Flea_Hi everyone. I just installed xubuntu on my laptop last week and I'm loving it!!01:15
pec_arhi suddenly my pc don't have sound. What can i do?03:47
pec_arit is runnin xubuntu03:48
likemindeadYou could hang around for more than thirty seconds. ;-(04:07
TheGamer81I am having problems with xubuntu.04:16
TheGamer81Ok nevermind.04:17
Sememmonlikemindead: lol =]04:47
likemindeadIt's ridiculous, isn't it?04:47
jung_hallo i'm new to xubuntu i need help07:27
knome!ask | jung_07:28
ubottujung_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:28
jung_my Slave Drive is not recognized07:28
knomeare you sure it's correctly plugged? do you see anything under /media/ ?07:28
knomeWhat does 'mount' return in terminal?07:28
jung_yup i checked is not there07:28
jung_it is ntfs and fat format07:29
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE07:29
jung_thank u07:30
Sysion bad wlan08:04
floyd8I want to create a linux set up with a pre-configured development enviorment for my team members. How would I go about doing something like that?08:08
Balsaqfloyd8 : what team do you manage?08:18
_Pete_floyd8: like this, extract .iso, then do modifications there and then pack it again to .iso08:18
floyd8_Pete_: So I could have the iso pre configured with stuff like LAMP, some databases, some command line tools and other packages?08:19
floyd8Very cool08:20
_Pete_what ever you like08:20
floyd8Any issues with hardware compatability? I think not.08:20
floyd8Wow. This is very interesting08:21
floyd8It was just an idea, because I was reading about Amazon EC2 Machine Images08:21
_Pete_hopefully the db will be postgres and lamp doesnt include php :)08:22
floyd8It takes a lot of time to set up a new member's enviorment. Especually because we are all remotely based and have different machines08:22
_Pete_how so? all those can be installed with single apt-get08:22
_Pete_so maybe easier is to have all machines ssh ready08:23
_Pete_then with that remote execute script which installs what is needed08:23
floyd8I was thinking that an .iso would be better because it would assure that all of our stuff is isolated from you own personal files08:24
_Pete_what do you mean with that?08:26
floyd8_Pete_: Duel boot everyone's computers. Company OS and personal OS08:29
floyd8"Company" is used loosely here08:30
floyd8Or, alternatively use a VM08:30
RedaxxxI got a minor but quite annoying problem with xubuntu, everytime I boot my computer and reach the desktop it automatically opens terminal, hardware drivers and add/remove software (or whatever it's called in English)... When shutting off I make sure that "Save session for future logins" is not marked.  Anyone know how to stop this from happening?08:51
_Pete_"Save session for future logins" do this with the setup you want to see on next boot08:53
Redaxxx-facepalm- alright, thank you Pete08:54
RedaxxxI'll try that out08:55
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RedaxxxHello, whenever I open a .html document it opens it in firefox even though I have selected Google Chrome to be my mainbrowser, why?16:01
Sysiit may need to be set up in filemanager16:02
Sysirightclick →  properties16:02
Redaxxxalright, sec16:02
Redaxxxcan't find anything16:03
Sysii have there "open with" and drop menu16:04
Redaxxxah yeah, got it.. thanks a lot :)16:06
Redaxxxhehe alright.. next question then, I got two hotkey problems.. In Google chrome I can't use ctrl+F4 to close down tabs, nothing happens and I play a game where alt+f8 should show your fps in the top left corner but that doesn't work either... Program -> system -> keyboard -> shortcuts (or whatever it says in English) doesn't show that those keys are assigned to anything so why doesn't it work?16:22
Redaxxxoops... program -> settings(?) -> keyboard -> shortcuts*  not system16:23
faLUCE(9.10) hi. I want to add a timer in the grub menu when booting. I don't find men.lst anymore. what should I modify?17:09
charlie-tcaThere is no menu.lst in grub2; take a look in /etc/grub.d and read the docs on it17:10
acalbazaso... since my upgrade to karmic i have no ati 3d support because my card is now considered legacy... anyone else?17:15
faLUCEcharlie-tca: I'm reading the readme. but I don't find anything useful for adding a simple timer17:17
