xxthinkHow to upgrade the kerenel of my 64 bit ubuntu 9.10 2.6.3205:43
xxthinkI have downloaded the deb package05:43
xxthinkand 05:43
xxthinkHow to install it?05:43
dhillon-v10xxthink: any specific reason to upgrade the kernel ?05:43
xxthinknow the kernel is 2.6.3105:43
dhillon-v10xxthink: a lot of other stuff can break because of updating the kernel05:43
xxthinkdhillon-v10: this kernel version is too slow for me05:44
crimsunxxthink: you also need linux-libc-dev and linux-headers-2.6.33-020633rc505:44
dhillon-v10xxthink: :) when the ubuntu kernel team releases the next version you will get an SRU so until then don't worry about it, you can screw up a *lot* of stuff on your computer, but if you don't care then its okay :)05:45
xxthinkdhillon-v10: I now need this latest kernel05:45
xxthinkespecially for my 64 bit unbutu server edition05:45
dhillon-v10xxthink: alirght then, let me get the link in a sec.05:45
xxthinkdhillon-v10: do you find the corresponding linkļ¼Ÿ05:54
johanbrxxthink, there's no particular reason to believe the next kernel version would be faster05:56
johanbrunless it's due to a bug and it's been fixed in the next version05:56
xxthinkthis is why I use the latest version05:56
xxthinkthe thread scheduling efficiency is low for me. This problem is fixed in 2.6.32 version and later05:57
johanbrahh, okay05:57
johanbrif you download linux-image-blah and the corresponding linux-headers-blah package and install those, you should be fine05:58
xxthinkjohanbr: but I don't know how to install05:58
xxthinkI just download the two deb package05:58
johanbrsudo dpkg -i linux*deb05:58
xxthinkok, let me try05:59
xxthinkjohanbr: where these two package should be placed?06:00
xxthinkin the same folder?06:01
dhillon-v10xxthink: sorry had to go: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile06:19
xxthinkdhillon-v10: I have installed the kerenel 2.6.33 I have downloaded before06:20
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sroeckerhi, how do I check if my acpi has a backlight interface?14:47
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RAOFOh, it's still Sunday for most of the kernel team, isn't it.23:34
jk-most of it :)23:42

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