:01
drizzt__trijntje, i don't know10:01
drizzt__meowbuntu, why not?10:01
=== house is now known as Guest91575
MASARUwotameowbuntu: sudo apt-get upgrade. DO IT10:02
deepy0xMASARUwota: it's posible, but i have to restore some vmware images :D10:02
ynefI have an encrypted LVM setup (as decribed here: http://oei.yungchin.nl/2008/04/23/installing-ubuntu-804-with-full-disk-encryption/ ) for my /home and swap directories, and now I wonder if I will be able to make a fresh install of ubuntu and still get access to my files in the encrypted partitions -- how would I go about doing this?10:02
jussi01llutz: got a moment for a quick PM?10:02
llutzjussi01: sure10:02
trijntjedrizzt__, thanks for your time10:02
MASARUwotadeepy0x: ah, i see10:02
meowbuntuok another thing i have just done update. update manager is asking to remove 24 packages is it ok to do so10:03
meowbuntuMASARUwota, that will upgrad to new kernel ???10:03
MASARUwotameowbuntu: it will upgrade the packages10:03
meowbuntubut is it ok for me to remove the 24 packages suggested by update manager ????10:04
=== house is now known as Guest28960
meowbuntui can remove or keep them10:05
Petsoundsmeowbuntu, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:05
meowbuntuPetsounds, i cant atm till i work out what to do with update manager10:05
drizzt__I'm having problems trying to connect WinXP share to Karmic machine, getting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error10:05
Petsoundsmeowbuntu, it's always better with dist-upgrade10:06
meowbuntuwish someone knew10:06
drizzt__meowbuntu, can you list some of package sthat gonna ber emoved?10:06
meowbuntuok thanks so dist-upgrade si better to do than use update manager10:07
adityagdrizzt__: MASARUwota: adding Mode "1024x800", dint work10:07
drizzt__adityag, of course it wouldn't, you need a proprietary driver fiorst. See your motherboard manual to see which card do you have, then google for instructions.10:08
ardchoillemeowbuntu: upgrade upgrades your packages, dist-upgrade brings in new packages to satisfy dependencies in order to upgrade your current packages.10:08
ubottuadityag: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.10:09
ynefmeowbuntu: "dist-upgrade" is a different method of upgrading than using "upgrade", the difference being that "dist-upgrade" tries to perform an update in a more intelligent way, rather than just getting all the latest versions for all programs (which is what "upgrade" does) -- the man page for apt-get is quite good for this (open a terminal window, and write "man apt-get" to learn more)10:09
adityagdrizzt__: in the motherboard manual, there is no mention of a graphics card10:10
meowbuntuok here are the first lot http://imagebin.ca/view/s_d8PfOI.html10:10
meowbuntudrizzt__, did you get that10:11
etfbWeird behaviour with my laptop's built-in webcam.  It doesn't show up in lsusb.  It used to in Jaunty.  Is there a way to diagnose this?10:12
cobra679thats linux for u10:13
cobra679getting there with plug and play though10:13
meowbuntudrizzt__, here are the next lot http://imagebin.ca/view/W1ygVb.html10:13
meowbuntudrizzt__, here are the last lot http://imagebin.ca/view/9fGrBu.html10:14
drizzt__adityag, it should be in the product features section10:14
drizzt__meowbuntu, just answer Keep10:15
ynefI have an encrypted LVM setup (as decribed here: http://oei.yungchin.nl/2008/04/23/installing-ubuntu-804-with-full-disk-encryption/ ) for my /home and swap directories, and now I wonder if I will be able to make a fresh install of ubuntu and still get access to my files in the encrypted partitions -- how would I go about doing this?10:18
hubbixyo folks10:18
drizzt__I'm having problems trying to connect WinXP share to Karmic machine, getting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error10:18
Hevalouyes: thanks once again, your help has been highly appreciated.10:18
unr3a1Hey ouyes..10:19
nitro_do somebody uses AWN here?10:21
nitro_lol okay thanks!10:22
geissevoglersomebody/No such nick/channel10:22
Hevalgeissevogler: lol :)10:22
vilinyHello, anyone here know anything about dhcp3-server?10:23
cobra679how do i10:23
vilinyIm failing to start the service because:No subnet declaration for eth0 (
cobra679what do you want to know viliny10:23
cobra679type in10:23
geissevogleruse /24 or something10:23
cobra679dhclient up10:23
=== marius is now known as Guest70804
cobra679did it work viliny ?10:24
Guest70804can somebody please help me to configure mantis to be able to send emails?10:24
* unr3a1 waits with baited breath...10:24
geissevogleryes thats easy10:24
vilinycobra679: that brings up some errors as well...10:24
cobra679have you even tried Guest10:24
geissevoglerclick on that mail symbol and configure empaty10:25
hubbixhow to share folders on ubuntu 9.10?10:25
vilinycobra679: you can view my syslog output at http://viliny.homelinux.net/stats10:25
unr3a1what do you guys think of 9.10?10:26
vilinyfurther down is the failed attempt to start dhcp3-server10:26
geissevogleri think its beta 9.1010:26
=== Guest70804 is now known as mariusm
geissevoglerstill some errors with wlan hardware10:26
haydentada, ubuntu works. i am a genius10:26
cobra679villny ?10:27
cobra679are you signed in as root10:28
vilinyyes cobra679 ?10:28
vilinyno im sudoing commands10:28
cobra679dhclient usually works for me10:28
mariusmcan somebody please help me to configure mantis to be able to send emails?10:28
rrI am in my Ubuntu One account, how can I add my computer?10:28
unr3a1he is asking you tried dhclient, viliny.10:28
vilinyit usually helps you to get the dhcp server running?10:28
vilinyyes i tried it, it threw errors at me10:29
unr3a1what errors?10:29
vilinycat /var/log/syslog > /var/www/syslog10:29
mariusmcan somebody please help me to configure mantis to be able to send emails?10:30
=== micware_ is now known as micware
vilinyhttp://viliny.homelinux.net/syslog - there is the log10:30
vilinywith errors10:30
unr3a1you need to configure the dhclient10:31
unr3a1viliny, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=80768110:32
vilinywhy do i need to do this when im actually trying to get the dhcpd server to work at the moment?10:32
unr3a1that lin10:32
mahiti-irchi, whats the codename for ubuntu 10.10?10:32
Myrttimahiti-irc: nobody knows yet10:32
chucheThey don't have one yet.10:32
Myrttimahiti-irc: it hasn't been chosen or decided yet10:32
unr3a1dhclient IS djv10:32
vilinythank you unr3a110:33
unr3a1dhclient IS dhcpd10:33
