humphreybchow the hell do i export :S00:00
humphreybcdutchie, try these00:09
humphreybcsending you the files now... may not work over IRC00:09
humphreybcill email em00:10
humphreybcgot a reply about thingy that ill forward too00:10
humphreybcwhats ur email?00:11
humphreybcdutchie ping00:11
IlyaHaykinson_alright, committed a bunch more firefox copy.00:18
IlyaHaykinson_why do i feel like i'm writing a lot more than others?...00:19
IlyaHaykinson_we've really only had me, you, and wolter submitting writing recently00:20
humphreybcyeah i know00:24
humphreybci think ryan has almost finished his chapter, he might just be keeping it locally00:24
IlyaHaykinson_which chapter? 2?00:26
IlyaHaykinson_ok, if he's almost finished, i think you should have him commit what he has.00:27
humphreybci think 700:27
IlyaHaykinson_ah, ok.00:27
humphreybcdutchie ping ping ping :)00:28
humphreybcIs anyone here good with Gimp? All I want to do is get a transparent background version of ubuntumanual192.png from the "Team images" folder int he branch00:29
humphreybcto use on the planet00:29
humphreybcI could do it in photoshop using magic wand but I have no idea about the gimp00:29
humphreybcand i dont have it installed00:30
* IlyaHaykinson_ posted to the techwr-l mailing list about looking for technical writers to help out.00:32
humphreybcIlyaHaykinson, just looking at the stuff in your chapter, and what you've got planned. That chapter is going to be massive - perhaps it's too much detail?00:32
IlyaHaykinson_well, people did ask for a lot of detail on web browsing.00:32
humphreybcthat is true00:32
IlyaHaykinson_and, well, it's a manual, right? we've got to tell people how to use the tools, nto just say "well, use Firefox"00:33
humphreybchow many screenshots are you thinking of having?00:33
IlyaHaykinson_i'm hoping not too many, and not to have full-screen ones if we can avoid it.00:33
humphreybcokay cool00:33
IlyaHaykinson_i.e. just zoom in on the area being described, and only when it's not clear00:34
humphreybcyeah well you can use shutter to take screenshots of individual windows00:35
humphreybcI presume josh has gone to bed00:35
IlyaHaykinson_i think we'll want to centralize the screenshotting to just a few peole.00:36
IlyaHaykinson_so that we a) start with a consistent environment00:37
IlyaHaykinson_b) apply a similar process to all images00:37
IlyaHaykinson_maybe once we get closer, we can designate someone our image editor00:37
IlyaHaykinson_and have a few ppl use the same virtualbox install to take the screenshots00:37
IlyaHaykinson_re the Gimp: there is a magic wand there too (the fourth icon in the toolbox in the first row)00:38
IlyaHaykinson_there's also Colors > Color to Alpha...00:38
IlyaHaykinson_the magic wand picks up too much white, though, including stuff from the book in the image00:38
IlyaHaykinson_the Color to Alpha makes the background of the book translucent too.00:38
IlyaHaykinson_so i don't know if it accomplishes the same thing. i'm not at all familiar with the gimp00:39
IlyaHaykinson_alright, i'm going to go. ttyl.00:40
humphreybcwolter ping00:57
wolterhey humphreybc01:00
humphreybccould you do me a favour?01:01
humphreybcI need a transparent png version of /ubuntu-manual/Team Images/ubuntumanual192.jpg01:01
humphreybcI don't have gimp installed or photoshop01:01
humphreybcand i don't know the equivalent magic wand thing in gimp01:01
humphreybcwolter: ?01:03
humphreybcim gonna get something to eat01:05
humphreybcif you could do that for me and email me it that'd be great01:05
humphreybcit's for the planet01:05
wolterhumphreybc, ok i will01:09