charlie-tcatimer for seeing the menu?17:18
faLUCEcharlie-tca: yes17:18
charlie-tcaWrong menu; sorry. Got to set that in /etc/default/grub17:18
faLUCEcharlie-tca: I don't have this file17:19
charlie-tcalook again, it is installed by default with grub217:20
charlie-tcashould be a file called grub in /etc/default17:20
faLUCEcharlie-tca: I don't have it17:21
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geniifaLUCE: Did you upgrade from 9.04-9.10 and chose to keep grub1 ?17:21
faLUCEgenii: yes17:22
geniifaLUCE: Then it's the same as before, in /boot/grub/menu.lst17:23
geniifaLUCE: (not "men.lst" as you wrote earlier)17:23
faLUCEgenii: there's not, anyway., thanks, in another machine there is. should i modify GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET to true?17:24
charlie-tcaNot if you are using grub 117:24
charlie-tcain grub2, yes17:25
faLUCEcharlie-tca: how can I check which grub I'm using?17:25
geniiapt-cache policy grub17:25
faLUCEok thanks all17:26
charlie-tcacomment out the GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT line, too17:27
faLUCEgenii: the command you said doesn't tell me anything17:27
faLUCEthis grub menu starts when for example I accidentally power off my pc17:31
faLUCEand it has not a timeout....17:31
faLUCEotherwise, when I perform a normal boot, I don't see it17:31
faLUCEnow: I want to avoid that it hangs on this grub, after this accident. Tne system has to be ready automatically17:32
faheem_an ysers awake?17:53
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!17:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:53
faheem_]i'm currently using xubuntu, my screen resolution is too high any ideas how to solve that?17:54
faheem_i see about 1/4 of the desktop the rest is past the margins17:54
charlie-tcasounds like this might help: xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Xft/DPI -s -117:55
faheem_bash: xfconf-query: command not found17:57
faheem_lol.. im not the most ubuntu literate as yet :)17:57
charlie-tcaWhat version of xubuntu?17:58
Sysii'd try: xrandr --auto17:58
faheem_it blanked the desktop a couple seconds Sysi and returned to the normal resolution in which i have18:01
faheem_it blanked the desktop a couple seconds Sysi and returned to the normal resolution in which i have a problem lol*18:01
faheem_ok thanks charlie-tca :)18:01
charlie-tcahope it helps18:02
alejandrahi, i'm trying to install gambas18:02
alejandrabut i can not do it18:03
alejandraplease help18:04
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.18:04
charlie-tca!info gambas18:04
ubottuPackage gambas does not exist in karmic18:05
charlie-tcawhat version of xubuntu, alejandra18:05
charlie-tcaalejandra: what version of xubuntu? you can find it by typing 'lsb_release -rd' in a terminal and hitting enter.18:08
charlie-tcaThe package name changed to gambas2; try 'sudo apt-get install gambas2' in the terminal18:11
charlie-tcaI am running an install now for 9.04; it will take about 10 minutes to come up18:18
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lcbhi. which graphical partition manager do you recommend without too much dependencies? i had too much work removing gnome and kde dependencies and progs to go back to gparted.19:06
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TheSheeplcb: gparted19:19
lcbthanks TheSheep19:27
azoDes francais ?20:14
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr20:14
azoSysi,  Thx20:14
Sysipas de problem :)20:14
TheSheep.oO( de rien )20:17
azoxubuntu-fr n'existe plus ?20:18
jmcantrellanyone know how i might change the wallpaper with the python library?21:13
TheSheepjmcantrell: on what operating system?21:15
jmcantrellTheSheep: linux (xubuntu)21:20
TheSheepjmcantrell: ah, sorry, I didn't look at the channel21:21
TheSheepjmcantrell: I thought it's #python21:22
TheSheepjmcantrell: you can send the HUP signal to xfdesktop process to make it switch to the next wallpaper from the list, but that's probably not what you want21:22
jmcantrellnot really. :-/21:24
jmcantrellthanks though21:24
Flea_Hi. I need help installing freeorion. Can anyone help me out?21:28
charlie-tcaWhere did you get it?21:31
AledIn Xfce, how do you set the menu system so that you don't have to click off the current open menu to switch to the next22:10