mahiti-ircMyrtti, oh ya?10:33
ReginNwhere is the mozilla/firefox directory in ubuntu located _10:33
unr3a1np... you got it working?10:33
mahiti-ircMyrtti, thx for the info dude10:33
vilinyyeah ok, im not being stubborn im just very curious :) as i understand it now then... im trying set it up in while the machine currently resides in
MASARUwotaReginN: the installation files or the config files?10:33
vilinythat might be the culprit?10:33
neil1I have a computer with two ethernet cards.. eth0 + eth1.. I am trying to bridge between them eth1 -> eth0.. I think I have that done :)  but I cant seem to get the computers on eth1 to connect to the internet on eth0... can some help please?10:34
meowbuntui cant remove wine using apt get10:34
coz_ReginN,  there is   /home/yourname/.mozilla10:34
unr3a1viliny, yes10:34
JediMasterI've got a server with a load of over 8 and less than 1% cpu usage (as reported by top/htop) 79% idle and 19% waiting, any ideas what's causing the load?10:34
meowbuntui need to to install another application10:34
ReginNMASARUwota: im looking for the plugin dir10:34
vilinythanks alot unr3a110:34
unr3a1viliny, but you set it up in all that dhcpd.conf file from that link I showed you.10:34
vilinydhcpd.conf file is actually configured as per all the guides i found10:35
coz_ReginN,   open home directory and hit ctrl+h to show hidden files10:35
coz_ReginN,  then look for    .mozilla10:35
unr3a1viliny, does the vmlinuz file follow that guide as well?10:35
chipgeriby mistake i renamed my /etc directory to /etc1      now how do i rename it back to /etc? not able to login10:36
vilinyhttp://viliny.homelinux.net/dhcpd unr3a110:36
vilinyunr3a1: im sorry, i didn't get that last thing you said...10:36
ozatomicIs there any way to clear the DNS cache on my machine10:36
neil1chipgeri: try booting from the CD and mount the HDD and rename it.10:37
llutz|ics | neil110:37
llutz!ics | neil110:37
ubottuneil1: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php10:37
unr3a1one of the posts in that link I sent you the dhcpd.conf file has a setting for the kernel version.10:37
chipgeri<neil1> i dont have cd with me...are there any other way to fix it?10:38
neil1llutz: thanks10:38
unr3a1viliny, but you need to find the actual conf file, the one you sent is just a sample.  if you have a /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf file that one needs to be configured.10:39
vilinyunr3a1: thats the file im trying to use as the conf file... not everything there is commented. I have no existing /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf file10:39
vilinyalso, there is no kernel specifying lines in that file as you can see...10:40
unr3a1that's weird then.  is your router setup properly?10:40
unr3a1also make sure you are running this command as sudo10:41
unr3a1brb... afk10:41
V1k1n9Hi, I want to use Elinks with spidermonkey, how can i do that plz ? :)10:42
chipgeriis there any way to rename /etc1 to /etc without the cd?  by mistake renamed /etc to /etc110:42
vilinyunr3a1: no, not yet it isn't - i was trying to cure the problem of the dhcp-server that wouldn't want to start... but i'l have to try again once i get home and can change the network to the final setup where the ubuntu machine would then be the dhcp server instead of the current hardware boxes. As i understood it my problem here now is the fact that the machine is still in another network than it will be once everything is set up co10:42
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unr3a1viliny, AH.  That would be culprit then.  You need to make sure that the network subnet is the same on both the router and your computer.10:44
V1k1n9Is it possible to print the content of an iframe with Elinks plz ?10:45
L3dPlatedLinuxwas wondering where do I change the what to do when I insert a blank cd option? cause I have picked something and checked the do not ask again option and now would like to change it??????10:46
llutzchipgeri: you can try to add "root=foobar" to grub options line at boottime. it should throw you into a initranfs-shell, maybe you can use it to rename your /etc1, not sure10:46
Dextronaughtwhere should I ask for help if I don't have sound?10:47
hubbixall sharing works now yay ubuntu,osx and windows :)10:48
unr3a1alright, well, i am out.  ttyl10:51
rethushi there, i wan't to migrate from suse to ubuntu. Now i have two hdd. one 80GB (can be erased completly) and one 320GB wit my home/partition and other partitions for suse.10:51
rethuswhat is the best way to set up ubuntu with my old /home-Partition?10:52
rethusshould i use the 80GB for Root & boot? the 320 only for /home?10:52
rethuswhat are clever partition-structures?10:52
Sagacirethus: just don't touch it at the formatting step10:52
DextronaughtI currently don't have any sound, I'm using a laptop computer, my audio drivers are Realtek HD I do believe, I can't access alsamixer on terminal.10:53
rethussagaci: what u mean? don't understand10:53
ShazbotMcNastyrethus, that sounds goood to me..your first comment10:53
hateballrethus: typically, you'd not use more than 20GB for /, but seeing as you have two disks to spare... and unless you want to mess with LVM, I'd do like you suggested yourself :)10:54
Dextronaughtoh, and I'm using ubuntu, the latest version, 9.10?10:54
zooboxI have changed to BOOTLOGD_ENABLE=Yes in /etc/default/bootlogd and thought that ubuntu should write to /var/log/boot while it starts... but it doesn't. what am I doing wrong?10:55
rethushateball: i think about to use the whole system on 320GB and use the 80GB as Backup-hdd, or to have two hdd to improve performance (one wis OS, other with /Home10:55
llutzzoobox: using karmic that seems to be upstart-related. you'd need package sysvinit for bootlogd, i don't know if that interferes with upstart10:55
mahitican any body help me installing 3d desktop10:56
ShazbotMcNastyrethus,  how do u back up 320GB part on an 80GB one?10:56
hateballrethus: Well there's two aspects... most likely the bigger one is faster, but you're more likely to use that space for personal data. One option would be to partition the 320GB and use the 80GB for rsync/backup10:56
rethusShazbotMcNasty: only data which i need10:56
ShazbotMcNastyalso..i was kidding10:57
zooboxllutz: aha, perhaps I need to install some package? (and no I'm using an older version of ubuntu, 7.10 or something)10:57
