starcraftmancjohnston: I'm thinking, not really fond of improv presentations. I guess I could just follow my forums post, alright I guess so. But ya owe me big time.00:01
cjohnstonill upload a beer to you00:01
cjohnstonyou really dont have to00:01
starcraftmancjohnston: psssh, like that cake earlier.00:01
cjohnstonI can always sing for an hour00:01
_marx_starcraftman, we'll try to pitch in along the way00:02
starcraftmancjohnston: oh great, drive em all away.00:02
cjohnstonthat was your job.. didnt you get Pendulum's email00:02
paultagWhat's going on?00:02
Pendulumstarcraftman: what's your beer of choice?00:02
cjohnstonpaultag: starcraftman is gonna do it00:02
* Pendulum is looking through the choices on beeroverip.org00:02
paultagFeel free to cut me out anytime00:02
Pendulum(yes, that's a real website)00:02
starcraftmanalright voice me, I'll try my best going by my guide00:03
DiegoTccjohnston, has there been any problem00:03
_marx_so shrini you'll be on at your scheduled time00:03
* pleia2 hugs starcraftman 00:03
pleia2thank you :)00:03
IdleOnelink to schedule?00:03
* Pendulum also hugs starcraftman 00:03
* shrini to hugs00:04
IdleOneYAY! starcraftman00:04
shrinistarcraftman: so great dude00:04
IdleOneI should of done it. I could of gotten all the hugs :)00:04
paultagty starcraftman :)00:04
pleia2IdleOne: yep, sorry00:04
* shrini will give starcraftman a beer, when he comes to india00:05
cjohnstonthats awesome.. starcraftman come to florida.. at your cost.. ill buy you a beer00:06
paultagHe's underage!00:06
paultagHe's underage!00:06
Pendulumstarcraftman: do you want questions throughout or will you call for questions?00:06
IdleOnethat law doesn't apply to visiting foreigners00:06
cjohnstonis he?00:06
cjohnstoni didnt know bots had age00:06
* shrini will give him atleat fruit juice00:07
duanedesignpaultag: jolly good show :)00:08
cjohnstonHe is going to university.. so I he may be of age.. depending on where he may be in regards to the law00:08
cjohnstonduanedesign: !00:08
paultagduanedesign, :)00:08
cjohnstonduanedesign: you atleast got planning time00:08
duanedesigni mean good job paultag00:08
duanedesigncjohnston: yeah really00:08
nhandlerJust to make sure, I'm up in ~2 hours, right?00:08
pleia2nhandler: yes00:08
nhandlerGreat. That gives me time to go and get dinner00:09
mhall119how many of these sessions are going to be translatable to ubuntu-learning lessons?00:10
cjohnstonhowever many you translate00:10
mhall119if starcraftman comes to florida, I'll feed him too00:10
cjohnstontrue.. starcraftman mhall119 makes good bbq00:10
mhall119which you missed today00:11
mhall119just sayin00:11
mhall119it was gooooood00:11
cjohnstoni told you i would come over00:11
duanedesignahhhhhhhhh, darn00:11
duanedesignim munching on trail mix. its  no bar-b-que00:11
mhall119you know, holding UUD classes for 12 hours is going to make open week and developer week seem short00:11
mhall119cjohnston, I told you you could00:11
cjohnstonyou said that you wouldnt open the door00:12
cjohnstonwas i supposed to sit on the porch stealing.. erhm borrowing wifi?00:12
duanedesignpaultag: you are not in any of the 'usual places'00:13
paultagduanedesign, I /part'ed most to keep static down. I was managing my own questions, so I did a bit of window swaping00:14
duanedesignpaultag: ahh. Yes i had to add extra aliases to keep up with the extra windows00:14
duanedesignthere is no alt +11 key :)00:15
duanedesignpaultag: ever messed around with couchdb?00:15
* cjohnston is in 35 channels right now?00:15
paultagI have not, but it sounds cool00:15
* cjohnston is in 35 channels right now.00:15
duanedesignpaultag: thats next on my radar. Have a heard time staying focused on projects, lol. I get excited about new things before i am done with old project00:16
paultagI hear ya man, I hear ya00:16
mhall119cjohnston, you could have, if you remember my wifi password00:20
pleia2cjohnston: hang on to your inbox, making a change on all the logs pages because nhandler clued me in to a way to make them prettier ;)00:20
cjohnstoni never got your wifi password00:20
cjohnstonoh ya00:20
cjohnston{{{!IRC ?00:20
mhall119duanedesign, irssi?00:20
* cjohnston needs to turn his phone off as pleia2 is about to kill the battery00:21
mhall119cjohnston, by doing this?00:21
cjohnstonby doing what?00:21
mhall119saying your nick00:21
cjohnstonim not gonna tell you how00:21
mhall119I thought it was sending them to your phone still00:21
cjohnstonpleia2: SHHHHHH00:21
pleia2sorry :)00:21
cjohnstonmhall119: thats only when im away00:21
cjohnstontheres 100:21
IdleOnehehe starcraftman is picking up some Montreal english in his typing I see00:22
IdleOnepush pick best00:22
paultagpleia2, ty for pushing the log00:23
paultagpleia2, you rock :)00:23
pleia2paultag: sure thing00:23
pleia2thanks for doing the class!00:23
paultagOh sure, np00:23
paultagI enjoyed it. Ran a bit short at the end00:23
paultagwish I had thought of more to include, or typed a bit slower00:23
DiegoTchow many classes are they missing??00:23
duanedesignmhall119: YES IRSSI00:24
mhall119duanedesign, Q through P is 11 through 2000:24
mhall119so, alt+Q gets you window 1100:24
duanedesignmhall119: sorry my notifications are messed up right now. I am a little slow getting back to people00:24
duanedesignmhall119: ooooooooohhhhhhh00:24
cjohnstonI had go get a script that allows me to control g, and then type the window number duanedesign mhall11900:25
* mhall119 just open up a whole new world or irc possibility to duanedesign 00:25
duanedesigncjohnston: i use an alias /1, /2, /3, ect00:25
duanedesignmhall119: lol00:26
cjohnstonhitting control g clears the input line, and puts /ws in it and then i type the window number.. right now i have 43 windows00:26
mhall119cjohnston, /window # works00:26
mhall119and I alias /w to /window00:26
mhall119so /w #00:26
duanedesignhmm. interesting00:27
Pendulumalso /win # works by default in irssi00:28
duanedesigni got a cool function for my bashrc that i really like. its an extract function. I type 'ex file.tar.gz', 'ex file.zip', ect and  it extracts.00:29
cjohnstondo your windows each have titles in the window bar or whatever its called at the bottom?00:29
duanedesigncjohnston: where the numbers are00:29
duanedesign[18:29] [duanedesign(+ei)] [6:freenode/#ubuntu-learn [Act: 1,3,5,7,8,9,10,11,12]00:30
cjohnston[1|(status)      2|#slicehost    3|#slicedtoast  4|#ubuntu-us-fl 5|#ubun~coteams 6|#ubuntu-us    7|#ubuntu~nners 8|#ubunt~s-team 9|#ub~launchpad 0|#ubu~ity-team q|#ubun~earning00:30
duanedesignahh, fancy00:30
duanedesigni like it00:30
duanedesigni usually have to hit two or three channels before i find the right one00:30
cjohnstongive me a minute... if you thought mhall119's tip was cool.. ill rock your world00:31
duanedesignthe channels i am in all the time i try and keep them in the same number window00:31
duanedesign2 is my loco, 3 is ubuntu-beginners00:31
cjohnstonduanedesign: i do the same thing.. but, as i said, I have >30 channels00:31
