paultagnulled, I would ask the upstream maintainers in Debian. I'm not sure. I know the system is getting better through use of hacks, such as compressing the package lists etc, but not too much in the way of changing the protocol00:00
paultagnulled, the repo is over HTTP, so I think a change to the protocol would be needed as well. I would not count on it in the near future, but heck, it's still faster then YUM, eh?00:01
paultag<tcpip4000> question: is there any functionality that checksums the current installed packages (files) to verify their integrity?00:01
paultagtcpip4000, Yes :) -- it even tracks that stuff on upgrade as well. Some of the older hackers might recall an apt-get upgrade asking about their menu.lst00:01
paultagIt will verify on install to make sure nothing was corrupted, and it will also track going forward00:02
paultagit won't kludge old stuff :)00:02
paultagI know we are a bit over-time here, just waiting for some stuff to get lined up. I'll be taking questions :)00:02
cjohnstonI think we may be ready00:02
cjohnstonThank you paultag00:03
paultagOK, cool00:03
paultagsure thanks guys :)00:03
cjohnstonWe have a little change in plans...00:03
cjohnstonOne of our instructors has been unable to make it..00:03
cjohnstonSo starcraftman has volunteered to teach this next course on the fly00:03
cjohnstonIf anyone ever finds starcraftman in person (although I still think he is a bot) please buy him a beer for me!00:04
=== cjohnston changed the topic of #ubuntu-classroom to: Ubuntu Classroom || Ubuntu User Days | Current Session: Package Management Basics ~~ Presented by starcraftman || Please ask questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat || Ubuntu User Days Survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WQWHJQY
starcraftmanHi people, it is I again.00:04
starcraftmanI don't have this prewritten, well... not parcelled out in an IRC format to copy paste.00:05
starcraftmanSo it'll be slower. And more manageable, it is a favourite topic of mine talking about package management though. An important topic.00:05
cjohnstonEveryone say thank you starcraftman !00:06
starcraftmanUnlike last class I don't mind if you ask questions during this session, but I'd probably prefer if you waited till I finished a particular section.00:06
starcraftmanSame format for them. Now hmmm. I've already written a fairly long guide on installing, since it covers pretty much all this stuff and saves me some typing I'm going to link you to it. I'll still be writing of course, but you can read along my more verbose explanations. It's a little old but is still completely relevant.00:08
starcraftmanSo starting with basics.00:09
starcraftmanpackage mangement is the means Ubuntu (and linux in general) uses to install software. Linux uses a client server model as with most other things. Your computer is the client, and it requests information on packages from the Ubuntu servers.00:10
starcraftmanThe server contains a whole assortment of packages in a variety of categories, it can tell when your's are out of date for instance and what has changed since you last checked in.00:11
starcraftmanThe server itself stores deb packages, which you can think of like exes. They are precompiled binaries ready to be installed on any system that requests to download and install them.00:12
starcraftmanThe way your local machine tracks what servers to request the information from is called the sources file. It basically simply lists the addresses of the servers and what sections of packages to retreive.00:13
starcraftmanSo, apt an be thought of as a backend. It handles the request and you can use it to install and manage packages quite simply. apt-get and aptitude aren't so different, just two ways to get at the server/packages.00:15
starcraftmanWe should probably move to hands on, makes it clearer.00:15
starcraftmanOk, there's two ways to see your sources file, by graphical interface or text editor.00:16
starcraftmanFirst open System > Admin > Software Sources.00:16
starcraftmank, so now that folks done that... I'll go through this list so people understand. As I said before packages are seperated by category.00:17
starcraftmanOn the first tab, Ubuntu Software, you can find several of the most important. Conical-supported open Source Software (main) is like it says. All core packages to Ubuntu are stored here, never uncheck this.00:18
starcraftman(universe) holds projects are are mostly maintained by the community at large. Most software that isn't installed by defualt but maintained by community is here.00:19
starcraftmanrestricted holds restricted drivers as you'd imagine. There was a session earlier on that.00:19
starcraftmanmultiverse is more of a catch all for things not falling above and that may be restricted.00:19
starcraftmanYou should go ahead and tick all of these. Good to have.00:20
starcraftmanSource code is optional, it lets you download the uncompiled source. It's not for installation. Unless your a programmer, don't check it.00:20
