joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help01:26
seroxAnybody here using Kubuntu hardy?01:27
seroxI don't know why, but my outgoing internettraffic has stopped working on Hardy01:28
seroxI can't send any files or anything at all anymore.01:28
seroxDoes somebody else have this problem?01:28
joh6nnserox: you have no outgoing traffic whatsoever?01:32
InvaderZimThere is no option in kdebluetooth for receiving files. How do I receive?01:33
seroxjoh6nn: Nope, doesn't work at all01:33
seroxjoh6nn: My english isn't that good, so I will try to answear as good as possible.01:33
seroxjoh6nn: There is a swedish site where you can test your bandwith. It checks my downstream, but when it want's to check my upstream it justs stands at 0%01:34
seroxI can't send files with FTP either.01:34
seroxBut it works in 9.1001:34
seroxjoh6nn: And I could send files with 8.10 before, so I don't know what happened. I even re-installed ~8 days ago01:35
joh6nnwell, you must be able to send at least *some* outgoing traffic, or you'd never be able to send the http requests to get to the website to begin with01:35
joh6nnserox: what bandwidth testing site are you using?01:36
seroxjoh6nn: bredbandskollen.se01:37
seroxjoh6nn: Aha okey01:37
seroxjoh6nn: But I can't send files01:37
joh6nnto any ftp site, or just the one you normally use?01:37
seroxjoh6nn: Any + the site I just talked about doesn't work01:40
seroxAnd I can't use Mediatomb either cause of my problem.01:41
seroxMediatomb is a program so I can stream from my laptop to my Playstation 301:41
seroxjoh6nn: It's really strange I know =)01:44
joh6nnserox: what happens if you try to ping a website?01:50
seroxjoh6nn: I can ping www.google.cm01:53
joh6nncan you ping the ftp host?01:55
[Relic]easiest way to list all installed package to a text file is...?  dpkg -l??01:56
joh6nn[Relic]: dpkg --get-selections > text_file01:57
seroxjoh6nn: I will try01:57
[Relic]thanks, I do this only every few years01:58
joh6nn[Relic]: i recommend putting it into a daily cron job; you can use it to help recover after disasters01:58
seroxjoh6nn: Nope, I can't01:58
joh6nnserox: then something is running on your machine, i'd think, that is blocking certain ports.  a firewall maybe?01:59
seroxjoh6nn: Maybe it's my router?02:02
seroxjoh6nn: But why isn't it blocking in 9.10?02:02
seroxjoh6nn: I use a Linksys WRT54GL02:02
seroxjoh6nn: I have a fiber-connection, so I don't have any modem.02:03
joh6nnserox: exactly, that's why i think it's something that's running on the machine; otherwise it would prevent other devices/installs from working, as well02:03
seroxTHought maybe you should know.02:03
seroxjoh6nn: Aha okey02:03
seroxjoh6nn: Anything I can do/try maybe that you know of?02:03
joh6nn`ps aux` to see what's running ?02:03
seroxI will try it02:05
seroxjoh6nn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/361674/02:06
[Relic]haven't had any disasters  :)02:09
joh6nn[Relic]: then you're probably over due for one :)02:10
[Relic]it is called an new install  :)02:11
joh6nnserox: what do you get if you run lsof -i ?02:11
seroxjoh6nn: I will try02:16
seroxjoh6nn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/361679/02:17
joh6nnserox: hrm.  i'm out of ideas, then :(02:22
seroxjoh6nn: Okey02:23
seroxjoh6nn: Could it be something with the router or what?02:23
joh6nnit could be.  that would be strange, but it's a strange problem02:24
seroxHehe yes02:24
seroxjoh6nn: But the question then is -> which port is closed/opened that shouldn't be t02:24
seroxbe it02:24
seroxjoh6nn: Are you using Kubuntu 9.10?02:27
seroxOkey, happy with KDE4?02:27
seroxWell; i gues you are since you're using it =)02:27
[Relic]using something simply because there isn't anything better isn't the same as being happy with it02:29
joh6nnserox: actually, i'm not02:30
joh6nni just upgraded yesterday02:30
joh6nni'd been running 8.04 for quite some time, reluctant to upgrade02:30
[Relic]same here02:30
[Relic]going to upgrade in a few though  :)02:30
seroxjoh6nn: Ahh okey, I didn't like KDE4 at all02:31
joh6nnbut a few things finally forced me to.  since the upgrade, in addition to KDE4 not being as good as KDE3 (in my opinion), i've been having some internet issues02:31
seroxjoh6nn: What does "reluctant" mean?02:31
joh6nnso, 2 steps forward, 1 step back02:31
joh6nnserox: unwilling, didn't want to02:31
seroxAhh okey02:31
seroxjoh6nn: I installed Ubuntu 9.10, was pretty okey.02:31
seroxBut some things in GNOME looks pretty old in some way.02:32
seroxBut it was sooo nice to be able to use some newer packages + have my internetproblem fixed.02:33
seroxBut I really really love KDE3, I would like to use it forever if it had the same updates as  9.10 etc02:33
seroxDamn it, my cabl went out frm my laptop.02:34
joh6nnserox: yeah, i feel the same way.  i was much happier with KDE3; i understand that it was time to rewrite some things, but i'm not sure that KDE4 is an improvement02:37
seroxBaaah, it's 03:37 here =/02:37
joh6nnit's been more than a year already, and still not all the features from KDE3 are back02:37
seroxjoh6nn: KDE4 was annoying me as hell02:37
seroxI gave it one last chans like 10 days ago, but I re-installed after 15min02:38
seroxThey removed kedit, kview as well, really annoying02:38
seroxAnd I couldn't create icons easily on the desktop like I can with KDE3, and I couldn't drag icons to the taskbar as easily as in KDE3.02:39
seroxAnd those widgets at the top of the screen-corners was annoying me. Kopete-KDE3 is alot better looking etc02:40
seroxjoh6nn: Thanks alot for your help, I really appreciate it alot02:40
seroxTime to go to bed, take care everybody!02:40
seroxGod natt02:40
joh6nnno problem :)02:40
seroxOps, that was in swedish =)02:40
seroxGod night!02:40
FloodBotK3serox: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:40
seroxSorry =)02:40
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:22
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help03:53
ilumijoh6nn: how can you tell04:03
joh6nnilumi: how do you mean?04:05
joh6nnyou mean what are my specific symptoms?04:05
ilumijoh6nn: how can you tell it's actually slower04:06
joh6nnilumi: web pages i visit regularly are loading very slowly.  my fiancee's machine, still running Hardy, is just a few feet away, and loading them just fine04:07
joh6nni have the same symptoms trying to transfer a file from my box to hers, over the lan, so it's not just wan traffic04:08
ilumijoh6nn: why dont you do a speed test, and see hwat you get04:09
ilumi Speedtest.net or speakeasy or both04:10
joh6nnilumi: speedtest.net is telling me roughly about 2 Mbs down.  it should be about 504:16
joh6nnbut beyond that, trying to download packages last night, apt told me that a 50Mb was going to take over an hour to download04:17
joh6nni let it go for about 20 minutes before i got fed up and downloaded it on another box on the lan and moved it over with a usb drive04:18
iluminot sure could be driver problem,04:23
ilumidid you do an upgrade or a fresh install?04:24
joh6nnilumi: i always do clean installs; i've had back luck with upgrades.04:26
joh6nni tried upgrading to a backport driver to see if that would help, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference04:26
joh6nni also tried switching from networking manager to wicd, but i didn't seem to have any connectivity at all then, though i may have missed something there04:27
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:31
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:33
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde04:56
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.04:56
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Ubuntu comes with the GNOME interface. To install that from Kubuntu install the ubuntu-desktop package.04:56
Malin_!Michael Jackson04:57
=== ilumi is now known as werfact
bs27975_notHelp. Have new eee, 250gb hd. Want to dual boot 9.10 with current win 7. Disk came with 4 primary partitions - os, data, 0x1b install, 16MB boot booster. Have deleted data, but don't want to delete others. I expect current 3 partitions to be a problem. Are there any docs out there regarding partitioning / dual-boot for these circumstances? Thanks.08:55