pleia2oh hey, is someone pasting questions?00:31
duanedesigncool thanks cjohnston00:31
duanedesignpleia2: i can00:32
cjohnstonduanedesign: its yours..00:33
cjohnstonlet me know when you load it duanedesign00:33
cjohnston(the script)00:33
pleia2ok, I think I got all the logs updated on the wiki00:34
DiegoTchggdh, has there been any trouble?00:34
cjohnstoni only got 2 emails00:34
hggdhDiegoTc: no, not at all (except for a few spams)00:35
DiegoTchaha normal00:35
cjohnstonduanedesign: http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/851/irssix.png   mine00:35
cjohnstonpleia2: now 13  emails00:36
pleia2you're welcome :D00:36
cjohnstonmhall119: i know ill regret it later.. but pleia2 has direct access to my todo list :-x00:36
duanedesigncjohnston: does nicklist work well for you?00:37
pleia2hey I've only sent one several line request to it so far :)00:37
cjohnstoni like it00:37
IdleOnestarcraftman: is ready for Q's00:37
cjohnstonduanedesign: took a little getting used to... I can't get the scrolling alias to work tho00:38
DiegoTccjohnston, pleia2, Pendulum, hggdh can you enter to #ubuntu-charlas in 22 minutes00:38
cjohnstonim already there00:38
hggdhDiegoTc: will do00:38
cjohnstonremind us again tho00:38
DiegoTcwe are going to conclude and give you the thanks for everything00:38
hggdhI am also there00:39
pleia2pero no hablo espanol!00:39
cjohnstonyall are gonna make fun of me again for my poor spanish?00:39
DiegoTcdon't worry00:39
DiegoTcyou will be op and said your words00:39
cjohnstonpleia2: i asked them for their telephone numbers earlier00:39
DiegoTcand i will transalte00:39
DiegoTclater i will take the mute to the channel00:39
DiegoTcso they can laugh of you00:39
DiegoTccjohnston, don't do that again00:40
cjohnstonwhy? they all laugh at me?00:40
* Pendulum joins before she forgets00:40
DiegoTcthat to us sounds you are gay :p00:40
cjohnstonits what i know00:40
cjohnstonfor work00:40
cjohnstonI could ask delor aqui? (sp?)00:40
cjohnstonnigel_nb: !00:41
Pendulumnigel_nb: hiya :)00:41
cjohnstonDiegoTc: is that right?00:41
* nigel_nb yawns00:41
DiegoTccjohnston, dolor aqui00:41
nigel_nbhows it going so far?00:41
cjohnstonthats what i said00:41
cjohnstonnigel_nb: horrible00:41
cjohnstonevery since you left00:42
* duanedesign yawns00:42
duanedesignnigel_nb: its contagious00:42
DiegoTcmeans it mean you are hurt in a place00:42
cjohnstonI know00:42
nigel_nbwhat happened to hellow?00:42
cjohnstonnigel_nb: we believe his internet is dead00:42
nigel_nbany other surprise moves? duane's session went well?00:43
cjohnstonDiegoTc: what time?00:46
DiegoTccjohnston, in 14 minutes00:46
_marx_nigel_nb, spam got bad for awhile00:46
cjohnstonDiegoTc: do you want nigel_nb to join as well?00:47
cjohnstonnigel_nb: get some good sleep?00:47
cjohnstonspam is still going too00:47
nigel_nbcjohnston, yeah00:47
cjohnstonnigel_nb: join #ubuntu-charlas please00:47
DiegoTc i didn't write his name because he wasn't here00:47
cjohnstonI know00:47
cjohnstonthats why i asked00:47
nigel_nbcjohnston, what are we going to do in the spanish user day?00:49
DiegoTcguys ready00:50
DiegoTcyou can enter00:50
* shrini having coffee 00:50
DiegoTcdid i give voice to everyone00:51
hggdhguess so00:51
nigel_nb_marx_, ?00:51
nigel_nbi mean, DiegoTc - _marx_ ..00:52
nigel_nbah, cool, you have voice00:52
PendulumI'm in there :)00:53
nigel_nbcjohnston, is there a script for this?00:54
cjohnstonfor what00:54
cjohnstonthey basically said thank you to us00:54
nigel_nbthe spanish thing, i have no clue whats going on there00:54
DiegoTcthow do i take the mute to the channel00:55
DiegoTci forgot00:55
DiegoTcnigel_nb,  to take the mute of the channel which is the commad?00:56
pleia2/mode -m00:56
pleia2or cjohnston can do it00:56
Pendulumcjohnston: haha00:57
doctormocprofitt: It's an imsm controller00:58
cjohnstonPendulum: pleia2 _marx_ nigel_nb are yall all trying to translate that? is that why you got so quiet?00:58
hggdhcongrats to all that worked to pull this out. Very cool.00:58
Pendulumcjohnston: I didn't even bother :)00:58
pleia2cjohnston: I am sure none of it was terribly insulting00:58
nigel_nbno, my spanish is limited to gracious00:59
cjohnstonThanks for taking the time to participate in the first ever Ubuntu User Days! I hope that you enjoyed it and learned alot. I want to take this time to thank all of the instructors who took time out of their lives to provide you with some excellent material today. And a special thanks goes to DiegoTc and PabloRubianes for putting this day together. If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns about the User D00:59
hggdher, nigel_nb gracious is English ;-)00:59
cjohnstongoogle translate ftw00:59
_marx_i followed most of it00:59
nigel_nbhggdh, or watever is the spanish word for thanks00:59
mhall119cjohnston, does that mean if I want you to do something, I should ask pleia200:59
_marx_my vocabulary is weak due to lack of use01:00
shrinishall i start?01:00
cjohnstonhold on shrini01:00
nigel_nbshall I do the intro?01:00
shrinicjohnston: :-)01:00
pleia2mhall119: haha01:00
cjohnstonmhall119: yes01:00
cjohnstonor your wife01:00
* DiegoTc is tired01:00
mhall119pleia2, I need my house painted, can you put it on his list?01:00
cprofittpleia2: is the day over?01:01
cjohnstonshrini: its all you01:01
nigel_nbcprofitt, nope01:01
pleia2cprofitt: 2 more sessions01:01
cjohnstoncprofitt: the spanish day is over01:01
nigel_nbcprofitt, 2 more hours01:01
mhall119dang cjohnston, only 8 classes short of a full day01:01
mhall119"teachin round the world" next time01:02
mhall119though we're pretty international already01:02
nigel_nbyes we are01:02
DiegoTcguys i was having a crazy idea right now01:03
DiegoTccan it be posible to have the ubuntu-learning in spanish01:03
nigel_nbgo ahead DiegoTc ;)01:03
DiegoTcactually same idea, but just make the translation01:03
pleia2we're using asciidocs to write courses, exporting to docbook01:03
pleia2so we can have translations :)01:03
pleia2haven't quite gotten that far though...01:03
mhall119speak of, anyone know how the spanish-language user day is going?01:04
DiegoTcwell hope is not only a crazy idea i have01:04
DiegoTcbut make it true01:04
nigel_nbmhall119, over just now! it rocked01:04
cjohnstonDiegoTc: get some people to come hang out in here, and we can help with translating stuff01:04
DiegoTcso when is the next ubuntu user day?01:04
nigel_nbnot yet decided, but some time after lucid release01:05
cjohnstonDiegoTc: we are waiting on feedback01:06
nigel_nbcjohnston, there is going to be a lot of interest at 10.04 launch, we could capitalize with a user days soon after that ;)01:09
nigel_nbthere would be new users too!01:09
DiegoTcnow i have to write about it01:12
DiegoTccjohnston, should right the article in english and spanish like last time?01:13
cjohnston6,400 seconds left!01:13
pleia2good thing, I'm beat :)01:13
cjohnstonDiegoTc: you write somethin, ill repost it01:13
nigel_nbcjohnston, he's a member.  he can post now :)01:13
DiegoTcsince yestarday i post my first article :D01:14