starcraftmandownload from allows you to pick a better server to fetch packages from, I always change from default.00:20
starcraftmanIf you select other from drop down you can select a close geographic server or push pick best.00:21
starcraftmanNext move to Updates.00:21
starcraftmanTab that is.00:21
starcraftmanThese are mostly self-explanitory, security and recommended updates are as they say for security and general bugs (not related to security).00:22
starcraftmanpre-release includes updates that haven't been fully tested (like the bleeding edge). Unsupported is more of a backporting thing. It's nothing to be afraid  of means that software is pushed backwards from newer releases into yours. This isn't officially supported though, odd times it can break things.00:23
starcraftmanWhether you want to tick the last two is up to you, productions machines where stability important I'd say no.00:24
starcraftmanLast theory part to cover quick is keys.00:25
starcraftmanThese are just used for authentication. Paultags explanation and mhall should have explained why encryption and trusted software are important.00:26
starcraftmanNow you can push close on the software sources tell it not to reload sources. We'll do that in a moment.00:26
starcraftmanOpen a terminal please, Applications > Accessories > Terminal.00:27
starcraftmannow I assume you already got some basics on commands, so copy what's in quotes from now on to terminal and push enter.00:27
starcraftman"sudo apt-get update"00:27
starcraftmanThis refreshes your local cache of the packages on the server. You do this to know when server has got new updates (though as you noticed, it will automatically update you daily if your forget or at least prompt).00:29
starcraftman"sudo apt-get upgrade"00:29
starcraftmanif you do that you'll find a list of possible upgrades to common software already installed on your machine.00:29
starcraftmanIt lists packages to be upgraded/removed/installed.00:29
starcraftmanYou have to push yes or no. At this time, push no.00:30
starcraftmanIt would take a while and tie you up.00:30
starcraftmanNow, let's install some package.00:31
pleia2starcraftman: wanna take some questions?00:32
starcraftmanpleia2: first I'd like to install a package. After O00:32
starcraftmani'll take a few before continuing.00:32
starcraftmanso lets see, hellow had pi listed for install, works for me.00:33
starcraftmanThe standard command to install a package is "sudo apt-get install package package2 package3"00:33
starcraftmanwhere you replace package with whatever you want to install.00:33
starcraftmantry "sudo apt-get install pi"00:33
starcraftmanpush yes when it asks for confirm.00:33
starcraftmanIt pulls down the package from server and then installs locally to your root.00:34
starcraftman(pi package is used to compute a more precise pi btw)00:34
starcraftmannow if I wanted to remove I could do "sudo apt-get remove pi"00:35
starcraftmanor "sudo apt-get purge pi"00:35
starcraftmanThe latter will remove configuration files for the program as well as the cached package on your system.00:35
starcraftmanRemove just uninstalls it.00:35
starcraftmanOk, lil question break now. I covered the bulk of this, will get to adding repositories and gui after.00:36
starcraftmanpleia2: poke, you gonna paste them in?00:37
pleia2< AndreMorro[BR]> QUESTION - starcraftman if I change my repos, shouldn't I first do the 'apt-get update' before 'upgrade' ??00:37
starcraftmanAndreMorro[BR]: Yes, always. When you modify the sources list in any way, your changing what apt needs to monitor. You need to update before it will be aware of these changes.00:39
pleia2< Out_Cold> QUESTION how do you find info about a package you want to install via apt?00:39
starcraftmanOut_Cold: This is a good question. You can easily from terminal. "aptitude show packagename"00:39
starcraftmanThis will provide a large amount of information.00:40
pleia2< AndreMorro[BR]> QUESTION you recommend apt-get or aptitude00:40
pleia2< AndreMorro[BR]> or depends on the situation?00:40
starcraftmanOut_Cold: oh and you can also do it with "apt-cache showpkg packagename". Another way.00:41
pleia2and related... < jazz_> Question  what is the difference between aptitude and apt-get?00:42
starcraftmanAndreMorro[BR]: ah good question. You know even after all this time I'm not perfect on the minutia separating. In general, they can be used interchangeably. They have a few minor differences. I think apt-get in general is preferred. One clear difference is using the search command. "aptitude search" will do a live search against a repository server where "apt-cache search package" will do a local search.00:44
starcraftmanIn general, I stick to apt-get.00:44
pleia2< stevesmith1983> QUESTION if you apt-get remove, is there any way to the purge in the future, without reinstalling the package first?00:44
starcraftmanstevesmith1983: yes, if you haven't, you can do a purge command on something you know has traces left on a system.00:45