Aledas in, on the "Applications" and "Places" bit22:10
charlie-tcaAled: don't know that you can do that in Xfce22:15
AledIt's just a minor inconvinience, but I'll get used to it22:16
AledI came to Linux from Windows see?22:16
charlie-tcaAs do most users22:16
AledBut at least it works on individual program menus22:16
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Rascal999balls, have an atom processor on a netbook which ran at 800MHz idle, now it doesn't22:38
z0manHi Xubuntu Community.  I have been wondering why Empathy will not start in Xubuntu and ideas?22:58
charlie-tcaProbably does not have the gnome dependencies installed22:59
z0manhmmm.  /me starts empathy in terminal mode23:00
z0manACtually says... "Bus Error" :(23:00
charlie-tcaDoes it give any errors?23:00
charlie-tcaThat will be a clue23:01
* z0man googles23:01
z0manknown bug in launched i believe.23:02
z0manheh the bug is reported from some country... I'll mark it as affecting me :)23:03
z0manoh... I already have23:03
z0manthink in the mean time I'll use Pidgin until it gets fixed :)23:04
z0manheh I had to "End Process" for "Gnome System Monitor" to close it.23:05
charlie-tcaI think pidgin is the default in xubuntu, isn't it?23:05
z0manSo it is... heh I naturally just wanted to install Empathy due to it's clean look23:06
z0manwow sure is quieter than ubuntu channel23:12
knomeusually that also means better quality support once you get it23:12
knomecharlie-tca, you still therE?23:12
z0manI got well chuffed yesturday that I managed to get my Tablet pen working :)23:12
* z0man shows link23:13
knomecharlie-tca, how much do you know about playing dvd's?23:13
charlie-tcause vlc?23:13
charlie-tcathey don't play as nice in totem, but it can be done23:13
knomez0man, not long ago, i configured my tablet to only use one of my monitors23:13
knomewell, i sure can play dvd's...23:13
charlie-tcathat is all I know23:13
knomei was about to ask about angles, chapters etc.23:14
charlie-tcaOh, yeah, install dvdcss2, I think23:14
knomecharlie-tca, my dvd playing is working ;)23:14
knomecharlie-tca, i just want more23:14
charlie-tcamore is good sometimes23:14
z0manI even managed to find something worth updating in the Ubuntu community docs too!23:15
z0manI was over the moon about that one :)23:15
charlie-tcaI got 5-6 bugs for each install today23:15
charlie-tcaz0man: good job! Thanks for helping23:15
z0manNever ending support of spreading Ubuntu wen I can ^^.23:17
jstIs there any way to view throughput when copying files?  I'd prefer not to run something like iftop if possible.23:18
z0manI even documented how to tie Konqueror with Kate for web development ^^.23:20
jstI'm talking about Thunar, by the way.23:22
z0mannot used iftop before sorry :(23:22
z0manthroughput you mean... The bytes being copied?23:23
jstz0man, yeah... or the speed at which a file is being copied.23:31
jstRight now it just gives a "time remaining," but I'd like to see bytes or transfer speed as well.23:31
z0manin GUI form?23:37
z0manor terminal since you said not "iftop" if possible23:37
z0manah i got ya23:37
jstIn the same window where it shows "time remaining."23:37
Rascal999why is xfce lightweight compared to gnome? what does gnome have/doesn't have that makes xfce faster?23:45
Ov3rf10wtry xfce and see why is faster then gnome23:49
Ov3rf10wXfce requires much less memory23:50
Ov3rf10wand weaker graphics card23:50
z0manBrillant for slow end machines/laptops23:51
z0manand also brill for a possible Bootable OS for diagnosing machines23:52
likemindeadI just prefer Xfce over GNOME or KDE period. Even on fast, new machines.23:52
z0manI have a bootable usb stick with xubuntu for any such occasian(SP)23:52
z0manjst I think found this program called... NatActView23:54
jstCool, one sec.23:54
z0manyet I don't believe it shows the amount of transfer speed :(23:55
z0manI need to go to bed so I will have halt research on your problem23:55
z0manall the best23:55
jstWell, looks like z0man is gone, but does anyone know if there's a way to get Thunar to display this information when copying/moving files?23:59
jstI like that it shows "time remaining," but it would be nice if it showed MB/s as well.23:59

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