DextronaughtI currently don't have any sound, I'm using a laptop computer, my audio drivers are Realtek HD I do believe, I can't access alsamixer on terminal. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 (or the latest)10:57
ShazbotMcNastyjust type super slow bcus onscreen keyboard10:57
steveccccan anyone tell me if a program exists that will read a dvd bit by bit and create an iso image10:57
rethushateball: k. thats what i think to do. But how can i migrate tu ubuntu on such way, that i have a fallback to old suse partition, if something not work?10:58
llutzzoobox: do you have "sysvinit" installed?10:58
ShazbotMcNastyDextronaught, why no alsa?10:58
DextronaughtIdk, I type that and nothing happens10:58
Dextronaughtuhh, let me paste what it says10:58
Dextronaughtalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory10:58
rethusformat the 80Gb and installing ubuntu on a partition which is exactly sized like the root of SUSE and copy than the suse to 80GB and overwrite /root with ubuntu from the 320 GB ?10:59
rethusdon't know how to take this migration-Step.10:59
zooboxllutz: no but "upstart-compat-sysv" is installed.  "compatibility tasks and utilities that emulate the behaviour of the original sysvinit package"10:59
ShazbotMcNastyDextronaught, i would totally help you, but im using onscreen keyboard11:00
llutzzoobox: look for the package containing bootlogd in 7.10, which btw  is outdated (apt-file search bootlogd)11:01
Dextronaughtaww, that's horrible lol11:01
ShazbotMcNastyand i need to be doing homework :<11:01
zooboxin the file /var/log/boot I can read the text "(Nothing has been logged yet.)" from 2007-10-16 (must have been during install of ubuntu I guess)11:01
zooboxok I look11:01
ShazbotMcNastybook on desk - keyboard put away11:01
ShazbotMcNastySO i cant irc  lol11:02
zooboxllutz: no match.11:02
rethusso i could do it like that (maybe): Installing Ubuntu on the 80GB hdd.11:03
rethuscopy all data from 320GB /home to 80GB /home and try if all work.11:03
bullgard'~$ aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Rear_Right.wav; Playback Wave '/usr/share/sounds/alsa/Rear_Right.wav': Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Samplingrate: 48000 Hz, Mono.' Why do I hear no sound?  GNOME ALSA Mixer display Soundchip=AD1981B, Master=100% , PCM=100%, Mix Mono asserted, Mono Output Select asserted.11:03
mswlwhat can i use to use a "replace in files" in file texts?11:03
rethusif all work, i could copy 80GB / to 320GB / ?11:04
rethuswould this work?11:04
rethusmenas, maybe i have to copy /boot too11:04
rethuswhat u think11:04
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zooboxllutz: and yes I know this version of ubuntu is outdated, but before I reinstall with a new version, I want to save the text that is written during start of ubuntu.11:05
llutzzoobox: there are some still unsolved bugreports about that. but sorry canot help you yet.gtg11:05
Slartmswl: I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean.. you want to replace a phrase in one or more files with some other phrase?11:06
Slartmswl: all files are regular text files11:06
mswlSlart, right11:06
rethuswould it work, if i copy whole / and /boot of ubuntu to my 320GB disk? Would this result in a working system, of have i to do something other (grub etc.)?11:06
Slartmswl: try sed, possibly awk11:06
mswlthanks Slart11:06
Slartmswl: you're welcome11:06
meowbuntui have just forn playonlinux another free application like wine. anyone know which is better11:07
EndureI installed another ubuntu-based distro, (it installed grub with it). Grub detects my main ubuntu distro (9.10) but whenever I select to boot it, screen goes blank at just sits with a blinking '_' in the top left11:07
meowbuntuforn = found11:07
EndureCan anyone help?11:07
vilinyEndure: with what?11:07
meowbuntu!ask | Endure11:07
ubottuEndure: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:07
Slartmeowbuntu: I'm guessing that playonlinux is based on wine in some way11:07
meowbuntuSlart,  am not sure11:08
EndureI'm not sure how to fix it - would setting the original ubuntu partition so it boots first fix it? If so, how would I do it?\11:08
Slartmeowbuntu: which is best would depend on what you're going to use it for, what features you require.. try them both and see which one you like11:08
meowbuntuSlart, http://www.playonlinux.com/en/11:08
vilinyPlayOnLinux is based on Wine, and so profits from all its possibilities yet it keeps the user away from its complexity while exploiting some of its advanced functions.11:09
rethusok, now i'm in sense of ubuntu... installing it on my desktop 80GB disk :)11:09
EndureOr could I repair grub on the original ubuntu installation? I've tried that, but it always boots from the second grub11:09
rethusmeans kubuntu11:09
meowbuntuSlart, also http://wiki.winehq.org/PlayOnLinux11:10
vilinyEndure: are you sure you didn't... overwrite the previous installation with the new one?11:10
EndureI'm sure, I can mount the original with a live cd / new inst.11:10
meowbuntuSlart, very interesting playonlinux seems to be a front end for wine.11:11
vilinywell, open the grub boot list and make sure the locations it is booting from are correct is my guess here11:11
theadminmeowbuntu: Which It is11:11
zooboxllutz, ok11:11
Slartmeowbuntu: yes11:11
meowbuntuhas anyone used playonlinux11:11
theadminmeowbuntu: I have.11:12
meowbuntuhow is it11:12
SubbyHi is there any possibility to set the cursor in the shell on a position clicked by the mouse?11:12
razifmy rythmbox can`t play!11:12
razifalways error11:12
theadminneowbuntu: Kinda confusing, but runs my games nicely.11:12
meowbunturazif, what do you mean please give details11:12
vilinyEndure: Edit /etc/boot/grub/menu.lst  - hope that helps you.11:12
meowbuntutheadmin, better than wine itself11:12
sinthey, when running apt-get update, i have a couple of "Ign" messages. could this be a problem?11:13
theadminmeowbuntu: It just gets best version of WINE and patches for this or that app, as far as I know.11:13
meowbunturazif, paste the error on pastbin11:13
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meowbuntu!paste | razif11:13
ubotturazif: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic11:13
sintlike "Ign http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty/main Translation-de"11:13
razifok... wait11:14
vilinyhello simple_11:14
simple_how can i disable notifyOSD messages11:14
simple_i dont like them11:14
meowbuntuok so its verry good then11:14
meowbuntu^ theadmin,11:14
razifits ok now...11:15