humphreybcwolter i'm just pushing thru bzr with the planet stuff in it01:09
humphreybcyou can find the image under /ubuntu-manual/Planet Stuff/images/01:10
humphreybcJust overwrite it with a transparent version01:10
humphreybcand if you know any CSS or HTML, feel free to edit the files there01:10
wolterhumphreybc, it may look a little nasty, if i use magic wand01:13
wolterCan I remake the icon?01:13
wolterIf you could find me the book01:13
wolterOr I could make one from 001:13
wolterhey vish01:13
woltervish is awesome with icons, i presume01:13
humphreybcI just pushed it through01:14
humphreybcwe need a new set of icons01:14
humphreybcand a favicon .ico for the planet01:14
humphreybcIlyaHaykinson: I pushed through a new branch revision with the Planet CSS and HTML etc under /Planet Stuff. Feel free to take a look at the CSS and modify it as you wish.01:15
humphreybcright im grabbing something to eat01:16
wolterhumphreybc, whats the link to the planet01:21
wolteri will remake both logos to give them a transparent background01:22
humphreybccool, i think the big one already has one01:27
wolterbut i'd be happy to tweak your css01:32
humphreybc/home/benjamin/Manual/ubuntu-manual/Team images/manuallogo.png is transparent01:32
humphreybcsure go for it, it's been years since i did any CSS so it looks fairly crappy at the moment :)01:32
humphreybcstuff like hyperlink styles, a favicon, horizontal rules between posts (i'm not so sure about that border around posts)01:33
humphreybcall that stuff needs to be done01:33
humphreybcmore crap in the sidebar, maybe change the colours, hackagotchis (the images of the people, like on Planet Ubuntu)01:33
humphreybcdo you have blog wolter?01:33
iantohumphreybc:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Templates#Planet02:25
iantoIt's all in Romanian the template but that can be easily translated and I can help with that where possible ;)02:26
iantoBasically created http://planet.ubuntu.ro02:26
humphreybcoh ianto, groovy!02:27
iantoThe builder image can be replces on a per user basis02:28
humphreybccheers for that ianto, it's going to look great!02:57
humphreybcianto, how do I send my feed as a test?03:03
iantohumphreybc:  Read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCreatingPlanet03:05
humphreybcblah that's too complicated for me xD besides I may as well leave it for dutchie to do03:14
humphreybcsince he's hosting it03:14
iantoYou might wish to think of registering a domain then ;)03:15
humphreybcwell we've got planet.interesting.co.nz03:15
humphreybcwhich is a subdomain of my site03:15
humphreybcso that will do for now :)03:15
humphreybcit'll be quite cool with all those links up the top03:22
humphreybcwe can have that as our home page really03:22
humphreybcmaybe i'll do manual.interesting.co.nz03:23
humphreybcdutchie, "manual.interesting.co.nz" ?03:23
wolterhey humphreybc04:05
wolteri am sorry, I had to go to dinner04:05
wolterI will handle that job now04:05
humphreybcwhat's a good web development program for ubuntu?04:05
woltergedit :)04:05
humphreybcoh you dont need to worry anymore :)04:05
wolterhow come?04:05
humphreybcnup take a look at the branch04:05
humphreybcpull the latest revision04:06
humphreybcis there anything like dreamweaver?04:06
iantoCoincidentally Dreamweaver just finished installing for me and no there is not04:06
humphreybcdreamweaver under wine?04:06
iantoUnder WinXP04:06
wolteroh my god, its looking awesome04:07
humphreybcyeah thanks to ianto :)04:07
iantoNo problem04:07
humphreybche gave me a templatee04:07
wolterhey, humphreybc, using those applications really makes your code big and adds unecessary stuff to it04:07