nigel_nbguys, I wont be here for ending, gotta go to church.  I'll leave at start of next session01:14
cjohnstonoh true01:15
cjohnstonDiegoTc: its yours then01:15
cjohnstonokie nigel_nb01:15
DiegoTcwell but should be on both languages01:15
DiegoTci think(soanish because it was a spanish event and englsh so people can read about it01:15
starcraftmanwell that's that, Hellow owe's me at least two beers now!01:16
cjohnstonthank you very much starcraftman !01:16
Pendulumstarcraftman: thank you!01:17
_marx_you might have to wait a few years to collect01:17
cjohnstonI'll buy you a drink if we ever meet01:17
starcraftmancjohnston: your welcome, I'm sorry it was a little disorganized.01:17
cjohnstonyou did a class with like 5 minutes notice01:17
_marx_no great job starcraftman01:17
cjohnstoni was about to sing01:17
cjohnstonit had to be great01:17
nigel_nbone day, we'll alll get together for dinner drinks like cjohnston said earlier ;)01:17
cjohnstonnigel_nb: once you fly over here01:18
starcraftmannigel_nb: long as he's paying and I can get a nice big tab. :)01:18
nigel_nbcjohnston, I mite (for some UDS)01:18
starcraftmanyou are a lil far though cjohnston, I'm all way up north.01:18
nigel_nba few years down the line though01:18
nigel_nbstarcraftman, you mite melt if you go down there ;)01:19
Pendulumwe can meet in the middle, wherever that is01:19
nigel_nbatlantic ocean?01:20
nigel_nboh, the other middle01:20
DiegoTccjohnston, link to your lp account01:32
pleia2ok everyone, next time we do 15 classes we're splitting them into 2 days :)01:34
cjohnstonbut then its not user DAY01:34
cjohnstonmaybe next time we should just split it up01:35
pleia2we call it UserDays anyway!01:35
cjohnstoncause if theres two user day sounds dumb01:35
nigel_nbpleia2, we just need to manage time better01:35
hggdhall you need is a 's' at the end, not so big a change01:35
IdleOneperhaps schedule breaks between classes01:35
pleia2nigel_nb: easy for you to say, you haven't been here for over 13 hours :)01:35
nigel_nbpleia2, neither have you01:35
nigel_nbyou did take a nap ;)01:36
pleia2yeah, for an hour!01:36
pleia2we all took breaks :)01:36
PendulumI've been here pretty much all day01:36
Pendulumbut I agree with pleia201:36
nigel_nbbut this way all TZ, some people could participate01:36
* _marx_ did two loads of laundry!01:36
pleia2cjohnston: really, everything already says User Days01:36
pleia2even our logo :)01:36
cjohnstonme too for the most part... except when i had to go put out fires (ironic the wording huh?)01:36
cjohnstonpleia2: cause im going for gold in that we will have more than one01:36
PendulumI think about 8 hours is a good limit in 1 day01:37
nigel_nbin that case, we'll split up, but start from the time we left off?01:37
hggdhhaving two (or more) user days does not mean they can start and end on different times01:37
pleia2metaphoric fires this time? :)01:37
* _marx_ nods at Pendulum 01:37
hggdhone can be set to UTC+, another to UTC-01:37
cjohnstonI say we do quarterly... 1 and 3 over night and 2 and 4 during the day01:37
Pendulumthat makes sense01:37
cjohnston1 and 2 on the weekends and 3 and 4 on week days01:37
nigel_nbduring the day for whom?01:37
Pendulumor get people in the time zones where it's day for them to do the ones that you think of as "night" ;)01:38
cjohnstonbut i could also say you and still be accurate01:38
nigel_nbutc +/- would be good enuf01:38
_marx_3 x 8 = 24: and bounce the management around to best hours as the day progresses01:39
Pendulum_marx_: +101:40
_marx_like a factory working 3 shifts01:41
nigel_nbyes, that way mangement is easier01:41
nigel_nbnot us getting glued for 14 hours01:41
cjohnstoni vote next time we do 0000 UTC to 0000 UTC and nigel_nb host the whole thign!01:42
starcraftmannhandler: there for your session eh?01:42
nigel_nbcjohnston, I dont mind ;)01:42
cjohnstonpleia2: email01:43
nigel_nbpleia2, wonderin, how do u get those logs into that format?01:44
pleia2cjohnston: that's good!01:44
pleia2nigel_nb: {{{#!IRC blah blah lots of lines of logs go here }}}01:44
pleia2you can view raw on one of the pages to see01:44
nigel_nbI thought u sed'd it01:45
pleia2oh no!01:49
pleia2from nhandler :01:49
pleia2Still at diner. Going to robably be late. Wont be more tan 30 min late. Sorry01:49
nigel_nbOh no!01:50
cjohnstonpleia2: you have to have something more than just that to say01:50
pleia2I do, it's called "I'm going to bed"01:50
* cjohnston needs his floors clean... im getting tired of my feet being dirty01:51
cjohnstonare you?01:51
pleia2no :)01:51
cjohnstonhint from feedback:01:52
cjohnstonIf only _marx_ and starcraftman had had another hour each we could have learned so much more. starcraftman's session was totally awesome and if _marx_ had had another hour, it would have been just as awesome.01:52
_marx_well thanks cjohnston01:52
pleia2starcraftman technically *did* have another hour :)01:52
cjohnstoni didnt say it01:52
cjohnstonlol pleia201:52
pleia2slave driver01:52
Pendulumwell we could give _marx_ another 1/2 hour it seems ;)01:53
cjohnstonand as far as how often to have it:01:53
pleia2every weekend!01:53
starcraftmannhandler here?01:53
cjohnstonEvery other week.01:53
_marx_i noticed the spanish day had two cli sessions01:53
cjohnston(until I get it right!)01:53
starcraftmanpleia2: -_-\01:53
pleia2starcraftman: he's going to be a bit late01:53
cjohnstontwo suggestions for every three months, and 1 for monthly01:54
_marx_i think two hours apart01:54
cjohnstonso far only 4 surveys tho01:54
cjohnstonpleia2: would you make any changes to my email?01:54
mhall119cjohnston, I missed almost every session but my own :(01:54
pleia2cjohnston: no, I say go with it :)01:54
cjohnstonmhall119: i havent been 'paying attention' per se... i plan on just reading the logs01:55
starcraftmancjohnston: I think every month would be a lil much. 3 monhs would mean we could sync to release and halfway.01:55
cprofittI think even every three months would be a bit much...01:55
cprofittI would think every six months -- coupled with asychronous learning with the UCLP would be best.01:56
cjohnstonone guy suggested we have mini nooooooob days once a month01:56
_marx_t -401:56
mhall119I like six months01:56
Pendulumso what're we doing until nhandler shows?01:56
cprofittmini-noob day would not be bad... but that should really be something we coach LoCos to do -- even if it is via IRC01:56
starcraftman_marx_: time to hear cjohnston sing?01:56
cprofittwe need filler?01:57
mhall119Pendulum, song and dance routine?01:57
nigel_nbsuggestion about frequency... we could do next one after 3 months and sync with release01:57
nigel_nbcjohnston, we could take feed back on the rooom01:57
Pendulumfeedback is a good idea :)01:58
starcraftmanya, do make sure to tell room about poll, maybe use that as filler to buy a bit of time.01:58
Pendulumwell and ask for any other feedback right now01:58
_marx_nigel_nb, +101:58
nigel_nb_marx_, lol +1 for which one?01:59
_marx_as filler01:59
cjohnstonare we in dead space?02:00