meowbuntutheadmin, sounds like it beefs up wine11:15
razifbut its always stuck11:15
theadminmeowbuntu: Guess so. Well, I didn't really use it much because I preffer to stick to native apps overall.11:16
Darkedge'ning all, I managed to get a friend to Linux, He's quite a gammer, except he has an Intel card, He says he's gunna get a nVidia Card, I need something to keep him on Ubuntu, (A game perhaps thats not for Windows, Don't tell me Compiz that hardly changes the experiance :) )11:16
simple_how can i disable notifyOSD messages on ubuntu11:16
bullgard'~$ aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Rear_Right.wav; Playback Wave '/usr/share/sounds/alsa/Rear_Right.wav': Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Samplingrate: 48000 Hz, Mono.' Why do I hear no sound?  GNOME ALSA Mixer display Soundchip=AD1981B, Master=100% , PCM=100%, Mix Mono asserted, Mono Output Select asserted.11:17
theadminDarkedge: Don't hold people. If they want Windows, let them use it, sheesh... Gamers are not SUPPOSED to use Linux, because it's not a gaming system.11:17
razifhow can i got list for radio station from my local area? ( malaysia )11:17
Darkedgetheadmin: haha theres distros designed for gamming but there not simple11:19
DJones!games | Darkedge You might find something here that will keep them interested,11:19
ubottuDarkedge You might find something here that will keep them interested,: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php11:19
Darkedgetheadmin: I don't think he actully wants Windows, but like no games support it11:19
theadminDarkedge: DESIGNED for gaming?, you are kidding me.11:19
Darkedgetheadmin: YES. Designed for Gaming lol11:19
Darkedgetheadmin: Sabayon Gammers Edition for example.11:20
theadminDarkedge: Name one. Just very interesting.11:20
theadminSabayon? o_O never heard.11:20
garymcHi, ive had this problem before, and again i dont know how to fix it. Now ive created Launchers for all client desktops they work fine when a new user logs on. Great. But as i created them with my account and i double click on one i want to load in firefox with is http://localhost/admin it doesnt work for me only. It opens gedit instead. why is this only doing this for me?11:20
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kishorkeyboard not responding ... :(11:20
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kishorne chances of survival11:21
ottoChaunceyquestion from a new ubuntu user: is there a way to revert to a previous version of a file?11:21
DarkedgeCan someone tell me how change the default repos? I'm gunna use my ISPs miror11:21
theadminottoChauncey: There MIGHT be. Usually there are backups of previous versions with a name of oldname~. Hit Ctrl+H to see those, along with other hidden files.11:21
drizzt__most the 3d games here are clones of Quake 2/3. Also most of them are multiplayer-only11:21
rob_pDarkedge: /etc/apt/sources.list11:22
meowbuntutheadmin, does playonlinux have a run application in mintmenu11:22
ReginNDarkedge: System>administration> software sources11:22
theadminmeowbuntu: No idea, never tried it on Mint.11:22
rob_pDarkedge: But you might want to make a backup of that file before you go messing with it.11:22
ottoChaunceyanyone know how to revert to a previous version of a file? just from an hour ago?11:23
theadminottoChauncey: Look at my message above :/11:23
ottoChaunceyword. thanks11:24
ottoChaunceythanks, theadmin11:24
theadminWhy does it suddenly want to install "libcddb2", "libupnp3" and "libxcb-keysyms1"?11:25
meowbuntutheadmin, i am using ubuntu 9.10 not mint11:26
drizzt__ottoChauncey, you have TimeMachine on Macs and Previous Versions in Windows. Nothing her I'm afraid11:26
hubbixis it worth it to run ubuntu from a old 13 GB drive?11:26
theadminmeowbuntu: Well, you can modify the menu to add a shortcut. I'm not sure it does that automatically.11:26
meowbuntusorry theadmin just converted form mint to ubuntu11:26
drizzt__hubbix, it will take at least 3 GB11:27
ottoChaunceydrizzt_. thanks. no worries. woulda been easier to revert, but i can just paint the pretty picture again.11:27
mobi-sheephubbix: Sure. I'm using 20GB HDD.11:27
ShazbotMcNastymeowbuntu, "theadmin, does playonlinux have a run application in mintmenu"11:27
bullgard!sound | bullgard11:27
ubottubullgard, please see my private message11:27
ShazbotMcNastywhy do you need a "run application" on mintmenu?11:28
hubbixdrizzt_: yea but i have one 80gB that i dont use11:28
ShaoluWelcome ya'll!11:28
theadminShazbotMcNasty: He means a shortcut... launcher... link... whatever that is.11:28
JorkHow can I install latest intel gma950 video driver on karmic? Help needet please.11:28
hubbixdrizzt_:now i run from 16GB cruizer11:28
* Shaolu looks...11:28
ShazbotMcNastyi know...eh whatever11:29
drizzt__I'm having problems trying to connect WinXP share to Karmic machine, getting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error11:29
ShazbotMcNastyback 2 hw11:29
serylDoes anyone have ideas why tinydns seems to be working fine, but has ~ a 2-4 second delay when I try to ping a host?11:29
phil__hey, does somebody know how to fix this problem: i installed gentoo stage3 from ubuntu and compiled. it is on my second hdd. update-grub2 finds the kernelimage but does not show it in the bootmenu when i restart11:30
hubbixmaby i use 13GB for os and 80GB for media/shares11:30
ShaoluSo you went here, Jork? http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=17376&ProdId=2159&lang=eng11:31
meowbuntuShazbotMcNasty, i did explane that mistake if you read my next post11:31
Darkedgerob_p: Done. :P11:32
theadminDoes anybody know why netstat gives a buncha weird things at the end of list such as "unix  3      [ ]         STREAM     CONNECTED     2809"?11:32
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »11:32
hubbixwhy do i get a popup about grubpc i dont want it11:33
KartagisI'm trying to copy a CD but braseo doesn't see it. any ideas?11:33
theadmin"unix" is not even a protocol.11:33
theadminKartagis: Is it mounted normally? (Can you see it in "Places" menu?)11:34
hubbixnot before i trow out my windows HDrive11:34
DextronaughtI'm currently on a laptop without sound. OS is latest Ubuntu, soundcard is Realtek HD. I can't access alsa-mixer, help please?11:34
Kartagishmm, there must be a problem11:35
Kartagistheadmin, could this be because I'm trying to copy a CD with Mac files on it?11:35
theadminKartagis: If it has a Mac-ish filesystem, then it's likely.11:35