starcraftmanI should probably get to adding sources section now.00:46
pleia2please do00:46
starcraftmanIt is pretty easy. Please run:00:46
starcraftman"sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list00:46
starcraftmanthis opens your sources file. Nothing scary. here you can see how it's formatted. This is the file we modified with the gui earlier.00:47
starcraftmandeb lines are for actual packages, deb-src indicate sections just for source files.00:47
starcraftmanThe ## are commented out lines.00:47
starcraftmanThis prevents apt from parsing these lines as servers.00:48
starcraftmanfor a test add I think we will add the lernid ppa.00:48
starcraftmanPush technical details please. Then copy the first line with deb to the end of the file.00:50
starcraftmanMake sure its for your version of ubuntu.00:50
starcraftmanSave and close the file after.00:50
starcraftmanNow, we need to import the key. I usually do this by command, it combines downloading and adding the keys.00:51
starcraftmanthe generic command is: wget -q  http:addresstokey.com -O- | sudo apt-key add -00:52
starcraftmanfirst half downloads the key, then adds it to your keys.00:52
starcraftmanclick on the signing key on the technical drop down.00:53
starcraftmanhere your taken to a direct link to the key's hosting, you use this address.00:53
starcraftmanso the command would be: "wget -q CBDC2730 -O- | sudo apt-key add00:54
starcraftmanHope that works, the end is all required, it's the public ID for the key.00:55
starcraftmannow you have key, you can update and then do a search for lernid.00:55
starcraftmanIt should now be a package avialable to install.00:55
starcraftmanyou don't need to install it, but this is an example of how to do so. Be careful where you get software from. As paultag covered.00:56
starcraftmanLast we'll just have a look at the software centre quick.00:56
starcraftmanpleia2: can you tell where it is in menu? I'm on my kde box.00:57
pleia2I think it's under applications, where add/remove used to be00:57
nigel_nbIts on applications > Software Center00:57
starcraftmanIt's a nice GUI, much friendlier than synaptic. Here you can navigate by categories, read descriptions and install software.00:58
starcraftmanSearch is in top right, under edit you can get to sources, and view lets you switch between all and just canonical software (Ubuntu and sattellites rather than uni/multiverse)00:58
starcraftmaninstalled software section lets you remove installed.00:59
starcraftmanit's pretty easy.00:59
starcraftmanHmmm, I think that about does it, covered the basics and how to use GUI. And I seem almost out of time.00:59
pleia2thanks starcraftman!00:59
=== cjohnston changed the topic of #ubuntu-classroom to: Ubuntu Classroom || Ubuntu User Days | Current Session: Using Ubuntu One ~~ Presented by shrini || Please ask questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat || Ubuntu User Days Survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WQWHJQY
starcraftmanhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=500020 < Lemme just post that again. Good guide.01:00
starcraftmanShould clarify any lingering questions, I'll hang around chat to answer.01:00
cjohnstonUp next is shrini01:00
cjohnstonShrinivasan, is a open source lover, who lives in Chennai, India. He talks about open source philosophies in local colleges and schools.01:01
cjohnstonCurrently he is giving technical support to subversion and TeamForge at CollabNet. He runs a weekly newsletter "FossNews" and a blog for Foss Jobs.01:01
shrinihello friends01:01
shrinithanks for giving this wonderful opportunity to hang out with you all01:01
shrini"Ubuntu One"01:02
shriniis a very interesting project01:02
shrinithat comes with the latest ubuntu release 9.1001:02
shriniI wondered on the first sight.01:03
shriniUbuntu One is a personal cloud01:03
shriniyou have 2 GB of space01:04
shrinito store files, notes, contacts01:04
shriniStoring, syncing and sharing files, contacts, notes, and bookmarks01:04
shriniis the service given by Ubuntu One01:04
shriniLet us discuss here about installation01:05
shriniweb and GUI clients01:05
shrinisyncing files,notes,contacts01:05
shrinifuture plans and getting support01:06
shriniIntro - As I told already01:06
shriniUbuntu One is a storage service01:06
shriniyou can think here as this is equivalent to "DropBox"01:07
shriniwe can store 2 GB of data for free01:07
shriniIf we need more space, we can buy01:07
shrinicanonical provides commercial space01:08
pleia2shrini: want us to paste questions as they come, or wait until you pause to ask for them?01:08
shrinipleia2: good. paste as soon as get01:08
pleia2< scunizi> QUESTION is kubuntu setup to use the same service in the same way as ubuntu?01:08
shriniyes. you can use the same client in kubuntu too. but requires to install gnome libraries.01:09
pleia2< Out_Cold> Question We were discussing the differences between dropbox and one. how does one stack up on various OSs?01:09
shrinigood. currently Ubuntu One supports only ubuntu01:09
