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manusmadHi, I installed ubuntu on a beagleboard, and am trying to get a Belkin Wireless USB adapter working05:44
manusmadThe adapter works perfectly on my Ubuntu laptop (x86), but fails on the board05:45
manusmadThe device is Belkin F5D705005:46
rcn-eemanusmad, Belkin like everyone else uses a bunch of chipsets... pastebin your dmesg/lsusb logs...05:58
manusmad_onbeaglrcn-ee, this is dmesg outout (sorry for multiple posts) http://pastebin.com/d764f341506:11
persiamanusmad_onbeagl: And when you attach it to your other laptop, you don't get "device v050d p705a is not supported" ?06:15
persiaOr do you get that, and it works anyway?06:15
manusmad_onbeaglI connected this to my lptop and greped through all of dmesg06:18
manusmad_onbeaglno such message06:18
manusmad_onbeagland it shows up in network manager showing all wireless connections06:18
manusmad_onbeaglpersia, but this message does show up on my beagle board06:19
persiaYou may have different stuff compiled in your kernels then.06:20
persiaYou'll want to review what's different, and why the device isn't supported06:20
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