bs27975_noter, Current 3 primary partitions leaves one for extended, and I expect only having an extended partition available for kubuntu to be the problem.08:56
=== bs27975_not is now known as bs27975
bs27975Anyone home? (Can't tell.) Help, please. Have new eee, 250gb hd. Want to dual boot 9.10 with current win 7. Disk came with 4 primary partitions - os, data, 0x1b install, 16MB boot booster. Have deleted data, but don't want to delete others. I expect current 3 primary partitions to be a problem for installing kubuntu, as this would require it to live entirely within extended partition, which...09:07
bs27975...I suspect it will be unhappy about. Are there any docs out there regarding partitioning / dual-boot for these circumstances? Thanks kindly. Googling brings results like drinking from a fire hose - can't find pertinent hits from all the background noise.09:07
pat|nGyou have to mount each drive first09:08
bs27975pat|ng ???09:12
bs27975pat|ng ... i.e. You were talking to me?09:13
shadeslayerbtw did anyone upgrade to 4.3.95?09:57
shadeslayer(even though its not official,its in the repos)09:58
regenkindhi how can i configure konqueror so that it will know how to handle irc links, open them with a chat client?11:15
JJRhi all11:16
regenkind:( nobody knows this or is it simply not possible11:17
Tm_Tregenkind: I know there is a way, but I don't know how11:18
TheAncientGoatHey guys, does anyone know how to set the panel color?11:19
regenkindDoes quassel support dcc file transfer now?11:22
jtihey guys do you know how can I find hard links in directory tof ind soft one we uce ls -s but I dont know hardlinks11:27
regenkind@jti: AFAIK you simply can't if you follow the text from  info coreutils 'ln invocation' you'll that they (hardlink and source) are simply the same11:33
regenkindoups... missed the verb: see11:33
AlexVHello I' new in Linux, I have installed the Kubuntu last version and have problems with video rasolution, can anyone help me? I'm using virtualbox11:36
InvaderZimI don't see an option in kdebluetooth for receiving files, how come?11:41
AlexV_Hello I' new in Linux, I have installed the Kubuntu last version and have problems with video rasolution, can anyone help me? I'm using virtualbox11:52
InvaderZimAlexV_ whats your problem11:52
AlexV_I run KUBUNTU in virtual box under windows XP , I would like to use it in full screen mode in resolution 1400X900, but KUBUNTU does not have this resolution options it only has 800X600 and 600X48011:54
ToxinPoweyou have to install vbox tools11:54
ToxinPowe"guestadditions" en vbox menu11:55
ToxinPowethen restart y resize your vbox windows11:55
AlexV_ToxinPowe - no idea what "vbox tools" are, but I will find out .11:56
AlexV_I need to install "vbox tools" under virtual Linux? OR under host windows?11:59
AlexV_Thanks, let me try it.12:08
=== xavier is now known as Guest64063
muxolDoes anyone know a GTK+ theme that looks like the default Oxygen and  that adopts system colors?12:21
ToxinPoweAlexV_, works?12:25
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=== sendalB is now known as sendal
OuZoHi, where can I find help with using a cell phone to connect to the internet via Bluetooth? (thanks)14:07
LjLOuZo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothDialup14:08
ajd2k9hi i seem to have a problem just recently changed from my gfx card to onboard HDMI port so i could get audio through my tv .. it works with my music but not with mozilla or vlc .. works in amarok perfectly fine its just when theres video involved .. any suggestions peeps ... thanks14:30
martijnajd2k9: you might want to ask this in channel #linux14:31
ajd2k9alright will do cheers ... n00b q .. how do i get there lol14:32
martijn /join #linux14:32
=== binarylooks_ is now known as binarylooks
ajd2k9seem to of lost my mouse :(~14:34
ajd2k9as in it wont move lol14:34
=== binarylooks is now known as binarylooks_
martijnajd2k9: which client do you use?14:36
martijnmight want to use page down biutton14:36
=== binarylooks_ is now known as binarylooks
ajd2k9matijn : im using Koala14:50
=== AssociateXxx is now known as AssociateX
AssociateXHi and also hello14:51
AssociateXIs there a site that list by consensus what the best packages for this or that are?14:52
AssociateXI need to edit some VOB files14:53
ajd2k9hi i seem to have a problem just recently changed from my gfx card to onboard HDMI port so i could get audio through my tv .. it works with my music but not with mozilla or vlc .. works in amarok perfectly fine its just when theres video involved .. any suggestions peeps ... thanks14:54
=== orion is now known as Guest113
ajd2k9_hi i seem to have a problem just recently changed from my gfx card to onboard HDMI port so i could get audio through my tv .. it works with my music but not with mozilla or vlc .. works in amarok perfectly fine its just when theres video involved .. any suggestions peeps ... thanks???15:23
martijnajd2k9_: what did they told you in #linux ?15:24
Tm_Tajd2k9_: it has to do with pulseaudio, so you have to change output device of pulseaudio15:25
ajd2k9_pulse audio?15:25
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions15:25
ajd2k9_thanks mate !15:25
Tm_Tthat's what I would blame, anyway15:26
gigasoftwhere can i see processor's working frequency?15:33
ajd2k9tm_T : pulse audio hasnt made a diffrence ...15:37
=== Maniac is now known as Guest69824
shadeslayerwhats a good channel for launchpad ppa help?15:53
shadeslayerlike uploading packages and stuff ?15:53
=== ubuntu is now known as bomber
bomberim trying to reinstall grub and not having any luck16:00
shadeslayerbomber: seen the wiki page?16:01
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
bomberin the /boot/grub  directory it doesnt even show the menu.lst file?16:01
bomberi have tried the instructions but to no avail16:01
shadeslayerbomber: where are you stuk?16:03
shadeslayerbomber: *stuck16:03
bomberwell when i do find /boot/grub/stage1 i get file not found16:04
bomberwhen i do parted --list i see the partition i installed linux too but i cant get the bootloader back on it16:04
shadeslayerbomber: one sec16:04
shadeslayerbomber: this is grub2 right?16:05
bomberi have 2 ide drives and 1 sata16:05
DaughainThat was just strange.16:05
shadeslayerbomber: no i mean there are 2 grub versions : grub 1 and grub 216:06
bomberi believe its ver 216:06
bomberits the latest kubuntu16:06
shadeslayerbomber: do you have a live usb/cd ?16:06
bomberthats what im using now16:07
shadeslayerbomber: try this then : http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide16:07
shadeslayerbomber: itll grub from scratch16:07
bomberok lemme see16:07
Shaan7bomber: grub-install didn't work?16:08
bomberno    it cant find the stage1 file16:08
shadeslayerShaan7: its required to bind the drive first16:08
shadeslayerthats probably missing in the wiki16:08
Shaan7shadeslayer: i had told him to mount the partition16:08
shadeslayerShaan7: mounting and binding are 2 different thiings16:09
Shaan7shadeslayer: mount /dev/sdXn /mnt works for me16:09
shadeslayereek.. typos :P16:09
shadeslayerShaan7: yeah thats mounting but you need to bind the drive too16:09
shadeslayerShaan7: like this : sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev16:09
bomberi tried your method too shaan7.... you were the one that told me a few muntes ago?16:10
shadeslayerShaan7: please read the same link i gave to bomber16:10
bomberim reading now16:10
Shaan7shadeslayer: ok, then I was lucky that it worked without bind ;) will take care next time. thanks :)16:10
shadeslayerShaan7: no problem :)16:11
shadeslayerbomber: did it work?16:13
DaughainWhy would process' be shjowing xorg using 30+% of the load on my proccy?16:14
bomberim still doing it...... double checking everything before i run them16:14
shadeslayerbomber: ah thats good policy :)16:15
shadeslayerbtw anyone here know packaging ?16:15
bombersomething mush have went wrong...... getting command not found now16:17
shadeslayerbomber: whut?16:17
bombertrying apt-get or grub16:17