shrinithe support to various distros are future plans01:10
shriniyou can buy a 50 GB space for the cost of 10$/month01:10
shriniubuntu one supports partial downloads01:10
shriniit resumes the downloads automatically01:11
pleia2< scunizi> QUESTION if I can install the same client in kubuntu, will it also auto sync contacts in Kontact like it does in Evolution?01:11
shriniif a file is changed, it is re-synced with entire file.01:11
shrinino support for kontact now01:11
shrinibut, ubuntu one api is simple and anyone can develop kontact sync01:12
pleia2< IdleOne> QUESTION: are there any limitations on file types that can be stored on Ubuntu One?01:12
shriniall the files are stored in amazon S3 servers in USA01:13
shrinino limits on file types01:13
shriniyou can store any file01:13
pleia2< scunizi> QUESTION are files encrypted?01:13
shriniNo. files are not encrypted.01:13
shriniencryption may give issues on sharing01:14
shriniLet me goto Installation01:14
shriniIf you have ubuntu 9.10, Wow. you have already in your wallet01:14
shriniIt can be installed in ubuntu 9.04 too01:14
shrinibut not in other lower ubuntu versions01:15
shrinisee this like for installing in ubuntu 9.0401:15
shriniOnce Installed, you can access via01:16
shriniApplications->Internet->Ubuntu One01:16
shriniTo use this, we need a Launchpad account01:17
shriniyou can go to http://one.ubuntu.com01:18
shriniand login using launchpad account01:18
shrinithen you can choose a subscription01:19
shrinifree 2 GB or paid 50 GB01:19
pleia2< IdleOne> QUESTION: What do I do if I get OpenID login failed?01:19
shrinisometime, this may happen01:19
shriniwe need to check why login failed.01:20
shriniIt failed for me too saying like "invalid timezone error"01:20
shriniI changed my timezone settings in launchpad and it worked :-)01:20
shrini#ubuntu helped me on this01:20
shriniafter subscribing, you can access the "Ubuntu One" gnome client01:21
shriniThis will take you to a page,01:21
shriniwhere you have to add your computer to "Ubuntu One" cloud01:21
shrinithis is essential for the server to recognize your personal computer01:22
shrinionce added, you are done.01:22
shrininow, you are ready to get thrilled01:22
shriniyour home folder has a special folder called "Ubunt One"01:23
shrinithis is where the magics happens01:24
shriniAfter running the ubuntu one client, you can see a icon in top panel01:24
shriniclick the panel and click "connect" to connect with the server01:25
shriniyou can right click it. select "properties"01:25
shrinito select the visibility options for the icon and to change the bandwidth settings01:25
shriniOnce connected, you are ready01:26
shriniNow access the "Ubuntu One" folder via Places->Ubuntu One01:26
shriniIt looks like any other normal folder.01:26
shrinibut has hidden magician01:27
shrinicreate a folder inside01:27
shriniand paste a file from any other folder01:28
shrinisee the notification area.01:28
shriniIt is saying "Updating files"01:29
shriniafter a little time, it says that01:29
shrini"updating Finished"01:29
shriniThats all. this is called syncing01:29
shriniAny files or folders placed inside "~/Ubuntu One" will be synced to the server01:30
shriniyou can create, modify, move,delete the files01:30
shrinias you do in any other folders01:30
shrinibut, all your actions will be reflected in the server too01:31
shrininormally the sync happens once in 10 min01:31
shrinithere is another interesting thing is here.01:31
shriniyou can share your folders to other ubuntuone users01:32
shriniright click any folder inside "~/Ubuntu One"01:32
shrinichoose "Share on Ubuntu One"01:32
shriniyou can give a users email address01:33
shrinifor example, if you want to share any folder with me, give my email address there01:33
shriniyou can even give me rights to modify your files01:34
shriniby selecting "Allow Modifications" checkbox01:34
shrinithen click "share"01:34
shrinithis will send me a email01:34
shrinisaying that [name] wants to share a folder with you01:35
shriniI have to accept a this by clicking a link provided in the email01:35
shriniMy "~/Ubuntu One" folder has a sub folder called "Shared With Me"01:36
shrinithis is the folder, where I get all the folders which are shared with me by other ubuntu one users01:36
pleia2< Endomancer> Question with contacts I can see how to add people one at a time, but how do I sync it with empathy to add all my contacts?01:37
shriniyou can sync evlution contcacts01:38
shrininot with empathy contacts01:38
shriniwant to share photos? albums? letters? documents?01:39
shriniwith your family and friends?01:39
shriniJust place in ~/Ubuntu One01:39
shriniand share by giving their email id01:39
shriniyou reach many people in a easy path01:40
pleia2< IdleOne> QUESTION: My sister uses Windows. Can I share files with her via Ubuntu One?01:40
shriniNot possible now.01:41
shriniyou can login to one.ubuntu.com via browser and see all the files01:41
shrinibrowser is another way of managing the ubuntu one folder01:41
shrinihere, a web based file browser helps us.01:42