wolteroh, ianto thats a template?04:07
wolterReally, I can handle the html magic, trust me.04:07
wolterWhat is missing?04:07
humphreybcoh nothing04:08
humphreybcthis is just for myself04:08
wolterwell, what do you need dreamweaver for?04:08
humphreybcI'm thinking in the future to combine my photography website and my blog into one main website under the domain interesting.co.nz and then host it on my own server. I'd have to write my own website I think.04:08
wolterhumphreybc, yes, i would definitely do that04:09
woltermaybe a benjaminhumphrey.com.nz04:09
humphreybcthen i could ditch the long benjaminhumphreyphotography.com lol04:09
wolteror benhumphrey04:09
humphreybcmeh interesting.co.nz is a good domain name04:09
humphreybci'll just keep that :)04:09
wolteroh yes.. you totally could haha04:09
iantoubuntu-manual.org ;)04:09
wolteroh yeah. co.bz sorry, and 'n' slipped out :)04:09
humphreybcI use weebly to create my photography website, because it's easier for flash galleries04:10
humphreybcI can export websites out of weebly...04:10
humphreybcyeah google it04:10
humphreybcit's an ajax based drag n drop website development tool04:10
humphreybcit's fantastically simple to create websites and it's feature rich, plus they host it and everything04:10
wolteryeah did04:10
humphreybcso I could change that site to reflect my new site, then i'd just have to insert my wordpress blog somehow04:11
* wolter is hating badly the drums in powermetal04:11
wolterhumphreybc, i think it would be kindof easy04:11
wolterhumphreybc, is your site hosted in some <url>.weebly.com ?04:20
humphreybci bought the domain name www.benjaminhumphreyphotography.com04:20
humphreybcbut i thiiink i have a better plan. I've been looking at internet plans over here and it would be very expensive to actually host everything on my own server... so I think I'll move my blog into weebly, hopefully there is a way to integrate wordpress into weebly. Then i'll just change the domain name of the weebly site to interesting.co.nz and wallah, all done!04:21
humphreybcso all my stuffs are in one place04:22
humphreybcThen i can just have on my menu something like: About Me, Resume, Photography, Blog, Admin04:29
humphreybcwolter, how do you add a border around images in gimp? like photoshop's "stroke" ?05:03
wolteryou cant05:07
wolterwell, you do05:07
wolterselect the object (control+click on layer)05:08
wolterhumphreybc, is your object on a transparent background?05:13
wolterIf so, right-click and select "Alpha to selection"05:13
humphreybcnevermind i think i have done without it05:13
humphreybci'll show you later tonight05:13
humphreybcit's for my site05:14
wolterThen, go to the [Select] menu and choose [Grow]05:14
wolteroh well05:14
woltercan i see it?05:14
wolterhumphreybc, how do you like this icon? http://imagebin.ca/img/vAOOaZ6h.png05:16
wolterits a blueprint icon05:16
wolterhumphreybc, how are we handling time?05:26
humphreybcthat's a cool blueprint icon05:28
humphreybcim just gonna go have some dinner, back in about 30 mins05:28
godbykI'm back for a few hours.07:17
godbykLooks like I missed a bunch of bzr activity.07:17
humphreybchi is anyone around?09:16
humphreybci just want to see if my router is forwarding properly09:16
godbykhumphreybc: I'm here.09:40
godbykIf you still need help.09:40
humphreybchmm i can't seem to get it to forward... try going here:
humphreybcSo as I understand it, I have my server working perfectly on our local network. To forward it on the net, I just have to open up port 80 on the router and add the local IP as the server one...