shadeslayerbomber: 0_o16:17
bomberi made it to the part where you chane to root than im getting command errors now16:18
shadeslayerbomber: which command error?16:18
=== kishore_ is now known as kishore
bombercommand not found16:18
shadeslayerbomber: for which command?16:19
bombertrying to run apt-get install grub16:19
shadeslayerbomber: ><16:19
shadeslayerbomber: you cant just apt-get install grub :P16:19
bomberi already installed grub so i tried just running grub and that wont work either16:19
shadeslayerbomber: if  youve install grub then just reboot the system16:19
bomberlemme try but  i dont think it installed16:20
shadeslayerbomber: sure16:20
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=== mathias is now known as Guest98972
Guest98972wie geht dess16:45
FloodBotK3michi__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:49
Guest98972Gi jetzt gehts oder?16:49
Guest98972schreib ma was in des kästle16:49
bombersame thing... no grub16:49
michi__was issn dess16:50
michi__kann dess ma einer erklärn?16:50
Guest98972sin da noch andere leute oder nur unser pc16:51
=== mathias is now known as Guest8235
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help17:00
Alien2I think I'm suffering from that libindicate3 bug, the bug DB tells me to upgrade to version ubuntu2, but I don't know where to do that17:00
=== mathias is now known as Guest66859
Alien2unfortunately, if I can't get this bug fixed I'll have to switch back to Debian... I liked kubuntu several years ago but the basic QA is just baffling to me. How can you release something that crashes when you add and then remove a panel applet17:02
Alien2who exactly is "testing" this thing17:02
Guest66859does someone speak german here?17:03
shadeslayer!de | Guest6685917:03
ubottuGuest66859: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.17:03
joh6nnGuest66859: ein bisschen.  but there are german language help channels17:04
=== Guest66859 is now known as Michilaptop
Martijn81hi are there any realistic car games for linux currently ?17:06
TaytayHi !17:06
Alien2I installed 9.10 on a laptop, had the same silly crash (tried to add a panel button, then remove it, kicker went away and never came back). In that case I just gave up and installed Debian. I'm giving Kubuntu a second chance on my other machine but if nobody can help why should I keep wasting my time17:06
Alien2this is a really basic, basic thing. The thing is crashing out of the box. Who is testing this stuff, I'd like to give them a few suggestions17:06
shadeslayer!games | Martijn8117:07
ubottuMartijn81: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php17:07
joh6nnAlien2: i came in late; what's the problem you're seeing?17:07
KoliaAlien2: what is a "panel button"?17:07
shadeslayerAlien2: ok first of all which KDE version?17:07
Alien2I'm using 9.10 Kubuntu, straight out of box, I cannot tell you the version, since all of KDE is essentially crashed17:08
Alien2I have the windows which are currently open, and that's it17:08
TaytayI made a Krunner plugin for Opera where can I post it ?17:08
shadeslayerAlien2: go to help > about KDE17:08
Alien2How am I supposed to click on help when nothing is working17:08
shadeslayer(of any window)17:08
Alien2Ok. KDE 4.3.217:09
shadeslayerAlien2: you said you have windows open17:09
Alien2I filed a bug report last night, the bug collector tells me it's a dup of some libindicate3 bug17:09
shadeslayerAlien2: ok now can you open a terminal?17:09
shadeslayerAlien2: um thats a gnome library..17:09
* shadeslayer wonders how that could affect kde17:09
Alien2"Um," I filed a bug report through the automated crash reporter. Today in my email it tells me this thing.17:10
Alien2So basically, by using the facilities of the system it's telling me I have a Gnome issue? Again, who the hell is testing this crap17:10
shadeslayerAlien2: can you paste the link to the bug report?17:10
shadeslayerAlien2: please be patient and let us sort out the problem17:10
shadeslayerAlien2: we need info not sarcasm to work :)17:11
Alien2hang on I am digging up the email17:11
shadeslayerAlien2: sure17:11
Alien2as far as sarcasm, I am not trying to be sarcastic. I don't understand how something can be released that crashes within 5 minutes of booting up, when I try to do something extremely simple17:12
shadeslayerAlien2: it didnt crash when i had 4.3.417:12
Alien2it says that my bug has been marked as a dup of 21206317:13
joh6nnAlien2: well, it'd be pretty hard to test every possible scenario, on every possible piece of hardware17:13
shadeslayerAlien2: ah its marked as a duplicate17:13
Taytayis there a chan for kubuntu dev ?17:13
Alien2I understand the difficulties of testing.17:13
shadeslayerAlien2: please do apt-cache policy libindicate3 and report back the version17:14
Alien2but this has happened on both machines I have installed 9.10 on, one is a laptop, one is a Mac Mini x8617:14
Alien2shades, somebody just told me that libindicate3 is part of Gnome, which I am not using17:14
Alien2but I will check17:15
shadeslayerAlien2: yeah i just told you that :)17:15
shadeslayerAlien2: but sometimes when you install apps like firefox some parts of gnome libraries are pulled in17:15
Alien2It says installed 0.2.3-0ubuntu1, candidate 0.2.3-0ubuntu217:15
shadeslayerAlien2: thats the proble17:15
shadeslayerAlien2: thats the problem update to 0.2.3-0ubuntu2 and itll be fixed17:16
shadeslayerAlien2: read : https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21206317:16
shadeslayerAlien2: or more accurately : https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=212063#c2817:16
Alien2shades, I did read that, I knew this information already... my original question was HOW to upgrade this package, that's what I can't figure out17:16
shadeslayerAlien2: why didnt you ask to then? do : sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:17
shadeslayerAlien2: my bad17:17
Alien2the very first thing I commented here was "I think I'm suffering from that libindicate3 bug, the bug DB tells me17:17
Alien2          to upgrade to version ubuntu2, but I don't know where to do that"17:17
shadeslayerAlien2: i just started reading from your second post,im sorry17:17
Alien2no prob.17:18
Alien2I've been doing this a long time. I have to say, some of these newer facilities are making things harder for me, not easier17:18
shadeslayerAlien2: well for basic updates and upgrades use : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:18
Alien2that seems a little heavy handed.17:18
shadeslayerAlien2: heavy handed as in?17:19
Alien2as in I do not want to upgrade everything to the latest version, just the component which is not working17:20
shadeslayerAlien2: that command updates everything to the latest bugfix release,why dont you use that?17:20
Alien2because I prefer the bugs I know to the bugs I don't know17:21
* Kolia prefers less bugs17:22
shadeslayerAlien2: i think that new stuff is uploaded so as to fix stuff not break it17:22
Martijn81thanks for these links shadeslayer !17:22
shadeslayerMartijn81: if you like gaming i would suggest sabayon17:23
Alien2you just told me that it's impossible to test all configurations, which I understand, being a developer myself. so how can you also say that patching 1000 different things will make my system better, my system is "unique," right?17:24
shadeslayerAlien2: yes,but usually bugfixes are really important upgrades..17:24
Martijn81hey man, thanks again! :D17:25
shadeslayerAlien2:  A specific version of a package can be selected for installation by following the package name with an equals and the version of the package to select. This will cause that version to be located and selected for install. Alternatively a specific distribution can be selected by following the package name with a slash and the version of the distribution or the Archive name (stable, testing, unstable).17:25
Alien2the installation is so fresh I suppose I have nothing to lose anyway.17:25
shadeslayerAlien2: directly from the apt-get man page17:25
shadeslayerAlien2: i would seriously recommend those upgrades... they arent called upgrades for no reason17:26