cjohnston-m classroom and let people talk to us in there?02:00
pleia2we can take it to -chat02:00
pleia2don't want to log all the chatter, I don't think02:01
cjohnstonask beg plead for people to fill out the survey02:01
cjohnstonthat works too02:01
Pendulumsee, I'll beg, I'm shameless :P02:01
DiegoTchey guys http://blog.diegoturcios.net16.net/?p=37202:02
mhall119I think having a user day about a month after each release would be good, it can cover new apps or features in the release, and it's also a time when we're likely to have more new users than usual02:03
mhall119if it catches on, maybe links to the next user day can be added to the release download pages02:03
mhall119but if nothing else, we can all spam message boards, slashdot and the like when they announce the new release, to draw in potential new users02:04
cprofittperhaps work with the loco teams to help them advert for us02:04
nigel_nbyes, that too!02:04
cprofittif this is more 'global' in scope next time I really think allowing them to participate would be incredibly important02:05
cprofittpleia2: do you have a minute for another subject?02:06
pleia2cprofitt: sure02:06
starcraftmanwell later folks, I'm going to relax and game a bit on 7.02:08
cjohnstonthank you so much starcraftman !02:09
starcraftmanstill around on my ntbk but won't be checking too often. Great day guys. :)02:09
cjohnstondont ping starcraft-ntbk02:09
nigel_nbokay, so the offcial hash tag for UUD is #UUDJan10.. okay with you folks?02:10
cjohnstonhow far behind is nhandler02:11
nigel_nbcjohnston, pleia2, _marx_ , Pendulum ^02:11
Pendulumsounds good02:11
cjohnstonI say just do #userdays  never changing always the same02:11
_marx_yes seems reasonable to me02:11
cjohnstonbut i dunno anything02:11
Pendulumcjohnston: probably not specific enough02:11
pleia2cjohnston: his email said he'd not be more than a half hour late02:11
cjohnstonUUD is?02:11
cjohnstonholy crap02:11
* mhall119 is so tired he can't see straight, going to bed02:12
nigel_nbubuntu user days02:12
cjohnstongnite mike02:12
mhall119talk to you later cjohnston, you did an awesome job today, all of you did02:12
cjohnstonthanks mike.. you too02:12
_marx_seeya mhall11902:12
nigel_nbcya mhall119 .  you guys did a great job out there too!02:13
nigel_nbcjohnston, remember to put hashtags into the wiki ;)02:13
cjohnstonnote to self.. tell nigel_nb to put hastags into the wiki02:14
Pendulummhall119: great job!02:14
nigel_nbthat works too02:14
cjohnstonpleia2: can you put that on my todo list02:14
_marx_cjohnston, seconds?02:14
pleia2nigel_nb: we can talk in -chat :)02:15
pleia2no need to reply in -classroom for this bit02:15
nigel_nbpleia2, just replying in classroom for the important bits I want everyone to see02:17
cjohnstonsudo rm nigel_nb    ?02:18
nigel_nbcjohnston, edited wiki, make further changes02:18
nigel_nbno need of sudo for that ;)02:18
nigel_nbshould we start with an intro of what nhandler is supposed to give ?02:19
nigel_nbthat way he has more time to actually *take* the session02:19
cjohnstonso that is why my phone is going off02:19
nigel_nb*evil grin* now we know what to do when *we're* bored02:20
pleia2I didn't do it!02:20
nhandlerSorry I'm late02:21
pleia2yay nhandler!02:21
nigel_nbnhandler, take over02:23
_marx_dang wrong nick!02:23
nigel_nbw00t, so finally the last lession02:24
nigel_nbI guess you guys are already dreaming about bed02:24
cjohnstonim dreaming about having my todo list cleared02:25
nigel_nbI'm dreamin about a wild bike ride through the city... I'm late ;)02:25
nigel_nbpleia2, I'm heading out02:44
cjohnstong'nite again nigel_nb02:44
nigel_nbthanks all you guys for the wonderful day today02:44
Pendulumnigel_nb: have a good day :)02:44
nigel_nbcjohnston, more like good morning02:44
cjohnston913 seconds everyone!02:44
cjohnstonnigel_nb: whatever02:44
_marx_see ya nigel_nb02:44
pleia2night nigel_nb02:45
nigel_nbgood night all you guys02:45
nigel_nbWe did some real good team work today.  Thanks pleia2 , Pendulum , _marx_ cjohnston, DiegoTc , hggdh :)02:46
pleia2thanks nigel_nb! :)02:46
DiegoTcthanks nigel_nb02:46
Pendulumthanks nigel_nb!02:46
hggdhhave a good one, nigel_nb02:46
_marx_thanks nigel_nb be safe on that bike!02:47
DiegoTcwell guys I am leaving also02:47
cjohnstonThanks DiegoTc !!02:47
nigel_nbDiegoTc, thanks for the wonderful time on spanish UUD02:47
DiegoTcI have to go watch a soccer game :D02:47
DiegoTcUSA vs Honduras02:47
cjohnstonGo USA!02:47
DiegoTcUSA is losing :p02:47
pleia2yeah, we fail at soccer02:47
DiegoTcpleia2, not really02:48
pleia2DiegoTc: tonight we do!02:48
DiegoTcyou have great team02:48
DiegoTcwell you are playing with Team B02:48
DiegoTclike us Team B02:48
DiegoTcbut team A of USA is a really great team02:48
DiegoTccjohnston, pleia2, hggdh http://blog.diegoturcios.net16.net/?p=37202:49
DiegoTcits on english :D02:49
pleia2DiegoTc: hooray!02:50
DiegoTci think i have some mistakes, pero lo k importa es la intencion02:51
IdleOneheh lo k02:51
_marx_de veras02:52
cjohnstonawesome DiegoTc !02:54
IdleOnegreat post! happy -charlas had a good number of people join02:57
cjohnstonwe are done?03:01
cjohnstonhuh what?03:01
cjohnstoni guess not03:02
Pendulumwell do you want to cut him off?03:02
IdleOneI think the spanish user days is done03:03
Pendulumspanish is done03:03
Pendulumwe were supposed to be done by now03:04
cjohnstonIdleOne: spanish has been done for a while03:04
cjohnstonill let him keep going for a few03:04
cjohnstonnhandler: how much longer?03:04
IdleOnewell he did start late03:04
nhandlercjohnston: I can go however long you want. Do you want me to go an hour? If not, I can end sooner03:04
cjohnstonpleia2: ?03:04
pleia2nhandler: take as long as you need03:05
cjohnstongo for it mr nhandler03:05
pleia2nhandler: we can put an arbitrary end time of :30 if you want a place to wrap up03:19
pleia2(so 11 minutes from now)03:19
nhandlerSounds good03:19
Pendulumcjohnston: you're back!03:19
cjohnstonI think pleia2 worked my server to dead.. the whole thing was kaput03:20
cjohnstonI had to restart it03:20
Pendulumcjohnston: so what's the seconds count now? ;)03:27
cjohnston+ something?03:27
doctormopleia2: It turns out that the raid I was dealing with was RAID0, so the data was lost anyway.03:28
pleia2doctormo: ouch :(03:28
doctormoAh well you try your best :-)03:28
* pleia2 nods03:28
nhandlerSomeone want to conclude User Day? Or am I meant to?03:28
pleia2raid0 is lovely fast, until it speeds into a brick wall and everyone dies03:28
Pendulumcjohnston: I think that should be you03:29
doctormopleia2: Is that what it's for? speeding things up?03:29
pleia2doctormo: yeah03:29
pleia2striping is fast03:29
Pendulumor pleia2 can do it :)03:29
doctormo*roll eyes*03:29
doctormoDouble the surface area for failure.03:29
Pendulumoops... after 14 hours I apparently can't type anymore ;)03:31
* pleia2 hugs all around03:35
cjohnstonwe did it03:36
cjohnstonthank you very much everyone!03:36
Pendulumthank you!03:36
shrinicjohnston: thanks a lot03:36
shrinigreat experience for me03:36
