micahgasac: how can I help?00:18
micahgmaxb: http://honk.sigxcpu.org/con/Iceowl_extensions_1_0b1_in_experimental.html01:40
micahgasac: you on?03:46
vishhmm.. when will firefox 3.6 land in lucid?06:27
micahgvish: when it's ready ;)06:27
micahgasac: let's talk in the morning...I think I have TB3 merged again, but I have a slight problem07:22
LLStarkswhat about thunderbird 3?08:41
asacvish: ffox36 is in NEW ... so waits for archive admin kick11:08
* vish ha.. so asac *can* see me ;)11:09
asacone sec ;)11:09
asacvish: can you try to upgrade to them? ... if so i will copy them to the new firefox-stable ppa11:11
* vish tires11:11
asacjust add that ppa and run dist-upgrade11:11
asacand post what apt wants to do ;)11:12
asacinterestingly the amd64 builders queue somehow managed to catch up over night11:13
hifiwhere is the official 3.6 release pushed first (ppa, any repo)?11:30
asachifi: its stuck in NEW ... so it will be first in firefox-stable ppa11:32
hifithanks, it'll be just a day or so when it's available?11:33
asachifi: atm i hope in 1h ;)11:38
asacbut if the latest package is bad it can take indefinitly longer11:38
vishasac: dist-upgrade says nothing to be upgraded... your sandbox is in the new repos11:39
hifiasac: ah, cool :)11:40
vishsandbox firefox stuff*11:40
asacvish: if you are running dailies then thats expected11:41
asacdaily is ahead of 3.6 final11:41
vishasac: ..., i'm on lucid main11:42
vishi dont have the dailies11:42
asacvish: apt-cache policy firefox11:42
asaci am using lucid main too11:42
asacand just doing the same11:42
asaci get11:42
asacand http://paste.ubuntu.com/361877/ (for policy)11:43
vishasac: > http://paste.ubuntu.com/361878/11:43
asacvish: you use pinning ;)11:44
asac600 http://archive.ubuntu.com lucid/main Packages11:44
vishasac: argh! i forgot11:44
asacdrop your pinning11:44
vish:s , thanks for pointing it out ;)11:44
asaclet me know if the upgrade wents smooth11:45
vishasac: yay > http://paste.ubuntu.com/361880/  upgrading ;)11:46
asacvish: upgrade finished?11:52
* asac copies to stable ppa once vish confirms ;)11:53
vishasac: worked , but weird , that it didnt check for add-on updates/compatibility , but rather just said add-ons incompatible11:56
vishi had to check manually11:56
vishoh , crappy firefox fonts again :s11:57
asachifi: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable/ ... in a few minutes11:57
asacvish: yes11:58
asacwe filed upstream bug already ... it happens because we dont use system-cairo anymore11:58
asac15:40 < asac_> font cairo issue: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54131911:58
ubottuMozilla bug 541319 in Graphics "Poor subpixel font rendering compared to rest of system in FF3.6 on Ubuntu" [Normal,New]11:58
* vish digs for workarounds12:00
asaci dont think there are any ... besides maybe making a link to the firefox libcairo for /usr/lib/libcairo.so.2.10800.812:01
hifiasac: thank you!12:01
asacbut that might make whole desktop to crash ;) ... so be prepared for battle12:01
asachifi: oh. its only karmic and lucid for now12:01
asachardy and jaunty will follow soonish ;)12:01
marquinosWith a proposed update, the asturian language was updated12:04
marquinosand then firefox not run any more12:04
hifiasac: I run lucid :)12:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 511837 in language-pack-ast "Latest language pack in 'karmic-proposed' breaks Firefox in Asturian" [Undecided,New]12:04
marquinosAny idea about the origin of the problem? what string?12:05
asacmarquinos: please check with ArneGoetje in -desktop12:07
hifiasac: it works12:07
hifiwill do, thank you very much :)12:09
marquinosasac, I don't undertand you :$ Where can I check with ArneGoetje? in irc?12:10
asacmarquinos: #ubuntu-desktop12:10
asache is probably not there till tomorrow12:10
asacyes irc12:10
asaci dont know exactly whats going on. but we moved the langpack creation thing to a different server12:11