humphreybcthen go to the external IP:
humphreybcbut lots of people have said it isn't working, it just times out09:42
godbykIt looks like it's going to timeout, yeah.09:42
godbykWhen you're testing it locally, are you testing from another computer on your home network (to go to
humphreybcI'm testing it from my laptop09:44
humphreybcit works for
humphreybcand also
humphreybcthis is my router: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Huawei/EchoLife-HG520s/Echolink.htm09:44
humphreybcand those are the instructions...09:44
humphreybcI didnt use 5198 5200 tho09:45
humphreybcI used 80 and 80, TCP09:45
humphreybcIf i use 5198 and 5200, then I can't even get to locally09:45
godbykRight, you should use port 80 (tc0) for both local and remote port numbers (start and end).09:46
godbykdo you have to restart your router for it to take effect?09:47
humphreybcokay i've done that. no I don't think I do....09:47
humphreybcshould i set protocol to All or TCP?09:47
godbykAll should work, but TCP is the only one required.09:48
humphreybcHTTP_Server TCP 80 80 80 8009:48
humphreybcthose are the settings09:48
humphreybcApplication Protocol Start Port End Port Local IP Address Start Port(Local) End Port(Local)09:48
godbykthat looks right09:49
godbykon the server, you can run 'netstat -l' and it'll show you what ports it's listening on.09:49
* humphreybc ssh's into the server09:49
godbykmake sure the local address is listening on port 80 and the foreign address is *:*09:49
godbyklocal address should have *:80 or *:http09:50
godbykalso make sure you don't have a firewall running on the server that's disallowing incoming connections to port 80.09:50
humphreybcdo i need a static IP with my ISP?09:51
godbykSo the www port is only listening on ipv6 but not ipv4.09:52
godbykat least, that's what it looks like.09:52
godbykthe static IP would only mean that the never changes.09:52
godbykso that's a separate issue.09:52
godbykright now it looks like your web server isn't listening on the ipv4 tcp port 80.09:53
humphreybci have a static ip on the server for
humphreybcbut i can connect to it locally over okay why?09:53
godbykI'm not sure.09:54
humphreybchmm. should i try restarting the router?09:54
godbyklet me log into another of my boxes here and see what it says.09:54
humphreybccool cool09:54
godbykmine lists it as: tcp        0      0 *:www                   *:*                     LISTEN09:55
godbykso yeah, it looks like your web server isn't listening on the ipv4 address.09:55
godbykare there any useful errors in /var/log/apache2/error.log?09:55
godbyk(I'm assuming you're using Apache..?)09:56
humphreybcjust favicon errors09:56
godbykrestart apache and then check the log again.09:57
humphreybci'll reboot the server09:57
godbykapache config logs usually only show at startup09:57
godbykyou may have to restart the router, too.  I'm not sure what has to be done for the new route to take effect on your router.09:57
humphreybcokay be back in a sec then09:57
humphreybchi thorwil10:13
thorwilhi humphreybc10:13
humphreybcdesign :)10:13
humphreybci read over the logs, and agree with what you say10:13
humphreybcand i read that blog post too10:14
humphreybcsounds good. Now i'm not really much of a design person, i don't know much about publications either. So i don't think i'm really the best person to come up with the "tone" etc10:14
thorwilyou're not supposed to10:14
thorwilyou should be the moderator (or one of the moderators)10:15
humphreybccool cool10:16
humphreybcwell i think you guys should work as a design team. afaik you are all fairly decent designers, so i'm sure you can work on the manual design and come up with something sweet. you don't need me to okay stuff or tell you what to do :)10:17
thorwilhumphreybc: excellent10:17
humphreybcthat sound okay?10:17
thorwilhumphreybc: however, it is still up to you to publicly declare that this is the course to go10:18
godbykHey, thorwil, can I get in on that discussion, too?  I think the cover design and interior design should go hand-in-hand.10:18
humphreybcyou seem to be the most outgoing person in the team, so i'll stick you in charge of the design team, and you four can work away at your leisure10:18
humphreybcyeah godbyk that's a good plan10:18
thorwilgodbyk: yes, very much so10:18
godbykcool, thanks!10:19
humphreybcso the design team does artwork/title page and body style?10:19