Alien2I'm not trying to be a dick, I just work on software where a crash in the field results in somebody losing their job so you gotta understand my viewpoint is colored by that sort of attitude17:26
Alien2I am going to pull the trigger now.17:27
shadeslayerAlien2: i understand but what im saying is completely different.. im saying to remain updated to latest bug fixes,or atleast just the security updates..17:27
shadeslayerAlien2: itll be a better experience not a worse on17:27
shadeslayerAlien2: updates and patches are released so as to make the system work better,not worse,and even though they dont test them out on every machine,the tests themselves are pretty exhaustive17:28
shadeslayerAlien2: upgraded?17:33
Alien2still going17:33
shadeslayerAlien2: how big is the upgrade anyways?17:33
Alien2did not notice the package count, but it's 193 megabytes of stuff.17:34
shadeslayermarkinux: hey17:36
markinuxwhat's up?17:36
Alien2arrrrgh it's updating the kernel, this is the kind of thing that makes me nervous17:37
=== oug is now known as jumanjiko
Alien2ok. it's done, guess I'll reboot and pray.17:37
Alien2hopefully bbiab17:37
Alien2one last question before I shutdown... any idea why a 'shutdown -h now' or a 'halt' doesn't seem the work -- the progress bar hangs at about 95%. I need to hard poweroff, which sucks. it's a mac mini so maybe it's a hardware thing17:39
shadeslayerAlien2: no need to pray17:39
shadeslayerAlien2: works on a dell here17:39
shadeslayerAlien2: try : sudo halt -h NOW17:39
shadeslayeralways works here :)17:40
phoenix_hello everyone17:40
Alien2that's exactly what I do. even if it does go down, doesn't come back up correctly. it hangs on the mac's gray bootup screen. I'm sure it's a mac mini thing17:40
Alien2anyway. be back.17:40
phoenix_i have some problem with qt. can anyone help me17:40
shadeslayerphoenix_: whats the problem?17:41
Koliaphoenix_: is this related to kubuntu?17:41
phoenix_my os is kubuntu, but problem is in qt17:41
phoenix_when i try to build my project , it says unused variables17:42
phoenix_i am not able to build my program17:42
Koliaphoenix_: try #kubuntu_devel :)17:43
Koliaphoenix_: #kubuntu-devel sorry17:44
phoenix_what is that17:44
=== orion_ is now known as Guest60492
phoenix_i am a newbie17:44
simion314phoenix_: hi, so i started on Qt17:44
simion314phoenix_: there is a #qt chanel and a #c++17:45
phoenix_how can i access the channel17:45
Bizzehsame way you got to this one17:45
simion314phoenix_: what are you using?17:45
Bizzeh/j #qt17:45
phoenix_quassel irc17:46
Alien2seems to be working, but I had to blow away ~/.kde17:46
Dhraakellianhow would I disable touchpad tapping automatically on startup in KDE?  I don't believe KDE's systemsettings has touchpad settings.17:46
simion314phoenix_: in that Tab that you see the server messages you can tupe command , "join #qt" withoud  "characthers17:47
Dhraakelliansyndaemon appears to have a switch to disable both tapping and scrolling, but I still want the latter17:47
phoenix_its showing up in the left panel i will try that17:47
phoenix_thank you17:48
DhraakellianI'm currently just running gsynaptics to apply disable tapping manually on each boot, but I'd rather have it work without interaction17:48
Dhraakellians/apply //17:48
shadeslayerDhraakellian: that might be possible but youll need to familiar with CLO17:52
shadeslayerDhraakellian: also see synclient17:53
shadeslayer!info synclient Dhraakellian17:53
ubottu'Dhraakellian' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, partner17:53
shadeslayer!info synclient | Dhraakellian17:53
ubottuDhraakellian: Package synclient does not exist in karmic17:53
shadeslayerDhraakellian: just do man synclient in a terminal17:54
Dhraakellianbut, but... I really am quite a Dapper Dhraak!17:54
=== shadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer_
shadeslayer_Dhraakellian: :P17:56
=== keith_ is now known as gayle
mikeyvHi all, i have a question, i just installed Kubuntu 9.10 on my laptop but i cannot connect to any network, both wired as wireless ( wired = broadcom / wireless atheros )18:08
mikeyvany1 can help me with this ?18:08
shadeslayer_mikeyv: ah atheros18:08
shadeslayer_!atheros | mikeyv18:09
ubottumikeyv: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:09
shadeslayer_!broadcom | mikeyv18:09
ubottumikeyv: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:09
shadeslayer_mikeyv: you chose harware which needs some tweaking, its kind of unsuportted without some basic hacks18:10
=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
mikeyvshadeslayer_: i tried installing lates madwifi driver and comcat-wireless drivers18:10
fungoswhen using audio in kubuntu other applications that try to use audio or locks or are muted. why this? I'm using PulseAudio as audio backend18:11
shadeslayermikeyv: what about bcmcutter?18:11
shadeslayermikeyv: we need your ethernet up and working first18:11
mikeyvbut when i do lshw -C network i get network UNCLAIMED18:11
shadeslayermikeyv: first of all please pastebin the output of lspci.18:12
shadeslayermikeyv: um i said lspci18:16
mikeyvok, do you have a moment, cause it's on the same laptop ( dual boot ) i'll boot my other laptop and join the chan18:16
shadeslayermikeyv: sure18:17
=== jaime_ is now known as jaime__
mikeyvi'm back18:22
mikeyvbooting laptop to Kubuntu now18:22
shadeslayermikeyv: sure just ping back with my name18:22
shadeslayeri meant nick :P18:22
mikeyvok :)18:23
mikeyvshadeslayer: what info do you need from lspci ?18:23
Malin_hm... can't activate desktopeffects...18:24
shadeslayermikeyv: the card no. of wired and wireless18:24
Malin_The NVIDIA driver is reinstalled and works well with 3D-games18:24
Malin_like urban terror18:25
mikeyv05:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communcations Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)18:25
mikeyv09:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5764M Gigabi Ethernet PCIe (rev 10)18:26
mikeyvshadeslayer: see previous 2 threads18:26
shadeslayermikeyv: yeah saw them... i might be a bit slow in replying18:27
mikeyvno problem18:27
Malin_it is fixed.. never mind18:27
shadeslayermikeyv: http://is.gd/6WNqr18:29
shadeslayermikeyv: youll have to go through the search results,kinda busy right now :)18:31
Pabloohow can I limitate bandwith for one computer from home network? conected by wifi philips router18:31
mikeyvshadeslayer: ok thanks bbl18:31
shadeslayermikeyv: just check the two links i gave you earlier too18:31
[Relic]anyone remember how to get rid of that annoying dual color, list thing in 8.04?  where it flips from black to white to black to white on the text background for all directory lists, etc.18:36
linopolusWhy is firefox-installer instead of firefox or (better) aurora/rekonq installed by default?18:37
bulldog98rekonq needs 0.4 then it will be more usable18:38
bulldog98and upstream says it isn't yet for standardwebbrowser18:38
shadeslayerbulldog98: well i use rekonq git and its quite good18:38
shadeslayerarora isnt that KDE'ish enough i guess18:39
=== ubuntu is now known as teque1
shadeslayerlinopolus: ff is a renowned browser thats why... was default till 9.10 Beta 2 i think18:39
Tm_Tshadeslayer: err, never been default in Kubuntu IIRC18:39
Tm_T[Relic]: change "alternate background" in color settings18:40
shadeslayerTm_T: um i think it was... it was there by default in the menu launcher...18:40
shadeslayerand it was mentioned that theyre changing it back to konqueror18:40
Tm_Tshadeslayer: oh ok, then I haven't been following it close enough (:18:41
[Relic]Thanks  :)18:41
shadeslayerTm_T: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala/Alpha3/Kubuntu18:41
Tm_Tshadeslayer: thanks18:41
* GinoMan is upgrading to the latest version18:43
shadeslayerGinoMan: RC 2?18:43
GinoMan... no18:43
shadeslayerGinoMan: then?18:43
GinoManaptitude upgrade18:44
bulldog98shadeslayer: I provid a git pakage of git and I know that its quite stable18:44
GinoManok let me rephrase that, I'm updating18:45
shadeslayerbulldog98: yeah apart from the fact it freezes sometimes :)18:45