cjohnstonYou may all go about your lives now!03:36
shriniproud to be with you03:36
hggdhgood work all y'all. And I am off.03:36
Pendulumcjohnston: what lives?03:36
pleia2Pendulum: yeah, look how we all just spent a saturday :)03:36
cjohnstonPendulum: you will have your new assignment monday03:36
cjohnstonthat was what i meant by life03:37
Pendulumcjohnston: I'm not even sure if you're joking about that :P03:37
cjohnston18 surveys03:37
* _marx_ slides cjohnston a cold one03:37
pleia2that's a great turnout for surveys03:37
_marx_drinks all around y'all03:38
_marx_overall i think it went really well03:39
Pendulumgeneral feedback I've gotten in PMs from people is that it was really good03:39
jcastrowoo, looks like it was a great success!03:42
cjohnstonthanks jcastro03:42
jcastropleia2: I am rubbing my chin wondering if instead of one long openweek if having 5 seperate days spread over the cycle might be worth trying to shake it up03:43
cjohnstonI hope some of the lernid issues can get fixed real quick prior to monday03:43
jcastroyeah I left my lernid running when I went out, now there's like 3498753489 popup windows when I came home03:43
_marx_the colon thing could be a big hassle03:44
pleia2jcastro: perhaps, my only concern there is publicity, it's easy to get people excited for UOW twice a year, but more than that?03:44
pleia2well, not "easy" :) but possible03:44
cjohnstongood point03:44
jcastrobut I don't want to think about it /too/ much, we'll end up having to do both, hah03:45
=== shrini is now known as shrinivasan
Pendulumwell there seems to be calls for 4 User Days a year so I wonder if there's some middle ground there that can be done03:46
=== shrinivasan is now known as shrini
_marx_doesn't fit well with release cycles03:47
cjohnstonI kinda think 4 would be good... shorter day tho..03:48
Pendulum4 and shorter day is good03:48
PendulumI"m just wondering if maybe having the 2nd in a release cycle as a bit more advanced or something?03:48
_marx_definitely shorter day03:48
cjohnstononly concern tho is the complaints about getting everyone03:49
cjohnstonthat could be interesteing penny03:49
_marx_yeah, +1 Pendulum03:49
PendulumI think we find another set of people on the opposite side of the glob03:49
cjohnstonand Pendulum can stay up all night to be in charge03:49
Pendulumso they can run a set and we can run a set03:49
Pendulumcjohnston: you going to pay for me to take the time off work? ;)03:50
shrinicjohnston: i love these works03:50
shrinicjohnston: contact me anytime for any help03:50
cjohnstonthank you shrini03:50
shriniwondering about this teamwork03:50
shrinithis is my first time activity03:51
shriniso so so happy03:51
cjohnstonshrini: me too03:51
cjohnstonas pleia2 said to me earlier.. there were some tense moments early on.. but it all worked out03:51
Pendulumit's all a learning process03:51
pleia2we were very fortunate to have two people who were willing to step up at last minute :)03:52
cjohnston1 poor rating for the whole day03:52
cjohnstoni guess thats not bad03:52
cjohnstonpleia2: very true03:52
pleia2next time we should probably have some backups lined up03:52
Pendulumcjohnston: that's really not bad03:52
doctormoWow what a lot of chatter today... I want this group to be like this every day! :-D03:52
_marx_yes indeed pleia203:52
cjohnstondoctormo: thats cause we are all about to go away for a week03:52
Pendulumdoctormo: next time you can organize and run the 14 hour event :P03:52
doctormoPendulum: I'm more of a 3 hour event every week for 2 years kind of guy03:53
cjohnston100% would recommend03:53
pleia2Pendulum: which ended up being 15.5!03:53
cjohnstonnot supprised there tho03:53
Pendulumpleia2: yeah03:53
Pendulumokay, I will probably be back in a little bit, but I need to attempt some pain control.03:54
Pendulumif I don't catch y'all later, have a good night!03:54
cjohnstonill try over the next few days to put all of the feedback stuff out to everyone03:54
Pendulumand congrats to everyone, we did a great job!03:54
IdleOnenight Pendulum03:54
cjohnstonthanks Pendulum !03:54
doctormopleia2: Perhaps we need to congratulate Pendulum for his very hard work?03:54
doctormoAnd everyone else of course03:54
cjohnstondoctormo: her03:54
pleia2oh yes, thanks everyone! :)03:55
doctormoIn a blog entry?*03:55
pleia2now we need to get to work turning these transcripts into -learning classes03:55
pleia2doctormo: did that already :)03:55
* pleia2 is fasty fast with the intarblagging tonight03:55
cjohnstonyou wrote it two weeks ago when you were supposed to be working on the intro :-P03:56
pleia2did not!03:56
pleia2I wrote it during nhandler's session :)03:56
cjohnstonthats why you were ignoring me03:56
shrinipleia2: what is transcript?04:00
shrinipleia2: the chat we had. right?04:01
pleia2shrini: yes04:01
shriniwhat you do next with it?04:01
pleia2make them into that :)04:02
* _marx_ out04:02
pleia2night _marx_04:03
shrinipleia2: great04:04
shrinipleia2: great work04:05
pleia2shrini: thanks for leading a class today! :)04:05
shrinipleia2: so happy to be with you guys04:06
shrinipleia2: you do wonderful things04:06
pleia2thanks :)04:06
shrinipleia2: just adding my bit04:06
shrinipleia2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/CourseLayout this page says04:06
shrinipleia2: to send a ODF doc04:06
cjohnstonshrini: please come back and help us out with things other than user days04:06
shrinipleia2: to whom i have to send?04:07
shrinicjohnston: sure dude. will be with you people always04:07
pleia2shrini: we're working to get everything into bzr, but for now... send it to me, lyz@ubuntu.com04:07
pleia2and I'll help you take it from there :)04:07
shrinicjohnston: what are the things you do?04:07
shrinipleia2: thats great. your mail id?04:08
pleia2shrini: lyz@ubuntu.com :)04:08
cjohnstonshrini: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom04:08
shrinipleia2: oh. thats great04:08
* cjohnston wants chris@u.c04:08
shrinipleia2: :-)04:08
pleia2ok folks, I think it's time for me to head afk for the evening04:09
shrinicjohnston: fine. will do my best04:09
pleia2awesome day! thanks again!04:09
shrinipleia2: thanks a lot04:09
cjohnstonpleia2: im not done with you04:09
pleia2yes you are!04:09
pleia2I r teh sleepy04:09
cjohnstonim almost done with my todo list04:10
pleia2oh no! ;)04:10
cjohnstonmaybe thatll mean i have to work on the honey do list04:10
pleia2or paint mhall119's house04:10
pleia2oh ok04:10
shriniokey friends04:11
shriniwill send the doc asap04:11
Pendulumanyone else still up?04:49
Pendulumhiya nhandler04:56
nhandlerHey Pendulum04:56
* nhandler is actually about to go to bed04:57
Pendulumso'm I04:59
doctormonight all06:13
nigel_nbwonder if cjohnston is around12:53
nigel_nbPendulum, sent a list of suggestions to mailing list ;) read and enjoy13:07
pleia2should I just give up trying to make people use the proper mailing list? :)13:35
pleia2user days should use -classroom! :P13:35
pleia2oh well13:36
Pendulumwhere's the link for the classroom mailing list?13:36