thorwilhumphreybc: i think defining the audience and strategy is not for the design team alone10:19
humphreybctrue, I'll put that on the agenda for this saturday10:20
humphreybcbut, judging from the irc logs, you have a fairly good idea of the target audience - no?10:20
humphreybcobviously we're not going to have a crayon font and bright colours, nor are we going to use 12pt black times new roman for the entire publication. so we can rule out those two target audiences, young and boring :P10:21
thorwilhumphreybc: not sure about it. every single writer should have an idea of the strategy of the manual, what kind pf publication it is, made for what kind of people10:22
godbykI agree.  I think we should be clear about the style/voice used.  That'll play out in the design as well.10:22
thorwilvish: read ^10:22
godbykWhere do we fall on the formal/informal spectrum, for instance?10:22
humphreybcthat's what the style guide is supposed to be for10:23
humphreybci think jmburgess was writing it10:23
humphreybcwe did discuss the target audience in the very first meeting10:23
godbykAh, I missed the first meeting. :)10:24
humphreybci think there is a summary of that on the meetings page... but yeah, we need to definitely narrow it down to a set target audience. We can do that in the next meeting, if that's all good?10:24
humphreybccool! i'll add it to the agenda10:27
thorwilgodbyk: is there documentation about the thoughts and choices that led to the current fonts and internal layout?10:29
godbykthorwil: Not really.10:31
godbykA lot of it still on my TO DO list to get updated.10:31
vishha , finally humphreybc is here ;)10:32
vishhumphreybc: isnt the manual's purpose supposed to be an intro to Ubuntu?10:33
humphreybcthorwil: the current layout basically stems from my brain last year :)10:33
humphreybcsort of10:33
vishhumphreybc: yeah , i imagined so too , but wolter confused me a bit the other day ;)10:34
thorwilif one walks into a bookstore and picks up a whatever-software manual, it's quite likely to be huge thing10:35
thorwilnot calling our manual "the * manual" on the cover is still open, right?10:36
vishhumphreybc: yeah , what/when the manual going to be christened?10:37
humphreybcthe whole title is still open to debate :P10:37
humphreybci actually did an interview with omgubuntu.co.uk today that Joey should post this wek10:38
humphreybcit should have lots of information not just for joe blogg but also you guys10:38
vishhumphreybc: hmm , wouldnt it be better if the members got info from you first than from a blog on the web? ;)10:39
humphreybclol yes10:41
humphreybcbuuuuutt i am just saying that because i worded my answers carefully10:42
humphreybcso hopefully it will make more sense10:42
* thorwil adds manual planet to feed reader10:46
humphreybcwait is the manual planet up?10:48
humphreybcdutchie hasn't updated it yet :)10:48
humphreybcdutchie: get out of bed10:49
humphreybcdutchie: :)10:55
* thorwil -> lunch11:06
dutchiehumphreybc: morning :)11:44
humphreybcdutchie: just setting up my server to work on the net with godbyk - humphreybc.homeip.net11:50
humphreybcbe back in a sec, gotta reboot router11:50
dutchieah, fun :)11:50
dutchierigel.joshh.co.uk is this laptop :)11:51
humphreybcdutchie, check out the bzr branch11:57
humphreybcthe planet stuff is all ready to go11:57
humphreybcand freeparking guy has set up manual.interesting.co.nz to point to planet.joshh.co.uk11:57
humphreybcit will probably all roll over tomorrow11:57
dutchiehmm, rev 161 doesn't want to build for me11:59
godbykI think someone reverted a bug fix I put in.12:01
godbykone sec12:01
dutchiealso, manual.interesting.co.nz doesn't resolve12:04
humphreybcyeah dutchie he said it might take 48 hrs12:06
godbykchanges pushed.  it should work now.12:06
godbyklet me know if you still have problems compiling, dutchie.12:06
dutchieah, ok12:07
godbykOkay, guys.  I'm off to bed.  I'll be back in about 8 hours, I imagine.12:11
humphreybcdutchie: http://humphreybc.homeip.net/stats.php12:14
humphreybcnifty PHP file that shows some cool stats12:14
humphreybcunfortunately I couldn't get hddtemp to work as it requires root permissions to run for some reason12:14
dutchiethere we go, CSSS etc appklied12:25
humphreybcOo lovely12:27
humphreybccan we change the names of the feeds to our actual names and get hackagotchis?12:28
humphreybcand i suppose you looked at that page about setting up a cron job to refresh the feed?12:28