joh6nnhey all, just checking in to mark my wifi issue as solved: turned out i needed the madwifi atheros driver; i wouldn't call it a perfect solution, but it's WAY better than it was18:46
shadeslayerjoh6nn: you were mikeyv earlier?18:46
joh6nnshadeslayer: nope.  joh6nn, all the time18:46
shadeslayerjoh6nn: maybe you can help mikeyv18:47
shadeslayerjoh6nn: he has a atheros card too :P18:47
joh6nncan certainly try18:47
joh6nnmikeyv: you around?18:47
shadeslayerjoh6nn: he has a Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter18:47
joh6nnsomeone in another channel passed me this wiki page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros18:48
shadeslayermikeyv: ^^18:49
joh6nnthe very bottom of the page has instructions on finding the binary blob madwifi driver18:49
shadeslayerhe will notice it when he comes back :P18:49
joh6nnyeah.  i'll stick around for a bit, too, just in case18:49
shadeslayerjoh6nn: sure :)18:49
mbanawhy is resizing so slow18:52
shadeslayermbana: its the same18:53
mbanano ive just swtiched from gnome.  resizing a window is quiet slow18:53
shadeslayermbana: do you have nepomuk indexing enabled?18:54
shadeslayerand which KDE18:54
kolasiswhich driver to get for geforce nvidia 5200fx?18:54
mbanaive got a nvidia 512mb18:55
mbanai forget the model name18:55
mbanashadeslayer: don't know18:55
mbanathis is just after install18:55
rmrfslashAnyone having "Problem with audio playback" with Skype?18:55
shadeslayerrmrfslash: did you select alsa in the settings?18:56
rmrfslashno such option18:56
rmrfslashi read that on a few forums18:57
shadeslayerrmrfslash: what do you have as the options?18:57
rmrfslashI go to the listbox menu at the bottom-left of the GUI, select Options, select the Sound Devices tab and I can configure Microphone Speakers and Ringing.18:58
rmrfslashI select Speakers18:58
shadeslayerrmrfslash: in the output devices what are your options?18:59
rmrfslashDefault, a couple for HDA ATI HDMI, rawbluetooth and bluetooth18:59
shadeslayerrmrfslash: ok does it work with default?19:00
shadeslayermbana: idk whats the problem then sorry :(19:00
shadeslayerrmrfslash: ok tried all the options?19:00
rmrfslashYes... I've tried every option.19:01
rmrfslashapply, play test sound19:01
rmrfslashdoesn't work for any19:01
rmrfslashnor does selecting one, hitting apply and restarting skype (I don't even hear the default sign on sound)19:01
rmrfslashand alsa is not an option.... not sure why19:01
rmrfslashkmix hardware info shows: Sound drivers supported: ALSA + OSS Sound drivers used: ALSA19:03
shadeslayerrmrfslash: try : alsamixer : in a konsole and set everything to high19:03
dkздравсть всем19:03
shadeslayerand then try again woth default,thats all i know about troubleshooting skype,it started working after that :P19:03
shadeslayer!ru | dk19:03
ubottudk: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:03
rmrfslashshadeslayer: not the problem. Skype says "Problem with Audio PLayback" when I go to make a call19:04
shadeslayerrmrfslash: hmmm no idea then19:05
rmrfslashI think the kmix GUI does the same as alsa mixer19:05
shadeslayerrmrfslash: try the latest beta or something :P19:05
rmrfslashi.e. when I adjust something in kmix it is adjusted accordingly in alsomixer19:05
rmrfslashjust fyi19:05
shadeslayerrmrfslash: yeah i know,but alsamixer has more channels by default19:06
rmrfslashI see only the ones enabled in kmix19:06
rmrfslashdid I miss a tab or something?\19:06
DeeTahlet's say I have two pulseaudio servers on my two PC's - one laptop and one desktop. is it possible for the laptopish pulseaudio server to switch between outputting the sound from speakers to another server?19:07
shadeslayerrmrfslash: you enabled the extra channels in kmix? then theyre the same19:07
rmrfslashI enabled extra channels (I think)19:08
rmrfslashthere are some channels in kmix that I don't have or didn't come enabled19:08
DeeTahanyone got any idea (or at least where to look for support?)19:09
shadeslayerrmrfslash: no idea then,google is your friend19:09
shadeslayerDeeTah: google?19:09
mbanashadeslayer: resizing is slow19:09
rmrfslashgoogle has yet to come up w/ a fix (that works)19:09
DeeTahshadeslayer: kinda hard to figure out a keyword19:10
shadeslayermbana: no idea :P19:10
shadeslayerDeeTah: no idea :p19:10
shadeslayerrmrfslash: thats new :)19:10
rmrfslashyeah.... or I'm getting to the point in my old age that I'm unwilling to go through the process on every little thing that's decides not to work. I upgraded to 9.10 and at first audio wasn't working at all (though this skype issue wasn't working before on 9.04).19:12
rmrfslashso at least I'm *back* to just skype not working19:12
rmrfslashwhich is sad.19:12
rmrfslashoh and I had like 5 seconds to install the proprietary ATI fglrx before the open source video driver stopped working.... on second though I could have booted in recovery mode but, eh....  it was more fun to race the clock.19:13
rmrfslashstopped working = crashed19:13
rmrfslashanother story to tell19:14
rmrfslashand wonder why I would punish myself by installing kubuntu on a laptop.... with onboard ATI.... and wanted to use skype.19:14
rmrfslashthat's just asking too much :)19:14
rmrfslashat least I got everything else working.... but there's always that one thing.19:15
rmrfslashmbana: resizing is slow... are you talking about with "compiz" on?19:15
mbanarmrfslash: yes (i tihnk)19:20
rmrfslashI noticed this as well.... and bringing windows back from being minimized19:21
shadeslayerkwin + Compiz != good combo ;)19:22
shadeslayerkolasis: depends on what you want to use19:34
shadeslayer!caps | kolasis19:34
ubottukolasis: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.19:34
rmrfslashWhen I start skype from the command line I get bt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused (111)19:34
bulldog98in 9.10 Ubunutu will use nouveau19:34
rmrfslashso that could be a hint19:34
bulldog9810.04 i ment19:35
rmrfslashis it trying to use bluetooth? "bt_audio"19:35
rmrfslashwtf skype19:35
kolasisi get this error on boot19:40
kolasisfailed to load nvidia module, no drivers exist19:40
kolasisfailed to load nvidia module, no drivers exist19:43
Tm_Tindeed, quiet evening20:00
titan_arkTm_T: i am facing trouble with my battery indicator!20:01
titan_arkeverytime i put it to sleep and relog in it does not detect my battery20:01
Tm_Tsorry, no idea about those20:01
titan_arkcant figure it out20:01
shadeslayerYAHHOOOOOOOOO! :P20:03
robin0800titan_ark: its not been working for the last week I think because they removed? hal20:03
shadeslayerthat enuf noise for ya? :D20:03
Tm_Trobin0800: who removed where?20:04
titan_arkrobin0800: oh20:04
titan_arki was facing the same thing when i was on wubi install and thought it was cos of the wubi20:04
robin0800titan_ark: I'm pretty sure it's because HAL has been depreciated and power deamon depends on HAL20:05
titan_arkand cos of that if i am not plugged into AC it keeps switching back to sleep/ hibernate a few times20:06
titan_arktroublesome :(20:06
titan_arkanyway to set it right?20:06
titan_arkwhoa i see so many20:07
robin0800titan_ark: I think the main problem is the battery is not being detected or detected wrongly hence all those bugs20:10
titan_arkrobin0800: yes, i remember checking some folder when i was on wubi there it only detected the AC0 and not the BAT020:11
titan_arkbut after a reboot it works perfectly20:11
robin0800titan_ark: Only sometimes for me20:12
titan_arkthis is a regular thing i am facing now20:12
titan_arki thought it was a wubi bug:P20:12
mbanawhat's the shortcut key for moving between desktops20:16
mbanaand the shortcut key for moving a window to another desktio20:16
konraddohi, i wonder if KDE would work nicely on  typical netbook (1,6GHz, 1gb of RAM, 160GB HDD)20:18
Tm_Tkonraddo: sure it does, that's plenty20:19
konraddohmm, but netbooks aren't so fast :p20:20
titan_arkinteresting, now when i change screen brightness from mpwr management, it does not make any difference20:20
konraddoi'm considering to buy a netbook and  use Kubuntu on it20:20
Tm_Tkonraddo: well, I run Kubuntu in laptop with 256 MiB ram and it does it fine...20:20