asacso it might have something to do with that12:11
marquinosok ;)12:11
marquinosThanks asac !12:11
hifiasac: btw. will that ppa always track upstream stable faster?12:12
asacthats the idea12:12
asacdelay was due to the fact that we did a big refactoring of the packaging12:13
hifihmm, what kind of video formats firefox 3.6 supports by default12:28
hifiyeah, ogg only12:29
asacfta: do you have a stable m-devscript in some ppa?13:00
asaci need to binary copy that to firefox-stable to hardy13:01
asacdidnt really want to copy umd13:01
asacguess i should just copy13:03
asaclets hope that doesnt bust the -stable ppa ;)13:03
asacfta: i guess you can safely disable nmt for "jaunty"13:11
asacwe will never be able to backport all the bits needed13:11
ftaasac, done14:00
ftawhat about ff3.5?14:00
asacdisable it for now too14:02
asacalso how about killing intrepid everywhere ;)?14:02
asaclets keep it running till eol14:03
ftai hate people redenting with the same groups14:19
ftathe server should drop the groups14:19
asacthought it did14:39
asacat least the redent button should14:40
asaci386  3   555 jobs (26 hours)14:51
asacok out for lunch etc.14:51
mbanaasac: hi, just wondering if u've tried it urself14:56
RuyanHi, how can i install mozilla SDK on ubuntu?14:59
asacRuyan: not sure what that is ... xulrunner-1.9.1-dev contains the xulrunner sdk14:59
asacmbana: tried what?14:59
Ruyani need run up xpcom15:01
ftadamn, i can't login on openrunner.com with chromium15:23
ftaXHR error15:25
ftadamn site15:25
asacRuyan: i think our xul -dev packages are what you are looking for15:29
asacmicahg: what's the prob?15:35
asac(tb3 merge)15:35
micahgasac: I tried a bzr mv on tb3 before merge and they still conflict because of no common ancestor15:35
asacbefore merge?15:42
asacbzr merge -r 0.. ... worked for me15:42
asachad conflicts, but those were resolvable15:42
micahgasac: I did bzr mv on the tb3 files so they have the same name, then bzr merge -r0..-1 and I get a debian and a debian.moved dir15:43
asacdebian.moved is the old tb2?15:43
asacthats ok i guess15:43
micahgasac: yes, but the diff is the entire debian dir :(15:43
asacso its tricky next steps are:15:44
asacbzr mv debian.moved/changelog changelog15:44
asacedit and add the tb3 changelog on top15:44
asaclet me see if i can do the first few steps15:45
* micahg was also wondering why ff changelog is in TB...15:45
asacbecause the tb package orginated from the ff package ;)15:45
micahgshould it stay there?15:45
asachave to look ... one sec15:46
asacok pushed current .head to bzr push lp:~mozillateam/thunderbird/thundebird.head.tb3-take115:48
asacnow uncommitting the stuff to last 2.0 release15:48
asacif that doesnt work we can just use that i think and continue15:50
micahgwell, I have the new files, I can copy the stuff in with meld...15:50
micahgmerge tool15:53
asacok this works:15:55
asac(not great, but better than not merging at all)15:55
asacbzr rm debian15:55
asacbzr commit --local -m "* delete all packaging files to prepare tb3 merge"15:56
asacbzr merge -r0.. ../thunderbird-3.0.head15:56
asaclet me commit those two steps15:56
micahgthat basically has the same problem I have15:57
micahgdelete old add new15:58
asacits different15:59
asacyou didnt do merge -r0..15:59
asacso now we have the same you initially did, but the branch has the full tbird 3 commit history15:59
asacso now you can use bzr mv etc.15:59
asacto replay what you did before15:59
asaccommitted the delete and then merge15:59
asacrev 11515:59
asacthe tb3-take1 branch still has all from what you had16:00
asacnot perfect, but bets we can do i guess16:00
asacthe tbird branch should never have been started from scratch to begin with ;)16:00
asacmicahg: so you think you can go on now with bzr mv etc.?16:01
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