Pendulumnm, found it13:37
pleia2it's confusing because -classroom (so, UUD) is a sub-project of learning13:37
* Pendulum joins13:39
Pendulumit's also confusing becuase if you join the launchpad Classroom Team it says there's no mailing list13:45
pleia2yeah, launchpad is confusing like that13:47
pleia2since launchpad has mailing lists, but we don't use them13:47
pleia2we use the lists.ubuntu mailing lists13:47
pleia2so if you don't use the lp list, it says you don't have a list :\13:48
Pendulumthere's no way to link the lists.ubuntu lists in?13:48
pleia2we can write a description for the team and link lists.ubuntu13:48
pleia2until last night the ubuntu-classroom team was only for management, so it was assumed that people applying there were already involved13:49
Pendulumwhat changed? (other than user days happening)13:50
pleia2seemed silly, I guess13:50
pleia2now the lp team *admins* are the mgmt13:50
Pendulumcompletely unrelated question, but do you know if there's any loco in CT? (final decision on my moving is that I'm going to move back in with parents and get health sorted)13:53
PendulumI thought I'd seen something at some point, but when I last checked nothing13:53
pleia2in theory there is13:54
pleia2but it seems dead13:54
* Pendulum wonders if she's going to end up adding "reviving the CT LoCo" to her 9 month plan ;)13:55
pleia2nothing in 2009 :\13:55
pleia2the massachusetts team is pretty active, maybe they can help13:55
Pendulumyeah, I figured I'd ask there. Sadly it's a bit far for me to drive to make their meetings otherwise I'd do that13:56
* pleia2 nods13:58
Pendulum(although big events I might go to because Boston's not that far from where I am in CT, about 90minutes)13:58
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-learning to: Ubuntu Community Learning Project | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom | Next Meeting: TBD | Support in #ubuntu
pleia2yeah, for big events in harrisburg I make the trek out, but I don't for their regular meetings13:59
PendulumI wish I'd done more LoCo stuff when I was in PA14:00
Pendulumbut the shyness thing gets me14:00
pleia2I sympathize completely14:01
pleia2why couldn't shyness be something I grew out of like other people do? :)14:01
PendulumI actually had a few years of being less shy14:02
Pendulumand then it came back14:02
Pendulumand now I fake non-shyness when I have to (like here), but am pretty crap about it in person14:02
pleia2I'm ok once I'm in a comfort zone14:02
pleia2plug became within that comfort zone eventually, but even that took a while14:03
Pendulumyeah, makes sense14:03
pleia2the first night of UDS (I flew in that night) I checked into my room and then was like "oh no, I have to go to the bar and meet people I don't know!"14:03
pleia2maco said I looked like this --> O_O14:03
pleia2so she grabbed me and introduced me to people, it was very nice of her :)14:04
PendulumI did as well at PLUG as I did (and I still felt awkward and shy both times) because you and jadoba seemed to work to make me as comfortable as possible14:05
pleia2I'm glad :)14:05
pleia2jadoba moved to jersey last year, I miss him14:05
Pendulumyeah, I think he was about to move/in process when I was last there14:06
* pleia2 nods14:06
PendulumI wish there was a way to get more of the schools tied in with things like PLUG14:07
pleia2our loco team has had more luck with schools14:07
pleia2but even then, not a ton, it usually takes having someone on the inside14:08
Pendulumactually, one thing (even though I won't have a great tie-in there anymore) I'm going to try to do when back with my parents is see if I can talk to people where I went to high school about coming into some of the CS classes to talk about FOSS and about Women in Computing14:08
pleia2that would be great14:08
Pendulumit's an entirely Mac school, but when I was there the "geeks" at least were definitely linux users (it's how I first heard of linux) and I know they've still got issues with girls getting teased for taking the CS classes14:09
pleia2sounds like both talks of yours would be very helpful :)14:10
Pendulumno idea what I'd say, but I figure it doesn't hurt to talk to some of the adults who do tech stuff14:10
pleia2I think I was fortunate to go to a school where the CS teacher was female, even if all the classes were male and all the programming exercises in the book used sports references (which were bad for even male geeks, who writes these things?)14:11
Pendulum(actually one of them was quite interested when my mum mentioned to him what I've been doing with the Ubuntu community)14:11
Pendulummy high school was a prep school and is very proud for having been the first school in the country where every student has a laptop and where students at least used to do a lot of the tech support themselves14:12
pleia2I think I finally successfully explained to my mother "what I do with this Ubuntu thing"14:12
pleia2ah, neat14:12
Pendulumhowever, they started the laptop initiative in the early 90s and it wasn't until 2001 that they started actually offering CS classes14:12
pleia2our CS program was terribly limited, they didn't even have a real programming class until 2000 (I graduated in '99)14:12
Pendulumand the tech center guys (students) were very much into their own thing and a bit into being exclusive and never even really thought that other people might need a little encouragement to get involved14:14
pleia2yeah, all the tech geeks at my school were a clique group of guys too14:14
Pendulumironically they were actually most of my friends group14:15
pleia2so I geeked out in the library and helped the librarians with their computers :)14:15
Pendulumbut they never quite thought that I might actually be interested14:15
Pendulumand I had no idea really how to start or what I'd even be able to do14:15
Pendulumso let it all lay dorment for years14:16
pleia2career advisers ignored my interest in computers entirely, in retrospect it's kinda weird14:16
pleia2and I went with their advice (try environmental science instead)14:16
PendulumI don't think I'd even have articulated to people then that I was interested in computers. I thought I was going to be a doctor.14:16
Pendulumbut I am (and always have been) interested in just about everything14:17
Pendulumexcept accounting and economics ;)14:17
pleia2yeah, I never actually knew what I wanted to be when I grew up14:17
* pleia2 took elective accounting and economics classes in high school14:17
pleia2oddly, math never inspired me14:18
pleia2apparently money manipulation does :)14:18
Pendulumand I think if I'd even had it on my radar that I might be interested and that there was a way to get started (I did actually want to take the CS classes when they started, but couldn't fit them into my schedule and it was about the time my health started getting massively worse so didn't have energy to try to play around)14:18
PendulumI liked algebra and was surprisingly good at calc, but I've forgotten a lot of both these days14:18
