tux_I just setup mythbuntu 9.10 with a pinnacle pctv card that I have set up as an analog capture card.  The picture on a monitor is ok but I have no sound when I watch TV.  My sound card is a SB Audigy and sounds fine when I stream radio.  Any ideas how I can get sound on my TV?02:38
tux_I have it wired with a Y cable/RCA cable to my amplifier/speakers.02:41
neotenymy graphics card blew it's caps and locked up my machine.  i replaced the card and now it says there are no recordings.  the files are there though.  is there a way to get them to show up in the watch recordings mene?02:56
mrandneoteny: try out http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Myth.find_orphans.pl  Seem like there was another one too, but I can't remember/find it.02:58
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Myth.find orphans.pl - MythTV02:58
foxbuntumrand, generally when that happens (and based on that description) the DB needs the tables repaired03:21
foxbuntuneoteny, install phpmyadmin, login as root, click on mythconverg, select all tables, and click the "Repair" option (near the bottom of the page)03:22
neotenysomething tells me i tried some of those last time my database got wiped and there was some issue because i have two tuners.03:51
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Abo1Hi All, I get this error in backend logs: MythSocket(1696d30:28): readStringList: Error, timed out after 30000 ms.07:36
Abo1QMutex::unlock: mutex lock failure: I think this may related to my UPnP problems, please help.07:36
TanthrixAnyone know how I setup the auto builds repository on Ubuntu 9.10?10:56
TanthrixNot sure what to do with this .deb file from the site.10:56
TanthrixOr is it some sort of Mythbuntu only thing?11:01
styelzTanthrix: sudo dpkg -i file.deb11:34
Tanthrixstyelz: Nifty, thanks.11:35
LonEagleanyone know much about XFS? I copied an 853GiB xfs partition from one drive to another using ddrescue. it is showing up as a 1.33TiB partition on the other drive.12:20
LonEagleeh i guess i'll just re-copy it for now, i needed to make a change to the size of a partition that was inside of that one.12:35
ripperdais there a good place to learn more about video formats and transcoding? I've ripped a number of dvds to .iso format, but am looking to transcode to mpeg-4 to save space/bandwidth18:10
luckyonehello all19:33
luckyoneis there any good documentation on getting the MCE remote to suspend/resume the pc or to bind key presses to start applications?19:35
luckyoneI would like the power button to suspend/resume my pc19:35
luckyonethen I would like to bind the green button to xbmc and the live tv button to myth19:36
superm1luckyone, start out by making sure that your system suspends properly from command line and the remote still works after19:38
superm1if that works, then you'll have to look into whether you can use usb devices to wake it from suspend (some machines dont allow this)19:38
superm1if you've got both of those set, then you'll want to look into using irexec to bind the keys19:39
superm1irexec will start automatically on a mythbuntu session if you use ~/.lirc/irexec if i recall correctly19:39
superm1ripperda, if they're in iso format, you'll probably want to be looking for some other third party tools to handle that19:40
luckyonesuperm1: do I just need to make irexec start up in the background?19:53
superm1luckyone, it starts up when you log into a mythbuntu session19:53
superm1see /usr/share/mythbuntu/session.sh for how it starts19:53
luckyonehmmm, I had to start mine from the cli19:56
superm1you have to have a ~/.lirc/irexec file for it to start on login19:57
ripperdasuperm1, thanks. I've read through some of the transcode documentation and reading through the dvd demystification faq. trying to better understand all the formats and info20:42
superm1ripperda, to be honest, the easiest solution is to rip them directly into the format you want from mythvideo I think (unless you already have tons ripped to ISOs, then you probably want a shell script that will batch process them using third party tools)20:43
ripperdasuperm1, understood. that's what I'll do in the future, but I also wanted to learn about space/quality trade-offs. I have a large projection screen, so want high quality20:51
ripperdaI also have a lot of criterion movies that I'd like to save off the extras for, so enjoying learning more of the technical details20:52
superm1ripperda, you can achieve perfect (near) quality out of of mpeg4 at the sacrifice of space, but as you point out - there is no way to keep the extras unless you are in iso format20:52
superm1or rip them individually20:52
ripperdasuperm1, if I've ripped some disks to .iso format, does that mean they have everything that's on the original disk? (all of the VOBs)20:54
ripperdaI guess I could mount the iso and verify20:55
superm1ripperda, yeah they should all be there still20:56
ripperdasuperm1, is there any way to find the command line that mtd uses to transcode for each of the encoding options in the mythvideo gui?22:19

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