shriniwe can create folder, delete folder01:42
shriniclick a folder and "sharing" to share with others01:43
shrinisame as we did with gnome client01:43
shriniyou can upload files too01:43
shrinicurrently one file at one time is possible01:43
shrinibulk upload options are yet to be developed01:43
shrinithis link explains about file sharing in details01:45
pleia215 minutes left01:45
shrininext, let is see on syncing tomboy notes01:45
shrinitomboy is a perfect note taking application01:46
shriniwe can use it to take all kind of notes, todo list, reminders01:46
shriniin Tomboy preferences01:47
shriniselect Synchronization  tab01:47
shriniselect ubuntu one01:47
shriniby service as "Tomboy Web"01:48
shrinithats all01:48
shriniall your notes will be synced01:48
shriniyou can get them in browser via "notes" tab01:48
shriniyou can create, edit, delete in browser too01:49
shriniread for further info01:49
shriniyou can sync, evolution contacts01:49
pleia2< starcraftman> Question: I asked earlier, I get a lot of .u1onflict markers on my folders. I'm constantly updating between my labtop/workstation and sometimes don't sync up before modifying, is there any good way to resolve these? Some of my folders seem to have stopped syncing becuse of it.01:50
shriniwell. sometimes, conflict too happen01:50
shrinithis page says that01:51
shriniyou have to choose which version of file to keep01:51
shriniand remove all the file except the required one01:51
pleia2< mhall119> Question: Can you share notes like you can share files?01:51
shrinisee this link for syncing evolution contacts01:52
shrinicurrently, we can share files ony01:52
shrinithere are many future plans01:52
shrinisyncing files outsude ubuntu one folder01:52
shriniindication remaining time/bytes on sync01:53
shriniclients for other distros01:53
shriniscreen sharing01:53
shrinihigh capacity storage01:53
shrinimobile clients, console clients01:53
shriniencrypted file storage01:53
shrinisharing notes,contacts01:54
shrinipublic accessible shared folders via a single URL01:54
shrinilogin is secured via ssl and oauth01:55
shriniubuntu one community gives awesome support01:55
shriniForum - http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=36701:55
shriniFAQ - https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone/+faqs01:55
shriniLP answers - https://answers.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-users01:55
shriniLP project page - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-users01:55
shriniacount asst - https://one.ubuntu.com/support/account-assistance/01:55
shriniyou are welcome to report  bugs here. Bugs - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client01:56
shrini"Sharing is Caring"01:56
shrinishare you with the world01:56
shriniForget to say, #ubuntuone is the excellent place to hang out01:57
shriniyou can sync your own applications too with ubuntu one api01:57
shrinicontact the helpful developers in maling list/irc01:58
shriniThanks all01:59
shriniHope I have done01:59
pleia2thanks shrini!01:59
shrinithanks again for this wonderful opportunity01:59
shriniso happy to be with you all01:59
nigel_nbOur next session is going to be a bit delayed.  In the mean time we'd like to remind you of a few things.02:00
nigel_nbPlease take the feedback survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WQWHJQY02:01
Pendulumplease do! so far we only have 4 completed surveys and we know there are more of you out there!02:01
nigel_nbIn the meantime, if you'd like to give live feed back now, we'll take it in -chat.02:01
_marx_This will be very helpful for planning future User Days.02:01
nigel_nbAre there any topics you'd like to see us take?02:02
nigel_nbWhat frequency do you want these to run.  Remember it takes an awful lot of planning to get volunteers to lead sessions.02:02
nigel_nbIdleOne, wifi is a very complicated issue dependent on hardware, but we'll think about it02:04
nigel_nbmhall119 - Is there an official user day hashtag?02:05
nigel_nbnot yet, feel free to suggest one02:05
nigel_nbIf you want to tweet/tent, use the either the #uud (short but vague) or #ubuntuuserday (long but clearer) hashtags (thanks mhall119 )02:08
nigel_nbokay folks, sorry about confusion with hashtag.  Our offical hashtags will be #UUDJan10 or #UUD<mmm><yy>02:12
=== nigel_nb changed the topic of #ubuntu-classroom to: Ubuntu Classroom || Ubuntu User Days | Current Session: Using Using IRC ~~ Presented by nhandler || Please ask questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat || Ubuntu User Days Survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WQWHJQY
nigel_nbokay, a  big cheer to our next instructor nhandler02:22
nhandlerHello everyone02:22
nigel_nbNathan Handler, an up-and-coming Chicago native, is a member of many respected teams in the Ubuntu community.02:22
nigel_nbHe is also currently serving as a member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team Council and MOTU Council.02:22
nigel_nbIn addition to being a freenode staff member, he has recently been chosen to serve on the Ubuntu IRC Council.02:22