Dextronaughtcan anybody help me?11:36
ReginNahh i cant wait to get my dear laptop back, its been at the repair shop for 3 weeks now.11:36
jussi01Is there any appllications in the archive capable of opening .stp files? (cad drawings)11:37
drbobbhello, is anyone else having annoying problems using ubuntuone?11:37
theadmindrbobb: "annoying problems"?11:38
petsoundsDextronaught, did you double checked that it's not in muted?11:38
Dextronaughtit's not muted.11:38
drbobbI'm about to give up on it, I keep getting *.u1conflict files and folders all over the place, for no good reason11:38
DextronaughtI check at the top-right, right?11:38
Dextronaughtthe speaker? it's not muted11:38
theadmindrbobb: Well, if you're gonna give up on it, try Dropbox, it's quite nice.11:38
drbobbtheadmin: thx, suggestion noted11:39
ReginNDextronaught: make sure PCM is also not muted11:39
ouyeshi everybody11:39
Dextronaughtwhat's PCM?11:39
Dextronaughtpardon my ignorance11:40
ReginNDextronaught: its a slider in the mixer11:40
ouyesi donnot know either11:40
DextronaughtI can't access alsa-mixer on terminal11:40
drbobbactually I should be using a dvcs for my crucial files, but I thought I'd take the lazy route with ubuntuone. But it's just not working11:40
underdevhi!  Does anyone know how to run a server in the background that will persist after the shell is closed?11:40
jussi01drbobb: try also #ubuntuone11:40
ReginNDextronaught: top right, open the mixer, if you cant, i dont know what to do sry11:40
drbobbjussi01: thx!11:41
petsoundsDextronaught, it's not alsa-mixer.. it's alsamixer :)11:41
Dextronaughteverything is fine at the mixer, nothing's muted11:41
Dextronaught1 second petsound11:41
Dextronaughtalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory11:42
rethushow can i copy my whole /home directory including all links to my 80GB partition (second hdd)?11:42
theadminAnyone else getting a weird BEEEP on hibernation?11:42
ReginNDextronaught: have a look at > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=109419611:43
theadminAnd then no sound after resume (it gets weirdly muted)11:44
rethus how can i copy my whole /home directory including all links to my 80GB partition (second hdd)?11:44
Dextronaughtok, ty ReginN11:44
ReginNDextronaught: np, god luck.11:44
linux_good luck!!11:44
ReginNrethus: Copy & Paste11:44
rethusis this enough?11:45
linux_where are you from?11:45
rethusisn't there anything to watch out11:45
nivashow to configure the network scanner in Ubuntu???11:45
linux_ok good bay11:45
theadminsudo cp -r --copy-contents /home /new/location, rethus.11:45
rethustheadmin: this include all files, hiden-files, links ?11:46
trijntjeHi all, since Karmic ubuntu puts é when I type ' and e, how can i disable tis?11:46
theadminrethus: I don't know. Might also need to do "--preserve=all"11:46
linux__da jia hao11:47
meowbuntuplayonlinux is greata11:47
linux__hello everyone11:47
j4ketheadmin, rethus....isnt there a chance for locked files ? or does sudo prevent that ?11:47
theadminj4ke: It does, root can do everything.11:48
j4ketheadmin: ok...11:48
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theadminAltough I don't exactly understand what do you reffer to as "locked"11:48
=== wtf_ is now known as W_T_F
rethushere my story: j4ke, theadmin:11:49
rethus before i had 80GB with running system. Then i dublicate it to my 320GB with dd. Now i working 2 weeks with 320GB and reinstall ubuntu on 80GB. On 8080GB is my old /home... and if i can use rsync, this would couase in much less copy-processes, cause not such much has changed... or u think its better to completely copy home from 320GB again?11:49
DextronaughtReginN, where's the GRUB boot loader menu?11:49
Dextronaughtwhere can I find it11:49
unimatrixwhy can't openoffice print normally? It cuts off the edges11:49
lusinhi. do i can install ubuntu 9.10 on ext3 file system? (ext4 destroyed my hdd ;/ )11:50
Ddordahey. is there any app to backup pop mail?11:50
theadminlusin: yeah, no probs with that, choose it when installing.11:50
j4ketheadmin: i was thinking more of all the dotfiles in his home...used by x and so on...11:50
theadminj4ke: Uh, those are hidden, not "locked"11:50
lusinbtw; sorry for my bad spell11:51
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:51
meowbuntulusin, ext4 should not do that. what happened. ext4 is vary stable and better for 9.10 but yes you should bre able to use ext3 fine i should think11:51
linux_where are you from?11:52
linux_good luck!!11:52
trijntjeHi all, since Karmic ubuntu puts é when I type ' and e, how can i disable tis?11:52
Churchchange layout with other dead key?11:52
javier_Hi to everyone. After a wrong switching off, my parents computer fails to load ubuntu 9.10 (Mount of filesystem failed). I have to repair it, but I'm troubbles. I cannot just reinstall ubuntu, because I want to save the documents data and everything is in the same partition (it was installed like that). How could I deal with this? Thanks!11:52
lusinmeowbuntu: thx, i try install ubuntu 9.10 on ext311:53
lord_hypnoshey can somebody fix the superblock on a ext3 partition on my external drive?11:53
Dextronaughtwhere can I find the GRUB boot loader menu?11:53
theadminjavier_ Try booting from a Live CD or something and running fsck on the dead partition. Might fix it, who knows?11:53
vilinyDextronaught: boot list?11:53
ReginNDextronaught: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:54
javier_theadmin: I will try that and tell you what happens. Thanks for the idea11:54
nivasHow to configure shared Scanner in Ubuntu11:54
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javier_theadmin: how to run fsck on the dead partition? just on console, running that comand?11:56
theadminjavier_: Yeah, fsck /dev/sda1 or something (depending what partition name is assigned, which I can't know)11:57
javier_theadmin: aha, right, I think I will manage with that information :)11:57
unimatrixhow do i remove the borders cups makes?11:58
lord_hypnosI cant access one of my partitions anymore, someone please help me11:59
meowbuntulord_hypnos, hold on11:59
tcrHi there! I just upgraded from 8.04, first to 8.10, and then to 9.04 -- and the upgrades went surprisingly smoothly! So let me thank you at this point.11:59
kibibytethere was some tool in ubuntu for generating passwords12:00
tcrOne thing I wonder is that now on 9.04, postifx seems to be running and be listening to *.* -- is that really intended?12:00
