sbalneavEvening all03:02
XuzhouJimOK, here we go.03:36
XuzhouJimOr not.03:37
XuzhouJimHmm, seems no one's here.03:37
sbalneavSorry, just working on something on another screen.03:49
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joergsbalneav, hey..... where do I put that blueprint? :)14:32
sbalneavjoerg: On launchpad.net14:48
sbalneavunder the blueprints section14:49
joergsbalneav, yeah, I know14:49
joergsbalneav, to the ubuntu project, right?14:49
joergat least I don't find an edubuntu project there.....14:49
sbalneavYeah, ubuntu's fine.14:50
joergsbalneav, how long can that be?15:00
sbalneavHow big can the blueprint be, you mean?15:03
sbalneavLong as you want.15:03
joergsbalneav, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/edubuntu-portal-server15:08
sbalneavk, I'll look at it later.  Thanks.15:10
sbalneavOff for breakfast.15:10
sbalneavbe back later this evening15:11
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highvolt2gedgroos: I know you know most of what I explained in that mail, I just overexplained a bit for others19:23
dgrooshighvolt2ge: It actually was nice seeing it all together, the history and the plans/hopes.  Those kinds of posts are especially nice for people who are kind of new, kind of active but not really solidly in the development current.  Thanks for taking the time.19:30
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highvoltageah that's better19:31
* alkisg didn't know about the ubuntu education list... We really should merge it with edubuntu-users :)19:37
dgroosGood Afternoon/evening alkisg :)19:38
alkisgHey dgroos, highvoltage and everyone19:38
highvoltagehowdy alkisg19:39
alkisghighvoltage: how does the fat client plugin work for you? Did you have any problems?19:39
dgroosalkisg: Take a look (if you have 2 hours) to read the rather extensive thread entitled "Teachers and Edubuntu and more" started on  Jan 18.  There's a good bit on whether or not to combine lists.  After reading that thread I'm weighing in on the side of keeping those lists separate though just using #edubuntu for live discussions.  just my thought.19:42
alkisgOooh a big one. OK, I may read it tomorrow..19:43
highvoltagealkisg: I just have trouble reproducing some of the bugs, I still need to build an edubuntu chroot on top of an edubuntu machine19:45
highvoltagealkisg: hoped to do that in lxc but I'll just do it in virtualbox for now19:45
alkisghighvoltage: heh, that's a _good_ thing :)19:45
highvoltage(probably a safer test anyway)19:45
highvoltagealkisg: hehe, yes19:45
alkisgRare bugs are better than common bugs :D19:45
alkisghighvoltage: but remember that right now, the code _works_19:46
alkisgYou need to remove the `umount -l` to see the problem...19:46
highvoltagealkisg: :)19:46
dgroosIs there a user-list tool that can publish the location of those members on the list that are OK with having that info published?20:02
dgrooslike a google map presentation.20:02
dgroosyou know my penchant of liking to be able to picture the people/location of the people I'm talking to :D20:04
dgroos*penchant for being*20:05
alkisgdgroos: you can see a map on the launchpad page20:05
dgroosreally!  cool I'll check it out.  Ummm can't find it, any ideas?20:08
alkisgdgroos: do you have a link for that "teachers and edubuntu and more" thread?20:12
alkisg(about the launchpad page, I was talking about e.g. https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-users - but it appears that the ML isn't linked to a team)20:15
dgroosalkisg: check the third thread down on this page: http://www.linux-archive.org/edubuntu-development/20:15
alkisgAh right, I've seen that, I stand with sbalneav20:16
alkisgI.e. I don't think that currently there's any need for different irc channels or MLs, but I wouldn't mind if there were...20:17
dgroosInteresting--I checked the members list of Edubuntu Users and saw that I wasn't on the list.  This, then, isn't a list of people who are on the list serv.  Seemed like I had applied a while back, but then was taken off the list when voting came up, or something?20:22
dgroosWondering... ought I reapply or... I clicked on the subscription policy but it isn't activated...20:23
highvoltagedgroos: hmm, I'm not sure what you mean, we never removed anyone from the list?20:39
alkisgdgroos: it's an open team, you just need to press the join button, and you're approved automatically.20:44
dgroosI've been searching the user-list logs but can't find the post where someone said it was time to clean out all of the old, not approved members (the list hadn't had any attention for months, I think).  Then, I got an e-mail saying I was removed from the edubuntu group but was encouraged to reapply.  I never got a round tuit.  Need to get some more round tuits ;)20:47
dgroosthanks for the info, I'll do it now...20:48
alkisgdgroos: maybe you mean "edubuntu-members" instead of users?20:49
alkisgThat's a moderated team, you cannot join unless there are some prerequisites satisfied...20:50
dgroosYes, that was it.20:54
alkisgedubuntu membership is like ubuntu membership, you need to be approved by the council to enter the team: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership20:56
highvoltageyeah edubuntu membership = ubuntu membership20:57
highvoltageI always thought that 'membership' is a bad name for it20:58
dgroosright--I think I signed up when I was so new to this Ubuntu world, there was lots I didn't get at that time, I thought it was more about if you use Edubuntu and want to be more officially part of that community...  I later saw that it was as you said, for those interested in more of a leadership role.20:58
highvoltagebecause you can be a community member without being an 'ubuntu member'20:58
highvoltageit more like, 'official contributor' or something20:58
* alkisg just saw that ubuntu members also have 1 Gb of sftp web space :)20:58
dgroosOK, I've got to go and try and focus on correcting papers... :) have a good day/evening all!20:59
alkisgGood night20:59

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