robin0800titan_ark: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha2#Hal%20removal20:20
konraddotm_T, KDE4?20:20
Tm_Tkonraddo: ofcourse20:20
konraddouh, ok, nice :p20:21
titan_arkTm_T: how do u manage that? i had to switch to xubuntu, kubuntu or ubuntu never let me install on my old box P4 1.9gig with 256 Megs RAM20:21
titan_arkrobin0800: thx a ton, shall check that20:21
Tm_Ttitan_ark: installing is problem yes, so I install with alternate cd, then it just works20:21
Tm_TI ofcourse drop all services I don't need, it helps20:22
titan_arkTm_T: ah okay, i had tried with that too, and there was some problem and someone helpful on irc suggested xubuntu20:23
Tm_Ttitan_ark: in my experience XFCE isn't that much lighter anyway (:20:23
titan_arkTm_T: :D20:23
konraddodoes anybody used BenQ netbooks? they are cheaper than Lenovo, Asus, and other netbooks.... i wonder about their quality :>20:23
Tm_T!ot | konraddo20:23
ubottukonraddo: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!20:23
konraddook ;p20:24
titan_arki had fun with that as my 1st longtime linux install20:24
mbanawhat's the shortcut key for moving between desktops20:24
mbanaand the shortcut key for moving a window to another desktio20:24
Tm_Tmbana: alt+F-keys for switching between desktops, I think20:24
konraddoi used to use gnome, but i installed kubuntu today.... KDE4 is really awesome :D20:26
mbanadidn't work20:27
titan_arkrobin0800: are u suggesting i switch to the alpha version?20:27
Tm_Ttitan_ark: no he is not20:27
titan_arkrobin0800, Tm_T: i remember using a new test kernel (ending in 32. something) someone suggested that, and that problem was solved with it  i think.20:29
titan_arkbut supposedly there is no support for it20:29
robin0800titan_ark: only if you want too and have no data you don't mind loosing20:29
titan_arkrobin0800: well i dont have much data on this boot but i do on my win7 boot, so cant risk it20:30
GinoManwhat would cause an MP3 to be significantly longer when played then what the mp3 says it's length is20:31
titan_arkplus i have been doing so many isnatlls in jan, i am gonnaget sick at the thought of requiring to do it again20:31
mbanaso two issues; the slow resizing20:34
mbanawhat's up with that20:34
soeedo u have the same in kde 4.4 rc2: when trying to add widget to panel if i scroll widgets list, there is only empty space and when i want to cloase the widgets panel, plasma crashes and starting again ?20:45
hal28saluti a tutti20:45
ToxinPowesoee, same for me20:46
ToxinPowe4.4 rc220:46
soeeToxinPowe: ok thnx so i have confirmed thaths not my pc issue20:46
soeeToxinPowe: are u using panel @ the top of the screen maybe ?20:46
soeeToxinPowe: can u create one for test?20:47
soeeToxinPowe: so pls create one and open panel settings and close it20:48
soeeToxinPowe: and tell me if there is still some part of the panel graphics on the screen after closing it so u must refresh screen or click on screen do clear it up20:49
mbanakwin is slow comapred to compiz.  i wonder hwy20:49
ToxinPowesoee same problem even with other user20:50
soeeToxinPowe: ok thank u20:50
ToxinPoweno problem20:52
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michael___hi everyone! I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some documentation that would help me make my pc automatically mount usb drives when I plug them in. I've been search for awhile and am not having any luck. I use kubuntu 9.10 fresh install.21:05
shadeslayermichael___: KDE 4.4 autmounts drives21:05
michael___shadeslayer: I didnt think kubuntu 9.10 was using KDE 4.4 yet.21:06
shadeslayermichael___: its in the beta backports21:07
michael___shadeslayer: KDE 4.3.2 here. Do you know how to fix my problem with my version of KDE? Are you suggesting I upgrade? Is it easily done?21:08
eitreachHow do I auto-mount my external drive with my music so that Amarok 2 doesn't have to re-scan it every time I boot my machine?21:09
mbanaafter turning on compiz in kde, im getting those annoying sounds from the OS when i click something.  how do i turn it off21:09
shadeslayermichael___: 1) its a RC release so the upgrade is up to you21:10
shadeslayermichael___: 2) you can very easily upgrade to 4.4 via 3 commands21:10
michael___shadeslayer: It's a fresh install so I haven't configured anything or copied my files on it yet (i need the external drive for that) so i wouldnt mind trying it out if you could tell me those commands.21:11
shadeslayermichael___: again this is a RC and it might crash ( although highly unlikely )21:11
shadeslayermichael___: press alt+F2 and type konsole21:12
michael___shadeslayer: I understand that, I'm willing to give it a shot.21:12
michael___shadeslayer: ok21:12
shadeslayermichael___: that will open a terminal then type : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta21:13
Koliashadeslayer: no automount before 4.4? sounds weird21:13
shadeslayerKolia: yeah i know21:13
shadeslayerKolia: it was a feature request only in 4.421:13
michael___shadeslayer: ok21:13
shadeslayermichael___: do the same thing for : ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports21:14
shadeslayermichael___: done?21:14
michael___shadeslayer: I tried OpenSuse11.2 and it didn't have a problem mounting my external drives..  ok21:14
shadeslayermichael___: you can mount them fine in kubuntu too,but not automount them21:14
michael___shadeslayer: ok, next?21:15
shadeslayermichael___: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:15
michael___shadeslayer: it's downloading, So I guess the steps would be similar when the stable 4.4 is out?21:17
shadeslayermichael___: nope,just do the last one21:18
michael___shadeslayer: easy!21:19
shadeslayermichael___: told you so :)21:19
shadeslayermichael___: after upgrading right click the device notifier icon and see the automount comun21:20
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michael___shadeslayer: Do you happen to know when the stable will be released?21:23
shadeslayermichael___: yeah in mid fev21:23
=== Guest90986 is now known as Spam
=== Spam is now known as SpamMan
shadeslayermichael___: http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.4_Release_Schedule#February_9th.2C_2010:_Release_KDE_SC_4.421:24
shadeslayerBluesKaj: know how to build packages?21:25
michael___shadeslayer: Soon! Thanks for the link, Well it looks like it's finished upgrading, should I restart first?21:25
shadeslayermichael___: um do you see a restart button?21:25
shadeslayer(in the task bar)21:25
BluesKajshadeslayer, no, never looked into it21:25
shadeslayerBluesKaj: im almost finished and then apachelogger had to go some where :P21:26
BluesKajyou're talking about debs I presume21:26
shadeslayerBluesKaj: yeah21:26
michael___shadeslayer: I know how to restart I was just surprised it didn't prompt me to do that after it completed. I'll do that now, brb.21:26
shadeslayermichael___: just log out and press alt+E21:26
shadeslayermichael___: you dont have to restart everytime21:27
michael___shadeslayer: ok.21:27
shadeslayermichael___: only kernel upgrades require a restart :)21:27
GinoMan_this is great.... kwin keeps crashing21:28
Koliamichael___: usually not, this is not windows ;)21:28
shadeslayerKolia: hes gone21:29
BluesKajmy fstab file is blank after the last upgrade'''no ntfs access21:30
shadeslayerBluesKaj: make a new one then :P21:31
BluesKajtoo lazy21:31
shadeslayerBluesKaj: i keep mine backed up :P21:31
BluesKajnever had this happen before, shadeslayer21:32
scunizishadeslayer: check /etc and see if there is a system backup of fstab.. typically fstab~ or fstab.backup<date>21:32
shadeslayerscunizi: ?21:33
shadeslayerscunizi: i think you mean BluesKaj21:33
scunizishadeslayer: yep .. sorry.. did you see that BluesKaj21:33
* BluesKaj checks for bak21:33
scunizils fst*21:34
michael___shadeslayer: It's not without it's problems but the device notifier actually displays my external drive now. Unfortunately I have to turn of desktop effects because all the plasma seems to be duplicated. strange.21:35
shadeslayermichael___: ah you mean there are 2 taskbars and stuff?21:36
michael___shadeslayer: it appears that way, when i disable desktop effects everyhing looks fine.21:37