pleia2I've forgotten tons of math, it's sad14:19
pleia2at least the terms, I guess I do use the concepts at work frequently14:19
PendulumI don't even do that often14:19
PendulumI mean, I use basic math14:19
Pendulumbut not much beyond that14:20
pleia2I felt pretty daft when I ended up sitting with the math guys after plug recently and one of them asked if I knew what a logarithm was14:20
pleia2as soon as he began explaining it I remembered14:20
pleia2I use them all the time, but ugh I felt silly :)14:20
pleia2I liked history a lot in school14:21
pleia2"but that's not a job!"14:21
PendulumI'm lucky my parents never thought that "but that's not a job" was a reason to limit me from something14:22
pleia2so I graduated "took a year off before college" (it's now been almost 11 years, oops) and wandered around working random jobs in and out of tech for 7 years14:22
PendulumI wish I'd had a year off. Instead it just took me 6 and I got a degree in something more because I could do it with less effort than because I was actually particularly interested14:23
pleia2what did you end up with a degree in?14:24
pleia2oh right, I remember now14:24
Pendulumit's not that I didn't like it, just that in retrospect there were things I'd probably have ultimately found more rewarding14:25
pleia2for a while I felt bad about not bothering to go back for the college thing, I wanted to for a while but couldn't juggle work and pay for education14:25
Pendulum(this is part of why I'm going to try to use my time off work to retrain myself in programming and tech writing)14:25
* pleia2 nods14:25
Pendulumthat makes sense14:25
pleia2now I don't care, I have a comfy job and job opportunities frequently, if I take any college classes it'll be to learn, not to get a degree14:26
Pendulumwhich is really what it should be about in the first place14:26
pleia2and I learn tons at conferences and free talks, so.. :)14:26
Pendulumyep :)14:26
Pendulumbut I figure bringing open source to my high school can't be bad, especially as the guy who runs the tech dept. now seemes to have released source for all sorts of things he's done or setup there14:27
pleia2nice :)14:27
Pendulumand has documentation on the web for everything including servers14:28
Pendulumof course, I will be doing this right after my mother has quit teaching at the school (and when giving her reasoning to the headmaster she told him some hard truths he needed to hear so has burned bridges, IMO), but hopefully they won't hold it against me ;)14:30
pleia2hopefully :)14:30
mhall119good god pleia2, don't  you sleep?14:31
pleia2morning mhall11914:31
pleia2I slept :)14:31
Pendulummorning mhall119 :)14:33
Pendulumsleep is for the weak ;)14:33
pleia2yeah, Pendulum is the one who doesn't sleep14:33
PendulumI actually got 7 hours before my hip woke me up14:34
Pendulumwell, woke me up for good14:34
IdleOneGood morning14:34
pleia2morning IdleOne14:34
Pendulummorning IdleOne14:34
mhall119the survey needs an "Awesome" choice14:35
mhall119actually, that's the only choice it needs14:35
pleia2then a box with "Tell us why we are awesome"14:35
IdleOneAwesome and Super Freaking incredible :)14:35
Pendulumthat's actually not a bad idea for a future question14:36
Pendulumbecause people often use surveys to complain14:36
mhall119I'm going to rate my session "Didn't attend"14:37
PendulumI need to read logs at some point as I don't think I "attended" any of the sessions14:37
IdleOneWell what I attended yesterday was all awesome14:37
cjohnstongoing back to the conversation at 902, pleia2 must be in her comfort zone with me since she is never shy to tell me what to do :-P15:18
cjohnstong'mornin Pendulum pleia2 and _marx_15:22
Pendulummorning cjohnston15:22
cjohnston29 surveys!15:26
cjohnston2 poors for the whole day...15:28
cjohnstonlet me rephrase15:28
cjohnston2 poor votes for a class...15:29
Pendulumthat's really not bad15:29
cjohnstontbh its where I expected it to be15:29
IdleOnecjohnston: from who? We can go and egg their houses15:29
cjohnstonIdleOne: no idea15:30
cjohnston100% recommend tho15:30
Pendulumcjohnston: were the 2 poors for the same class?15:31
cjohnstonuh huh15:31
mhall119oh dead15:37
mhall119not mine I hope15:37
cjohnston5 good and 10 great15:37
mhall119how did Jamal's class go?15:37
cjohnstonsame as yours15:38
mhall119so how many attendee do you figure there were throughout the day?15:38
cjohnstoneverytime i looked there were ~200 in -classroom15:39
cjohnstonsometimes a few more, sometimes a few less15:39
mhall119yeah, but how many were actually attending15:41
mhall119classroom has 107 in there right now, and nothing's been said since last night15:42
cjohnstonI dont know of anyway to figure that out15:42
mhall119unless everyone takes the survey15:42
mhall119we know at least 29 people attended15:42
cjohnstonthen 2915:42
PendulumI'm guessing about 5015:42
mhall119I'd say closer to 100, since the ones that were in yesterday but not attending are probably the same ones that are still in there now15:43
Pendulumthat's true15:43
mhall119~200 - 107 = ~9315:43
Pendulumbut some of those were also doubles (or triples) of us15:43
mhall119plus those of us that are in -classroom now and did attend15:43
mhall119I still think close to 10015:44
Pendulumlet's hope :)15:44
cjohnstonim back.. stop talking about me15:55
cjohnstonTo anyone interested, the Classroom wiki page has been updated with new information/proceedures16:15
nigel_nbmorning cjohnston16:15
cjohnstonhey nigel_nb16:16
Pendulumcjohnston: btw, czajkowski attempted to recruit for the personal project you two seem to have started this morning ;)16:16
cjohnstonwhat does she need?16:17
nigel_nbum.. what?16:17
Pendulumnigel_nb: I'm teasing cjohnston about something and he didn't get it ;)16:18
nigel_nbcjohnston, hows the feedback so far?16:21
cjohnstonmostly very goo16:22
nigel_nbwe need to start thinking of topics for next user day16:22
* cjohnston is trying to think of a good way to 'publish' results16:22
cjohnstongive it 14 hours first16:22
nigel_nbsaw my mail ? ;)16:22
cjohnstonsee i still cant type16:23
nigel_nbany way I see it, you need html and text processing16:26
cjohnston"nicely" is the requirement I Was going for16:26
nigel_nbwell, since easily is not a requirement16:26
nigel_nbyou can just put it on a wiki page16:27
Pendulumcjohnston: define nicely?16:27
cjohnstonI don't want to offend anyone16:27
cjohnstonin public16:27
nigel_nboh that way16:27
Pendulumsuggestion: only put really general results (things like respondants and over all impression of the day) anywhere public16:27
nigel_nbwell, put on email to only the 5 of us16:27
Pendulumthe rest in the e-mail nigel_nb just suggested16:28
Pendulumif specific instructors ask for feedback about their own course, let them see it16:28
Pendulumbut there's no reason all the info needs to be public16:28
cjohnstonwe need a classroom team logo16:30
nigel_nbisnt there one already?16:31
cjohnstona little logo for the LP team16:31
cjohnstongo to your LP page, then click on all memberships..16:31