dutchieand yes12:29
humphreybchaha cool, well my hackagotchi is somewhere12:30
humphreybcprobably my ubuntu forums profile is best12:30
humphreybci shall find it12:30
humphreybcit's tiny12:31
humphreybci'll just email you it :)12:31
* humphreybc has to revert to firefox as a backup because chrome "can't load the default profile" :S12:31
dutchieI'd prefer a web hosted one someewhere12:31
humphreybci'll host it on my server for ya12:32
humphreybchaha josh i think you need to resize your image there a bit :P12:38
dutchieyeah, doing that12:38
dutchieis that a satisfactory size?12:39
humphreybcnice facebook photos btw12:41
humphreybclol that's tiny now12:41
humphreybcthe same size as mine?12:41
humphreybcgod it takes ages for DNS changes to happen12:45
humphreybcoh and dutchie, there's another feed to add to the planet: http://ubuntuper.wordpress.com/feed/12:56
humphreybcit's pererik from IRC/manual team12:57
humphreybchis full name is: Per Erik Glærum Grønvik12:57
humphreybcand then somehow if you could work out to have "Josh Holland" instead of "http://www.joshh.co.uk" and "Benjamin Humphrey" instead of "Interesting >> Ubuntu Manual" then that would be icing on the cake :)13:00
humphreybcsame for pererik's too13:00
humphreybcnice work!13:00
humphreybci am going to have a quick shower. it's 2am :S13:00
humphreybcthe planet's looking fantastic. can't wait till this DNS name kicks in... i don't think i've ever been so excited over a DNS server change....!13:02
humphreybcis that normal? :P13:03
dutchienames/nicks done13:03
dutchiewow, the unicode works too13:03
humphreybci think pererik's nick is actually pererik8713:13
humphreybcand also his posts dont seem to show up?13:13
dutchiethere is some sort of bug with some wordpress.com feeds and planetplanet13:18
dutchieI've seen it in #ubuntu-uk13:19
humphreybche probably has to enabled "show full posts in RSS feeds" option in wordpress13:21
humphreybcThe freeparking tech guy said this, 9 hours ago: Sorry, yes I can make changes for interesting.co.nz as that is with us,13:25
humphreybcjust not for joshh.co.uk.13:25
humphreybcThis has been done for you. This change may take up to 8 hours to take13:25
humphreybceffect (though you are likely to see it working sooner).13:25
humphreybcplanet.interesting.co.nz.   IN      CNAME   planet.joshh.co.uk.13:25
humphreybcYou may wish to check with the hosting company for joshh.co.uk and let13:25
humphreybcthem know in case they need to make any changes.13:25
humphreybcplanet.interesting.co.nz doesn't work yet, and it's been 9 hours. perhaps let your hosting company know?13:26
dutchieaha, I know what the problem is13:26
humphreybci would have thought it would have been a simple URL redirection13:26
humphreybcwhat's the problem?13:26
dutchieI forgot to tell apache to respond to planet.interesting.co.nz13:27
humphreybcah ha13:27
dutchiethe dns still doesn't resolve13:28
humphreybcit might be because i changed the IP from freeparking to weebly.com13:29
humphreybcbut that shouldn't change the domain stuff...13:29
humphreybcmaybe it's just screwed it up in the meantime13:29
humphreybcinteresting was pointing to humphreybc.wordpress.com, but now I have set it to go to humphreybc.weebly.com  - but instead of just domain forwarding, it's actually going to become the domain13:30
humphreybcand then i'm getting rid of benjaminhumphreyphotography.com altogether because it's too long13:30
dutchiethat shouldn't affect planet.13:30
humphreybcwell i'll check again when i wake up in 8 hrs or so13:30
humphreybcif it still isn't working then i'll email the guy again13:30
humphreybcdoes the Contact link work properly?13:31
humphreybc(it's set as mailto:<mailinglist>13:31
dutchieI've never ever seen a mailto link work properly13:32
humphreybcif you know of a better way to do it then try that instead13:33
humphreybcright time for sleep i think13:44
humphreybcnight all13:45
godbykHave you guys seen this? http://www.amazon.com/Ubuntu-Installation-Guide-Documentation-Project/dp/159682171X/22:35
humphreybclol nope22:37
humphreybc$27USD is expensive for an install guide!22:38
humphreybcis it real?22:38
godbykThere's also a Desktop Guide, Server Guide, and Packaging Guide.22:38
humphreybcyup i'm aware of the server guide22:38
godbykIt's all licensed under CC-BY-SA.22:40
humphreybcdoes CS3 work under wine yet?22:52

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