Umoplatahello there! I installed Qimo using Unetbootin on a USB flashdrive. when Qimo has finished booting up I can't connect to my wireless. Is it because i'm running from the usb instead of installing it?12:00
vilinyUmoplata: missing wifi drivers?12:00
Umoplataviliny: not sure, how do I find out? sorry noob here12:01
meowbuntulord_hypnos, run the live cd insert the hdd and open gparted select your hdd right click on each partition on it  then choose check and it will fix errors on the drive. not sure if it will work but give it a try12:01
ikonia!give ikonia a test12:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:01
vilinyUmoplata: im not 100% but try "ifconfig" and seeing if the wifi is listed there12:01
meowbuntu!ask | lord_hypnos12:02
ubottulord_hypnos: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:02
knight5482Hello , when i am using firefox on some video website (something similar to youtube) i get a message that i should have windows media player does ubuntu have some package that will fix this ?12:02
atom_foxjoin #ubuntu12:02
Umoplataviliny: ok and if it isn't?12:02
tcrIt seems like I have "anacron", "atd", and "cron" enabled; do I really need all three? It sounds like they provide similiar functionality?12:02
vilinyUmoplata: Then you need help that im not qualified to give at this point :)12:02
lord_hypnosthanks meowbuntu ill give that a try12:02
meowbuntulord_hypnos:  Do not ask to ask, just ask! We also ask that you not ask over and over again, if someone knows, they will respond. (So, yes, you may ask.)12:02
javier_theadmin: shall I unmount the disk before running the command? It suggest files can be damaged...12:02
ikoniaknight5482: if you go to https://help.ubuntu.com and look at the support docs, it will explain what packages match up to what video codecs (lookin the video section of the help guide)12:03
UmoplataViliny: ok no worries!12:03
theadminjavier_: Yeah. I didn't expect it to automount though.12:03
erUSULtcr: similar but not quite the same. hence the neeed for the three daemons12:03
javier_yeah, actually its strange12:03
atom_foxwhat is the best dock apps for karmic? thanks12:03
petsoundsknight5482, did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras?12:03
javier_I will unmount first12:03
coz_hey guys...how do you pull up  "About Ubuntu"  via terminal?...a window opens but nothing shows up and the cursor is real gittery12:03
ikoniaatom_fox: try some see what you like12:03
tcrerUSUL: Their description is all the same; not particular helpful. Perhaps I should open a ticket about it?12:04
meowbuntulord_hypnos, never do that on an active partition eg on your main ndd inside your os it will stuff it thats y doing it from live cd is best12:04
noxisanyone got a opensauce backup system to recommend?12:04
atom_foxtnx :)12:04
erUSULtcr: about the description? sure.12:04
neezerI have set up my laptop with 9.10 to be able to remotely log in to my server (also 9.10) and browse the file system as a network drive. I want to set up my Fiance's computer to do the same, but she is using windows....I am using SSH to do it securely over the internet.12:04
noxiszmanda/bacula seem terrible12:04
rwwubottu: backup | noxis12:04
ubottunoxis: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning12:04
erUSUL!backup | noxis12:04
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knight5482petsounds: yes12:04
erUSULneezer: winscp; it is more like a ftp client...12:05
noxisIt also needs to support windows full metal backups12:05
tcrerUSUL: An idea what the right project is?12:05
erUSULtcr: no; sorry12:05
knight5482petsounds: when i try to watch the video on the browser i get message with link to this address : http://port25.technet.com/archive/2007/03/29/windows-media-player-firefox-plugin-download.aspx12:05
neezererUSUL: can I use winscp and tunnel the connection through ssh so that it is secure?12:05
knight5482petsounds: but they dont have ubuntu installation12:05
=== jofo is now known as jofoafrwa
petsoundsknight5482, ok let me check it.12:06
erUSULneezer: win*S*cp is already *S*ecure ;) it uses the ssh protocol in windows12:06
=== jofoafrwa is now known as jofo
Clonixwhen i login with ssh on ubuntu it automatically runs the command "screen -x", any ideas how to turn it off?12:06
knight5482petsounds: do u want also the link to the video website ?12:06
meowbuntuspase, never randomly pm anyone ask to do so here first its just rude if you dont12:07
petsoundsknight5482, yes please12:07
Clonixgoogle tells me to look in ~/.bashrc but thats clean :)12:07
ikoniaknight5482: I told you - you need the right codec12:07
meowbuntu!ask | spase12:07
ubottuspase: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:07
neezererUSUL: cool thanks...I guess google is my friend....I have my share on my laptop set up and it says sftp://nathan@<ipaddress>:2222. My ssh port is 2222 so dos that mean I'm tunneling through ssh?12:08
meowbuntuspase:  Do not ask to ask, just ask! We also ask that you not ask over and over again, if someone knows, they will respond. (So, yes, you may ask.)12:08
erUSULneezer: yes12:08
knight5482petsounds: http://survivor.nana10.co.il/Category/?CategoryID=400533 (the website is in the Hebrew language but you will see in the middle of the screen the player button with the message)12:08
neezerThanks a lot erUSUL. I appreciate the help.12:08
UmoplataI can't connect to my wireless when I'm using Puppy 4.3. Automatic DHCP doesn't work and when I try to enter the data manually using static IP my wireless still can't connect12:08
erUSULneezer: no problem12:08
knight5482ikonia: but how can i know what is the right codec ? i installed the ubuntu restricted extras and its still not working12:09
ikoniaknight5482: go  to the page I told you to go to, read the page I told you to read, install the codec you need listed from the page12:09
javier_theadmin: it looks like the problem is in some "i-nodes", which are "orphan and broken". I guess i shall say "repair them"12:10
neezererUSUL: one more question, how do I get her the key to log in via ssh? can I copy the key from my laptop to her laptop and use it like that? or do I need to generate a new key altogether for her?12:10
coz_guys...does anyone know how to pull up  /System/About ubuntu via the terminal?12:10
erUSULneezer: you can copy the key afaik12:10