* _marx_ hands nhaines 10 demerits for being tardy02:22
nigel_nbNathan will be sharing some of his knowledge with us as he teaches us about using IRC.02:22
nhandlerAlright, so I'll start with something simple. What is IRC?02:23
nhandlerIRC is a way for many people from all over the world to communicate in real time02:24
nhandlerIt has several advantages over email and IM02:24
nhandlerAs it is in real time, it is perfect for discussions and meetings since it does not have the delay that email causes02:25
nhandlerIt also allows anyone to create a channel to chat in, so teams can all have their own channel for discussion and meetings02:26
nhandlerThis is one way we use IRC in the Ubuntu community02:26
nhandlerAlmost all Ubuntu teams have their own channel in the #ubuntu (or #kubuntu or #xubuntu) namespace02:27
nhandlerA list of these channels is available on the wiki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat02:27
nhandlerSome channels serve special purposes. For instance, #ubuntu-meeting is used by many Ubuntu teams to hold their meetings, #ubuntu-classroom for educational sessions, #ubuntu is a support channel, etc.02:28
nhandlerAny questions so far?02:29
nhandlerIn that case, I'll continue with the session02:30
pleia2< IdleOne> QUESTION: are all channels with ubuntu in the name "official" ubuntu channels?02:30
nhandlerThat depends on what you consider "official". #ubuntu channels fall under the Ubuntu name space, so they are governed by the IRC Council, Ubuntu's IRC guidelines, and the Code of Conduct.02:31
nhandler##ubuntu channels are slightly different (see freenode's channel naming policy http://freenode.net/policy.shtml#channelnaming )02:31
pleia2< BatSteve> QUESTION: Do all IRC chat rooms have to start with # ?02:32
nhandlerOn freenode, all channels start with a #. Other networks use a different symbol02:32
nhandlerIdleOne: The IRCC tries to monitor the various #ubuntu channels that are created, but we are not always aware of all of them.02:33
nhandlerAny more questions?02:33
nhandlerJust like in real life, there is a certain etiquette that should be followed while on IRC02:34
pleia2< rww> QUESTION: Do all channels in the Ubuntu namespace have to follow the IRC Guidelines, or is it at the option of the channel's operators?02:34
=== tow is now known as Guest30061
nhandlerChannels in the Ubuntu name space should generally follow the guidelines. However, they are mainly designed for the core Ubuntu channels (for instance, not all channels have a ! ops trigger or a bot)02:36
nhandlerHowever, they should follow the Code of Conduct02:37
nhandlerKeep in mind, the IRC Guidelines are "guidelines". Not all of the points always apply (LoCos often speak in their native language). You need to just use some common sense when making that decision02:37
nhandlerGoing back to etiquette, when this etiquette is followed, it greatly improves the IRC experience02:38
nhandlerFor example, if you are talking to someone in a channel (or replying to a question), include the name of the person you are talking to in your message.02:39
nhandlerDoing so will cause their IRC client (usually) to hilight them, which helps make them aware of the message02:39
nhandlerIf you do not do this, it is very possible that your message will get lost (especially in busy channels like #ubuntu)02:40
nhandlerIf you ever go in search of support, you will frequently be asked to show someone the contents of a file on your computer02:41
nhandlerNever paste the file directly into a channel02:41
nhandlerInstead, there are sites such as paste.ubuntu.com which you can use to make your file available to other people02:42
nhandlerThis avoids flooding the channel with your file02:42
nhandlerThe IRC Guidelines cover a lot of common etiquette: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . They are definitely worth reading02:43
nhandlerOne thing I would like to add is to remember which channel you are in02:43
nhandlerWhen you are in multiple channels, it is very easy to forget where you are and begin to carry on a completely off-topic conversation in a channel.02:44
nhandlerAre there any questions about this? I don't want to spend too much time (since most of this stuff is in the guidelines) if nobody has any questions about it02:45
Pendulum< IdleOne> QUESTION: where can a user get help with a abusive user on freenode?02:45
nhandlerIdleOne: This would depend on the abuse. If a user is being abusive in a certain #ubuntu channel, you can notify the Ubuntu OPs to the user using ! ops (no space). They should be able to deal with the user02:46
nhandlerIf the user is being abusive to you only in PMs, I would suggest utilizing your client's /ignore feature02:47
nhandlerIf the user it being abusive in many channels and violating freenode policy, you can notify freenode staff in #freenode (or PM a staffer)02:47
nhandlerAs I mentioned earlier, most Ubuntu teams have their own IRC channel02:48