micahgasac: now I can probaby merge in my local tb3.head :)16:01
asacerr that sounds like it would be bad16:01
asacbut try16:01
* micahg will try to have this done by 19:00 UTC16:02
asaci am quite sure you have to to replay16:02
micahgasac: I redid my local TB316:02
asacwhy not try it right now ;)?16:02
asacwhile i am still here16:02
asacwill be on the road a bit later ;)16:02
asac17:03 < asac> thunderbird.dev$ bzr log --include-merges | pastebinit16:04
asac17:03 < asac> http://paste.ubuntu.com/362021/16:04
asac17:03 < asac> there is the whole history ;)16:04
asacposted to wrong channel :-P16:04
micahgok, my bzr mv changes worked now, but we need some of the packaging stuff from TB2 :(16:13
micahgshould I just copy those back in16:13
micahgasac: ^^16:15
mbanawho's using KDE17:08
asac_micahg: what packaging stuff?17:56
micahgasac_: some of the files that weren't in the 3.0 branch17:56
asac_should be ok to add them again17:57
micahgk, I'll meld the changes in17:57
micahgasac_: what happened to ff36?17:57
asac_in firefox-stable17:57
asac_but stuck in NEW :/17:57
* micahg missed that somehow17:58
micahgah, ok, do you need an archive admin to allow?17:59
micahgsince it's a new source?17:59
sebnermicahg: aye17:59
asac_yes ... i thought it wasnt new because that source was still in hardy etc. but seems i was wrong ;)18:00
sebnerasac_: what does mfs stand for?18:00
asac_moz ffox stable18:00
=== asac_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-mozillateam to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team: | Mailing List: ubuntu-mozillateam@lists.ubuntu.com | firefox 3.6 in ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable
sebnerasac_: haha, you are way to serious. What speaks against leaving mfs out? Most people will ignore/don't understand it anyways18:03
asac_no its good to have it18:05
sebnerasac_: speaking of ff, any progress regarding TB?18:06
micahgsebner: testing build now :)18:06
sebnermicahg: ah I forgot, you are in charge of it :D18:07
micahgsebner: I'm attempting it :)18:07
sebnermicahg: testbuilding means upload to Ubuntu if everything is going fine?!18:07
micahgsebner: probably, but I think I'll need to tweak a few things ;)18:08
sebnermicahg: nothing against you but you are tweaking since the 3.0 release 2 months ago :P FF3.6 just got released some days ago and it's ready :P18:08
micahgsebner: I wasn't working on it straight for 2 months...18:09
micahgI was missing some bzr fundamentals on my first try18:09
sebnernvm nvm, it's was more of a joke anyways18:10
micahgsebner: asac's been working behind the scenes on the ff 3.6 migration since UDS I think18:10
juliohi there, i've just added the daily repo to my sources and updated on the will of having 3.6 but when installed firefox-3.6 and firefox-3.6-gnome-support nothing changed. Any clue of what might be wrong?18:10
micahgjulio: install firefox18:10
asac_i was working on firefox-support-model in that i planned etc. but hands on work i didnt really do18:11
julioi already have it... 3.5.718:11
micahgfirefox-3.6 is no longer..it'18:11
micahgs migrated to firefox in the daily ppa18:11
julioshould i remove it prior to install?18:11
asac_i did firefox-3.5 all-static sometimes after UDS ... proof of concept thing ... like two times a few hours18:11
micahgno, it should upgrade18:11
julioalso someone told me that it could appear as namoroka or comething line on the internet menu but is not there either18:12
julioany clue?18:12
asac_julio: dpkg -l firefox\*18:13
micahgasac_: /bin/sh: debian/thunderbird.postinst: not found18:14
asac_julio: you need to run apt-get dist-upgrade18:14
micahgI have the .in file18:14
asac_micahg: the .in file is transformed in debian/rules18:15
julioasac_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/362096/18:16
asac_you need to drop the version there18:16
asac_julio: the daily takes over 3.5.7 ... you just have to upgrade your system after adding the ppa18:16