cjohnstonone of those little logos16:31
nigel_nbjust make an svg of a blackboard in inkscape16:34
cjohnstonsounds like a great idea... ill put it on my todo list to remind you to make an svg of a blackboard in inkscape16:34
Pendulumcjohnston: building up your todo list agian?16:35
cjohnstonits empty16:36
nigel_nbread alan's mail?16:39
nigel_nbI sorta like that approach16:39
cjohnstonya.. i dont remember what it says right now tho16:39
nigel_nbneed to make it like conference. with keynotes and all the works16:41
nhandlerSomeone touched on this in the ML thread, but why not approach LoCos and try and have them do a User Day or a portion of a User Day. I think it would be interesting being able to say: For the next few hours, the Ubuntu Chicago team will be teaching us about foo. Joe has the floor (and actually let each LoCo team *run* their portion of the day, where run=plan, announce, introduce, etc).16:41
nhandlerThe keynote will be easier with lernid16:41
nhandlerMy idea would make it easier to fill the time slots, take some pressure off the organizers, make LoCos more active, and encourage some less-known members of the community to present16:43
nigel_nbwell, it is a good idea16:45
nhandlerIt might also cause some more people to attend. People would want to support members of their LoCo16:47
nigel_nbyes, after assuring they are competent enough, I'm okay with it16:47
nigel_nbcjohnston, we need to increase the user days team size with a few people on the other end of the tz, that could help us a lot16:48
cjohnstonyou are at the other end of the T16:49
nigel_nbyes, but just me16:50
nigel_nbone more person, and we could have gone on ;)16:50
nigel_nband y'all gone to bed16:50
nigel_nblike you know...2 people for every 8 hours16:50
cjohnstonyall are too much16:51
PendulumI think you need at least 3 people really16:51
Pendulumbecause 8 hours straight is a long time16:51
PendulumI also am not thinking about this today anymore16:52
nigel_nbhm, true16:52
nigel_nbI want this discussion today coz we'd get out anything we felt yday fast into the logs ;)16:52
Pendulumthat's fine, just I'm too burnt out atm to think about User Days really until tomorrow16:53
Pendulumso I'm not really going to be in here while it's being discussed16:54
cjohnstonand tomorrow is UDW16:55
nigel_nbcjohnston, classroom team will be hosting?16:55
cjohnstonnigel_nb: it is run by dholbach ..16:56
nigel_nbone man show?16:56
cjohnstonI doubt it16:56
cjohnstonbut it isnt being run by classroom per se16:56
nigel_nbyeah, by MOTU16:56
nigel_nbthe timings are perfect overlap of my work hours :P16:57
nigel_nbokay, its time to logout17:00
nigel_nbgotta go to work17:00
nigel_nblater cjohnston and Pendulum17:01
nigel_nbpleia2, seems to be enjoying the day today ;) (judging from tweets)17:01
nigel_nbhope you guys recover and rest today :)17:01
cjohnstonshe tweeting about not being at the computer?17:03
Pendulumwell her facebook said she was at the Italian Market17:04
cjohnstontried to take a nap bug couldnt19:23
shrinicjohnston: need little help19:25
shrinicjohnston: want to show my brother19:25
shrinicjohnston: about the list of project ubuntu has19:25
shrinicjohnston: like, classroom ,learning, etc19:26
shrinicjohnston: seen in a wiki page19:26
shrinicjohnston: lost the link19:26
shrinicjohnston: can you share the link?19:26
cjohnstonA list of all the projects?19:26
cjohnstonI don't know if there truely is one..19:26
doctormohey shrini19:27
cjohnstontheres those two19:27
shrinidoctormo: hai19:27
shrinicjohnston: hmmm.not this19:27
doctormoCool so who is writing up their classes into lessons?19:27
cjohnstondoctormo: we havent really asked that yet19:27
cjohnstoneveryone is too tired to19:27
shrinicjohnston: that page will have all projects. like marketting, loco, translations19:28
shrinicjohnston: okey. leave it19:28
shrinicjohnston: i am explaing about our event to my bro.19:28
shrinicjohnston: he is very interested19:28
cjohnstonthat has alot of stuff19:28
shrinicjohnston: ya.19:30
shrinicjohnston: this is what i needed19:30
shrinicjohnston: thanks a lot19:30
shrinicjohnston: we have our local lug19:31
shrinicjohnston: called "Kanchi LUG"19:31
shriniwe meet every sunday19:32
shriniexplained about user days sessions today19:32
cjohnston32 surveys19:32
shrinicjohnston: :-)19:33
_marx_ah surveys still coming in that interesting19:34
akgranersounds like it was an awesome day - I was so bummed I couldn't participate19:36
cjohnstonakgraner: your in luck.. some of the response has said they want it weekly..19:37
cjohnstonso ill put you in charge of the weekly ones, and the others can take every quarter ;-)19:37
akgranercjohnston, hehe19:37
_marx_weekly eh hum19:39
akgraneryou know the User Days can really fill the gap between Open and Developer weeks19:43
akgranerso open week the week after each release, then User Days continues building on that19:44
akgranerthat just rocks!!19:44
mhall119akgraner, you can still read the logs19:45
mhall119that's what I've been doing19:45
akgraneryep it's on my todo list19:45
_marx_DiegoTc, ping19:46
cjohnstonshower time19:53
DiegoTchi _marx_19:54
_marx_Hi DiegoTc with my rather poor spanish i thought i read that you all had streaming audio; is that correct?19:55
DiegoTc_marx_, that is incorrect19:56
DiegoTca guys was asking if it was with audio the USD19:56
mhall119http://picasaweb.google.com/mhall119/Installfest# pictures of what was going on at my house while I was teaching my class19:56
_marx_ok, proof positive i need to work on my spanish :)19:56
DiegoTchahah no problem19:57
_marx_se me olvido casi todo19:58
DiegoTceso esta bien dicho _marx_20:00
nigel_nbhey everyone :)20:54
nigel_nbah, someone's here21:22
nigel_nbsaw my mail?21:22
nigel_nblol, pleia2 is gonna be mad at me for sending to the wrong list :P21:22
cjohnstoni havent gotten an email from you since this mornin21:23
nigel_nbprobably that one is what im talking about21:24
nigel_nbI sent it in a crzy high before hitting the bed21:24
nigel_nbcjohnston: I liked alan's idea21:25
nigel_nbbut the implentation would be crazy!21:26
nigel_nbwe'd need a huge bunch of dedicated volunteers21:26
nigel_nblater buddy21:33
cjohnstonnhandler: you arent around by chance are you?21:49
nhandlercjohnston: Yep21:49
cjohnstonquick question.. i hope21:49
cjohnstonIs it possible on the wiki to wrap text around an image?21:50
nhandlercjohnston: I have no clue, sorry21:51
cjohnstonthanks nhandler21:54
cjohnstonthanks al22:02
AlanBellan image floating left ^^22:03
AlanBellincidentally I have to announce the date of that event tomorrow22:03
AlanBellit is looking like Saturday 21st August http://doodle.com/2zse7y4uafih5dpn so far . . .22:04
AlanBellactually no, I have to announce it today!22:05
AlanBell2 hours left to change the date if you don't like it22:05
AlanBellalthough I will probably announce it a bit earlier than midnight22:07
* AlanBell thanks cjohnston for the timely reminder :-)22:08
cjohnstonand i wasnt even trying22:08

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