nhandlerThese channels all have channel operators to help keep them running smoothly02:48
nhandlerIf you ever find yourself serving as an OP in a channel, there are certain tips/tricks that are useful to know which will make your life a lot easier02:49
nhandlerFor anyone who uses irssi + screen for IRC, there is a script called autobleh.pl02:49
nhandlerThis script creates aliases for common OP tasks. For instance, I can kick ban a user with /abk02:50
nhandlerHowever, my favorite feature without a doubt of this script is the temporary quiet. This quiets a user for a couple of minutes and then automatically unquiets them when the time is up.02:51
nhandlerautobleh.pl makes being an OP a lot easier02:52
pleia2< rww> QUESTION: Is autobleh.pl compatible with ircd-seven?02:52
nhandlerrww: That depends. Some of the features of autobleh will work fine on ircd-seven regardless of the version you have. For instance, I believe /op should work just fine02:54
nhandlerSome other commands, might not work due to some changes in how ircd-seven handles bans and quiets. See http://freenode.net/seven-for-hyperion-users.html for details on those changes02:55
nhandlerHowever, there are versions of autobleh.pl online that are fully compatible with ircd-seven02:56
nhandlerThere is also a script similar to autobleh for xchat for those of you who might be interested: http://www.kaarsemaker.net/static/downloads/code/chanserv.py02:56
nhandlerOne other commonly forgotten tip is that logs are your friend02:57
nhandlerMost IRC clients support logging. If you run something like irssi + screen, you can produce logs 24/702:57
nhandlerThese logs can then be searched using grep (or another tool) when troublesome users show up. This is an easy way to see what they might have done in other channels you are in, or review a certain conversation you had with them on a previous date02:58
nhandler< BatSteve> QUESTION: (caution - involves topic change) -- I want to have a private chat with a few other users without distractions.02:59
nhandler                     Is there a way to limit a room to only certain users?02:59
nhandlerThere are a few channel modes that can help you do this. One method is to make a channel invite only (+i) and /invite the users who you wish to participate in the conversation. Another option is to password protect the channel. A third option is to simply join a random channel (i.e. ##randomsecretchannel243453259032452) and invite the other members03:00
nhandlerInformation on the different channel modes is available here: http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml03:00
nhandlerI have mentioned bans and quiets a few times already. However, these are not the only (or best) way to deal with troublesome users03:02
nhandlerfreenode believes in catalyzing and trying to talk to troublesome users (http://freenode.net/catalysts.shtml)03:03
nhandlerSometimes, you will find that a user was not attempting to cause a problem, they were just confused. By talking to them, you can sometimes clear this up.03:03
nhandlerIf you do need to ban or quiet someone, do not just set and forget03:04
nhandlerMake a note somewhere of who you are banning, why you are banning them, and how long they should be banned. Then, once their ban is over, make sure you (or another OP) actually removes it03:05
nhandlerMany OPs get in the habbit of banning someone and then forgetting to remove the ban03:06
pleia2< ddecator> QUESTION (you might plan to address this later): What are some common IRC commands and do they depend on your client or are they universal?03:06
nhandlerddecator: Most IRC commands work in all clients. For instance, you generally have /join, /msg, /part, /quit, /ctcp, etc.03:06
nhandlerHowever, each client also includes its own commands03:07
nhandler/ignore works differently depending on the client, /hilight, /me, and any commands provided by scripts (such as autobleh) depend on the client03:07
nhandler< duanedesign> QUESTION - what can we do to reuce the spread of the recent spam? Are there any user modes or commands we can set to03:08
nhandler                        reduce getting spam messages03:08
nhandlerThere is a freenode blog post on this topic: http://blog.freenode.net/2010/01/javascript-spam/03:09
nhandlerYou can set +r or +R on a channel to help prevent the spam (since it comes from unregistered accounts)03:09
nhandlerThe most important thing to remember is to NOT click on the links.03:09
nhandlerOn the topic of setting and forgetting bans, it is also worth mentioning that bans should be set as narrowly as possible. For instance, you should not ban an entire state to deal with one troublesome user.03:10
nhandlerBeing aware of channel modes that are available can also hep with this. For instance, we have +m set in here right now. This works a lot better than trying to set a quiet on everyone ;)03:11
nhandler< ddecator> QUESTION: How exactly do you set a channel mode?03:12
nhandlerIf you are an OP in a channel, you can do: /mode #channel +X (where X is the mode)03:12