asac_installing firefox-3.6 etc. wasnt really necessary18:16
asac_julio: you could also remove those two packages again and rather go for the stable ppa: ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable18:17
asac_which isnt daily ;)18:17
asac_and has 3.618:17
micahgasac_: fixed, I goofed the .rules file when I added some stuff :918:18
juliowell... dist-upgrade or or the last thing?18:18
asac_depends on whether you want to use dailies for your main browser in future18:18
asac_if not go the stable route18:18
julioso if i want to use the stable one i can safely remove daily from my sources?18:19
asac_add the stable ppa in /topic instead18:19
juliohow can i add the ppa on the command line? mean, editing on vim... the "deb something lines"18:21
micahgjulio: karmic?18:21
=== asac_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-mozillateam to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team: | Mailing List: ubuntu-mozillateam@lists.ubuntu.com | to get firefox 3.6 run add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable and use update-manager to update your system
=== asac_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-mozillateam to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team: | Mailing List: ubuntu-mozillateam@lists.ubuntu.com | to get firefox 3.6 run: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable and use update-manager to update your system
asac_julio: ^^18:22
micahgasac_: add sudo there18:22
micahgasac_: nm18:22
asac_but you need to remove daily explicitly ;)18:22
asac_but thats clear i guess18:22
* micahg need to fix the pins :)18:22
julioso sudo ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable right?18:22
micahgsudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable18:23
=== asac_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-mozillateam to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team: | Mailing List: ubuntu-mozillateam@lists.ubuntu.com | to get firefox 3.6 run: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable" - then use update-manager to update your system
julioi've asked for the deb lines as i feel more comfortable having all the ppas grouped :p18:23
micahgjulio: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable18:24
juliowill this add it at the end of the file?18:24
micahgjulio: it creates its own file in sources.list.d18:24
asac_it will add a new file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/18:24
asac_best way to do it in general18:24
asac_i am not here to convince anyone18:25
micahgjulio: imports key for you18:26
micahgasac_: seems to be buiilding :)18:26
asac_it starts building. then wait till it fails18:27
asac_and fix stuff18:27
asac_probably need to be really lucky to not fail ...18:27
asac_have you dropped the patch that appends version etc?18:27
asac_that needs to be dropped now18:27
micahgasac_: I modified the profile patch to not add version18:27
micahgI kept the substitution of %APP_NAME% for thunderbird18:28
micahglike we did for firefox18:28
micahgalthough, it probably can be dropped too if it's unversioned I guess18:29
asac_we keep it in firefox because of the abrowser thing. i dont think thats needed here directly anymore ... but well18:29
asac_the complete patch can go18:29
micahgk, next spin ;)18:29
asac_we would need it for a thunderbird-dev package etc.18:29
asac_-dev would be confusing ;)18:29
asac_anyway. have to pack things and then travel. fell asleep when i targetted to travel18:29
asac_will check later whats going on18:30
micahgI think I found the stuff for the -dev package...18:30
asac_guess a bit more than 2.5h from now18:30
asac_micahg: lets do the -dev package after the upload ;)18:30
asac_well. lets first get there ;)18:31
asac_off for now18:31
juliook. added the stable repo, should i install it manully now or a apt-get upgrade will do it?18:34