lord_hypnoshi again, I'm on the live cd now, running GParted and it shows me that the whole external drive is empty and unpartitioned, even tho it mounted 1 of 2 partitions that exist on that drive.12:11
neezererUSUL: which key? can I just copy over my .ssh folder in my home directory on my laptop to hers?12:11
ferryPLEASE SOMEBODY... help me with building packages for ATI card from Catalyst***.run package.... it doesn't work for, me.. someone maybe can make deb packages and just send them back to me via IRC???12:12
bimbericoz_: "yelp ghelp:about-ubuntu"12:12
coz_bimberi,  yeah got that thanks   but the error is   Yelper initialization failed for 0x97f029812:12
erUSULneezer: i dunno what the procedue to set up winscp is. you will have to consult the winscp help to know where to copy the key or how to import it12:12
petsoundsknight5482, it's not work for me either :(12:13
neezerOK. Thanks erUSUL. I really do appreciate the help.12:13
erUSULferry: System>Admin..>Hardware drivers does not work for you ?12:13
ferryerUSUL : no they dont)))= after i install it my karmic will crash after restart12:14
erUSULferry: what about envyng ?12:14
ubottuEnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver12:14
aaron11I want to get this: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ubuntu+clean+xsplash?content=116667&PHPSESSID=12366f78f6bbc8b94cc4cce7ff999299 but I cant because I dont know how to download it! Please help me, thanks!12:15
ferryerUSUL: i am not sure it will work... building packages from catalyst.run is safer, isn't it??12:15
V1k1n9Hey, how can i print frames with links2 or elinks or lynx plz ? :(12:16
c_nickhow to copy all the files.. from one folder to another.. comprising of all the symbolic links.. hidden holders.. everything12:16
bimbericoz_: ok.  Sorry, I can do no better than suggest googling that message12:16
erUSULferry: well envyng does that afaik but anyway you can do as you see fit. to build the deb's you probably need build-essential and the kernel headers12:16
coz_bimberi,  no problem apparently it has something to do with firefox 3.6 and xlrunner12:16
rrobhi all, hi coz .)12:17
javier_theadmin: thanks a lot!12:17
javier_totall success :)12:17
nitro_do somebody uses awn (dock)? please :( HELP:(12:17
rrobpls how to switch default soundcard from command line or with some guy app / button12:18
rrobin pulseaudio12:18
ferryerUSUL: yes((= but it is not making packages))= can you probably built them and then send back to me through IRC???(((=12:18
erUSULferry: id not even have an ati card :) sorry12:18
c_nicki want to copy an entire folder as it is to another location.. but its not copying the hidden files and symbolic links12:19
ShazbotMcNastyferry, how exactly did you try to do it?12:19
mswlhow do i echo a new line to a file??? echo "\n" > file.txt ??12:20
ferryerUSUL: just download catalyst amd64.ru and built packages.. my karmic want do this operation.. i dont know why)))=12:20
ShazbotMcNastyferry, because your video card is to old.12:20
trijntjeHi all, ubuntu puts é when I type ' and e after eachother, how can I fix this?12:21
ShazbotMcNastyferry, what was the exact command line operation you tried to do?12:21
ferryShazbotMcNasty: i have lowend mobility radeon HD3470 on my T40012:21
erUSULmswl: if you want to append it to the file use >> not just > that overwrites the file12:21
=== mswl is now known as aafuentes2
c_nickkarmic koala has certain bugs.. like the desktop bug.. then the network idicator does not auto reconnect.. and the biggest of all flaw.. the glib ...if u upgrade glib bam the gvfs gets screwed up donno ho12:21
ShazbotMcNastytrijntje, system>keyboard>layout12:21
bullgardUpdate Manager reports: "Warning. You are about to install software that can't be authenticated! Doing this could allow a malicious individual to damage or take control of your system." This applies - among others - to gnome-screensaver (version 2.28.0-0ubuntu3.2) that will be upgraded to version 2.28.0-0ubuntu3." What is the reason for this warning?12:21
ShazbotMcNastyferry, what was the exact command line operation you tried to do?12:21
ShazbotMcNastylike, whatever you wrote in the command line trying to run it12:21
aafuentes2erUSUL, but that line echo \n to the file, instead of a new line12:21
lord_hypnosGParted shows me that my whole external drive is empty and unpartitioned, even tho it mounted 1 of 2 partitions that exist on that drive. I cant access the other one. how do i fix the partition?12:21
DJonestrijntje: Thats looks like you've got your keyboard set to use sticky keys, you need to change the type of keyboard to one that doesn'y use sticky keys12:21
ShazbotMcNastyOR - if you didn't try I can try to walk you through it.12:22
ferryShazbotMcNasty: sh ati........run --buildpackages Ubuntu/karmic12:22
c_nicklord_hypnos:  ?12:22
=== SunilThaha is now known as sunil|away
ShazbotMcNastyferry, sudo12:22
ShazbotMcNastydo 'sudo ati......run'12:22
c_nicklord_hypnos:  is the other drive empty.. ?12:22
ShazbotMcNastywait no12:22
ferryShazbotMcNasty: will it help?12:23
ShazbotMcNasty'sudo sh ./ati.........run'12:23
ShazbotMcNastyit should work12:23
c_nickand are you seeing both of them on the desktop i mean are they mounted  there ?12:23
ShazbotMcNastymake sure you cd into the directory it's in though12:23
ShazbotMcNastyif it's in /home/user/bin12:23
ShazbotMcNastythen do12:23
ferryShazbotMcNasty: i need to write ./ <---????12:23
c_nicklord_hypnos:  what does sudo fdisk -l return.. ?? does it say those 2 are mounted or not12:23
ShazbotMcNastyferry, yes12:23
lord_hypnosfdisk -l : http://pastebin.com/d74a187d9 c_nick12:24
cobra679vagina sudo12:24
gFredHi! :)12:24
ferryShazbotMcNasty: so.. sudo sh ./ati-driver-installer-9-12-x86.x86_64.run --builtpkg Ubuntu/karmic12:24
kjelleHi. If i have a given machine without IP, but I know the MAC. I am on the same subnet as the machine, how do i communicate with it? :) I want to login to it, and have a shell in the end.12:24
gFredI have an Ubuntu 9.10 home server, and I want to connect to it via remote desktop12:25
ferryShazbotMcNasty: so.. sudo sh ./ati-driver-installer-9-12-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/karmic12:25
lord_hypnosc_nick none of those 2 is empty one is ntfs and is mounted correctly, the other one should be ext3 and is not working. in gparted it tells me that the whole drive (including the ntfs partition that is actually mounted) is unpartitioned and empty12:25
c_nicklord_hypnos: 1 TB ?!!!!12:25
trijntjeDJones, Found it, thanks for your time12:25