shadeslayermichael___: can you imagebin a screenshot?21:37
shadeslayerwith the desktop effects21:38
michael___shadeslayer: sure.21:38
shadeslayermichael___: you do know the site i believe21:38
michael___shadeslayer: i believe so.21:38
shadeslayermichael___: kool :)21:39
xerohey guys i have a partition mounted as /storage and i was wondering how come i dont have ownership how do i read wright to it?21:40
xerosays im not the owner21:41
xerohow do i become owner i have root password but theirs no place to type it in21:41
scunizixero: sudo chown <username:username> /path/to/partition21:41
michael___shadeslayer: http://imagebin.org/8167721:41
xerothanks you so much21:41
scunizimichael___: that is wierd21:42
michael___shadeslayer: yeah really!21:42
xeroit says operation not permitted micheal21:43
shadeslayermichael___: one sec :)21:43
xero sudo chown xero:xero /storage dosent work21:43
xeronot permitted21:43
shadeslayermichael___: oh i know the problem...  do : mv .kde .kde_old : logout and login back21:43
scunizixero: did it look similar to this.. sudo chown xero:xero /media/storage21:44
xerokinda only without media21:44
xerobecause its mounted as /storage21:44
shadeslayermichael___: that will reset everything to default while preserving your current configs21:44
scunizixero: most mounts are in /media despite it saying /storage.. check it out .. ls /media21:44
michael___shadeslayer: I should probably tell you when I logged out previously I could not log back in (dont know how i guess?) so i restarted the machine.21:45
xeroit says no such directary21:45
xerowhen i type /media/storage21:45
shadeslayermichael___: well it should work now21:45
=== marc___ is now known as mciv
scunizixero: type.. ls /media .. and see what's in it..21:45
xerojust a sec21:45
michael___shadeslayer: "mv .kde .kde_old" ?21:46
shadeslayermichael___: yes21:47
michael___shadeslayer: oh i see the underscore disappears21:47
shadeslayermichael___: um no21:47
=== phoenix is now known as Guest78055
xeroim so cunfused21:47
xeromy /storage is /storage but it says i cant chown it21:47
xerowhat the hell :(21:47
michael___shadeslayer: confused. if i type the command as you said it, it says "mv: target 'old' is not a directory"21:48
xerochown: changing ownership of `/storage': Operation not permitted21:48
scunizixero: what was in /media?21:49
xeronot /storage21:49
scunizixero: what was in /media?21:49
xerojust my cd player and stuff21:49
shadeslayermichael___: eh... try : mv .kde .kde-old21:49
xeroeverything but my mounted partition storage21:49
scunizixero: how did you mount it?21:49
xeroi used a program21:50
scuniziwhat program21:50
xeroit was originaly mounted21:50
Guest78055voice chat not working gyachi. can anyone help me21:50
scunizixero: try .. ls /dev/storage .. see if you get a listing21:50
xerostorage device maniger21:50
xeroso such file21:51
xeroor folder21:51
gsteinerthey all =)21:52
shadeslayermichael_: did it work?21:52
gsteinertim having issues using sudo (and su)with Kubuntu 9.1021:52
xeroim messing with it now hold up21:52
gsteinertif i run any command using sudo (or any GUI app that uses root privelidges) it seems to lock up21:53
gsteinertthe terminal displays no output21:53
shadeslayergsteinert: use kdesudo21:53
shadeslayer!kdesudo | gsteinert21:53
ubottugsteinert: In KDE use « kdesudo <program> » (or « kdesu <program> » for Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why21:53
gsteinertshadeslayer: the same applies to command line programs (such as apt-get) and also have the same trouble using kdesudo21:54
shadeslayergsteinert: are you typing the password?21:54
gsteinertshadeslayer: yes, it prompts for the password, i type it and hit enter, then it does nothing21:55
xerosudo chown xero:xero /media/Storage wont allow says not permitted  i remounted it their but it still dosent work gona headbut mointor soon21:55
scunizixero: is the partition named Storage or storage?  caps make a difference21:55
shadeslayergsteinert: 1) Use kdesudo 2) try : sudo apt-get update : and check whether it locks up21:56
xeronot storage21:56
xeroshould i change to lowercase?21:56
gsteinertshadeslayer: locks up both times21:57
scunizixero: don't need to.. try sudo fdisk -l .. it will list your partitions .. mostly with sda1, sdb1 etc. type references.. see if one is labeled Storage21:57
gsteinertshadeslayer: a restart fixes it, if only temporarily (sorry, should have mentioned it befpre_21:57
shadeslayergsteinert: i hope you didnt use kdesudo with apt :P21:57
erghezii cant access to my tty ( when i press Alt+Ctrl+F1 to F6)21:57
michael_shadeslayer: that worked thanks!21:57
gsteinertshadeslayer: haha! nope, kate =P21:57
ergheziis there any way to fix ttys?21:58
shadeslayergsteinert: no error messages either?21:58
xerook thx21:58
shadeslayergsteinert: do you have : kdesudo21:58
xeroits sda621:59
shadeslayer!info kdesudo | gsteinert21:59
ubottugsteinert: kdesudo (source: kdesudo): sudo frontend for KDE4. In component main, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 42 kB, installed size 660 kB21:59
xero/dev/sda1   *           1        1824    14651248+   7  HPFS/NTFS21:59
xero/dev/sda2            1825        3648    14651280   83  Linux21:59
xero/dev/sda3            3649       19457   126985792+   5  Extended21:59
xero/dev/sda5            3649        3952     2441848+  82  Linux swap / Solaris21:59
xero/dev/sda6            3953       19457   124543881    b  W95 FAT3221:59
FloodBotK2xero: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:59
xerodid you see that?21:59
scunizixero: you could .. sudo mkdir /media/21:59
xerowhy would i makedir?21:59
xerotheir allredy is a /media/storage21:59
scunizixero: sudo mkdir /media/Storage .. then sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/Storage22:00
gsteinertshadeslayer: no, no output at all (except for the password prompt)22:00
shadeslayergsteinert: and what about kdesudo? do you have it installed?22:00
gsteinertshadeslayer: also, i have just tried logging on to tty1 and 2 with my own user and root user respectively, they both print out the welcome message (last login, linux ver, packages to be updated) then lock up in the same way22:01
xeromount: /dev/sda6 already mounted or /media/Storage busy22:01
xeromount: according to mtab, /dev/sda6 is already mounted on /media/Storage22:01
michael_shadeslayer: yes, I'm not sure where the option to change the plasma theme has gone but so far so good! thanks very much!!22:01
gsteinertshadeslayer: yes, kdesudo is installed22:02
scunizixero: then try this again with the right caps.. sudo chown <username:username> /media/Storage ..22:02
shadeslayermichael_: its in appearence > style > Workspace22:02
michael_shadeslayer: ah, nice!22:03
xeronope still doswent work22:03
xeroit currently owned by root22:03
xeroshould i tyupe chown root:root?22:03
scunizixero: no.. then you'd be giving owner and group of root the permissions.. it already has it..22:04
xerooh ok then whats wrong i wonder ;(22:04
scunizixero: try unmounting it with .. sudo umount /media/Storage .. and see if it unmounts22:04
xerook so22:06
xeroi unmounted it22:06
xerols /media/Storage nothing inside then i remounted dev sda6 and now it has stuf in it again22:06
xeroso yes it unmounted22:06
scunizixero: ok. now remount it with the command line.. sudo /dev/sda6 /media/Storage ..22:07
scunizitry chowning it again..22:07
xeronot permitted22:08
xeroa;lkdjg;alkjdga lol so angry22:08
scunizixero: since this is a fat partition you might need to look at mount commands to add read/write to the mount line in some fashion.. sorry I don't know what it is.22:09
daskreechxero: What are you trying to do?22:09
xerotrying chown /media/Storage but it says not permitted skreech22:10
xeroand i tryed mounting and unmounting it22:10
daskreechWhat file system is it?22:10
xerofat 3222:10
daskreechand why are you chowning it?22:10
xeroso i can download stuff to it22:10
daskreechhow did you mount it?22:10
xerowont let me till i chown to xero22:10
xerosudo umount /media/Storage22:10
shadeslayerdaskreech: my first upload to a PPA :D22:11