julioit offers only 3.518:34
micahgapt-get dist-upgrade18:34
julioon it, in the mean time... is there a way of checking for duplicated ppas? every time i do an upgrade it checks for like 120 places... :p18:38
jcastroyou could go clean up what you have in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/18:38
juliowell, 3.6 at last :D thanks for that, where sould i go to install spanish lang pack?18:40
micahgjulio: no langpacks yet18:40
micahgunless you want to install the upstream one, but you have to remember to remove it later18:41
micahgfrom mozilla18:41
juliowhat is that?18:42
micahgmozilla is the maker of firefox18:42
juliosorry, question was for upstream :p18:43
juliowhat does it mean?18:43
micahgoh, upstream is mozilla18:43
micahgyou install an .xpi from them18:43
micahgvs installing an ubuntu language pack18:43
micahgwe don't have the language packs yet, they'll come later in the lucid cycle18:43
julioi've done that for my 3.5 when intalled18:44
juliothought it was normal18:44
micahgno, they normally come in the ubuntu language pack for releases18:44
juliowhere can i get the xpi?18:45
* micahg is looking18:46
* micahg is at a loss...18:52
micahggavin: where can we find the upstream language packs?18:52
juliolol, san google?18:52
gavinfor what version?18:56
micahggavin: 3.618:56
julio:D the big G got me there a few secs ago18:58
micahgjulio: ^^18:58
* micahg must be rusty on google fu18:58
micahgjulio: slang term...19:00
juliois the same as in script fu on gimp?19:00
julioi don't know what it means19:00
micahgjulio: probable ;) http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=google+fu19:01
juliowell found an es-ar langpack but it says 3.6pre19:01
juliois that the one i'm looking for?19:01
micahgjulio: it should be 3.6.1pre19:02
julioi skipped it as ff said 3.6, thought it was for a beta or so19:03
micahgasac_: we need to profile patch for profile migration :)19:04
juliomicahg, well got it in spanish, thanks19:32
Varniontenho problemas com flash20:45
BUGabundoenglish Varnion20:45
Varniontao esuqce xD20:46
BUGabundofta: where should flash 64bits .so be placed for Chromium to work ?20:46
ftausual plugin dirs20:50
BUGabundofta: and where is that?20:51
BUGabundoI only know .mozilla/plugins20:51
* micahg sees a lot of symlinks in flashplugin-installer20:52
BUGabundoand wrapper is broken again in 64 bits20:53
BUGabundojust trying to help this user20:53
asac_micahg: profile patch for profile migration?21:52
asac_sounds wrong. we need to modify the startscript to properly migration21:52
asac_and need to copy the profile migration dialog21:52
micahgasac_: yeah from .mozilla-thunderbird to .thunderbird21:52
asac_we need to migration from .mozilla-thunderbird/... to .thunderbird by default21:53
asac_if user also has .thunderbird-3.0 we need to ask which one should be used21:53
asac_like we do for firefox21:53
asac_the profile migrator21:53
asac_its debian/migrator/main.c21:53
asac_in firefox-3.6.head21:53
asac_and its compiled in debian/rules21:53
asac_check that ... and put that into tbird too21:53
asac_of course adjust the text in the dialog ;)21:54
micahgasac_: k, I had to pull a new source tarball, I was ahving trouble with 3.021:54
asac_ok. not sure why, but ok21:54
asac_sounds like you had some other issues ;)21:54
asac_but if you have a good one now its fine21:54
micahgI'm pulling 3.0.121:55
asac_please pull 3.021:55
asac_thats what we started to do21:55
asac_we should finish that and then go for 3.0.1 after thats done21:55
asac_anyway. remember to push what you have EOD21:55
asac_i will continue it in case its not finished21:55
micahgasac_: I'm doing 3.0.1 now21:55
asac_does 3.0 work already?21:56
asac_please dont21:56
micahgI think the version file was messed up21:56
asac_fix 3.021:56
micahgk, I'll pull a new 3.0 then21:57
asac_you still have the tarball from last time21:57