ShazbotMcNastyferry, 'sudo sh ./ati........run'12:25
lord_hypnosyes c_nick12:25
gFredI've forwarded port 5900 in the router and I can access the box remotely over internet (e.g viewing torrents in rtgui, etc)12:25
ShazbotMcNastylord_hypnos, gparted HATES ntfs12:25
c_nickok so u are seeing them in the fdisk.. can u see them on the desktop12:25
ferryShazbotMcNasty: so.. 'sudo sh ./ati-driver-installer-9-12-x86.x86_64.run' --buildpkg Ubuntu/karmic12:25
c_nickand what are you going in gparted anyways.. ??!! specific reason for that12:26
ShazbotMcNastyferry why are you putting in --buildpkg Ubuntu/karmic ?12:26
gFredWhen I try to connect to the box remotely via Real VNC (Vista) it hangs 5 seconds and gives me this error: read connection reset by peer 1005412:26
gFredANy ideas?12:26
lord_hypnosc_nick yeah somebody told me to go into gparted to check if i can see the partitions there12:26
c_nickthe question is are both of them mounted ?? and can u access them12:26
lord_hypnosbut it wont work apparently12:26
ShazbotMcNastytry it without that, I've never ever seen anyone use any type of syntax like 'Ubuntu/karmic/ before12:26
lord_hypnosi cant access the ext3 partition sdb112:26
lord_hypnosthats the problem12:26
ferryShazbotMcNasty: to build .deb packages from catalyst.run12:26
ShazbotMcNastyyou don't need a .deb12:27
ReginNit takes a while to zero out a 110Gb harddisk with dd ! heh12:27
ShazbotMcNastyyou need to make the .run install it12:27
c_nickhmm lord_hypnos well.. have you tried manually mounting it12:27
ShazbotMcNastyferry JUST DO ' sudo sh ./ati.....run'12:27
ShazbotMcNastythen if it doesn't work, paste the output into a pastebin and link me12:27
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valbergthe time on my computer is really off12:28
valbergand i can't seem to get it to play nicely with the ntp servers12:28
c_nicklord_hypnos:  try sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/lord (here lord is a manually created folder in /media)12:28
ferryShazbotMcNasty: it will install drivers!! i can do it another way.. just click the right button on *.run package and allow executing it as a programm.. but after i install drivers.. karmic will crash!!12:28
c_nickdo you have any data there?12:28
cobra679i fuck cunts on the weekend only12:29
lord_hypnosim on live cd right now c_nick12:29
ShazbotMcNastyferry, than I'm sure you've got the wrong drivers12:29
lord_hypnosill try it but i have to log in12:29
ferryShazbotMcNasty: so that is why i need .deb packages.. there are not any other drivers))=12:29
c_nickwell it will work on that too12:29
c_nicki suppose.. live cd is nothing but a live session running via ram..12:30
ShazbotMcNastyferry ATI recently dropped support on a lot of old legacy video card12:30
c_nicki think u can pretty much do everything on it12:30
ShazbotMcNastyso if you've got too old of a card, then you can't use the new distros12:30
ShazbotMcNastybecause there is no driver12:30
ShazbotMcNastywell, you CAN12:30
ShazbotMcNastyit's just a lot of work12:30
c_nicklord_hypnos: just try to manually accessing the folder if u can12:30
c_nickfolder = linux drive sdb112:30
AceKingWhat command do I use to see what format my linux drive is? Like if it's ext.3 ext.4.12:31
happy_AceKing: mke2fs12:31
erUSULAceKing: you can check what filesystem is mounted as ---> cat /proc/mounts12:31
AceKinghappy_, Thank you!12:31
AceKingerUSUL, Thanks12:32
overclockingInfeHello and goodmorning!12:32
garymcHi, ive had this problem before, and again i dont know how to fix it. Now ive created Launchers for all client desktops they work fine when a new user logs on. Great. But as i created them with my account and i double click on one i want to load in firefox with is http://localhost/admin it doesnt work for me only. It opens gedit instead. why is this only doing this for me?12:32
lord_hypnosc_nick, if i try to mount it it tells me that i have to put in the type of file system12:32
=== overclockingInfe is now known as oclock_inferno
ferryShazbotMcNasty: it is possible.. but on T400 it is working.. so i will do step by step and it will work for me too... the only thing is.. i need to build those packages from *.run.. and i am looking for someone who can download catalyst then make packages and send back to me all the deb packages it will build.. cause my karmic is not building any)))=12:32
c_nicklord_hypnos:  whats the command you are using12:32
bimberi /part12:32
happy_AceKing: read the man page or something. mke2fs creats all extX formats12:32
ShazbotMcNastywell then12:33
lord_hypnosc_nick mount /dev/sdb1 into a folder i created12:33
c_nickso whats the precise feedback12:33
ShazbotMcNastya deb. package does prettymuch the same thing as a .run file...12:33
ferryShazbotMcNasty: you will help me to buld them??12:33
c_nicklord_hypnos:  try man mount12:33
sravan_Is there any software that plays HD mkv and .avi files in ubuntu ?12:33
ShazbotMcNastyferry, where does it tell you to do this?12:33
c_nickthere are a lot of options you can explore12:33
AceKinghappy_, I just seen it gave me a bunch of options12:33
sravan_VLC is unable to play HD files properly12:34
ShazbotMcNastyalso - give me the model of your video card.12:34
Andy80hi all12:34
ShazbotMcNastyhallo :)12:34
sravan_Is there any software that plays HD mkv and .avi files in ubuntu ?12:34
sravan_<sravan_> VLC is unable to play HD files properly12:34
happy_AceKing: yep :-\12:34
ferryShazbotMcNasty: Ati Mobility Radeon HD 347012:34
happy_sravan_: it should play them. It does on my computer12:35
c_nicklord_hypnos: try mount -t (type) /dev/sdb1 /media/myfolder12:35
sravan_happy_ : even files of size > 4 GB ????12:35
c_nicklord_hypnos:  but i dont know whats the type of your partition12:35
happy_sravan_: yep12:35
sravan_oh...Are you using Karmic ?12:35
lord_hypnosc_nick it should be ext3 but i think the problem is that it thinks that its  a different type12:35
mainuse cfdisk12:35
happy_sravan_: 9.10, is that karmic? lol12:36
AceKinghappy_, I tried mke2fs -T and it still gave me the same options :(12:36
oclock_infernohappy_ yes12:36
c_nicklord_hypnos:  yes even i think that.. because it says..Linux ern something12:36
c_nicktried googling that ?12:36
sravan_happy_, : yeah, but why are the files getting struck in btn in my comp ????12:36
happy_AceKing: look it up on google :-).12:36
c_nicklord_hypnos: try mount -l -t ext312:36
ShazbotMcNastyferry, if I can easily build this deb I guess I'll give i