nhandlerSo to make a channel moderated, you would do: /mode #channel +m03:13
nhandlerOne other thing I would like to mention is irclogs.ubuntu.com. This site is great for people who might not be online 24/7 and wish to see logs for a meeting or discussion that occurred while they were away03:13
nhandlerThe site has logs for many of the #ubuntu channels (including #ubuntu-meeting and #ubuntu-classroom). So you could find all of today's User Day logs here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/01/23/%23ubuntu-classroom.html03:14
nhandlerThis is very useful for both OPs and regular users03:14
nhandlerAny questions?03:14
nhandler< BatSteve> QUESTION: What if I want to leave a channel that I've created, but I want to retain my operator privileges when I come back?03:16
nhandlerBatSteve: You should register the channel. Once you do that, you should be able to rejoin and have ChanServ OP you03:17
nhandlerLots of good information about setting up a channel on freenode can be found here: http://blog.freenode.net/?p=7803:17
nhandler< ddecator> nhandler, what are the best IRC clients? XChat is the only one I know, but are there others that are better in various ways?03:18
nhandlerAs I have hinted at a few times, I am a fan of irssi + screen. This allows me to keep it running 24/7 and access it from any computer over ssh. There are also many scripts and themes to custimize it03:19
nhandlerIf you need a temporary IRC client or are not on your own computer, webchat.freenode.net is a web-based IRC client that you can use03:19
pleia210 minutes left03:20
nhandlerSome people like using IM clients that offer IRC functionality03:20
nhandlerI personally have never been a fan of these, and they tend to not work that well as IRC clients (often lacking many feautres)03:20
nhandleryofel: Thank you. I almost forgot about quassel, which is also gaining popularity03:21
nhandlerI haven't actually used it though, so I can't really say much about it.03:21
nhandlerThere is also weechat, which is similar to irssi in many ways03:21
nhandlerAny more questions?03:22
nhandlerOne more thing worth noting is that freenode will be moving to ircd-seven at the end of the month. This will cause several changes: http://freenode.net/seven-for-hyperion-users.html . More details on the switch can be found here: http://announce.freenode.net/03:23
pleia2< IdleOne> QUESTION: can you talk about DCC and it's dangers pleas03:23
nhandler< IdleOne> QUESTION: can you talk about DCC and it's dangers please03:23
nhandlerDCC is a way to transfer files. It really isn't used much in the Ubuntu community, and many people attempt to exploit it ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit ) .03:25
nhandlerThis is one reason you will often see a lot of DCC spam in your server window03:25
nhandlerWe are almost out of time. Do not forget, the Ubuntu wiki and the freenode website are both filled with lots of great information about IRC.03:27
nhandlerFeel free to ask in #freenode, PM me, or ask in one of the Ubuntu channels (depending on the type of issue) if you need more help03:28
pleia2thanks nhandler!03:29
cjohnstonumm.. I guess I am supposed to say something now.. or atleast that is what I am being told.03:29
* pleia2 grins03:29
cjohnstonPlease, please please, take the survey! It is the best way for us to know what you want.. We really do want to make this for the user, but we need your input for this!03:30
cjohnstonYou can find the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WQWHJQY03:30
PendulumThank you everyone for coming! We've hope you've enjoyed yoruselves and learned a lot!03:31
cjohnstonI would like to thank all of the instructors who presented today.. And a big thanks to duanedesign and starcraftman... duanedesign had about 4 hours to prepair for his course, and startcraft man had about four minutes to prepare fore his second course.03:31
cjohnstonA big thank you to pleia2 Pendulum _marx_ and nigel... I couldn't have done this without all of your help..03:32
cjohnstonI hope everyone had a really good day... I know I did..03:32
cjohnstonumm.. anyone else have anything?03:32
pleia2thanks everyone!03:33
_marx_Thanks everyone for that participated!03:33
cjohnstonAny last minute questions about the day? (not course specific)03:33
_marx_except the spammers03:33
cjohnston+1 _marx_03:33
cjohnstonI guess that's it.. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next User Day.. Maybe some of you can even present a course!03:34
=== pleia2 changed the topic of #ubuntu-classroom to: Ubuntu Classroom || Support in #ubuntu || https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom || https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training || Upcoming: Mon 25 Jan - Fri 29 Jan 2010: Ubuntu Developer Week || Run 'date -u' in a terminal to find out the UTC time
cjohnstonKeep an eye out on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays !!03:34
cjohnstonGood (enter whatever time of day is appropriate here)!03:34

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