micahgsomehow, I got 3.0.2 in my 3.0pre21:57
asac_keep using it21:57
micahger, 3.021:57
asac_the tarball isnt really important21:57
asac_any tarball created by dailies should be fine21:57
asac_just dont bump the changelog to something ahead of 3.021:57
micahgI was getting an error with regards to libdir21:57
asac_new tarball is never an answer to such issues21:58
asac_just wastes time ;)21:59
* micahg found it...22:02
micahgforgot to unversion something22:02
micahgasac_: the install dir should be unversioned, right?22:02
asac_right ;)22:02
micahgnot like ff?22:02
asac_it should be versioned22:02
asac_no need to patch22:02
asac_upstream already does it22:02
asac_the right way22:03
micahgk, trying again22:04
micahgasac_: are we still installing stuff in /usr/share/thunderbird?22:05
asac_well i dont know22:05
micahgah, ok, so that wasn't a bug22:05
micahgin 2.0 we did22:05
asac_what i know is that the thunderbird-3.0.install file22:05
micahgin the new package we don't22:05
asac_is good22:05
asac_just needs to be renamed22:05
asac_without content changes22:05
asac_e.g. still usr/lib/thunderbird-*/22:05
asac_its intentional that we dont split stuff to /usr/share22:06
asac_thats a useless debian policy22:06
micahgso we don't even need the links file them22:06
asac_if the links file only does that22:06
asac_then yes22:06
asac_imo the stuff we had in thunderbird-3.0.head was good22:06
asac_just the package names needed to be changed22:06
asac_to unversioned22:06
micahgasac_: we're not using system dictionaries?22:09
asac_we are using them22:10
asac_at least thats the idea22:10
micahgit's not symlinked22:10
asac_so yeah. thats probably one link22:10
micahgbut it's in the install file22:10
asac_if its not in tbird-3.0.head before the rename22:10
asac_dont bother22:10
asac_we can do that after teh upload22:10
asac_first lets get it to state we had dailies, just renamed22:10
joelinuxmicahg: you there22:12
micahgjoelinux: yep22:12
micahgasac_: I think I almost got it22:12
joelinuxIs there a way I can copy my +junk branch over to seamonkey ? I get "is not compatible with" when I try and push from the branch I checked out22:13
micahgasac_: if I've been using debuild -nc to test, how do I make it do a clean build?22:14
* micahg thinks he goofed on upstream dir22:14
micahgit's fixed now22:14
micahgbut I think I have to do a rebuild22:14
asac_micahg: why do you want a full rebuild?22:16
asac_a full rebuild always costs lots of time so better try to do an incremental and only when you think its all ok, do a full rebuild to test everything22:16
micahgI didn't have the upstream dir versioned die to the patch22:16
asac_(saves lots of time)22:16
micahgI dropped the patch22:16
asac_micahg: ah ... ok22:16
micahgI know it's been saving me time22:16
micahgI think this might be the last thing22:17
asac_so you dropped the patch ... then you can try to remove the debian/stamp-*make* file22:17
asac_in that way debuilc -nc runs a full make on the tree22:17
asac_bjut doesnt rebuild everything22:17
micahgah, k22:17
asac_just those files changed22:17
asac_sometimes there is no good way, but first try22:17
asac_if that doesnt help you need a ful lrebuild22:17
micahgasac_: should the bug to upload TB3 go at the top with the upstream bugs fixed?22:18
micahgor under my name?22:19
micahgasac_: is there a way to depatch, repatch without a full rebuild?22:22
* micahg thinks he figured it out22:23
micahgasac_: if I remove stamp-patched will it repatch?22:23
asac_micahg: not repatch, but patch22:28
asac_at best dont do that22:28
asac_you can use quilt in the build-tree22:28
asac_to get the tree in the state you want22:28
* micahg found it, yep that's what I did22:28
asac_just ensure that make stamp is dont22:28
asac_is not existing22:29
asac_you can even run make in the build-tree22:29
asac_and then just debuild -nc22:29