daskreechshadeslayer: Whoot :)22:11
daskreechhi ilumi22:11
shadeslayerdaskreech: use fb?22:11
daskreechxero: that's unmounting22:11
daskreechshadeslayer: If by use you mean avoid at all costs then yes22:11
xeroyeah they i sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/Storage22:11
xeroto put it back22:11
ilumidaskreech: heyhey22:11
shadeslayerdaskreech: daskreech :D22:11
daskreechxero: sudo umount /media/Storage && sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/Storage -o umask=002222:12
xerothx ill try that22:12
xerook i did that22:13
xeronow try?22:13
xerostill not permitted ;(22:13
xeroany other ideas?22:15
daskreechxero: sudo umount /media/Storage && sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/Storage -o umask=0022,user=xero22:15
xerook ill try22:17
xerosudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/Storage -o umask=0022,user=xero22:18
xeromount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda6,22:18
xero       missing codepage or helper program, or other error22:18
xero       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try22:18
xero       dmesg | tail  or so22:18
FloodBotK2xero: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:18
sobersabrehi guys. is there a lockout tool for kubuntu ? I want to block MOST users' access to the CDROM device, or maybe a more fine grain control - to allow say DATA disks, but not VCD/DVD/Audio.22:20
xerono luck22:20
sobersabreso 1. is there an admin lockout tool ?22:20
xeromissing codepage22:20
sobersabre2. is it possible to control finer grained stuff I mentioned ?22:20
xeroim out of ideas22:21
xeroany other idea screach22:21
daskreechxero: hold on it works with umask but not user ?22:21
sobersabrexero: what what what ?22:21
xeroexdactly skreech22:21
Alien2sobersabre, no such thing as "lockout," but you can create a group to permit access to the CD-ROM device, then place only those users who need access into that group22:22
xerowhat do i do now :(22:22
daskreechxero: try taking out umask for that last one and just use user22:22
Alien2as for number 2, that would need some rather complex software support which I don't think exists, or at least isn't well known22:22
xerodosent work22:23
xerosays bad operation or something22:23
sobersabreAlien2: as I understand, if I install only KDE, and no other tools, I may be able to simply disable things like access protocols of the kio-slave (If I got that name properly), and maybe a protocol handler's file permissions could come handy too.22:23
xerowith the -o user=xero22:23
daskreechok mount it with just the Umask and then type mount | grep Stor and give me that line22:24
sobersabreAlien2: and it's a shame there's no user policy tool for KDE, since GNOME IIRC DOES have such tool.22:24
Alien2sobersabre: no matter what KDE does, the device itself is controlled by basic user permissions -- trying to lock it down via kio-slave or similar is like trying to protect a door with a sheet of paper22:24
daskreechsobersabre: There is22:25
sobersabreAlien2: I understand I will have to chmod the device file.22:25
daskreechIt's in KDE 4.422:25
sobersabredaskreech: well, what's its name ?22:25
KjetilKthere wouldn't happen to exist some debs for the akonadi interface to Google apps: http://bisscuitt.blogspot.com/2009/06/howto-kde-4-and-google-pim-data-akonadi.html ?22:25
daskreechKauth.. something22:25
shadeslayerdaskreech: apparently my GPG key wasnt uploaded :P22:28
sobersabredaskreech: I'm looking at a related blog, it seems it's kind-of-API, and I'm not sure KDE4.4 apps have all been rewritten with it...22:30
sobersabrehave they ?22:30
daskreechsobersabre: I'd doubt it :)22:32
daskreechSince some KDE 4 apps haven't finished being written22:32
sobersabreI see, is there a policy kit frontend in Kubuntu ?22:34
daskreechYes that's the plan moving forward22:35
sobersabredaskreech: I don't understand: do you mean it's good I'm moving forward, or do you mean KDE DOESN'T have policy kit editor, and I will have to improvize ?22:37
sobersabresorry, improvi*s*e22:37
daskreechsobersabre: I mean it does and more work will be poured into both the client and having apps follow PolicyKit movingforward22:39
* KjetilK finds akonadi-kde-resource-googledata:22:43
Alien2I am not sure why you would want to control access to the CD-ROM in the first place22:45
shadeslayerdaskreech: it built :o22:45
Alien2except perhaps to prevent burning of discs22:45
daskreechsobersabre: http://identi.ca/conversation/19915263#notice-1991526322:46
Alien2You are printing the value as a signed, that's all23:07
Alien2dangit, wrong channel23:07
GinoMan_so.... why is kwin crashing, and why is the fglrx module that loaded itself into the kernel in 9.04 not working in 9.1023:08
daskreechGinoMan_: needs to be rebuilt for the kernel ?23:08
GinoMan_has been rebuilt23:08
GinoMan_It's a new install of 9.1023:08
GinoMan_only thing that's the same is the home dir23:09
daskreechkwin can be crashing for any number of reasons. Try running it from the command line or at least install -dbg packages so when it crashes you can report a backtrace23:09
GinoMan_tried that, backtraces remained useless no matter what debug packages I installed23:09
GinoMan_and libGL was appearantly the one that needed the debug versions because it had the ?? next to it in the original backtrace23:10
GinoMan_so I have a feeling that whatever these problems are, they're connected23:10
daskreechSounds like the driver is calling some GL things that don't mesh well23:11
daskreechDoes kwin crash reliably when you do something?23:11
gigasofthow to turn off compiz config23:11
GinoMan_as soon as I log in and crashes everytime I try to restart it23:12
daskreechGinoMan_: As soon as you start it?23:13
daskreechHow are you starting it?23:13
GinoMan_if I try to manually restart it "kwin --replace &"23:13
GinoMan_in run23:13
GinoMan_or a terminal23:13
daskreechdo kwin --replace 2> ~/kwinerrors23:13
daskreechThat should get you a text file as to why it's crashing23:14
daskreechGinoMan_: if you want I can try helping to replace the config23:14
daskreechOr have you tried that already?23:14
GinoMan_hold on23:14
GinoMan_what do you guys use for a pastebin?23:14
GinoMan_is what is in the terminal after running the command23:18
GinoMan_replacing the config?23:18
daskreechGinoMan_: kwin --replace gives you something similar?23:19
GinoMan_the & just backgrounds the task so I can run the command line while it's running if it were to succeed23:19
GinoMan_I don't have to ^z it23:21
daskreechGinoMan_: I know23:21
daskreechGinoMan_: ok type mv ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc ~/kwinrc.broke && kwin --replace23:22
GinoMan__sorry about that23:26
GinoMan__stupid internet23:26
daskreechGinoMan__: Ok23:32
GinoMan__so what do you think?23:34
daskreechGinoMan_: ok type mv ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc ~/kwinrc.broke && kwin --replace23:34
GinoMan__still crashed23:36
daskreechSame crash?23:36
GinoMan__appears to be the same crash23:38
daskreechGinoMan__: What version of kwin is this?23:45
GinoMan__Qt: 4.5.223:46
GinoMan__KDE: 4.3.2 (KDE 4.3.2)23:46
GinoMan__KWin: 4.3.2 (KDE 4.3.2)23:46
FloodBotK2GinoMan__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:46
GinoMan__sigh.... it was only 3 lines?23:47
daskreechGinoMan__: use paste.ubuntu.com23:48
daskreechhi DarkriftX23:48
daskreechhi DarkwingDuck23:49
daskreechsorry DarkriftX23:49
GinoMan__kwin is 4.3.223:49
DarkwingDuckhey daskreech23:50
daskreechDarkwingDuck: What's up?23:51
DarkwingDuckNot much. Docs and football23:51
shadeslayerand building debs23:52
shadeslayerdaskreech: just uploaded choqok alpha packages too :P23:52
shadeslayerlets see if they get accepted23:53
daskreechDIdn't they have an RC ?23:54
shadeslayerdaskreech: nope still in alpha23:57
shadeslayerand the packages got accepted again :P23:57
shadeslayeruploaded for lucid too :D23:58
shadeslayerdaskreech: use choqok ?23:58
daskreechstopped it crashing today23:58
shadeslayerdaskreech: will you try out my packages?23:58
shadeslayerdaskreech: 32 bit?23:59

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