micahgk, think I got it now22:29
* micahg is learning :)22:29
micahgstill had the old patch applied22:29
micahggood new is tb3 branch hasn't broken any of our packaging since release...otherwise I'd be in trouble using 3.0.2pre to test this22:31
micahgsomething's still not right22:33
asac_what happens?22:34
micahgit's still doing make install unversioned22:34
asac_micahg: how did the patch look like that you dropped?22:37
asac_if that touched a Makefile.in and the Makefile doesnt get updated for some reason, just run ./config.status22:38
asac_then make22:38
asac_and make install DESTDIR=/tmp/test22:38
asac_to see whats going on22:38
asac_so yeah... autoconf.mk.in probably doesnt trigger an update of the autoconf.mk22:39
asac_so run ./config.status22:39
asac_ensure that you see that autoconf.mk gets generated22:39
asac_same for mozilla.in22:39
micahgI see autoconf.mk recreated22:39
micahgI don't see mozilla.in22:40
micahgor rather I don't see it regenerated22:41
micahg./config.status doesn't do anything in the mozilla dir22:41
micahgasac_: ^^22:42
asac_micahg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/362228/22:46
asac_thats what happens in a ffox tree22:46
asac_i am really sure same happens in tbird tree22:47
asac_oh ... there might be two config.status22:47
micahgk, that's what I got22:47
asac_e.g. you might need to cd in the mozilla dir and there is another config.status22:47
micahgno mozilla.in22:47
micahgah :)22:47
asac_tbird basically has the full xulrunner/ffox tree nested inside22:47
asac_so you have mozilla/mozilla/ ;)22:48
asac_or am i wrong?22:48
micahgwell, make is rerunning22:48
asac_top mozilla is comm-central ... nested one is mozilla-central22:48
micahgor in our case comm-191 and moz-19122:48
asac_micahg: yeah. just double check that the make really goes in the nested mozilla22:49
asac_maybe the use a hand crafted stamp mechanism to not rebuild full mozilla/ nested22:49
asac_but i hope now22:49
micahgseems to work now, let me try debuild -nc22:50
asac_probably is good now22:50
asac_well done22:50
* micahg hopes there are no more issues with the build...22:51
micahg:) got further than last time22:51
micahgcp: not writing through dangling symlink `debian/thunderbird/usr/share/pixmaps/thunderbird.png'22:52
micahgheh, double link...22:53
asac_not sure22:53
asac_feels like messy link22:53
micahgit was trying to link from /u/s/tb22:53
asac_from or to?22:53
asac_thought we dont have there anything22:53
asac_wasnt that the idea? just /usr/lib22:54
micahgyeah, I'll fix the links file to link properly22:54
* micahg missed it22:54
asac_debuild -nc should work for tha22:54
asac_so ... when all that works what usually helps to get this all digested is to safe the stuff that worked and think about how you can split up the work in multiple steps22:55
asac_so you can commit them one by one22:56
asac_in that way you reflect on the process of doing it and next time you can use that as a blueprint to predict the process for a different change you want to od ;)22:56
asac_but guess you will figure ;)22:57
micahgasac_: do we still need the mozilla-thunderbird binary symlink?22:59
micahgheh, the icon isn't there23:01
micahgthat's the issue23:02
micahg64 pixel isn't there, what should I install?23:02
asac_yes, lets keep the symlink for binary23:06
* micahg was installing the file over a link :(23:08
micahgI got a lot of shlibs:depends warnings23:11
micahgasac_: also, which copyright file should be used the original or fta's23:13
micahgasac_: I have the deb packages :)23:13
micahgasac_: should I risk installing my .deb package?23:18
asac_micahg: good idea is to check the content ... you can run a find debian/PACKAGENAME23:19
asac_to see what it would look like23:19
* micahg is backing up my tb3 profile23:19
asac_thats usually a good idea too23:19
asac_if you have a .mozilla-thunderbird back that up too23:20
micahgstill a little goofy23:20
micahgdo I still need to link these libs: http://pastebin.com/fc643d0e23:21
asac_that looks wrong23:22
asac_do we create those links?23:23
micahgthat should be in the thunderbird dir23:23
micahgit was from tb223:23
asac_those we dont need23:23
micahgmaybe I should try without that file23:23
asac_imo we really just needed what was in tb3 branch23:24
asac_stuff like copyright etc. might be better in tb223:24
asac_but the general packaging was ok afaik23:24
micahgyeah, I was going to ask about the copyright file23:24
micahgyou have one from 2003 and fta has one from when he made tb3 branch23:24
asac_the 3.0 one looks quite ok23:25
ftawhat are you trying to do?23:26
micahgmake tb3 release23:26
ftaisn't my branch ok as it is? i mean + the profile migration stuff from ff?23:26
ftawhy reuse anything from tb2 at all?23:27
micahgmissing man page and a couple of other things23:27
ftait should be easy to cherry picj23:27
asac_its all fine23:27
micahgthat's what I did23:27
asac_just flashing out the details23:27
asac_and the rename of packages before the upload23:27
micahgthere's this line in the copyright: EDIT: downloaded from CVS (until 3.0 is released) using the following commands:23:28
micahg   debian/rules get-orig-source (you need to install mozilla-devscripts >= 0.05)23:28
asac_remove the until bracket stuff23:28
asac_and say "to get latest upstream snapshot, ..."23:28
asac_"get latest upstream snapshot from CVS using ...23:29
asac_maybe do another paragraph23:29
micahgI'm assuming s/CVS/HG23:29
asac_"get a specific tag by using ... get-orig-source DEBIAN_TAG=THUNDERBIRD_VERSION_tag=version"23:30
asac_yeah hg23:30
asac_it is23:30
asac_and drop the minimum m-devscripts version23:30
asac_unless we know whats the real minimum required for hg23:30
asac_maybe just say: "needs a recent mozilla-devscripts"23:30
asac_anyway. those are details ;) ... first check that everything works23:31
* micahg hopes he doesn't blow up his system :023:31
asac_so if find debian/thunderbird looks ok23:31
asac_just install the package23:31
asac_nah ;)23:31
asac_unless you have stuff in postinst that rm -rf /23:32
asac_ ;)23:32
asac_micahg: commit stuff ;)23:32
asac_pus to a private branch23:32
asac_in that way you dont loose your work if you trashh everything23:32
micahgI meant my TB stuff23:32
micahgI backed it up23:32
asac_not that i would think it happens23:32
asac_seems safe23:32
asac_if you backup profile23:33
micahgI have to run out for about an hour23:33
micahgI would assume I should add a conflicts for that package?23:33
asac_yes thats a bug in thunderbird-locale-en-gb23:33
asac_remove that package for now23:33
asac_and file a bug bug against that langpack23:34
micahgenigmail also conflicts23:35
asac_yes. thats a bug too somewhat23:35
asac_but enigmail needs to be fixed anyway23:35
asac_for this23:35
asac_so remove it for now23:35
asac_and file a bug against enigmail ;)23:35
asac_"enigmail not ready for tb3"23:35
asac_or something23:35
micahgnah, there's already a bug to update23:36
asac_just ensure its there and when tbird enters the archive23:36
asac_that should become RC23:36
micahgwell, it installed ok, but as shredder23:36
asac_e.g. targetted for lucid and milestoned for beta or something23:36
micahgbecause I was using 3.0.2pre23:36
asac_yes thats fine23:37
asac_so try a build with the 3.0 tarball you hopefully have still ;)23:37
asac_test tbird a bit and see if all is fine23:37
* asac_ wonders if the builders already built the hardy etc. firefox-stable23:37
asac_lol i3863 650 jobs (28 hours)23:38
asac_see there are no mozilla/chromium or other dailies on the current i386 builders23:38
asac_seems its not just us ;23:39
asac_busting the builder23:39
micahgk asac, trying again with 3.0 tarball, bbiab23:39
asaci think i have to close irssi ;) bad state23:43

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